Monday, July 31, 2017

What Happens If We Lose? Six Percent Black San Francisco in Early Stages of Making it Illegal to Arrest Blacks

Previously on SBPDL: Pattern Recognition a Greater Sin than Black Criminality: BART Officials Protecting Black Criminals from "racially insensitive commentary"

What happens if we lose? 

It's a question few want to even ask and even fewer want to have answered. 

We already see in cities completely controlled monolithically by Democrats what happens to law and order, as in Oakland the city government actively suppresses releasing images or racial descriptions of suspects on public transportation to protect blacks from stereotyping (pattern recognition). 

But is life really going to be like as every action by the state and the corporate media (an entity existing solely to police the narrative and single out thought criminals for reeducation) is dedicated to advancing the interests of blacks - and non-whites - particularly black criminals? 

In six percent black San Francisco, we get a glimpse of the horror of egalitarian terror taken to its extreme. [Report: African Americans arrested in San Francisco face more serious charges than whites,, June 27, 2017]:
San Francisco's public defender says he is forming a new unit to help prevent racial disparities in the city's judicial system. The conclusion of a report he released today showing that African Americans receive more serious charges when they're arrested than whites. 
"I didn't think this could happen to me in America, but it did," Leslie Elliott said. 
Elliott was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other felonies in an incident where Elliott says she accidentally spilled coffee on a woman who told police she assaulted her and her dog. 
A jury eventually acquitted her of all charges except for resisting arrest, which is a misdemeanor. 
Public Defender Jeff Adachi said Elliott is an example of what the report found - that there are racial disparities in San Francisco's judicial system. 
The report says it all starts from the time a person of color is arrested. 
"It results in people of color, particularly African Americans, being charged with more serious charges earlier on and more charges," Adachi said. "And essentially that sets the tone for the case throughout the entire system." 
The district attorney's office says it looks only at facts and evidence in making charging decisions. 
"They're reviewing evidence submitted by the police and that does not include evidence of race," District Attorney Spokesman Max Szabo said. 
The report appears to support that saying there were no significant statistical differences in the severity of charges prosecutors added for blacks of Latinos compared to whites. 
The San Francisco Police Department responded with a statement that says in part, "our officers charge individuals based on the elements of the crimes present. The standard for an arrest is based upon probable cause." 
In response to the report, Adachi is creating a new unit with deputy public defenders ready to intervene between the arrest and arraignment of those taken into custody. 
Adachi's new unit will be launched in October.
What happens if we lose? 

It's a question few want to even ask and even fewer want to have answered. 

A new unit in San Francisco is seemingly being created with the goal of keeping non-white - particularly black - criminals capable of being exonerated from the consequences of their illegal actions.

If we lose, we live in a country where it is illegal to arrest blacks and other non-whites (Hispanics).

We will live in a country where merely being white is grounds for some form of castigation, without due process.


Anonymous said...

A bit off-topic but did you hear that the world premiere for the film DETROIT was supposed to be in Jackson, Mississippi but ...

Anonymous said...

This "equal before the law" thing has been dragged way out of context to the point where liberals and blacks think that any disparity between black and whites in any area is instantly racism. We are all equal, so the outcomes should be roughly the same. The stupidity of the last sentence is obvious, but that is basically how their argument goes.

Biological differences aside, maybe we can look at some of the REASONS blacks are singled out for discipline, law-breaking, and lack of respect for others from kindergarten to the grave. If you act rude, entitled, overly aggressive and make accusations and threats in public do you think that is NOT going to affect how everyone (from strangers on the street to cops) ends up treating you in return? The rest of us don't kiss cop ass because we lack a spine- it is easier to be cordial for a minute and possibly have any charges dropped (meaning no future financial penalty) if we cooperate with authorities. It costs you nothing but your time.

On top of that, the degree of the crimes that blacks commit are far different than those committed by whites and other races. Aggravated assault is almost a purely black thing- let us look up the definition:

"Aggravated assault is an attempt to cause serious bodily injury to another or to cause serious bodily injury purposely, knowingly or recklessly, with an extreme indifference to the value of human life. Aggravated assault also occurs when a person attempts to cause or purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon."

They are incredibly indifferent to the needs and wellbeing of others around them, yet expect to be treated like royalty lest they terrorize the rest of us for lack of "respect". Societies are formed by people working together, cooperatively. Blacks are the antithesis to cooperation- and as such they will forever be a disgusting thorn in the side of civilization.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm . . .

I can see the reason for alarm, but we are talking about San Francisco, which has ALWAYS been a bleeding heart liberal cesspool. This is about par for the course, and I expect the last few sensible people that were hoping for a course correction are calling their realtors right now, just as the same sensible types are leaving Chicago and Illinois in droves. People are waking up to the bullshit bigtime.

Over at SCC, some very interesting comments have appeared in recent days. A CHL carrier flatly stated that he IGNORES the "NO GUNS"
signage posted on the CTA, and that should push ever come to shove, he will do what he has to do and bail at the next stop. Quite a few of the cops are posting similar comments to the effect of getting the permit, practicing regularly, and if necessary, leaving the scene of a self-defense shooting - THAT'S how quickly things have gone downhill since the election of Kimesha Foxx as the Cook County State Attorney. The pot is steaming and the water is beginning to bubble quite a bit.

The Happening is almost upon us. Prepare accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I'd say let them "win". Bar white males from all sorts of service, especially the military. Should be a hoot until the SHTF!

Scot Irish

Ex New Yorker said...

The people living in these large cities have become totally fucking insane. The cities are filled with the "shit for brains" population. The turds at the top are on their knees kissing black ass. They believe that all these poor suffering black criminals are getting a raw deal from the bigots and racist. Mobs of animals are beating the crap out of white people and these liberal dorks are shitting in their pants and complaining about a lack of "social justice" for an army of psychopaths who have no feeling for those they torture and murder. What is wrong with these people.

That first year or so when I was "out on my own like a rolling stone" I'll admit that I was still kind of naive about the world around me. I woke up very fast. I've been a realist from an early age. These dip shits that run these cities are not a bunch of kids that are young and dumb and full of come. These idiots are full grown adults. How and the hell can these fuckers not see what is going on around them. Who are they taking orders from.

Years ago I did a lot of traveling in an old souped up 1970's muscle car. All of America is one big traffic jam with assholes riding on my bumper at 70 miles an hour who would flip me the bone when they passed me. Half the rest stops I stopped in had armed guards.

It's not just the cities. The out lying areas are also over populated. I remember driving from Atlanta to Macon and it was like one big city with no open space between. The few open spaces I saw in this country were in Texas and Oklahoma. Then I drove through Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Holy fucking shit. It was like being in a time machine and going back to 1955. I had driven across Northern Nebraska and then down through the middle of Wyoming. All on two lane blacktop and wide open country. I fell in love with the high plains. Nowhere did I see one black face until I went over the mountains into Denver.

When people are packed in like rats they start to act like rats. Something is happening to the minds of white people in this country. They are become stupid and crazy. They send their kids to schools filled with cupcakes, transgenders and girly men. The main course is called "common insanity" and "victimhood". This is a new form of the hive mind. Not only will they learn to all think alike, but now they can all learn to become insane, crazy, incompetent and totally fucking nuts. With qualities like they will find it easy to get a job working at city hall or in Washington, D.C.

Tonight I just had a good talk with a local rancher. We talked about what would happen with an EMP. The first thing that came up was water. A quarter mile out of town near the highway is a working windmill and stock tank. He told me about two others that I didn't know about that are even closer. TO SURVIVE YOU WILL NEED WATER. You cannot eat food if you are dry. I learned that by riding on a freight train across the Mojave Desert in Mid-July (120 in the shade). Two miles on the other side of town another rancher has a water pump that works with solar panels.

This afternoon another rancher came riding down main street in a horse drawn buckboard that he will be driving in this weeks county fair parade. The West was won with horses. Forget that bullshit about the Winchester. This is horse country and gun country. There is not a house I have been in that did not have a bunch of rifles stacked in the corner. Horses, guns and water. What else do you need to survive. When was the last time you saw any horses in Camden, Baltimore or Chicago.

The cities are deathtraps that are being run by morons.

Bird of Paradise said...

From the same city that welcomes illegal aliens allows for clean drug needle exchanges makes itself a a illegal alien sanctary and bars miliitary recruters the whole city is full of coruption and vice and i can still remember spending a few days there but now i would set foot in this sin city on the west coast

Anonymous said...

We must first dispel the foolish notion that negro can be civilized. There are a few outliers and examples of negro achievement, however the numbers of them are so minuscule there really is no reason to factor them into the equation.

First separation, then repatriation

Anonymous said...

White Oregon couple loses custody of children due to low IQ test results:
"After taking a required IQ test, Ziegler scored a meager 66 and Fabbrini a 72. The IQ of the average person ranges anywhere from 90-110."

IQ was the primary reason, there is no issue of abuse or neglect. The mother had fallen asleep together with the baby - on the floor - on a firm hard surface like the floor, the danger of rolling over onto the baby is minimum. Rollover occurs often when the mother is exhausted or under the influence of drugs.

They look like loving and fit parents. I'm a firm believer in 'eugenics' *, but consider the CONTEXT. There are a LOT of stupid AND violent negroes breeding generation after generation of stupid and violent negroes, who are dependent on welfare for generations, who are increasingly born bastards, and who are probably increasingly inbred. Within this context, taking away this white couple's children's is disportionate when they are loving parents and they do have help from smarter family members.

Another thing to consider, is that while oriental asians are uniformaly smart - we hug close to the median - white IQ is all over the place, it's not too rare among whites for there to be a genius sibling and an idiot sibling made by the same set of parents. As long as the parents are not dumb AND violent and that neither one is a rapist, I think even dim (white) people should have ONE child (where in there is support for that one child to be care for).

* 'eugenics' encouraging those that are more fit to reproduce while discouraging those who are unfit from polluting the gene pool.

Note: Notice how many TOYS the little kids have - the parents have an old TV, they spend the money on books and toys for the kids. That little blond boy is a toddler, at this stage of development, you don't even worry about Albebra yet, the most important thing is communication and hand-eye-coordination. Toddlers need to be interacted with, and if they can't interact back with their parents or the environment, that' s an early sign of trouble. In two of the pictures, the boy is interacting with two of his toys without his parents holding his hand to it.

The dim white couple who is on social assistance should be sterlized since they now have two kids, but they should keep the existing kids and get support for them.

An example of a baby that's been neglected and will grow up to be troubled? The one in the BACKGROUND of this young woman's weave tutorial:
The video opens with a black girl showing off the tools of her makeover tutorial, pretty typical so far...until 0:59 reveals a baby sitting up on the bed behind her.

She has placed her makeover tools on her BED where her baby is playing behind her! Scissors with sharp points, hot iron, and bottles of glue. *headdesk*

Usually when white and asian women have children, they stop fussing over their own appearance and switch to fussing over their baby. Black females take the money they get for the welfare cheque they just gave birth to and spends it on hair hats and talons.

I've learned from holding the babies of my family and friends that babies LOVE pulling on long hair. Are black babies more docile, or do their mothers just keep them out of reach or beat them when they go for the hair? OH, babies also love pulling at shiny things, so all the mothers I knew stopped wearing earrings.

Brian in Ohio said...

If we lose? The result we be the same as its been everywhere that blacks are allowed to... well, be blacks, without accountability.

Detroit. Oakland. Baltimore. South Africa. Somalia...

White people keep the lights on.

They need us, we don't need them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

If you were out on the corner selling drugs would you:

A. Be discreet.
B. Drink and smoke grass openly, point your gun and throw up gang signs at passing motorists, get into fist fights, expose yourself to passers by.

Tune in to Chicago police scanner after dark (or really any time of day) for the greatest reality show in African America. In any given episode of "Nigs at Night" you'll hear Robert (call sign of night shift rapid response units) in his never ending battle to defend civilization against the constant onslaught of Male Black and Male Hispanic.

Not to spoil the plot too much, but black criminals are exceptionally stupid and have truly no impulse control. Probably half the calls for selling drugs or random street crime or nuisance crimes aren't even just the crime but coupled with some other TNB or bizarre jungle antics. Seriously you could get away with street corner drug dealing until you start waving your genitals or your gun at people driving by. It's always "selling drugs AND exposing themselves", or "panhandling AND throwing feces at people who won't give them money".

Anyway, I'm certain someone will post that public defender article from AMREN here which goes further to explain "disparities" in negro sentencing.

Another interesting take-away here is that the folks of San Francisco I'll wager are quick to push the idea of evolution in order to dismiss any idea of any higher moral authority to justify their degeneracy but would swear to you that it only works on melanin in humans. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Diversity is Strength, and a man's rectum is the same thing as a birth canal. This whole thing will be very instructive.

All in all, I'd say the communists, perverts and other degenerates in San Francisco can reap what they've sewn, if that city was swallowed up by a 10+ Richter scale quake tomorrow I wouldn't squeeze out a tear.

Bill in St Louis said...

The report appears to support that saying there were no significant statistical differences in the severity of charges prosecutors added for blacks of Latinos compared to whites."

So, if there is no difference, according to the report, this ass clown is (padding his pockets) just saying blacks get more charges than whites? Sounds suspiciously like he is getting ready to run for office on a "dey wuz goot boiz" platform. SF, meet your next mayor. I long for the day when enough taxpayers/ humans move out of the cities and leave them entirely black, just to waych them burn. (It won't be SF though, too many gay whites enjoy bestiality) .

D-FENS said...

Let San Fransicko's negroes prey on it's DWLs.

Anonymous said...

Ask Sheriff Joe the consequences of enforcing the law.

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

"We will live in a country where merely being white is grounds for some form of castigation, without due process."

Indeed, we already do and it is called Affirmative Action, and the insidious law against whites organizing for their own interests, which also includes the prohibition against criticizing any non-white race based organization like the NAACP, Black Congressional Caucuses, Negro College Funds, La Raza, and many more.

Anonymous said...

The above article outlines what is already happening in Cook County, Illinois. Chicago is part of Cook and the newly elected negro States Attorney has already changed the standards for charging negroes with crimes. Felony theft was anything over $350 in value. Now the value must be over $1000. A direct disregard for state law. No drivers license, no problem. Suspended or revoked? No problem. The SA office has been told to reduce these offenses so that not too many negroes face serious charges. Shoplifting now requires 10 convictions before a person gets a felony, it used to be 3 previous convictions. Other violent crimes are now being treated as misdemeanors instead of the felony crimes that they are. The chief judge, T. Evans has ordered judges not to require cash bonds for bail because "poor people" are being discriminated against. Read that as too many negroes are in jail. Needless to say, no cash bail, nobody goes to court. Chief judge Evans is, you guessed it, a darkie. The county sheriff, Tom Dart, a wannabe negro, has released thousands of inmates who could not post bail for some very serious crimes like burglary, strong arm robbery, aggravated battery. They were put on electronic monitoring. You guessed right again if you believed many never went to court, ditched their monitoring device, and are now on the loose. This trend of not blaming negroes or holding them accountable for criminal behavior will sweep across the country in the democratic strongholds which will only lead to more crime, more destruction, more problems, and more govt handouts to the negroes in order to solve the crime and violence issues that they create.

Anonymous said...

C'mon....this is San Francisco we're talking about.

I'm surprised;
a) There's only 6% black in this leftist sanctuary
b) They arrest black as it is

Who really gives two sh*ts about what happens in California? You certainly can't pretend amazement at stories like this. I wouldn't be if it happening in my home state of NJ either. I'm sure it is already the case in places like Newark and Trenton.

What need to happen now is;
1) Blacks need to flood their way into San Francisco
2) They need to engage in TNB and start beating up and robbing the gays

Then the city 'fathers' (certainly a sexist term....let's for a committee to investigate) will be in a quandary as they try to decide who has more of a right to express themselves. The blacks, who express themselves by beating and robbing gays or, gays who express themselves by bleeding and losing money.

I just like watching it play out from afar. We've got our own problems here.

Jim in Jersey

Behind Blue Eyes said...

IT. Hey PK, what are your thoughts on that "The Talk" ad by Procter & Gamble? It's coddling at it's best. The Utube comments are great. Check it out

Anonymous said...

This race & class of people are shameless. There’s no end to their arrogance & deceits. You could change every law in this nation & they would still be “Socially & economically disadvantaged individuals” that everything under the sun, either disproportionally effects or offends.

“Give” then “everything” form cradle to grave & they remain “disadvantaged” (Either personally, or in their communities, or both) in “unfavorable circumstances” especially regarding their financial or social opportunities.

Provide free healthcare, dental, housing, utilities, clothes, food & somehow they still manage to remain “deprived” & “suffering” from severe or damaging lack of basic material and cultural needs. “Burdened” by the absence of specified benefits that are considered important to them. (Penny less.)

After everything said & done ( then said & done some more, rinse & repeat ) they rise no farther than the title of “Poverty stricken” – “extremely poor” – “needy” – “impoverished” or “indigent”

You’re darn right I flee the undertow. I refuse to live a “distressed” life of “suffering” with massive crime, anxiety, sorrow or pain, wallowing in my own despair.

Still, I’m unable to escape the overwhelming negro fatigue!

Anonymous said...

P N G 'AD'

Brace yourselves for this one folks! This Procter & Gamble commercial entitled ‘The Talk’ is one of the most overtly anti-White commercials that I’ve seen in a long time. If enough Whites complain, they’ll pull the commercial. If not, it will continue being aired.

The commercial begins with what appears to be an early 1960s setting in which Black children are called “niggers.” The Black mothers are naturally offended, and one of them tells her son that it’s an “ugly, nasty word and you are gonna hear it.” She was right about that! Although her son wouldn’t be hearing it from Whites per se, but almost exclusively from Blacks themselves. If there’s one thing that Blacks love, it’s their beloved ‘N-word.’

Another Black mother tells her son that “there are some people who think you don’t deserve the same privileges just because of what you look like.” But that’s not quite accurate. Blacks have not been discriminated in America so much because of what they look like (although there is an element of truth in this since negro facial features are universally seen as less attractive than White facial features), but because they have proven to be so criminally prone and dysfunctional. Before negroes ever landed on the American continent, they had gained a worldwide reputation for savagery and gross lev

Anonymous said...

will someone give me racial break downs on each of these bad places?

Anonymous said...

What happens if we lose? It's going on right now. Due to the unabated flood of immigrants, we will soon be a powerless minority in the nation of our birth. We will be unable to elect anyone who represents our views, and we will be robbed of whatever money we have through onerous taxes, fees, and any other sort of theft the rulers of the former US can devise. Our children will be drugged and addicted-there will be no future for them, and any dissent on our part will be considered "Hate speech" and punished severely. We will be disarmed, and other White people will be the ones to do the disarming, while they claim they are "just doing their job".

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

went to see Jesus Christ superstar recently at a big beautiful historic theater.. when the play started, in the opening notes, I got very emotional and excited, seeing it for the first time and having loved it since I was a kid. 30 seconds later my heart dropped when he walked out .. yup.. negro Jesus. I grabbed the program and saw that the understudy actor is a negro Jesus too.. get it?.. I couldn't walk out because of the people that come with me. Mary Magdelaine worshipped negro JC all afternoon.. insidious.. nauseating.. ugh

Anonymous said...

"San Francisco's public defender says he is forming a new unit to help prevent racial disparities in the city's judicial system. The conclusion of a report he released today showing that African Americans receive more serious charges when they're arrested than whites. "

That is because have higher rates of committing more crime and more serious crime than Whites. Also when arrested, they're more likely to totally chimp out and get violent with the police adding to new charges. Blacks can take something minor and escalate it into something major.

Bix Nood said...

SJWs are the type of people that can get their heads kicked in, but they'll blame it on the boot.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't think this could happen to me in America, but it did," Leslie Elliott said. 
Elliott was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other felonies in an incident where Elliott says she accidentally spilled coffee on a woman who told police she assaulted her and her dog"

Yeah, I'll bet she didn't accidentally spill coffee on the woman. I'll be she threw hot coffee on her and attacked her and her dog but of course "she didn't do nuthins" and then chimmped out on the police when held accountable. All of the charges were dropped except for her conduct with the police likely because she was Black.

Anonymous said...

I say they should go for it! I can't wait hearing about the White liberals getting beat down by their black pets - hopefully some of the politicians there (or members of their family) will suffer the consequences of their actions. At the very least, it might open some eyes.

There is no such thing as "black power" - only "White cowardice"

Brian in Ohio said...

Re: Ex New Yorker

I recently drove from Charleston SC, which was blacker than the ace of spades, home to Ohio. I ventured off the interstate and went over the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, where my Grandparents were born. It was, just like you described, going back in time.

I drove for hours without seeing a black face. Saw lots of homes, and even a few business` flying the Confederate flag. People waved. It was awesome.

Lots of gardens, livestock and horses. Agriculture is the way of life there. And guns. Everyone is armed.

These people, these poor, ignorant, flyover state "rednecks" that the liberals in their coastal enclaves so smugly mock. And of which, I am proud to say, I am. These people...will survive.

The big cities will be...hell, ARE slaughter houses. The only thing they`ll do with a horse is eat it.

Stay away from crowds.

stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This is all the more reason, if you are WHITE, to do everything you can to avoid being arrested. In a way, this is a very good thing for smart White people. Like us.

Don't speed. Don't get into bar fights. No road rage. Don't try to discipline nor help your wife by touching here during any argument, (or any time for that matter).

Avoid ANY drinking and then driving. Avoid it totally. Watch the traffic ahead of you and avoid idiot drivers. Don't "tail-gate". Don't be in a hurry. Drive the less busy roads.

Avoid ALL areas of town that contain any Peoples of Colors. I know, that means driving perhaps a longer way, but it is worth it.

ALWAYS have situational awareness and spot and watch all Peoples of Colors. This is NOT America anymore, like when I was a boy and lived the dream life. We are Iraq. We are Niggeria. We are Cairo. We are Beirut. We are White and we are the #1 targets.

We are not in Switzerland anymore, Dorothy.

Avoid giving any cop any reason to stop/approach you. Check your "tail lights" yourself or have a trusted friend. The police will be under TREMENDOUS pressure to catch/fine/arrest more and more White people since they have to keep up the quotas and reduce the ratio of arrests of Peoples of Colors. If they have to many arrests of the Peoples of Colors, they will HAVE TO SEEK OUT WHITES.

That means YOU. Let the stupid whites, who have not Awakened, be arrested and thrown into a negro kangaroo (apology to Kangaroos) court or, Allah forbid (peace be with you) a jail full of pavement apes. Maybe some Preening White B*tch might learn something if she has to sit in a jail with LaTampon and her sistah, LaPeriod.

LIVE A PERFECT LIFE and let the Peoples of Color have to deal with the popo and the courts. This is a good thing for us.

Californian said...

Given the Internet Era and social media, it will be next to impossible for SF to cover up the reality that blacks commit more crime and worse crime than any other racial group. They can't lock own the Internet because of its ubiquity and the fact that the System needs it too much.

This is one more reason to keep pushing the Race Realist Internet Insurgency.

Anonymous said...

Good slogan:

There is no such thing as "black power" - only "White cowardice"

Unknown said...

Its the city where the exact thing outlawed by Heller in 2008 namely keeping a loaded gun in the home is illegal unless you are carrying it on you. When you sleep or shower it must be unloaded. The exact times a criminal could catch you unaware. Sickening. They voted 90 for hillary 5 for Trump and the place is 65 perc white 30 perc asian and 5 perc black. But the whites there are insane thus blacks is kangz

Brian in Ohio said...

Yeah, I'll bet she didn't accidentally spill coffee on the woman. I'll be she threw hot coffee on her and attacked her and her dog but of course "she didn't do nuthins" and then chimmped out on the police when held accountable. All of the charges were dropped except for her conduct with the police likely because she was Black.

My thoughts exactly.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

It`s Breitbart, so the comments are giving SBPDL a run for their money.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Ex New Yorker said...

Just saw "The Talk" commercial by P and G. I thought it was kind of strange that there were no "father figures" in the scenes. Gee....I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

White Hispanic? I never notice

Anonymous said...

White America is the land of the free. Black America is the land of the freeloader.

Anonymous said...

When we lose, we are forced to pay public high school teachers a huge bonus just to "stick it out" for an entire year in majority black districts where schools are closing due to massive white flight to suburban and private schools.

I've seen some very pathetic stuff in recent years, but this is REALLY pathetic. Homeschool or die!!

Tarczan said...

A similar thing is going on in Cleveland. The local youffs like to ride around on stolen dirt bikes, and three and four wheeler atvs. Naturally they aren't licensed and the negros commit all sorts of traffic violations on them. It turns out the mayors grandson is one of the youffs, with a long criminal record. So the mayor decrees that the police shouldn't stop them or ticket them, and the negroes really start running wild, blocking traffic,etc. If these youffs see a cop car they don't give a shit and start kicking it from their bikes.
The mayor believes if these youffs had a dirt track to ride on, like suburban kids, they would obey the law. Therefore his answer is to spend two million dollars on a dirt track. Meanwhile, swimming pools are closed because of no funding. The head of the police union was on the radio and said most of the bikes are stolen, have no license,and they sure aren't going to lawfully trailer them to the track.
What isn't mentioned is that any dirt track suburban kids ride on was probably built by the kids themselves or their parents.

Anonymous said...

Here are the comments of late that resonated with me:

"It all gets down to access to the White womb."

"They simply don't have enough fingers to plug all the leaks."

"I hope when the dam finally breaks it sweeps them all away. Quislings, the lot of them."

"FMG, she needed change for Urgent Care?
Talk about stupid and glad you left her in the dust."

Those are just a few.

I want to thank the person that mentioned the names of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome. We should never forget these people.
And as you said, find me the equivalent white on black crime.
The red pill you will be delivered after reading the facts of this case is the size of a frisbee. YOU will see what cannot be unseen. -Love you all except for Hiram--Mallory

Anonymous said...

Either way, I'm praying hard for Californication to pull out of the US, form it's own Marxist-Socialist whatever, and then the other 49 can cease all diplomatic and other ties with a state run by overpaid waiters, porch apes, beaners, and yes, the LSMFT crowd as well. Then, we sit back, smoke a few, and watch as this place turns itself into another socialist flop.

Okay, sure, we'll have to build a _second_ wall. NP, with the additional funds leftover from cutting Cali off completely? Might even have enough left over for a run to Jupiter.

-Carolina Cicero

Sick n' Tired said...

A few years back I made a similar drive from FL to KY. Once I crossed the border in TN, I took all back roads (no interstates), and it was white-topia. Interstate highways are equivocal to a bus route being added to your neighborhood.


This is worth reading. Depressing (but I no longer feel ANY depression), but this topic must be in our reading list. The writer tells his stories of trying to teach in America.

Anonymous said...

They can't can't build enough jails/prisons to house the feral primitives. As the negro population grows, the negro prison/jail population will follow suit. A possible solution would be penal colonies where the convicted, instead of prison, would be offered to be incarcerated with the condition that their famblies would live there as well. These could be expanded to the point that eventually most of the negroes would be out of the civilized loop. Give them catchy nsmes, though, like Black Empowerment Community or MLKingville or some such. Just a thought.

D-FENS said...

I thought boycotting P&G over the "satanic" logo was wingnut religious nonsense. But "The Talk" ad makes them worth boycotting. I use a Gillete razor but buy generic blades. Thats about all I buy from them.

The safe thing to do is just boycott large multinationals whenever possible. They HATE us.

Their products are probably toxic anyways.

Anonymous said...

PK! This is good.

Worth spreading and commenting & elaborating on by you...

"Gunslinger" said...

This sounds promising. Anything that helps us keep guns is good for the White Race.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT: Looks like it's time to book that Missouri vacation you always dreamed of.

Anonymous said...

If we lose, while surviving, #1) never under estimate the power of a large crowd of stupid people!

Sick n' Tired said...

You've already lost with that attitude. I've posted on here before about having a tangible skill/trade to be able to pay as little taxes as possible in order to starve the beast. I give discounts to clients that pay cash, or will happily barter my trade skills to get work done on my car/home. The people that are willing to do the same are usually realists, or know that paying 35% of their paycheck to Uncle Sugar so Shitaviius and La'Queesha can stay home, smoke blunts and make more welfare dependents is not helping society. I encourage everyone to do as much barter commerce as possible, so less of the fruits of your labors goes towards funding nog coonmunity centers, back to skool crap, or providing meals at the holidays.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely must separate from the nonwhites. The only way is through securing land and creating a White homeland on it. We will not survive if we do not separate.

PB said...

"You've already lost with that attitude. I've posted on here before about having a tangible skill/trade to be able to pay as little taxes as possible in order to starve the beast. I give discounts to clients that pay cash, or will happily barter my trade skills to get work done on my car/home....."

Barter will become the defacto currency if the push to abolish cash in favour of (((privately-controlled))) digital currencies continues to find Deep-State adherents around the world.

PB said...

"They can't can't build enough jails/prisons to house the feral primitives."

This is how law and order will come apart. Do not let your Governments disarm you like they got away with doing to us in Australia. It will be your only means of law and order, and sooner than we all think (or thought).

Anonymous said...

Ok PJT, if you insist...

I forgot what a great read it was, chalk full of TNB with no filler whatsoever and plenty of insider commentary. This is my favorite paragraph, if I had to pick one:

Most blacks are unable to speak English well. They cannot conjugate verbs. They have a poor grasp of verb tenses. They have a limited vocabulary. They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Many, when they testify, show a complete lack of empathy and are unable to conceal a morality based on the satisfaction of immediate, base needs. This is a disaster, especially in a jury trial. Most jurors are white, and are appalled by the demeanor of uneducated, criminal blacks.

Anonymous said...

Every day, I feel more and more like I'm living in a global version of the movie "Trading Places", and that somewhere, there are two old men laughing it up at the inverse Bizarro World that they're creating. Only this time, the movie isn't a comedy, it's a slowly unfolding tragedy. I don't think they're going to stop until white people are genocided or reduced to "WE WUZ" status.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the proctor and gamble "the talk". How insane can a company get? Going through my cupboard tomorrow and purging all of their products. If p and g could see the way blacks treated me as a child maybe they would change "the talk" to include all children. Black children are the meanest, most hateful children to ever walk the earth. The shit I witnessed as a child would send chills up most white spines. This was in the 1960's, can't imagine that they've gotten civil and mannered since then. Don't be lettin any whitey dis you while you're on the street!!!! Yeah, right! They kill if you look at them cross eyed, and we're the mean ones.

Anonymous said...

I posted about the Proctor and Gamble "The Talk" video about 2 articles ago, but it was moderated, perhaps because I actually posted a link to the video or perhaps because I called for a boycott of Proctor and Gamble. Nonetheless, boycott P&G. I know I will be from now on. Here is a list of P&G products:

Great White North

Anonymous said...

"This is how law and order will come apart. Do not let your Governments disarm you like they got away with doing to us in Australia. It will be your only means of law and order, and sooner than we all think (or thought)."

I'm pretty sure everyone here probably already knows this, but just in case you don't, blacks committing violence with guns is the number one vehicle (((they))) use to drive home anti-gun laws. Of course in their "gun violence" stats they never mention race, but (((they))) lick their chops every time one of the fellas commits a crime with a gun. But of course when it's a supposed or true mass murder committed by a White they go into full overdrive. The overwhelming gun violence committed by blacks is just the subliminal white noise on the boob tube. There's just enough info to let you know there was ANOTHER gun crime, don't worry about who committed it, but just so you know "shots rang out". Those pesky guns just going around hurting people. Sure people like us know what really happened, but most people just focus on the guns. Gee you might think there is a reason for all this, just enjoy the Superbowl goy, uh, I mean guy.

Great White North

PS, when I use the ((())) I don't just mean the delicatessens, as there are many more than just them who are willfully "down with the cause™"

Anonymous said...

I was born, raised, and lived a large part of my life in a "metroplex."
Minus a few years tripping to a few other parts of the country in the mid-late 70s, always returning to my roots.
Thanks to bussing,I became a realist early in life. I learned real quick they hated me just because I was white.
As the years went by, my formerly safe (white) neighborhoods got darker and darker, necessitating moves further out.
I finally moved a whole state away, to a town of under 700 people.
There are some small sacrifices, like the availability of areas to shop, and there's a pretty good commute to work, but it's worth every bit of it, as there isn't a single black person for MILES.
It's not likely to change, either.
There's nothing for them here. Even housing is scarce.
My only regret is not doing it sooner.

The Umpire said...


Mr. Ulterior Motive, is that you again? "Hmmmmmm" indeed: the oh-so-predictable response pattern makes another appearance. Pff, you sneaky devil.

"[...] sensible types are leaving Chicago and Illinois in droves."

Okay, who exactly are these "sensible types" that are leaving Chicago "in droves"? During the last decade, 181,000 of the 201,000 who left were black. Now, fast forward to 5-26-17
(Crain's Chicago Business):

"Portions of [Chicago] are simply emptying out, mostly on the South Side. Other areas, mostly in and near downtown, are booming. And if you break down those trends by race and ethnicity, the numbers show the population decline is entirely among African-Americans. Population among other groups--Latinos, non-Hispanic whites and Asians--is growing."

Pff, you sneaky devil.

Anonymous said...

@ August 1, 2017 at 10:18 AM

Good grovelling slave advice. How about this idea?:

Take our Western Countries back! Take the damn country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anon @ 2:35 PM

That is an awesome link that explains a lot of what has happened to us, the White Race. I shall re-link it:

I will go one step farther. I am of the conspiracy theory mindset to imagine that World War 2 was intentional, for the very reasons mention in the above link/essay. What could be better than a terrible war to put in place such a social set-up?

If I could write, like Ex New Yorker, or Pat Boyle, I would love to write a "James Michner" style book, based on historical fact but fictional characters, and write all about my theory of the conspiracy.

It would start in "ancient" times with the never ending quest of a leader/tribe wanting to control their valley, their peninsula, etc. Then to the late 1700's with the involvement of the "national" banks of the Dutch and British, then Amschel Mayer Rothschild appearing and his 5 sons, and the consolidation of the mystery organizations (Templars, Masons, Jesuits) that combined with the richest merchants and bankers and really begin what we are suffering through now.

The advent of "Democracy and Marxism" (same thing). The push for paper money, then electronic money and then the control of all transaction with the internet/computer. Combined with planned and intentional wars to achieve "Politics by other means", hatred for "war", love of all mankind, the creation of millions of "refugees", the pro-abortion anti White baby propaganda of the 1960-1970s combined with the "Doctors Without Borders" to massively increase the birth rate of Africans and ALL NON WHITE babies,....... etc.

All of it could be tied together and explain EVERYTHING going on.

But alas, I'm stuck with a day job and mouthing off here, Depression Free.

Anonymous said...

Anon, above, at 6:51 PM

I agree with you. I still have 2 kids in elementary school, in luckily, a school (Charter) that is about 90 White, 5 % nigglet and 5% Minority Mystery Meat.

The FEW nigglets are 99% of the problems. To get into this school the parents have to volunteer to volunteer for school functions, etc. They must attend all Teacher-Student-Parent reviews and sessions, etc. Help out around the holidays (decorate, help the teachers, etc. etc.)

The fat-ass obese uppity negress moms never attend, nor volunteer, so 99% of all nigglets last no more than a year, but during that year, it is hell for all the White children. My two kids are always coming home telling us how Jamail, LaVaginitis, DeTesticals, etc are always acting up, throwing things, talking loud, pulling White girls hair (even at ages 7, 8 they lust after White girls.....can't blame them for that. Who the hell wants a black female?)

AnalogMan said...


If I could write, like Ex New Yorker, or Pat Boyle, I would love to write a "James Michner" style book, based on historical fact but fictional characters, and write all about my theory of the conspiracy.

The book you describe was written in 1956, published in 1978. It is The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed. Only, it isn't fiction.

It's a free download. If it doesn't grab your interest from the first page, you can stop reading at any time. What can you lose?