Monday, December 7, 2009

12 Days of Christmas at SBPDL

"You'll shoot your eye out."

This sentence has vastly different meanings to the white community in America and to the Black community of the USofA.

White people recall the Pre-Obama America Christmas classic, "A Christmas Story", with Ralph's hunger for a Red Ryder BB Gun being squashed by an overbearing parent, educator and even Santa (thankfully, father knows best in the end).

Black people, however, have a different interpretation of the sentence, as they use this phrase to implore fellow Black people to be careful when performing gun safety demonstrations or when walking down the street in Atlanta:
"A 19-year-old college student walking with friends was struck and killed by a stray bullet early Thursday on the campus of Clark Atlanta University, police said.

Jasmine Lynn, of Kansas City, Mo., was struck in the chest when shots were fired during a fight nearby. Another student whose name was not released was hit on the wrist and taken to a hospital.
Atlanta is one of the least safest cities in America and coincidentally, the Black Mecca of America.

Christmas is upon us again, as Black Friday has come and gone and the decorations are ubiquitous throughout neighborhoods in America.

Carolers are nearing and the smell of chestnuts roasting on opening fires dances upon with wind with its inviting aroma.

SBPDL will be celebrating the Christmas season in style - starting December 13.

Interestingly, Christmas is bifurcating into a predominately Pre-Obama America camp and into another group of people who view the holiday with a strong Black-face.

So, we ask you the reader to send us the best stories about Black people and Christmas you can find, for it is obvious that the term "white Christmas" is redundant. The creation of Kwanzaa shows the general public the truth about how Black people view Christmas and Pre-Obama America with crystal-clear simplicity.

Send us your stories or news reports to

Stuff Black People Don't Like is going to embrace the Christmas season completely and we need your help in compiling the ultimate list of SBPDL and the Yule season.


Anonymous said...

I've never asked this (mostly because i'd probably get fired for asking) but do blacks celebrate both christmas and kwanzaa?

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. Are you just trying to be funny or you actually believe black Americans celebrate Kwanzaa? Where are you employed that asking such a benign and stupid question like that would get you fired? Oh, let me guess, "In today's PC Obama nation white people have no rights ,and blacks are the real racists". Don't worry I been around long enough to know the score.

No one in my family celebrates Kwanzaa, and you might be interested to know that it is not recognized in any African nation. It was made up by some black dude in the 70's and it's only on the minds of idiot white people because they seem to take offense at the mention of anything involving black people. The funny thing is Kwanzaa is mentioned more by white people than blacks

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

I live near fort hood aka the multi-cultural mecca! Where i live the kwanzaa celebrations are many! There are many black-oriented businesses that promote the living crap out of it! Guess they are just ripping the brothas and sistas off over a fake holiday! Anyway I just notice that many blacks that i work with celebrate christmas and then ask for days off during kwanzaa for their celebrations! It was a simple effing question no need to get your hair in a jeri curl over it! However we do send kwanzaa cards to our white friends! Thats as fun as a barrel of monkeys!! Oops i said "monkey" .... that might lead to a chimpout!

Anonymous said...

anon 12/7/09 5:56pm,

I hate to break it to you, but the "Geri curl" went out of style in the 80's. Apparently you aren't learning anything about blacks from this site. You need to to start taking better notes.

We are a nation of racial enclaves, and not that I have a problem with that I have to disagree with the notion that a "multi-cultural mecca" exists anywhere in this country. I live in a predominately black neighborhood and there are no Kwanzaa celebrations. I haven't seen a Kwanzaa card, and you're sending them to your white friends. Really? Is that your idea of fun? If it is, maybe George Wallace had a point about segregation.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

to the author of the original post,
i'm just wondering why you linked to my blog saying there's a group of people who view christmas "with a strong black-face". i'm not sure i understand what that's supposed to mean and i'm curious.