Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boise State, Hate Facts and STDs

Hate Facts. We've told you about them. Now, Boise State knows all about them:
"Students at Boise State University are calling some fliers offensive and racist.

The literature first surfaced last week on World AIDS Day. It tells people how not to catch AIDS by suggesting no sex with bisexuals or people who inject drugs. But the language that has students most concerned is about African Americans.

Senior Jalara Walker, an African-American, came to BSU from California. She's loved her time on campus, but that changed last week after she found several fliers in a class.

"I really thought that stuff like this was over," Walker said.

The fliers read: "Don't Catch AIDS!" at the top. At the bottom they say: "Blacks are walking STD factories” and “once u go black we don't want u back.”
Well, we've also told you about the Center for Disease Control and the reality of Healthcare. We know: these facts are unpleasant. Boise State students find them revolting to point out and impolite to discuss in polite society.

So, some statistics for you all to ponder, why Boise State lock hands in an effort to eradicate hate from the souls of those who make informed points about sexually transmitted diseases and those who find themselves affected disproportionately:

"The majority of Allegheny County cases of sexually transmitted disease occurs in African-Americans, prompting county health officials to consider new strategies to tackle the problem.

In 2008, 49 of 89 cases of syphilis in Allegheny County, or more than 60 percent of all cases, involved African-Americans, who make up 13.5 percent of the county population.

Meanwhile, about 1,585 of 2,164 cases of gonorrhea last year (or 73.3 percent of the county total) and 3,070 of 5,206 cases of chlamydia (about 60 percent of the total) also involved African-Americans."


North Idaho Survival said...

Nothing upsets me worse than seeing naive whites getting offended at facts and figures, they either deny or don't understand. Great article.

Anonymous said...


I'm not a fan of stats or surveys for many reasons, none of which are racism. Despite the fact that many individuals seem to need to use them to justify their hatred for people that ironically don't like them either.

The real reason is that they are often times tools of manipulation by those in power. Police agencies will manipulate crime stats to justify increased taxes to hire more cops. The cops are never hired and the budget for that department gets a boost. All white neighborhoods, that everyone knows are all white will manipulate demographic information to appear more"diverse" . Smart people laugh,while a good portion of the population decry the lie as further proof of the fall of America.

After looking at the demographics of Boise State one can say this is a white college. Are you saying that SBDL is in support of black colleges and universities? I would hope so, because more black students attending black colleges would mean fewer cute innocent white gals contracting STD s from us filthy Negroes

I'm married to a beautiful black woman that as far as I know isn't infected with AIDS or any other STD. Maybe we can only infect white people,but since neither of us find whites attractive I guess that will forever remain a mystery.

Poor people have been manipulated by those in power since this nations founding. The only thing that keeps the masses from storming the metaphorical castle is that the masses have been effectively divided by race. If you think I'm full of it look up The Bacon Rebellion. It was the precursor to the race based slave system, Jim crow, and even modern day race relations.

Black people are the pawns in the game. Poor whites don't get made about the station in life, because they can say at least I'm not black. Your masters even give you these stats to make you feel better. White people are the least likely to inter racially date or marry and thousands contract STDs every year.

With all that being said I support the fliers and those who posted them. Maybe this will be the lightening rod that will wake up the American black to the fact that you aren't liked by the white majority. What black person in their right mind would even want to go to Idaho let alone Boise State?

The funny thing was the little "protest" even had token blacks. Hell, with a 3% black student population every black student is a token. I wonder what percentage of the student population would say they have a black" best friend". I'm guessing 100%. A good survey stated that in order for the number of whites to have the number of black "friends" that are claimed the black American population would have to triple.

I have a suggestion for a topic for SBDL. The truth about interracial relationships. That is one thing that a lot of my uneducated brothers and sisters don't like. Many seem to confuse a drug and alcohol fueled hook up with an "I hate daddy" white gal with a relationship. I hope you do it ,because it will be interesting.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...


You call them naive, I call them liars. The truth is behind the scenes, behind closed doors, and far away from their token negro "best friends" they feel the same way you do. The way the system works is you do the heavy lifting, they reap the rewards , you take the blame, and they pretend to be the offended liberal. I'm really surprised that none of get this.

-black guy

Anonymous said...

Ok - the issue here was the phrase "once you go black, we don't want you back".

I would enjoy an editorial comment on that.

Anonymous said...

anon 12/13 11:28am,

Isn't that true? Most white people would be less likely to date or marry a white person that dated outside of the white race. Especially if that person or persons was black. White women despite paling around with the token Asian gal in the office constantly decry white men who date Asian chicks. Interracial daters are such a statistical minority, that it always amuses me the anger it inspires in most white people.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Isn't that true? Most white people would be less likely to date or marry a white person that dated outside of the white race."

I'm curious, would you date a black girl that has had a white boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

anon 12/13 12:09,

Every school I attended from K-12 was over 95% black. The neighborhood that I grew up in and the one I presently reside is around 90% black. The rest being Hispanic. Thanks to your people I don't have any white friends or know anyone personally that does. Classmates in college, co-workers, and random strangers we encounter don't count as real friends.

Also, white male/black female relationships are the rarest of the rare. Since you guys love stats here is one for you. In 2006 there where only 110,000 mixed race couples nationwide that involved a black woman and a white male. That number is dropping,mainly because the divorce rate of this group is higher than than the national average.

So, would I date a black woman that dated a white guy? Maybe. Would I ever meet such a woman? Your Statistics say I will not even be given chance to test the theory.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

So, in the wake of this revelation about all of us diseased Negroes. What is the best course of action to solve this problem? I already guessed all of the usual responses. I doubt anyone will surprise me.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

This site is just another confirmation of the stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

This site is definitely confirming my stereotypes about white people.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

What stereotypes is that?

These statistics that have been cited throughout this entire blog are - sadly - truth.

STD rates, crime rates, poor scholastic achievement, standardized tests scores, historical black schools failing and major cities run by Black people in utter chaos and disrepair....

This is not some conspiracy. The person behind this blog, whomever they might be, goes to the extreme in some of their posts, but the facts presented are - sadly - true.

Stereotypes about white people? That they have been sold out by their elite and have watched a nation they built - along with hardworking Black people - destroyed?

What stereotypes? That all white people are racist? If only that were the case! Then the problems of this nation could be dealt with by grownups instead of limp-wristed liberals and effimenate conservatives like Mike Huckabee.

It's always darkest before dawn... this blog proves that a dawn is a coming.

TruthHurts001 said...

Black Guy, you're a long-winded bore. Please try to be brief and to-the-point, otherwise no one will read your diatribes. Thanks much.

TruthHurts001 said...

"So, in the wake of this revelation about all of us diseased Negroes. What is the best course of action to solve this problem?"

The obvious answer is for black people to reject anti-social behavior, and learn to behave in accordance with a civilized society. However, this solution is pure fantasy, and will never happen.
The best course of action, which is already understood among most white folks, is minimize any interaction with blacks, based on the well-documented disproportionate rates of black crime, disease, etc.

Anonymous said...

It always has and always will come down to this: Who the hell has any right whatsoever to demand that I assemble with, do business with, attend school with, date, live near, etc, anyone I choose not to? Who?

Blacks have gotten away with the nonsense of hiring quotas, and affirmative action. Fine. Then they are aghast that the same people they have forced to "do business" with them, want nothing to do with them after hours.

They set up, and run, racist, segregated organizations (congressional black caucus; NAACP; etc) and then turn around and demand that Whites do nothing of the sort.

Kind of ignorant, no? Or is it well planned, and devious?


Anonymous said...

Black Guy,

You are very right that white liberals offer horrified reactions in public to racist statements while privately, sometimes only within the confines of their own craniums, are nodding their heads in tacit approval. Now this excludes the fringe "self-hating" whites, who due to multi-cultural anti-white propaganda, actually truly hate white people and hate themselves the most. They react with shrieking horror to even the most tame of "hate facts" as racist lies.

Now Black Guy, I know you have been programmed to believe the system is against you but trust me. It's not. There are so many race-based freebies and giveaways to blacks it is not even funny. I can name actual tangible examples as well, I don't need to invent some imaginary "black privilege" to do so. America is majority white so the system, set up by whites, will favor white culture. Imagine that huh? Yet even so, guilt ridden whites are convinced on a daily basis to turn a blind eye to black criminality out of fear of being publicly outed as a racist. What is the result of this all? Whites bottle up their outrage and dissatisfaction and you pretend to be an innocent victim. Until Blacks take responsibility for their massive problems, whites will only grow more indigent toward being asked to shoulder the blame for problems caused by people they don't know and never meet, unless they get car jacked.

I don't need to go to a black man's blog to see the poor example blacks set in America. I just have to drive down the street.... and I refuse blame for all that I survey. You own it now.

-White Guy (in the age of Obama)

Anonymous said...

Epidemiology is not biased. It tells it like it is.
Polygynous society works best in a high deathrate, high birthrate tribal setting. Like in West Africa.
Black guy, no matter how much you whine about living in a European-oriented society in North America, your life span will tell a tale. You will live a longer and healthier life because of white people's efforts to organize a humane society, which, by the way, doesn't seem to be the ultimate goal of African dictators.
Of course, maybe you'd like to move back to Angola or Liberia or wherever.
But I bet you you won't.

Anonymous said...

Well all your racist afro-supremacist views don't discount seem to discount any of the stereo types. For example you mention that you stay within your black community for all you needs. Do you work at a white founded company? Why is it with all the stimulus money or Obama dollars, there are no new black businesses or new black industries? instead all we see is race quotas from existing white fortune 500 companies? With all the race quotas, shouldn't we see more results? In your blacktopia, do you have a grocery store, even if it is white owned? In Detroit with a population under 1mil there is not one grocery store? why all the grocercy stores were robbed or burned out of the black supremist neighborhoods? BTW what does shut it down mean? If you live in Detroit you have to come to old evil suburban whitey for groceries. How do you feel when you see shows like Maury Povich where they try to find the baby's daddy? (Yes while sick with the flu I watched it, and no that doesn't dissuade the question or tivialise it) I thought blacks were so uber church going people. Why do the majority black children have no idea who their father is? Why does a woman have anywheres of up to 10 children and no idea who the father is and this from a mother that can't even take care of herself? Why is it that to this day blacks talk like and have the vocabulary as if they just came off a plantation even though that was 150 years ago?
BTW - LMFAO LOL etc. are not an intelligent response and just confirm more stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

Black people routinely blame others for their porblems. They can simply push their magic button, known as "That's Racist!" and get whatever they want. Whites can't do that. We can't cry to Reverand Whitey McCracker that a black man didn't give us a job because we're white, and everything will be okay. We have to suck it up and go on about our day.

White people are made to seem like the aggressor, the evil group, and blacks, the victims. But where would blacks, and all their glory, be without whites? Sitting back in Africa, with a civilization that had yet to discover the wheel, or written language, and probably would be at that level still today. Blacks get everything, and whites have to give it to them, but somehow we're still the bad guy?

Blacks like to blame slavery and racism as their reason they are held back. Slavery hasn't existed for 150 years, and even so, have you heard about the Africans who sold their own people to the slavers? Or what about the BLACK slave owners, owning black slaves? Or even how a majority of black slaves prefered being slaves over being free, because it was less responsiblities(Read a book called Before Freedom: 48 Oral Histories of Former North and South Carolina Slaves).

Black people, you like to bitch and moan about white people keeping you down in America, but you're still here. If you don't like it, you can go back to your beloved Africa, and revert back to uncivilized, unevolved savages, or you can suck it up, and actually do something productive in society that doesn't include murder, stealing or rape. After that, then I might listen to what you have to say about the white man.

Reverand Whitey McCracker

Anonymous said...

You guys are so crazy that you would argue with a black person that agrees with you.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

BG I don't think you understand. We get you agree and so on. But. so what? Does that mean that this site shouldn't exist because I points out facts about the black Jesus, black supremecy, black racism and the Afrocentric agenda. Just because you never did this or that, or you agree, doesn't mean that it aint so and shouldn't be discussed. Watch a minute of CNN. There is not one minute of any of the liberals on 4 different liberal news shows that does not spend the entire show down playing FOX. It seems like you BG and the liberal media are scared to death of anyone relizinig that the emperor has no clothes. If you agree than start your own blog to help educate libertards. Initiate a capaign to show affirmative action is unconstitutional and should be illegal. You should have been shouthing down Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at the Jena six trials. Why didn't you protest the NAACP involvement in the Twana Brawley trial and call for a lawsuit for defamation of character against Jackson and Sharpton. Why is one lone voice correcting the lies and misinformation that is shoved down our throats every day so terrifying. The real danger is not reporting like this. Its the daily interaction with black people that prove what those evil racist dead white men believed and were warning us against. The only liberals that believe lies, afrocentric news and entertainment and revisionist historians, are people that have little to no interaction with blacks. Maybe the only way we can correct the evils of slavery, isn't with money, but to help blacks get back to Africa! Joe at 6:20AM that summed up the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

anon 12/17 12:35,

Black Jesus? Afrocentric agenda? What are you talking about?Please don't tell me you're crying about racism, no matter who it is directed at, because that would be sad and hypocritical at the same time.

Both CNN and Fox news are corporate media that have a responsibility to its shareholders like myself to get rating and make money. They owe nothing to you people that a have this insane delussion that they are speaking to your retarded political ideology.

As for Sharpton and Jackson, they're probably hanging out with Ann Coulter and Limbaugh laughing all the way to the bank. They speak for no one put themselves. Morons on the left and the right made them rich. It's not my job to shout down Jesse and Al. It's the corporate media job to put them on the air, talk about a non-issue, pretend to argue with them, and the idiots swallow it hook line and sinker. Everyone that goes on a TV show meets with a producer. Its' all an act.

I think you may be a couple of generations too late for the boat trip back to Africa, but give it a try. I need a good laugh.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...


Would I be a "long winded bore" if I was the typical negro and posted gems like "You guys are a bunch of racists" or "I can't believe all of this racism in 2009". Maybe if I went on a rant about the Jews ruling the world.

I'm just reminding a lot of the uninformed that TV is ran by corporate interests not a political ideolgy. They have no obligation to give you the truth. If you want to believe them go right ahead and knock yourself out.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Im 13 Mixed (black and white) And u creeps r so fucking racist, to the black people In a feww years you'll all be gone...the white people are trying to get rid of EVERY black person. PLEASE BLACK PEOPLE GET "BUSY" Were really overpopulating the USA and the white people r actually paying WHITE BITCHES to sit their fat asses down and keep breeding poppin out more STD makerz.Black people arent even counted as citizens were like a 5th of a fucking person.Abortion was pretty much Made to stop the population of the black people from growing.And when im older IMA KEEP POPPIN^ OUT BLACK BABIES AND ADOPTIN THEM FROM EVERYWHERE 2 Im fukin sik of the white people. u can6 all g2 hell u mess wit ever peice of history its ALL a lie. Christopher columb5us was just a horny white Rapist btw idk yy we have a fukin holiday for that bitch but we do. ahh, america sukzz. And aids was deff MADE!! by the white people..u knoo itt they kneww b5lak people b5 gettin MAD b5usyyy ;) hehehe an6d i guess it was the on6lyy way to stopus soooo N^O FUKIN^G WONDER ALL THE B%LACK PEOPLE HAVE IT THE WHITE PEOPLE MADE IT 4 US and whoever was wit a black person in their eyes deserved aids 2. what now fukers_? yall b5itchess n6eeda shut the hell up an6d look what ur "peepz r doiin"..oh yeah and PROSTITUES R mostly baught b5y WHITE PEOPLE...ob5viously ur white b5itches cant giv yuh what yuh n6eed ;)


Anonymous said...

White people made aids 4 blak people an6yways so n6o won6der b5lack people hav it more haha...ob5viously b5lack people r "gettin6 it on6" an6d keep GETTIN^ IT ON^N^N^ SO I GUESS THE HAD 2 STOP US SSOOOMEHOW :) AND IN THEIR BLUE EYES(WHICH IS A MAJOR DISORDER B5TW) THE WHITE WOMNEN SLEEPIN WITH THE BLAK WOMEN6 DISERVED AIDS 2


Anonymous said...

First, it is amazing to me that there is so much hatred and misinformation being spewed on this site! What a great opportunity for people to actually discuss things ... share information.

So, my reason for even taking time to respond to anything on here is to try to set a few things straight. First, Boise State. Great school. Those students that held hands on the quad did so to show that hateful or insulting remarks are not what is wanted or accepted. No one in that group denied the facts or the statistics. I know because I was there. This campus is, in general, one of tolerance and acceptance of all. It is mostly white. Why? Who knows. Many people would like to see that change. It won't as long as people like you keep spreading untruths about our state.

Second, there is some real misinformation on here about HIV and AIDS. It was NOT invented by white people, or any other people. When it first showed up there was not any country on earth with the technology to develop anything even remotely like it. It is a fact that it is a virus that jumped species. Sad fact, but true. By the way, I make my living as and HIV and AIDS educator, tester and counselor. I know my material. I have done my research. I stay on top of the facts from reliable sources.

There is so much more to say, but as one person said ... keep it short. I have gone on too long. My apologies for that.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last Anon,

I think Idaho is a beautiful state. To answer your question about why Boise State is majority white: Idaho is a nearly all-white state. The state university's will reflect that population.

I'm glad you are an AIDS/HIV educator... you know the truth then about groups that are hit hardest by AIDS... Black people and homosexuals.

These are facts. We at SBPDL are straight shooters. You need to be too.

Anonymous said...

-Also, white male/black female relationships are the rarest of the rare. Since you guys love stats here is one for you. In 2006 there where only 110,000 mixed race couples nationwide that involved a black woman and a white male. That number is dropping,mainly because the divorce rate of this group is higher than than the national average.-

This seems like a drastic undercount. I see three or four black man-white woman couples anytime I go out to the mall, and there aren't all that many black people around here. I don't care, because the woman is almost always a big fat piece of white trash.

The only such couple that has ever really bothered me is the Seal- Heidi Klum couple, mainly because I see it as another trumped up slap against the German people. Look at this beautiful woman selling out her people by coupling with this nasty, troll-like man. The American media eats it up.