Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Funniest Story We Have Ever Read - Shreveport White Mayoral Candidate Goes for the Gizzard in a Town Already Cooked

Flyer for the Wings and Limo Ride
We talked about chicken and Shreveport two days ago. Well, this story has taken a hilarious turn that must be discussed. Martin Luther King Street in Shreveport was to be the venue of this Chicken Wing and Limo event, but an arsonist hit the restaurant and dashed all of those dreams in a harmonious conflagration:
Some people were appalled that a white candidate running for mayor of Shreveport would hold a rally in a black neighborhood and try to entice them with chicken wings and free limo rides to the polls.  And that's the story that's spreading like wildfire on the web and social networks, going viral.  The problem is:  That's not what happened. 

Just ask the organizers of the Bryan Wooley for Mayor campaign event.  Donor and volunteer Virginia Evans told me, "We didn't have chicken!  We had hamburgers and roast beef, prime rib."  That fact didn't stop a mass of emails, social network messages, and the like from spreading as fast as the speed of light across the worldwide web. 
Critics tried to paint that rally, publicized by this flier, as a political stunt, allegedly promising chicken and free limo rides to the polls in the predominantly African-American community of Martin Luther King Drive in north Shreveport.  Evans, who also happens to be African-American, says there was not even a hint of racism at her rally.
Evans insisted, during our interview at her home Friday night, that the Wednesday (9/22) event was her idea alone to help bring attention to the MLK neighborhood and its needs.  "No business(es) coming to our community, the streets are in bad shape." 
As for those free limo rides, Evans says only a few senior citizen ladies took her up on the offer, and it was only for early voting.  Mayoral candidate Bryan Wooley told us, "I got opponents on my right who made an issue about the size of my signs and I have opponents on my left who are trying to play the race card saying this is racial." 

An arsonist struck at Evans restaurant hours before that rally at Wings and More.  It forced the entire event to be held outside.  Despite that, Wooley added, "for us, it was a great opportunity.  Folks that participated loved it, enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity to engage in the process and we had a great time." 
Shreveport Fire Chief Brian Crawford confirmed to me that an arsonist struck about 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, in the back of 'Wings and More.'  That restaurant's name, some suggest, likely led to the false conclusion that wings were served at the rally.  There's no evidence so far linking the rally to the arson fire.

Shreveport is a majority Black city with a majority Black criminal problem. Trying to confront and stop Black crime would make sense, but in a world governed by the forces of Black Run America (BRA), this simple solution is a cause for major concern:

Ola Mae Kelly knows walking in the street is dangerous. But the 56-year-old also knows sometimes walking on the sidewalk can be equally so.

Years ago, Kelly was walking on the sidewalk when a man grabbed her from behind and dragged her away. Since then, the life-long Shreveport resident has made it a habit to walk in the street. It makes her feel safer.
At about 4:15 p.m. Aug. 16, Kelly was walking down East 75th Street, in the street, unaware she was breaking a city law that makes it illegal for citizens to walk in the street if there is a sidewalk. Kelly was surprised when a police car coming the opposite way, slowed and turned around after passing her.
She was even more bewildered when the encounter with officer Gerald McKinney resulted in injuries to her face, shoulder and knee — and her arrest.

"It happened so fast," said Kelly, who had two outstanding traffic violations. She was taken to jail and released after paying $490 bail. "I couldn't believe he was hitting me."

Kelly later filed an excessive force complaint alleging McKinney threw her to the ground and hit her in the face despite her attempts to comply with his orders. Two days after the incident — and before Kelly made her complaint — McKinney was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of internal and criminal investigations. Attempts to reach McKinney were unsuccessful.

Police Chief Willie Shaw said he would take appropriate action, if necessary, involving Kelly's complaint after criminal and internal investigations are complete.

But Shaw pointed out that such incidents are a small percentage of the annual 267,000 contacts the department has with citizens. For example, officers make about 15,000 arrests yearly and of those only 3.7 percent result in force being used. A small number of excessive force complaints made each year are found to have merit and result in corrective action to the officer involved, he said.

"We're going to enforce the law and in doing so, sometimes, we're not going to make the criminals happy," Shaw said. "My No. 1 priority is making the community safe."
Kelly's case may be about more than allegations of police brutality. Critics say the law that allowed McKinney to stop Kelly appears to be targeting Shreveport's black citizens and enforced only in black neighborhoods. That notion is supported by an analysis of five year's worth of arrest data that shows nearly all involved black citizens, mostly were made in black neighborhoods and half were made against young black men.

Those statistics trouble NAACP President Lloyd Thompson, who questions why the law seems to be enforced only in black neighborhoods and against black men 25 years old and younger.
"I'm concerned the ordinance could be used as a harassment tool towards young African-Americans," Thompson said.

Shreveport police officer union President Michael Carter said perspective is needed in reviewing arrests. Officers have "thousands" of contacts each year with citizens walking in the street that don't result in an arrest. An arrest usually comes only after a citizen refuses to comply with an officer's instructions, uses profanity or is rude, or is suspected of another crime.

"What's happening here is you have an escalation of police defiance," Carter said. "You have a constant 'in your face attitude' from this younger generation."

The Times' review of walking in the street arrests from Jan. 1, 2005, through Sept. 12, 2010, reveals:

  • 92 percent of those arrested were black

  • Half of all those arrested were young men ages 17 to 25 — predominantly black;

  • Arrests almost exclusively were made in black neighborhoods; no arrests were made in mostly white neighborhoods, such as Broadmoor.Thompson said the high numbers of blacks arrested for walking in the street is alarming and worthy of review by Shreveport's mayor and City Council. The law should be fairly enforced "across the board," Thompson said.

  • In Shreveport, even props for a school play in the drama department can be called racist:
     Is this a symbol of hate, or just a misunderstanding?

    "And it looks like a noose," said Ebony Ross, a junior at C.E. Byrd High School who snapped a picture of it.

    She says she was so offended that she cried when she saw it.

    "I was shocked, and I was ... why would this happen and it's Black History Month," said Ross.

    But it's the schools position, that while the placement of this rope appears suspect, and even unfortunate, it is not a hangman's noose, and there's no hate crime.

    Head of Caddo school security, Roy Murry says "The drama club was using the rope to secure lights to the balcony."
    Ebony says the principal had it removed, but blew off her concerns it might have been a noose and, with it, a symbolic threat against blacks in the school.
    Look, we've said it before: the South must be evacuated. Leave behind you those desiring watching football played by athlete-students who have no business even being enrolled in major institutions behind. Leave those who seek the votes of those who enjoy the luxurious combination of "Chicken and Limo rides" behind.

    Really, all you can do is laugh at what the United States of America represents in 2010: the beauty of Democracy represented by both Alvin Greene and the political machinations of offering chicken and a limo ride for but your vote.

    At least Black people in Shreveport desire a change of their image... why are Black people in so much trouble with the law?

    Because they break the law. Shreveport is but a microcosm of the problem the country faces.

    We'd still love to go on that limo ride, though.


    Desiree said...

    We get it, SBPDL. Black people like chicken. If I wasn't an animal-loving vegetarian I'd enjoy the Colonel once a month. They say there's 5 chickens for every Chinese citizen in that populous nation. I hear--although I could be wrong--that American whites like chicken, too.

    But that is just speculation based upon the fact the Colonel was an old white man in a white linen suit.

    I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers (pardon the pun) with that...

    But, off subject, why the hell does your blog look so busted? I try to be anal with the way my blog looks; you should fix this post...

    My unnecessary comment for the day...

    Percy Kittens said...

    Some of you may have seen this video:


    For all I know, it may have already been linked to by this website. It's called "Obama Supporter Thug Thizzle".

    I bring it up because it's almost identical to the "Food and Limo Ride" debacle going on in Shreveport. The only difference, really, is that the politician looking for support in Shreveport is white and apparently Republican, while the free "vote taxi program" in the Thug Thizzle video listed above were meant to get people to go vote for Barack Obama for President. You see, blatant pandering to the poor, the uneducated, the homeless, the illiterate and the black voters among us is only allowable (and thus non-racist) if you are a Democrat, and preferably a black one at that. If you're a white, conservative Republican, you're a "raaaaacist".

    I don't really have a lot of sympathy for this guy, Bryan Wooley, though. On general principle I am *AGAINST* trolling YMCAs, bus stops, and homeless shelters looking for people to get registered to vote. If you're not registered by the time of the election, you're just not that interested in the issues and shouldn't be allowed to vote. I'm against shamelessly pandering to people's most basest instincts (free food and free rides) to get them to vote.

    And notice the Disingenuous White Liberal at the :05 mark of the Thug Thizzle video talking about how the "vote taxi program" will pick you up, help you vote and "drop you off where ever you want". So, I guess after you get finished voting for their guy, they'll drop you off at the liquor store or the dry-cleaning store. This kid at the :05 mark looks like a freshly-scrubbed, right-out-of-college, knows-everything DWL who has been brainwashed by his liberal, Marxist, Socialist professors.

    The "organizer" in the Thug Thizzle video (and by extension Wooley himself) doesn't care that he's out there trying to get homeless people to vote...people who can't manage their own lives and finances...who have ZERO KNOWLEDGE of the issues...who can't read or articulate a coherent sentence...who have burned every bridge in their lives to the point where they have not a single friend or family member willing to take them in and help them...THESE are the people that Bryan Wooley and Vote Taxi Program Guy are trying to get to sway elections. Wooley has thrown in his lot with the poorest, stupidest, dumbest people of Shreveport; citizens who are all too willing to destroy each other, so I can't blame anyone but Wooley for the mess he has found himself in. If you lie down with dogs you're likely to get fleas.

    How much do you want to bet that the arsonist was a LEFTIST black male aged 20-55 who was upset that the event organizer, Virgina Evans, dared to wander off the intellectual plantation and support a white, conservative, Republican male? THE NERVE of that woman!!!!

    But, in the end, it really comes down to Thug Thizzle guy's comment at the :45 second mark: 'I mean, if they say "sign the ballot" just give 'em...just do exactly what they ask you to do. I mean, I mean, this is America. Hey! You know what I mean?'

    When asked about who he was voting for, the guy at the 01:00 minute mark said: "...." Actually, I can't tell what the guy said. It was the most inarticulate statement I've ever heard. Can anyone translate?

    And finally, the sage words of wisdom from one voter when asked who he would be voting for "Barack! You know? I want him to do his thang...you know? His thug thizzle."

    Anonymous said...

    "His thug thizzle."

    That is a loaded term in the black community, stands for many things including give out free shit for blacks, pay my rent, black agenda, keep hope alive, black power, we shall overcome, I have a dream, check the swag, and keep it real, bro.

    Douglas said...

    So here I am sitting in my home in North Florida. It's been a beautiful day riding my motorcycle, and you are telling me to abandon this and let the black people have it? Not without at least a struggle.

    Where would we go? If we keep running away, where and when will it end.

    I know I am new to this site, so maybe I missed something.

    Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

    This post has nothing to do with chicken. It has everything to do with a city crumbling apart.

    Anonymous said...

    "We get it, SBPDL. Black people like chicken. If I wasn't an animal-loving vegetarian I'd enjoy the Colonel once a month. They say there's 5 chickens for every Chinese citizen in that populous nation. I hear--although I could be wrong--that American whites like chicken, too."

    Cry me a river bitch
    IF you weren't such a racist YT hatin' bitch, we'd feel sorry for you. I do feel sorry for you. But as it stands, the way you behave — I feel I can speak for everyone on SBPDL when I tell you — go play with yourself.

    "But, off subject, why the hell does your blog look so busted? I try to be anal with the way my blog looks; you should fix this post..."

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    "My unnecessary comment for the day... "

    All of your comments are unnecessary shit.

    Anonymous said...

    The blacks now run things in Shreveport, They scream racism at everything and the marjority of white sit on the butts and watch football while the city runs wild. The police Department is like the KGB. Most are overweight and haven't seen their feet for the high belly they have. The city is sued on a constant matter with the police beating up people or false arrest. Then they say they don't have enough money. If I could I would like this place, but sicne housing is down the gutter and jobs are non existence, I have to stay. To all who think Louisiana is the place, Let me inform you to stay away. I am a life long resident and a full blood cajun, but my state is gone down the toilet!!!

    Anonymous said...

    desiree is very concerned that we know she is vegetarian, educated, had white friends, is a writer, has a blog. sounds like someone who 1. is very insecure and 2. likes to hear the sound of her own voice and 3. likes to draw lots of attention to herself and 4. is searching for approval from whites 5. is running like hell from who she is

    Anonymous said...

    People selling their vote for chicken. That's ignorant. Now if it was a big ole jug of purple drank that'd be a different story.

    Percy Kittens said...

    Desiree, quit your clucking.

    Of course white people love chicken in all its forms: baked, grilled, fried, salad, teriyaki, a l'orange, cajun, etc.....

    What you won't see is white people create a national temper tantrum if the local KFC runs out of chicken that they were supposed to have for a special promotional campaign. You won't see white people claim there is a conspiracy to deprive black folks of fried chicken. And you won't see white people get insulted if a local politician offers to host a fund raiser of chicken and potato salad...or brie cheese and wine.

    Anonymous said...

    It's unfortunate that some people have jumped to the conclusion that this article is merely a jab at the fact that "black people like chicken." Apparently, if one puts "black people" in the same sentence as "chicken," then there simply MUST be racism somewhere behind it.

    As SBPDL pointed out in his comment above, it's not about chicken, it's about a city falling apart. I agree, but I would take that reasoning one step further.

    It's also about how DWLs and prominent leaders of the black community use race-hustling to brainwash and manipulate the easily-led masses in their own community.

    It's also about how we live in a society where the aforementioned race-hustling doesn't even need to be based in FACT to be effective. As long as the story is juicy enough to elicit the appropriate levels of knee-jerk outrage, the truth need never surface...and even if it does, the damage is done and the stigma is in place.

    It's also about the fact that our societal norms have been twisted to such an extent that anything - be it arson or a workplace massacre - is seen as justified, as long as it was prompted by "racism." Whether real or imagined, overt or implied, "racism" is enough to turn a perpetrator into a victim, and vice versa.

    How very sad for our society that we've allowed it to come to this. And how very sad that there are so many people still blind to the way their emotions are being manipulated DAILY by the well-respected "leaders" of their own community.

    Anonymous said...

    "If I could I would like this place, but sicne housing is down the gutter and jobs are non existence, I have to stay. To all who think Louisiana is the place, Let me inform you to stay away. I am a life long resident and a full blood cajun, but my state is gone down the toilet!!!"

    Look on the bright side- just think how much worse things would be today if someone as Evil as David Duke had been elected Governor in 1991.:)

    Douglas said...

    I love chicken too, and pass the watermelon. I don't mind greens, black eye peas and cornbread. Food isn't the issue. It's the fact that blacks have to some something to take offense at everytime we turn around.

    A white person can't even hang a noose in their yard on halloween anymore without the PC police hauling you off.

    It looks to me like the majority of people in Shreveport just wait for something to incite them to riot.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm half carcasian and half lahtino and I like chicken half the time, WTF?