Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Black Former Employee of Black Church in Kansas City Pleads Guilty to Spraying Anti-Black Graffiti on Church to Coverup His Robbery

More Fake Hate the corporate media immediately promulgated as being performed by a white person until surveillance cameras proved the culprit was nothing more than a crack smoking black employee of the black church. [Worker admits spray-painting racist graffiti, setting fire at south KC church, Kansas City Star, 8-24-18]:
A former maintenance worker at a predominantly black south Kansas City church admitted in U.S. District on Friday that he spray-painted racist graffiti on the front entrance and then set a fire to cover up a theft. 
Nathaniel D. Nelson, 49, was accused of setting the fire in an office of the Concord Cultural Center, adjacent to the Concord Fortress of Hope Church, where he was also a member. 
Attempting to cover up the robbery of his black church by writing anti-black graffiti on the church
Prosecutors said Nelson admitted to stealing money from inside the cultural center to buy crack cocaine. Nelson, who is black, said he had spray-painted the graffiti and set the fire in an attempt to throw off investigators. 
Fire crews responded to the fire early Oct. 29, 2017, but a sprinkler had extinguished it before they arrived. Investigators determined that an office chair and other combustibles had been intentionally set on fire. The church’s insurance company paid out more than $330,000. 
Congregants were greeted that morning with a racial slur, the letters “KKK” and a symbol similar to a swastika on the main entrance. 
Nelson was captured on a video inside the foyer just before he unplugged the surveillance system, according to prosecutors. But he was unaware of a second system, which recorded video of him outside spray-painting the graffiti. 
He later told investigators that he smoked crack inside his office at the church before trying to break into the finance office, which was the only room he did not have a key for. 
Unable to break in, Nelson rummaged through two other offices and stole about $230. He left to buy more crack, returned to the church and broke into two vending machines, but was able to get only a few dollars. 
Nelson left again to buy more crack, which he brought back to the church to smoke.  
He set the fire before leaving. 
Nelson had previously served time in prison for arson and burglary and was last released in 2011. He could be sentenced to up to 20 years prison.A sentencing date has been set for Jan. 17.
Every one of these incidents is immediately promoted as proof of sea to shining sea white supremacy, when almost invariably, all of them turn out to be black-in-origin, performed to ensure the Anti-White Mindset never runs out of fuel.


Egghead said...

Welcome to the newly renamed Justice High School in Fairfax, VA.


Anonymous said...

The letters KKK? Check.

A horribly drawn swastika? Check.

No actual believable graffitti? Check.

These guys don't even put in any effort with these crimes. A real piece of anti-black graffiti would read like the following:

Once you go black, you're a single mother

13% of the population/ 90% of the problem

Around blacks, never relax

Color of crime stats

Maybe they can get him a high-powered lawyer to work pro-bono for him, just like they did for the crackhead that single handedly demolished a major freeway overpass.

Either way, I know that as a white person it is my unending duty to help, serve, and assist the negro in any way until the end of time. The following list of alt right terminology should help. It's supposed to help leftists identify us and our ideas, but I actually found the list very enlightening and even BRA (Black Run Amerika) is listed, along with this site and many other interesting ones that I didn't know of beforehand (thanks).


Black Run Amerika – A term used by various white supremacist websites to signify the current state of multicultural America. In Black Run Amerika — a nation becoming increasingly black and brown — African-Americans have disproportionate power, and anyone who speaks out about racial differences and black-on-white crimes is ostracized and condemned. Often abbreviated as “BRA”.

And most pertinent to this post is the "Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin?" meme, just replace the Rabbi with Dindu.

Annie Oakley said...

50% of the country hate the other half. When I’m perusing twitter, I see the vilest hateful anti-white comments from whites! Some of them could be from the tribe, but many are white blue eyed and green eyed mostly women and the beta cuck men.

I’m seeing a few more mudsharks in my AO. It sickens me. Tonight at the grocery store, there is a white women in her 40’s, with a young white daughter with a really black infant. I could see the younger woman is totally disgusted and had that shamed look with her mom prancing around holding the kid. At first I thought the young 18ish daughter was the momma. After looking closer at the Momma she looked like a white hood rat. Probably addicted to drugs. My husband thinks maybe the Momma bear had the kid and the daughter was just around to help shop.

It also appears that many of the white women who work at Wal-Mart are mudsharks with 2 or 3 sprogs. Just in my AO a woman on Facebook was crying that she had no food or supplies for her upcoming baby. Took a look at her profile, I guessed it, hood rat black baby daddy with the typical stupid pictures with those enhanced photography, you know like dog noses, etc….something a 5 year old would do! Stupid infantile mudshark. Looked at Momma’s profile. Dumb boomer who’s moral preening would make one puke.

My point in this rant is that our worst enemies are our own people. White Western European men and women. Without the shabbos goy or dumb whites, the elites could NOT get away with what they do. I worked in corporate America for many years. 23 to be exact. Most of my time was in either payroll or human resources. The whites were the payroll clerks (who kept everyone paid) and human resources assistants/clerks. The Mexicans or blacks were the HR Managers, Payroll Managers and Controllers. They pawned off their work to the lower paid whites. You take whites out of the equation and the corporation wheels stop turning.

The thing these elites love the most is their money. There is an episode on Person of Interest where Harold Finch wipes out this rich pharmaceutical magnate of all his money. Maybe the nerds could replicate that all over the country.

gnome sane said...

The demand for white-on-black racism far exceeds the supply.

Bill in St Louis said...

" Congregants were greeted that morning with a racial slur, the letters “KKK” and a symbol similar to a swastika on the main entrance. "
Similar to. Maybe its just me, but wouldn't a REAL white power nazi type have gotten the swastika right? Was that thr first clue? Actually, we never hear these stories anymore past the first burst, (oh, de turrible turrible waycism) since even the (((owned))) media hacks KNOW it is going to end up being a hoax, with the inevitably BLACK suspect getting caught in some dumbass fashion.

Anonymous said...

Caught by that racist technology. How long before security cameras are banned for revealing the truth?

Cleveland Realist

Anonymous said...

There's no story on CNN about this, I can't understand why!

Considering it must've been obvious from the start, the guy was a serious drug addict, it's crazy that the local news was so irresponsible to run the story at all, but then...the MSM are anything but responsible.

Anonymous said...

Gaming system sell gone wrong. This is out of Noblesville, Indiana which is a very, very white enclave. The suspects are described as you know who.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, PK. Gave us all another scare yesterday. Received the "invitation only" message when I tried to visit. Hope all is well.

As for the MSM "front page headline, page 27 retraction", that is a technique the papers have used since the printing press was invented. It's all about selling papers, not getting the story right. Splashy headlines sell papers. Admitting their 'journalists' are all political hacks with agendas and axes to grind doesn't sell papers.

What gets me is the fact that all these papers are still in print and all these news shows are still on. You would think that after the pattern is exposed that any sensible person would wander away from a news source that doesn't accurately report the news but you'd be wrong.

People don't care that the same news script is read off of all the news channels by different talking heads in a thousand different cities everyday. They don't care that the same buzz-words, catch-phrases and slang is mouthed by every, single one of the news-readers staring at their teleprompters. Likely, in print they don't bother reading articles, just headlines.

So retractions are meaningless! The MSM knows they can get away with ANYTHING and never suffer a consequence because no one ever holds them accountable. And if it winds up in court they just say 'first amendment' and that's the end of it.

Is it any wonder the marxists and communists flock to the airwaves and newsprint? It's a guaranteed way to bitch-slap America without repercussion!

Yet we the people plunk down our money every day to purchase a paper because that's the way it's always been.

America is irredeemable.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

"Fire crews responded to the fire early Oct. 29, 2017, but a sprinkler had extinguished it before they arrived. Investigators determined that an office chair and other combustibles had been intentionally set on fire. The church’s insurance company paid out more than $330,000."

The fire was extinguised automatically by the sprinkler system, but the insurance company paid out $330,000. $330,000?! For some smoke and water damage in a church building? Was the church defrauding the insurance company? Or did the insurance company just high-ball the claim because the claimant was a black church that was the victim of (fake) racism?

Anonymous said...

The only people who would actually worry about the threat of the modern-day KKK are blacks, who are susceptible to conspiracy theory thinking. The media who pushes the narrative of a viable KKK doesn't believe what they are peddling, they just do it to make their pets paranoid and angry.

Therefore, once we are told that "KKK" was spraypainted on the church (and the bunch of swiggly lines next to it approximating a swaztika seals the deal), we know who perpetrated the hoax.

The only question is, does the media purposely include these "hints" in their stories (they could just as well been ambiguous and said "racial slurs" were spraypainted) or is it that, after seeing this same story over and over again, we can just spot the obvious tells? It would be interesting to go back and read the original reporting of this story to see if they were more vague about what was done in order to provide cover for the bumbling black they assumed was responsible.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!!

He just got my vote!!!

Monkey!!!! Hahahahahaaaa....!!!!


John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

I'm very glad to see this web site is operating normally again!

In her comment, ANNIE OAKLEY is absolutely correct about the worst enemy of white folk being other white people.

So, how do we resolve that problem?

Mr. Rational said...

wouldn't a REAL white power nazi type have gotten the swastika right?

You WOULD think so, wouldn't you?

We were speculating about this over at iSteve, and we came up with the possibilities of (a) just plain screwup, or (b) they believe the symbol has magical power so they deliberately botched it.  Given that the hoaxers always seem to screw it up, I'm leaning toward (b).

Pat Boyle said...

It's not really very difficult to understand Nazism or Fascism but few it seems do. Leftist people including media pundits who should know better like to call Trump and all conservatives Nazis. But that's not just wrong its nuts.

There are three political groups to consider: Nazis, Fascists and Communists. All three are forms of socialism. Communism is closest to the theories of Marx. It believes that history is on their side. It is also called Historicism. Marx thought that capitalism as defined by Smith, Malthus, and Riccardo was doomed and would be replaced by a system with no private property and no state. It was to come to power through revolution and revolution would be everywhere. Hence it was called international communism and had as it's anthem "The Internationale". The first thing a Marxist socialist would do after the revolution would be to seize the instruments of the economy. That means nationalizing industry.

Fascism as a socialist economic theory was a little different. Mussolini defined an economic theory where the state did not own and operate industry as they did in the Soviet Union and post-war Labor Party Britain. Mussolini kept the major industries in private hands but controlled them through regulation. This was also the policy of Barrack Obama. In America we call it crony capitalism. It remains popular with Democrats.

Obviously calling Trump a fascist makes no sense. He makes speeches everywhere citing how many regulations he has abolished. Trumps amazing economic success and the prosperity it has brought the nation, is in large part because he struck down so many regulations.

The Nazis were economic Fascists. Hitler did not nationalize the major munitions industries like Krup, Henschel, Daimler-Benz and Porsche. He ran them indirectly through government fiats.

The Nazis also did not foster revolution. They expanded by the simple ancient tactic of military invasion. So the Nazis invaded all their neighbors. This was the characteristic that defined them and along with genocide the reason they are so hated. Whereas the communists thought of themselves as international socialists, the Nazis called themselves National Socialists.

If Trump is a Nazi why hasn't he invaded Mexico or Canada? Neither has much of a military and many Americans have grievances against them. Mexico dumps its unwanted unskilled peasants on us and my second wife was a Canadian.

Both international and national socialism extreme had reactions to Darwin and evolution. The Nazis were fanatical about genetics and the communists were fanatical about the environmental influences on humans. The Nazis sought to breed a Nietzschen Superman. The Soviets tried to develop the 'New Soviet man' though indoctrination. Hitler was reluctant to fight Britain because he saw Germans and British as genetically similar. At least in part he invaded Russia because he thought them to be Untermensch. This is loony genetics. Hitler was a vegetarian who only ate vegetable mush and waxed effusively over the holy forest and Nordic mythology. The Nazis would have loved the Sierra Club.

Whereas the 'scientific' Soviet Marxists made a pollution hell hole out of Russia. Chernobyl could only have happened in a communist state.

But one thing is very clear, America is an orderly non-imperialist free market republic that generally avoids extreme ideas. We are nothing like the Nazis or the Commies. Oddly enough today socialism is making a comeback in American politics. The people of Venezuela are eating rats but the Democrats don't seem to care.


AR in Illinois said...

Stupid, stupid people. I cannot understand why dumb white people think they can conduct a sales transaction of ANY kind with negroes at their own house. There are dozens of these stories in which the nogs at the very least rob the guy, if not also kill him. This is why most decent areas of the country have set aside areas (mostly in police parking lots) that are in a public area with numerous cameras and people.

Non PC Infidel said...

When these kind of stories first break (and before the black perp is arrested) if anyone comments on the stories and says there's a 99.9% certainty that it's a hoax committed by a black person, blacks flip out and start screaming, "You be a racist!" To hear them tell it, you're a founding member of the KKK, a Nazi, a white demon "wid an attitude," a bigot, a monster and 'jes don't like black folks." They completely ignore the innumerable times such hoaxes have taken place that leads people to accurately predict a black person is the most likely culprit. Then, when the truth comes out and it's shown that the perp was a black person, dead silence or they ignore the truth of the situation and start babbling about something that happened literally several decades before.

Blacks guzzle down the contents of the bottle of victimhood faster than a broke ass chronic alcoholic can guzzle down a fifth of whiskey after a week of doing without. Like the alcoholic, they're chronic cases and addicts but they're addicted to victimhood/martyrdom instead of booze and they've got the victimhood/martyrdom DT's and see white racists everywhere instead of pink elephants. Painting slurs on their homes, cars, and churches is just their way of faking a footprint so they can screech, "See! I done tol' you dere wuz a racist! I didn't see dem but dis here footprint proves it!" Then they all get to chug down gallons of victimhood/martyrdom from da bottle, have a victim/martyr fest and feel outraged and done wrong. It's just so satisfying, stops the shakes and temporarily ends the withdrawal symptoms.

What do you want to bet that a lot of the incidents that happened decades ago were also the work of blacks playing the victim/martyr? I'd bet that for every real incident, there were at least five or ten more that were committed by blacks themselves.

D-FENS said...

“It raises the question about our legal system and how we apply the rules of evidence,” said Mayor (((Libby Schaaf))) (D), who is white and was born in the city. “It may be time to recognize that if there is no explicit racial bias, but there is implicit racial bias, then maybe the burden of proof should shift to the defense.”

Article 19. (of Nuremberg Tribunal)

“The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.”

Blue Eyes Matter said...

It never ceases to amaze how supposedly intelligent people are duped by someone with an IQ lower than their family pet. He left twice to buy more crack, yet still lacked the wherewhithal to fetch a tool to break into the office where he thought the money was?! Dollars to donuts the door was hinged on the outside, and all he had to do was pull the pins, and walk in. Forty Nine years old? Just what skill set does he draw on to be a useful employee?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Even the black management of this church knew better than to tell him about all the security measures there! They know all about how the minds of their kind work-especially the ex-con ones.


Brian in Ohio said...

If Obama had a son...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

Obviously calling Trump a fascist makes no sense.

As Vox Day says, the informational content of rhetoric is zero.  All it has to do is persuade, which in most people is best done by playing to emotion.

D-FENS said...

I’ve been thinking about it and there may be a positive side to the South African land seizures. It will inevitably lead to food shortages which could reduce population growth if we stay the fuck out.

AR in Illinois said...

Messed up. This is for the comment below

Anonymous said...

Associated Press article:

New Fad Draws Criticism, Concerns

If you’ve noticed a flood of stories in the press recently about a new fad among black people called “handiblackin’,” you’re not alone.
It’s a craze that many see as exemplifying everything that’s wrong with the black community.
Handiblackin’ is when able-bodied black women feel entitled to use parking spaces reserved for the handicapped. Handiblackin’ made international news last month when a lazy black woman decided to park in a disabled space, leading to the death of her boyfriend and the arrest of a white man who was only trying to defend himself.

Stories of handiblackin’ have become so common, pundits have coined a term for the type of entitled, reckless black woman who engages in the practice: “Paquetta Parker.” And there seems to be a new Paquetta Parker story every day, like this one, and this one, and this one, which involves a Paquetta Parker who works for the VA. In this video, TWO carloads of entitled Paquettas violate disabled parking laws. And this incident led to a violent clash.

Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki's Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don't get paid for their work. Email editors@takimag.com to buy additional rights. http://takimag.com/article/handiblackin/print#ixzz5PcVWO2vT

cloudofhaze said...

“Students of color are placed in places where they feel discomfort at a constant rate, and a lot of times these students of color are told to disregard that discomfort: Don’t rock the boat, don’t make a difference,” said Clark, 17. “That my community is responsible for making a true difference ... makes me really proud.”

Yet, they never move away from the source of all their pain.

whitewalker said...

Handiblackin: Around the Detroit area, every black woman I see has a fake Handicapped Parking placard. They are proud of any scam that allows them to stick it to YT. Lately I've noticed that they will use the handicapped scooters that stores like Krogers provide, for no other reason than they are fat, lazy sows.

Egghead said...

A couple days ago in Target, I overheard a conversation between two black teenaged girl friends entering the store. As one thin young black teen mounted a scooter, the other said, ‘You don’t need that scooter. You’re not handicapped.’ The second girl told the first, ‘I like to ride scooters,’ and she merrily pulled away in the scooter.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I’m having some difficulty becoming motivated to post comments at SBPDL. The articles are as good as ever, but I seem to have lost the knack for writing a comment that is interesting but can also get past the goalie. I submitted one yesterday that didn’t call for violence or contain the n-word or the j-word, yet it disappeared into cyberspace. At one time I commented often and on many of the topics with about a 95% pass rate with comments far more controversial than yesterday’s failure. Now I rarely comment because I have come to expect it to be a waste time. It is beginning to appear that for a comment to pass muster these days it must be so bland that I am reluctant to invest the time to write it. Are we certain that PK still runs this thing? Perhaps Google is squeezing him from the web by censoring the comments to a point where comments will cease and readership will go elsewhere. It might be only my perception, but the comments as a group seem to lack the energy of the comments a year or two ago.

Anonymous said...

We see that all the time in Phoenix. There was a big influx of TNB thanks to the flooding in Houston.
Fortunately people here don’t put up with that shit and will call them out for it.
Because their numbers are so low in most places, when they do show up, people are caught off guard and react with a WTF and say something.
Generally speaking, unless one blends in to white society well, AZ is a bad place to exercise TNB.

Anonymous said...

We won’t be able to leave them to their own devices.
One of the reasons I am becoming disillusioned with western (watered down) Christianity is the unspeakable amounts of money being sent to Africa to dig wells for people that still can’t understand the concept of not-pooping in their drinking water.
Meanwhile, locally, white people are struggling. I’m all for helping others, but I strongly disagree with SJW Christianity.

Anonymous said...

At work a vendor was telling me about a black baptist pastor from Phoenix who has been playing the race card and pastor card to get free stuff. When the pastor asked for a free A/C unit-ON HIS HOUSE, because of BLM and to correct social injustice, the vendor said he was too stunned to respond.
That’s how they roll. Gimmie dat.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s sons are the problem. The entitlement mentality that is not backed by wealth, social status, education, or even promise. All they have is pigment.

Anonymous said...

So, how do we resolve that problem?
Choose your associates wisely.
Understand that many whites will side with blacks and therefore they are no better.
Choose wisely, understand broadly, act accordingly and ALWAYS CARRY.

Anonymous said...

Largely, whites just want nothing to do with blacks.
We want them to play sports and entertain us. But when the typical black moves in, white people flee. That’s the fault of black culture and their decades of anti-social behavior.

Anonymous said...

"In her comment, ANNIE OAKLEY is absolutely correct about the worst enemy of white folk being other white people.

So, how do we resolve that problem?"

Step ONE: Identify.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Southern states the handicap parking placard is a badge of honor for poor whites and blacks alike proudly hanging from the rearview mirror 24/7 obscuring their view while driving. Dimwits.

Non PC Infidel said...

"We want them to play sports and entertain us."

I must be weird then because I don't want either. I'd be completely happy if I never saw or heard from one again for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

"We want them to play sports and entertain us."

I wonder who "we" is there, because I for one don't need to see them for a second, much less "want" them.

Mr. Rational said...

I for one don't need to see them for a second

Ditto that.