Monday, December 26, 2016

Further Proof Hatred of White People is the Key to Success in Modern Academia...

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True story: while my grandfather was dying after suffering for more than 15 years from the most horrible degenerative disease imaginable, I found myself reading Lothrop Stoddard's The French Revolution in San Domingo

It was a horrifying (terrifying, really) juxtaposition: a disease destroyed the brilliant mind of my grandfather, while the truth of the black genocide of whites in San Domingo (now Haiti) had seemingly faded from the collective mind of contemporary whites.
An opinion protected in the halls of 2016 academia...

Which brings us here. [Drexel University Professor’s Christmas Wish: ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide’, Breitbart, 12-25-16]:
A professor at Philadelphia’s Drexel University has a heartwarming Christmas message: Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies George Ciccariello-Maher is wishing for a “white genocide.” 
Taking to his Twitter account on Christmas eve, Ciccariello-Maher, himself a white man, tweeted, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He later deleted the tweet.  
The professor who describes himself as a “visiting researcher” at El Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales in Mexico also had praise for the “massacre of whites.”
To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian Revolution, that was a good thing indeed. — George Ciccariello (@ciccmaher) December 25, 2016 
In another tweet, Ciccariello-Maher, an Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies at Drexel, denies being “alt-left” and says he is, instead, an outright communist. 
Sorry, I'm not "alt-left," just an actual communist. — George Ciccariello (@ciccmaher) December 11, 2016 
Later he “jokingly” claimed his account was hacked.@RellieRelz LOL I was hacked I swear — George Ciccariello (@ciccmaher) December 25, 2016
The professor’s Twitter feed is filled with hateful, obnoxious messages, anti-Americanism, slams of President Donald Trump, attacks on Jews, as well as pro-Black Lives Matter and pro-communist sloganeering.
What is wrong with white people? Once, history was the guide to shaping our future; now, our past is nothing more than a collection of events white people must be eternally apologetic over.


Proudyt said...

I work with a couple of these far left assholes. One of them actually said to me he wouldn't blame blacks if they just started walking up to white people and punch them in the face. I reminded him they already do,the media calls it 'the knockout game'. White liberals will be the end of us.

Anonymous said...

Show you truly believe that to be the best course of action.
Start with yourself!

Anonymous said...

The good associate professor simply needs to step outside the Drexel enclave, take a deep breath and start walking around the hood. Enjoy nature and see if he can make it back alive.
Female in FL

Eddie in St. Louis said...

George Ciccariello-Maher kill yourself now. Be the first to step up to the plate! Nomesayin?

George Armstrong said...

I say,let the "genocide" come. Between the bikers, rednecks, hillbillies, hunters, etc. the only "genocide" I see happening is to themselves

Brian in Ohio said...

Isn`t Twitter great? Give the left a voice and they will use it to show everyone how stupid they are. Never fails.

Deport that clown to Haiti and revoke his passport. We`ll see what you ask for next Christmas... if your still alive.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there is an article such as this one, where I literally have to make a concerted effort to breathe. People such as this professor need to be put out of their misery. That way, we will be put out of ours. Is there a psychiatrist out there? If so, please explain what people, such as the professor, suffer from. Then explain why my head is ready to explode.

Anonymous said...

There can be no peace

Californian said...

OK, this guy is anti-White, anti-American, etc. But how is he any different from any other representative or institution of BRA? At least he is being honest about it, he doesn't hide behind grandiose proclamations about "diversity" and "tolerance."

Still, someone ought to be creating a website in which statements like this are recorded. It would be quite educational for the "normies" out there. Assuming they could spare ten minutes from their 500 channels of telescreen.

Speaking of which, one wonders what the reaction of DWLs is to this sort of thing? Will they condemn him for hatespeech? Or will they grovel all the more, then turn over their children to be slaughtered, ala Amy Biehl?

Stay armed
Stay alert

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

A professor,huh? He doesn't sound too bright. Sounds like a pillow biter who is trying his best to ingratiate himself with the bucks.

Anonymous said...

In his ivory tower, safe and miles away from Mel Gibson's proverbial "pack of niggers" he can afford to make light of "white genocide" When civilization falls and the Africans are off the leash to attack the likes of Mr. Maher and commit "Knoxville Horror" type atrocities, we'll see how much humor there is to be found in his bloated carcass. Asshole. Alex from N. England.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another anti-white extremists that they welcome with open arms to all these leftists run universities another hitler type of racsist extremists who need to be banished from america along with the NBPP and Nation of Islam and defund any university or collage that allows him to enter

Pat Boyle said...

We the commentariat of this blog must recommit ourselves to fighting against this sort of anti-white/pro-black weltanschauung. May I suggest that if you want to make any sort of impact you will probably need to write remarks in other venues. Read this blog everyday and send Paul some money, but don't restrict your Internet presence to only here.

For example I'm preparing a long scholarly(?)review of a book I bought on Amazon - nominally about the Americas before Columbus but actually its a case for 'white guilt'. It's true that when our ancestors introduced Old World diseases to the New World there was a big die-off of the native peoples. Some liberals want to use this fact as another reason for Americans to feel guilty.

I will compose a long book review for Amazon (the book is '1491'). I hope to get it out later this week (I don't write as quickly as Paul). Several posters here writen excellent short essays for years - and for that I'm glad, but they should also post on other sites. This blog is a good home base but the Web is huge. There are other places that racial-realists should occasionally visit.

I will try to post a list of sites where we should comment.

BTW I have some New Years resolutions. First: I should get to the pistol range more often. (other resolutions as I think of them).


Anonymous said...

Our fault. We were successfully infiltrated by (((people))) who do not share our history, and want us on the defensive and in disarray. They have high IQs and figured out how to trick us. We fell for it and now work and pay to protect them and their own (((country))). They use the negroid hordes to keep us at war in our own land while they plot...

Anonymous said...

That filth needs to lose his job.

ot: very good impression of an American orc here. Gets all the details right like the walk and the lip sucking. Reminds me of the couple from the horrible State Fram ad!

Anonymous said...

Well, if this moron is a communist, he should realize that as soon as the goals of " the revolution " have been secured, he can take solace in the fact that he will reside in a mass grave with all the other deplorables and " useful idiots" , of which he is one. Didn't any of these morons ever look into how Pol-pot operated? BTW, if you're wanting to cheer on white genocide for your mud brothers, feel free to self delete you stupid asshole. I promise no one will miss you. Fuckhead.
Mr Turner

Brian in Ohio said...

George Armstrong said...
I say,let the "genocide" come. Between the bikers, rednecks, hillbillies, hunters, etc. the only "genocide" I see happening is to themselves
December 26, 2016 at 1:39 PM

Indeed. I`ve always found it odd that the people who seem to be wishing for a societal breakdown are the same ones who are anti gun and packed into cities with blacks.

Well, as they say, never stop your enemy from doing something stupid.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but Baltimore is up to 316 murders for the year (344 last year!) while Chicago had over 40 shot over the Christmas weekend with 11 killed.

Proudyt said...

It must be a hell of a thing to look in the mirror and literally hate your own skin.

Paintjob Theory said...

white genocide
"What is wrong with (((white people)))?" *Emphasis added*

Who nose? I was thinking that there might be some sort of pattern here but it's probably just pure Cohencidence.

In all seriousness, if we cannot purge these "white when convenient" communist traitors from our lands, we must at least bar them from participating in civil service positions, academia, press, finance, and law.

Tremendous podcast this week by the way. While Amren banned me for mentioning the "liberty, fraternity, equality" club, and I know you need to pussyfoot around the JQ there, I'll give credit where it is due Jarad Taylor is a very elegant speaker. For that matter PK is really coming into his own.

In the past we've had a few trolls mad that PK makes a few bucks for his time selling books and soliciting contributions from his readers. I say good for him. I'd like to see him earn a couple hundred thousand a year for doing so. We need more white leaders, we need eloquent men who understand the current crisis shouting this from the rooftops. If doing so payed well we could have thousands of Paul Kerseys.. and we need them. Our enemies funnel billions into the "get whitey" industry and I'd suggest that many of their soldiers and propagandists are just opportunists and would trumpet whatever tune you payed them to play.

Anonymous said...

To Professor Ciccariello-Maher I say - OK, here's a (insert weapon here), you go first. The whole irony in this is his Italian / Irish heritage. Last time I checked both were groups of immigrants that faced discrimination yet rose above, assimilated and became Americans! Hmmmm....come to think of it there's really only one group that just can't or won't come and join the party!


herfsi said...

tho obama said "you didn't build that!" - we DID build that! we built civilization. we invented & created technology - whites have always been the driving force behind civilization!

neutered leftlibs think being civilized means apologizing for past behavior - that's not being civilized, that's being a submissive whipped puppy.

our past behavior should be revered - without it, NOBODY would have civilization!

Californian said...

One of them actually said to me he wouldn't blame blacks if they just started walking up to white people and punch them in the face.

This is very typical for DWLs. They want Africans-in-America to do their dirty work for them. DWLs lack very much in the way of combat skills, and if you look at the "professor" here one doubts if he could last five minutes in any kind of martial arts contest.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he can volunteer to be number one?
I'm sure the blacks would then hold this "cracker" up as their new king! LIBS/IDIOTS ONLY!

Mr. Rational said...

Such autogenocidal moonbattery is strange to find in someone of mixed Italian and Irish surnames (I was surprised to find that Maher isn't Jewish), but what is most interesting to me is that this is apparently acceptable to the entire department of his university.  This means, even if they don't all need to go, none would be missed.

How would you go about cleaning out such a nest of vermin?  There have got to be all kinds of ways.  It seems unlikely that the university would simply close the department and get rid of all the staff, but if some Islamic terrorists made a wrong turn and went into their big staff meeting the results could be salutary.  The only problem with Bataclan was a bad choice of target.

Could some clever Alt-Right foks play a game of "let's you and him fight" between the Marxists and Islamists?  I'd buy a web sub.

Gem Junior said...

Proudyt: I agree, I can't imagine how that must be to hate your skin. I love being white and am very proud of my people's accomplishments. I will always fight anyone who denigrates my genetic kin by claiming they should be killed or lying about history to suit their stupid agendas. It's nothing but envy anyway. Everyone wants to be us, and they can't so they think they can take us down by lying about all these so-called "evil" deeds that all of mankind did on their journey toward higher civilization. Ironically we are the ones who've made that a reality. Now everyone on earth wants to come to our homelands on their big flat feet and sit around like they own it, which takes a major set of balls and we know who taught them that. but soon they will be either leaving or removed by force. The experiment of sharing our accomplishments with them didn't work so it's over. They were too disgustingly ignorant to understand kindness is NOT weakness, which will soon be proven. They don't deserve the privilege of being in our countries and they must not have it.

Anonymous said...

Here's this asshole's work email if anyone is interested:

Anonymous said...

It's us against the worId, it wouldn't be fair any other way.

Proudyt said...

I am of Italian descent,my grandfather was spat upon in the 1930's because of his heritage. He learned to speak English and loved America. He worked his ass off and had 2 sons fight in WW2 and 2 more in Korea. He would be ashamed of this little Turd.

Bird of Paradise said...

I would like to see these universitie professors have to face the music and pay the piper when he comes for their little snowflakes to take them all away from their venomous grips

Truth Corps said...

The great thing about Social Media in the hands of someone gathering intel is the sheer amount of information one can learn about these Social Justice Warriors. I created a "fake" profile a few years ago and slowly joined all the leftist, anti-white groups in my area. After joining, I could see who is in these groups and where they live. Amazing what one can learn with just a little effort. I now know where the top 10 anti-white, Communist agitators are in my area at any given minute. I know what model/color car they drive, I know where they like to buy their coffee, and what clubs they go to at night. I could draw a road map to their doors. How? They're all my "friends" now and don't even know who I am.

Will information like this be useful in the future? Decide for yourself, but I'm making detailed notes.

Anonymous said...

Typical cuckface. Looks like John Ritter's gay character in Sling Blade, LOL.

NC Realist said...

Must have had a jock strap tied around his face in junior high. And he's STILL a pathetic POS.

Anonymous said...

Yet oddly these guys can never show the commitment to their cause enough to kill themselves.

I mean that would be my first response, if you truly believe in that why not get a start on it and jump off a cliff? Somebody has to be the first lemming.

Anonymous said...

You don't advance at Drex unless you hate white people.

This bearded walking chancre sore is the new brand of academic careerist.

Reply to previous comment with his work e-mail:

Home address is 318 N 41st St Philadelphia PA 19104-2234

Mr. Kersey, if that is too doxy, omit that line...but I don't see how someone publicly calling for my death can claim that my knowing where he lives is a big problem. I mean after all he is white, right? What could happen to him that wouldn't be included in the Venn circle of "white genocide"?

I also wanted to note that that is the Powelton Village section of Philly where the most radical Temple, Drexel, and Penn profs (and grad students) live to prove to themselves and others how GD pro black and non racist they are.

Here's the pod to which he belongs:

"Academia is a job":

Can you imagine this noodle-armed nitwit doing anything of any value anywhere?

See, here's the problem. Academe is so closed, so hermetically sealed, so tightly nailed to its stratospheric perch of privilege, that its hothouse flower denizens seek nothing but to impress one another with excess. He has gone from one hothouse to the next, being stroked and licked and wanked by people of similar ilk. They know something has changed/is changing, and it doesn't include them. All they can hope for is to be more and more outrageous.

We need to follow George's communist hero Mao's example and empty all these professors into the rice fields.

Anonymous said...

Sixty six million!?

Can your mind grasp this number (some say over 100 million)?

The number of mostly White people MASS MURDERED in the former leftist-communist marxist "paradise" called the Soviet Union.

Why do so few people know about this? Why do US media, entertainment, academia, Govt, refuse to discuss this?

Do any, but very few, know who is responsible for this number of people being systematically-murdered by any and all forms of violence, the worst imaginable tortures of men, women, children, elderly, disabled, mass-starvation, rapes, on-the-spot execution, frozen to death (by taking away clothing, shoved into standing-room only cattle train cars, then shipped into winter-time Siberia); placed on barges and old ships, by the tens of thousands, to be drowned in the Baltic Ocean/White Sea; worked, literally to death on the job, by building projects, using only human bodies as tools...(see Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 3000 page 'Gulag Archipelago' for the few details allowed out of "communist utopia" (Awarded the Nobel Prize for literature; Solzhenitsyn confirmed that the leadership of communism were predominantly NOT ETHNIC WHITE EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS)).

It was the communists - the likes of which, this vile, POS, cultural marxist "professor" swears his allegiance to, who were responsible.

What crimes were these 66 million guilty of?
Enslaving Africans?
"Taking away lands" and "genociding" indigenous peoples in the lands where they lived?
Refusal to accept communist "cultural and racial diversity"?
and on and on, pick any supposed "crimes" Western, Ethnic European Whites are always these days accused of - around the world, and none of these "crimes" were committed by any of the 66 million.

Their "crime" - they were Ethnic White mostly European predominantly Christian !
That was their crime.

See any pattern here yet?

The planned, deliberate genocide of Ethnic White Europeans has been in fast-pace progress for the past 100 years, perhaps longer.

And what were two world wars about? Think about mass, irrational hysteria and hatred generated by an extremely powerful media - that answered, like today, to no one!
To this day, few can explain exactly why Ethnic White Europeans of Europe, North America, went to war against each other in WWI. World War II causes were created after the fact. But these wars got a lot of Ethnic White Europeans mass-murdered (at least 150 million)!

Look at the USA "mainstream media", daily, pumping out anti-Russian, (Ethnic White Europeans) pure b.s. with the goal of getting World War III started - i.e. another phase of genocide of the Ethnic White European peoples.

The genocide goals in North America are spearheaded by the cultural/economic marxists like the POS "professor". He just told the world so (does gun control now mean something other than "safety and security" for citizens?). And, among other tactics, these cultural/economic marxists (communists) use the Africans ("Black Lives Matter", etc., agitated by pop "culture") in the USA to do their dirty work).
Just as the communist filth ruling the EU is doing to all of White Europe! Make no mistake, the EU is now Soviet Union 2.0 - with the exact same goals and plans as those of Soviet Union 1.0, and that is the Extermination of White Europeans. Look at what is being done to Europe - daily - since 2015, and accelerating at this time -filling Europe with third world "people of color", i.e. human violent lawless trash.

In short, when a communist says he wishes for the genocide of White people, believe it, as it/he/she/she-he/they mean it!

Surrendering your weapons/guns is the signal for the "professor" communist and millions of like minded, to proceed full-speed with White genocide! Count on it

Anonymous said...

hopefully, this idiot will become a victim of what he wants in a most brutal way

Anonymous said...

maybe everyone on this site should contact where he works and demand his sacking due to his grossly offensive tweets, just like the commie bastards do to us when we've posted something they dont like

Mr. Anon said...

This guy, George Ciccariello-Maher, took his wife's name. What a faggot. I don't know if his wife is a woman or a man.

Anonymous said...

He looks White to me, is he? if yes maybe he could start by killing himself which would be LEADING BY EXAMPLE

Jim Christian said...

This guy doesn't hate his own skin and if it was announced he's first to be exterminated, he'd shriek, "I didn't mean me!". This guy derives privilege in Academia for this stuff, they all do. The perverts, the White-race haters, all of them. They wouldn't have jobs if not for universities. Besides, these types never mean themselves, these things are always for other people. Same with the ecology, THEY are too important, they mean that OTHER people are too much a load on the earth. They mean OTHERS are to live on less. OTHER people aren't to consume energy, but THEIR use of planes is because they are important. Other people should drive small cars, or none at all, but the celebs, THEY need an entourage of security and limos because THEY are important. Other people are to live in a hovel while they live in energy-consuming splendor. We aren't to have guns, even as THEY travel with small armies. He's a fag, by the way, complete with a wife, same as that fag on the Plane hassling Trump's daughter the other day. Faggots are becoming a nuisance.

Meh, feminists and faggots of all stripes, they don't breed, the liberal women abort half or more of their children (figure 40 million or more since Roe v. Wade) or spend their years on birth control, so they actually are self-exterminating. Then we have the Blacks self-exterminating in much more realistic fashion. Darwin and later, Mark Steyn (America Alone) teach us that breeders win the war. Perhaps in many obscure ways, they are non-breeding themselves out, if that's of any comfort to anyone. We may have just seen, with Trump's election, a turning of demographics against the Left. I'll be anxious and happy to see whether the trend continues, raw numbers of Democrats voted fewer this cycle. Off-year elections coming up, I'm going to compare the eras with each cycle until 2020. No one talks about this little theory of mine but maybe, just maybe.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

He must not get laid very much.

Anonymous said...

Starting with you, dude?

Anonymous said...

PK, herbalist, actress, DC yoga instructor missing since Christmas found dead. Dindu is a suspect.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly on the mark today, particularly your first and last sentences.

I have been in and out of academia over the last few decades and what you say rings true. White leftists are always looking for a way to bond with diversity as a way of showing that they are "good whites" vs. the evil whites that everyone is talking about. And how do you prove that you are a good white? Building them a house? Personally giving them some money? Going out of your way to make sure a non-white family is never without?

None of the above. You bash your own race and make apologies and excuses for why black and brown diversity is always on the lowest rung of society. So much easier to keep blasting "well-intentioned" hot air than to actually do anything physically. Liberals are all words and no action- you will learn this soon enough after spending enough time around them. Right now they hold the misguided belief that if they talk enough smack about Trump that he will just go away and not be able to accomplish any part of his agenda. If they get really mad they don't just complain in private, they complain in the streets while holding harshly worded signs that look like they were stolen from an elementary student's class presentation. This is their endgame. Complain a lot until people give in and fix things for them.

I hope this @sshole is passed up multiple times for promotion by actual diversity- but then again he is white so of course he has and will be.


Paint Job Theory:

I'm the troll who stated no White man should beg for money, but rather should do what White men do. Earn it. Sell books, Sell subscription to this VERY SITE. Publish Ex-New Yorkers lifetime of wisdom, ect.

I am some what shocked that so many don't see what my comment really means.

Anonymous said...

This white-hating lunatic and his ilk should move to Haiti and, hopefully, suffer the fate of the French over 200 years ago.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another example of these liberal universpyu eggheads who are concaminating the minds of the youth today with their blind hatted of whites and the avrage american and frankly this jerk needs to move to iran they would welcome his ilk there

Anonymous said...

What rubbish, this asshole would be the first one to run and hide behind the first white man with a gun

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

First off, belated Merry Christmas to the WORLD'S absolute best site on the net, PK & Family, and each and every one of the WORLD's greatest contributors, ALL OF YOU !!!

I'm trying to look forward to 2017, but I truly have to admit to myself that I'm still not too optimistic as of yet. Like others have mentioned in the past, I don't think we're simply going to vote ourselves out of this mess. Being vocal will continue to get the word out, but I don't believe this will be enough, either. We have to get on the same page for all to know that the only thing the lowly negro knows is violence. Violent tendencies is the major ingredient in their genetic make up!

Speaking of violence, I bring you to this off-topic story. This just took place yesterday, Sunday, 12-26-16, 6-8pm, a day after Christmas, at a mall in Cleveland that has been known as Cleveland's best "upscale mall" featuring Nordstrom and the likes. Well it seems that what goes up, must come down. And we all know who brings everything down.... a mob of 700 young people I suppose. Young people = ???, HAHA! That's who!

Funny thing is... you read the story and all the rehearsed descriptive words are in it... basic format copied and pasted with certain locale details entered in.. pics and video, too:

(Updated at 8:30 a.m.) BEACHWOOD, OHIO — A fight among a large group of young people at upscale Beachwood Place Monday evening called officers from several area police departments to the shopping center and put the mall on lockdown for roughly an hour. One juvenile was taken into custody, and an officer was struck in the face.

The fracas was reported about 6:30 p.m., according to various media reports, with some social media reports of shots fired, which police said were inaccurate.

Pepper spray was used by police to disperse a crowd, and one person suffered a pepper-spray-related injury, a Beachwood Fire Department captain told a reporter. "My face burned ... it went into my skin," John Boyd of Cleveland said. "My whole body burned."

On Twitter, some mall customers said shots were fired, but authorities denied that gunshots were fired. Officers from Beachwood, South Euclid, Lyndhurst and other cities have been called to the mall.

Shortly after 8 p.m. police said there was no active shooter or shots fired at Beachwood Place, according to the Breaking911 Twitter feed.

Fox 8 quotes sources who say the disturbance began in the mall food court. A source said some shoppers were hiding in dressing rooms, but there are no reports of injuries.

With police escorting shoppers out of the stores, mall security says a brawl among a mob of 700 young people in the food court sparked the police response. Authorities have not confirmed the number of people involved in the fight.

A juvenile is in custody, reports, and is accused of striking an officer after police responded to the fight in the food court.

This video shows people fleeing the mall, with some falling to the floor as crowds push and shove; be advised profanity is audible.

Tear gas was used in the main corridor of the mall, according to Dan DeRoos, reporting for 19 Action News, who spoke to a woman in the Saks Fifth Avenue store.

One man and one police officer were treated for exposure to the pepper spray, the Beachwood Fire Department said.

A manager at the mall's Nordstrom store told DeRoos that the lockdown was put in place about 7 p.m., and he saw an ambulance arrive about 7:30 p.m.

R.I.P. and sorry Beachwood Mall... WE'VE BEEN HAD an invention to cure this cancer for some time now. The only thing missing is that it's not being applied, at all !! The cancer spreads and now you, Beachwood Mall, have caught the infection...

And just to think these little bastards are home from "skool" all week long, causing havoc in "da streets" in every DIE-verse city across America... IRREDEEMABLE !!!!

Anonymous said...

He must not get laid very much.

No but he probably has a dozen liberal female friends that tell him how great he is. Then they go home to their Trump voting boyfriends and husbands.

Women are simply not sexually attracted to self-hating and submissive men. This is one of those harsh realities like race that cannot be simply wished away. But liberals will keep trying to turn fantasy into reality as they have no where else to go. Facing reality for them would mean the end of liberalism. Liberalism is based in fantasy and cannot be adjusted. It's a modern cult that we will either destroy or it will destroy the West.

Anonymous said...

Look at the USA "mainstream media", daily, pumping out anti-Russian, (Ethnic White Europeans) pure b.s. with the goal of getting World War III started - i.e. another phase of genocide of the Ethnic White European peoples.

The media has hated Russia ever since liberalism failed to gain traction after the Soviet collapse.

The Russians are racially aware and were not indoctrinated in PC. Russian communism was largely economic and had abandoned Lysenko genetics well before their economy collapsed.

Anonymous said...

What dipwad Lefties don't understand is that this type of rhetoric doesn't change anyone's mind, it simply strengthens our resolve. They know we are strong-willed and strong-minded and will never be swayed, the answer in their minds is annihilation of any resistance to The Collective. Sounds sort of familiar.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Yahoo news link, if you read the comments it looks like we're all "deplorables" now:

While searching for the story I stumbled upon the one below. Fights and shooting at a U.S. malls- gee, I wonder what demographic is bringing the enrichment- it really could be anybody, right?

Mall fights send post-holiday shoppers scrambling for exits:

Anonymous said...

This is very typical for DWLs. They want Africans-in-America to do their dirty work for them. DWLs lack very much in the way of combat skills, and if you look at the "professor" here one doubts if he could last five minutes in any kind of martial arts contest.

Half of their male leaders have Napoleon syndrome. Robert Reich is 4'11. Not just height as you also have liberal males that are bitter against White men for other things they lack.

Then you have the Clinton usurper types that will happily sell out Whites for women and power.

There are also the "true believer" types like Sanders but they are rare.

I once helped out at an event that hosted Democrat leaders. I've never been in a room with so many cynical and jaded lawyers. I was surprised by how many of them smoked given the endless laws they want to pass against smokers. They use Clinton types as the face of the party but behind the scenes it's a bunch of smoking lawyers trying to scheme against White society. Sick.

Crux Enigma said...

An academia professor openly calls for white genocide on social media and barely a peep can be heard from the media. Thank god for Breitbart and sites like this or we would have heard nothing of this. It's curious how the plebs whom are the overwhelming majority of our society can continue to turn a blind eye to the concept of "white genocide" and laugh it off as some outrageously fictional conspiracy theory when we have gleaming examples such as this, and by "this" I'm referring to those in position of influence (like academia) who can openly hold views like this man only to see collective shrugging in response. Any professor who doesn't subscribe to paintjob theory or blank slate theory is branded a heretic. If I claim that intelligence is genetic (which it is) and that whites are smarter than blacks I'm met with looks of pure horror. A professor who pushes the science that proves this will lose his place in academia, for stating something so obviously true and even profoundly minuscule relative to accepted calls for white genocide. Can't hurt the feelings of groids with truth but we can call for genocide against whites yet there's nothing to see here? Mass immigration into Europe and U.S. isn't a war being waged on whites? My ass. On the bright side, the more we see institutional figures demean and slander whites it will become more difficult for the lefty bots to push the invisible hand of "institutional racism" as an explanation for black and brown dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with what you have accomplished! Excellent work.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Californian said...

............and if you look at the "professor" here one doubts if he could last five minutes in any kind of martial arts contest.

This creep couldn't last five minutes on one of those cooking shows!


Awakened white said...

That ding bat said it was good that Haiti was taken over by the ferals, yeah now it's a sheet hole. Remember it was called Crown of the Caribbean when the French ran things. My Christmas wish is a world with communism.

festus said...

In what black neighborhood is he sitting in a bakery and enjoying coffee while tweeting as shown in the photo?

Shaylok said...

He thinks the Haitians are better off without white people?!?

WillieG51 said...

These people always call for "white genocide", yet never volunteer to lead by example. Please, prof do us all a favor and show us how it's done..

NJ Woman said...

I assume his spouse is a negro male. Rest assured that he does not hate his own White skin - his precious hairdo and beard say narcissist, as does his effeminate smirk. He should show the world that he means what he says and murder his entire family. That would be a start. Then he should proceed with all of his liberal White friends and colleagues, who would understand and be delighted to die. Then, since he wouldn't kill himself, he should move to Africa or Haiti and live in huts with negroes, far, far away from White civilization.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he is about to become a victim of the political correctness he helped create. Drexel is calling him on the carpet for it. He's now trying to pass it off as satire, claiming he was simply mocking the Alt-Right's claims of "White Genocide".

There's also a tweet from this moron's indoctrinated child, in which the kid states he'd like send poisoned cakes to Whitey....

Maybe he can fulfill the dream on Dad's next birthday.

Anonymous said...

"Liberalism is based in fantasy and cannot be adjusted. It's a modern cult that we will either destroy or it will destroy the West."

Liberalism dates back to the 17th century and John Locke, who derives it from Christian principles.

SKIP said...

"He thinks the Haitians are better off without white people?!?"

LOL So did the "Haitians".....look how successful they are now! The country is as prosperous as Detroit in Amefrika

Anonymous said...

Your a perfect example,why he spoke the truth, your a fucking stupid white supremacist, I bet you live in Kensington or port Richmond section of Philly, poor white trash!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Actually, he is about to become a victim of the political correctness he helped create. Drexel is calling him on the carpet for it. He's now trying to pass it off as satire, claiming he was simply mocking the Alt-Right's claims of "White Genocide".

Didn't he say his twitter got hacked at first? Cant keep the lies straight anymore, apparently.

I hope Drexel bounces his ass to the curb.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism dates back to the 17th century and John Locke, who derives it from Christian principles.

Locke is the originator of "blank slate" which helped form liberalism but I do not see where that is derived from Christianity.

In fact it was believed by the French revolutionaries that eliminating the church would free man into his natural state of equality. In their minds this belief was based in reason (see Temple of Reason) even if like today's liberals they never explained how humans are different than pigs and horses when it comes to genetics. But during that time they were actually chopping heads off in the name of liberty and reason.

I believe both Marxism and liberalism would be have been created without Christianity. There are too many White people that want to believe in equality. It's probably genetic and goes to the theory of our ancestors living in tribes where being humble and egalitarian was beneficial. Today we have the internet and yet here we are meeting in the dark. Anyone can read about twin studies and see how both liberals and cuckservatives are in denial of reality.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

So let's boil it down. He "identifies" as a communist. Communists have no problem with the idea of killing one's ideological opponents in order to achieve their goals (think of Lenin's remark about breaking eggs to make an omelet). He calls for White genocide.

First, must be investigated. Does anyone remember Nadal Hassan telegraphing his intentions to a group of officers who were too cowed to take action? Try making similar remarks next time you pass through airport security.

Second, who, if informed, would pay tuition for their son or daughter to sit anywhere near this douche bag's classroom? I would feel far more comfortable in the presence of a trench coat wearing playground pervert.

Third, what will the faculty and alumni choose to do? Inaction is action, to be silent is speech. if he were a professor of German, and spoke longingly for a final solution to the Jewish question, would they move Heaven and earth to get rid of him?

Anonymous said...

"He thinks the Haitians are better off without white people?!?"

LOL So did the "Haitians".....look how successful they are now!

Haitians would probably vote to have us invade them.

That is how bad it is there now.

As with Africans they probably think Whites are crazy for believing in equality. You have to get an education in a Western country to hold such a deluded belief.

Reminds me of a quote on unrealistic beliefs in higher education:
Only a smart person could believe something so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Had he called for black genocide he would be out of a job right now. A woman in West Virginia was fired for calling Michelle Obama "an ape in high heels." That was just a comment on her appearance; not a call to destroy her; yet this guys calls for white genocide! I hope he understands that he is ALSO white.

Anonymous said...

LOL So did the "Haitians".....look how successful they are now!
USA has accepted millions of them in.
Whites fund the charities.

Anonymous said...

According to a GDP chart I used, Haiti's GDP in 2012 was 7.9 Billion Dollars. The United States was 16.68 Trillion Dollars. (

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

This is a Detroit MI and Carrefour, Haiti Comparison. Hope this helps as well.

Anonymous said...

According to a GDP chart I used, Haiti's GDP in 2012 was 7.9 Billion Dollars.

Zimbabwe dollars

Anonymous said...

thanks it's this brainwashing that makes it difficult for whites on the job front.
if you are white you are automatically evil. the black people are down trodden saints but you're just a white bum.

There's all this animosity and myths about the movie, Gone with the Wind, not once is the word nigger uttered but there's about 75 references to "white trash". Poor Margaret Mitchell, she was afraid to have the book published and then was hit and killed by a drunk driver. She brought the world to Atlanta but blacks lambast her and the movie. why? blacks made money from that movie. it's all brainwashing.