Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Not a Joke: In 83% Black Detroit, Police Consider it a "Success" only 3 People Shot at 2017 Independence Day Fireworks Celebration

For some reason the 83 percent black city of Detroit (remember: Detroit was 98 percent white in 1917 and is less than seven percent white today) held its fireworks celebration on June 26. 

Escape from Detroit:The Collapse of America's Black Metropolis and 

Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis are the only two books in existence daring to tell the real reason why Detroit collapsed and is now synonymous with failure, misery, crime, dysfunction, blight, and ruin (hint: the reason is easily discernible from the opening sentence). 

But back to the June 26 firework celebration, honoring Independence Day. 

Spontaneous Blackness broke out in the 83 percent black city, as the fireworks display was marred by multiple shootings. But don't worry: the violence notwithstanding, police considered the event a "success"...[2 shootings injure 3 during Detroit fireworks, The Detroit News, 6-27-17]

 Two shootings that injured three people were reported Monday night during the Detroit fireworks show, police said -- marring what authorities called a "good time" during the annual display of pyrotechnics and goodwill.
A 47-year-old woman downtown for the show was shot at Woodward and Jefferson in the Spirit of Detroit esplanade, where people had gathered at the newly opened plaza to watch the fireworks, police said. Two people, including one adult, are in custody in that shooting and a weapon was recovered, police said.
The woman was taken to Henry Ford Hospital. Police said she was listed in serious condition late Monday.
She was with family members when the shooting occurred about 9:54 p.m., a minute before the fireworks began, police said. Police said she was "an innocent bystander."
"The fireworks is what we 'd call a success but we had a few knuckleheads out here that wanted to argue," said Detroit Police Assistant Chief Arnold Williams. "And having that argument caused a lot of people a lot of pain."
The shooting started "a small stampede," Williams said, as fireworks spectators rushed for safety after they heard shots. Additional officers in the Spirit of Detroit Plaza "were able to secure the scene" quickly, Williams said.
How in the world can you qualify an event a "success" when attendees were shot and injured? 


Perhaps police had forecasted five shootings, so falling under this number was the determining factor in calling the 2017 Independence Day fireworks celebration in 83 percent black Detroit a "success"...

Just so you know, as Dan Gilbert has enlisted a private security force and network of security cameras to give off the illusion downtown Detroit is safe, the 83 percent black city unleashed an army of police to try and keep peace at the 2017 fireworks display and it still wasn't enough. [Despite shooting near Spirit of Detroit, fireworks a 'success,' chief says, Michigan Live, June 27, 2017]:
Despite a shooting that injured an innocent bystander, Detroit Police Chief James Craig on Tuesday called the 2017 annual fireworks "overall a success." 
There were three arrests during the show this year, compared to about 20 in 2016, the chief said. 
Detroit police on Monday night said a man and juvenile were arrested, but neither is believed to have fired the gun that struck a woman in her 40s in the hip. The victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
The black fist monument in 83 percent black Detroit: one day, it will come down
The male suspect was released after being investigated and the juvenile was held on a curfew violation, Craig said Tuesday. 
A gun was recovered, but Craig said there's not conclusive evidence it was the gun used in the shooting.  
"This certainly doesn't send the message at all that downtown is an unsafe place," Craig said. " ... Whenever there is a shooting incident, it does create fear; that's not in dispute, but overall, when you look at the number of large events we have ... sometimes that results in problems." 
Craig noted that overall violent crime this year is down 7 percent and nonfatal shootings 9 percent citywide, compared to 2016. 
There were 874 Detroit police and 150 additional officers from other agencies patrolling during the fireworks show and response to the shooting was immediate. 
The gunfire began after an argument between "two groups of young people" outside the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and the Spirit of Detroit statue near Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit, Craig said. 
A woman who was in the area to watch the fireworks was shot in the hip and is expected to survive her injuries. 
A large number of people were seen running from the area of the statue after gunfire was heard just before the fireworks were scheduled to begin. 
Police on horses and others in riot gear quickly converged on the area and cordoned off the area with crime scene tape.
The fireworks proceeded despite the violent interruption.  
Lowering expectations of how individuals should collectively act and behave is the hallmark of a racial group unsuited for participating in western civilization and incapable of sustaining the civilization white people built long ago in Detroit, only to abandon...


Anonymous said...

Guess it's a success if you're not the one shot. What arrogance and ignorance. Standing in a crowd of black youths is a risky endeavor to say the least. Mix it with loud bangs from fireworks and I guess the temptation for these idiots is just too much to resist. Watching blacks coming out to the suburbs to see fireworks grates on my last nerve. Whites gave them the city, lock, stock and barrel. Never satisfied and never enough. White Americans celebrate and blacks destroy. Shootings at funerals, birfday parties, weddings, block parties, back yard barbecues, kindergarten graduation, drug deals, strip clubs, gas station slurpee machines. The list of nonsense is never ending. Stay away from me, and I will surely stay away from you.

Anonymous said...

We whites didn't abandon the city of Detroit. We ran for our lives and the lives of our children. I mean that literally. The violence in that city was never ending. Take a ride through the city. Nothing was left intact. Not a business nor a house. Not even the churches. The best part? They're still scratching their nappy heads wondering what went wrong. Not a clue. They sit on the front porch sipping gin and juice wondering why the grass is long. Idiots of the first degree.

Anonymous said...

I avoid crowds specifically to avoid blacks.

I'm not interstate in getting caught in the crossfire, and their behavior and speech is the most offensive thing on Earth.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the argument was about something like this: Eeeek! Ooook!

Anonymous said...

Wow over 100 years ago Detroit was white how times change just the way of life in America

Anonymous said...

"A 47-year-old woman downtown for the show was shot...in the Spirit of Detroit esplanade..."

How appropriate. In the true Spirit of Detroit.

"Two people, including one adult, are in custody..."

So, one adult age negro and one negro "yoof". Love the way they dance around the obvious. IT WAS NEGROES....as usual.

"The male suspect was released after being investigated and the juvenile was held on a curfew violation, Craig said Tuesday."

Still no mention of race.

"This certainly doesn't send the message at all that downtown is an unsafe place," Craig said.

Yes, Craig, it does. Unbelievable.

"The gunfire began after an argument between "two groups of young people"

Negro conflict resolution. You shoot first, you win the argument.

If this were whites doing this, their race would be stated throughout and it would make national headlines for days.

Being black has its privileges.

Anonymous said...

Like getting a trophy for not pooping on the floor, just in your pants.

Civil War II, where are you ...?

Ex New Yorker said...

About fifteen years ago a friend and I spent $400.00 on fireworks we bought down in Wyoming. One morning in the cafe I mentioned that we were going to light the stuff up at the end of the week out on the high school football field. Pass the word in case anyone might want to come down and watch. About half the town showed up.

The sheriff's deputy also pulled up with a pickup truck loaded with stuff he and his kid bought up on the Indian reservation. When he heard what we were going to do he decided to come down and join us. With the two stashes of fireworks we put on a nice little show. After that it became a tradition.

About the third or forth year we found a place in Michigan that would sell us stuff for wholesale if we spent $2,000.00. For something that cost us 30 bucks we were now only paying 6 or 7 bucks. We were thrilled. Every year two big pallets of fireworks were delivered by semi-truck. We hand picked a crew of 6 or 7 guys to help us set them off. Safety was our main concern so we didn't pick any drunks.

They were mostly older guys our age and I'll tell you we had a ball. We were like little kids. It was a real rush having all that stuff blowing up over our heads. Since this was small town America we never had permits or any of that crap. The sheriff and fire chief were two of the guys helping light the stuff up. We always had a fire truck and crew with us in the field. Everything was kept in my van so no fallout would set something off.

People would drive over from the town 30 miles away and all the ranchers would drive in from miles around with their families. A good time was had by all. About half the money was donated by local businesses and people in town. Two banks put up $800.00.

I burned out about 3 years ago. It started to become like a job. Others took over. Now a rancher and his wife are doing the shows and have high school kids lighting up the fireworks. Tonight they drove in with a horse trailer filled with stuff and put on a hour and a half show. Everybody had a great time.

Small town America is doing very well. No savages shooting each other. No need for police or security. All you have to deal with are a few local drunks and a couple "village idiots". In this town the village idiot is also the town drunk.

I love the smell of gunpowder in the evening.

Anonymous said...

" . . . the fireworks display was marred by multiple shootings . . ."

Not correct, this was just good natured African cultural enrichment in a diverse area, this is how diversity celebrates its vibrancy.

They aren't very good shots, are they?

Stan Mute said...

"Miracle" is more apt than "success." Boaters are afraid to too closely approach shore on the Detroit river (best spot by far for the show) for fear of stray bullets. The safest spot is just south of the bridge next to Ft Wayne where the dindus cannot go. Anywhere near belle isle and you hear constant gunfire.

Anonymous said...

The black fist needs to come down. Too much black violence in America at the "hands" of blacks. It must be removed and sunk in the ocean. We can't continue wit the legacy of negroid violence and have it celebrated with a violent sculpture of a thrusting, attacking black arm and fist. This must end. President Trump, you have your mission...

And sixty shot in ChimpCongo, Illinois!! Haaahahahahaaaaaa...!!

This stuff is unreal! Where u have Africans, you have Africa. Believe it!

Anonymous said...

Wrong city Paul.You want the KEEPIN' IT REAL story,da brothas' be keepin' it real ,yo yo yo
And they keep trying to railroad the Cops in Chimpcago ,Chiraq,whatever the hell name you want to call it. LMFAO! They wonder why Cops have become militant and angry ,duhhh,DEMOGRAPHICS baby,DEMOGRAPHICS.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Due to family obligations, specifically, taking care of my spouse who is recovering from surgery, I did not attend the festivities being held downtown this year. I did manage to catch a glimpse on the local news about the Fun Fourth celebration. Negroes everywhere. A few cucked whites, but by and large, negroes doing what they do best- grabbing duh free stuff and mugging for the cameras. I was feeling a little put out that I couldn't attend the celebration this year, but after seeing all the negro behavior on screen, I am glad I missed it. They ruin everything.

OT- a negro a few days ago mentioned on this site that he/she probably makes more on his/her pension than most of us do working. A smart response came (sorry-don't remember who it was) stating that he didn't care how much money the negro earned- it would never want to be around them. Negroes were not 'his cup of tea". Love it! Nobody wants to live with a bunch of surly, nasty, smelly, ignorant, stupid negroes. A million dollars isn't enough!

Anonymous said...

At the beginnings of old age in my long life, I can admit to being in far too many arguments with various people during that time. Never shot anyone though.

Paintjob Theory said...

"The gunfire began after an argument between "two groups of young people""

LOL. He thinks they're people.

As always the complete lack of causality. One second you're having an argument (likely over the merits of string theory) the next gunfire just begins.

"...overall, when you look at the number of large events we have ... sometimes that results in problems."

At least these golliwogs have realistic expectations of themselves. In the town I grew up in in southern NH there have been 2 shootings since the American Revolution (IIRC one of them was a half-nig from out of town), in African America anything short of a Mad Max movie is a howling success.

Anonymous said...

Were fireworks displays the scenes of shootings when Detroit was de facto segregated?

Just askin...

Sick n' Tired said...

Only 60? I picked 82 shot 12 killed. I just list a case of beer.

Anonymous said...

Another cancer that needs cured😠

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but has anyone seen the trailer for the movie "Detroit" scheduled for release?

Sure to be a historically accurate piece about a 'historic' (no kidding, someone called it that) riot in Detroit in 1967.

Rioting is just what they do in Detroit when it gets past a certain temperature or there's nothing on television. Even in '67, it was an un-liveable city but at least the cops kept a thin line between the civilian population and the vermin.

Politicians and cops aren't what they used to be, obviously! Look at the place now! You thought it was bad then when they still had an auto-industry presence? Look at it 50 years later after they made the car capital a wasteland.

Perhaps the goal is just to hit theaters at the peak of summer in order to inspire some violent reaction.

Luckily history, especially their own, is some of the SBPDL.

Jim in Jersey

Pat Boyle said...

Nice story by "Ex New Yorker" @ 12:17 AM.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous quote civil War II the Marxist calm a war been on since Trump came to power in 2017 where have you been at

Anonymous said...

SJW are trying to Chicago and Detroit even the rest of America urban area more respectable with great successful jobs in the near future with stop violence campaign

Anonymous said...

Well done, Detroit, well done. I must say, somewhat intelligibly articulated by a doubleplusgoodthinkful spokeweasel.

Meanwhile, in the soon to be unveiled Detroit 2.0, HeyJackass.com has posted the final tally. From noon Friday to 3:30 AM today, Chiraq posted 15 killed and 88 wounded. There were 24 shootings TODAY from midnight to 3:30, with 6 killed for a batting average of .250.

Time for some math . . .

Average ER expenses $55,000; assuming a 10% DRT index (Dead Right There), 92 people lived long enough to make it to the hospital. That's $5,060,000 in emergency care to stabilize the patients.

On average, 80% of the victims are transported via a Fire Department ambulance at a cost of $1,000 per head. That would be 73 live ones adding $73,000 to the tab. New total: $5,113,000.

15 KIAs require a homicide autopsy performed by the Cook County Coroner at a cost of $800 apiece. That's another $12,000. Chicago's Diversity Tax Bill for this holiday weekend comes to . . .


Little Rock tried, but they just ain't ready for the Major Leagues yet. Oh well, they can console themselves with the old Cubs rallying cry, heard every August or September for over a century:


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Detroit, there's a new movie coming out to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 riot (I mean "uprising," I mean ethnic cleansing of YT). The poster shows a thin blue line of (White) policemen holding back a horde of (black) rioters. You can take this either way: blacks demanding "justice" or Whites holding the line against Africa in America.

And as if by serendipity, there's yet another movie coming out, War for the Planet of the Apes. Its poster shows a thin line of human troops holding back a horde of armed apes.

No comment needed.

This summer (as always):
Stay armed
Stay alert

Mr. Rational said...

BTW, if you have TagSieve for Firefox or Pale Moon and you add a tag like "testimonial" when you bookmark these stories people post, you can find them again very easily.  Change the name of the tag to a phrase from the story to make it stand out.  You can use multiple tags, so also tagging by name of the poster will let you sort and find things more easily.

I've got a bunch of bookmarks for the satires.  I'm thinking of collecting them.

Anonymous said...

I'd have thought that over 50 years of chimpouts would change the mind of even the most progressive of people. Instead, it is just further evidence of the Legacy of Slavery (patent pending, all rights reserved.)

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

And now for some good news: Chicago just experienced it's deadliest July 4th weekend. The bad news? With over 100 shot, the kill yield was only a dozen killed. Is there nothing we can do to improve their aim? Among the victims of "streets goan roan" or "gun vilenz" was a Cook county judge's son who was ell on his way to turning his life around (just completed college at 28). No word yet on whether he was an aspiring rapper.

Anonymous said...

Sick n' Tired, go get your beer.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Icing on the cake of my above story was the judge's son was apparently on his way back from a fellow orc's funeral - another victim of duh turbul, turbul streets goan roan and gun vilenz.

Anonymous said...

Can I take out n*gger insurance? A policy that covers me in the event of any n*gger-related damages to me or my family or property? Probably a good product for a company to offer. Maybe give it a better name than N*gger Insurance. But people will know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Negroids actually a different species than Homo Sapiens? I thought they were Home Africanus, or Homo Erectus. They are so, so different than White Humans that they clearly need their own scientific taxonomic designation. Where can I find studies on this? Seem like Dogs and Wolves.

They are so, so obviously another species.


Concerned White High School Girl, Middle America.

Brian in Ohio said...

It was never about lifting them up to our standards, it was about dragging us down to theirs.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Oops . . .

I'm re-reading my comment several hours later and noticed a math error. $5,060,000 worth of ER plus $73,000 worth of amberlamps rides should be $5,133,000, with the $12,000 autopsy bill bringing the tab to $5,145,000 for the weekend.

Some other fun things from Chicago's Fourth:

Just over half of the bodies (8 of 15) assumed room temperature from sunset Tuesday to 3:30 Wednesday.

A window on the 56th floor of a high-rise condo was shot out overnight.

The stolen FBI Chevy Equinox was recovered, about two blocks from the Chicago Division HQ for the Famous But Incompetent.

PB said...

30 would have been a success, not merely three.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tireless work P.K., because of your constant "pestering" about the truth the diversity crowd is really starting to paint itself into a corner- see the hilarious last sentence of this Yahoo news article:

"The heavy toll came after President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he would be sending federal reinforcements to tackle chronic violence in Chicago, where local police forces were slammed for abuse in a federal report put out last January.

The long bout of holiday violence began on Friday and ended in the early hours of Wednesday, July 5. The holiday started off relatively peacefully but violence quickly escalated on Tuesday afternoon, when 41 people were shot in just 12 hours.

Violence in the city has drawn a great deal of media attention because it is where former president Barack Obama worked as a civil rights attorney and law professor and where he still maintains a high profile.

The rate of violence relative to the size of the population is, however, lower than other US cities such as St Louis or Baltimore."


And of course you know the comments won't disappoint! I'll be adding some of my own of course.

Anonymous said...

Detriot has had a lot of killings this year. I have yet to see what the total tally is. I'll bet that it right up there with chicago.......which is a whole lot bigger.

Sick n' Tired said...

*Lost. Although from later reports it was 101 shot, 14 killed, and climbing. Even though they are basically at a 14% kill ratio which is rookie numbers. They need to get those numbers up, to double would be good, to triple that would be great.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:18:

Black riots in the U.S. are a very interesting topic and they are NOT covered in school or history books with any great detail. Ever hear of all the Hispanic, Asian or other racial riots? There really isn't much to speak of, so of course you haven't. When it comes to violence and sense of entitlement, these other groups can't hold a candle to ol' blackie.

Since blacks can't get what they want through persistence and hard work they make demands and threats. The squeaky wheel gets the grease has always been their approach- and it has been disturbingly successful. Gone are the times when blacks could boycott a product or service and actually make an impact. They don't contribute enough to society (lazy, cantankerous, rude, dishonest and lacking in empathy for others) so there is nothing that they can really "take away" from us. All that they can do is make threats and bully and actually commit acts of violence to get their way. There settings seem to be "destroy" and "destroy more"- even they have given up believing that they actually have something to contribute that the rest of us would want.

The thing that was interesting about the riots in the 60's was that some were the result of CONCESSIONS NOT HAPPENING FAST ENOUGH and the assassination of their "leader" who publicly preached above all, to practice non-violence.

Blacks are stupid, violent, reckless, rude, short-sighted, untrustworthy, users, and have nothing positive to offer that you couldn't easily find elsewhere. Keep plugging away folks, BRA is sinking.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I keep getting this backwards - to me, success is when "more" are shot, not successful is when "less" are shot! I think Chicongo was a BIG success this past holiday week end - like over a hundred shot! They're doing to themselves what the Klan could've never done - I think we should help them out and start a "Guns for the Hood" fund - "a bullet is a terrible thing to waissss!"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:16pm. Rest assured that the 1967 Detroit riot occurred 8 months before the killing of Martin Luther King. It was an immediate need for color tvs, shoes, jewelry, radios, and anything else that wasn't nailed down. Blacks being black. Detroit still had a lot of decent neighborhoods and shopping areas. In fact most of Detroit was sill viable and valuable. The riot at 12th street and Clairmount was the beginning of the end. The election of Coleman Young in 1973 was he nail in the proverbial coffin. The ultimate destruction culminated with Kwame Kilpatrick and the bankruptcy. Can only go up from there. Hopefully a lot of black families will return to the south, from whence they came.

Mr. Rational said...

Hopefully a lot of black families will return to the south, from whence they came.

Back to the South, to support themselves how?  Their share-cropping farms have long since gone to industrial agriculture.  Their traditions of artisanship were neglected and forgotten generations ago.  Learning actual trades like plumbing and HVAC requires math and conscientiousness far beyond what the average hood rat has ever seen, let alone can do.

They'll have their hand out for welfare, just the same as today.

If the US taxpayer is going to support them anyway, they need to be supported where they came from BEFORE they were in the South.  That means Africa.  And give up their US citizenship before they get the first free sandwich.

Anonymous said...

@ Concerned White High School Girl, Middle America:

The taxonomic designation that you are looking for is "parvus Zinjanthropus malus ignoramus".

Mr Evilwrench said...

Concerned White High School Girl: It's science that's been controlled by PC. There's an example I saw where these birds were determined to have differentiated into four separate species based on nothing more than a family resemblance due to isolation; a couple of feathers that are white on one were blue on the next one, etc. Somehow I doubt the birds would have noticed if you paired them off, they'd have just gone at it. There's a whole lot more difference between a dindu and a white, even though they can unfortunately crossbreed viable offspring.

AChineseInCanada said...

Nogwarts, the roman candle shootout in Chicago:

Okay, sometimes they are entertaining to watch, from far, far, away, if I have none of them near me, I'll be able to laugh at their antics on youtube. They basically messed up traffic, if they were considerate (but still reckless), they would have done this on the beach.

Bill in St Louis said...

"This certainly doesn't send the message at all that downtown is an unsafe place," Craig said

Jesus wept.

rexfreeway said...

Every park or street or driveway and yard my family chose to celebrate the fourth of July in was cleaned up the next day. Everyone gathered for leftovers after a walk thru of the area and picked up everything we could find. Every park on the east side of town looks as if a war was fought in it. And the parks dept. spends who know how much to pick up tons of firework trash.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Aren't Negroids actually a different species than Homo Sapiens? I thought they were Home Africanus, or Homo Erectus. They are so, so different than White Humans that they clearly need their own scientific taxonomic designation. "

You are very astute, but to answer your question you must first learn about subversion, propaganda, thought control, and cultural Marxism. More importantly, learn about our most insidious racial enemy who are (((white when convenient))).

The hard data about genetic divergence between different groups of hominids is dry technical type writing but it's only a Google search away (and yes, within other animals we categorize less genetic divergence as separate species). As far as anybody standing up and pointing at the giant black Elephant in the room it simply hasn't happened yet because the few who have tried to tread down that path are quickly removed from (((academia))) and blackballed. Do not expect proper genetic science which will make this public to come from the west, but truth will out eventually.

More importantly is to know for yourself they are different and should be avoided at all costs if you wish to have a good quality of life.

"Hopefully a lot of black families will return to the south, from whence they came. "

South of the Sahara Desert for preference. Anywhere on this continent is too close; they do not belong here.