Monday, September 26, 2011

You've Gone a Million Miles, How Far'd You Get?

I'm still going through the SBPDL Reader Survey answers. More than 650 people responded to this survey (and at 18 questions, invested a considerable amount of their time to provide invaluable feedback that will only help me make this site better), which is, undeniably amazing.

Perhaps foolish to compare, but could a magazine like National Review, The Weekly Standard, or The American Conservative (sic) get that many responses? Does the latter even have 650 subscribers?
That so many people responded to the reader survey is a testament to the loyal readers that SBPDL has developed, and to the readers who have E-mailed friends with links to this site, Web sites and Blogs that have linked to us (adding legitimacy in the process), and a growing belief by normal people around this country - and throughout the Western world - that something is seriously wrong.

 I know that this site has evolved; from the early days with the Al Jolson logo and numbered posts to more in-depth pieces after the Omar Thornton Massacre; and finally to discussing the reality of Black criminality, the manufacturing of positive images of Black people through media and film (check out the latest Paul Kersey column on Dolphin Tale over at, a movie that only the tea party hating Morgan Freeman could add Black legitimacy to!), and how sports - primarily college and professional football - provided the ammunition necessary to induce complete integration, because white fans and coaches were conditioned to believe only teams filled with Black athletes would be successful.

The paralells between South Africa capitulating to pressure to end Apartheid (with the desire to once again participate in International Rugby from which they were banned) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools in the south integrating their football teams is one that is so alarmingly similar it needs to be explored. Visit the ruins of Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Memphis, Atlanta, Augusta, Clayton County (Georgia), Columbia, and any other southern city with a discernible "ghetto" or "hood" (polite, but universally, accepted way to describe a majority Black city or area) and you could easily be walking in the ruins of Johannesburg or other cities in South Africa with unspeakable levels of Black crime and Black-induced depravity.

I set a goal that by the end of the summer of 2011, that I'd be higher ranked on then Steve Sailer's blog (which has been around for more than 10 years). It happened.

Now it's time to set some new goals:

1) Cleaner entries (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.)
2) Get SBPDL Episode II: 365Black Days of Judging By Content of Character out by Oct. 31
3) Keep the Blogspot site going (as an archive primarily), but slowly move to a new, secure URL. This will be professionally designed and incorporate many of the suggestions from the survey.
4) More YouTube videos by Paul Kersey
5) More collaboration with other bloggers (OneSTDV, GLpiggy, Mangan, Lawrence Auster, OD, Unamusment Park, and others) as a whole new movement is underway in America, one de-centralized and growing. This is largely fueled by the Internet, where discussion of what has been termed Black-Run America (BRA) can transpire freely. Those searching for the truth can find it; and they can be inspired by it.
6) Finish editing Next Man in Hell, a superhero/ fiction story that will be released 11/11/11.
7) Starting Wednesday (yes, this Wednesday) do a weekly podcast.
8) Work harder to make Stuff Black People Don't Like the premier Web site for learning about The Standard, Black-Run America, Climate Change, Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL), Fictional Black Images (via Hollywood, television shows, and commercials), the Black Undertow Effect, The Opiate of America, and one of the best sites to learning about the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election, where we all learn how far the concept of post-racial America actually got (the illusion is going to come crashing down, hard).
9) Start the Nelson Mandela Count-down clock. His death marks the end of the DWL dream for post-racial South Africa and will provide a moment of great clarity for what a majority non-white America could look like.
10) Start the SBPDL Guide to Major American Cities, providing ample evidence as to why cities like Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, Tulsa, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Baltimore, and many others should be avoided at all costs, especially by young people (like me) looking to start a family and potentially purchase a home as an investment. Buying anywhere near a Black Undertow area where Climate Change could transpire quickly is a horrible investment; we'll start talking about cities that offer true Sustainability; Sustainability from the Black Undertow.
11) Try and do three # (numbered) posts a week.
12) Come up with a better title for Opiate of America, the book on college football and how the integration of the sport led to any opposition of Black-Run America from materializing because Predominately White Institutions (PWI) alumni, coaches, and fans became convinced that winning meant lowering academic standards (and character standards) and admitting Black athlete-students who grew up in cities they assiduously avoid in real-life.
13) Right now, this site attracts 5,000 readers a day. The goal is double that by Dec 31, 2011.
14) Keep having fun. I'm a normal guy who started a blog, dedicating time and effort into seeing it grow. SBPDL is a reflection of topics that I'm interested in, and it will continue to be such. With this in mind, a move to a new URL (off of Blogspot, but keeping this site as an archive) must be made.

That's really it, the key to life: keep having fun. No matter how bad things might seem, how bleak and hopeless the current situation might be, if you can maintain a positive outlook and persevere, you're well on your way to success.

Doing Stuff Black People Don't Like hasn't exactly been a boon to my professional career, but life goes on and new opportunities present themselves. They always will for people who never give up.

The time to take SBPDL to another level is now.

We'll have a new post up tonight, but I just wanted to thank everyone who reads and links to SBPDL.


Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The American Conservative (sic) has one less subscriber.

Stephen said...

SBPDL is mostly always the first blog I read when I wake up in the morning. I look forward to all the new features, especially the Nelson Mandela death clock.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your site for about six weeks now and just wanted to say that your list of goals impressed me, especially #8 and #10. It will be valuable for readers considering relocation (such as myself) to have info about what's really happening in major American cities (crime, political and social problems). Thanks for all you do!

Steve said...

Damn Paul, I missed your survey. I was very pleased to see you in AmRen, Maid of Avalon and of course V-dare. Your doing very well.
Is it to late to contribute to the survey?

Anonymous said...

Amazing that they didn't even let the prosthetic tail creator keep his name.

Lee said...

I love this site. I read it everyday. Most folks who respond to your great posts are intelligent and articulate. I look forward to the posts and the responses. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great goals. I really like 1,9,10 and 13. Keep up the great work and let "the truth flow like a mighty river".

Anonymous said...

NEEDZ MOAR FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrads on your success. But why not take it to an even higher level. For example why not continue the scholarship idea and expand it. Western Civilization and the acheivements of our forefathers are great things to celebrate. I would kick in for a student scholarship based on a winning essay about this subject. How about a legal defense fund for helping out the first white concealed carry holder that will inevitably be forced to defend himself and his family from the next flash mob of feral blacks. I can go on with the ideas but you get the point. I like reading your articles but it is time for people too put up or shut up. White people can see what is happening and are flocking to your site. It is time to channel the outrage and frustration towards preserving and defending what are fathers and grandfathers built for us.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, SBPDL is a site which gives form and figure to how a raucous racial minority is hijacking and exploiting American society behind the shield of poltical correctness. This site succinctly and pointedly names the ills which are causing our societal rot. Case in point: you summed up in three words ("Fictional Black Images") a major reason why I recently disposed of the only television in my house.

Anonymous said...

Rob from Australia here. Great site mate. I find myself (and several other mates of mine whom I have showed this site to)coming here on a daily daily basis to read the next entry. Here in Oz, the Black American is shown to be a individual who possesses near superhuman qualities. I suppose we don't have many here. The hollywood image that is fed to us portrays the African American as a noble, smart, patient, wise, worldly, and loving person. When I show people out here the clips of the black mobs that steal and hurt people it shocks people to no end. I showed my sister in law a flash mob and her jaw hit the flaw with shock and horror.

Anonymous said...

Three sites I read everyday: 1)SBPDL, 2)Angry White Dude, and 3)The Irish Savant. All excellent and very informative.

Indianapolis said...

I like the idea of moving toward a 'traditional' web site.

Attractive design is important.

Anonymous said...

Let's also add Charlotte, NC and Washington, D.C. to the list of cities unfit for White families to live. Charlotte is a hellhole full of spoiled anti-white Blacks and illegal Latinos.

As a matter of fact, there was a suppressed news report on the mob violence on Mayday in Uptown Charlotte:

A hate crime: The murder of a prominent White executive by a racist Black man in broad daylight:

The negro mayor's suppression of freedom of Speech and assembly:

Robert Marchenoir said...

Bravo, Paul. I applaud your dedication, resolve, optimism and acceptance to learn from readers.

Especially your optimism, coming from a young guy who consistently paints such a bleak picture.

Your attitude is really motivating for the rest of us.

All the best.

Bemused stare said...

All the best wishes for your efforts Paul. Great site, keep the momentum going.

Californian said...

Keep up the good work.

I have not had so much fun since the days of the South Africa Sucks website!

bubo said...

Good show chap. Always nice to force feed the silly libs and their pet minorities some reality. May they choke on it.

Anon at 7:16 As for Charlotte. I remember Charlottians, or is it Charlatans, used to be absurdly proud of their precious "Uptown." Now I see that "the blacks" own it after dark. Too bad, what whites build, blacks destroy, for now and eternity. What a fitting place for the newest ESPiN dark hero, Cam Newton. es.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work, and we will keep referring readers. Thanks Paul!

Dissident said...

To Rob from Australia.

Our media constantly portrays your aboriginal peoples as noble and slightly oppressed. Could you elaborate on this any, is this a PC myth. Or have the aboriginal peoples of Australia really gotten the shaft by the white devil?

Paul, if you develop a new web site, please keep the comments option open. It's vital that we continue networking with one another. It's all that freedom-loving Americans have left. We damned sure don't have any other reliable media sources that we can go to.

Anonymous said...

Paul, have you seen this??

10mm AUTO said...

This is it.

I don't mean that this is the One, but this is the pattern, the standard of what it will be. This man is seemingly a generally good man sitting on his front porch when the negroids came calling. I doubt there really IS a White "teen" but if there is, thank goodness he was not caught by this lynch mob. I note that this man has a 17 year old son who was home at the time. He would have been dragged out and stomped to death.

Note that each negroid outrage this past year is a little more, first they only robbed Whites, then they beat and robbed Whites, then they made up games out of merely beating, then they came up on that guys porch in Philadelphia and he drove them off by displaying a rifle and now we have an gun armed mob breaking down the front door while the dad holds the breach and tells the kids to get upstairs and he desperately calls the Police.

Escalation over the past year has be rapid.

I was going to write a long post about weapon selection, tactics, Safe rooms and lawyers, but it is pointless. Even if you heroically survive an attack the negroids will burn you out. A family can't live in a siege mentally forever. The sow who threatened him is right, they know where you live and they will never forget, so one day "De'Shawen" will pour gasoline over your car at night, or go to the party your 17 year old is at and pour gasoline over him or meet your 11 year old walking home from school and finish the job. White Flight for this man is the only option and this goes for all of us.

We find ourselves at the opposite end of the spectrum that we want to be at, home attacks on Whites by niglets without out remorse and with guns and when the parents are called they back up the mob with their own terrorist threats and finally, the negroid covering Media does not report it for two weeks because they would rather write about the latest football game or the newest Diet. It is almost a surreal echo of South Africa and Rhodesia here in the USA.

Negroids will never stop till they FEAR to touch a White. How do we get there?

Exit Question: Suppose the Police had taken 10 more mins?

Sheila said...

Really pleased by this website's success, Paul. The Mandela countdown clock should be of primary importance. The genocide in South Africa (not up to full speed yet, but getting there) ought to be on every White person's radar.

Posts on safe areas to settle would be extremely welcome. I've been scanning the 2010 interactive census map lately, trying to find somewhere we can move to (and that is still within drivable distance of my husband's job) that is still White enough to remain so for at least another 10 years. Such locales are few and far between, and invariably bordered by others where Whites are a distinct minority. I'm really feeling encircled here lately.

Dissident said...

Sheila, you have my sympathies. My hope is that you and many other whites can find a safe refuge while still trying to work and pay taxes to the very government that's enabling our demise.

What a situation that we find ourselves in these days. We have no choice but to say enough is enough and start fighting back, We can't keep running forever.

Maybe, with God's help and a groundswell of whites wanting to protect their heritage and posterity, that we'll all put a stop to this outrage.

I could suggest many safe places for you to live, but all of them would require moving away from your husbands work, certainly.

It may be time for a career change for the sake of your families safety. Just a thought?

Discard said...

#13: 5000 readers per day? I haven't the wherewithal to put a blog together, so I really appreciate your providing myself and others with a platform to present and discuss our views.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this site, too, and read it every day. I am constantly sending links to other to read and learn about our future- 20/20 vision is what I call it, the hell that we will be living in by 2020 if we don't fix this.

Sheila said...

Dissident - I appreciate your sympathy and concern. We're not in any immediate danger as yet; it's just the rapidly increasing pace of diversity here is noticeable and making an already alien place even more so. I find myself too willing to stay home (and surf the web) rather than go out and deal with the mutated U.N. that the public here has morphed into. My husband's response, whenever I insist we move within a few years, is "Where to?" and for how long will it remain White. He, of course, is right, but I'm tired of living in a twisted facsimile of America. Besides, we can't afford to move right now. Just have to hope the ever-increasing number of weapons we own (one thing I'm more than willing to go into further debt for) will suffice if we're still here when TSHTF.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening to the "cleaner entries" suggestion. The one thing that bothers me about this blog is the spelling. Paul, you are a serious and now important writer. You MUST know the difference between "then" and "than."

Some white advocate/white nationalist sites make us all look like fools because of their poor writing.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I just re-read Strunk and White's excellent book on writing. I do these entries in a stream-of-conscious manner, and in editing SPBDL Episode II, have made a lot of changes.

Mencken was an amazing editor, but he had to move on. We wish him the best!

I don't like the term "white nationalism/white advocate"... and am going to come up with something else.

MuayTyson said...

I wish I had time to take your survey but I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Let it be known I love the way you write and love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Paul, since "white nationalism" is kind of a dirty word in today's political environment, how about "race realist"?

I'll admit, when I'm accused of racism, I'll retort with something like "No, I'm just capable of pattern-recognition/aware of current events"

Pattern-Recognizer could work.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say anything for a long time, but: "whitopias" (plural) is just fine without the apostrophe "Whitopia's" [sic]. Also, you don't need to capitalize it either.

Anonymous said...

you are amazingly ambitious-- your future plans are stupendous! i applaud heartily!!!

(and can't wait for the podcast!!!)

Dissident said...


Don't forget that there are still cheap (comparatively) places to live in this country. I know, I subsist in one of them and it consists of 95% people of Scotch/Irish ancestry.

There's no chance of this area becoming overrun by minorities anytime soon. I don't know what hubby does, but I'm sure he could find work in this area and your standard of living would be the same, because of cost of living adjustments.

Something to think about.

PS. EVERYONE here owns guns and lots of them! And our crime rate is very low.

Dissident said...

Paul, how about White Civil Rights Advocate?

How's that sound?

~AV~ said...

Paul, love your site, wishing you much success in all of your stated goals!

Phalluster said...

Cheers, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Even if you heroically survive an attack the negroids will burn you out. A family can't live in a siege mentally forever. The sow who threatened him is right, they know where you live and they will never forget, so one day "De'Shawen" will pour gasoline over your car at night, or go to the party your 17 year old is at and pour gasoline over him or meet your 11 year old walking home from school and finish the job. White Flight for this man is the only option and this goes for all of us.

I see only one solution to this, in two parts.

First, confrontations from the likes of the thug's mother must be named, publicized and prosecuted as terrorist threats. If prosecutors fail to act, marches and recalls are in order. A website to track the terrorists, the public officials responsible for keeping public order (by name and home address) and all their actions (with videos) would be a huge asset. People marching in front of the home of a district attorney demanding that a criminal be charged is newsworthy.

The second I should not have to name. The government is hamstrung by BRA, so the "bad cop" will be outside of and officially in violation of the law.

A legal defense fund is essential.

Anonymous said...

"9) Start the Nelson Mandela Count-down clock. His death marks the end of the DWL dream for post-racial South Africa and will provide a moment of great clarity for what a majority non-white America could look like."

What did Nelson Mandela do to you? This man was in jail senselessly for decades, a prisoner in his own ancestral lands. How incredibly vicious and hateful to hope for his death.

How many hearts have you touched, hope you've rekindled? No, you're in the hardening business.

Nelson Mandela is 100X the man you will ever be. You're such a whiny little white boy, pontificating about an acronym you just made up! LOL!

Oh, yeah... why don't you read up on some history so you won't come off a complete Caucasoid douchebag?

This is a lesson you should have well learned from the rapes done to you by my various sock puppets...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Diarrhea banned?

Anonymous said...

South Africa is up to 6 in levels of ethnic cleansing and La Mandyman says nothing.

Californian said...

What did Nelson Mandela do to you? This man was in jail senselessly for decades, a prisoner in his own ancestral lands.

Mandela was head of the armed wing of the ANC. He was jailed for running a terrorist bombing campaign. It makes plenty of sense to jail a terrorist, one who was responsible for killing civilians, and one who would have killed more people had he not been stopped. Let me note that had Mandela been even accused of terrorism anywhere in black run Africa, he would most likely have been shot in the back of the head and left for the crocodiles. Look at how such black liberation heroes as Bob Mugabe and Idi Amin dealt with the opposition. And all with scarcely a protest from American and European anti-apartheid activists.

Mandela himself became a symbol of the Western delusion about race. He was transformed from a terrorist to a saintly man who was going to end racism and bring everyone together, I imagine, to sing "We are the world."

The reality is that Mandela's ANC is now wrecking the rainbow nation of South Africa (not unlike the way that black liberators have wrecked just about every other independent African country). That might not be much of a concern, but the ANC gang is also persecuting SA whites: BEE, farm attacks, "Kill a Boer" rabble rousing, and all the rest.

Meanwhile, Westerners, especially DWLs, indulge in the delusion that SA has become some kind of civil rights paradise. Even a stalwart like Clint Eastwood bought into the con, see his movie "Invictus."

But check out websites such as "The Ruins of Johannesburg." I was in SA when Joburg was still a city. Thing is, what has happened in SA could very well happen in Europe/North America if the forces represented by a Nelson Mandela gain power. And trashing cities is just the start. Look at the endless string of torture-rapes-killings which SA blacks inflict on whites. All the legacy of a Mandela.

So yeah, we need to make an issue out of Mandela, and of the betrayal of white South Africans, and the delusions which too many Westerners buy into. Because our turn may be next. Time to discredit Mandela. Time to stand with white South Africans.

Americans are, after all, in the proverbial "other end of the lifeboat."