Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Another Black Mob Riots Giving Credence to the Wal-Mart's Pranksters Polite Suggestion)

We at SBPDL have always pictured a true mob brandishing pitchforks and torches chasing a terrorizing monster through the thick wilderness, finally cornering said beast in an abandoned, dilapidated castle.

However, Black people in Philadelphia find the notion of the "wisdom of crowds" to be a strong ally of Flash Mobs, as yet another cast of hundreds of Black people decided to riot spontaneously in the City of Brotherly Love.

Last time, it was errant snow balls that set off Black people and caused a riot that overtook a mall, scaring patrons and prompting store managers to get on the PA and ask, "Will all the Black people please leave the store," but unlike the Wal-Mart situation, with good cause for the request for a full racial dismissal.

Yet again, a Flash Mob of Black people turned Philadelphia into Haiti:

Philadelphia Police are searching for suspects in involved in at least two assaults during a massive flash mob on South Street over the weekend.

Surveillance video shows hundreds of people invading the intersection of 8th and South Streets, filling the street and surrounding a vehicle at about 9 p.m. Saturday.

Two blocks away, Olympia Pizza employee Seth Kaufman said he was beaten by a crowd attempting to enter the store.

"40 to 50 punches I took. 20 kicks. I just stood my ground as best I could and fought them off," Kaufman said.

Kaufman and restaurant operator Paul Psihogios were trying to keep the unruly crowd from entering the business.

"I'm just trying to hold off the crowd, hold the door," said Psihogios.

At 15th and South Street, a 27-year-old woman was brutally attacked after being surrounded by scores of people.

"She had a broken nose and they knocked out two teeth," said Good Samaritan Rick Almeid, who aided the victim. "She was just an innocent young girl."

Police eventually pushed the crowd up South Street and onto on to Broad Street, yelling that once curfew passed, they'd start loading up buses.

Authorities say they got word through text messages that a flash mob might be forming and quickly deployed.

Three males were arrested on unrelated incidents, including 18-year-old Parrish Kendall.

No arrests have been made in the beatings.

Police say they vow not to allow these incidents to repeat.

"We're going to be stern, we're going to be swift and to be honest with you, we're going to do what we have to do to protect the city," said Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

No major damage was reported during this latest flash mob incident.
It's not always sunny in Philadelphia and for the second time in three months a mob of Black sans pitchforks gathered together to have a flashing good time.

No errant snow balls caused this party though, but hundreds of Black people gathering together spells trouble as no block party in Black history has ever gone off swimmingly.


Anonymous said...


Your infatuation with these displays of TNB and your use of them here reveals a great amount about you.

You have a decent ability to use words and writing towards your means. In fact, your writing greatly exceeds my own on my best days.

In the future I'd like to see you prove that you have a goal here. Yes, a goal, and no, shits and giggles does not qualify.


Anonymous said...

I sign my comments "XD45" because that's what I have holstered on my person everywhere I go. The reporter in the first video said it right. The hooligans only respect one thing: force. A Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP loaded with Hornady Jacketed Hollow Point Tap + P ammo is a good example of force. Anyone fortunate enough to live in a state that allows it's citizens to enjoy their Second Amendment rights should obtain a Concealed Weapons License and a firearm of their liking. When a flashmob is seconds away, the police are just minutes away.

Steve said...

Philly, New Orleans, Detroit, Washington DC, (to name a few). Yep diversity is wonderful!!!

Thank you black people for establishing the rich culture of the 3rd world to our boring civilized 1st world.

Anonymous said...

I view the white race and the black race as inferior to mine. I hope those blacks went in there and terrorized some whites. I cant figure out which race is a bigger piece of worthless shit. I guess time will tell. With all the stuff thats going on in this nation I predict a race war will happen. Nigger chimps versus dumb shit meth addicted whites. LOL! We seem to be kicking major nigger ass out here Los Angeles and San Diego so guess whites can pretty much do the same.

Anonymous said...

I am a "typical white person" (to quote Obama) and have a permit to carry a concealed firearm. I also carry a canister of pepper/vomit tear gas and a knife w/a 4-inch blade. Additionally I keep various blades and cans of Easy-Off oven cleaner around my house in case of a "home invasion". In other words, there will be NO "flash mob" visiting my home or office without their experiencing a little bit of their own jungle boogie.

Wake up, Whitey. It's better to have to defend yourself in front of twelve than be carried into the church in a box by six.

A .45 would have great stopping power and would create the hydrostatic shock that would drop a Charging Wild Gorilla where it stands. A 9mm round would kill but the C.W.G. might be able to keep attacking while dying, and there's the risk that the bullet would pass through it and through a wall and hurt some other "typical white person".

It's my understanding that .38 revolvers are good guns for women, as they're lighter and more manageable than .45 handguns, and revolvers are able to "shoot dirty" in case routine maintenance isn't what it should be. Men and women should both consider getting a laser sight for night targeting, especially since C.W.G.'s melt into shadows so well. Also consider having a lanyard attached so if the gun is knocked out of your hand it at most falls a foot from your wrist.

The only thing that concerns me about having to possibly use any of my personal-protection arsenal is getting any body fluids on me while defending myself. Blood, puke, brains? I don't need the diseases C.W.G.'s might carry.

Anonymous said...

It's well known that slavemasters used whistles and bells to assemble negros in the fields to count them and make sure none escaped. These so-called "flash mobs" are learned behavior from the slave holders, as are all negative negro behavior.

Anonymous said...

Sort of an unrelated subject, but take a look at the facial profiles of the black woman and the white man. Does it appear one of the contestants has a facial angle reminiscent of a chimp?

And has the hormones that go with it?

Anonymous said...

You are an excellent example of one of the star's useful idiots. Wise up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:14,

Your comment was very eloquent and well articulated. If I didn't work 13 hours a day to support subhumans, I would start a sister blog to SBPDL, entitled "Stuff Hispanic People Don't Like."

You are probably nothing more than a troll, but I think SHPDL would be a good complement to SBPDL. A white boy can dream...

-Dale Nixon

Anonymous said...

This Statement: You are an excellent example of one of the star's useful idiots. Wise up!

Was intended for Anonymous @ 9:14...excuse me for not directing it at it originally.

Anonymous said...

See, and then blacks wonder why they were kept in chains. Because when you let them out, they destroy, kill, and rape everything.

Riots are a good way to cowardly attack whoever you want, and avoid being caught. Also, anything can be an excuse for a riot. Some beaten black guy for example. Apparently one beaten black guy, means thousands of blacks can destroy and murder any white they wish.

Best way to deal with a rioting animal, is to put them down. Simple as that. Force to stop force. Blacks riot, fine, shoot them, no more riot.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have a problem believing that a man with the last name "Kaufman" held off a mob and took 40-50 punches and about 20 kicks?

Number one, anyone taking 40-50 punches and 20 KICKS would be in the intensive care ward of the local hospital, not bragging on television.

Number two, look at an American Jew the wrong way and they piss their pants and call the Anti-Defecation League of B'Nai B'rith to complain. Remember a few months ago how it was all over the news that a junior high school got in trouble for their students celebrating "Kick A Jew Day", a holiday of their own devising? No one was hurt physically, and this was not much different than the "Kick A Redhead Day" they also celebrated that week. However, rather than telling the kids it's wrong to kick people, the parents of the The Tribe insisted that the ADL be called in to provide "sensitivity" classes to all students.

(Notice I said "American" Jew. The ones in Israel have had mandatory military service and might know Krav Maga on top of that. The better to butcher gentile refugees, my dear.)

Anonymous said...

Black rioters avoid being caught because blacks all look the same.

Where is Birmingham, Alabama's Sheriff Bull Connor when you need him? We need his police dogs, fire hoses, and even the small tank he used.

Eventually law enforcement will figure out that it doesn't matter who actually did the punching and kicking and just prosecute all of these savages for "conspiracy to commit XYZ" and similar charges.

Grab all of them. Won't matter. They're getting free food, medical care and government housing now in the ghetto, so it shouldn't make any difference if they get free food, medical care and government housing in prison.

Prison might actually be more pleasant for them than the ghetto, as in prison there are often white people monitoring their safety and telling them what to do and when to do it. There is also an enforced standard of personal hygiene and janitorial sanitation in prison that is so obviously lacking in the ghetto.

How to pay for this higher standard of living for the black "community"? Charge white people admission to the prison/zoo. "Look, kids! They're climbing on the tire swing! They're eating bananas! They're flinging poop at each other! They're playing a basketball game! That one over there thinks he knows how to vote, isn't that cute? He can't even read."