Friday, December 18, 2009

Raymond Martinez - the Ultimate SBPDL

For nearly six months we at SBPDL have been chronicling Stuff Black People Don't Like, and in the process left some people incapable of discerning what the true endgame of the site is and more importantly, why have embarked and such a seemingly Quixotic quest.

One of those reasons is simple: We have been searching for the ultimate manifestation of SBPDL and we have finally found an individual who encompasses the characteristics required for inclusion in the SBPDL Hall of Fame.

His name? Raymond Martinez:
"Guns, drugs, prostitutes and an endless stream of expletives filled the rap lyrics — and the life — of Raymond Martinez, the Times Square gunman who shot off two rounds from his MAC 10 before an NYPD officer took him down late Thursday morning.

When he wasn’t running CD scams on tourists in Times Square, the 25-year-old Bronx native — rap name “Ready” — was likely hanging with his buddies, drinking, smoking pot and laying down tracks, according to his friends.

“I’ll break your legs, have your brains looking like eggs,” Martinez raps in one song."

“Square Free” has a MySpace page with several images of their front man, Martinez. In a chilling harbinger of things to come, one image was digitally altered to make it look like Martinez was standing in the blood-spattered entryway of his apartment building with a machine gun lying at his feet.

Another picture shows him smoking what appears to be marijuana and a third is a cartoonish depiction of a man carrying a huge gun with a caption reading “THEM SUCKERS AINT TAKIN ME NO WHERE…”

It will be a difficult feat to duplicate the stupendous success that this Black gentlemen managed in his short-life, for he is one of the finest representations of SBPDL to ever grace the United States, as his esteemed presence is testament to the importance of this website.

How about some more background on this strange story out of New York City:
"Raymond Martinez was running a common scam on the throngs of holiday tourists in Times Square, pushing shoppers to buy his CDs, police said. But Martinez was no ordinary peddler, they said: He was carrying a loaded pistol and had a handful of business cards from gun dealers in his pockets.

The 25-year-old was shot to death by a plainclothes police sergeant Thursday after trading gunfire in the taxi area of the landmark Marriott Marquis hotel.

Sgt. Christopher Newsom operates a task force that monitors aggressive panhandling and was patrolling with an anti-crime unit when he recognized Martinez and his brother from past run-ins. He asked the two for their tax stamps, which allow peddlers to sell on the streets. But Martinez took off running, through to the hotel's passenger drop-off area.

Newsom pursued, and Martinez turned and fired with a machine pistol that held 30 rounds, getting off two shots before it jammed, police said. The officer fired four times, striking Martinez in the chest and arms and killing him, police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

"We're lucky the weapon jammed," Kelly said."

Lucky his weapon jammed? Don't these people know that SBPDL includes gun safety! And worse, this whole incident could have been avoided had Mr. Martinez just cooperated with the police!

Apparently, Mr. Martinez didn't find the rap song "F*** tha Police" a merely fictitious diddy, for he prepared to engage the police in a scene worthy of the OK Corral:

"NYPD Sergeant Christopher Newsom, a 17-year veteran of the force, shot and killed Martinez in front of the Marriot Marquis after the street vendor ran from him and fired two rounds before his gun jammed, the New York Times reported.

Martinez, who rapped under the alias "Ready," held the gun sideways and parallel to the ground, a style popular in rap videos, and that caused it to "stovepipe," or jam, according to the New York Post.

There were 27 rounds left in the gun."

Better than that though, is Mr. Martinez disgust at rap music going soft, for he was an aspiring spinner of words into rhythmically enhanced verbiage:
"An up-and-coming rapper by the name of Ready had a brush with fame before his life was taken last Thursday in NYC's Times Square. In 2008, Ready (born Raymond Martinez) squared off with Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer Kanye West during an episode of MTV’s “Hood Fab.”

Ready pulled out a last-minute victory during his “Hood Fab” challenge with Ye and received a package of tube socks and a Footlocker gift certificate."
Mr. Martinez (or Mr. Ready) found the wonderfully gifted Kanye West, to be a chump in the annals of real-life gangsta rap star, for he lived a full life and died a true to his roots (a video of Kanye and Mr. Ready can be found here).

Will this incident become yet another Sean Bell ordeal? Or will the melancholy ending of Mr. Ready's life become yet another wasted soul in the endless parade of Stuff Black People Don't Like?

Only time will tell... and only SBPDL will report.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Ready. You lived a life true to SBPDL principles and for that, you will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Why Do Rappers Hold Their Guns Sideways?

Anonymous said...

I believe the main reason is that rap videos aren't real. Rappers are entertainers. People hold guns sideways in the movies.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Oh their message is real - very real, and has nothing to do with entertainment

Anonymous said...

Entertainment and money, that's the only message. The emphasis being on money. Anyone who believes otherwise is extremely naive. Unless your are personally connected to these people. Every time you see rappers they're on the clock. It's all business. Remember Jeff foxworthy writes "You might be a redneck" jokes in a mansion, not a trailer park.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

His momma asks why didn't they shoot him in the legs? First off when a criminal is shooting at you You stop the threat. Shooting in the legs will not stop the threat. That cop's life was in danger.

Anonymous said...

Police don't aim for legs because the upper torso has more mass. Just like the the Hollywood style of holding a gun sideways. Cops only shoot people in the legs in the movies. This woman is an idiot.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

It's not that everyone who isn't listening to your rants about the blacks and Jews are liberal cowards. You guys have to tone down the crazy. Find an articulate representative for your views. The guy yelling about the alien invasion may be telling the truth. It's just that he could get more people on his side if he took off the tin foil hat.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

See BG that's where you lose a lot in your discussion. You don't add or discuss the subject. All you do is discredit the messenger and reduce the discussion to a ghetto "oh no you didn't". This woman is an idiot, tin foil hats... and your point is

Anonymous said...

anon 12/21 1:23,

The reason why my point misses a lot of you guys is that I'm not the typical crying negro. Also, I realize the "we hate black people" theme of this site. So, I can repeat the exact same points and still get robotic cliched responses from the majority of you guys. It's like you guys are given a bunch of "talking points" and no matter what you can't stray to far from them.

Let me get you guys started with a few.

1. Jesse Jackson

2. Kwanzaa

3. Obama

4. Jews

5. Affirmative Action

6. Detroit

7. Al Sharpton

Yet you accuse me of not staying on topic.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I have never read a comment about Jews. Yes, Jesse Jackson and Sharpton as leaders of black supremist organizations. Yes on Affirmative. But only when discussing black priviledge status. What this discussion was about was about violent rap and the race that condones violent hatred of whites. If you wonder why Sharpton is brought up, who is it posing in the photo with this rapper.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy,

Detroit is the only one of those items on that list that I find interesting, for that city is the future of the nation.

Detroit is run by Black people. It is a city of almost all Black people. Like Clayton County in Georgia, it is a taste of things to come for an all-Black led government.

Look to South Africa for the future.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are laughable. Affirmative action hurts Black people more than whites, for it promotes incompetent Black people to places they should never, ever grace and thus, proves their inadequacies (and hinders our growth as a nation in the process).

Jews? If there exits a Jewish Conspiracy, well, you'd think they'd realize they look white to Black people.

Mein Obama? I feel sorry for Barry. I really do. He is presiding over the complete collapse of the nation and has been promoted his entire life precisely because he is non-threatening to white people.

Kwanzaa? That is an upcoming discussion. Stay tuned.

As to the other items on your list - only Detroit shall be talked about henceforth.

B. Herder said...

To the first poster:

This is why...

When you're shooting (properly ... As in firearm held vertically) ... The muzzle kicks 'up'. You then have to take time to 'aim' again. This works fine when you're in a 'one on one' situation.
Quickly, without thinking, extend your arm out straight in front of you.

You did it with your hand being vertical, didn't you? ;^) It's natural.

When you're shooting at a target(s)that are in a horizontial plane .... (Such as ... Say ... A 'drive by' ..) Your targets are are all left-right and if you shoot, with muzzle-kick, you're still on the same horizontal plane as with the rest of the targets. See what I mean?

When the Crips do a 'dive by' on the Bloods (Or vice-versa) and there's a group of people standing in front of a house for instance,you start firing from the right (If you're right-handed) and let the muzzle-kick glide you to the left.
See what I mean? It's all a "Spray and pray" method of shooting. Very inaccurate, but blacks (And wannabe's) seem to think this looks bad-assed-as-hell.

Just as another point, all the BS you see in the movies, where the 'hero' is spraying 100's of rounds at the 'bad guys' from his 'machine gun' and he holds the firearm at a perfectly verticle plane at all times? Absolute bullshit. This is why almost all (U.S.) military rifles these days only fire 3-round bursts. Anything past that, you'll be firing rounds up in the air.

Hope that cleared it up for ya.. ;^)

Anonymous said...

anon 12/21 6:11pm,

This site did not run a thread about Jewish people. I was referring to a few nutty posters here that said a few wacky things about Jewish people.

Black privilege? I'll just have to take your word for it. My life is pretty good, so I guess you're right about that.

Al Sharpton is posing with that douche bag for two reasons they're both New Yorkers and entertainers.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100% about Barry. As you can see I'm not a fan of the half white dude. Where we part ways is the idea that this nation will collapse. It won't, and not because I'm an eternal optimist, economic down turns are the cost of living in a capitalist country. Say what you want about Barry, he is a capitalist. If you pay attention to the health care debate anything that passes will benefit corporate America.

I can't say much about Detroit, despite the large population of Negroes like myself that city like this country is ruled by money and nothing else. The fall of the music and the auto industry destroyed Detroit, but if you need to believe otherwise have fun.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Holding a hand gun sideways is just plain stupid! So is not keeping your firearms clean & oiled. Being relatively new to being a firearm owner, I also notice that stupid folks tend to buy firearms that are much to large for them & do not get any sort of training or even practice using their weapons. I think this "rapper" (I guess a real job is out of the question as it warrants no "street cred" so thousands of thugs take to the big cities & verbally assault & intimidate others into buying their poorly made "music) was lacking in all these aspects & is just another moron with a poorly kept gun, & I am soooo thankful for that. I'm glad this savage predator is dead & I am hoping it leads to the NYCPD to crack down even more on these sorts because there's nothing more annoying than having to be stopped every 5 steps by another "rapper" when you are in NYC. For those of us who are responsible, law abiding & peaceful gun owners, it's murderous letch scumbags like Raymond Martinez that make it harder for you to get permits & have our 2nd amendment rights to be constantly toyed with while thugs & drug addled dipshits get their hands on hundreds of illegal & stolen weapons every day! I hope these idiots keep using this proven technique of ultimate FAIL by shooting sideways, so that less people are killed in their sprees. My husband & I have gotten over all the liberal horsepuckey which forcefeeds the public that gun owners are bad! After hearing about a neighbor being victim to a home invasion, we started looking into what firearms were right for us. Imagine the terror that ensued when 2 very large, black males punched out the window of the back door & one kept the wife with emotional highjacking by holding a knife to their 6 month old baby's throat while the other who had some large looking automatic hand gun in his hands while he ransacked the home, which had nothing they found worthy of stealing & by a stroke of luck were spooked off by another neighbor parking his car in front of the house before they could kill the mother & child. To this day, they are still unidentified & probably continuing this "hobby" so for the liberal sorts who cling to the proverb "guns kill people" I wish to point out that it's often THUGS with illegal firearms that kill people, often for as little as the price of a television or other eletronics. Raymond Martinez apparently had more on his mind that day when he let his greed & stupidity run his life & it brings me some comfort knowing that innocents were spared when he took to firing his illegal weapon into a crowd of tourists. It is apparent how little a price he put on life, so why bother wasting time feeling bad for him? It's time for Mayor Bloomberg to "grow a pair" & making it a mission to rid the various locales in NYC of these "rap artists" who are in truth nothing more than con artists & criminals. Raymond Martinez's mother should be ashamed for trying to cash in on the "lottery" by stating that the cops used undue force when they shot him before his gun unjammed & he killed a mother, father, sister, brother, child, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or friend by firing haphazardly into the crowd.

Anonymous said...

I say : ban those who are either obviously black or (and especially) proudly black from posting on this site.

Their rants turn a great web site into putrid ghetto chirping the moment one reads below the line reserved for comments.