Thursday, August 13, 2009

#6. Acting White

We are treading in water today few Black people ever dare to wade into: it is an area and “life-style” change for a Black person that is a more uncomfortable subject of conversation with their parents and peers than announcing they are a homosexual.

In a way, this is probably deeper water for Black people to tread in and highly detrimental to the credo of “keeping it real”, and will forever cause Black people to lose their access and credibility to and with the Black community – at least until you pass away.

Black people can kill dogs; beat their popular Billboard song chart-topping girlfriend, and never lose their appeal with Black people. However, for a Black person to pass the Racial Rubicon into the realm of Acting White is a path that nary a Black person has recovered from in his natural life.

To Act White is a mortal and moral sin the Black community, a step-toward giving legitimacy to The Man and bestowing upon white people cultural dominance and allowing the subjugation of that Black persons Blackness. To compromise your integrity as a Black person and Act White is a direct slap in the face to the entire Black community.

Acting White is defined as:

"Acting white is a pejorative term usually applied to African-Americans, although also within other non-white ethnic groups Latinos or Hispanics, which refers to a person's perceived betrayal of their culture by incorporating the social expectations of white society.Success in education in particular is seen as a form of selling out by being disloyal to one's culture."

To Act White, according to Black people, is to:

You see, Acting White is the Scarlett Letter of the Black community and shunning will occur. Hester Prynne and her punishment is a suitable for the Black person who Acts White, as the characteristics described above allows white people to discern a Black turncoat and vice-versa.

Again, being accused of Acting White is reminiscent of the Red-Baiting of the 1950s, and the Black person who is accused of consorting with the enemy will be irreparably harmed by said accusation – valid or not – and will never be qualified to “keep it real” again.

Black people have worked too hard to move from the ominous shadow of white people and supplanting them as the ultimate cultural standard-bearer in America. Remember, 13 percent of the population of the United States is worshipped by everyone else, largely based on their athletic achievements and ability to “keep it real”.

To Act White then is to consort with the enemy who for centuries enslaved and held down Black people and thus a true traitor to the cause of “Living in a Black world”.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like is proud to include – for the benefit of everyone reading – Acting White in its ever-expanding catalogue of SBPDL, for trying to embrace the moral code and mores of a hated enemy is to Black people a far worse offense than being a Quisling.

Consorting with the enemy is one thing – trying to replicate and Act White is a horse of a different color – an attempt to repudiate Black heritage and engage in a racial transformation too horrifying to believe.

Black people are encouraged to refrain from Acting White, lest they want to be ostracized by Black people. For if they do decide to Act White, they may then be forced to become yet another Stuff Black People Don’t Like: the Token Black.

The following video below accurately depicts Acting White in action. From the popular show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the character of Carleton Banks is a Black person who Acts White and is constantly abused for doing so by the cool, hip Will Smith (who is a model Black person).

Smith constantly mocks Banks, and in this scene, is even seen wearing a “Blackman” t-shirt, to showcase his “keeping it real” credentials to the Acting White traitor.


Anonymous said...

The problem here is that Blacks think 'Acting White' is acting White. ???. The traits you listed above are actually just a list of things you have to value to become successful. Any person of any race can follow this example and find a better life. Asians don't take crap from their community for following this plan.
Truth: Asians that 'Act White' are no less Asian than any other Asian. BTW, Asians are even more a minority than Blacks in this country. Apparently actually striving for success is 'Acting White' and punishable by excommunication from the Black community as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Obama was brought up in a white family. Look where 'Acting White' got him. His mother must have forgotten to tell him he was a 'Victim'.

Anonymous said...

you actin white negro

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more comments from the Black community on this blog.
I have read all posts on this blog to date including the comments. Some comments are from racists Black and White alike. The truth is that neither Black nor Whites will overcome racism without a direct assault on these issues. For too long the strategy of the media has been to avoid these issues or over represent black issues. That strategy will inevitably backfire until all voices are heard. Black need to understand that their racism is every bit a bad as white racism. Respect is earned.


uwi said...

Whatever the faults of this site, at least the observations made here about african-americans are largely true. I got a good look at the SWPL site for the first time recently, and it is the silliest horseshit I've ever seen on the 'net.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this blog for the first time today. I've read about a half dozen posts. All are well written and well sourced.

I can't explain why, but I think the author of this blog is an extremely articulate, highly educated and intelligent black person. Nothing I've read indicates the author is a racist. But I do get the sense the posts are cleverly written in a way to elicit racist comments (if the reader is so inclined). Maybe the blog is a research project for a grad student who is developing material for a dissertation.

Then again, I'm probably nuts.

Anonymous said...


I agree. The SWPL more accurately describes a west coast liberal than White people in general.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the SBPDL blogger is Black. I don't think eliciting racism is the point here either. This blog is a great way to discuss racial issues and have a good laugh.

Keep up the good work, SBPDL

Evette said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I could never understand why black people, and I am black too, say that if another black person acts or talks in a certain way, that they are acting white. I've gotten told that plenty of times by black people, that I act white, because I talk proper and clearly and refuse to use slang. How is that acting white? Some white people use slang and don't talk proper and are ignorant just like any other race. I just don't get it. There's good and bad apples in any race.

Anonymous said...

Where I work if your a Latino and dont act like a Homie wearing an Oakland Raider hat and not talk Spanish with a third world mentality then your targeted for acting "White"

Anonymous said...

"I can't explain why, but I think the author of this blog is an extremely articulate, highly educated and intelligent black person."

I think said writer is indeed a black and not a White person, slyly mocking patriotard and conservatard fools into thinking he is "on their side".

This is why USA is so messed up, since we actually think (or more accurately WOULD LIKE to think), unlike the rest of the world, that the black is the White man's "equal".

Anonymous said...

Umm, did you just imply that white people are better than black people because of their skin color, and also that Americans are foolish for opporating on that principal?
This is upsetting on many levels, one because that is probably the dumbest thing I've heard in a very long time I didn't realize that such blind racism still existed; and two because if you had stepped a foot outside of America I think you would find most countries share this "messed up" view.

Anonymous said...

If you have traveled outside of the United States you would know that not all people from Africa act like Black Americans. It is the horror of America's slavery that caused the cultural divide. There is no such thing as acting white in other countries because being black or white is not as distinguishable. Most counties are like a bag of jelly belly jelly beans. America is getting there but slower. The culture that some blacks are clinging to is the one that will destroy the race. Some white people want blacks to shoot each other, drop out of school and do nothing with their lives. It was probably a white person who developed the idea of “keepin it real” so that the black race destroys itself. You can love your culture and speak proper English. What will everyone do when Spanish is the number one language? Should the language of web 2.0 replace English because it is the internet slang? Even with the vast amount of blacks and Hispanics who voted for Obama, he would not have won if whites did not vote for him as well. Whites died in the civil war partially to free blacks (there were other reasons that they fought), were injured in riots protecting blacks, and were injured in sit-ins and marches supporting blacks. The biggest thing I think about is how weak we all are separate. Imagine what people could accomplish if everyone got along as one people. Well, the government, big businesses, and every other self-interest based organization would crumble. Just a thought!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I said something about this in another comment to another post that I never really understood what the term "acting white" meant. I was raised to believe that the eleven things you listed are the things one should do to have a successful life (except golf, my father played golf and tried to teach me--I hated it! Now Chess--that was fun!) Anybody of any race should know that and not feel bad about accomplishing those things. I think I only had to deal with something like this once as a kid when my family was still living in Harlem, NY. I got teased because my parents sent me to a mostly white parochial elementary school out of the neighborhood instead of the local public school (they wanted me to learn something!). This was in the 60's and my black friends thought I was going to turn "uppity". My parents always taught me not to be a follower and that my friends' attitude was ignorant and that I needed new friends! My mom, a strong no-nonsense Bajan woman, had no tolerance for ignorant people, improper speech, sloppy clothes, bad manners, rudeness, criminal behavior and a whole host of other things she felt were "ghetto ways". Well, I didn't listen to those friends and they got over it! My family left Harlem when I was 12 and never looked back. That was 41 years ago! Not all black people are poor and living in ghettos so I know that all blacks don't have that ignorant attitude about "acting white" (however, I have had black people get on my case for voting Republican, believing O.J. was guilty, and hating Al Sharpton). I raised my son the way my parents raised me--not to be a follower or a victim, to take responsibility for one's actions and to avoid ignorant people. My son is today a college graduate and successful businessman. It's so sad that if black people in poor neighborhoods are more worried about "acting white" than getting ahead in life then those communities will not change. The conditions in black communities I don't believe have anything to do with white racism. Every white person in this country could be struck color blind tomorrow and nothing will change until their attitudes change and they stop blaming other for their poor choices. There are also false prophets (and we all know who they are) with heavy influence in black communities who are lining their pockets by fostering a victim mentality, encouraging black racism and rage in black people that's very scary and very dangerous. I wouldn't feel safe driving down the streets of these neighborhoods even in an army tank! Like I said, black people who do get an education and work hard to get out of those neighborhoods do so and don't look back.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing: Nobody can destroy you without your permission!

Anonymous said...

Just be you.

Anonymous said...

I am an African and I do not know why anyone has not mentioned "the picture".I am personally offended by the picture used in this blog-refering to the image of the black,old-style,lap-stick black face with bright-coloured lips-Which was used to oppress us.I do not believe the blogger is a self loving African.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the blogger is any kind of African. I might be wrong but I suspect the blogger to be a racist non-black but obviously an American. All the things pertaining to black people in this blog seem to apply only or mostly to black Americans. Last I checked there are plenty of blacks still in Africa, in the Caribbean and in various other places around the world. Perfect example: once I heard someone say "black people don't like to swim." Then you go down to the islands (you know those small land masses surrounded by water and lovely beaches) and you see a lot of black people swimming. Maybe SOME black AMERICANS don't like to swim.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to assume the writer is either white, or a black person poking fun at his own race. How can you make fun of education and reading given your writing obviously showcases highly developed writing and reading skills...Therefore by your own logic you're "acting white."

Anonymous said...

I think the concept of satire is lost on most people. I see examples everywhere of people that either don't "get it" or just completely miss the point and go off topic.

Charles E. Winchester, III said...

Anonymous (August 13, 2009 at 5:21 PM):

"The problem here is that Blacks think 'Acting White' is acting White. ???. The traits you listed above are actually just a list of things you have to value to become successful. Any person of any race can follow this example and find a better life."

Anonymous (December 12, 2009 at 7:47 PM):

"All the things pertaining to black people in this blog seem to apply only or mostly to black Americans."

Thank you both for stating the obvious!