Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tyranny of HUD's "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" and the Incredible Admission of Racial Reality this Initiative Represents

There's something, sinister, in the whole Department of Housing and Urban Development plan to wage war on property value, social capital, and whatever is left of Norman Rockwell's America in suburbia with the aptly named "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing."
These signs will be the first to go once HUD implements its "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" plan 

No, sinister is the wrong word. The only thing that comes to mind is the scene from 2000s The Patriot, when Mel Gibson's character (Benjamin Martin) response to a call for South Carolina to join the rebellion against England: 
Mr. Howard: We ARE citizens of an American nation! And our rights are being threatened by a tyrant three thousand miles away! 
Benjamin Martin: Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a king can.
HUD is an unelected, unaccountable organization with seemingly only one goal in mind: redistribute misery equally. [HUD Proposes Plan to Racially, Economically Integrate Neighborhoods: Move would allow Obama administration to institute policies that would better integrate communities, US NEWS and WORLD REPORT, 8-9-13]:
The proposed federal rule, called "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing," is currently under a 60-day public comment period. Though details of how the policy would specifically work are unclear, the rule says HUD would provide states, local governments and others who receive agency money with data and a geospatial tool to look at "patterns of integration and segregation; racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty; access to education, employment, low-poverty, transportation, and environmental health." 
States would then assess the best way to integrate communities deemed by HUD's data to not be integrated enough. A HUD official, who did not want to speak on record because of the public comment period, said the rule hopes to better match up HUD-assisted housing with the communities that have good hospitals, schools and other assets. 
The move has been welcomed by civil rights groups including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, whose senior director of the economic department Dedrick Muhammad says the policy could result in more access to economic resources for minorities. 
"It's not just having people of different colors live together just to do so," he says. "African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to live in segregated communities, that are predominantly lower income, have less strong public resources, less schools and educational opportunities, employment opportunities. This kind of integration strengthens economic equality."
So communities full of black people (or communities full of Hispanics) are populated by lower income people, who have less civic virtue, less schools (?) and educational opportunities, and fewer businesses.

Am I reading that correctly, Mr. Muhammad, senior director of the economic department at the NAACP?

Through osmosis (closer proximity to white people), the senior director of the economic department at the NAACP believes black individuals will garner greater income, more civic virtue, more schools (?) and educational opportunities, and have greater access to more businesses -- which aren't found in black communities because of the lack of purchasing power in the black community and the extreme costs owners must invest in security to protect their capital investment.

Why not just give every black person an unlimited VISA gift card (think the debit card abuse by blacks after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans), so economic inequality magically disappears overnight?

If the suburbs of America are overrun with the refugees of failed black cities, black citizens from Birmingham, Richmond, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Memphis (by official policy of HUD and Obama Administration) will not magically become high wage earners, IKEA shoppers, exceptional students, law abiding citizens, and - most importantly - abandon their high, out-of-wedlock fecundity rates.

Race is real, with the conditions found in urban America a reflection of this fact.

To paraphrase the King of England from Braveheart, "the problem with urban America, is its full of urban blacks."

Conversely, that race is real is also reflected in the suburbs of major cities, where white people have retreated too in order to enjoy a slice of Norman Rockwell-inspired pie.

Stanley Kurtz, in his overrated Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, spins the Conservatism Inc. approved yarn that 'race is not real' when he writes this about the suburbs:
In short, government policies didn't create the suburbs. The prosperity generated by American's tradition of individual liberty and its system of free enterprise did that. Government simply gave a bit of extra help to a citizenry already barreling full speed ahead toward the suburbs. (p. 120)
What does Kurtz even mean with this flotsam and jetsam paragraph, attempting to salvage some color-blind rational for the massive white-flight from cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, New Orleans, and St. Louis?

What people fail to remember is simply this:

  • Government policies can be good (restrictive covenants) and productive
  • America's tradition of individual liberty has been trampled by the concept of Black-Run America (BRA), which just overturned New York's 'stop and frisk' law -- the only way to properly deal with criminal population groups in a multiracial nation (sic)
  • It is individuals who collectively make a neighborhood, a community, or a city a positive, safe place to raise a family in a productive environment and for a healthy business sector to emerge. That black America has yet to create a neighborhood, a community, or a city where this has happened is no reason to believe exposure to whites will automatically remedy their inability to mimic (or maintain) white civilizational standards
  • If America has a tradition of individual liberty generating prosperity, black Americans have a track record of not only bucking this tradition, but effectively destroying any semblance to 'prosperity' when they gather together in numbers that allow for a racial voting bloc to elect black officials. 
Government is not the evil. It is only laws, enforced by individuals. The unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic nightmare known as HUD and its sinisterly named "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" represents one of the extreme swings of the pendulum. 

Thus, the people running this government are evil, willingly (gleefully) trampling the rights of man - specifically freedom of association - because of a desire to inflict as much damage to white America as possible. 

"Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" is all about race. 

In fact, in its boldness to redistribute the human detritus from failed black cities (and those illegal aliens importing their 'family values' across the Rio Grande) into prosperous white communities, HUD admits the reality of race.

But the pendulum does swing the other way... 


Anonymous said...

Off topic..PK...theres a story at Breitbart:
A Swiss sales assistant caught in the middle of Oprah Winfrey's media racial firestorm claims that she's tired of being bullied and lied about by the powerful billionaire and cable network owner. Speaking anonymously, the sales clerk Oprah has publicly accused of racism for not showing her a $38,000 handbag told a Sunday newspaper, "It is absolutely not true that I declined to show her the bag on racist grounds. I even asked her if she wanted to look at the bag."

This directly contradicts an anecdote Oprah relayed to Entertainment Tonight where she told America that the clerk's response to her request to see the handbag was, "No, it's too expensive."

The racially-charged headlines and media frenzy that followed were many, and mostly unskeptical.

Eventually the shop owner and the entire of

Anonymous said...

Heimdallr here,

I was waiting for this to come up.

After a quick brainstorm I figured out how to deal with this shit.
Buses are rented and fliers are posted. Offer free fried chicken at the end of the line which happens to be in upscale neighborhoods and watch the passengers hop on.

This is something that could be done legally and with minimal financial outlay that could have a huge impact.

BerekHalfhand said...


Are you aware of Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Harrison Bergeron"?

If not, just a quick view of the wiki page devoted to it will help validate all your work here. If you don't know it I urge you to familiarise yourself with it.

drew458 said...

Won't be any more white flight when this goes through. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Nothing left to do but fight.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago when HUD apartment complexes were being built the wonderful feds built two of them near my home. the small unincorporated town of Highland Springs Virginia about nine miles east of Richmond. i grew up just outside the town. clean with mostly modest houses and pretty much all white. the schools were good. well the federal built a large apartment complex right at the town line on the western end toward Richmond . then a second one at the other end of town . filled them up with niggers. of course these new buildings were soon garbage strewn and crime ridden. soon the schools were overwhelmed with feral monkeys and white kids either had to become wiggers or be. terrorized. the sports teams and band at the high school and junior high became essentially all black . white families had lived there for generations but many sold out and left . today the main street is a mix of nigger hair salons and such along with vacant storefrontss. the historic movie theater was renovated some while back but i suspect it is trashed today because few whites would go there. so this was a deliberate plan to niggerfy a nice white,town. and they did it. now this will happen a lot more thanks to the government wanting to destroy white culture .


Our enemies are powerful. Extremely powerful and they have millions of useful idiots to help them.

They have the "believers", they have the horny lonely white women, they have the money to purchase the media, the Senators and the text book printers.

We have nothing. In fact, we have less than nothing. We don't even have white racial awareness and some 40% of us voted FOR the destruction of our race without realizing it.

At this rate, we are doomed. Do we have time to awaken? Do we have time to arm and group?

I'm sorry, but right now I see no hope. We don't even have a single White organization to speak out. not one. nobody. We are so silenced and afraid.

I almost want to cry.

Anonymous said...

Such action from HUD will prove to be an overreach equivalent to Napoleon's and Hitler's invasions of Russia. Nothing could arouse the dormant white masses better than being faced with Section 8 on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Irish Savant's FOUR POINT PLAN to end racial disparity:

Four-Point Plan:
POINT 1: We know, because everyone tells us, that if blacks and whites mix freely they’ll get along just wonderfully. However everyone know that whites – due to their racism – do everything in their power to avoid mixing with blacks. So here’s my solution. Why not transfer black kids (you can't start early enough!) to white schools and whites to black schools? We could call this “Bussing?”
POINT 2: We know that blacks suffer low self-esteem. This derives of course from the legacy of slavery and generations of contempt from whites. So why not build their self-esteem by denigrating everything about whiteness and pumping up everything about blackness?

For example we could have something like, I dunno, Black History Hour every year, wherein black accomplishments in science, engineering and culture can be celebrated. Now I had thought about Black History Day, and even Black History Week, but, despite my best efforts was unable to find enough material. In fact, if truth be known, I found it hard to find enough to celebrate in for even one hour.
But there’s a way around that too – and all in a good cause, you understand. What I have in mind here is to gently finese the actual story. So for example Shaquille worked in the lab that developed the atom bomb, sweeping the floor and bringing in the coffee. We needn’t refer to this, just claim that he ‘was part of the team at Los Alamos’. The opportunities are endless, well, maybe enough for a full Black History Day. And, just to be sure, we could make it a criminal offence for anyone (any white person) to take the piss out of such achievements.
POINT 3: Now as we’re constantly reminded, blacks are always portrayed unfavorably in the media. I mean, when do you ever see a black character in a Hollywood movie, and in the odd time you do, aren’t they always shown as dumb, violent, thieving welfare bums? Of course. I suggest that they be portrayed as doctors and scientists, and generally wise, honest and noble.

Do you ever see a black in an advertisement? Ok, they’re only 13% of the US population, but you’d imagine that just once in a while the privileged whites would nod in their direction and make a token inclusion? So that's my third point, try to give blacks some favourable coverage in the MSM, and, on the odd occasion that they do step out of line, don't highlight the race of the perpetrator as is always done now.
POINT 4: And now to my fourth and final and most important breakthrough idea. It’s one that will address Reverend Jesse’s concerns, and at a stroke end the disparities of achievement. My plan is this. To compensate for the legacy of slavery, give blacks preferential treatment when it comes to gaining entry to prestige colleges and promotions at work. Even if they’re almost totally unqualified, give them the jobs! By definition, this must end all the inequality! I suggest that this initiative be called Positive Discrimination……. or Affirmative Action, or some such thing.

Now I realise that my last two suggestions are a little bit crazy. After all, why would whites willingly allow themselves to be queue-jumped at every phase of economic and educational activity, see their better qualified children passed over due to the color of their skin, their race denigrated at every turn, the taxes going to compensate for what they’d see as black social incontinence?
So yes, it’s a big ask. And achieving it would require a degree of social and mind control beyond the imagination of even a Stalin or a Pol Pot. Hardly going to get that in the Land Of The Free now, are we? n

So CAL Snowman said...

What is the time table for all of these invasive transplants? Surely social engineering on this massive of a scale will take several years if not a decade or more. Many people here (including myself) feel that the current reality is unsustainable and that the American system will come crashing down quite soon. If that is the case and we are headed for a full scale collapse within years, then this HUD shit will not matter. This HUD afican and latino resettlement program only has teeth IF there is no collapse and society more or less plods along at its current pace. Unless you think that in 5 years time there will still be relative economic and social stability in the Former United States then in my opinion this is all just bluster. And IF they were able to successfully implement this scheme in a 10 year window, it would still result in the collapse of America. Either way we are headed for a mighty fall with or without HUD interference.

Michigan Jim said...

Poster castricv had the right idea on Aug 8 in his comment on the "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" story. Just put Hispanic or African American on every government form you fill out. Make them prove you're wrong. Maybe this will help screw up their demographic studies in their never-ending attempt to diversify Amerika.

Clearly the government is the enemy. How sad this is what it's come to in the "free" country of America in 2013.

Anonymous said...

I think this is part of a larger plan to make the suburban lifestyle less attractive and to get whites back into the cities. A grand plan to turn American cities somewhat more European is in the design. The federal and local governments have been pursuing policies along the lines of urban renewal and section 8 for a while now that essentially are moving many poor people, primarily black, out of central cities and into suburban areas. At the same time, there has been a concentrated effort to improve the quality of the area inside the city limits. I live in Atlanta, the city not the burbs, and have seen huge projects that are aimed at reversing the urban sprawl and making the city more accommodating, but much of this development is targeted at young singles and couples without children. Other cities like Washington DC and New York, a few decades ago, have followed a similar route. I assume that government officials want to make a transition over the next decade or so where affluent people actually want to remain in the cities instead of leaving for suburbia.

The goal, to the best of my knowledge, has a few parts. The first is to promote an urban lifestyle among the affluent. Most cities realize that they need a tax base of people who actually make money and aren't net drains on their budget. The second is environmental as cities are generally supported by Democrats, including many white liberals, who support things like public transit that are for the most part better for the environment. The third huge part is that this is a kickback to developers who are major political contributors. The displaced people who need a place to live will need houses and apartments that don't exist and so this feeds into developers' pockets. Right now there's plenty of real estate money flowing to developers in central cities building for single YUPPIES, DINKS, and students because that's where the city market exists. Just from my experience from Atlanta, there is a HUGE push that is trying to improve the city with projects like The Beltline and streetcar that are aimed at gentrifying neighborhoods.

By turning the, presumably, outer-ring suburbs into garbage, politicians plan to move populations inwards. On the bright side, maybe it will actually turn American cities into the types of places where people can raise families and make them clean and efficient like European cities are, but the downside is that retiring baby boomers living in the outer-suburbs are probably going to get screwed as their houses lose value. Being a 20 something, I like to think that there are policies in place that will actually make cities livable and where I could raise a family in the future, but I realize also that this is probably going to come at the expense of older people who built up their nest eggs by banking on selling their McMansions.

rex freeway said...

Negros move into a city. That area turns to shit. Whites leave these area's of utter devastation and start anew. Now repeat this action across the nation over and over. And the government wants to give the Negros the advantage of not having to keep following Whites. Do they think they can really force Whites to accept Negros as human? I khow i wont.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

OT, but I think something everyone will find worthwhile. It appears that the fine folks of K-Mart (owned by Sears) have taken a cue from McDonald’s and gone…365Black! Check out these videos of their back to school ad campaigns featuring ghetto language that is completely at odds the fundamental purpose of ejewmakashun.

*Nauseating display of groid “culcha” worship #1

*Nauseating display #2

If you look closely, there is the inclusion of a token which child (a girl) in the first video, and a more prominent display in the second one with actual dialogue.

Then, from their OWN website, complaints and race realist commentary about the ads. While they last…

*K-Mart Website Commentary #1

*K-Mart Website Commentary #2

*K-Mart Website Commentary #3

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

If HUD carries through with it's plan to infest every neighborhood with ghetto sows and their broods of worthless to the world niglets, I foresee tons of trouble upon the horizon. This will be especially true with all the thug baby daddies hanging around, committing crimes and all the niggers showing their asses in typical nigger behavior mode. No one in my neighborhood or the neighborhoods of people I know personally will ever tolerate this. The anger is palpable and growing.
HUD better put in funding for a few million extra cops. They're going to need them.

Liz said...

Me too; mourning iand weeping in this valley of tears.

Anonymous said...

So why don't you create our group be our voice

Anonymous said...

Turn off your tv and don't watch again!! The worst commercial is for cheerios it has a little mixed girl a white mama and a black daddy !!! I can't even eat Cheerios anymore !! That's not the normal and that's not what I want to see so I refuse to watch any tv .

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

Keep in mind the fact that the only way they can truly ruin America is to force us away from our private property. Any way to demean private property is a plan to destroy what is left of America.

The backlash is what will come. All these white suburbs that have been trending Democratic for years will be up for grabs if they really try to enforce this. No white people really want to live with the coons. Of course the real issue is whether or not the pooh bahs of Conservatism, Inc, will see their proctologist soon enough to harness it.

As a side note: Ex-New Yorker is my across the street neighbor. He is doing just fine, he has however kicked his internet habit for the time being. He wanted me to inform the loyal readers of Paul Kersey's site that he still supports the mission of this site and may post in a little while. As for me, it was his name that inspired my name, although I am not nearly as creative as he is.

Lorraine said...

Bring on the reset.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those links Gwinnett Gladiator! Oh man those kmart commercials got my blood boiling. Such degenerative filth for our children. My grandparents must be rolling in their graves.

The only good thing about all this trash on tv is that they are making it so blatantly obvious the agenda, that I have been using it against them. Ive been telling and showing everyone this disgrace of a commercial, and they all agree. Esp the White girls I know. People are definitely waking up, and after all the trayvon crap and race talk on the media, this is the perfect time to strike. Good luck with the ads PK, a lot of us in NC are waiting and watching...

NC guy

Anonymous said...

Indian said

Why do you white people complain so much and, not do anything about the real problem ?

All your energy is being wasted on complaining,

If you really want a future, a future without baboons and sheboons, the answer is quite simple really

AnalogMan said...

the human detritus from failed black cities

There's a word for that. Detroitus.

Anon @7:39 said:

That's not the normal and that's not what I want to see so I refuse to watch any tv .

Excellent. Congratulations. Everybody else, "Go thou and do likewise".

My kids tell me their kids talk to them in ways that would never have occurred to them when they were kids. Where does it come from? I tell them, it's because you let the TV raise them. Dump the TV. And these are, comparatively speaking, good kids.

Why do you let the squids pump subversive propaganda into your home? And what's more, pay them for it?

I dumped my TV years ago. I watch old movies exclusively. Just finished The Apartment from 1960, in black and white. Who could imagine that Shirley MacLaine was once a beauty? I counted exactly two negroes, and each appeared for only a few seconds. One was shining shoes, the other cleaning litter bins. Now, that's entertainment.

Anonymous said...

A classic case of attempting to define two separate variables with correlation as causation. Failing to take into account culture will ultimately doom any attempt to change the status of one race at the expense of another. Prosperous white communities arise where families value education, hard work, personal responsibility, accountability and the social order of two parents. What this program ignores is the small but viable black middle class which has thrives by separating from the lowest portion which refuses anything but a handout. Putting an illiterate black in a majority white school may allow him an opportunity if he is young enough and from a similar family as the whites who value learning. Dropping an in process thug akin to Trayvon would have little effect save to disrupt the otherwise smooth flow of white learning. so what are the potential outcomes? Mixing races is kind of like mixing paints at random, you usually don't like the final product. Enough Rachels who cannot read, write or speak English would clog the successful learning systems utilized by whites requiring them to offer too much remedial work just to catch up. Throw in hte usual violence and parents will abandon the system in scores, just like any other black neighborhood. So then it becomes a case where local laws are finally changed to allow charter, or voucher schools, which will undercut public education while assisting whites with sending their children to private schools. The only hope of a true diaspora of blacks is the loss of their political power, which is already underway as Hispanics have surpassed them. The shock will be when the "other", larger minority demands the lion's share of what blacks have wasted for two generations. I see whites dispersing across the nation and embracing home schooling or private charter schools. Why doesn't Obama send his kids to the DC public schools? Why don't all the Congressmen do so? That is the most expensive and exclusive area in the nation. Start ruining education there first.

Anonymous said...

I live on a dead end street and there used to be 3 vacant lots at the end of the street. At one time, the city wanted to extend the street to connect with another and (worse yet) wanted to use the land to build a large halfway house for juvenile crimaniggers. The entire neighborhood was up in arms over the idea, protested vehemently and got the idea shot down.
The same fury would result if the city wanted to build a section ape apartment complex on nearby vacant land of which (thankfully) there is none any longer.
In my best friend's neighborhood, the city wanted to use a vacant office building on the main road near the entrance to his subdivision as a treatment center for drug addicts~most of whom were felons and the usual suspects. Same result. Community outrage and the project was deep sixed by the city.
Any politician in my area supporting the HUD move to infest good neighborhoods with niggers will quickly find themselves out of a job and with no future in the town. They are well aware of the old maxim of, "You don't defecate where you eat."
Yes, we have a small percentage (population wise) of libtards and DWL's but they don't get their way over the majority. Mostly they get told to drink a nice tall glass of shut the hell up.

Left Coast White Guy said...

It is already in place. How do I know? I also so cal and for at least the last year maybe year and a half I've been seeing Negros starting to sport and shuffle along streets around my town where previously there were none! I have been wondering where they were coming from as they stand out here and don't belong. When I introduced this while HUD scam to this website Ihad just found out about it and it confirmed all my suspicions!

Left Coast White Guy said...

Were you born yesterday? When does your government do anything to benefit anyone except minorities (who are no longer minorities) anymore?

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have been unrelenting myself, pointing out all the subtle and not so subtle squid agitprop in the commercials. Why the other day I saw a commercial of a white shoeshine boy polishing the shoes of a groid businessman . Forgot the product. What a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you can now pick your gender. Why not your own race? Claim to be "trans racial." A black person stuck in a white body. Then demand affirmative action and let the liberal confusion/outrage hilarity ensue.

10mm AUTO said...

"Indian said

Why do you white people complain so much and, not do anything about the real problem ?

All your energy is being wasted on complaining,

If you really want a future, a future without baboons and sheboons, the answer is quite simple really

August 13, 2013 at 12:02 AM"

Indian, I realize that you think we should deal with the negro as you dealt with our Soultrean ancestors (or perhaps you are a Dot not Feather Indian) but it is our nature to try to look at such a problem from all sides and plan rather than just jump into the bloodletting willynilly.

Further, Whites are at a low point in their pride and self esteem, exhausted from the long and bloody century that was the 1900's, infected with a strong form of the discredited philosophy that is Socialism, and finding ourselves blamed for the failings and pathology of others, we are more hesitant now than ever in our history.

Further, Whites always try to live up to their best instincts and Heroes like: Thor, Christ, Superman, Medieval Knights, etc. Those who have races and individuals who have committed genocide are taught as examples of the epitome of Evil. It has taken us 200 years to face this problem openly, despite that terrible damage other races have done. The internet has allowed the dissemination of a floodgate of information that has been held back and only known to a few, but now is known to all. When a critical mass of Whites has understood and worked through the problem, then something will be done.

Right now, we are absorbing the fact that our Government has long know about the evil of the negro and the Shitspanic and done nothing except offer programs that have increased the dependance and fertility of these races for its own purposes.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about negro mentality, starting with Africa, then with blackness here in the US. Negroes, it seems, do not have the same sense of self, of time and the future nor the past - only the present, or of morality.

So, what could the negro in chief be thinking? Well, probably "I'm the head negro in charge. I want America to be mono-racial. I will force negroes upon whites everywhere, and then all whites will behave like negroes."

This would be an error in thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi there people,the bigger picture is the decimation of the white people around the earth.I am not joking about this,here,in Europe we have the same problems.This are the NWO puppets in the governments in USA,Canada,the countries from the European Union that are acting like one government and they are not only helping all non white population,but also helping the black,the arab,the asian emigrants to live on wellfare at any cost.In Europe these "people" make their "citizenships" when they make kids then their kids can stay in the recipient countries as the locals and of course there is even more wellfare and free houses for them from the social services.
I don`t know about WW3,but the future wars will be on racial base.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ....

Obongo fiddles while the world burns:

Record temperatures in Japan and China. Heat makes people violent. (Hint: heavily industrialized nations that don't particularity like the negro in charge.)

House tries to block ALL Iranian oil exports. (Hint: this would hurt China and Japan. See above.)

Saudi prince defects, accuses the ruling family of going overboard. For a Saudi to complain of excesses is, well, bizarre. It would be like a negro complaining that too many negroes play basketball.

So, folks, the entire world is about to catch fire, but what does Obongo do?????

He decides that suburbs are too white.

Anonymous said...

Off topic,
Here’s a Detroit gas station owner whose convenience store was trashed after he asked a black man to leave the premises. Not only did the enraged customer throw everything off the counters, but a group of other blacks quickly entered the store and began stealing everything in sight.

When the store’s owner had a chance, he locked the front door. This didn’t stop some blacks, however, from trying to break through the door by throwing bricks against it. The owner estimated that about $3,000 in damage was done. He laments in the interview that “This is normal” and that such incidents occur more frequently than people know.

The incident illustrates some predictable truths about the character of American blacks: (1) Blacks are emotionally volatile. They will explode at the slightest hint of any perceived wrong, whether legitimate or not. (2) The property of others means relatively little to them, mostly because what they own has been given to them (via government assistance) rather than personally earned through hard work. Generations of welfare has made them a deeply entitled people. (3) Notice how the moment other blacks recognize an opportunity to get something for free – that is, to steal something – they quickly flood the store and take as much as they can. The thieves were probably not even gang members, just typical opportunistic blacks.

Here’s a similar incident that occurred in Dallas (TX) in connection with a convenience store and a group of young black males. Whether located in Detroit, Dallas, Oakland, or Chicago, blacks never fail to prove the ‘content of their character.

Anonymous said...

I remember growing up in an integrated neighborhood in the 70's and 80's..everyone there was hard-working, had families and we all played with each other and were the best of friends...

Now you have broken families on government welfare too busy to be neighborly because they are too busy spending our tax dollars and telling their kids the white man is to blame for everything and they are "entitled" to their things.

I have zero respect for these HUD rats. Stay the hell out of my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the math of all of this adds up...if they are going to empty the majority black areas into the majority white areas, won't that just dilute the (formerly) black areas with their proximity to downtown cities...thus forcing a new wave of gentrification ? There are roughly 45 million blacks among a nation of 300 million, so will they be so spread out geographically that we can then isolate them and curb their bad behaviors? I hope they empty them out into the patrician enclaves of New England so that I get some relief down here in the that would be Change I Can Believe In!!!

Anonymous said...

Damnit, Gwinett, I did not need to see those Kmart commercials. And it looks like they censored out commentary links #2 and 3, as you predicted. Perhaps this Kmart krap will start a grassroots campaign to get people shopping at JC Penney, which Wall St thinks will go under by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure the math of all of this adds up...won't that just dilute the (formerly) black areas"
Don't be silly. Ever heard about The Birds and The Bees and The EBT's? They'll just breed new ones (with our money) to replace the outflow.

Anonymous said...

So they are going to dump the criminals and baby factories next to the house you work hard to pay for but for them its free as your taxes pay for the roof their low IQ heads so then whites flee the poop throwing/rape/robbery again but where to, there will be nowhere left except the empty derelict cities which will then thrive but that's called gentrification and dat beez rayciss n sheet my nukkahhh.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Here's a recent commentary, apparently you guys are all wrong.

The great kingdoms of Africa were the most influential regarding their contributions to western civilization. They maintained a high level of wisdom in the fields of science, mathematics, geography, architecture, medicine, writing, agriculture and overall scholarship.

The very essence of their existence rivals that of ancient Greeks and Romans, who were deemed the founders of western civilization. All knowledge they possessed came from one of the early African civilizations, which was a dominant leader with influential stature in its possession of knowledge.

The African background plays a key role in the development of western civilization, although the Africans don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

Oh, really?

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SKIP said...

" 10mm AUTO said...
"Indian said:Why do you white people complain so much and, not do anything about the real problem ?

SKIP says, be patient, the Saxons are only JUST NOW beginning to hate.

Jim said...

The proposed HUD program is merely legalized Block-Busting. Bad for white folk but good for the economy, especially if you are in the real estate business.

I wonder what ethnic group is secretly driving this clusterf**k?

Anonymous said...

Years ago I lived in a very affluent neighborhood. Some of the homes were in the million dollar range. The city thought it would be a nice idea to build a HUD apartment on the main blvd in the area. They were nice dwellings, but that doesn't tell you who inhabited them. In the first year there were 32 break ins of this up scale neighborhood. this happened 20 years ago and I can't imagine what it is today. The area was in the California coastal area.

Anonymous said...

I think this may be even more sinister than we think. You notice when you see a political map of the U.S. that most of the middle America states are red and the coasts are blue. Now, force a bunch of gov't dependent, low information voters into the red states and now the map turns purple. No more republican enclaves. We'll never win another general election if they dilute all the republican strongholds. And the socialists never, ever give up their quest for complete and total power.

Anonymous said...

Real clean and efficient. Like Paris and London, to name a few. Europe is headed in the same direction we are.