Friday, September 9, 2011

College Football as Religion in Black-Run America (BRA)

"Touchdown Jesus": Fans across the country have replaced 'God' with "College Football"
Integrating the Gridiron: Black Civil Rights and American College Football by Lane Demas is an important work for understanding how Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) agitated against college football programs and their white head coaches in the late 1960s and early 1970s, coercing them to accept the concept of "Black Power" on the field and capitulate to demands made by Black athlete-students.

But on p. 109 of Demas's book is this important passage which cuts to the heart of the problem plaguing college football and disables the alumni, student body, boosters and fans of Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) from ever saying a negative word about "their" football program, no matter if that program resembles a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). While discussing the high-quality character of Ernie Davis (the first Black to win the Heisman Trophy), Demas then writes:
 Some fans were spiritually moved by the story of Davis's untimely death [Davis would die of leukemia], and beginning in the 1950s many universities and boosters consciously replaced their institutional religious heritage and symbolism with the cult of football. Instead of weekly chapel or mass service, football provided a new activity that could blind diverse students together. In the secularizing world of higher education, the sport was central to corporate identity formation - a powerful tool of campus socialization and an advertising bonanza. 

By the late 1960s, football had also transformed the architectural environment at America's most celebrated schools. At the University of Notre Dame's Hesburgh Library, administrators in 1964 installed the massive "Word of Life" mural depicting a resurrected Christ with arms outstretched to heaven. Officials designed the image so it could be seen from the football stadium, and fans immediately redubbed the work "Touchdown Jesus" - a mark of secularization and a name the university soon embraced in its own literature.
Go back and read that again. Done? Demas is right; I've been to some of the biggest college football games all across the country over the past 15 years, and comparing the atmosphere to that of a religious experience is the perfect analogy.

Let me make this quite clear: the bulk of the Black athletes competing on the college football teams across the country do not have the grades to get into the schools they receive a scholarship to attend. We live in a time and place where the belief in "Black Power" and Black superiority in football have been conditioned into the minds of the ever so faithful and devoted college football fan and to deviate from this script and state that white athletes are at a disadvantage because of the sanctified concept of  Black dominance on the gridiron makes you a heretic.

The pious who gather on campuses across the nation on Fall Saturday's are engaging in communal worship of their beloved program, and those who wear the uniform of their program and represent them on the football field are blessed individuals. Never mind that the majority of Black football players have no business being admitted to school; never mind that the majority of Black football players fail to graduate, cheapening the degree of that institution; never mind the off-the-field problems that Black players bring to PWI campuses and the recruiting scandals that erupt during the eternal struggle to entice the top Black high school talent (the only kind that can win games, in the minds of college coaches) to enroll and sign a scholarship; no, as long "our Blacks" can beat "your Blacks"... all is well.

This is the mentality of college football fans across the USA. They have completely embraced the concept of "Black supremacy" in football that to see a team like Boise State or Brigham Young (who routinely field teams comprised of majority white starters) is to immediately think back to the "Dark Ages" when Black players were barred from participating in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) or weren't recruited with the zeal they are today.

I agree with the statement that "egalitarianism is revolt against nature." For some reason, white people have been conditioned to believe that having Black skin and being an athlete automatically means you are bigger, stronger, and faster than any white athlete and conversely, any football game with more white players on the field than Black players is somehow an inferior brand of football.

Jon Entine wrote a book called Taboo, which does correctly point out that Black people of West African descent do hold the top 100 times in the 100 meter dash, that has contributed immensely to this idea and helped proliferate the belief that Black athletes are inherently better.

Alumni, the student bodies, fans, recruiters, coaches, hell, just about everyone has bought into the concept of "Black supremacy" on the football field. And why not? The SEC, sporting universities that are all majority white in their enrollment, have won the past five national titles with teams that have had predominately Black starters.

Never mind that few of these Black athletes ever graduate or become productive members of society (see Auburn and the Opiate of America), for during their time representing Florida, LSU, Alabama or Auburn on the football field, they are living embodiment of God, to be worshiped and praised.

We'll get into the concept of "SEC speed" tomorrow, but many people assert that the SEC is the best conference in football. Few dare point out that the Black players representing programs like the University of Georgia, the University of South Carolina, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State are "Special Admits" who lack the grades, standardized tests scores, or mental acumen to be admitted to school. published an article by Bryan Curtis that tried to discuss the phenomenon of fans and alumni of individual SEC schools having pride in the entire conference. He writes:

That sounds a lot like the spirit behind the SEC chant. And as historian Michael Oriard has shown, every South-versus-North matchup thereafter became a fantasy football Civil War. "The Georgians might have been charging up the slope at Gettysburg again," one sportswriter squealed after UGA upset Yale in 1929. When a southern team knocked off a northern foe, it was said to have exacted revenge on the Yankees. If the South lost, well, let Grantland Rice tell it: "It was a magnificent charge in a lost cause. It was Pickett at Gettysburg. It was an outclassed team, physically, giving everything it had." That lede should have been burned along with Atlanta.

For a long, terrible period, the South's football pride manifested itself as racism. Football became a blocking scheme to protect Jim Crow. "The South stands at Armageddon," Georgia's governor declared in December 1955, when an integrated Pittsburgh Panthers team was set to play in the Sugar Bowl. (They played anyway.) Southern teams refused to play integrated squads even in the north; they segregated their home stadiums. When judges struck down the segregationist laws, many SEC schools kept their squads all-white anyway. It took Bear Bryant until 1970 to recruit a black scholarship player.
By the 1980s, the SEC boasted national champs, NCAA sanctions, and bumper stickers that read "Herschel Walker Is My Cousin."

Wait a second. Those all-white teams from the SEC's past did win national titles. They won a lot of national titles. All-white teams from Ole Miss, UGA, Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia Tech (once an SEC member), and Alabama won national titles. The alumni of these schools were already treating these football programs with reverence, alms and donations when the programs were all-white and any hesitance to the integration of the teams went out the window when the Black players helped win more games (see Thank God for Earl Warren).

Now, because predominately white alumni, boosters, students and fans have been conditioned to accept "Black supremacy" in football, they have no problem believing that only fielding teams of majority Black athlete-students is the way to victory.

But one question remains: if SEC schools were able to win national championships with all-white squads before 1970 (and many talented white players have played on winning national title teams for Florida, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, and UGA since integration), what happened to the sons and grandsons of these athletes?

Simply this: white high school athletes are discriminated against by college football recruiting services and evaluators at and, and by college football coaches who now believe that white guys shouldn't play receiver, running back, corner or safety, because Black athletes (especially those with unpronounceable first names) offer more athleticism and increase the likelihood of victory. Here is the godfather of high school recruiting Tom Lemming on the problem, as he told The Chicago Sun-Times:
This is a subject that college football coaches don't talk about in public. And the media doesn't editorialize about it on radio, television or in print. It is too delicate. It has the trappings of racism. It's a "no win" issue, a controversy that people talk about when they don't think anyone else is listening.

It's all about white players who aren't recruited to play wide receiver, running back or cornerback in college. No matter how good they are in high school, no matter how productive, no matter how fast or how big they are, they are rarely if ever recruited by big-time college programs.

"College recruiters talk off the record to me," said recruiting analyst Tom Lemming. "They talk off the record that if an athlete is white, no matter how great his production, they won't recruit him."
Why? According to Lemming, college recruiters don't think whites have enough burst, a quick-twitch burst that black athletes have at those skill positions, particularly at running back and cornerback.

"When I started to evaluate players in the late 1970s, there were whispers that blacks couldn't play quarterback. No one talked about it publicly at the time, of course. It was an example of reverse prejudice. But now college coaches and pro scouts have changed their minds about that issue," Lemming said.

"But now white kids want to play other positions where they will be recruited because they know then won't get a fair shot at cornerback or running back."

On his annual coast-to-coast trips to evaluate the top 1,500 prospects in the country, Lemming sees hundreds of white tailbacks who are very productive but few get a chance in college. For example, there isn't a white tailback in the Big 10 this season.

Tom Lemming has spent his entire adult life covering high school recruiting and evaluating talent. When he says white athletes are discriminated against - and he told this to Michael Lewis in The Blind Side - he knows that white athletes are being discriminated against. But it doesn't matter, because alumni and students at PWIs are already worshiping their programs and to hear such heretical statements that defame the Black athlete-students wearing their teams colors is a flogging offense.

Not all college football programs have the recruiting budgets of the SEC schools (Tennessee spent nearly $1 million scouring the nation for academically unqualified Black athletes that will require an army of tutors to keep them eligible and baby-sitters to keep them out of trouble while enrolled at the school); not all college football programs have the football budgets of SEC, ACC, Big 10 or Pac-12 schools, to build lavish academic centers that help struggling Black athletes pass classes they have been "clustered" and will inevitably fail to graduate from.

The Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has complained about the poor graduation of college basketball and football programs (well, it is the Black athlete-students dragging down the mean) and stated that teams that fail to graduate their players should be barred from post-season bowls or tournaments. This would impact those schools that recruit Black athletes only, like Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks.

So, I have a proposal for smaller schools with limited recruiting budgets,  limited budgets for tutors and academic centers, and limited toleration for off-the-field problems caused predominately by Black athlete-students; recruit the white high school players that star for suburban schools. Recruit that white running back, who has yet to fully mature, and give him the ball.

Look for other intangibles besides raving about a Black running back from some small school (and inevitably, from a "disadvantaged background") being a '5 Star' recruit. Steer clear of Junior College (JUCO) Transfer players, at least those who attended a school only to "help improve their grades."

Think how many overlooked white kids are out there, never getting a second glance from your Nick Saban's or March Richt's because they don't have that "raw athleticism" of Black athletes. Programs in the Big 10, whatever comes out of the Big 12, Mountain West, and Pac-12 could do a reverse of what these schools did 40-50 years; then, the SEC and ACC wouldn't recruit Black players, and now, they won't recruit the talented white players from the suburbs of Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, Tampa, Mobile, Jackson, etc.

The only reason that Black crime, the abandonment of major American cities to the Black Undertow and general Black dysfunction is tolerated is because of the belief in Black superiority in sports; you never know how many Scout or Rivals 4 or 5 star recruits could come from these tough, inner-city Black neighborhoods, giving your school the edge over your rival!

Because college football is a religion to so many across the nation, and because the concept of Black superiority in sports has been conditioned into the minds of white people, academic standards are lowered to accommodate Black athletes overall scholastic shortcomings.

All in the name of winning, no matter the costs.



Dissident said...

Preach it brother, preach it!

Shout it from the rooftops!

As Jesus said: Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

Paul you are a voice crying in the wilderness.


Van said...

Completely off topic:

I go to several gyms, depending on whether I'm going from work, home, or other. One of them is mostly black. If I go to this one, its typically at a time when it isn't particularly crowded - until about two weeks ago. Its now absolutely packed - with black guys - any time of day.

Perhaps I'm getting paranoid, but here's what crossed my mind: these guys are in training for the 2012 campaign/election. Its gonna' be ugly.

Anonymous said...

football provided a new activity that could blind diverse students together

Is "blind" a typo,or a Freudian slip????

Van,being paranoid and being right aren't mutually exclusive.

Nolan said...

This attitude just isn't in college. My wife teaches at a K-8 school with a high population of "minorities" (who are actually in the majority at said institution) that has a youth football team. On game nights there are, literally, hundreds of various family members in attendance, each rooting at the top of their lungs for little Dequarius or LaMarcus. And each one of them fervently hoping that JaQuan or DeShawn is going to be that 1 in 1 million shot that lands them an NFL deal and a lifetime on easy street. But come Parent-Teacher conferences, or school curriculum night... *crickets*.

Discard said...

Van: Do you think that Blacks are actually planning a whole year in advance? I think it more likely that the gym advertised a new discount membership in the local Black newspaper. Look for the crowd to thin out in a couple months.

Discard said...

Marx said that religion was the opiate of the people. If, as some commenter here said, football is the opiate of the South, it makes sense that football is the new religion.

Anonymous said...

Ah, back to the comforting world of football. I was getting worried when you started posting that stuff from real life.

By all means let's support our teams. And by "our", I mean those groups of feral Negroes whose on-field exploits we idolize and whose pockets we line by our support of their activities. After all, in the big scheme of things it really does matter if William Calley University beats Southwest Jesus State Agricultural College 44-3 in the Vagisil Vaginal Itch Relief Cream Bowl.

HOW 'BOUT THEM [insert mascot of sports ball game team here]!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like your school football program for whatever reason do not go to the games and encourage your friends to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

"these guys are in training for the 2012 campaign/election"

This would suggest that negroes possess the forethought to prepare in advance for some future event.


Anonymous said...

They've enough foresight to look forward to stomping the life out of Whites, you can bet at least a dollar on that. The new Black panther party has been gearing up for this, on the street corners, gas stations, C-stores, nail and barber shops also black churches. I almost turned one of them in roadkill last Sunday coming home from work. All black wearing mil surp black bastard crossing the street weaving through oncoming traffic. I swerved and he took off rather quick, yes also the local YMCA has been inundated with blacks hitting the weights.

Anonymous said...

The Israelites got into trouble with YWVH for worshipping a golden calf; at least gold has some intrinsic value.

The false idols WE worship remind one of big, smelly, steaming piles of .... oh, forget it. We're doomed.

chuck said...

Great stuff, but ya gotta read this Paul.

Aside from the obvious humor (Jeeze, I laughed my ass off.), the idea that BRA even pisses off Indians (BTW teh Cherokee Nation fought with the Confederacy, I'm gonna go re watch "Dances With Wolves.) is a hoot.

Van said...

Discard & Anon:

You may have a point.

chuck said...

Sorry to go off of topic again, but take heart!

Read this---

JFK hated Martin Luther King.

Real History.

D J said...

"If you don't like your school football program for whatever reason do not go to the games and encourage your friends to do likewise."

Here is what I have done when a) I am accosted by fund-raisers in front of big-box stores, or b) when kids knock on my door with chocolate bars etc to raise money for the team: I ask for the parents to step up. I then, politely, tell the parents that no, I will not donate money for ball team uniforms or for bus trips to the "regionals". It does not matter if the team members have names like DeQuanteous Washington, or have names like Billy Anderson. The answer is always NO. The Cult of the Jockstrap goes NOWHERE with me.

I then tell the parents that when they are out trying to round up money so the advanced-placement science classes can have chemicals, or enough microscopes to go around, come see me. Or, if the music department needs to get the pianos tuned, but the district is "out of money" due to spending tax money for the ball team, come see me.

The looks on the faces of the parents are priceless!

Anonymous said...

The negroes are building muscles so they can beat the crap out of the fat white slob couch potatoes that worship feetsbawl players.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to buy your wife and daughter that Michael Vick jersey

Anonymous said...

"The negroes are building muscles so they can beat the crap out of the fat white slob couch potatoes that worship feetsbawl players."

So go on a diet, and learn self-defense.

Anonymous said...

"...these guys are in training for the 2012 campaign/election. Its gonna' be ugly."

Are they putting in hours at the target range? are they loading up on ammunition? are they learning to shoot holding the gun correctly, instead of sideways? All of that might make me nervous.

Muscles, well, they do that anyway.

Anonymous said...

So go on a diet, and learn self-defense.

It's hard for the fat white slobs to learn self-defense while sitting on a couch watching negroes in tight pants chasing each other. Then they have to go to the sports bars and talk about which negro is most deserving of idolization so they can buy a jersey for their wife and daughters to wear around town and attract negroes.

Anonymous said...

"It's hard for the fat white slobs to learn self-defense"

Try harder.

nokangaroos said...

Is this not making a mockery of the very idea of academic sports? Is "my nigger can beat up your nigger" anywhere above kindergarten level?
I understand these "colleges" earn quite a load by it - otherwise I could not conceive of any reason for having some semiliterate wear my shirt.

- I know why I only watch winter sports.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous and nokangaroos: don't even bother. This site is now being written to cater to the yee-haw How-Bout-Them-Cowboys jocksniffer crowd, and football is their religion. You can point out to them the fact that white sports fans' support of Thuh Team is BRA's #1 fundraising and marketing tool, but you might as well try to convince a hog not to wallow in shit. They're READY fer sum FOOTBAWLLLL! and fuck everything else.

Like so many other readers, I'm out of here.

Anonymous said...

Keep producing good pieces Paul. If not for sports and fictional movie-TV characters, they'd have Obama and no one else to aspire to be like (Clarence Thomas doesn't count because he's a 'sell out'). On Labor Day, a family member complained about how McDonald's ads always have black people in them, even if it's a white/asian group there's the one black friend and the blacks are always thin. We all chuckled. I introduced to my family that McDonald's does 365black, and they were dumbfounded that MickyD's goes that far in targeting of blacks. The doubters jumped on their Iphones and found the 365black website to their shock. As my uncle said, "what achievements and culture are there to celebrate?" I mentioned they are not the only company like this. If not for this site, I wouldn't know of 365black with MickyD's and other companies. The sickness of the college football system and the corporate insanity like 365black are things we can use to turn more people into those that can see. Thank you Paul for spreading this to the masses.

Anonymous said...

"Like so many other readers, I'm out of here."

LOLOL How many times are you going to repeat this??

If you're really leaving...(which no one believes)...

Then stop announcing it, and just leave.

Anonymous said...

I'm making fun of the jocksniffers, not the blogger. I think the blogger is also trying to tell the jocksniffers that their support of feetsbawl is de facto support of BRA. Everytime you buy a ticket or pay for the NFL package, you are putting money into BRA's pocket and building up the myth of the negro alpha male so that naive young white girls will see the negro afleets as the ultimate prize. Pop culture has a brainwashing effect on the young

Anonymous said...

LOLOL How many times are you going to repeat this??

If you're really leaving...(which no one believes)...

Then stop announcing it, and just leave.

Why are you so stupid to think that only one person objects to the feetsbawl posts?

Anonymous said...

The sickness of the college football system

Wait a minute. The jocksniffers told me that today's college feetsbawl is just as pure as the Greek Olympics. I'm sure the Greek city-states went to Africa to bring some illiterate thuggish negro afleets to represent their cities in the Olympics. They justify their worship of Michael Vick and LeJames Bron by claiming that Socrates and Plato worshipped Olympians by devoting their entire weekends to sports and the rest of the week debating about which African afleet is the best.

Anonymous said...

"It's hard for the fat white slobs to learn self-defense"

Try harder.

Between work and negrophilia, there is no time for family and self-defense classes or any form of exercise for today's white male. He will live his life vicariously through his local negro afleet's on-field exploits.

Volvox said...

@Anonymous September 10, 2011 1:38 PM

LOL So true.

Anonymous said...

"Why are you so stupid to think that only one person objects to the feetsbawl posts?"

LOLOL Are you still whining???

Let me, you'll threaten to leave!


Anonymous said...

"Is this not making a mockery of the very idea of academic sports? Is "my nigger can beat up your nigger" anywhere above kindergarten level?"

Ever heard the term "protecting you from yourself"? You make laws that protect the few against the many (AA, ADA, etc) and you end up with a society full of people who would have Darwined themselves out of the equation. Why do you think there are very specific warning labels on everything? Have you ever ironed your clothes while wearing them? Someone did (and sued) or that label wouldn't be there.

Discard said...

Feetsbawl Sniffer at 1:38PM: Nobody here said that today's college football is as pure as the Greek Olympics. Nobody here worships Michael Vick or LeBron James. You consistently misrepresent what has been said by others. You are a either a liar or you have the reading comprehension of the typical Negro.

And didn't you say that you were "out of here"?

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Anon @ 9:29 asked about blacks going to target ranges. I saw one black guy at a target range a week ago. He rented a Glock 23, but argued with the guy at the counter. Why?

Clerk: "Yes, this is chambered for .40 Smith and Wesson."

Black guy: "But I wants a Glock."

Clerk: "This is a Glock."

Black guy: "You said Smith and Wesson!"

Clerk: "Glock makes the gun. Smith and Wesson invented the know, the bullet that the gun fires."

The black guy got a silhouette target and a box of ammo (ONE box). After being told HOW TO LOAD THE MAGAZINE by the guy in the lane next to him, the black guy shot. I watched...jerked the trigger, total flinch, leaning back while firing. When he was done, he left the target (it was at 15 yards). The guy in the lane pulled the target off and laughed. I asked how the black guy did. 50 (FIFTY) rounds at 15 yards. Two hits on paper. One arm, one just the paper.

We used the target because, hey, free target.

I'm not worried. My Browning left no bullseye.

B. Herder said...

For the 2011 season:

Rank-Team Name-# of White Starters


2-Air Force, Boise State, Colorado, Northwestern-15

6-Ball State, BYU, Nebraska, Rice, Stanford, Wisconsin-14

12-Army, Boston College, Washington State-13

15-Colorado State, Kent State, Michigan State, Navy, Ohio, Ohio State, San Diego State-12

22-Central Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Utah, Utah State, Wake Forest-11

Teams with 10 White starters: Arizona, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Duke, Fresno State, Iowa State, Miami of Ohio, Notre Dame, Southern Methodist, Texas Christian, Tulane, Virginia

Hannibal said...

I'm not worried about niggers hitting the gym. It keeps them off the streets, thereby preventing petty thefts and larcenies.

Just because some spook can bench 300 lbs. doesn't mean they are impervious to .223 rounds. A .45 ACP hollow point tears through muscle all the same.

Anonymous said...

For F's Sake!!! How many MORE GD Football stories MUST you do? You said you'd give it a break. Two flipping stories inbetween 4 stories of F-ing football is NOT a break! Are you BLACK???? Controlled oposition? White guys should NOT be into this crapola! Who the F-ing hell wants to see negroids in skin-tight pants, sweating and grunting and falling all over each other and White men, slapping each other's butts and knowing pretty White girls and every other girl of other races gets RAPED by these beasts every year??

What in the HELL? I don't even read these foolsball stories anymore. O_O I can't. Start writing about this pathetic obsession NONSENSE with sports and I'm going to have to rant! I like this site, but for F's Sake this bullshit crap with foolsball has to stop.

If you are 300 pounds, sitting in the bean-bag chair eating Doritoes and drinking enough to make you think the rest of us like fOOLsball, than all I can ask is you stop it. >.<

Whiskey said...

This is exactly what I meant with the Moneyball analysis. Some coach, at a place like Wyoming, or Nevada, or Colorado State, will do the analysis. Figure that there are more than one way to win, by having the fastest, highest jumping, biggest/strongest/fastest combination run down the field faster and out-jump the opponent for the ball.

First, just like there's Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees, and then everyone else, in the NFL at QB, there's only a few of those super-athletes around. "White Men Can't Jump" ... but there's only a few Black guys who give you an edge compared to all the other Black players. Meanwhile, Wes Welker has shown you don't need speed or super-conditioning (Jerry Rice was the slowest guy out there in the First Quarter, but declined far less by the Fourth Quarter than his coverage) to win. Just superior route running, body control, and willingness to be hit in catching the football. Welker does not beat anyone downfield, but makes first downs. Like not making an out in baseball, that is key.

There's a lot of money at stake. Imagine the money a coach could make, going from say Wyoming as a joke, to National Champion. It can be done. Look at Billy Beane. A joke and then ... Brad Pitt playing him in a movie.

Whiskey said...

Let me add that the NHL has an all-White sport, growing in places like Phoenix, or LA, or San Jose, where there historically has never been Hockey support before. I'd imagine at least part of the growth of Hockey is from disenchanted football, basketball, and baseball fans.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL I can't believe all the "macho" whites who cry like little babies because of football articles. Fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can discuss the black football player's SAT scores?


Hell, we can't even discuss Obama's college grades.........

Anonymous said...

I'd say something about this fat, white, fifty-something mouse potato and his concealed weapon and what it means for the first flash mob to head his way, but I see I'd just be redundant.

Anonymous said...

And guess what Anonymous ASS! Yeah you HEARD me!Shut the F up!

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, you are still buying into the myth of innate black athletic supremacy. "White Men Can't Jump," was a finctional movie based on a false premise. White men CAN jump, and in fact white high jumpers hold 7 of the 10 top jump heights recorded.

You claim Welker doesn't have speed or super-condition, when in fact he does. It's not just body control, it's explosion off the line of scrimmage, latteral agility, and quick acceleration/deceleration. Yes he doesn't have great downfield speed, but in a sport where the average pass is for 7 or 8 yards, and plays rarely go for over 20 yards, a quick 5 or 10 yard time is much more important that the vaunted 40 yard time.

Also, you overlook the fact that whites with superior athletic ability in combine tests were still ignored. Oregon WR Jeff Maehl led in receiving yards in the 2011 BCS Championship Game. He was Unviersity of Oregon's all time receptions and receiving touchdowns leader. At the NFL combine, among wide receivers he led in the 3-cone test and the 60 yard shuttle, and was second fastest in the 20 yard shuttle. Ohio State WR Dane Sanzenbacher was just behind Maehl in these tests. Yet Maehl and Sanzenbacher both went undrafted despite their immense on-field production, spectacular combine results, and hands of glue.

Had these receivers been black, there's is no chance they would have been overlooked by all teams through seven rounds. Sanzenbacher was picked up as an undrafted free agent by the Chicago Bears, and successfully made the 53-man roster. Maehl was cut by the Houston Texans, but was retained as on of the 6 members on the team practice squad.

Also, Patriots Running Back. Danny Woodhead was a freak-athlete in high school in Nebraska who couldn't get a look from any D1 schools despite putting up video-game numbers. AT D2 Chadron State he proceeded to set (at that time) the all-time career rushing record in college football (broken by another overlooked white D3 running back the next year, Nate Kmic who did not get offers from the NFL, but teammate Pierre Garcon did [Garcon is black]).

Even before I realized the mass dismissal of white football players from one level to the next, I always contended an all-white NFL all-star team would be an all-black one. Not only because undoubtedly because the best white 0-lineman, QB, tight-ends, long-snapper, kicker and punter would be better, but the team would play more cohesively, have better communication, and would not break down as quickly in the heat of the moment. Also, having recievers Wes Welker and Austin Collie (who led the NFL in catch rate last year [balls caught/balls thrown to] and running backs Peyton Hillis and Danny Woodhead would certainly be good matches to the black all-star offensive weapons.

Van said...

I've enjoyed football for years, I have a favorite team in the NFL and college. I'm excited when they win, disappointed when they lose.

But I've never been the type to refer to the team as "we" or to chant slogans. I've never crossed that line where I feel like anything more than a spectator. They don't represent me. I'm not part of "NFL Team Nation" and I'm a lot of things before I'm a football fan.

I had the thought years ago, that as religion and genuine patriotism become less fashionable, sports affiliation takes their place. It would seem, as is often the case for me, that it wasn't a particularly original thought.

I make it to the occasional game, including a college game yesterday. I've always been amazed at the zombie like attitude of many of the fans. So much of their identity is tied up in rooting for their team. They really feel that they are somehow a part of the team, and that its success is their success. And yes, the negro worship is sickening. I almost couldn't take it yesterday. Over the last few seasons, a combination of the behavior of the players, the fans' tolerance of said behavior, and the fawning over these dumb thugs has slowly been killing my enjoyment of the game.

I live in the South. Yesterday I couldn't help but look at all the fans, especially the older ones, and think, "what the hell happened to you? You put sports above God and country, and look what happened - your enemies were able to use this obsession to destroy your culture. Now, your daughters are much more likely to be raped, your sons beaten and murdered. Your cities have been destroyed. You are heavily taxed to support the existence of those who are raping your daughters, murdering your sons, destroying your cities. And you bring your children and grandchildren to the games to cheer these thugs on."

Go Gamecocks! Go Tigers! Roll Tide! Go Dawgs! Go Gators! False idols, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a little bit off topic,but I just thought of a possible reason for college staffs recruiting bucks as heavily as they recruit them. And I can't possibly be the first person to have thought of this,but I'll throw it out there anyway.

A problem for the coaching/recruiting staff of most likely any college team is that of options,and when viewed in light of the fact that white men reach full physical-and mental-maturity considerably later than blacks,I can see where this would be something to be taken into account.

White men who are smart enough to get the grades to get accepted into a decent school are usually smart enough to be something besides football players,and on some level,the recruiting staff has to know this and adjust for it. That white teenager with a spectacular high school record is starting,or trying to start,a college ball career with one strike-he can get tired of playing football,quit,and be perfectly ok,otherwise. ( I'm not saying that he wants to,or that he always will-I'm saying that he can. )

He'll just keep working on his business,or engineering,or geology major,and he'll graduate,and get a job,and on top of a usable education,he'll have a couple of years of college ball to add to his resume.

Shawntavious from The Hood can't do that. Shawntavious can't do anything but play some kind of ball ( hell,Shawntavious can't read,write,or do 3rd grade math ),isn't interested in doing anything but playing ball,and will be happy to play ball for anyone that lets him play ball. Throw in the factor of earlier physical maturity,and I can see why a recruiter would take Shawntavious over Matt The White Kid.

Matt might be a heck of an athlete. Matt also has enough brains to do something besides play ball,and given that Matt's a white kid,there's no telling when he's going to walk past a poster for a wrestling team or an amateur singers' night,and get sidetracked. So who do you recruit? Matt the White Kid who's going to do just fine,with or without the team? Or Shawntavious,who has no way to (legally) support himself besides playing ball,and has no chance of being anything that needs skills other than those needed for playing ball?

Since jobs are at stake,I can easily see why a recruiter would take Shawntavious over Matt the White Kid.It just might be easier to keep Shawntavious out of jail for 3 years than it would be to keep Matt interested in playing ball with a bunch of spooks for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

"I've been to some of the biggest college football games all across the country over the past 15 years, and comparing the atmosphere to that of a religious experience is the perfect analogy."

Then it is a HERESY that must be stamped out. Or else I would equate football with Charismania (hmmm, both protestant-derived memes), rather than a dignified, liturgical celebration.

Either way, the definition of heresy still is apt.

-Fr. John+

(touchdown Jesus, indeed!)

Anonymous said...

"White men CAN jump, and in fact white high jumpers hold 7 of the 10 top jump heights recorded."

This may be true, but in general, blacks have better vertical leap than whites.

Janelle said...

What's with all the football articles? Has SBPDL become part of ESPN???

Anonymous said...

"What's with all the football articles? Has SBPDL become part of ESPN???"

Excellent question, Jen. You're the first to ask.

Anonymous said...

I hated the football articles at first, but I've finally realized their purpose and really look forward to them now. I think they are reaching an audience that might not otherwise be reached. What's going to be extremely interesting is when team sports fans become more overtly racist, which is bound to happen. As a nation we will begin to play out all our racial anxieties on the sports field, white v. blacks, etc., and that will be bound to overflow into real life. There would be too much money in fielding an explicitly white team. Eventually it will happen.

Anonymous said...

So little Mr Anonymous, you would rather us fawn over negroids in tight pants, think they are supermen or WHINE about them?

I'll take the whining, because I damn sure won't be fawning over them.

I think some stories on Ice-Skating are due. At least that is a 99% White sport. Pairs skating would be the best.

Laz said...

"...the fact that white men reach full physical-and mental-maturity considerably later than blacks..."

Really!? You think most blacks reach mental maturity? Try another theory- one based on reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going anywhere. (I'm not anonymous who said he'd leave.) This site is too interesting. I tune out of the football articles too, but now is the payoff. I've noticed the "sports worship" myself and wondered if I was the only one. Thankfully I find I'm not...very insightful article today. Keep up the good work.

Van said...

"Really!? You think most blacks reach mental maturity?"

Relatively speaking, sure they do. My dog reached mental maturity a few years ago. Relatively speaking, of course.

MerelyObservant said...

People are good at different things.

Black people are good and running with a football.

White people are good at civilization.

Anonymous said...

"So little Mr Anonymous, you would rather us fawn over negroids in tight pants, think they are supermen or WHINE about them?"

Flip a coin...who cares?

Anonymous said...

I care numnuts.

Discard said...

Blacks do, on average, physically mature faster than Whites. This is measured by things like growth of body hair, first menstration, and replacement of baby teeth. This also shows up in programs intended to close the racial gap, like Head Start, which seem to work in 2nd and 3rd grade (When Black brains are outgrowing White's) but utterly fail to have any results lasting beyond 5th grade or so. Of course, the average Black adult has the cognitive ability of an average White 15 year old, so they don't have as much mental growing to do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"White men CAN jump, and in fact white high jumpers hold 7 of the 10 top jump heights recorded."

This may be true, but in general, blacks have better vertical leap than whites."

Do you have any evidence that shows that similarly built black males have a better vertical leap than white males? There are plenty of American blacks competing in the high jump, and some are very good, but most of the best high jumpers are still white. Also, the best triple jumper ever is white, British Jonathan Edwards.

The average vertical jump of white linebackers tested at the NFL combine this past spring was 34.83 inches(the vertical jump test measures in half inch increments). The average vertical jump of black linebackers tested was 32.43 inches, more than 2 inches lower. The white median was 35 inches, the black median was 32 inches. There were 21 black linebackers invited to the NFL combine, and 6 white linebackers. Every LB invited took part in the vertical leap and broad jump tests, while at least a few opted out of each of the other tests (40 yard dash, 225 lb bench press reps, 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuttle, and 60 yard shuttle).

I know you will say the 2011 NFL combine is not a good statistical example. And you would be right, but I have an inclination that if you tested all LBs for the past ten years, that the vertical leap for the white and black LBs would not be far apart.

I use linebackers because it's the defensive position that still predominantly black, has a significant number of white star players and rookies attempting to make the NFL each year.

I don't know where you got your black vertical leap numbers, but I don't know else how you would get a proper sample unless you tested thousands of high school and college athletes. At the very least, I doubt the black numbers would exceed the white players.

Anonymous said...

"Do you have any evidence that shows that similarly built black males have a better vertical leap than white males?"

"Relative advantages in these physiological and biomechanical characteristics are a gold mine for athletes who compete in such anaerobic activities as football, basketball, and sprinting, sports in which West African blacks clearly excel. However, they also pose problems for athletes who might want to compete as swimmers (heavier skeletons and smaller chest cavities could be drags on performance) or in cold-weather and endurance sports. Central and West African athletes are more susceptible to fatigue than whites and East Africans, in effect making them relatively poor candidates for aerobic sports.

White athletes appear to have a physique between central West Africans and East Africans. They have more endurance but less explosive running and jumping ability than West Africans; they tend to be quicker than East Africans but have less endurance.

Anyone who has ever played basketball with blacks can tell you that blacks are better jumpers.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who has ever played basketball with blacks can tell you that blacks are better jumpers."

I have played basketball with blacks, and I will not tell you they are better jumpers.

If blacks are innately physically superior in jumping, why are most of the high jumpers black? Or does having "less explosive running and jumping ability than West Africans" not affect how high you can jump in the high jump? I mean I watched hundreds of high jump attempts in my life and I thought running and jumping ability were pretty crucial.

", basketball, and sprinting, sports in which West African blacks clearly excel."

How did the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl last year with the most white players on their roster of any NFL team (23 of 53, 43.4%). How was wide receiver Jordy Nelson the leading WR, when "clearly" West African blacks clearly excel?

How did the Duke Basketball team win the 2010 NCAA basketball championship, starting 4/5 white players and playing several more as subs? How did Dirk Nowitzki lead all players in scoring the 2011 NBA finals and win the finals MVP? Considering the number of "West African blacks" in the NBA, shouldn't one had at least been better than him?

How was Jimmer Fredette the best college basketball player in 2010-11?

How did Boise State beat Georgia this year? How did BYU beat Ole Miss? Why would so many predominantly white high school football and basketball teams win state championships when blacks have just as much access to practice and facilites?

How did Wes Welker sore a 99 yard TD against a Miami Dolphins defense that is eiter 11/11 black or 10/11 black at times? If blacks are so much more explosive, shouldn't it be a satistical impossibility for a white player to score a 99 yard TD, because coaches would have so many more West African blacks who "clearly" excel? How would a player like that even be there?

How did Sebastian Janikowski tie the NFL record with a 63-yard field goal tonight? Doesn't your leg have to be pretty "explosive" to do that?

What explains the success of white sprinters on the world level, when there are far more blacks competing. If they clearly have the "physiology and biomechanical characteristics," shouldn't there be enough "West African blacks" that a white sprinter never even makes it to the finals of a world level event?

OR, are you saying all these successful white athletes are genetic abberations, and somehow ended up with "West African physiology and biomechanical characteristics?"

Whenever someone tries to come up with a genetic explaination for recent black predominance in world level sprinting, NFL and NBA (hardly the totality of "explosive running and jumping," They never genetically explain the white dominance in the NFL, NBA, and sprinting up until 1970, decades after integration of these sports, and coincidental with the crowding out of many whites from these sports combined with their continued and further dominance of baseball, hockey, throwing events, high jumping, triple jumping, pole vaulting, decathalon, gymnastics, diving, swimming, volleyball (explosive jumping???), tennis, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and midde to upperweight boxing, all winter olympic sports, x-games, cycling, triathalons, target sports, surfing, and numerous other sports.

Also, why didn't you respond to my stats on the 2011 NFL combine, where the 6 white linebackers outperformed the 21 black linebackers (all had to be considered pro-calliber to be invited) in the vertical jump, your initial claim to black dominance.

Anonymous said...

"I have played basketball with blacks, and I will not tell you they are better jumpers."

Okay. I guess we disagree.

I'm not trying to change your mind.