Thursday, September 1, 2011

White Football Referee Attacked by Black Coaches and Football Players at Sarasota Area Game

I've been traveling and finishing up some research to do posts on Auburn University, the University of Alabama, Boise State University, Brigham Young University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Mississippi football programs and the racial aspects of these colleges history. All will be published within the next three days. One thing I can say is that most of the college football coaches in the south (most notably disciples of former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden) have no problem ignoring the recruitment of white athletes from high schools, because they believe recruiting whites in an age where Black athletic superiority is a "given" could cause rival schools to label them racist.

Plans are set to still do a review of all members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and other select programs (Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, etc.), because discussing race, the integration of college football, and the pandering to Black athletes - lowering academic standards as well as standards of morality to accommodate their presence at Predominately White Institutions (PWI) campuses - has larger implications for society as a whole.

We'll get back to your normal, scheduled program of bringing you Stuff Black People Don't Like (SBPDL) starting full-time next week. How about a taste of that right now, courtesy of a Sarasota brawl on a football field involving Black coaches and Black members of the Sarasota Gators football program (a YMCA program) attacking a white referee:

 The Sheriff's Office is wrapping up its investigation of the youth football brawl that was captured on videotape last weekend, and expects to announce any charges on Friday.
The investigation has centered on four suspects who took part in the melee; sheriff's Col. Steve Burns says all four of them have provided statements to law enforcement and are "cooperating."
The video shows that aggressors in the fight were mainly coaches and players from the Sarasota Gators football team.
The coach of the other team on the field Saturday, Mike Cody of the North Port Husky's, on Thursday called it a "very disgraceful display of coaching and mentoring to young men and women," the worst he has seen in 24 years of coaching.
Several Husky's coaches can be seen trying to break up the fight in the video. Cody can also be seen in the video, calling 911 on his cell phone.
"I feel like our people did the best they could do in the situation they were put in," Cody said.

The fight that quickly turned into a mob scene was apparently over a disputed call in the game among the two junior teams ages 13 and 14.
A video captured by a parent in the stands shows Gator coaches first throwing water bottles at the referees and then an unidentified parent or coach walking onto the field toward Ream.
According to a Sheriff's report, Ream says an unnamed suspect threw him to the ground.
The suspect, who said Ream was being unfair to his team, told deputies that Ream pushed him first.
Then a player in full gear, and presumably 13 or 14 years old, is seen in the video rushing through the field and tackling Ream.
 Ream has not responded to multiple calls for comment.


It started with a disputed call, followed by some disgruntled coaches throwing water bottles at the referees.
What happened next, captured on video and now being investigated by authorities, is shocking: more than a dozen youth football coaches and players attacking at least one referee, including a player in full gear except for his helmet flying into a referee and tackling him to the ground.
Felony charges could follow an investigation into what happened Saturday — and who did what — during the game between the age 13-14 junior teams of the Sarasota Gators and North Port Huskies played at Riverview High School.
The investigation will be easier for authorities since the fight was videotaped by someone in the stands and turned over to the Sheriff's Office.
Debbie Ismail, a "team mom" whose son Adam plays for the Huskies pee wee team, was just feet away from the melee.
Ismail said the fight started minutes before halftime over some disputed calls, and the coaches from the Gators started throwing water bottles at the referees.

"I was shocked," Ismail said. "I looked at the children to see the expressions on their faces. They were horrified."
She added: "This is not what football is about."
The fight gave Ismail an anxiety attack, and for her son Adam, it was "terrifying" to witness.
"I felt really bad for the ref that got beat up," he said.
Ismail said the referee was taken away in an ambulance.
"The video speaks for itself," Sarasota County Sheriff's Col. Steve Burns said. "It was disturbing."
"I saw adults, entrusted in a mentoring position with the youth of our community, acting and behaving in a manner that is absolutely unacceptable," Burns said.
At the game, the video shows a coach or parent confronting a referee who was walking out of the end zone.
Punches were thrown between the two men, who started grappling, until a Gator player wearing the number 6 dives in and levels the referee. The boy then celebrates his hit on the official, the video shows.
The referee gets up and scampers away, but the fight continues. The whole scene lasts just over two minutes.
 Shocking? Not really. When Black people behave, well, that is what I consider shocking behavior. This is just another example of Black people engaging in a mass-beating of a white guy.

I have several acquaintances who referee high school football in Georgia, and it is a rule that no referee crew can be all-white or all-Black. Why? For fear that an all-white or all-Black referee crew might play favorites. This was documented in the book on high school football in the state of Texas called Friday Night Lights. An all-Black inner-city high school team from Dallas demanded an all-Black refereeing crew for the championship game against the white high school from Odessa. 

Nothing shocks me anymore about Black people. Nothing. 

Judging by content of character? Let's start doing that. Judging by the actions of adult Black males coaching the Sarasota Gators YMCA football program and how they all engaged in a group beat-down of white football referee (with one Black coward coach laying in kicks like a WWE wrestler while the white referee lay prone the ground), a whole community is need of being condemned with the harshest of language. 

It's time to start judging by the content of character. These Black coaches in Sarasota (and their Black players) have none.


Lee said...

Why do negros lack impulse control? Why do they always come in a pack? TNB. Always expected yet continues to be shocking to white people.

Dissident said...

Can you imagine the Hell to pay if the roles had been reversed? This would make national news for days and the Sharptons, Smileys, Jacksons, NAACP, SPLC, ADL, CNN, BET, PBS would all be up in arms had a black referee been attacked by some whites.

Like I've said before, now that we have the ubiquitous use of camera's and the internet, we can now bypass the news filters and liberals in their power centers of Madison ave. and Hollywood.

Screw em', screw em' all!

The internet is the greatest invention since Gutenbergs press!

D J said...

The only thing that bothers me is how Whites keep backing down. When the people in the Odessa game demanded an all black referee staff the answer should have been one word: "no". If this resulted in more complaints, the next answer should have been "you take the refs you get, or you forfeit the game. Period, paragraph, end of story, finis, -30-, di di di dah didah".

For a part of our lives that often involves the wearing of a jockstrap, the White officials need to grow something to put in them.

Anonymous said...

The more outbreaks of blacks behaving badly the more likely it is that people will start filming these episodes as they begin to occur. When somebody starts threatening or raising their voice, on goes the camera. While not quite as convincing as pulling out a revolver it will help put some of these chimps behind bars, which will hurt far worse than a beating.

It will also be interesting to see if this insulates third parties from lawsuits. At somepoint the school where this football game was being held will get sued (suing a black is like getting blood from a turnip). How much responsibility can they have? The best I can tell these vedios are prima facia.

Amarilloan said...

How much time if left to prepare?

I hope all of you have your beans, bullets and bullion.

One day something will happen and the whole game changes immediately. If you are in a major city with hordes of africansm, you need to have a plan in place to get out quick.

Phalluster said...

This one was very difficult to watch. Put yourself in this guy's shoes, and understand you have literally no chance. You can't throw the first punch to convince the negro stampede to reconsider. You can't stand and exchange blows because the swarm is about to swallow you. All you can do is turn and run, and that is an extremely depressing conclusion.

It's not as if he signed up for something risky: he was refereeing for middle school kids. He did not sign up as a nightclub bouncer, a cop, or an acrobat. But, of course, the risk of danger exists whenever a group of blacks congregate. They are the only variable that makes everyday life unlivable in so many environments. They are so different than us.

Remnant said...

Just as I was reading this post, Fox News was reporting on the same video, describing it is a "brawl involving players, coaches and referees", which is one way to put it.

We might similarly describe a traditional English hunting practice as "a brawl involving horsemen, hounds and foxes".

10mm AUTO said...

Notice the negroid "dad's" are getting in the stomps and kicks just like their thuggets. This behavior immediately followed by lies "I din't do nuffings!!".

You don't see the Amish doing this. You don't see the Asians doing this. You don't see the Jews doing this. Negroids are a different species that would be happier in their homeland. Then they can pile on each other to their hearts content. Our resident negress will tell us that this was because of colonialism and White mans law.

Update: After the game, they hit a convenience store and raped a White girl to finish off the evening.

Discard said...

Day after day, thousands of Whites are learning first hand why segregation was a good idea. Someone else brought it up on another post, but perhaps these numerous small outbreaks of Black violence in the past year would add up to a few good sized race riots. It's as if the irrepressible gene for chaos were expressing itself in a new, middling way. Not as ordinary street crime, nor as occasional mass public disorder, but as brief and very public outbreaks of Negritude in what Whites regard as safe settings. Criminals lurk out of sight, spring out to attack, and disappear. Rioters are carried along by the strength and anonymity of numbers, knowing that the police will pretty much stand by and interfere only to protect a life. But the chimpout of the Obama years has a feel of normality to it, as if grown men who coach boys are expected to get physical with a referee. Or as if assaulting Whites at a fairground and taking pictures of it are just boyish pranks. Blacks are treating Whites the same way they treat each other.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm beginning to notice a pattern. These black people are f**king dangerous under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I used to think George Wallace was horrible. Now, I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing shocks me anymore about Black people. Nothing. "

i am getting to this point now as well. i remain shocked by the utter unwillingness of some people to refuse to see what is right in front of their faces, but that is a different issue.

RobertB said...

From experience, it's easy for me to know what happened here. The blacks were losing.they started cheating openly,the ref called them on it, and the coaches erupted. Where I live, the city championship for this age group always came to an almost all white Catholic team versus an all black ghetto team--in my time and in my son's time. The difference was that we always had cops at hand--lots and lots of them. BTW, the black team always cheated with ringers--boys that were two years or more older than allowed. We learned that in my time because when we got to HS ball, they were already seniors while we were freshman or sophomores.

Indianapolis said...

Welcome to African America.

This is why we had segregated sports.

John said...

Of course, like everything else that is the darling negro and the increasing negrofication of America, this too will not be exposed by the media.

Yet again, welcome to the world of the darling negro, the negrofication of America.

Stephen said...

We're living on a powder keg and giving off sparks.

Discard said...

The video is on Yahoo news. Go, Viral, Go!

Discard said...

The comments on this over at Yahoo are on the mark. Even if the MSM downplays the race angle, people get it.

Anonymous said...


Well said! You know your youth ball!

I was present at game where a ringer broke the neck of a kid. An 18 year old black drilled a 13 year old white kid.

Anonymous said...

How do they get so big at such young ages?

Anonymous said...

Phalluster: Put yourself in this guy's shoes, and understand you have literally no chance. You can't throw the first punch to convince the negro stampede to reconsider. You can't stand and exchange blows because the swarm is about to swallow you. All you can do is turn and run

No. What you do is ball up your fists and charge them. You take them all on and show them how a white man fights. You make them beat you to death on camera. You die a hero.

For God's sake, I can't be the only person left who remembers what it means to be a man. A real man knows that a beating isn't the worst thing that can happen to a man. A real man knows that being killed in battle is far preferable to living a long life as "the one who ran away".

"This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!"

Indianapolis said...

Here's another footbrawl from about 2 months ago. This time it's black teen girls.


It's always interesting to read the comments that accompany black crime articles. The number of Americans who live in denial is staggering!

JB said...


I had avoided video of this incident, but had seen a few stills and read the story, so I Saw what it was all about.

But I just watched it. My heart was in my stomach. My pulse raced. I was appalled and horrified beyond words.

And as I sat here and assimilated what I had just seen, a visceral anger and hatefulness rose up in me, as I watched yet another senseless assault on simple human decency.

Then a question to myself (and most of us here): What do I do when the black tsunami surges up MY street. An above poster mentioned being swallowed by the mob. Absolutely terrifying.

So, do we run? Run and hide?

Kersey, you have utterly established that the black undertow always follows the white flighters, who move farther into the interior and erect new cities they carve from the bare earth. So there is no place to "hide."

The Crazies are real, and they're here. Crazy people for crazy times. How does one deal with The Crazies?

The Boy Scout motto has never been more applicable.

xthred said...

Yes, Discard. Looks like white people are starting to wake up.

Anonymous said...

One question that keeps coming up is "Why do whites always back down?" I would like to attempt to give a few reasons.
1. White people know that if they stand up to blacks that they are totally on their on. No one will lift a finger or a voice to help.
2. All levels of government will back up the black against the white; from that Justice of the peace all the way up to the Supreme Court.
3.Blacks are strongly encouraged by their leaders to stand together against all other groups; they attack in packs and absolutely will not take witness against their fellow black.
4. White men are taught from a very young age to stand on their own two feet, take responsibility for their actions and are held to a much higher degree of accountability than are blacks.
I can only add that the Federal Government showed it's true hand in Little Rock, Arkansas on 9/24/1957.

Tristero said...

One reason for black kids' success in "youth" sports is that they tend to go through puberty earlier than white kids, thus their bodies are more mature. Couple this with the greater likelihood of at least some of them having been held back for one or more years academically, and they're likely to be older, as well as more physically mature, than the white kids they play against. The "ringer" phenomenon may be intentional, but it may just be a result of poor performance in the classroom.

In any event, I think that a fair amount of the in-school bullying, as well as the reputed athletic superiority of blacks, arises from the earlier maturity factor.

Buckeye Copperhead said...

Comments closed on web article. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Actually the white referee was lucky. This is the city where two white male English tourists were gunned down in the street a few months ago by a black sixteen year old thug. The black thug at that time was awaiting court action on some charge. These English tourists were two highly productive men, both world travelers, and one a teacher.
The white referee probably knew that the blacks at the game had weapons and the ref wanted a life after the game. Referees in these kinds of games usually have families and they are just being socially responsible by refereeing. I'm sure the money, if any, isn't that great. As some one has said that ref would not have expected any help from anyone black or white. All a white can hope for is to avoid injury or death at the hands of a black.

Anonymous said...

The ref dared to impose the actual rules of the game on the blacks, thus making the blacks angry. The rules don't apply to blacks, or did you forget? This is becoming more and more common and it's to the point now I avoid blacks unless necessary.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tackling form. Those coaches trained him right.

Anonymous said...

That kid player who tackled the ref should be tried as an adult on felony assault charges. After being convicted he can then try to avoid being "tackled" in prison.

As to flashmobs and their ilk, two words: Concealed Carry

Anonymous said...

Total breakdown of safety and trust trust in the public square.

I coached 7 years of youth football and 1 year of high school. I saw situations come close to this type of assault and mayhem.

Things have changed. One of the things that's changed is there are less blacks of good faith who wouldn't have allowed this to happen. The thugs have won.

One fascinating thing was the game the initial assailant played. He picked up the flag and threw it away from the ref, sort of like the bullying playground game of grab the hat. When the ref went to retrieve it the black guy cut him off from it in a semi-circling stalking move, intimidating the ref away from the flag. Then he stuck.

Towards the end of the video you could hear people talking about the player apologizing. It gave me the idea they were converting him into a victim.


map said...

Look, I am not sorry for any of these people. The parents should decide that if they don't want their children playing black thug teams, then they should pull their kids off of the team, even if it is a pee wee match.

Dismantle the football teams if you have to and, instead, have military training programs designed to teach white kids combat skills in the schools. Let the fucking run around playing with a ball.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting fact from an article in the Hearld Tribune:

Assaulting a referee is a felony under [Florida] state law, with a maximum punishment of four years in prison.

Again, let's hope the player who tackled that ref gets a chance to wrestle with Bubba while he's in prison.

The Sarasota Gators started the fight, and have now been banned from their home field and suspended by their parent league, the Mid-Florida Football and Cheerleading Conference.

My heart pumps piss.

Friday, as many as four people affiliated with the Gators could be arrested on felony assault charges. All of them have cooperated with the investigation, sheriff's officials say.

RobertB: From experience, it's easy for me to know what happened here. The blacks were losing. They started cheating openly, the ref called them on it, and the coaches erupted.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner! Give that man a Kewpie Doll.

From the same Hearld Tribune article: It started with about a minute and a half left in the first half. The Gators, playing Saturday on their home field at Riverview High, were losing, 30-6, to the North Port Huskies.

The referee called a personal foul
, and the coaches on the Gators sideline all reacted.

Perish the thought that the Gators coaching staff might have reacted to a player's on-field misconduct by benching the offender. The huge disparity in score is a strong indicator that the Gators team lacked actual skill.

However, as with professional victims everywhere, it just cannot possibly be their own fault. Especially not if there is a Pale Male™ conveniently on hand to blame or assault.

Anonymous said...

1. White people know that if they stand up to blacks that they are totally on their on. No one will lift a finger or a voice to help.

The four LAPD officers, particularly the sergeant in charge, saved Rodney King's life and what was their reward?

Anonymous said...

Channel Ten New has more details including the permanent expulsion of those Gator coaches involved in the assault.

No news yet about player number six who tackled the ref. That punk really needs some hard time as his actions put the ref at greatest risk and effectively initiated the mob beatdown.

bubo said...

At the end of the video the reporter said that the blacks at the meeting said the ref started "throwing punches" first. Liars. Every damn one of them. The video shows the ref running for his life while a mob of ooking and eeking africans charge at him. I would have love to see him knock one of those fat-ass black coaches in his overinflated lips but he didn't have time.

Dumb, violent, arrogant and full of hate. With more and more coming of age every day. Thanks LBJ, hope you roast in hell for eternity.

Anonymous said...

We've seen attack after attack on whites all summer and it seems to be escalating. Be vigilant people, this problem is not going away any time soon.

Anonymous said...

A host on a local sports talk radio station in Detroit brought this up today on his show. Funny thing though, not one word about the race of the attackers or the attacked referee. Just another media cover-up of blacks behaving badly. I have to say it pissed me off mightily.

I coached kids that age when my son played football. I can't even imagine any coaches ever acting that way, but then we were pretty much all white guys.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real Stuff Black People Don't Like,

All of this is because of what the creators of South Park illustrated best. Money and Penis Envy.

I can't see you with money in your pocket and a beautiful woman by your side who loves your junk posting all this hate. We all hate each other, all over the world. The difference is those with money and big penises tend to handle it better than those without.

C'mon man, we all know that a black man or athlete stole your woman or you got tired of seeing it done to other LOSERS like yourself. Stop lying saying that you were once a athlete because I played with white athletes and they were so busy with their lives and women that they could care less about this crap.

If you don't know about the South Park episode in question google it. It came out this year.

Anonymous said...


If you all had healthy sex lives none of you would be on this site. I know because I'm married which is my excuse. You guys hate black guys because of their size in that area.

That is the reason movies like Hall Pass did not make any money, but I digress. I know plenty of white boys who have healthy sex lives. They could CARE less about this crap.

South Park illustrated this best...

Anonymous said...

Football is a dumb sport for lummoxes.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a majority-minority city so I'm quite used to this type of savagery. I too have been a victim of random assault. It's not easy being a Nordic-American around here.

Perhaps since I'm now a minority I'll be able to procure some Obama money? Maybe if I had more money I wouldn't have noticed the brass knuckles colliding with my jaw? If only I had a larger penis then my brother wouldn't have been pistol whipped and robbed!

Sorry liberal hucksters, your days of deception are at an end!

Anonymous said...

No news yet about player number six who tackled the ref. That punk really needs some hard time as his actions put the ref at greatest risk and effectively initiated the mob beatdown.

Here's some news on negroid number six:

Ref in football brawl: Emotions got out of control

"Emotions out of control" is just another way of saying what happens when negroids go on their frequent chimp outs.

missbosslady said...


You hit the nail on the head!

It is not cowardice, as much as it is conditioning. Whites raised in civilized environments have little or no experience with irrational explosions of anger and violence.

However, I have found, from personal experience, that when a white reacts swiftly and with ferocity the black is then confronted with the unexpected and caught off guard.

Last year I had an incident with a sub-contractor (black female) who thought that the best way to cover her fuck-up was to accuse me of a myriad of false non-sense. My reaction was immediate and ferocious, she looked like a deer in headlights. I never heard another word out of her.

Fight fire with fire.

I have grown so disgusted with the state of things that I have an anger boiling just below the surface. I carry myself in a way that makes it very clear that all I need is a reason to go off. One of my son's proudest childhood moments was the day I chased some piece of shit loser off of our street with a baseball bat.

I live to hear the phrase, "that bitch is crazy!"

Bear in mind that I am just a tiny little white lady, but I have a big reputation. Everybody who knows me knows that I wil lash out at anybody who threatens the security of me and mine.

My motto has always been; never be a victim.

It works.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This whole message board is amazing. In a profoundly disturbing way. First, the fact that EVERYONE, immediately brings up race is the exact reason race continues to be a deciding factor. Second, We (Huskies) hosted The Child's Park Rattlers yesterday, which is a predominantly black team, without incident. These situations occur far less than believed. Figure how many kids are playing sports on Saturday, then multiply by the number of fields, then multiply by the numbers ref's. That's quite a bit. Last but not least, ALL children sports need to have better background checks. The instigator in this situation has a rap sheet spanning several decades and was only just released from prison, not jail, months ago for the possession/sale/manufacture of controlled substance. When I asked the President of the league what the check consisted of. His reply - "We check for child molesters." I would have to say, that is a pathetic policy and needs sincere modification.

Zenster said...

Anonymous: (September 3, 2011 9:14 PM) You guys hate black guys because of their size in that area.

If dislike of Black criminality was driven by penis envy, you'd be seeing White guys flashmobbing and wilding on Blacks and not the other way around. Your (lack of) logic stinks.

Everywhere in the world, Blacks are disproportionately overrepresented in crime statistics and prison populations. One look at the train wreck that is sub-Saharan Africa tells the entire story.

Repeated genocides, Female Genital Mutilation, child rape, war crimes, skyrocketing HIV/AIDS cases, cannibalism, mass amputations, "necklaces" of burning tires … the list is as endless as it is disgusting and nowhere else on earth do all of these hideous practices converge in one place like they do in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sure thing, Nimrod, penis envy explains it all. Africa was the cradle of humanity and has had a several thousand year head start on all other civilizations with what to show for it?

Squat. Bupkus. Nada. Zilch. ZERO.

Try and explain that away with your ridiculous "penis envy" theory.

Zenster said...

Anonymous: (September 4, 2011 11:34 AM) First, the fact that EVERYONE, immediately brings up race is the exact reason race continues to be a deciding factor.

Thank you for the firsthand report about the Huskies. However, I regret to inform you that the only reason race is such an issue is because of how concentrated criminal behavior, violence and illegitimate children are within the Black community.

A recent study showed that incarcerated young black men have a better life expectancy than their counterparts living in Black neighborhoods. White people have little to nothing to do with that statistical fact.

I invite you to please read my previous comments and locate the one single place where I make a sidelong and sarcastic reference to race at the very and of my post. I do not "immediately" bring up "race" as a factor, contrary to your own misconception.

Comment Time Points:

September 2, 2011 9:10 AM
September 2, 2011 9:33 AM
September 2, 2011 10:09 AM

One big reason race continues to be such an issue is that Politically Correct thinking has given Black criminality a free pass due to Liberal racism. The Liberals who so thoroughly indulge in Politically Correct thought infantilize Blacks by excusing their persistent immorality and criminal behavior ― as though they simply cannot help themselves ― provide Blacks with an unwholesome sense of entitlement that is then parlayed into a total "victimhood" mentality.

While Liberalism bears some responsibility for countenancing this persistent Black criminality, nowhere is anyone putting a gun the the Black community's collective head and demanding that they be the cause of such a vastly disproportionate amount of crime, violent crime especially. That is something which the Black community must come to grips with and act appropriately.

I think its fairly safe to say that most people here at SBPDL aren't holding their breaths waiting for that to happen.

Dissident said...

Miss Boss Lady.

Here, Here! I'm with you on that sentiment. We've got to quit cowering in our little media-induced fear factories.

We are our own worst enemies and all we have to do to defeat this psy-op from the libtards and the race hustlers is to get right back in their faces EVERY TIME! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Break the conditioning of these RACE PIMPS and throw it right back at them.

Fight fire with fire and retaliate with facts and video evidence and truth.

As Orwell said, " Telling the truth in an age of universal deceit is a revolutionary act".

Start a revolution of truth, by turning off the media and not supporting their strategic communications dept, i.e. propaganda machine.

Use the internet to network and keep hammering away at the liars in influential positions. We're starting to win, we're having an effect, let's keep it up.

Zenster said...

An encouraging update from WTSP News:

Ream suffered a shoulder fracture from the fight. Attacking an athletic official is a felony in Florida, with penalties up to five years in prison.

Arrested are 43-year-old Dexter Austin, 38-year-old Timothy Howard, and 28-year-old Antonio Bradley. They are each charged with one count of battery on a sports official. Howard also faces a charge of battery on one of the coaches on the opposing team who tried to intervene in the fight.

The player who is seen on the video tackling Ream, 14-year-old Jamisen Saintvale, also faces a charge of battery on a sports official.

In an earlier statement from the Sarasota Gators, organization leaders say they are "Permanently expelling the coaches and players involved in Saturday's incident." The league is also issuing sanctions for now, suspending the entire team.
[emphasis added]

One can only hope that Jamisen Saintvale is charged as an adult. By bringing down the referee and grounding him, his actions both invited and facilitated everyone ganging up on Mr. Ream. Saintvale is directly responsible for the ref's shoulder fracture and should be made to face an additional charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

Zenster said...

Dissident: Break the conditioning of these RACE PIMPS and throw it right back at them.

The precise nomenclature for Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and their ilk is Race Baiting Wannabe Warlord Pimps.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that Jamisen Saintvale is charged as an adult.

If not kick him out of the game for good.

Which one of you is going to come up with the name of the player banned from the NFL for throwing a referee's flag back at him and hitting him with it?

Anonymous said...

"South Park illustrated best. Money and Penis Envy."
TNB list of black accomplishment - muh deek. Growing up in a black hood - it is a myth and sure isn't an accomplishment over thousands of years of failure as a people. Then to quote south park, whole new level of stupid. Then last but not least, the other black accomplishment, got me sum whyt wymenz. They are so stupid and racist that they will stereotype themselves. Like screaming racist, the muh deek, is supposed to shut you up and get you to quit noticing. Now to stay on topic, back to the subject about daily black failings .....

Steve said...

My wife and I live in a neighbourhood where we have become the minority in just a few short years. Violent crime has greatly increased, and just recently we had local news reported in the NY Times as a lawyer was beaten half to death by 6 black youths.

At first I bought her some mace for when she walks our she won't even leave the house without me, and will call me from our private parking garage when she gets home from work because our new "neighbours" like to leave the side door open for anyone who would care to walk in.

And yet when a black family is living in a white neighbourhood, they may feel out of place, but I am sure they don't fear for their lives.

Needless to say that I am applying for my CC license very soon, right after we finish looking at properties several miles away.

Literally: there goes the neighbourhood.

mr_evergreen said...

Tristero, you say Blacks excel in youth sports because of puberty. Well, I speak from my own personal experience. I am African-American, I am male, and I went through puberty later than many kids did. I remember playing Little League baseball. I was the smallest player on the term, and the only Black kid on the team. Ironically, I was one of the oldest players(age range was between 10-11). The next year I was on an all-White team and everyone was much bigger than me. I didn't do that well in baseball. I did excel in the geography bees. Please explain how I turned out how I did. I was the nerdy kid in school. I knew plenty of White kids who were faster and stronger than me. Where does any of this leave me?

mr_evergreen said...

Steve, I am sorry that your wife feels unsafe. With that in mind, I have some experience with being one of the few Black people in a White neighborhood. I actually was subjected to violence at the hands of White youths. I was down in a creek getting some alone time and some White kids started throwing rocks at me. One kid took a paintball gun and shot me with it, and then looked me as if he was amused. I was assaulted on my bicycle while riding it. I've actually had some scary encounters with some White people. I do know that not all White people are like that. I also know that not all Blacks are like that. I just try and take every person as an individual.

Diogenes said...

Mr. Everblack: Excuse us for not believing your "anecdotes". While what you are saying may actually be true, we are used to blacks lying about everything, from trivialities to horrendous felonies. In short, we don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth. Now, since a poor, discriminated black man being "lynched" by White people would be cause for a national campaign against the city you live in, why don't you post the newspaper articles, radio programs, and TV stories that were produced corroborating your story to stop White on black racism (of course, the only kind there is)? You mean there aren't any? You mean you just kept your Uncle Tom mouth shut? A negro passing up a lawsuit/free ride “cuz yous dun been scriminated against? May I live to see the day! Sorry, Sambo, White people understand that your people and your DWL apologists are liars. So, unless you've got proof, like the TNB in this article, we'll just respond with the only response you are worthy of. Our middle fingers.

Anonymous said...

I am African-American I was on an all-White team and everyone was much bigger than me.

A white african american. That is some achievement.

Anonymous said...

this is the filth that has happened to our schools with the forced integration. thug blacks running crazy rapin every under aged girl in site and gang bangers taking control of the classrooms yes integration is a bad thing and it is why most whites move to safer neighborhoods, but the government keeps buying free housing for the blacks in the name of segregation