Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#82. Naval Academy Academic Standards

Previously, on SBPDL, we learned that Black people do not like Real American Heroes. The real United States military and the elite soldiers that comprise the Navy Seals, Air Force Special Forces, Rangers and Delta Force are overwhelmingly white, as are 97 percent of the pilots who fly for our armed forces.

Unlike the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie, which tried to show a majority of the elite fighters as Black people, reality is stunningly and convincingly white. Black people don't like this, and in the age of Mein Obama needed a fictitious film like G.I. Joe to bolster their fragile egos.

Black people also don't like Pre-Obama America at all, for it is an era (1776 - 2009) that is dead and represented evil white supremacy and Black subjection. White people may have created and sustained a civilization that ultimately sent a man to the moon, but Black people will gladly take the reigns of that society now and will attempt to pull a Zimbabwe in America (or Clayton or Jefferson County).

Now, Black people are attempting to become Real American Heroes, albeit in a new light. Standards will have to be lowered dramatically to make it happen, but Black people are coming to the Naval Academy in droves this upcoming semester, because diversity is the fundamental goal of the Post-Obama America and the lowering of Pre-Obama America standards is the only way to ensure it becomes a reality:
"The Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead announced in Annapolis recently that "diversity is the number one priority" at the Naval Academy.
The Naval Academy superintendent, Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler, echoed him. Everyone understands that "diversity" here means nonwhite skins.

Fowler insisted recently that we needed to have Annapolis graduates who "looked like" the Fleet, where enlisted people are about 42 percent nonwhite, largely African American and Hispanic."

In an article in the Washington Post, a member of the admissions board stated that the only way to increase Black people presence at the school was to drastically lower standards for admittance:
"Fleming says the increase in minority enrollment at the academy has brought in students with lower grades and SAT scores who need more remedial classes and are less capable of the scholarship for which the academy is known.

"First of all, we're dumbing down the Naval Academy," Fleming said in an interview. "Second of all, we're dumbing down the officer corps."

Fleming asserts, correctly, that Black people are treated differently in their application process and get in with lower scores and:
"Once at Annapolis, “diverse” midshipmen are over-represented in our pre-college classes, in lower-track courses, in mandatory tutoring programs and less challenging majors. Many struggle to master basic concepts. (I teach some of these courses.)"

Much like the Wonderlic Test, Black people find the Naval Academy Standards as applied to white people to difficult to master and thus, must resort to fuzzy math to ensure greater representation of their people at a formerly important institution of higher learning.

Now, the notion of creating fictitious Real American Heroes in film has seeped into the Naval Academies admissions, as the school has lowered the flag of quality applicants and rigorous, difficult scholastics to introduce diversity and Post-Obama America to our nations future Navy officer classes.

The only way Pre-Obama America could be destroyed is to lower standards to include the people who support Mein Obama with 97 percent approval and who voted him by a margin of 96 percent-to-One percent in the 2008 Presidential Election.

The words of one of the highest ranking officers in the Navy need to remembered forever, as we enter Post-Obama America, for the standards of Real American Heroes no longer matter, and to ensure diversity and Black people's rightful place in the new Black world, we must lower standards completely:
"The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead released a podcast on the importance of diversity and the Navy's diversity initiatives Feb. 27.

"In the military and in the Navy, it's important that we are a diverse organization because we have to represent what I call the face of America," said Roughead. "As our population changes and the percentages of majority-minority changes and that's always taking place we have to reflect that same demographic in our Navy and that's why it's important, but at the end of the day, it really makes a huge difference because we're stronger because of the different perspectives and ideas that people bring to bear."
Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Naval Academy Academic Standards, for the only way to include a high percentage of Black people in one of Post-Obama America's greatest academic institutions, Pre-Obama America Academic standards had to be tossed out.

The Chinese, Russian, British and other nations only allow the smartest and most intelligent people in their nations to be officers and defend their nation. In Post-Obama America, Real American Heroes have to be made up... in movies and through lowering of the standards at our elite military schools.


Anonymous said...

I didnt like that broad at 1:00. No offense to women but i wouldnt let anyone talk to me like that unless they would BE or be willing to die in the trenches with me.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this sudden push for diversity in the military was not a spontaneously chosen one coming from inside the military itself. I bet that there was some pressure coming from the federal government.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman, and I do not believe that women have any business being in a position of authority over men. I felt like smacking that whiny little $*#@!. I know for a fact that most women in the military are more concerned with breaking a nail or finding a husband than they are being REAL soldiers or sailors.

Anonymous said...

I've spent seven years in the military, including time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I can speak from personal experience. The LAST thing the military needs is more dumb non-white officers. I couldn't count the times I've been in the presence of black officers who had no idea how stupid they sounded when they talked, or how many times a black officer would speak on a subject, it it was obvious they had no idea what they were talking about.

All Whites in the military, wheter they will admit it or not, hate working with blacks. It's bad enough they've lowered standards for enlisted personnel. It's bad enough they treat females as if they could ever be equal to male soldiers, but more black officers, especially as the result of lower standards, will be suicide.

Ask anyone who has had the joy of working with blacks, females, and black females in the military, and you'll find out just how great diversity is.

Anonymous said...

i got out because of this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the comments is that they forget to mention the worthless WHITE males that are in the military! Yea i know this is a blog about blacks but having first hand experience in this area, i must speak! Having served through desert storm and the two current wars I can tell you that there are many many white male douchebags that shouldnt be any where near the military! Its true that females will never equal male soldiers in the physical strength area! However in mental skills they can be equal and in many cases superior! And for anonymous at 7:33am: most women are in the military for the same reason most males education!

now to stay on topic i worked with a black officer and at a meeting it was discovered that he had problems with reading! He had a problem with big words he was not used to speaking to his homies so he created more new words with his poor pronunciation than archie bunker in an episode of all in the family! At this point in time virtually every entity in the world is lowering their standards... the military is not the only one! Whites (male and female) are on the losing end of this trend!

Anonymous said...

Some chick trying to be tough makes me wonder as always, why oh why are females permitted into the military (her body is literally designed for pushing babies, not fighting[last I checked the military is for fighting{yes no?}]). As many others have stated, we are lowering our standards as a culture, race, country. We are the only losers out of this. I see the society my grandparents came from and think of today......

Drugs have been one of the greatest downfalls of the European stock.

Anonymous said...

"worthless WHITE males" poster,

Besides strength and intelligence there is also an emotional component to the warrior. The emotions of women are counter productive in times of great stress (as would be encountered in war). These emotions lead to higher mental illness rates in women in general. Anyway, the point is that strength and intelligence are not the only factors to consider.

Anonymous said...

I've been out of the Army for 18 years. And I was only in for three years so my knowledge of black officers is very limited.

Most of the enlisted guys in my platoon were very gung ho types. They pressed their uniforms and spit shined their boots. We all took pride in our appearance. It was almost like a competition to see who could be the most "squared away".

Then we got a black guy assigned to be our platoon leader. He was a 1LT, but he hadn't gone to West Point. Instead, he got his commission after going to college on an ROTC scholarship.

He was as sloppy as they come, truly an embarrassment to the officer corps. A black enlisted guy in my squad, who inspired us all with his pride, got pissed off by the officer's sloppiness and publicly confronted him. He was way out of line for doing so, especially in public. He told the 1LT that he didn't respect him, he wouldn't salute him, and he demanded to be reassigned to another unit. The 1LT not only refused to honor his request for reassingment, but he reprimanded the guy, put him on extra duty, and told him if he failed to salute he'd bring him up on insubordination charges.

But the black enlisted guy was as true to his word as possible. He saluted the 1LT only when he absolutely could not avoid making contact with him. When he was walking around in the motorpool or out in the field and he spotted the 1LT coming his way, he'd suddenly make a detour and change his route to avoid crossing paths with the 1LT so he didn't have to salute him. It was funny.

A few months later, the 1LT was passed over for promotion to captain and forced to resign his commission and leave the Army.

Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to Obama as "My Obama" ? Doesn't really make sense to me.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Have we reached a point at SBPDL where a glossary is necessary?

Mein Obama is explained in SBPDL #49. Criticism of Mein Obama.

96 percent of Black people voted for Obama in the 2008 election. 97 percent of Black people support him right now, according to Rasmussen Polls.

Thus, Black people support Obama as the Germans did Mr. Hitler. He is there leader in the war against Pre-Obama America.

Steve said...

Totally pathetic some whiny little girl trying to act tough is bad enough but when you add the mix of a simple minded negro it spells nothing but disaster for America. To all you posters bitching about dumb whites in the service, --yes you bet there sure are but get your black asses off to fight in South Africa or Zimbabwe (once white nations) and you can have true brotherhood amongst your peers. Untill you then STFU!

Anonymous said...

Putting incompetent blacks and hispanics in charge of high-tech military equipment is a surefire way to get LOTS of military personnel KILLED.

Would you want to go into combat on an airplane whose navigational electronics have not been properly maintained? You will never know what happened as the plane gets shot down because of a navigational failure.

Do you want to be in a tank whose infrared vision system has not been properly maintained or calibrated? Confronted by multiple enemy tanks at night, the lights go out and the next flash of light is your tank getting destroyed.

Today's military is totally dependent on sophisticated electronic technology that in turn depends on highly-qualified engineering and maintenance area that people of color fail to qualify for both in and out of the military.

Iranian For Aryans said...

Women in the military: an abomination!

Anonymous said...

As a patriotic WHITE British NATIONALIST,I never thought I would see the day when American recruits would allow themselves to be dominated by butch women,[except in the bedroom] but you seem to be falling under the treacherous designs of your scumbag politicians, just like many other countries. Ask yourselves this, What could be the reason for this sudden "PROGRAMMING" idea that is sweeping the once great world powers, that black people should be handed power over whites???
Something STINKS somewhere.

Anonymous said...

To all....we should try not to judge an individual based on their gender or color of there skin. We all have valuable skills and qualities to contribute. There are certainly those that fall short in many categories, me included, but as a veteran, we need to ensure that a "disqualifing or elimination process" of any unqualified ranking official remains intact to weed the "good from the bad". This needs to be part of the process and our focus....not the physical characteristics.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the military for 4 years, I've seen alot of dumb people of all races and the only thing I can agree on is that the military does need quality people. On the downside though...this is Earth, and we are forced to recruit from the United States. Most of you fuckers are dumb, I mean reading all these idiotic post alone makes me want to run into the mountains and debate if any of you would actually be worth protecting in a war. I don't think the problem is with a certain race or people of color. I think the problem is with this lazy generation. Also, theres a chance that you are smarter than the person in charge of you. Alot of the enlisted complain they are so much better than the officers, yet they remain enlisted their entire term and don't try to advance beyond that. I ask you this question, if that dumbass can get his/her commission why can't you? Oh yeah I're fucking lazy.

Anonymous said...

"'re fucking lazy"

Sounds like you have a great attitude. Keep up the good work. I'm glad to hear that you're with us, because if you were against us you would present a very formidable opponent (up in the mountains and all).

Anonymous said...

As an Afro-American and a veteran of WII and Korea, I find these comments disgraceful and insulting to those many Afro-Americans that served honorably in every war this country has been involved in. And the comments about incompetent black officers, well, I served under many dumb-a__white offcers before and after 9981 was made law.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To the self-identified Afro-American:

I commend your service. It is an honorable task to defend Pre-Obama America. Most of family did as well.

However, by stating that you are Black, you have fallen into the trap that SBPDL has tried to identify.

Yes, I'm sure there have been plenty of dumb white officers. But, to erode previously high standards that kept our Navy at peak performance, just to include Black people, is the true disgrace.

If you can't see this sir, then you are nothing short of a supporter of mediocrity... which is something I doubt you put your life on line in service of Pre-Obama America to perpetuate.

John T. said...

One simple question: How could any black person defend the lowering of standards to gain admission simply to boost their numbers?

If I was black I would raise nine kinds of hell over this.

Maybe the NFL should lower the accepted 40yd times at the combine to promote more white running backs. Who cares about winning right?

As far as women in the military go, yeah they don't pack the emotional gear to hack a high stress situation the vast majority of the time.

Been there done that more than I care to recall.

Anonymous said...

We live in a racially charged world that is filled with uncertainty, and we seem to be constantly grapplying with the questions whose answers are elusive and indefinite. For example, are African-Americana more likely to commit homocide than European-Americans or are all African-American military officers more likely to be incompetent than European-American officers?

The twin disciplines of probability and statistics have evolved out of attempts to cope with these type of questions. Probability and statistics may be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Probability theory deals with the question: Given a particular state of the world, what consequences are likely to follow? Statistical theory deals with the converse question: Given a particular set of consequences, what state of the world has given rise to them?

Now, the Bureau of Justice Statistics has lots of data to assist in the question concerning the comparison of African-American and European-American homocide rates. See:

However, I cannot find any sources of data to support hypotheses about the race of military officers.