Sunday, July 9, 2017

Police in Trenton, New Jersey Attacked by Black Mob on Independence Day

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How close is America to The Happening

Oh so close. 

It just takes one, one white police officer engaging a crowd of blacks - trying to restore law and order to a people incapable of maintaining/sustaining it in the absence of whites - that goes badly for it to erupt. [Five arrested after throwing lit fireworks at Trenton police, The Trentonian, 7-5-17]:
A black riot was barely quelled in Trenton on July 4th, 2017

Five men were arrested Tuesday night after a large crowd of people threw lit fireworks at police officers who were trying to quell a dangerous situation. 
Officials say police were sent to the 400 block of Cleveland Avenue around 10:55 p.m. after receiving calls about a crowd of people in the middle of the street detonating fireworks. 
“When police arrived, they found massive amounts of detonated and undetonated high-energy fireworks, as well as boxes burning in the street,” Lt. Stephen Varn said.  
Officials say the sizeable crowd gathered around the explosives created a dangerous situation that could have resulted in bloodshed. 
When the crowd saw cops, officials say, some of them started dispersing in separate directions; however, one person continued to ignite fireworks in the street.  
When police tried to issue that man a summons, officials say, the crowd started walking back toward the cops in an aggressive manner.  
Due to the size of the crowd and the disorderly manner they were behaving, the cops called for assistance from additional police, but that didn’t deter the aggressors.  
Officials say some people actually lit fireworks and then aimed them at cops so the projectiles flew in their direction. Meanwhile, others lit firecrackers and then threw them at law enforcement, causing extreme concern for police safety.  
Luckily, no one was seriously injured during the ordeal, although a few cops were physically assaulted by citizens in the crowd.  
Maurice Wallace, 29, was charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement after he allegedly pushed a cop who was trying to arrest 30-year-old Christopher Wallace. During an ensuing foot chase, police say, Maurice grabbed a large garbage bag and threw it at a cop. Maurice was eventually apprehended after a brief struggle.  
Terrance Ross, 37, was also charged with aggravated assault on police after he threatened and physically assaulted a cop.  
The Wallaces, Ross, 28-year-old Salaam Felton, and 19-year-old Jahkym Adams were also charged with inciting a riot, improper behavior, resisting arrest and other offenses related to the incident.
This story buries the lede and the pertinent information of what could have been a terrifying orgy of black violence against cops.

The Happening is nearly upon us, with the signs it's approaching buried within news stories across the nation.

Like this one in The Trentonian. 

Police nationwide fear being the next Darren Wilson. What happens when this fear dissipates as the police officer decides living is more important than being just another victim of black crime?



Anonymous said...

Do you mean some kind of racial Armageddon by "the Happening?"

The Negro in the lower left picture looks overly proud of his apelike nostrils. Notice how his head is tilted almost completely back so that if the picture had better resolution, we could see the boogers in his nose.

I'm looking forward to Pat's exposure of Negroes and gubment. Amren had a good article by Jared Taylor about Negro intelligence. This probably plays a large role in the stories you feature, PK. I think many of these goons are not very good on the Bell Curve. These are probably around a 60 on IQ.

Anonymous said...

First negro pictured looks suspiciously like that anti-American half-breed "feetsbah quartaback" that can't get hired by any team. Coincidence???

Anonymous said...

They didn't know fireworks are made by whitey crackas?
They should have followed the lead of the NY Giants player who blew two fingers off when picking up a dud that went off.
The Happening? Maybe when jocksniff cuck pro ball handling sports and teevee don't work anymore.

Awakened white said...

Soulless eyes. Saw the newest POTA trailer the other day. It sums it up perfectly.

Bill in St Louis said...

All the more reason for the cops to drive slow, (maybe stop for some coffee on the way) to certain areas. If these areas are reporting a "large group", then either arrive in force, or stop a few blocks back and set up a perimeter, using drones to assess the situation. With any luck, "streets will go wrong", and 1/2 the crowd will die. Or burn down the neighborhood. Either way, no rush. After all, NHI.

Stay alert, stay armed.

Phil said...

And what other kind of Mob would you expect to find in Trenton, New Jersey?

Anonymous said...

37 year old black males still behave like teenagers.

mikej said...

I suppose that The Happenning will happen when blacks actually heed the words of Shirelle Smith and "Take that s*** to the suburbs!" They will, sooner or later. They'll certainly do it when Uncle Sugar hyperinflates his fiat currency and their EBT cards stop working. Than again, they might do it simply because they've run out of businesses to loot and burn in their own neighborhoods. I can't predict which will happen first. Have appropriate weapons ready.

Mr. Rational said...

Second City Cop regularly posts about armed citizens shooting dindus engaged in robbery and other TNB.

The Chimpcongo police department can strip and fire an officer for shooting a dindu, but can't touch a civilian.  People are learning.

Sick n' Tired said...

The fact the police were afraid to open fire on someone shooting flaming explosives at them says it all.

Unknown said...

The trouble you've got, is that there are 40m of them. A lot of them are fit and have no compunction about committing brutal violence at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...

First I've heard of it and I live here.

Still, that's just called 'Tuesday' in Trenton and any other large city that the blacks have destroyed in Jersey...

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Police are pussies.

Some Sambo is setting off Roman Candles or those "Bomb" type explosives in your face and you call for back up?

Take your night stick out and start BEATING the niger. Let his brother/uncle/dad inbred Bratha's see it, chimp out and attack.

Now, take out your Sig and defend yourself, White Man.

WE don't need cops as pussies. We need them as defenders. Once they fall, the very, very, thin line vanishes, then we will have to do it (not that we will mind), but they THEY will have to join us (and give up the Pension).

As for Pensions, do those working in Chitcago, KC, St. Louis, etc, ever think they will get that Pension? Really? Connecticut, Illinois, etc are BANKRUPT and there will be no "Pensions" in a few years time.

Join the Resistance.

Oh, for those who say to write "" on everything, well, when I leave a comment on all other blogs, I add the tag line: "You are not Alone. Visit Stuff Black People Don't Like".

I don't use "" since this flags the site's blog owner/censors and they will delete your comment. So SPELL out SBPDL and do it in/on every comment you leave.

By the way, what is the number of "followers" to this site?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I don't want to sound mean, but (oh who the Hell am I kidding?) what do you believe the combined IQ of that crew might be? Something like a decent bowling score? If their brains were converted ounce for ounce into firecrackers, would they have enough to blow their noses?

Pat Boyle said...

Continuing with my discussion of jobs programs - this was in the mid seventies before personal computers were common. I acquired a Commodore PET so as to do a regression analysis of jobs program results. I did what is called a Step Wise Multiple Regression Analysis of our job programs. It took about a week of continuous processing but at the end I had definitive results - the only thing that mattered was race. This seemed reasonable even back then. Black unemployment was more than double white unemployment. But I had demonstrated that essentially nothing else mattered, not education, not family composition, not previous work history. But I couldn't publish because that result was not acceptable to the government agency.

There was another problem. It was based on a cross sectional design. That means that if 100 people went through the program and 50 got jobs that would be considered a 50% success rate. That's an easy and cheap way to measure outcomes but many - even most - people will get a job just by waiting around. The better and more expensive design is to do a longitudinal study. You follow up on people who went through the program and match their outcomes with similar people who did not go through the program.

If you do that you find out that white people are not just not helped by such programs - they are actually hurt. That is to say a white man who avoids a jobs program and just continues to look for a job is more likely to be employed a year later than is one who wasted all that time in the government program. The same thing happens in a lesser degree to white women and black men. If you are unemployed no governmental jobs program is as beneficial as just to keep looking. That result is in all the serious journals but it never appears in the popular press - or in the mouths of tent dwelling black pastors.

The exception was black females. At that time there were two major job paths for black women. One was as a Vocational Nurse and the other was as a Typist. Vocational nurses no longer seem to exist. I checked around at Kaiser last year. All the nurses now have more academic preparation than they did in the seventies. I had a urinary tract exam thirty years ago and the person who cleaned my dick was a Vocational Nurse (LVN). I saw a urologist for the same procedure a few months ago and they no longer use an LVN. They have a new technique.

Office typing was the one job for which jobs programs worked. In order to be a typist you have to be able to read. That takes about ten years in public schools. But most program participants have that skill when they first show up. You don't have to teach them that. Then you have to teach the woman to type. That takes a couple weeks. There was then a ready market for typists. So there was a marketable skill that could be taught in only a couple weeks - there was no other job with those characteristics. Everything else took months or years to learn or else had only a tiny labor market demand.

Black men wanted those good union craft jobs like carpenter, plumber or welder, but the unions restricted membership (often to relatives of existing union members) or it took much too long to learn. Remember in pre-industrial times an internship typically was for seven years. Most jobs program clients can't handle the math needed to become a carpenter.

So black women could benefit from jobs programs if they learned to type - but otherwise it was hopeless.


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I just saw a trailer for this year's obligatory negro summer movie, "Detroit", due out in August. Can't wait to see how the poor, oppress-uhd, negro coonmunity was subjected to yt vil-uns in 1967, causing them to torch their own neighborhoods. At least we have a confirmed year we can all agree on when Detroit totally went tits up. Watts was in 1965. I was too young to remember that one, but I do remember when they torched D.C. in 1968, right after Martin Looter Coon was ventilated.
Good times!

Seeing these boys arrested for their fire cracker display "goan roan" is so sad. An injustice surely was done to them by the po po. I can see in their soulless eyes and smug, defiant expressions that the din du nuffins. Seriously, aiming firecrackers at a bunch of cops really reflects on their low level IQs.

Brian in Ohio said...

When the "happening" does occur, just like everything else blacks do, it will require massive help from whites.

Remember, these are the same people who cant organize a 10 person curbside vigil or a funeral without someone getting shot. Or when they open fire at point black range in a packed club, no one gets killed. No, they will need serious help to accomplish anything more than looting then burning their own neighborhood.

"The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it." -Corneliu Codreanu

Damn right.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Could you see a bunch of blacks shooting fireworks at the police in the 1950's? Pick a city, any city. Never would have happened. These guys need to 'go slow', if at all. The blacks in this country are being given a pass, and they know it.

William Hendershot said...

Negro councilman must be reading sbpdl! What a dumbass, he'll get shot before long.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Brian in Ohio said...

"The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it." -Corneliu Codreanu

Damn right.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Thanks for the quote. Very apropos. I have only one alteration to suggest;

The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the (((traitor))), second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the (((traitor))) have it.

Yeah....when this sh*t goes down, there's gonna be a lot of blood in the streets.

Unknown said...

Taylor is downright EVIL, since he never allows discussion of the REAL PEOPLE behind the sub saharan onslaught. I can understand how people dont see thru him.

Unknown said...
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