Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pre-order " The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and Marching Stopped" Today!

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"The racial violence of the past is largely gone, replaced by a flood of drug-related, black-on-black crime that dwarfs the violence of Jim Crow." -- New York Times, 8-2-1994 
Every year, elected officials at the federal and state level along with celebrities, make the pilgrimage to now 80% black Selma, Alabama to recreate the famed march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  
Paying homage to the Civil Rights struggle, this march is highly publicized and promoted by the mainstream media, Hollywood and public schools to produce maximum volumes of white guilt across America, reminding them they must forever atone for their ancestors inequities.  
But once the cameras leave and the marching ends, what remains behind in the city of Selma, completely dominated by black elected/appointed officials is a reminder of the collective fears the architects of Jim Crow and restrictive covenants long held for their posterity.  
"The Truth About Selma" provides the reality of what the Civil Rights struggle actually brought to the city.


Bird of Paradise said...

And every Febuary come Black History Month where they continue their lies about SELMA and other little lies like didnt they make a movie called SELMA which continued the big big lie about the whole thing thats not in the leftists written revisionists history books

Anonymous said...

PK, should you leave off the "the" before cameras? or add one before "marching"? something doesn't sound right.

or is it just me?

People? Any english majors out there?


Anonymous said...

Prez Trump better avoid going. Send a serious message.

He should say he won't go until the blacks there make it a safe town. Something that deserves to be celebrated. That shows it was the right thing to do to let the negroes run free. Boycott it Trump. Until they can prove they are equal.

Anonymous said...

"The racial violence of the past is largely gone, replaced by a flood of drug-related, black-on-black crime that dwarfs the violence of Jim Crow." -- New York Times, 8-2-1994

Well, at least they admit that black-on-black crime today is far greater than the violence of the segregation era. But even that begs the question: "How much violence was there during segregation?"

Statistics show that lynchings of blacks were quite rare (3500 or so over an 80 year period), less than one a week. And certainly far less than the number of white people murdered by blacks in the 21st century. So did white people actually commit a lot of violence against blacks in those years? Or is that a myth created by the media?

Consider how the Emmet Till story does not hold up to close examination. Consider the large numbers of hoax crimes today in which blacks claim that whites attacked them and then the story falls apart. Consider the general mayhem for which blacks have been responsible since the civil rights era: rioting, flashmobs, home invasions, assassinations of cops, more rioting.

It would appear that most racial violence is perpetrated by blacks, not whites. Which is why it is important to keep on telling the truth about race and realism.

Brian in Ohio said...

Left to their own devices, they will ALWAYS revert to the African mean.

They need us. We don't need them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Michigan Jim said...

"People? Any english majors out there?"

Please remember that PK- along with people like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson etc, are part of the New Media. So while they may not have the perfect prose and polish of the mainstream Hoaxing Media, they are getting the truth out there for all to see. I for one am willing to give them a break for the occasional typo or awkward sentence construction. They're destroying the lying MSM for what they are, one tweet or blog at a time.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting story about how the Feds are demanding that a city sow the seeds of it's own destruction:

Anonymous said...

Another atrocity-a young White woman ambushed in a city that once was a very upscale, White only place. Now, "Diversity" has come. The news story hides their race, but the names give them away-that, and the negro propensity to try to cover their crimes by setting things on fire.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kersey,

When will you write a book about a Northeastern city? I'd love to see your history of NYC or Philadelphia or Boston.

I recently purchased 'Guns, Blacks and Steel' and 'Whitey on the Moon', both of which are excellent books that I highly recommend.