Friday, December 4, 2009


What a wild week of news to try and cover (remember, we told you about Tiger Woods)...
We'll be back tomorrow with new posts. In the meantime, we thought this story might be of interest:
Six people accused of helping the suspected gunman in the killing of four Lakewood police officers in a Parkland coffee shop evade police have been arrested.

Four were booked into the Pierce County Jail on Monday and early Tuesday for investigation of rendering criminal assistance on four counts of first-degree murder. They are Rickey Hinton, Eddie Lee Davis, Douglas Edward Davis and Darcus Allen.

Two women - Letricia Nelson and Quiana Wiliams - were arrested and booked on Tuesday night, also for investigation of rendering criminal assistance. Nelson is suspected gunman Maurice Clemmons' aunt, police said.
Enjoy your Friday.


Anonymous said...

There are blacks who are celebrating the murders of those four police officers. Some gathered in Parkville, Wa. Despicable by any account. As far as alot of whites are concerned blacks in this country are a distraction and a diversion of valuable tax dollars. Your values are not our values and you over the years are making it plain enough.

Anonymous said...

I imagine they will be sentenced to approximately 18,000 years, cumulatively.
With good behavior they should be released in, oh, 5-10 months.

DaveC said...

Maybe another idiot Governor can release them.


Anonymous said...

That guy in Oakland, CA who took out 4 police officers is considered a hero in the black community in Oakland. Apparently is was considered "payback" for the oppression of black people by the police. Great values, huh?