Saturday, July 1, 2017

At Rap Event in Little Rock, 25 Blacks Shot by Black Shooters (Same Club Held "Stop the Black on Black Violence" Event Five Days Earlier)

Previously on SBPDL: In 42% Black Little Rock, Arkansas, an MLK 5K and a 'Stop the Violence" Yard-Sign Campaign in Effect to try and Stop Blacks from Killing other Blacks

Blacks won't cooperate with police when it comes to snitching on suspects in nonfatal shootings involving both black suspects and black victims. Homicides in the 42 percent black city are almost always the result of black suspects

It goes without saying that if Little Rock didn't have a black population, it would be nearly gun violence free. But, Little Rock does have a black population... [All homicide victims are black in Ark. capital, Washington Times, March 26, 2014]:

This is a post on the Power Ultra Lounge Facebook page from June 30, promoting the rap concert that would ultimately end when 25 black people were shot.. Notice the semi-automatic firearm the black rapper is holding, pointed directly at the individual viewing the poster...

The mayor is calling for a task force to study black-on-black crime in Little Rock, where all of this year’s 11 slayings have involved black victims and lead suspects. But the city’s police chief said factors other than race - including the economy - are in play. 
Mayor Mark Stodola announced last week that he is forming a team to analyze current programs helping the city’s poverty, education and other issues to seek collaborative opportunities between them to help reduce Little Rock’s crime rate. 
It’s similar to a commission that Little Rock City Board member Ken Richardson has said he wanted to mobilize. 
“Myself as a mayor and other mayors around the country have looked at this issue and tried to stare at the hard, glaring facts of it, and that is there’s a disproportionate number of young men and boys of color who are committing homicides,” Stodola said. “They’re solving their differences, whatever they may be about, with violence.” 

This is a Facebook post on the Power Ultra Lounge page showcasing what appears to be a "Stop the Violence" party being held at the club, only days before 25 black people were shot by other blacks...
Richardson said the rash of black-on-black crime should be treated by officials as an abnormality, and warned that not creating a sense of urgency surrounding the issue sends a “disturbing message to a certain segment of our population.” 
“It’s out of whack. It’s disproportionate. It’s unacceptable. … It has to be treated as an aberration rather than a norm,” Richardson said. “We have to raise this as a crisis, because that’s what it is.”
Unfortunately for black people in Little Rock, and for white civilization eroded away there as the black population grows, the violence hasn't stopped. [Little Rock shooting of 25 at rap show prompts call to curb growing violence, The Guardian, July 1, 2017]:

Police said 25 people were shot early on Saturday at a rap show at a nightclub in downtown Little Rock, prompting pleas from community leaders to curb the growing violence in Arkansas’ capital city.  
Police said the shooting at Power Ultra Lounge was the result of a dispute among club-goers and not an active shooter or terror-related incident. Little Rock police said later on Saturday that 25 people were shot and three others suffered unrelated injuries. All were expected to survive, police said.  
Police cordoned off the block as crime-scene technicians gathered evidence from inside and outside the club. Glass from the club’s second-storey windows littered the ground, along with empty drink cups.  
Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner told reporters “some sort of dispute broke out between people inside” the club and that there were “probably multiple shooting suspects”.
Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner told reporters “some sort of dispute broke out between people inside” the club and that there were “probably multiple shooting suspects”.

According to the Power Ultra Lounge Facebook page, the club was host to a "Stop the Violence" (black on black violence) event on June 25. Here's what the posting stated: 
Shout out to my brothers that came through last night! Little Rock WE CAN COME TOGETHER! We can get more accomplished when we come together as men! The vibe was real cool last night at Power! Let's keep it going! #mypowerlr #powerultralounge 
Five days later, 25 blacks were shot at the same club by black shooters...

We owe these people nothing.


DoubleTap said...

“Myself as a mayor and other mayors around the country have looked at this issue and tried to stare at the hard, glaring facts of it, and that is there’s a disproportionate number of young men and boys of color who are committing homicides,” Stodola said. “They’re solving their differences, whatever they may be about, with violence.”

Thank you Captain Obvious. Things are working just fine as they are. Just leave it alone.

Mr. Rational said...

The major media haven't bothered to cover this.

And why should they?  It's NHI (no humans involved).  Dwelling on animals being animalistic, as they cannot but do, has been designated rayciss and is a worse crime than murder... if you're )))white(((.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the rap concert I don't think anybody on SBPDL even care about Hip Hop music except his nice gun and the crime behind.

Anonymous said...

The rapper had warrants out on him. So he can advertise where he will be & the cops didn't pick up on it? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Nogs shoot...nogs kill...get used to it.

Just keep them far, far away from you and your family.

To those who are trying to make you live with them...look close...(((tribesmen)))?

They normally at the root of all orc dysfunction and forced race-mixing via law.


Bill in St Louis said...

"Richardson said the rash of black-on-black crime should be treated by officials as an abnormality, and warned that not creating a sense of urgency surrounding the issue sends a “disturbing message to a certain segment of our population.” 

Richardson either wants to keep his nice cushy job, or is a complete moron.

This is just TNB. Until we as a nation admit that, where there are large numbers of blacks there is high crime, the problem will never be solved. Once it is figured out though, watch out, as YT loves nothing better than to solve a problem.

no watermelon for you said...

LOL! 😂

Anonymous said...

“It’s out of whack. It’s disproportionate. It’s unacceptable. … It has to be treated as an aberration rather than a norm,” Richardson said. “We have to raise this as a crisis, because that’s what it is.”

Out of whack? An aberration and not the norm? Maybe by the standards of a First World Society, but not by hood standards. Refer to crime stats for Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis or Milwaukee. African Americans produce . . . wait for it . . .
Africa in America! All the misery and dysfunction but with only a fraction of the Ebola (for now, at least.)

Disproportianate? Again, look at other cities with a large black population and a black political power structure. Par for the course.

Unacceptable? Really? To whom? The communerty can't have THAT much of a problem with it, since snitches get stitches and sheet.

Perhaps banishment and exile should be considered as an option. Maybe they can be sent somewhere in the vicinity of Jupiter? (The PLANET Jupiter, not the place in Florida.)

Anonymous said...

Richardson said the rash of black-on-black crime should be treated by officials as an abnormality, and warned that not creating a sense of urgency surrounding the issue sends a “disturbing message to a certain segment of our population.”

“It’s out of whack. It’s disproportionate. It’s unacceptable. … It has to be treated as an aberration rather than a norm,”

I’m sorry to be the one to bring bad news to Richardson’s attention, but the incident isn’t an abnormality or an aberration. This behavior is what we expect to see where there are crowds of blacks. It would be an abnormality or aberration if all of those blacks had pitched in and cleaned up the streets of Little Rock or repaired some widow’s home.

However, it is encouraging that Richardson can see the message being sent to “a certain segment of our population.” The reason for the apparent lack of urgency surrounding the issue is that no one really cares if orcs kill orcs. Black lives truly don’t matter to anyone. In fact, based on the statistics presented in the prior post, every time an orc is removed from society it saves taxpayers (white people) $10,000 per year for a lifetime.

The only unacceptable aspect of this issue is the disappointing shot to kill ratio. How is it possible for a number of orcs to fire so many rounds into a crowd inside of an enclosed space without killing anyone? Whites would have been far more effective.

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe it, gun violence at a rap concert.

hynzerelli said...


A Geezer said...

" All were expected to survive..." God damn them ! Can't they shoot straight just once (just that once) in their miserable lives !?

Billy said...

This is good...

Anonymous said...

They're like a force of nature, like a violent storm or a destructive earthquake. The more of them group together, the more their true nature shows. And their nature is showing no signs of changing.

And they're breeding faster than any other "people" on the planet. Think about that for a minute.

Anonymous said...

You're right Paul, we don't owe them anything. The only thing I think we could do that would serve us both would be to give them some boundaries. Like stupid helpless children they are crying out for them. Birds of a feather flock together- nature is all about segregation, otherwise we have things known as "invasive species".

And I really have to correct one of the lines from the story:

"The mayor is calling for a task force to study black-on-black crime in Little Rock"

...should read

"The mayor is calling for a task force to study black crime in Little Rock"

Oh, I forgot. Part of my non-black privilege is being overlooked when it comes to being the victim of interracial crime.

Let's just call a spade a spade, no one is fooled anymore at this point.

Anonymous said...

I'm given to understand that if you filter out blacks then the US murder rate is about the same as Belgium's (non-jihadi) rate.

Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of raps in the big city. The first is when they set up a patsy for a crime he did not commit. The second claims to be a type of music. I run into both on my job. Me? I'm a private eye.

I was on the trail of Mister Big, the guy who done framed my client's brother for a string of firearm homicides. The patsy's moniker? Violenz. Gunn Violenz.

A bout of gumshoeing took me through a maze of midnight basketball courts and backyard bar-b-que benefits to a lounge in downtown Little Rock. The joint normally had a very selective clientele, r-selected. But it was closed for the season on account of the patrons taking up residence in the local emergency room. Stepping over yellow tape reading "Coroner's Department," I sauntered up to the bar, one hand ready to whip out my portable genome centrifuge. It was that kind of place.

Behind the bar was a gent in a dirty Scarface t-shirt, the sort you'd associate with rocket scientists and world famous surgeons if you paid attention to the Motorola. I ordered my usual, a Triple Southern Comfort. He filled a snifter and pushed it at me. I, in turn, slid a C-note in his direction which he stuffed under the till.

"Any idea who redecorated this place with holes measuring 9 millimeter?" I asked. "And don't give me that guff about Gunn Violenz."

He shook his head like it was Saturday night in the 'hood, so I slid another C-note at him, making a mental note for my client's expense account. He looked thoughtfully at the portrait of Ben Franklin, then said, "Yeah, I can tell you who's out to whack."

"Who?" I growled.

"Crowe," came the response, "James Crowe."

"Jim Crowe?!" I expostulated. "He died years ago!"

I had even seen the newsreel of the funeral ceremony, touted as very civil rites.

"You don't get it," the barkeep looked me in the eye, "the casket was empty, Jim Crowe has a gang, it's called The Legacy, and they're pulling the trigger."

Normally I am quite the gent, but this mug was pushing my button like a car door being locked in the face of a flashmob.

"Listen buddy," I grabbed him by the Pacino, "gimme a real answer!"

"OK, OK," he gasped, "Mister Big is..."

But just as he was about to spill, something flew through the air and struck the back of his head, the impact sounding like a bell calling doors-closed in county lockup. My centrifuge had jumped into my hand, ready for action, but whoever had thrown the blunt object had made like a grocery chain in the inner city and disappeared.

I knelt down to check out the barkeep, but his lights were out like a Detroit streetlamp. Next to the stiff was the object what inflicted blunt trauma to his mastoid process. Pulling on my lab gloves, I picked up the dingus for examination. It was the kind of cocktail tumbler used to serve single doses of hootch. A shot glass.

I could just see the newsboys hawking tomorrow's headline:

"Bartender victim of shot ringing out!"

(to be continued...)

Gene D. Terminizt, Esq.
Private Eye

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, the real victims here are not the worthless ghetto-trash, but guns.
A noble constituent of American heritage, they have been re-purposed for urban crime through the black man's savagery.
They are blamed for violence despite neither having brains or the ability to make decisions.
They are the bane of liberal wrath nationwide, and face constant discrimination and surveillance.
They have been forced to be stamped with a number and be traceable nationwide.
After shocking violence like this there are always calls for more gun control. This is consistent with the culture of blaming the victim.
Where are the candles and teddy bears for the Glock company, or Smith and Wesson as their reputations suffer after such events?
The truth is these black savages would be killing each other with chicken bones if that was all that was available to them.
Stop listening to liberal propaganda and stand up for gun rights. Stop the discrimination!

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

I read this article the other day and the "black out" from the press was in full effect: not a single written word as to the race of the people in the nightclub or any sufficient description of the suspect(s) that included race.

That's how I knew it was immediately negroes who were responsible. Again.

Can you imagine if the (((MSM))) didn't hide the race of these feral apes who commit most of the crimes in the USA? Sheeeeiiit, white people might wake up and (((they))) wouldn't like that very much. The Awakened Saxon might get angry, and (((they))) won't like us when we get angry for a united cause.

Paintjob Theory said...


So are they more upset that their tribe isn't killing a proportional number of whites, or are they offended that whites aren't pulling their fair share of the load in committing the city's crimes and making them look like the feral half-apes they are?

Well, the whole stop the violence night at da club didn't seem to work, but at least the mayor is paying a think tank to figure out what sort of gibs or cargo cult ritual will. I'm sure Little Rock will sort itself out any day now once they hit upon the right combination of programs and initiatives.... another day, another American city being morphed into Africa.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond hilarious! I don't remember going to concerts,let's see,Ted Nugent,Rush,Queen,Heart,Robert Plant+Jimmy Page,Kiss,Judas Priest,Jefferson Starship,Night Ranger and quite a few others...I don't recall shootings or out of control violence over anything. LMFAO ,Yea White people do it too,my ass!Only Blacks start blasting away over the most inane things possible.Gold "teef" ,sneakers,bling,garbage rap music,ho's LMFAO!.Blacks turned the "hoodie", even the word "hoodie", into a name associated with crime and terrorism.In my day growing up White Men wore "hoodies" in the fall working on roofs or any job required outside when it got cold.These Black assholes wear "hoodies" in the middle of the summer.Law enforcement actually created a category for the number of homicides,homicides mind you, for the number of Blacks killed over SNEAKERS.I kid you not.Only Blacks do this kind of shit.Blacks turn any and all events into killing fields and out of control violence at the drop of a dime.And yet all I see and hear all over TV and the radio is Blacks are the sweetest people on the face of the planet and invented and built everything across the face of the earth.Now that is the real insanity of all of this.Whites ,especially bleeding heart self-hating Whites,and I can't just say Liberal Whites because there are too many so called conservative Whites that love Blacks and their football and "bakkaball,that worship Blacks just as much as Liberal Whites.All I see now is White girls running around with Black guys.It makes me fucking sick and so pissed off.And especially older White women ,who you know they dumped their White husbands,to be with their Black bucks.Even when they have had white children they go with the Black guy.I see it all the time now.I am sick and tired of all of this bullshit! Just sick and tired.There will be a Civil War again.No doubt at all.And it will be used as an excuse to finally get rid of White Males and White male patriarchy.The only White male they want around is the liberal faggot or White male cucks that worship their Black sports heroes and share their wives with their Black best friend.You know every White guy has to have a Black best friend to prove he is not racist.Or allow his beautiful White daughter to be bred out by his Black heroes.

Tarczan said...

What a disaster, 25 negroes shot and not one removed from the welfare roles. Just more medical expenses to be born by YT.

Anonymous said...

as i ramble on in canada..
just woke up after canada 150 celebration looking to see if any media tallied the total wasted money or let me know if the "native issues" that prevented any pride in my nation have been resolved..
apparantly not..but i did see an article in a left leaning paper about a gang related shooting in the US.
i figured the kkk was up to its old tricks. sadly it seems to be unrelated to white ppl. some hand wringing about the appropriateness of advertising poster with a gun being pointed and comments( sometimes a few media allow comments but not mean or hurtful ones)all had to do with Trump,NRA and your gun loving ways, not one even intimated that likely these were not legal gun owners nor that they be kangs.
I came here and read about a week of drivebys and regular negro life.
oh and the poster of a son of obama behind a big ole gun barrel.
im pretty sure if they had shown the poster the comments section would be closed as canadians are just as racist apparantly.

we had pride celebration..umm yay?...last year BLM blocked it and demanded that police be barred from the event because all they do is shoot black ppl.
this year they did not register to participate but crashed it anyway with signs that read they allowed the event to happen,warnings not to do things that will piss them off
of course our racist mayor allowed participation of cops though
i learn about racism every day..rules are racist..standards are racist. civility expectation is racist..whining with your hand out is the pinnacle courage and nobility because of course ... racism

Brian in Ohio said...

It would be hilarious if it weren't so goddamn expensive.

Any guesses on what 25 uninsured gunshot victims is going to cost the taxpayers of Arkansas? I`d say into the millions, easily.

Remember this next time you drive down a poorly maintained road and think "Why the hell don't they fix this?!"

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're intelligent. Why not use this as an example of their keen intelligence on a TV commercial ? I mean why always portray them as doctors scientists technicians builders financial advisors etc ? Lets show the world what they REALLY are- violent africans who cannot cope in a civilized world. Oh wait-we know what they are-its those stupid ignorant assholes called white liberals that keep painting them a color other than what they are. YOUR WORST ENEMY the WHITE LIBERAL. The white liberal-the future death of this world. The black african would be gone without them. White liberals need to die.

Zabo said...

White privilege exist only because of black dysfunction!

Anonymous said...

Arrested at a nightclub in Alabama (on a fugitive from justice warrant) where he was performing.

Anonymous said...

Shooting with your handgun sideways saves lives!

Anonymous said...

Did they have these kinds of shootings in Little Rock when Orval Faubus was governor?

Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

These are pure gold. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Giuliani lowered crime in New York City by stop and frisk. If they want to get real about the problem, they got to ask where is crime is occurring. If they want, I can tell them it is with young black males. They are not going to like this, but to end the problem the police will need to target young black males to frisk. I would make it illegal for blacks to carry guns, knives, machetes, or pointy sticks (spears).

In the way of protection, whites should carry weapons. Blacks should not come within 20 feet of a white person, or the person should be able to protect themselves.

The police should use decoys to catch black thugs in places like New Orleans. As a people, I would suggest whites should put the Negroes back in their place.

Californian said...

OK, how can we worry this "rap concert gone wrong" before it disappears down the Minitru memory hole?

Dylann Storm Roof (white) shoots up a (black) church and the reaction of media liberals and cuck conservatives is to haul down Confederate battle flags across the land. But does the Little Rock incident lead to calls for shutting down rap concerts or, for that matter, terminating black anti-violence events? Such events seem to be the scenes of a disproportionate number of discharges of ordnance against innocent victims. But of course we know the answer and that is as long as blacks are the perpetrators, they get the card reading "Get Out Of Jail Free."

Please note that the Storm affair was a one time event. There has been no wave of White-on-black shootings following it. But black perpetrated mass violence is the new normal: drivebys, flashmobs, BLM pillaging expeditions, rap clubs being used as target ranges. And the response? Tons of money being poured into the black sector for empowerment centers, university programs and ghetto lottery payoffs.

This is one more example of the endemic discrimination against White people. It's what would be called "systemic racism" if the situation were to be reversed. But it is the norm for BRA.

Anonymous said...

Question: where are you safer?
* At a gun show attended by extreme rightwingers and race realists?
* At an anti-violence event attended by blacks?

Be interesting to see how many gun shows in the last 20 years have seen "shots ring out." Then compare it to a similar number of 'hood prayer vigils and rap concerts.

You have the (White) gun culture. And the (black) rap culture. Compare and contrast the outcomes. You will be tested. On streets gone wrong.

Meantime, YT:
Stay armed.
Stay alert.
Stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they can't even shoot fish in a barrel. WTF is wrong with these "people"?

Warrior said...

This is only natural for these animals to engage in this type of savagery. Look what happened at a Palmetto, Florida nightclub on September 11, 2011! Eerily similar, involving, yep, you guessed it! ALL black clientele!
This trend has only accelerated in recent years as these bloodbaths mounts and the toll of the body counts add up into numbers beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

"In the way of protection, whites should carry weapons. Blacks should not come within 20 feet of a white person, or the person should be able to protect themselves."

I remember reading it here many years ago that if you EVER see a black "teen" moving at any speed above a crawl then you should be VERY worried. They use white fear of being labeled a racist as a means of getting close and sucker punching their victims. Remember the white guy a few years back who made the mistake of not crossing the street when he was walking past a BLM "celebration"? He had to have his jaw wired shut and teeth replaced. He instinctively knew the threat was there but took a risk against his better judgement to prove to himself and passersby that he wasn't one of "them".

Blacks are opportunists lacking in both empathy and shame. They cannot and do not put themselves in other people's shoes. They do not feel bad for what they put people through when they assault them and steal hundreds of dollars of personal items and credit cards. If they see an old woman who died in public from a heart attack they will loot her corpse before NOT calling the cops.

We owe them nothing. They are stupid and resentful opportunists who will take every advantage if you let them. And they will hate you all the more for being so stupid as to let them do it to you. Dealing with blacks is like dealing with the Tar Baby- it's a losing proposition from all sides, don't do it. Always try to get them OUT of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses on what 25 uninsured gunshot victims is going to cost the taxpayers of Arkansas? I`d say into the millions, easily.

- Brian in Ohio July 2, 2017 at 6:22 AM


I'll give it a shot. (Ba-bum-bump!)
Thank you, thank you. Take my life, please.

Seriously, over at,
there used to be a graphic titled "The Cost of Stupidity", which tallied up an estimate of the immediate, short-term costs of medical care related to shots ringing out.
They used to update this graphic monthly, but haven't bothered to update anything so far in 2017.

A ride to the hospital via a CFD ambulance is $1,000. Average ER expenses work out to about $55,000 per victim. At $56k per head, this little episode would rack up $1.4 million in Chicago. This is just for immediate, emergency care to "stabilize" the patient's condition.

Long term? Who knows? Depending on the injuries, there could be a few weeks to a few months of aftercare, or some physical therapy / rehab. If the kidneys were damaged, a lifetime of dialysis could be on tap.

Then there's the cost of the response itself, with Police, Fire and EMS rolling out to do a cleanup on Aisle 7. Add in the cost of the investigation, prosecution, trial and incarceration. No wonder we're going broke.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant Negro minstrel Chris Brown was in was performing in a California club in 2015 when a similar shooting took place. He immediately announced he would no longer play what he called "nigga parties" out of fear for his safety.

Anonymous said...

"The mayor is calling for a task force to study black-on-black crime in Little Rock...."

Doesn't he know black-on-black crime is a myth? Four out if five negroes say so.

Anonymous said...

Hey P.K. heard about this story? Scariest situation possible, but with a good ending. Two black men try to abduct a six year old girl who was crossing the street after playing outside with a friend. She physically fought them off!

And from other articles that no longer have valid links:

Now the Normans are considering moving from their neighborhood - or at the very least putting a fence up around their house.

The prime suspect, Jakeel Rashon Mason, was arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail for investigation of unlawful imprisonment. He is being held on $150,000 bail.

Meanwhile, Savanna's family just learned that Mason lives only a few blocks from their house.

Jakeel Mason, 19, pleaded not guilty to unlawful imprisonment and was ordered jailed in lieu of $150,000 bail...

Mason “grabbed hold of a rubber band necklace she wore around her neck before letting go,” according to charging papers. “The defendant then grabbed (her) and picked her up off the ground.”

The girl kicked and screamed until she was able to break free. She ran home to relate the incident to her mother, who followed Mason to a nearby house and called 911.

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies responded and asked two men inside the house to come out. The girl began crying as soon as she saw Mason, records indicate.

Make sure you don't forget to prepare your kids as well.

Anonymous said...

Well here's a ray of hope in the dark continent. Our tax money is helping to fund a rap show in the sectarian violence wracked Central African Republic. Because as we all know, rap shows are always bastions of peace and harmony.

Lucius Vorenus

Sick n' Tired said...

A friend and I were discussing the option of outfitting a drone with a megaphone and flying it over any BLM march/protest/Stop da bi-lence rally broadcasting the message that "Black lives don't matter, all you do is commit crimes and ruin neighborhoods! No one respects you! You are the real racists!" on a loop. Fly it back and forth over the march at about 20' until it runs out of batteries. Just to really rile them up.

Sick n' Tired said...

One single guy in Orlando was able to kill 50, wound 100+ in a packed Orlando nightclub, but multiple blacks firing multiple guns in a packed club can't even score a single kill. Truly a pathetic race.

D-FENS said...

From the previous article: "When our President talks about "fake media"...he means the (((tribal))) controlled outlets. They are against him. He's a goy. Their enemy."

Yet he continues to be Israel's bitch. What does that tell you? Don't get me wrong, I will gladly take the crumbs we are about to receive.

Annie Oakley said...

Anonymous at 10:22am, good story about the 6 year old. Her Momma taught her right.

I think more people are realizing we have a black problem, not a gun or violence problem. Right now I'm near Canada (still in the US) and it's all white here.

I'm surrounded by clueless well-meaning whites, but they're not thieves or criminals. Completely different from the South, far less mud sharks and coal burners. It's safe here.

On my travels here from the South, I stayed in towns in Illinois and Wisconsin that were all white. There was a lot of traffic and buzz going on, but it was organized and sane. We stopped in a few restaurants and gas stations and it was all white. Very refreshing sight to see.

These towns are out there. You might pay higher property tax and it might be less glamorous weather, but it's safer.

Sick n' Tired said...

The big loss is with the long term "disability" payout because they can't work because they got shot in the leg/arm/back/head and can no longer lift 20lbs, wake up at 6am, or other nonsense excuses.

Billy said...

Great article....

Sick n' Tired said...

I live in S. Florida and it's currently in the 90's with 80-90% humidity during the day. When I leave for work in the morning, I am already sweating from my front door to the car. Yet the typical orc summer attire is a hoodie, knit beanie, basketball shorts hanging off their asses, and those Jordan/slide on sandals, with socks, because wearing sandals without socks in the black community means you're gay. (I'm serious)

Anonymous said...

It's not only white libs, cuckservatives, religious ones as well.
Female in FL

Mr. Rational said...

And from other articles that no longer have valid links

Everyone needs to start saving copies of these things.  If there's a copy at either or, you can put in the original URL to retrieve it.

We can't keep the (((masterminds))) from purging things from the main sites, but we can make it harder for them to hide their tracks.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I saw the Little Rock story on the news last night. While they didn't mention the dark factor of the warring factions, they did show the local police chief on stage, vomiting the usual inanities. What have we said here in the past? Black police chief=prima facie evidence that the place is a toilet.

Then the newscast showed a satellite photo of the negrohood. They helpfully pointed out which building was the nightclub. I figured it out by noticing that it was the only building in a wide radius that was still under roof. The photo looked like one of London after the Blitz.

Anonymous said...

I went to a gunfight and a rap concert broke out.

Ex New Yorker said...

A couple years ago I left a list of "rap concert shootouts" that I found posted on the internet. I listed the date, location and body counts. I also listed shoot outs at MLK Day Parades with the same info including numbers of victims. The shooting incidents in both cases were about the same. The rap concerts did have the biggest number of kills.

Both list were quite long. I only listed shootings going back about four years or so. After that I started to get bored.

My favorite rap concert massacre took place while I was still in New York. The show was intended to bring the local gangs together to make peace among themselves. This was in the Bronx. The best part about the shootings is they waited until the theater was full of people. Then it started. As I recall the shooters killed about twenty people. Over sixty "innocent bystanders" were trampled to death as they fled the theater. A large part of that number died from suffocation since there were only two exits onto the street. Remember, this is only from memory, but the news reported that the exiting crowd was so massive that a street light was knocked over just by the weight of the on rushing crowd.

I don't consider myself to be a liberal or conservative. When it comes to blacks I am very liberal. I believe it is their right to kill themselves any way and anytime they want.

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If you are "saggin" and you fire sideways with ejection port down, is there a term for when that hot shell sears the scrotum?

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Stop the violence rally. Let's see, the Germans? Polish? Irish? Norwegians, French?
Nope, the blacks. They never let you down. Never!

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The side entrance of 22 Harvest St. after the Rochester police SWAT team blew the door off. Rochester Police Department

Nine people went to prison for the kidnapping and torture of Kollias and his teammate. Three were sentenced for watching over the captives and acting as lookouts. Samantha Hughes and Leah Gigliotti pleaded guilty and testified against the others. They were each sentenced to more than a dozen years in prison. Three of the four men in the cellphone video recording of the torture, including Elliot Rivera, also pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 35 years in prison. During Lydell Strickland's trial in December 2016, prosecutors described him as the "ringleader" and "mastermind" of the plot. He laughed when a judge sentenced him to 155 years in prison.

Three months later, in March, Isaiah Smith faced a judge for his role in orchestrating the drug robbery that started it all. Smith had already left school soon after his arrest, though the university will not say whether he withdrew or was expelled. At Smith's sentencing hearing, Judge Melchor E. Castro told the former linebacker, "I suppose you couldn't realize what events you set up when you did this." As the judge sentenced Smith to 13½ years in prison, he said, "This is all your fault."

Kollias says he believes none of this would have happened if the university had cracked down on Smith's earlier drug activities -- and if the Division III coaches he played for weren't so blinded by Smith's football talent. Kollias is especially outraged by how Dan Kyle, the assistant coach, bailed Smith out of jail. Kyle, head coach Scott Greene and university President Joel Seligman all declined repeated requests for an interview. Instead, a university spokeswoman emailed a statement. "Isaiah Smith was a student in good standing up until his arrest," she wrote, explaining that the university, as a Division III school, is not required to drug test its players. She added: "No member of the administration, nor any coaches or University athletics staff members asked Dan Kyle to sign for Smith's release. This was an unusual occurrence."

Kyle no longer works at the university.

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President (((Joel Seligman )))all declined repeated requests for an interview. --hold his feet to the fire...PK--do a thread on this.


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But the medical care for the wounded costs YT. If they're going to shoot each other, they need to shoot to kill. Funerals are dirt cheap in comparison to long term medical care.