Friday, August 23, 2013

David Santucci 'Blind Sided' by Sons of Obama in Memphis: If Only Leigh Anne Tuohy Could have Saved these Michael Ohers...

Leigh Anne Tuohy (the famed suburban white mom in Michael Lewis' The Blind Side) couldn't adopt Mario Patterson, Dondre Johnson, and Jerrica Norfleet as she did the Michael Oher, saving those three black individuals from the harsh life black people have collectively created in Memphis. 

The condition of 2013 Memphis directly reflects the 64 percent black population of the city, a fact 27-year-old David Santucci probably never considered in his entire life. A white male (who had just started working as a nurse in the city), Santucci is just another chalk outline, courtesy of the Sons of Obama.[ANOTHER SENSELESS MURDER YOU’RE NOT HEARING ABOUT — AND SOME IN THE FAMILY WONDER IF IT COULD BE A TRAYVON MARTIN REVENGE MURDER, The Blaze, august 23, 2013]:

It’s a senseless murder you aren’t hearing about.
A young white male was walking to his car on a city street late at night on August 12 when he was confronted by a trio of black individuals. They shot him dead. Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder. But some in the victim’s family can’t understand why the shooting is being called a failed robbery when they say the evidence suggests something possibly more sinister: a hate crime.
David Santucci, 27, had just started his new job as a nurse. According to his family, “he was an awesome guy…he wanted to be a missionary…he wanted to help people.”
The murder happened in Memphis, TN less than two weeks ago. Santucci was killed by a single 9mm shot through his heart. To its credit, the Memphis police department apprehended the suspects in less than fifteen minutes. Various reports say that all three suspects made statements that implicated them in Santucci’s murder. And they’re calling it a robbery gone wrong. 
Miguel De Diago is one family member who doubts this killing was a failed robbery. He’s the the brother-in-law of David Santucci and told TheBlaze some stuff just doesn’t add up. 
The first and foremost question in De Diago’s mind: If this was a robbery, why did his brother-in-law still have his wallet, car keys, and cell phone? Nothing was taken from him. And witnesses confirm that. 
Since the killing, Miguel has worked tirelessly to track down the good Samaritans who rushed to the aid of his brother-in-law as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk. He managed to track down the first three to get to David’s side, Taneshia,  Sharae and Brittany. Arriving first on the scene, Sharae tried to apply pressure to the wound in order to stop the bleeding. Brittany searched through David’s phone and tried to call a family member, and Taneshia held David Santucci’s hand and led them all in prayer. 
In addition to the fact that Santucci was still in possession of his phone and wallet, Miguel says witnesses told police that the car drove past David, stopped and backed up. One of the suspects (Mario Patterson) got out of the car and walked toward Santucci, fired a shot and ran back to the car, jumping into the driver’s seat and speeding off.  Miguel also says the police told him that the 9mm shell casing was found 10 feet from the body — an indication to him that the shooter was not at close range as would typically happen with a robbery. 
Miguel told TheBlaze that he tracked the alleged shooter, Patterson through his Facebook account — an account now deleted.  He said the page had numerous photos of Trayvon Martin, and he wondered if it’s possible the shooting was a revenge killing for the Zimmerman verdict. 
So why call it a robbery? Miguel wonders if the killing is being labeled as such because of the neighborhood’s proximity to Beale Street, the biggest tourist attraction in downtown Memphis. (Elvis Presley’s family home of Graceland is a bit outside of town.) If Beale Street becomes riddled with crime and killings with no explanation, Memphis tourism could suffer considerably. 
Still, despite the questions, David’s mother, Darlin Fugit is a woman of powerful faith. She has already forgiven her son’s accused killers — and she’s also certain that her son would have forgiven them too. Fugit told one TV crew, “And if the whole purpose of David dying…and the way he died – for the purpose of people coming to know Jesus, if that’s the purpose, I can understand.”
Darlin Fugit, your son didn't die so people could come to know Jesus. Your son died because he's white, and in 64 percent black Memphis (655,000 residents) that means he is fair game in a game of unspeakable ethnic cleansing played by the Michael Ohers of the city. 

Without Beale Street, there'd be almost no reason to visit 2013 Memphis (unless you desire seeing Graceland, Elvis Presley's home). And it takes a huge police presence to keep visitors and tourists safe from being the victim of 'random' black crime there. Remember: in any war, you protect your strategic assets, allowing expendable resources to be victimized. 
Sons of Obama (and a Jerrica) kill David Santucci in Memphis

David Santucci was a victim of not gun crime in Memphis, but of black crime in Memphis. Black murderers used a gun as the weapon in his murder, but the true tool of Santucci's demise was racial hate  his three black murderers felt for whites. 

And yes, Memphis is plagued by other black individuals using guns as the tool for delivering hatred (based on low-impulse control and poor future-time orientation) [Gun access cited in homicide rise in Memphis, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 12-31-12]:
By Monday afternoon, the last day of 2012, the number of homicide victims in Memphis for the year stood at 157. 
That's an increase of nearly 7 percent from 147 victims in 2011, according to the Memphis Police Department's preliminary statistics. 
Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong pointed to easy access to guns, used in two-thirds or more of the murders nationwide, as a chief cause of the homicide trend. 
Armstrong said 2010, when there were just 93 criminal homicides that year, marking a 40-year-low, was an anomaly. While the rising homicide numbers represent a return to average. In 2001, for example, Memphis recorded 161 murders, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation statistics. 
Three of every four murder victims, or nearly 75 percent, are black males, according to Memphis police data for 2012. Of the city's total homicides for the year, 115 were black males. 
Far fewer black women were homicide victims, with 19 in 2012, but they were the second largest category of crime victims in the city. Together, black males and females accounted for 85 percent of the city's homicides in 2012. 
Among the black women slain in 2012 was Officer Martoiya Lang, 32, who was fatally shot while serving a search warrant with an Organized Crime Unit team on Dec. 14. Lang was the first female Memphis police officer killed in the line of duty.
Memphis police counted 14 white males and three white females among homicide victims in 2012. Four Hispanic males, one Hispanic female and one female of another race or ethnicity also were listed among the victims.
FBI national homicide statistics indicate that victims are far more likely to have been killed by someone of the same race as the victim. Armstrong said when the victim is an African-American male, as at least 115 homicide victims in Memphis were in 2012, the suspect is usually an African-American male as well. 
" I think you have to be honest with yourself," he said. "If you have 115 of anything, it's a problem." 
The police director said it's a cultural problem, an educational problem, a broken family structure problem, a problem with community structures that aren't strong, an economic problem. 
But the central problem Armstrong pointed to on Monday was too easy access to guns. Stiffening bail conditions, targeting repeat offenders who slip through the cracks of the criminal justice system and return to the streets and concentrating on certain areas of the city are examples of gun violence reduction strategies that he or Mayor A C Wharton have mentioned.
Black culture isn't created by white people; it's created by black individuals and celebrated by the black community; if there exist broken community structures, then you point the finger at black individuals for creating fissures within whatever standards once existed to hold together the black community. 

David Santucci death doesn't offer white women like Leigh Anne Tuohy and her family the opportunity to earn morality points for bringing it up at cocktail parties they attend; unlike the adoption of Michael Oher, the slaughtering of a white male in the streets of 64 percent black Memphis (by three blacks)  represents just another excuse for a woman like Tuohy to bloviate about the need to help save black people from their own misery. 


Jay Santos said...

Nothing will be done. There are few men left in this country. Fifty years of unrelenting propaganda. A castrated nation.


I've waited for a blog site like this for over 20 years. Where one could express the truth.

Here, we are all proud of the fact we are RACIST and don't cringe nor apologize to anybody. Well, all I can say is "welcome" to the party since "I was racists when racist wasn't cool" (pun intended on the old country song)

BUT, how many of you are willing to go the necessary next step?

You would have run in fake "shame" 20 years ago from a blog like this. You would have denounced Paul 3 times before kick-off time. You would have wanted me dead.....but today, you are proud to join us in order to save your skin since today, not 20 years ago, you realize we are right.

Well, the next step is the real one.

Anonymous said...

Only racists notice who commits crimes!


I hate to say this, but I am the one that must:

He was a fool. Now, before you think I am hartless, let us go through the facts that led him to his own death. Death by being a fool. If I have to explain any of this then you need remedial negro education:

1) He was a nurse in a black city, negroville.

2) Walking to his car late at night in negroville.

3) He was UNARMED and lived in America.

4) He wanted to be a missionary

5) He wanted to help people (this one social meme makes me want to vomit every time I hear it).

6) His ignorant mom says this "victim" would forgive the negroes who shot him. (I'm vomiting again)

7) (I will ignore the comment about Jesus since I am hoping this won't be banned already.......seems I can never mention religion here)

Sorry, with a family like his, a job in a negro city and his attitude, well you are setting your self up for murder.

Folks, Stop thinking like this "fool". There is a war on as we speak.

Whiskey said...

More proof as if any were needed that Larry Auster was right. Whites DO worship Blacks as sacred objects.

And here's the problem I have with certain posters who posit over and over again a massive mind-control conspiracy by "squids." Or the variant suggested by the late Andrew Breitbart (himself ethnically Irish, and adopted Jewish). Or John Derbyshire for that matter -- the Frankfurt School conspiracy.

You can't sell a shit sandwich. Fred S. Goldman's memoirs note that if the advertising is better than the product, people stop buying the product because they feel cheated.

BRA rests on the enthusiastic desire of Whites to worship and bow down to and submit to Blacks. Rather than racism, the first and second and third instincts of Whites is worship of Blacks. Look at the NFL, the NBA, even MLB (courtesy of the Dominican Republic and Cuba). As all have gotten less and less White, and more and more Black, the money and fanbase and enthusiasm and value of the leagues and teams has gone up and up and up.

White guys LOVE LOVE LOVE Blacks. All? NAWGALT? Sure, not all. But most. Look at the worship LeBron or Barack get from White guys.

White women? Even worse in some regards. Oprah is worth 2.2 billion, and let me assure you that did not come from White guys, or Blacks (who don't have any money). It came from White women who can't enough of Oprah. Telling them (other) White people are racist.

Heck Law and Order SVU is having a storyline where a Paula Deen type woman shoots a Trayvon innocent victim. I expect ratings to go through the roof.

Meanwhile Jews like Amy Biehl's parents fund their daughters killers educations. And "forgive" them. They might as well be Evangelical Christian. Or like actresses Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and that gal from Friday Night Lights. All adopted Black babies.

If White people are so feeble and unable to reject advertising (which is not the case for half of Microsoft Products including the Surface Tablet, Win 8, Zune, Xbox One, and Windows Phones despite oodles of ads) then they don't deserve to exist in the first place. But that clearly is not the case with product after product failing on launch (as do most movies) despite massive ad blitzes.

Look at the reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman.

Whiskey said...

Now I will address WHY Whites worship Blacks.

The REAL White man's burden. Intelligence.

All and I do mean ALL these nice things we have: water that is clean to drink and won't give you dysentery, food that is cheap, safe, won't kill you, and nutritious, power and electricity, affordable cars, a consumer society, all of that is built on the tragedy of White people. Their burden.

Male Intelligence.

Female intelligence is sexy, indeed nearly all guys prefer a smart woman as wife/mother material. Because she'll be less likely to cheat, less likely to act on urges, more future time oriented, a help-mate and household manager with brains, the best advice, and closest confidant. That's traditional marriage 1.0.

But it is based on Male dominance, just a slight bit, but there. Erased by rising female wages, workforce participation, crucially the pill and condom, and sexual liberation.

Meanwhile a modern industrial let alone post industrial society depends on male cooperation, intelligence, self-effacement, teamwork, lack of drama, all the things innately repulsive to women.

Satoshi Kanazawa's findings have never been discredited or disproven, just point and sputtered.

Black women are the least attractive women to men of all races. But Black men the most. Why?

Higher testosterone levels, darker skin, lower IQ, higher aggression, higher dominance, make Black men more desirable than all other men, and Black women least desirable. Given sexual dimorphism and the desire of men to have high IQ light skinned women as mates, and women to have the reverse: low IQ dark skinned men.

White women no matter how fat can revel in the utter fatness and unashamed embrace of fatness in women diverse as Precious, Rachel Jenteal, and Oprah. White men worship Black athletic superiority every Sunday in the NFL, and every day during NBA season. In addition, Whites despise the female-oriented nature of their sexual selection: for maximum female attractiveness, much like Asians. Instead of the Black selection for sexy men.

Think on how many movies emphasize the natural racial superiority of Blacks in sexiness and no future time orientation, i.e. not being "uptight." I can think of France's "Intouchables," "The Visitor," and "Trading Places" along with "Silver Streak" mining those veins.

This is true, btw. Blacks do live largely in the permanent now, no past or future. Whites by contrast are haunted by the future and must constantly prepare for it, which is draining. Hence with God Dead (and he was killed in the 19th Century as Nietzsche predicted by technology and science) worship of Blacks unaffected by Whites tragic intelligence comes into play.

However, the tragedy in my mind is worth having. Spec Ops, Endurance Athletes, and MMA fighters in training have a slogan "embrace the suck." Sure intelligence is a burden. Knowing things is hard, including knowledge of one's own mortality, that of one's people, and humanity itself along with the planet and the universe, eventually. It is very, very sad.

But it is OURS. Not someone else's. Our sacred patrimony and even if it is often sad and depressing, deserves to endure as long as possible.

Most Whites just see Blacks living in the low IQ permanent now, and admire and worship them for it. Not knowing how utterly dependent they are upon us. Since there is no God anymore (he's dead in the sense that no one truly believes or can believe) Black-worship is the next best thing.

And that is very, very dangerous because Whites are acting like Jews.

Whiskey said...

Last add on this.

Jews in the Holocaust went more or less willingly to the Gas chambers. Knowing fairly well what was ahead. A movie starring Helen Mirren as an older version of a Jewish Nazi hunter addresses this point, the Mengele type addresses her younger self in East Germany and says he knew they would be successful in wiping out Jews when they did not fight at all, even holding their children's hands, going into the Gas Chamber.

To me, the central lesson of the Holocaust is not the evil, because that's human nature and prevalent in everyone and every race, more or less, and given time and freedom always expresses itself.

No, it is the passivity and lack of any real violence and killing, Samson in the Temple, by a doomed people. Had the Jews wanted to, they could have killed a lot of Germans and SS (the two were not always the same btw). They could have taken a lot of their enemies with them.

To me, the answer is the deep desire of Jews to be assimilated, and that desire is still largely expressed by nearly every Jew outside of Israel (those inside are self-selected for separation and armed response, always a wise choice IMHO).

And that is true of Whites. Whites deep down (and nearly every ad takes advantage of this) want and NEED Black approval and assimilation. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian form America's Royal Couple. Heck Kim K is featured in gossip mags right alongside Duchess Kate. Oprah functions as America's defacto Queen Mother. Commercial after Commercial features a White guy using a product and gaining approval of a Black guy. Or not using the product and being patronized by a Black person. Sometimes as in a certain Bank Ad there is a twist, the representative of the product or service gains approval of the Black person. As in the case of the Black Nuclear Family (itself laughable, with a nationwide Black illegitimacy rate of over 70%) with the son playing LaCrosse who sees the bank rep as an amateur coach. [Whites play la crosse to get away from Blacks. La Crosse was nothing in the 1980s.]

Whites deeply want to assimilate into Black society. Whites need approval from Blacks, on an emotional level. To be "cool" and such. That was basically Eddie Murphy's movie career. It encapsulates the astonishing success of Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith playing Black authority or action heroes. Whites want this. They need it.

Not just DWL. Not just SWPL. Not just "squids" or Frankfurt Schoolers or the media. Whites. Your neighbors. Your friends. Your relatives. Your pals. Mine too.

There is a line from Eric Ambler's 1950's novel "The Night-Comers" printed here under the title "State of Siege."

"Understanding is good. But some times it is better to carry a revolver."

Whites basically have a crisis of faith. They worship Blacks instead of a dead God, and that's failing. Miserably. But they still need and want to worship because of the manifest physical differences and the tragic burden of White intelligence they find often so hateful. But all the tanning of Tanning Mom won't turn them Black.


I slightly beg to differ with Whiskey about the White infatuation with hominids. The results may be the same but the underlying reasons differ:

First the DWL, the Deranged White Liberal. The way I see it, this type of White is well off, "college" educated (which we all know does not mean education but rather attended a college), lives far away from people of color and the nearest contact they have with a hominid of color is either their maid, yard guy, or trash pick up man. To them the negro is a interesting and smart "pet".

Many here have mentioned and used the word "pet" to describe the hominids in question and that may be really the truth. Negroes, to DWL, are fascinating and above average intelligent PETS. They really are to be cared for, fed and bred.

DWL are zoo keepers and just about every DWL feels they are superior to their pets and are helping their pets. They love the feeling that they are providing, protecting and defending their pets simply because it feeds into their egos. Why, the negro NEEDS the DWL. Why, the DWL is going to bring justice to the negro. The DWL is going to "give backL to the negro and show him the way, the truth and the light......

See? A DWL is self-absorbed and lives "for the moment" and for the FEELINGS they enjoy. "Hate" is soo lower class even though they hate the lower class, but can't admit it since that is soooo lower class, but they make up for all this emotional confusion by moving AWAY from the lower classes but constantly helping them.....from a very safe distance. ANd since the lower class white deserves their place in life (the instinctively feel a lower class white is lazy and deserves it), they feel vindicated in helping the black pets since "they can't help themselves" and need the benevolence and loving attention that only an "educated" DWL can provide.

Today, it is vogue. It is hip. Just like the adoption of a black child as a fashion accessory. You are back in the news. You are cool. You get attention and you fit in with other hip Hollywood sluts. DWL behavior is predictable.

Now, why the lust of White women for black bucks? Come on men. Think. There is a significant number of men who get turned on by "illicit" sex. Some men PREFER whores and street walkers. Some men prefer the "wild side". Some men want to "get away" with deviant behavior. Well, there will always be women like this too but we men find it hard to accept.

Take 5-10% of the female population as being of this behavior. You can't stop it. If it wasn't black bucks it would be 2 men at one time, public sex, a 16 year old neighbor kid, etc. etc. etc. Whatever it may be, there will be a following.

Fortunately, the exception does not make the rule and these types of people should never be allowed to set the rules for a healthy society.

A healthy society IS based on the family unit and that must be a fundamental basis of any future Whites only nation. You can't stop the kinky stuff but you sure as hell can never let it control law, doctrine or children's education.

Southron said...

Whiskey, I'm not sure I agree that whites have an instinctual desire to worship blacks.

If that was the case, it didn't exert itself to any real extent until the latter half of the 20th century. I know that you had anti-slavery movements made up of whites, but those were progressives that are now known as socialists. The real pathological worship of blacks didn't start until at least the 60's, and has taken on a life of it's own since Obama was elected.

I am a believer in the Frankfurt School theory. I think that after the failure of soldiers in WWI to lay down their arms and unite, the socialists realized that patriotism was too strong in men. They had to destroy the foundations of the west.

They set out to do the "long march" through the institutions like education and the media to shape opinions in their favor.

They also allied themselves with the misfits of society, gays, lesbians, blacks, etc. to agitate them and use them for political gain.

The socialists really couldn't care less about them, but they were "useful idiots" there for the taking. Of late, Muslims are their new best friends because the socialists believe they can be used to destroy what remains of the old America.

It took decades, but eventually they took over our institutions, and now churn out mindless automatons from our schools and universities who can barely read, but are well-versed in political correctness.

Now we are a nation that sits back and lets dysfunctional blacks wreak havoc on whites and few dare speak of it.

The same phenomenon is happening in Europe as well. What blacks are doing here, Muslims are doing in Britain, France, and many others.

The bottom line, I think, is that socialism is where the west is headed, and with the technology we have now, life will be a living hell.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading on an article by Katie Rucke the title of the story is. US Homeland Security employee Moonlights as black supremacist. This story is from today, the employee Ayo Kimathi runs a website called War is on the horizon, and is anti white and anti gay and was exposed by splc, I strongly suggest that those of you on this site read this article its enlightening to say the least and will give you an idea of what's really out there and wants us dead.

Unknown said...

Whiskey wrote:You can't sell a shit sandwich. Fred S. Goldman's memoirs note that if the advertising is better than the product, people stop buying the product because they feel cheated.
Now that is the most insightful thing I have read in a LONG time

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here.

Whisky, check the comments on a news story about a black-on-white murder. And Zimmerman did get a fair amount of support from whites, and a jury with 5 out of 6 white females found him not guilty.

There is hypocritical affection for blacks. People like black sports stars and entertainers, but live as far away from garden-variety blacks as possible.

Few whites "DO worship blacks as sacred objects."

Mr. Clean said...

Whiskey said: Rather than racism, the first and second and third instincts of Whites is worship of Blacks. Look at the NFL, the NBA, even MLB (courtesy of the Dominican Republic and Cuba)

Dominicans and Cubans as a group are not negros. Indeed, the Dominicans have to deal with the toilet that is Haiti when it overflows.

The last figures I saw were NBA is about 78% black, NFL is about 68% black, and MLB is about... wait for it... a whopping 8% black. It shows. Compare MLB and NHL to NFL and NBA in how those sports are managed, marketed and played, and the off-field behavior of the players.

(In MLB, even if you include the browns and the blacks as "people of color", they make up about 36%, which is STILL only roughly HALF of the negros that are in the NBA and NFL)

Anonymous said...

Nice effort, Whiskey, but Whites have no biological "need to worship" blacks; they just want to believe that blacks are actually human. They seem to "worship" the Talented Ten because those outliers are the Missing Link, the Living Proof that NANALT. The black-is-white, down-is-up, shit-is-gold world you see today in movies, TV and ads, is not borne out of studious market research, or remotely indicative of a modern reversal of White sensability. It is insidious propaganda, designed solely to destroy White pride and morale.

Anonymous said...

@Whiskey - Love your commentary. Post more often, please. You have fans who await your next missive.

'Worshiping blacks' is a manifestation of white guilt.

For so long, the thinking goes, those horrid racist, sexist white males made life an unspeakable hell for people of color; therefore they must be made to feel guilty in any and every way possible.

I don't think I need to cite any examples, but the last two Presidential elections are clear evidence of this. Obama is not our 1st Black President; he's our 1st White Guilt President.
* * *
In light of the recent hate crimes hoax at Oberlin college, I've taken note of a phenomenon that I call the 'Social Justice Warrior,' an individual who will not rest until all *isms (racism, sexism, etc.) have been erased from the human experience...and if our rights to think and speak as we please vanish in this glorious quest, so be it.

Sad thing is, in the mind of such a person, anything and everything is not only permissible but demanded. Witness the 'Occupy' protests (if you could call them that). The protestors were 'right' in that they were fighting the 'one percent' and anything that disrupted the 1% was justifiable. To them it was like stopping the Nazis in WWII.

I have no problem with protesting State incompetence and corruption; we should have more of it. But the 'Occupy' situation was something different; and part of something much more disturbing.

Just me, but Western Civilization was built in part by Whiskey's 'burden' but also by the notion that right and wrong (morality, essentially) was external to the self.

Today, you see the idea that right and wrong are 'subjective' (which is another way to say 'whatever I want whenever I want it').

And this is evident in much of the crime that we see plaguing inner cities. Komisiarevsky (the one on Death Row for the killings in CT) likely knew that robbing and killing were wrong but counted on getting away with it. Only when it went totally south did he get the full force of the Law.

(Mind you I am basing this on what I have read shortly after it happened; impressions are not always 100% accurate - if I am wrong let me know)

But the Lane killing, the Spokane killing, the baby killing in GA and countless others seem to be disconnected from that; violent minorities really do exhibit poor future time orientation and live in the moment likely because to them that is all that matters. When the authorities catch up with them, you routinely hear cries of 'injustice' or 'racism' (and let's not get started on the Zimmerman case).

The most horrible label that can be applied to a white male today is that of RACIST. The media revels in this; the universities practice it constantly. Sooner or later it will come crashing down.

It's Time said...

A white mom of three here. Still married to my white husband. I home educate my white kids. I don't hide behind Christianity to home school. I am not afraid to tell you that our government institutions are brainwashing factories that are raising the next generation to be able to do nothing for themselves. I can't understand why any white woman would choose a career and money over her offspring. Our future. I don't understand why you would send your sons and daughters to public or private schools so they can watch the black athletes be favored over all. Too many white people are lazy and stupid. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

I don't even make eye contact with black men. Not because I'm scared. I carry a Glock. I don't make eye contact because I don't give them the satisfaction of them getting to look into my eyes. The only time I have ever been a victim: a a black man. Since then I consciously know where they are when I am in public. Never let my guard down. Whiskey has a point. I live where the "bulldogs" are king. It makes me want to vomit. White people do these stupid things like "tailgating" and other stupid lame activities to support the brainless athletic groid. And why? Why, I will never understand. I teach my kids to read classics--we don't keep up with scores. My husband isn't the kind of husband who has to watch ballgames. If he was, we would have never married.

YT said...

Whiskey, is your mom white and married to a white man yet you are half black or something?

Speak for yourself. Grown ass men don't want to integrate with blacks. Only white trash or super-libs are nigger-fuckers.

Wigging is for 18 year old kids that are impressionable and watch too much TV. Seriously, do you ever remember seeing anyone over the age of like 22 dressing or talking like a nigger?

And,I've known some promiscuous liberal whores in my day and none of them ever burned any coal. They would never admit that they'd never spread 'em for a buck but whatever.

You need to get some different friends or something. Whites (and everyone else) want to emulate black culcha when they are young and don't know any better. Then they just want to keep their jobs and fit in with their douche neighbors by denouncing way-cism.

But that's way different than wanting to integrate and be accepted by blacks.

Melanie said...

@ CENTURION August 23, 2013 at 3:05 PM-

Nope, some of us would never have run away in shame from the fundamental point of this blog-my church has stood fast opposing the secular, and relatively recent, in Christian history, of earthly equality between the white race and the black race, and miscenegation between the two. Our beliefs haven't been cool since at least the 20th C (even mid-20th C in the South), and still aren't cool even amongst race realists because they are based on our religious beliefs. So I suppose we're still not cool.

Melanie said...

Anonymous said...

Only racists notice who commits crimes!

August 23, 2013 at 3:11 PM

Right, that's why the left and the MSM made such a point of Zimmerman's race-even lying about it, amongst other things-when he killed Traythug in self defense. That's why they made such a big deal of the Tawana Brawley and Duke lacrosse rape cases, even though the accusations were easily and quickly proven to be false.

Melanie said...

@ Whiskey August 23, 2013 at 4:15 PM–

Whiskey, I try not get easily offended, especially amongst race realists where as a militant separatist fundamentalist Christian, I know that I am a fish out of water. But it gets a bit tiresome to hear you constantly expound on black men's supposed superior attractiveness and masculinity to the majority of white women. I think that average, everyday white women find black men unattractive if not repulsive, and it would need a truly idiotic white woman to equate thugishness, low IQ, low impulse control, and a propensity to gratuitous violence to "masculine dominance". I know the propaganda pushes miscegenation, but most white women marry white men.

Anonymous said...

Here is a MUST READ from AWD. Yes, it seems to be true that Americans seem to be getting effing fed up with the whole "race" thing, and black-on-white crime in particular. Again, this is a MUST-READ.

Melanie said...

And all of this is why whites "who can see" will never coalesce into an effective movement. Too many of us are more concerned with our pet theories as to how BRA came about, than banding together to oppose it.

Anonymous said...

The race war is on, and it's safe to say that it has been started by feral Negroes who have been raised on the taxpayers' dime.....
Either eliminate the black feral bastards, or cut off the federal hand that feeds them. It's a simple as that.
Until now, my pistol has stayed on the top shelf of my closet. It will now travel with me.

Anonymous said...

Voila, SBPDL! Violent gutter-black culture is not created or caused by whites. It's caused by, propagated by, sustained by, and supported by blacks. Period. It's time to weed it out. Either through violence, secession, or both. The time for "dialogue" is over.

Anonymous said...

The argument about worship and adoration of Negroes is really moot since, as always, it simply comes down to the numbers. White people have stopped having enough children to replace those who die each year. Why? Probably because we told our children they were the single most important person in the universe and everything in life was geared or created for their satisfaction. Can you seriously expect such self absorbed fucks to entertain the notion of not being selfish? Babies cost money I can spend on me! So the Negroes manage to crank out as many babies as possible with whatever wants to mate, abetted by the social safety net provided by idiotic whites. They stay ahead of the murder/prison industry consuming their young thus far. But the Hispanics are now the wild cards which neither group really saw coming. Soon brown will be the new majority and those who live on will be forced to embrace the history and customs of their society. But as the white people continue to die off, don't expect the new majority to back fill the shortage for the Negroes. They never asked for them, never owned one nor do they have any guilt about allowing them to starve if incapable of making a living. Once the Hispanics consolidate and wield their political clout, it will indeed suck to be black in America.

Anonymous said...

@ Centurion Aug. 23, 3:18: Actually, your comment helped me better come to terms with my on being a student in Memphis. Thanks. I really needed to hear what you said.

10mm AUTO said...

This guy is a full on Eloi, right down to the "helping people BS. He probably thought that if you are nice to the predators, they won't really bite. Jane Goodall was appalled to find that Chimps make war, carry out raids and genocide. This guy thought that with the love of Jesus and medicine, the lower life forms like Homo Africanus would be understanding and know he was a "Good One". It gives you an idea what the White race was headed to when missionaries went into the jungle only to end up in the cook-pot.

negros don't care. They don't empathize and they don't feel sorry, they just torture and destroy. I can't tell you the number of stories I have read about men or women coming out of a church or late night bible session that were jumped by negros and torn to pieces by bunt objects, knifes, bullets, etc.

You think 12 year old Autumn Pasquale was rude or mean before she was strangled to death and dumped in a recycle bin? Do you think the infant Santiago said, "Nigger", forcing the niglet to shoot him in the face?

It is very simple (and I really don't buy into Whiskey's "love of the negro" theory. I think it is more like admiring racehorses).

They are a primitive and violent species, as different from us as a Horse is from a Zebra or a German Shepard is from a Hyena. They must leave or be driven out.

Bogolyubski said...

Whiskey's argument is an interesting one to be sure. It's definitely worth study and consideration. It is not an argument which can be refuted in a fast thrust to its phony heart, leaving its lifeless carcass on the floor.

The problem with it lies in its complete novelty in history. There has not been any case I know of where an entire civilization just suddenly collectively decided to take the Jonestown Express to oblivion. The closest thing I can think of is Easter Island, where they likely over-populated and ended up killing one another en masse (though nobody knows for sure why they imploded). White people certainly were not worshipping negroes two centuries ago. While the negro-worship Whiskey mentios is indeed very widespread, he leaves out much history as to why this came about, who was instrumental in creating it and who its primary beneficiaries are.

Despite his Austerish attempt to paint TWMNBN as another hapless group of whites, TWMNBN (who only identify as white when its to their advantage) aren't the folks who are now effectively without a homeland, are they? Every single white nation on the planet - even Russia - has growing colonies of negroes (while a certain little country actively expels those who landed there). Nearly all white nations (except - maybe - Russia) have regimes who are thoroughly and rabidly dedicated to miscegenation, with hate-crimes and hate-speech laws to stomp on those who engage in crimethink - laws authored and agitated for endlessly by TWMNBN. In a word, the squids* are hell-bent on genocide. Not necessarily the hard-nosed genocide of a Goebbels (though they'll do that if they need to), for its simpler and ultimately more effective to gaslight masses of folks into fucking themselves out of existence than to build and staff the kind of massive infrastructure required to eliminate hundreds of millions.

Nice try, but there's simply more to the picture than Whiskey is telling us. Much of what he posted is accurate as far as it goes, but his explanation for it falls short. The explanation might lie elsewhere from what the so-called "conspiracy-theorists" (like myself) are offering, but I think the historical record supports our case far more than it does Whiskey's unique concoction of Roissyism and mass-insanity theory. Even so, this is only a partial refutation of some aspects of his argument.

*As I have explained repeatedly in the past, "squids" are the oligarchs who basically rule the planet. They are not great in number. There are no more than 10,000 or so squids, maybe much less. There are something like 15 million of TWMNBN, so obviously not all can be squids. The percentile of squids who are also TWMNBN is high, perhaps even a majority. Nearly all TWMNBN march to the squid tune, so much so that the 99% who do make the other 1% look bad. How terribly unfair. (Something Auster could never admit, despite his conversion to a religion which is so despised by TWMNBN - his own tribe - that he, ironically, would not have been permitted to settle in the homeland).

PioneerPreppy said...

This observed Black worship is something new. While I admit I see it as Whiskey laid it out in many instances I also know there are plenty of areas around the country where it does not exist.

The Feminist have been mind screwing every Young White Woman they can since the 60's into believing White Men are only out to control and manipulate them. Add to that a serious campaign to make all White Men look like either fat idiots or whimpy egg-heads and it is a toxic combination. Especially with women in the cities who have access to Black Men.

Also the laws and work force rules continuously put the young White men at a disadvantage while young White Women are hit on over and over by Blacks with no repercussions.

Ultimately however what we have is a death cult. Life has become too easy for everyone and social boredom has set in. These cults always strike the rich and Women first in White civilizations and once they hit a certain point collapse occurs.

In the end it will be the White Man taking control but the current Liberal/Feminist Death Cult has to crumble under it's own weight first.

Anonymous said...

The white middle class liberals of today dont worship the black they fear them. You can watch black violence on you tube and its the same thing over and over, some nigs chimp out on the bus or mcdonalds etc, and a white guy gets the lifebeaten out of him, while the rest of the whites (who out number the blacks 20 to1) stand there and look the other way frozen with fear.This kind of shit really pisses me off when I see it. The people I hang around with would grab the nigger and throw him off the train or cut his throat and watch him bleed. The cowardness of these people is unbelievable.And this is the kind of shit that makes theblacks feel empowered. The black man is used to the occasional DWL he comes across in the big city he would not find such willing targets if he was to take a stroll through the rural towns of the midwest, the white people in real America stick up for each other.

Mich Mike

Bogolyubski said...

So Fred S. Goldberg, whose entire raison d'etre was bamboozling the idiocracy into believing that shit is gold and that gold is shit for the massive enrichment of his squid masters, is now a credible source for making the assertion that "you can't sell a shit sandwich"? Are we so sure about that? It's more than a little like a ponzi scheme upon a ponzi scheme. What can I say? - except to point out that Goldberg's tribe invented the term chutzpah.

FranSusan said...

Whiskey and others, you're over-thinking this. For one thing, white women as a whole are not attracted to black men at all! Not at all. White women who 'hook up' with blacks do so, I believe, because they have no self-esteem, and we know that blacks will screw anything and everything. The black race has a lower I. Q. than any other race. That's the primary reason they're so useless, only the government refuses to recognize this and allows them to use endless excuses to blame whitey for all their failures. It's really simpler than you've stated.

Anonymous said...

"Dominicans and Cubans as a group are not negros. Indeed, the Dominicans have to deal with the toilet that is Haiti when it overflows."

Indeed. Look at the Haiti/DR border. Having been to the DR for business, I asked a few DRs if they had ever to Haiti. They looked at me as if I was joking or was insane.

Jay Santos said...

SPOKANE, Wash-- Police Chief Frank Straub held a brief press conference Friday about the investigation into the beating death of an 88-year-old World War II veteran. Straub stressed that the beating was not racially motivated.

Straub is a dangerous man. He appears to be a weak, bald, late middle age white guy, but he is more dangerous than any feral negro killer out there. He is dangerous because as an authority and expert figure, he will further lull people into a sense of acceptance while our families are murdered. Watch this guy Straub, this is not his first time here in covering for negro crime. I understand there have been some 5 black on white attacks in recent times that have been covered up. Again, this is Spokane, way in the middle of the pacific northwest, your negro free paradise.

Anonymous said...

This is a Lose-Lose situation for non blacks, and here's why:

1. blacks are attacking Asians, Whites, Indians, etc.

2. If they are caught, they receive a 30,000 dollar a year living allowance (prison) for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, paid for by the tax payers (non-blacks).

So anyway you slice it, whether they are caught or not, we still will all shoulder the burden of the black vermon's very existence..

And while they sit in jail, unable to pay chile sport, we will pay through the nose to feed 300 pound Shitisha and her five trayboons, so they can grow up to "randomly" murder White missionaries, White baseball players, White WWII veterans, and White nurses..


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you say that,and I believe that feminists ESPECIALLY will cry "I'm not racist!!" and even have sex with a black just to prove that point, but they will find (and refuse to admit) that blacks are the LEAST progressive, least aware, least environmental, least sensitive, least politically correct, least feminist, and MOST RACIST out there...

So CAL Snowman said...

Whiskey is being a bit more than disingenuous here with his whole "Whites worship blacks because of our genetics" tirade(Nice job throwing in some Holocaustianity to back up your point btw, a real Tim Wise special). My dear Whiskey IF Whites "deep down (and nearly every ad takes advantage of this) want and NEED Black approval and assimilation" why oh why do we keep RUNNING AWAY from blacks via White flight? If Whites are so gung-ho on worshiping and assimilating with the blacks wouldn't we be, I don't know, tripping all over ourselves to move into THEIR neighborhoods? Whites flee from blacks like rats flee from a sinking ship. Whites no more want to assimilate into the black community than any other race. I think you are confusing passive White acceptance of multiculturalism with outright black worship.

I notice you repeatedly mention the NFL as the pinnacle of black worship. Well then it might surprise you to know that in 2012 6 of the top 10 most popular jerseys were for WHITE GUYS with Peyton Manning being the most popular. It's pretty funny how you keep insisting upon "the natural racial superiority of Blacks in sexiness." What are you fucking high right now? I mean speak for yourself but as a White man I have never had a problem with my sex appeal; you are projecting your own sexual insecurity and it's a bit much. The girls swoon over "The Twilight" series featuring White men, not blacks. Girls have been swooning over Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, and George Clooney for as long as I can remember. Hell Brad Pitt's zombie movie "World War Z" was the biggest money maker of his career thanks largely in part to WHITE WOMEN that wanted to see the very sexy Brad Pitt. Indeed many White women fall under the spell of mass media propaganda regarding miscegenation, but what do you expect when the media saturates the airwaves 24/7 with the idea that miscegenation is cool and hip and rebellious against those "uncool" older generations. These girls are taught from Grade 1 (along with everyone else) that the evil White man slaughtered the Indians and butchered African slaves for fun. They are indoctrinated from a very young age to accept anti-racism and multiculturalism as natural and healthy. In short, the are PROGRAMMED to not be repulsed by black males because all of their peers are listening to hip-hop and everyone wants to be "cool." Good grades and playing the piano are for fags.

"Look at the reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman."

Lights, camera, terrible.

Californian said...

Powerful article, PK.

Powerful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Waiter, what is this nigger doing in my soup?

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Incredible! The Aussie Baseball man, the veteran of WW2, then Santucci!! When i first came at this site, I was asking why a blog like this now because racist crimes were lower than before in my french point of told me no and really all this make really think like a genocid of White as in South Africa and France.

Yesterday near MArseille, a 61 years man was shoted to dead by a 18 years old Arab because he wanted to arrest him after a robbery...

Obama doesnt say anything? White dont do anything except voting Obama? Incredible!

IKantunderstand said...

It is has actually come down to this: Every White person will be from here on out assigned to a Black. Said White will be responsible for assigned black. According to H.U.D. rules, designated Whites will watch out for, and take fiscal responsibility for assigned Black, make sure their designated Black has housing, preferably, within White's household. White will further encourage the mating of assigned Black with any and all fertile White females in the domicile. Assigned Whites, will do everything within their power, and actually demonstrate for more power, the ability to abase themselves. (ie: agreeing to further emasculating themselves). Forget the "game", we need to make babies. I don't know what the new rules from the enemy government are going to be, but, they could be just like I described.

Anonymous said...

Ive been thinking,we cant use the N word anymore,its a Mortal Sin,but Im sure we can come up with a word to describe this species,one they wont even know its about them we are referring,as we know they only think of the box,rather than outside of it,so people give us your suggestings

Californian said...

Several ideas have been postulated about the collapse of White civilization. What follows is my summary (without endorsing or refuting any particular idea):

* Dysgenics. Too many warrior type White men were killed in the world wars, and too many White elites were killed in the totalitarian bloodbaths of the 20th century (the communists especially targeted the elite classes of Russia and Eastern Europe). Add to this birth control and the general reduction in numbers of high-IQ Whites, as opposed to the explosion in birthrates of the underclass and among third worlders. As a result, the White elites who would once have provided the leadership to save the race were submerged.

* Psycho-sexual dynamics. Many white females and increasing numbers of white "beta" males see blacks as higher up on the feeding chain and consequently worship them as "alpha" personalities. This may be tied in to the mania for adopting African babies/Ohers, as a means to bring a perceived "alpha" personality into the family line.

* Conspiracy theory. Elites (fill in the blanks) have manipulated the system such that white people, especially the middle class, can be replaced with an amorphous mass of deracinated proles. All this facilitates Elite global control. (Be interesting to check what Gary Allen might have to say about this.)

* Cultural marxism. Leftist agitprop in the media and the schools and the churches has changed the consciousness of White people such that they accept their reduction to minority status in their own countries as a good thing. Indeed, many celebrate it.

* It's a Christian thing. Christians want to practice their religion in what appear to be its "pure" form--turning the cheek, doing good deeds (such as the murder victim in PK's article), treating the "other" as one would treat oneself, and so forth.

* It's a secular thing. You take religion out of the public sphere and have agnosticism as the de facto national religion. As a result, people are unable to deal with the emotion of guilt (no Savior taking the sins of the world on Himself, no sacraments of confession, etc.). The rituals of liberal guilt, such as groveling before blacks (figuratively and literally) are the symptomatic pathologies. (James Burnham makes this point in his classic, "Suicide of the West"--which I highly recommend reading, by the way!).


* Television. Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent made a point once that the victory of the Civil Rights movement in America paralleled the permeation of television in America (i.e., in the 1950s and 1960s). He didn't go too deeply into this, but you have to look at the change in mindsets and behaviors of people when they get plugged into the telescreens. Does it create some sort of groupthink? Or paralysis of the survival instinct? It goes beyond the political agitprop to the point where people define themselves in terms of the shows they watch. It's worth noting that one of the most powerful metaphors for the Dark Enlightenment is, "Take the Red Pill," a reference to unplugging from The Matrix.

Anyway, it just may be that the dilemma for White civilization is a combination of some or all of the above. It's good to see some discussion of this topic.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, did you all hear about the latest groid riot? It was at Riker's Island Prison in NY, and this time it was over ... (wait for it) ... grilled cheese sandwiches!!

The Great Grilled Cheese Chimpout!!

Anonymous said...


CNN dared to place an article about the "random" killing of White males as their top story yesterday. Within a day it was flooded with comments of outrage and indignation from fed up White people claiming that CNN and everyone else knows that the crimes are not random, and that these hate crimes are not being reported accurately.

Since CNN closed the comments, other articles of similar nature (black on white murders) have been flooded as well..

CNM has closed comments on multiple articles now that are about black on white violence.

Discard said...

How can anybody here believe that you can't sell a shit sandwich? There's a whole lot of shit selling and a whole lot of shit buying in this country. Were it not so, we'd all be busy playing chess and riding motorcycles right now instead of reading this blog. When's the last time anybody saw an honest politician or heard the truth spoken on TV? Where is the admiral who says, "Women don't belong on submarines"? Where is the Tea Partier who says, "We don't need Mexican immigration, legal or not". Where is the Republican who says, "Wall Street is not our friend"?
I am reminded of the question, "Does a fish know that it's wet?" Are we so soaked in shit that we cannot smell it at all?

Anonymous said...


If whites LOVE LOVE LOVE blacks so much, why do they avoid them like the plague?


greatwhites, off topic have you herd the latest theories about why those two baboons killed the war hero? first one I heard was it's a robbery gone wrong. and some little bitch commented about how there was no racism, he was an easy mark. BULLSHIT to this theory cause with a robbery you don't kick the man so bad that they couldn't stop the bleeding. a criminal will not go to extremes most of the time during an armed/strong armed robbery get the goods and get ghost! right? then I heard the they are on that trayboon drug LEAN story. and this is a side effect of this "high".(violence)-BULLSHIT the only "high" they were getting was a beat old man whitey "high" period end of that bullshit story. or is it they are already making up excuses for this RANDOM act of being a NGR at any given moment? they must pay for this white people. question-- is your NGR FATIGUE going off the meter! looks like my meter has blown up!

Anonymous said...

I live in a white area of New Jersey, very white. We pay $16,000/year in school taxes for every high school kid. That is a lot of money, sure. But for every high school kid in Newark, NJ, a black area, its up to $23,000/year per kid and 80% of that comes from the state income tax, not the local property tax.

In some minority areas, its more than $23,000/yr. Imagine if we could put that money into educating kids in my area and other white areas where families respect education and care about their kids. Imagine the returns.

Meanwhile, the returns from the black areas are terrible. They are largely ineducable, either because they don't care or they only care about their gangsta' cultture or because they are just low intelligence.

Its a shame.

Blue Ridge said...

Bogolyubski, you know your subject, express it well and always hit the mark.

Mr. Clean said...

Off Topic - An arrest has been made in the Delbert Belton murder, and the police have identified and are looking for the second suspect. This site (unfamiliar to me) shows sketches and a photo of the murderous apes together. It also reports that "Racial Tension is High, and Some are Calling for Vigilante Justice". I did not see such information on the MSM sites. Hopefully Drudge updates the story with mug shots of these cowardly animals when those photos become available.

lenzap said...

It was only a matter of time before the JIDF showed up in force; there goes the neighborhood...

Anonymous said...

I think that your right for the most part Southron I've seen much of what your saying happen within my own life time within the educational system, however I also think that Centurian is right in many respects as well which kind of leads me to believe that this rabbit hole goes far deeper and is more sinister than hell! And that's the direction that I fear this Country is really going unless we turn it around asap.

lenzap said...

A musical interlude:

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, Jews did not "go to the gas chamber" in a "Holocaust." Get away from the allied WW II propaganda, and do some independent research. The real Holocaust was the destruction of white Europe during WW II, and what is being done to white folks on an on-going basis by the victors. Only the Russians seem to be recovering from their Allied participation.

Next, the MSM, academia (wonder who is overly represented in these groups?), and mainstream Christian churches have created the "cult of the negro." By distorting reality, they show negroes as being both well-adjusted but hip, intelligent, and desirable. Television is the worst offender, but their comrades in academia push the idea of negro-white equivalence. Yet when negroes fail (as they most always do in real academic courses) the institutions blame white racism and the legacy of slavery for the problem. Churches, for their part, preach spiritual equality, and actively subsidize African immigration through their partially government funded "charity" organizations. Accordingly, pastors/priests encourage their parishioners to adopt these savages.

For reasons that ought to be openly discussed, but usually are not, white folks are overly susceptible to this sort of anti-white propaganda. Without the Internet, it would probably be hopeless.

Unplug the television. Do independent research. Immerse yourself in non-mainstream historical analysis. It is the only way out for whites.

Anonymous said...

The war is on....

Anonymous said...

Here's a telling map of where America's cancerous lesions are:

D-FENS said...

Do Whites "worship" negroes? No, Whites are conditioned to avoid any public criticism of negroes. One look at the torrent of anonymous comments made regarding stories of negro on White crime or other manifestations of negro criminality will show anger and indignation rather than worship.

Where does the conditioning come from? From a media and entertainment industry run by TWMNBN.

Are TWMNBN totally responsible? No. But those who overlook the role of TWMNBN and side with TWMNBN on foreign policy issues important to TWMNBN tend to lead the rest of us into a cul-de-sac despite saying some good things on occasion.

Anyone pointing this out is often accused of "blaming the Joooos" or selling out to the "Mooooslimbs" or "terrorists." Look at FreeRepublic, for example. Freepers are perfectly free to point out negro responsibility for crime. Any criticism of Jews, however, must limited to the "self-hating Jews" who don't support Israel strongly enough.

Perhaps the real problem is TWMNBN worship.

Anonymous said...

@Anon Aug. 24 6:02 who said
"the MSM, academia..., and mainstream Christian churches have created the "cult of the negro." By distorting reality, they show negroes as being both well-adjusted but hip, intelligent, and desirable. Television is the worst offender, but their comrades in academia push the idea of negro-white equivalence. Yet when negroes fail (as they most always do in real academic courses) the institutions blame white racism and the legacy of slavery for the problem."


Anonymous said...

If you're already way-pissed off about black-on-white violence, don't watch this video of recent black-on-white attack in Richmond,VA.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I REALLY, REALLY don't want your assessment to be correct, but I'm REALLY, REALLY concerned that it is!


Anonymous said...

Black men the 'most attractive'? Hahahaha! Balderdash!

Look at ALL of their ape-faced, beady-eyed, big lipped, gorilla mandible mugshots. They are almost all hideous, retarded looking, dead-eyed, feral BEASTS. It's rare that a black man has a somewhat good looking face (usually due to admixture of Euro dna).

The few white women who go after black men are generally the ugly, fat hippos who were rejected by white males and find solace in being worshiped by a black imbecile with a purple penis.

Men have loved sports and idolized men who excelled in sports long before the negro.

Methinks it's Whiskey who is the one who is loving the black brutha on the down low.

Anonymous said...

OT but only slightly:

In an earlier discussion, I believe Albertosaurus had been talking about programming/coding and the reason for lack of dark diversity in the field. Would love to get your take on this story!!:

To sum up, some DWL beta pussy "feels sorry" for homeless nog he walks by every day and is now going to school him in how to become a world-class progammer. Chance of success? Virtually non-existent.


Anonymous said...

cojo says:


Gwinnett Gladiator said...

"I think you are confusing passive White acceptance of multiculturalism with outright black worship." Ding, ding, ding! Beautifully stated!

Paragraph no. 1 was really good, and paragraph no. 2 was even better The media tries to create an alternate reality through the powerful visual tools now available to them, which catches some in a trance. It has made a major impact, for sure, but for the reasons you stated, I don't think it has had the effect they lead us to believe. Recent events have exposed some visible cracks in this dam. Now we just need to enlist some dynamite...


Anonymous said...

It looks as though it is a never ending slow genocide of white people. led by twmnbn and stupid liberals. the groids having learned that they can literally get away with murder. and it's never a hate crime when nigs brutalize whites . business a white calls a black nigger it's trumpeted all over as a vicious hate crime . i see coal burners even in small southern towns. many more in cities . lots of mongrel kinky haired kids with white mamas and. grandmas...sometimes the feral buck is present with the when slut hugging up to him. it's not universal but common enough to be disgusting . the half breeds will mate with whites polluting the gene pool further. unite white people and reject the destruction of our race and culture. i weep for the white children who must grow up in multicult hell. as they say...Do it for the children .

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paul, for approving a link to the "Whitey Survival Guide" yesterday. Over 2000 people read it and shared it--many of the views were directed from email services and Facebook. It is my life 's mission to weaponize the intellects of average White people in terms of simple street survival.

Your blog is excellent and I wanted to just say thanks.

--Futuro Dellanazione

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

With regard to Television, you practically read my mind! I was just thinking about this last night as I was reading the latest feature on AmRen about James Kilpatrick. I think Hunter Wallace is absolutely onto something with Civil Rights paralleling the rise of television. That era was before my time, but it's a very simple explanation for what occurred. We all know that television made the world smaller and connected us all, particularly as a country. Radio was a huge initial step (preceded by the printing press), with only the internet having an effect that exceeded television. (Thank you black inventors for providing us with these and other technological advances.)

Think about it - someone living in rural IA or IN or ID (I have decided that my hypothetical will only include states that begin with I, which probably highlights the white, genetic tendency to discriminate in all aspects of our existence), at a time when rural areas were still relatively populated compared to today, were very disconnected to events from afar. Unless you were in the South, it was a long, long way away and really irrelevant to your daily existence as an American. Television changed all that due to its ability to convey the visual aspect of "racism." Think about it - it was so utterly, devastatingly effective that they are STILL marching (no pun intended) out that propaganda to us in 2013. And it's STILL effective! We've all been bludgeoned with iconic images of "racism" from the 1960s.

However, television permitted something else - the greater ability to creatively and effectively control how information regarding significant events were conveyed. If they wanted to convey whites as racist and horrible and the sole cause of the problem, they could. And did. They could (1) convey the visual account of events as they occurred, while (b) fabricating a narrative that told a completely different story.

To make my point, think about this question - what specific images are seared into our collective memory in 2013 that represent whites of the time making the argument that ending segregation would have disastrous consequences for the country? In other words, the counterpoint for the civil rights agitprop what was so successful? The only thing I can remotely think of is Faubus' defiance of Eisenhower, but I have no actual imagery associated with his speech or actions. Maybe it existed at the time, but, speaking from my own experience, it is forever lost down the memory hole at this point.

It seems that strategy could be taught as Agitprop 101, yet whites are only now beginning to attempt an effective counterbalance with their own use of media. Until the advent of the internet by African engineers, whites lost several generations' exposure to any degree of race realist counterpoint to MSM propaganda. With edumuhcatchun playing a huge part in the indoctrination process, as well.


el zopilote said...

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visit Graceland. Its the tackiest
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a lot safer.

Mr. Rational said...

The hospital should deny services to Black thugs until there is a march protesting the White-on-Black violence and demanding that ALL members of the "Black community" act with decency and courtesy to all.

Until then, stack 'em up outside the ER until they either die or go home.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings fellow realists. This has been quite the week for race realism, if, unfortunately, tragic for the innocent white victims of black-committed racial atrocities. I don’t know if it will be enough to make ANY kind of difference at all given the forces aligned against us in the LMSM, but I think there is definitely SOME degree of awakening going on. I’m cautiously optimistic, but am not getting my hopes up at all with regard to any lasting effect. It’s difficult to gauge the situation given that we’re all used to a zero state of white racial awareness. I guess I’ll summarize it this way: it’s the greatest cause for even a tiny sliver of optimism that we have had in any time that I can personally remember.

I want to share one small piece of the cause for minor optimism that I have personally observed. It has to do with the reporting that has been done by The Blaze and Glenn Beck (as usual, I’m going to make a larger point here so don’t get all riled up with Conservatism, Inc. because I’m as vehemently anti-Repuke as you are). As I stated previously, in response to a caller to his radio show, advising him of the Knoxville Horror, Glenn promised to look into it. He did, and has since reported on it in great, graphic detail on both his TV and radio shows. He has repeatedly apologized for not reporting on the story in 2007 due to his not being aware of it at the time. Choose to believe him or not, but I’ll say that I wasn’t aware of it in 2007, either, despite being a 24/7 news and information junkie long before that time. We all know that it had zero nation media attention. The larger point that we SHOULD care about is that, however late, he is getting this story out to 7-10 million people in his radio audience as well as millions more on TV – more than would ever, EVER hear about it an incredible 6 years after it occurred. If only 2% of those people dig deeper and tap into race realism, we are better off than if Beck had said nothing. The facts of that case speak for themselves, which is what he focuses on, and any white person that is reachable will either wake up when exposed to them, or was an entirely lost cause to begin with.

He has also reported on the situations in OK and WA and is specifically talking about black perpetration of violence with (1) the motivation of hatred for whites, including screenshots of the perps and their Tweets - complete with anti-white racial slurs; (2) documenting the black on white racial animosity; (3) exposing the po po’s constant explanation of the crimes as random or robberies gone wrong, etc.

Why does this matter? Maybe it doesn’t. However, as much as I wish he would take it further into the realm of racial differences in IQ, the violent nature of many blacks, etc., that’s a pipe dream. By the same token, that’s not his role in the discussion – it’s ours, and there is evidence that we are getting the word out in some greater degree than we have been able to previously (with PK as a shining beacon of truth to which we are all indebted).

The reason I think it matters is that, as much as we love SBPDL and PK’s amazing, prolific efforts, the fact remains that more people visit The Blaze in one day than SBPDL in a year. However, I was able, this week, to post race realist comments The Blaze that purposely pushed the envelope vs. what would normally get one banned. I took it pretty far, and they did not take the comments down. In fact, I just confirmed that they were still posted right before I post this. I got into the much broader subject of black violent crime and social dysfunction. I even recommended some sources for “suggested reading.” I doubt more than a few hundred people saw it, but that’s better than it not having been said and not having any possibility of reaching even one potential white person that can be awakened.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Beck also stated this week, in reading a survey, that The Blaze is currently the 94th most visited website in the world. More important to us is that HuffPo was like No. 3. I’m sure our posts would get us banned there, but that’s the belly of the beast.

I have no new-found or great optimism, and have made my own “preparations” to the maximum extent possible given my present situation.

Negros are, indeed, the “pets” of DWLs, which must be “cared for” and “nurtured,” but only with other people’s money, and from a safe distance away from them, preferably behind gates. If I had to bet, the future existence of whites in Amurkistan will look very much like those in present-day South Africa.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous reports:

CNN dared to place an article about the "random" killing of White males as their top story yesterday. Within a day it was flooded with comments of outrage and indignation from fed up White people claiming that CNN and everyone else knows that the crimes are not random, and that these hate crimes are not being reported accurately.

Since CNN closed the comments, other articles of similar nature (black on white murders) have been flooded as well..

CNM has closed comments on multiple articles now that are about black on white violence.

This is actually positive news - and we'll take any tiny bit we can. However, the fact that they pissed off a lot of white viewers demonstrates the nature of the problem itself. Why is CNN not bankrupt and out of business altogether? Ditto for all of the other departments of the Ministry of Truth. Contrary to Whiskey's channeling of Fred S. Goldshit or whatever his name is, they're still making money selling shit sandwiches to Y.T. Rayciss. Either that or they get to take a periodic spin through Uncle Ben's trash-for-cash discount window for some free zeros to add to their master ledger. There's even a limit to that, though.

Bogolyubski said...

Excellent catch from Jay Santos:
Straub is a dangerous man. He appears to be a weak, bald, late middle age white guy, but he is more dangerous than any feral negro killer out there. He is dangerous because as an authority and expert figure, he will further lull people into a sense of acceptance while our families are murdered. Watch this guy Straub, this is not his first time here in covering for negro crime. I understand there have been some 5 black on white attacks in recent times that have been covered up. Again, this is Spokane, way in the middle of the pacific northwest, your negro free paradise.

He's not the only one. The authorities in OK are likewise denying any possible racial motive in the murder of the Australian baseball player - despite the numerous blatantly racist tweets from one of the shooters. As I have mentioned before, the police are not your friends - they are the enemy. This is even more so for prosecutors and lawyers in general. The entire legal system is a rigged game show. It needs to go down in flames.

Jay Santos said...

I saw a comment on another website where the poster was making the argument that there are a number of potential vicarious liability defendants that can be associated with the negro killing spree.

In 1990 the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center successfully sued Tom Metzger and his White Aryan Resistance organization following the killing of a negro. The principle is one of secondary responsibility for the actions of another. Applied now it could be used to link any number of "responsible" parties with substantial assets to the killing of Chris Lane for example. Lane's killers had made statements on social media regarding their efforts to avenge Trayvon Martin. Parties like Winfrey, Sharpton, news agencies like ABC and MSNBC have all played a significant part in increasing violent anger on the part of ignorant and easily influenced negroes. Therefore, they have a vicarious liability for this violence.

There is a huge amount of money that can be moved from the pockets of an Oprah Winfrey or an ABC with success in this kind of action. Money is one hell of a motivator. Any comments? Anyone know if this has been looked at?

D-FENS said...

At the gym today the TeeVees had on the following:

negro high school football on ESPN

negroes on CNN (Communist Negro Network)

junk food and antacid commercials

a negro on what I think was UFC

I am so sick of the US media

Anonymous said...

It's a hate crime. Pressure the AG to charge this as a hate crime.

Bogolyubski said...

Beck also stated this week, in reading a survey, that The Blaze is currently the 94th most visited website in the world. More important to us is that HuffPo was like No. 3. I’m sure our posts would get us banned there, but that’s the belly of the beast.

I think your logic is irrefutable here, GG. The fact that Beck covered the Knoxville Horror at all is a victory of sorts - even if he's 5 years late. Your last paragraph (quoted), if accurate about the relative popularity of The Blaze and The Huffington Post is what we should find disturbing. Anyone with open eyes who has read The Huffington Post knows that it is literally the foot-long sub of shit sandwiches. Wall to wall Cultural Marxist lies. This alone stands as proof that Fred S. Goldberg's assertion about being unable to sell shit sandwiches is a massive shit sandwich all on its own - which Whiskey gulped down with great relish.

Whatever the theory for our present miserable state of affairs (see Californian above), I think most are agree that one of the first and most crucial steps is to turn off the spigot with the endless sales-pitches for shit-sandwiches of one variety or another.

Anonymous said...

@ Centurion Aug 23 3:05.


Anonymous said...

@ Bogolyubski Aug. 24, 10:45

Your comment about CNN was extremely informative about what's going on with America's pathetic MSM. Maybe they'll get the message. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@ Jay Santos

You are correct in that these issues can be fought through the judiciary system,via diplomatic and social pressure on power systems who,contrary to many-a-defeatist's assertions,are malleable and not as loyal to white people's destruction as one might believe.

The left has power today that has not been gained through violence. Violence has been used in relatively small doses but was never their main tool. Their strength is the strength of psychological manipulation which in their eyes is being used in an altruistic way. We will fight fire with fire or lose. It's that simple.

I assume everyone here at sbpdl can agree that this is a failure on their part. Their ignorance of biology and genetic differences doesn't negate what we all can easily admit to observing in real life, as well as what is substantiated in more honest studies in human diversity from the likes of Rushton,Harpending etc. Altruism has limits and we can't even the natural playing field.

PK has said a few times that he has no time for pessimists. I am on board with that. There isn't any reason to rationally predict a financial collapse that would precede secession or a race war with even the minutest chance of success at this point. Schiff"ists" can buy their overvalued gold and guns like fat people buy exercise equipment.They aren't being used and aren't effective,obviously.

Wars are intellectual. Especially in their infancy. Whites and generally conservative,traditional civilized people are being beat intellectually,financially, psychologically and popularly.

Whites of all different ages, political backgrounds, genders, geographical locations, proximity to negros and levels of loyalties to whiteness are being raped and slaughtered. No one is coming to their aid.

Meanwhile Mathew Heinbach is doing a lot of work and receiving far too little support,though he receives more support than most others.

This brings me to a joke I made up.

What do you call a politically effective, brave, white ethnocentrist who both behaves civilly and defends his community by arming himself and organizing openly for patrolling and protecting his people?

Or, what do you call any white person who isn't really fat and a multi-time failure of massive proportions who just generally does something and gains support for white interests?

A jew! A traitor! Delusional!

Yes,I'm becoming increasingly cynical and distrustful of those who make supernatural claims of "being able to see" yet whose claims are verbatim parroted from the corniest of prepper web sites.

We win the intellectual war or we lose everything. Period.

Discard said...

I have said this before, but I think it's worth repeating: Propaganda aimed at Whites is more effective when it taps into our Christian culture and history, specifically the ideas of sin and redemption. If the burden of sin can be lifted by acts of contrition, you just have to tell the masses that they are sinful every day, and then show them the way to forgiveness. It's just like selling deodorant. Convince people that they stink, and they'll be clamoring for Right Guard.
The Treyvon Affair is only the most recent of these guilt-producing campaigns, but they go back to at least the 1950s and the Emmit Till story. This long string of mythologized events, the integration of Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sheriff Bull O'Connor clearing Negroes from the streets of Birmingham with fire hoses, the four little Black girls killed in a church bombing, ad infinitum, have been used to create a storyline (a "narrative" the Left calls it). Just as racially aware people can scan a headline and make a pretty good guess that the "youths" who attacked an old man were probably Black, people who have absorbed the civil rights narrative will tend always to see Whites as the culprits in any racially tinged story. So deep does this sin/redemption-civil rights mindset run that it has been hijacked by other groups, notably Mexicans and homos, to advance their own power.
This need to control the story lines that people use to make sense of events is the reason that the media ignore all these Black on White killings and trumpet the much less common White on Black. As we all saw this past year, they will even invent a murder and change the race of the shooter from Hispanic to White, in order to keep the story alive. Unfortunate as it is for the victims, this acceleration of the Black atrocity rate is good for society at large. It discredits the media narrative we've all been fed for 60 years, and discredits the media itself. Most importantly, a new narrative is forming, a story of White generosity and patience rewarded with ingratitude and savagery. This is part of a much older American myth, the story of decent people enduring much until they explode in righteous retribution. Hopefully, coming to a theater near you, soon.

Anonymous said...

"White men worship Black athletic superiority every Sunday in the NFL, and every day during NBA season. In addition, Whites despise the female-oriented nature of their sexual selection: for maximum female attractiveness, much like Asians. Instead of the Black selection for sexy men."

I think only low T whites or whites of a common IQ with blacks, worship black athletes. I don't see the worship among normal masculine whites of average or better intelligence. I see these "viable" white men rooting for Peyton Manning. Sure some "viable" whit like RGIII and those of his ilk, but I don't see the worship, en masse.

With whites we have also seen a dramatic shift in participation to non-black sports like climbing, running, motocross, skateboarding, etc.

As for whites loving blacks. This is only true to some extent and it is far more complicated than you suggest. My daughter is in high school in a very diverse area. The white girls who like black boys are often attractive but often stupid. The white girls in the AP level courses refer to these other girls as "snicker lickers" or "mudsharks." At the same time they feel for their OREO black female friends because the OREOs have few mating options. Race relations in the USA are now very complicated. Many white women lust for black men, but these women skew left on IQ and often have personality disorders. Smart, intelligent whites most often run the other way, because they find the bulk of black men to be feral and disgusting. At the same time, the more intelligent whites like the docile blacks as friends.

My daughter showed me a picture of a blonde girl whom we have known for years. She is dating a very large black boy. The girl is beautiful, but she is a bit of an idiot. The same was true for all the other girls who dated black boys.

As for the popularity of the NBA, it is a niche sport beloved mainly by idiots. In-season ratings are terrible:

I don't know many white men who are really into basketball; it is just far to ghetto to appeal to a person of normal competence beyond a small fringe. If there are 110 million white guys in America and 10 million tune in every week that is not good support for the claim of an ascendant NBA.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Treehouse is at it again. WOW!!

Connect the dots: Ryan Julison, Pigford, Trayvon, and recent black on white murders.

costing taxpayers over $2.2 BILLION to date from both Pigford and Pigford II settlements.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Treehouse link:

Anonymous said...

More "Trayvon's" will get dropped bec whitey will be on edge. Then the innocent blacks can start marching again.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey is wrong about White worship of the Black Race. If you can call it worship, then it's the received religion of the State. It owes it's existence purely to college-educated indoctrination. The blue collar, non-college-educated working class share no such devotion. But with nearly 40% of the population so "educated" and with 90% of our leadership roles populated with people who have good college degrees, it's an easy mistake to make.

However, even the college-educated know their "devotion" is wrong. None of them live in black neighborhoods, and where they can, avoid all contact with blacks. But the overriding commandment their professors taught them (and that really is all a college education is today -- the accumulation and ready parroting of professors' views) is not to be racist. Good people aren't racist. Racism is evil, Evil, EVIL. The corollary is that White males are bad and should be ashamed of themselves.

Since your average PoliSci or MBA grad has accepted this, but can't find it in his heart to completely abandon common sense and live and work around blacks, they use their homage of black sports figures (film and music stars too) as proxy evidence they themselves aren't racist. That's why they'll tolerate all the black criminality in college and professional sports. Such proxies always generate exaggerated displays because they must serve to camouflage the counterfeit nature of the project. Sports mania proves the college boy isn't a racist -- and does so at very low personal cost. That, more than any religious adoration, is what is happening: The endless repetition of the catechism. It simply can't exist in action because it's too dangerous, therefore it manifests as the repellent reverence of Brahma Bulls so long as it doesn't directly expose them to blacks.

In general, the college-educated believe in such outright shit (global warming, Keynes' Multiplier, sexual equality, green energy, nuking Hiroshima was racist, FDR cured the Great Depression, homosexual sodomy is identical to heterosexual copulation, women can be soldiers, rock music has the same intellectual content as classical, Maya Angelou is a poet, Western Civilization owes it's existence to plentiful natural resources, poverty causes crime, DDT is as bad as plutonium, the Prius is a morally car), that in the area of race relations, it should be no surprise that their dipshittery would be of equal or greater extreme.

You want to get rid of this? Work to degrade society's value it places on the general liberal arts degree. Seriously, how many more communications majors, psychologists, sports nutritionists, education majors, conflict resolution specialists, and library sciences grads do we need? There is nothing of substance in any of these "disciplines" that can't be mastered in 18 months to outside, two years. The rest of that time is back-filled with indoctrination. Jim Jones was able to get people to drink arsenic flavored kool-aid with less time to work with than that.

Bogolyubski said...

Jay Santos:
I saw a comment on another website where the poster was making the argument that there are a number of potential vicarious liability defendants that can be associated with the negro killing spree.

In 1990 the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center successfully sued Tom Metzger and his White Aryan Resistance organization following the killing of a negro. The principle is one of secondary responsibility for the actions of another. Applied now it could be used to link any number of "responsible" parties with substantial assets to the killing of Chris Lane for example. Lane's killers had made statements on social media regarding their efforts to avenge Trayvon Martin. Parties like Winfrey, Sharpton, news agencies like ABC and MSNBC have all played a significant part in increasing violent anger on the part of ignorant and easily influenced negroes. Therefore, they have a vicarious liability for this violence.

There is a huge amount of money that can be moved from the pockets of an Oprah Winfrey or an ABC with success in this kind of action. Money is one hell of a motivator. Any comments? Anyone know if this has been looked at?

By all means try and let me know how us works out for you. You're forgetting the fundamental truth behind the point you raised before about the sheriff (police in general, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges). There is absolutely no rule of law in the Banksta Banana Republick. Even the property-title system has been destroyed now so that a squid-bank can literally create a fictional loan against your paid-for property, foreclose and force you out at gunpoint of the local police. Corzine looted 2 billion of customer funds and walked away laughing. Law means only what a blackrobe says it means. The blackrobes - even the so-called "conservatives" - all serve the same masters.

Yes, GZ was acquitted - for the time being. His wife is being prosecuted for perjury, by the way. Police can kill unarmed civilians with total impunity. The courts always rule it was "justified" (unless the one killed was a negro - then even truly jutified shootings in self-defense are given a full legal procto-hearing). Folks have been following Jassi's notion of "working with the system" for decades on end now - and what have we got for it: John Boehner and Lindsay Graham! By all means, let's do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

The whole notion of "working within the system" presupposes a system that is somehow open to change. That supposition is ignorant of reality. We now have a completely closed, rigged system where only the illusion of input is permitted. So, yes, the SPLC wins big lawsuits against white folks for what amounts to nothing. They have lots of friends - lawyers, judges at all levels (more just approved by those fierce opposition Repukes, BTW). It's rather like Stalin's infamous question about the Vatican: and how many divisions doe the pope have? Even Robert Mugabe knows about the advantages of "liberal democracy". The treasonous and genocidal elites who rule over us know even better. Only by crashing and destroying the entire thing is there a chance of survival - which will not be a cakewalk either.

Anonymous said...

Sports Illustrated Cover : Black Jesus

"He is African: The Face of the New Europe"

"Most Interesting Man in the World"

He is African with an Italian name, and is posing like Jesus.
Subject of racist hate and wild adulation.

Outdoorsman said...

Most White "worship" of the negroid animal is about a thousand miles wide but only half an inch deep. Among the broad masses, it is driven by fear of social ostracism, economic sanctions that can result from making one's actual views known, and (as of late), trying to stay on the good side of the secret police. There IS a hard core of negroid-fawning, nominally White true believers that is beyond redemption - the mudsharks, racial bolsheviks and metrosexual urban pseudo-sophisticates to name a few - who are likely to be killed by the very simians they worship, because these are generally unarmed and are the "Whites" to which the niggers will tend to have ready access.

The casual or "social" nigger worshippers, on the other hand, are now being dosed with the cold reality that their love is unrequited. The superficial pro-nigger inclinations of the average white non-thinker can and will evaporate like negroid urine on a Newark sidewalk in July when the leaden hand of American state authority -- the confirmed enemy of Western civilization and the White race -- is removed or weakened, and the "danger" of acknowledging truths they secretly hold to be self-evident vanishes.

In that respect, the Russian Bear that is being increasingly baited by the squid-installed nigger free-for-all called the Obama regime can potentially do great things to aid us, even if by default. For with a nigger DHS official buying Soviet-caliber ammo (used by nigger gang bangers but not by any US security or military forces) and calling on his private website for a "HATIANIST" war against the White race, there now exists for the first time in history the potential for a regime-led war of physical ANNIHILATION against formerly "American" Whites, who are openly viewed as enemies of the nigger-run state. Therefore, any power militarily confronting the regime and its operatives is our de facto ally.

We are not alone, not helpless and not obliged to go quietly into the night the nigger and its squid zookeeper have prepared for us.

Extropico said...

Whiskey, I don't know what your angle is. Perhaps you are not a full-blood White Gentile and you have some kind axe to grind with YT.

Whites are filled with guilt from decades of indoctrination. OH yes you can sell a shit sammich for a long time! As the majority population for a few hundred years here, the primal urge to survive has been worn away and a level of naivety has emerged among YTs; but, as they become a minority across the nation that naivety is starting to abate.

White women are into Blacks more than is natural because a socialized government benefits system artificially gives women security that they would not normally have without the protection and cooperation of their menfolk. Take away the YT taxpayer-financed police, prison and welfare system and most coal-burning White women will re-select for mates who are more likely to financially and physically protect them instead of for larger, playful and low IQ boytoys who don't challenge them.

And Whiskey, I have not a scintilla of desire to be assimilated. I'd like to improve my bloodline with genetic procedures, but simply to assimilate with another race... you either project or you sow disinformation.

10mm AUTO said...

I am sorry, the "vicarious liability theory" suit just won't fly. I don't mean that any negro fambly that has a member should not be sued if Shitrvious kills your daughter, hell yes! Make sure if they win the lottery that they are impoverished forever. The problem is that, as Bogolyubski has said, we are not getting out of this by some Supreme Court finding. The SPLC has mega millions to sue, the jew judge was a friend of SPLC, the Aryan Nations probably could (and should) have gotten the finding reversed but could not afford to once their assets were seized which was the point.

The TWMNBN and their black pets rely on impoverishment of their opponents to silence the White side. Look at how they screamed when they found out Zimmerman had a Defense fund, while raking in the bucks by trademarking Trayvon name for T-shirt sales and suing the homeowners association of the community where the shooting took place.

My point is that "vicarious liability" is a terrible legally. It means that if people talk about self defense in violent terms, the Judge might just find that those people who agreed with him or printed material encouraging such actions are responsible for the acts of others, even murderous acts. It kills the 1st Amendment.

Further and probably more important, in the skewed "Justice system" only Whites are going to get hammered with vicarious liability. What proof? The Black Panthers solicited a felony by putting a price on Zimmerman's head. This is actual liability, not vicarious; same as running an ad trying to hire a Hit man. No one was arrested, no one even questioned it, just reported it with shock.

In point of fact, we had a negro political party announce a Fatwa on a citizen here in the USA and no one in the Justice Department did anything to stop it. Had Zimmerman been killed (and he may well be still) do you think Holder would go after the Black Panthers, his "people"? Do you think that these "Trayvon" killings and beatings are encouraged by this display of negro immunity? These negros who have far more than "vicarious liability"? Sure they do, but not one has even been charged with a hate crime, even while they kick some people so viciously that their eyes pop out of their crushed sockets while negros shout "This is for Trayvon, Whitey!"

Please understand, there is multiple layers here. The News media covers the crime, minimizing it and preventing the Whites from getting outraged, the police dismiss the attacks as "random", the prosecutor refuses to file "hate crime" enhancements, the TWMNBN judges buffer negro convictions as much as possible while negro "community" doesn't snitch and uses jury nullifaction to repeatedly release violent ones back into the mix while the black church and political machine continues to prepare for war and the niglets ramp up the violence.

The only ones left out in the clueless wilderness is YT.

Vicarious Liability was a device used by a powerful TWMNBN lawyer to a friendly Judge to take down the mean, nasty White people that were organizing successfully. They have thrown other White Nationalists in jail for trivial stuff as well as Bill White or Edgar Steel could tell you. It is awful law and an assault on the Constitution. I don't ever expect to see another successful case using it. It worked for shutting down a successful White organization and that is all it was intended to do.

Anonymous said...

You can't even tell if the one groid is female or not. I suppose that's why it's wearing the blonde White Woman wig..

lol it looks like a cross dressing gorilla.

Anonymous said...

White boys start surfing porn when they are what, about 11? They continue to view porn through college and into adulthood, which is not real, for many years after. I know many 32 year old white men who visit strip bars weekly and still view porn.

They learn to only "get it up" for anorexic, size 2 blonde women with fake boobs, huge implanted lips, theater makeup and the golden triangle thigh gap.

About 1% of women can be attractive to the average white male porn watcher.


So....there are a lot of white women who don't fit this profile. Where do they go for male companionship? We have not fat, but fuller thighs, natural breasts, brown hair, bouncy parts, and sometimes a high IQ.

I am not making excuses for white women who date interracially, but normal pretty white women have a hard time arousing most white men who are used to the fake blonde porn stars.

That might be something for you guys to consider.

White men need to stop viewing porn. I think it is being used to indoctrinate you and keep you from forming loving relationships and having babies with normal white women.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

The latest from Tim Wise:


Anonymous said...

Media matters.dum [or com]

In an attempt to promote stereotypes of African-Americans as violent and dangerous, Matt Drudge is featuring on his website the photos of two black teenagers who allegedly killed an Australian athlete, leaving out the photo of their alleged white accomplice.
On August 16, Australian baseball player Christopher Lane was shot and killed while jogging in Oklahoma. Two black teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in the case while a white teenager has been charged as an accessory for allegedly driving the getaway car. Conservative media have suggested that the shooting was racially motivated, despite the fact that one of the alleged perpetrators was white and that the local district attorney said he has seen nothing to "indicate that the killing of Christopher Lane was related to either his race or to his nationality."
Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, who has a long record of bigoted commentary, claimed during a Fox News appearance that the murder is part of a societal trend in which "interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white." Drudge is featuring that commentary under photos of the two black teens charged with murder, leaving out their alleged white accomplic

Only racists notice who commits crimes!

Anonymous said...

The following video clip makes it very clear that it's now time to, MINIMALLY, revolt against the MSM's refusal to report the black-on-white crime epidemic, if not declare all-out war against black racial hatred:

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:52

Sex has 3 main purposes. 2 are positive. 1 is destructive.

1. Creating children

2. Creating an essential bond between husband and wife

3. Depleting the energy of males as a tactic of war.

Constant imagery of sex and sexualized people has no purpose other than to enslave men who are the natural protector and defender of their families and communities.Energy once spent in creating, producing and protecting is now wasted on staring at a screen and wanking away life force and the most potent human fluid.

Sperm isn't a waste product. Treating it as such is a major sin.

In the past prostitutes would need to be sent to the enemy camp to fuck the men into slumber and the drug addiction-like state that comes from excessive sex. This is no longer necessary. The prostitutes work from home and the men throw their life force down a toilet from home.Perfect for our enemy. No self control=outsiders control us.

Religious traditions of any meaningful nature and with good motives preach celibacy,restraint and self preservation through self control. Today, the infiltrated Churches are telling their members to take "30 day sex challenges" and to waste their semen frivolously by treating their wives like objects and taking pills to avoid the natural consequence of sex which is children aka your genetic and societal future.

Abandon such houses of satan with their Israeli flags flying outside.They're no better than bars and brothels.

My opinion is that the Orthodox and Catholic traditions still offer useful guidance. Most others are absolutely devoid of truth. That's all a personal decision though. I follow eastern traditions but respect the church.

Even for those who are against or ambivalent about religion,consider the body and its natural urge to reproduce. It takes a TON of energy to produce semen. Why? Because each cell of sperm is potentially the future of the species. The more it is spewed out, the more the body must work overtime to make more of it,and like peak oil, it ends up working more to produce less quality.It's a losing bargain and I suspect part of the decline in both global IQ and increase in disease.

Anyway, masturbation is essentially saying "women are whores." If their own men are willing to reduce them to that state and call it high by paying them and idolizing them for the more grotesque and debauched they become, then the lower women go, the better they think they are perceived to be. It's no wonder white women fuck niggers. Niggers raise them to the highest pedestal of whoredom and even worse than porn addicted white men.

Until women are considered sacred, there can be no victory for whites or the allies of white civilization.

Anonymous said...

Tim Wise is a piece of shit.Really.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Excellent post! Particularly: "Since your average PoliSci or MBA grad has accepted this, but can't find it in his heart to completely abandon common sense and live and work around blacks, they use their homage of black sports figures (film and music stars too) as proxy evidence they themselves aren't racist."

You just need a handle so we can identify each other and respond more efficiently.


Bogolyubski said...

White boys start surfing porn when they are what, about 11? They continue to view porn through college and into adulthood, which is not real, for many years after. I know many 32 year old white men who visit strip bars weekly and still view porn.

They learn to only "get it up" for anorexic, size 2 blonde women with fake boobs, huge implanted lips, theater makeup and the golden triangle thigh gap.

About 1% of women can be attractive to the average white male porn watcher.


So....there are a lot of white women who don't fit this profile. Where do they go for male companionship? We have not fat, but fuller thighs, natural breasts, brown hair, bouncy parts, and sometimes a high IQ.

I am not making excuses for white women who date interracially, but normal pretty white women have a hard time arousing most white men who are used to the fake blonde porn stars.

That might be something for you guys to consider.

White men need to stop viewing porn. I think it is being used to indoctrinate you and keep you from forming loving relationships and having babies with normal white women.

Interesting point. Putting aside for a minute that anon is painting with a very broad brush on white boys, porn is anything but harmless. Care to take a wild guess who the main financial beneficiaries of the multi-billion-dollar porn industry are? They'll squirt a jet of ink as they scoot away if you shine any light, but the telltale signs are all there. Watching porn is similar to watching endless games of noiggerball - it enrichs and empowers those who are participating and directing our genocide.

Anonymous said...

@3:52pm: "White men need to stop viewing porn."
White women need to stop making marriage -- and the subsequent divorce -- so expensive, both financially and emotionally. No man is really holding out for a Barbie doll; the porn and strippers are simply cheap surrogates. And Jassi, women won't be considered sacred until they unlearn the past 50 years of feminist lies.

Anonymous said...

To Jay Santos, there are millions of sons of liberty in the great state of Texas that will do the job you pussy northerners will not do once the straw does his thing on the dromedary. Keep whining and handwringing. We have plenty of firepower and will prevail.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous @ August 24, 2013 at 3:52 PM

"White men need to stop viewing porn. I think it is being used to indoctrinate you and keep you from forming loving relationships and having babies with normal white women."

This is hilarious... It's always men who cause female disfunction, never the reverse. Do modern women ever take responsibility for anything?

White women are attracted to blacks because White men are bad, weak, masturbators who are afraid of strong women, yada yada yada.

For Christ's sake, learn to accept a little responsibility for your actions. Stop eating too much, get some exercise, and develop some self respect that's independent of how penises react in your presence. Stop blaming men for your faults and failures. You'll be much happier.

Otherwise, you can keep haunting those black bars and clubs. You'll get plenty of "validation." And a plenty of beatings too. Trawling bottom feeders always gets bites though!

You might work on the part where "male companionship" has such overriding importance too. "Male companionship" what a hoot!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous @August 24, 2013 at 5:52 PM

Tim Wise is a self-hating Jew who has projected his hatred onto the White race.

Anonymous said...

Man charged in death of woman, 99, held without bail

Anonymous said...

Very good points in this site so far.The NWO need the black people and the radical muslims(the part when the mussies don`t watch porn,don`t go to whores and so on and they preserve their male energy is what makes them so combat effective even when they are dumb).Why do you think NWO and USA and NATO make so many wars?In order to install puppet governments,to suck the resources and most importantly to change or "westernize" the conservative societies around the world,especially in the Middle East and Africa.Wars create the most effective destruction and are the biggest reason for poverty and therefore for mass emigration!That`s what the global elite needs.Now see the news-the bad negroes,the bad muslims suddenly become the good guys,the victims(which they are as a tool for destroying the white SMART people all around the world!).The USA,Canada,Australia,the countries of the European union are the main targets,Russia and the eastern Europe (in most of the part) are untouchable so far from mass emigration of subhumans because the emigrant subhumans need rich countries in order to live on wellfare and make as many children as possible.When you have the family and the children as business you try to enlarge your income,i.e enlarge your family).The americans and the white people around the world need to do two things-either go to a full war against the khazars massmedia,paid propagandists,journalists and so on responsible people and keep silent for this war and i mean killing or stop the racial violence by force (guns).There will be even more false flag operations of white drugged brain-controlled mass killings in order to take away your guns away from you.We,the whites in Europe can get weapons very dufficult and i am ashame of this thing,but there is nothing i can do about it.
Keep your weapons,don`t rely on the police force they`re all brainwashed to keep silent on black on white killings in order not to fuel a full racial war.That`s the weak spot in USA and your goverment,police and other force units know this things very well so they`re hiding the truth from you in order to save the country from falling apart.
Obama will be the last american president,no matter if you believe me or not.There is a talking about these things in the eastern Europe,close to the hosting country of this site!

Unknown said...

I am not white - my parents came to the US from India. I do have a few black friends and I tend to treat individuals as individuals. HOWEVER, I would NEVER live in a largely black area, work in a largely black area, etc. It's not racism, it's logical based on statistics and facts.

I grew up in NYC and I never felt in danger or threatened in Chinatown or Little India or Little Italy or mostly Jewish neighborhoods, or the mostly Colombian and Nicaraguan neighborhoods or Astoria (mostly Greek). My parents never worried if our car doors were locked driving through those areas. But when we drove through the black parts of the city, my Dad would always check to see if the doors were locked.

Here are my thoughts on what Americans should do:

1) Stop making public school a right. It's a privilege. If a kid has 3 suspensions for assaulting another kid, talking back to teachers, bringing dope into the school, etc., then kick him out. Either stick him in military type school or let him get a job. Obviously kids like this are not interested in an education, so why waste taxpayer money on him and allow him to create an environment where the good kids who really want to learn can't because of the fear, etc., this type of person creates?

2) Make Depo Provera injections a requirement for welfare. If you are on welfare you can't be having more babies.

3) Make drug testing mandatory for welfare.

4) Welfare used to be for widows and orphans. Make it a requirement that you must be a widow to receive welfare - in other words, stop subsidizing immorality in the form of out-of-wedlock children.

5) Get rid of hate crimes laws. The government cannot and should not poke its nose into peoples' heads. Who cares WHY someone killed someone else, the only thing the law should concern itself with is that a crime occurred and the facts, not suppositions about the state of mind of the killer at the time of the crime.

On a more personal note:

6) People who can should home-school. Why allow leftist teachers to indoctrinate your children?

7) Turn off the TV and TV news. Why allow leftist indoctrination through the media? To be fair, my husband and I do watch movies on Netflix, etc., but we carefully screen what we watch. We avoid crap with a leftist agenda.

8) Get a gun and know how to use it. Be prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your community if you need to.

Anonymous said...

It does sound like the three girls who tried to help Santucci were black.

Full Auto said...

I have a completely different view on all this. A simple perspective that I believe holds water.

White people, and this is true no matter where they are on the planet, are THE MOST altruistic people on the globe. Okay, take some time, do some research, and see if this is not the case.

Consider now what happens when racial aliens, who possess far lower levels of altruism, are introduced into the white population. What we get is exactly what we have now -- a white population that bends over backward for blacks and a black population that recognizes white altruism and preys upon it.

Whites are far far more likely to accept others by overlooking race whereas blacks are hyper-focused on race. Whites are easily victimized in this situation.

Its not that whites are worshipping blacks but rather that they are being led by their own highly altruistic natures which the MSM is also aware of and encourages at every opportunity.

I also do not buy the S. Sailer load of BS on miscegenation -- that white women are like animals in heat. He carefully avoids the issue of morality in order to avoid holes in his evolutionary hypothesis that white women, being merely animals, are acting on uncontrollable desires.

The truth is that sex is an act of opportunity and history reveals very plainly that people will have sex with others according to availability (hence the importance of segregation). Most people have sex with and marry a person within a 50 mile radius of where they live. Couple this fact with the altruistic nature of white females in the near presence of negroes who are constantly ready to take advantage of their altruism and a media that encourages miscegenation, and you end up with increased levels of these white race traitors.

No white woman wants a wimpy man for a mate but it isn't that they prefer a low-IQ negro either. Given, of course, they aren't perverts.

Anyway, I disagree with your fatalism. Whites will supress their altruism more and more with close-quarter and sustained contact with groids just as we here do.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it sounds like there are a lot of whiners on here that just can't stand the thought of giving up supporting sports or any other worldly thing that might help better their own culture. Can you imagine just shutting your tv off? Don't watch the game, don't listen to the game, don't buy tickets to the game....find a new smart white hobby. Like nitro rc cars or pool or something.

Kathy M said...

Sailer's theory also crashes in the following way:

The boy-wonder, who also has zero problems with miscegenation himself, claims that white women seek out the noble negro as a mate because he is considered more masculine than white men, as a result of higher testosterone levels, which women simply cannot resist. It is primal doncha' know.

Why then do Asian women who date outside their race overwhelmingly choose white men and typically avoid the STD-infested negro like the plague? If Sailer was correct then all women, not just white ones, would be going after the manly Bantus. But this clearly is not the case. Something he never explains.

We have more of a slut problem than evolution-in-action.

Discard said...

Kathy M: Compared to an Oriental, a White man is a collossus of testosterone, or so I've read. So an Oriental woman suffering from a testes difficiency can mate with a Beta White man and get a sex upgrade, avoid any beatings, and live in a paid for house instead of a Section 8 crib. Also, given that the Orientals that come to this country are selected for intelligence, she's likely to have better sense that the stupid White mudshark.
It ought also be kept in mind that Whites are the target of anti-racist propaganda, not Orientals. They're free to be as racist as they want among themselves, and they are. The only coal-burning Orientals I've even seen have been models in advertising, and that only once. I'd bet that mud-mixing doesn't sell many products to Yellow folks.

AnalogMan said...

Yeah, I made up a joke, too.

What do you call someone who

1. tells you that the Left's power is not based on force, but persuasion; that the powers that be are not really ant-white, and are "malleable"?
2. lectures you on being an effective White nationalist, and on conserving your seed, but marries and procreates with an Indian?
3. castigates you for not supporting Mathew (sic) Heinbach (sic), but doesn't himself even take the trouble to spell his name correctly?
4. can tell you which is the one (or two) true Christian church, but himself follows some heathen Eastern philosophy (presumably his wife's)?

Answer: Jassi.

Californian said...

Unknown said...
Here are my thoughts on what Americans should do:

These are all valid ideas. The dilemma is that as the number of responsible people diminish in America, they will become less politically viable. For example, it's difficult to convince voters who have been on welfare for several generations that they should vote to eliminate welfare! And you can add in the voters who work for the welfare bureaucracies as well as the welfare "rights" groups. When I was younger, there was serious talk about ending welfare. And there was some movement in this direction on the part of the Reagan and Clinton administrations. But if current demographic trends continue, this will become a dead issue.

And yes, getting rid of TV, buying guns and pulling your children out of government indoctrination (i.e., public schools) are excellent ideas. As I say, it's all part of a cultural insurrection.

Stop Blaming Whitey said...

The facts about how blacks disproportionately commit crimes and crimes against whites is occasionally mentioned, however when it is the person mentioning it is usually is labeled as racist.

Leftist mainstream media and political correctness has all but silenced the truth. You are not allowed to speak the truth regardless that they are irrefutable facts, regardless of data.

Since the 60's there has been a conditioning of society that blacks are the victims and white people are the victimizers. Anything outside this mindset is immediately ignored, dismissed or used as fuel to label the speaker as racist.

Regardless that has been more than 150 years since slavery ended; we are expected to believe that black people are helplessly locked in place where they will forever be victimized. That because of the pain of slavery and racism they are unable to make conscious decisions in their lives because of an era in US history they did not live or participate in.

There is no other country on this planet where black people have more of an opportunity to sincerely make it in life. However, because of their victim mentality, they have hurt themselves.

In the 60's, more than half of all black families were soundly rooted in the middle class. Most black families consisted of married parents, divorce rates were low, and the black family was a sound strong unit.

Today most blacks will receive assistance, be born on Medicaid, drop out of high school and most black men will be jailed or imprisoned at least once.

The white man's so called war on poverty that started in the 60's has done nothing less than create a society of blacks who blame whitey, expect entitlements, consider welfare and my baby's daddy an acceptable form of family all the while raping, robbing, murdering the white man at a disproportionate rate than white offenders.

However we are back to the beginning that if you say anything about this, back it up with solid data, show the trends, graphs, studies and history, none of that matters because you are labeled a racist.