Thursday, August 30, 2018

In 79% White/11% Black Columbia, Missouri, Police Report Calls for Hiring 60 More Police Officers to Combat Black Violence

In 79 percent white and 11 percent black Columbia, Missouri, a proposal to hire 60 more police officers is entirely predicated upon trying to stop black people from killing/shooting other blacks. [Community policing report calls for 60 new officers, Columbia Tribune, 8-30-18]:
Columbia should hire 60 more police officers and nearly double the department’s payroll over five years to implement community policing, according to a draft report delivered Thursday to the Columbia City Council. 
Welcome to an 80 percent white/11 percent black city, where massive black violence requires a huge police presence to try and control
The report, written by Sgt. Robert Fox, combines its recommendations with observations on reasons for crime in Columbia, perceptions of crime in the city and why the police department has a negative public image. Marijuana sales are leading to violent crime, especially in the black community, Fox wrote, and media distortions make people think crime is worse than it really is and the department is doing its job poorly. 
The council will get its first chance to discuss the report, 69 pages with 270 pages of appendices, at its Tuesday night meeting. 
The council in February voted to implement community policing throughout the department. Defined in its basic form as deterrence through officer relationships with communities they serve, the city conducted a series of meetings with racial and justice equality groups and residents of each ward. 
Fox, who led the transition, outlines a plan within that includes a timeline, a budget, several recommendations on how the philosophy can be achieved and other information. 
The cost of community oriented policing, according to the report, includes 12 new officers per year from 2020 and 2024, as well as several sergeants and other support staff. 
CPD salaries in 2017 were budgeted at $7.9 million. The additional officers would increase salary costs approximately $1.3 million per year. By 2024, the cost increase to taxpayers would be $6.5 million annually. 
Vehicles and other equipment raise the costs to just over $7 million annually after the program is fully implemented in 2024. 
A chief cause of violent crime, the report states, is the marijuana trade which disproportionately affected the black community. Statistics supporting the claim were requested but not provided. 
“While City Ordinance has made possession of small amounts of marijuana a low priority for CPD, the violence connected to the distribution of marijuana and the cash flow it creates has resulted in most of the homicides and dozens of shootings over the last 10 years,” Fox wrote in the report. “Predominantly, the victims are young black males.” 
Fox stood by his claims when asked for clarification. However, in an email response, he changed “marijuana” to “drugs” in relation to homicides. 
“The victims of the violence associated with the distribution of marijuana are disproportionately black,” he wrote. “Of the nine homicide victims last year seven were black and most of our homicides are related to the distribution of drugs.” 
Black residents will benefit the most from increases in police staffing, the report states, because they are the demographic most affected by violent crime. Neither Fox nor Burton responded to questions about crime statistics based on race in the city. None were provided in the report as a basis for those claims. 
“Violent crime especially disproportionately affects the black community and proactive policing informed by good local knowledge with the support of the neighborhoods they work would benefit the black community in Columbia,” Fox wrote in the report.
In a city where only 11 percent of the residents are black, the frequency of black criminality requires a veritable police state to try and control, ensuring some semblance of civilization is maintained.

So few dare point out genetic reasons are the possible culprit behind the violence in the black community, representing only 11 percent of the city's inhabitants, versus the placid nature of the white community requiring virtually zero policing to maintain civilization/civility.


Anonymous said...

A heads up on their erasure methodology, after all you can see it just itching to happen.


Anonymous said...

Just think of all the money our nation would save if we didn't have to pay for more police to stem black violence. It could put many of our young white people through college.

Anonymous said...

So much for weed making you passive.

I kid.

The strongest weed on the planet can’t inhibit 20,000 years of genetic stagnation.

Bill in St Louis said...

Blacks+drug sales=high crime. Need more cops.
8 words, covers the entire report.
Wait.... Whites pay for it all. 12 words, my bad. Yet, for some reason pointing this out makes me a racist. It would be truly refreshing to see any major media outlet admit this.

Non PC Infidel said...

The black community isn't disproportionately affected by violent crime- they're the source and they cover for their criminals via their no snitching policy. They're not victims- they're facilitators, enablers and co-conspirators. Worse yet, the white population has to fund the increase in cops and related services in a vain attempt to keep negro violence and criminality under control. That is until the negro population increases and the crime spreads and the costs (financial and otherwise) become so high that whites start to abandon the area- the same process that has played out in many a locale thus leaving towns and cities in ruins courtesy of the negro. Name one place that has been improved by the addition of or presence of hordes of negroes. No such place exists.

Perhaps one day the country will regain its sanity and admit that negroes are a plague and a curse and take the appropriate action to expel them from white areas instead of trying to civilize or control them. The answer is to stop subsidizing and coddling them and to banish them and leave them to their fate. That would be an absolute disaster for blacks but an absolute blessing for whites.

Lincoln was right- they should have been removed from the north American continent. Not doing so was a monstrous mistake which has only been compounded by further idiocies such as granting them citizenship, giving them the right to vote and subsidizing their existence in every way imaginable. Talk about throwing gas on the fire!

Anonymous said...

"possible culprit"??!!

Genetics are the.... ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!!!

Every other theory falls flat.

It is ALL genetics!!

The way negroids behave in a first world civilization, and the way non-negroids react to the orcs, is ALL based on the way their genetics effect their IQs and behaviors.


Archie bunker said...

Who benefits the most, who pays the least, who causes the problems? The answers are self evident, all you need is a black chief and a bunch of white taxpayers and the violence be solved

Alex from N. England said...

Statistics matter!

If any one of you, individually married your own sibling and had offspring with him/her, statistically the children borne of this union would probably be perfectly "normal" and healthy. If millions of Americans, however decided to marry and produce children with their siblings it would lead to a catastrophic public health disaster. Millions of children would be born with crippling physical and mental defects.

Alex from N. England said...

Most people care little for vague, abstract, incongruous numbers until Jamal and Shaniqua move in next door with their high testosterone brood of sprogs.

Anonymous said...

I did some hard math. That's one officer per 15 black males aged 15 to 30. They might need more then that.

Anonymous said...

ONLY BLACKS make weed VIOLENT. This is hilarious. Blacks take the most innocuous things and they become part of their criminality and violence. Wear hoodies,White men used to wear hoodies,even in the 60's 70's ,but that was because they were WORKING OUTDOORS. Carpentry,steel work,etc,etc,.But of course Blacks turn hoodies into images of crime and theft and assault.Rap ,hip hop so-called music ,once again,turned into their beliefs of violence and theft and murder over nothing.It all refelects their thinking and what they truly believe and what their moral and ethical code of life is all about. And of course Whites emulate and allow all that Black behavior to be accepted as American and propped up as cool and we should all act like Black people.And talk like them and lower ourselves to their level because it's so cool.I do not know what the F' is wrong with White people but you better stop looking to Blacks and trying to emulate and follow them like they are some kind of righteous absolute moral authority. Even the so called smart ones or good ones or whatever,only exist because they were raised and educated by living and being born amongst White first world civilization. All these so called smart Black guys are just mimicking how to act and behave because they and their ancestors were lucky enough to have not been left behind in Africa. If none ,not one Black African was brought over her,do you really think that any of their icons and intellectuals would have even existed. Do you really think that any of their famous people would have been anybody if born in Africa. LMFAO! No chance in hell.All of their famous people of any field only existed because of the fact they were born amongst WHITE Western civilization. That's it. End of story.There would be no MLK walking around Africa running his mouth,or Thomas Sowell or George Washington Carver or Willy Mays.Any of them.Whites have allowed all of this to come about. It should of never happened. And saying that their are conservative Blacks,who gives a shit.They will still harp on about Whitey owing them,will still enable programs for their own,and still try to pass bills and laws for reperations. Blacks are the catalyst for all of this dysfunction.As long as Blacks are involved in government and social services and everywhere and anywhere ,here and in Europe,they will always be the conduit for all Blacks and Browns and Muslims and Islam to invade and take over.They don't care.To them it's "As long as Whitey is being bred out it's only a matter of time" .It is as simple as that.Remember Blacks and Arab Muslims were all joined together in attacking and raiding Europe and kidnapping her people and enslaving White Men and selling White Women for centuries. This is the reason that Whites finally fought back and took over. And Whites created the greatest civilizations and countries in Europe and America.And this has never sat well with Muslims and Blacks.We won and they lost.Now Whites are just giving it all away nd I can't imagine what our ancestors are doing.They are not just rolling in their graves they are spinning.

Anonymous said...

Obama was the tipping point, Trump is a rapidly failing set of safety cables.
By the end of this administration, certainly if he is re-elected in 2020, the polarization of this nation will be complete.
The downside to all this progressive democrat posturing is they fail to see it impactingt them.
Just like West Coast cities have a poop in the sidewalk issue, so to will they have a rampant lawlessness issue with enabled illegals, blacks, and white wanna-bes.

Ricky Tucker said...

Got folks in Missouri, been there many times. The only places I've seen blacks are along the I-70 corridor. St Louis: packed. Columbia: packed. KC: packed. Other than those places it's actually pretty nice there.

Bruce County said...

Off topic but relevant. Thank you Playboy magazine for keeping this historical story.

PLAYBOY: If Negroes are also granted preferential treatment in housing, as you propose, how would you allay the alarm with which many white homeowners, fearing property devaluation, greet the arrival of Negroes in hitherto all white neighborhoods?

KING: We must expunge from our society the myths and half-truths that engender such groundless fears as these. In the first place, there is no truth to the myth that Negroes depreciate property. The fact is that most Negroes are kept out of residential neighborhoods so long that when one of us is finally sold a home, it's already depreciated. In the second place, we must dispel the negative and harmful atmosphere that has been created by avaricious and unprincipled realtors who engage in "blockbusting." If we had in America really serious efforts to break down discrimination in housing, and at the same time a concerted program of Government aid to improve housing for Negroes, I think that many white people would be surprised at how many Negroes would choose to live among themselves, exactly as Poles and Jews and other ethnic groups do.
Negroes living among themselves and creating the beautiful black Utopia is most evident in Haiti. You cant fix genetics.
For al of you who wish to read the the rest of this mongrels drivel here it is.

Bruce County said...

Late in 1963, you wrote, "As I look toward 1964, one fact is unmistakably clear: The thrust of the Negro toward full emancipation will increase rather than decrease." As last summer's riots testified, these words were unhappily prophetic. Do you foresee more violence in the year ahead?

To the degree that the Negro is not thwarted in his thrust forward, I believe that one can predict less violence. LOL.

chattanooga gal said...

it's amazing what a small proportion of the population they are to cause such a vast amount of problems and expense!

Anonymous said...

'More cops' is never an answer. 'More cops' is simply a reaction.

'More cops' means that you haven't addressed the problem and now you need to ramp up a further effort to maintain order.

'More cops' means more taxes and more money to be wasted on salaries, pensions, heath care and benefits for 'more cops'.

The disease goes merrily on.

Had the 'reciprocal concealed carry' law been passed, we would be well on our way to quelling the criminal element in areas that have been on-the-edge. The inability for citizens to defend themselves in urban/suburban areas (where it is needed) would have started the ball rolling as criminals would have been met head-on by armed citizens, sick and tired of playing the role of victim.

A few weeks into having their efforts curtailed by the newly armed populace, the criminal element would retreat to their own areas to contend with their own and fight among themselves over the meager holdings of their own kind.

It would have effectively redrawn the lines and boundaries erased by Jim Crow/Sundown laws and made the urban areas survivable again.

But our marxist/communist leaders have failed us deliberately again. They leave us as prey, staked out like sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered by their minions and we stand silent, waiting our turn.

I know the people in the 35 states that allow concealed/open carry don't realize how lucky they are. You'll read this and say "why don't you just move?" but it's never that simple. Family, career, etc., hold people firmly in place. The areas you live in probably don't even warrant the carrying of a weapon. Here, where it does, it is constantly out of legal reach.

One word from our president could have started the ball rolling. Instead, it stalls in congress and dies a quiet death without ever reaching the floor.

Bitter? Yeah, you could say that.

Embarrassed by the weak and corrupted state government NJ is saddled with? You bet.

The solution is so simple yet so out of reach. Once you allow those with a vested interest in getting MORE free stuff to vote for people who promise them more FREE stuff, the problem will never remedy itself.

My feeling is that our problem here will come to all of you sooner than your solution will come here.

Jim in Jersey

Pat Boyle said...


I keep wondering when America is going to wake up. We are slowly coming to accept the importance of race but only very slowly.

In 1854 Japan was a very primitive nation. They still made their swords in bloomeries. They had essentially no fire arms. But they decided when the Black Ships came into Toyko harbor to modernize. The program was call the "Meiji Restoration" In a couple decades Japan defeated Russia at sea. The same thing happened after the Korean War. South Korea with no natural resources, an unfavorable climate and a GDP lower than that of Tanzania was in bad shape. But in a couple decades they had "The Miracle of the Han River".

The "Economist" magazine a few years ago predicted that Korea would surpass the US in GDP. Probably not - but it does indicate that from economic basket case to world class economy only takes about fifty years. Unless of course you are talking about Africans.

These two examples are Asian counties but the exact same thing happened in the eighteenth century in Great Britain and the nineteenth in the US. Africa in the same time frame has regressed.

Unz now has hundreds of free books online. He has a "Racialist Literature" section. In that topic he has a couple HTML versions of recent books by Richard Lynn. Lynn did something I should have done. Lots of people are also kicking themselves for not doing what he did. He correlated IQ with national GDP.

In retrospect it seems so obvious, but no one else thought of it. Even when all the raw data was there for decades. Of course he was attacked bitterly. Every liberal in every university seemed to have published a nasty attempt at a refutation. But today after about twenty years it's cited everywhere. Anyone can look up any nation's IQ on the web and see what their GDP per capita is.

There are two caveats: communism and Islam. Socialism and Islam make a country poorer than it would otherwise be. Otherwise nations with high average IQ's are rich and those with low IQ's are poor - quite consistently. The pattern is so clear that it isn't even much discussed anymore - but it is ignored.

Watch any cable or broadcast news show and they never mention IQ as a relevant factor to the many race stories they broadcast. For example when they report on yet another "Black Lives matter" march protesting something or other they never say "remember blacks have high unemployment rates because they are less intelligent than whites of Asians'. That shouldn't be controversial. Anymore than reporting on approaching warm fronts to help explain thunder storms. The TV anchors should give context.

God knows how many times we heard everything bad that happened that day related to some alleged Global Warming. They were always eager to give the viewers a connection to their favorite theory. In California every temblor was 'explained' as a result of Global Warming. The media had to provide context to the news.

Yet Global Warming as a theory or an observation was never as scientifically accepted as the connection between IQ and race is. They leave a vacuum in the reporting for all the overheated rhetoric, demonstrations and rioting. We are in the middle of scientific revolution in genetics, but genetic explanations are never given.

Instead we are shown commercials with blacks socializing with white families and work groups. The average white American who has one hundred friends will only have one who is black, one who is Asian, and one who is Hispanic. These happy mixed race consumers eating chicken together so commonly seen in TV ads, are a fiction.

Someone is lying to us.


Anonymous said...

8mm had an excellent story about a Mexican Democratic Representative from Arizona in Congress (D. Rep. Ruben Gallego) threatening
to arrest ICE agents for carrying out their lawful duties and enforcing immigration laws. Obviously the unspoken part of this not so subtle threat is something along the lines of: "When we (the Democrats and their cuckservative Republican friends) get hold of the U.S. Government again we are going to seek vengeance against you for deporting my compadres. Rueben is %100 sincere, he and all the other coloreds mean to carry out their threats and not just against ICE agents but against all white people. They hate us more than the nogs and they are a greater danger to us than the nogs. recently ran a piece about Mollie Tibbets and made the point that the Mexican who killed her was acting true to form; he was doing what Hispanics are wont to do, nothing out of the ordinary there. The statistics in the article show that Central America and S. America have higher murder rates than Africa and the source for the data is the scumbag UN, hardly a white friendly source. People who suffer from the IKAGO syndrome believe their gardener and cleaner are different, they are "good ones" because they are quiet, respectful, hard working etc. No doubt the Mexican who killed Mollie Tibbets was all those things too right up to the time he killed that poor girl.

No to belabor the point but here is another story about a 90 YO farmer murdered by two Mexicans he had previously employed. The two Mexicans were polite, respectful, hard working etc. and known to the farmer, that's why he hired them to do illegal labor, they were IKAGOs. After fixing the farmer's roof they came back and viciously beat him to death and robbed him. BTW there is the usual bullshit from the left wing editors; "Twin Cities men" instead of Mexican illegal aliens, "37 years in prison" instead of the truth that they will be released in ten years, and the biggest two lies at the end: both men said they were sorry and they will be deported.

They are sorry they got caught this time unlike all the other times they committed crimes and their chances of being deported are nil, there will be another amnesty by the time they are released from jail. Unfortunately white people will continue to believe these animals from south of the Rio Grande are IKAGOs instead of the natural, murdering criminals they truly are. They don't belong here along with all the others.

Unknown said...

Very well put, sir.
What's funny is even if they "win", they lose, no more yt, no more advancing civilization. They will be back in stone age really soon

Anonymous said...

The chaos blacks cause is palpable. It will always be with us and it will only get worse. I have such a case of negro fatigue as to make me want to stay indoors and not turn on the TV because I know the first thing I'll see is nothing but the local chaos they cause, much less the blacks and interracial couples in commercials and shows.

Blue Juice said...

Our political leaders simply don’t understand that hiring more police won’t necessarily bring down black crime rates. Chicago proves that. The police academy is packed here and they keep on hiring more and more. If you handcuff the police to appease the Savage you can hire thousands and waste millions in tax dollars but it has little effect. BRA has taken away so much power from your local police (since Ferguson in 2014 in my opinion) that most police now are just report takers and armed insurance adjusters.

BTW: as others have posted, the Officer Van Dyke trial for the “murder” of an armed PCP-filled black man starts on Wednesday Sept. 5th in Chicongo. I really can’t predict what will happen here but I can tell you that the CPD leadership has no solid response plan and consider police officers like myself expendable. I have worked the Bulls Riots and have been fighting the Savage for over 20 years so I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I will try to post stories from the front lines for your amusement.

“Don't blame me, blame your harmless little Africans!" - Sgt. Major Lauderdale (Guns at Batasi; 1964)

Archie bunker said...

Name one place that has been improved by hordes of negroes, Wakonda of course, nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

" . . . What's funny is even if they "win", they lose, no more yt, no more advancing civilization. They will be back in stone age really soon . . ."

True but the colored people aren't known for intellectual reflection, are they? They are more like feral dogs first getting fed and continuously biting those who feed them. After those who feed them are no more they just root through the trash for dinner. When even the trash is gone they either die off or move on but they never think beyond what's immediately in front of them and 'muh dick'.

They will never moan about the long departed white man or think about how they fucked up society, they aren't genetically wired that way. They will have no regrets about the crash of civilization around them or how they caused it, they don't think about the past or tomorrow, everything is right now, just like a dog but without the admirable traits a dog has that makes him man's best friend.

Brian in Ohio said...

In local TNB, after a shooting that left 13yo Jaraius dead, and 19yo Datorion wounded, another hood rat said "Mo po lece patrols might help."

This was 2 blocks from police headquarters...

Just another copy and paste ghetto shooting. Here`s the link if anyone gives a shit. I know I don't.

Funny story about the projects you see in the video. Years ago I had to make a delivery to the HUD maint. there. I had to drive thru the whole complex to get to the back, where they keep a big roll off dumpster for when the "tenants" throw whatever furniture or appliance they`ve destroyed out into the yard, HUD picks it up and throws it away.

Anyway, so as I`m driving by the row of regular dumpsters, one of them has obviously been on fire recently, and as I`m easing by it, an old black woman, looked maybe 70-80, pokes her head up out of it. She was in there rooting around for something. I couldn't believe it....

So I told the HUD maint. guys and they were like "Yeah, they do that...". These guys were obviously hardened veterans and didn't bat an eye. I can only imagine the shit they`ve seen in there.

I always think of that when I drive by there.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"A chief cause of violent crime, the report states, is the marijuana trade which disproportionately affected the black community. Statistics supporting the claim were requested but not provided. "

Great, now marijuana is in the crosshairs now for doin' blacks wrong.

Why don't we ever look at the duskier side of the "It takes two to tango" equation?

Blacks and cops = bad, racist cops
Blacks and streets = very bad streets gone incredibly wrong
Blacks and iq tests = systematically incredibly without a doubt biased and racist against blacks

And the list goes on, all of the things that just seem to become terrible and racist, but only when intermingled with the dindu tribe.

Some of the brightest minds on the planet here in this country, yet we STILL can't figure out the correlation/pattern that pinpoints the problem.

It makes me sad to think of the opportunity cost that was involved in spending trillions on basketball Americans- the individuals and tech companies that could have had us all in space by now.

Some of the best and brightest whites are "edged out" of the nation's top tier universities by much less "academically abled" jigs, and what have these blacks in the university system ever given us back? They are just more competent tokens for organizations at the higher level. Diversity and Inclusion officer sound familiar? Make work jobs for make believe workers.

I say keep whites out of the new hiring pool, I don't care if they are masochists- we don't need another Darren Wilson having his life ruined for doing NOTHING wrong.

As long as blacks can 'do no wrong' in our society the focus, slander, and punishment of cops is all that will ever result.

How long until enough of us are on board where we can collectively tell them to ffkk off?

Anonymous said...

AZ 7th District and parts of Tucson are why AZ is a constitutional carry state. Crime in the 7th is pretty bad. Not College Park Ga bad, but bad enough. Ruben is playing to his base, nothing more. The ball park, arena, down town, all in his district. He has ZERO power in this.

Anonymous said...

Almost everything scientific has been run through a PC filter.
Before the days of political correctness the BS filter was everywhere. Now, basic genetics is bigoted and mental illness is scientific fact.
We ban dogs based on their genetic traits, but all humans are equal and free of genetic personality traits.

Phil said...

Columbia Missouri, once a College Town, has evolved into a town run by the minorities who run the university - well publicized over the past two years. Between the Athletic Department and the Liberal (some say "Ultra Liberal") faculty, the University seems to have designs of becoming the Berkeley of the Midwest.

I would not consider for one moment sending a child of mine there. And on a similar note, Blacks shooting other Blacks is apparently what we do in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Whites pay for drugs!!

Raccoon said...

Blue Juice, thank you for your thoughts. You rock!

Archie bunker said...

It's what they do in all fifty states and any country or continent they infest

Anonymous said...

@Jim in Jersey - You have to decide what is more important because nothing is forcing you to stay in NJ. I lived in NJ for too long right next door to the murder capital of the world, Camden. It was long overdue when I left that shithole, and had I made the decision to cut ties years ago I would be in much better financial shape than I am now. That said, I am no longer in a situation where I will be a victim and life is much more breathable. Yes, jobs and family matter. ALL of my family still lives in the area, and they all still complain and bitch. I have precious few friends here but I know they are -real- friends. I consider them my family. When I go back to NJ to see them, I fear for my life driving through those areas to get where I'm going. It is never easy to pick up and roll out but you will be much happier.

Anonymous said...

BTW: as others have posted, the Officer Van Dyke trial for the “murder” of an armed PCP-filled black man starts on Wednesday Sept. 5th in Chicongo. I really can’t predict what will happen here but I can tell you that the CPD leadership has no solid response plan and consider police officers like myself expendable. I have worked the Bulls Riots and have been fighting the Savage for over 20 years so I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I will try to post stories from the front lines for your amusement.

Retired from that very city for a long time. Are you trying to say that the merit promotions of those "minorities" who were unable to pass promotion exams and were instead made sgts, lts, cmdrs, chiefs, and superintendent by appointment only to satsify the black run city, county and voting base are leading the department into the extra large dumpster? Be safe friend and please stay fetal.

Anonymous said...

Again speaking for my law enforcement friends people are just not applying to be the police anymore... and according to their administrative friends the people that are applying cannot pass background checks... this is because of the Ferguson effect which is as real as the air that you breathe...

Trust me they're not going to be able to hire 60 officers in 5 years from what my friends tell me... those that are able to retire are retiring... Sorry Charlie until thieves politician leaders understand the true reason for Crime nothing will be solved... again I don't think there will be a civil war per se but I do believe that we will break apart like the Soviet Union did in 89

Anonymous said...

Amazing how everything “disproportionately affects” the black community:
- Gun violence
- Poverty
- Illegitimacy
And now...
-Marijuana trade

There is only one conclusion: all of those things must be racist. 🤔

Anonymous said...

The true cost of the black population to white society is seldom discussed..
Taxes pay for welfare, section 8, electric and gas vouchers, foodstamps, medicaid, obamacare, criminal investigations, including shooting and murder, ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgery for bullets, stabbings, jail and prison (food, medical care, shelter, utilities, clothing, etc), excessive educational budgets to throw money at a problem that no money will solve, and on and on and on...
The black population is destroying the middle class tax base..

Anonymous said...

Innocuous marijuana can only go wrong when blacks are involved. Marijuana is a heath balancer and tonic I use often. Blacks likely grow horrible pot and deal the schwag from Mexico with seeds and large stems that could put an eye out.

“Violent crime especially disproportionately affects the black community and proactive policing informed by good local knowledge with the support of the neighborhoods they work would benefit the black community in Columbia,” Fox wrote in the report.

Violent crime especially disproportionately affects the black community. As opposed to not especially disproportionately affecting the black community? The town is the home of, "Mizzou". They should change the name of the place to "Muh Dik" since that's what all those idiots are getting.