Thursday, December 1, 2016

White Navy Veterans Home Set on Fire, Vandalized with Anti-White/Anti-Trump Graffiti

Let's be honest: no white person uses the term 'cracker' when they talk about other white people. In the southern states of the United States, black people use it quite frequently to describe whites. 

File this away in your memory bank. [Veteran's home vandalized, torched,, 11-30-16]:
There are lots of questions surrounding a fire that gutted a home on Johnson Street in Plant City overnight. 
Along with heavy damage, anti-Trump graffiti was sprayed on the house, inside and out. The family who lives there was spending the night with relatives, but Navy veteran Matthew Smith says his home was targeted because he is a Donald Trump supporter. 
"It's not what I expected out of America," says Smith. "It should be us figuring problems out together." 
Smith flies three flags in front of his house: the American flag, the POW flag, and the Navy flag. 
"We supported Trump from when he started running for office," says Matthew's wife Brittany. "We never made it public. We never had a sign in our backyard, so no one really knew we were pro Trump." 
But Matthew says he's been very active on Facebook, with posts supporting Trump, the Second Amendment, and other conservative causes. 
Investigators are looking into possible connections with arsonists. 
Earlier this month, anti-Trump graffiti was sprayed on two mobile homes near Mango. Investigators say someone tried to light one of them on fire. 
The Smiths, who have two young children, say times have been hard recently. They say their home is in foreclosure and they have no insurance to cover the belongings that burned. Brittany says it doesn't make sense to her.
This article above, published by a Fox affiliate, immediately questions the veracity of the family's claim of arson, leading the reader to believe the white family might have set fire to their home.

Recall the term "cracker" above. Go ahead and pull it out. [Veteran's home set on fire, vandalized, investigators find anti-Trump graffiti racial slurs on walls,, 11-29-30]:
“The place was ransacked.  Clothes from my room, all the way to the back, just made it everywhere.   Papers, important documents thrown everywhere, just torn up.  The Christmas tree set up yesterday was knocked down and had been lit on fire.  Every piece of furniture was pretty much burned through.” 
On the walls someone wrote in spray paint the words, “cracker, F- Trump, not my prez, and F- yo kids.” 
“Definitely scary,” Smith said.   
Smith said he made a lot of pro-Trump posts on Facebook, but never put any signs supporting Trump in his yard.   He couldn’t even begin to try and understand who would do something like this to his home.  He felt that whoever destroyed his home were just copying other anti-Trump protesters from across the country. 
“It's been several months now where there's protesters breaking the law, damaging property, destroying cities,” Smith said.  “And, ‘oh just let them do it’ and that's not how it should have gone down.   If you are breaking the law you should go to jail.   That's it.”
This guy gets it.

In the next few days, black people will be arrested for this heinous crime, because no white person even knows what a "cracker" is anymore.

Peace? No peace.


Anonymous said...

of topic. one of the funniest things that I have ever seen, at Ambrose Kane blog.
Black woman w road rage, she even runs over a fire hydrant. MUST SEE,

Behold the nature of the ghetto ratchet on full display. A brawl in a South L.A. parking lot turns into a ghetto demolition derby. Surprisingly, no one got killed, and I didn’t hear anyone shout out “Worldstar!’ either.

Correction: After listening a bit more carefully to the reaction of those involved, I actually heard one of the males shout out, “Worldstar!” Good Lord, these are folks are predictable.

The incident illustrates how temperamental and violent Black women in America are. Like the Black males who fill our state prisons, so also their counterpart are consumed with rage, hateful and spitting toward any who stand in their way or who don’t give them what they want.

This is what generations of racial coddling and fawning over an unworthy people has produced. They are not only self-righteous, unteachable, but they are mentally little children (albeit in large, physically intimidating bodies). This is why a responsible and civilized society must always monitor these volatile and criminally-prone race of people.

Blacks may resent the watchful eye and lack of trust most of society has of them, but they’ve earned every ounce of suspicion they receive from us.

‘Inside Edition’ later interviewed one of the drivers, identified as Yaya Shabbaz (folks, you can’t make this stuff up!). She, of course, presents herself as completely innocent in the bumper car road rage scenario. The car doesn’t even belong to her, ......

Bird of Paradise said...

The work of a bunch of cowards and leftists scumballs people who do this are crinimals and if cuaght need to get 40 or 50 years in prison and be made to pay for their crimes and i mean make them pay fora new house and maybe do the labor Im sure Sheriff Arpaio would know what to do with the scumballs

PB said...

Note to Police and Politicians: silence = consent. They now think they have your permission to act out, which you've given by your inaction and silence.

Anonymous said...

Yeppers. Groids do this stuff all the time.

Bottom line: Negroids are different at the genetic level; this is why most cannot assimilate into a White First World civilization. Added to the mix they create violence and chaos and drag us all down. They are used as shock troops by the Saturday People to keep Euro Whites in disarray and controllable. Look closely and you will always find {{{them}}} at the end of the n*ggers' leash...

Brian in Ohio said...

Blacks and their fascination with fire...

I suppose its because they only learned how to make it within the last 50 years, so the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

Send them back.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought we need a good online database for the uppity orcs causing all the trouble and the {{{people}}} behind them. We hear about these folk but can rarely see them all in one place. A good model to copy is this list below exposing Lefty Commie libtard professors across America corrupting our young...

Proudyt said...

Doesn't matter if your pro-trump,with the American flag outside the house they knew he is pro-American. That's all it takes nowadays for the shit head lefties to set them off.

Paintjob Theory said...

"He couldn’t even begin to try and understand who would do something like this to his home."

"It's not what I expected out of America," says Smith. "It should be us figuring problems out together."

" Matthew says he's been very active on Facebook"

Plant city Florida is 53% white.

"This guy gets it."

One of these comments (emphasis added) seems to not fit the facts. Perhaps he just got a glimmer of racial reality, but if he has lived a lifetime in the deep south and can't comprehend who or what would do this or to say that this is totally to be expected in African America he hasn't been paying attention. In fact I'd say the only unexpected bit is that the Zulus that did it didn't wait for his family to be home and asleep and have a go at them before burning them all alive in the house.

In their native habitat these things put tires around each other, fill them with gasoline and light them on fire just to alleviate boredom. Why should anyone suspect that they will behave any differently just because we move them geographically? You can take a woodchuck and throw it in a river and it won't start chewing down trees and building a dam and lodge.

Bird of Paradise said...

Some people are just sore losers they need to GET A LIFE and the arsonists need to be doing time in prison and resitution as well

Bill in St Louis said...

Amazing how, even on Faux News, the idea that it was self-inflicted vandalism/ arson was immediately broached, but "KKK swastikas etc." Written in poop, keyed or spraypainted on cars, nooses hung in trees, (and on and on and on) are signs of evil white racist hitlerbushtrumpmeanie!!!!!!!
Then, when the perpetrators are caught out, nothing.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

I have 3 American flags in my cubicle at work. My division is at the very least 65% black. Very few of them talk to me. They give me a very wide birth, because they have seen me mix it up and shut down others. I let it be known that I have a CC.

Anonymous said...

From the "Just When You (Yout?) Think You've Seen it All" department...

Although the vibrants bring us diversity and the sprogs of the University-Level NAPA'S bring you flashmobs...

We now have "Blacky Claus" at a mall which his not so legendary ethno-paisanos have actually flashmobbed!

Mall of America is going Blacky Claus this year. Will the Somali immigrants be drawn to Christianity, and we'll all sing "Kumbaya" or will White Pride take another bashing? Hell, I'M NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN and this is ridiculous to me!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

The thought of losing their EBT cards and special privileges scares the daylights out of the dindus. They are unable to think past an hour or two due to lack of future time orientation, so reasoning and logic never enters into the equation.

It is important to remember that negroes were introduced to this continent due to their physicality, in other words, ability to perform labor before our country became industrialized. By the time of the Civil War, it was pretty clear that their usefulness was at a near end. The obvious and looming question then and now is what to do with these worthless creatures.

The study of genetics and IQ reveals that they are sub-par intellectually from all other racial groups. They are an evolutionary dead end. It is why we see them lash out and senselessly destroy everything. On some level, they now they cannot compete. They have been pampered and coddled for over fifty years now. The paint job theory has been proven to be false.

As the world becomes increasingly high tech, robotics will eventually take over the menial tasks negroes have been able to perform. Affirmative Action will come to an end during the Trump administration. Think about it. How many heads of Fortune 500 companies want to employ people who are simpering idiots? The federal and state government is the employer of choice for the negro. That era is coming to an end. In his dark heart, the negro knows and understands this. The sand in the hourglass is emptying out.

Do yourself and your family a favor. Stay as far away from these creatures as humanly possible. Learn self defense and practice it with your children. We have about sixty plus years of racial indoctrination to overcome. The negroes' (((over lords))) have more than two generations of whites who have been spoon fed propaganda. With the election of Donald Trump, our work is just beginning.

Long Island Guido said...

Oh vey! Alot of (((Professor's))) on that list. The conspiracy gets more and more real every day.

Great site by the way. Book marked it...great for redpilling folks.

Anonymous said...


There's probably a extremely high correlation between those who would willingly fly a flag outside their house on an average day and trump voters. Democrats would only wave or fly a flag for photo ops (like at the Democratic National Convention or at a Hillary speaking engagement, where they are given the flags to wave) or ironically, like they would have the day after the election if Hillary had won.

Anonymous said...

Is there any go Fund me for them? The wife said, we were nice to everyone. Unfortunately, with ghetto swine, they see nice as weak.

they might have let a neighbor child into their yard or house to play with their kid, given them a snack, let them watch TV and the ghetto product saw their house as a mansion compared to the crack house they live in. The child may have gone back home and told his parents or adults about it.

That's what happened to us- had a party, neighborhood boy (black) came. Next thing you know our place was repeatedly broken into then set on fire on New Year's Eve.

They don't say what the racial make up of their neighborhood was, I wonder if they were surrounded by savages?

Anonymous said...

Kinda OT, but in keeping with the theme of groids being different at the genetic level:

Since we don't watch tv anymore (instead just using Amazon and Hulu for specific shows without commercials), I sometimes flip around the offerings to see what new nonsense has come out on cable, just for fun. It appears the groids have decided to create their own Toddlers and Tiaras show, called Little Miss Atlanta.

It's exactly what we here have come to expect from groids on reality tv: they're in a completely different mental reality than the rest of us, they're violent, compulsive, and childish, and they believe the only things better than themselves are the little shitstains they keep creating on the taxpayers dime.

The best part of the show is the "talent" competition. Its hysterical. The little nogs have zero talent, and the sheboons brag to the camera about "dis here bwin' RAW TALENT, not dat ol' "trained talent" mess you see at dem other pageants." (Translation: we don't value things like dance or gymnastics lessons, so our keeds go up on stage and just "show out" for the judges. )

Its like a mini anthropology class. Great for a laugh, or to use to teach your own children about our genetic differences.

Anonymous said...

I see we're still going about Da Joos. Nice lasting contribution from that lunatic bogo

artaud said...

Something people don't tend to realize, is the etymology of the word "cracker". It was originally actually a positive term. It comes from the Irish Gaelic word "craic", or in English, "crack," which means gossip, witty banter, clever remarks, quick jokes and comebacks, what's-the-word-on-the-street-corner sort of thing. A "cracker" is someone who is a quick wit (think of the word "wise-crack" which has the same origin.) It's a compliment. Remember that.

NJ Woman said...

A bunch of jigaboos with free housing, free food, free health care, free cell phones and free education wreak negro havoc on a White veteran who probably gets free nothing (other than shoddy care at the VA, a cesspool of negro incompetence). Disgusting.

And their fascination with fire. And crude scribbling. And breaking things. SO primitive. The Tarzan movies were spot on.

Anonymous said...

Came across this story today and wanted to post it and make a prediction. 1st murder of the year in Greenwood, Indiana and I predict it is the usual suspects. This is a Whitopia suburb of Indianapolis and blacks have been moving in in droves. Just down the street is an upper scale apartment complex and I've seen junk ass negroes milling about there and walking up and down the street. I will be pleasantly surprised if it's not the work of orcs but my money is on you know who.

Anonymous said...

I have heard 'cracker'' as used by African slave descendants, came from 'whip cracker'. Still a bit of a compliment if you ask me..heh

Geoffrey Limes said...

Fire starting is a basic trait of psychopathy.

Geoffrey Limes said...

This is the first time I've ever witnessed you criticize the
((( overlords )))..
It's about time.

Proudyt said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

He earned his VA health care. And it's not as good as the insurance we whites provide for negroes!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

I saw that video. The spouting hydrant was classic.

Anonymous said...

Been gone for a bit, but I'm back. What strange things going on . . . the Cubs won the World Series, the Hildebeast was defeated, gasoline has dropped below $2 a gallon in some parts of the country and Wall Street has hit new some new all-time highs . . . not to be paranoid (although they ARE out to get me), but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We have been given a brief reprieve; let's hope BHO doesn't have a scorched earth tantrum and decide to provoke a war in the closing weeks of his term. Don't do any end-zone dances just yet- as FMG mentioned above, our work is just beginning.

And now, from the WHJC studios, it's time for an update on the Chicago Carnage Index.

Week in Progress (11/27 – 12/3)
Total Shot: 88
Shot & Wounded: 74
Shot & Killed: 14
Total Homicides: 15

December to Date
Total Shot: 29
Shot & Wounded: 25
Shot & Killed: 4
Total Homicides: 4

Year to Date
Total Shot: 4112
Shot & Wounded: 3449
Shot & Killed: 663
Total Homicides: 739

Current Shot Clock Stats:
A shooting happens every 1:57
A homicide happens every 10:58

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is Plant City?

artaud said...

"I have heard 'cracker'' as used by African slave descendants, came from 'whip cracker'."

Yeah, but that's just a common mistake, and also frequently a malicious one, because our melanin-enriched friends don't know a heckuva lot about linguistics. You ever heard the word "cracker-jack"? Does it have anything to do with a whip? You ever "cracked" a joke, or thought to yourself, 'That pompous ignorant dindu congressman really *cracks* me up?' That's all "craic". It's Irish stuff -- you know, from the people who were slaves in the New World before the dindus, who were extensively raped by the dindus, and whose native music forms the structure and tonic foundation of the blues -- another thing our dindu friends don't appreciate, musicology and music history.

This whole business about "whip-cracker" is also historically absurd. If you go back and read slave narratives, the actual slaves, in person, will tell you themselves, "This whole business of us getting whipped all the time is preposterous. We were treated as expensive property. Nobody in their right mind would go around whipping and abusing an expensive item of property." In fact the Irish indentured servants (viz., slaves with a different name) were treated far worse than the Africans, because the Irish slaves were political prisoners --and therefore, free of charge-- whereas the Africans had to be purchased; they cost money, so you treated your expensive capital better than the free stuff.

Sinn fein am'hain.

Flush the Tpp said...

It makes me sad that at the end of these articles where white people's lives were dashed to pieces like here that there is no fundraising to help them. I don't know how to set that up but it seems there's always one on a story about for example a woman who was yelled at by a white woman in Michaels there's a fundraising site with 24000 already raised! But not for this family. Can libs do this better than us?

Flush the Tpp said...

Here is the link to the fundraising for the store manager who was yelled at:

Anonymous said...

Glad to report that a gofundme page was indeed set up to help the family in this story at
And 8675 of 10000 goal had been reached so far.

Anonymous said...

There is a gofundme page for the family in this story, and good people have donated 8675 of their 10000 goal as of now.

Anonymous said...

Artaud, a word's origins and its definition are two different things. Definitions are based on usage. "Cracker," whatever its etymology, is not a compliment. Idiot.