Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Becky Bieker, whose husband was killed by four blacks in armed robbery, Forced to Close Gun Shop They Owned Together

Always tough to revisit stories from the past of names few, outside of their immediate family and perhaps a friend or two on Facebook, will dare remember. 
They killed her husband in an armed robbery and then killed off the business they had built together almost two years later

They lived peaceful, productive lives until the cold winds of racial reality blew out their light. 

Jon Bieker was killed by four black people at the gun shop he owned in suburban Kansas City. Three of the four black robbers were wounded in the shootout, where Jon (though dying) successfully defended his wife. [Black Males Rob Store, Kill White Business Owner and Claim His Murder was in Self-Defense in Court... America 2015, SBPDL, 12-4-2015]

This all happened in early 2015. 

Today, Jon's wife is forced to close the gun store they owned because his murder by four black males slowly killed what they had built together.  [Owner of She’s A Pistol tearfully announces store’s closure amid mounting expenses,, 12-27-16]:
Jon and Becky Bieker, in happier times

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Becky Bieker, whose husband Jon was killed in robbery attempt at their store in January 2015 has been trying to keep their business, She's A Pistol, going in a new location. 
But she says the fallout from her husband's murder has slowly killed the business they built together. 
FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien sat down with Becky Bieker to talk about what is next for her and the business. 
This is a heartbreaking story. After her husband was killed, Becky kept the company they built together going as a tribute to her late husband. 
She now feels like she has failed, but some would argue that through everything she's been through, she's persevered.  
"To me it feels like losing Jon a second time," Becky said. 
It was their dream come true. She's A Pistol LLC started in 2009 with the goal of helping customers find the right method to defend themselves. 
In January of 2015, Jon Bieker was defending the store and his wife, after 4 men burst in and robbed them at gunpoint. A shootout ensued, and Jon was shot and killed. 
"They took Jon. He was by best friend," Becky said. 
To honor her husband's memory, she kept going, moving the store to a new location."I gave up our original store location because I could not walk through the doors every day," she explained. 
Even with a new start, Becky said she was not expecting the fallout that comes after this type of tragedy. 
"Mounting legal fees, the increased labor expenses, things like that. I got behind," Becky said. "And as you get behind, the late fees and penalties pile up and it creates a vicious cycle that just puts you further and further in debt." 
Those legal fees are for several reasons, including a threat from the man who killed her husband. Bieker says Deanthony Wiley, who was paralyzed in the shootout with Jon was prepared to file a lawsuit against her and the store, claiming he was defending himself when he was injured. 
The suit never materialized, but it all took a toll. 
"So this is all that's left. There's nothing left to try and resuscitate the business. There is just nothing left," she said. "They have taken Jon who was my home, and the house that we shared. They have taken everything. They've taken my business, they have taken my livelihood. I mean, I don't even know what's next." 
While Bieker is forced to close the retail store by the end of December, she plans to continue with the training side of She's A Pistol. 
"So the last thing I've got is the store, and I know how proud Jon would have been to have the store and to see it today," she said. "But I also know that he would not want to see me kill myself trying to save something that was already dying." 
Becky Bieker is most concerned about her customers, and she has a very special message for the community that has supported her through this very difficult time.
Becky would probably be horrified to know one of the few sites outside Kansas City documenting the demise of the business she built with her husband, and one of the even fewer sites honoring Jon Bieker for his heroic defense of his bride is one called SBPDL.

But in the end, nothing can change this fact: four black males took not only her husband from her, but the business they built together.

Becky, if you read this: I'm sorry you lost the business you built with your husband, but I'm more saddened for all the days you were deprived from spending with Jon and the life you were denied together. 


Anonymous said...

Most brain dead Americans still don't get it. Won't admit what blacks are doing to this country. Stories such as this one aren't known. I'd like to think that the citizens are becoming aware, but I fear it's just us.

Bird of Paradise said...

All hate crime murderers should instantly effible for the death senrence ne parole,plea garginsearly release,clemency,pardons,or movie and book deals and no 15 or more years of stupid appeals

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit demanding damages for gunshot wounds the perpetrators incurred while robbing the store is it not?

Anonymous said...

When I read the comments section of papers and blogs that allow comments, the vast majority of people are race realists. There is only a perception that Americans still follow the "all of us are the same" lie. This lady knows who killed her husband, and she should not forgive the animals who did it.

We recently had a spate of mall donnybrooks where blacks did what blacks do best: fight and trash the place. The comments were realistic concerning who the culprit was but only in innuendo. They had to tiptoe around the issue by saying things like us having to admit the elephant in the room before we could take care of the issue.

I was reading tonight where a small group of teens (white, Asian, and one of perhaps Hispanic heritage) were stopped from shopping because of the new rule that teens must be accompanied by an adult. I think this rule should only apply to black teenagers. They ARE the elephant in the room and THEY are out of control. If they want gun would seem only one group of people is having MAJOR problems with gun violence. In other words, admit the problem and fix it. When they yell racism, which they will do, clamp down on them twice as hard. Blacks are going to have to be shown how to live in a civilized world, or we need to separate.

Truth Corps said...

Sadly, you're probably right PK. Becky would probably profess her undying "anti-racism" till the cows come home, while Deanthony Wiley likely brags to his homies about killing a cracker.

It will get much worse, before the tide turns, and part of that turning is losing the fear to speak the truth. Becky has already lost "everything". Her husband, her business, her happiness. She has nothing left to lose but her FEAR of speaking the TRUTH.

Arm up, lay in the supplies. This power-keg will blow in our lifetimes. Don't be caught napping.

NC Realist said...

Continue to put on EVERY dollar bill you spend. The more people become aware of this...the more people will learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Heavens to Betsy! You'd think they raped AND killed someone.

Okay people... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT associate with the "chimpeople". They are not like us, they believe in attacking, assaulting, etc... They will use your decency (a weakness) against you. Don't be afraid of bring called racist if to do so means you survived a diversity encounter.

PB said...

OT, but the Tricia McCauley murder is deliviering a textbook "Dindu nuffins" in that the Dindu who was driving her car with the beaten, strangled body still in it claims she killed herself after they had sex. Yes, really. A complex death given the beatings and strangling, but yeah, I can sort of picture it....bit like Kennedy's magic bullet, and there had certainly been some sex from what they say about the state of her genital area. He certainly had sex but I doubt she did.

Warrior said...

At Least the store owner's wife was able to paralyze the scum before her husband succumbed to his wounds! A real headshaker! Story here...,

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the negro again ruins the lives of completely innocent people. This is typical and normal for the savage beast of the field.

I hereby call for the repatriation of negros back to the continent of Africa.

Brian in Ohio said...

Deanthony Wiley, wounded and paralyzed from the shootout in which he killed Jon Bieker, all caught on camera, dindu nuffin. In fact, he din so little nuffin, he is actually the victim! He`s gonna sue!

And I`m sure he had no problem finding a groid with an AA law degree to take said case...until they found out Becky was already out of money.

Parasites. Nothing more. They will drain us until there is nothing left.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Only a negroe would rob a store at gunpoint and then claim self defense

Bird of Paradise said...

These monsters dont need special rights they need to be punished to the full extent of the law and either exicuted or put away for life without parole period keep them locked away and make their reletives pay their upkeep

Anonymous said...

its yr tax dollars at work.

study what LBJ did.

and the blacks bred and bred and bred on Yts tax dollars.

oogabooga said...

Defacing currency is a crime. No better way to shut this place down than by writing the URL on worthless money.

Enjoy your lives and families and friends. Laugh when the enemy gets hurt or killed. Give no quarter. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Re 10.20 comment
Shopping malls are private property and can initiate laws regarding safety as they see fit. Not allowing certain people -of whatever age or ethnicity - is within their rights. Thus I imagine laws against allowing black teenagers to visit will withstand public outcry. The Mall of America legally can and frequently does bar people from entering. If BLM decided to show up they would be met by some mean security. The perception that mall guards are jokers is not true.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Mudshark mom and her negro sex toy get ambushed in a "drug deal gone bad." Her child witnessed it and relayed to police that the blacks who did it were dressed in all black. He told them "Ninjas came to my home and killed my family."

Maybe "teens" and "youths" has run its course?

Will they now be called "ninjas?"

Anonymous said...

This case is one for the books. Negro has been arrested over 100 times. Claims sex on the curb was consensual, then she got despondent went back in the car and killed herself. Told him he could have her car and wallet.
He goes and picks up a prostitute. Muhdik always on the mind.
Female in FL

Paintjob Theory said...


Lie with dogs and you get fleas, lie with blacks and you get raped and murdered. Yet another example of if you live around blacks and are not doing everything in your power to evacuate you are not facing reality.

As I mentioned before, I just relocated home and business to a slightly whiter part of Maine. My new town has a population of 530 people (guess how many are black African). I also have 4 or 5 gun stores within a 15 mile radius. Another interesting tidbit is neither this town nor any of the equally small surrounding towns even has a police department. Now you'd think that in absence of the "thin blue line" (who do such fantastic work maintaining the rule of law, peace, safety, and civilization in our cities) this town would be something like a Mad Max movie, but not so. It seems that white Europeans can get along just fine with each other when simply left alone.

We don't have "no go zones", our streets (most of which aren't paved) don't "go wrong" and there isn't a one of them that you couldn't stroll down any time of day without having to worry about being victimized by African predators.

I really mean it, if you live around black Africans make it your number 1 priority to move. America is a big place and full of quiet towns like I've described that are just filled with the sons and daughters of Europe. Kind friendly folks who look like you, talk like you, dress like you, smell like you, and share a common set of values and standards of civilization.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

Why should she have to go broke? Did not the Federal Govt. give Millions to the families whose relatives were murdered by Dylan Roof in the S.C. Church? This is a perfect chance for Whites to come to the aid of their own and send a very clear message. Why can't we do a go fund page for this woman? And on that page describe exactly why she is in this position and why whites are coming to her aid. Somebody with much better skills on how to do this type of thing please enlighten me. There is no way she should be left to suffer due to black plague !!!!!

Anonymous said...

On many sites, blatantly saying what everyone knows is a sure way to get your comment deleted.


Anonymous said...

"The lawsuit demanding damages for gunshot wounds the perpetrators incurred while robbing the store is it not? "

Not necessarily. State laws vary, but in many states you can't shoot someone, even a robber, when they're in retreat and no longer present a threat. If you do, you could be held both civilly and criminally liable. The allegation is that that's what Mr. Bieker did.

Anonymous said...

"Shopping malls are private property and can initiate laws regarding safety as they see fit. Not allowing certain people -of whatever age or ethnicity - is within their rights."

White people voluntarily gave up their private property rights and rights of free association to fight racism. Any such rules enacted by malls must be race-neutral. See the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Anonymous said...

Some one should start a Go Fund Me page for Becky to help with her debts and get her store back.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

A problem just as big as the Black Pathology is the Excuse for Black Pathology, or the Blaxcuse.

This paradigm says blacks are never responsible for what goes wrong in their community. Oddly enough however, black ‘genius’ is behind all that goes right in the white community, like the NASA space program that was really manned or womanned by the Supremes or Ronettes. Blast Off in the Name of Love. Everything good about white society must be attributed to blacks; everything bad about black community must be attributed to whites. (Another contradiction. Black Studies tell us that blacks had lots of agency, even in days of slavery. Indeed, the notion that whites freed blacks is wrong because it was conscious Black Struggle that led the movement from Civil War to Civil Rights. But these same blacks then say NOTHING can be done about current black pathology until whites offer Reparations Forever. So, even in the dark days of Slavery and Jim Crow — preferable to Grim Bro in my opinion — , blacks had the foresight and fortitude to make great changes… but today, blacks cannot even keep safe streets in their hoods like Chicago and Baltimore. And today’s black culture is what? More about black booties than black bodies. (Incidentally, white anti-bodies exist to protect white minds from thuggish black bodies.)

Anyway, it’s time to say NO MORE to the Blaxcuse. Even Trump and Detroit Republican Rand Paul keep pretending that blacks are not at fault. No, we get ‘Democrats are the real racists’ or ‘Howard Roark needs to rap his Sermon on the Fount.’

Blaxcuse wouldn’t be so bad if blacks weren’t such megalo-egomaniacs.

Most other races can be nasty and accusative, but they are also capable of self-criticism and appreciate good will by others. This isn’t the case with blacks. Offering them the high ground turns them into little Idi Amins or Idi-ots. Give an inch, they take a mile. Tell them they’re angelic, and they think they is god.

Chris Drew said...

Any Australian realists on here?

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with these rules.

My local bar banned unprinted white tee shirts. One day, a white college student came in, and was told to change his shirt or leave.

I asked the black bouncer about it and he said the rule was meant to keep out thugs in baggy white shirts and being chains.

He said they always started fights.

Unfortunately, they can't legally ban droopy drawered niggas, so they have to enforce the dress code across the board.

Anonymous said...

2016 - is hereby declared as the year that the "GREAT SOCIETY" *EXPERIMENT is now and forever recognized as an ABSOLUTE, TOTAL FAILURE

*experiment to integrate Africans into ethnic White-European society of the USA in order to "eliminate poverty and 'racial injustice'", beginning in 1965; 2016 is the 50th year/half a century point! of massive waste of predominantly White Americans' wealth and labor (in the $$$trillions) for something that was widely known to be impossible all along.

Time to end the total waste of White Americans' labor and wealth on a race that is genetically not capable of becoming White people.

Instead of another 50 years of wealth wasted in attempting to fit a square pegs (Africans) into a circular receptacles (Whites and White civilization); another 10 years or less of similar wealth should be spent on repatriating as many Africans as possible to their White-culture-man free homeland of Africa (build some malls and housing projects in Africa and offer other incentives to Africans in the USA to move there, etc.).

Do not accept for even one second of guilt trip the cultural/economic marxists are daily dumping, via their owned-controlled-operated media, academia, entertainment, and government, on we the Ethnic White Europeans of the USA.

We attempted everything possible to accommodate the Africans' desires (or whatever these beings think they need), but as is on daily display, nothing will work as they aren't genetically capable of changing, adapting to White civilization.

BLAXIT begins 2017

Californian said...

OK, do all you Blue Pill trolls out there get it why Carolyn Bryant's hubbie took down Emmett Till? Because back in those terrible, terrible (terrible!) days, criminals such as the ones who murdered Jon Bieker would not have dared to even think about assaulting, much less killing, a White man or woman.

Take that Red Pill
Stay armed
Stay alert

Sick n' Tired said...

Or they just need to make more public safety warnings about "Not firing off your guns within city limits during celebrations/holidays"

herfsi said...

robbing a gun store - good call, dindus!

Anonymous said...

Our physical destruction continues unabated. The only silver lining is the gentleman resisted these animals, albeit futilely. When these brigands go on the warpath again, I pray they will be met with an armed citizen. The "authorities" can't protect us and those that are caught for committing atrocities are given a slap on the wrist.

Earl Turner said...

Well this is exactly what (((they))) want. Gun stores are thriving because whites know they need to protect themselves from those darn bored, mischievous [[[teens]]] so hey if one can be put out of business that's great and if it happens because the white owner died at the hands of [[[teens]]] then all the better.

As they say, y'all better "get woke!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Negroes today will eat you alive.

Do not let them anywhere near you.


Anonymous said...

My condolences on the death of your husband. I am very sorry. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I put 10 in circulation today.

Anonymous said...

Pants Up, Don't Loot:

Anonymous said...

I didn't think about that...he's right.

Anonymous said...

White people voluntarily gave up their private property rights and rights of free association to fight racism. Any such rules enacted by malls must be race-neutral. See the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Getting Blacks out of a mall can be easy with a few simple rules:
No cheap food, especially McD's.
No lids.
No athletic shoe stores.

They will go somewhere else.

PB said...

"Any Australian realists on here?"


Anonymous said...

The oogaboogas got YT running scared! Look at this Police Chief wetting his pants! And check out the lips and fur on the groid hunting him! Savage jungle sh*t demon!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for Becky but she needs to take bankruptcy, run her self-defense classes and get a job where she doesn't have the tremendous worry of running a firearms business. Her old location was too close to where ghetto blacks and illegals are being poured into an older white suburb and her new location is too close to a larger gun shop that has a shooting range.

Situational awareness is everything and this story proves it. Even guns didn't help them and the laws (and cops, lawyers, judges) are stacked against their use in a proactive manner or even a George Zimmerman manner.

I hope Becky finds a way to use her experience that helps her heal. She should move to the whitest country town she can find in an area known to be hostile to the types that killed her husband. Missouri and Kansas are full of those towns.

Unknown said...

I work in a pizza shop in Levittown Pennsylvania. We are 98.5 white, but have black people condensed into small areas. Every day they come into the shop and ask for what I have dubbed the BIB special..."because I black".

They demand a discount because they're black. Every day, the owner answers them with, "I should charge you double!" Then they call us "rayciss". We don't care. We refuse to deliver to their sections and add extra delivery fee for blacks in mostly white sections. We tell them to their faces that we don't need/want their business...yet they keep coming.

81 year old white woman killed Christmas eve by a buck who was"friends" with her grandson. She was a business icon, owner of a small grocery store known to help the community of blacks. This is how they repaid her.

First time commenting. Just started classes for gun safety and obtaining my concealed carry permit. I'm done dealing with these scum. Go ahead and try to rob our shop...we're all armed!

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! LMFAO @ all these communist rat P.O.S. news channels crying about the "skyhigh" murder rate in Shitcago.
Good job nogs, yes you can!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Pizza shop in Levittown, PA!!If I lived there I would make it a point to do business with you as often as I could. Yeah I believe that a lot of nogs think they deserve discounts just for walking in. Entitlement mentality.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone out there please tell me "why in the world" that I always see huge, obese, white women with groids??? Had to go into the bank yesterday and saw nog with two half niglets, they were black for the most part but with anglo looking hair, nose features, etc.
The city is a liberal bastion in Texas, so I'm sure the poor kids will probably left alone with little ridicule because of this. BUT when they travel surely the remarks will come out. WHY would you subject your children to this kind of abuse???

Pat Boyle said...

Normally I buy as much from Amazon as I can. I like the mailman to deliver my merchandise, but there are certain items here in California that cannot be mailed. One of these is ammunition. So when I wanted some hollow points in .40 S&W, I had to drive to El Cerrito to visit a gun shop. This is a Wild West themed gun shop. To get in you have to show yourself and then the owner buzzes you in.

Had that been the policy at this couples gun shop, this tragedy could have been averted.

In the near future many more retail brick and mortar stores will have policies to 'buzz in' their customers the way they do in jewelry stores now. This will make going to a physical store less attractive and more people will use Amazon or other similar delivery services. Home delivery and 'buzz in' customer entrance policies will also dampen the 'black flash mob' attacks.

So America can and will takes counter measures but the price we will pay is that we will be living in a war zone and police state. The way out starts with racially aware laws and local ordinances. At some point society must recognize if crimes are committed predominantly by one race then we should have laws to protect us specifically from that race. If we continue to turn a blind eye toward the race of the perpetrators of most robberies then we will have less commerce and a rise in vigilantism.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late nineteenth century we had large scale vigilantism when the citizens lost faith in government's ability to control crime. It could happen again. Half the commenters on this blog hope for the commencement of inter-racial hostilities. I think the media gets this wrong in the same way that they got the presidential election wrong. They simply can not imagine that white people would ever stop being submissive to blacks. Just as they could not imagine that anyone would vote for Trump.

But the media and the intelligentsia listen only to each other. They don't hear the cries of victimized whites. They only pay attention to these legendary white offenses against blacks half a century ago. So when the white push-back happens it will happen quickly and a lot of the left will be surprised just as the Trump election was a surprise. Expect more goofy YouTube videos of befuddled leftists wondering what happened.


Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is a US senator from Kentucky.

awakened white said...

@ Unknown, welcome aboard! good for you for doing your gun classes. btw. hope your town stays that White. gosh, sounds like paradise.

Anonymous said...

"Getting Blacks out of a mall can be easy with a few simple rules:"

If it's that easy, then the country should already be full of whites-only malls. How's it working out for ya?


This came of a great blog called SECOND CITY COP:

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Idle is Vital to Survival on this job. I'm kinda really getting into just writing paper and off to another paper job. I don't want any witnesses coming forward. I don't want them to think I care because I don't. I take my time getting to where I'm needed hoping the Offender is in another state by the time I get there. I hope when I do get to the Call the victim is outside so I don't have to get out of my car. In fact I just want to roll my window and have them give me their information. Don't worry Chicago 2017 will be a very relaxing year of doing nothing but being a paper writer. I bought a few extra pens for the job. Be safe my Brothers and Sisters. Let the Community continue to kill off their Children.

12/30/2016 01:05:00 AM "

This is excellent and we here have discussed this since the Wilson event with the big dumb cigar ahol that pushed the china clerk around. EXCELLENT


These statistics also came from the Second City Cop blog:

1) street stops down from 159,000 in 2015 to 21,000 in 2016

2) Property crime skyrocketing in formerly "quiet" areas

3) Arrest down tens of thousands

4) A 20% homicide clearance rate

I love and support the Chicago Cops since they are doing the RIGHT THING. Stop harassing the black man. Stop profiling the black man with a gun in his pocket. Dat be Rayciss.


This is another comment off of Second City Blog. Priceless. He should be on this site:

"Anonymous said...
And there is no going back. The type of policing necessary to control chicago's gang problem was a voluntary service provided by a few cops who went above and beyond their job description. You wanted body cameras because you thought police were the problem and you wanted to monitor our actions. Ehhhhh guess again we weren'the the problem, and now there is no going back with body cams.

Sorry liberals, get use to 800 dead a year, unless another uptick in medical technology can save the gangbusters who don't deserve to live anyway.
The real problem is the culture in the hood that values nothing but cold hard cash, a gangsta attitude, and the idea that they don'the have to obey even the most minor laws (not parking in the middle of the street, walking on the sidewalk, acquiring a driver'side license).

Add to that the decriminalization of every law by liberals who protect the hood culture under the guise protecting it's residents from racism. This is what has led to your 800 homicides, 98.9% who deserved their fate.....and yes evil people do deserve to die.
So you ignorant liberals are to blame because you assume all your viewpoints come from some moral standing that hillbilly conservatives could not possibly understand.

Add to all this the WAR ON POLICE which has caused us all to recoil into a stance of protectionism. We make good arrests, the judge throws them out because to many black men are behind bars. We make proactive arrests(above and beyond our job description) which take criminals off the street who can no longer commit crimes, and then you decriminalization those laws. Then we enforce laws dually enacted by liberal democrat city and state law makers like selling loosies (in nyc) and you want us thrown in jail. Then the media attacks. They run 24/7 news coverage on it slanted towards the criminal and hating on police never understanding what it takes to keep the hood under control.

Then they publish our names and our addresses so blm can show up Thursday our door. Name I think I'll stay in my car.

Then last but not least WEEEEEE are sick and tired of the corrupt political culture in this city and department. We are sick of triple merit hacks running this department. The merit system is the single biggest problem facing this department and it's destroyed moral more than all the above mentioned combines. We are sick of people teaching in the academy with 4 years on the job, we are sick of commanders secretaries getting promoted. We are sick of the incompetent being promoted because this guy's drandpa promoted this guy's dad and now he is returning the favor.

We are sick of being told at detectives test, "if your only here for a merit spot, sign your paper and you can leave."

We have had enough. Lower merit to 15% and actually make it real MERIT. Please.
All this leads to one thing. A less effective police force who for their own self preservation is not doing what is necessary to police big city gang violence. Can you really blame us?

12/29/2016 07:41:00 AM


Nobody even wants to buy Chicago School Bonds. NOBODY. That tells you something:

Anonymous said...

You're right but it sounds like something the democrats would come up with.
Gots to protect their "deplorables".


Anonymous said...

I'm just so profoundly sorry for this woman. I honestly don't know if I would have the strength to go on. Just heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Welcome. This site gave me a new hope.

Anonymous said...

Jigs in alaska. Welfare benes good?

Anonymous said...

"I think the media gets this wrong in the same way that they got the presidential election wrong. They simply can not imagine that white people would ever stop being submissive to blacks."

With good reason, especially given the white track record of subservience so far. America was founded on John Locke's anti-racist Christian/liberal principles, and only a few decades later erupted into civil war specifically in order to emancipate the saintly negroes, and lavish them with full citizenship and the vote. That's what they killed hundreds of thousands of their fellow whites for. It was done by good Christian men, who supposedly knew the negro far better than we do. How much more weak and flabby has the white racial resolve become over the ensuing century and a half? In order to reverse course, it would take a cultural revolution of heretofore unseen magnitude. Americans would have to admit to themselves that they have been on the wrong course for more than 150 years; that people they have thought all their lives were heroes were actually villains, and vice versa; that race is more important than ability or merit; that they themselves have helped perpetuate evil. Frankly, I can't see it happening. Much easier to persevere with half-measures and hope that race mixing will eventually eliminate the problem. Once interbreeding has made race meaningless, there will be no more race conflict!

Paintjob Theory said...

" I take my time getting to where I'm needed hoping the Offender is in another state by the time I get there. I hope when I do get to the Call the victim is outside so I don't have to get out of my car."

This hack needs to quit and go work for a living and see if you can still get a salary + pension for only pretending to work. I wonder what employing that layabout costs the city's few remaining taxpayers every year?

This mope isn't making a stand or a statement, he's just another lazy and cowardly parasite living off the government teat doing nothing in return of value for society.

Anonymous said...

If it's that easy, then the country should already be full of whites-only malls. How's it working out for ya?

The will doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

They are there because the military has a bunch of bases up there.

Anonymous said...

did anyone mention the 'art' in the capitol--of cops and hoods and cops as killers?

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Unknown. Obtain your CCW permit and put in some regular range time. Do some research with regard to the laws of using lethal force in your state and develop your situational awareness. Colonel Jeff Cooper developed a color coded system for the various states of mental alertness, which can be viewed here:

This system has been taught by competent instructors at every police academy for decades, and is also taught to civilians who wish to take their skills to the next level by attending a place such as FrontSight. Situational awareness makes all the difference, especially if you can avoid a potential deadly force scenario in the first place. Ye olde ounce of prevention, so to speak.

Centurion- SCC is a great blog that I mention to a lot of cops in my area (Central Texas), especially when I tell them to "go fetal" and let the TNB run its course in the hood. The Ferguson Effect might be most noticeable in Chicago and Baltimore, but it is showing up nationwide.

fedupinmd said...

Blaxcuse! I love it Andrea Ostrov Letania

If I may I will add that to my brocabulary along with Blacktivity, Nogsense, and Nissan Blaxima.

jstr said...

Becky or a friend could start a go-fund-me page. After all,the relatives of criminals killed in the act do it all the time and raise a ton of money.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could have stepped forward as an angel to keep this business on line (honestly and legally). "She's a Pistol" is a store I heard good things about among People of the Gun in that part of the world.

Running a small independent gun store is one of the hardest businesses on earth. So heavily regulated. Good lord, your very customers have to go through multiple layers of Big Brother surveillance with every transaction...which criminals never have to endure. The "paperwork" on that alone is crushing.

Than all the other stuff on top of it--security, inventory, keeping up with new products, helping people choose a product, being active in the community. I know a good number of couples who run very successful little gun shops...but boy, does it require the highest degree of hard work and partnership among two people. Doing it alone is just...too much.

It's really hard to lose a spouse and everything you've built together. It is indeed "another death." Death of what you created, in love and sacrifice.

Plus all the anguish she had to suffer with legal process. In the middle of that you suffer the death over and over and over. Have to tell about it, think about it, be grilled about it. Strangers can call you in at any time and demand you relive it all. It's horrific. You literally cannot cease the grieving process, which is physically so exhausting.

And maybe that's even less horrific than having your loss simply ignored, because it violates PC standards of public discussion.

Would it be possible to communicate to Mrs. Bieker that she and her late husband have contributed an elemental, though unwitting/unwilling, sacrifice to the Great Awakening on race?

That in the view of some of us, she and her husbands have been foot soldiers of war, deserving decoration and commemoration for their losses?

That those of us who hear her story feel our resolve further stiffened by it?

That even in our worst hours of being hated for our views, we can think of her, and add her to the list of those on whose behalf we dissent and push back?

I envision a ceremony at her husband's graveside. We all sit there to honor them. Someone presents her with a medal in his memory. It rests on purple velvet. There is a 21-gun salute, and Taps is played. She is given a flag that she can hug to her heart just as I hug my dad's flag when I miss him.

That is what we in military families get when we lose our loved ones, in combat or not.

I'm not suggesting the same valor ceremony. Just saying, we don't have anything like that for men and women like these. Lost in the race/civil war of the past 60 years that so few even acknowledge as real.

We've got museums and memorials to dindus who never contributed jack squat. But nothing for the silent white victims. Good people, caring and honest people, discarded and ignored.

rexfreeway said...

4 Useless pieces of shit. The murder was committed in Kansas so they will receive a minimal sentence and be out in time to kill more. I hope Trump signals the end of Liberal thought in school or government. And the coddling of criminal Negros.