Friday, March 26, 2010

#564. Attacks on Marcelas Owens

In the annals of literature, the image of pitiful Tiny Tim resonates deeply with readers of Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, as the handicapped infant represents the personification of hope.

His frail body is the embodiment of nature's cruel neglect, yet the grief stricken Scrooge - after three ghosts persuade him to drop his miserly ways - bestows riches upon the Cratchit family that rescue Tiny Tim from an early grave.

Tiny Time Cratchit fate was reversed by the generous largess of Scrooge, thus enabling him to give breath to the fitting denouement of the story: "God bless us every one!"

Black people love this tale, for they feel emboldened by the tale and notice similarities in the wake of the passing of Universal Health Care (UHC). Black people don't like to pay for their own health care and now find Congress voting to mandate that this unfair practice is no longer a nuisance after a visit with a doctor is greeted with open arms by the Black community.

The health care bill that grants provisions for the training of more minority doctors would never, ever have passed were it not for the ace in Mein Obama's hand, Marcelas Owens, or the Tiny Tim that represents hope and inflicted the change on America's indifferent health care system that caused his mother to pass away:

Marcelas Owens, an 11-year-old from Seattle, headlined a press conference with Senate Democratic leadership on Thursday, telling a packed room of reporters that he wanted the president and Congress to come together and pass health insurance reform.

"I am here because of my mom," said Owens. "My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. She missed so much work she lost her job. And when my mom lost her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life."

He continued, "I don't want any other kids to go through the pain that our family has gone through. My grandma and I want Barack Obama and Congress and everybody to come together and to help get the health care bill passed."

Owens became the crutch that those desiring the takeover of the medical industry by the government leaned upon and was championed as the human face of pity and malevolent neglect of the insurance agency to those uncovered.

Were it not for Bob Cratchit's suffering son Tiny Tim, Scrooge wouldn't have a familiar face to represent the poor and downtrodden of London and thus, might never had converted from a greedy, selfish accountant to one prepared to right every societal wrong.

Were Owens not paraded around as the poster child and victim of a pitiless, capitalistic system that allows citizens to perish when they lack the medical coverage, the Obamacare would never have passed.

Strategically though, Owens became a real-life Tiny Tim through the marketing genius behind Brand Obama and helped shape the health care debate into the framework of eradicating an evil system that denies coverage to 40 million + people who decide to spend money pursuing happiness elsewhere.

A quick back story on his mother's illness:

Joshua Welter, spokesperson for the family, states Marcelas' mom lost her job in October 2006 where she had worked as an Assistant Manager at a fast food restaurant. After she got sick and couldn't work, she lost her job and couldn't afford regular doctors' visits.

In December 2006 she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension at an Emergency Room visit. It is believed if she could have afforded to continue doctors' visits after she lost her job, she may have been diagnosed earlier. During the half year between her diagnosis and her death, it is believed if she had health insurance, she could have been receiving proactive, ongoing treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension. According to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, while many Pulmonary Hypertension patients go too long without an accurate diagnosis, some receive prompt, effective treatment and are able to manage their disease for 20+ years.

Without health insurance, Marcelas' mom had little chance to survive. She went to the ER when things got really critical – it got to the point where Tifanny was vomiting blood three or four times a day. She died in June of 2007.

With health insurance, it is believed she would have had a fighting chance to battle a tough disease. Marcelas has been advocating for health care in honor of his mother since she died in 2007.
Washington CAN believes everyone in America deserves a fighting chance when they get sick to beat back the disease and be there for their family. No kid should lose their mom because they didn't have health care.

Fact, Marcelas's story is the story of millions of people across the country. 45,000 people die every year because they don't have health care. Every minute 8 people are denied coverage, charged higher rates, or discriminated against due to pre-existing conditions
We at SBPDL won't even bother to pose the question of where the father was in this melancholy story, for the answer is one we have already addressed.

Owens, an 11-year-old child who suffered the tragedy of losing a mother, made the decision himself to enter the health care debate and as a minor has became the target of attacks from a hateful right-wing media bent on destroying the credibility of an administration using him as impenetrable edifice of hope, deflecting all criticism with but a wry smile:

Marcelas Owens, whose mother got sick, lost her job, lost her health insurance and died, said Thursday he's taking the attacks from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in stride.

"My mother always taught me they can have their own opinion but that doesn't mean they are right," Owens, who lives in Seattle, said in an interview.

Owens' grandmother, Gina, who watched her daughter die, isn't quite so generous.

"These are adults, and he is an 11-year-old boy who lost his mother," Gina Owens said. "They should be ashamed."

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., told Marcelas Owens' story to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House health care summit last month. Murray also has spoken about it on the Senate floor. Last week, Owens was in the nation's capital to speak at a health care rally and to meet with Senate Democratic leadership.

Limbaugh, Beck and Malkin are skeptical about the story, saying there were other forms of medical help available after Owens' mother, Tifanny, lost her health insurance. They lambasted Democrats for using the story.

All that was needed to pass Health care was a young Black male child complete with sorrowful biography to create sympathy and a human face to create the ultimate misery machine that was unbeatable in its ability to tug at your heart strings.

Marcelas Owens accomplished this task. Although the father is suspiciously never mentioned - you see, DWLs automatically assume Black men are incapable of taking care of their own, hence the Michael Oher story - Owens is paraded around as Tiny Tim for the 21st Century.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes attacks on Marcelas Owens as the indefatigable remarks about the usage of him to pass health care are unwarranted and disgusting reminders of the uncivilized time when health care wasn't a right.

History will remember Owens as the human symbol of Pre-Obama America, for only Mein Obama could muster the political clout needed to pass such a revolutionary bill. He joins the pantheon of Black crusaders who reinvented America into a paradise free of hate and bigotry.

Scrooge needed his Tiny Tim to seal the deal on his dramatic moral turnaround, just as Obama needed a young Black face with a tale of woe to transform the debate into a true Black vs. white, disadvantage vs. privileged story that only a Grinch could ignore.

In the end, we at SBDPL believe Marcelas Owens will be merely the 21st Century version of Nurse Nayirah:

Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎), called "Nurse Nayirah" in the media, was a fifteen-year-old Kuwaiti girl, who alleged that she had witnessed the murder of infant children by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, in verbal testimony to the U.S. Congress, in the run up to the 1991 Gulf War.[1] Her testimony, which was regarded as credible at the time, has since come to be regarded as wartime propaganda.[2] The public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, which was in the employ of Citizens for a Free Kuwait, had arranged the testimony.[1]

Yes, we dare question the validity of his story, which is why the media continually states that his mother is believed to have died because she lacked medical coverage.

Again though: where in the hell is Owens father? And to paraphrase Rev. Wright, it is fitting to leave you with the revised ending of A Christmas Carol, as Owens has ensured to: "God damn us every one."


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Dickens, it should be noted that he felt social injustices could be cured within the parameters of capitalism. He was most emphatically NOT a Socialist: he believed in commerce and the efforts of the professional middle class. That said, another sterling effort on behalf of Stuff Black People Don't Like!

charlie sierra said...

Yeah, trot out the kid. That way nobody should dare question anything his adult puppeteers would have him say. So transparent a ploy it plays as boldfaced parody. Maybe they can use a puppy or kitty next time and just tell us what it wants. Nobody better be mean or disagree with the cute little puppy.

Snoop Diggity Dawg said...

Bullsheet. In any state the sow would have qualified for Medicaid. No job, a niglet at home? Should have been on welfare as well. UNLESS there was an drug bust in its past, or the baby daddy(s) was hanging out, etc. But no matter, Medicaid was available and the fact no MSM reporters picked this up is clear example of this being Leftist propaganda

Silent Running said...

Imagine the medical bills this little hippo is going to rack up.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just admit it? You are a white boy with a gherkin in his pants and can't stand to see black people go against any of the monotonous drivel whites in power have insisted on blockading our dreams with.

I think it's hilarious and sadly predictable that the moment we as black people succeed there are lone whites who yearn for the safety of the status quo, with near orgasmic zeal!

You are pathetic and I'd call you a racist but it would be pointless, right? You don't 'believe' in racism! That's quite funny not to believe in something you so vociferiously participate in. That's like the definition of an asshole: not believing what you see. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

So now we're letting eleven year-old children determine our nation's domestic policy?

Shame on politicians for hiding behind a child in order to conduct their shady business. Rather than face criticism themselves they put the kid out there to take it, so they can say that folks are criticizing him personally. Reminds me of how anytime someone criticizes a policy of Israel or any bad behavior by a Jewish person the critic is compared with the Nazis. We keep hearing "never again!" about a regime that's been dead for sixty-plus years, just like we are still hearing about black slavery that has been over in the U.S. for about 150 years.

In 2012, when the Owens kid is a teenager, will we get a follow-up report on his life, the way we did after the Elian Gonzalez/Cuba situation? And what will we learn then? Will he be wearing that suit to juvenile court?

Cool photo of Rep. Pelosi picking her nose. I hope the monster in her skull bites her finger off next time she sticks it in.

I'm glad we got to hear from Velveeta the black woman, who predictably made a reference to the size of SBPDL's genital organs and his "orgasmic zeal". Seems that's all that blacks can think about: screwing, stealing, sticking it to The Man, and complaining. Here Velveeta is *complaining* that *Whitey* is upset that blacks are essentially *stealing* health care, and manages to sneak in a *penis* insult too. Classic.

"Blockading our dreams"... interesting. I didn't think blacks had dreams anymore. I thought that the last black man who had a dream got shot.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww Desiree
Well we all know asians and whites does not need special quota's considering they are not as stupid and on average have a IQ of a retard like you...smfh

Anonymous said...


So atleast you are admitting that soclialism is a black dream. And that blacks love hand outs. That is a good start.

I find it hilarious and sadly predictable, that you might would think that blacks have succeeded in anything. They have not. Unless murder and rape, out of wedlock births, crime, and abortions are successful to you.

What is pathetic, is the fact that you do not want to be held accountable. You want the gov-ment to save you, and punish whites. Obama going after "typical" white people, like his grandmother.

Shame on you for not wanting equality.


Anonymous said...

What you talken bout, Willis?!?!

Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some.
A man is born, he's a man of means.
Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans.

But they got, Diff'rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.

Everybody's got a special kind of story
Everybody finds a way to shine,
It don't matter that you got not alot
So what,
They'll have theirs, and you'll have yours, and I'll have mine.
And together we'll be fine....

Because it takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.
Yes it does.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.


Phalluster said...


Your chimp-out protest is delightfully contradictory. You are happy to trot out the penis "myth" to induce shame, yet you cannot process human biodiversity in any terms that are unflattering to blacks. So either you yourself are a racist, stereotyping whites in the very manner you trotted out a thesaurus to scold the stereotyping of blacks... or you admit racial differences.

"Blockading our dreams"? Ha! You dream of free shit from whites, heaven forbid they are greedy racists who don't want to part with it. "The moment we as blacks succeed" refers, I assume, to this healthcare bill taking free shit from non-asian minorities. Let me school you:

AT&T announced a $1 billion non-cash charge in the first quarter from this bill. This represents about 8% of its $12.53 billion profit margin. Their stock price immediately becomes overvalued by the corresponding fraction. Also, AT&T will be reevaluating employee benefit packages in lieu of a reduced tax subsidy for Medicare Part D. Functional members of society (read: the firm's white and asian employees and shareholders) bear an immediate burden for the likes of little Marcelas.

AT&T's announcement is the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, John Deere and Caterpillar declared non-cash charges of 16% and 11% of their profit margins, respectively. This will be standard fare for most companies in the coming week. The stock market is poised to get HAMMERED this week from the government-mandated redistribution of money from haves to have-nots.

And the "lone whites yearn for the safety of the status quo"! Ha! Hahahahahahahahahaha! How "pathetic" of those lone whites! Yes, for SHAME that those "whites in power", aka every salaried employee, might deny 10% of their profit to "blockade your dreams"!

Your ability to construct a sentence indicates a high level of competence. This is especially disheartening to me, since your views are so perverse. I'll take a deep breath and invoke some Larry Elder or Thomas Sowell.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, you sadly misunderstand the situation. I am personally mad because I don't see blacks succeeding. I see white people with a warped world view romanticizes blacks to the point where their status as productive citizens is believed to be the norm. I have absolutely nothing against a black person who EARNS a living in the United Sates. I have a severe personal problem with a monolithic community espousing notions cultural equality when their chosen culture is criminal, anti-social, violent, and entitled. I also have a problem with a reactive law structure that can rewrite the constitution based on manufactured reason and short sided notions of "total justice."

Social Engineering has made "racism" a trump card of sorts. Any argument labeled as racist is immediately discredited regardless of any facts the argument is supported by. No other subject has the equivalent of the racist label save the Spanish Inquisition's label of heretic.

In short, put the fucking card back in the deck and become a decent part of the society. Notions of entitlement are bullshit. Have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

charlie sierra,

"Yeah, trot out the kid. That way nobody should dare question anything his adult puppeteers would have him say. So transparent a ploy it plays as boldfaced parody. Maybe they can use a puppy or kitty next time and just tell us what it wants. Nobody better be mean or disagree with the cute little puppy."

I agree with you 100%. This so blatantly phony it's obscene.

The debate is not real. Attacking or defending him is pointless, because he is nothing more than a pawn and a photo op for good ole' Barry.

Attacking him is as pointless as attacking advertising icons such as , the Maytag repairman , Tony the tiger, or that annoying chick on those Progressive insurance commercials. Although it is a lot of fun watching phony white "liberals" go crazy over this made up non issue.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"You are a white boy with a gherkin in his pants.."

Why do Negros always circle back to the "muh dick" line of reasoning? Must be that superior African brain we hear so much about.

"...that the moment we as black people succeed.."

Excuse me, but at what have you succeeded? Health care reform that will bankrupt this country? 25% of your "mens" in prison, on parole or probation, or convicted felons? 80% illegitimacy rates? Infant and expectant mother mortality rates equal to those of Africa? Destroying once vibrant cities like Detroit? Showing the entire world, via the continuing string of disasters in Haiti, that you aren't capable of taking care of yourselves?

The whole health care debate is the latest proof, as if more were needed, that without white money yours is truly a worthless race.

Anonymous said...

Umm.... as an aside as a long time member of the YMCA over the years and seeing hundreds of naked guys of all colors in the showers, yes I'm straight thanks, the white "gherkins" and "big black" are just stupid myths. Sorry to burst your bubble "Desiree". Oh yeah, I bet you have "White wimmens hair" too. Why the follicular neurosis?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I've struck a nerve! squeeee!

"CWN"--As a member of the upper middle class with a mother who recieved a full scholarship to and graduated from Stanford Univ, I do not recieve 'handouts', nor am I asking for them. I happen to live a very cushy life, with incredible health coverage, by the way... What I don't understand is why white people such as yourself have such a problem with people trying to get health insurance. So what if it takes money from your pocket? No one should have to be denied because of an illness. Period. And successful at nothing but murders and rapes? Um, yeah...sweetie, your kind has been doing that since the beginning of time. Actually I'm pretty sure you've invented it...

"Phalluster"--Sweetie, no thesaurus here, unless thesaurus is your code word for 'brain'. And 'chimp-out' is a snide remark against my blackness, right? LOL...clever! I do indeed have a high level of competence; do you know how frustrating it is to be the only person in an all-white college English class who can construct a decent paragraph, with good spelling, grammar, and syntax? Oh my!

Anon @ 12:10--"aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww Desiree
Well we all know asians and whites does not need special quota's considering they are not as stupid and on average have a IQ of a retard like you...smfh" That is not even a good comeback. SMFH!

Anon @ 2:33--Clearly, you seem to *know* a lot of statistics about 'us'. Obsessed much? How about what a worthless race yours is (and I hate to say such things because it is whites like you that give your whole race a bad name, but I'll play your game)? A history of unprovoked pillaging of colored nations? Rapes and massacres on a global scale? It was your race that created dreadful capitalism while colored societies were living in relative communal bliss! Read a couple of history books and call me in the morning...

Anon @ 4:41--"White wimmens hair"? "Follicular neurosis"? Sweetie, I don't wear my hair like that. Please, don't speak about shit to which you have no idea. I don't wear weaves or wigs because I was blessed with gorgeous natural hair. I know, I makes your pecker hard to think all black women want to be like your women. Nope. Not the case. Get out've your bubble...

And seriously? I mention penis size because, as a woman, a feminist, I know that men believe their pathetic perceived power lies in their manparts. That is a fact. Hence, the anger when I mention how small the white man's penis really is. The gratuitous mentioning of 'destroying white daughters at the hand of big black buck' proves the white male obsession with a black man's penis. And no it's not a myth--just ask Thomas Jefferson; he made note of the big, strong African male's penis long, long ago...

Anonymous said...

Okay folks, let's not be really nasty to Velveeta. She's a self-described twenty-something student who cares passionately about her people and wants to help them. She wants them to succeed, and I hope she succeeds.

I hope that she becomes a leader in the black community as she gets older and more established. I hope that they look to her for inspiration and guidance.

I hope that they, like her, view whites as obnoxious and desire to put themselves an infinite distance away from us, and give this matter serious consideration.

I hope she becomes the Marcus Garvey of the 21st century, and like him inspires her people to repatriate to Africa. There she and they can live as they please without having to endure the sneers of white people. In their ancestral homeland they can determine their own destiny. If they want to have universal health care there, great. Universal whatever, great. And it would be all theirs to master. No more blaming Whitey for keeping them from succeeding.

Think about it, Velveeta.

They don't talk much about Mr. Garvey during Black History Month, but if we must have that holiday month, they really should. Garvey wasn't a whine-pot or an extortionist like so many "black leaders" are in America. He was admirable in many ways.

I'd be willing to pay a little extra in taxes to help the "boat ride to Africa" fund.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigblackcock myth started when white women misunderstood a common quotation.

Some white women thought the phrase was "Once you go black, you never go back."

The phrase really is "Once you go black, no one wants you back."

It's not that the black men were so hung that they were digging tunnels and the white women are now spoiled for less. Rather, it's that the white men are nauseated by such bestiality.

I don't understand why black women would be bragging up their men's penis proportions anyway. Doesn't that make it sound like their own plumbing has become baggy as a result? As though having sex with them would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?


Maybe there is some truth to that bigblackcock myth after all. I've noticed that not too many white guys go out with black women. Maybe black women don't "fit like a glove" but like a catcher's mitt?

Abe Stinkin' said...


How unpredictable. How original. How, avante garde. A black making its "point" by citing the scientifically disproven MYTH that white people have smaller weenies that blacks. (All available scientific studies on this low i.q., silly, childish issue have disproven it as a mere myth). Blacks never fail to live down to the stereotypes that THEIR behavior, not whites being RAYCISS, creates.

How bout making my point by citing the 66 average i.q. of blacks in their native environment of Sub Saharan Africa? How does that gerkin taste, Desiree? Is it BIG enough for you?

Moreover, why is it that your black men seem to be obsessed with white women, rather than black women, such as yourself? Why are all of you black women single, and why is there an 80% illegitimacy rate within your community? What is the white female equivalent of the mythical big black weenie? What is the double standard racial slur THEY could employ against YOU to demonstrate your men's disgust for whatever it is that black women seem to lack?

Phalluster said...

Relax, everyone! I have found footage of Desiree in the midst of some "fancy book-lurnin".

No matter how high the floor is raised, the ceiling stays the saaaaaame height.

Anonymous said...

Sorry "sweetie" my large white "pecker" doesn't get any sensations at all from negro women, so sorry to ruin your fantasy of White men yearning for Black women. You sound like you have the whole "slavemaster/slave" fantasy thing going on. I know by reading your hate-filled and racist comments that your rage stems from a jealousy towards White people. I'll also bet you are not practicing your ancestor's African religion and have taken on your hated slavemasters religion. So who is the ultimate sellout? Think about it sweet-pea.

Anonymous said...

Re Social Engineering...
it is coming and in a big way. Minorities who yearn for all-powerful government controls over the health care industry should be mindful of what they wish for. Eugenics is an integral part of the "transformation" of the USA as preached by Obama.
The powerful Rockefeller interests act as the "gray eminence" in this administration. Eugenics are a cornerstone of their social philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Desiree...Let us assume your hypothesis is true, and I concede it may be...I have no idea. So what? What have your black men, with their alleged large penises managed to achieve? What, of value have they ever created? How have they managed their societies and nations? To even mention "black culture" is to utter one of history's biggest oxymorons...nothing could be further from any sane measure of culture and civilization.
So what are you so proud of? Your people's astronomical rate of illegitimacy, psychopathic levels of community violence, your menfolks' inability to emotionally mature beyond the levels of early adolescence or to remain faithful to their partners? So many questions to ask, so little space. I am from Canada and was simply wondering how a self-described proud black woman hater of all things white would feel about these pressing questions of the day.

Anonymous said...

To the phallically-challenged white males above:

As per usual, you are hung up (pardon the pun) on penis size. That is tragically predictable. You disgusting men care about nothing more than the penis sizes of black males. If you look at my orignal comment to SBPDL, I said his penis was small, NOT in relation to anyone else's penis size. But, as predicted, you immediately associate the mentioning of a small white penis with its comparison to a not-so-small black penis. You guys brought it up, not me. I only mentioned it in my second comment because you all were clinging in desperation to 'big black' being a myth. Well, it is not. Just a correction. So you men brought it up, NOT ME.

'Abe Stinkin'--Does it get you hot to think that black men LOOOOVE white women? I don't get that. Every racist I have encountered throws that shit into the fray; makes me wonder, are you the type who sits at your computer whacking off to ebony sinking into white flesh? Hmmm...someone has a fetish... But if you want me to give your question a 'go', it has something to do with the fact that some black men, being some of the most macho men I have ever encountered, can't take a black woman who has balls as big as their's. (That is typical of all men.) And of course the white superiority BS that has been brainwashing all PoCs.
And, by the way, don't bring up that IQ crap. I've researched and written a paper on that exact subject for my Psych class and anyone with a brain knows that it is ridiculous to measure outside cultures with tests created by Westerners. (And don't bring up Asians--they have been touched by the West.) It's bias and you know it. Or maybe you are too stupid to know?

Anon @ 7:18--Please! Although I can't speak for other black women, there DEFINITELY ain't no 'catcher's mitt' here. Pretty ridiculous to even bring that up, a little misogynistic? Wouldn't you even begin to think that a black woman's vagina would be suited for, and therefore not stretched out by, a black man's penis? Or did you not make that connection? And, once again, you, yourself, referenced the smallness of the white man's penis. As Eve Ensler said, 'get a bigger dick'. Maybe it's black women who don't want white men! Hmmm...

Anon @ 7:08--No 'back to Africa' over here. America--although a war criminal and a rapist--is my home. He just needs some therapy, maybe in the form of grievances paid to his victims. Reperations would be good, too, in the form of monies to be paid out for blacks, like myself, to go to college, grad schools, and professional programs.

'(lack of)Phalluster'--Nice video. I love that you are spending your time combing the Internet for things to attack me. Makes me feel mighty special! <3

Anonymous said...

"How bout making my point by citing the 66 average i.q. of blacks in their native environment of Sub Saharan Africa? How does that gerkin taste, Desiree? Is it BIG enough for you?"

That is INCREDIBLY sexist/misogynistic! A blowjob joke? Ha! How very, very 'original' for you, *little* man. It never fails to come up. The defacto way to crush a woman is to rape her or make her give you a figurative blowjob... Lovely, my dear...

Abe Stinkin' said...

Hey, Desiree,

Since you went to Stanford (yeah, right) say Hi to Thomas Sowell for me. Maybe you can get him to autograph a copy of "Race and Culture" for you! Oh, you never heard of Thomas Sowell? Oh, you don't know what the Hoover Institute is? What a suprise. Wikipedia to the rescue!

Silent Running said...

How quaint. SBPDL has it's first bona fide troll. Now you know you've arrived.

Assuming she's telling the truth, Desiree provides a valuable insight: she's walking proof that even "educated, successful"* Negroes despise white America and want to see it destroyed. So even the "good ones" aren't good ones. When whites realize this, and realize that all commerce with blacks represents a hustle aimed at separating us from our wealth, we'll be one step closer to total separation, the ultimate goal.

It's actually a good thing that Desiree is so angry; it's going to be her default setting for the rest of her days. Whites won't accept her, black men don't want her, and she'll be the diversity hire at every job she accepts. Add her membership in probably the least successful civilization in recorded history (while living amidst the most successful), and you have a recipe for permanent rage. And all the while she'll do what she's done here, blame it on the false flags of sexism, racism, this-ism, or that-ism.

I also don't blame her for coming here. It's totally understandable to want to drum up a little buzz for your own blog, especially since there doesn't seem to be much happening there. Desiree logs on to a page full of "0 comments" and "profile views: 31" and feels a bit lonely.

*I put "educated" and "successful" in quotes because there are two kinds of affirmative action, and virtually all blacks benefit from one or the other. The first is the officially mandated AA of quotas, which everyone is familiar with. The second is an unofficial form of AA which is driven not by mandatory quotas but by teary-eyed true belief on the part of DWL's. DWL's hire the under-qualified Negro so they can brag to their friends about how progressive and egalitarian they are, or perhaps to assuage their own misguided sense of racial guilt. These two types of AA account for all black "success" in America. All they have is what whites have seen fit to give them, out of pity or fear. Look to the Dark Continent to see true Negro success.

Critical Thinker said...

Desiree, you're delusional.

"It was your race that created dreadful capitalism while colored societies were living in relative communal bliss!"

You're joking, right? Ever hear of Genghis Khan, the brutal late 16th Century Japanese invasion of Korea, the brutality of the Aztecs, or the vicious tribal warfare that existed in Africa LONG BEFORE the white man came? If African societies were prosperous societies living in "communal bliss," then why did they have to sell slaves in the first place? You think that whites are the ones who invented warfare and suffering?! Please tell me you're joking.

Why is it that blacks like you always use the whole "you white guys are just insecure because of your small dicks" line of reasoning? Yes, I acknowledge that too many whites focus on the size of black cocks. Still, you're the one who brought sex organs into the equation.

"America--although a war criminal and a rapist--is my home. He just needs some therapy, maybe in the form of grievances paid to his victims. Reperations would be good, too, in the form of monies to be paid out for blacks, like myself, to go to college, grad schools, and professional programs."

Sorry, but you're not getting any reparations money from me! Look sistah, you might as well just forget about reparations, because it's not going to happen. Still, now I know what whiny Negroes like you want. For outlining the sacrifices that we whites must make in order to appease blacks, I thank you. After all, it's good to know what the other side is thinking.

Sorry Desiree, but I'm not buying your BS. I notice how online black trolls always talk about how educated and upper middle class they are as a way to demonstrate their superiority over the majority of white commenters who are allegedly uneducated, poor, etc. Believe me, I'm not jealous of you or your bourgeois Negro family.

By the way, what language are we speaking? This may surprise you, but we're speaking a white European language. Despite our supposed inferiority, our language is the most dominant in the world. Something to think about.

P.S. How does it feel to have the blood of white rapists running through your veins? Whether you like it or not, you're part white! Something else to think about.

Critical Thinker said...

By the way, are you angrily and immaturely lashing out because your lousy blog has few followers? Also upset by the fact that black women are the least desirable mates? Proud to be at the very bottom of society's food chain? Proud of the fact that blacks internationally are at the bottom of the world's food chain? As an angry black girl, you're upset because your people continue to lag behind everyone else. I understand.

See, I can make vicious character attacks too!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


To answer your questions: White people have done everything in their power to help Black people succeed in the most powerful, benevolent society in mankind's history.

We have opened our university's to Black people and offer minority-only scholarships for them to attend, whereby massive support systems are erected to ensure that Black people have a successful experience.

Fortune 500 companies have quotas in hiring (as do many colleges for applicants) that help Black people get a leg up on lesser individuals (hint: white ones!).

Programs like Head Start, No Child Left Behind and every move made by the Department of Education (hint: Trillions of dollars) have been done to lift up every Black heart to sing... yet the racial divide in academic success only worsens.

I have no time for attacks on parts of my anatomy. No time at all (who know, I might be a girl!), but since you seem to be phallic-minded, I'll leave you with my favorite clip from a movie.

If you read the Tom Jane entry, you'll know I'm linking now to a clip from the 1998 film "Thursday".

I have no time for political correctness. I have no time for people hung up on male body parts (kinda weird there darling).

One last note: I don't believe in racism. I believe in truth. To you, that represents Hate Facts.

But name calling and referring to me as a rectum-hole is childish.

Anonymous said...


You silly little thing. Nobody is against anyone having healthcare. Not even for the greedy, handout obsessed blacks. What people are against, is socialized healthcare, by the Marxist Obama, A.K.A. Barry Soetoro.

I am also glad that your mother got her handout at stanford university. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. You should stop wasting yours, with such nonsensical beliefs.

As far as rape and murder. I hate to break it to you sister. But Blacks rape and murder at a far higher rate than whites. And black on black crime is the highest violent crime around. South Africa, Haiti, you name it. They are all sess pools run by blacks. Blacks cannot govern or live in peace.

Now as far as what I call the "Ma dick" comments. Try looking up a man named John Holmes. Or even a man named Jonah Falcon. But you really should not be worrying about penis anyway. Blacks already have way too many abortions and out of wedlock births.


Critical Thinker said...

Hey SBPDL, why aren't my comments going through? I haven't used profanity, slurs, or advocated any unlawful acts. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this supposed to be about Marcellas Owens and whether or not he is being exploited by the Dems and/or abused by the Reps? Why did we allow a bitter cup of coffee named Desiree to sidetrack that?

I am a woman and I work for a fair housing non-profit law firm in Ohio. Were she an attorney applying to work with us she would not be hired regardless of her education and intelligence. No, this is not because of her race or her gender, as we are a civil rights firm, but because of her attitude. It's great to be a fire-breathing dragon while a college/grad student, and if you wish to remain in academia or become a writer or activist you can stay that way, but it doesn't translate well to other activities where you are expected to behave like a professional.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

CT -

Sorry about that. Starting to get a lot more comments on posts and its hard to go through them all on a timely basis.

Google also messes up when you go to the blogger dashboard and attempt to activate all comments, sometimes failing to show all new ones.

Keep'em classy!

FYI people - the Michael Oher Post is approaching 300+ comments. Interesting reading there for everyone, especially you Desiree.

Since whites are so evil, why would a family like the Tuohys take in a big, scary Black dude and make him one of their own, thereby ensuring he wouldn't be a statistic?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last Anon,

Yes, it was supposed to be about Marcelas (I'm 99 percent sure he spells it with only one L, but I'd have to consult my copy of Freaknomics to be sure).

Good points about losing the attitude when you enter professional world. It is vital to maintain composure and a sense of place in the professional world (this goes for people of all races and creeds).

We live in a society stricken with the cancer of political correctness that has virtually paralyzed civil discourse in America.

Merely pointing out that Marcelas Owens was used by miscreants to deflect any criticism of a bill that revolutionizes America (a strange mixture of socialism, fascism and the continued worship of 13 percent of population).

Black Guy, you'd be surprised to learn my background and although I won't divulge much of it, I was 100 percent opposed to George W.'s wars (both in Afghan and Iraq).

Both have bankrupted the US.

I loathe the Tea Party people. Loathe THEM. They are misguided, because they actually believe the Constitution still matters. It hasn't since the Alien-Sedition Acts of 1802 (might have been 1798, but you get the picture).

The time for legalize is over when the Justice Department is run by AG Eric Holder (well, it's been bad for quite sometime)and we spend RESOURCES hunting down clowns who make silly remarks over a PA at WALMART instead of hunting down real criminals!

Limited Government and a massive overhaul of the welfare system (which Tea Party people want) would harm Black people greatly, thus, by their mere philosophy the Tea Party people are prejudicial.

Racist? No. Racism means the belief in the biological supremacy of one racial group over another.

Tea Party people yearn to be accepted by Black people, to give "cred" to their movement. Black people - outside of Walter Williams and Tom Sowell - scoff at a group of white people holding signs damning Mein Obama for his role in the continued degradation of the US economy and prestige (whether guilty or not).

Anyways, I feel sorry for Marcelas Owens. He has two siblings and is being raised by his grandmother.

Where in the world is the FATHER? Where in the world indeed...

Anonymous said...

I've got a crush on you!

Love your blog, love the way your mind works, wish you lived near me so we could get together for vanilla malted milkshakes followed by a make-out session on my loveseat while watching only the good parts of "American History X".


Anonymous said...

@'Critical Thinker'--

You really are quite ridiculous.

"Late 16th century Japan" had already been raped by white conquerors, so I know where they learned their barbarism. I guess Japan is probably the only colored nation that the white man couldn’t cripple (save the A-bomb)--they are *extremely* intelligent! Go Japan! The Aztecs? No, they are not violent brutes; that is the typical nonsense the white media wants to pump out in order to convince people it was somewhat okay to 'conquer the savages'. Their 'violence' was highly communal. Sacrificial 'victims' willingly participated in the rites to their Sun god and were promised a splendid afterlife with him. Don't give me that crap. I wouldn't be surprised if Europeans made up some of the most terrible things about that highly intelligent and successful civilization (cannibalism is highly misunderstood!). I don’t know too much about Khan. But Africa? Um, yeah--are you really going to compare pre-conquered, tribal Africa to the bloodlust that was in Europe? Are you kidding me?

And you don’t have to buy anything I’m saying; I never said that any of you were uneducated. I only bring up my 'status' because everyone on here thinks black people are ignorant, lazy, violent, not resourceful, etc., etc. I bet you aren’t jealous of me. Why be jealous of a ’well to do’ black when, regardless of any economic hardship, you will always be ’privileged’ and I‘ll always be shit? Hey, I want some of that, too! Every PoC wants some of that! Yes, I realize that I have white blood in my veins--hell, you can tell by looking at me!--and no I’m not ashamed of it. My dad was abandoned by his white father and my grandmother had to flee across the country to give birth to him. Sounds like typical 'slave quarters' shit. I’m BLACK and proud of it.

And why would I be 'proud' that white superiority has infected all corners of the globe and told people who have never encountered black people that we are devils (not to mention that other PoCs think they should worship whites, or be like them at all costs)? Why would I be proud that people think black women are undesirable because of a subjective, racist notion of beauty? No, those are things YOU are proud of! So stand up and applaud at your forefathers’ cleverness; they have rigged the game *well*.

Anonymous said...

@'Silent Running'--

I'M the troll? On a racist blog? Are you kidding me? Okay, I'm a troll just because I have an opinion different from the 'Man's'? Whatever...LOL! And don't inflate your own ego--I'm not angry or filled with rage. I'm just saddened by the fact that individuals such as yourself can't see the reality that this world is changing and if you don't hop on board you're going to get left behind! It is that simple. So, PLEASE get it together and leave the 19th century. And there is no asterisk needed on my education/success, sweetie. Affirmative Action helps people to get positions when they otherwise would be shut out due to racism or cronyism. I personally have not benefited from AA but I'd be willing to if need be. And quit with the ridiculous myths: the vast majority of people who've benefited from AA are equally if not more qualified than the white applicant they were pitted against. Do you *really* think anyone would be stupid enough to hire an underqualified person just because they are the right color? It's possible, I suspect, but highly doubtful...

And let's get one thing straight: I couldn't care less if I don't have comments on my blog. Are you serious?! I started it *10 days* ago and I am not at all concerned with a popularity contest. Ha! I would actually appreciate you not clicking through to my blog, if you don't mind; you people aren't the kind of traffic I want (even if I don’t have/get any)! I seriously doubt the content would be something you'd enjoy anyway. Got it?

Anonymous said...


I said my mother went to Stanford, not me. (I wish!) I do know who Thomas Sowell is but since I’ve ceased to be a brainless puppet only brought out to show how Republicans aren’t racist slime (aka a black conservative), he hasn’t been on my radar. Nor has Larry Elder, Jesse Lee Peterson, Star Parker, Michael Steele, or any of the other successful, self-hating, uppity Negros who believe the only way black people can get ahead is by forgetting 400 years of systematic oppression. Get real. I don’t care about those clowns... It’s surprising that you even respect Sowell since his skin is black. Or do you just hate blacks who question/challenge the status quo?

Anonymous said...


Yes, you might be a girl, which is scary. But in all likelihood you probably are a man. And I won’t talk about penises anymore because it’s obviously a sore subject with too many nuances. But thank you, regardless, for not 'deleting' my comments!

You say I call your 'stats' Hate Facts because I don't like the 'truth': you are dreadfully mistaken; our 'truths' are different: one’s is from experience, the other’s is from books, articles, flyers, or wherever else fiction can be published. If you know anything about studies, the fact is that those funding the studies are going in looking for something in particular and have the ability to skew the results to their liking. Also, "correlation does not equal causation"; that's the damn truth. Anyone can lie with statistics or let the stats lie for them. Think about it.

And I’d have to disagree that America is benevolent. In comparison to what? Ancient Rome? This country has participated in and/or funded so much violence against so-called lesser nations in a remarkably short time frame. Seriously, that is a fact.

I’m scratching my head at your politics! But, nonetheless, as a person of color, a racist (or racialist, if you prefer) view is a racist view; whether or not you like the term, you sound very prejudicial against black people. (Of course there is no genetic/biological supremacy of whites over everyone else! We are ALL the same. I don’t think you’re readers agree with that.)

Anonymous said...


I have never had an abortion nor would I, even if I was raped! How dare you? And I’m not out-of-wedlock, either. Is that supposed to hurt me? Well, it didn’t...

My mother didn’t get a handout to Stanford. She was qualified. Period. How am I wasting my brain? Because I’ve decided to question the status quo of white superiority and not be an Uncle Tom licking the boot of 'massa'? Wow! You people hate any kind of mutiny, huh?

And the only reason African nations are failing to thrive is because of white conquest. Actually look into the struggles going on in Africa; it’s all because of commodities wanted by the West that black people are killing each other. There is no biological drive to kill that is inherent in those people, please. Blacks would be able to govern themselves if it wasn’t for capitalism; not everyone should employ a system that may work for another culture. Capitalism is the root of all evil. It’s greed, buddy! If money and commodities and private property weren’t in the equation, there would be no war!

As far as wieners go, I'm aware of those you listed. I'm always a fan of anomalies...(but that was supposed to be my last pee-pee reference, and it is...)

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I would apologize for confirming some of the posters comments on here, but you yourself decided to bring private parts into this discussion.

As a fan of Howard Stern, I believe no topic is off limits, but your quick decision to play the "P-Card" is a sure sign of an intellectual inability to compete in the realm of ideas.

In regards to your post about us all being the same, I have to just laugh at that public school nonsense.

Once, I could dunk a basketball, but not like a 6'8 NBA player can.

Once, I displayed an aptitude for math and desired to be a pilot.

Do you, dear Desiree, have any idea how many Black people are pilots for major airlines or the military?

Do you, dear Desiree, know how many programs have been started with the stated goal of increasing minority participation among the ranks of pilots?

Read the "Top Gun" entry on SBPDL to learn that truth.

Attacks on capitalism are pathetic... absolutely positively pathetic.

I'd assume the style of government and economic life you'd enjoy living under equates to something similar to the recent incident in Zimbabwe where the carcass of an elephant was attacked "Lord of the Flies" style in a barely human orgy of lust for meat.

Zimbabwe used to be overrun with food when it was called Rhodesia, but the Marxist Mugabe came to power and instituted a policy of feigned indifference to white farmers being exterminated by capitalist-hating Africans.

You reap what you sow.

As much as I loathe Republicans, if every person who voted Republican disappeared tomorrow America would descend into barbarism in 10 minutes.

The same can't be said of every Democrat (White voter or Black voter).

If they disappeared tomorrow, well, I think a lot of people would have a coke.

You... you could have elephant.

Critical Thinker said...

Desiree, have you ever taken a history course?

"Late 16th century Japan had already been raped by white conquerors, so I know where they learned their barbarism."

Are you insane?! Europeans still had not eclipsed Japan or other Asian nations, and only a select few traders (mainly the Dutch) were allowed access into specific Japanese cities (primarily Nagasaki). The first Europeans who arrived in Japan arrived on accident, and in no way were conquerors. I've actually studied Japanese history, and I know that long before the Europeans first arrived, Japanese samurai were very brutal. Sorry, but you're talking out of your rear end.

So the Aztecs were wonderful, huh?

Don't give me that crap. The Aztecs were vicious warriors who conquered and attacked other tribes. Clearly, their neighbors did not think they were so wonderful. Otherwise, they wouldn't have joined Cortez in order to overthrow the Aztecs. Without the assistance of various tribes, there's no way the Spaniards would have conquered the Aztecs. Don't buy into the Mexican myth of the glorious and wonderful Aztecs.

"I don’t know too much about Khan."

Well, isn't that a shocker? I'm sure you also didn't know that Mongol conquests resulted in the decimation of 1/4 of China and Europe's population (although I'm sure you're happy that a large percentage of Europe's population died off).

"Um, yeah--are you really going to compare pre-conquered, tribal Africa to the bloodlust that was in Europe? Are you kidding me?"

If Africa was really so peaceful and prosperous, why did they have to sell Europeans slaves IN THE FIRST PLACE. Also, I knew someone from Zimbabwe, and the Shona people didn't migrate towards what is now Zimbabwe peacefully. There has been bloody tribal warfare throughout Africa's history. I'm also guessing that many African wars were not recorded because most of Sub-Sahara Africa produced few written languages. Besides, look at Africa now. And no, don't give me this "colonialism, imperialism, and plundering of resources" crap. Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places have been colonized, yet they are doing far better than Africans. Africa's most economically productive country is South Africa, which has the greatest number of whites and oppressed African blacks more than anyone else. Despite years of colonialism and plunder, Africa still possesses great natural resources. However, even today, Africa is called "the dark continent" for a good reason.

Of course I know that you aren't personal proud of white accomplishments. I wasn't trying to say that YOU should be proud of any of those things. The point I was trying to make was that blacks on a global scale don't have a ton to be proud of. Despite being the origin of humankind and possessing a dearth of natural resources, Africa allowed itself to be conquered by Europeans, Middle Easterners, and now China's beginning to exercise a certain degree of control over Africa. Europeans, living in harsh climates and with few natural resources, still managed to create lasting civilizations.

In conclusion, had your people been more technologically advanced and better organized, you would be the "privileged" one and I would be the one constantly whining about "oppression."

Critical Thinker said...

Desiree, I believe that affirmative action is overblown and doesn't exist (at least for me, since I live in California). However, after reading your comments, you sound like an affirmative action candidate. You mouth cliches about white racism, butcher history, and constantly use the whole "Muh Dick" line of reasoning (really, what is up with that?).

To all whites out there, Desiree perfectly illustrates why integration is a fraud. No matter how comfortable they are or how much education they receive, blacks like her still constantly whine and disparage this nation. Seriously, if you hate this nation so much, go live somewhere else (not necessarily Africa, but some non-western nation. After all, they must all be benevolent, right?). You won't be missed.

Porter said...

I think too many of the commenters here make the mistake, as many of us do, of anthropomorphizing blacks like "Desiree."

As has been amply demonstrated, she is no more capable of processing your points than would an arboreal bonobo. This to say nothing of her disinclination to respond logically even in those rare instances when a glimmer of comprehension does occur. It's quite literally like arguing with a chimp at the zoo. It will screech back a response, but does anyone really think they're having a conversation?

This is not to dissuade those who wish to rebut her "points" (such as they are), but simply to advise these people to temper their expectations of the dialogue.

B Herder said...

Ya know, what's missing from this whole story is this..
This whole is nothing but a power-grab by the feds to reduce our freedoms even more.

The state of Washington (Of which I am a resident) already has something called 'Washington State Basic Health Care'.. It's a partiality tax dollar subsidized program for low-income people. And I know how it works, as I was on it for 5 years.
Yes, it's a PITA as you are constantly providing proof of income, but on the other hand it's extremely affordable. (NOT free, but something even someone out of work could make payments)
I was paying about $85.00 a month with a $10 co-pay per doctors office visit. $3 prescriptions. The one and only time I used it was for when I was having neck/back problems. $10 for an office visit, which I was then sent to a local hospital for x-rays and an MRI. All covered.

So, this bullshit story of Owens dying because of lack of affordable health care is exactly that. Bullshit.
(And that's aside from all the other bullshit..)

Anonymous said...


Try to keep up with me baby. Daddy never said you had an abortion. Nor did I say anything about you being born out of wedlock.

What I did say, which has nothing to do with your feelings, is that blacks have more abortions and out of wedlock births than whites do. This is just a fact I was stating. Plain and simple. You talked about black accomplishments, So I gave you a couple black "accomplishments" to chew on a bit.

Now as far as questioning the status quo, you have not. You are like any other black who attacks whites for being white. For telling you the facts, and daring to challenge you on these realities. Militant blackness IS the status quo.

On Africa, south africa was doing great under white control, the apartheid. But then the racist, white hating communists, like Mandela , came in and ruined it. Period. Now it is a rotting sess pool of violence, racism, disease, and lawlessness.

Calling capitalism evil shows your lack of history ,and also logic. What do you think made America great and inovative? It was capitalism, evil capitalism. Not socialism, not communism, not dictatorships, kingdoms, tyrants or fairys from the planet peter pan. No, it has always been capitalism. If money and commodities and private property weren’t in the equation, than there would be no freedom, no liberty, no individualism. No constitutional republic called America.


Anonymous said...

@SBPDL-- are saying you're black? If you are than...what a shame... But I don't think you are. Any black person who would maintain a website that attracts racist yahoos is a self-hating disgrace to his own people. I would prefer you to be white; if you were black I'd probably cry...(and, btw, I don't believe for a second that all of those pics of black people on the side of your blog are actually black. There is NO WAY those 'black people' could read this shit and think, 'this is a funny satirical site on black people. oh, look--that is so true!' Nope...)

I said I wouldn't bring up penises again but, to me, everything is symbolic. The fact that every white male reader got up in arms when I mentioned how small you probably were (both literally and figuratively) shows an absolute *obsession* with black men and their 'dreaded' sexuality. I'm talking about power. But whatever...I give up.

Capitalism is bad. Period. I'm not a Marxist and I don't believe in Marx's idea that the predicted end of capitalism would occur in some industrial country. But Capitalism as we all know it is bad. My wish is for people to live communally and everyone have access to the basic necessities needed in today's world: food, clothing, adequate shelter, transportation, healthcare, communication (ie phone, internet), and child care. After that, if people fuck up on their own that is their business. I just don't think that that would happen if ALL people had *equal* opportunities. Our capitalism prevents this. The inability for any type of communism or Marxism to be successful in any country yet is because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; in a nutshell: money and privilege brings about the evil, greedy, murderous streak in man. Why it *still* happened here in America without absolute power and without all the other crap communist nations had to face is telling; capitalism is all about money, privilege, class, etc. so it does not surprise me one bit that slavery, genocide, rapes, and murders happened here, too!

And, just an aside, even if you think I'm 'intellectually inept' in the realm of ideation, I have personally been told otherwise. By white people. But I guess they were just those damned DWLs, right? smh.

Anonymous said...

@ my dear 'critical thinker'-

You have truly 'schooled' me. If I have butchered history, I am sorry; I blame my teachers and my penchance for avoiding the ever-increasingly 'male-centered' History channel, which being documentary whore, I used to watch religiously. Yep, I had no problem mentioning I didn't know jacksquat about Khan because it's true. I do know US history (I took another class of it last semester) but my knowledge is more in Western Civ.

Anyway, let me ask you this: don't you find it a little silly the way people like you who constantly want to inflate the West's superiority above others despite it's history of savagery *always* point to 'someone else' who's *worst*? I know, I IS stupid. My opinion is that on the immediate surface, violence is violence. But what makes the West's brutality worse than others is that they brought racialized notions of 'superiority/inferiority' with them (that is the same distinction between slavery amongst Africans and Europeans' slave trade involving blacks). They conquered peoples of the Americas by sending letters back home detailing how 'different' these peoples were in comparison to homeland and that this 'difference' made them worthy of annihilation. This is fact.

I am NOT disparaging this nation (and I ain't leaving either). I just think you don't like hearing the truth that America (and, by extension, his father Britain and grandfather Europe) has deadly psychological issues which manifested itself in slavery, genocide, rapes and murders. I can't understand why you don't get that! America doesn't have the *right* to be a murderous, greedy asshole just because he thinks Native Americans are cannibal savages who waste their land. Nope.

Why would I hate white people for being 'white'? Are you serious? I am not racist against white people. But if I was considered 'racist', sweetie, it's all reactionary against the bigotry I've faced and my people have faced from whites. If I disliked white people (which is untrue), it wouldn't be for ridiculous things like skin color and pointy noses; it would be because of their unwillingness to give up the psychological power and privilege they've 1. used against PoC, or 2. benefited from that legacy of its usage. In a nutshell: admit your sins, empathetically recognize our pain and history (we were in fucking SHACKLES, dammit!), apologize truthfully, and permit real equality. If you don't want to hear any more 'complaining/whining' then by all means, the floor and mic is yours...

Anonymous said...


First of all, don't belittle me and insult my intelligence by calling me 'baby' or 'silly little thing'. And you aren't my 'Daddy'. That is disgusting fetishitic, slavemaster talk and slightly sexist. The abortion/illegitimacy comment was said in reference to me to not go out and look at aforementioned 'anomalies' because it would inflame my 'ravenous' black sexuality and thus lead to pregnancy and then abortion/illegitimacy. Give me credit, okay? I'm a LOT smarter than you think...

You are defending apartheid? Well, it doesn't surprise me. You'd probably defend the British occupation of India that Gandhi fought against, too. And you don't like MLK, jr. either, right? And if 'militant blackness' was the status quo than USA would look a *lot* different; most black people don't give a rat's ass about helping their people. I don't blame them--it's tough just being black singularly...

And don't be predictably hypocritical either. You can't be a racist and call someone else a racist for 'discriminating' against you or your kind. That is just plain stupid. Black people cannot be racist; racism is an economic system in which racial notions of 'superiority/inferiority' are used as ways to constrain PoC from succeeding. Even if whites are minorities in Africa, they still manage to bring over that racist crap and dominate PoCs. It's effing insane! And white government doesn't work for black people, preiod, be it communism (as we know it to be practiced), our capitalism, etc., etc.

I'm sick of talk of freedom, liberty, and individualism. Those are things 'privilege' gives you, which is off-limits to PoC. Which is why 1984 and Harrison Bergeron-like fables scared the shit out've people in the West. What about real *equality* FIRST?

"Sorry "sweetie" my large white "pecker" doesn't get any sensations at all from negro women, so sorry to ruin your fantasy of White men yearning for Black women. You sound like you have the whole "slavemaster/slave" fantasy thing going on."

OMG, I can't believe I didn't catch this... Oh, yeah, I totally have a fantasy of being raped and treated like an animal. Sure... And I wasn't going to mention dongs but all I'm going to say is you can be anyone on the web...

"I am a woman and I work for a fair housing non-profit law firm in Ohio. Were she an attorney applying to work with us she would not be hired regardless of her education and intelligence. No, this is not because of her race or her gender, as we are a civil rights firm, but because of her attitude. It's great to be a fire-breathing dragon while a college/grad student, and if you wish to remain in academia or become a writer or activist you can stay that way, but it doesn't translate well to other activities where you are expected to behave like a professional."

This is so *frightening* in its irony. A racist working for fair housing? So easy to hide as anonymous on the Internet... And, btw, if you saw my angelic face, big brown eyes, and sweet demeanor, you'd hire me in a flash. Trust me. (Just watch your tea...)

Anonymous said...

Desiree, if you hate this blog so much please feel free to leave and never visit it again. Liberals blacks like you disgust me when you continue to disparage a country that has given you the opportunity to recieve a college education and gives you the freedom to spout off your bullshit "America is an imperialist, racist, totalatarian, blah blah blah blah......" talking points. You say you wont leave America. I know it is because no other country in the world allows it's citizens the freedom that America does. Try criticizing Hugo Chavez while being a Venezualan citizen and see what happens. Blacks have more opportunities to succeed in this country than any other race, and yet most of them choose to become common street criminals. So PLEASE go back to your pathetic little blog and write lefty talking points all you want just stop coming here.


Anonymous said...


You are so right! I think I will go away. I was initially under the assumption that this site was satirical and humorous and written by a black person (!). But the more and more I read I figured out it was none of the above. There is absolutely no point in arguing with fools who yearn to live in the 19th century. I will go back to my 'pathetic little blog' (very childish, btw). SBPDL will never have to confirm my comments again. You all can fester in your hate.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Don't go and don't let others dissuade you from sticking around. Your comments are appreciated (although quickly resorting to penis references is the hallmark of a bad comic or someone standing on shaky intellectual grounds), and would be greatly missed.

Civility should be practiced by all parties invovled in a debate, and here at SBPDL, we have some interesting commentors.

I never said you were "intellectually inept", I stated that resorting to attacks on a perceived lack of anatomical length was a sure sign of such a deficiency.

Stick around. You might learn something and even if you disagree with points made, you can better formulate defenses of your position by aruging CIVILY with other people.

Anonymous said...


Now me calling you baby or silly little thing is me being a slave master, LOL. Okie dokie pokie. Whatever your perpetual victimhood self says. I forgot, that with every thing a white person says or does toward a black, it automatically goes back to slavery. Yeah, because you know about slavery, don't you? Spare me.

Ofcourse I am defending apartheid. Anyone who is logical and fair can see that south africa was far better under white rule. That is just common sense. And you are right, I don't like MLK. The man was a plagiarist, adulterer, drunkard, communist, phoney christian, and possible bisexual. He is a black myth that never existed. A charlaton that blacks worship like a demi god.

You are right, you cannot be a racist and call someone else a racist. So stop calling me a racist. The truth is not racist. I am not a racist. I am a truth teller, a humanitarian if you will. You might also want to look up the definition of racism. I did not see it excluse any race from being racist. Anyone can be a racist. Blacks just get away with it more.

No government works for black people. They are uncontrollable. But the white government was the best thing for Africa. Now whites have to live in fear from racist attacks against themselves by the black savages. Africa is a sess pool because of blacks, not whites. Whites kept it under control and had order. Now is the time of chaos for the dark savages.

If you have a thing against freedom, liberty, and individualism, then don't live in America. Move to cuba, aouth africa, socialist canada or europe, venezuela, russia, or some other better country more in line with your ideals. Since POC are treated so badly here. I also think your idea of equality is hand outs and affirmative action. Not true equality where a person is judged and treated strictly on their character. no, you are a , "I wants mine" type. Whites owe you nothing tho.


charlie sierra said...

"Black people can't be racist". That comment alone shows the effect of years of an "education" from a system that indoctrinates Blacks into believing that they are forever entitled just because of their race. And it shows the Black persons default argument which is, as Desiree has so aptly shown, racism. It's a knee jerk reaction caused by years of a revised liberalism in regard to history. And yes you're the one who started the whole "gherkin" subject, a myth that you can discover yourself merely by visiting the LPSG (Large penis support group) website where you'll find more extra large white "Dills" than you can shake your "booty" at. You're right though about one thing, one can be anyone on the net. I choose to be truthful as anything else is boring. But you never answered my question about how the Blacks spiritually enslaved themselves forever by adopting their slavemasters religion and rejecting their African religion(s). One would think that as a White-hater you would be the first to jump ship in regard to your "massa's" religion. Curious. One more thing, when you said that you don't have "White wimmens" hair, and it's all natural, that's usually code for "I do have White "wimmens" hair", or maybe you just can't afford it. The cost of textbooks these days I guess. Didn't your own Chris Rock just have a major film about just such a racial follicular neurosis? Keeping it "real"? I think not.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't believe I'm doing this when I said I wasn't coming back. Damn my ridiculous need to get some kind of last word in! (Curiosity killed the cat!)


I was under the assumption that I was indeed being civil (shrugs shoulders). Civility went out the window for people who immediately called me a 'chimp' and said that blacks were inferior and savages! And you are naysaying at me for mentioning penises?! Penis references are disliked for one reason: men are obsessed with their members and when they are called out for being 'small', they get mad. I was trying to be symbolic, but, hey, I, too, have my deficiencies (which has nothing to do with intellect or debate) with clarity.

I think this may be it for me. I bet my comments would be missed. Your commentors love to have a black body to sink their fangs into, especially since agreeing is boring. But I won't give them that. They are too effing ignorant and painfully thick. Don't miss the forest for the trees, people!

Anonymous said...

@charlie sierra--

You are delusional. First of all I don't believe Christianity is the white man's religion. White people didn't write the Bible, Jesus wasn't white. Blacks accepting Christianity, to me, does not equate 'spiritual enslavement'. Since when did Christianity become white? I didn't get that memo. The bad thing is that so-called white Christians used the religion to try and train black Africans, as they did with Native Americans. *Everything* is used as some kind of weapon, isn't it? ugh...

As for the 'large penis support group' website, you are proving my point. Please understand this: anomalies (which are what these men are since they even NEED a fucking support group [!]) do not equal the end of a so-called myth. Are you serious?

As for having white women's hair, I don't. I think you're making yourself look pretty stupid talking about things you don't know about. I don't, nor have I ever, wore a weave. Are you thrown by my avatar? She has braids! If I wanted a weave I can afford it *easily* but I was blessed with so-called 'good hair' that it isn't a necessity to wear weaves like it is for other misguided black women.

And I'm not a 'white hater'--yeah right! I'm a truth teller just like you and CWN. A 'humanitarian', if you will. We just have opposing notions of race and policy; one's is from reality, the other's is from blinding privilege and a pathetic romanticization of America's violent racial history.


Anonymous said...


Yes, you were behaving in a way typical of your forefathers. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem in which he referred to Africans as 'half-devil, half-child'. That is how I see what you were doing, belittling my intelligence with gagagoogoo baby talk. Don't give me that shit. At least be intellectually honest!

I know I was never a slave, and thank goodness for that! It does always go back to slavery, yep, 'slavery's legacy'. The legacy that YOU benefit from and I don't. If you can't get your mind around that (which wouldn't surprise me; privilege is blinding) then there is no hope for you.

Like I said before, racism is an economic system. Even if a black person was 'racist', what power do they hold? If Keisha said, 'I fucking hate white people! Fuck you, white devil!' it's just words. That white victim of 'racism' can still go back to there cushy suburb and be all that they can be. That is not the case for PoC. YOU guys have all the power; what would be mere distasteful discrimination for us becomes institutionalized violent hatred and systematic shutting out of opportunities. Keisha's hatred of whites doesn't mean that she can bar them from jobs, force them to act a certain way, or transmit a certain stereotype about them all around the globe. Nope, all she has is words and no power. If you don't get that, you are THICK-HEADED.

I'm a Malcolm X fan. I recognize MLK's accomplishments but X is the best. I never said MLK was perfect; X at least had the balls to practice what he preached.

I don't want to talk about Africa anymore. It was better before the white man came. Period. That was the black man's continent and Europe's undying greed told them it was okay to beat down the people and collect the spoils. That's not okay. Black people are 'savages'? Um...yeah, that's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black... As per the norm, you always have to finger point instead of accepting your sins. Violence is violence. No one deserves to be killed, white or black or brown or yellow. And my idea of good order, which I like order, is not in separating indigenous peoples in shantytowns. That's not nice.

I have nothing against liberty, freedom, or individualism. I just want equality first, through how ever way that may come. We can to that other shit later. Your idea of equality works only in the white world, where everything is colorless and status quo. It wouldn't work in the real world where there are still class distinctions and institutionalized racism. Get. Real.

Annie Oakley said...


I might have some respect for your comments but I see that you’re missing some important points in black/white race relations.

There is very little reciprocity in black and white relations. Point in case – the gruesome murders of that white couple in Knoxville 3 years ago. Those 2 young kids were brutally raped and tortured and died a horrible senseless death.

Had that been reversed where 5 white boys brutally raped and murdered a black couple, shit would have hit the fan in a big way. I really do believe there would have been massive race riots similar to the Rodney King debacle in 1992.

Tawanna Brawley later admitted that she lied about the rape case. No media outcry, just another day in the life.

Most black people voted for Obama because he was black, not because he was the right candidate. And as far the health care debacle? I do not want to pay for other people’s healthcare. You have no right to my money. But just to set the record straight, I didn’t like Bush or Reagan or some of these other idiotic right wing republicans who sent our young men into senseless wars where they’re just cannon fodder.

Black people are not the only ones who have been oppressed, Native American Indians, Mexicans, Jews, Asians, you name it, and all races have been the victim of some sort of genocide. But here’s the thing, black people and many other non-whites, LIVE IN THE WOUND. They never get over it. It’s like the 12 steppers who are addicted to twelve step meetings and constantly go on and on about their “addiction”. It’s really quite sickening.

We’ve all eaten some serious shit. I have. I’ve been homeless, bankrupt, lost a spouse and a mom in the same year, but yet I moved on. Sure I was angry for a while but what purpose is it?

I saw all these white women adopting Haitian kids. Where were all the famous black stars (who have plenty of money) that could have adopted these little kids? I didn’t see a one! What country is the first country to jump to other nation’s aid in times of trouble? The US! Hollywood went out of their way to help those in Hurricane Katrina but when the folks in Iowa had massive floods, Brad Pitt was nowhere to be found. My hometown in OK was decimated by a tornado in 2008. Brad Pitt was MIA. Why? Because Iowa and my hometown were comprised of mostly poor working class white people. People that liberal pukes like Pitt don’t think deserve our help.

That’s the key issue I have with black people. I’ve TRIED being friends with Mexican and Black women, it never worked. The race card always came up (on their dime, not mine) so I finally said screw it, I’ll only befriend women in my tribe, it’s not worth the hassle. (Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of whacked out white girls). I’m one of the sweetest kindest women you’ll ever meet. I’d give you the shirt off of my back, but for the most part, many non-whites are fucking ungrateful and will cut their nose off to spite their face. That is what I’m sick of.

Anonymous said...

Good comment, Annie Oakley. My dealings black people and the putrid double standards with regards to racial issues have very much influenced my feelings towards black people.
Desiree, you, and most blacks will forever use slavery and discrimination as a crutch to explain away your personal and community shortcomings.
Where is your outrage for modern day slavery, still very prevalent in several African countries? Where is your indignation towards the African who captured and sold your ancestors into slavery? Where, especially, is your anger towards the Arabs for their much longer, deeper and more brutal involvement in the African slave trade? As whites are not the perpetrators in these cases, I do realize they do not interest you.

Anonymous said...

@annie oakley--

Honestly, you can go on a long violin sonata about white experiences and hardships (you sound like Bill O'Reilly!). That's fine, except it doesn't even come close to what we, as PoC, experience every day.

I would love to not have to be followed in a store or not to be the last person to be helped in my biology lab by the TA just because of irrational assumptions based on my color. Even if you have the shittiest day ever, you will still be higher than me. Do you know how it feels to go into a store you've spent hundreds of dollars in and still be looked at like some lowlife, sneaky black girl teenager who'd pocket merchandise if someone doesn't trail her? It is fucking humiliating and it smacks you back into reality: no matter how much money you have, you are still just an 'n-word'.

"Rodney King debacle"? Yeah, I know I wasn't around then (I was a toddler) but I've seen the tapes and read books and seen documentaries: the man was beaten by over a dozen cops and they got off because an all-white jury has a hard time NOT associating black with criminal.

That couple getting killed was absolutely disgusting. No disagreement there! What I don't understand is how the perpetrators were charged with 18 counts of murder and 20 counts of rape EACH? How can you kill a person more than once? I mean, it's excessive. But that is *the* story of our justice system. You can't just bring up extremes and act like that is the norm; it's disingenuous. But, once again, that is typical of people with their 'privilege goggles' on.

As for 'living in wounds', we'd love to heal. It's just that white people, while trumpetting that we have come 'so far' in terms of race thus we should ignore it, still manage to remind us of our place, which is BENEATH them.

I don't mean to be rude, but, if you talked with your black and mexican women friends like the way you commented here, it is no surprise that they 'brought up race'. What you guys don't understand is 1. PoC, because of history, are deeply suspicious of whites, and 2. this suspicion leads us to analyze every intention you guys have. It's true, not to mention subtle racism is a bitch!

charlie sierra said...

First of all Desiree the only thing I've done that could be termed "delusional" is to try to reason with a person who is a product of our current revised-history "educational" system. So you're saying the slaves that were brought to America were already Christian and weren't converted by their enslavers belief system? White Cristians attempted to "save" them as per the tenets of their theology. The point that you're are missing here is that they denied their original African root religion's Gods. Pretty serious, and laughably ironic considering how "holy roller" and fervent many Black Christians act today. As for LPSG the way you've been talking about "gherkins" and having your delusions that White men desire Black females combined with your underlying thoughts of sexual confusion, as per your allusions to a "Massa/slave" fantasy, merely point out your curiosity on the subject. Help is available for these issues. And myths do in fact end when there is overwhelming evidence to support their negation, therefore your "anomaly" charge is ridiculous. I see the whole "hair thing" is a tender spot for you and again, don't feel any less a "woman" just because you aspire to have "good hair", most of your "sistahs" feel the same way and it's nothing to feel ashamed about. And finally I've never professed to belive that America's violent past was anything but. That's what people of your mindset don't realize, it's called history, not perfect, but let's move on. All races, including Caucasions, have been enslaved in the past and in fact still are to this day. Many Blacks like to use past events as just another way to garner sympathy, money, etc. It's a racial neurosis of entitlement, combined with a Liberal-agenda style "education" of a re-written history that focuses on all things "racist". So in closing, I think, as a taxpayer that probably helped pay for your bogus(i.e. invalid in regard to factual reality)"education" by way of still another Black-entitlement (not merit) program, I'd like my money back!

Anonymous said...

@charlie sierra--

Disregarding the risk of sounding completely 'middle school', you are a dumbass. There, I said it. The fact that you *continually* bring up 'penises' again and again to invalidate everything I say afterward is telling of someone with a serious inability to to get past mental roadblocks. Get past it! I'll even hold your hand if you need me to! And, as I said above, you're the one with the delusions, having the delusion that I'm desperately holding onto some kind of fantasy about white men and black women.; where I come from, people date whomever they want and I *hope* it has nothing to do with fetishes. I don't give a shit about white men and if one comes along who's respectful, not ignorant, and has a good head on his shoulders, sure, I'll give it a go! Because I'm not a racist freak like most of the commentors who hover around this site like a poisonous cloud (even though the proprietor of said site could be seen as running the industrial smokeshop). Re: Christianity, you need to read what I wrote again (like you will) CLEARLY. As for me having 'good hair', you show your complete lack of knowledge on the subject. The term 'good hair' DOES NOT just refer to 'straight' hair; there are categories ranging from straight to wavy to looser curls. Because of the large portion of white blood I have in me via my Caucasian grandfather, I just happen to be in one of these 'good hair' categories. But what's the point of me explaining shit to you; you have too many mental hangups. And don't attack my education; it's quite ridiculous, really. Even if I got an entitlement, I wouldn't be ashamed of it. But this country ain't what it used to be; I wish I could've got in for free because of blackness. Who wouldn't want a free education? I think it's tragic that you are of the opinion that any 'educated' black person got that way through an entitlement. So, only whites can be educated legitimately? OK, let's ignore the snooty rich white kids who get into Ivy League schools just because daddy and mommy can pay. *rolls eyes* In sum, I think you need to get out more, and by 'out more' I mean meet some real fucking black people. Don't just sit and watch BET.

Anonymous said...


Why, in diffusing the guilt over America's brutal slave trade, does someone always have to bring up the 'Arab Slave Trade' argument? The 'Intra-African Slave Trade' argument? Why does it always have to go into the "Well, they are worse!" finger-pointing bullshit? That is a typical derailment mechanism in discussing race relations in America. And it's *painfully* pathetic. What does either have to do with the institutionalized racism here in America? I usually try to avoid answering questions with questions but DAMN! Anyway, if you, like Annie Oakley, have ever approached a black person (or PoC) wielding your privilege like a badge of honor or a weapon than no doubt your experiences were negative. But it's patently ridiculous to let your past negative experiences (I'm guessing this will go on your list) keep you away from black people or even lump us all into one boat! As for a 'slavery/discrimination' clutch, this country has yet to apologize for slavery. They've rightly given apologies to the Japanese and their progeny who were interned, even given them money. They've rightly supplied Native Americans and their progeny with *massive* entitlements! But no one has apologized to the people who built this country with their blood, sweat, and tears! How come we haven't recieved reparations? Surely, this country would be nothing that it is today without the forced slave labor that allowed the US to get rich on things like tobacco, sugar, and cotton. Nope, all we get is the LEGACY of slavery, with its arbitrary notions of beauty (to which we are at the bottom), confining definition of privilege (to which we are shut out despite social class), and ugly, media-created caricatures of blackness that are transmitted throughout the world. The only half-assed 'gift' we've gotten is black history month and MLK day. Slavery's legacy benefits whites and I'm sorry you don't 'get it'.

What is the point? These dialogues have ceased providing me any pleasure, becoming desperately tedious (they used to be somewhat delicious). You all are deranged, racist bubble-people in need of a reality check.


Annie Oakley said...

Desiree - I thought you weren't coming back. You're either a self-hating black lady, a machochist or incredibly naive.

I was nothing but respectful to in my post to you. Instead of debating back in a respectful manner you chose the low road and tried to make me look a whiner.

Ok - that's fine. You're a PRIME example of the angry black young female who has a chip on her shoulder. Sad for you. That is precisely why young black men like young white women. We're nicer. You know it and I know it.

Oh as far as the racist card goes? I'm not a racist. I'm a racial realist. I believe the races should be separated and live separately. I'd be very happy if I never saw another non-white person in my life.

charlie sierra said...

Sorry Desiree but you've only proven by yet another strident diatribe that you cannot grasp what I and others here have been trying to educate you about. And guess what? By all your comments in reference to "good hair" merely points out your very own belief that a Black woman's hair is in fact not "good hair". I think you just pissed off a whole lot of "sistahs". Oh the irony, ha! And no, I didn't waste time reading your post again but I did read mine again and must say I scored some valid KO discussion points to which you have yet to give a convincing or valid rebuttal. Your debate tactics need a lot of help. Pay special attention to the "broken record" category of debating errors.

ChelaBela said...

ok, I am breaking my commenting Cherry on this blog, so hear goes....

I know that people may attack me for my grammer, my intellect, my views, my grammar but this is so worth it because this site invokes thought, and this what so many people hate... People thinking and having an opinion. This is my opinion and mine alone and I think that this what makes this country so great is that I am allowed to have it and voice it as I please.

I am an American Indian woman by the age of 31, I have served in the Marine Corps for 7 years.

I fought for this exact reason for the right and prividge for people to have an opinion and to have the right to voice it. I gave my time for people to live life as they please and to believe in what they truly and honestly believe. I have no angst against people who have truly offensise opinions because they have their right here in America. Like no other country in the world they are allowed to have these opinions and are allowed to voice them as they please.

To the person (or persons) who created this blog, I thank you... You have truly created something that is thought provoking and opinionated... I can honestly appreciate that.

As far as the subject for this of health care remand... I find it discusting, self righteous, and entitled for the rest of the hard working person to have to pay for your health care. (whether you are black, white, chinese, indian, or whatever) There are options that people can find if they are looking to truly help themselves but there are so many people that are oh so willing to demand a hand-out.

I can respect a "hand-up" for people that are truly in need but there are so many people that feel that they are entitled to a "hand-out" because the color of their skin.

For this reason I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by generation "me" for feeling they are entitled for some other hard working person to pay for something that they haven't work for or earned. Regardless of race,creed, religion or gender.

If you want something then you should earn it and not expect it. There are so many people in this country (let alone this world) that have) worked hard for what they have. (regardless of what gender, race, or religion)

I think the lesson of the world isn't fair should be remembered in this; the world isn't fair and no logical person should expect it to be so... Expecting a handout and expecting your entitled a** to be treated the same as people who actually who actually work their a** off to get where they are...

The world or this country doesn't owe you s*** no matter what happened to your ancestors (the terrible atrocities of slavery didn't happen to you) Nor does this country owe you reparations for slavery... The past is the past and any person expecting a paycheck for something for something that didn't happen to them directly is stupid entitlement(could you sue someone nowawadays for some crime that was committed to their great-great-grandma? It didn't happen to you personally... so get over it) I feel this for black people as I do for all American Indian people.

The world doesn't owe you crap... the white man isn't out to get you (every color is their own worst enemy... crabs in a barrel)

I appreciate outward racists for one truly remarkable reason... they say what they believe and they believe what they say, I live in the North right now and I am so sick of people who smile in your face, vote for what is popular, even though that is not what they believe... They talk behind your back and have no interest in this 'colorblind' bs that they preach...

I am racist... I hate hypocrites, dishonest people, and people who don't have the b**** to stand up for what they believe in.... AT LEAST THE KKK HAVE THE AUDACITY TO REALLY SAY WHAT THEY MEAN, MEAN WHAT THEY SAY AND HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY IT OUT LOUD

Anonymous said...


You belittle your own intelligence. I don't need to do it for you. With all of the outlandish black babble that you write.

I benefit from slavery? I would love to know how exactly. Did Oprah benefit from slavery? OR maybe Bill Cosby? Did Dave Chapelle or Denzel Washington? I guess not, just my white ass did. I get my slavery check every month, and it really helps. Damn, I am lucky. Too bad your mother was held back as a result of slavery. Not getting to go to any good school or anything.

I love that tho. Even if a black person is racist, it does not matter because they hold no power. Altho their whining seems to hold tons of power to me. Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, Nation of Islam. None of them have power. And ofcourse all whites have power. Yes, I have tons of power. Your absurdity is breath taking. Black logic for you.

Malcolm X was just another racist of his day. Like any other militant, white hating, black thug. He got what he deserved.

If you don't want to talk about Africa, then don't bring it up, with your absurd statements.I wonder tho, did europe's greed, also cause the black savages to hunt and sell each other into slavery? Or was that just them being Africans? Blacks were spear chucking and drinking zebra piss, when the advanced white man came to build up Africa into something useful. Now we see what blacks do to their own country. Whites did not make south africa into a sess pool. Blacks did.

I agree with you tho about equality. I as a white person want equality too. Not color based affirmative action and race baiting. Not black racism.


Anonymous said...

@annie oakley:

Yeah, I know I said I was going and I should go. I think I might be slightly masochistic; I must enjoy squeezing blood from recalcitrant stones more than I realize. Debating racists beats *arguing* with Michael Jackson fans any day of the week times ten! Please don't confuse my reappearances with anger--that's is so cliche. I just like playing with you all! And how on God's green earth would you even *think* I'm self-hating? LMFAO at that one! You live a rich fantasy life!
If I offended you, I apologize. But truth be told, I just didn't give a fuck. Sorry.
But I do want to add something: What the hell is with white racists claiming black men? I know that white men have a weird, unreciprocated homoeroticism towards black men. I know this, we all know this. It's why around your neck of the woods, white lynch mobs cut off black penises; they are obsessed. But what would a female 'racial realist' need with a black man? Do you want him, too, just as badly as your 'racial realist' white men? I know, I know, the black man *is* quite alluring with his unparalleled physical strength and chocolate colored skin. Yes, use your tired fetishes for the black man as a way to insult me. Guess what? A black man can date whoever he wants! I don't really give a shit. As for 'who's nicer', I don't have time for any pathetic man who wants me to be a submissive housekeeper. You can be that, though, all day long. And, no, you are a racist; funny how even racists hate there own descriptor. Hmm...

@charlie sierra:

What more can I truly say to you? You call me redundant when it is with you I need continually go over ever damned point over and over again. Don't mention hair again, you silly fool, and I won't mention dicks. *yawn* You absolutely bore me! The catnip has officially wore off! Have a nice fucking life being a racist git.

charlie sierra said...

Again, Desiree, your flawed logic is apparent for all to see. Why don't you stop embarrassing yourself? Sorry I exposed your own self-hatred towards your nappy hair. You just can't seem to get over your disease/racial neurosis of wanting, more than anything in the world to have "good hair" as you call it. Get over it already. We expect you to have nappy hair, embrace it. You brought up "dicks" in your very first post. I bet you can't tear your eyes away from the parade of myth-busting large White "dicks" on the LPSG web site, but I won't tell anyone about your guilty pleasure. And finally it's called race REALIST, not racist, but judging by your rabidly anti-White views and tremendous sense of self entitlement/victimization, yeah I guess I do feel superior to you. But not because you're Black, just incorrectly programmed. When you learn the REAL history of man, come back and post some coherent viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

omg desiree: i didn't know it was this bad....the person who created this blog couldn't be black after what he said about mj...beacause lord know blacks have been by mj's side 4ever.
And yes...there are a bunch of hicks on the website, who are obsessed with blacks.
someone previously said they don't see black suceeding, well they must be blind, because you know what, im 17 and on my way to college...going to be a psych major or maybe sociology so i can figure out some of these dillusional fools.

Anonymous said...

desiree:don't let them get to you and please don't hold the rest of the white population accountable for these hicks.
I go to a diverse school, full of closet bigots like the previous comentators. they're closet bigots because they express themselves behind the safety of a computer screen and aren't bold enough to express themselves publicly.
they're hicks because they refuse to see us as individuals or in a positive light. They're just spouting out rhetoric and stereotypes while ignoring our nations history. They think they are better than us simply because we're black and they're not, when there is probably nothing smart, rich, or prestigious about them at all. they are just regular middle class americans like us except for the fact that they stalk blacks and jackoff to release they're pent up anger at night. Desiree:
notice how they called you a chimp as soon as they notice you were a black person with an opinion. i mean isn't that just sad, immature and ridiculous? notice how they stereotyped africans when africans(ethiopians and somolians) are most likely to get a post-graduate(ph.d) degree more than any group in america. I mean its sad really. I am surrounded by racism a lot. Today at lunch i overheard some white boys talking about blacks and calling them criminals. what did i do to deserve this? i am individual. I don't take my anger out on all white people as much as i deal with racism on the internet and in real life. i see them as individuals. How come they can't do the same for us? Maybe, they just can't think at that capacity.

Anonymous said...

wow the more i read the sadder and more pathetic it gets...i didn't even read all these essays initially, i just saw a few sentences and noticed the problem right away. desiree: i don't even understand why you put up with this mess....just ignore the inevitable:that racist will be racist and they're not going to change their ways or see past their whiteness. it's so sad, and the media has the nerve to say were "post-racial".

"livin in america"-james brown

Abe Stinkin' said...

Poor, single black female Desiree. There is a 56% chance that you have herpes, according to the CDC. For starters, in response to your childish and repulsive comments, I don't "jack off" to black on white porn, I find the idea of a white woman with a black man to be the most vile, disgusting act imaginable. I am horrified and puzzled by it, especially in light of black std rates and the disgusting appearance and smell of black males. Since I am an athletic, 6 foot 5 alpha male, I am constantly hit on by white as well as black women who know I could whip the shit out of any three gangbangers on the planet at the same time, so I wouldn't know how to jack off and I don't watch porn of any kind. I wouldn't touch Carmen Electra or Kim Kardashian with a ten foot pole, nor would I demean myself to even look at their soiled visages.

But, regarding the obligatory "muh dikk" issue, the point is that negroes are often simple minded fools who always revert to the impossible to prove either way "muh dikk" thesis in literally every argument that they start. It is silly, it is childish and it is indicative of low i.q. WE are not obsessed with it, YOU are, YOU are the one who brought it up and we are laughing at you about it; the chronic tendency of blacks to revert to the "muh dikk" comment is central to our philosophy about black maturity levels and intelligence. You have made a "muh dikk" comment in literally every post you have made; that is very telling.

As far as the parroted Marxist drivel in your nowhere published or peer reviewed "paper" regarding applying "culturally biased" testing to outside cultures goes, thats just horseshit that is only stated by brainwashed libtard grad students and ashamed blacks. Black crime and STD rates in America, not "outside cultures" provide substantial corroboration for the black i.q. statistics that seem to exist all over the world. Its interesting that this i.q. deficit does not exist anywhere in the world where there is no substantial black population. That type of correlation shatters your psuedo intellecutal grad school jargon. Go back to your elementary stats book and you'll understand this simple fact. If this is not a one to one correlation I don't know what is. Moreover, why are black i.q. scores, grades, SAT scores and the like in THIS culture so much lower than every other racial group? Since I have done a vast amount of mental health law, education law and civil committment proceedings, as well as death penalty cases where i.q. testing is essential at the sentencing phase, I am very well versed in how these tests are created and normed; I am very well versed in the work of psychometrics within the context of the Stanford Binet and Wechsler i.q. tests as applied to a myriad of disparate populations. I am also well versed in the irrestible impulse test and the M'Naghten Rule. I know a thing or two about mental testing of all kinds and how it is applied in the real world. In short, your 3rd year undergrad cookie cutter libtard argument about cultural bias is nonsense that is not taken seriously by psychometricians and no court has ever taken judicial notice of this unproven libtard psychobabble. It is a discredited marxist theory, nothing more. I.Q. tests are always put into understandable language and they test universally uniform and predictable patterns of cognitive activity which can be reliably measured within any human brain. The work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Africa is dispositive here. I know your amateur pseudo intellectualism for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Livin' in America? James Brown used to beat the shit out of his women. I wouldn't hold him up as an example of black genius were I you, Jail Velveeta Speaks Out.

Anonymous said...

using statistics, sterotypes, and rhetoric to support ignorance and hatred..

sad sad sad

and what the heck is "jail velveeta" wow how offensive....sarcasm*

Abe be Stinkin' Dawg, he be keepin it reel Yo said...

Statistics are truth, Shaniqua, no matter how far the FBI goes to sanitize them in favor of blacks, such as, for example, including hispanics as caucasians to skew the numbers. Ignorance is the denial of these truths. Black misuse of the word "ignorance" does not magically change the meaning of that word nor the reality of black pathologies as proven by black crime, STD and i.q. statistics compiled the world over. The reason that people dislike your people is that these statistics show a reality and a pattern of unparalled barbarism, violence and evil that is out of all proportion to your representation of the population. I would say that 6% of the population committing 70% of all violent crime and 60% of the murders would suggest "hate" at minimum. Moreover, the fact that blacks are 50 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa would suggest "hate" also. Your people are committing a virtual genocide against my people and we are not even allowed to comment on it. Blacks are the most racist beings on the planet and everyone knows it. Their violent, destructive behavior is so insanely out of proportion that these statistics can't even come close to putting it into perspective. Moreover, the atrocity of hip hop is destroying Western culture like a retrovirus. Your people are destroyers, not builders and we are sick of you and we are sick of blacks who raise a militant fist while claiming preference with the other, all on whitey's dime.

Anonymous said...

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957