Friday, March 5, 2010

A Scenario of Sheer Horror - Nelson Mandela Dying Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

We are three months out from the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the world is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to celebrate the first occurrence of this soccer competition to be played on the African Continent.

The lone nation capable of holding such a prestigious tournament on the Dark Continent is South Africa, a country that only twenty years ago was the most hated on earth for its system of Apartheid that kept the white minority in power and the Black majority from killing each other.

South Africa. The mere mention of this nation will elicit contemptuous looks of sheer hatred from some who have never forgotten nor can forget the evilness that was Apartheid. Sadly, these types forget that the white people who built and sustained that nation bowed to massive international pressure and handed over the reigns of power, peacefully. a

And yet, others look at the social experiment of handing power peacefully over to a people incapable of such a monumental task of governing a 1st World power that had developed nuclear missiles as an exercise in futility.

South Africa is a nation run by Black people, but unlike Haiti, the current inhabitants of power never engaged in bloody revolution to pacify their land. White people handed it over and orchestrated a melancholy surrender of a nation that arose from the sparsely populated fields of Southern Africa to become a 1st rate nation.

That disgusting system of racial dominance by white people (a small minority representing a tiny island amidst a sea of Black people) was defeated through the combined efforts of international economic isolation, Nelson Mandela and the lack of ability to play rugby in foreign tournaments (read the book Invictus).

So, the picture is painted of a joyful South Africa since the peace between white and Black people was reached:
Nonetheless, the tide could not be held back once the path was decided on. Democratic elections were held in 1994, with Mandela voted in as president and de Klerk as vice president. Mandela and de Klerk jointly earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for ending apartheid. Without them, South Africa's rocky road would have proved more difficult to traverse.

The democratic constitution that went into effect on Feb. 3, 1997, guaranteed equality to all, regardless of race, plus freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and a commitment to uphold human rights.

But the nation is still saddled with a lot of baggage from its apartheid past: oppression, poverty, exploitation of the majority of the people, unevenly distributed educational opportunities, dilapidated townships, a 23 percent unemployment rate, rampant crime, a huge gap between rich and poor, and high AIDS mortality rates.
Crime is a major problem in South Africa, where each day the struggle for existence tallies up 50 people killed daily, the hope of a post-Apartheid peaceful world is an elusive dream. Thus, the 2010 FIFA World Cup being held in a nation known for having crime rates that make Haiti look civilized is raising some eye-brows and the entrepreneurial spirits of clothing manufactures:

A London-based security clothing company has been blasted for marketing a "stab-proof vest" for football fans planning to visit this summer's World Cup in South Africa.

With as many as 50 South Africans in the nation of 49 million people killed daily, according to official government statistics, security has been a key issue for tournament organizers.

According to South African police figures there were 18,148 murders in the year ending March 2009 and knives or sharp objects were used in about 52 percent of the deaths.

But the figures -- which show 50 percent of killings were the result of arguments or misunderstandings and 16 percent the consequence of another crime -- do not identify how many tourists were killed.
A recent film - Invictus - depicts a fictional world where Black and white people live in relative harmony throughout South Africa and how a simple rugby game created a nation overwhelmed in peace and tranquility.

Fairy tales are best left to Hollywood, for though the story of that unfolds in Clint Eastwood's film is based on truth, the prospects for harmonious relations between the Black majority and white minority were always going to be icy. Even Black-on-Black relationships would end in disaster as the crime rates largely display a people at war with themselves.

Nevertheless, World Cup organizers are enthusiastic the nation can magically come together again through the power of sport to forget history and enjoy the mind-numbing boredom of watching two teams kick a soccer ball up and down a field. Sports helped bring peace to New Orleans and they can do it in South Africa:
The World Cup will do even more to forge a united South Africa than Nelson Mandela's success in pulling a divided country together through the 1995 world rugby tournament, the chief organiser said on Thursday.

Danny Jordaan, chief executive of the local organising committee, also said FIFA would introduce special charter flights and direct ticket sales in response to African anger at the difficulty of attending the continent's first soccer World Cup.

"It is always important to further strengthen social cohesion in our country, to strengthen nation building, and I think that in this regard the impact is going to be massive, much more than the 1995 (rugby) World Cup," he said.

The story of how South Africa's victory in that tournament calmed white fears, averting possible civil war a year after the end of apartheid, is shown in Clint Eastwood's film "Invictus."
South Africa is a dangerous place, only more so thanks to the delusional rants of politicians trying to sugarcoat the unsavory state of many of the nations formerly safe and functional cities that have descended into madness, mayhem and murder:

While many of the fruits of freedom have gone to the former black revolutionaries who now hold cabinet posts, sit in Parliament, and hold other government positions with substantial salaries and perks, there remain large numbers of blacks whose impatient, and perhaps unrealistic, expectations of the transition from white power to black have not been met.

Shantytowns have not been replaced with affordable housing. Water and electricity and other basic requirements of the infrastructure to support democracy are still lacking for many. Official agencies are sometimes bastions of bureaucratic incompetence and corruption. In Johannesburg, it can take more than four months to get your car license renewed. Some citizens say they circumvent the system by "buying" their renewals – slipping a bribe to a licensing officer.

South Africa has just outpaced India as the country with the highest incidence of AIDS in the world, and critics say the government has been tardy in grappling with the problem.

Though opportunities have arisen for some upper-class blacks to prosper in business, many others still live in squalor. For many, the jobs that they thought would come overnight with democracy have never materialized. Unemployment is running around 25 percent.

Thus the big cities such as Johannesburg have become seedbeds for robbery and violent hijacking, making crime South Africa's biggest problem. Sometimes it is the work of individuals; sometimes the work of organized gangs.

One black editor, while in no way supporting the old apartheid regime, remarks wryly: "There was no city crime or unemployment in the old days. If you were a black without a [residence] pass and a letter from your boss saying you had a job, the police would run you out of town. Today, whether you are black or white, you take your life in your hands if you walk downtown at night."

When people see the movie Invictus they watch a film that has less to do with reality than say a science fiction film like Jurassic Park or Poltergeist - more evidence exists for the genetic engineering and manipulation of DNA from 65 million year old dinosaurs than South Africa ever resembling a nation of sanity and unity.

More evidence exists of ghosts and encounters with the undead than empirical data or observable trends of hope for South Africa and its majority Black population and dwindling, hopeless and hate white minority (underclass).

Thus, Stuff Black People Don't Like puts forward a most macabre prediction that we hope doesn't happen. Speculation has long centered around the theory that once Nelson Mandela passes away, the white minority - already targeted for rape, crime, plundering and murder - will be decimated by vengeful Black people retaliating for years of persecution under Apartheid.

At 91, Mandela is in poor health. The former communist turned darling of the Disingenuous White Liberal world holds the key to a shaky truce that few Black people regard as legitimate in South Africa, and upon his death this peace will be forever shattered:

While former South African President Nelson Mandela, 85, scoffs at rumors of ill health, plans are being made by the nation's Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country upon his death, G2B sources say.

One of the operations planned entails 70,000 armed black men "being transported to the Johannesburg city center within an hour" in taxicabs to attack whites.

The plans are variously dubbed "Operation Vula," "Night of the Long Knives," "Operation White Clean-up," "Operation Iron Eagle" and "Red October campaign."

Operation "Our Rainy Day" was to be carried out after the death of Nelson Mandela and would have entailed blacks being transported to the largest cities in taxis.

The assailants were expected to "take over" fuel points and massacre whites. The attacks would lead to a coup.

Sources say most blacks in the country are aware of the plans. When racial disputes occur, blacks often tell whites, "Wait until Mandela dies.”

"White people in South Africa can deny it to the end of the earth, but we are in real danger," one resident said. "This is no joke and any person with half a brain can see that this rumor has spiraled out of control."

Many whites are now convinced a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing will follow Mandela's death whenever it comes. Some are making preparations for retreats.

"I have prepared myself and we have a gathering place where we can fortify for four weeks after Mandela’s death," said one white South African. "If nothing happens it will be a miracle."

Granted this article quoted is six years old, however the reality of Black-on-white crime in South Africa (and the United States) does little to dissuade SBPDL of its authenticity.

Crime in South Africa is so bad that the terror attack on the Togo soccer team in 2009 in Angolo has scared people the world over, even though South Africa is nowhere near Angolo.

Carjackings are a threat, warns the British government. SBPDL warns soccer fans that Nelson Mandela dying could be a threat to your life, not just your car.

Ticket sales for the World Cup in South Africa are abysmal, not because of high prices as FIFA claims, but because of high crime rates, HIV rates and murder rates that plague the nation and those tourists asinine enough to be in the dark about the lawlessness omnipresent.

Black on white crime
is a terrible problem in South Africa, only topped by outrageous rates of Black on Black crime.

The World Cup in South Africa could turn out to be a monumental success, to the surprise of everyone. It could be a failure on par with New Coke. If Nelson Mandela tragically passes, it could be an event of unparalleled catastrophe.
Stuff Black People Don't Like would like to request of all readers to send any story on South Africa and the World Cup that they find to

To those who think Invictus is the happy ending that actually occurred in South Africa, pay close attention to the next sentence: South Africa is a beautiful land cursed with the tragedy of false hope and delusional notions of equality that position the nation on a precipice nearing total disaster.

Already, fears of HIV being spread is a concern of constant stress for officials (like in the United States and the CDC, Black people in South Africa have little regard for safe sex).

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be a disaster of epic proportions that not even Hollywood script writers can hide. And if Mandela passes away prior to the first kick, well, SBPDL shudders to think of what may transpire.


Anonymous said...


Black Americans don't give a damn about Mandela, South Africa, Soccer, The world cup, or Apartheid.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black Guy,

I will concede three of those five points.

However, Black people DO give a damn about Nelson Mandela.

They USED to give a damn about South Africa and Apartheid.

Go back to 1980s films and look at how South Africa was portrayed. Nearly every Black movie or television show featured a "Free South AFrica" sign...

Watch Lethal Weapon 2. Heck, in The Cosby Show, iconography for "Free South Africa" is present in every episode.

The reason why Black people might find the subject of South Africa and Apartheid difficult to care about now is due to the sad state the nation is in after being placed in the hands of Black people.

Anonymous said...

I think BG's is being disingenuous regarding South Africa's place in black American's hearts and minds. I think he knows better.
I know a young black man who gets all excited about Africa, his heritage and so forth. I mentioned to him how my sister, who travelled to Kenya on a safari, was injured and barely survived a Nairobi ER, and he doesn't comprehend. Like many black Americans, Africa is a dreamy place, and has nothing to do with his American life. But that doesn't mean it has no effect on his, or others, thinking. Personally I think an accurate understanding of how dreadful Africa really is would perhaps be salutory for black Americans.

Anonymous said...

S.B.P.D.L(Stuff Black People Don't Like,
I hope you get educated quick, and this time not just about your own race! You know nothing about us blacks so stop acting like you know. Stop being such a hater and start being a lover. I'm with Black Guy. If you could stop hating on us blacks and start trying to know us then maybe, just maybe you'll find out the value we have, as well as other races. You're life has consumed of hatred and you as well as other racists have been blind. So start seeing the real truth, any race can lead a nation! I bet you would agree with what's being said if it was the other way around. But since you're being such a pathetic fool and being an adult, the only sad thing about this whole website is you. And don't ever talk about the Cosby show wrongly, you would never understand the good messages it gives. Stop listening to lies and start listening to the truth. I shall end with this, God loves you and so do I. Let's end this fighting between races and become the whole we were made to be. let's all get along with each other, and not be racist because of the color of our skin.

Anonymous said...

Hate on me hater, now or later
'cuz I'm gonna be me and you best believe!!! Go ahead and hate on me hater, 'cuz I'm not afraid of you, so go hate on me! In the end we'll know that I was the bigger man instead of Stuff Black People Don't Like! Black and all the other races rock!!! Whites are not the only race on this earth, so stop acting like it! Don't deny the truth either! Go on hate on me hater, 'cuz I'm not afraid of, the hatred that you gonna do!!!

African American

Anonymous said...


Yeah, if we all love each other that will fix everything, won't it?

Negroid man knows full well that he is not even near the same level of Aryan man. Love will not help your kind become great, or even self sufficient for that matter.

Negroid man needs to address the issues that effect his kind in order to become greater than he is today.

Of course, I am Aryan man and I have no doubt in my mind that negroid man will continue on his current path. If you are a negroid man you can make a choice here. Blame me, or do something about it!

Do not let 'someone else' make that choice for you! BTW, I'm not talking about 'Providence' when I refer to 'someone else'.

Trust me, when the 'shit hits the fan' we won't give you a second thought.


Anonymous said...

African American,

You have to be a white dude trying out the hip new "ghetto slang" you learned from the white owned BET.

If you're black get some help. Stop begging whites for acceptance. It's pathetic.

-Black guy

Phalluster said...

we would be remiss to overlook the youtube video of mandela singing about killing whites

Anonymous said...


Movies and Television are never good gauges of society, because they portray the world and life the way we would like them to be. Not the way they really are.

South Africa and Mandela were in the media, movies and popular culture because it was what people were talking about.

So, just because a fictional black person on TV wears a Free Mandela T-shirt that doesn't mean the average black American shares those same feelings or concerns.

I'm not an immigrant. I have no connection to any nation other than this one.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"I'm not an immigrant. I have no connection to any other nation than this one."

Perhaps your 'Irish friend' Mr Henry Louis Gates can help you with that problem. He has a website under the name

Me, my family 'immigrated' to Vinland a few generations ago. I have good records of my family tree, mostly because of baptismal records kept by the Church. Yeah, we had this 'crazy' thing called 'writing'.

I'm sorry (not really) to come across as a mean bastard Black Guy, you know it's necessary though, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Being an occasional observer who possesses something resembling esteem for the authorship, i can confidently say i personally feel the tinge of disillusionment and regret that i am certain protrudes from the heart of every sane, rational person upon reading the comments carelessly and childishly posted here by amateur community college intellectuals (shedding light on additional writer attributes just seems overkill)... it is particularly upsetting knowing nothing said, explained, or reasonably addressed by the sites contributor or anyone for that matter will change any minds or make any difference (see '' for full intellectual self delusion) due to the plateau of ideas expounded being unaccessible to most involved. its times like these one must realize everything taught since birth revolving around fairness, equality, truth, etc.. was complete and utter bullshit..nothing is more disappointing than dropping wisdom only to realize it was futile to begin with and some will just never quite 'get it'...
anyway, thanks to posts like these, i can get through my 9-5

Svigor said...

Nothing ever makes it to the television because "it was what people were talking about." The only things that make it to the television are the things the people who make television want to talk about on television.

Which is why everyone talks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but outside of the news the television never does.

B Herder said...

Oh brother... OK, everyone sing along now...
"I'd like to buy, the world a Coke..."

Anonymous said...

Racism is stupid and those who dwell in it are stupid and cause this world to be corrupted. You're only ruining yourself by being a racist anyway. Black Guy, you obviously need to know that trying to reason with hating people is futile. So stop trying to reason. It's pathetic and you need to get over the racism the people on this website show. It happens all over the world. Grow up and for those who participate in it, Grow Up!

Anonymous said...

"African American"---NO such thing! YOU are either American or you are not! People that have to put something in front of American to justify their existence are a big part of the reason that this country is turning into a cesspool and rather quickly!

"It's pathetic and you need to get over the racism the people on this website show." ----I'll respond to that with the tired old excuse blacks use to justify their bad, disgusting and often criminal behavior....."its our culture get over it"!

Anonymous said...

What kind of name is Black Guy?

Anonymous said...

Second to last Anon,
You're a retarded human, people like you make this nation horrible. I suggest you deport yourself and quick. You'll be doing the world a big favor. Same goes to the owner of this website and all you racist rejects.

Anonymous said...

"You're a retarded human, people like you make this nation horrible. I suggest you deport yourself and quick. You'll be doing the world a big favor. Same goes to the owner of this website and all you racist rejects."

I believe it is called freedom of speech. You're either some phony white "liberal" or one those naive "It's 2010 and and we have black president. Why can't we just love each other?" black people. In any rate stop taking crap like this too seriously. It's the way the world is.

95% of the racism is caused by the accept everyone liberal philosophy. You can spend the rest of your life trying to convince those that hate you to love you. It is an exercise in futility.

I suggest you enjoy the site and take it for what it is worth, because this is as good as it's going to get.

Also the ultimate owner of this site is Google.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Black Guy
It's stupid how you don't like racism and argue with these racist people knowing that they're never going to give into what your preaching. You're either some old grandpa who lectures the crap out of people or some broken record with no life. Get over it. People are racist like you said, so just shut up already.

elvin said...

I could care less if Nelson Mandela drops dead. He is not a hero to me and has always been cozy with Fidel Castro, Quadaffi and other communists and Muslim thugs. Since blacks too over everyone is worse off there. Without the gold mines the place would be like Haiti, some parts are worse now anyways

Lime Lite said...

Here's a South African perspective. Apartheid was a segregation of CULTURE. We didn't want to live with the blacks who still believed in witch doctors and killing animals with their bare hands etc. No amount of "westernising" helped. They only believed in violence and slaughter (till today). I'm sure if you had lived in SA with 40 million black savages, you would have done your best to stay alive - hence apartheid. The whites built up the country and let the blacks live in their own homelands with their own leaders. But, they still wanted what we had. They have low IQ's and so just want without earning (sound familiar USA?). Now that the blacks are in charge their people are worse off, but the international liberalists ignore this as they don't want to admit that their social engineering experiment failed abysmally. Crime (murder and rape) has rocketed and unemployment is out of control. But, hey, the people are free (and AIDs infested). Viva ANC for a better life...not. All the ANC knows is how to steal the white tax payer money and live like the entitled thugs they are.

Anonymous said...

"Black Guy
It's stupid how you don't like racism and argue with these racist people knowing that they're never going to give into what your preaching. You're either some old grandpa who lectures the crap out of people or some broken record with no life. Get over it. People are racist like you said, so just shut up already."

I personally don't care what people think. I think this site is one of the funniest things online.

Besides if can upset or bust the balls of the one moron that takes any of this crap seriously then my work is done.

I hope your not one of those morons.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

It is easy to dismiss this post as "racist" or "bigoted"... however the data used to prove the points are quite valid and true.

South Africa is a nation with a massive amount of crime. It is a Black nation.

This is the first major sports event held in a majority Black nation (1996 Olympics in Atlanta don't count).

The 2010 World Cup can't fail. If it does, the reality of racial differences will once again rear its ugly head.

To the anonymous poster who stated people need to "Grow up"... I agree.

We do need to grow up and have an adult conversation about race.

Why is Haiti a hell-hole? Why is South Africa no longer a 1st rate nation? Why is it mired in a crime wave of epic proportions?

Why is the United States in an economic slump (answer: loosening of the regulations for home loans to grow minority home ownership rates through subprime mortgages... massive defaults occurred soon thereafter...)

Anonymous said...

Get over the fact that African Americans or just plain Africans are just as good as any other race. You guys have been blinded by the truth and now its made you some of the dumbest people on this planet, especially you SBPDL. I also would like to say that you adults have no lives arguing and conversing over race. And to Black Guy, if you don't care what people think then there's no need to share it with the rest of us. You're lying to yourself by posting that up. So in all racism is stupid and you adults who argue over it are stupid. It's my natural right to say this according to the Declaration of Independence. And to SBPDL, one of the many reasons why the U.S. is a slump is because they have companies like Google owning racist websites like this. Also because they have people like you running our government.

Anonymous said...

This site loses more and more credibility with each passing entry.

Anonymous said...

"This site loses more and more credibility with each passing entry."

Then get off the dang website! It's not that hard! All you have to do is click the close button on the stupid screen and don't ever come back on the website.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To anon who denounces SBPDL's credibility,

South Africa is a nation that is dying a slow death. It has been since the peaceful handover of power to the Black majority.

I'm the first person to go on record as pointing out that Nelson Mandela passing away could spell disaster for the World Cup.

Every link cited in this article is from mainstream sources. Crime is horrendous in South Africa. It is perpetrated by Black people.

50 people were murdered today in South Africa. 50 more will be murdered tomorrow. For tourists traveling to S. Africa, the threat of spontaneous extinction is an ominous one that looms over every step taken in that once beautiful land.

I'm sorry we have lost credibility in your eyes. If, in four months, the World Cup has been a major success, then yes, we will have no credibility.

But, if in four months, the World Cup has failed to generate the financial benefits that FIFA promised, due to tourists staying away for fear of losing their lives, then I'm right.

If Mandela dies and trouble starts, then I'm right.

We'll see soon enough. I hope I'm right and you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Losing credibility by stating hate facts?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I hope I'm wrong, I mean, and that you are correct. If I'm right, indeed, God help us all.

Silent Running said...

When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies.

(African National Congress Councillor, Mzukizi Gaba, 10th November 1997)

God save the Boers. In a sane world we'd be making arrangements to bring every one of them to the U.S. They are living on borrowed time.

I'd encourage everyone here to go to for a real glimpse of current events on the Dark Continent. Make sure to click on Photo Gallery and pan down to see what the blacks like to do to whites in South Africa. Take a good look.

I've heard it argued that we whites should either recolonize Africa and make those countries livable again, or have nothing at all to do with it. No charity, no wealth transfer, no military or humanitarian presence, nothing. Personally, I think the latter is closer to ideal. Leave the continent to the savages (and encourage some of our own savages to emigrate).

Anonymous said...

Black Americans don't give a damn about Mandela, South Africa, Soccer, The world cup, or Apartheid.

-Black guy


Black Americans will never like soccer because its a sport that requires intelligence to play. You have to be be thinking constantly. It's not like American throwball where a play lasts only 4 seconds and then a 2 minute break. Same thing with NBA basketball. In soccer, if you stop thinking and lose concentration for even a second, your man will blow by you and score.

Anonymous said...

Black Buy

Sorry to break it to you, but you're not the only Black American on this Earth. So don't speak for the rest of us when you say we will never like soccer. And then say that we won't because it'll require intelligence. Right there you're degrading your own race. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't ever degrade your race like that. And don't say I'm one of those individuals who take this crap seriously. Personally Racism is something to take personal. It's not something to joke about idiot.

Anonymous said...


This website is nothing but crap. There's no facts and it's all just opinions and hateful words to discriminate against blacks. If this is what you do for a living, I suggest you get some help and quick.

Black Guy,

Stop trying to be an ambassador for the blacks. You're not one so don't speak for us. And you must be one of those phony "white" liberals trying to act black when you're not. So shut the heck up. Nobody gives a crap about you.


The only heck-hole here is you. So as the anon posted, "Grow up." For a man you're quite stupid. Get a real education and not what whoever has been feeding to you about blacks, because they're wrong. They don't know a thing about us. You're probably one of those creepers who have no life, who live off of what people say on this website hoping that someday somebody will accept you. As far as I can see nobody does in my book.


B Herder said...

Actually, NO American gives a rat's ass about 'soccer'.. Sorry, that's the way it is. It's a 'Euro' sport. Any 'sport' where the FIRST RULE is "Hmmmm ... Let's take away, just about the most versatile part of your body (IE Your Hands)" is just plain retarded. It's guys in colorful underwear kicking around a beach ball and a 'AWESOME' score is like 2-1.
Gawd. How exciting. No 800 hp engines. No threat of getting your neck snapped at any second and dying. No chance of being horribly maimed for life.
Soccer is a 'safe' ACTIVITY (Like bowling) that 'Moms' driving mini-vans feel safe about letting their little darlings play and EVERYONE is a WINNER and then they all go get ice cream afterwards. Phhhbbbttt!

Anonymous said...


I'm far from a "liberal" and even further from being white. I never said that I spoke for all blacks or even most. Any statement to the contrary of that fact was meant with sarcasm, but apparently you're too busy crying to understand that.

What I am is honest. It's people like you that have a problem.

You can be the "token" Negro friend at your college. You can "date" dozens of white whores that are rejected wholesale by white men. You can even move into a predominately white suburb. Despite all of that you will never be accepted. They don't like you, and they never will. Even hating me will not garner their respect.

Don't be naive.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

As stated, "Hate Facts" don't sit pleasantly with Black people.

Everything cited in the post about the South Africa hosting the World Cup is true.

There happen to 50 murders (on average) a day in South Africa.

It is a Black run country.

Fans from South America, Europe and America are leery about visiting South Africa for fear of being parted with their lives.

I don't believe in discrimination. I believe in honest debate. Obviously, you do not!

I'm working on finishing an MBA right now, Mr. Liberator.

This is merely a passing hobby, Mr. Liberator. Nothing more, nothing less. The world needs to know about Black people.

The media won't divulge any truth about Black people, so we do.

And we do it despite the vitriol that some people throw our way.

One parting thought... you haven't attempted to dissuade people on the fact that the World Cup will be a failure.

It will be a Black - run failure, despite the best intentions of International White Liberals bent on showcase the Rainbow Republic to the world...

As stated, I hope the World Cup is not a failure... but all signs thus far point to it being that way.

Let's hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

"Black Buy

Sorry to break it to you, but you're not the only Black American on this Earth. So don't speak for the rest of us when you say we will never like soccer. And then say that we won't because it'll require intelligence. Right there you're degrading your own race. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't ever degrade your race like that. And don't say I'm one of those individuals who take this crap seriously. Personally racism is something to take personal. It's not something to joke about idiot."

I have so much to say about this post.Here are just a few of my concerns:

1. The latest census puts the black population in America at about 40 million. So, I'm quite aware of the fact that I'm not the only black person on earth. Thank God we have a professor of Afro American studies on this site.

2. Americans don't like Soccer period. The stats prove it. White and black alike. I believe one of your white "friends" made the comment about intelligence not I.

3.I live a good life. I grew up in a good home with BOTH parents. Tell me how am I "degrading" my race.

4. Angry racist whites and crying naive "we love Barry the half breed" Negroes are funny as hell. The fact that like house trained pets you people are fighting over things that don't matter and for reasons you don't understand is the most hilarious thing of all.

This is how the few rule the many.

So I hate to break it to you ,but this is one big sad joke and will continue laughing until the day I die.

What the hell is a "Black Buy"?

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Actually, NO American gives a rat's ass about 'soccer'.. Sorry,


1) Really, is that why the Seattle Sounders have 35,000 SEASON TICKET holders while their NBA Franchise left because nobody wanted to watch the garbage anymore. Is that why the new Philadelphia Union franchise has more season ticket holder then the NBA 76ers? Wake up buddy. This isn't 1970 anymore. MLS attendance is on pace to surpase NHL and NBA as the #3 sport in the U.S.

Soccer is a 'safe' ACTIVITY (Like bowling) that 'Moms' driving mini-vans feel safe about letting their little darlings play


I guess you missed Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal getting his leg snapped in half last weekend on a vicious tackle.

Anonymous said...

Black Guy,

The only moron on this website is you. You are such a liar. You lie so much it isn't even funny. "I lived a good life. I grew up in a good home with BOTH parents. Tell me how I'm "degrading" my race."

You're degrading your race by saying how we blacks wouldn't ever play soccer because it requires intelligence. Here's an example,
"Black Americans will never like soccer because its a sport that requires intelligence to play." Right there you're saying we'll never play because we're dumb! Look on Saturday's post and you'll see that you stated this. And I'm so sick of your ghetto talk of how I must be a token Negro or whatever crap you be saying.

Sorry to break it to you, but you don't know the real definition of black. Nobody does because we're all humans. And color doesn't make a difference. So shut the heck up and do us all a favor. And don't talk for all us Americans. We never asked you to so shut up. Here's an example of where you do this.
"Americans don't like Soccer period. The stats prove it. White and black alike. I believe one of your white "friends" made the comment about intelligence not I."

I'll end with this. Nobody wants you to talk for the rest of us so shut up and go do something worthwhile with your demeaning life.


Anonymous said...

"When people see the movie Invictus they watch a film that has less to do with reality than say a science fiction film like Jurassic Park or Poltergeist - more evidence exists for the genetic engineering and manipulation of DNA from 65 million year old dinosaurs than South Africa ever resembling a nation of sanity and unity."

Ah, that was the best comment I have read in a long time. But oh, so true.

And, I am amazed that Blacks are actually READING this site.
Especially after we have 'discovered' that "Head Start" has been an abysmal, fifty-year failure.

But hey, miracles can happen. Look at the great contributions Blacks have made to civilization......

- Fr. John

B Herder said...


Yes you’re right. Soccer is wildly popular in the US.

That’s why it’s always on broadcast networks who are constantly trying to outbid each other for the rights to broadcast it.
Those guys on sports talk radio and ESPN/Fox sports TV, just NEVER shut up about it.
Vegas makes a killing from booking soccer games.
Businesses spent outrageous amounts of $$ to air commercials during soccer matches.
I can’t walk down the street without seeing every other person rocking a jersey or ball cap with their favorite soccer team on it.
The local TV news sports section just won’t shut up about soccer either.
I see autographed soccer cards selling for huge amounts on ebay.
Soccer team logo tattoos are wildly popular.
Whenever the soccer playoffs and championship games are played, the whole country just stops. Huge parties are held.. People call in ‘sick’ to work, or smuggle in little TV’s to watch … Ginormas parades follow for what ever team wins .. And the players obviously get sweet endorsement deals, because you can’t see a commercial or an ad without some soccer guy pitching whatever product/service it is.

Yes you’re right and I’m obviously mistaken. In fact, I’ll bet it’s more popular than the WNBA, which is really saying something!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone agrees with me that soccer is a famous sport. I'll never understand why people think soccer is such a stupid sport when it's really interesting and easy.

Anonymous said...


I'm so surprised even you could get a MBA! You deserve a golden star for the day! Well done SBPDL!(Not!!!!!)

You as well as others, most likely, know that you aren't posting anything educational on this website. All you're posting is crappy things about blacks that aren't true. We are able to lead a nation, and it's so sad how you only use one example to support your nation. Look at the old times when slavery was huge. There were African kings and queens who led their nation rightly. The whites(not being racist) saw how hardworking and qualified they'd be for working for them. They also stole the many treasures that they had harvested. In fact they all contributed so that they could all live a good life.

Look this up on Google.( Though you'll probably not find any links seeing how nobody ever focuses on Black History because of how they degrade blacks along with others in this world.)


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Glad you decided to stick around. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking me to look up on google? Please provide the link.

What I'm posting is fact, not hyperbole. It is backed by logic (sometimes irreverently) and everything that is written is backed with careful citation (and links).

Come on.. African kings and queens who led their nations rightly? What does that even mean? You know that "Coming to America" is just a movie...

If Black people were so hard working, what happened? We have invited a whole new minority (Mexicans) to do the jobs that Black people won't do!

What example am I providing to support my "nation" - you do mean notion, correct?

In fact, what the heck are you talking about?

Anon at 2:12 -

I just started reading "Soccernomics" by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski, sort of a "Freaknomics" for soccer enthusiasts. Provides an great introduction to soccer for those illiterate when it comes to Futbol.

I can't recommend this book enough to people, especially Americans who have a limited knowledge of the sport.

Also, I would recommend Bill Simmons book "The Big Book of Basketball"... he is a gifted title and the original title was going to be "A White Guys Take On A Black Man's Game"...

Insanely interesting book that is a great history of the game from a racial perspective. He is very politically incorrect (as far as you can go without getting fired) and informative. He loves Bird, concedes Michael Jordan is an arrogant prick (but undeniably talented player) and intimates that Kobe was guilty of sexual misconduct.

Liberator - final thought. Black History is provided in sports. That is it. I love sports.

What Black nation are you talking about that is led by Black people that isn't supported through generous donations from US Tax Payers?

Haiti? Zimbabwe? Chad? Nigeria? Somalia? Egypt (snicker... sorry, never a Black country my Nubian overlords)...

Provide the links and we can discuss it all!

B Herder said...

Paul .... Don't ever forget....

Black people used to be ABLE TO FLY until the Evil White Man came along ... Oppressed them .. and took their magical powers away.

I mean, c'mon... Any race that could just outstretch their arms and zoom about like an F-15, must CERTAINLY be able to do such a mundane thing as run a prosperous country. Piece o' cake, m'man. You must be horribly horribly misinformed.

Mmmm ... Come to think of it... I wonder what other superpowers they possess, that we don't *know* about.. Just waiting for the exact right time to be released?
Bet it makes you wish you'd never of started this blog..

Anonymous said...


I don't know where you got this blacks aren't smart enough for soccer, or why it has you so unhinged. I never said such a thing.

Despite your raving I have a good feeling you won't be anywhere near South Africa during the world cup.

Your sensitivity and insane internet rage can only mean one thing. You are the token black "friend" that dates some fat white chick with daddy issues.

What world do you live where color doesn't matter? The only people that feel that way are white "liberals", because color doesn't matter when you're white. Remember your grandmother was denied the right to vote not because she was a bad person. She was denied the right because she was black. Color means everything. The whites on this blog aren't the exception. They are the rule. This is their true nature

Don't be naive.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Black Guy,

How dare you say that I don't think color matters. You don't know my life's story or my family's so don't even say that color doesn't matter to me. Obviously I meant that we shouldn't be arguing about race because race never makes a person better than the other. Next time look up the facts and show them to me. And what's with you and the word naive? Expand your vocabulary.


Anonymous said...


Here's an example of an African King who led his people rightly(synonym for rightly-justly hopefully you know what this word means.)

Ezana of Axum (also spelled Aezana ), was ruler of the Axumite Kingdom (c. 330 - c. 356 ) located in present-day Eritrea , northern Ethiopia and Yemen ; he himself employed the style "king of Saba and Salhen , Himyar and Dhu-Raydan ." 1 . Tradition states that Ezana succeeded his father Ella Amida while still a child and his mother, Sofya served as regent.

He was the first monarch of Axum to embrace Christianity , and the first after Zoskales to be mentioned by contemporary historians, a situation that led S. C. Munro-Hay to comment that he was "the most famous of the Aksumite kings before Kaleb." 2 He appointed his childhood tutor, the Syrian Christian Frumentius , head of the Ethiopian Church . A surviving letter from the Arian Roman Emperor Constantius II is addressed to Ezana and his brother Sazanas, and requests that Frumentius be sent to Alexandria to be examined for doctrinal errors; Munro-Hay assumes that Ezana either refused or ignored this request.

Ezana also launched several military campaigns, which he recorded in his inscriptions. A pair of inscriptions in Ge'ez have been found at Meroe , which is understood as evidence of a campaign in the fourth century, either during Ezana's reign, or by a predecessor like Ousanas . While some authorities interpret these inscriptions as proof that the Axumites destroyed the Kingdom of Kush , others note that archeological evidence points to an economic and political decline in Meroe around 300 .

On some of the coins minted in his reign appear the motto in Greek TOYTOAPECHTHXWPA -- "May this please the people". Munro-Hay comments that this motto is "a rather attractive peculiarity of Aksumite coinage, giving a feeling of royal concern and responsibility towards the people's wishes and contentment". 5 A number of coins minted bearing his name were found in the late 1990s at archeological sites in India , indicating trade contacts in that country. 6 A remarkable feature of the coins is a shift from a pagan motif with disc and crescent to a design with a cross. Ezana is also credited for erecting several structures and obelisks .


Anonymous said...

Blacks have had years to demonstrate their "leadership" ability. Idi Amin, and many others, have restored our "faith" in their ability to self govern. Why, the current violence on the African continent is proof, wouldn't you say, that the Negroids are equal to...okay, my mistake. Gosh-it must be just marvy to be able to deny history as well as current events in attempting to elevate ones degenerate race to something nearly approaching "human". As boy soldiers continue to gang rape and then permanently mutilate females, both young and old, as certain portions of the populace collect the flesh of human albinos in order to gain so-called magical power, as infants and toddlers are raped because such acts (sex with virgins) “cure” AIDs and as young males steal HIV medications to get “high”, I am reminded of Amy Biehl, one of those cursed “whites” who traveled to S. Africa in order to help the so-called “people”. She was brutally attacked and killed. When will the animalistic nature of the beasts be acknowledged? Perhaps when they cut each other apart with machete? Nope-not yet. Maybe when we dig deeper into the soil of Haiti looking for more homeless, helpless, no, not yet. If you cannot admit that an entire race of people, having lower IQ, savage tendencies and an approach to procreation more reflective of animal than to human you will remain mired in the cesspool always found surrounding such creatures. Lets face it-Apartheid was the best thing that ever happened to Africa. In all honesty-it would be best to purge the ground there, allow it to rest for a couple of decades, and then repopulate the area with people. DogsRbetter

Anonymous said...


You can't categorize every African because of what some did. You're showing us that your IQ is obviously not that good when it comes to common sense. Even a mere child of five years would know not to do that. Ever heard of Skin Heads? They were very savage towards people of color, so Africans aren't the only race who have individuals who are savages.

-Liberator said...

My dear Liberator got no problem with Skinheads, ma nig. They got reasons too, ma ma-un. An you’ins mus be right, at 145 my measly lil’ IQ cain’t figger dis thru an-likes sum udders-figgered dat integration, equal rights an respect fo fella ma-un only works wit dems duh same species.
Some sech folks wuts dark is wort respec’in. These usually ain’t no “pure” Negro, but sumo they violent, rapacious tendencies is dilute cuz a mixin’. But do go on wit yo bad self, baby, if’n it makes yo feel superior to ax likes I’s a dummy. It don’ bodder me none a tall. See-dawg-I kin walk da walk ‘n talk de talk wit de best u umm. But mind you sef-I woulda CUT dem bada_s nigs afore dey kilt me, if’n I wus Amy. An missed nary a min nut a sleep. dogsRbetter.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you on one of your reasons. If I saw one of my own people, heck yeah I'd defend myself too. I mean I'd defend myself against anybody, including family members if they'd tried killing me. It's common sense to do that. But don't try the ghetto slang, because it made the point you were trying to get out to me horrible. And if you got no problem with Skinheads that's okay, that's you. But for me I do have a problem with anyone who kills another because of the color of their skin, and anyone associated with them is as dumb as heck, and that includes you.

-Liberator said...

YOU are dumber than a stump if you saw anywhere in my post that I ASSOCIATE with Skinheads. I merely said I have no issue with them-they leave me alone-so I leave them alone. It is interesting, however, that your fall back response continues to be that I am dumb. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. Just as long as you are aware that you fool no one but yourself I am happy. Additionally, I have no need to “try” to speak Ghettoese, as I am able to move quite fluently between groups of friends. While we are happy to interact socially even they will admit that they are quicker to anger, more inclined to meet a challenge with violence and far too willing to escalate their violent reaction to dangerous levels. These people are well-educated professionals, of middle class/upper middle family background. Mind you, some of my experiences have been most pleasant-in fact I ran away as a child to ask that my maid adopt me-as her 13th child! Sadly, she declined. We shall never know just how I’d be different. Perhaps I’d even, gulp, ugh, ack, be a…liberal. Nevertheless I found that the 3 16 year olds (African Am.) tormenting my 8 year old (attempting to break his legs, etc.) and their parents clearly understood me when I was forced to visit their homes-as the school’s representatives were unwilling to handle it. I must say-we came very rapidly to a clear understanding of just what the consequences to each young man would be unless such behavior ceased-and instantly. When my (4th grade) daughter was repeatedly accosted by an African Am. in her class, with
Sexual tones, the authorities were equally reticent. Once I was able to speak to the boy, (during this conversation I helped him to understand why it is difficult to identify bones after some time spent in the desert), he perceived the error of his ways. I am SO glad that I was able to guide these “kids” back to a more civilized path-but make no mistake-it was only because I refused to allow my family to be victimized-and I spoke a language these people understood. When nice young girls venture to the wrong neighborhood, continent, school, party, whatever, they may want to dispense with subtlety, niceties, social graces and grammar-just say it like you mean it!
The Queen’s English is poorly understood in da hood! dogsRbetter

Anonymous said...

Excellent website. You are pissing off all the right people!

mark said...

I think the racist quandary the USA finds itself in will dissolve over the next half century or so as the East Asians come into their own. They are ethnocentric and are culturally unacquainted with the inherent "evils" of racism. Probably, like most people other than Disingenuous White Liberals, they're okay with the idea that their own people are better than others. I have a theory that the racism we so agonize about in the USA is sputtering out because we (whites) see the future as a period of endless agonizing indebtedness to foreign sovereign wealth funds (which it will be) and being human we can only suffer so much. We then become numb.
BTW, the valuable parts of Africa are due to be conquered by the Chinese Army Expeditionary Force in this century. There is no force in the world that can stop them. They are going to kill off as many black Africans as necessary with bio-warfare and then move in a hundred million or so Han. They figure, correctly, that after a few generations of Chinese farmers start to turn the African countryside into a lush breadbasket world opinion will line up with them. Who needs starvation?

Anonymous said...

some of these comments are ridiculous. this has nothing to do with whether you like mandela or not. gosh. im black and i still dont agree with half the comments here. how bout we just do what we can to change our world.