Thursday, December 10, 2009

#65. Their Newest Game Discovered - TBW

Sports. Who doesn't love sports? Black people love sports, for it has been their ticket to integrating America and achieving equality in this nation.

Without sports, it is hard to imagine Black people fully participating in American life as the idea known as "mainstreaming"positive images of Black people would be much less effective without hours of endless sports on television. Instead, the local nightly newscasts would barrage the citizens of this nation with endless images of hate facts.

Think of former presidential candidate Jack Kemp, who gushed about his opportunities to shower with Black people and how that shielded him from being denounced as a "racist":

"Mr. Kemp won his House seat in 1970 because of his celebrity as an all-star quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, twice champions of the American Football League. He connected his concern for minorities with his respect for his black teammates, especially the linemen who had protected him from pass rushers.

Vin Weber, a former congressman from Minnesota and a close friend, said Mr. Kemp would often say, “I can’t help but care about the rights of the people I used to shower with.”

A new movie debuts today called "Invictus" - which stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela - and this film shows the world the power of sports to bring people of various races together to achieve a common destiny:
"The film tells the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa's rugby team to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid.

Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa's rugby team as they make their historic run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match."
Strangely, the movie ends with the viewer left believing South Africa is now a nation of tolerance and beauty, where the destiny of both whites and Black people is headed to a prosperous future of peace. Sports couldn't even do that in the nation with the "Cape of Good Hope" (SBPDL will discuss this movie in an entry this weekend).

The promise of sports is that people from different backgrounds and races can put differences behind them to work for the greater good: winning. However, victory on a field in game largely played for entertainment does not translate to a winning recipe for running a stable nation (just ask South Africa), although showering with Black people in great numbers can induce a life-time journey of fighting for equality on their behalf.

Black people however, do excel at sports that require the ability to run quickly and jump with great dexterity. And people love to watch on television the exploits of sports stars.

However, Black people had hoped in earnest to keep the television sets from beaming their newest sport to the citizens of the United States, for this sport might not be as palatable to the majority population as it is to the enjoyment of those partaking in it.

You see, Black people have invented a new sport that they take particular joy in participating in - and this is one sport that won't see integration anytime soon - for it is a game that instills ethnic, cultural and racial pride.

Sadly, it lacks a name as of yet, but this anonymous game is popping up all across the country like Fight Clubs being created by Tyler Durden in the film of the same name.

Unsure of the sport in discussion? Perhaps a refresher of an event in Akron is necessary to let you on the secret, dear reader:
"...But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear.

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family."

Now do you know the sport that brings Black people together like no other game can? Henceforth, this anonymous game shall be called "TBW" - short for "This is a Black world" - for it is being played all across the nation.

Recently, Denver has seen this game taken up by a large number of Black people, as the furor for participating in TBW is reaching a fevered pitch:

"Racial attacks like the ones behind the arrest of 32 suspects in Denver are part of a trend spreading across the country, gang experts said Saturday.

As part of the trend, black gang members videotape the assaults in trendy tourist districts and sell them on the underground market as entertainment.

“They knock a young white guy out with one blow to see if his knees will wobble and surround them and take their money,” said the Rev. Leon Kelly, who runs a Denver gang-prevention program. “It’s a joke.”

Denver police announced the 32 arrests Friday after a months-long undercover investigation into what authorities said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in Denver, including in the Lower Downtown entertainment district.

They seek the arrests of three more suspects."

Denver's Black population has found TBW an exciting and challenging game to partake in, as they try and evade the police in the aftermath of each contest.

Oddly, this game has popped up in Minneapolis as well. Black people there are even finding the sport of TBW worthy of recording for viewers of to enjoy:

"St. Paul police have arrested an adult and a juvenile in connection with a series of random attacks in Minneapolis and St. Paul that were recorded on video and posted on YouTube.

A 19-year-old was booked into the Ramsey County jail, and a 17-year-old was taken to a juvenile detention center. Both were booked Tuesday on suspicion of strong-arm robbery and aggravated assault, according to St. Paul police reports."

The city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, also finds a large number of Black people partaking in the glory of TBW, as Asians are the targets in a recent game:

"Some black students at South Philly High were none too happy yesterday.

In the wake of Thursday's melee in which a group of African-American students attacked a number of Asian students, many griped about how they feel that black students at the school are being villainized because of the actions of a few bad apples.

Since last week's altercations in which, community activists said, about 30 Asian students were attacked by a group of black students, the district has cracked down, increasing the number of school police on foot patrol in the area and redeploying school security to the school's hot spots, said a district spokesman. City police also are lending assistance."

TBW is a game that is picking up steam quickly, as it was recently played in Akron, Ohio by two college students and in Baltimore, Black people find the sport hard not to participate in:

"Two teenage Crofton boys were arrested Sunday and charged in the death of Christopher David Jones, a 14-year-old who was attacked a day earlier while riding his bicycle along one of the town's tree-lined streets, Anne Arundel County police said.

An autopsy by the state medical examiner's office in Baltimore indicated that David, who lived on the 2400 block of Old Mystic Court in Crofton, died from head and neck injuries. Police said Sunday night that a motive for the fatal attack - by five to seven young men - is still under investigation, but emphasized that it was not a random act."

It is difficult to pinpoint when this recently named game - TBW - took off in popularity, or where it even got started. One theory puts the origins of the game in Louisiana and to a small town there called Jena:
"Jena does have racial problems. Jena does have bigotry and prejudice, just like every other town in America, perhaps even worse than some. If there were no racial problems, there would have been no nooses hung from a tree. There would not be one white student beaten and six black students charged with attempted second-degree murder. The local ministers would not have hurriedly called a meeting to deal with the issue. The cameras of the world would not have focused their lenses on Jena.

There was no "fight" on December 4, 2006 at Jena High School, as the national media continues to characterize the event in question. Six students attacked a single student who was immediately knocked unconscious. According to sworn testimony, they stomped him, as he lay "lifeless" upon the ground.

Justin Barker, the white student attacked, was not the first white student targeted by these black students. Others had been informed they were going to be beaten, but stayed away from school and out of sight until they felt safe."
The game, "This is a Black World" - or TBW - had to have gotten started in Jena, for the entire heaped money and love in the direction of the Black people who participated in the first version of this game, and the Jena Six were the beneficiaries of Disingenuous white liberal love.

TBW is a game that Black people never wanted the citizens of this nation to know about. It got started in Jena, where Black people beat up a white kid and were then awarded with positive media coverage and donations from concerned people the world over.

Every other Black person participating in this game hopes for the same outcome, however, Stuff Black People Don't Like includes their newest game discovered, for TBW was supposed to be kept quiet for a few more years at least.

After all, the first rule of TBW is you don't talk about "This is a Black world".


Anonymous said...

Isn't interesting with all of the talk of being the "model minority" and receiving praise(back handed insults)from whites. Why are these nice and hardworking Asians living amongst the Negroes? Only honest and smart people know the truth. I thought white people liked Asians.

So, this is a black world. Funny it wasn't brought up at the last black meeting. When did it become a Black world? Let me guess, November 2008. I suppose it will stop being a black world in November 2011, 2016 at the very latest. Only time will tell. I believe I'm right, because you guys are pretty predictable.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

And of course, white people dare not fight back.

If they managed to defend themselves, it'd be a hate crime.

If they didn't...well, they shouldn't have fought back, it obviously provoked the attackers.

Anonymous said...

Segregation folks! It worked 60 years ago...

-White guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy -

I've said it before, I enjoy your input here at this site. However, you still have this website pegged as some conservative-front or some goofy WN (white nationalist) site.

It is neither.

I have no problem with Asians, nor were they spoken of in harsh terms in this piece. I was shocked to see TWB being operated against them and the Philly media so brutally honest about Black people attacking them.

My guess as to why they leave among Black people and attend that school - first or second generation Asians live there, and they are still moving into the middle class. I bet their parents own stores, cleaners, etc., in the area.

Yes, Black guy, it is a Black world now. I'm just using the quote from the 30-50 attackers of the white family in Akron, Ohio over July 4 this year. That is what they told the white family, and I take people at their word.

Thus, the popularity of TWB has popped up all across the country, much like Fight Clubs.

No, it's been a Black world for a long time. Again, you have to remember that sports run most people's lives and that they live vicariously through them.

I am a big fan of college football - the only sport worth following - and can tell you there is nothing more exciting than watching a game at your alma mater in the fall with 80,000+ screaming fans.

However, college football acts as an interesting laboratory for highlighting the reality of human differences in racial groups.

SBPDL has pointed this out, and we will continue to do just that.

In 2010, I believe the most political explosive year of my young life will occur.

The economy will completely tank, the mapping of the human genome will be completed with devastating effects to the egalitarian argument and Mein Obama's approval rating will hit the low 30s (yes, even Black people will turn against that half-white dude).

Is there a model minority in America?

Anonymous said...

The most interesting contrast was between the fashinably thin and irresolute white principal and the straight-up Asian community members. The devious and cowardly white liberal education establishment will have to go, and probably will, before any progress can be made and we can be safe. The likely route to safety for whites will require a semi-martial society. In our favor is the growth of immigrant communities who want no more of American blacks, but who wish to solidify relations with white Americans. Obama is not a turning point to a new Black Power; rather he is going to be a relic of a high point for blacks in this country. Ethnocentricity will regain its rightful dominant place in social self-understanding. The undeniable rise of China will ensure that.

Anonymous said...

While most white people are sheeple there is a rising up if you will of whites who will not think twice about using the second amendment. I have had my ccw permit for over a year now and I wont think twice to help another white or myself in a bad situation. I hope others will do the same.


Anonymous said...


I don't believe I'm confused about the nature of this site. You guys aren't truly conservative,maybe in the eyes of these neo-conservatives that seemed to appear at the same time the half black dude came on the scene. White Nationalists? Maybe, but what is very clear is that this site is to white nationalism as a lighter is to gasoline. Are reading some of these posts?

They're in that community because a large portion of your white brothers and sisters don't like them either. Even the small percentage of white dudes with the Asian girl fetish. Think about, Asian businesses are almost always in an Asian or black neighborhoods. Tell me, how many Asian businesses besides restaurants are in "Whitopia" . Also, how much white/Asian interactions are going on outside of military and college towns?

As far as the white family being attacked. I'm not saying a crime didn't take place. Only a person lacking common sense would believe it is possible to be attacked by 30-50 people. The real truth is that they were attacked by a few punks, and since those clowns were black and a good portion of the crowd was black one can assume the punks were a part of the larger group. An assumption that wouldn't have never been made if the entire crowd had been white.

As far as our fearless leader goes. I believe you are confusing rabid hardcore democrats with real black people. We never trusted the half black dude. Don't trust every stat, even if you like the conclusions

Despite a few high profile exceptions most black athletes date and marry black women. We all like sports, but we enjoy it separately with people like ourselves. There are model minorities in America, but the truth about the phrase is it is a slap in the face a backhanded compliment. That just means you are crappy but at least you're not one of those blacks.

Blacks and whites are united by law only on paper. The truth is nothing has changed since 1865. The world belongs to the rich and powerful. It doesn't belong to poor blacks that attack their poor neighbors. Regardless of their race.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

White guy,

We are still segregated. More now than we were in 1949. White flight actually increased after the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. So much for the theory of the existence of this "Guilty White Liberal". Maybe there is a grainy photo of this person with Big Foot or the loch ness monster.

Where would you go to spread the word about the benefits of segregation? People won't listen to you, not because they're liberal cowards, because we are already segregated. Nice try buddy, but advocating segregation would be an example of reinventing the wheel.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I don't consider you guys racist. You guys are just white.

-Black guy

Annie Oakley said...

I appreciate Black Guy's honesty. At least he admits he prefers his own kind. So do I, white people like me.

I don't have non-white friends, would never date or have dated non-white men. Would I help a non-white if there was imminent physical harm to them or pull them out of a burning building? Of course I would. If I saw a black woman or man being attacked or bullied by hordes of white men would I step in? Of course I would. Not only that I'd videotape it and talk to the police.

I don't hate other races, I just want nothing to do with them. I have to interact with non-whites at the office or out in public. But I don't have to have them in my personal life.

I would never deliberately hurt a non-white ever.

But Black Guy there is something you're missing here. When hordes of black men beat up a few white people, our justice department pussy foots around and delays prosecution so as not to offend black people.

Remember the two kids in Tennessee who were brutally murdered, sodomized and raped? If that were the opposite - 5 white men raping and sodomizing a black couple, there would be riots in the streets resembling Armageddon.

Let's call a spade a spade (no pun intended). Whether you're black white or brown. If you maliciously hurt others for no reason because of their skin color, the criminals need to be persecuted to the highest extent possible.

Anonymous said...


The sad and comedic irony is that most of you part-time cowboys and gunslingers wind up either shooting yourselves , family members, or co-workers. White males have a greater statistical probability of doing all three.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it WILL be November 2012, and not a moment later.

And talk about predictable, BG. You want predictable, watch the news in any major city in this country. Now, that's predictable.

These events happen so often they've almost become "not news".

TruthHurts001 said...

"We are still segregated."

This is not a mystery. Black criminality is so universal that the best way to avoid being victimized is to minimize daily contact with blacks. This is not a result of hate, it's a result of experience and common sense.

Anonymous said...

we AREN'T segregated enough, I don't want those violent blacks around me or my family.... and yes they are all are violent!!!

Gold Toof said...

Stuff the black species don't like.
paying for anything, watching their childs, working, speaking english, bathing.
This is a fun web site

Silver said...

I'm highly racially aware but my tendency is to be an anti-racist in my dealings with people and I think it makes for a more pleasant world when we all do this. But these... blacks, ho boy, they make it very, very easy for me to absolutely despise them. In fact, I could honestly say they ruin anti-racism for everyone. As much as I hate blacks I don't think it's fair to single them out: I think the best long-term solution will be for all the races to go our own separate ways. Nobody ever criticizes an all-white society because "that would never work!"; it's always that it's "immoral," they say. Well, when you think about it, how "moral" is it to insist on living arrangements that do such an admirable job of alienating people from one another? It's much easier to respect and admire other peoples from a distance than it is to live in close quarters with them, and so it is for races. Separation, it's an idea whose time has come.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Silver's comment regarding how many blacks make it easy to despise the race as a whole. I do make a point to give every person of any color I meet a chance to prove their character.

I, and others I am sure, don't really care about the color of someone's skin as long as they have the same/similar values and strong character.

-Angry White Guy

Anonymous said...

Do white people believe everything they read and see on TV? How can you trust DOJ stats if that negro Eric Holder is at the helm? Also Michelle Bachman says the U.S.census is a precursor to FEMA concentration camps. Man, it's going to a dark couple of years for statistics (hate facts). All of the lies and blind allegiance is the main reason why this country will never see another civil war. Stupid people, are happy people. So, don't worry corporate America will ensure that you will get "your" country back by November 2011. I'll bet the farm on that one.

Yes I'm the one black guy that didn't vote for Barry. I also didn't fall for that Joe the plumber/hockey mom nonsense from the GOP. I refuse to choose between the lessor of two evils. If more Americans thought like that the better off we all would be. No more mascots,actors ,and phonies. This country needs a true leader. That is something we all can agree with.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Rich and powerful whites have been screwing poor white people over for the longest time. The political establishment loved that joke "Joe the plumber" and then kicked him in the teeth after they were done with him. Sarah Palin was chosen and liked by her knack of bringing out the poor, uneducated, and disenfranchised whites and rural poor. The problem was she was supposed to just use these people for votes and put them back on the shelf. The same way the democrats do to black folks today and the republicans did during reconstruction after the civil war.

When the white population at large saw what Sarah Palin exposed. They were embarrassed, because these "hicks" and "rednecks" aren't supposed to represent them.The truth is, they do. Some whites have to make a living and will let lower classes amongst them do their bidding. How many health care executives do you think will show up at a town hall meeting with a goofy sign or in costume making a fool of himself? None. They don't have to when they have the poor to do it for them.

The funny thing is that my family stand to gain more than a lot of white people by the status quo. So, for all of you tea baggers keep protesting against your own self interests.

Keep up the good work a distracting people from the real truth. While the smart people save, educate ourselves, and invest. If you think race matters tell me this. Who would Bill gates go to lunch with? You or Oprah Winfrey ? Think about that the next time you get into a fight with some black person in wal mart.

"This is a black world" is funny for so many reasons

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely nothing to do with blacks if I have the choice.

I am told over and over again, that I am a racist for this. I am STILL waiting for an explanation. I am STILL waiting for an accuser to tell me why I MUST assemble/ mingle with, those whom I do not want to. One could argue (and lose, BTW) that I am missing out on the richness of the multi-blablabla. Fine. I'll miss out.


Anonymous said...

TBW had another name before O-bah-muhh came along. It was called 'wilding'.

Live Free Or Die

Anonymous said...

If blacks can "TBW" or "wild" white people, can we go back to lynching them? It's only fair.

Reverand Whitey McCracker

Anonymous said...

I'm begining to understand this site. I watch a few rap videos, BET(white owned), and couple of episodes of the Jefferson's, goodtimes, and what's happening and I will become an expert on "black culture". The funny thing is that I don't know a single black person that has done any of that in the last 10 years.

So, don't worry blacks aren't in control of YOUR country since Obama took office. Hell, the way things are going politicaly not even the democrats. Money rules this country. Not the jews, blacks,or politicians

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Its funny. How the words of Dr. Kamau Kambon can be ingnored calling for the extermination of the white people and seeing the actions of Jesse Jackson Sharpton is incredible how anyone can not see that it isn't funny for any reason.

All the calls to exterminate white people - this site shows what that world will be like.