Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ninth Day of Christmas at SBPDL - Errant Snowballs

Washington DC is a town known for safety. However, Black people are already known not to like the snow and have a difficult time discerning the myriad complexities of gun safety.

Now, combine snow with gun safety and put these two combustible Black elements into Washington DC and you have a recipe for an ultimate SBPDL.

Black people have long been incapable of cooperating with the police, and this difficulty is exasperated exponentially when a Black person is the one carrying around the badge. There are many competent Black police officers in the United States (Chief Moose and Carl Winslow come to mind), and yet the power of the law in their hands leads to a crippling arrogance that, when compounded with high levels of snow fall and a massive snow ball fight, spells trouble:

WASHINGTON — Washington's police chief criticized a veteran detective Monday for pulling a gun during a mass snowball fight. Authorities said the officer is on desk duty while the case is under investigation.

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said she had watched video clips from the weekend confrontation and has no doubt that the off-duty officer pulled his gun after snowballs hit his personal vehicle during Saturday's record snowfall.

Click here for video of the event.

"Let me be very clear in stating that I believe the actions of the officer were totally inappropriate!" Lanier said in a statement. "In no way should he have handled the situation in this manner."

When you click on this story, it takes you to a Fox News link (remember, Black people don't like Fox News, even though the network does little to encourage racism. Here, they picture a white cop with the story who was trying to get the bottom of the event, for a Black detective became irate when he was pelted with numerous snow balls).

A better story can be found here, which delineates the race of the individual who became noticeably offended by the icy projectiles that were flung his way:
"Washington, D.C. police are investigating reports that a detective brandished his gun during a mass snowball fight on a city street after an Internet video surfaced that appears to show the incident.

Police said Monday they were looking into reports that a plainclothes officer pulled a gun after he and his personal car were hit by snowballs. Police say witness accounts and videos from the scene appeared to support the claims.

Hundreds of people were involved in the snowball fight during Saturday's record snowstorm.

Sadly, this Black police who had a difficult time cooperating with snow balls and goofy white liberals (watch the video and tell us these aren't the kind of goofy white people that Stuff White People Like bashes) has been reprimanded:

"A Washington, D.C., police detective has been put on desk duty after pulling out his gun during a snowball fight Saturday.

The off-duty detective, whose name has not been released, was driving past a snowball fight in the city when his Hummer was hit by snowballs. He allegedly stopped the car, got out, and took out his gun. He also pulled out a walkie-talkie and called for backup.

Most of the incident was caught on video and quickly posted to YouTube.

According to an eyewitness, a D.C. Police detective (pictured above with gun) went nuts after kids pelted his Hummer with snowballs at 14th and U Streets NW this afternoon. The veteran detective got out of his car and eventually grabbed for his gun, displaying it to the crowd. He did not immediately identify himself as a police officer. He calmed down once his fellow uniformed cop arrived."
Black people don't like the snow and worse, they find the idea of balls of snow being utilized as weaponry offensive to the rules of civilized war and thus it is incumbent upon them to brandish guns in retaliation for this grievous insolence on the part of goofy white liberals in Washington DC:
A plainclothes police detective allegedly pulled his gun out and waved it at a large group of people in a snowball fight at the corner of 14th and U streets NW Saturday afternoon.

An off-duty member of the Metropolitan Police Dept. was reportedly driving his personal car in the area when the car was suddenly pelted with a barrage of snowballs, according to a statement from the MPD.

The detective stopped his car, got out and approached a crowd of people that might have thrown the snowballs. He then got into a verbal fight with members of the crowd, according to police.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes errant snowballs, for if an officer of the law can be put in an untenable situation where only a gun can even the score, then it is wise to refrain from throwing snowballs at any Black people. Ever.

As the goofy white liberals in the video state, "Don't bring a gun to a snowball fight," unless of course, you will be in a snowball fight in a majority Black city. Then, you might need one.

Sadly, a snowball fight in Philadelphia did become lethal over this Christmas season in Philadelphia. RIP Teven Rutledge.

And this wasn't the first time a Black person has found errant snowballs to be worthy of reciprocity in the form of a gun, as Joseph Best of Philadelphia pulled a gun on Ebony Smith in 2003, for - you guessed it - an errant snowball:
A 10-year-old girl is fighting for her life after a man whose daughter was hit with a snowball returned and sprayed bullets into a group of children.

Joseph Best, 32, was arrested in Philadelphia and remanded on charges including attempted murder.

Ebony Smith, who police say was not involved in the snowball fight, is said to be in a critical condition with a head wound.

Best's daughter was hit with a snowball as she and her friends walked past a group of girls having a "friendly snowball fight", said Captain Charles Bloom of Philadelphia police.

A scuffle then broke out among the dozen or so girls, aged from 10 to 15. The groups soon parted ways, but Best returned with an older daughter and another brawl erupted, this time between adult relatives of both groups.

Police broke up that fight, but said Best came back again hours later, leaned out the passenger side of a moving car and fired at least five shots into the group of children still playing on the street. Authorities are trying to determine who was driving.

Police said the girl who was shot had been inside a house during the scuffles.

"This little girl had nothing to do with anything. She wasn't involved in the fight," Capt Bloom said. "He just seemed to be randomly shooting into the crowd."
It's just never a good idea to throw a snowball in the direction of Black people, regardless of what race you might belong too.


Anonymous said...


I want to thank you guys for this post. This "uncle tom" negro has this black dude speechless. I bet detective douche bag thought his white "brothers" in blue were going to give him a pat on the head and a promotion for his "heroic actions. Just because Barry is renting a room at 1600 Pennsilvania Ave. doesn't mean you can pull a gun on white folks.

I hope they fire this idiot and put him in jail. If only for being an idiot.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Police often overreact or do nothing. This has very little to do with race. Everything to do with government incompetence.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

i actually support this black guy and i wish he'd shot those dirty hipsters. i thought he showed remarkable restraint in the face of taunts, profanity, and getting hit with more snowballs. this was far from a 'chimp out'.

ironincally, our resident Black guy calls for him to lose his job and go to jail, cementing his own idiocy in my mind.

B. Herder said...

“This "uncle tom" negro has this black dude speechless. I bet detective douche bag thought his white "brothers" in blue were going to give him a pat on the head and a promotion for his "heroic actions.”

WHAT??? This is kinda ‘over the top’ even for you!
You must be truly self-loathing.
And I still don’t believe you’re black.

Anonymous said...

Funny I never heard of a white police officer or any white person pulling a gun over a snowball?!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

ANON at 4:59:

I have to agree with you to some extent. I hate hearing police called "Pigs" and to hear these goofy white liberals - I need to think of a better term, as these people are apart from DWLs - and that cop should have stunned those clowns with a stun gun.

Anonymous said...

anon 12/26 4:59pm,

The one thing I hate more than white liberals and hipsters are uncle tom Negroes. So, I stand by my opinion that this idiot should at least lose his job

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

B. Herder,

You don't believe I'm black because I don't fit your stereotype of your common negro. He is going to learn the hard way the truth about our "post racial" America. He should have hung out on the "other" side of town. He's really lucky his white "partners" didn't shoot him. He would have qualified for the Darwin awards, and this "self loathing black dude wouldn't shed a single tear.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

The 'detective' looks more like Shaft or huggy bear. Maybe he was trying to get his pimp cane back.