Sunday, December 11, 2016

Courtesy of Deranged Media Reports, Nonexistent Wave of Trump-Inspired Violence Driving Blacks to Buy Guns...

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The mainstream media still continues to hype a wave of Trump-related hate crimes, though this narrative full of sound and fury crashes to the shore... signifying nothing but hoax after hoax after hoax.

Instead, it is white people who are being attack nationwide in the wake of Trump's victory, with an organization existing solely to promote intolerance towards whites deliberately engaging in mendacity to keep the shocking level of Trump-related hate crimes against whites hidden.

But now the "Whitelash" by Trump supporters against minorities has been repeated so many times by the mainstream media, it is regarded as sacrosanct. Damn the truth when we have a narrative to protect/promote and non-threatened minority lives to defend!

Which brings us to this. [Fearful of their future, minorities buy up guns, Charlotte Observer, 12-11-16]:
Post-election fears, again, are driving gun purchases – this time less by those worried about losing their gun rights than losing their lives. 
Since Donald Trump’s win last month, hate crimes nationwide have surged, and so has the number of people of color buying guns for protection. According to an NBC News report, some gun store owners have seen a four-fold increase in minorities inquiring about and purchasing firearms in recent weeks. Earl Curtis, an African-American and owner of Blue Ridge Arsenal in Virginia, told a reporter many people of color believe “ racists now feel like they can attack ... just because ‘Trump’ is doing it.” 
Here’s what’s also unfortunate: More people of color with guns will likely result in more people of color dead or in prison. Minnesota’s open carry law did not save Philando Castile. He told the officer who stopped his car he was carrying a licensed gun, but was still shot to death in front of his girlfriend and her young daughter in July. In 2014, Ohio’s open-carry law did not spare the life of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, shot dead by a cop while playing with a toy gun. This past week, officials declined to charge a police officer in the shooting death of Keith Scott who may have had a gun in his possession but was not aiming it when he was killed in Charlotte earlier this year. North Carolina is also an open-carry state.

Still, such stories aren’t proving a deterrent. People of color, having witnessed the rancor the nation’s next president has stirred to a boil, are arming themselves, afraid their government and law enforcement will do nothing to protect them. This recalls an even more virulent era, documented in Nicholas Johnson’s excellent 2014 book, “Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms,” which explores the history of African-Americans “committed to the principle of self-defense.” Unable to count on police officers to safeguard their families or property from racist gangs, some of whom had cops as members, black people were forced to fend for themselves. 
According to a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, gun ownership by blacks is less than half that of whites, 19 percent vs. 41 percent. Yet attitudes are changing: 54 percent of blacks saw gun ownership as more likely to protect people than put them at risk; two years earlier, it was just 29 percent. 
When citizens of color feel the incoming government will do nothing about the hate crimes endangering their lives, they will feel compelled to defend themselves. But in a nation with as many guns as people, we must find other ways of challenging conflict, especially because African-Americans, Latinos, and Muslims with firearms will be treated as suspects, not victims. 
Like every other citizen, they should exercise their Second Amendment rights as they see fit. Still, even in a time of threat and peril, they must also carry the sobering knowledge that constitutional guarantees tend to fall short when the hand holding a gun is black or brown.

Read more here:
Here's the insane NBC News report detailing minority gullibility in believing some monstrous wave of Trump-inspired hate is about to hit with tsunami level violence. [Trump's Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns, NBC News, 11-27-16]:
After Donald Trump's win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol. 
Scott, an African-American, is one of many minorities who have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, afraid Trump's victory will incite more hate crimes.

This type of over the top rhetoric is going to be splashed across newspapers nationwide with increasing frequency.

Statistically speaking, the only person holding a gun a black person has to fear is another black person, but then this truth won't help augment already high levels of animosity blacks have for white people.

Better to tell "the blacks" Trump is coming to get you and a Trump voter/supporter is lurking in every shadow, behind every corner, and potentially even under your bed.

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Bird of Paradise said...

More and more we see a news media that wants to have riots take place so they can film the mayhem and push their message of World Goverment all under the Useless Nations I mean they dont care if someone gets harmed as long as they have their If it bleeds it leads media philosephies

Ex-Brooklynite said...

These are presumably law-abiding blacks shopping at legal gun stores, albeit for the wrong reason. Arming law-abiding blacks is likely to lead to a few more deaths, but overall unlikely to harm me and likely to HELP me by killing off criminal blacks who are attacking law-abiding blacks.

Move along.

Anonymous said...

Buying ? Not stealing? What's this world coming to? Gee, a new day in America.

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
These media whores are the reason those who broke this commandment were executed.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked "what does a habitat for humanity house looks like after a year"? Does anyone know the answer to that question? I have seen these houses when the occupants are first moved in. Then what?

Anonymous said...

One thing I've never seen is a black shopping in a store for a gun. I also never personally knew a black person who didn't own a gun, usually in terrible condition. I thought they all got theirs on street corners from "some dude".

I wish Trump was going to be as scary as they think but I'm sure he's not. We'll get breathing room at best. And hopefully a justice department capable of colorblind justice.

Gem Junior said...

Big deal if they're buying up guns. More of them will just impulsively shoot someone else most likely another black. The vast majority of gun owners and those who know how to use and even make guns are the white people of America. We elected Trump because we're tired of getting crapped on, not because we're "raycist," but I don't really care at all if people think that, because I just don't care anymore what blacks think. I was raised by libs and I spent a lot of my former life wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn't see the racism against blacks that everyone else could see, I couldn't and didn't feel responsible or guilty and I could never talk myself out of what I saw with my own eyes: that blacks were the very worst thing to happen to themselves, their own worst enemy. So forgive me if I don't care much about the media lying about a few blacks lawfully buying guns. It's good to have one especially for law-abiding blacks who live with the rest of them. They can protect themselves. Whites are pretty tired of policing our language, behavior and everything else and just do not care anymore. The media can say what they want, the blacks, the colleges, whatever. Whites are going to do whatever they want and nobody cares anymore. We tried "black uplift" and it didn't help them, it made them worse. They will have to find their own way in their own place.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about inner-city blacks buying guns. They will inevitably end up using them on each other...

Anonymous said...

I go to local gun shows. Even as close as we are to Detroit, I very seldom see a negro in one of these shows, and they are usually packed with (White) people.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Non-American Peoples Republik of Kalexit, a new law severely restricting ammo purchases goes into effect 1/1/17. Driving on weekend mornings, I've seen people lined up outside the local gunstore before they open, presumably to stock up; and everytime there are some groids in line. I don't know or care what mindset has put them there (Talented Tenth-of-a-Percenters exercising their 2A rights; fear of Whitelash; stocking up to resell to their felon homies). All I know is, that store is arming my enemy, and they won't get a nickel of my money. (Ironically, the store is named Turner's).

Bill in St Louis said...

Statisticly speaking, the number on killer of blacks are.... blacks, right? Hell, maybe we should make a .38 free for every napa, just like the cell phones. Given their proclivities, they could solve our problem themselves.

Ambrose Kane said...

This is just more hype, drama, and overreaction on the part of Blacks to convey the notion that Whites are oppressing and enslaving them all over again since the election of Trump. White liberals and their Jewish enablers are egging it on too. We can always count on them to work against the interests of our people.

Blacks who are halfway sensible know that Whites pose no threat to them. The problem is that the greater majority of Blacks are dumber than a bag of rocks, and they are easily manipulated by their handlers. Thus, if they are told that Whites are gonna start lynching them, they're dim-witted enough to believe it!

The good news in all of this is that even if Blacks do arm up, the greater number of them are too stupid and undisciplined to be any good at it. Even Blacks will concede that their people would never win in a race war against Whites because they're too disorganized, unmotivated, and easily distracted by blunts, bling, video games, Air Jordan shoes, and malt liquor.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT: Orc teen strangles mudshark girlfriend, girls parents aren't angry at orc. Liberalism at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

"Fake News" is the new phrase of the season.

After the election it isn't hard to figure out why I see the term in comment sections all across the web. Like Former New Yorker, I head to Yahoo! news everyday because they are the only major news source that more often than not has an open comments section.

As realism started to pick up steam and P.K. was racking up more and more views the place (Yahoo) was/is OVERWHELMINGLY REALIST. I wouldn't state this if it wasn't true- I'm a regular there (reader and contributor) and people's eyes have opened- it's been snowballing ever since St. Skittles the Earl of Watermelon Juice and St. Swisher got on the map.

What I noticed was this: front and center was a story bashing Trump. Nothing new. But then I looked at the comments. Even the cucks and leftists were asking "Why are you guys so silent tonight? Usually you're all over every post spouting your racist hatred, etc."

But of course no one could post and have it be seen since unlike the other stories that had a few dozen comments, this one had 31K. I did a search and found out that they had been caught "porting in" comments in the past- this would be like P.K. taking this comment and adding it to one of his other entries. If you want to overwhelm people and not give them a shot you do underhanded sht like this.

Yes, I know. Wikileaks proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yahoo news and other outlets were firmly in the HRC/globalist/diversity/white male hating cabal. But, as I said, comments.

Most other corporate outlets have abandoned comment sections altogether (dialog and dissent) because even as rich as they are, they cannot stop the realist awakening and onslaught to the idea that "Diversity is our greatest strength". Nope, diversity is a problem to be dealt with/minimized, not something to promote as some kind of end ideal. I hope that word/theory goes next, and if current trends continue, I may have my wish.

P.K. has to do his own moderation but look how effective he is- if paid teams of pc drones can't keep up with keeping out "horrible comments" then realism must be going through the roof. Youtube comment sections will probably be next, but they remove comments at their peril. Most of why I come here nearly every day is because I want to hear everyone else's perspectives on the issues that P.K. chooses to address and sets up for discussion. A great sense of humor and professional writing skills go hand in hand for this sort of thing.

Thank you to the mainstays who regularly contribute here under a name/pseudonym- I'll just mention Pat rather than rambling down a list, you bring a ton of interesting information/perspectives and original thought to the discussion- your teaching background probably has something to do with it. The reads here have been great lately.

Reverend Bacon said...

The winds of war are indeed blowing. What this column has proven, time and again, is that guns aren't the problem, it's blacks-- especially blacks with guns-- that are the problem.

What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to see the "Hidden Figgers" movie. I saw one clip out of curiosity and it is exactly the kind of black washed/Hollywood Feminist Undecided gender positive sht you think it is.

Scene one: White scientist makes some remark about blacks serving in the military- "Black" woman (and 2 make believe others) rebut with sassy and on the chin rebuttal. (Have her writing out an equation like Will Smith trying to figure out while slamming heads together caused brain damage, optional)

Scene two: Black man is taking her home from a friendly date. He makes an offhand comment about women being weak and needing a man's guidance and/or protection and she dethrones him with a sassy and perfectly timed white feminist-approved comeback, shutting him down and putting him in his place.

It sounds really interesting and you totally have no idea how it's going to turn out and who the "good guys are". Inspiration for dipshits, I wonder if the totally coal black and Afroed Egyptians and their accomplishments for world science and mathematics are mentioned?

Thought I'd talk about it while I can because no one is actually going to watch it, other than children in school who are forced to watch it rather than doing actual math.

Hidden Figgers indeed.

Proudyt said...

I can't blame these innocent black people for wanting to protect themselves from the marauding gangs of white thugs that cruise through their neighboor hood's or walk down sidewalks peering into open garage doors just to see what they can steal. Also these guns will deter young white Scum from raping and killing their innocent young black women. Wait...what ?

Anonymous said...

So guns are bad, racist, violent, horrible, and should-be-confiscated when whites buy them but terrific when blacks by them.

Okey dokey, MSM.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news.

Our goal is a maximum increase of Negroid mayhem in and around us to usher in the inevitable Time Of Troubles.

When the chaos is at a suitable level, then the problem will require a large and serious solution...


It's what's coming. Shoot away, Negroids Of Color.

Brian in Ohio said...

Trump really has them scared, doesn't he?


Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

We had a doozey hoax in Ormond Beach just the other day. Coalburner car set on fire. She is living with mom, along with her four picaninnies. Note blamed the KKK, along with more "racially charged" words. The grandmother was on the news moaning about this happening because of the election.
Turns out it was the negro boyfriend, Vincent Palmer III. Story in the News Journal is filled with hilarious TNB. As an aside, granny had nothing to say.
Female in FL

chattanooga gal said...

actually, the gang members in the neighborhood will promptly steal those guns and shoot each other with them.

Billy Hill said...

Though it may sound good that 'law abiding blacks' are buying up guns, you have to look a bit deeper. For every 'law abiding black' there are many criminal black family members. Once they hear 'Auntie, Uncle, Grandpa, or Grandma' has a pistol they will be relieving them of their firearm quickly. Even if they are just 'borrowing' the firearm it is making it so much easier for criminal negroes to get their paws on guns.

It should be illegal for any negro to have any firearms.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me this might be the media trying a new tactic to get the frightened suburbanites behind gun control. If they can't be made to fear hubbys gun then perhaps Jerome's.

Paintjob Theory said...

And who precisely are the authors of these sky is falling stories? A creature that looks like it's ancestors still had tails in the last 1000 years and (((Ben Popken))).

Well, on the bright side a bill is in the pipeline that will ban such "fake news" and also fund a new government sponsored counter propaganda department. I'm sure our new ministry of truth would Correct The Record (TM) when the enemies of civilization try to publish such blatant rubbish.

The usual anti-white bullshit from the usual suspects. If we had an all white homeland you would not be reading any of these headlines.

Anonymous said...

There’s never going to be any type of relief from these dumb ass “people of color” in my life time. I’m going to pass consumed with a huge case of ”negro fatigue’. I’m so tired of all these backwards upside down races with their screwed up feelings and never ending drama. It makes me literally sick to my stomach.

I’m tired of their looks, their smells, hair weaves & dreadlocks, attitude, speech, arrogant ways, their bull crap honor, their sleazy two faced manners and backstabbing behavior. I’m sick of their very existence.

My existence is offensive to them? They feel threatened and scared? Good!, now they know exactly how I feel. They are disgusting examples of filth plaguing the same air space as me and mine. I’m fed up with them, period!

Anonymous said...

Off topic...But can't wait to hear your views on The Hidden Figures thing. It's impossible to ignore that the so-called NASA maths genius sows are all light, bright and damn near white. Where are the Oprah Winfrey looking sheboons? Unfortunately racial mixing brings a physical and mental improvement on blacks but brings degeneration and decline for whites.

ejit said...

gun ownership by blacks is less than half that of whites

almost entirely due to their violent felony convictions, which make it illegal for them to purchase or own any firearm by both Federal and state law.

How about a NEW pistol law?
Any non-criminal can purchase and carry a pistol.
Use it to defend yourself against a criminal: get $10,000 from your local police budget (still save $100,000 per incident).
Use it to commit a crime: mandatory death penalty.

Black population shrinks by 1,000 per day.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:


"Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol.
Scott, an African-American, "

Gee, thanks for telling me that "Yolanda" who keeps a CROWBAR in her purse is black.

ejit said...

Public notice:
I'm white, elderly, weak, slight of stature and very much afraid of all black people. They tell me they're dangerous and violent criminals, and I believe them.
They tell me that killing white people is justified because of racism, and I believe them.
They tell me that my property should be theirs, and I believe them.

Unfortunately, I have a CCW permit, and will be forced to shoot any black person who approaches me and makes a remark like "white m*therf*cker", or "I'll f*ck you up", "gimme yo' money", and many other popular rap lyrics.
Since I'm not a doctor, the only way I can be sure that the threat has been neutralized is to continue to shoot the offender in the face until:
1. I run out of bullets, or
2. his head comes apart

Paintjob Theory said...

"The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic?”

“It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” (in regards to 9/11 'attacks')

---Keith Ellison

So he is not only savvy on the JQ but wants a black ethno-state and a return to freedom of association. So what if we have to pay every nog alive a million dollars? Print it out of nothing, borrow it against future inflation. On a 10 year timeline that's a small price to pay compared to the cost of their continued presence.

Seems like he's our guy. Don't let the whole "muslim" thing worry you. That's just something negroes do to piss of YT. There isn't a one of them that'll turn down a pork chop or a plate of skrimps.

Good podcast by the way.

Oil 'n Water said...

Let's see, blacks are afraid of white aggression, so they are arming themselves to combat the menace.
As I've said before, negroes are so easily led to believe the antithesis of the truth, that this is one prime example to illustrate such.
This hysteria extends to even the so-called higher learning centers, even though most such incidents reported turn out to be faked.
Any blacks reading this, please tell me the last time you were threatened with a gun held by a white person? How often have you been threatened by a white person, period? The proviso of the above is that you did not initiate the confrontation.
No, it's much easier to come up with idiotic accusations, than to be confronted with facts, such as exist in DOJ crime statistics, as one example
It is simply the latest flavor of the day to keep alive the "reality" of white oppression.
I guess it's easier to chase racial specters than to relinquish the, "You don't know what it's like to be black," mantra we have heard for decades.
Obey laws, be responsible and self-reliant and stop finding ways to blame whites for your genetic deficiencies. You are what you are, and projecting the blame of your failures onto whites does no one any good. An easy formula to follow, but undoubtedly asking too much…

Anonymous said...

Another drug with differing results based on race:

Why are liberals not protesting these ignorant researchers? Don't they know that race is only superficial?

Mr. Rational said...

Just for giggles I give you the "Ifififif" remix:

Mr. Rational said...

When the chaos is at a suitable level, then the problem will require a large and serious solution...


When the chaos is at that level, there will be neither the organization nor funding for anything as delicate as repatriation.

It'll be Rwanda times 50, with White efficiency and Awakened Saxon ruthlessness.  Ugly, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 9:22PM and the Anonymous at 10:32PM have alerted us to Fake News and a Fake Movie.

The press has been writing about the increase in white gun ownership for several years - at least since the beginning of the Obama administration. Now someone has decided to flip that story around to make it blacks who are buying the guns. I suppose this is to warn racist whites that that the righteous wrath of the negroes is reacting to Trump's election. But there is almost no evidence presented in this news story. The Pew Research reference does not say what the news story claims.

As others have written, whites buy guns for different reasons than blacks and they tend to buy different kind of guns. I sometimes spend a whole Sunday watching YouTube gun videos. Many of these are poorly produced videos but if you can't bear to watch some boob who drones on and on about for example an S&W semiautomatic pistol, just watch another one - there are dozens on any conceivable gun.

What does this mean? First of all there are no blacks making gun videos.

I have been trying to get my buddy Sam to help me make a video comparing the his new Sig Sauer against his Glock. Of course there are already dozens of such comparison videos. White men seem to be attracted to the machinery itself. Many YouTube gun videos are a little technical. Try "Forgotten Weapons".

I hardly need to say - there are no gun videos by blacks. Whites like guns whereas apparently blacks only like to shoot each other.

Then there is this new movie about how NASA only got us to the moon because of black women. Does anyone actually believe this Fake narrative?

The appeal of this move seems to be its utter improbability. I'm not really much of a mathematician. NASA has never recruited me. But I did teach calculus and statistics for five years and did some math modeling on a Mellon Fellowship in graduate school. I almost never had a female student and never a black one. There were blacks in the colleges where I taught but not in my classes.

A black female mathematician is a Black Swan.


Sick n' Tired said...

I go to the gun shows in S. Florida and it's pretty much the same. There are still some there, but they are usually older, wearing hats from one of the military branches. The $12 fee might be a deterrent, and there's always cops out front, plus all the guns are looped together on those alarm wires, so you can't grab and dash.
There's occasionally groups of thuggish looking ones that show up, but they always end up looking at the most impractical guns, gold plated .50 cal Desert Eagles, cheap ARs with cheap sights, and guns that look more intimidating then practical.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked "what does a habitat for humanity house looks like after a year"? Does anyone know the answer to that question? I have seen these houses when the occupants are first moved in. Then what?

That's a good question. I do know that I haven't heard of a habitat neighborhood opening in a long time. They are probably following Section 8 and trying the civilization dust approach where they just sprinkle blacks around nice areas.

But overall Habitat is a good non-profit. They re-use a lot of excess construction supply and provide practical job training for a lot of rural Whites.

Non-profits at least have a budget to maintain and cannot be fully disconnected from reality. They have donors that want to see progress and there is basically an unspoken and ongoing competition for donations from White gentry. The only exceptions are non-profits that rely on government grants or use PC to extract corporate dollars (see United Way).

The real problem is that the our governments basically have a mandate to go against nature and reality and we can't choose to not support them. It doesn't matter if their plans fail. They will get another year of YT dollars to spend. With a non-profit at least I can choose to not support them. United Way is pretty much a left-wing organization and they don't get a penny from me. If only we could do the same with HUD.

I have no problem with egalitarians using non-profits for their social experiments and campaigns against reality. If there is zero government funding then I say good luck to them. Turn Haiti into France and show us that race doesn't exist. Spend your own money and make your own bets against reality. Show us "ignorant" folk how their environment just needs to be tweaked even though the data has been showing for over 100 years that evolutionary differences exist that go beyond fuzzy hair and skin tone.

Sick n' Tired said...

I've been following yahoo news for probably 10+ years since I've had an email account with them and now only go there to read the comments on their stories. I really noticed a shift in the comments around the time of Michael Brown/Ferguson & Freddy Grey, from liberal excuses to more and more realists. It has only grown more since then, especially once Trump entered the presidential race.
As you stated most news sites don't have comment sections any more, and Yahoo did away with the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down comment rating system. I see people calling them out for that, for being politically biased, and their bleeding heart puff pieces on poor illegals/refugees/blacks. People have woken up to their bullshit. I'm surprised they do still allow comments, and I know they remove or edit some, but I doubt they will ever remove the comment section all together, because that is what brings traffic to their site, from both sides, especially since so many other sites no longer allow comments.
On a side note I always laugh when I am reading thru the comments and see terms like "he dindu nuffin" "turnin' his life around" etc, because they are now part of our American vernacular.

Anonymous said...

After the election it isn't hard to figure out why I see the term in comment sections all across the web. Like Former New Yorker, I head to Yahoo! news everyday because they are the only major news source that more often than not has an open comments section.

That's only because Yahoo is desperate to show they are not bleeding traffic.

WaPo for a while was the place for comments but they have turned them off for stories on race and they won't allow any uncomfortable facts to be mentioned, no matter how well sourced they are.

NYTimes allows comments but they are heavily censored. Same for a lot of the West Coast media.

Eventually only the small websites will allow open comments. But part of the problem I see is that most Whites just go to Facebook or Twitter to read about how their Uncle went camping or what some celebrity did. There isn't a challenge to the system or their thinking.

Twitter just seems to make people stupid. The comments of course lack depth and depth is required to understand egalitarian propaganda. You can't just de-indoctrinate someone with a few snarky comments. Whites have to spend some time sifting through counter-information to understand how deep the Great Lie is and why liberalism will never work as planned. It's very hard for them to face the fact that much of school is about indoctrination and not education. I had a very hard time with this. I suspected that the truth was complicated and not always liberal but to learn that brain differences had already been discovered decades ago was nothing less than shocking. It made me sick to think about how my professors spent so much of my time telling lies about how Whites are to blame for everything.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these blacks worried about the violent guns shooting them!?

Anonymous said...

If this were about foxes and hen houses, the foxes would have you to believe they needed a gun to control violence from the hens. The hens flapping their wings around could cause a bit of dust that could get in the fox's eyes.

Anybody who buys that white people are attacking Negroes need to read more, and maybe turn off CNN. Negroes are shot because they are bad.

I haven't heard the podcast yet, but I think I read you and JT were for Ellison for the DNC...HA HA! Now that is FUNNY! Yep...he would be perfect to stick it to the white democrats who are left.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Probably the most amazing thing about this election has been the total exposure of the MSM lies and deception. The gloves are off, the masks are as well. The in-your-face, "White people must die" meme has only gotten louder since The Donald was elected. In many ways, I am happy that this explosion is going on right now.

The nonsense about Russia being behind the Wikileaks is very telling. Notice that the Democrats are not denying their thieving, lying, crooked, sick and perverted ways. No, they are only angry because "Russia" leaked it. Yeah, um, okay.....let's pretend for a moment that Putin is behind it all. That does not change the truth and the exposed deception. I must confess, I am having a marvelous time watching them hang themselves.

I was speaking with a client the other day on the phone and she lamented that after she and her husband took a cross country trip across the United States, they were struck by the number of shuttered factories and desolate downtowns in this country. Trying to be optimistic, I said something like, "Well, maybe with a new administration we will see some of those closed factories come back to life."

She hesitated and said, almost apologetically, "It sounds like you and I voted for the same guy." I said, "Yes, it does sound like we voted for the same guy."

That was pretty rare for me, because I make a habit of not talking politics to my clients at work, for obvious reasons. The good news is that there is a very large swath of whites who are increasingly unafraid of voicing their opinion. We have been called "racist", "backward", "irredeemable", and the like, and it somehow does not matter anymore. Many of us have spent the equivalent of five plus decades trying to tow the "everybody's the same" line and we became dispirited and broken. Now we have cause for hope, and we'll be damned if we're going to allow anyone to piss on our parade.

I am not in love with Trump. I knew him back in the '80s during the casino era when people gloated over the fact that Merv Griffin outbid Trump in the purchase of the Resorts casino. Trump ended up winning because he built his tacky Taj Mahal right next door to Resorts which made the older casino look rather dank in comparison. Resorts filed for bankruptcy soon thereafter, with Merv holding the proverbial bag.

Trump is a smart man - a business man who knows how to turn a profit. I am elated he is our next president, if for no other reason that he is making the "establishment" crap their pants. It should be interesting to see if he can actually drain the cesspool that is Washington, DC. Like Pat, I was born there and grew up there. It has always been riddled with corruption, but nothing as obscene and in-your-face as it is now. I have not lived there in almost forty years.

Back to Paul's article - Go ahead and spew more nonsense, MSM. Whites on the rampage, hunting down negroes....yeah, okay...makes sense.....

That c*nt Dianne Rehms from NPR was spewing the "Russia is behind the leaks" crap today. She and my mother were in the same homeroom together at Roosevelt High (aka Jewsavelt in the '50s) in D.C. Cannot believe the old bitch is still alive after 80 plus years. If they really are serious about starting a civil war in this country, nullifying this past election would be a most excellent start. Who knows? It might be the only solution to this horrifying, fifty plus year mess we have in this country. I sense some serious sh*t is about to enter the fan. Stay tuned, friends!

Ammo is a most excellent stocking stuffer! Buy much and often!

Gubbler Chechenova said...

Rich folks can afford to segregate from dangerous blacks.

Poor whites can't and they get robbed, raped, and killed by stronger blacks. But most painful for white men is that they lose their white male pride when blacks whup their ass. Worse, white girls lose respect for white cucks and go with Negroes and use their white wombs to hatch Negro babies. .


Why should only rich whites afford Segregation and Safe Spaces for their kids?

Racial Security should be a universal right for whites. As blacks are stronger and more aggressive, all whites deserve the Right of Segregation and Safe Space.

Racial Security is the Best Healthcare and Mental-care for whites.

It shouldn't be decided by money. That way, ONLY RICH WHITES can afford Segregation and Safe Space from black thuggery.

Racial Security must be guaranteed to ALL whites regardless of income.

Single Security System for all whites.

Some say healthcare should be Single Payer.

But more important is that Racial-Care should be Single Security.

All whites, even the poorest, deserves the basic right to live securely away from Black Thuggery, the biggest threat to Civilization. Just look at Detroit, Liberia, Nigeria, Haiti, and etc for proof.

During WWII, the US made the world safe from Aryan Supremacism and Yellow Peril.
So, why shouldn't the world be made safe from the Black Horror? Black Horrorism is worse than Muslim terrorism.

After all, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was nothing compared to all the cities and communities destroyed by blacks. Also, black conquest of white wombs is the greatest horror facing the white race. White wombs are rejecting white seeds and taking black seeds to create black babies who will grow up to attack the white race and destroy civilization.

White wombs are becoming the hatching grounds for the #1 enemies of the white race.

Look at Colin Kaepernick.

Anonymous said...

Since Blacks overwhelmingly murder Blacks in America and elsewhere, let them arm up; they'll only be killing themselves more often. According to the SJW minions, what AAs do to other AAs is not our concern as non-poc.

Anonymous said...

Nogs are afraid of Trump? Ha Ha Ha. It's really the Hispanics who are afraid Tump will send their illegal asses back south across the Rio Grande back where they belong. Let's hope he does that too and maybe the Asians can GTFO while he's MAGA.

Trump's slogan should have been Make America White Again.

Anonymous said...

Trump really has them scared, doesn't he?

I think it was the size of Trumps crowds and his ability to rally non Blacks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blacks get paid on da thud ub da mumf....they are broke on the fourth. Look for most of these to end up at the pawn shops.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

What black folks are really afraid of, is that with Trump in the White House. whites will start doing the same things to blacks that blacks have been doing to whites for decades. They needn't worry. Whites don't need to retaliate. They've just elected a president who will shape the Supreme court for the next twenty years. Goodbye disparate impact. Goodbye immunity for hate crime prosecutions when the violence is blacks against whites. Goodbye race based admissions to public universities and racial preferences in employment. When whites pay back, they use their brains.

Anonymous said...

The MSM "creates" problems then reports on them. With their slant on it of course. And then they wonder why does no one believe them anymore?
But MSM still has it's mindless, trigger happy diversity.


Anonymous said...

Another observation on negroes at gun shows: Some negro thug and his female will be eyeing some handgun, and making it very obvious that the gun is for him. Then, the female is the one trying to buy it (because he has felony convictions). The seller rightly recognizes it as an illegal "straw" purchase and refuses the sale.

Anonymous said...

"I go to local gun shows. Even as close as we are to Detroit, I very seldom see a negro in one of these shows, and they are usually packed with (White) people."

That's because white people collect guns, but don't use them. Negroes use them, but don't collect them.

Anonymous said...

"Show us "ignorant" folk how their environment just needs to be tweaked even though the data has been showing for over 100 years that evolutionary differences exist that go beyond fuzzy hair and skin tone."

Data never shows or proves anything beyond itself, and actually doesn't even exist as data without a supporting theory behind it. In that way, it would be fair to say that the theory makes the data or evidence what it is, not the other way around. Facts are inert, and meaningless without theory behind them. Press a fact hard enough, and you always encounter theory. Think of facts as if they were pieces of mosaic tile, and theory as potential mosaic pictures. Outside of actually being a part of a mosaic, the tile has only potential significance. It's actual significance is nil. If we have a number of tiles we can combine them to produce any number of pictures. It's really up to the artist; our own individual consciousness. Everything is interpretation. Our understanding of reality is constructed, and always under a process of renovation.

Take, for example, the fact of the planets moving in the night sky. The mere fact of these motions is compatible with both heliocentric and geocentric interpretations. Adding in myths and folklore, it's really compatible with an infinite number of explanations. So the facts of planetary motions in themselves explain nothing. Likewise, the data on racial differences are compatible with both environmental and genetic explanations. In both cases, it's just a matter of how tenaciously you want to cling to your pet theory in order to fit the facts to it.

This is why worldview is so important. If you already have established as one of your deepest core beliefs a belief in a just God and universal brotherhood, if that is your worldview, then it stands to reason that such a God must create everyone with equal potential. You will then interpret all data to conform to this view. Acquiring this belief or worldview isn't a scientific process, nor is discarding it. What this means is nothing less than that science itself isn't scientific! Thomas Kuhn, in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, documents many such instances in the history of science. Pessimistically for our purposes, he concludes that scientific revolutions are only complete when proponents of the older view die off. If that's true, then we will probably have a long wait for Christianity's offspring liberalism to die off, as it is so deeply embedded in the culture and its adherents are so numerous.

PB said...

"Probably the most amazing thing about this election has been the total exposure of the MSM lies and deception."

Not just the US. Its clear everywhere now what this thing called the "media" is not what it has always pretended to be, hence the "fake news" anxiety now erupting, also not just the US.

Anonymous said...

Avoid encounters especially large groups, don't let yourself be surrounded. Be alert. Have your means of protection close at hand.

Paintjob Theory said...

"During WWII, the US made the world safe from Aryan Supremacism"

How's that working out in Europe these days? Not safe from but safe FOR. Safe FOR Bolshevik communism, safe FOR an old testament theme park in the middle east for our "greatest allies", safe for third world hoards to invade and conquer Europe unopposed.... Next time, German brothers, we fight not against each other but side by side with each other.

Anonymous said...

Another observation on negroes at gun shows: Some negro thug and his female will be eyeing some handgun, and making it very obvious that the gun is for him. Then, the female is the one trying to buy it (because he has felony convictions). The seller rightly recognizes it as an illegal "straw" purchase and refuses the sale.

A simple to solution to keep guns off the streets (a euphemism for non-White areas) would be to put strict limits on what Black females can purchase. If they want to purchase a .45 then let's see them show proficiency. Also have them pass a lie detector test, which of course doesn't have to be real.

But of course these simple solutions will never be allowed by the establishment. Liberals have to pretend that all gun sales are the problem while conservatives delude themselves into believing the founding fathers didn't want gun restrictions for Blacks even though they were clear in not wanting Africans to be citizens. Delusion all around unfortunately which prevents rational and effective solutions.

Anonymous said...

And when the police and/court asks why you fired so many times, "it kept coming towards me. It must've been high on some illicit drug".

Race said...

If you ever watch Mark Dice videos, you'll lose hope for our people too. Too many Ares just so stupid. Seriously, we need eugenics again.

Mr. Rational said...

Some negro thug and his female will be eyeing some handgun, and making it very obvious that the gun is for him. Then, the female is the one trying to buy it (because he has felony convictions).

Felons whose rights have not been restored are not allowed to touch firearms, no?  Get them on camera doing this, get the straw buyer's info and then turn it all over to the feds.  Revoking parole for the felon and sending the straw buyer to jail too will put an end to that crap pronto.