Monday, September 12, 2011

Save the Last Dance: Minneapolis, Big Bash 2 and a 'Mini-Riot' courtesy of Black People

More than 1,000 Black people engaged in a 'mini-riot' in Minneapolis after the Big Bash 2
One of my least favorite things is seeing films like Step Up, Step Up 2, the remake of Foot Loose (which looks like a strange combination of Step Up, Save the Last Dance, and Bring it On, all set in a small town where Freak Dancing is ostensibly banned) peddled on television.

Or watching a college football game on television (or the hilarious show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, about the only sitcom worth watching) and being forced to watch commercials like this one for Dr. Pepper featuring some guy named Pitbull signing a song at a makeshift party. Or this commercial of a rooftop party in Los Angeles with "house" music playing and plenty of Corona being imbibed.

Parties like that never work out. Never. Read the Web site for the largest big city newspaper near where you live and you'll find a story almost everyday of a night club shooting. Nine times out of 10, it's a Black club.

On 9/10/11 in Minneapolis, the world got a glimpse of the type of environment that is cultivated at dance clubs and Black parties (which the entertainment industry deems are the coolest) when more than 1,000 Black people at a teen dance party called Big Bash 2 decided to start a mini-riot:
Three people were arrested Saturday night when a melee that a police spokesman described as a "mini-riot" broke out in downtown Minneapolis after a teen dance party.

Dozens of police officers from Minneapolis, the State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies responded to a chaotic scene after the Big Bash 2 party, which was held in an exhibition hall next to the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 1300 Nicollet Mall.

At about 10 p.m., police responded to a report that hotel security employees were fighting with event-goers, said police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer. Shortly after that, partygoers began moving north on Nicollet Mall, throwing patio furniture from restaurants into the street and getting into confrontations with people they encountered.

Several large fights broke out within the group, which eventually congregated in the area of S. 10th Street and Nicollet, blocking the intersection.

"Because of the size of the crowd and the hostile nature, [police] took a proactive stance to prevent further issues," Palmer said.

Officers responded to the scene in riot gear, and pepper spray was used on some people. Three people were arrested, including someone who punched an officer in the face, Palmer said.

The party of more than 1,000 teens was ended early at about 10 p.m. by promoters, who said they thought police were too aggressive with partygoers idling outside.

"We want everyone to come out and mingle with each other," said Brayshaun Gibson, 19, head coordinator for Soe N The Clouds Entertainment, which threw the event.

In April, there was a similar occurrence at the first Big Bash at the Radisson hotel at the University of Minnesota, and police entered and used pepper spray then, too, Gibson said. "I would like more cooperation from the Minneapolis police instead of miscommunication," he said.

Saturday's situation was serious enough to call for assistance from officers on horseback, the patrol, and officers from Metro Transit and the University of Minnesota.

Chris Glowacki, who called 911 about 10 p.m. after seeing the fight out of his apartment window, said hundreds of people pouring out of the exhibition hall scattered when police arrived. "It was crazy," he said.
It took about a half hour for things to calm down, said another witness. Property damage was minimal, Palmer said.

Whenever you see the word 'youth', 'teenagers', or 'gangs of teens' you must automatically assume the article is about Black people. Yes, more than 1,000 Black teenagers in Minneapolis went on a 'mini-riot' on Saturday night.

So when you see movies like Step Up, Save the Last Dance, or any commercial that glamorizes ghetto dancing, freak dancing,  or some form of macabre Black culture, always remember this story of what happened at the Big Bash 2 in Minneapolis.


xthred said...

The best thing about where I live? Few blacks.

Anonymous said...

We used to get "Its always sunny" over here in europa.No longer unfortunatly.Did'nt know it was still going.

Rusty Mason said...

The reason this junk is on TV is because people keep paying for it and watching it. What do you expect the Hollywood and Madison Ave. people to think?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for violence not to happen when three or more blacks congregate? Answer: No. Look around and see for yourselves ... wherever, whenever black people congregate, violence is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

""We want everyone to come out and mingle with each other," said Brayshaun Gibson, 19, head coordinator for Soe N The Clouds Entertainment, which threw the event."

Do we know for sure that Brayshaun is black?

Anonymous said...

So often an event can become violent solely due to the event being an event heavily attended by blacks. It is odd that this doesn't dawn on DWLs that blacks need constant supervision compared to other racial groups. When the shout is for more police protection, which just creates 'tension' as the blacks dislike the polcie presence, no one stops to think that taken to its extremes the only way for blacks to not have murder rates 10x everyone else's would be to place a cop in every black home or have them under video surveillance. Sad that DWLs will not recognize this.

Laz said...

"Do we know for sure that Brayshaun is black?"

With a name like that? Positive. Even before I googled him. Here's his facebook page:

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that "Brayshaun" sounded Korean. That's their word for pickles. Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Laz.

As for the negro yoooothz: I would like to thank them for giving our beloved local police some crowd control practice.

You jigabooz always clan yourself into a corner.

I had a dream last night that we humans were rounded up by negro people and exiled to an island - expelled from BRA. A couple of years later, the negro people were calling the humans racist for not allowing them to emigrate the our island.

The Senior Engineer

JB said...


Holy cow. If this is being characterized as a "mini-riot," and it was a thousand strong, just what is MSM's definition of a "riot-riot?"

Anonymous said...

The reason black thugs are allowed to ruin sports is because people keep giving the teams money and watching the games. What do you expect the thugs and people who run BRA to think?

Stop watching/following sports and the problem goes away.

Like that could ever happen.

Anonymous said...

"With a name like that? Positive."

For god's sake Laz, it was a joke.

Anonymous said...

"Honest to God, I blame MTV for just about every social ill we're seeing. If that network didn't cause it, it certainly exacerbated it.
Christ, I sound like my parents."

Almost nothing is about one single influence. But there's little controversy that the media is a large part of the current nightmare. We both now know the parents knew more than we understood.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many mini-murders and petit rapes have these youth caused in Minn. recently?

That makes it sound so squeaky and harmless: "mini-riot".

"Aaaw, look, honey - a mini-riot! And LOOK! Eeensy-weensy little bullets flying to and fro! How adorable! Black people are so much FUN, aren't they? So much more VIBRANT than you and me ..."

The mainstream media can't go away soon enough.

Laz said...

"For god's sake Laz, it was a joke."

Hard to tell intent on the net. Bet you still clicked the link. lol

Anonymous said...

3 black children, 6, 3, and 1, found wandering the streets last night in Indianapolis. 1 year old covered in "feces". 24 year old "mother" found sleeping in her shitty apartment, had no idea that her children had wandered off.

Wonder when people are going to realize that the underclass black population is not sustainable??

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Researchers perplexed, blacks slip from middle-class status due to lower IQ:

"Thirty-eight percent of black men who grew up middle-class are downwardly mobile, nearly double the rate of white men, the report says."


"The racial gap in mobility has perplexed researchers at Pew since a 2007 report that said nearly half of African Americans born to middle-income parents in the late 1960s plunged into poverty or near-poverty as adults. That report underscored the feeble grip many African Americans had on middle-class life, prompting researchers to probe deeper, said Erin Currier, project manager of Pew’s Economic Mobility Project.

The new report called the performance of blacks on a key standardized test a factor that accounts for virtually the entire mobility gap separating the races. Black males scored much lower than white males on the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures reading comprehension, vocabulary and math ability.

“Taking into account differences in AFQT scores between middle-class white and black men reduces the gap until it is statistically indistinguishable from zero,” the report said."

Anonymous said...

So.... What happened at the Iowa State Fair last year, and what happened at the Wisconsin fair in Milwaukee this year, finally hits the 'Minne-apple.'

It was only a matter of time. Sadly, we have Hubert Horatio Humphrey to blame. It was he, in a fit of liberal myopia, that encouraged the worst of the lazy Blacks in the North (Gary, Indiana) to migrate up north, because we had 'free welfare,' back in the 1960's, soon after he and Teddy (I'm a drunken Irishman) Kennedy sponsored Jew Celler's 'Immigration Reform Act of 1965,' which forever has changed our demographics in the entire USA- that is, until we rescind it, and ship them ALL back to their country of origin.

Both of those men should have their graves opened, and their corpses hung in public view for the EVIL they have brought upon this land!

And, sure as shootin,' this donkey boy, 'Bray' -shaun probably WANTS all those nice Scandinavian and German girls that still grace much of Minnesota's rural areas, to slut themselves out for the Blacks of No. Mpls, in these drunken orgies of stupidity.

But, the more blacks act natural (behaving like the monkeys from Africa they are) the more they break down the fallacy of 'we're just the same as you.' Trouble is, my mom knew this back in 1969, when we moved from No. Mpls waaaaay far away from all this. Trouble is, now they infest every northern suburb all the way out to Plymouth. How dumb can Minnesotans be about 'the race problem'? Pretty damn dumb, you betcha.

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

Unrelated but I thought you'd like to know. Miss Angola won Miss Universe last night, beating out Miss Brazil and Miss Ukraine. Miss Mexico won last year.

10mm AUTO said...

These are not Americans, these are Africans who just happen to be in America and would be happier in da Mudderland. I think this is the logical extension of exactly what negroids are. Alone, they lope along with dagger eyes to Whites (men), in groups they are violent to any "bez dis'pecting dem" (meaning not showing fear) and in large groups, the violence is directed to all.

It is evident in the furniture throwing. All of us have walked down the street with a group of friends and passed by a cafe with small tables and chairs out in front and customers sipping coffee or having a meal. Somehow Whites did not rage against the cafe, ruin its customer base by throwing the furniture into the street and terrorizing the customers. These negroids regard this type of situation as a time to "show Whitey up". So tables and plates and chairs are thrown, with diners being "confronted"; Customers who probably were on a date when the herd approached. Can you imagine the dinner conversation??!! "Excuse me darling, but we had better abandon our dinner and quickly go inside as there is a large group of negroids approaching and I only have a 5 shot revolver on me".

No amount of police can change what they are, a primitive, savage, evil-minded child race that will be a destructive force in our society till expelled. Do not be distracted by the ones that say, "We are good, but there are bad apples in every group." That is true, but then they can be the good apples in their own race and in their own continent.

10mm AUTO.

10mm AUTO said...

"Unrelated but I thought you'd like to know. Miss Angola won Miss Universe last night, beating out Miss Brazil and Miss Ukraine. Miss Mexico won last year."

Wow, she is ugly. Half nrgroid/Asian thing? And what is with the heavy blue eyeshadow? You can't even see her eyes between the epicanthic fold and the heavy negroid lids. Asians are lovely people, but this is ghastly mix.

Dissident said...

That is why I carry .45. Locked and loaded for bear and I would NEVER live any place that infringed upon my right as a free man to do so.

Let that be a heads-up you dark savages, if you come messin' 'round these parts you'll be carried by 6.

While I may be judged by twelve, you'll be pushin' weeds. Got that, thugs?

I couldn't live in a libtard utopia like Minnesota. To many proud, self assured, do-good imbeciles there.

Edwood said...

Where I live it is either blacks or mexicans (or other south americans) that are getting shot or killing people with DWI's every day on the news. They don't even enable comments most of the time now on the news website because most people are fed up and not afraid to comment about the phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some enterprising journalist needs to start directly offering the negros cash for videos. Video cameras are becoming so upbiquitous that even most of the coons have them. Many of these guys are so stupid that they stand around recording their buddies commiting crimes as a lark. If they are greedy or stupid enough they might be willing to help our cause for a couple of piasters.

Anonymous said...

"The racial gap in mobility has perplexed researchers at Pew since a 2007 report that said nearly half of African Americans born to middle-income parents in the late 1960s plunged into poverty or near-poverty as adults.

I can just see these researchers scratching their head in perplexity!

One wonders if they would be so "perplexed" if they bothered to measure median IQ. Or perhaps the high illegitimacy and school drop out rates among blacks. Or criminal activities such as mini-riots which result in blacks being "over-represented" in prison. Or the liberal agitprop machine which justifies every minority pathology. But of course, all this is heresy in these decadent days.

No doubt these researchers will be pulling in the big grant money buck$ to come up with yet one more report blaming these dysfunction on "racism."

Anonymous said...

And the Somali "refugees" continue to pour in. We are a nation stuck on stupid.

Winston Jack said...

Did anyone else by chance feel a massive wave of revulsion and disgust upon viewing that trailer for the Footloose remake?

I was never really a fan of the original, but at least it had a sort of weird and bizzare 80's cultish feel to it. This remake, with its mandatory addition of hip-hop "cultural elements" may be scientifically the most vile thing from Hollywood yet.

Anonymous said...

How is Black people rioting any different from White college students rioting after the University of Minnesota hockey game, or White people rioting after other collegiate events? What about the White people that rioted after the Stanley Cup?

Anonymous said...

"How is Black people rioting any different from White college students rioting after the University of Minnesota hockey game"

White riots are an exception. Black riots are common.

Also, when blacks riot, they like to arbitrarily attack white people.

Now, stop asking stupid questions.

Discard said...

Whites don't make excuses for White rioters.

Zenster said...

Baldowl: Honest to God, I blame MTV for just about every social ill we're seeing. If that network didn't cause it, it certainly exacerbated it.

MTV (properly pronounced "Empty V") has done more to destroy music than just about any other single media outlet. Here's a simple thought problem for you:

A middle-aged, balding, overweight white male guitarist with exceptional performance skills has what chance of succeeding on MTV?

Answer: Less than zero.

MTV is all about photogenic qualities and has very little, if anything, to do with actual music, much less quality music. In doing so, MTV has shifted the entire music industry over to a "glam" (glamor) based emphasis. It is the triumph of style over substance writ large.

This overemphasis of "glam" paved the way for "bling" and all the other twisted accoutrements of hip hop and (c)rap music. (C)rap music is one of the most decadent social forces on earth. If anyone desires more proof of that fact, look no further than how Muslim terrorists love to use the (c)rap format.

Zenster said...

The only surprise here would be if anybody was actually surprised.

Some unnamed wag put better than I will ever be able to:

"Never has there been a generation so full of self esteem … nor for so little reason!"

Try to imagine what happens when you mass together over 1,000 artificially inflated egos that are already hyper-sensitive and incapable of accepting any constructive criticism much less well-deserved derision or just plain insult.

Playing with matches in a powder magazine would be far safer.

Anyone who could not anticipate such an outcome as was seen in Minneapolis is either delusional or Black themselves. I would love to see the statistics regarding what percentage of large scale, predominantly Black attended events go off without serious violence or other crimes.

Anonymous said...

"The series of events in San Bernardino began Monday evening when a Good Samaritan who lived in the house — police won't say who for fear of tainting possible eyewitness accounts — saw a man beating a woman down the street, charged in and broke up the fight, allowing the woman to escape.

An hour later, the woman's attacker came to the male Good Samaritan's home and opened fire. Destiny's sister, who was five months pregnant, was shot in the jaw and neck, and bullets hit Destiny's two 3-year-old nieces in the head....

Nylah Franco-Torres, 3, was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the hospital. Cardona said her great-granddaughter was a joyful child who didn't deserve such a violent fate.

'She was a sweet little girl. She loved going to the store. She was happy,' Cardona said. 'The first thing she did in the morning was turn on the TV and watch cartoons.'

Police described the suspect as a black man in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall, weighing 160 to 170 pounds, with short dark hair.",0,7957417.story

Anonymous said...

A new entry in the competition for most fun after party:

A little research on the web tells me that the club attracts an "urban" crowd.

Read the stories about the club's white owner crying racism on cached pages of the Plain Press.

mr_evergreen said...

This is disturbing behavior and criminal charges need to be brought to these persons.

I also feel that individuals should be held responsible for their actions. If I as a Black man am not out there committing crime, I shouldn't be suffering because people who happen to look like me are committing mob violence.

True events that have happened to me: When I was in middle school and high school, I lived in a county that was about 90% White. I also got bullied alot. Such things that happened to me included getting shot with a paintball gun, kids throwing rocks at me, and once it happened in gym class. I also got jumped in a classroom by two White kids, for absolutely no reason. All of these actions were done by White kids. Do I hate White people? No I don't. I know that not all White kids are like that. I judge a person individually. The persons who committed these actions are all personally responsible for their behavior and should face criminal charges. That being said, the Black people who are decent and law abiding should not be hated on and treated like crap because of the fools who don't know how to behave.

Fact is, the persons who committed those actions don't care what they have done. There are Black people who want to live decent, paceful lives, and then there are the thugs. The thugs don't care how much damage they do to the reputation of the Black race, because they don't care what anyone else thinks. I care because I am a minority in this nation.

mr_evergreen said...

"MTV is all about photogenic qualities and has very little, if anything, to do with actual music, much less quality music. In doing so, MTV has shifted the entire music industry over to a "glam" (glamor) based emphasis. It is the triumph of style over substance writ large"

This is why I don't watch MTV.

Anonymous said...