Monday, August 20, 2018

His Name is Fadil Delkic: White Bosnian War Survivor Murdered by Black Male in Parking Lot at Walmart in Suburban Atlanta

He survived the Bosnian War. 

He didn't survive an encounter with a black male in the parking of a Walmart in suburban Atlanta. [Bosnian War survivor identified as victim in Walmart parking lot shooting,, 8-20-18]:

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Family members gave Channel 2 Action News photos of the man shot and killed at a Gwinnett County Walmart. 
Fadil Delkic, 49, was killed Sunday in the parking lot of the store on Scenic Highway in Snellville after a dispute with Troy Hunte, police said. 
Hunte was charged with voluntary manslaughter. 
"Everyone just started running. People were missing their family members, some kids were crying because they didn't know where their dad was at," a witness said. 
Family members said Delkic was a Bosnian refugee who survived prison during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. 
In a warrant for Hunte, a detective wrote Hunte killed Delkic under circumstances that would otherwise be murder but accused acted solely as a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation. 
Channel 2's Tony Thomas reached Hunte's girlfriend by phone but she didn't want to talk about what happened. 
Delkic's family insists he did nothing to provoke the attack. 
Authorities said the charges could be changed but so far no one else involved has been charged. 
You have to wonder if in his final moments on earth, Delkic had an epiphany,  realizing being in Bosnia was far better than being a Bosnian war refugee relocated to metropolitan Atlanta...


Anonymous said...

Voluntary Manslaughter?

That's like saying, "You didn't have to kill him, but we understand why you would".

Anonymous said...

So...watching his girlfriend slap a white man subjected the killer to “sudden, violent, and irresistible passion” which absolves him of murder?

I can’t help but think that if the races were reversed, murder charges would have already been filed...

(Unless the story we’ve been told is not accurate...)

Anonymous said...

Let me summarize:
Black guy tried to rob white guy, white guy declined and insults the black guy, black guy kills the white guy.
Corrupt Gwinnett county defends the black guy by saying he feelings were hurt by the “n-word.”
This IS Atlanta. I was called a racist, accused of all sorts of things I never did. You know what? When I moved to Atlanta I wasn’t a racist, but when I left, I was.
The only consolation is this-the eastern Bloc refugees are tight knit. The Dindu suspect is going to be murdered in prison.

Anonymous said...

This guy probably saw equivalent murderous demons running out of the local mosque in Bosnia but ignored the black guy and paid the ultimate price.

Anonymous said...

Yes, make sure that you never, ever do ANYTHING that might provoke them, such as:

-look at them

-not look at them

-smile at them

-not smile at them

-get in their way

-ask them to move

-say anything that might possibly be construed by one of them as "rayciss"

-call them (or their children) out on their bad behavior

-deny them money when they ask/demand

-disagree with them in any way, shape or form over any issue whatsoever

Follow these simple rules and you'll be just fine around black people! Well, maybe ...

Non PC Infidel said...

All foreigners (tourists and immigrants) should be warned of the dangers presented by blacks and be shown the crime stats as well as be informed as to which cities (or areas of cities) are to be avoided like the plague. Of course, just as when the French government warned its citizens of said dangers in traveling to the USA, the howls of racism were shrill and strident and such would be the case if warnings were given now. Nevertheless, lack of such warnings should be considered reckless endangerment that show a depraved indifference to the well-being and safety of tourists and immigrants. Individual states with extremely low populations of blacks should also give their naïve residents the same warnings about travel to infested areas. Blacks would naturally scream their lungs out over it but if it saves lives, it would be worth it and blacks should be ignored or told to shut the hell up. #PoliticalCorrectnessKills.

nokangaroos said...

"acted solely as a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation".
Either said detective is the ironist of the century (fat chance) or ...

it´s not like they are terribly original. The earliest recorded use of the "n-word defense" (rape-torture-murder of a White girl) harkens from 1916.
(Justice was a bit, erm, swifter then ;b)
Problem is the perceived slights are getting progressively slighter until they are too slight to be perceived by peckerwoods.
("looked at me shoos/dint look at me shoos" etc.)
Two possible explanations come to mind:
o Not so very deep down inside they KNOW what they are, and that´s why they hate us.

Occam the Dreaded Slasher sez:
If indeed they are equal in every which way, only infinitely better and sexier (or so we are told), every conceivable moniker should be a compliment by now (at worst a grudging and envious one).
But what we observe is the diametral opposite: Every new, improved, shiny racial euphemism ("negro"->"black"->"coloured"->"of colour"->[new ideas welcome]) they suck out of their hash pipes turns into an "epithet" in the blink of an eye.
Therefore resist the cultural Marxist drive to change the meaning of words -
it is only meant to keep us off-balance ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me guess he is going to say he called me the N-word!

Anonymous said...

Rod Sterling wrote, "Every man is put on earth condemned to die. Time and method of execution unknown." Sadly for Mr. Delkic he arrived at the time and method of his execution by violating the cardinal rule so often posted on this forum, "Avoid the groid." Words to live by in BRA.

nokangaroos said...

Anonymous 11:25 PM ...
Erm, no. In case you didn´t notice, the guy WAS a Muslim.

Robin Naybors said...

“Stand your Ground” has now been replaced by “Stand your Noun”. Congratulations afro-clowns, you are now free and clear to murder whites in America without any real legal consequences.

nokangaroos said...

Bosnian Muslims - offhand referred to as "Turks" there - are actually ethnic Croatians converted because, apart from the obvious perks of being Muslim under Muslim rule, they found Islam far more tolerant than Serbian orthodoxy ;b Things on the ground
are - complicated.
Great fighters, BTW ;)

Paintjob Theory said...

"a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion"

Or as we more accurately describe here, low IQ, no impulse control, and poor future time orientation. This is a condition to which all black Africans are highly susceptible. They should be avoided at all costs.

Honest to God, who even tries to live in a place as black as Atlanta and not expect their life to end this way?

Egghead said...

While kicking the fallen statue, protesters shouted, ‘Whose campus? Our campus!’

It’s always a fight for dominance and territory....

Please note that all of these ‘racist’ news stories’ videos are preceded ads for the most recent Holocaust movie.

europeasant said...

Someone forgot to tell him about America's "No Go Zones".

Anonymous said...

I am saddens by these hideous statements made in this forum. I found this site after reading of man who had his life taken away over nonsense. First and foremost, I live in Snellville near the Walmart where this crime took place. This area is very diverse. This is one of the reasons I live here. I am raising children to know there is a world of different types of people. Seeing this blog pushes me more to teach my children to be aware of people who hate and assume that one problems are due to one race. The comment of "stand your Ground" are you serious. A young man lost his life because some didn't know how to back off. What if this was your child? I assume it is satisfies you to see African American (or even any other race outside of white) be murdered or harmed. No man or women, regardless of color deserves to be murdered by another. The hate in your heart will kill you and I hope God or whoever will help you see your hatred before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

This "sudden passion" business is really bogus. The killer was running around with a loaded gun ready to use. That requires forethought. Mr Delkic is not the first one who had left a war zone and entered the US only to be murdered by some scumbag. Welcome to America.

Henry Lee said...

Snellville is in Gwinnett County where Blacks once feared to go. We left there about fifteen years ago when the diversity of all kinds had become overwhelming. Lawrenceville Wal-Mart and Autozone had become almost Spanish first - not to mention African-Americans, African-Africans and all kinds of East Europeans. Gwinnett is the only (first) county in Georgia to require ballots in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:07 AM, you've missed the main point of this blog entirely. You want to "teach your children to be aware of people who hate"? Almost each and every story here illustrates who these "people who hate" are. If you are actually white and can't fathom that, then it is I who is saddened by the not insignificant chance that this blog in the not-too-distant future may feature a story detailing your (or worse, one of your children's) horrific murder.

Archie bunker said...

We have heard enough of your liberal nonsense, enjoy your diversity, get murdered by it, but don't attempt to lecture us race realists, we don't want to listen to drivel

Archie bunker said...

In other words, shithole

Former Liberal said...

You reside in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Bruce County said...

Dear Anon@8:07
"This area is very diverse. This is one of the reasons I live here. I am raising children to know there is a world of different types of people." Said not one rational sane being.

You must be mentally challenged or just so brainwashed by alt left media. I could bet you or your children will be attacked or killed by your so called "Diverse Group" . How can you be so blind and ignorant. Humans have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than surviving in a "diverse" neighborhood.
Good luck in SJW efforts.

Anonymous said...

God Created Reality.

As Such, he expects you to live in it.

When you accept this fantasy of yours as real, you are separating yourself from God.

Your Ignorance, Fear, and cognitive dissonance produces this fantasy. You've been programmed to believe that somehow Multiculturalism is a Strength when all evidence shows otherwise. And when confronted with the Reality God created, you scoff and show your hate.

Yes, Hate. You hate the fact that your reality is based on lies so you fight anything that would unravel this kingdom of Falsehoods.

There is no advocating violence here.. Yet if you go to Salon, The Root, The Atlantic, Jezebel, Splinter News, Huffpo, etc that's what they openly promote.

You will not be spared when the Levy Breaks. They will make no distinction about your sacrifces on the Alter of Diversity.

You will be murdered in the streets after your property is stolen from you. They told the same lies about love and healing in South Africa and now look what is happening there.

Wake up.

Your children are depending on you.

AR in Illinois said... that you????

AR in Illinois said...

Apparently its NOT as bad as you claim. See 0807 above. /sarc

Anonymous said...

Give us "haters" our own territory for an ethnostate and you'll never hear from us again.

We're happy with our opinions and mindset, trying to change them will be as futile as trying to civilize your diverse pets.

Your arrogant mindset that you can change us, or tough shit we gotta live with it doesn't lend itself to a peaceful solution.

Blue Juice said...

Anon @ 8:07 AM: Forcing your children to grow up in an area of "diversity" just shows how out of touch and delusional you are. Take the opportunity to look at (and learn from) the actual content of the articles on this blog before judging the comments made here. Furthermore, certainly one of the most important things to teach children today is how to speak and write English correctly. That's something you obviously lack. That's 2 strikes against your children already. I don't wish harm to anyone that hasn't caused me harm, so good luck to you and your family and may "God or whoever" look over you as well.

"I can't lie to you about your chances...but you have my sympathies." - Ash (Alien; 1979)

Anonymous said...

Dunno if the hate in my heart will kill me, but it's not "hate", it is "weariness". I grew up in a 70% black county. If you like diversity so much perhaps you can tell your kids about the varied white cultures and the immense diversity found within it.

Since you'll teach your kids to be aware of people that hate, tell them how everybody but whites think racially. They hate you and your children. They sneer at your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I think anon at 8:07 am is jerking our chain.

It is not Julie because he does not write as well.

Steve Smith said...

I grow tired of people like you: all knowing, so superior, so much smarter than the unwashed masses. Save you lectures. Most of us here are quite fatigued by Negro shenanigans. We just don't want to hear it.

If all you came to do was look down your nose at us, go back to any of the MSM sites where you and your friends can pat yourselves on the backs for your elevated sense of virtue. We don't want to hear it.

Don't bother to reply; I'll not debate you. Not out of fear, mind you, but just because I don't care to.

I live in Atlanta. I know what a shithole it is.

Enjoy Smellville (pun intended). Sorry for the long post.

Anonymous said...

Yup SmeELVILLE GA will be the next on it.You SJW LIB fools are what's behind "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." And when your Fergadishu happens you will be the first A-holes to run to the next Whitest town you can find to infect with your inane BS! Yup 30% Black 60% White soon there will be no Whites left.

Ahh,here are some of your neighbors,such beautiful diversity...

A couple accused of locking two children in a basement, exposing them to sexual acts and feeding them just once a day are now in custody, Georgia police say.

Thomas Charles Young, 42, and Tamara Raychell McGowan, 38, have been charged with cruelty to children and deprivation of necessary sustenance in the 1st degree, among other charges, DeKalb County arrest records show.

“They’re a piece of trash, that’s what they are, to do that to kids,” neighbor Tim Webster told WSB-TV. “Just pure scum. No child deserves that. I’m sorry.”
This is what Southern Blacks do.
Thomas Charles Young, 42, left, and Tamara Raychell McGowan, 38, right, are in custody after being accused of holding two children captive, Georgia police say.

Anonymous said...

In case you would like to see the article

Anonymous said...

Can we interest you in bike ride through Tajikistan?

Non PC Infidel said...

I would direct Anon at 8:07 to the multitude of videos by Colin Flaherty as well as to the New Nation News website where the daily carnage inflicted on humans by negroes is documented but I know what would happen- anon would simply screech, "White people do it too!" Anon would also no doubt have excuses and reasons why the governments own crime statistics back up what we're all saying- the typical "the police are racist and are hiding the fact that whites commit equal numbers of offenses and just aren't arrested for them! Institutional racism-waaaah!"

I long ago gave up on such people and don't even try to wake them up. Arguing with such fools is exhausting and accomplishes nothing. They just double down on their stupidity and become shrill and hysterical while screaming "intolerant racist! hater! xenophobe! bigot!" Let them learn the hard way. If they survive, maybe they'll pluck their head out of their rear end but I doubt it. Bon Voyage, fool.

PB said...

"I am saddens by these hideous statements made in this forum. I found this site after reading of man who had his life taken away over nonsense."

Did that not sink in at the time?

nokangaroos said...

my little White Man´s Burden ;b
Calling US "haters" is psychopathic projection, pure and simple.
But as you are willing to recklessly endanger your children for religious reasons,
you´re not going to look-see who is ACTUALLY advocating violence all the time either.
- I´ll concede that if every Son of O´Bummer was gone yesterday ours would be a greatly improved continent, but this is not "hate" (unlike the opposition we see no merit in rape and torture), just a rather dispassionate statement of the painfully obvious.
Other than being self-evident, "shall-issue" and "stand your ground" are just band-aids on a situation that shouldn´t exist in the first place.

... step on the planche and state your point - no one here is going to bite you ;)

Jack Ketch said...

"a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion"
AKA "lost his shit".
Avoid the groid.

Detroit Refugee said...

This DWL/SJW above is going to see to it that his or her daughter is the next Paige Stalker. She was btw, the beautiful 16 yr old from Grosse Pointe. As far as I know her BM killer is till on the streets.

Anonymous said...

"a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion"--last I checked, 'passion' meant a willingness to suffer for someone or something.

johnny see said...

violent irresistable passion? Since when did TNB become VIP??

Anonymous said...

3 negro bucks rob and kill a delivery driver in Indy. They were "youths"...18, 18, and 19. Dey Dindoo Nuffins.

Down the media memory hole. Move along now.

JimRagan1967 said...

Gwinnett WAS great until it turned into a third-world county.

Justin Igger said...

See, no need to call racist po- leese on colored folks. Just talk with them, they are quite reasonable. Seriously though, Around Blacks NEVER Relax !

Justin Igger said...

As a child our schools underwent mandated " diversity" , they called it integration. We human grade schoolers called it hell, and wondered why our parents didn't love us enough to protect us from these savage beasts. Im sure his children feel the exact same way.

LakeStClair said...

as a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation.


Is that what they call low impulse control coupled with high testosterone and short future time preference nowadays?

Anonymous said...

I read an article that says he is in jail for another crime but for some reason he has not been charged yet. Another case of our SJW /DWL justice system dragging it's feet when it comes to bringing justice to negroes.

The stupid violent negro shot up the wrong car with an AK-47. They found part of the weapon in Ohio so they have the gun and can match the bullets.

Anonymous said...

The hate in your heart will kill you and I hope God or whoever will help you see your hatred before it is too late.

The hate in your heart will kill you? If the victim in the story had avoided Blacks he would still be alive.

Now the murderer is going to get voluntary manslaughter even though the description of the crime is second degree murder. So by living near Blacks he was not only killed but his family won't receive any justice.

Here is an idea: How about lecturing Black people on their high crime rates? Why is it the fault of other races for thinking pragmatically? Do you not believe in Black people? Are they not capable of getting their crimes rates down?

That is what is truly pathetic in all this. Liberals and other assorted egalitarians don't look at Black behaviors and destroyed cities with disdain or *dare* to pass any moral judgement. No, in their minds it's the fault of any White person that doesn't want to blindfold themselves and march straight into these areas. Do you realize how low your standards are for Black people when you do this? It's like dog shitting on the carpet that you don't even believe can be corrected. You place the fault with anyone who complains. PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the race or pictures of the perps. But you can always tell by the crime and/or the names of the perps.

Juwaun Terry, 18, Jason Epeards, 18, and Jasean Dale, 19, were arrested on preliminary charges of armed robbery and murder, IMPD said Tuesday.

I wonder how much (how little?) money these violent morons got from the robbery murder of a pizza(?) delivery driver???

Anonymous said...

I also live near Snellville,the blacks have turned a once great plAce to live into a dump.
Do not hire Bosnians they experts at gaming workers comp. I have had plenty of experience with them in my factory. A friend of mine has experienced t g e same issues with Bosnians.

Philbery said...

Black guy kills white guy after his girlfriend gets pissed and slaps white dude and detective defends murderer. Could detective possibly be black?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"First and foremost, I live in Snellville near the Walmart where this crime took place. This area is very diverse. This is one of the reasons I live here. I am raising children to know there is a world of different types of people. "

"Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other.".
-Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...

But you can always tell by the crime and/or the names of the perps.

Yup. Thank God that black women like to name their children after the ingredients in cough syrup, or else we’d never know the race of the perpetrators.

(Except when the perp is white...then the race is part of the lede).

Anonymous said...

'St. Louis homeowners get help realizing the 'American Dream''

Posted: Aug 21, 2018 2:57 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 21, 2018 6:21 PM CDT

"ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Alicia Saunders, a young mother of one, is thrilled to own her own home. She admits the process can be intimidating saying, "It's very exciting, sometimes it's a little overwhelming."

Saunders bought her Hazelwood home thanks to a special program at Central Bank. Through the program the bank pools local and federal funds to offer eligible buyers up to $7,500 to help with down payments and closing costs. Program participants also take short classes on the financial aspects of home buying and ownership. 

Saunders says the class was very helpful saying, "They teach you how to budget home expenses, personal, car expenses, things to look forward to."

Central Bank president Rick Bagy says that over eight years the program has helped 850 people buy homes, making $92 million available in home loans. The program is available to low and moderate income earners. Bagy stresses that to be eligible, participants must still have a credit score and demonstrate they are a good risk.  Bagy says the program has been overwhelmingly successful.

"Our success with this program, with 850 people, we've had very moderate delinquencies," said Bagy. "Only slightly above the portfolio of normal, wealthier people. So I think it been a very successful program."

As for Saunders, she says she really knew this was all real when it came time to mow the lawn.

"So it really kicked in when I had to get my grass cut for the first time," said Saunders. "I thought this is the real deal!"

Do we ever learn??

Step 1. Politicians hold a gun to the head of banks forcing them to make loans to households who otherwise would never qualify.

Step 2. The new 'homeowners' are unable or unwilling to keep the loan current.

Step 3. The homeowners claim they are 'victims' of unscrupulous bankers and default on the loan. Property values plummet. The homeowners are underwater owing more than the property is worth and banks are holding mortgages on property rapidly declining in value.

Step 4. The politicians step in to save the banks via an infusion of a taxpayer funded bailout. The Federal Reserve Bank conjures up money out of thin air to purchase the 'toxic' mortgages forced on the banks.

Step 5. The politicians come to the rescue to save their constituents from themselves and enact legislation to protect the 'victims' of the unethical bankers and offer the 'victims' neighborhood stabilization funds to save the neighborhoods of the 'communities of color.'

Step 6. Wait ten years and repeat.

Mr. Rational said...

I am saddens by these hideous statements made in this forum.

The truth will set you free, but you prefer to embrace comfortable lies and the slave chains which accompany them.

I found this site after reading of man who had his life taken away over nonsense.

Correct.  We are concerned about this man, and want such things to NEVER happen again.  You?  Well....

First and foremost, I live in Snellville near the Walmart where this crime took place. This area is very diverse. This is one of the reasons I live here.

You DELIBERATELY put your children amidst the dangerous elements which caused the death of Fadil Delkic?  You should be prosecuted for child abuse and your children put in foster care.

I am raising children to know there is a world of different types of people. Seeing this blog pushes me more to teach my children to be aware of people who hate and assume that one problems are due to one race.

You are teaching them to ignore the race of the subhuman which murdered Fadil, while demonizing those who warn them to avoid such dangerous subhumans so that they don't meet the same fate.  Eh.  If your children survive to adulthood maybe they'll wind up wiser than you, and if they don't they and you deserve to pay the Eloi tax.

You?  You're evil and subscribe to an evil ethos.  You do not deserve to live.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic.

Michael Savage has a petition urging Trump to grant immigration priority to white South African farmers. He thinks it may get attention if they can get 100k signatures. I am signing.

Savage has been on the subject of this upcoming genocide many times that I have listened to him. He is now playing an audio interview of a woman that survived a massacre.

He also stands up for European contributions and culture. Say what you want but I have not heard another popular media figure take on these type of subjects. So IMO IKAGO.

Just One.

Anonymous said...

To the person who lives near the Snellville WalMart.
I too have lived near there. I spent considerable time in that area, worked in that area, and have been treated shamefully by blacks in that area.
There was a home invasion robbery not far from there, an elderly couple robbed at gun point, in a nice neighborhood.
Brookwood HS, once a pillar of the area is a majority minority school. Crime has skyrocketed, all thanks to diversity.
Don’t go to Bone Fish grille as a whitey, they’ll wait an hour to seat you, even with a reservation. Be careful walking across that parking lot, blacks don’t yield to pedestrians.
I had a gun pulled on me by a nice black man from Snellville. I was there to do my job, but he didn’t like the white guy telling him no.
So, take your diversity, shine it up real nice, and shove it up your candy ass. Snellville, Lawrenceville, Gwinett County as a whole, are increasingly dangerous. There is no up side, unless one is black, to living there.

Anonymous said...

More and more people are being Red Pilled on subjects like these and they are starting to see the scam of Can't WE ALL JUST GET ALONG is B.S. Get around like minded people, circle the wagons and let the system burn itself out, then we might have a free society. I lost someone I love to the propaganda of we can all be one big happy family as she is too far gone to change her mind and wants to go down a dead end path and I had to cut her loose. Everyday more news comes out that no we can't get along when you want me dead, even when it was people like me who built this society and where it has been tried by others it fails every time ( Haiti Anyone, list is getting to long to mention). Until then...... Enjoy The Decline.

Anonymous said...

Forsythe had a no blacks sign in the 80s.
Work sent me down to this place off Ponce. My wife said “be careful”, which since she was a native of the ATL I knew it meant take a gun. I find out I’m working near a place called the “murder Kroger”.
This is the reality of the ATL.
A dude runs up to my door and tries to open it at an intersection in Scotdale. No no, not Scottsdale, Scotdale. I guess the lifted 4x4, the Elk decal, and the plates from one of those western states wasn’t a hint, the Glock at the window got his attention.
I’ve pulled my weapon more times in GA than ever before or since. I’ve been in some rough spots and never felt damn, I’m gonna have to smoke this dude, until I lived in the ATL.
I lived several lifetimes in the ATL and have ZERO desire to ever return.
Weddings and funerals, that’s it. Last time I went, I checked a pistol. F-the-ATL.

Anonymous said...

When one is oblivious to it, reality hits like a freight train.

Anonymous said...

We left 12 Stone Church because the weekend after I had to draw down on a skin in Athens, PK had a big sermon about white privilege and our racist attitudes towards blacks.
Even the churches out there try to brainwash people into this death cult called SJW.
I absolutely, unequivocally, with the fire and energy of all the stars in the Universe HATE ATLANTA.
But to the OP...I never hated blacks, until I moved to Atlanta, and saw what it was like when blacks had no fear of the law.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Snellville and moved to Longanville in Walton county. Now the Nwords are moving here from the north and destroying the city.
If you live near Snellville my email is

woody weaver said...

You know that your are living in a dystopian nightmare when your "fellow citizens" are more dangerous than the towel heads who blow themselves up in the Middle East

Anonymous said...

Never sure if the anonymous poster who ignited this shitstorm was genuine or not but the sentiments are genuine enough so lets see if we can help.

I remember their first 'unknown' post regarding the bicycle couple. They seemed genuinely shocked that we were sniggering at their suicide. Not that they were foolish enough to bike through a war zone; not because they believed that 'violence wasn't real' or what ever nonsense they espoused, just the fact we were amused by it.

Since you're new here,you're taken aback but we see this almost daily. We see the foolishness of these social justice idiots who march head-long to death believing they are fighting the good fight. It's not funny, "ha-ha" but it's funny that the sheer numbers never seem to go down. Like the improbability that with black on black murder being what it is that it can sustain for so long.

Sadly, you sound like one of them. You deliberately moved your family to a 'diverse' city thinking that meant a somehow, rich and culturally robust area when in fact, it is code for a city on the decline. The one positive takeaway you offered in your wretched paragraph was that you would finally teach your children something useful; something that may prolong their live.... what you misread as 'hate'.

Yes, there are people out there who hate you and will kill you just because of the color of your skin and the fact they can get away with it. Not sure of the gun laws of ATL but if you can carry, at least you have a fighting chance but as someone wisely pointed out carry laws are band-aids to problems that shouldn't exist.

Your assessment of the confrontation is also typical of your status as a SJW. It was the non-black's fault because he 'didn't know how to back off', not the black's fault for being armed and out of control in a parking lot over some non-issue. And there were no africans-in-America harmed in this story so I don't understand the statement how we would are satisfied when one gets killed or harmed... The problem is they don't get harmed or killed and this one will likely use his own poor impulse control as a legal defense!

In closing, I will leave you with your own words to ponder...
"No man or women, regardless of color deserves to be murdered by another"
Yet black commit horrific crimes daily and you say nothing. They kill their own in mind-numbing numbers. They venture into suburbs and fall upon unsuspecting prey with a viciousness learned in the inner city. If whites defend themselves or try to address it legally, we're deemed racist by idiots like you.

I hope and pray your children survive your dangerous experiment. I hope they appreciate that their parent is offering them up for sacrifice on the alter of political correctness. If they live, they will be as we are here. I survived Jersey City in the late 60's before my parents got out. Moved across the river from the Newark riots in 67. Fun times.

You build a healthy layer of distrust when you live it.

You just haven't lived it enough yet.

Post your real name. We'll keep an eye out for your story in the headlines. Don't say you weren't warned because now you were.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Jim said: "Don't say you weren't warned because now you were."

Excellent point, in fact your entire post was outstanding and an excellent read.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

You’re a fool, and your children will pay the price for your willful stupidity. I’ll happily be a living “hater” racist, over a dead “good white” loving victim. Enjoy your vibrant diversity!

Anonymous said...

The voluntary manslaughter will get pleaded down to 3rd degree manslaughter.. the black will get 5 years in prison (five 8 month periods - 3.5 years.. ) then with "good time" he will get early release.. I say he will probably do two years for killing this White Man.. BRA

Anonymous said...

Fear is our worst enemy when you work around dangerous animals you need to stay alert. Asking is never a good idea when dealing with dangerous animals you must tell them and punish immediately when you don't get the desired results.

Anonymous said...

I wonder in what universe Black people would go on a Black-centric forum and lecture their fellow racial brethern about all the "hate" in their hearts for Whitey?? Certainly not THIS one.

And, Anonymous@ 10:34 am; eloquently and powerfully said. Bravo !!

Annie Oakley said...

Anon at 8:07pm, you're a dumb bitch.

You know GD well that a high propensity of blacks is tantamount to disaster. You wanna raise your kids around blacks? Then you deserve to have your kids taken from you. Maybe given to a white family who can’t have children, who want to live in a white area and want their kids to be safe. Even people like Okrah and Will Smith are smart enough to live in all white area. Maybe they’re a little smarter than you.

I guess in 15 years when your daughter is an adult and she’s raped every which way but Sunday, totally traumatizing her for life and tainting her psyche, would be ok, as long as you’re not considered a racist right?

I’m assuming you’re a woman. Women like you make me sick. You will strut and preen how morally virtuous you are and maybe even toss your children onto the non-white altar, as long as your pretty white dress isn’t soiled. Don’t want to be seen as a dirty racist. Must attend your little cocktail parties or have margys at the Mexican restaurant to show how “tolerant” you are.