Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Black Man "Randomly" Pushes White Woman in Front of MARTA Train in Atlanta; Her Daughter Saves Her, In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Train

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Six white women from Wisconsin (a mother and her five daughters) went to Atlanta for a girl's weekend. As they jumped on MARTA, Atlanta's mass transit system, a black male randomly pushed the white mother onto the tracks at the Midtown MARTA station. 
A black man "randomly" pushes a white woman visiting Atlanta onto the tracks of an oncoming MARTA train...
One of her daughters jumped in and saved her, only to be hit by a train in the process. [Man who pushed mother onto tracks at MARTA station identified, CBS 46, 8-20-18]:
ATLANTA (CBS46) -MARTA police have identified the man who allegedly pushed a woman onto the tracks at the Midtown MARTA Station Sunday, prompting a chaotic scene that ended with the woman's daughter critically wounded. 
Police identified the suspect as Christopher Patrick Brooklin, 28. He is charged with aggravated assault and battery in a public transit station. 
Witnesses told CBS46 the man was behaving erratically. 
"We were downstairs, and a man just started punching people like just going crazy," said Aiesha Bowden, a witness. 
Police said the man pushed the 58-year-old mother onto the tracks. The woman's 27-year-old daughter jumped onto the tracks to try to help her mother. As of now, police don't have a motive and said the incident appeared to be random.  
"Everybody was trying to pull them up, but it was too late because the train was coming," said Bowden. "The train was already coming, and in the process of everybody trying to pull them out, it was just too late. The train was going too fast." 
The daughter remains in critical condition at an area hospital, said Cpl. Brian Lauda of the MARTA Police Department. 
Lauda did not release the names of the mother and daughter. He said the mother was treated for her injuries and released. Police believe she was not hit by the train. Police continue to review surveillance video that they are not releasing at this time. 
Police said bystanders were extremely helpful and alerted a MARTA police officer who was at the station. The officer was able to take the suspect into custody within 90 seconds of the incident.   
Brooklin is currently being held in Fulton County Jail. 

Welcome to life in the City too busy to hate...

CBS46 News


Anonymous said...

You think she called him a racial slur?

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the posting person from the other day, so grateful to live in a diverse area, is on this one?
Did those white girls call that black man a bad name?
Did they deserve to die for their white privilege?
Face it folks, black run anything is dangerous.
Someone should have told these ladies that MARTA means Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on the parade, but it was doomed from the start. Why?

White privilege. It's dripping from the article Paul posted:

Women's night out.

Don't you get it?

In the black community, EVERY night is women's night, because men are basically non-existent in their matriarchal culture. Sure, they get their thang on but it isn't difficult to see how openly and regularly black males use women, regardless of race.

Remember the Dubose guy who tried speeding off with a cops arm in his car? One small detail that I noticed in the recording is that right off the bat the cop asks him "Where you "staying" at?

Meaning, where does the woman that you are freeloading off of live. And surprise, surprise, he was driving her car, as many of these bucks are want to do. They sure love living the life while putting in none of the effort or time.

So basically realize that we need to be better allies, guys. No women's night out, it brings up 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow and the oppression of first world norms.

Anonymous said...

The city to busy to hate? There isn’t one city left in this country that is too busy to hate! Half the country hates the other half.

Anonymous said...

He is charged with aggravated assault and battery in a public transit station.

Not attempted murder.

A more apt term for 'white flight' would be 'white survival'.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry but...WHY THE HELL WERE THEY IN ATLANTA? Do these people have no idea what Atlanta is like? They obviously didn’t understand that MARTA stands for “moving Africans rapidly through Atlanta”.

When I hear about this type of thing, I’m alays utterly floored. There is NO WAY that my husband would ever allow me to take our children out of state, without him, especially to a black infested hellhole city! Not that I would ever want to do something so insane, of course. I barely leave the house without him now, and this is a relatively safe white area.

What the hell is wrong with other white people? Don’t they know this is a war?

Anonymous said...

"Katie Wenszell, 28, positioned her mother in between the tracks hoping the train would ride right over them. His wife ended up with minor injuries, but his daughter was wearing a backpack which got caught on the undercarriage of the train, dragging her. She has broken bones in her face, Wenszell said. Part of her foot had to be amputated, and her shoulder was nearly ripped from her body."

Brooklin, the suspect, appeared to have some "diminished mental capacity," according to the incident report. An officer wrote that Brooklin didn't seem to understand the questions he was asking him.

Unknown said...

Ughh, not the "diminished mental capacity" plea. They ALL harbor that genetically in one way, shape, form or another. A liability on society as a whole. A natural born loser, period. And this is what our "corrupt to the core" gub'ment forces is to fund, then witness become an instant bane on society from cradle to grave, literally, while first thus destroying us financially, then to finish us off morally. Nobody is safe from these monsters. Situation failure. Guess they never got the memo: around blacks, never relax. They're all lucky to be alive.

I practiced situation awareness yesterday when I ran to the grocery store after work, only to have a carful of dindu nuffins pulled up next to me in their German made white Audi. I recognized the possible threat as soon as these dindus pulled up next to me. I noticed them sitting in another part of the parking lot before they pulled up along side of me, as if the "diminished capacity" they harbor, did they not realize being in a bright white luxury car it kinda attracts attention to itself unknowingly. Ha, most actually wouldn't notice, but I did, because I harbor the necessary situation awareness when living amongst the lowly negro. Nothing happened because I practiced it and instead of running into the store, I figured what I needed wasn't that important versus me possibly having to defend my life. You never know what these miscreants are thinking, but to me, more than not, they up to no good. Stereotyped they are as a whole because of what so many of them are known for.. being a complete an utter liability to everything known to mankind, up to and including mankind alike. I gave them all the 1 finget salute as I pulled off and went to a "safer" location, probably what I should have did in the first place, but eh, then again, this may have been a test set up upon me, and if so, I feel proud of myself.

I aced that test !!

Now I might continue to be a victim indirectly by being forced to pay these monsters to breed, but I hope to most certainly not become a victim directly. Sorry worthless negro, this racist right here knows you know no bounds as to the atrocities you are capable of against society. This latest story is just another reminder of the proof of that. These females "think" everybody is going to respect them because they are women, thinking with their "kitty" and not the head on their shoulders. Not everybody is going to respect you simply because you're a female.. as these misinformed women obviously thought otherwise, especially standing that close to the tracks to begin with, as obviously they so special that they needed to be the first ones on train in order to get "the best seats". They're all lucky to be alive! Hopefully it leads them all to a real life lesson when it comes to being surrounded by negros. Nobody is safe! Just ask Chicongo!!!

As Brian would say... his quote will live on through eternity, as it should as long as the negro is present in our society.

Stay alert, stay alive !!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this incident only shows how ignorant White people are when it comes to life in these groid infested cities. Why would they have a girl's weekend in Atlanta of all places?

Annie Oakley said...

WHY would five white women go to Atlanta? Why? You might as well go to Compton!

If you are a white woman in 2018 you should only be hanging out in white areas. They could have went to Newport Beach California for about the same price. They would have had no problem in fashion island, with plenty of shopping.

White women and men need to wake the fuck up and realize we're in civil war II now. Avoid ALL non whites period. Treat them as rattlesnakes. They want to kill you.

Anonymous said...

I live in urban Denver, in an area known as Capitol Hill.
Since I work from my apartment I have to go outside to smoke, typically out back in the alley.
Almost daily there's a "grumbling negro" or two that comes shuffling down the alley. Not always males, these grumbling negroes are always loud and obviously angry at invisible forces. Perhaps the ubiquitous "white privilege"? They grumble loud enough to be heard from one end of the alley to the next, but are rarely decipherable. Today's grumbling negro, the second one actually, was especially loathsome. The funny part of the whole deal was that I couldn't understand a single word he was saying except for one, which he kept repeating every third or fourth word. Take a guess what the single, discernible word was? That's right, the one word no white person is allowed to even think.
"Oooga boooga, jabba jabba, ook, eek, bix nood NIGGA! Oooga, oooga, ook, eek, NIGGA!" etc.
I maintained the fifty foot safety distance while barely stifling my laughter.
Blacks are a living caricature of their own selves. The stereotypes exist for a reason and they prove it on a daily basis.

Detroit Refugee said...

The hits just keep coming. Goddamn how do we stop this? It's almost to the point where we become overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in nearby Macon...

'Store clerk fatally shot on Vineville during Macon armed robbery'


August 22, 2018 05:47 AM


For the second time in eight days, a Macon store clerk has died from a gunshot wound suffered on the job.

Just before 11 p.m. Tuesday, an armed robber confronted Waqar Ali, 21, as he was leaving the Market Place #5 store at the corner of Holt Avenue, according to a news release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

The gunman shot Ali in the chest and then ran away.

It was unclear whether the robber got away with any cash, Bibb County sheriff’s public affairs Sgt. Clay Williams said.

Wednesday morning, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies were canvassing the neighborhood and checking surveillance cameras at nearby businesses to try to identify suspects, Bibb sheriff’s Maj. Eric Woodford said.

Ali, of Macon, was taken to Medical Center, Navicent Health, where he was pronounced dead at 3:11 a.m. Wednesday at the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit, Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones said.

“That’s 27 homicides, and we’re in the eighth month,” Jones said.

On Aug. 14, Gulf Food Mart clerk Alpeshkumar Prajapati was fatally shot while opening up the store at about 8 a.m..

No arrests have been made in that case where two masked men apparently tried to rob the store, but it was unclear whether they got away with anything, sheriff’s deputies said.

Anyone with information about these cases is urged to call an investigator at 478-751-7500 or phone anonymous tips to Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 877-68-CRIME.

For the second time in eight days...sheriff’s deputies were canvassing the neighborhood...No arrests have been made...Anyone with information...

"Anyone with information"...the biword of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nut. It would be helpful to know if the others he attacked were also white, in order to determine if it was racially motivated. I'm guessing that if that were the case, the news reports would have stated that he also attacked black commuters. In the absence of that information, I'm guessing his victims were all white.

Anonymous said...

How I wish we could peaceably separate. My blood boils when I read story after story after story of decent white people going about their business and suddenly their lives are snuffed out or marred by the actual privileged group in this Orwellian society. By any empirical standard, in the aggregate, the black race is a net taker and a blight on the planet. We are truly cursed to be entangled with this incompatible group.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Separation is the only solution. No hate. No revenge. Just separation.

And if you want to breed with them, you can go live with them. Across the ocean.

Bill in St Louis said...

Wtf is a "Girls Weekend" in Atlanta? Either incredibly brainwashed and naive, or down there to get thier taste of forbidden ((((encouraged) ))) fruit without daddy. Either way, situational awareness fail.

Anonymous said...

Just like in the case of the black in a hoodie charging the white man's front door brandishing a gun, "the motive is still unclear in this incident".

Anonymous said...

MARTA-Marauding Negroes Rampaging Through Atlanta.

How terrible for those poor women. 1918 Atlanta was a lot smarter than 2018 Atlanta in a lot of ways.

Off the top of may head, blacks doing this to whites has happened many times. In know in NYC and Philadelphia.

But the biggest area for this, i believe, is Chicago. A groid pushed a white man from behind down some stairs at the train station some years ago, killing him. Just this year a groid fiftysomething female pushed a older white woman off a train platform in the Chicago 'burbs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:46 PM: I was thinking along the same lines. I recall an article about a white man that stabbed a black woman to death on a BART train in San Fran. The article specifically stated that it was racially motivated because the perp was white and the woman was black, and there appeared to be no other motive.

The "journalist" actually wrote that it was racially motivated. They did not even allude to the possibility of"diminished mental capacity", although they did point out that the perp was a convicted felon. Nope, it wouldn't have fit the dialogue, had to be a racist.

Anonymous said...

A Black with diminished mental capacity?

Uhhh......... that is what we would call the mean IQ of that race............

Anonymous said...

Atlanta is way down on the list of places I'd visit. It is negro Mecca, no other way to describe the joint.
Looks like Mollie Tibbetts aunt is a brain dead liberal. Mollie posted she hated whites, even had a picture of her wearing a t shirt stating such.
Whites need to wake up.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

The cast always changes, but you can always count on East Colfax resembling Mogadishu, full of homeless, ranting, dangerous negroes.Talk about overrepresented!

Anonymous said...


One of Autumn Pasquale’s accused killers was just arrested for serious new crimes

May 25, 2017
In 2012, according to police, two black males murdered a twelve-year-old white female child in Clayton, NJ. They beat and strangled her, and then threw her body in a dumpster. Her name was Autumn Pasquale. The official reason for the murder is they wanted to steal parts off of her bicycle.
The accused were two brothers, Justin, 15, and Dante, 17, Robinson. Defense lawyers arranged a plea deal in which the younger brother agreed to accept sole responsibility and Dante would get off with only an obstruction charge. Defense lawyers then argued that Justin should be treated with kid gloves because he was young and had low intelligence.
Justin was only sentenced to 14-17 years for aggravated murder. He will probably be walking the streets again at age 29. Dante walked out of court a free man. Residents of Clayton, NJ were outraged.
Now, less than four years after Dante was released, he has been arrested and charged with a laundry list of crimes. He has been charged with robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, theft, and conspiracy to commit robbery. Police say he broke into a house in Sicklerville, NJ.

Anonymous said...

Another not-well-thought-out crime committed in part by, you're reading this right, Travoon Martin:

Non PC Infidel said...

It's amazing how many whites are oblivious to the dangers presented by blacks. Either they're extremely naïve, brainwashed, simply not paying attention to reality or believe they're somehow immune to attack. As for these women, if they were foolish enough to go into a negro infested city, they'll no doubt consider this to be a "random" attack and an unusual event- sort of like someone being attacked by a rabid fox- and foolishly think that the area is safe under "normal" conditions. Unless they wake up to the violent nature of negroes and realize that this is the normal condition for negroes, they'll no doubt make similar trips in the future. Keep rolling the dice, ladies- the only outcome is that you'll lose again. The next time just might be a hell of a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

I was recently panhandled by an older negro claiming to be a "homeless veteran" while I was sitting in a McDonald's eating lunch on a Sunday. (I know, but I was trying their new fresh beef quarter pounder sandwich, which actually is pretty good, and had 45 minutes to kill before an open house I wanted to look at opened.)

I could not hardly understand most of what he said, but I was not going to interrupt my lunch and riffle through my wallet in front of him or any panhandlers. Especially while sitting down in a booth with him blocking my exit. That would be a stupid and vulnerable position to put myself in.

I still had time after eating my sandwich, so I did the McDonald's online customer survey, and told them I would not be eating there again and why. I have never before been panhandled while eating INSIDE a restaurant. This is new TNB to me.

AR in Illinois said...

Reading the article it quotes the husband saying the he hopes that the guilty turd's soul is saved. If it were MY wife I'd be on my way down there to find a way to make that post disappear. I smell some SJW going on in this family. That would explain why they went somewhere they had no business being.

Anonymous said...

90% of Black males have a lower IQ than the average white person.
With those stats, at least half could be considered “diminished capacity” and avail themselves of special slaps on the wrist.
We need a place for all the black window lickers to go and push each other in front of trains, away from functional society.

Pat Boyle said...

Today's daily atrocity: Were blacks to stop whining and kneeling during the National Anthem and stop all the nonsense about 'White Privilege' they might have a chance at living into the next century. But all the recent cold blooded murders of whites by blacks makes this unlikely.

Blacks seem to be intent on provoking a race war - and they will not win that war. A few more incidents like this one and even the most brain dead white liberal will recognize that blacks are targeting whites. Soon all will come to recognize that proper translation for the slogan "White Privilege" is "Black Inferiority".

Science proceeds, genetic technology improves and the mysteries of intelligence and the basis for racial differences in violence are being uncovered. Blacks are doing better under Trump but it does not seem to have been appreciated. In the long run the job market continues to increase the value of intelligence over simple manual skills. Blacks are being pushed out of the job market and this trend only accelerates with automation.

Blacks are running out of time.

How did we get here? Partly it is the fault of the media. I watched the old Burt Lancaster oater "Scalphunters" on cable the other night. In the plot Ossie Davis, a runaway slave chides Lancaster for being illiterate while he keeps quoting classical references in Latin.

Right. Blacks are portrayed as civilized, cultured and peaceable. This kind of propaganda seen long enough is enough to give impressionable young Negroes the notion that they are part of a distinguished and accomplished race. Blacks start to believe that they have the brains to be successful and that the only reason they remain in destitution and squalor is because of some vast unseen plot by whites to deny them their rightful place.

But that's just a old cowboy movie. Isn't it? Last night I saw a new and excellent film on the first days of WWII in England - "The Darkest Hour". But then Churchill takes the underground and talks to the common people. Suddenly one of these common people starts to speak Latin and quote Horace (I think). It's the only black guy in the whole movie. The producers have gratuitously inserted a Sidney Poitier style character who is wiser and better than any white man.

Churchill stops worrying about the Nazis coming across the Channel and attends to the ideas of a random black guy. Is there some government board that requires this kind of mind control?


Steve Smith said...

I am constantly telling people that Marta is a dirty, smelly, dangerous zoo on wheels. NEVER take Marta. I'd rather walk.

The MARTA "Police department." Is staffed by surly, lazy, incompetent blacks. That the officer in the story was able to make an apprehension is nothing short of a miracle.

If you absolutely must travel to Atlanta, use Lyft or Uber (even that's not really a great option anymore, it still beats the rolling asylum that is Marta).

Pat Boyle said...

I was wrong about the black guy who suddenly quoted poetry in the underground in the Churchill film. It was Macaulay not Horace. The sentiment sounded like Horace. The lines were about Horatio on the Bridge - the kind of thing Horace often wrote about.

What can I say? I'm only white.


Anonymous said...


Brooklin, the suspect, appeared to have some "diminished mental capacity," according to the incident report. An officer wrote that Brooklin didn't seem to understand the questions he was asking him.

Could this be a function of:
* low IQ?
* lack of impulse control?
* poor future time orientation?

Question: during segregation, did such attacks occur?


Hobgoblin238 said...

I immigrated to Mexico to leave Atlanta. I have not seen a groid in years. 12 years down here and I feel safer than I ever did back home.

Anonymous said...

In Philly, the Center City regional rail stations just got turnstile and such, it's nice not to be constantly harassed by the homeless (all black) when just trying to go home from work. Though at night they just jump the railings anyway, one just stabbed another the other week at 4am 🙄

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Looks like one of Kevin Hart's close relatives.

rent slave said...

They must not be sports fans.If they were,they would have known that the SOUL reason that the Braves moved was to get out of reach of MARTA.

Anonymous said...

Rod Serling wrote:

"We're developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won't be able to think."

Mission accomplished.

Unknown said...

Once again another young black man has his future cut short by systemic racism.
He was applying for jobs and set to go to college in the fall for business.
Not to mention that this could've been Obama's son.
So what if he was goofing off and a white supremacist got hurt because of their own stupidity?
Leave this black man alone he DINDU NUFFIN

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake churches are preaching SJW from the pulpit.
The death of Western Christianity will be through moral relativism.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that's what he will say. That's their usual bs excuse!

Anonymous said...

Hobgoblin238 said: "I immigrated to Mexico to leave Atlanta. I have not seen a groid in years. 12 years down here and I feel safer than I ever did back home."

I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for two years. Jakarta is crowded and poor yet I never once felt in danger. The worst thing that happened to me was I once had my camera stolen in a busy shopping center. Never mugged or assaulted.

In contrast, I carry everyday here in the US.

Saw only a few negroes the entire time I was there. Probably exchange students. Indonesians don't tolerate TNB and don't get me started on what they do to daughters who date one of these African imports.

Anonymous said...

They are from Milwaukee. I knew a black guy who moved there to be closer to family. He moved back as it was too violent.

Cauchemar du Singe said...

Sightseeing in Atlanta...
To see WHAT ?
How many Blacks can be sardine canned into a city and to take a ride on MARTA...The Oogah Boogah Express ?
The spectacular traffic jams that occur twice a day as dey hoopties be rollin'?
The Mexicanized strip malls up around Calle Buford Highway ?
The insane tangle of streets that used to be game trails ?
Since the whole place was burned to the ground towards the end of The War of Northern Aggression, there's only some tacky "Underground" tourist crap to "see", apart from generic corporate commercial buildings and very few Ante-Bellum buildings here and there.
There's always Stone Mountain, outside of Apelanta...with the monumental sculpture that's pretty cool...and targeted for destruction by the Blacks that have totally infested the formerly White town of Stone Mountain.
Any White person that goes to Apelanta for any reason needs to get their head examined.
Passing through by motor vehicle ?
If you break down, may God have mercy on you.
Do a phone search for a private security company to come out, with a towtruck to get you OUT OF THERE into a much Whiter area.
Pay whatever you have to pay, or you may well pay with your the paws of one of the many Killer Apes that roam that unfenced Wild Animal Preserve.
OH, yeah...have a dependable handgun, with reloads, and a CCW permit that's good in Jaw-Juh.
You have been warned.

Augustus said...

Does that mean we won't be seeing him on TV, advising in an all-knowing manner about life insurance for neighbors and relatives? Is that what "diminished capacity" means?

Anonymous said...

For those scoring at home an easy way to keep track of the lunacy in this glorified asylum is provided courtesy of The number of deaths tally is similar to watching the miles clicking away on your odometer at 60 MPH. I'll wager we break the 10,000 mark by the end of the Labor Day Weekend. Any takers? The tally currently stands at 9,396.

Anonymous said...

Posted a good comment earlier. Never made it to the blog though.

Sorry you missed it. I guess PK knows best.

Jim in Jersey

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"Police continue to review surveillance video that they are not releasing at this time. "

As you know, it's now a crime to release surveillance footage of any public transit system that shows the place to be packed floor to ceiling with deadly, criminal negroes.

Anonymous said...

Hey PK, HUGE development involving South Africa:

Trump just entered the ring. He's opened the gates to allow the rest of us to finally bring attention to the genocide happening in the formerly first world nation. He's giving us all an opening, and we need to take it.

Thank you Lauren Southern- you truly are a one woman army who made all of this possible!

Look up Trump and South Africa in News and see how almost everyone is trying to spin the story as a non-issue racist white talking point.

Hieronymus said...

You still watch TV?

Anonymous said...

BART in the SF Bay Area is becoming the same. Especially the East Bay side.

Anonymous said...

A vacation in Atlanta? Somebody’s paying the price for stupid.

Anonymous said...

You just asked my question why isn't it attempted murder? If the races were reversed the charges would have been attempted murder with a hate crime attached to it. I guess only BLM what a wonderful new culture they are creating.

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe in segregation, I believe in slavery!"
-Robert Creel

Anonymous said...

Compton is safer (but not by much). It's now full of Mexican since they push most of the blacks out.

Oil 'n Water said...

Savagery personified.
After shooting another black in the mouth, Seneca Polite (!!) pursued him, disappointed that the man didn’t let him “finish him off.”
If this doesn’t demonstrate the demons in our midst, nothing will.
In another story, a black woman bystander was killed in crossfire between rival gangs in downtown Omaha. Her name – Deprecia.
The names are about as misguided as their behavior.
These people are slowly ruining parts of downtown Omaha, but then again, there must not be a problem or a pattern, because the MSM certainly doesn’t think so. Right?
Welcome to insane.

Permanent separation – the only answer.

Anonymous said...

A vacation in Atlanta? no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bet you a thousand dollars that family will 1. Not press charges 2. openly in the media "forgive him" 3. Want to help him in some Christian manner. Northern liberals , never will cease to amaze me,naive!!

Blue Juice said...

Anon@ 2:42AM: Chicongo has definitely had a lot of violent attacks on the Chicago Transit Authority lately. This is due to a considerable cut in the presence of police on the trains and buses in the last 8 years as well as the increase of free transit cards given to our black citizens. (What a great combination of factors...what could go wrong?!) When arresting some teenage thug from the community it's not uncommon to search through their belongings and find several unused transit cards worth over $50 (yet they will have over $100 in cash and a $500 smart phone on their person). I don't advise tourists or students to take the CTA after dark as convenient as it may be, especially if they're white. Personal security comes at a high price in the city nowadays.

Anonymous said...


And yes, public transportation in any place with a significant negroid population will be a feces-splattered, urine-reeking asylum on wheels filled with belligerent urban hobgoblins looking for a human to rape, rob, and murder. No one with any wit gets near it.

No one with any wit goes to Apelanta, which is basically Detroit with more humidity and has been for generations now. "Sightseeing?" Seriously?

As they say on a certain other online community, though one not nearly as aware as this one:

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

Anonymous said...

Da Feetsbaww!

A shooting at a high school football game in Jacksonville, Fla., on Friday night left one person dead and two injured, officials said.

The shooting happened about 10 p.m. ET, 15 minutes after the game ended at Raines High School, where about 4,000 spectators attended, the Florida Times Union reported, citing Jacksonville authorities.

About three-quarters of the crowd was gone by the time the gunfire started, the newspaper reported.

Authorities said they had one suspect in custody.

“The best information we have so far is that we have a single black male shooter, and we are working to get a more refined description,” Jacksonville Sheriff's Office director Ron Lendvay said, according to the report.

During the game some disturbances and fights took place among the spectators, but Lendvay said it was too soon to determine if those confrontations were related to the shooting.

The stadium for the Raines-versus-Lee High School game was placed on lockdown as security personnel worked to keep the remaining fans and players safe, Jacksonville's WJXT-TV reported.

The victims' names were not released. The fatality was reportedly a young adult male and the injured people were teeangers, one boy and one girl, police said.

“It is shocking. I was actually here, at the game,” Superintendent Diana Greene told the Times Union. “It was a great game and for it to end in violence like this is just unfortunate, and quite frankly, we should all be saying unacceptable.”

The superintendent said everyone coming into the game had to undergo a magnetic detector wand search and that security inside the game area was tight.

"This is a community issue," Greene said. "I need parents, students to stand up. If you see something, say something."

"This is evidence that there is a community issue that has to be addressed, and one of those issues includes access to guns," Paula Wright, a school board member, told the paper.

Friday's shooting followed by one week a shooting at a high school football game in Palm Beach County, Fla., where two adults were wounded.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Bosnian immigrant who was killed in a Crap-Mart parking lot did not provoke the Africans-in-America and that he even left the immediate area and parked. The hegroid  that shot him was on his phone while the shegroid actually went up and slapped the guy, immediately after which Mr. Immigrant was shot by the hegroid.

DA: Charges ‘imminent’ against girlfriend in Walmart shooting; man now accused of murder

Police have upgraded charges against a Gwinnett County man accused of shooting and killing another man during an argument outside a crowded Walmart, Channel 2 Action News reported.
Snellville police have filed murder charges against accused shooter Troy Hunte, 27, of Grayson. Hunte was arrested Sunday night on an initial charge of voluntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Fadil Delkic, 49, of Lawrenceville.

He is being held in the county jail without bond on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, according to records.

Investigators initially said Hunte was provoked when he shot Delkic, a Bosnian refugee who survived prison during the Bosnian War in the 1990s.

However, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter told Channel 2 Action News Friday that doesn’t seem to be the case after seeing surveillance video of the incident.

“(Delkic) actually left the first confrontation and went and parked,” Porter said. “Then, more or less, the fight was brought to him.”

Hunte’s girlfriend, who has not been identified, is then allegedly seen slapping Delkic in the face before Hunte pulls out his gun, Porter said.

Delkic was shot once in the chest about 6 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of the Scenic Highway Walmart.

MORE: Victim, suspect ID’d in deadly Walmart parking lot shooting

“You can see in the video she approaches the vehicle, he steps out of the car and pretty quickly she hits him ... and then within seconds the victim is shot,” Porter said. “You can see in the video (Hunte) was on the phone and actually reached into his pocket, pulled the gun out and shot the victim.”

Police told Channel 2 that charges against Hunte’s girlfriend haven’t been filed but are “imminent.” She allegedly slapped Delkic after accused him of pulling his car too close to her family.

“It appears she is going to be charged,” Snellville police detective Jeff Manley told the news station.

Delkic was pronounced dead at Gwinnett Medical Center. A GoFundMeset up for Delkic’s family has raised over $35,000 as of Friday afternoon. It’s goal was set at $10,000

Anonymous said...

Within the previous month, I have probably read 8-9 articles featuring southern-continental African "yoofs" kvetching about how much better their lives were under White governance. (Here, I wrote "White governance" rather than "apartheid," because NOT all spokes-koonz interviewed were South African Bantu; in fact, one of them was a former-Rhodesian-turned-Zimbabwean! In spite of his (relatively) advanced age, the aforementioned interviewee maintained his "yoof"-full naivete by complaining that Chinese "business investors" presently stationed in Zimbabwe were less nice than those Old White Debbil colonizers who ran Rhodesia.

Why is this germane to the article I am posting on, you ask? I mention it because here is more of what we can all look forward to in the imminent BRA:

Taken together, I think they pretty nicely summarize what attitude we're likely to get as more and more areas of United States fall ceded to BRA.

~Cyka Blyatsky

Bruce County said...

Lincoln said:
I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.

Archie bunker said...

Where you have Africans, you have Africa

Anonymous said...

She done called me a nigga so's I hads ta throw mama in front o da train!

Anonymous said... sounds like white people from Wisconsin don't really understand how black run America works. Why in the world a family from WI would choose to vacation in the former home of Freaknik is beyond's a shame they had to find out the hard way how Things Really Are in Atlanta. I never had a CCW before I lived in Atlanta, but I always do when anywhere near the city limits. Hope the daughter recovers, and they never return.