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The University of Tennessee: Clay Travis, Rocky Top, and What Happens When a program goes 365Black

University of Tennessee team shot: Used frequently in solving crimes in Knoxville
There's this white guy named Clay Travis who wrote a book called Dixieland Delight. He chronicled a season in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) by going to one of the 12-members of the conference campus each week and writing about his experiences.

He followed that up with a book called On Rocky Top: A Front-Row Seat to the End of an Era, where he spent the 2008 season following the University of Tennessee football program (his alma mater) and its embattled coach, Phillip Fulmer.

Before we continue, it's important to note that the U of Tennessee is located in Knoxville, the location of the infamous Knoxville Massacre. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, the former a senior at Tennessee, were brutally murdered and raped by five Black people; George Thomas, Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson,Vanessa Coleman, and Eric Boyd.

It should be noted that Christian and Newsom were white. Phil Fulmer actually recruited Davidson for the University of Tennessee football team, as this article makes clear:
Davidson attended Jackson Christian School and even led a bible study group at his church.  His foster parents arranged tutoring for him in math and reading and gave him his own room in their five-bedroom, middle-class home.  When asked, Flo Rudd said Davidson's mother showed no interest in him while he lived with them.  Former UT coach Phil Fulmer did show interest saying of Davidson's playing that "this is what we look for" when he was scouting the school. 

"This is what we look for" is a prophetic statement from Phil Fulmer, because recruiting Black athlete-students who have a difficult time abiding by the law has become a trademark of the Tennessee football program. Take a look at this article from 2006 in the USA TODAY:

Before University of Tennessee football players get a playbook, they get a Think Card. It is an orange card small enough to fit into their wallets. On the front it says, "THINK," followed by a series of questions designed to help the player assess his behavior and make the appropriate decision. 

On the back of the card are the home and cell phone numbers of the Tennessee coaching staff so players can call for help.

The Think Card is part of a safety net of counselors, tutors and role models the university has been constructing since 1995 after eight football players had run-ins with the law in a one-year span. 

But during the last 16 months, players frequently have fallen through. Tennessee football players have been in at least 20 incidents involving shoplifting, assault, gun charges, motor vehicle citations, disturbing the peace and failing a drug test. 

Even after coach Phillip Fulmer gathered his players for a meeting during spring practice in April and told them the bad behavior had to stop, linebacker Daniel Brooks and defensive back Corey Campbell were suspended after off-field incidents.
Brooks pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a license and three other charges were dismissed by a Knox County General Sessions Court judge. Brooks will miss the first three games this season.

While court dates await other Volunteers players, Fulmer is scheduled to face reporters today in Birmingham, Ala., at the annual Southeastern Conference media days.

In an interview last week, Fulmer tightened his lips and took a deep breath when asked about the recent incidents. "It's embarrassing to our administration, to our fans, to our coaches, to me and to a large portion of the other kids," said Fulmer, Tennessee's head coach since 1992. "You would hope that young men who have the opportunities they have, to be on the stage they're on, would make better choices."

Assault accusations 

Among the poorer choices:
• Carolyn Goodrich said her son thought he had been hit accidentally by an elbow during a pickup basketball game Jan. 12. 

It wasn't until the next day, while looking at a university surveillance videotape, that Deshaun Goodrich saw he had been punched on the right side of his face when he wasn't looking by a Tennessee football player.
"He'll have a metal plate in his mouth the rest of his life," Carolyn Goodrich said.

Tony McDaniel, the 6-7, 300-pound defensive tackle who was shown on the videotape hitting the 6-4, 205-pound Goodrich, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and is scheduled to enter a plea Thursday in Knoxville General Sessions Court. 

• Shadiyah Murphy also never saw who broke his jaw March 4. The Tennessee student said he was hit from behind in an altercation with several Vols football players at a fraternity dance, according to court affidavits and police incident reports.

Murphy's jaw had to be wired shut to heal.

Jerod Mayo, a freshman linebacker, and Robert Ayers, a freshman defensive end, have been charged with aggravated assault in the Murphy case and are scheduled to appear in court Monday to answer charges.

• Quantavios Emerson did see who hit him, opening a cut on his head that required four staples to close April 10 in a fight in a dormitory lobby. Emerson, who was in the fight with Bret Smith, a Tennessee wide receiver, and Brent Schaeffer, a quarterback, said he was struck while on the floor.

Smith and Schaeffer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and were ordered to pay restitution to Emerson. Smith was suspended from the team; Schaeffer left the program voluntarily.
Vols' safety net 

The school has devoted resources and considerable effort to the issue of student-athlete conduct. At least three full-time employees of the football program have duties that include steering players from trouble.
• Former Tennessee quarterback Condredge Holloway is assistant athletics director for player relations and counsels players on their behavior off the field.

• Running backs coach Trooper Taylor, the assistant head coach, also handles player development issues.
• Judy Jackson, the associate director of student-athlete welfare, has an office with a window looking out on the indoor practice facility. She coordinates players' participation in community-related projects through the G.O. V.O.L.S. service program.

The list of football players who have participated in the program in Knoxville is substantially longer than the list of players who recently have faced criminal charges. During the spring semester alone, football players logged more than 1,000 hours of community service, from Habitat for Humanity to reading in schools to Boys & Girls Club activities and others, according to a record kept by the athletics department.

The Knoxville Police Department has assigned an officer to act as liaison between the Tennessee team and the police department and to counsel players. 

Tennessee's athletics department also is participating in a program sponsored, in part, by the SEC. MVP, Mentors in Violence Prevention, is a program conducted by Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society in which college athletes try to teach youngsters how to avoid confrontation.
A cycle of problems? 

The caretakers of Tennessee's football program — President John D. Petersen, in his second year at the school after coming from the University of Connecticut; athletics director Mike Hamilton, on the job since July 2003 and at the school since 1992; and Fulmer — say there is no systemic problem with the program and college football programs across the country have the same issues with handling young, immature football players.

"When we adjusted the NCAA rules a couple of years ago to limit the amount of contact with prospective student-athletes, I think it limited the ability of coaches to get to know the athletes better," Hamilton said. "You're having to make quicker judgments sometimes assessing a student-athlete's ability to fit in."
Asked if he thought there was a recruiting problem at Tennessee and if the Vols were recruiting athletes at risk to get in trouble, Peterson said the university's issues with athletes are a "cyclical thing we see."
'Cyclical thing we see..." Well, when you recruit primarily Black athletes from Black Undertow cities that white people never go to (and when they do, the first thing they do is lock their car door), you are going to bring thug athletes to a Predominately White Institutions (PWI). After Fulmer was fired from Tennessee in 2008, the next coach Lane Kiffin carried on the Vols tradition of recruiting Black criminal athlete-students:

Safety Janzen Jackson and receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, two of coach Lane Kiffin's most prized signees from his first recruiting class, were among three Tennessee football players arrested early Thursday morning in Knoxville on charges of attempted armed robbery.

The third player arrested is also a freshman, defensive back Mike Edwards. It was not immediately clear if the players have attorneys.
UT coaching legend Gen. Neyland
What's funny is that the University of Tennessee football program hasn't been that great lately, even with such highly recruited Black athlete-students representing the school. The problems haven't stopped either off the field:
The University of Tennessee no longer can blame wayward ways on whatever lax attitudes existed during the lightning-quick Lane Kiffin era. Nor can it attribute the number of Vols names that wound up on the Knoxville police blotter to Phil Fulmer's dwindling attention span in his final years with the orange.
No, in the wake of the accusations that are flying after last night's bar fight it's time for Tennessee to take a deep look at its fabric and culture, because there is just something inherently wrong there.

Early this morning, police charged UT freshman receiver Da'Rick Rogers -- the plum catch of this year's recruiting class -- disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in connection with a brawl that left an off-duty police officer unconscious and bloodied in the street with a head wound.

Rogers, 18, is one of at least four Vol football players being questioned about the injuries Officer Robert Capouellez, 24, suffered around 1:50 a.m.

Also in the mix: Darren Myles Jr., a sophomore safety, who in April was charged with public intoxication just hours after the Orange and White game; Denarius Moore, 21, a senior wide receiver; Montori Hughes, 19, a sophomore defensive tackle.

Police say that, according to witnesses, the officer was kicked several times while on the ground.
Last November, three football players were arrested on charges of attempted armed robbery. Two were among the most prized signees of Kiffin's first recruiting class, and were quickly dismissed from the team.
To understand your typical white SEC football that cheers on a team full of the high-character individuals like the University of Tennessee recruits, one only needs to read Clay Travis's writings. He has spent an entire life living vicariously through the exploits of people that he has done everything possible to avoid in his private life.

Cheering on a predominately Black football program is... strange, and Travis's work is important in understanding this phenomenon. After all, it was only in 1968 that the University of Tennessee football program integrated. Sports Illustrated didn't consider it a momentous occasion worthy of forever commemorating, but published this:
There were just two and a half minutes left when Tennessee found itself on its 20-yard line with, really, only one last chance to tie the game. But now Wyche proved he was no ordinary quarterback. At this point he had hit only nine of 26 passes and ought to have been discouraged, but he had to keep passing. He managed two short completions—and then found Lester McClain, a tall sophomore from Nashville who is Tennessee's first Negro varsity player, with a big 14-yarder when it was fourth and three. The roar from the stands rivaled that during halftime when the band formed a Confederate flag.
Yes, the band formed a Confederate Flag. All SEC schools used to play "Dixie" and wave the Confederate Flag at game, but with the recruitment of Black athlete-students, those traditions were tossed. Now though, every Black "first" (no matter how insignificant or minor its achievement) is celebrated with a fervor once reserved for actual events worthy of praise. Here is a recent article from the Knoxville News that celebrates the integration as a moment that Tennessee football - already with a rich tradition of winning - decided to enter the 20th century:

Tennessee opened the 1968 football season on Sept. 14 against Georgia on the new Tartan Turf at Neyland stadium.

History was in one of its cycles of change. McClain's arrival on campus for fall drills in September 1967 came more than 20 years after Tennessee had forfeited a Dec. 23, 1946, basketball game against Duquesne at McKeesport, Pa., rather than play against a team that refused to bench an African-American player. U.T. historian Milton Klein chronicled that event. That seems so long ago.

McClain came to Knoxville as a scholarship athlete 13 years after the Supreme Court's Brown vs. Board of Education decision, and a year after Kentucky had signed Greg Page and Nat Northington in football and Vanderbilt had likewise inked Pearl High School's Perry Wallace in hoops. 

Doug Dickey led the way for the Vols, saying the time was right to make the move. The times might have been troubled and uncertain, but the reminder is always present that whenever significant social advances are made, somebody or a number of somebodies, in this case McClain, Dickey, Holloway, Bill Battle, and/or Jimmy Streater, have to lead the way. 

Here's a quick history lesson. Northington was recruited in the 1965-1966 UK recruiting push out of Louisville, and had played sparingly in the Kentucky-Ole Miss game in 1967. He did not letter that season, according to Kentucky records. 

Page, also signed by the Wildcats that year, came from Middlesboro. He was paralyzed after an injury in a non-contact drill Aug. 22, 1967, and died a month or so later, Sept. 29. He is listed as a 1967 letter winner in the Kentucky Football Media Guide. After Page's death, Northington transferred to Western Kentucky.
The Tennessee-Kentucky freshman basketball game in the 1967-68 season, Feb. 2, 1968, Kentucky 94, Tennessee 74, was played in Middlesboro as a benefit for Page.

McClain had been one of two African-American players recruited in that 1966-67 recruiting season. The other, fullback Albert Davis of Alcoa (often referred to in media reports of that day as "Alcoa's great Negro running back"), was not admitted to the University, so the torch was passed to McClain and he played and played well. 

He finished in 1970 with 70 career catches for 1,003 yards and 10 touchdowns. He had an 82-yard TD reception from Bobby Scott in the 1969 Memphis State game. He was determined to make the best of things, despite a rough patch or two along the way. 

"There is a time you question whether you want to pack your bags and go home," McClain said. "I would be lying if I said I never considered that. But I just couldn't. I knew the next day the headlines would say, 'Lester McClain, first black athlete, quits U-T.'"

McClain ended up being the trailblazer and history will positively record his contributions to the Vol program.
 In 2007-2008, the UT football program was 51 percent Black. The enrollment for the University of Tennessee was only 3.5 percent Black male. In The New Plantation, University of Georgia professor Billy Hawkins writes:
Recruiting Black males specifically for their athletic ability is an institutional racist practice that reinforces belief's about Blacks intellectual capabilities and athletic abilities. It creates unique experiences for Black males who do not participate in varsity team sports, as well as, for Black males who are highly visible as celebrity athletes. 
Let's be honest, Mr. Hawkins: less than five percent of Black males are academically qualified for college work. Lowering academic standards for the sake of "diversity" and upping Black enrollment is a tried and true measure for schools like Tennessee. The majority of the football program at Tennessee would not be in Knoxville were it not for their athletic ability.

The University of Tennessee football program has the largest recruiting budget in the nation, because - it is said - the state of Tennessee doesn't produce enough quality athletes. This is, of course, nonsense. Tennessee won in segregated times with predominately white Tennessee players. Now, because SEC fans have been conditioned to believe "Black is Best," white Tennessee high school athletes rarely get looks from the state's flagship university.

They might have the grades, but they don't have the right melanin. It is in On Rocky Top that we learn just how conditioned white southerners have become to the concept of Black athletic supremacy. Before the 2008 UT-South Carolina game, Clay Travis was in the UT locker-room and writes this on p.262-263:

Then Vol sophomore Eric Berry stands. 

"When I say , "Killas,' y'all say, "Killas,' and then when I say, 'Trained assassins,' y'all say, 'Trained assassins,' and then when I say, "want some,' y'lall say, "Gone get some.'"

Then Berry starts, "Killas!"

"Killas!" the team replies in uinson. 

"Trained assassins!" Berry chants. 

"Trained assassins!"

"Want some," Berry leads. 

"Gone get some!"

"Let's go bang a motherfucker, man!" Berry yells in conclusion. This cheer seems to get the team fired up [SBPDL note: they would lose the game, bad]. I'm kind of fired up. Of course, I have no ideas what it means. In fact, I've never felt whiter in my life. Later student manager Andrew Haag will confess, "I don't know what he was saying, either, but he's Eric Berry. He's so cool, he can do anything and it's cool."
No, actually Eric Berry isn't that cool. He can only do anything because he got a scholarship to Tennessee because of his athletic ability. In a simpler age, when America was an actual country (now it has been replaced by the proposition Black-Run America), Haag's hero who he thought was "so cool" would have been a white defense back.

Now, it's some ghetto thug (Berry plays in the NFL, so the usage of the term "ghetto thug" accurately describes 65 percent of the leagues players), so Haag is left convinced that anything he does is "cool" though he probably avoids Black people and majority Black cities in every other decision in his life.

It's sick, when you think about it. Black athlete-students, who have no business attending a major university based on their academic resumes, receive as much help as possible to succeed. Even if that means cheating:

The past decade-plus in University of Tennessee athletics history is as checkered as the end zones in Neyland Stadium. Athletic department successes have been undermined by academic fraud allegations involving the football team, investigations into the recruiting practices of one-and-done football coach Lane Kiffin, and suspensions for basketball players arrested on drug and weapons charges. 

Into this atmosphere stepped Fritz Polite. An assistant professor in the UT Department of Exercise, Sport and Leisure Studies, Polite was recruited to Knoxville four years ago to implement ILEAD — the Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Diversity. That charge, combined with his extensive sports background (he played and coached football professionally and worked with the New York Giants on profiling potential draft picks), has put Polite on a new extracurricular course — mentoring African-American male student-athletes. "They need to look at someone outside of football and basketball as a mentor," Polite says. "They need to look at engineers and lawyers and professors — the types of people who are right here on campus." 

Polite has so far assembled a team of 10 interested faculty members, and he has sought the input, if not outright approval, of athletic department officials. "I'm going to do this with or without them, because as a faculty member I have the right to engage any student on this campus at any time," he says, having begun mentoring athletes last fall. "And I'm hoping that the athletic department will be open and willing to work with us to try to benefit these students." 

Historically, the benefit in the relationship between mostly white colleges and universities and their black student-athletes has been one-sided to the point of exploitation, according to Billy Hawkins, associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Georgia and author of The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports, and Predominantly White NCAA Institutions, published earlier this year by Palgrave Macmillan. "If you look at the relationship initiated by a slave owner, it's purely economic. When we look at an institution's relationship with black student-athletes, and more specifically black male athletes in the sports of football and basketball, it too is purely economic," Hawkins says. "They are generally selected or migrate from communities that are socially and culturally different, and placed into this environment that is somewhat of a culture shock to them. No political power, whatsoever, when you talk about making decisions — even choosing a major."
That is not to say that non-black student-athletes escape exploitation, Hawkins acknowledges, but blacks are proportionally more likely to gain entrance to college based on athletic prowess even if they're ill-prepared for the academic experience. At the same time, those athletes are relied on in greater numbers than their non-black contemporaries to produce a profitable product. "The NCAA generates 90 percent of its revenue from March Madness. More than 60 percent of the athletes who compete in the tournament are black," Hawkins says. "We hear PSAs about how more than 400,000 athletes are going pro in something besides sports. Well, less than one percent of that 400,000 is generating more than 90 percent of the NCAA's revenue, which I think is alarming." 

When U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recommended in March that men's basketball teams with low graduation rates be banned from post-season play, the NCAA responded with a statement citing federal graduation statistics that place all student-athletes — and African-American males, in particular — on a higher trajectory of success than their demographic peers in the general student population. Forty-nine percent of African-American male student-athletes graduate, compared to 38 percent of black males in general, the numbers say.
So Phil Fulmer praised one of the Black individuals who killed Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in the infamous "Knoxville Massacre" incident. He stated, "This is exactly the kind of guy we recruit."

Judging by the UT record of off-the-field problems involving the Black athlete-students that represent Rocky Top now, it obvious that the only type of athlete Tennessee recruits is of the Black thug variety.


Tristero said...

Totally aside from the "sportive" aspects of the above post, I'm struck by some of the names of the people discussed, "Quantavios"? "Da'Rick"? "Nu'Keese"?

I've always been willing to accept that black people might have some different aesthetic standards in terms of language that lead them to bestow such unusual names on their offspring. But looking at some of these names, I wonder if there's a conscious effort at play to give their kids names that are as ridiculous as possible... Is this some joke that we just don't get?

If it is a joke, it's also on the poor kids that have to bear these names: "Shadiyah", for instance, in the account above, evidently bestowed upon a mail, is a girl's name in Arabic (given the feminine ending of -iyah)

I guess that, like some other aspects of black behavior in this country, things that are intended as somehow being evidence of "black pride" are in fact things that make black people laughing-stocks in the eyes of anyone with half a brain...

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here (and a Tennessee fan since 1959). I'll tell you one thing. If this piece is linked on a Vol Fan Forum, the hysteria it will cause!

The player kneeling next to General Neyland in the above photo is Hank Lauricella, All American single-wing tailback on the 1951 National Championship team. Lauricella finished second to Dick Kazmaier of Princeton on the 1951 Heisman trophy ballot. Ironically, the two were similar types of men and athletes. Both Kazmaier and Lauricella have been highly successful businessmen in the years since.

Anonymous said...

This world is beyond insane.

You attend college so that you can study things that interest you, so that after you graduate, you can do those things and make a living. While at college, if you are athletically qualified, you can also be a part of number of sports teams. Ra ra. However, you must keep up with the primary reason you are at an institute of higher learning: your studies.

Not with niggers, though. As a nigger, you are completely unable to even hope to obtain any kind of a meaningful degree from any college - even those silly all-black "colleges" (You know, where all of those black scientists and astronauts, etc, come from? No?) Anyway, even though you can't possibly even be accepted to TRY to earn a degree, you are welcomed aboard to mix and mingle, and assault, and rampage, and rape, and rob, because...wait for can run fast! WTF??

It gets better! As Kersey has pointed out, the colleges that recruit these retards who have NO intention/chance, of getting a worthwhile degree, then provide tutoring/counseling, etc, in the hope that these retarded thugs will simply remain eligible to play. That's it.

The whole thing is disgusting and disturbing. And that is ignoring the fact that ALL of these schools could simply go back to having standards, and letting only those who can legitimately attend college, play the various sports.

The stands should be empty, except for le'kensh'awlian's baby momma/aunt cheering him on. Fat chance. Whites are so GD stupid that they feel no shame rooting for the same retarded thugs that tomorrow morning on campus will rape some poor White girl who hours earlier was screaming for her future attacker.


Anonymous said...

Please, enough of FOOTBALL!!

Anonymous said...

This is not about "football" per se. If you really can't see that, then you probably should go visit more concrete (and bland, scared, not ALL black people are...) sites like Ace of Spades, American Thinker, and the like.


Anonymous said...

Joe is right. Kersey is using football as a window into something more integral, something highlighting the transformation of white social attitudes. Within the popular mainstream imagination, whites are for the most part negro worshipers. The tide must turn, and quickly if we are to salvage anything.

Anonymous said...

College football is an excellent view of what's become of American priorities. For those of you who can't stand it, just be patient and come back later. There will be plenty of non-football stuff then. Do you really think Kersey has to search hard to find material?

Here's the football problem in a nutshell: Hell, I don't care if the team is a bunch of thugs and criminals -- just win baby (and make sure the rapists don't get too much press because that'd hurt alumni donations). I can't wait to talk rah-rah-big about my alma mater's win after the next business meeting. Besides, if I come from a good school with a competitive football program -- that's my pedigree -- it rubs off on me!

It's that ----in' simple. The average college grad sells his soul cheaply. They gladly accept vicious thugs in the football program and vile, Ward Churchill clones in the teaching staff without so much as a peep lest they hurt their bona fides.

Yeah, my degree really shows what a smart person I am -- and it show's I'm not racist too! Why else would I cheer for "players" who just got out of jail or are headed there?

Anonymous said...

eric berry's parents are educated. His dad, who played for the school, is a dentist. He grew up in an all black middle class "hood". You refuse to post my comments because you know what I say is true.

Is this about the video with Eric Berry and the beautiful blondes dancing behind him suggestively.

kcs said...

I suspect people are more capable of keeping their fan loyalties separate from their social attitudes than is thought on this blog.

At the old Vet in Philadelphia, I personally heard this remark during a mediocre performance by the black quarterback Randall Cunningham. "Nigger just doesn't have it today."

Only an anecdote, of course, but not much "hero worship" there. Admittedly, such frankness is probably much less prevalent these days.

Would one hear that sentiment openly expressed in SEC stadia these days? Would a fan making a similar statement be shouted down or reported to stadium seecurity? Are there many fans with similar thoughts, but just keeping it to themselves?

Cheering someone's football prowess does not equate to wanting to have him as a business colleague, neighbor, son-in-law.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. Yes, Eric Berry's father, James, played at Tennessee 1978-81. When recruited, James Berry was billed as another Walter Payton, but he had an average career.

Anonymous said...

"eric berry's parents are educated."

So what? The topic here is the thug culture within University Of Tennessee's football program, not Eric Berry's parents.

"His dad, who played for the school, is a dentist."

So what?

"He grew up in an all black middle class "hood"."

So what?

"You refuse to post my comments because you know what I say is true."

Your off-topic, irrelevant comments ARE posted, you fucking asshole, and no one gives a shit about Eric Berry's parents.

Now piss off.

Anonymous said...

Let them play football, after they graduate 90% of these monkeys will be dead by 30 because no one wants to hire them when they can't formulate a complete sentence.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The kind of remarks kcs mentions did happen in the early days of integrated Tennessee teams. Twice, I recall hearing fans sitting near me refer to a black Tennessee player by the N word.

You didn't hear that in the stands anymore by around 1975. At least I didn't. If it happened now, the offender might be in trouble.

Californian said...

Interesting how Paul Kersey has integrated the epic of football into contemporary American history. He links the sellouts over football into the bigger picture, giving a sort of athletic-cultural perspective on where America is today on race. This neatly encapsulates the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the GD football. I HATE football. It makes me SICK to see or hear it. It is NOT a White sport anymore and White people need to quit supporting those negroids. Over-paid, VIOLENT Pieces of Crap. STUPID and disgusting to watch them. Men falling all over each other. You will run off any sane people who come here, especially women. I'm glad you mentioned Channon and Chris though. Just stop with sports please.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, Mr. Kersey, but right up your alley anyways. Caught a glimpse of some of the hype for the upcoming Steven Soderberg movie "Contagion" (about, surprise, a catastrophic pathogen threatening our poor species), at any rate, I noticed that the movie had one black star character - Lawrence Fishburne. Not knowing anything about his function or character role in the movie, I had a hunch that if I went over to IMDB and looked up his character's name, it would be preceded by "Dr." I know no one here will give me credit for miraculous powers of perception, but there you go. To paraphrase Doug Sahm: Oh, no, not another one!


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to completely "cleanse" your site of any female readers? I cannot read any of the football stuff. I understand that it is YOUR THING, but think of your readers! When I see the football headlines, I'm outa there. (Otherwise, I love the site.)

Anonymous said...

Please, an article on Gehrig Dieter, his historic career and game, and why most D1 schools REFUSE to recruit him and guys like him (ie Nile Knapp, Marc Mauro, Danny Woodhead, Justin Beaver, Riley Cooper, Clay Mathews, Dillon Romaine, Hunter Furr, etc etc)

JB said...


Another stellar post. I'm heartened by the number of commentators who understand your angle on these collegiate football articles as a microcosm of our national problem.

Of course, it's subjective, but it seems to me that the caliber of discourse here has been trending upward since you started this series.

Your reportage has stuck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

White sports fans are fucking retarded. I'm sorry; I must be of a different species as these people (I mean white sport fans; I KNOW I am a different species than niggers). What is the appeal? What does it do to you to watch these apelike hominids chase a ball around? Does it make you sweat? Does it give you an adrenaline rush? Some vicarious thrill, seeing "your" hometeam trounce the sports collective of somebody else's, you know, territory? (Ooga booga! Me caveman! Dat MY rock! Ook ook!)

I hate to even mention this, but could it even be something .... sexual? Seeing those big, sweaty, hypermasculine escaped slaves running around and grunting and sweating being more manly than you'll ever be? Do you get off on it? Hm?

To all white sports fans who support these packs of feral goril---, er, teams: FUCK YOU! You're pathetic. You deserve what you get.

10mm AUTO said...

Just off the cuff, but I do not believe it is negroid worship, per se, but a appetite for gladiatorial combat and the animals used are really irrelevant. While Whites were playing, there is a level of sportsmanship and honor that was acknowledged but which exists no longer.

Looked at from that perspective, you can understand the unconcern for academic standards, the ease of disposal of thuggerific negroids and the fan emotional bonding with negroids that 99% would not even let in their front door. In a way, it is like Michael Vick training dogs only with proto-humans. I don't watch sports that much, but I was really impressed with Kersey's use of this topic to showcase negroids and their behavior.

Lee said...

Quantavious, Ku'Neese, Denarius, Montori. WTF.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I love the football columns, keep up the great work!

Although you have written many articles that I did not particularly like, I have never bitched once, because I'm not a whiny fucking crybaby.

You have the best blog on the entire internet!

Anonymous said...

"White sports fans are fucking retarded."

We get your point, you're not interested in sports, and the rest of us are "retarded".

Your continuous bitching and moaning is not going to change anything. Assuming you are white, it's embarrassing having to listen to you whine like an infant.

If you can't take it, please leave.

Laz said...

"Not knowing anything about his function or character role in the movie, I had a hunch that if I went over to IMDB and looked up his character's name, it would be preceded by "Dr."

Dr. Ellis Cheever

lol, good call.

Anonymous said...

The one thing not mentioned in the blog about the rape and murder of both Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, DNA from the sperm of two others found on Newsom and Christian has never been identified. Those two rapists and murderers are out there somewhere, maybe playing football at TN. If you would like to know more about this horror you can visit Nickolas Stix's blog

Christian was a senior and I wonder how many times she cheered for those black athletes.

I just spent some time visiting friends in TN. I have seldom seen so many wiggers as I saw around Nashville.

Anonymous said...

I hate and detest sports, because it's turned into nothing but worshipping of the most vile, violent and dangerous Negroes imaginable. These athletes, teams, televison networks and anyone else who profits from Negro worship will never see one red cent from me. The only sports I ever enjoyed were soccer, because my size and agility worked for me, and shooting, because I stay proficient in the use of all types of firearms. That will be a vital skill to defend myself and family from these violent thugs.

A Former Reader said...

I have been a silent reader of this blog since its beginning, but I do not like what it has become. While I understand that sports are an important part of life for many white people, I will never understand why. Although I am a former football player myself, I now neither enjoy nor do I wish to read about sports.

I came here to read about the Negro Problem and what can be done about it. While I understand how Mr. Kersey is attempting to use college sports as a window onto the greater problem, I must confess I can no longer maintain interest in these football stories. I simply do not care. I will therefore regrettably be deleting this blog from my daily reading list.

Best of luck with the blog, Mr. Kersey.

Anonymous said...

I am kind of with the posters who do not 'get off' on the sports stories with a twist. What kept me out of sports was the insane need to keep track of individual stats and records when all I wanted to do was watch a (I am more a hockey fan than football) good fast game of hockey. I do not follow sports anymore because of the commercial breaks and yap-yap-yapping. The time it takes to watch a game with all the unneeded breaks and commercials I could have watched two whole games of hockey.

So, even though I only really just read Kersey's opinion and barely look at the other added content from others on his stories, I still get to read the comments on this site. A lot of the time the comments are what keep me coming back. Thanks Kersey for inspiring commenters to keep doing just that and thanks also to the commenters. Keep it coming.

PS - A weird thing about these sport-related posts is .... the 'other side' is not here bashing we White Advocates. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll return to this blog in the spring when you've hopefully stopped writing every article about stupid fucking football. I stopped following the mainstream primate dominated sports for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I remember almost 10 years ago, I asked an older man why he was such a football fan given that he was obviously a racist. I said that you are sitting in your armchair cheering on a bunch of thugs. His response was "yeah, but my niggers will beat your niggers"

At the risk of being told to "fuck off", enough with the football!

Anonymous said...

It IS insanity!! The adulation given to a group of people SOLELY on the basis of their ability to run and jump is maddening. Our own stupid white men and women making heroes out of these "gangstas", and teaching their own children to do the same has got to be a form of mental illness. It's racial SUICIDE! You can't get 200 people to show up at a rally to save our country from destruction, but you can fill a stadium with 100,000 people to watch a bunch of primitives run, jump, chant, cheap shot and act up. And dummy whites will scream and get enraged over the game, saying "We won" or "We did this" when they did nothing, while their black idols care nothing for their stupid white fans(except for the white women fawning over them) and would spit in their faces if they had a good chance. I pray to GOD that white people would awaken from their deep slumber and see their folly. Take away the white fans, and professional sports ends immediately. And GOOD RIDDANCE!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Guys (and gals),

This isn't a permanent feature of the site and we aren't going full sports. I needed a break from writing about a lot of the stuff you've come to know and love from SBPDL.

Writing about college football (especially SEC football) is important to understanding how we got to this point. Yes, I do hope that at some point a reader posts one of these stories on the Scout or Rivals board of their favorite school.

I do believe in "growing" the site and I've been amazed at how many people have SBPDL via Googling "Boise State" and "white Players" or some variation of "SEC" "too many Black players"...

SBPDL is one person... and I have my interests that sometimes supersede immersing myself in stories of Black crime, failed Black cities, etc.

I still have 10-15 entries to do for green week... I just needed to take a break and get these sports articles out of my system.

Tomorrow, you'll get a video from probably the holiest site in America now. I'm also working on editing "SBPDL Year Two"; working on "Next Man in Hell" and a short-story called "Vicarious."

These sports articles are a catharsis. There's only a handful left to do; hang in there.

Quantavious said...

Why iz y'all crackuhs makin' fun'uh muh naim, gnomesaying'? Y'all raysis muhfuckahs! Y'all jus jeluss dat yu cain't run awoun n toss dat peegskeein like us brudduz.

Zenster said...

Tristero: But looking at some of these names, I wonder if there's a conscious effort at play to give their kids names that are as ridiculous as possible... Is this some joke that we just don't get?

Yes, there is a "joke" that, evidently, you don't get. This naming issue is a conscious effort by Blacks to categorically reject White culture and get in the face of ordinary people every single day because they are forced to wrap their brain around the extra letters of an alternative spelling; like Dontay for Dante.

This is an absolutely conscious rejection and it is done for the explicit purpose of self-segregation, even while these same Blacks will piss and moan until the cows come home about the lack if integration in modern society. US Attorney General Eric Holder is a prime example of this Black racism as he steadfastly refuses to prosecute overt voter intimidation by the Black Panthers even as he belabors Americans for being "racist".

A similar model can be found with Muslims who wear the burqa as a public political statement, live in mono-cultural shari'a controlled enclaves and shriek about waycism at every opportunity.

I guess that, like some other aspects of black behavior in this country, things that are intended as somehow being evidence of "black pride" are in fact things that make black people laughing-stocks in the eyes of anyone with half a brain...

Except for the fact that you can be charged with so-called "Hate Crimes" for ridiculing Black "culture" a little too vigorously. Don't dare try it over in Europe where they are using legal force to systematically eradicate Christianity and White culture.

Blacks and Muslims are the Liberal's favorite protected species. Snow leopards and snail darters can't hold a candle to them when it comes to the amount of legislative overburden being created specifically for the purpose of insulating Blacks and Muslims from the derision and ridicule they so richly deserve.

Why do you think Black inmates are among the most frequent convertors to Islam? Both come from a looting mentality culture of violence and intensely primitive tribalism. The overlay of Black "culture" and Islam is almost 100%, just without the Colt 45 malt liquor.

Zenster said...

Joe: Whites are so GD stupid that they feel no shame rooting for the same retarded thugs that tomorrow morning on campus will rape some poor White girl who hours earlier was screaming for her future attacker.

The same exact thing can be said about Whites who are fans of (c)rap music, especially White women. Too bad there isn't some way of isolating the statistics concerning how many White fans are robbed or raped by Black thugs in the parking lot of the (c)rap music concert they just attended.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (September 5, 2011 4:41 PM): Kersey is using football as a window into something more integral, something highlighting the transformation of white social attitudes. Within the popular mainstream imagination, whites are for the most part negro worshipers.

Le bingo. If you need another manifestation of this; look no farther than the way that Oprah Winfrey is to White women what Black sports stars are to White men. Both are equally prevalent and both are just as poisonous to modern American culture.

Paul Kersey is performing a Herculean task in deconstructing college athletics as a miniature model of the larger and ongoing hero worship of Black thugs in modern society.

Anonymous said...

I find it silly that folks would discontinue reading SBPDL on account of a couple of football related topics each week.

The modern sports fan is exhibiting the tribalism that is inherent to our species. A day will come when the average football fan will channel his energy into more useful pursuits: like defending his home and heritage.

Anonymous said...

I used to play football (and baseball and soccer before I was old enough to play football) but I agree with those who are dismayed at the site of grown white men screaming over a bunch of ignorant animals running around a field with a ball. Screaming like it means something. On the other hand, making claims that because of Paul's posts about this strange psycho-social phenomenon you'll never read this blog again seems kind of silly too.

Anonymous said...

May Bray have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous said...

It IS insanity!! The adulation given to a group of people SOLELY on the basis of their ability to run and jump is maddening. Our own stupid white men and women making heroes out of these "gangstas", and teaching their own children to do the same has got to be a form of mental illness.

What are you talking about? The jocksniffers on this site swear on a stack of bibles that feetsbawl and bakkabawl are exactly the same as the ancient Greek Olympics. I'm sure that 2500 years ago, thousands of Greek men and women filled the stadiums every weekend to cheer for barbairc foreign cultures that rob and rape their people.

Discard said...

Anonymous twink at 8:26 AM: You said that you were "out of here", if I recall correctly. You also lie about what has been said here. How is it that you find sports fans to be so contemptible, when you are the very model of a jocksniffer, a weakling hanging around the locker room hoping to be noticed?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I was a huge football fan, but no longer. I can't watch it anymore. The local Jr. High and High school offers far more enjoyment than any pro or college team could. I do check the scores on the legitimate college teams like the service academies and a few others where well rounded young men play the game. I do not care for the special ed kids in helmets here in SEC country. It may not even amount to a drop in the bucket but they will never have my support again until the team demographics reflect the student body and are held to the same academic standards. I have felt this way for many years and I do appreciate this blog giving voice to that sentiment.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL- How about a series of articles on how Blacks have completely infected the Music Business, from the days of Elvis the Pelvis to Leontyne Price, Shirley Verret, and the 'multiculturalization of Western Art Music?

Now, THAT would be a topic worthy of a PhD diss. in Musicology....
and would be a nice change from the 'f' word everyone is using, in dissing the pigskin sport....


D J said...

The football obsession in SEC country was perfectly demonstrated for me last Thursday evening. I was flying home from a very long overseas trip, and was on the last leg, Phoenix AZ to Birmingham AL.

The stew announced our flight destination, and when she hit the word "Birmingham", several passengers near me YELLED "Rowl TAHHD!" The yellers I was able to see were ALL fat, pasty-faced slobs. And that was just the women!

For those who - understandably - do not read dialect well, that is Alabamian for "Roll Tide!". They are not referring to ocean currents, nor are they referring to a laundry detergent. There is a team here called by the nickname The Tide or some such. I do not know their actual name either, nor do I care.

Don't get me wrong; I like life in the South. A lot! But the obsession with football here reminds me of little kids arguing about whose father can beat up someone else's father.

There is a joke often repeated about a headline in the NY Times: "Asteroid Hits NYC: Women and Minorities Hit the Worst". Here, it would be the Birmingham News: "Asteroid Strikes Birmingham: Game Canceled!"

D J said...

AlmostMusicPhD: While I agree that much "[infection]" of music by blacks has taken place, I am not one to condemn them all.

Call me a heretic or whatever, but I ENJOY my collection of music with Billy Eckstine, Johnny Hartman, Teddy Wilson, the Chick Webb band, Jimmy Lunceford, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lena Horne.

I even like Cab Calloway's music when he is not doing his "ho de ho hie de hie" nonsense.

Then again, I do not have, nor am I studying for, a PhD in music. In fact, I am sorry to say that I can barely play a note, and my singing voice could empty a room in 10 second flat. But even an uneducated prole like me can hear the difference between Fitzgerald and Ice-T.

Anonymous said...

You're just another stupid white person jealous of the success and progress of African American men.Not only do your white women love them,but now they might actually have a chance for success because of their great athletic ability?And white football players NEVER commit any crimes right?And I'm sure they're all really smart right?Wrong.You're disgusting,and every racist moron in the south as well.You are the type of person my fellow New Yorkers and I make fun off.The South lost the war.We have a black president.Stop whining about it,and blaming black people for all of your faults.Get over it.In ten years,blacks will be more advanced than you,and every other person on this website.