Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boise State's All-White Receiving Corps Decimates the University of Georgia's HBCU Defense

Matt Miller, one of Boise State's all-white starting receivers, scores against coal-Black UGA's defense
From here on out, expect two reviews of major college football programs each week. We'll mix it up a lot more than we did this week as things were heavily football centric (however, this was one of our biggest weeks ever from a traffic point of view).

I missed a number of important stories by concentrating on college football and didn't get the Auburn, University of Alabama, or Boise State previews done because of traveling and business commitments. One of those stories was in Portland - that town that actually laments and bemoans its whiteness - where a shooting at high school football game (yes, it was Black people shooting at Black people) sparked police to be out "in full strength" because of a fear of Black people retaliating against Black people:
Mayor Sam Adams decried the gun violence that broke out again in Portland Friday night after the Jefferson High School football game and said Portland police are "out in full strength" to prevent any tit-for-tat shootings. 

"We are already out in full strength ... civilian outreach workers, all of our police resources are out at full strength and very vigilant," he said. "Our first line of efforts is to prevent these gun crimes, our second when a gun crime like this does happen, our priority then is to prevent retaliation. This is horrible, this is tragic. We've had too many African American teenage Portlanders murdered in this city, and we are going everything we can to stop it.

"We need people's help, though," he said. "We need more witnesses. We still have cases where we have no witnesses, where people have been injured and killed." 

Six teenagers were wounded in the area of North Albina Avenue and Jessup Street around 11:20 p.m. The mother of one of the wounded youths said her son had been released from the hospital today, but the other five teens were still being treated.

"To be very blunt, illegal guns have swamped the city," Adams said Saturday  morning after being updated by police on the latest incident. He said it was too early to say whether Friday night's shooting was part of the violent grudge matches between rival sets of African American gangs which have claimed at least seven lives this year.

 To be even more blunt, Portland has been swamped by delusional Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) rule, and a peaceful, bucolic city has elected officials afraid of stating that Black people are dangerous and cause a disproportionate amount of the crime - violent and property - in the city.

A family obligation caused me to miss the historic Boise State/ University of Georgia match-up at the Georgia Dome last night, as I had planned on attending the game in person.

The University of Georgia football team - representing a school that is more than 90 percent white, with less than 1.5 percent of the enrollment being Black male - looked like a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) program, with 20 out of the 22 starters being Black athletes. A majority of this athletes are "special admits" to the university, lacking the mental aptitude to get into UGA on their own academic merit.

Earlier in the day, Brigham Young University (BYU) defeated the University of Mississippi 14-13. A majority white team from Provo - full of "white boys" in the words of BYU safety Daniel Sorensen - came to Oxford and outplayed the university "formerly known as the Rebels."

The score isn't indicative of the humiliation Ole Miss Black Bears faced yesterday; the school has castrated its former traditions and history in an all-out bid to erase the 'legacy of racism and all-white teams' and embrace a form of Blackness that Eddie Robinson from Grambling would shy away from.

Before Southeastern Conference (SEC) decided to lower academics standards and recruit primarily Black athletes to fill their rosters, HBCU's like Grambling and Southern would recruit Black athletes and the Black coaches there wouldn't be afraid of disciplining them. At SEC schools, discipline equals discrimination and a whole new set of rules and standards were erected to protect white coaches from being called racist.

Basically, that means no rule and no standards.

Watching Mark Richt's UGA program is like watching a prequel to a future episode of COPS. The amount of Black athletes who have gotten into trouble at the school, during their recruitment or upon leaving the institution is staggering. The same can be said of the University of Tennessee, the University of Florida, Auburn, Alabama and other SEC programs.

It's sad and tragic indictment of the type of players these programs feel are necessary to winning football games.

Boise State brought a much different football program to Atlanta yesterday and reminded UGA alumni of the types of teams that once suited up in the red and black uniforms. 1971 was the last year UGA fielded an all-white team (in the 1970s, Vince Dooley would have a hard time with integration as a Black player would pull a gun on a white player in 1976) and Boise State brought a team of predominately white starters to play a game against the Bulldogs HBCU squad.

Boise State last played UGA in 2005 and was blown out by one of the Bulldogs best teams in the past three decades. This Bulldog had all of the athleticism and natural talent you here ascribed to Black athletes, and Boise State would bring three starting white receivers (the Stormtroopers) to Atlanta and an immobile quarterback in Heisman Trophy candidate Kellen Moore.

The announcers actually compared him to a character in Leave it to Beaver, the 1950s show, obviously making fun of boring white appearance and lack of tattoos or dread-locks. Moore, acting more as a surgeon then a fictional television character, cut the all-Black UGA defense to shreds, threading pass after pass to his all-white receivers and tight ends.

His receivers, executing each route with the precision of the Princeton offense in basketball, raced swiftly through the UGA all-Black secondary. No dropped passes. No drop off in productive or effectiveness from losing two Black receivers from last year's Boise State squad (both are now in the NFL). Boise State's all-white receiving corps was unstoppable, and UGA's HBCU defense - and the almost all-white UGA crowd at the Georgia Dome - looked on incredulously at what they were witnessing.

Haven't we long been told that white guys can't play receiver? Isn't this what recruiting guru Tom Lemming told Michael Lewis in The Blind Side? Tail back and receiver is the exclusive territory of Black athletes in the SEC and for many college programs, though Boise State seems indifferent to playing by those recruiting rules.

Dallas Burrough, Matt Miller, Kirby Moore and other Boise State receivers (the Stormtroopers) ran precise routes and blew by UGA's HBCU secondary and defensive players. You have to wonder how many UGA alumni and current students thought "what are these white boys doing beating our might Bulldogs?"

I'd have asked them, "What are all these academically unqualified Black athletes doing playing for and representing UGA, when hundreds of qualified white high school athletes get overlooked each in the recruiting process by a university seemingly dedicated to fielding an HBCU football team?"

It is teams like Boise State and BYU that give white guys the chance to compete and play. You can recruit all the four and five star and Black athletes, but you can't quantify character and heart during that process. In Tom Barbour's Blue Collar Mentality: Boise State's Rise to Football Prominence,
he states as much. Writing about former Boise State walk-on running back Brock Forsey - a white running back who he called "The Sword in the Stone" - Barbour states his "never quit" mentality represents the Bronco's whole outlook.

Sadly, Forsey wouldn't quit football, but he would basically be told not to play anymore. After an amazing career at Boise State, the Chicago Bears drafted him. Here is what Sports Illustrated wrote in an article on Toby Gerhart - discussing how a white running back faces a backlash for being a white guy in a "Black" position:
For those who do reach the NFL, the path doesn't get any easier. In 2003 Brock Forsey was a Bears backup who started one game in place of injured starter Anthony Thomas and was spectacular, rushing for 134 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries. The next week Thomas returned to the lineup and Forsey went back to the bench, getting only three carries. He never started another NFL game. "It's hard to tell exactly what happened," says Forsey, who starred at Boise State and is now an executive at a title and escrow company in Nampa, Idaho. "No one ever said anything about race. But there may be some preconceived notions out there. A white guy from Idaho isn't what you have in mind when you envision an NFL running back."

Evaluating players shouldn't be about what we envision but what we see. That lesson should have been learned from the decades of discrimination against black quarterbacks at colleges and in the pros. Despite the obvious parallels, no one seems to be as concerned that white tailbacks are getting the same treatment. "I did dozens of interviews about the lack of opportunity for an African-American to be a QB back in the 1980s and early '90s," says Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at Central Florida, "but this is only the second time I have been asked about the lack of opportunity for whites to be running backs." Maybe that's because racism isn't the culprit here; it's mostly white coaches and talent evaluators who are choosing black running backs over white ones. But it doesn't make the color line any less real.

How many countless, nameless athletes in the South and other regions of the country have similar stories to Forsey's, but at the high school level. Never getting a chance to play college ball because college scouts and evaluators have a bias against recruiting white athletes in a time period where the perceived superiority of the Black athlete is ingrained in the national conscious.

If that is not the case, why say this about Boise State:
Last night’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was a great match-up of second-tier, FBS programs. I haven’t seen that many white guys on a football field since 1964! I’m not being a hater, and I admit that Boise State and TCU both have great football programs.

Only teams like Louisiana State (LSU), Auburn, Oklahoma, UGA, Alabama and other programs that have nearly all-white student bodies but field football teams that look like HBCU programs are considered "legitimate" in the eyes of sports fans. They have been conditioned to believe this by ESPN and a conscious effort on the part of scouts and college coaches to only recruit a certain type of athlete: Black.

What Boise State did to UGA (they were winning 35-14 before UGA scored a late garbage touchdown to make the score 35-21) will not be compared to the 1970 University of Alabama vs. University of Southern California football game. An all-white BAMA squad - who had had uncharacteristically bad seasons the prior two years - was destroyed in Birmingham 42-21 by an integrated USC team (lost in history is the fact that BAMA, with only one Black starter, would beat USC 17-10 the next year in LA):
 The game, a 42-21 Trojans rout, couldn't have left a stronger impression on the Alabama faithful. The Trojans gained 559 yards, nearly 300 more than the Tide. Mr. Cunningham rumbled for 135 yards and two touchdowns, and needed just 12 carries to do it. "They were good players," Mr. Cunningham says of the Tide. "By no means am I implying that they weren't. But we were bigger, stronger and faster."

Alabama's football program first established itself more than 80 years ago, becoming the South's flagship team when it went west and won the 1926 Rose Bowl. The Tide excelled in the Depression years and won three national titles in the 1960s under Mr. Bryant. But the slowness of the South to accept integration started to hurt the Tide, culminating in that 1970 season opener against USC.

The legend of that night, which has become known as the Cunningham game, has been exaggerated, misremembered, misunderstood and mythologized. Books overstate Mr. Cunningham's yards and touchdowns. Mr. Cunningham is famously said to have done more to integrate Alabama in 60 minutes than Martin Luther King Jr. did in 20 years. Aside from whether he did or not, the quote is alternately attributed to Mr. Bryant and two former assistants. "I've been here 20 years," says Taylor Watson, curator of the Paul W. Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa, "and I've never been able to figure it out."

According to myth, Mr. Bryant took Mr. Cunningham to the Tide locker room after the game to show his team what a football player looks like. Mr. Cunningham says Mr. Bryant did make the unusual gesture of speaking with him after the game but just to congratulate him. "It wasn't anything earth-shattering," he says.

Hard to believe, but 40 years ago SEC football programs were almost all-white. And they were winning championships. In Charles H. Martin's book Benching Jim Crow: The Rise and Fall of the Color Line in Southern College Sports 1890-1980, he writes of integration (p. 301):
Successful integrated teams also served as racially inclusive symbols around white and black southerners could unite in a common cause, thereby fostering racial reconciliation and inventing a new shared tradition.
Looking at the state of major southern cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Memphis, Jackson, Mobile, Augusta, Savannah, Charlotte, Nashville, Orlando, Tampa, and Columbia, it's obvious this has not occurred. White people will abandon every city that goes majority Black, erecting new suburbs far away from these new Black metropolises that are inevitably run into the ground as the myth of Black Buying Power is exposed when malls and shopping centers that were once successful close.

It is only on fall Saturday's that white southerners come to cheer on their football programs that resemble HBCU squads. As stated, Ole Miss gave away its proud traditions and history in a Faustian Pact for football glory.

Their HBCU squad got beat by a team of "white boys" from BYU yesterday and you have to wonder how many white alumni and white students went back to the famous "Grove" (the best place to tailgate in America) and sipped cocktails waxing about the "good-ole days" of Ole Miss football when the school reflected the majority student population and actually won games.

Yesterday in the Georgia Dome, you have to wonder how many white alumni and current students from UGA - who laughed at the Boise State team when they came onto the field for being too white and looking like a team from pre-integration days - thought, as the white receiving corps and white defensive players thoroughly embarrassed their HBCU program, "man, these white boys can play. Why don't we have any?"

We tolerate Black crime and the abandonment of major cities because we believe that without Black football and basketball players are sports would not be legitimate.

That Boise State brought a team of majority white starters - including white players at the "forbidden to whitey position of receiver" dominating the HBCU UGA defense - to Atlanta and won convincingly over a coal-Black UGA squad (in 2007 - 2008, though Black males made up only 1.8 of the student body population, the UGA team was 72 percent Black) should cause a few people to take notice.

They won't though. Portland, Oregon will still require police to be out "in full force" to deal with the threat of Black people killing other Black people. Major cities will require curfews to deal with unruly Black teenagers, security measures primarily needed during times of natural disaster or war. And through it all, if the Black kids that cause the city to be locked down have athletic ability, SEC schools and other college programs will have no problem recruiting them.

This is why America is no longer a superpower. It all starts with sports. Boise State showed that white guys can play football, beating a UGA team that looked like a HBCU program.

If Bear Bryant were around, he'd probably have looked at a white receiver like Matt Miller - who UGA's Black athletes couldn't cover - and say, "that is what a football player looks like."

Sadly, most SEC coaches wouldn't have given him the time of day during the recruiting period. His speed and receiving ability could never overcome his lack of melanin.

White sports fans have been conditioned to believe this of all white athletes. What Boise State did to UGA on September 3, 2011 will one day replace the mythology of the 1970 USC-BAMA game, because Black-Run America (BRA) will fall.


kcs said...

Yes, lots of puzzled faces in the almost all-white crowds in the Georgia Dome and Oxford MS, yesterday, Mark Richt and Houston Nutt among them.

I suspect nothing will change. Richt and Nutt will simply conclude that they need to recruit better "aff-e-leets". 2+2 still equals 5.

Student athletes my ass.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic. Ask yourself just how many of those lilly white fans in attendance, will come into contact with the mentally retarded players they are cheering on? How many innocent White girls will be raped? How many naive White young men will be brutalized by some retarded criminal who is on campus only because he can run? Go UGA!!

Stop Arguing and Listen

Anonymous said...

At my son's HS football game friday night in AZ. For the black/diversity is beautiful/is or greatest strength crowd: Why do none of the blacks (including the only black coach), or mezkins, remove their hats during the national anthem? Why do they dress like gang members? Why are they SO dam loud all the time (notice me!!!)?

Stop Arguing and Listen

Anonymous said...

The only- faint- hope is that the money-hungry college programs and NFL teams will turn more and more to reliable white players instead of hit-and-miss black ones(a la New England, Indy, St Louis, Cleveland etc)

Anonymous said...

What factors genuinely contributed to the UGA defeat? How does one quantify a breakdown in discipline, which must inevitably impede performance on the field?

O.J. Chimpson said...

Paul, if you are going to continue with the "feetsbawl" stories (even though football is irrelevant and for dumb people and not even that fun to watch), you might want to do a story on those moolie bastards - an entire football team of 'em, including the coach and their bastard "parents" - kicking and stomping a white referee.

Zenster said...

Here's a modest proposal:

Why not have schools field teams that reflect the racial balance of their respective student bodies?

I am not a sports fan but the foregoing measure could erase much of the "Affirmative Action" type of recruiting that is going on and reduce the number of functional illiterates being graduated out of collegiate athletic programs.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

"Why not have schools field teams that reflect the racial balance of their respective student bodies?"

Better yet, why not enforce the same academic standards for ALL students.

Anonymous said...

"The score isn't indicative of the humiliation Ole Miss Black Bears faced yesterday;..."

It's not "Ole Miss." It is now called "The University of Northern Mississippi."


P.S. -- Paul, I'm not a football fan, as you know. But these posts are vital. Keep on keepin' on, my brutha' mang; nome sane?

Zenster said...

Anonymous: (September 4, 2011 2:24 PM) Better yet, why not enforce the same academic standards for ALL students.

While your intent may be good, I think we all know that what would result is a lowering of academic standards to lowest common denominator levels.

It also would not address the racism that currently infects so much of collegiate athletic recruitment, save by penalizing low IQs which, as I noted, might not achieve the truly desired result.

Using proportionate racial makeup in sports teams would also sidestep any accusations of wacism because Blacks typically use the same arguments, except that they usually pertain to jury composition.

Whiskey said...

Its a Moneyball revolution. Black players work better for most coaches because there is no teaching, just recruiting. Get the fastest guys out there, the biggest players who are fastest, and also strongest, with the biggest vertical leaps. That's been the approach in the Pros, and colleges. It has worked, but has led to teams not in the SEC being generally second tier, and of course now massive rule violations destroying coaching careers.

Coaches don't like forgoing millions of dollars, nor do schools like scandals, so I think we WILL see more Boise State and BYU types. Particularly since financial pressures mean that you cannot offer SEC competitive scholarships outside a few big schools, and recruiting the most dominant athletes is beyond most schools.

Competition creates a search for advantage, and that means more White middle class players who are coachable to run discipline routes and practice, practice, practice catching the football, body positioning, etc. You can blow away a defender by running past him through superior speed, or use your body to keep him inches away to make a first down catch knowing you'll be tackled and holding onto the ball.

The only question is, will Hockey (all-White) and other sports (the X games which are Whiter than White) draw off money/viewers/ratings from College Football and the NFL before the process of seeking advantage works its way forward? Nothing lasts forever and that includes a mostly White audience watching and celebrating a very alien Black athletic cast.

Whiskey said...

A follow up, the Pistol Offense is now moving through the College ranks. Nevada's Wolfpack used it, old-timer Chris Ault instituting it because he lacked the athletic firepower to do much else. So too Red Sander's old-time Single Wing, and other variations, that require not great athletes but disciplined football players.

Those coaches wanting to move up can now do so, competitively, if they know how to teach/coach more intelligent, disciplined players, on complex offensive and defensive schemes, instead of playing substitute Fathers to Black Thug athletes. Consider that the Lane Kiffin model. No one considers Kiffin warm and friendly and fuzzy and such. He's too young to play Daddy and projects the Sean Payton whiz kid persona. But particularly most younger coaches can grasp strategic weaknesses of likely opponents, and teach complex schemes designed to exploit that.

The Patriots, regardless of cheating, are a good example of using a complex, possession oriented passing game with enough deep threats to keep the ball away from the other team, and score lots of points. With a no-star defense focusing on ball-stripping and turnover creation. A small market team, they consistently pick up undervalued players who can grasp the more complex offensive and defensive schemes. They'll let a guy like Moss go when his speed declines, because they are built upon systems not athletes.

Basically this model says for both pros and colleges, its easier to pay and retain coaching staffs than short-career athletes. So I'd expect coaching salaries to increase as athlete salaries (or college recruiting efforts on the best athletes) decline.

Anonymous said...

"While your intent may be good, I think we all know that what would result is a lowering of academic standards to lowest common denominator levels."

Perhaps I wasn't clear...

What I'm suggesting is...maintain rigid, non-flexible academic standards that can NOT be lowered. In order to qualify for ANY athletic endeavor, a student must first meet all academic requirements.

kcs said...

Whiskey, hockey is not entirely white, with maybe 5% black, mulatto, and hispanic players (Evander Kane, Dustin Byflugien, Scott Gomez, etc.).

Contrary to the unfortunate roller-derby-on-ice reputation it has among many Americans, hockey is a sport of speed, skill, teamwork, and controlled violence. It should thus attract the same fans who love football, more so for those tired of the thuggish buffoons all too common in the game.

Thus far I continue to be disappointed.

Zenster said...

Anonymous: (September 4, 2011 4:33 PM) Perhaps I wasn't clear...

What I'm suggesting is...maintain rigid, non-flexible academic standards that can NOT be lowered. In order to qualify for ANY athletic endeavor, a student must first meet all academic requirements.

You were quite clear and I meant no offense. None if that changes how megabucks have corrupted the system. Plus, with so many arguing that IQ tests are racially biased ― along with Affirmative Action's overt establishment of two-tier performance standards ― it remains unlikely that there'll evolve any compelling agency or overarching moral authority that will impose such a reversion to previous levels of academic excellence.

Sadly we have about as much of a chance to eliminate the so-called "Hate Speech" laws that pervert our Constitutional rights as returning to those academic standards.

I think its about time for "turnabout is fair play" and ― if juries can be racially weighted ― then so can collegiate athletics. Sauce for the goose and all that.

Anonymous said...

From here on out, expect two reviews of major college football programs each week. We'll mix it up a lot more than we did this week... this was one of our biggest weeks ever from a traffic point of view.

Which means the jock-sniffers are now this site's target audience, and that means I'm out of here. You guys have fun getting all lathered up over your sports ball thing or whatever.

JB said...

Hey, Anonymous Weasel @ 6:15,

Good. Hit the road.

Bet you were always picked last.

Because you throw like a girl.

Anonymous said...

Saturday I went to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis to see the Midshipmen vs. The University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens.

Navy had 1 black and 1 Hispanic on offense. Delaware, a FCS team, is still majority white. Navy had no big fat slobs since these guys are something other then pure footballers.

It was like football used to be.

Anonymous said...

For the people who don't like these excellent stories on football- just leave already. No need to tell us you are leaving. Just leave!

All of these southern states have excellent European-American high school football players. But these university coaches won't recruit them. It's fantastic to see Georgia get their ass kicked.

Keep up the good work Paul.

bubo said...

I frequent certain SEC boards throughout the season and FLorida fans are discounting Boise State as beating a bad Georgia team and that the rest of the mighty SEC and their superhuman 5 star black ath-ah-leets would whip them good.

One idiotic poster claimed that BSU coach Chris Petersen wasn't a good recruiter, presumably because his roster isn't filled with overhyped semi-literate blacks. I assume this poster had just watched BSU dominate, on both sides of the ball, a team that is absolutely loaded with the best black footballers around. According to the Tom Lemmings and other black worshipping recruitniks of the world, this can't happen.

I must say, some of the things that are written on many of the team boards about the black athletes is disturbing. Some of it borders on homo-eroticism in many cases. I honestly think that some of these mouthbreathers would let the worst ghetto trash imaginable fuck their wives and daughters if he could score touchdowns for their alma-mater. It's beyond sick.

That reminds me. Tennessee and many other schools have used young white co-eds to "escort" these highly recruited blacks around campus on recruiting trips.

I love college football. Well, the idea of college football. But if it can't return to what it's supposed to be, and not just an NFL farm system, then it should be abolished.

Discard said...

Anon at 8:12 PM: You're out of here? Is that a promise?

Indianapolis said...

More black athlete violence:

Florida A&M's Shannon Washington was stabbed to death.

Starquineshia Palmer was arrested for murder.

The victim is black; the race of Starquineshia is not known.

Dissident said...

Calm people.

Whether we like it or not. Sports are indelibly linked to the American psyche. Paul's posts simply reflect American pop culture.

I'm not a huge fan of any organized sporting events, but I realize that many people are. Paul is providing an invaluable service here. Please, cut him some slack.

Thanks Kersey.

Anonymous said...

Wondering .....

Are whites getting better at sports, or are niggers just getting worse? I always just took it for granted that jigaboos were just better at sports. That seems to be changing, tho.

Anonymous said...

"and that means I'm out of here."


Your constant whining was getting tiresome, along with your glaring overuse of the remarkably unfunny term "feetsbawl".

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

"We'll mix it up a lot more than we did this week as things were heavily football centric (however, this was one of our biggest weeks ever from a traffic point of view)."

Which means the average intelligence of the 'edumificated' American really IS at an 8th-grade level... and slipping fast.

While some members of my testosterone tribe may get kicks watching some pagan ritual re-anactment on a Sunday, I'd at least hope that they would read some history, study the Bible, and change their habits to be less bestial than their 'sports heroes.'

But I fear it is the end of the world.....

-Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

What doesn't help is the media lap dog routine to the myth of the black super athlete. It is the sports equivalent of Hollywood's black is cool canard. i think coaching and recruiting take years to turn, like a sailboat, not a Formula 1 car, and you will see teams break the patterns they only recently created. Just like coaches looking at black QBs, it will happen with white WRs and RBs. There will be too many good stories of reliable WRs who can work for a decade with intelligence and .1 slower 40s without pads on a track in spandex. It has already changed a bit since the days where Ed McCaffrey was the one white WR of the NFL of the late 90s of prominence.

Phalluster said...

Anonymous said...

Which means the jock-sniffers are now this site's target audience, and that means I'm out of here. You guys have fun getting all lathered up over your sports ball thing or whatever.

I will miss your salient, incisive commentary. Good luck in all your future battles.

Anonymous said...

"The victim is black; the race of Starquineshia is not known."


Anonymous said...

"Which means the jock-sniffers are now this site's target audience, and that means I'm out of here."

Remember when Desiree threatened multiple times to leave, and no one took her seriously??

You sound just like her.

You're a "Desiree-sniffer".

Anonymous said...

"Which means the jock-sniffers are now this site's target audience, and that means I'm out of here. You guys have fun getting all lathered up over your sports ball thing or whatever."

I don't get people like this; SBPDL has routinely said that college football is the opiate of America, and a key to why BRA is so strong. I feel like we need to examine this "sports ball thing" (as you call it) to determine how we can get this country back on track.

If the opiate of America was jersey shore (I hate jersey shore), I wouldn't ignore it. I would study it as to why it is so powerful.

Anonymous said...

24 People Shot In 24 Hours In NYC


Anonymous said...

You jock sniffers aren't examining feetbawl. You are supporting it by going to the games, watching the games, talking about the games. You are supporting BRA.

Why not have two articles per week on hip hop? You guys can all go to rap concerts and watch BET and talk about rappers and rap music 24/7. You won't be supporting rap music and BRA. You're just examining it.

Anonymous said...

"You jock sniffers aren't examining feetbawl."

Oh look, the Desiree-sniffer is still here.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

No one here is "sniffing" jocks. If you actually read what is being discussed, you'd understand this is an analysis of the teams and the majority white fan-bases that cheer them on.

Guess what? All of the SEC schools were still segregated until roughly the early 1970s. They have now flipped.

And yet, white people who support these teams ONLY interaction with Black people is the three hours each week they watch their team play.

If they encounter a Black person on the street, chances are they'll lock their door and drive off quickly.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The "jocksniffers" are those who unconditionally hero-worship the SEC teams. I can tell you that no one has ever addressed the issue as SBPDL has.

Did anyone notice how UGLY the Georgia uniforms are? By the way, on Halloween night two years ago, Tennessee came out in black jerseys instead of their traditional orange. The players wanted to wear them and then-coach Lane Kiffin agreed. The fans didn't like it, or at least some of them.

Zenster said...

Indianapolis: The victim is black; the race of Starquineshia is not known.

I'm with Anonymous (September 5, 2011 8:12 AM), on this one. The name says it all. Is there anyone willing to bet that this girl is White?


Anonymous said...

Navy have a limit of 260 lbs. Above that and you cannot serve. That is the limit for any of their players. I would presume the Air Force would have something similar.

Zenster said...

Another note of support for Mr. Kersey here.

If you actually read what is being discussed, you'd understand this is an analysis of the teams and the majority white fan-bases that cheer them on.

Much as with "whiggers" (White Niggers), who ape and gravitate to (c)rap music culture, the adoration being doled out by Whites for marginally intelligent black athletes bears close scrutiny.

How often does anyone see these same college football fans express any sort of sincere dismay or concern over the abysmal graduation rate of these Black players?

I am no big sports fan but, that said, Paul Kersey is absolutely right in examining the phenomenon of White America's fascination with Black culture even as it flees from all urban ― and, now, even suburban ― manifestations of it.

This is a fundamental hypocrisy and it betrays a degree of cognitive dissonance on the part of White America that merits some serious analysis. Whether it is selective racism as ― US Attorney General Eric Holder would so dearly like us to believe ― or simply a total disconnect with respect to philosophical and moral consistency, a better understanding of this contradictory behavior is more than merited.

Anonymous said...

"I'm with Anonymous (September 5, 2011 8:12 AM), on this one. The name says it all."

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (September 5, 2011 12:42 PM) Thank you, Captain Obvious.

You're quite welcome, whoever-you-are. The Black community deserves a maximum number of reminders with regard to just how pretentious and laughably absurd their naming habits are.

Admittedly, Whites rise to the challenge by using brands names for their children like Infiniti, Celica, Armani, Timberland, Nautica, L'Oreal and so forth.

But for sheer ridiculousness, Blacks still manage to eke out a win with names like, Tayshaun, Deron, Rau'shee, Raynell, Deontay, Taraje, Jozy, Kerron, Hyleas, Chaunte, Bershawn, Lashawn, Sanya, Trevell, Sheena, Ogonna, Dremiel and the like.

I'm confident that Paul could cobble up an entire article on this one facet of Black "culture" all by itself.

Artur said...

Too much football on this blog. Sorry ! Can't take it any more.

Here's a thought: why don't you touch on the greatest - and I mean The GREATEST - challenge that the world is facing today, hands down: the global population replacement of whites by blacks.

Last year, the Dark Continent rolled over the One BILLION mark on the humanoid speedometer. One billion (mostly, alas, low-smarts, low-productivity, high-violence negroes).

Meanwhile, the mountain gorilla population of Africa is fewer than 800. You see, the natives like to fuck the monkeys, then eat them (cospeciation, AIDS, etc).

I'd take a billion mountain gorillas over a billion blacks any day of the week.

SBPDL readers need to understand that the enemies of the white race (liberals) created this situation, wherein negroes are set to become ONE THIRD of global population in a few years, up from 8% in 1950, when the world was one-third European, and good things happened in the way of progress for humanity (science, medicine, the arts etc.) (of the "good things" part, we're going to leave out the explosion of the size of the ercetii population).

Ninety-five percent of black Africans ONLY exist because of a vast breeding program initiated and funded by whites (US-AID anyone?), wherein planeloads of Western food aid is flown in so that otherwise useless Nigerian women can have eight chirren on average. On average. That means that many will have fourteen, fifteen, EIGHTEEN chirren. What will become of these chirren?

Answer: more chirren.

This, not overrepresentation of Erectus in sports or entertainment, is the real issue, one that I wish this otherwise excellent blog would spend more time talking about.

I just can't stand to look at football anymore.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Just give me another few weeks to slowly get this information out there on the racial aspects of college football. It is important, because so many good people live their lives vicariously through college football. Social policies can never change when they believe that only Black athletes can keep their teams competitive.

I don't disagree with you on the global problem of the proliferation of Africans. It is a crisis, which will be addressed in the forthcoming novel "Human Shield."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul! If not for reading SPDL I would have missed that great Boise State was marvelous, my wife could not understand my glee in seeing BS defeat an SEC school, she's a UT Alumnus and sports fan!

Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome, whoever-you-are. The Black community deserves a maximum number of reminders with regard to just how pretentious and laughably absurd their naming habits are.

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

Anonymous said...

Great post . I'm looking forward to more as the season goes on.

Scott H. said...

It looks like Boise State will go to the ends of the earth to recruit non-whites to play for them.

Three black Dutchmen... 'cause they have such a great American Football tradition in the Netherlands...

Anonymous said...

Good article but I have a problem with your "precise route running" and "(plays with) heart" comments. The typical "Whites can outwork blacks even though they have less talent" BS has to go. Its simply not true. Danny Woodhead= 4.35 40, sub 4 short shuttle, historic production, yet ignored by all D1 and NFL. Mark Ingram and kNOSHOWn Moreno, 4.62 speed, D1 scholarships and 1st rd picks. There are PLENTY of White athletes with tons of speed, athleticism, etc, that will never get a whiff from D1 nor the NFL because drunken, white, idiots continue to think, "Whites are slow, but smart" or "Whites are not athletic, but have a high motor" etc etc. Stop spreading that BS!!! Its simply not true!

Lee said...

"The victim is black; the race of Starquineshia is not known."

For the last 25 years my sister and I have traded articles with the most ridiculous negro names we find in the news. We've decided that they have a secret nigger baby name book that white people are not privy to. I think this name will put me ahead in our competition.

Go Boise. Go BYU.

Anonymous said...

"There are PLENTY of White athletes with tons of speed"

It depends on how you define "tons of speed".

In the one sport that requires pure "tons of speed"...sprinting...there is a conspicuous lack of white athletes.

dispossessed at UGA said...

Read this report- WHITE MEN NEED NOT APPLY- notice how they never actually define "diversity" or "differences," and they only use the word "minority" once.


Diversity plan approved for dissemination, August 29, 2011

A diversity plan prepared by the Diversity Advisory Council has been approved by Provost Jere Morehead for dissemination to academic units that report to the provost. “I believe this plan will help the University of Georgia remain a community of vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities of faculty, staff and students who are reflective of and responsive to the diversity of the state of Georgia,” Morehead said. The plan outlines five goals that relate to institutional climate; recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty and staff; diversity-related research and program initiatives; and accountability.

Anonymous said...

Boise State's 2 top recievers last year were black and are in the NFL now. It's the end of the road for that tard Kellen Moore and this year's plowboy receiving corp. Google Biletnikoff award dummies. lol! hillbillies...pfft.

Anonymous said...

lmao at the student athlete comments. wtf do they teach at BSU anyway? auto body tech? it's barely a junior college ffs!