Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Once Again, Monroeville Mall (true star of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead") the site of Incredible Black Violence/Black Dysfunction/Black Riots

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Before we being our story, please peruse this PK piece from VDare, published on December 30, 2015 (Dawn of the Dead Malls).

It's vital you remember the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania was the main character in George Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead

We've mentioned it before, not because it was once a cinematic home to survivors in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland, but because black people decided to remind white people why segregation was once the law of much of the land

Curfews were put in place to stop black violence (commonly called "teen" or "juvenile" violence via a complicit in the promotion of black dysfunction press), but the Monroeville Mall that Mr. Romero made famous couldn't stay out of the news. They even required adult escorts for these "teens" of an undefined race. 

Because Jim Crow is a reminder of the Ghost of Christmas Past (when malls flourished and commerce helped build/shape communities), the city of Monroeville must install Orwellian measures to try and combat unmentionable black crime... knowing anything too overt would get a visit from the Department of Justice. [Hi-tech surveillance cameras arrive in Monroeville in effort to fight crime, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 10-12-16]:
A series of high-definition surveillance cameras are now operating at about a dozen locations in Monroeville, acting as “virtual checkpoints” as they monitor traffic entering and leaving the municipality. 
Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and Monroeville officials made the announcement this morning, more than a month after unveiling the plans to buy and install the vehicular cameras. 
The cameras are being monitored by the Monroeville Police Department and are capable of recording and archiving video for 30 days, Mr. Zappala said. 
Mr. Zappala has said the cameras are needed to help law enforcement identify criminal elements among the thousands of transients drawn to Monroeville by Monroeville Mall, other businesses, restaurants, and 1,100 hotel rooms as well as those visiting friends and relatives, Mr. Zappala said. They have easy access to the municipality via the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Parkway and other major roadways. 
The cameras were installed at as many as a dozen locations in Monroeville that provide major points of ingress and egress, officials said. 
License plate recognition software will alert police if a wanted vehicle has passed through a virtual checkpoint. Also, Mr. Zappala emphasized that the presence of the cameras will help suppress crime. 
“The safety of a community should be an inclusive process and cameras are an important part of that process because we see what the camera sees in an objective fashion,” Mr. Zappala said.
So why bring up the Monroeville Mall, save for the nostalgia of reminiscing on black people in 2015/2016 doing their best impersonations of zombies and reminding us why our ancestors - in their infinite wisdom - utilized the law to protect their posterity from the depravity of freed slaves? 

Because it was one of the malls playing host to the spasm of black violence nationwide. [Mall fights break out in 12 states, including Pennsylvania, amid post-holiday rush, PennLive.com, 12-27-16]:

MONROEVILLE -- Arrests are being reported following youthful melees at western Pennsylvania's Monroeville Mall on Monday, part of a nationwide outbreak of violence at shopping centers in the midst of the post-holiday rush.  
Monroeville's chief of police, Doug Cole, told PennLive on Tuesday that four juvenile females and one 18-year-old male had been arrested in connection with a series of fights that broke out at the mall on Monday. PennLive was not immediately able to confirm the identities of those involved.   
All five individuals have been charged with disorderly conduct and fighting at the mall, Cole said. Meanwhile, witnesses told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that they had seen blood on the floor after at least one of the scuffles.    
"It's chaotic at the mall, " one tenant told the paper. 
Similar incidents were also being reported at malls across the country on Monday, as shoppers packed them in search of post-holiday deals. There were no reports of serious injuries, according to the Associated Press, which said violence had been reported at malls in the following states: Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Connecticut, Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and North Carolina.
Jim Crow, sundown laws, segregation... these 'nefarious' ideas didn't exist because of racism, supremacy, or hate. On the contrary, they existed because long ago, white people understood the civilization they created and sustained was incompatible (based on unsupervised black behavior in this civilization) with African people.

Once again, our dying malls - even Romero's Dawn of the Dead Mall - prove, black people = the modern interpretation of zombies.


Oil 'n Water said...

Here is a draft of a possible mission statement concerning the White-out I proposed a couple of posts ago. I know; it also includes immigration, but thought I'd throw that in as well, since it affects so many countries.
I'm not prideful - we have top notch writers here - so if you feel you can create a better statement or tweak this one, and have the desire, please do so. And excuse any formatting that did not carry over from my Word document.
NY Trumper had the excellent idea of holding it during Thanksgiving week, which would include Black Friday.

World-Wide White-Out

 Are you concerned that white people around the world are becoming alienated in their own countries?

 That unity applies to every race on earth except to white people?

 That frank discussions of scientific findings on race and its influence on intelligence and behavior need to take place?

 That criminal acts committed by people of color are concealed, distorted, or downplayed by our governments and the media?

 That tax dollars, fruitlessly expended on people refusing to work become long-term expected entitlements?

 That our cities are deteriorating and becoming increasingly dangerous?

 That the steady flow into our countries of unassimilable people proceeds unabated with our citizens having no voice in the process?

 That a religious group whose doctrine dictates "conversion or death" is freely admitted to countries who for centuries have sought to prevent them from crossing their borders for this very reason?

 And finally, that white people feel pressured not to express concern about any of the above topics for fear of censure?

If you have answered yes to the above, then it is time that we as white people have a say in our own destiny, in our own identity, in the future of our own countries - before our countries cease to be unique entities.
Before our countries simply cease to be.
If you agree with the above, then make a statement with us to place a moratorium on the purchase of all goods and services for the calendar dates of Monday, November 20 through Sunday November 26, 2017. Simply refuse to purchase any goods or services during this period. By doing so, millions of us will send a peaceful but all important message that we have had enough of governmental actions which ignore the rights of white people but minister to those who drain our resources while unable or unwilling to respect the laws and societal norms of our countries.
We must take action soon if we are to preserve our nations as sovereign entities to pass on to our children.
This small sacrifice now is only a first but crucial step toward white global unity, and the momentum created could make a huge difference in the future!

World Wide White-Out - November 20 - 26, 2017.

Bird of Paradise said...

The movie SELMA like all liberal directed movies was totaly fabicated just like Micheal Moores BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and AL GORES A INCONENT TRUTH as well as any movies by Spike Lee,Oliver Stone,Martin Scorsee,Robert Altman, and Steven Spielsburg most all so call docudramas are totaly fabricated by the Hollywood left what Joe McCarthy warned us about

Anonymous said...

Now remind me again why Versace employees use code words?

DoubleTap said...

Due to the ease of internet shopping verses traditional brick and mortar along with better prices and no sales tax will eventually cause the demise of malls and many stores as we know them. Negroes, destroyers of everything good will just hasten that demise.

Proudyt said...

A beautiful mall on the far south side of Chicago that had flourished for 40 years slowly rotted recently in part because of "teens". People were being robbed at night in the parking lots or worse. All of these aspiring rappers are terrible for businesses.

Paintjob Theory said...

"youthful melees"

Can't seem to find my newspeak dictionary after my recent move. Can someone clue me in, does this mean a chimpout between different tribes of African or a race riot where gangs of negroes assault whites?

Naught for nothing but as Pat has explained in the past, malls are on life support at best these days anyway even in places with little to no black African population. Soon enough even giants like WalMart will feel the pinch as the money spending customers shop via Amazon instead of having to deal with surly and feral black Africans at brick and mortar stores.

Truth-hammer said...

Yep, there are going to be a lot of dead malls in 2017.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

BLM=Blacks Love Malls..... Segregation, sterilization, Repatriation

Pat V said...


"While the number of black girls has increased in the last few years, there are far more black boys than girls because of our emphasis on sports. The result is that they typically date white girls. Today’s young people are fully open to interracial dating, and our school does nothing to discourage it. How can we? Any teacher or administrator who has voiced any sort of contempt for such behavior has been accused of racism. We have caught many interracial couples having sex in the school building, sometimes during school hours. To my knowledge, no white couple has ever been caught doing this."

With increasing integration, the bigger and stronger Negroes will beat up white boys, and white girls will disdain and reject white 'loser' boys and go with black males. They will have sex with black boys and use their white wombs to hatch more black boys who will grow up to beat up more white boys and hump more white girls.

Racial Integration will be the death of white male pride, and more & more white girls will go black and use white wombs to hatch black kids. They will turn race traitor.

White race must demand SAFE SPACE from blacks because blacks are stronger and more aggressive. It will mean defeat, shame, and humiliation for white males who will be mocked and rejected by white girls as cuck-losers.

Whites need to discuss blacks as a physical and sexual threat, and on that basis, they must demand SAFE SPACE from black muscle and black aggression.

The article in American Renaissance was written by a teacher who observed it first hand.

Don't live in denial.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the North American Pavement Apes that infest this nation are less like the shuffling zombies from Dawn of the Dead than the Xenomorphs from the Alien movies. If they were like Romero's mall walkers we could take care of them in a matter of days, no sweat. Modern unchained negroes are not only extremely aggressive and violent, they infest and destroy every environment they inhabit - and they're very hard to get rid of.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Youthful melee" is a new one.

I`d put money on every one of the malls that had a chimpout being serviced by a bus route. They are nothing but day care centers and free air conditioning for black youth looking for trouble. Hence the reason "city" malls are dying and we`ve seen the growth of "outlet" malls far outside the city, and OFF the bus route.

One report said the fight in the food court involved about 700 "teens". Jesus Christ, can you imagine going in ANYWHERE that you saw 700 blacks?! No fucking way! That would be on my no-go list instantly.

I think the real driving force behind the explosion of online shopping has been blacks. People just want to avoid them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Once a Malls gone Black, it'll never come back! Call in the Board Up Crew! Negros are a Malls worst friend. When they close all the Malls then it's out to YTville to steal the Amazon Packages from the Front Porches. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Since Negroids possess a different allele frequency pattern in their genome, their IQs and behaviors are impacted; they are different from other races. With lower impulse control and poor future time orientation, they do not assimilate well into cultures including there races. That leads to all the frictions we see around us here in the USA.

Focus on the genetics; it explains EVERYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks = Zombies. Indeed.

ot: look at this heartwarming tale! Trump can't come soon enough. These animals are just destroying our country!


Anonymous said...

How can libtards look at all these videos of the savages and not conclude they need to go back to the Mudderland?
Female in FL

chattanooga gal said...

we had one of those incidents here where some "teens" set off firecrackers in a store at the mall as a cover for shoplifting causing panic as people thought someone was shooting.

Anonymous said...

The Walking Dead lives!! And look at Chicago!! All out n*gger war!!

Well done cops! Let the monkeys kill each other off. Perfect timing for President Trump to come in and crush these animals. Stay away from negro areas and let the violence go through the roof. This will give ammo to Trump and his Human administration to enact draconian new laws to deal with negroes. Seriously, three more weeks. Stop patrolling; let the crimin*ggers do their thang! Trump will thank you!


ps. funny how they blame the POLICE, and not the n*ggers!! Unreal!

Anonymous said...

Well it is cold outside and school is on break. Whomever is "raising" these chimps just sticks them on the bus and sends them to the mall (they can assault whitey during the ride). There should be equal charges applied to the "head of household" back at the nest. Civilized people's money support these places, yet it is a danger to go there. Best go early whilst the troublemakers are still asleep.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

Hopefully 2017 won't be allowed to be another year of the Monkey? (and I ain't talking about the Chinese calendar) What say you White Men??

Bill in St Louis said...

"Teens". "Youths". Codewords for blacks. How exactly are high def cameras supposed to help, aside from identifying who left the area after "malls go wrong" or "shots broke out"? Stopping the animals from entering the area in the first place is the only way to assure a low-crime environment. Between the self-entitled snowflakes and thier pets, I haven't been to a mall in over a decade. Amazon (invented by negros using thier vaunted mathematical skills, right?) made it possible to not be forced to interact with the groid as found in nature, fu**ing up YTs businesses.

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy going to the mall a lot when I was a kid and a teenager in the 1980s and early 90s, but not since then and for exactly this reason. The Mall has literally been destroyed by the American-african. Everywhere there is a medium or large sized population of them, the local mall has become a "no-go zone". When the malls were still full of White people, the negroes went there to harass White females, bully White children, steal, and generally nig up the place. Now that there are virtually no White people at the malls, they go to have gang fights, shoplift, and generally nig up the place. They recognize the mall has virtually NO security, and what security there is, the guards are going to ignore niggotry for fear of being called RACIST.

To have a functional mall it would have to have NO access by public transportation, a parking garage that costs money to park in, Police security guards in the garage, a license plate scanner at the entrance to check each car for valid plates and/or tickets/Warrants, a fee to enter the mall, Police security guards inside the mall, NO sports apparel stores, NO deep fried foods in the eatery, NO unattended teens, NO rap or hip hop music of any type, NO cell phones or accessories of any type, a dress code of NO saggy pants or sports apparel or earrings or excessive jewelry on males, and an ENFORCED policy of BANNING violators for life.

White people would appreciate and attend a mall like that. Otherwise theres NO FUCKING WAY i would take my children to a mall anymore. It's sad, really.


Are these "random"? They all seem to break out "at the same time", thus their is only 3 things that are happening:

1) Co-incidence. Sales at the mall, school's out, people returning gifts, and all this tension and crowding results in RIOTS. (but it didn't happen 10 years ago?)

2) Co-ordinated, cell phone enabled, flash mobs. The purpose is to "Make a noise in the East and strike in the West"....Art of War...). The word in the hood, across this nation, through negro networking, is that this is a great time to strike the WHITE mad, over-whelm the malls and STEAL while your bros are making a noise in the East end of the Mall. You steal in the West end.....These could be nothing but Nation Wide Flash mobs designed for mass shop-lifting so the poor negro can take back what was stolen by DA MAN.

3) Critical Mass. We may have reached the level, nation wide, that with this many negroes, there are enough AT ANY ONE TIME, in any location, for a spontaneous Chimp-5. There may be no real co-ordination, or the fact it's a school break. Just the sheer number of negroes is the cause. This is why Detroit went first. The mass migration to the North, after the 1927 Mississippi FLoods, that drove thousands of negro share-cropper north (they could not work for a few years since the massive flood destroyed their "jobs") gave Detroit the Critical Mass to destroy it and drive out the White people. You see the EXACT same pattern in EVERY city when the negro percentage is sufficient to cause spontaneous, genetically driven, negro violent behavior. Want more proof? Look at Europe. Look at Sweden. Sweden has 50 NO GO zones.....all caused by the critical mass of "refugee" black-purple Somalians.

It would be fun to do the research: Compare the level of violence with the changes in negro % of the population over time. See if the "violence" rates track exactly with the negro population % rate. We all know the correlation would be "1", but to have the data, by year, by crime reports, for American's largest 20 Cities, would be priceless. Do the same with violence at all the major MALLS and the % of negro "shoppers". Track the 2. Correlation = 1.


SO, another "famous" negress gets the negro treatment......she has her car stolen at a gas station, but no mention of the RACE of the 3 negro youts who stole the car from this uppity negress Queen Lafitah.


Anonymous said...

Here we go! My favorite Blue state, CA. , has been experiencing lots of "yoots"terrorizing patrons at a mall in Sacramento. Gee you mean libs get to see diversity at work??
See the comments.

Anonymous said...

Two points:

As someone pointed out above, installing more security cameras is a complete waste of money. Cameras only act as a deterrent for those who possess awareness of consequences/future time orientation. Even if you pointed out to a black "youth" all the new cameras in the mall and explained that he would be identified by them if he committed a crime in the mall, it wouldn't have any effect. That's not entirely correct, though. If that "youth" felt the need to commit a crime in the mall, he would do so and then go up to the nearest camera and give it the finger. The simple fact is they don't think about getting caught and even if they did, they don't think a camera would play any part in that.

Even though this story was reported by the mainstream media, they were careful to blur the footage or shake it in order to disguise who was doing the rioting. I was someplace that had CNN on and watched the vague footage they aired. You could see people running and falling and others shoving and punching, but it was blurry and the footage was from cameras located as far away from the action as possible. When they showed footage of police making arrests, the cameras were positioned precisely to hide the perps' heads in the split second they were shown (though someone observant could notice the black hands in cuffs). So no, people seeing this story were none the wiser since the media was able to carefully make their footage ambiguous to go along with their narrative of "teen melees".

Bird of Paradise said...

No we dont want a one world goverment under the Useless Nations we dont want to be any part of a Wold Community we dont want open borders and unregulated imagration and most of all we dont want or need the Useless Nations and its tyranical laws and dictators

Anonymous said...

@American Notice
Are you trying out a new identity there Gubbler/Andrea/Patriamaria? I've already noticed you've copypasted those same comments under different identities at different websites. Your ridiculous mudshark projections give you away every time!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Atleast zombies don't breed with our women to produce "smarter" and more cunning zombies. Alex from N. England

NC Realist said...

I agree with PaintJob Theory. For me.....Amazon is the choice. I would love to see Nig-Mart go up in flames totally. In the mean-time hopefully Trump will clean house when it involves the MSM. It's WAY past due for these lying mufukr's. Liberals and their pet negroes are sweating profusely. Going to the mall...? Right...I wouldn't go near one if my life depended on it.......oh wait... it DOES.

oogabooga said...

This is what happens when you give the blacks too much freedom. The snivel riots act of 64 really opened the floodgates and the cities burned. This is what the blacks really want. They want to destroy things that are above their IQ level.

Just watched video of magic boog Ben Carson at the Republican convention. Really, he is as overrated as Neil Degrasse Tyson. After listening to these two I'm more impressed with the intellectual acumen of Mike Tyson!

Have a good 2017. It will be the beginning of 4 years of horror I'm afraid. If the media kissed Trump's bum like they slobber all over Oboogboog's bum, it would be the best time of our lives.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but it looks like some liberals are beginning to pull their heads out of their @sses:


"A a liberal, it pains me to say the following: President Barack Obama believes he would have beaten Donald Trump, but he’s probably wrong."

Unsurprisingly Black Li(v)es Matter is one of the primary causes.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that helps in the decline of malls (besides negro infestation) is the cost of items due to the high rents being passed on to the customer. Why would I pay more for an item that can be purchased elsewhere for far less? For example, the last time I went to a mall, I saw a shirt that was "on sale" for $45 dollars yet saw the same shirt at a Dollar General type store for only ten or twelve bucks. The saying that "a fool and his money are soon parted" definitely applies to the situation. Silver rings with gemstones that cost $325 at the mall cost me only $120 elsewhere.
I've known many a "shopping snob" who will pay the vastly inflated prices just so they can crow about where they purchased an item as it makes them feel somehow "special" but the reality is that they're simply a special kind of stupid. Exactly like negroes buying a $300 dollar pair of tennis shoes that will be worn out and ready for the trash inside of a year when for the same money they could have had two or even three pairs of really nice leather boots that would last for years if not a decade or more.
In any case, just to offer another example- I'm interested in exotic plants and specifically wanted Japanese kinmokusei. I found the plant at a local nursery selling for $150 for the 3 gallon size. Shopping on-line, I found the same plant/same size selling for $60 with free shipping. Guess who got my business?

Anonymous said...

there are not enough BP around here to have a riot of any consequence but they murder (W & B) rape rob carjack do drive by shootouts local media tries desperately to avoid reporting their race but alas we know and they do a lot of bitchin' and moanin'

Anonymous said...

They did this a second night in a row. Start fights and then steal. What great "people".


The comment section is pure gold.


Here we go again. The Anti-White, racist, communist, Liberals (ok, I repeat myself) are all in a tizzy fit since Jacki Evancho is going to sing at WHITE TRUMP's Victory party.

They hate that, thus here is a link to the latest hissy fit. Oh, I will post right after this her first appearance on America's Got Talent. She is only NINE, and then I will find and post her "home-town" audition when she is even younger. If you don't know who she is, you are going to be amazed.

I think they HATE her for a few reasons, but the biggest one is that she sings WHITE MUSIC. She does/did opera at age 9. White Music by a White girl....can't have that. She don't say no MoFo in dat derr song, child !!!


Here she is at her first America's Got Talent audition:


Here she is at an amateur contest, the earliest performance of her I can find. It will make you cry......it is so beautiful


SHE is also polite, blue eyes, angelic.....everything (((they))) hate about us. To bad she has to share the stage with the negro M/C in the AGT audition.

Anonymous said...

NC Realist--Amazon is the enemy.
Bezos got 600 million from government.
He only paid half that for waPo.

Michael Dean Miller said...


When TV news video is pixellated, it's a dark and fuzzy picture.

When the cameras are bad quality, it's a dark and fuzzy picture.

When cameras are perfect Hi-Def, it's a dark and fuzzy picture.

When "journalists" describe it, it's a dark and fuzzy picture.

Apparently, no matter what, the bad guys are dark and fuzzy.


Pat Boyle said...

I think a bigger story was at Arden Fair Mall this week. That mall has banned unaccompanied teens from entering the mall. If you are a teenager you need to be accompanied by an adult like your parent to go through the main entrance.

I have been writing here for two years or so(?) about the need for safe spaces in our cities and suburbs. I called these spaces America Under Glass. I had been thinking about the Canadian city of Calgary. I visited Calgary on our trip to the famous Alberta dinosaur sites at Drumheller.

Calgary in the summer looks like a lot of the US - except that they have these huge glass structures all over town that seem to make no sense. They make no sense in the summer that is. When winter hits the locals go under glass. They have not only malls under glass they have water parks where the Canadians don their speedos and swim under glass in a denial of their artic conditions.

I said that might be the destiny of the US - except where our northerly neighbors were escaping the snow we would be escaping the negroes. The first step towards 'America Under Glass' may have been made at Arden Fair Mall this last week.

The biggest impediment to white safety from black violence has never been physical. The problem is legal. At Arden Fair now the guards are denying entrance to 'teens'. When I was a young adult the only place teens were denied entrance was at the movies. We were saving out young from seeing sex on the screen. But just after you had been refused at an 'X' rated movie you could walk into any mall or department store.

But all that has changed - black teenagers now routinely rob and riot everywhere. The laws and customs of society now struggle to adapt to what some call 'feral juveniles'. One of the first adaptations seems to be what they are doing at Arden Fair. Of course the mall would welcome Chinese, Japanese, or Korean teens - these Asian groups have more disposable income that even whites and they like electronic gadgets. What store owner would not welcome such technology mad prosperous customers? The store owners no doubt want Caucasians and Asians but they imagine it is illegal to exclude blacks and while they welcome non-blacks.

So the first step is discriminate by age. They will probably be sued by someone or other. But if the mall management and store owners prevail someone of them will take the next logical step and exclude black teens only. If you tell a Korean kid he has to be accompanied by his father to get into the game court or the computer store - he is inconvenienced. A black kid who must go with his father - is effectively banned for life.

So keep your eyes on Arden Fair. America must enact racially aware laws and ordinances. This mall may be one of the early steps toward a better future.


Anonymous said...

Certain beings who roam the dark corners of this planet are viewed with such foreboding that even the most rational of men dare not call their name aloud. Their existence can only be hinted at in cryptic passages of ancient, molding tomes such as Undeplorable Kulte.

A recent encounter confirms this observation.

During this season's Yuletide I participated in a University expedition penetrating into the ancient forests of the Keystone State. The expedition consisted of myself, professor Wising Tyde-O'Colleur (of the Department of Eugenic Studies), and a driver hired for the occasion to navigate our Model T. We were well prepared for anything human which we might encounter, having stocked up on tungsten-filament torches, a chemical emulsion kit from the Laboratory, and the latest works of Lothrop Stoddard. I, as, always packed my trusty Colt 45 Automatic Pistol which had seen good service against bandits during Uncle Sam's recent occupation of certain Caribbean Islands.

At least we thought we were prepared...

Driving through back roads, I had the feeling that we were being watched, as if unseen lenses were somehow recording our every movement. Professor Tyde-O'Colleur dismissed my unease as a reaction to the desolation felt upon the sun setting behind the bleak line of trees, raising leafless branches as if chthonian tentacles unto the rapidly darkening sky. Even so, I noted our driver, a stalwart fellow who had served alongside General Pershing on one of the latter's punitive expeditions, was gripping the steering wheel with knuckles turned pale.

And then we saw it, rising against the blood red sunset, the once stately architecture now a mass of ruins around which ebonic figures danced obscenely in what can only be termed Sivvil Rites, engaging in mayhem unthinkable. Tyde-O'Colleur's former cool dismissals disappeared as he gibbered like a madman. As for myself...

Could these be the acolytes of the being that could not be named, at least not by any civilized White man, the cult of Yoth-f'l-Tiens?

Fortunately, our driver kept his head level. With a shriek of vulcanized rubber he swung our motor vehicle 180 degrees east and we all breathed a sigh of relief as we found ourselves on the road back to Arkham. And just as well.

Had we stayed in that place any longer...we might have been mauled.

R. "Ace" Rielst
Department of Physical Anthropology
Miskatonic University


This negro-at-the-mall topic really interests me. There is so much here to discuss since this is an example of America's collapse at the national level. The invasion, destruction, and ending of civilization.

Malls came about in the 50's for reasons of climate (snow, rain, efficient heating/AC), convenience (a bunch of stores all within walking distance once you park your car), the concept of the car, the concept of the Suburb (created for Whites to GET AWAY from the incoming negro invasion of the cities) AND, most important, the wonderful social interaction "at the mall" which is what I, too, grew up with. It was wonderful. Hang out with your friends. Parents let you go there as a kid since it was, now get this...SAFE !!!

The first mall in Miami was Dadeland Mall. I was there. I remember it. Going to Sears, etc, with my mom to buy new school clothes was great. 100% white, as far as I can remember. Enclosed and air-conditioned. It was what America used to be. A dream-land of peace, comfort and wonder.

The Mall concept can only exist in a uni-racial environment and can only work with the higher IQ Asains (Koreans, Japanese and Chinese) and the White Race. These are the races that enjoy peace, order, quiet times, respect etc. ANy mall with these 2 races as customers will have no problems. We 2 races even get along since we both know how to leave the other alone. The Equatorial races don't care for any of this. They just want to eat and fuck, not realizing there is a bit more to life... and that there is more than stuffing your face and other orifices.

So, what is happening? Cell phones provide instantaneous connection between packs of negroes. They can all agree to meet somewhere, and I am convinced 99.9% of them know the reason for this "meet" is to shoplift, grope White chicks, and sucker punch White boys. They also have FREE transportation with subways and buses. This is why many of you discuss the bus lines that reach these Malls are really arteries carrying infection from the pus filled inner cities to what remains of the white body.

Even the size of the malls make them hard to manage since nobody, 10, 15 years ago, could imagine this Flash Mob idea. The larger the mall, the easier for the mob to enter in numerous entrances, cause a disturbance in one are, distract the old, minimal, unarmed security guards.....and attack. This is the common method of raiding neighboring tribes, back in the old continent of Africa. The warriors would group, run and scream and take what they wanted, enslaved the males, and haul off to rape the "women". Same thing here.

Welcome to Africa, stupid White people. We brought it here. We fed and bred them.

I would like to invite any negro reading this site to let us know what is happening in the "community". Basically, educate us to what we may not know. YOU know what we are thinking and writing and preparing for (race war). What is the "community" doing?

Mr. Rational said...

ot: look at this heartwarming tale!

Mystery meat, both of them.  NHI, and good riddance.

Whomever is "raising" these chimps just sticks them on the bus and sends them to the mall (they can assault whitey during the ride). There should be equal charges applied to the "head of household" back at the nest.

The bus stop needs to be on the far side of a wall with a security gate where IDs are checked, known offenders are screened and all minors verified to be with a parent or guardian.  Those who aren't admitted get stuck on the next bus out.

A database of offenders could be sold to a lot more than just malls.  Grocery stores and even WalMart could use it to screen out shoplifters, pickpockets and the like.  Imagine how much harder life would be for e.g. gypsies if doors slammed shut on them across the country.  They might have to get jobs!

The real solution is for the mall to go Members Only and not let the animals in, period.  Barring offenders from membership would make things so much easier.

Members Only would allow indoor malls to be walking spaces for the elderly, hangouts for decent teens (membership lost for shoplifting or other misbehavior), and otherwise remain part of civilization.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Pau. Trump is Jew-cucking hard again. He especially loves the Orthodox types.

Trump to meet heads of Carlyle Group, Marvel, World Jewish Congress

Republican U.S. President-elect Donald Trump resumed holding meetings at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, following the Christmas holiday as he prepared to take over the White House from Democrat Barack Obama on Jan. 20.

Below is a list of meetings for Wednesday, according to Trump's transition team.



*Co-CEO, founder and director of Carlyle Group


* CEO of Marvel Entertainment, a unit of Walt Disney Co


* Co-owner of Runway Vineyards

* Under consideration for agriculture secretary


* Former U.S. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety under President George W. Bush

* Under consideration for agriculture secretary


Trump tax reforms could depend on little-known 'scoring' panel
Senator Graham says enough is enough on Russian cyber activities

* Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush

* Will discuss health care reform


* President of the World Jewish Congress

(Reporting by Richard Cowan, Doina Chiacu and Susan Heavey, Editing by W Simon)

Anonymous said...

Chimpouts happened in Indianapolis' Castleton Square Mall too.

Fucking niggers don't belong in the mall. Haven't they ruined enough?????


Anonymous said...

When are we going to start lynching these savage monkeys again? They only respond to FORCE


Anonymous said...

The white Conservative Treehouse cucks have covered this story too. But they won't draw any conclusions because they are full-on negro-worshippers.

They notice that all of the events have "something in common"...maybe. But they won't say it. White people are pathetic.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Anonymous @ 7:01 hits most if not all the points that REITs and property managers must take if they don't want to see their investment go down the commode. Are you the same guy who proposed them when PK did the story originally?

Classical music must stream from the P.A. system. Even if you are not a fan, believe me, it's presence will enhance your shopping experience.

A dress code, clearly posted and ruthlessly enforced, is also key. I know that older "mall walkers" like to do their thing wearing warm up suits, but that can be accommodated with the posting of the hours that exercise is permitted (early is better). No one needs to go to the mall looking like a hog, an "outside person" (as they say in NYC), or a black.

Membership, or club membership. You never see "teens" or "youths" fighting or doing the TNB thing at Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale. Pay $50. a year. Wear your ID on a lanyard. Enjoy shopping the way it used to be.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Anonymous @ 7:01 hits most if not all the points that REITs and property managers must take if they don't want to see their investment go down the commode. Are you the same guy who proposed them when PK did the story originally?

Classical music must stream from the P.A. system. Even if you are not a fan, believe me, it's presence will enhance your shopping experience.

A dress code, clearly posted and ruthlessly enforced, is also key. I know that older "mall walkers" like to do their thing wearing warm up suits, but that can be accommodated with the posting of the hours that exercise is permitted (early is better). No one needs to go to the mall looking like a hog, an "outside person" (as they say in NYC), or a black.

Membership, or club membership. You never see "teens" or "youths" fighting or doing the TNB thing at Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale. Pay $50. a year. Wear your ID on a lanyard. Enjoy shopping the way it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I live in a suburb of Houston, and there was a time that the two malls here were great to hangout in. I am speaking of the 1980's and early 90's. Now it looks like little mexico and black thug culture. I worked there in the 90's and started seeing these people come in and start their crap and it is getting worse by the year. People Wake UP and start taking back good old American culture and values......

Bud said...

Took my white grandson to a zoo and saw these couples:

1) a white woman, two white kids and a black man
2) a white woman, black man and four mulatto kids
3) white man and woman with three black kids (same age obviously adopted).

Which of these is the most disturbing? I would go for number 1.

I feel sorry for the white kids.

D-FENS said...

I would visit the Monroeville Mall when I would visit Westinghouse on business in the 1990's. It didn't seem to have any problems then. Westinghouse has since relocated out of Allegheny county to Butler county about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, in part to escape Allegheny taxes and probably "diversity" as well.

D-FENS said...

There is no reason for a White male over 21 years old to ever visit a mall. The stores are aimed at kids, women and metrosexual.

Sick n' Tired said...

I read an article in the late 90's that said the average person was captured on about 44 cameras daily while they went about their day. I would wager that number has tripled or quadrupled these days, and has it really done anything to deter nogs from commiting crimes?
Every night on my local news is video footage of nogs robbing gas stations, banks, stores, homes, breaking into cars, opening fire outside of night clubs, using stolen credit/atm cards, fighting in stores/restaurants/schools/on buses/trains,and stealing packages from front porches. As we all know on this blog, they lack future time orientation, but they also lack the realization that their crimes/dumb acts are caught on video in most of these places.
Someone on here posted a YouTube video called "Dindu Nuffin Compilation 1" which is cut together from videos of COPS where the dindu is clearly caught on camera doing something, gets arrested, and even after the show them the video of them commiting the crime, will deny it's them in the video.
There's more then one video of it, and they are all worth a watch just for the laughs. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

"There is no reason for a White male over 21 years old to ever visit a mall. The stores are aimed at kids, women and metrosexual."

Well, not true. Stores have men's departments, electronics and other things that men need.

Proudyt said...

I would agree #1 is disturbing but #3 ain't easy to swallow either. Hey,but maybe one of those black kids will grow and become president and appreciate the white people who raised them ! No wait...

Anonymous said...

"Jim Crow, sundown laws, segregation... these 'nefarious' ideas didn't exist because of racism, supremacy, or hate. On the contrary, they existed because long ago, white people understood the civilization they created and sustained was incompatible (based on unsupervised black behavior in this civilization) with African people."

Perfectly stated.

But that's also the problem. Whites are more concerned to protect their precious civilization than they are to protect their own race. They don't perceive, and don't want to perceive, that without that race, the civilization it created will inevitably fail.

Though later, in Day of the Dead (1985), zombies were depicted as semi-trainable, and in Land of the Dead (2005), even capable of running a sort of low-grade civilization of their own, at least Romero never portrayed the zombies as being able to breed with the living. That's the most horrifying aspect of negroes, and where the metaphor breaks down.

Anonymous said...

At a grocery store I once saw a white woman, white son, black buck and 2 mulatto kids. I felt so sorry for that white boy that I complimented the good job he was doing emptying the cart while the rest of his family did nothing. I hope he had a decent dad who rescued him soon. Made me sick.

Carleton (read my books) Putnam said...

Being in High School in the mid-late 80s was quite possibly the best thing ever. The Malls were incredible. Beautiful, modern, functional and the profits showed it. Capitalism at it's finest. There were virtually zero negroes. ZERO. As a teen we occasionally smoked pot and hung out at the mall. We never stole anything, and we actually spent money- lots at the Food Courts and Arcade. The girls were into jocks (White ones only) and drinking on the weekends. We didn't listen to nigger music either until Aerosmith teamed up with Run DMC to re-release "Walk This Way". I'll never forget the first time I saw the video on MTV. I hated it while about half my friends loved it. I knew then that Rap would kill White music, just like it did.

Blacks fucking ruin everything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

" . . . CENTURION said...
SO, another "famous" negress gets the negro treatment......she has her car stolen at a gas station, but no mention of the RACE of the 3 negro youts who stole the car from this uppity negress Queen Lafitah.


Yes, and FOX News, probably the worst cuckservative news outfit cucks constantly about how we are all equal. FOX and other cuckservative MSM reported this story with an air of mystery about it; What caused such mayhem? Perhaps it was excessive use of social media? No, lack of "parental (sic) supervision" was the cause. At least the communists stick to their lies about discrimination and "racism", whatever that is.

Get ready for this year's MLK Day celebrations on FOX. No doubt besides highlighting all of the wonderful things "Dr." MLK did (forgetting his plagiarism, wife beating, adultery etc.) we will be treated to a big dose of lies about how three black women and other black unsung heroes/geniuses made the space program, particularly the moon landing possible. They invented everything, did everything and got no credit until now. No mention of Paul's book about how nogs protested the Apollo program and wanted the money given to them instead.

The cucks on FOX News should highlight the nog claims that they built the pyramids, flew them 100 feet off the ground for a couple of miles and communicated with the mothership in orbit a few hundred miles in space. I would like to see the lying bastards in the MSM, especially the cucks at FOX talk about that with a straight face.

The other guy in N. England.

Tarczan said...

The latest negro urban sport in Cleveland is the smash and grab of ATM's. The negros drive stolen trucks into stores and grab the ATM's.

Anonymous said...

It's a nigger coup detat

SKIP said...

"Well, not true. Stores have men's departments, electronics and other things that men need."

WANT would be more appropriate here I think.

Anonymous said...

Like other commentators, I grew up as a teenager in the 80's. For me, home was Aurora, Colorado, and our favorite malls to hang out as a teenager was Aurora Mall, and Buckingham Square. In the 80's, both malls were great places to be, however Aurora Mall had the bus route from Montebello (A black community) end at the mall. So all the blacks from Montebello could simply take the bus to Aurora Mall. As the 80's progressed, I saw the blacks cause more and more trouble, and finally in the early 90's we abandoned Aurora Mall altogether. Moved out of Denver with the Air Force in the mid-90's. Went back to Aurora Mall a few times on leave (now called something else, Town Square I believe). Hair weave stores, rap crap, definitely not my mall. Haven't been inside the mall since 2000. So not surprised to see Aurora Mall on the news the other day with all of the other mall "riots".

Buckingham Square was our favorite mall as a teenager, because it was AWAY from the montebello bus route. Plus there was a HUGE Senior citizen complex (Windsor Gardens) located close by. For some reason the blacks didn't like the old folks, and would stay away. Thus we loved the mall. Got along great with all the elderly mall walkers while we hung out by the bridge in the center of the mall.

I remember when Park Meadows mall opened up in South Denver, the Light rail purposely did NOT have a stop at the mall. People complained, but the mall magically didn't have "teen" problems. Now there is a light rail stop at the mall. No word if the mall has "teen" problems or not.

The 80's were a special time, but I wouldn't take my family to a mall these days. Amazon can deliver whatever I want for a fraction of the price I'd pay at the mall. Although I do like the idea floated here in the comments of a "membership mall". Sam's Club pulled the concept off, Malls should do the same. Hell, I'd pay $50 a year for no negros teens, and nice polite customers.

AmmoMan in OK


Disney uses your fingerprint to ID you. IF Disney sees the advantage and ease of this, than so can any business in America. Disney is WAY AHEAD of most of us and can easily sell or license this finger-print concept for the remaining Malls.

Everybody enters through a finger-print point. Everybody. Each Mall contains a lock-up jail and off-duty, real cop. If you're flagged, then you are arrested and the local police are called.

Also, as "new" customers enter, their finger-print is recorded while a PHOTO is taken at the same time. The customer is informed that they will be under camera surveillance AT ALL TIMES, as is all other customers. IF they cause ANY disturbance, they will never be permitted in and their info goes onto a National Mall Data Base. They will be banned from ALL other Malls.

Of course, it will be the negro screaming "racism" since 99% of them will be banned, if not arrested on the spot, immediately. Good.

The photo can also be scanned for wanted felons (negroes) or those already on some watch list or those banned from other Malls. Very easy to install.

This tech suggestion, above, (coming from a man who can barely turn on his computer), is easy, simple and cheap. All the Mall has to do is contact some STEM program at any High School (with some White students) and ask them to come on down and set it up. Easy for any middle or Jr. high STEM class (assuming there are White students there)

AnalogMan said...


... Jacki Evancho is going to sing at WHITE TRUMP's Victory party.

A touch of class, at last. Plus, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Even Pat should be pleased.

That was amazing. Made the judge cry, too, I see.

Such a contrast with the present first monkey family. I think it would be appropriate if America demolished the Monkey House to remove the stain, and let President Trump build something in its place. Something nice and tasteful, like the Taj Mahal, perhaps.

I hope Trump stays with class for his bash. No more Bouncey, no more JZ, no more rappers (or aspiring rappers) or twerkers or African "singers" ululating. Let's do this Renaissance thing properly.

Unknown said...

Speak for yourself, it's your attitude or inferior. This shit hardly happens in Australia, stop being the victim and fight. Blacks are fucking cowards!

PB said...

"Speak for yourself, it's your attitude or inferior. This shit hardly happens in Australia, stop being the victim and fight. Blacks are fucking cowards!"

Mate, I think its a bit more complex than our experience in Australia. Our Abos and Islanders are nothing like the US Blackies, and the Africans are just making their useless presence felt in Melbourne and (I assume) the other capitals. These poor guys are way further down the diversity shitter. I'm in North Queensland and Blackie here is useless but not really that disruptive, and the (real, traditional) Elders are actually pretty cool. Where else in the world do Blacks love country music?

Anonymous said...

This is the cuck writer that's hitting a lot of blogs. Saw the same style poster at a couple other sites. I see it as more fuckin' psyops. That's cool, cause I know the truth. There's not a worse warrior in the world than blacks. Funny, in the Army, the closer you grt to the shit, the whiter it is. You'd think all the SF , Ranger guys would be the big tough blacks , according to our resident cuck. It's the opposite.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

It's the liberal mindset. They're totally fucking warped. OT, but to see another side of their mindset, watch the documentary "steve jobs man in the machine". Jobs was loved and worshipped by all the libs, but he WAS EVERYTHING that they claimed to hate, he was everything HE claimed to be against. Leftism IS a fucking mental disorder, and its been shoved down the throats of the people of this country for decades. #1, people, KILL your TV!!!!!!
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I can see the malls having a " pass". You come to the ticket booth, buy a pass to gain entry to the area, much like buying tickets to an amusement park. Of course, YT has to pay more, as usual. But until people in this country have enough balls to say it like it is, I suppose this is how it's going to be. Personally, I say call it like it is, grow some balls, and bar entrance to these assholes. The evidence for doing so is overwhelming.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I think the scales are beginning to fall from at least a few pairs of eyes.

General Ripper

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Quite simply outstanding.

General Ripper
Miskatonic ROTC Detachment 1859