Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Police Working to Stop Black Crime in Maryland via... Sailing?

What happens when your city is crippled by black crime

What do you do?

Sadly, the St. Louis Police Department has sunk to a new low.

Because black people commit crime so indiscriminately and frequently in St. Louis, police interact with individuals of this violence-prone community far more often than with the white community; thus is born Operation Polar Cops... [St. Louis Police Department unveils 'Operation Polar Cops' truck, KMOV.com, July 26, 2016]
Another attempt to stop black crime: police bonding with black youth through... sailing

We thought this was a new low for police trying to deter black criminality. 

We were wrong. [Anne Arundel, Annapolis police build bonds with community through sailing, Baltimore Sun, July 18, 2017]:
Nabila Hinton isn’t quite sure how she feels about the police. 
From her perspective, police officers seem to be about locking people up. But even so, the 14-year-old girl said she’s a fan of Cpl. Allen Marcus, who spent the weekend sailing with her on the Chesapeake Bay. 
Officers from the Anne Arundel County and Annapolis police departments paired up with Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating to lead about 15 kids through a weekend sailing camp. 
“When some of these kids are coming up, all they know is that nobody likes the police,” said Marcus, a 16-year veteran of the Anne Arundel department. “Now they have the chance to see us in another light — to see that we do care about them.” 
Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating — or CRAB — has been running the free camp for a few years, executive director Paul Bollinger said. The group aims to provide people with disabilities, wounded veterans and disadvantaged youth opportunities to get out onto the water. 
Volunteers showed the kids how to steer the boats and tie complex knots, and went over the names of the different parts of the boat. 
Before heading out on the water Sunday morning, Bollinger drew a sketch of a sail boat on a dry-erase board and encouraged the kids to shout out when he was pointing to the jib, tiller or keel. 
“Many of these kids have never been out on the Chesapeake Bay, which is the greatest natural resource in Maryland,” Bollinger said. “They build confidence, expand their knowledge and learn how to work as a team.” 
And the bonds built with officers are of paramount importance, he said. 
“When they go back into their communities and see police, it’s not ‘uh oh,’ but rather, ‘look who’s here,’” Bollinger said. 
The officers picked the kids up from their homes each morning and drove them to Sandy Point State Park in their marked police cars. Eleven-year-old Justice Spiker said he enjoyed the car ride because Officer Brian Slattery let him play with the lights and use the radar gun. 
“Camps like these show we’re not all about arresting people or beating them up,” Slattery said. “We’re the same as everyone else. It might give the kids the chance to see we like to have fun, too.” 
On Sunday, the camp attendees employed the skills they learned the day before and took to the water to race against against each other. 
Each boat was filled by a few kids, a police officer and a CRAB volunteer. The officers and the kids sported the same light-blue T-shirts, topped by life vests. 
The group on Marcus’ sail boat struggled to catch a strong wind. The sailors tried different strategies to get moving. 
When tensions started to heat up, the officer reminded the three kids onboard that “we’re all a team here.” 
Near the end of a race, as their boat fell to second-to-last place, 13-year-old Kani Smith turned to Marcus. 
“We should just give up,” he said. 
“We never give up,” Marcus responded.
Cue the Styx... "come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me."


Anonymous said...

Indeed, this country is sailing across the River Styx.
Where are those mythical Great White sharks when you need them?

Anonymous said...

This may crack the case, Watson!

What the devil do you mean, Holmes?

The missing ingredient! Sailing! A sea-borne, candlelit prayer vigil combined with a bake sale back at the dock, followed by a bonfire on the beach with s'mores and Toll House cookies! This has promise, I tell you!

As always, I am awestruck by your deductive acumen, Holmes.

Elementary, Watson. Elementary. Let us return to Baker Street posthaste to ascertain the whereabouts of Professor Moriarty. We must divert him from the shore at all costs!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

There you have it. We are paying the police and the dindus to go pal around in the open waters of the Chesapeake to build some sort of brotherly butt love. Which will last until the last rib is chomped on and the last chicken wing bone is sucked on. Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gents. Ice cream socials, cop cruisers with rim jobs, cop vs. dindu twerking contests? Your tax dollars hard at work. War has been declared, YT. And the establishment/cops have declared it on YOU! Better have your papers in order next time you're pulled over. And every M.F. 't' better be crossed and every god darned 'i' better be dotted, or you're going into the precinct to be booked.

I saw a news clip on one of my local channels today which featured cops pulling over young motorists, white as well as black, for suspicion of marijuana impairment. In all cases, the motorists were not high, did not smoke pot, and were not drinking. The cops just decided that they were not operating their vehicles appropriately and should be arrested and jailed. Video surveillance and subsequent drug tests backed this up.

My point? The cops are not your friends. They are there to receive a paycheck and after 20 years, a nice, big, fat pension. And yt and law abiding blacks (if there are some still out there) will be the ones to pay the price. Lolling about on the Chesapeake Bay during business hours and getting paid in the name of community service to "buy off" potential criminals? Now I've heard everything.

If you haven't secured arms to protect your family, you are living in an Orwellian dream world. Enjoy the consequences of your decisions.

andy said...

Dindu`s being taught how to handle boats? how long before boat theft or piracy in Chesapeake Bay becomes a problem?

Anonymous said...

Coming soon on the evening news...

(Cue Anchor) "Maryland boat owners are reporting several stolen sailboats from docks on the Chesapeake. Police are baffled as to the increase in stolen boats. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated story, several "teens" have died due to drowning. Apparently the teens didn't know how to use life preservers and did not have the ability to swim. Some of the youths were found near capsized sailboats but police said there is no connection to the drowned kids and the capsized boats.
Meanwhile, one angry mother of one of the drowned teens, LaShaniqua Moseby, (cue footage of oversized Sheboon) had this to say.
"If da white po-po didn't show our keeds how to sail dey asses wouldn't have been drowneded. It be like dey want our keeds to go into da water cause dey ain't showed us how to swims. Someones gots to pay fo dis. Now if y'all scuse me, I gots to get my hair did".
(cut back to anchor) Moseby has hired a lawyer and there are local community activists planning a peaceful protest riot."
Now here's Qwantavius Baxter with sports.....

Negro Nightmares said...

...Sitting on the dock of the Bay wasting time. Looks like nothings gonna change, everything still remains the same. Yes Otis Redding was indeed a prophet. Seafaring Negroes give me an F***ing Break.

Unknown said...

The cultural appropriation is strong with this one.

Anonymous said...

It might work if they put free ice cream and basketball goals on the boat.
They will need some good lights for the midnight basketball and any errant balls will be lost to the water.
As long as everyone feels good and there are free rainbow stickers and unicorns.
Let's have a group hug and sing kumbaya. Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

Truth-hammer said...

Can they get a really big boat that would hold hundreds of dindus? Then mysteriously it sinks with all of the African Rock-fish?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to cover the Somali cop assassinating the white 40 year old Australian woman in the glorious people's republik of Minnesota?
Vibrant diversity went terribly wrong or was this part of the plan of Hussein Hopenchange?
Remember his just-us department fined Denver P.D. for only hiring American citizens.

Ex New Yorker said...

Out here in the FREE ZONE you have a different type of law than what you have in the KILL ZONES. I live at the "end of the road" where there is no place to run to when the "fit hits the shan". Where I live the law consist of the county sheriff. That's it. Some of the towns around me have the sheriff and his deputy along with a few town cops.

Most of the local cops were raised in the area. What that means is you might get a speeding ticket from the guy who took you to the high school prom or someone you played football with. Things are different when you live around humans instead of animals.

For awhile we didn't have any sheriff. We hired an old retired sheriff that lived in Wyoming. We got along great because he had worked in an area down South where a lot of cattle mutilations had taken place. He told me about some cases he worked on. He was also hip to all the government bullshit.

In these FREE ZONES there is hardly any crime because you are living with honest working class white people. Now and then something will happen.

A couple years ago a lady friend of mine had a one night stand with a drifter cowboy who was working at one of the local ranches. When she woke up in the morning he was gone and took her car with him. The sheriff did all the paper work and the car turned up a couple weeks later. It was abandoned up in Rapid City. I drove her up there to get the car from where it was impounded. Everything was fine except her bucket of golf balls was missing. Wow....Finally some excitement. She was the talk of the town for a whole week.

When you live in these low populated areas people are more laid back. They are not crazed like in the heavy populated parts of the country. The people in the large cities are losing their minds. Little by little they are becoming totally insane. I lived around those whack jobs for years.

Julie said...

From the earliest time in history, before Columbus, African-americans were sailing the seas. There is solid evidence that African-americans reached the shores of north America in the year 300 B.C. These African-american sailors employed huge boats made of teak timber and archaeological evidence shows they were nearly the size of modern day aircraft carriers. Once in north America, they made friends with the native Americans and showed them how to grow corn and hunt buffaloes. They were the precursors of the famous Buffalo soldiers. This is the origin of the term African-american, where these long forgotten people first established the settlements at New York, Los Angeles and Flint. It would take another 1,700 years before Europeans were able to cross the oceans. At that time the Europeans killed virtually all the native Americans and all the African-americans, until later they would import these original people to do all the labor in the New World. Historians explain that the Europeans killed almost all the native Americans and the African-americans by giving them blankets infected with HIV. In 1508, an early Jewish medical team from Palestine was able to cure many of these people to keep them from being completely wiped out.

History is so fascinating.

Alex from N. England said...

We thought this was a new low for police trying
to deter black criminality.
We were wrong.
Incredible and sadly humorous post PK. Maybe 15 years from now the "at risk"(What does that even mean?) youths will win the America's Cup instead of growing up to be strippers and gangbangers. They can then fill the famed trophy with pimp juice and grape drank as they furiously twerk the gigantic backsides.

Bird of Paradise said...

What ever happned with Midnight Basketball that was proposed by Bill Clinton to keep the youths off the streets and our town once had a 10:00 PM curfew all teens had to be off the streets when they rang a Curfew or hoodelum bell on our towns old library now a museum

Anonymous said...

The police should be providing contraceptives for the Bantus.

Detroit Refugee said...

A friend had a little day trip sailboat, went out alone exploring the Livingston Channel. Terrible storm came up from Erie, rammed him & craft upon the rocks. Guy was stranded in a hard rain, cold & miserable.
This isn't the sport for Dindu's.

Billy Hill said...

Wait until a dindu falls over board and becomes a rock fish, then this cop will really see what they feel about him. I can not wait, its just a matter of time.

Remember EVERY good deed done for dindu's is never enough, God forbid a dindu gets a Darwin award during the process.

More, gimmie more, gibs muh mo', is all the stink bombs know.

Anonymous said...

After only a few paragraphs in I already feel the need to comment- same story, different spooks. I do thank P.K. for continuing to highlight the dysfunction and destruction that Africans in America bring with them everywhere they go.

So two things, these are actually themes that you will see arise again and again:

1) Blacks will accept all the charity, money, gifts, and time from others (without a thank you or any reciprocation of course) and they will NOT CHANGE AT ALL. Once again, the intentions were "right" but the results were pathetic just like they always are when dealing with or depending on black people. They don't care, they don't have it in them, they are allergic to work and helping out others for free. This will not change- no matter how "nice" and generous you are to them they will not change and actually get worse as they now are feeling even more entitled. Everyone else is made to make changes but them, and guess what? Their behavior never changes, and they are never held accountable for their repeated fk ups.

2) Whites will continue to hope and believe that blacks can be led to change their behavior, that some little change in scheduling or routine or resources is all of the sudden going to fix every single one of their very glaring flaws. There is never any crunching of numbers to see if these moonshots are effective in any way whatsoever, but it shows that Whitey is "trying" and that he is continuing to kiss black @ss in some sort of sick cycle.

"If I keep forking over money and saying the right things will you leave me alone?"

Of course not, but whites continue to hope that huge changes can come through small initiatives and actions- and without any effort on the part of black people whatsoever.

They cannot be dealt with effectively, at least not in our current system. All you can do is avoid them and continue to let them destroy themselves and their once saintly "victim" reputation. The real victims are those that have to deal with and live around blacks.

Anonymous said...

Nice team building with the parent. Notice how parent didn't have to lift a finger or pay a dime. For anyone who didn't read the whole article (possibly out of disgust or fatigue) I am reposting my favorite line:

“When they go back into their communities and see police, it’s not ‘uh oh,’ but rather, ‘look who’s here,’” Bollinger said.


Anonymous said...

This is just another obvious public relations stunt that has no meaning beyond a photo op. Anyone who believes that it has a snowball's chance in hell of reducing negro crime is living in a fantasy land. However, it does have hilarious potential- imagine if thousands of gangbangers took to the waters of the Chesapeake bay. How long would it be before we started hearing stories of sail-by shootings? Or negroes in speed boats attacking their rivals who were on the sailboats? Or maybe the hoodrats in speed boats would become the American version of Somali pirates and start attacking other boaters and robbing them. At the very least, we'd see the formation of a new black gang- The CrabTrap Boys who go around raiding all the crab traps set out in the bay and sellin' dose juicy crabs back in da hood. They could even have a rap song to go with it~ "We da CrabTrap Boys and we got da goods, sellin' dem juicy crabs up in da hood, you can buy dem by the bucket or by da pound, we got crabs fo' da whole damn town!"

Sorry for that. Can't help it. These stories of trying to civilize feral negroes are too much. I just have to laugh.

LA "Lower Alabama" said...

Just what we need the only safe white areas near water left being screwed over by the police. I have noticed it here along the gulf coast beaches. There used to be near zero and the ones that were there were generally good, like the Bahama type that were laid back, normal, and generally working. Now its one out of thirty. Not long ago mom and I were at Orange Beach and there were a thousand white people on the beach and a group of 5 black teens were zooming the beach. Not for chicks, but looking at peoples items/purses to see if they were unattended. I have been to this beach thousands of times and have never seen anybody let alone a group do that crap. They do not belong at the beach. Another note, went into suviner city and they won't move out of the doorways off the top of the escalators, they make you walk around them so you have to be ready not only for a potential fist fight but gun. Always keep a knife on you at minimum and know how to use it. Its hard traversing areas like this with kids; but yall need to have at last 4 each or convince your kids to have a bunch. Not into the hash tag thing but #NOBLACKSatthebeach. They have taken over the Mississippi gulf coast from the Casinos to New Orleans and even have a ghetto ride week. The last thing we need to be doing is training them how to sail, swim, play hockey, or any of the very few things whites have left. I also played hockey back in the day and could never figure out why it was so fun when I was a kid...
I don't think we should take guns away from anybody to the posters saying we need to get rid of firearms in the ghettos. How long before the crazy left "1/2 of the country" uses a Columbine type solitary incident to twist a law around on us to vastly limit firearms. Roll Tide

Robert Mosher said...

This is the first step to becoming a "Somali Pirate", ripping around in a stolen boat with an AK-47.
Anyway we can use these skills to aim that water craft toward Africa?

Anonymous said...

I've been to several of the Chesapeake Bay beaches at the Maryland State Parks. All was quiet and happy until the school buses full of hoodrats pulled up to empty their cargo. Instantly the noise level turned up to 11. Some sort of taxpayer funded yoot camp, I suppose. Aybah poda hep!

I knew a young lady who was a lifeguard at a water park during the summer. She and her co-workers would say "Here comes a busload of sinkers" when the buses from the hood would empty out. Yes, these keeds would come down the waterslides-land in the little 3 foot deep pool-then flail away near drowning. The lifeguards had to yell "Stand up!" all afternoon. Too dumb to live?

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article on frontpagemag.com about Sweedes sending in clowns to assimilate Moslems. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

They should expand the program by putting every "youth" or other POC on a huge cargo ship. Sail said ship to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, then sink with no survivors. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

That’s great, take out as many future felons as you can and show them a vibrant, brand new, fresh, untapped environment they’ll undoubtedly screw up. Remember, they don’t have anything to do, there’s nothing out there for them but to get into trouble, so lets give them a new space to infest then destroy.

Eventfully the docks will be “no go” zones and the bay is going to have floating trash heaps that YT will have to clean up. I wonder how long it will be before taking a dump on the beach becomes an epidemic.

Imagine all the stolen, then sunk boats that use to not be a problem. “Jet skis gone wrong” The “Evil Bay” strikes again with racist sailboats from hell. YT on boats reminded the youth of the evil legacy of segregation and slavery so shots rang out!

Teach negro fatigue how to drive a boat, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Now and then, due to my work, I have to call "vendors".

DISGUSTING. I get those "phone trees" where you have to listen to messages, etc,

BUT, you will notice that the voice used in all messages is a WHITE PERSON. Usually a middle aged, 35-45 year old, Midwestern speaking WHITE woman. Sometimes you will get a male version of this, but the man's voice is much older, usually late 50's or into 65+.

BUT, just wait. When you get a real person it is Mystery Meat Madness. Somebody from Pakistan, Philippines, or some other Mystery Nation. Hey, what happened to the White People?

So, that got me to thinking of a nice sick result of this War on Whites. When we are all exterminated, what will they do about these phone messages? Will they save up enough recorded WHITE people so they can continue to have pleasant, easily understood, phone answering systems?

When I get a Mystery Mud voice...........I hang up. Call back until I get a WHITE PERSON. If I don't get a White person I look for another "vendor".

Anonymous said...

Any White cop who gets involved in this should have his gun turned on him.

And, I bet not a single negroid cop helped out. I bet ALL the cops who did this waste-of-time-bull-shit are white.

Sailing with the enemy. Also, I thought the negroid was scared of water since they can't swim worth a shit (just ask Navy Seals, etc).

Why didn't these fine race-traitor cops take WHITE KIDS out who need attention? Why do this for monkeys who THE COPS KNOW are going to grow up and kill them? Fucking Stupid Cops.

Anonymous said...

I had to re-read that. At first glance I thought the Swedes were using clowns to assassinate Muslims. Last time I checked, John Wayne Gacy was unavailable. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Julie is so articulate and learned that she would spread rumors and undocumented history about Africans coming to America in the year 300 BC. This is hogwash and we know it because Minister Louis Farrakhan aka Louis Eugene Wolcott, told us about a great spaceship that circles the earth with weapons that will be used to kill White people if the nation of islam is harmed or threatened. So, it only stands to reason that if blacks were going to travel to remote locations they would use their space craft to discover America. There is further proof that Blacks were world travelers because of that learned man Al Sharpton who said, “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Julie please do a little more research before you embarrass yourself and further.

Anonymous said...

Or get caught in a tradewinds and make it's way back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't putting little negroes on a boat RACISM? It smacks of the Slave Trade !!!!

Anonymous said...

More about that BART refusal to post the vidoes showing the little Sambos behavior on the trains...................


no watermelon for you said...

Negro youfs sailing? Remember the scene in Godfather 2 when Fredo is dispatched?
"Yo yo hail Mary,nomesayne full uh grace,da Lawd be whiff dee,blessed be---" BANG!!

Anonymous said...

When the time comes that "They" decide to take your guns, they will send out White cops to do it, and these Whites will do it,too. Sure, some of them will be killed by the ones who fight back, but that will still be a win-win situation to the higher-ups.

Anonymous said...

"So two things, these are actually themes that you will see arise again and again:

1) Blacks will accept all the charity, money, gifts, and time from others (without a thank you or any reciprocation of course) and they will NOT CHANGE AT ALL. [...]

2) Whites will continue to hope and believe that blacks can be led to change their behavior, that some little change in scheduling or routine or resources is all of the sudden going to fix every single one of their very glaring flaws. [...]

"If I keep forking over money and saying the right things will you leave me alone?"

Of course not, but whites continue to hope that huge changes can come through small initiatives and actions- and without any effort on the part of black people whatsoever."

Absolutely right about this happening over and over again. It's a syndrome that has been present in America since the country's founding, and even before.


Despite their repeated failures to reform the negro, it seems that white people never learn. This is the power of Christian faith, the perfect solvent in which the white collective IQ dissolves to zero.

Anonymous said...

Posted by Anonymous:July 19, 2017 @ 9:32 AM

So, that got me to thinking of a nice sick result of this War on Whites. When we are all exterminated, what will they do about these phone messages? Will they save up enough recorded WHITE people so they can continue to have pleasant, easily understood, phone answering systems?


Hardly. Look at the ongoing infrastructure collapse in South Africa. Phone messaging and call routing systems won't matter very much after the electrical grid, the water supply and the food distribution networks collapse.

The "outsourcing" serves two functions for the (((hostile elites))).

1) It maximizes profits by slashing labor costs. Not just the hourly rates, but benefit packages as well.

2) By creating frustration with phone based customer service, it drives the bulk of such requests to an on-line center, where EVERYTHING can be tracked, data-mined, and sold to advertisers. Best of both worlds, from their viewpoint.

Quick example: 10-15 years ago, if you went out to eat at a big chain restaurant like Olive Garden or Red Lobster, maybe every 10th or 12th visit you would get one of those "special receipts." The one inviting you to take a survey in exchange for some sort of discount good for your next visit?

Compare then to NOW, where EVERY receipt from McD's, BK, Wendy's, KFC, Papa John's, etc., etc., is a "special receipt." Isn't it nice to know they care?

Wholesale data-mining is what all of that is REALLY about. They feed you GMO foods
at inflated prices, help the NSA compile a massive amount of data and sell off your information to their marketing partners.
Buuuuuuuuuuut, they are giving you a coupon for a free large order of fries with your next Whopper with cheese, so THAT'S okay.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. Next thing you know they'll be shooting each other over Sperry Topsiders.

Anonymous said...

The photo looks like a scene from "Captain Phillips".

Anonymous said...

Old joke- Q. What's the shortest book in the world?

A. Negroes I have met while yachting.

Anonymous said...

Please never stop writing these. I laugh uncontrollably

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, Annapolis PD also had their officers going around the projects picking up litter on community cleanup days. Which of course were only staffed by officers

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Negro aliens settled America. I learned that in African Studies in middle school.

Anonymous said...

Julie said...
From the earliest time in history, before Columbus, African-americans were sailing the seas.

Julie is soooooooo enlightened. It is not well known in our (shudder) white-o-centric society, but Europeans were responsible for stopping beautiful black Africans from sailing the seas. You see, European imperialist colonialists were jealous of beautiful black Africans who invented the boat, so they imposed apartheid on the oceans by breeding large carnivorous fish which they spread throughout the oceans. These fish were specially trained to attack beautiful black African boats, thereby giving Europeans privilege on the seas.

I know this is so because I was told so in my university program "From Sharks to Slavery: 4000 Years of Oppression."

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

Sam said...

Good work, Julie. It is so comforting to know we can rely on you to set the historical (hysterical?) record straight. But I gotta wonder....dat must be some potent stuff you be smokin'.

Anonymous said...

ot: A HUGE problem we have is that females can't sense the threat niggers pose as well as males. It's genetic. Great article here addressing the issues. Some straight up realtalk.

PK, when can you and CH have a podcast together? Would be epic.


Anonymous said...

Great! They can all sail back to the Dark Continent and stay there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are going to find too many more safe spaces to enjoy outside of the rural areas. The last time i visited Stone Harbor, NJ (I believe it is in the top 100 most affluent zip codes in the nation) the dindus were showing up in increasing numbers. These did not appear to be the magic negro variety but rather middle class AA types and they acted like it too...the ghetto was still strong with them. Now if some of the fattest wallets in the land, with connections too, can't keep them out what chance do Joe and Jane Six Pack have. The cops are wasting their time here...when the next riot comes along do they expect Shitavious or Sheniqua to remember good ole officer Barney Fife and not smash a bottle or bat against his head?? WTF?? Really??

Brian in Ohio said...

Getting them onto boats is a good start. Now get as many as you can on board and just keep heading East....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the latest turrible injustice?
SJW's are upset that the new Dunkirk flick has no vibrant diversity!?
Now back in 1940 the only blacks on the scene in France were some colonial African troops used by France.
When England got desperate in North Africa they called in troops from all over but this wasn't the case in 1940.
In fact the troops that escaped at Dunkirk were a thorn in the side of Rommel in North Africa.
My only gripe with the movie from watching trailers is that it wasn't so chaotic as the movie portrays.
It was an orderly evacuation on a schedule. The big disruption were Luftwaffe planes that would bomb and strafe any ship heading towards the U.K.

Anonymous said...

I guess cops are doing something positive in life by stopping the violence in urban areas. Some may say black lives do matter or it's the way of life in America

Anonymous said...

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and three times as many Somalis (for now). If the Sharia compliance division of the Minneapolis PD wanted to do the same, think of all the piracy that you will see in 10 -12 years off the coast of Somalia. Habib decides to join the ISIS branch in Mogadishu and is assigned to the piracy squad.

When will the twin cities just go ahead and declare a Sharia Free Fire Zone for the infidel females who aren't covered from head to toe.

Anonymous said...

Sailing excursions. BBQs. Prayer vigils. Midnight basketball. Clergyman campouts. Rims on po-lice cars. Marches to end violence. More marches to end violence. Spaces to destroy. Tons and tons of [White] taxpayer dollar$ for programs, policies and studies. A heck of a lot of activity to get to the kind of peace in the cities which was guaranteed a century ago by the expedient of posting signs stating: WHITES ONLY.

How's that civil rights thing working for you, YT?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I read it the same way. Wishful subliminal thinking?

Pat Boyle said...

I sailed around there when I was twenty. Of course there was a hurricane blowing at the time I was out on the water. The boat that left just before us ran onto the rocks and killed everyone on board. We sailed down the Potomac from Washington to the mouth of the river (very wide) and then north up the Bay to Annapolis. I had a sail boat in San Francisco too. My point is - no taxpayers paid for my recreational sailing.

I tried to sail off into the Pacific to the Marianas a few years later on a Trimaran.

So I have been around a lot of boasts and I have been around a lot of negroes. I can't remember ever seeing a negro on a boat. It's like camping out or hiking - it's just something they don't do. These cops seem to be good hearted community minded public servants, but if for some reason it is necessary to put the blacks in boats - let them pay for it themselves. It is not a good lesson for the young. The liberals seem to think that the young people who behave themselves must pay they're own way, but the dead beats get the expensive benefits. It's immoral.

This story has a desperate quality to it. They're looking for the one missing magic ingredient that will transform these future convicts into model citizens. If they want to make bad investments and indulge their tender feelings they should use their own money.


Anonymous said...

Anon @09:35,

Don't you know all veterans are Sargent York heroes and all cops are good people.
Also correction officers are always reforming felons and turning them into good people.

Anonymous said...


AR in Illinois

Anonymous said...

15 year old dindu shoots 3 men at apartment complex in Indianapolis.

Police and black clergy (black tribal leaders) including Indy Ten Point Coalition meet in press conference and give out PRIVATE phone number for other involved dindu nuthins' to avoid reporting tips directly to the police.

"We will work with you if you come forward."


WTF? White suspects would never get this type of service offered.

How is this even legal?????

Anonymous said...

RE: War on Whites:

The agenda is spelled out for you in black and white. All you have to do is watch TV commercials.

1. There are no white males, period. There are white women and girls.
2. The only anthropologically Caucasian males, and mostly the females, too, are of the Mediterranean variety. That is apparently acceptable and not so insulting as having to look at a Northern European male.

Conclusion: the goal is to get rid of all white (Northern European) males and give their women to the swarthy types. They probably think that there won't be much blowback from the White women due to their predominant voting record.

RE: Comments about various forms of crime and even piracy.

Some of those comments appear to be tongue-in-cheek but they are right on the mark. That will be the result of programs like this.

Along similar lines, there are many martial arts teachers who are East Asian or Northern European descended Whites who teach blacks. That is very irresponsible and immoral behavior.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing will work for Africans, misplaced in America, their return to their homeland of Africa. Maybe they can sail themselves back.Most likely not.

The plan is re-gaining momentum

"Go back to Africa’ Florida mayoral candidate tells blacks who seek reparations"


Promote this plan as much as possible; it is best for Africans and for all the rest.

Mr. Rational said...

Hint to you n00bs here:

"Julie" is satire.  Whoever created the Julie character is lampooning SJWs for you.  Don't get your dander up at the act; sit back and laugh.

And if you really want to have fun, grab the Julie pieces, repost them in leftard forums, and laugh your ass off as SJWs fall over themselves to agree with them.  Endless entertainment.

Or you can troll Field Negro, which is in the blogroll here.  That's fun too.

Anonymous said...

When you live in these low populated areas people are more laid back. They are not crazed like in the heavy populated parts of the country. The people in the large cities are losing their minds. Little by little they are becoming totally insane. I lived around those whack jobs for years.

I completely agree. Whites in the big cities are cracking up and it started well before Trump.

The urban White mentality is a sickness. For liberals it is non-stop moral preening and rationalizing. It's simply not a healthy method of handling reality. For urban conservatives it is endless wealth seeking with no allegiance to anything but the dollar.

I was once invited to an urban country club and it was the saddest thing I had ever seen. This White people had worked all their lives to be wealthy and yet none were as happy as a poor redneck floating a river with a can of keystone. In fact I think most urban Whites don't know how to enjoy themselves. I lived in the big city for years and didn't make a single friend. Not a single White person in my area seemed genuine and relaxed. They were all image conscious, judgemental and insecure. I just lived with my girlfriend until she was done with school. I'll never go back to the city. I'm a White collar professional and I'll happily shovel s--- before going back.

Anonymous said...

the negro will take anything for free. even work boots, that they will never use. the old white liberals will be in for quite a surprise when their pets feast on them while on the boat.

Anonymous said...

An addendum to the above:

If anyone is interested in going way, way, WAAAAAY down the rabbit hole in terms of how behavioral science and marketing research are harvesting ALL kinds of information about you and me and everyone else, read this:


From the article:

Andrew Pole had just started working as a statistician for Target in 2002, when two colleagues from the marketing department stopped by his desk to ask an odd question: “If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn’t want us to know, can you do that? ”

And later on:

There are, however, some brief periods in a person’s life when old routines fall apart and buying habits are suddenly in flux. One of those moments — the moment, really — is right around the birth of a child, when parents are exhausted and overwhelmed and their shopping patterns and brand loyalties are up for grabs. But as Target’s marketers explained to Pole, timing is everything. Because birth records are usually public, the moment a couple have a new baby, they are almost instantaneously barraged with offers and incentives and advertisements from all sorts of companies. Which means that the key is to reach them earlier, before any other retailers know a baby is on the way. Specifically, the marketers said they wanted to send specially designed ads to women in their second trimester, which is when most expectant mothers begin buying all sorts of new things, like prenatal vitamins and maternity clothing. “Can you give us a list?” the marketers asked.

And further still:

Pole applied his program to every regular female shopper in Target’s national database and soon had a list of tens of thousands of women who were most likely pregnant. If they could entice those women or their husbands to visit Target and buy baby-related products, the company’s cue-routine-reward calculators could kick in and start pushing them to buy groceries, bathing suits, toys and clothing, as well. When Pole shared his list with the marketers, he said, they were ecstatic. Soon, Pole was getting invited to meetings above his paygrade. Eventually his paygrade went up.

So . . . How well did this little project work out? From still further in the article:

About a year after Pole created his pregnancy-prediction model, a man walked into a Target outside Minneapolis and demanded to see the manager. He was clutching coupons that had been sent to his daughter, and he was angry, according to an employee who participated in the conversation.

“My daughter got this in the mail!” he said. “She’s still in high school, and you’re sending her coupons for baby clothes and cribs? Are you trying to encourage her to get pregnant?”

The manager didn’t have any idea what the man was talking about. He looked at the mailer. Sure enough, it was addressed to the man’s daughter and contained advertisements for maternity clothing, nursery furniture and pictures of smiling infants. The manager apologized and then called a few days later to apologize again.

On the phone, though, the father was somewhat abashed. “I had a talk with my daughter,” he said. “It turns out there’s been some activities in my house I haven’t been completely aware of. She’s due in August. I owe you an apology.”

Anonymous said...

@julie I always love your to see your Great comment

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe after the cops teach the idiots how to sail, they can all go to j crew and vineyard vines for a new wardrobe. I would have thought that blacks had enough of sailing around the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

The agenda is spelled out for you in black and white. All you have to do is watch TV commercials.

1. There are no white males, period. There are white women and girls.

Last time I watched one of the total garbage channels (abc, nbc, cbs) they had a dumb Asian character along side a smart Black guy that was helping an morally confused White woman. The Asian character was a wigger as well. I guess Asian males are now to be degraded along with White men.

Sure it annoys me but it's also a form of compensation. If these Hollywood and Madison Ave writers truly believed that race didn't exist then they wouldn't be obsessed with trying equalize everyone through fiction. It would only be a matter of time before reality revealed itself to us simpletons.

But reality isn't on their side. There isn't a single majority Black city in the US that has average crime rates and average schools. They don't have ONE city where they can point to and use as an example THAT IS AVERAGE.

It's really bad. They have very little to work with which is why they focus so heavily on fiction. Their model negro for 8 years was 50% White.

I don't like that they indoctrinate young Whites but they can't win. They can destroy society but they can't win. Their end goals are not possible due to genetic realities.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 12:41-

Thank you for that incredible link, I have hours and hours of reading ahead of me. It explained a lot of what I have been feeling but have not been able to put words to. Found a very powerful video (from Poolhall Junkies) at the link that is apt for this forum as well:

Christopher Walken, The Lion Speech


Anonymous said...

I can't remember ever seeing a negro on a boat. It's like camping out or hiking - it's just something they don't do.

They also rarely ski.

I've seen a few on the slopes but to this day I have not seen one in the woods.

It doesn't seem to be in their genes to venture too far from the city.

What is also strange is how they will walk around malls like zombies. I was in a lib city last week and had forgotten about that. They will also drive around malls and mad dog people. These poor repressed people can be seen circling malls in BMWs and Escalades, blasting bass and mad dogging White people that are going to Cinnabon. Take that Whitey!

It's no surprise that the malls are often the first to go. Black people will ruin the mall at even 10-15% population levels. But most of these dumb mall owners either live in total denial or fear a backlash by removing stores like Lids until it is too late. I've seen some of these lib city malls remove the fast food and anything bbq which does help.

Anonymous said...

The fact that in the past 200,000 years blacks never crossed a large body of water on their own with their own equipment or developed any seafaring skills tells us how this will turn out. It is like taking a shark for a ride in a hang glider with the hope that it will develop an interest in flying and quit doing shark things.

Unknown said...

This might just be the first time in the history of the planet that a Negro has acquired navigational skills.
Maybe they can head on back to da muddaland.

Annie Oakley said...

You're exactly right Miss Greenbaum. The cops are only around to serve the interests of the state, i.e. the case right now with the Somali cop shooting the Australian woman is a prime example.

Annie Oakley said...

Exactly right Ex New Yorker. Smaller white towns tend to have more reasonable people. In urbanville you have a lot of whites who are either racial apologists and flagellate their own race or they're completely corrupted.

Annie Oakley said...

Alabama resident here too. In my travels up north near the Canadian border for the summer, I found very little nogs. There are towns all over the midwest and the central part of the country that are ALL white. My husband and I stayed over night twice in all white towns. It was right out of the Pleasantville movie. The servers, dishwashers and everyone was all white. It was wonderful.

Unknown said...

Sail Away


"In America you got food to eat
won't have to run through the jungle and scuff up yo feet
you just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day
It's great to be an American.

Ain't no lion or tiger or a mamba snake
just a sweet watermelon and a buckwheat cake........."

Anonymous said...

They will reap that which they sow. Nothing from nothing equals nothing. That was precious time that should have been spent with friends, family and loved ones. That time will never be recovered. Perhaps you have heard the parable about the guy on his death bed? It goes like this, "No one laying in their deathbed ever says they wish they had spent more time at the office". When these public servants are on their last breath will it then and only then occur to them that THEY HAD WASTED THEIR PRECIOUS TIME?

nokangaroos said...

Over 20 years ago, authorities in Vienna/Austria oneupped that, sending juvenile repeat violent offenders (read: Minorities, though they threw in a few skinheads to make it less obvious) on two-week cruises in the Adriatic.
-The unwashed public´s reaction was not very, erm, understanding of their progressiveness (g).

But "sail-by shooting"? BWAHAhahaha... Good one :)

Anonymous said...

Bongo bongo back to the Congo.

Anonymous said...

Weze be sittin on de Plymoth Rock fo' two days waitin' fo' dis here bus to downtown befo' dome dude tol' us dat de bus ain't gonna be in-vented 'fo two hunred year. Sheeeet.

Anonymous said...

My next project, "The Wreck of the Dindu Fitzgerald Washington."

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea:

And if you really want to have fun, grab the Julie pieces, repost them in leftard forums, and laugh your ass off as SJWs fall over themselves to agree with them. Endless entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Or get caught in a tradewind and make its way *half-way* back to Africa

Anonymous said...

My next project, "The Wreck of the Dindu Fitzgerald Washington."

Hey, I get it! Good idea.

Anonymous said...

On the good side, they sink like rocks.

Anonymous said...

That was indeed funny. Thanks. And, no, I didn't read the entire article. I was worried I'd lose my dinner.

Anonymous said...

From my home state comes the new trend... We had midnight bakkabaww, we had roving BBQ (my personal favorite) in addition to stop da' bilence marches, but this is too much for me! Yachting for Yoofs!

Everyone knows that dindus don't generally swim! Expecting the groids to take to something they've never accomplished themselves is folly, yet again a photo op was had by the people you shouldn't trust, your government!

I know someone in the area who belongs to an non-profit environmental organization, and while they are from a higher income area with plenty of whites the website photos for the organization seem to focus on pictures of black kids. Granted, the county in which they live is majority black, but kinda like Boy Scouts, Dungeons and Dragons, Legos, reading, etc... Whites only care about not cropping where we eat.

BTW... Thanks for the nod to the book, "Last Train to Zona Verde", I'll likely check that one out!

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

BTW... Thanks for the nod to the book, "Last Train to Zona Verde", I'll likely check that one out!

No, no! You're not paying attention. "Zona Verde" is a distraction. The next book you must read is The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed. Best book I ever read. I'm working my way through all Reed's books. Then you can check out Last Train to Zona Verde.

Fled The Undertow said...

Hence the reason we gave up attending waterparks in the Deep South: between the retarded negroes who couldn't swim, the baby mamas who let their niglets drop a turd in the wave pool, or the hordes of roaming ferals from the "day camps" who were constantly stealing your stuff, it just wasn't worth the headache. God, I'm glad I live in negro-free Utah now.