Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Told You the Walmart Message for "Black People to leave the Store" Would Become National News

It was merely a prank, one in poor taste like the dropping of cotton balls or engaging in a Compton Cookout, but a prank nonetheless.

But the audacity of hopelessness displayed by the villain who dared to utter "Attention: all Black people please leave the store," at a Walmart in New Jersey has become national news, for a post-racial world is but a pipe-dream now:

Victoria Arter was stunned by the loudspeaker announcement.

"Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers," she recalled hearing the calm male voice begin. "Will all the black people please leave the store. Thank you."

Her shock turned to anger, Arter said, when more than five awkward and frightening minutes elapsed before management at the Wal-Mart in Turnersville came on the public address system.

"We waited and waited. Some people just left their carts in disgust and said they couldn't believe it," said Arter, an African American woman who was shopping at the store on Route 42 when the announcement was made shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is cooperating with the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office and Washington Township police, which are investigating the event as a possible racial-intimidation crime. More than 10 African Americans have signed a complaint with police.

"We're just as appalled by this as anyone," said Ashley Hardie, a spokeswoman for the discount-store chain, "and anyone who did this was wrong."

Law enforcement is examining surveillance tapes inside the store. But the P.A. system can be accessed from 25 telephones in the building, and not all are within camera range, said Bernie Weisenfeld, spokesman for the prosecutor.

The 24-hour superstore has about 700 employees, many of them part-time, and some of the store's phones are accessible to the public, Weisenfeld said.

Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charged Sam's Club, which is owned by Wal-Mart, with violating federal law by allowing a work environment hostile to Latino employees. Since the 1990s, the EEOC has filed about 60 additional discrimination actions against Wal-Mart.

"This is despicable," Phil Warner, coordinator of the NAACP's chapters in South Jersey, said of the announcement. "It's 2010, and we're still facing those issues."

Warner said he hoped Wal-Mart would take quick action if the person responsible for the announcement can be identified.

"Whether it was a prank or whether it was serious, the level of insensitivity is apparent and is a reminder there's still a need for people to work toward decency and equality," said James E. Harris, president of the New Jersey NAACP Conference.

Murders, rapes and actual crimes are unworthy of discussion. The very same day the insidious message was played over the PA system at Walmart, a gentleman exercising hospitality by holding open a door was beaten (life-threateningly) by two Black individuals:

A 63-year-old convenience store patron is not expected to survive after being severely beaten outside a San Bernardino convenience store, police said Monday.

They are asking for help identifying two men who attacked Nathan Macon at 6 p.m. Thursday as he stood outside Jimmy's Food at Base Line and Medical Center Drive on the city's Westside.

Macon was holding the door open for the suspects when one made an unknown comment toward him, said San Bernardino police Sgt. Dave Dillon. Words were exchanged and the two men began punching Macon, knocking him to the ground outside the store.

The Associated Press and ABC News have picked up on the horrifying story of people's ear drums being violated with racist demands (in jest), while the news of a hospitable act turned attempted homicide is met with silence.

Harmless messages that would normally supply fodder for late night comics becomes the grounds for initiating a bias crime (what the hell is that?) task force to stamp out evil whenever it may manifest at a Walmart near you...

Stuff Black People Don't Like has found the ultimate story to prove Black Run America's (BRAs) existence to anyone still doubting its reality.

You are advised to stop pulling any pranks that deal with "punking" Black people, for daring to Punk'd them will only turn you up in the growing list of usual suspects for a Bias Offense, an Orwellian term for violating any provision set forth by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of BRA.

Below is an actual story from a NATIONAL media source (ABC NEWS, not The Onion) detailing this horrible crime.


Anonymous said...

Strange... Walmart's stock has taken a small dive since all of this negative publicity.

B Herder said...

Play a joke at Walmart and everyone starts running around like Chicken Little. Be a nice guy and maybe pay with your life.
I can't help but wonder if the old guy holding the door open was just steps in front of the two HOODLUMS and thought to himself 'Maybe I better not let the door slam shut in their face or I might be in for an ass-kickin that may send me to the hospital'..
My only advice would be for anyone who can get a Concealed Weapons Permit, to do so and don't hesitate to pack.
Personally.. At 54 years of age, I'm a little on the downhill side of being able to defend myself without a little 'help'.. And I'm sure as shit not gonna be a 'victim' for being nice.

Anonymous said...


You said: "Walmart's stock has taken a small dive since all of this negative publicity."

I see the exact opposite. It looks like the stock has gone up to me! The intercom incident occurred Sunday March 14th. The last trading day prior to the intercom incident was Friday March 12th the stock closed around $53.90. On Monday the 15th it shot up! The stock went up over $1 and closed around $55.42! Then on Tuesday it closed around $56/share. It is still hovering over $55.50 a share which is still higher then $53.90/share where the stock closed at on Friday. The stock went up Monday mostly do to Citi upgrading their position on Walmart from a hold to buy. It is convenient how you left Monday out of your graph and what was happening in the stock before the incident occurred. You waited until people started taking profits off the table from the effect that Citi's upgrade had on the stock. The effects of Citi's upgrade peaked on Tuesday and now the stock is coming back in a little. Seems like a normal trading pattern to me and this incident has had little to no effect on the stock! This news of this intercom incident hit the news quickly and Walmart executives apologized on Monday and WMT still went up on Monday! Not that a former Specialist from the Chicago Stock Exchange would know anything about stocks! So here is a little more truthful graph:;range=5d

Porter said...

"Law enforcement is examining surveillance tapes"

Examining surveillance tapes for what pray tell? What does law enforcement have to do with this? Has a crime been committed? If so, under what statute?

But mere written laws are not the controlling factors for law enforcement these days. No, what actually drives police work is whether and to what degree a black has been offended. Thus the Walmart incident is a "crime" since blacks were offended. If the announcement had asked whites to leave the store there would be no police presence: no blacks were offended.

I wonder if whites will ever grasp what is happening to them--until, well, it happens to them.

Anonymous said...

I am a black woman and this is the most asinine thing I've heard. Why the heck would one want to get up all up in a tizzy because one individual in the whole wide world grabbed a PA and spouted out something quite harmless.

Who the heck cares?

Now back to kicking my neighbor's butt for that loud music he keeps playing every night and the other neighbor for trashing my Nativity Scene every freakin' Christmas. And YES ... It is 'Merry Christmas' and it ain't no re-hashed, politically correct idiot proof 'Happy Holidays'!

Oops! But I digressed ...

Ya'll! The dumb hatin' stuff, fighting over perceived exaggerated harm, and getting angry about slavery (when many of us knows absolutely JACK doo-doo about the historical perspective of SQUAT blah blah blah) just gotta END! Bore me already!

God Bless
Faith Sloan
Owner, BYC

Dorian Mode said...

The guy was right all black people should leave Wal-mart, and K-mart and Sears, ect. ect, We should choose wisely what and where we spend our hard earned money. Let face it why contribute to an economy that don't include us. 18% of black Americans are out of work, So we should keep all that we can,

Anonymous said...

Choice of words says it was a prank! A racist would've said "all niggers leave the store"! If not a juvenile prank, I would be willing to bet dollars to chitlins that this is yet another hoax type action perpetuated by blacks! The fact the precious law enforcement resources are being used to investigate this is a sign of how screwed up this country is! There are murderers, rapists, child molesters, thieves, etc walking the streets free and clear but because someone's feelings were hurt the world must stop until the culprits are found! If someone had said "now all ya'll white folks up in here need to leave", do you think the world would have heard about it???? Yea, that's what i thought!

Anonymous said...

Well shit! How do they know it was a white guy?
There are a lot of spics that don't like blacks.
From what I've heard, jews aren't to fond of them either.....chinese do not like blacks at all trust me, they told me that. I live in Vancouver and we have a lot of chinks here.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about. He said, "Please".

Anonymous said...

Like an earlier poster I suspected the culprit was a black when I first heard this story but I had a different reaction. I thought it could of been a black giving warning to his brethren because something was about to occur such as an attack spree against whitey.

After hearing the black whiners I figure it was probably a prank from a non-black since the blacks shoppers were unable to discern the black accent and the person speaking was polite.


Anonymous said...

It was just a prank by someone probably not employed by Wal-mart. Not a big deal in the least bit. I wouldn't be surprised if the "culprit" was black.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Too bad it was not the other way around. Whites being told to leave. You would have heard a roar of laughter from the blacks in the store, and it would have never made the news.

But, blacks are perpetual victims, always moaning, always looking for their next outrage.

Apparently it is walmarts fault that some random person picks up the mic and decides to play a prank.

Maybe the person was telling blacks to leave because he was worried about trampling of others, which happens when blacks enter walmarts. It could have simply been a safety issue, a concerned citizen.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Stanley Matthews, a Supreme Court Justice is part black due to the relationship of Adam Rogers, an African-European man is rolling over his grave due to racist terms.

Adam Rogers
Jemima Rogers
Epenetus Kellogg
Ruth Hanford
Isabella Brown
Thomas Stanley Matthews

Anonymous said...

Walmart, Blah-blah-blah-blah-fucking-blah!

WTF??? Is there not ONE of you who are 'getting' the whole 'gist' of the post???

Some stupid prank at Walmart is NATIONAL HEADLINES but some poor sap who could very well be DEAD at this writing, and all you're yapping about is some stupid fucking prank that happened at WALMART??!!