Tuesday, July 25, 2017

His Name is Josh Walton: One of Three White Males Targeted in 2016 Racial Attack by Black Criminal in 65% Black Memphis Dies From His Injuries

Previously on SBPDL: 93% of gunshot victims who are transported to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in 65% black Memphis are Africans in America

Last year, something extremely strange happened in 65 percent black Memphis. A black guy went on a shooting rampage, targeting three people in the attack before being pursued by a police in a stolen car. 
Al Sakan (left) and Josh Walton, were shot by a black career criminal in 65% black Memphis in June of 2016. Walton died of his injuries

It was in this pursuit career criminal Justin Welch struck and killed a black police officer, which became a national story. [Memphis police officer, a father of three, killed after three people shot downtown, Fox6Now.com, June 5, 2016]:

But it's who he targeted before the fatal encounter with the black police officer that has been completely covered-up, until news broke today one of the people Welch shot has died from injuries he sustained that day. [Man shot in downtown Memphis rampage dies a year later, Memphis Commercial Appeal, July 25, 2017]

Josh Walton, who was injured last summer in a shooting rampage outside a downtown Memphis restaurant, has died and his funeral will be Thursday. 
Walton, 40, died last Friday at the Regional Medical Center after he was shot last summer.
On June 4, 2016, Walton was with family outside of Westy's on North Main Street when police said he was shot in the neck by suspect Justin Welch.
Police said Welch also shot Al Sakan, a long-time customer at the restaurant. The suspect is accused of also shooting Chris Dickens at Bass Pro Shops and then fleeing in a stolen car that struck and killed Memphis police officer Verdell Smith.
Welch remains in jail on several charges including first-degree murder in the death of Officer Smith.
Memphis police spokesman Louis Brownlee said police are awaiting on the Shelby County Medical Examiner's Office to rule on a cause of death for Walton.

Josh Walton was a white male dining with his family on June 4 in 65% black Memphis when Justin Welch opened fire on him, also striking Al Sakan (a Syrian migrant). Walton was dining with his wife and three daughters when Welch "walked up, cursed at the group and pulled out a gun."

Why don't we know what Welch yelled at Walton and his family before he opened fire on him? Don't any journalists in Memphis care to figure out the motive behind the attack on a random white male and a Syrian male who probably looked like a white male to Welch? 
Christopher Dickens was also targeted by Justin Welch, the black career criminal who shot two other white males in Memphis on June 4, 2016, before he would kill a black police in car crash. The death of the black police officer overshadowed the prior targeting of three white males

But it gets more interesting. Welch when then go to the Bass Pro Shop occupying the Memphis Pyramid and target one person: a white male, Christopher Dickens. [Bass Pro shooting victim is ‘thankful’ to be alive, WREG.com, June 6, 2016]:
WREG learned more information about the three men who were shot moments before Officer Verdell Smith was hit and killed. 
Two shooting victims are in critical condition, and another is recovering at home.21-year-old Christopher Dickens, who is an employee at the Bass Pro Pyramid, spoke to WREG about the terrifying night. 
"We were like 'is this really happening?' It kind of wasn't real you know," Dickens said. "Did I really just get shot?" 
Dickens is still waking up from a nightmare. 
"Before I could think of anything really, he just rolls his window down," Dickens said. 
The Bass Pro Pyramid employee said he was bringing in baskets from the parking lot when Justin Welch pointed a gun and pulled the trigger. 
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," Dickens described the gunshots. 
Chris was hit in the leg and arm. 
"A pretty big one. An explosion. Like half -- a chunk of my flesh was gone," Dickens described. 
Chis, who has worked at Bass Pro's Pyramid location since it opened, had cuts and scrapes on his body. 
"This is just like a graze wound or something," he showed WREG the injuries. 
Dickens' phone stopped another bullet from hitting his side. 
"I could have bled out even worse if, you know, that had not happened," he explained. 
Chris was one of three shooting victims Saturday night. 
"When I hear about the cop, and I hear about them, I'm thankful for what I came out with," Dickens said. 
Friends created a circle of support around Joshua Walton as he laid in his hospital bed. 
He and Al Sakan were shot outside of Westy's in the Pinch District. 
Sakan moved to the United States of America from war-torn Syria only to be caught in the middle of gunfire on the streets of Memphis. 
"I didn't expect to get shot that night," Dickens told WREG. "I didn't expect anything like that. You know?"
Looking at pictures of Al Sakan, he looks like an elderly white male. Chris Dickens and Josh Walton are also white males, who both seemingly targeted by a deranged black shooter in 65% black Memphis on June 4, 2016. A year latter, Walton is just another murder statistic in Memphis, a city completely overwhelmed by black violence.

But he's an anomaly: few white people are brought to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in Memphis with gunshot wounds. 

Justin Welch, a black career criminal, shot three people in Memphis and then killed a cop when he crashed the stolen car he was driving. 

Roughly, this is what national news media reported, leaving out three white males were targeted by a black shooter in a city that is 65% black. 

It's so obvious this was a racial attack upon whites in Memphis by a black male, only censored by the fortuitous actions of this same black male killing a cop when he was on the run from police. 

What are the odds of three white males randomly being targeted in 65% black Memphis? 

Folks, welcome to Black-Run America (BRA), where an obvious racial attack is completely covered-up by the Memphis media. The corporate media exist to protect blacks from stereotypes criminal statistics obviously confirm. 


AChineseInCanada said...

All interracial violence that causes either significant injuries (more than a mere scratch) or involves a bodily violation (rape) should be automatically investigated as a hate crime.

All name calling that doesn't involve an actual threat against person or property needs to return to being a non-crime that police shouldn't waste time calling people in for questioning. This should only be exempted if the name-calling is accompanied by stalking or blocking someone's way.

But that would be RACIST because of Disparate Impact!

Some beautiful day in the future I would be able to make my last comment as AChineseInSingapore. The North America and The West that I've grew up in and LOVED dearly is no more. It's Polar Bear Hunting Season Every Season and blacks have a license to do whatever they want. It sickens me that Dante Robinson, 21, had just been caught in a home invasion, because why is he even out? They killed twelve-year-old Autumn Pasqaule back in 2012, they strangled her and left her body in a recycling bin. In 2013, Philip Chism raped his teacher Colleen Ritzer in a bathroom and then stabbed her death, before wheeling her body out of the school in a recyling bin. Do they litter in the hood even when the garbage bin is one feet away, because they are saving space for the dead bodies? Autumn Pasqaule was a LITTLE GIRL, they were neighbours and they killed her, a premeditated act of evil.

I grew up watching BBC and CBC. I grew up listening to my teachers and trusting what they've told me. All my life I've been lied to - how I wish the lies were true, it's a beautiful dream that we could all live in harmony and share the boons of diversity. I still like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, there are some things i like about black people (but nothing I would be poor without), but we can't ignore all the murders, all the rapes, all the vandalism, destruction, and these deadly acts of hate. Even if homogeny is dull I rather be bored than dead, and most of civilization (not blacks) have gotten on just fine without celebrating diversity. The murder and rape of innocent people is not a price that should ever be acceptable for diverse foods and entertainment.

Alex from N. England said...

Why was this story buried by the mainstream media...?

It's (((them))). It's always (((them)))...

Bird of Paradise said...

This should make those thugs who commited this hate crime eligble for the death pentalty without Jessie Jackson and his RAINBOW/PUSH trouble makers from sticking in their noses

Anonymous said...

Went on a shooting spree?
But the teevee showed the noble magic negro saving the dumbass whitey cracka?
(((Who))) would make such an ad on the teevee?

Ex New Yorker said...

People talk about the coming race war. The war ain't coming. It's been here for fifty years. It started in 1965. I was there and watched it happen. I was doing street time when the first shots were fired. The crime stats went off the charts. In NY forty cab drivers a year were getting shot or killed. Whole cities were set on fire. Watts, Detroit, Newark and other places became blazing infernos. Militant black groups started killing white people and shooting cops. Black street thugs became American heroes. They dressed in black leather jackets and black berets with Carbines strapped around their shoulders as they waved clenched fists for the cameras. Americans sat at home watching the Flintstones and Hogan Heroes while I was looking over my shoulder for the next attack.

The horror of it all was how fast and quick an attack would come. In the blink of an eye you would be in a world of shit. I knew nine women that that were raped by blacks. One was raped by a black guy and a white guy that worked as a team. They flashed a badge on her and said they were cops. They got her in a van and both took turns on her. One day my best friend came and told me he and his girl friend were moving to Forth Avenue to a building that had a doorman and security because she had gotten raped. The animal came into the apartment through a window from the fire escape. Black rapist are very brutal.

I've written about some of my encounters with African on this blog. Whatever I wrote about was just the tip of the iceberg. It wasn't just NY. I dealt with the same shit in Frisco and LA. They are fucking animals. I was in a pad in Frisco when this jig came walking in. As soon as he saw me he turned and ran. I had broken his hand two years earlier in Berkeley. He tried to kill a friend of mine.

After the Criminal Rights Act was passed Greenwich Village was swarming with these predators. They were hunting white pussy. They wanted to get some of that free love. When a white girl turned them down they would say "Hey...What are you prejudiced." I couldn't believe how many of those hippy chicks would fuck one of these guys just to prove they weren't prejudice.

The worst thing about this war is it seems to be very one sided. Anytime a white guy defends himself it becomes a big news story. The media has already chosen sides. The only good thing I can say is the apes are mostly killing each other. The media will NEVER TALK about the black problem in this country. Anyone who even hints there is a problem will be fired. They won't mention the onslaught caused by these welfare savages.

There are a still lot of naive white people that are asleep about what is happening. But the tide is turning. More and more people are buying guns and ammo. A lot of white people are finally waking up. If this does explode into one big shoot out I think blackie will be kept trapped in the cities just by the force of arms. Once these dumb fucks figure out that they are out gunned they will just turn on each other. The one thing a black guy does not like is someone who fights back. I learned that one the hard way.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

From PK's linked article: "Downtown violence" .....yes, it is the downtown that is violent. We should have eradicated downtowns many years ago, seeing as how they have this tendency to get violent.

I am becoming much more adept at recognizing the passive voice in our news. Years and years ago, a professor admonished me in one of my papers for using the "passive voice". At the time, I had no idea to what he was referring. Thankfully, I have so many examples of this today that I clearly know what it is.

Nothing short of a miracle will save us now. With such wise and elderly statesmen as (Miss) Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and who could forget the ever loving Chuck Schummer and John Brennan, how long can this experiment in democracy last? I fear we are at a crossroad and I have no idea what this will look like from the other side. I do know that if we survive, the country and indeed the world will be in complete shambles and in need of rebuilding. That is, AFTER the negro is ridden from our shores - along with the mudshark fans and DWLs that pine and advocate for them.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Why don't we know what Welch yelled at Walton and his family before he opened fire on him?"

Probably because it was along the lines of: Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood.

If a hiker is mauled by a bear do they bother reporting what sort of noises the bear was making?

I've been following the esoteric topic of modern negro savagery for quite some time now and I've seen stories of these primitives raping their own 8 day old baby to their 80 year old grandmother, stabbing their brother to death over a piece of chicken or shooting their own father over a dispute where to mount a TV. After enough such observations you must cease trying to ascribe any motives or thought process whatsoever to their violent and impulsive behavior. Other posters have referenced some TV show where they show actual negro murderers being interviewed and they honestly seem perplexed not only what happened but why "the knife went in".

They cannot associate last night's riots with the fact that today there are no stores open selling fake hair. They can't extrapolate the chain of logic between the last dump they took in the hallway to why their apartment building smells like a hog farm. In any event, stop anthropomorphising these animals, they do not have such human traits.

Perhaps with enough training and selective breeding you could bring these things up to speed so that they wouldn't cause complete destruction to civilization, but I'd wager if you gave one group of do gooders a pack of 1000 negroes and another group 1000 orangutans the orangutans would be more fit for civilization in a few centuries.

chattanooga gal said...

oh, they do this all the time. seems like there was another story a while back where a black guy shot up some other students at his school- all white- and they called it " random" even though the school was something like 85% black! that would make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to be random.
I have also heard sjw's defending the Muslim cop who shot that Australian woman, even though they have been rabidly against all other police in any incident regardless of the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

And yet again,silence from the liberal media. They're too busy trying to whitewash the Somalian cop shooting anyways. Apparently, slapping a police cruiser is grounds for shooting an unarmed woman, inches from his partners chest and through the drivers side door. Oh, but he has a college degree and was a pillar in the Somalian community. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

PK said: “Why don't we know what Welch yelled at Walton and his family before he opened fire on him?”

There’s some kind of sicko agenda to uplift & empower people of color, a sort of grooming for a power shift , or take over, to the extent that YT be damned. The propaganda is endless. MSN glorifies drugs & violence in their documentaries & openly portrays white as pure racist, without challenge. Cable channels show 80% negro shows while our children are assimilating “down” to the negro mean.

Negro dysfunction is nothing more than a struggle of a race. “They need our help, more help, more, more!” For some unimaginable reason, YT's okay with that & doesn’t see any need to fight it. Our leaders have sold us out.

To answer PK’s question: IMO, because we’re now taxed and not represented.

Anonymous said...

"In any event, stop anthropomorphising these animals, they do not have such human traits."

Since genetic tests show the average American negro has about 20% white ancestry, this seems an exaggeration. If true, then he's got 20% of a "soul", doesn't he? Or does Jesus go by the one drop rule? It's an interesting question. How much white ancestry does a negro have to have before he acquires a "soul", whatever that's supposed to be? Let's ask the famous evolutionary theorist and Scriptural authority Paintjob. If anyone would know, it's him. What's the Bible say about this, Paintjob?

Anonymous said...

3 White men in the wrong place (Memphis) at the wrong time (Today's America).

Sorry, The negro was only doing what a negro is supposed to do...He acted...naturally.

The White Men were the stupid ones acting "natural" (ONLY if Memphis was 100% White can you assume others are rational, kind, helpful.....in other words, Acting White..)

Thus they are stupid for not being 100% percent prejudiced and racist as soon as they saw a negro.

EVERY NEGRO IS A THREAT TO YOU. Had these 3 "stupid" White men felt this way, 100% of the time, they would most likely be alive today.

See a negro, think...where is my gun and can I get to it. Also, NEVER take your eyes off the negro. Sit facing all doors, sit where you can reach you gun, and always watch the hands of the negro. Always. This is not fun and it is not normal, but since we don't have a 100% WHITE NATION, we must live this way until the purge and cleansing.

This is why I've upgraded my concealed weapon(s). I always "carry" 2.... An ankle holstered 22 and now a 9mm on my hip in one of those "cases" that looks like a small book. I'm not trying to be stylish and my jacket/coat hides it 99% of the time.

I will not go peacefully into that good nightmare.

Bird of Paradise said...

I read that Obama idiot so called Preist Micheal Pfleger blamed the NRA for all thise gun deaths never mind the fact that Chicago is a sanctary city I mean this fool is just another would be witch hunter looking to burn a few innocent people at the stake

Anonymous said...

The enemy here is not the blacks. They are simple and predictable. They seek targets of opportunity and have no regard for human life. Black, white or otherwise.

No, the real enemy listed in this article is the propaganda ministers of the press. With the public trust in their hands, they lie, mislead and misrepresent issues we think of as 'news' but are really just the socialist musings of the left.

So three white men were attacked based upon their skin color and a police officer was killed during a car chase. All the reporting turns to the police officer because he was black. In the journalist's 'investigation, they never even bothered to discover what the ranting black attacker was screaming at his victims. Why? Because it didn't fit in with their agenda. The focus was not on a black 'hero' and the actual targets of the killer are forgotten.

I've seen it play out so many times that it sickens me. 'Inconvenient' stories get downplayed or outright ignored. Mainstream issues get marginalized and fringe theories come into clear focus and receive the full support of the mainstream media.

Sadly, there will be no end to it. The leftist media will never go away. Stop reading their garbage and they will remain anyway. They are supported by powerful money backers to whom the agenda is more important than the profit.

But there's no saying that you have to watch, read or listen to the lies they spread. Think of them as a movie playing to an empty theater... a soap box speaker, ignored by the bustling crowds that pass him. Let them waste their money. Don't buy into any of it.

And speak up. Don't take a back seat anymore. Speak your mind. If you see issue with how they operate, let their advertisers know about it. Advertisers are the last great hope. We've seen how crowds of blacks can sway advertisers away from a cause - even though blacks aren't a buying power. The advertisers can't risk it. That's how this whole SJW phenomenon works. Advertisers are fearful of any bad press or fallout based on their advertising dollars.

So, we all have to become SJW's for America before it's too late. You can't vote these problems away. And if it comes time for a fight, it will be ugly. But maybe we can turn a little in our favor by having advertisers abandon media outlets because of deceptive journalism and editorials-disguised-as-news.

We are the white, purchasing power-base of America. Think of the power we wield, yet leave sheathed on the table everyday. It's time to free it from its scabbard and take a few swings.

Might feel good.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

...And one other thing.

I see many responses to stories like this that say it is somehow the fault of the victims for not being 'prepared' to combat the negro threat.

Remember, these men were eating lunch with family or conducting themselves at their place of work. They are not steely eyed gunslingers, prepared to test their mettle against a fast moving, determined gunman. They are women headed to their car after work. Or walking to their home or apartment. These are kids walking to and from school or friend's houses.

Let's not get so enamored with our own prowess, however great you think you may be, that we start abandoning the white victims of these animals. The exception to me are those who dally in places where they should not be and toying with relationships that should never be. How many Nicole Brown Simpson's do you need for reference before you start to understand?

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Thus they are stupid for not being 100% percent prejudiced and racist as soon as they saw a negro

Did you not read the article? The 21 year old was pushing carts at Bass Pro Shops.

In a city like Memphis there is no way you can be on guard 100% of the time. It's impossible.

Whites need to move away from Memphis and let it fall to the Bantu.

Anonymous said...

See a negro, think...where is my gun and can I get to it. Also, NEVER take your eyes off the negro. Sit facing all doors, sit where you can reach you gun, and always watch the hands of the negro. Always. This is not fun and it is not normal, but since we don't have a 100% WHITE NATION, we must live this way until the purge and cleansing.

Even if you walk around armed you can't stop the random bullet meant for someone else.

Then there are the hobos that might just crack and stab you in the back on the street.

It's an awful way to live. Why not just move to the country?

Anonymous said...

The propaganda press assumes everyone is a dumbass like their democrat (CPUSA) boot licker followers when that is not the case.
Everyone now knows that when the race is not mentioned by the BRA's version of Pravda it is either a mexcrement, a mooncricket or a mudslime doing the crime.
Any release of those BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) videos of "youths" beating and robbing white people? (rhetorical)
Speaking of rapid transit why doesn't Amerikwa have a bullet train?
Where did all the money go? (also rhetorical)

Marc B said...

That episode was big news here in Nigton, but the details were suppressed by the Memphis PR representatives for BRA, the local media. It's very hard for them to do any crime reporting because the suspects are so uniformly black. They go hog-wild with detailed coverage and live reports from the courthouse whenever the random White in these parts steps out of line.

Anonymous said...

I stay out of areas where there's a prevalence of blacks and even in areas where there may be only one or two, I stay aware of where they are and what they're doing until they've moved on. A friend of mine had to learn this lesson the hard way. After he'd been mugged three times by blacks, I told him that if he blindly put himself into that kind of situation and got mugged again, I was going to write him off as a complete and total idiot. I actually screamed at him, "Learn the f*cking lesson!" Even after that he was often oblivious. For example, we'd walked out of a store and he was flashing a wad of cash and two nearby blacks had zeroed in on him immediately and I gave him a head's up and told him to put the damn cash away and not to do that anymore. If he'd been alone, he most certainly would have been attacked, robbed and possibly injured again or worse.

I've told that story before and even the one where a black was rushing up on me from behind to punch me in the back of the head in a store only to be shocked when I turned around, pulled my vest back and put my hand on my knife causing him to flee in the opposite direction. That's the thing that people have to learn- around blacks, never relax and always be aware of where they are and what they're doing and avoid the groid to the extent possible. Yes, it sucks to have to do that but that's the nature of the beast- it's a predator and you never know when an attack might happen. In White areas when no blacks are around, I don't have to be on high alert and can relax completely. When blacks are around, I won't even let them stand in a line behind me at a restaurant or a grocery store and will move out of the danger zone. NEVER let them get close to you or within striking distance. All of this is necessary even in a town like mine that is only about 10% groid. That being said, you'd never get me to step foot in a place like Memphis even though I live in Tennessee. Not going to happen. Ever. And no, I don't care if blacks scream that this is all racist and sheeit. Nor do I care if any whites screech that they go into black areas all the time and nothing has ever happened to them. Given time, it will. Even one friend who is somewhat of a libtard admitted that a black "friend" of his told him to never come into his neighborhood to visit him without calling first so he could meet him and escort him back to his house and escort him out when he left. With blacks, it's not a matter of IF you'll be attacked but a matter of when and under what circumstances.

Learn the damn lessons!

Sick n' Tired said...

I've said before that I would rather live next door to a house full of orangutans or gorillas than a houseful of blacks. I still stand by that.

Hang em' High said...

America does have a bullet train, everyday bullets pick up NeedGrows and takes them to the ER or straight to a dirt nap. Far too many Bullet Trains stop at the ER though I wish more would deliver to the dirt nap area. The war on poverty failed, the war on drugs is a joke, the war on cancer is big business and then you die. Hopefully when the war on ALL those who have had the white race in their crosshairs and their fecal hued dullard stormtroopers begins it won't be an utter failure like the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

A little update to the usual "Once you go black..."


Read it, you will not be disappointed. And, like Usher is apparently spreading herpes, disseminate this story far and wide for the past, present, and future coal-burners in your life.

Wait, what was that? "Once you go black, it just keeps coming back, and back, and back..."

General Ripper

Anonymous said...

Paul - did you hear about this?

Mayors Receive (another) $5 Million Grant to Reform Young Black Males.


"After the funds are wasted with little success to show for their efforts, these same enablers of Dindu dysfunction will beg for even more money from taxpayers. New programs will be created promising to change a people who simply cannot be reformed on any large scale basis nor with any consistency."

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

If you see a negro, make a move to get away from it. I practice this many times. If I encounter one at a store, I hover around in an area until they move on. Sometimes it can take a few minutes, but a minute here or there can save your life. Sadly, the people slain in this story didn't have that luxury.

Think of the negro as a rattlesnake. You'd no sooner move closer to a rattlesnake than a potentially violent negro. And how do you know a negro is violent? You can only assume any "micro-aggression" will set them off. It could be how you look at them, something you're wearing, or maybe the mere fact that they didn't get laid last night. Bottom line is, expected the unexpected. Being armed helps, but being aware of your surroundings is even better.

If you find yourself on an elevator with a negro and you don't have your firearm, get off at the very next floor. The attacks are coming fast and furious now. The press does not report these crimes, either. There have been recent attacks, including one rape, at a college near where I live. I heard about it only briefly, and the story was buried very quickly by the media. We are leaving our young people, particularly our young women, in real jeopardy.

A few towns over from where I live some shots rang out at a negro coonmunity recently. One toddler was grazed by a stray bullet. This is how they choose to live. Getting as far away from them as humanly possible is the only short term solution for survival.

Anonymous said...

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"Gunslinger" said...

Jim in Jersey


Anon @ 8:18 AM, and @ 8:38 AM

Sorry. If you are moving things around a parking lot , and don't have the necessary AWARENESS that Negroes Kill White people, then you are mistaken

Eating with your family in a restaurant, in America, and are unaware that negroes kill White people, then you are mistaken

You see, that is what I am getting at. The old way is gone. The previous lives we lived are gone. Gone.

Hobos that may crack you in the head? Stop now and then. Look around. THINK, put away your pathetic smart-phone when walking or being outdoors. In fact, never use a cell phone in public, ever. That just tempts the monkeys.

A woman heading to her car after work, or walking up to her apartment? Well, guess what, that is the perfect time for her to be beaten, raped and robbed. We all know that. She doesn't? Oh,she "know" about it but doesn't want to have to "live like that" and pack a gun like a "gun-slinger" well, guess what little snow-flake, liberal, anti-gun womyn, this is the world we live in now and that safer White World, which she hates, is no longer.

We, her, he and you can't have it both ways. You can't live in a society that is now violent, anti-White, criminal and sick, yet refuse to do what is necessary. Twice I have had to "show" one of my guns so that those hunting me backed off. After the fact, my heart was racing and I couldn't believe "it could happen to me".

Yep, I'm a gun slinger and I'm the guy who will most likely have to save the little snowflake walking to her car, at night, in America, from her stupidity. In fact, she should have an over-the-shoulder hand bag, with one of her hands IN IT holding the gun, as she walks quietly, constantly is LISTENING and looking, making sudden stops and turning as she approaches her car.

In fact, why the hell is she walking to her car alone? Why isn't she good friends with all the White men at her place of work who can escort her to her car? Oh, I know why, she don't need no F'n MAN. She is woman. Hear her roar...before she is beaten in the face by the negro..............(I'll still come to her aide, as long as she is White).

Anonymous said...

The orcs masses have gone over into full-on "Kill Mode".

This must be recognized and we must prepare accordingly.

ot: Trump is under total assault by the (((media))). He must crush them fully right now. They are going for the throat of Real America in one final crazed "Russia!" frenzy.

Do whatever you can to support our leader and erase the power of the (((media))).

Do something today. Legal, but do something.

Paintjob Theory said...

"he's got 20% of a "soul", doesn't he?"

Do you even believe in the concept of a soul?

"does Jesus go by the one drop rule?"

I don't recall Jesus mentioning the origin of modern man nor the sub Saharan negroid but I'd hazard a guess that people in that time period (and indeed people up until quite recently) viewed them as livestock. I find the one drop rule seems to be a good measure though, but feel free to use your own barometer of the term "human", after all you've said before that you consider negroids your "brothers".

"How much white ancestry does a negro have to have before he acquires a "soul", whatever that's supposed to be?"

So if you don't even understand the concept of soul, why do you ask? *pilpul*

I use the one drop rule, but if you feel otherwise, feel free to live around various breeds of mongrel and give them a shot and let us know how that works out for you.

"What's the Bible say about this, Paintjob?"

The book Animal Farm isn't about animal husbandry, and the play by Israel Cohen titled The Melting Pot isn't about metallurgy. The tale of the grasshopper and the ant won't teach a grasshopper to play the fiddle, but it will explain the difference between African and human societies. The story of the pied piper won't help you rid your house of rodents but it goes a long way in explaining foreign "merchants" infesting your town with vermin in order to drain your coffers and gain control by offering you a solution.

Parables and myths are not meant to explain physics, biology, or chemistry but to help understand human interactions and spiritual truths about our own nature and the "duality of man".

You're not actually looking for an explanation here, and if you're as stupid is you pretend to be you won't understand it anyway. As you have admitted, your only goal is to undermine the pillars of western civilization: our laws, our founders, and our collective faith.

That all said, since I know your kind hates Jesus, he did say "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast. ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

Let's see if you can figure out how that is your answer. Thanks for playing, Hiram.

Zabo said...

For the 10th million time........ No negroes,No Problems! Till my last breath.

Anonymous said...

@sick n tired quote lived next door. You should buy or build house next door to a zoo so you can see different types of animal

Anonymous said...

If I said hello to my next door neighbor and he ignored me, I would shrug my shoulders and assume maybe my neighbor's just having a bad day. Not so for the primitive, narcissistic negro, who will interpret such an affront as a sign of " disrespeck" and start planning on how to murder you.

They belong on the jungles and plains of Africa scavenging for food alongside hyenas, not here.

Anonymous said...

It is the week of the 50 year anniversary of the Detroit riots. Oh, by the way, riot has now been changed to rebellion. Blacks are tripping over one another blaming the whole mess on the brutality of the Detroit police department. The premier of the movie 'Detroit ' was last night. Rave reviews for a movie that exonerates the blacks and persecutes the police and whites in general. Someone who comments on this site signs off as 'sick and tired', I'll second that sentiment.

chattanooga gal said...

" they never even bothered to discover what the ranting black attacker was screaming at his victims. Why? Because it didn't fit in with their agenda"
reminds me of that black woman in vegas who ran over a bunch of people on the sidewalk. I remember the cops saying they were " disturbed" by what she was saying, but WE never got to know what it was and she was NOT charged with a hate crime. Same with that black school shooter in Oregon who they tried real hard to say was a white NRA guy. He had some kind of manifesto- never published. ( I notice they published Dylan Roof's right away)

Bill in St Louis said...

Entirely off topic, (Sorry PK) but too good not to share:


I kid you not I almost pissed myself reading this!

Anonymous said...

Of all the writers here, I believe PJT is one of the most scathing and he obviously hit a nerve today. He has a way of making the truth really hurt by describing blacks bluntly but to the point. I can only hope I can piss one of you half-breeds (white mom and raised by her family, amIright?) as much as he does, as my own way of saying fk you for what you put everyone through on a daily basis.

Take it as a compliment PJT and redouble your efforts. I know I'm going to.

Anonymous said...

Hobos that may crack you in the head? Stop now and then. Look around.

Impossible to prevent a random hobo attack on a busy street. They can stalk and stab you without anyone seeing it.

THINK, put away your pathetic smart-phone when walking or being outdoors. In fact, never use a cell phone in public, ever.

Or use a dumbphone if you absolutely need one for business reasons. You might still get robbed but it's far less of a target than an iphone, especially if you aren't dressing up.

Anonymous said...

If you find yourself on an elevator with a negro and you don't have your firearm, get off at the very next floor.

Elevators are dangerous places. Even if you get a shot off the negro might try and grab the gun or pull a knife in an attempt to take you with him. The brain can still function for about 10 seconds even with the heart completely blown out. That's plenty of time for a negro to pull a knife or grab your gun. Now in most cases 2 shots of 9mm JHP to the chest will drop anyone but you might get a bullet sponge. I had a relative patch a negro full of bullet holes who left the hospital the same night to get revenge. That's outpatient for multiple gunshot wounds. Crazy.

If you miss in an elevator it can ricochet and kill you.

The other factor is the blood. The blood spray may get in your eyes or mouth in a confined area. That could be HIV or HEP C. Around half the negroes in NYC have VD. You trolling libs can look that up. Get to the hospital immediately for the shot they give rape victims. It can prevent HIV if taken early enough.

So yes the best thing to do is get off the elevator ASAP.

Anonymous said...

In fact, why the hell is she walking to her car alone? Why isn't she good friends with all the White men at her place of work who can escort her to her car? Oh, I know why, she don't need no F'n MAN. She is woman. Hear her roar...before she is beaten in the face by the negro..............(I'll still come to her aide, as long as she is White).

They are taught that only the weak and waycist White women would ask for an escort.

A lot of the SJW types see themselves as negro whisperers. Because they slept with a negro once or have a negro friend they think it gives off some karma vibe. This is probably why Seth Rich was murdered. I would bet a million dollars that he saw himself as a negro whisperer and told his muggers to "hold on" as he talked on the phone. These SJW types really think that if they listen to live jazz or go to BLM rallies it builds cred with all negroes. They think only the waycist or asshole Whites get attacked. In their minds the Black criminal carefully picks from an assortment of victims and would skip them for a White guy in a suit.

And yes I'll come to their aide as well, even the Seth Rich types. But I don't go walking around the streets of DC looking for someone to save. But I also think negroes are good at sensing who might fight back and normally pick targets that are alone.

Ex New Yorker said...

Since this has now become a place where people can bitch at each other over different savior religions I thought I would list some of the other "crucified saviors". Just to name a few........

Chrishna......1200 B. C.

Sakia.....600 B.C.

Thammuz....1160 B. C.

Wittoba.....552 B. C.

Iao.....622 B. C.

Hesus....834 B. C.

Quexalcote 587 B.C.

Quirinus.....506 B.C.

Prometheus....547 B. C.

Thulis....1700 B. C.

Indra......725 B. C.

Alcestos.....600 B. C.

Atts......1170 B. C.

Crite.....1200 B. C.

Bali....725 B. C.

Mithra.....600 B. C.

These guys were born of virgins. A lot were born in a barn filled with donkey shit and goat piss. As we all know that is the best place for saviors to be born. An evil king killed all the other kids in the neighborhood so they went and "hid in the woods". They preached for three years. They were tortured to death by being nailed to trees, wooden wheels and crosses between two thieves. Esus was a druid "god" crucified between two lambs whose blood was to "wash away peoples sins"." They all rose from the dead and had a quick visit to hell to rescue "sinners". They were supposed to return to "save the sinners" from "god's wrath". Some people are still waiting. The "long wait" thing has always been very popular. They claimed to be "shepherds of men" which the "sheep" found to be very comforting.

The Egyptian god Horus was born to a virgin (Isis). The gods in Egypt were really cool. They had the heads of dogs, cats, birds and snakes (Anubis, Horus, etc). and they traveled around in flaming chariots and flying boats. I don't recall anytime they threw poisonous serpents on peoples heads.

The idea that someone could suffer and die in misery (blood of the lamb, scapegoat, human sacrifice, etc) to forgive the sins of mankind has been around for years. It always seems to work. Never have these savior gods ever lived to die of old age. After a quick three tears of preaching it became time to get out the nails. It seems to me a kind of weird way for god to "save the sinners". Oh well. It is what it is.

The teaching of all these "born of a virgin" saviors was nearly all the same. These "son of god" religions have been very popular. Earth people have been taught that they are "sinners and bound for eternal hell" because of a couple naked people who started wearing clothes a long long long long time ago in Edin. Remember. god sits on a "throne in heaven" next to a burning lake of fire and has a really big book with names of people that didn't eat "fish on Friday" The worst part is that when god pitches your sinful ass into the lake of fire you don't even get a surfboard.

If you worship these gods you get to live with them in heaven. The worst thing about heaven is you have to go to church seven days a week instead of just one. I guess that is better than burning in the flaming pits of hell forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess!
Poverty made him do it !
I grew up with blacks and the "talented tenth" will stick up for him.
No matter what!
I've seen it over and over again.
What? Did the white people oppress him by not having him to the restaurant for dinner?
They'll say he didn't get enough hugs from mom or never knew pops.
I knew so many N.A.P.A 's that would hurt or aggravate whites just for shits and giggles!
Definitely a hate crime!
But black men can't be racist!
They'll fuck ANYTHING!
I don't miss them!
Thank GOD for sickle cell 😠

Anonymous said...

This is a very expensive problem made a million times worse by the DNC/professors imposing this new ‘microaggression’ garbage on white males (for it is directed nearly entirely at white males at this point).

Even though we have Trump now, the machine feeding this insanity is still run mainly by DNC lunatics: Feds dole out $3M+ to fight ‘microaggressions’ in STEM fields

This story is infuriating on many levels. Even the article which is aghast about this money going towards ‘microaggressions’ lies about what is really going on because they are too scared of being accused of sexism if they point out that females are not nearly as talented as males in STEM fields. I used to teach in that area and was one of the ---ems blog

Annie Oakley said...

To the man above who asked the stupid one drop questions, here is my answer. A turd in a punchbowl ruins the whole pot. People like you have been waging war against the white western European peoples for centuries.

People that pop in like this are like a stalking boyfriend or girlfriend who won't quit calling you or popping in just to say hey.

To get a good idea about racial realities read the "origin of race and civilization" by Charles A. Weisman or "our nordic race" by Richard Kelly Hoskins. Plenty of statistical and scientific evidence of tainted wombs from black telegony.

Brian in Ohio said...

Even though we have Trump now, the machine feeding this insanity is still run mainly by DNC lunatics: Feds dole out $3M+ to fight ‘microaggressions’ in STEM fields

"Fight micro aggressions"? Horse shit. It wont go to "fight" anything. They stole $3 mil of taxpayer money and greased their friends palms with it.

Stay alert, stay alive

Anonymous said...

I second that sentiment! I've been a loyal follower of SBPDL for a few years now. Rarely do I ever comment, no need to--someone else usually expresses what I'm already thinking far more beautifully than I could. Among the many wonderful commenters here, PaintJobTheory is my #1 favorite..astute as hell, unsparing, and FUNNY, not just for his sound assessments of the negro but his insight and knowledge about (((other stuff))). PJT, brother, keep up the good work helping us who need help connecting the (((dots)))! FormerlyMsGreenbaum, I always love and look forward to your commentary too. Thanks to alll of you!

Mr. Rational said...

Just digging up something historic for SBPDL (and PK is welcome to make a post of this):

On pp. 505-6 of "The Bell Curve" appears this text (capitalization in original):

Try this thought experiment on yourself.  If all antidiscrimination law were rescinded tomorrow, would you (if you are an employer) hire whites in preference to blacks or Latinos?  Would you (if you are an employee) begin looking for workplaces where you did not have to work with blacks or Latinos?  Would you (if you are a customer) seek out stores and services that did not have black or Latino personnel?  We put the issue that way to expose a strange dissonance among Americans.  We are confident that the answer to all of those questions by virtually all of the white readers of this book is an emphatic, deeply felt "no."

I am 100% White.  In 1994, I probably would have agreed.  But times have changed.

I am too familiar with the Latrino affection with MeCHA and La Raza.  I do not patronize businesses which employ Latrinos.  They deserve neither my trust nor my money.

I am too familiar with Jesse Jackson's tales of spitting in the food of his White patrons when he worked as a waiter, not to mention the recent accounts of Blacks rubbing hamburger buns on dirty floors or putting menstrual blood on people's food.  I do not patronize establishments which employ Blacks.  They deserve neither my trust nor my money.

Latrinos and Africans have declared themselves my enemy (ditto Mohammedans).  I will not patronize their businesses or those which employ them.  They will not have any money that I can deny them.  They have to go back.