Monday, March 29, 2010

#19. Snitching

Cooperating with police has long been an act Black people find unnecessary and in some cases, reprehensible. Doing so creates a disconnect between the Black person who finds common ground with the officer of the law and thus, they turn their back completely on the Black community at large, long suspicious of cops ulterior motives.

Life in Black communities across the nation can be difficult, as the constant struggle "to get rich or die trying" plagues those who find the notion of Acting White a pathway to riches. These idea are constantly at war with one another and never the twain shall meet.

Cities with a preponderance of Black people provide one constant regardless of the latitude or longitude: crime.

Crime is a gateway to riches in the Black community, but also represents a door to either the penitentiary or the morgue. Drug sales represent a thriving Black Market - no pun intended - that help fund gang activity, but beset a community already ravaged with hardship and heartache further, creating a vicious cycle of death and governmental promise to help eradicate the problems of the economic depressed areas.

The United States Government has worked hard over the past 50 years to help Black people in their communities succeed by spending quadrillions of dollars (factor in opportunity costs) to uplift the Black race in America.

These efforts have largely failed, providing one of the worst Return on Investments (ROIs) in the history of investments, but have yielded a net growth of corruption in majority Black cities and a complete hollowing of the infrastructure that made these metropolises (Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans) so attractive in the first place.

Black children fed a steady diet of ESPN believe that financial rewards await them in the NBA or NFL and if those hoop dreams fade, a career in rap will yield money, women and prestige that surpasses even those of sports stars.

And when they make it big, an entourage of childhood friends and family will be "made men" and living the life of luxury provided by the one kid from the 'hood staying true to his roots.

But few Black people taste the success that is surprisingly fleeting for many Black sports or rap stars, and having eschewed education as a form of Acting White, the only way to make a living revolves around a life of crime.

It would be misguided to quote crime statistics now, for a glance at the nightly news cast reminds even the most faithful Disingenuous White Liberal of why they send their children to private schools.

Yet one thing is certain in Black communities as many crimes go unpunished thanks to one of the unwritten rules that governs Black Run America (BRA): never, ever turn your back on a brother or sister.

Black people view anyone who fails the paper bag test or whose skin appears darker than a glass of 2 percent of milk as a member of their tribe, a permanently disadvantaged group that is discriminated against by outside agitators bent on destroying their communities through clever ruses and guile.

No matter how heinous or insidious a crime is done within the Black community by a Black person, none dare dissent from the rule of never turning your back on a brother. To do so would have you branded with a letter far worse than one Hester Prynne was force to wear in The Scarlett Letter.

Black people must never be branded with an "S", a dreaded word that is on-par with an Uncle Tom or a Clarence Thomas. Deviating from the script of perpetual victim-hood and admitting that Black-on-Black crime is a hindrance to community development and trust would jeopardize the whole enterprise of Black Run America.

One must always work for the betterment of Black people and if that means turning your back on wanton criminality and violence, then so be it. Better to allow the endurance of evil then to admit that white people aren't the cause of Black peoples lot in life.

The "S" word is the true "whose name must not be spoken" and the fear of being labeled one in the Black community is greater than that of Voldemort in the Harry Potter stories.

Black-on-Black crime doesn't happen. Rapes, murder, petty thievery, larceny, drug deals and violence are all creations of "The Man's" mind intent on keeping Black people in their rightful place.

Snitching is that "S" word that Black people fear to utter in any speech, for the repercussions of being branded one are rarely survived. You see, Black people don't like snitches and have placed an imaginary bounty on any head of the Black person who dares go against their one and sides with the police and the corrupt United States judicial system that dares go after Wal-Mart PA announcers who demand the involuntary expulsion of all Black people from the store.

Those who snitch are no better than the police who patrol the Black community hoping to engage in a Rodney King incident of their own.

In fact, a campaign was started to Stop Snitchin' and to protect Black criminals:
Stop Snitchin' refers to a controversial 2004 campaign launched in Baltimore, United States to persuade criminal informants to stop "snitching," or informing, to law enforcement. Some public officials and others[who?] say that it is a campaign used by criminals to frighten people with information from reporting their activities to the police.[citation needed] "Stop Snitchin" is the name of a specific Baltimore-based home-made DVD that threatened violence against would-be informants, and the name or theme of several hip hop recordings.

While the slogan "Stop Snitchin' had existed since at least 1999, when it was used by Boston-based rapper Tangg da Juice,[1] the Stop Snitchin' campaign first gained national attention in late 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, when a DVD released by Rodney Bethea [2] titled "Stop Snitching!" began to circulate. In some footage, a number of men claiming to be drug dealers address the camera, and threaten violence against anyone who reports what they know about their crimes to the authorities. This threat is directed especially towards those who inform on others to get a lighter sentence for their own crimes. Notably, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, a former Baltimore resident and now a part of the Denver Nuggets basketball team, appeared in the video.[3] In subsequent interviews, Anthony claimed that his appearance in the video was a joke,[4] the product of his neighborhood friends making a home movie. Anthony claims that the film's message should not be taken seriously.[5] The publicity of Stop Snitchin' identified several drug informants and corrupt police officers in the Baltimore area such as former BPD officers William King and Antonio Murray who were sentenced to 315 and 139 years in prison, respectively, following an investigation caused by the DVD which identified the officers as drug dealers.
The important book Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice painstakingly documents the reality of the stigma that has been placed on Black people who dare snitch. The are pariahs, shunned by the Black community and in some cases end up beaten or worse, dead.

Witness a rape? Better not snitch, or else your family will pay! A drug deal gone wrong that takes a turn toward violence and ultimately homicide? Best be keeping those lips sealed, boy!

At a subsidiary of The Black Planet Universe (, a writer questions the validity of snitching:
The main misperception about the controversially popular “Stop Snitching” ideology that is now considered a staple of the Black community is that it’s ubiquitous. Black people are, in no way and under no circumstances, ever supposed to volunteer, aid, assist or even acknowledge law enforcement efforts in our communities.

Of course, the origin of the “Stop Snitching” ethos made a lot more sense. The term was originally coined to govern the conduct of coexisting criminals, sort of a Black take on the Mafia’s omertá-or code of silence.

In other words, if you and I were together in a criminal enterprise and I got busted, I was not supposed to snitch on you. I was supposed to do my time like a man or a “standup guy” and trust that you’d be on the outside handling my affairs in return for my silence.

Michael Vick could have used such friends. So could TI.

Eventually however, both the expression “Stop Snitching” and the mentality behind it extended to the point where it more or less suggested that if something, even something criminal, didn’t have a directly adverse affect on you then you should mind your business and stay out of it.

Now “Stop Snitching” has ballooned to the point where we’ve had to cringingly watch our dear friend, rapper Cam’ron, explain to Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes that even if he lived next door to a serial killer, he’d move away before he’d tell the police.

Needless to say, “Stop Snitching” has gone way too far.

We no longer live in Africa, folks, where our elders police our communities. If a gang of us were to get together now to beat up or kill some pedophile or serial killer, we’d all go to jail!

SBPDL lives by one motto: Those who do evil to others must be punished. Black people live by an entirely different ethos: those who do evil to others within their community must be protected from snitching.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes snitching, one of the highest offenses against Black solidarity that can be occur (up there with Acting White), as the Black people must maintain strength through the unity of their community.

It is said snitches get stitches. In the Black community, snitches get worse judgment handed down whose verdict they can't supplicate: they are a traitor and performing an act of treason to their Blackness.

Black life expectancy is low and Black levels of incarceration are high. Black people commit more crime, thus the reason for the high level of incarceration and low levels of life expectancy. There is a correlation between the two.

What do you think would happen if snitching was tolerated? A lot more Black people in jail and a life expectancy rate much, much lower.


Phalluster said...

Who killed OBD???

If we rely on Busta Rhymes as a witness, we will never solve any puzzles. He doesn't snitch. Somewhere out there, Cam'ron explains to the internet and/or Bill O'Reilly that he would never turn in a serial killer even if was shacking up next to his children's apartment. And why would he? Cam'ron Giles' presidency bid denies all private-school vouchers!

And oh yeah, freebase is cool now.

Phalluster said...

hahahha wow, i didn't realize you put up the cam video for display... YOU MAD! YOU MAD!

like you've expressed, sbpdl, i came here as a joke. now, although i feel tired and depressed, but i can't stay away from the truth. i'm just going to lay down flat here in the desert and hope for miles dyson to come rescue my group.

Steve said...

Isn't diversity wonderful!! How fortunate we are to have these fine examples of society in our midst sending such positive messages to our children. These role models of black culture will forever help to change America into.....Sarcasm over, another black hellhole like Zimbabwe or South Africa.

Segregation now segregation forever!

Anonymous said...

I guess only blacks dont like snitching then. I guess the Italian, German, Japanese, Irish, Mexican, Puerto Rican mobs all love it when people get caught and drop the dime. By the way all of those groups that I mentioned run laps around blacks in the crime category here in the US. They are just more protected than the black kid who pedals a little dope on the side that non black cops love catch. No snitching is universal and this guy who wrote this article is a jackass and the fact that he provides half ass links and dumbass video doesnt mean shit. This isnt based on facts that blacks and only blacks dislike it. Why dont you do a article on how black people dont like having their limbs ripped off or their balls cut off and stuffed down their throat? Because that would be fucking stupid nobody likes that. SBPDL you are an asshole.

Jamal James Jr.

Anonymous said...

Jamal, you beez hilarious. I nearly died laughing when you claimed that German mobs run laps around blacks in criminality. Japanese? What a clown. But keep posting. Here at at sbpdl we beez lubbin to laugh at foos like you!

Porter said...

"By the way all of those groups that I mentioned run laps around blacks in the crime category here in the US."

Actually Jamal, that's not true. Blacks commit crime at a frequency and violence far in excess of their proportional numbers. As, of course, they do in every country on Earth unfortunate enough to be infested by them. Also, German, Japanese, and Irish people don't turn their cities into filthy wastelands.

Though you do have a great idea regarding a future SBPDL entry on black dismemberment, genital mutilation and cannibalism. Would you like to know where such barbarism may be found in the world today? Why Africa of course.

Anonymous said...

This article and other articles on this blog only prove that segregation is the answer. I don't even know if I can be more blunt about this. Blacks don't like Whites, they will never like us and to try to change education, crime prevention, or health care to benefit them doesn't do any good. It will only get worse for everyone else and the same problem will always remain. Blacks hate Whites. Well, for what I've learned from this blog, they will always hate anyone who is not of their color. That's really simple; segregation is the answer.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Only Black people live in a culture where snitching is attacked and disencouraged, conversely though doing so would benefit the Black community at large.

Taking criminals off the streets would have a positive impact on the Black community and sheltering them only breeds criminality.

You have seen to movies. The Mob ain't what it used to be. Or, you haven't seen enough movies. Think how many movies have been made about "Whistle-Blowers" in the corporate, business and academic settings (based on real-life stories) where the snitch is lauded as a hero!

The Informant starring Matt Damon comes to mind. In white culture, snitches are heroes.

In Black culture, they are demonized and bullied.

Good points Porter. I'm still trying to figure out what in the world Triple J is getting at when he talks about body mutilation?

Anonymous said...

Jamal James,

You need to calm down, and stop giving more reasons for whites to laugh at blacks.

Blacks commit a disporportionate amount of violent crimes in the USA. While whites in general look down on white criminals, the black community praises black thugs. Makes excuses for them, looks up to them, becomes them. The whole thug culture, gangsta rapper, hoodlum mix.

You might would have a point if it were not for the fact that blacks commit such violence against others and themselves. But the italian, german, japanese, irish are not as bad as blacks in crime. The mexicans might be, hispanics, but not asians and whites. No matter how bad you might want it to be so.

So calm down, and get back to polishing my shoes, boy.


Anonymous said...

Having once been a semi-deluded sometimes liberal entertaining educationally induced notions of multiculturalism and racial equality, I can safely say that, unlike what leftists tell you, racism does not occur because one does not have enough exposure to other races. On the contrary, I have found the more I come in contact with other races and cultures, the more I dislike them and the more I like and admire my own. Blacks in particular operate at a completely different plane than whites, intellectually and behaviorally. The differences are insurmountable to such a degree that racial separation is the only logical and fair solution.
- Northlander

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone snitch? In all black neighborhoods, the police are just there for decoration. A black mamma only wants the police there to watch her daddy's babbies when she is too hopped up on something to even know where she be, let along her keids. If a black is convicted of murder, especially murdering a white person, there is not a black jury in the world that will convict. Every black jury sees the problem of too many black boys in prison and never mind that that is because of the amount of crime commited by blacks, that would be racist!

Anonymous said...

The only time negroids snitch is when it involves a white defending themselves

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whenever a black person comments they are ripped to shreds? The fact of the matter is that SBPDL is NOT black and we black people who (stupidly) try to educate you whites are the ones with the experience!

You guys would benefit from a little more reason. Not all black people believe in 'No Snitching'. Are you seriously lumping every black person, or the majority, into that pot?

I agree: criminals should be locked up, not to mention 'ratted' on. That's common sense. Yes, black people DO have an aversion to the police. Hmm, maybe it's because of the history of police brutality against blacks and other minorities! How about the fact that police officers used to be a part of the Klan?

Black people are not criminals. I'm of the opinion that white crime is underreported because little Jimmy's dad can pay off the judge he plays poker with. Tyrone's dad can't. What about extra long sentences for black youths with a bit of crack but not for white youths caught with cocaine? All about money, class, race, and 'privilege'!

"Blacks hate Whites"? um, no...CORRECTION: you guys hate us; whatever 'hatred' we may have against you is reactionary. We would love nothing more than to all be friends. YOU guys are preventing that. Case in point: SBPDL's site...

Anonymous said...

Segregation is not going to happen so 'Steve' and 'Northlander' can take that shit back to 1940...


How can you sleep at night? You are so ridiculous, it has to be driving you insane. 'Polishing your shoes'? Is that how you react to a black person who questions bullshit? Jesus Christ! If you think that all black people (and I'm assuming you mean all black people, given the typical lack of qualifiers)look up to Cam'ron, etc. than you are a brainless, Fox News-watching drone without even a minute grasp on reality. SBPDL should not be your go to source for info on black people. Why even bother? A site like this is more comfortable for people of your ilk than the truth...

And, BTW, why do these blacks commit crime? How about because of poverty, squalor, and lack of opportunities. They don't do it because it's hard-wired. They do it because they don't know any better; their situations are terrible. A little 'help' would be good...

Anonymous said...

Desiree, I did not mention segregation, I spoke of separation. Your country will fragment along ethnic lines. This is not outmoded thinking from the 1940's but rather modern, post-multiculturalism thought. You speak of privilege, earn it. Like respect, it is not to be handed out randomly. Build, create, invent...don't simply take. The black community is parasitical and predatory for the most part. You speak of the need for reparation? I feel the white community is entitled to black reparations for repayment of the trillions of dollars it has poured into the insatiable maw of your community these last fifty years to say nothing of reparations for the hundreds of thousands of victims of violent, racist black on white crime.

Anonymous said...

"your country"? So, Northlander, you are saying you don't live in America? That says a lot, really; what would you know about the 'black american community'? Even if you did spend some years in the States or are an immigrant, you still would have no idea about what goes on in the black community, simply because you are not black. All you'd know is the typical antagonistic, inflammatory, racist propaganda that you see in the media.

For the record, 'privilege' cannot be earned like a paycheck. The 'privilege' as you know it may be flippant and an afterthought, but not to people of color. 'Privilege', as whites have it, guarantees an elevated/top status whereever they go in the world, even if that place is where they are the minority. In order for me to gain privilege, I'd have to erase the mental associations of blackness with crime, filth, violence, etc. in the minds of 7 billion people. Would you have to do that? No...

And, as expected, you immediately point fingers. 'Racist black on white crime'? Disregarding so-called statistics, how many black-on-white crimes are actually motivated by a black criminal's hatred of his white victim's race? Think about's probably few and far between in comparison to that alleged 'tiny' percentage of white people hurting blacks; those are probably ALWAYS motivated by racism!

And, btw, 'separation' instead of 'segregation' is splitting hairs, don't you think? I guarantee your mindset is identical.

Anonymous said...

Good lord Diarrhea,
That old negro victimhood really works for you people eh? All the failings and inferiority of blacks. Again you want respect as a race earn it. White priviledge covers a multitude of negro sins. We learn about the black community every day on SBDL and yes the great negro juju - racism will excuse away the violent inferior and low IQ actions of the 'black community' and get us evil racist white men to stop pointing out your inferiority

Anonymous said...

Take for example Iceland. Their rape satistics are 0.00% per population 100,000. But a rape did occur just recently in Iceland for the first time in generations. Guess who he was, a black Somalian immagrant. I guess northlander doesn't need to be here in America. Wherever black are in the world the results are the same.

Anonymous said...

You wrote of my views on black America being influenced by "the typical antagonistic, inflammatory, racist propaganda that you see in the media". You make me lose almost all respect I may have for you with that one partial sentence. The media and pop culture go out of their way to portray blacks sympathetically while coming out with evermore convoluted excuses for their behavior.
You also complained that "in order for me to gain privilege, I'd have to erase the mental associations of blackness with crime, filth, violence, etc. in the minds of 7 billion people". Why is that? Could it be that their are no properly functioning black countries in the entire world? Could it be that wherever blacks settle, they hit well above their weight in the commission of crimes of all types? Blackploitation movies from the 1970's are always referenced as how horribly and stereotypically white Hollywood portrayed blacks, yet, black pop culture of today, with their glimpse into truly black America seems lifted right out of the basest of black caricatures from the most rabid of Klansmen.
Also, privilege can be earned and is usually preceded by respect, ask the many Asian immigrants living in the West.
Lastly, for the record, I do not associate blacks with "filth". Violence and crime, yes, and statistics bear this out. I also would never associate all blacks with the many problems and ills plaguing their community as a whole. I actually have considerable sympathy for those truly trying to get by through hard work and determination, only to have the millstone of the behavior and attitudes of the overall community weighing them down and influencing the opinions of the non-black population...I am neither heartless or evil incarnate.

Anonymous said...

@anon who called me 'Diarrhea':

How old are you? 13? Don't you think it is terribly ironic to trot out the tired myth of low black IQ and then, in turn, post such flagrant stupidity? As I've said before and I'll say it again: if you think you are learning about the black commmunity on SBPDL than you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. And, by the way, get a reality check: the white race is only superior because they've succeeded in making someone else inferior. As much as you all pretend to fear/loathe/hate blacks, you need us most desperately so you can cling onto your deluded, self-created superiority. Without us (and other PoC), you'd be white trash.

@the other anon:

I doubt Iceland's rape statistic is an accurate one. The majority of women don't report rapes and the majority of men are disgusting, violent brutes, even in 'purest' Iceland. Also, it doesn't surprise me that the 'interloper' would be the one charged with rape. He needs to be 'taken care of'; he's the speck of black dirt in a clean, white country, right? smh...

Anonymous said...


I sleep just fine at night. I sleep fine, because I have a shotgun, that I can use to defend myself against black intruders.

And, you really should not take the Lord's name in vain.

I am sorry if this site offends you, by using comedy to present some truths about blacks. But, the truth will set you free, and I thought you blacks liked being set free.

Poverty, squalor, and lack of opportunities cause people to rape, murder, and violently attack? Then why do poor white areas have less crime than black ones? It has nothing to do with poverty, but morality, and being raised with a father, and being held accountable for your actions. You know, like not blaming whitey or poverty for your crimes.

But I don't really care what causes them to commit crimes. I say shootem and execute em. Whatever their black reasoning is for being hostile is not my concern. Savage animals just need to be put down.


Anonymous said...


I find you incredibly contradictory! First you use 'blacks' as a collective term when referring to our alleged defiencies and than want to say you don't view 'all blacks' in relation to the ills of our 'community'. You can't have it both ways...

I have to scoff at you when you say we are portrayed sympathetically. You cannot tell a black person that the media portrays us in a positive manner. They do not. What is positive? A black woman shown as a hard-working maid for a rich white family instead of a crackwhore with 5 kids? Both images are negative, the former upholding a de-facto white superiority and the latter being viciously stereotypical. I don't think the media makes excuses for black behavior; I just think that you see certain conduct (done by a black person) that needs to be ruthlessly punished, maybe moreso because the person IS black.

Privilege CANNOT be earned for people of color. Period. In a society of one color, yes, it can be earned. The insistence of bringing up Asians (the so-called model minority) is slightly foolish. Asians, esp. lighter complected ones, are not privileged; they have merely been tolerated and deemed 'unthreatening' because of their unrelenting need to be accepted by whites en masse. Basically, anyone who decides to assimilate enough to whites' liking will be preferred. But that does NOT equal privilege as whites understand it.

I didn't say you were evil incarnate/heartless (although frequenting a site such as this for 'info' on black people says a lot to your mindset). I just think you need a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Girl do you ever know where Iceland is?
"Better to be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt" Mark Twain
You really need to get out of your project and read some books intead of allowing black racist to tell you what to think

Anonymous said...

Hey Desiroo,
You keep talking about privilege, white privilege, privilege as white people understand it. You don't know what the word means. Privilege is Latin, and it means a private law, a law which benefits one person, but not another. There are no laws in the U.S. which benefit whites but not blacks. In fact, white men are second class citizens in the U.S. because not only is it legal to discriminate against white men in employment, education, and civil law, it's against the law NOT to discriminate against white men. The affirmative action Bahamian mulatto, Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States stated under oath in Congressional testimony that while he was head of Justice, whites would not enjoy equal protection under the law. He didn't just do it, he actually STATED UNDER OATH that he does not plan to follow the U.S. Constitution.

Now here is where you and most other blacks are confused: you think privilege means advantage. Yes, it certainly is true that biologically whites have ADVANTAGES that blacks do not enjoy, such as greater intelligence, creativity, civility, self-control, ability to think forward and plan. Whites aren't doing anything wrong to use their natural endowments, and they are tired of being blamed, vilified, taxed, and stripped of their freedoms because of blacks' congenital lack of the ability to be civilized. Whites have been stripped of their freedom of speech and association, and are both persecuted and prosecuted when they do not kowtow to the dim-witted explanations that political correctness forces down our throats every day and genuflect to the gods of diversity, which, like multiculturalism, is just a code word for DOWN WITH WHITEY! Most whites just want to be left alone, free to be themselves, not hounded and persecuted for simply existing. But blacks will never leave whites alone because they are civilizational leeches. No matter what they say, they know that without whitey, it's straight back to the stone age. And if you don't believe it, Haiti's a short plane ride away.

Whites are actually the minority in this world and they are not even allowed to keep their traditional homelands. Africa for blacks, Asia for Asians, but white homelands for the world to invade, colonize, and plunder. But whites are waking up, and realizing that the rest of the world has declared war on them, and that their backs are already against the wall. When that sleeping giant awakes, it's liable to get ugly. Let's hope not.


Anonymous said...

This is some racist shit. Ya'll acting like white people don't commit crimes either. Shit man. White people are also apart gangs, But ya'll aint got nuttin to say about that either right? Ignorant asses.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

No, it's not racist. It's sadly factual. Black people don't snitch on each other.

Yes, white people do commit crime, but not at the rates at which Black people do.

And yes, white people do form gangs and become members of gangs, but not at rates at which Black people (and Hispanics) do:

Thank for visiting!

Jack said...

Well, you certainly prove the "thinking ahead" bit. Whites are still a decade or two away from officially becoming a minority and the crybabies on this blog have already perfected the "oppressed victim" mentality it took minorities decades to master. It won't be long before we see whites wearing viking hats and tartan neckties the way blacks wore kinte cloth in the uber pc 90s.

The high comedy is that Desiree, whom you criticize for being victim before launching into rants about your own victimhood, probably shares a last name with at least one poster here. That's because your ancestors bought and sold hers like cattle in the land of the free. Awfully civilized right there.

Before you throw the strictest legal definition of privilege around like it's at all relevant to its broader use, here's a refresher course on privilege as we use it in the real world, courtesy of Mr. Louis CK:


P.S. You should code a counter to tally how many times the phrase 'self hating white' or "oppression" gets thrown around here. It indicates how close you are to sounding like Huey Newton or paranoid FL Jewesses. Oy!

P.P.S. @norlander re: hardworking blacks: How sickeningly European of you. Even when obviously racist, you still need to trot out that self righteous ingrained EU liberal blather so you don't feel sick. As we say in America, either shit or get off the pot. And watch out for volcanos, both financial and geological.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackoff,

Read this:


Anonymous said...

Blacks do hate Whites. If you're White, go work somewhere that's mostly Black. You'll be the only one working. You'll have to do your job plus theirs. They won't help you at all and to top it off, they will treat you like dirt.