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"Real American Heroes: Part Two": Black-Run America (BRA) is at War with the United States Military

Laying in bed the other night, I found myself laughing at the thought of an article someone had sent me. It was from 2002 and dealt with the United States military, specifically the Navy SEALs and other US Special Forces like the Rangers and Green Berets, and the lack of Black people in these prestigious organizations.

Real American Heroes: An Army Ranger unit that BRA seeks to replace with Alvin Greene's
How can we possible maintain the security of the United States when our Special Forces are all white? And the pilots in the United States Air Force and Navy? Don't you know that the Tuskegee Airmen were single-handily responsible for the fall of Nazi-controlled Europe in 1945?

Real American Heroes is one of my favorite posts. Back in 2009, the film G.I. Joe came out and three of the five primary members of that fictional Special Forces organization were Black people. The reality is that a Black face in any of the Special Forces in the real US military is about as rare as a white point guard on a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) basketball team.

This was documented in one of the more popular posts here, The Inevitable SEALs Team 6 Movie glorifying the Osama Killing: How many Blacks will be cast?

I've pointed out that the United States military newspaper Stars and Stripes recently lamented that not enough Black soldiers have been found to profile as 'valorous' during the War on Terror campaign.

I've pointed out that the Naval Academy has lowered academic standards to admit more Black cadets. I've pointed out that the Coast Guard Academy has lowered standards and codified the discrimination against white applicants (much as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has done to potential white applicants for Federal Government employment).

A Black Air Force General attacked the Air Force pilots for being "too white" and proclaimed the most important objective (ahead of protecting the air for American supremacy) should be getting more Black pilots in the air. The Air Force Academy has pledged to bring more diversity to Colorado Spring, for having a student enrollment that is 71 percent white is seen as a horrifying representation of 2011 America:
The Air Force Academy has a plan and a $1 million budget to make the school more diverse, but no numerical goal that describes what diverse looks like.

Adding more cadets from minorities groups to the academy’s population has been a goal for years. The Board of Visitors, the school’s oversight body, was told Friday that the school has a new plan, which includes diversity training for employees, stepping up minority recruitment and training “inclusion ambassadors” who will promote diversity at the academy.

“The good thing is we’re doing something about it,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, academy superintendent.
The academy’s student body is 71 percent white, which is similar to its sister academies for Navy and Army, and close to the national population average.

But the academy wants to see gains in the number of black and Hispanic cadets on the campus, who make up a combined 16 percent of the student body, well below their share of the national population.
But the Air Force is staying away from quotas.

“Metrics have always been a tough thing for all the services,” Lt. Gen. Darrell Jones, an Air Force personnel officer from the Pentagon told the board, which advises Congress and President Obama on academy matters.
The Air Force put money into the academy program this year, adding $1 million to the program in 2011 – doubling the academy’s diversity budget. Much of the cash is being spent on recruiting in black, Hispanic and Asian neighborhoods. The idea is that attracting more minority applicants will gradually grow the academy’s minority population.

Still, some board members fear that the program lacks clear goals because it doesn’t set racial quotas.

“Not having those objectives and goals is hurting us,” said board member Alfredo Sandoval, a 1982 academy graduate who is a managing partner of the Private Investment Group.

Jones said numbers alone, though, won’t do the job.

“The goal is to have a diverse population find success in the military,” he said.
Remember that United States Marine Corps has decided that "The Few, The Proud, The Marines," is too inclusive of a statement and gone Full Negro in trying to recruit Blacks:
The Marine Corps has come a long way since it allowed its first African-American recruits into a segregated boot camp in 1942, but the service lags far behind where it should be today in diversifying its ranks, the commandant said Tuesday during a visit to San Diego.

Gen. James Amos paid tribute to those pioneering Marines who broke the color barrier in the Corps after training at Montford Point in North Carolina during a speech at the convention of the National Naval Officers Association, an organization that represents minority officers in the sea services. 

Amos outlined plans to highlight the legacy of the Montford Point Marines in the history of the tradition-bound Corps, and to improve recruitment and retention of a more diverse pool of Marines. But he introduced his unscripted “from the heart” talk with about 500 officers by saying he was dismayed by the lack of diversity in the Corps, particularly among officers.

“We’re failing,” in this mission, Amos said. “We’re not the face of society.”

About 10 percent of the Corps is African-American, versus about 12 percent of the U.S. population, Amos said. Among the 2010 crop of 1,703 newly minted Marine lieutenants, only 60, or 3.5 percent, were African-American.

This year that percentage should be up to 5 percent, or about even with the percentage of eligible males, Amos said. He credited the change to efforts by Marines such as Maj. Gen. Ronald Bailey. In June, Bailey gave up his dual position overseeing the Recruiting Command at Quantico, Va., and the recruit depot in San Diego to lead the 1st Marine Division — the first African-American to do so.

The Corps has a reputation for attracting a predominance of southern white men, along with Latinos who appreciate its macho culture, though those stereotypes are less true today.

Retired Navy Capt. Anthony Barnes, president of the naval association, said the disappointing level of diversity in the Marine Corps is no surprise, but he is optimistic about where the Corps is headed.
“The first thing to do is identify the shortcomings,” he said. “If the top guy is not committed and he doesn’t communicate that commitment, then the organization has no chance.”
How did we ever win a war without disproportional Black representation in the Marines, the US Air Force, and within the US Special Forces? how? Also remember that an independent study of the United States military officer corps, authorized by Congress,  determined that our senior military officers are "too white" and "too male."

Black-Run America (BRA) is real. Very real. The Intelligence Agencies have been deemed "too white"... as has the United States Missile Command. Defending this country takes a back-seat to the employment and promotion of Black people. Even in the United States Special Forces.

Dwayne Johnson, Hollywood's vision for the US Special Forces
What was that article that had me laughing the other night? It was this one from 2002 on the United States Navy SEALs and the over zealous drive to add more Black people to its ranks:

Special forces have always prided themselves on how hard it is to become a member. For some black SEALs, Rangers and Green Berets, staying is tougher than getting in. 

With special forces having become the face of the U.S. military in the Afghan war, leaders are sensitive to the fact that those faces are overwhelmingly white, and they are recruiting in minority neighborhoods.

The problem, some say, is the attitudes black recruits face once inside.

"It was like being the only black in a Harley Davidson gang, as out of place as you can be," said retired Lt. Jake Zweig of his short, tumultuous stay in the SEALs. "It was horrendous."

The SEALs have acknowledged "pockets of racial insensitivity" and have appointed a minority recruitment chief with authority to veto bigoted candidates.

The crux, all agree, is the elitism that defines the "special" in special forces.

"SEALs are very sensitive about lowering standards and letting in people who are not up to the standards of what a special forces warrior should be," said Lt. Cmdr. Darryn James, a spokesman for Navy Special Warfare.

Such talk riles Army Brig. Gen. Remo Butler, a Ranger who is now the highest-ranking black soldier in special forces.

"That's code for 'You're not quite as smart, you're here because you're getting a break somewhere,'" said Butler, who heads Special Operations Command-South in Puerto Rico.

The armed services are often held out as standard-bearers for integration. Blacks -- 13 percent of the U.S. population -- make up 20 percent of the military. But they are less than 4 percent of special forces.

Army and Navy special forces recruiters are working in minority neighborhoods with an eye toward racial integration.

The Tampa, Fla.-based command for all military special operations is publishing recruiting pamphlets that for the first time prominently feature minorities. It also is sending "motivator" teams that include black and Hispanic special forces success stories into minority neighborhoods.

Navy special warfare, the whitest of special ops branches -- just 2.5 percent of SEALs are black -- has appointed a black civilian known for diversifying medical schools to head minority recruitment.

Special forces don't sign up civilians themselves. Instead, they are encouraging minorities to join the military with the goal of working their way into the elite ranks.

Special forces are on display more than ever in the Afghan war and so is their nearly all-white makeup. Integration comes slowly. "It has been a challenge," said Lt. Cmdr. Edie Rosenthal, speaking for Special Operations Command.

One recent tack has been to accept a candidate conditionally even if he fails one requirement, as long as he is thought capable of meeting the standard with more training.

That applies especially to swimming, where some blacks fare poorly. SEALs candidates must swim 500 yards in 121/2 minutes.

"I wouldn't want to be next to a guy who's 'not sure' he knows how to swim across a flowing jungle river," said retired Army Maj. Andy Messing, who is white.

Messing says any difference -- being black, Hispanic, Jewish or even overtly religious -- exacerbates existing tensions in the grinding training regimen for special forces.

Bill Leftwich, who was the top Defense Department diversity official in the Clinton administration, said a military career is tough enough by itself and some blacks don't want to take on the added burden of dealing with racial attitudes in the special forces.

"Folks ask, 'What degree of difficulty do I want to add to my career, do I really want more than there already is now?'" said Leftwich, who is black.

The latest recruitment efforts have been guided by a 1999 Rand Institute study, commissioned by Congress, that found that most black troops worry they will come across racism in the special forces. The report did not address whether those concerns are justified.

 The problem, according to retired SEALs Capt. Everett Greene, is keeping blacks once they are in. "The deck is somewhat stacked against them."

Greene retired in 2000 after a long public battle to get a rear admiral promotion, which he says was thwarted by racism. The Navy says Greene was denied his promotion because of a sexual harassment charge, even though he was exonerated in a court martial.

Greene became the first commissioned black SEAL officer in 1970. Thirty years later, when he retired, there were just nine others, and only one other captain.

Jake Zweig initially rebuffed admonishments from friends that he would face racism.

"I knew you take a lot of extra punishment, but that was just normal for SEALs, I thought," he said.
But soon there were nudges of harassment, some subtle, others less so, Zweig said. His portable radio mysteriously switched stations from hip-hop to country whenever he looked away. He endured "gangstah" gibes from instructors. An officer shouted "Stop thief!" at a black sailor jogging.

When he suggested more aggressive recruitment among minority sailors, Zweig said an officer retorted sharply: "What ... do you want us to do, lower the standards, so more of y'all can make it in?"
Zweig filed a complaint.

A Navy investigator confirmed Zweig's account of the meeting but concluded the remark was a misunderstanding and "not racial in nature." The report expressed sympathy for the view that "any change in training is seen as an eroding of the standards."

Rear Adm. Eric Olson, the top SEAL, concluded there was no systemic racism, but "pockets of racial insensitivity." Zweig, now 29, ended his three years in the SEALs last year and is now studying law.
Olson has since hired Warren Lockette, a black geneticist who led integration efforts at two Midwestern medical schools, to help bring more blacks into SEALs.

Lockette, who has authority to reject candidates who might be prejudiced, says focusing on recruiting blacks alone will not do the job -- SEALs recruiters need to consider the attitudes of white applicants as well.

Read that last line: a Black geneticist -- a civilian -- was given ultimate authority to reject candidates who might be prejudiced in a bid to get more Black people into the SEALs. That was in 2002. That was what Black-Run America represented nine years ago. Now? Well, just look at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

We already know what happens when an organization goes 365Black; just look at the United States Postal Service (USPS). We already know what happens when other Federal government agencies decided to employ disproportionate Black employees.

Falling asleep the other night - silently laughing to myself - I slipped into a deep slumber knowing that the United States of America was protected by such innovative thinking by our military higher-ups. The primary objective is no longer protecting America's interest or in promoting and recruiting the best, the brightest and most meritorious to our service academies, US Special Forces, and Officer Corps; the primary objective is advancing Black people into every level of the United States military.

Somewhere, as you read this, generals in the Chinese military and members of Chinese intelligence are laughing as well.

Sure, some retired members of the military might question the fact that "diversity" is now the primary objective of the United States military and the designated enemy is the white males who volunteer disproportionately to defend the country. But to attain any level of seniority within the officer corps means selling out to the concept of BRA.

Chinese generals are laughing right now.

I finally found myself drifting to sleep, but not before thinking about those brave men who were shot down over Afghanistan in that terrible tragedy where 30 Americans (mostly white Navy SEALS) died. For no reason, really.

Those were Real American Heroes. They deserve better than to have a Black geneticist like Warren Lockette decide their fate as a Navy SEAL, for we all know that merely being white is enough to have you deemed "prejudiced"in BRA.


Amarilloan said...

Fuck it. Let 'em keep marching in red coat formation. Soon the entire military will be a hodge podge of niggers and faggots in newly designed pc warrior jumpsuits.

What these asshats forget is that we whites are the most vicious race that ever walked the earth.
Put all the high brow accomplishments aside for a moment. We are still here today because our forebearers were damn good at eradicating their enemies.
Another commenter recently said he's thinking about emigrating. Puss. When it hits the fan some joe nobody like me will give you the proper pep talk and hand you a rifle.
Don't lose hope people. Kersey is showing you all in a very clear manner that BRA is slowly sinking.
BRA defies logic and nature.
Every society eventually spits along cultural and ethnic lines. The money is ALL gone. BRA is finished.


Anonymous said...

This actually is pretty sickening, but the libs have to push for it everywhere because if they don't in one spot, they will prove the illusion of their beliefs.

The change in America, and this applies to many different things, was when a group of people got together and someone said something critical of the self inflicted wounds within the black community, and instead of the crowd agreeing and nodding their head, a 2nd person would stand up and say "i'm offended/that's racist" and the crowd would agree with them. When the criticism was directed at the person who noticed the truth rather than the people who commit the crime or make the bad choices, that is when things went downhill.

Jack Grant said...

Well, Hollywood is working on that. See NCIS-LA (LL Cool J) and GI-Jane. The only ones I can think of offhand.

Amarilloan said...

Red Tails=Magic flying negros.

Damn I look forward to all of this being openly mocked in years to come. Those that cannot see live under the greatest form of brainwashing in the history of man.

Anonymous said...


"Red Tails" will be hailed by movie critics, but it will be terrible, and will lose millions at the box office.

Even blacks won't go see it.

Anonymous said...

Paul, this is a great post. It is extremely culturally relevent. Thank you for addressing the sheer insanity of compromising the quality of our elite fighting forces based upon skin color. Everyone who reads this brilliant piece should forward the link to their friends.

anon dude said...

Anyone going to the NPI conference in DC this Saturday?

Bemused stare said...

What stands out in the article about those heroes of the "Red tails" is some basic mathematics. America would have been floundering helplessly without the 1000 negro pilots who shot down a whole 100 enemy aircraft, right?

So, what happened to all the other 33 000 or so BF109's that were built? Did the pilots of the Luftwaffe crash them all on take off as they had no black people to fly them?

Anonymous said...

I saw something on TV tonight about the latest living nominee for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. He's a white marine from Kentucky who saved 13 of his fellow marines during a firefight in Afghanistan.

Why does it seem like only whites get the US Congressional Medal of Honor? How many blacks are US Congressional Medal of Honor recipients?

Anonymous said...

"I saw something on TV tonight about the latest living nominee for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. He's a white marine from Kentucky who saved 13 of his fellow marines during a firefight in Afghanistan.

Why does it seem like only whites get the US Congressional Medal of Honor? How many blacks are US Congressional Medal of Honor recipients?"

Its because whites are hogging all the combat fatalities.

nokangaroos said...

Bemused stare ...
Actually Hans-Joachim Marseille, probably the greatest fighter pilot of all time, totalled 3 (three!) 109s before he made his first kill. The 109 had a famously finicky landing gear (too narrow and too fragile) and on "emergency power" (i.e. nitrous oxide and/or water injection, depending on the version) engine life was about one hour. It was an artist´s weapon - if you were good, it was hard to beat. Hartmann for example to the end insisted on flying his tricked-out 109 K, long after it was outdated.

The Red Tails, if I remember right, prided themselves in never losing a single bomber they protected; but off the top of my head, they never did any high-risk stuff. German fighter pilots (and snipers) went through an arduous confirmation process, so "German confirmed" is usually an understatement. As we are talking about black Americans, it would be wise to divide their claims by fifty.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but what has any of this to do with football?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ... I just read about this piece of Hollyvoodoo shit on Wiki; the script was co-written by none other than 'Boondocks' creator Aaron McGruder!

The only ? I have now is, When is Uncle Ruckus going to make a cameo? LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing that isn't really mentioned about the Tuskegee Airmen is that they were brought in near the end of the war after the Germans had either lost or completely over worked most of their best pilots, not to say that these pilots didn't contribute to the war effort.

As far as this new film goes, beyond the PC message it will feed us it looks like a videogame. I wish filmmakers didn't rely on cgi so much but what can I expect from a George Lucas film. I might watch it when it comes on tv if i have absolutely nothing better to do.

Ryu said...

We should encourage the government to diversify the elites like SEALS. Let in women, muslims, everyone who wants in. When they are at last deployed here and that they show their true face, it'll make things that much easier.

Adrian said...

Not very damn many, some citations were upgraded and is was George Bush Sr who awarded the most of these revisions. Also out of some 15k missions flown the Red Tails shot down barely 100 planes, they had 996 graduates from the entire program and it was in 1944 that the myth of them not loosing bombers was born.

Dissident said...

Another great post Paul.

Your articles keep getting more pertinent as time goes on.

The denizens of duplicity, and their PC promoting jack asses in the media, have already destroyed ALL of our cultural institutions. Now they have their sights set on our military.

Damn! I look forward to the day when we string all these cultural elitist up.

Paul-I'm glad that you can sleep knowing all this is taking place right under our noses. I'm having a tough time relaxing these days knowing that we have such traitorous bastards in or ranks.

Anonymous said...

A few points.

1) Hollywood is not reality- hell, it's not even 'reality tv.' It is pure, utter PROPAGANDA.
2) Blacks cannot be trusted with guns, training to kill, or military secrets.
I'll be positively 'racist' here, but I don't WANT a niglet from the 'ghet-toe' either: a? representing my country or b) more lethal than their race already is.

It's bad enough to have to deal with pseudo-xtians who think miscegenation is the 11th commandment, contrary to EVERY Deuteronomic law and Christ's commendation of same.

Now, we empower thugs and beasts, who come home even more traumatized from war, with knowledge and ability to KILL, greater than 95% of civilians? What the #$%^ are we thinking?
Misericordie, Domine.

-Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

It is not just blacks that are destroying the fighting integrity of the military. But also Muslims who are selective about following orders, along with the current push to homosexualize the military. The feminine influence (women officers commanding men) is especially destructive to the military mission. But it all makes for good liberalism.

The effectiveness of our military will naturally decline as white male dispossession increases. One important worry: when negroes and Muslims become a majority, will they ever hesitate if called to action against indigenous white Americans?

Anonymous said...

Mainstream movies are crap. They are filled with PC propoganda which is what "Red Tails" basically is. This means I will not see this movie.
It is dissapointing that this movie is a propoganda piece because I do enjoy documentaries and movies about WW2, but the movies have to be historically correct and not a black ass kissing celebration.
Regarding the diversity of the military, it is very sad. They only thing I can make of it is the military units performance will drop. Similiar to when women were admitted to more mainstream roles in the military. I have freinds who served with women who were put into roles that were physcially demanding. These men told me that the women became "tired" or "didnt feel well". These men would work 12 hour shifts, sometimes eating a while working. Upon finishing for the day, the female who didnt feel well was in the messhall watching television. They told me this happened often.
Movies and television do not tell the real story. Movies like "Red Tail" portray blacks as the perpetual victim who is constantly put upon. I want to see the way things really were.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm looking forward to your inevitable post on "The Help" which I refuse to go see. Your job is to endure this tripe and report on it so we don't have to.

BTW, great post.

Anonymous said...

Say, I keep getting a warning when I try to post regarding some sort of hijacking of my computer. Do you know anything about this? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

One of the comments below the youtube trailer for "Red Tails", made with the assistance of George Lucas who gave us Jar Jar Binks, is that those pilots were so good they did not even lose any escorted bomber to anti-aircraft fire something which fighters can not protect against.

Number Cruncher said...

I read the 1999 RAND report as to why there weren't more minorities in SOF. It covered the range from GT scores to swimming ability to biases to lack of desire by minorities to service in special operating forces. There was one very telling paragraph though that both made my day and (I thought) would be the reaction any minority service member would have in the front of their minds.

“Many participants were vehemently opposed to quotas or the lowering of standards to achieve greater diversity. This was true across majority and minority personnel, operators and source population. Minority groups especially opposed lowering standards and instituting quotas because such policies create an atmosphere where ALL minorities are viewed as substandard and suspect."

"The following quotes from both majority and minority participants highlight these concerns":
• Can't have people who give up in the middle of a hump in the jungle
• You can't force people into it; quotas are very bad. No guarantee a guy will carry out his job if forced into it.....lives are at stake
• Take whoever is most qualified. Cannot compromise someone's life because of minority representation issues
• If you make it easier on minorities, there will always be a stigma that they made it through only with help"

"Finally, a related question that has plagued the military to mirror society. How does one define "enough?" Should SOF mirror society or the service with which they are associated? Should we set some other representational standard?"

Don’t our military leadership and the people pushing "diversity" (and those who are benefiting from it) realize the damage they do to all minorities and Our Services by forcing double standards to exist?

BTW, the SEAL Officer who complained of racist remarks he heard during his selection process. Basic Underwater Demolition and SEAL (BUDS)instructors will do and say anything to get BUDS trainees to get p***** off and demoralized. If someone can't put up with harrasment during training, how can they lead in war?

Adrian said...

Also reference how many all black units were in the European theatre, how fast one of those had to be pulled out due to manifold discipline issues. And how some ba ba black bleeted about dur beinz no bruders on Iwo IE to raise the colors. Sorry for the mangling of the English language, it actually hurts my brain to type like that.

Adrian said...

And yes of course the Muslims will restrain themselves when it gets down to slaughtering American civilians, after all they only cut off our troops heads and testicles when they've got a P.O.W. Yes that was sarcasm, had one of those bastards threaten me in a Kroger store. Happened to be a White cop within earshot who took him down nice and hard. Effing bastards don't need to be here, up their asses with inclusiveness and Dieversity.

Anonymous said...

"1) Hollywood is not reality- hell, it's not even 'reality tv.' It is pure, utter PROPAGANDA."

This is true, however...

Using the duplicitous disclaimer "Based On Actual Events", agenda-driven Hollywood has a remarkable ability to sell its bullshit as FACT. There are countless examples.

The blockbuster film "JFK" had literally hundreds of inaccuracies, yet amazingly, most viewers believe it is a 100% factual documentary.

Anonymous said...

Paul, if you don't get back to football, I'm going to throw a tantrum, then disingenuously threaten repeatedly to leave.

As of right now, I have no choice, but to put you on double-secret probation.

Anonymous said...

A point that was made to me is worth repeating here.

The leadership of a country (in the case of the Late,Great,United States,I'd use the term "spendership") can never really find out if they have a good military and a good intelligence gathering system. However,you can most certainly find out when you have bad ones. Unfortunately,the way that you find out you have bad ones is to-

a) get surprised by some evildoer somewhere,who then-

b) proceeds to kick your ass all over the floor,and then run off with your women,liquor,and cattle. If they're in a good mood. If they're in a bad mood,things can be considerably worse than a temporary shortage of hooch,hamburgers,and poontang.

And on the subject of historical revisionism,I'd recommend a coffee table book I picked up some years back,by the name of Battles With the Luftwaffe. It's published by Jane's,and what the author/authors did in this case was to go through a bunch of after-action reports and daily logbooks that were preserved by both the Luftwaffe and the 8th Air Force. In a lot of cases,it was possible to ascertain what pilot shot down what plane,and there are some very interesting reproductions of letters home,written from both sides. Not to mention snapshots of both sides,and I found it interesting that it was very difficult to tell the U.S. personnel apart from the Germans,barring the haircuts.

I did some back-of-an-envelope math,and I decided that if you were a U.S. airman and got posted to a bomber crew that flew daylight missions over Germany,prior too late 1944,you were quite literally being sentenced to death. Don't kid yourselves,people-the Luftwaffe people were very,very good at what they did. Not good enough to win the war,obviously,but never forget to give the Devil his due.

Anonymous said...

Since Truman integrated the armed services in 1947 we have never won another war.

During the Korean War black units, not integrated yet, threw down their weapons, abandon their positions, and equipment merely at the sound of enemy fire and went into a rout, full retreat, without even firing a shot. This has been covered up by the military and the US Government, but references can be found on the internet if one looks hard enough.

Yes Black Run America will fall. Let's just hope that the fall doesn't take us all with it.

A-11 said...

I'll simply repost what I posted to the "SEAL Team Six movie" thread. We're embroiled in wars in the Middle-East because the Republicans and the other crooks who control the conservative movement just can't deal in any way shape or form with the issue of race, doesn't fit their marketing mode. They send soldiers overseas to be brave for them and cover up the fact that they are so gutless and corrupt at home.


they join because they love this country

I would suggest that the primary motivation for joining units with a high likelihood of combat is adventurism, not patriotism. War is the poor man's safari. Hispanics join the military in large numbers and as a group they can hardly be accused of patriotism.

white people still love this country and fight for it

The real question is why? The "country" (that is, its rulers) loathes them, its leaders shouting from the rooftops that their highest goal in life is the extermination of whites. Even when they die in disproportionate numbers for this system that hates them they get no credit from the regime, thus articles like the ones quoted. It's common in imperial systems that the conquered volunteer in greater numbers and are often the best units of the empire, in part as a reaction to the dehumanization and demasculinization they suffer at the hands of their conquerers. And much of the "patriotism" the flag-wavers feel for this country is really nothing more than a defense of material well-being - the more they're scared spitless that direction we've been going in since the 60s will take away their material comfort, the harder they wave the flag and defend the very system that is destroying them. When the money goes you'll see this "patriotism" evaporate. Unfortunately since there will be fewer jobs whites will still join a military that will be even more politically correct and incompetent and run by a system that will be even more openly genocidal and murderous toward whites, and by doing so they empower that system.

Californian said...

So here we are after half a century of liberal social engineering. And blacks are still not integrating themselves into mainstream America? If there are failures here, it is because blacks either are not desiring to join the armed forces, or because there is a lack of qualified personnel. And yet somehow, the blame is (as usual) being transferred to whites.

Look at the obvious failure of civil rights legislation, of affirmative action, of war on poverty, of Head Start, of diversity agitprop, of rigging tests to meet minority quotas, of Hollywood lining up for the entire agenda, nauseam. And now we are to see even more social engineering, this time with the armed forces. But at what point will enough be enough? When the entire country has been laid waste?

It's really fascinating to think about how the entire liberal agenda has been implemented, and yet how this country has gone into a seemingly permanent state of decline. The destruction of so many American cities, documented on this website, is one symptom. Look at how the future was supposed to be, with shining towers and healthy people looking forward as they piloted their personal jet-car.

Compare that vision to pictures of the denizens of cities such as Detroit.

I want my future back.

Midwestern said...

"And much of the "patriotism" the flag-wavers feel for this country is really nothing more than a defense of material well-being - the more they're scared spitless that direction we've been going in since the 60s will take away their material comfort, the harder they wave the flag and defend the very system that is destroying them"

Hey A-11, you sound just like a guy I was talking to last weekend. I will continue to wave my flag for the old America, for liberty, for the founding principles, and for the principles outlined in our Constitution. I will teach my children to do the same.

My material well-being is not so great right now, but I still love what America stands for. I will wave the for the silent majority who is afraid speak out loud right now.

Where do you want to live if not here?

Get on, or get off.

Midwestern said...

DWLs want for blacks to integrate and succeed more than blacks want to integrate and succeed.

DWLs are trying to close all of the racial gaps in learning and income. They are trying to even out the racial disparities. They are the champions for diversity and multiculturalism. They are stirring the pot again and again. They are fighting an impossible battle.

Blacks know they are incapable of living in an advanced society without white assistance. The secret is out now. Listen to them, they will tell you the truth about themselves.

The DWL liberals are the squeaky wheel. In the MSM, they are the only voice we can hear right now. They are fighting for the black underdog and for votes.

If the DWLs would just shut up, after a while, you would not hear not a peep from the blacks. Not a peep.

Anonymous said...

While I would never be critical of any individual who honorably served in any branch of the military be it in war or peace, the almost mythological reputation of the Tuskegee Airmen is getting totally rediculous and way out of proportion to the total contribution that that individual unit had in the ETO airwar. As an earlier poster noted their overall air-kill tally was 112 with an additional 150 aircraft destroyed on the ground between initial deployment in 1943 thru May of 1945 (out of a total of over 41,000 fighter aircraft produced by Germany in the same time frame). In addition they did manage to destroy a little less than 1000 vehicles and railcars. This while logging over 1500 missions and a little over 15000 sorties. Not really the juggernaut that brought down the entire nazi war machine as the number of movies books produced over the last few years would lead you to believe.

Bull Connor said...

It is going to get a little easier to come up with those negro pilots. Since 2009, the Air Force as been training more joystick jockey drone "pilots" than they have actual aircraft pilots. Stick Tyrone in a chair and tell him he is playing X-Box.

Diogenes said...

The Tuskegee Airmen are just another myth, like black inventions, promoted so DWL's don't have to face reality. From

“At least 25 bombers being escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen over Europe during World War II were shot down by enemy aircraft, according to a new Air Force report. The report contradicts the legend that the famed black aviators never lost a plane to fire from enemy aircraft. But historian William Holton said the discovery of lost bombers doesn’t tarnish the unit’s record.”

Excuse me. Yes it does tarnish that unit’s record. Only a truly delusional liberal could claim that a perfect record and a flawed record were somehow “equal.” For decades I remember hearing PC propagandists on the History Channel bragging about how the (all Black) Tuskegee Airmen never lost a bomber during World War Two. There was even a movie made with this flawed premise.

I always figured that the Germans must have been concentrating their few remaining fighters including the Me262 jet fighters over the most critical industries and the Tuskegee pilots weren’t trusted to fly escort for any really important bombing missions.

Still, I was suspicious that they were claiming zero losses. So it finally comes out that they did have losses -at least 25 bombers shot down by enemy fighters. For every bomber shot down, there are usually several badly shot up. It’s probably safe to assume at least 100 bombers were damaged.

We had to wait 62 years after the war, but the truth finally came out on this issue. I wonder how long it will take for someone to do an analysis to determine if the Tuskegee airmen did a below average job compared to the White fighter pilots. Don’t hold your breath for the History Channel to admit this.

One interesting thing to note is that the Tuskegee airmen lost zero fighter planes even though they lost 25 bombers that they were supposed to be protecting. Usually there will be a few fighter plane losses to go along with the bomber losses –assuming the fighter pilots were making a serious effort to protect the bombers. A loss of zero escort fighters is a little suspicious.
The 1,000 Tuskegee airmen claimed a total of 100 enemy planes shot down. Given the high number of poorly trained German teenagers sent up in obsolete fighters at the end of the war, this could be entirely possible. Shooting down a total amateur and fighting it out with the more experienced German pilots are two completely different things. The lack of fighter losses suggests that they ran away when any good German pilots turned up. One German fighter pilot, Erich Hartmann, shot down 352 planes during the war —over three times the total claimed by 1,000 Negro fighter pilots.

I’m sure a lot of White people had considerable respect for those Black fighters pilots and thought that they were nice, honest model citizens. How come not one of them ever spoke up in the various war documentaries to admit that they lost some bombers? Seems like they all went right along with the PC lies.

The Tuskegee airmen were part of an experiment by the ultra-liberal FDR. It’s no great surprise that a cloud of dishonesty surrounded that experiment long after the war was over.

Diogenes: This article provides only a brief mention that the Germans basically had no functioning airforce by the time the magic negroes saved the day.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother me at all that Lucas would make a movie about the Red Tails. Whatever the details of their record, they put their butts on the line in combat and that's a good thing.

What annoys the shit out of me is the way they portray whites as either cowards and racist monsters or as metrosexual, nutless followers of The Great Superman Blacks. Blacks are portrayed as super-capable and superior in every way. The poor weakling, nutless white man needs the always wise blacks to lead him, you see. And the whites who chafe at this "natural black superiority" are racist kooks. It's so pervasive in every part of the media it's gotten comical.

And it's not just one movie. Nearly every TV series on the air, every TV commercial, every story told in our culture pushes the same bullshit. Relentlessly.

And the people pushing this are white liberals who don't live anywhere near black cities or neighborhoods! George Lucas lives in southern Marin County which is one of the whitest areas in the United States. He's another insulated, arrogant, white liberal baby boomer who's desperate to pretend that all the cartoonish cliches about race he learned in the '60's are true. White lefties can only deal in what they WANT to be true; they can never deal with reality.

Old fart white baby boomers are the ones hammering us over the head with this shit.

Anonymous said...

It's typical of BRA that the discussion of blacks in Special Ops is the opposite of what it should be. Instead of starting with the assumption that military is at fault, they should start by asking the question "What's wrong with blacks that they can't or won't serve in these units?" At some point this contorted, dishonest thinking is going to make people collectively crack and say "No. More. Bullshit....Stop with the lies."

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on the link to that black Air Force General, a pilot, talking about how few blacks were "rated."

I know that General really well! Not as one of his subordinates but out in the civilian world both while I was in the AF and after I retired.

After a few years around him, and still being in the Service, I also ended up meeting many people who knew him professionally and they did not have anything decent to say about him, including his abilities as a pilot.

He was promoted for his race alone. When he had a position of power he abused it in ways that would have had any white Colonel-then-General brought up on charges and forced to retire. I saw a couple of these instances first hand but if I expounded on them I could be discovered and I would have no hope for keeping my job or current career.

Because of his race and rank he was able to get one of his sons into the Air Force Academy thought I never saw a glint of the type of intelligence or aptitude needed to be accepted.

Zenster said...

I've pointed out that the Naval Academy has lowered academic standards to admit more Black cadets. I've pointed out that the Coast Guard Academy has lowered standards and codified the discrimination against white applicants (much as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has done to potential white applicants for Federal Government employment).

Nowhere was this insane and suicidal overemphasis upon diversity in America's armed forces more apparent than after the Fort Hood massacre by Muslim terrorist Nidal Hasan.

General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army said:

“As great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well”.

In other words, throwing away the lives of thirteen precious soldiers is all right just so long as Politically Correct Multiculturalism is not harmed. All this despite the numerous warning signs that Hasan was a terrorist but no one wanted to risk their career by giving a crybaby Muslim the least chance to scream "waycist!"

From a military point of view, the role of SOF is to address the very most difficult and demanding situations. What in Hell does skin color have to do with anything at that point? Skill, courage, intelligence, resourcefulness, cooperativeness, coordination, training and physical endurance are all that matters.

Killing our enemies is job one, not appeasing a bunch of snot nosed crybabies so they can tag along and drag down everyone's performance much less put the entire squad's lives at risk through incompetence.

discard said...

I'm not one to buy all the fragging stories out of Vietnam or wherever, but I can't see special ops men letting themselves be killed by affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

As I watched this Lucasfilm production "Red Tails" movie trailer embedded above here, my bullshit-o-meter started going full tilt when I saw these magical flying burrhead pilots shooting down Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighters with their by propeller-operated P-51 Mustang fighter planes by doing loop-the-loop aerial maneuvers and strafing them from behind.

In reality, I have serious doubts that any of the Tuskegee Airmen ever had a dogfight with one of the most advanced German aviation designs in operational use during World War II. Moreover, the Allied air forces actually found that their most effective tactic to counteract the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighters was by attacking on them on airfields before takeoff, magical flying burrhead pilots notwithstanding.

Zenster said...

discard … I can't see special ops men letting themselves be killed by affirmative action.

They won't. These incredible soldiers will run out the clock on their enlistment and promptly find employment with Blackwater or other security firms that value highly skilled and competent individuals.

Expect to see under-performing Affirmative Action recruits in SOF undergo a high rate of attrition in the field. It is hard to expect that in situations of great danger lightweights won't end up paying the ultimate price for their delusions of adequacy. If a millstone around the squad's neck is going to get them caught or killed that individual risks being cut loose in a New York minute. I'll leave it at that.

The foregoing should in no way be taken as a slur upon the character of America's SOF soldiers. In my own book, they would be perfectly entitled to neglect their code of honor if a sub-par or showboating weak link is thrust upon them.

Finally, reducing the quality and performance of our SOF troops is essentially a form of treason. Diversity does not trump national security interests regardless of what Politically Correct wankers like General George Casey say.

B. Herder said...

Don't know if anyone has noticed, but this Jake Zweig guy is on 'Top Shot' (History Channel) right now. And they keep beating you over the head with the fact he was a Navy Seal. Not only that, but the guy is a pompous ASS. Not sure what his rank was, but it should have been Major Dick.

Anonymous said...

Well Paul has bwwn proven right , I have just watched a show on discovery chanel called targeting BinLaden, and sure enough in a segment they talk about the briefing of Seal Team Six just before the raid, and sure enought there waw a nigger on Seal Team Six. Keep up the good work Paul as you are right about this, you are right about everything.

Anonymous said...

From a recent book ("The Luftwaffe Over Germany" by Donald Caldwell and Richard Mueller) on the bombing offensive over Germany, the only mention of the 332nd Fighter Group was for the mission on March 24, 1945. The Italy-based 15th Air Force caried out their longest mission to Berlin. Some think it was done to get publicity for the "Forgotten Fifteenth."

The German jet fighter wing, JG 7, interecepted. Both sides overclaimed, the Germans claimed 12 B-17, but only two were downed. The black 332nd Group claimed 3 jets for the loss of 3. The white 31st Group who relieved the 332nd claimed 5 jets for no losses. Four Me 262 jets were actually downed.

The 332nd Fighter Group and 483rd Bomber Group received Distinguished Unit Citations.

It should be mentioned that the 332nd Group didn't have as many chances to score air victories as the other 15th Air Force Fighter Groups. There were three other P-51 Groups in the 15th, the 31st, 52nd, and 325th, who saw much more air combat.

The German didn't oppose many 15th Air Force bombing raids from about September 1944.

Anonymous said...

This looks a lot like a movie years ago on HBO called "Tuskegee Airmen." Cuba Gooding Jr was in that one, too. There weren't that many dogfights in the HBO version.

Anonymous said...

As an earlier poster noted their overall air-kill tally was 112 with an additional 150 aircraft destroyed on the ground between initial deployment in 1943 thru May of 1945 (out of a total of over 41,000 fighter aircraft produced by Germany in the same time frame). In addition they did manage to destroy a little less than 1000 vehicles and railcars. This while logging over 1500 missions and a little over 15000 sorties.

So how do their per sortie rates compare to the average fighter unit? Not defending them (I'm sick of hearing about them too), but I would be curious to see how they actually ranked.

If the data are readily available (it is amazing what can be found on the web, orders of battle from the War of the Pragmatic Sanction, etc...)

Van said...

Notice that, when asked for help, Terrence Howard says: "If you get us new planes, we can help your boys."

The natural way to say this would be with an emphasis on "help" and a mild emphasis on "your." He puts the emphasis on "boys," along with a slight emphasis on "we." Its a veiled insult to the white bomber pilots. WE can help your BOYS.

Most in the audience won't consciously pick up on it. But it'll seep in.

Anonymous said...

Moreover, the Allied air forces actually found that their most effective tactic to counteract the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighters was by attacking on them on airfields before takeoff, magical flying burrhead pilots notwithstanding.

Most of the Me262 were shot down when landing or taking off. Others were destroyed on the ground. There is no way the P51 could have shot down the Me262 from behind while the Me262 was in full combat mode. It was over 100mph faster than the Mustangs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for another example of the continuing disaster we are facing. We have had in our Special Forces some of the top men on the planet. It is a damn shame that now they will by Spetsnaz and the PRA of our friends in the East. All SBPDL fans should get and read "The Affirmative Action Hoax" by Steve Farron. The disaster of AA and those who perpetrated it are laid out in great detail in this book!

Anonymous said...

As regards the SEALS and the poor guy called "nigger" boo hoo hoo!
Jesse Ventura was set 100 push ups and because his brother was a SEAL he was set 50 more when he was finished.
Guess what you are set adverse targets and even if you finish them you are still set adverse targets because they want people who can survive in the real world rather than those that go crying to mammy if a bad word is said.

Hannibal said...

Oh great, another DWL movie featuring Terrence Howard. Howard, as you may know, is a half-white actor who claims to be an engineer (although he never earned a degree), and a penchant for attacking estranged wives and flight attendants.

I give this steaming pile of shit a premptive two thumbs down.

ParatrooperJJ said...

NCIS Special Agents are civilians not military.

The reason blacks are underrepersented in special operations is simple. Most inner city blacks can't swim well enough to pass the Combat Water Survival Test necessary to pass selection.

Discard said...

Paratrooper JJ: If a swim test was the only thing keeping Blacks out of special operations, the Pentagon would fix it. Their incapacity extends far beyond their lack of buoyancy.

Anonymous said...

I spent 26 years in the military and only retired because medical conditions got so bad that I could no longer carry out the orders assigned me.
During those 26 years I served with people of all colors and ethic backgrounds. I myself is half Mescalero Apache. What I discovered was that color made no difference, but attitude could cause failure or success. I noticed that one of the people quoted in the article is a LT Jake Zweig. For those that are not aware of it Mr Zweig spent 10 in the military and states he was a S.E.A.L. . He also is currently competing on a program called TOP SHOT on the history channel. As I said he states he was a S.E.A.L. a group that is by its very nature successful because of the members of the TEAM to work together. Mr Zweig has demonstrated that he does not know the first thing about the word TEAM nor does he know anything about working with others to form a successful team. I watch cringe every time he states that he served as a S.E.A.L. I attempted it and was not good enough. I have the highest respect for those that did make it but Mr Zweig by his very actions cause me shame every time he makes indication that he served in the US Navy and was an OFFICER. He is a write of many papers speaking of the US Military's special operations groups not having a proper representation of Blacks in their ranks.
He seems to have forgotten that all special operations groups are volunteer and are subjected to intense physical and physiological. training. If the cannot cut the mustard then they are gone. Just that simple.

mr_evergreen said...

"What I discovered was that color made no difference, but attitude could cause failure or success"

Attitude is the main factor, not race. If a person has a decent attitude and is willing to work hard, then said person is going to succeed.

Anonymous said...

" Attitude is the main factor, not race. If a person has a decent attitude and is willing to work hard, then said person is going to succeed. "

Not true, the majority of Blacks rarely exhibit decent attitudes and aren't willing to work hard, so no, in the end, Blacks very seldom succeed.
Get a glimpse of reality, you obviously put too much faith in what's promoted in the lame stream media.

Anonymous said...

White is such a Vague word.. Plenty ot Puerto Ricans in the SOF, Some of Which are Half Black.
and SOme who are 100% White yet they speak Spanish.

Anonymous said...

You are faggots. Not in the sense that you all suck dicks, but in the sense that you all are not real men. Ive done my time and service for this country. And i will die for anyones freedoms to do what they want to do. Ive been shot at, blown up, rpg'd, and many of other things many-a-time by people who were most likely muslims. And heres the crazy thing i dont hate them. I hate you. You rebel flag waving, closeted nazi fags. Im white and served with black soldiers some of which were outdamn standing and helped keep mine and many other cracker asses alive. So this oh black people bullshit is just that bullshit. Does racism still exist yes. Does it exist in the military bet your ass it does. Why does it exist because you pieces of unpatriotic fucks exist. Just because some black person beat you in something and your ass.cant get over it dont start hating black people and watching fox news. I have a better idea. I think its going to work and im positive itll make america a better place and the world a better placd too. So here it goes heres my plan for what you fucks should do: kill yourselves. Get your guns (guns are toys and toys are for boys. Real men carry weapons.) and give them a blowjob. Do it for america. Please do something for america just once in your lives do something for america!

Anonymous said...

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