Thursday, August 29, 2013

Perchance to Dream? Life and Death a Casualty in 82% Black Detroit

“Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.”

Fifty years.

A seemingly insignificant amount of time in the history of the earth, but for man it represents an eternity.

It can mean either progress or an unbelievable regression for civilization.

From 1963-2013, one city in America has come to define Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream’ more than any other; where glimpses of the past civilization are frozen in place, like Pompeii, while time trudges unforgiving and unrelentingly into the future.


A city that was 71 percent white in 1963 is now 7 percent white today; a city that was 28 percent black in 1963 is now 82 percent black today.


Detroit’s funeral directors received this unusual text message last month. “FYI, city of Detroit can’t process death certificates because they have no paper and don’t have money to buy any.” 
The message, from a fellow funeral director, was mostly true: The city did stop issuing certified copies of birth and death certificates on July 23, days after the July 18 bankruptcy filing. That day, a nervous paper vendor demanded cash — and the city wanted to do business as usual, on credit. 
FYI: In bankrupt and frequently bizarre Detroit, dying is easy. It’s proving you are dead that’s hard. 
Cutbacks in hours, balky vendors, and the news that Herman Kiefer Complex will close Oct. 1 are all affecting the city’s death and dying business. The city’s vital records department will close and Wayne County will assume responsibility for issuing birth and death certificates, according to Bill Nowling, spokesman for Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. 
“Have you ever heard such a crock?” asked Wallace Williams, president of the Michigan Select Funeral Directors Association, when asked about the paper shortage. “They told us they ran out of paper and it might take five days to get some.” Williams, who texted his 20 or so funeral director members, says the potential impact of a death certificate shortage was dire. 
Without certified copies of death certificates, families couldn’t access bank accounts, file insurance claims, or access probate court. The families are often struggling financially, grieving and frustrated by any bureaucratic delay. And although funeral homes provide copies as a service to families, they wind up taking the heat.
The skyscrapers of Detroit, most erected when the city was 90 percent + white, stand as mute witnesses to the chaos of racial reality playing out in the decaying streets of the city (save the GM Renaissance Center, which was built in the 1970s as a fortress to keep white people safe from the growing black majority in Detroit).
Yesterday, as ‘leaders’ celebrated Martin Luther King and his vaunted “dream,” the Arsenal of Democracy continued its slide into a post-western civilization state, with one Obama aide resorting to profanity in describing the hopelessness of the situation [WH: ‘Not a Goddam Thing We Can Do’ To Help Detroit, National Review, 8-28-13]:
The president tomorrow will once again address the issue of race in American life in a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Administration officials, however, bristled at suggestions that he make even a symbolic trip to the predominantly black city of Detroit, which last month filed for bankruptcy.  
“There’s not a goddam [thing] we can do right now to help them,” an Obama aide told Politico’s Glenn Thrush.
Terence Jeffrey, writing at, has tried to frame the collapse of Detroit in the carefully wrapped box of right-wing/left-wing, Democrat/Republican politics, which doesn’t quite fit the enormity of the situation. [Obama's America Will Become Detroit, 12-12-12]
His column was read and shared millions of times, though he failed to mention the racial demographics of the city once in his piece. Here’s what he writes:
There are 264,209 households in Detroit, and 91,204 of them — or 34.5 percent — get food stamps. There were 12,103 babies born in Detroit in the 12 months prior to the Census Bureau survey, and 9,124 of them — or 75.4 percent — were born to unmarried women. Of the 363,281 housing units in Detroit, 99,072 are vacant. Indeed, vacant houses have become a powerful visual symbol of what advancing socialism has done to the city. Traditional family life is nearing extinction in this once vibrant corner of America. Obama said in Michigan that if the federal government does not take more money away from people who have earned it, the public schools may not be able to buy school books. But the Department of Education says that in the Detroit public schools — which have books — only 7 percent of the eight graders are grade-level proficient in reading and only 4 percent are grade-level proficient in math. School books are not lacking here. Self-reliance, the spirit of individualism, and the Judeo-Christian values that support marriage and family are. They have been driven out by a government that wants the people to depend on it rather than on themselves, their families and their faith.

No, Mr. Jeffrey: it’s much simpler than that.

White people are missing, in a city where Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” came true. 

Food stamps, out-of-wedlock births, vacant (crumbling) houses, horrible test scores and low rates of math and reading proficiency are all the byproducts of black people and the new black majority found in the city. 

Freedom and emancipation for blacks.

Political power in city hall, the police department, the city council, and the school board for blacks.


In 50 years time, Detroit has reached a point where the citizens of the city (82 percent black, 7 percent white) lack the collectively ability to provide tax-revenue for the purchasing of paper for death or birth certificates.

Why no one mentioned the city of Detroit in the commemoration of the “Dream” speech by Martin Luther King on August 28, 2013 in Washington D.C. was a tragic omission, for no one city better defines the real-world application of his 1963 address. 


Anonymous said...

How about they put the special birth/death certificate paper in a vending machine (in a cage) and the family that wants the certificate can buy a sheet, then have their cert printed? I'm sure it'd be worth it to them since the only reason those "people" want that paper is to turn it into money to buy liquor, drugs and bling.

Anonymous said...

So... Detroit is bankrupt.. But nowhere on any mainstream media source do they include even the POSSIBILITY that the population being black has anything to do with it...

Well consider another interesting piece of information: there are FIFTY THOUSAND dogs LOOSE in the city... literally 50,000 stray dogs, some reverting back to the feral ways of the wild dogs in Africa...

The reason there are 50,000 stray dogs is the same reason there's not a lot of black customers in home depot.. because they don't TAKE CARE of their belongings... the are IRRESPONSIBLE.

The reason there's 50,000 loose dogs in Detroit is the same reason that detroit is bankrupt - IRRESPONSIBLE BLACKS.

Vicio Malo said...

I saw a striking graph years ago. It showed the 4 1/2 billion years the earth has around in terms of a calendar. Man appears on that calendar on New Years Eve. Time is relative. We know our time is limited. PK is correct in our view of time. 5o years seems like an eternity until you have lived 50 years. Mine went by in a flash. I try not to look back and agonize about all the bad decisions I have made. I choose to look forward to all the bad decisions I will make. I pity the children of today. When they look back to "the good old days", they have this dysfunctional society, dysfunctional government and if they are of the lucky few, they'll have the skill set to be able to milk a nickel out of the remaining bread winners. That will be the new employee of the future. What are negroes suppose to do? In 10 years negroes will be kicked so far to the curb they will never even see the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder..."Teach Your Children Well" (CSN) teach them how to drive a nail, use a screwdriver, fixing things around the house. You can't fix stupid. I worked with my dad from the time I was 6 years old until I went in the Army. I learned everything I know about being a man from him. I have not been successful although I have and do lead a charmed life. I am thankful for everything from my moderate successes to my horrendous blunders 50 years is a blink of the eye...VM

Anonymous said...

So they can't afford. paper. hnnn. i am sure that they have money to pay de. mayuh an de uvva black city officials. niggers can't run a ciity. but that are good at graft and corruption. white politicians_are often crooked also.. but the groids are more blatant about it. they be gettin paid mofo. nomesane?

10mm AUTO said...

DWL used to deride Whites who prepare for Social disorder (negro rioting) as a laugh, a product of an unbalanced mind. "I'll just call the police!" they scream as they repeat what TWMNBN told them to say.

Well here it is. Detroit is not a city, it is a loose affiliation of tiny gated White communities of Civilization surrounded by dark chaos like Rocky Road Ice Cream. The police take 12 to 24 hours to show up. Ambulances and city services don't serve the "Abandoned Zones" nor do fire fighters. Gated Communities shine with lights and private Security forces, while in between these oasis is darkness filled with feral dogs, broken roads, abandoned and stripped homes, blank traffic lights, no power, dead bodies and roving gangs of negro thugs.

It is a scene right out of a Mad Max movie.

DWL don't believe it or don't want to believe it, or simply put it down to "racism" or "mismanagement" even if you show them pictures. As long as they get their triple whipped soy tea Latte with clove they are blind.

Detroit is finally where the Soviet Union was in 1992. No one believes in the "black utopia" anymore or that things will "get better" after the next black power vote.

Purely from a tactics point of view, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Robert in Arabia said...

The America I cared about died at Gettysburg.

Bogolyubski said...

That's wonderfully convenient. Detroilet can soon raise vast legions of spectral electors to come out and vote in the next 'erection'. That way, they can 'vote' themselves an endless stream of largesse from the state of Michigan, until every last asset of YT in the state is stripped. Neighboring Illinois has elevated the creation of legions of dead voters (who only vote one way) to a high art form.

Again, the interesting thing to note in all this is the complete lack of serious opposition.

Vicio Malo said...

10mmAUTO...who cares what happens next? You make or break your future. White people have always considered the landscape in making decisions that there offspring will face. This generation is different. I think they lack morals. The next generation does not have a snowballs chance in hell. A previous poster commented that his dad and my dad would certainly be friends and he expressed thank God his father mercifully past before having a negro president. My dad also past well before our negro and thief...I mean chief. The call to arms that many here express is a pipedream. Things are not that dire. The next generation is dumbed down and borderline illiterate. I am not educated nor have I ever claimed to be. I worked all my life. I paid my taxes and I am enjoying retirement. I refuse to get my pants in a bunch over a bunch of dysfunctional blacks. Whethere be in the white house or sleeping in the gutter blacks have been dysfunctional all my life. I am 61 years old and I am a veteran. I retired when I was 48. I lead a some shat charmed life and I refuse to let some splib ruin my day...hopefully all you fine people will lead a groid free day...VM

Anonymous said...

I still grieve that Lee surrendered.

Anonymous said...

Emphasis on failed city that can't even pay for paper to print death certificates. This is so perfect.

I only see two possible outcomes: the groids continue to die, but the city can't record the deaths and so they are buried without documentation, or the groids continue to die, and the city can't afford to record the deaths, but also the groids can't get their act together well enough to bury the dead.

They are at the first stage. They will progress to the second.

Anonymous said...

Off topic here. I mainly read this blog and a couple others when I want to get no bullshit no politically correct views about racial matters .I am learning some blogs that seem like they are white friendly but when you post a comment they feel is too harsh about black people they won't publish it.Example, yesterday Daily Kenn posted a column about the movement intensifying to impeach the rodeo clown. I posted a comment saying that won't happen because that be racist ,yo.There would be rioting in the streets. I was stunned he refused to publish it. I now can see why nobody comments on his blog and I won't waste my time reading it anymore. Another example today Ted Nugent wrote an article for WND something about MLK s dream has become a nightmare. In the article he went on and on about how powerful and moving the speech was that he gave 50 years ago. And he repeatedly referred to King as Dr. King. So I decided to send a post trying to educate the fool about the truth about MLK. I informed him that the whoremongering fraud cheated to get his title of Reverend and Doctor and how king was just the prelude to Jackson and Sharpton nothing more.Evidently Nugent buys into the farce of the so called Civil Rights Movement.It was really a Black Power movement in disguise.The so called man of non violence had riots every time he spoke. He calls Kings words moving ,I call them pablum puke. So the Motor City Madman is almost reduced to tears hearing King speak.Then he blames LBJ and his Great Society and the destruction of the black family ,typical conservative excuses for black dysfunction. I pointed out that everyone from LBJ to Sarah Palin to the pilgrims are blamed for black savagery. I argued that there are profound racial differences, that there is no difference between Detroit and Mogadishu or New Orleans and Haiti. Its just the African reverting back to his primitive African ways.Just like you cannot tame a wolf and make him a dog you cannot tame an African and make him European.My comments were not published. So I guess my views are too hardcore for WND too.So what other blogs are too lame and softball pretending to be a voice of white people?

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Paul, I sent you a couple of emails but have not heard back; could you do so, thanks--


Vicio Malo:

Sad thing is that so few of us who remember the good ole' days are still around to remember.

I went to elementary school in the 50's, High School and college in the 60's and grad school in the 70's.

I remember nigger free schools. I remember being able to drive anywhere and not worry about being shot in the head nor not understanding signs in Spanish.

I remember when Miami was White. I remember when Houston spoke English.

I remember America.

Who is going to teach the future White children? Niggers? Spics?

We are entering the dark ages for the White people. It is going to be very, very ugly unless we have the necessary racial wars now. The longer the Squid and Negroes have, the more pain for all of us.


I used to live next door to Ted Nugent's sister. Nice gal.

Ted has to maintain his Hollywood creds. He also has to watch what he says since he is big time with the NRA (good) and he is probably protecting them from the typical nigger chimp out if he says too much.

One must remember. Prominent Whites have to watch EVERYTHING hey say. He is not stupid. He knows but can he really come out and agree with you? It may cause a sever back-lash to the NRA and as we all know they get enough bullsh*t grief.

Know this. The smarter Whites know what we know. We are not that alone and we also know this will end, badly, if we are lucky.

Moondoggie said...

Vicio Malo....I could not help but notice your use of the word splib for our favorite animals. A college friend of mine (Chicago) also called them a splib. Can you explain further the moniker or meaning of the word splib. Always wanted know. thanks

Don M said...


You're still alive!? Us old timers remember you and miss your contributions. Please post more often.

Also, if "Memphis Teaching Associate" is still lurking, please come back. Her posts from the front lines were riveting.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure if Det-Groid were 90% Chinese they'd just make the paper.

It's Time said...

Off topic: New My Little Pony coming out--named Niggy Pie. Black with blonde mane. Smiles and comes with a fake gold grill.

I know. This is sick. Daughter is in to my little pony--and well my creative imagination just took off. Sorry:)

Unknown said...

I'm not white, I'm Asian (my parents are from India), but I was born in New York City and consider myself an American. For what it's worth, I have no problems with self-segregation. I have no desire to impose myself on people who don't want me around, and I also have no desire to hang out with people I don't like. So what is the big deal?

I'm also against affirmative action or any sort of racial preferences. And also gender preferences. I'm a woman and I majored in engineering at MIT. There are less women in the maths and sciences because, guess what, men tend to be better at math and many of the women who are good at math don't want to major in it.

I don't care for all the PC crap.

I will tell you one thing - when I was at MIT, one of the BEST lab partners I had was a black guy, and when I worked for a computer company back in the '90s, one of the best co-workers I had was also black. HOWEVER, MOST of the black people I worked with were NOT good to work with. Some of them had a real chip on their shoulder, and others were lazy. But I tend to treat each person as an individual - I give everyone a chance but they have to earn my respect.

As far as Hispanics - I can totally get why whites would be upset if someone comes to this country and refuses to speak English. Honestly, if I moved to Japan, I'd learn Japanese. That being said, Hispanic crime rates are not that high if you look at the statistics and take account of age and poverty levels.

I did some research a few years back, and Asians have the lowest level of criminal behavior. Whites are the next lowest. Hispanics are almost as low as whites OF THE SAME AGE and INCOME LEVEL. The reason Hispanic crime rates are higher in this country is that we have a huge number of immigrants who are younger than the general population. Blacks, on the other hand, even when you correct for age, poverty, etc., commit more crimes.

I don't know why that is, but, realistically, I don't need to worry about it. I just make sure I live in majority non-black neighborhoods.

If white people decide they want to not deal with Asians, etc., that is OK. Some people like hanging out with a variety of people, others don't. The thing is, though - why should anyone be forced to live with, hire, etc., people they don't want to? Whatever happened to the principle of free association?

The best way to prevent a race war is to respect peoples' rights.

Californian said...

LAPD, You're still alive!? Us old timers remember you and miss your contributions. Please post more often.

Agreed. Let's see some more posts!

Vicio Malo said...

Centurion...and anon...I use to live across the Lake from Ted Nugent (Berkely Lake in Gwinnett county). That year "the girl in the box incident took place. She was kidnapped and held in a box with only a light bulb and fed honey buns. They made a movie about it. Ted catches hell every time he opens his mouth...typical conservative. I don't always agree with Ted Nugent but he is certainly watered down because he is a public figure. To cousin grew up on west 49th street in Los Angeles. Back in the 50s and 60s his was the only white family that you could see. He had to go to private school even though his mom worked for the Los Angeles Education/prison system. My cousin wound up in prison after the Olympics in Los Angeles. He did ten years for following an Olympic bus with 6 bombs in his car. He was straight up Hell's Angel Satan Slaves and was one of the most talented people I have ever known. He was a machinist, a gun smith a jeweler and was in business all his life with Von Dutch. My cousin was 4 years older than me and taught me to drive when I was 12. Took me to the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Taught me how to chase women. My cousin broke no bones when it came to negroes. The term "splib" or "ham head" is straight up out of Los Angeles. My dad always preferred "burr heads". You can take the negro out of the ghetto but you will never take the ghetto out of negroes...VM

Vicio Malo said...

Can you even imagine not being able to provide paper for death certificates? Or further, admitting you were that broke. I was a printer all my life. You can buy 20 lb. bond for less than 1/2 cent per page. How stupid do you have to be to not be able to buy copier paper? OH, WAIT...I KNOW you have to black...ya know dat papr thang be rayciss. Bring back the whip...VM

Anonymous said...

JEEZUZ.... I simply can't comprehend how some people just don't get it...
Blacks have a wonderful, intact, functioning city HANDED to them, and it turns to shite. Never mind the fact that blacks have never actually developed and created a successful and prosperous city/society....they can't even prevent the ruination of one that'a handed over to them....

10mm AUTO said...

Unknown, please leave. Your perspective (do Yoga dude) is jarringly odd and I can not believe you would be this relaxed about an invasion and subjugation of India. Further, your data on Hispanic crime rates are wrong (See: ) and click on race of perp. You will see that in a city of millions (your MIT education (at the expense of a White entrant) should let you understand simple Stats) the Hispanic level of crime is MUCH larger than Whites.

If you really believe in free Association, know that Whites are using their invention (the Internet) to discuss their existential problem of being less than 9% of the Worlds population yet suffering from an obvious philosophical and moral crisis here.

If you don't mind, we would prefer to discuss it amongst ourselves.

Anonymous said...

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances, and demands heard. And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the '60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks -- with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas -- to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.
We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

Barack talks about new 'ladders of opportunity' for blacks. Let him go to Altoona ? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for 'deserving' white kids...? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America's fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!

OK...........will you pass it on ?

YES. I did but will you?

Because I'm for a better America

I am
Not racist,
Not violent,
Just not silent anymore.

Anonymous said...

'SPLIB'= south philly low income black

Bogolyubski said...

Anon observes reality:
Evidently Nugent buys into the farce of the so called Civil Rights Movement. It was really a Black Power movement in disguise. The so called man of non violence had riots every time he spoke. He calls Kings words moving, I call them pablum puke. So the Motor City Madman is almost reduced to tears hearing King speak. Then he blames LBJ and his Great Society and the destruction of the black family, typical conservative excuses for black dysfunction. I pointed out that everyone from LBJ to Sarah Palin to the pilgrims are blamed for black savagery. I argued that there are profound racial differences, that there is no difference between Detroit and Mogadishu or New Orleans and Haiti. Its just the African reverting back to his primitive African ways. Just like you cannot tame a wolf and make him a dog you cannot tame an African and make him European. My comments were not published. So I guess my views are too hardcore for WND too. So what other blogs are too lame and softball pretending to be a voice of white people?

The thing you're running into was observed by Auster over a decade ago. It's one of the reasons why the political situation is unidirectional. The vast majority of those who are identified as "conservatives" are really liberals, who endorse the same underlying myths about equality and progress that hard-core Marxists do, but simply disagree about the rate at which the brave new world is to be imposed, or wish to hold on to one of more unprincipled exceptions to their core ideology. A good example of this is how you see the largely white "conservative" Christians holding up King as a type of "conservative" saint - as if he actually believed the BS speech about "content of character". Any Christian church which actually followed the scripture and traditional teaching would have excommunicated King on the spot and openly condemned him as a communist and an agent of Satan. I note with interest that none have done so. To do this would invite the condemnation of the entire system on them, possible loss of tax-exempt status, etc.

It is this very type of thing which has at least partially led to such an exodus of whites, especially the younger males, from Christianity in recent decades. There's simply no "there" there any more. The church stands for BRA - just like the government does. Its new messiah is the vile, putrid and disgusting MLK idol. The salt has lost all its saltiness and is only suitable to be tossed into the flames - or onto the garbage-heap of history, as Trotsky's cruel phrase puts it.

Anonymous said...

Yet another attack...Blacks in Kansas City, MO attack a white family from Texas at a gas station:

And somehow Obama just can't understand why whites lock their doors when blacks walk by....

rex freeway said...

This is one of the better articles done on SBPDL. They're all good but this one has to make the race baiters and the POTUS cringe extra hard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to anonymous for posting Pat Buchanan's article. It's titled A Brief for Whitey and it is found on his website.

rex freeway said...

Could this not be the ultimate experiment in how a race determines the success of a city? Forget that Whites built Detroit. Start at the moment Negros took over the city. (first Negro mayor)fast forward to the bankruptcy. Now remove all Negros from the city limits of Detroit. Do not allow a single one to populate the city. How long before Whites would have it up and running? Have it self sustaining, businesses moving back in. And a housing boom not seen since the end of WWII. Not long is my guess. Now add the clause that Negros can never live within the city limits. Whitopia my friends. And DWL's and Negros would have nothing to respond with. NOTHING.

SF Seal said...

I forgot to mention that my last post (if published here above) was addressed to the Non-White poster "Unknown"...Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Umknown, please continue posting. Your post was interesting. You showed no ill will and stated your opinions in friendly manner. A certain white-supremacist who hates ALL other races besides whites acted toward you like the street thugs that are lambasted on this site.

Paul Kersey's writings should be mainstream (and could be), however rants like 10MM Auto will keep this in the fringes of whites-who- hate-everyone-not-like-them.

This blog is focused on the dysfuntion of predominant black BEHAVIOR, which has ruined city after city. Not merely skin color, as even dark blacks with white blood are capable of more than mixed race "white" persons.

Point being, when an Asian posts here with his/her experiences, and they are told "go're not like us", the one saying that is really little better than those he despises (which is everyone but his pathetic self). I'm to the point now where I'm close to skipping the comments when it seems all-race hate is on display and tolerated. Asians ain't the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Heck, no one mentioned any black majority and/or controlled city as a shining example of black enterprise as an example of the Dream being fulfilled. Strange how a people cannot talk honestly about all dimensions of the Dream. All they talk about is getting the power as if its an end to itself. This is not how sustainable cultures, nations thrive.

Anonymous said...

Then they think a new sports stadium is the answer and will bring prosperity over 30 yrs. How badly are you kidding me, that's a great joke. Over 10 metropolitan cities that used to be keys to Western civilization are currently going down due to a lack of future/time orientation, civility, and work, whoops bad four letter word. Like lemmings Euro- Americans think if they just hold out long enough the black man will make it right. Sure, and I got land in Detroit to sell ya, real good investment.

Extropico said...

@Unknown. Your comments are a mixed bag. Your comments on the Hispanic crime rate are quite incorrect. Why do you adjust for income and age and presume there is no racial cause and effect? The highest crime rates in the world right now are in Latin America (No accurate stats are available for much of Africa)

Your comments on the low crime rate for Asians are generally correct for the US, which selects smarter and better motivated Asians for the universities. But I am indisposed to this lauding of Asians over Whites. If you're so smart and innocent, why do you need to emigrate to the West. India is a cesspool with rampant rape cases and sectarian violence being reported. Indians and Chinese lived in abject poverty before the West helped them.

You say you value freedom of association...know that most Americans don't want to be minoritized and I really doubt you'd take an invasion of your nation with equanimity.

Vicio Malo said...

So Cal...isn't that a Saturn 5 Rocket sitting in the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama? Pretty impressive. I use to work there...VM

Californian said...

Bogolyubski said...Then he blames LBJ and his Great Society and the destruction of the black family, typical conservative excuses for black dysfunction.

Some thoughts:

* I wonder how the Great Society impacted poor whites? Were they able to take advantage of it to get out of poverty? Could we use poor whites as a control group and compare black performance?

* What do conservatives get for their attacks on liberals re race? Do blacks rally to the conservative banner, or vote GOP? (This is a rhetorical question!)

* Supposing the USA were to implement a "real conservative" agenda (lower taxes, less regulation, more law and order, etc.). Would black performance improve any?

It is this very type of thing which has at least partially led to such an exodus of whites, especially the younger males, from Christianity in recent decades. There's simply no "there" there any more.

Sums it up nicely. There is something weirdly religious in DWLs making a MLK or Mandela into a messiah. Someone who will bring us into the promised land of equality. What's even weirder is how conservatives and Christians have bought into this vision. We are living a half century into the MLK era, and we might observe:

* Blacks have become increasing dysfunctional (high rates of illegitimacy, crime, etc., etc.).
* Massive numbers of blacks living in poverty, or in prison.
* Massive black on white violence.
* Black run cities imploding.
* All this havoc covered up by the mainstream media.

Let's toss in the fact that the same pattern is visible, whether in post-colonial Africa, and now emerging throughout the banlieus of Europa. Yet such is the liberal delusion (one which mainstream conservatives seem to buy into) that most people refuse to recognize the manifest destruction.

Or maybe they do on some level, which is why, as noted, that more white people are bailing out. They see the idolatry and are repelled by it. Perhaps a true awakening is in the wings?

Anonymous said...

Damn, Paul. Solid post after solid post. Keep 'em coming! We appreciate your hard work!

Unknown said...

To 10mm Auto -

1) Asians (including Indians) are discriminated AGAINST for admission to universities because our SAT scores, etc., are too high, and due to diversity, they don't want too many Asians. If they let in the number of Asians who qualify based purely on merit, there would be a lot more Asians in places like MIT and Cal-Tech. On a personal note, with a 1530 SAT score (back in 1983) and a 98.2GPA from Stuvyesant (a NYC magnet school which sent 98% of its graduates to college in my day), I wasn't keeping out a qualified white. In my PhD classes at Purdue, there were more Asians than whites, usually at a 70/30 ratio.

2) Re. free association - the comments on this site are approved by author. It's his site. If he lets me comment on here, that's cool. If he doesn't, that's cool. He's in charge. If you don't want to talk to me - don't.

3) I'm not an illegal immigrant, my parents came here LEGALLY. I'm against illegal immigration, it's incredibly stupid for a variety of reasons, but my parents would never have broken the law to come here.

4) As far as whites segregating themselves - I don't have an issue with this and would support you in creating all-white enclaves if you so wanted.

I tend to hang out with people who are like myself - highly educated, very intelligent and hard-working. Interestingly, there are very few blacks in this group, but there are some, and I don't discriminate based on race, I discriminate based on intelligence. But if you want to hang out only with other white people - I think that's your right and I support that.

RE. the internet - it's based on the old Arpanet which was developed at a research laboratory at UCLA in conjunction with Stanford; the internet protocol suite TCP/IP was expanded by the NSF. If you know anything about research labs, particularly in the STEM fields, you know that back in the 1950s and '60s, they had plenty of Jews back then and even some Asians. If you look at a listing of Nobel prizes back in the 1950s and 1960s, you will see there were Asians working at US Universities who got Nobel Prizes.

I could point out that the Hindus were the ones who invented the zero and the decimal numeral system and the Chinese invented paper and printing, but then you could point out that whites invented the internal combustion engine, etc. I personally think the most important contribution of white people is free market capitalism (Adam Smith), and the original form of US government with is wonderful checks and balances and Constitution.

None of this changes the fact that if you want to live in a whites-only place - you should be allowed to and I support your doing so. I'd think you'd want non-whites to voluntarily support you in this.

I honestly think the US is going to end up splitting up and one segment probably will be whites-only.

Unknown said...

To 10mm:

BTW, I am very grateful for Western Civilization and think that other cultures that emulate things such as free markets, religious freedom, Constitutional government, etc., will do well. I will stop responding to posts on here since it obviously is causing some irritation. I do appreciate the guy who runs this site, though, since he presents facts that are unfortunately not covered by the media.

Anonymous said...

Detroit cannot afford paper to print death certificates?

I bet every city employee is still drawing pay, getting great health insurance, life insurance and vested retirement.

Government employees put themselves above everyone else. They will sacrifice city services, maintenance, emergency services and even basic functions. Their pay will never be threatened. Watch Detroit's city employees laugh while Detroit dies. They are the once screaming for a bailout. Getting paid is all that matters, they hate the people they rule over.

Anonymous said...

"It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million,"

This is completely incorrect. The slaves from the West African trade to the New World went mostly to the West Indies and areas south of the US colonies. Only about 10% were in the colonies which became the USA.
In 1800 there were 2m people in the new US with 10% being slaves (about 200k)
When the US was formed and the Constitution written the slave trade was abolished (1808) so what you saw in the US was just a natural increase of the slaves who were already here. That 200k slave pop. increased to 4m at the end of the Civil War which was a 20 fold increase in 65 years.
The African pop. of the US in 1800 was 200k and that was the result of both importation and natural increase over the prior 100 years. I doubt very much if even 20k slaves were ever brought into the Colonies/US.
The US always gets the most criticism about past slavery but the slavery in the US was very mild with only a tiny number of slave holders who owned small holdings and perhaps a slave or two who were more like part of the family. The problem in the US which in my opinion brought about indentured servants/slaves was a chronic shortage of labour and the fact that the King was prohibiting immigration to the colonies (Jefferson mentions this in the Declaration). Slavery is the most expensive form of labour and everyone, including the slave holders, were against it and would have preferred to just hire workers.
The really bad forms of slavery was in the West Indies and points south outside of the US where plantations owned by European corps. may have 5k slaves on each one.(a Slave owner in the US with a 100 was a very big operation and uncommon). These giant plantations were run purely for profit while in the US it was almost a matter of survival and the need for workers.There were a lot of freemen and their kids in the US and there was such a labour shortage that plantation owners would advertise for workers and hire them too (look at old ads in the newspapers)
It is ironic that the US gets all of the criticism for its tiny role in slavery and the fact that 600k white men died in a war that freed a tiny 4m slave pop. and at a time when cheaper immigrant workers were coming to the US.

Anonymous said...

Worked at government agency before retirement. Was looking through some applications for part time temporary work. One was so poorly completed it caught my attention with the awful grammar, diction and verb tenses. When I finished the narratives I looked back through her previous employment history. this black woman had been a teacher in several school districts. Why am I not surprised? What is the qualification for a teaching certificate these days, being a minority and making a check mark mostly inside of an extra large block?

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby! MLKs Dream ramping up in Indianapolis. And it is not even the weekend yet...

5 shootings over night, one incident on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Anonymous said...

I've read that in addition to the estimated 50,000 dogs running wild in Detroit, there are far more feral cats than dogs running loose.
Stop all the gibs and prevent the negro population from leaving and you could add a few hundred thousand feral negroes to the list.
I'd estimate that in just a few generations, the feral negroes would have reverted back to living in primitive huts once all the housing had decayed into nothingness, would be engaging in subsistence farming and would have separated themselves into tribal units at war with other tribes.
Remove the artificial supports and the entitlements provided by western civilization and they will regress to their natural state.
Any other group would immediately set about restoring a civilized environment but (as we see in Detroit) even with all the trappings of civilization just sitting there waiting to be taken advantage of and utilized, the negro just sits and wails as it all decays around him.
If the area was isolated and a non interference directive was in place and they had no contact with others, in time they'd be living as Africans did 50,000 years ago and as much of Africa still does to this day.
I wonder what bizarre myths they'd come up with to explain the decayed monuments standing abandoned to time and the elements deep in the forest?

D-FENS said...

Unknown - Ignore the detractors and keep posting. I would like to hear more about your experience with discrimination at MIT.

For all we Whites pat ourselves on the back for past achievements, it seems that Whites are avoiding the hard sciences and engineering. I haven't researched the numbers. It may be that Whites are increasing in these fields in an absolute sense. Anecdotally, it seems that Whites prefer to major in political science, psychology or communications. Not a good foundation for sustaining civilization.

Note that this cannot be blamed on Asians or even TWMNBN.

Anonymous said...

Francis Howell has changes made to the school year.

More change is to come with students from an unaccredited Saint Louis school being moved to an accredited school.

How did the school become unaccredited? Once it was 100% white now it is 98%

These students are going to bring organized blackness with them meaning the expensive process will have to start again when the prison preparation plantation is detroited.

Antidote said...

No paper to print death certificates! Probably no ink or elecricity either. Welcome to darkest Africa. The next step will be dead bodies left to rot in the streets for the vultures and wild dogs to feast upon----just like the aftermath of Katrina. When King Koon Kwame was still in power they asked him if Detroit had anything at all going for it and he said, "Certainly you know the water supply and the Detroit water itself are among the best in the world (!!!!!). He hailed something built by Whites 130 years ago and which is impervious to koon attack because it's underground!
Africa: dysfunction, shit, violence, shit, disease, shit.
So what does the future hold? My guess is that Whites will be near extinction and that Chinese and East Indians will own and operate most everything. Detroit will be turned into an African safari theme park enclosed by high walls. Monorails and cable cars will carry the Chinese and Indians over the "African savannah" where the savages will walk around buck naked like their ancestors in dee muddaland. The savages will dance around campfires, hurl spears and engage in muh dik bongo parties for the entertainment of the folks in the cable cars. In lieu of appreciative payment the humans will dribble down chicken parts and fried fish.

10mm AUTO said...

If the others pointing out the religious aspects of Liberalism are correct in its pattern (and I see this as well) then we are in for terrible times.

I came to this Blog as a dispirited libertarian, a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and conservative struggling to understand the extreme negro/White crime disparity. I too thought that a low tax/low regulation/law and order environment would change negro behavior for the better.

I was completely wrong.

negros have been dysfunctional right from the beginning and it is their default position based on genetics. The Southerners imposed a quasi-civil behavior through segregation, strong spiritual belief and the knowledge of swift, sure and admittedly brutal Justice and unpleasant prison conditions. They warned us what the savages were like and they were ignored and destroyed.

Northerners with a Christian fervor led the fall of the South. Once they realized their power, they brought about a campaign for the income tax and a second campaign against the "demon rum" (Prohibition), leading to 10's of thousands being jailed, fired, killed and the whole Country being put into great turmoil over alcohol and taxation. Both of these terrible events (a war and the civil stupidity of repeatedly amending the Constitution), were never examined and renounced by the Christians who led these crusades (including my own grandmother who was a big wheel in the Oklahoma "temperance" movement). They were simply dropped when they either died of their own poisons (Prohibition) or were achieved.

If denial of racial differences is another such movement (or perhaps better put, a continuation of the same movement fueled by new players such as TWMNBN and Communists) then I do not see a outcome that has any happy ending.

If an entire great City can fall and no one dares point out the racial truths displayed right before their eyes then reason will not reach them, evidence will not reach them. We will have leaders like "Chauncy Gardener" who repeat platitudes and slogans without ever examining their basic motives. No questions will be asked: IS it NECESSARY for all races of humans to be equally intelligent? What if the evidence says otherwise? How much force is legitimate to make these beliefs true? Forced Busing? Forced Integration? Imprisonment of Resisters? Re-education? Brutal Repression? History shows NO END for the syllogism. Indeed, the Soviets took it right to the end, collapsing their entire empire while still killing or imprisoning millions of their artists, poets, writers, scientists in Gulags. This is why I advocate a separatist direction as I don't see any other way.

Mr. Rational said...

I'd estimate that in just a few generations, the feral negroes would have reverted back to living in primitive huts once all the housing had decayed into nothingness, would be engaging in subsistence farming

No, most would be dead.  Only a few would have the foresight to store up the necessary dry and preserved food and fuel to last the winter, and they would be robbed by the majority.  They'd starve, and many would freeze.  The survivors would largely be cannibals, who wouldn't be the type to start farming the next spring even if they could find seeds and tools.  Three winters of this and I bet the population would be down to hundreds, if not dozens.

Remove the artificial supports and the entitlements provided by western civilization and they will regress to their natural state.

You'd have to put them into their natural tropical environment with food available year-round or you'd just have a charnel house starting every November or so.  Smaller every year, of course.

Black people could literally not exist in Europe and most of North America and Asia given their own capabilities.  They enjoy life because of White people.

10mm AUTO said...

TO Unknown:

1. You should be discriminated against. You should be going to the University of New Delhi, not MIT. MIT was not made as a school for bringing up the World any more than America was to be a lifeboat for the World, but to educate the best and the brightest Whites in Engineering. Our "Posterity" means something.

2. I was responding to the oddity of a Dot Indian giving us advice on learning Yoga to clarify our minds to drive away negros. It's bad enough that Whites have to go on the internet to discuss the negro problem, let alone filter out odd dysgenic cultural weirdness. It seems every race wants to tell Whites what to do. How about you go on an East Indian site and tell them how to clean up their mess?

3. You came here because the immigration rules were changed by our cultural destroyers. Great. I am supposed to be happy about it? Respect it? Whites got into this situation by being "accepting". For here on in I am as accepting as a Japanese Immigration official.

4. Well THANK YOU! Here we are, Whites having to jump into a "life pod" of sufficient land and contemplate segregating ourselves in our own Country just to survive and you "support our decision"! Great, how are you going to do that? Are you going to go back to India so you don't take an engineering job away from a White engineer? Write a letter to the Editor? What?

To the rest of the forum, I apologize if I am speaking too plainly or out of turn. One of my stepsons, a software engineer for a large company, is frustrated that his company is filling its departments with H-1B visas from India. Their work is third rate, but they do the basic coding and then the White engineer comes in and cleans it up. However, they work for 1/3 what a top White engineer works for. I guess some of his frustration is passing over into me.

I will not speak this subject again.

Anonymous said...

To Unknown: ignore him he's probably frustrated white trash. Your views are welcomed here.

Pro-Civilization said...

The theories regarding "liberal generosity" leading to rule by and for the benefit of coloreds are incorrect. BRA stems for the inherent conservatism of the White people.

The true cause of the White man's subjugation to BRA is conservatism. Have any of you ever heard of the idea, of being so conservative, that you are publicly liberal?

Figures like Ted Nugent praising known perverted communist Martin Luther King are merely conservative in the sense that they will not take risks to their career or livelihood, knowing that what is important is to conserve their status. It is also important to conserve some semblance of intelligent, strong leadership for Whites. If Ted Nugent comes out "Racist", gun rights will suffer. Smart, conservative people judge actions by their actions, not their intent.

The general trend is to suggest that the White race's natural altruism is used against it. This is only part of the story.
The larger truth, is that the innate conservatism of the White race is far more effective in damaging the interests of the White race.

In terms of personal behavior, the most conservative action one can take is to pay lip service to human equality ( liberal creationism

If you want to conserve the ability of the USA to have smart leadership, one not loose popularity with our de-mob-cratic populace, imbued with this quasi-religious sense of human equality.

The central religious figure of this modern religion of liberal creationism is Adolph Hitler. If you believe that human groups have different characteristics based on genetics, then the next step you might take is to throw jews in the gas chambers.

You all must understand that this is literally what most people believe: "If you suggest that biology may have some effect on human behavior, then what you believe might lead to to throwing jews in gas chambers". or to "lynching blacks" etc.

This is the deeply implanted belief, pounded in through "gaslighting".

Most White men are aware that Blacks are not, on average, their intellectual equal. They are aware that the societal performance differentials originate in biology, made worse by liberal social engineering.
In this environment however, the most conservative position of action a White man can take, is to be a liberal publicly, and "embrace diversity."

Otherwise, the only men of prominence left will be knaves, fools,and inefficient administrators, who actually believe the noble lie of human equality. Taqiyahh, deceit, may be the only option for most White men.

I say that all old men, like Pat Buchanan, who have nothing left to lose, need to start to speak out. With a half-negro in the White House though, most fear a reduction in social security, or an IRS investigation. This is a real fear. Thus, the only answer, bred into the survivalist conservatism of the White race, is the submit to the rule of BRA.

Pro-Civilization said...

For all readers that doubt me, regarding the depth of the "gaslighting" on human race equality that the White race has been subjected to, please see the first comment on the Slate magazine article on "liberal creationism".

Dear Mr. Saletan,

It's funny how flawed and misconstrued your thinking actually is. You provide claims that are not based on scientific truth. The scary part is that if I ask you to refer your sources, you will guide me to another out of touch blog, which is how I ended up here in the first place. Your thinking is guided on the basis of hate and discrimination. It's ironic that you give Jewish people a high IQ, I think Hitler would have had different numbers than you, which is what got 6,000,000 people killed to begin with. While you basked in your "superior" IQ, I read you page by page, and quickly figured out that you are nothing more that a racist, out touch biggot. [My bolding] I find it amusing that when people like you make these claims, you as the author of this garbage, just happen to belong to the ethnic group that is "more intelligent." You might have a bigger head, which is shame, because in your case, it's just a waste of space."

When you try to exorcise demons, the demons will come at you. Any of you who are thinking exorcising this demonic false religion of human race equality, liberal creationism, should expect this subliminal response: "Your type of the type who has the blood of the Jews on your hands".

This is the ultimate deep source of liberal creationism, namely the heretic doctrine of Jewish messianism: The gentiles tried to kill the savior, who is the Jewish people themselves. This is a heresy, not true Judaism. The only way to atone for this is to give a blood sacrifice of your children to Moloch, the Baal-like god of diversity.

The idea of the Jewish race as savior as merely been augmented by seeing the Black race itself as the saviour, as seen in the Black Israelite movement.

All truly good humans must turn away from this heretic, and even unscientific doctrine of human race equality. It is destroying civilizational progress.

Rodeo Clownette said...

To the Unknown Indian:

White people want to have a country of our own. We don't want to have a portion of our former country, and we certainly don't want to live in pathetic little "enclaves." And we don't have any intention of learning yoga so that we can become satisfied with being surrounded by non-whites.

If Indians were such great people, then India wouldn't be the filthy, crooked, over-crowded dump that it is, and millions of Indians wouldn't be trying to get visas to move to a white country.

If you had ever had the misfortune of living in a heavily Hispanic area, you would have figured out that Hispanics are a net drain on the white population. The hard-working first generation works off the books while making use of EBT, free health clinics & hospitals, and enrolling larger than average numbers of children into the public schools. They send their off-the-books earnings back to Latin America.

The second generation has high rates of crime, illegitimacy, unemployment, and welfare usage and is notorious for failing to finish high school. Hispanics as a group do not begin to pay their own way. The cherry on top is that they hate white people, and demand Affirmative Action and Spanish Language Everything. They, too, whine about how they are treated but refuse to go home.

Indians and Orientals and Africans also despise white people, but for some reason they keep leaving their wonderful homelands so that they can live in a country that is still controlled by whites.

By the way, the place you took at MIT would have been filled by a white person if there had been no immigrant applicants. There are universities in India, and you should have gone to one of them. You say that you believe in freedom of association, but if MIT had decided to stay all white, you and the rest of the Indians would have been protesting with all the other minorities.

At some point, there will be a civil war here, and you are going to have to make a run for it. Buy a nice house and a business of some kind in India now. The minorities look forward to the day when Whitey will be thrown out of power here, but when that day comes, it will be a free-for-all among all of the different groups, and the smaller groups, like the Indians, won't be able to survive.

josh said...

Re poster who said negroes would revert to sustenance farming. Haw haw haw you so CRAZY!!! Blacks will simply go where YT is. Theyll suck up welfare,and if welfare is gone,they'll steal.But farming?"Yo Shitavious,grab dat plow we gon do sum sustance farmin !!" "Is you out cho MINE muvvafukka!??"

Bogolyubski said...

To Unknown: ignore him he's probably frustrated white trash. Your views are welcomed here.

Unknown is deserving of criticism when she makes stupid assertions (as she did about Mexican criminality). While I don't necessarily view her as an enemy, she will be hammered when spouting errant nonsense (as she should). I would not be in favor of banning Unknown if this were my blog, as it is interesting to have an outsider's perspective who has some understanding of groid nature. I have met a number of Asians who are aware of the problem. Most are even more afraid to say anything about it than the average white, but the general awareness of black propensity to violent crime is evidently there.

10mm AUTO said...


Applause! Excellent. Being so "Conservative" that you celebrate the idols of the Enemy to gain a forum to speak, but upon the podium, you dare not speak the truth lest you lose respect and therefore the right to speak.


What a terrible circle.

MLK delenda est!

Pro-Civilization said...

By the way 10mm Auto and other cannon-mouths, the best way to produce and outcome amicable to the White race and civilization is not to speak as you do.

The reality is, we in the movement to expose the differently outcome of Black communities as resulting from less civilizationally-attuned genetics, combined with poorly designed schemes to solve Black problems while misunderstanding Blacks, must have tact in how we speak.

I support you Paul Kersey, even in a decision not to publish comments which would otherwise a detraction from your message, this is true conservatism. We must think of the effect of our words in advancing race realism, and not embrace a tactless, shiftless way of speaking. Paul Kersey's attitude is clear: the facts speak for themselves in Detroit, Newark, New York, New Orleans, and more, we do not need to detract ourselves by speaking with hate, or by bringing up deeply entrenched psychosis over WWII.

We must form an Artic Alliance, welcoming all those who are Pro-Civilization. Whites are the majority, but we can take in East Indians,Asians, and even negotiate with smart Negroes. The pro-civilization White race is all about taking the best and concentrating it. Divided as pro-civilization tribes, we will fall as civilization.

Divided we will fall, please do not needlessly divide us 10mm Auto and others. We are close to accomplishing our public relations goal for the White race, all we need are facts, not rhetoric.
Pat Buchanans excellent column

Conservatives who want to win need to use tactics. Tactical Race Realism is what works.


If the person who died is getting a gov. check, why report their death?

Keep the gov check coming, dude.....

Independent Accountant said...


Welcome aboard. 1530 on the 1983 SAT would be over 1600 on today's recentered exam. I grew up in NYC and am familar with Stuyversant, an extrance exam only high school, whose students average about 1400 on today's SAT.
What 10MM Auto may object to is the large number of Indians who are mediocre college grads and work in "body shops".
You are correct about the Ivy League discriminating against Asians. Asians average about 60 points higher on the SAT than even whites admitted to Ivy League schools. Schools like Cal Berkeley and Stanford also discriminate against Asians. That's the way it is today.
All that said, most Asians vote Democratic and support increases in immigration. I do neither.

Bogolyubski said...

That's a very interesting point from Pro-Civilization. I don't think I've seen this particular angle previously. Nugent might be an example of what you're referring to, but there is simply no way that folks like John Boehner, Lindsay Graham, Eric Cantor or numerous other "conservatives" are practicing such "taqquiyeh". They are all true believers in the new state religion - as is the Repuke party in general.

Your overall point dovetails with some that have been raised by Whiskey, our resident gadfly. However, taken to an extreme it reminds me of some of the BS that circulated back in the teleprompter-readership of renowned Islamic theologian Imam al-Duhbya, Mahdi from West Texas Jorge W. Busheron, who first informed the unwashed darkened masses that "Islam.... is a religion of peace." According to this theory, the shrubbery was actually a sooper-dooper double-triple seecrit conseravtive, whose "poker" game snookered all them East-coast liberals into falling for profoundly "conservative" polices like the Global War on Violent Extremism, No Child Left Behind, and the Department of Homeland Security (but only those with Rim-Job Repuke's magic Freeper decoder rings understood this deep-secret stateegery).


Ok, I've changed.

I believe Whites should be forced to live with whomever puts a gun to our head.

Anybody can live with us since I don't want to be called a hateful person.

Waaa Waaa

10mm AUTO said...


Perhaps I do speak plainly, but given your own comment about Conservative "Taqiyahh", should I really temper my views in polite language, is that really your view?

When White children are burned alive with blowtorches on Christmas Day by negros, when White men are hunted for sport by negros, when White women are are raped by the tens of thousands by negros, when 99 year old men are beaten to death by negros, while elderly White women are raped by 16 year old negros, while Whites are pulled from their cars at State Fairs by negros, while little girls are raped and murdered in their own homes by negros; you really think Whites will advance their cause by not speaking with force and belief and righteous fury?

As Whites will not be safe till negros FEAR to touch a White. Speaking in mealy mouthed phrases and being polite to their feelings will win us nothing. In fact, it got us where we are today, where negros derisively refer to us as "food".

As Bogolyubski has said, we are not getting out of this by voting, nor are we going to get out of it by carefully chosen phrases and rhetoric and a polite meeting in the dining car. No law passed will save us from this tsunami that is headed toward the White race. Further, no ill intention was directed toward fellow Whites; "I have no enemies to the White of me" as the saying goes.

The best way to have an outcome inimical to Whites is to have no contact with the negros and to enforce it with a good crack upside the head with a baseball bat if necessary to enforce it. As Paul has said, "We owe the negros NOTHING." I am not interested in " expose(ing) the differently outcome of Black communities as resulting from less civilizationally-attuned genetics, combined with poorly designed schemes to solve Black problems while misunderstanding Blacks."

I am not their keeper, their nanny or their mother. If they screw up their nest, let them. I have no interest in trying to ask them to not kill/rape/murder as it would be a waste of breath and to them a sign of weakness. Whites are always expected to take the paternal tone, the reasonable voice, the begging whine "Please don't hurt us, we really respect you." What rot.

The concept of speaking to them is silly anyway; as I am not Doctor Doolittle and I don't speak to animals.

10mm AUTO said...

O/T Love these Friday news dumps. Obama has just Executive Ordered the death of the 110 year old Civilian Marksmanship Program. I am sure it was done to help protect the lives of negros in the inner city.

Everyone speak gently and politely now so we gain respect.

MLK Delenda Est!

Anonymous said...

Conservative is equal to silence, which has lead to us being boxed in to the point of being bound and gaggled. The AA act up so much because we act conservative, which is European nature, and don't say anything anymore to anything they do, which leads them to think WT is on the fence. Try parading a black woman around and see how far you get if you are still confused as to how bad it is, and keep smiling as the black man walks white women through your neighborhood.

Mr. Rational said...

The "asians" being kept out of elite universities despite excellent scores are orientals (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.), not the races from the belt from Pakistan through Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...


WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) – Police in Wilmington are investigating the reported gang rape of two women at a park in Delaware.

Police say two women, ages 32 and 24, were reportedly attacked and sexually assaulted by a group of 10 to 12 black male juveniles in Kosciuszko Park at about 6:54 p.m. Thursday. According to police, the suspects, who range in age from 12 to 17-years-old, remain on the loose

Anonymous said...

via chucks 'news of the weird'....


-- "High School in the Community" (HSC), the teachers' union-managed school in New Haven, Conn., recently completed the first year of its program aimed in part at ending "social promotion" -- the automatic passing of students to the next grade even if they lack the skills and knowledge necessary for that grade. However, the officials were shocked to learn that not a single one of the school's 44 first-time 9th-graders passed the promotion tests (and will have lengthy 9th-grade make-up sessions over the summer or beginning again in September). (Several other 9th-graders, who were already repeating 9th grade, were promoted.) [New Haven Independent, 6-28-13]


Anonymous said...

The reason there's 50,000 loose dogs in Detroit is the same reason that detroit is bankrupt - IRRESPONSIBLE BLACKS

Pit bulls breed like rats.

D-FENS said...

Conservatism used to be a force for local sovereignty and non-interventionism until WW2. British intelligence operatives in the US actively undermined American neutrality with FDR's blessing. Part of the plan was to smear anti-interventionists such as Lindbergh and Sen, Vandenberg. The head of the British agent was William Stephenson (aka "Intrepid"). His US counterpart was William Donovan who went on to serve in the OSS and started the CIA.

It looks like the CIA went on to infiltrate both the Left and the Right. CIA operative William F. Buckley and a gaggle of "ex-Trotskyites" went on to start National Review and began purging the movement of non-interventionist conservatives. It's been downhill ever since. Present just enough safe alternatives so people are distracted enough to think they have a choice when in fact their choice is about as meaningful as a choice between Coke and Pepsi.

Much of Britain's effort to subvert US neutrality is described in a book "Desperate Deception"

I thing Bogolyubski would find this book interesting.

Cassie said...

OT, but whatever...the best thing about the UK not backing the US and taking part in any military action against Syria (apart from the fact English boys won't be dying in a third world sh*thole fighting someone else's war) is I won't have to watch Cameron poodling about behind your President, like a love-sick chick. It must be a novel experience for Obama to be told 'No' by whitey.

Nothing personal, but you hate us anyway, so who cares.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Obama, "My People" Holder, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson gave the following speech:

"Today I would like to commemorate the great martin luther king by drawing attention to n entire city run and occupied by black people. A city with a black police department, black mayor, black school board, and a black superintendent.

A city that shows that when black people are in a position of equality and independence, they can create successful communities, successful businesses, successful student bodies, and successful economy...

I'm talking, of course, about the great city of detroit, a place that illustrates exactly what black people can do when given a chance. When I look at detroit, I am, only for the first time in my life, proud of america. GOD BLESS!!"

(standing ovation from a sea of blacks and libs)

Anonymous said...

"If white people decide they want to not deal with Asians, etc., that is OK"

I've always found Asians and Whites tend to share many character traits including hard work, respect for family and planning for the future. We are both builders and producers. Black people everywhere seem to just wreck things given them by others. Its not just African/Americans. In civilization terms they are still at the toddler stage.

Anonymous said...

@Rational-Asian can mean anything. West Asia was a Caucasian homeland and in fact a branch of the Caucasian race referred to as Indo-European Aryan was from Asia.
In the US for some reason Asian usually means from the Far East while in England people think of Pakis etc. as Asians. You have 3 races in Asia-Caucasian, Mongol types and Negroids in the sub-continent of India esp. the South. Indian, like American, is a nationality not a race and it was pretty much divided into castes from the time a couple of thousand years ago that the original Indo-Euro White culture became a minority and the dark people from the south outbred them. The original Caucasians spoke Sanskrit (not spoken today) which is closely related to Latin. The original caste( L. Castus) system was a race system and the different castes would correspond to what we would refer to as mulatto, quadroon, octoroon etc.
And btw, Hindu, Buddhist and other religions were all of Indo-European Aryan origin and spread to other areas and peoples.

Unknown said...

Hi all, this is the Asian (Indian) again. I was not going to post here again, but a few of you stated you would be fine with a good discussion. However, for those who don't - please ignore me. I do believe in free association and don't want to push myself on anyone. I also have no problems on being corrected, as for example with Hispanic crime rates data, as long as it's with facts and not arbitrary name-calling.

For people who worry that Asians tend to vote liberal - it's a real worry. I am Libertarian/conservative. The problem is that Asian Americans go to American public schools and the schools have become leftist indoctrination centers. Since immigrants come here without a firm grounding in what makes America unique - things like the Constitution - it's critical if America is to have immigration that the schools and immigration policy is set up to assimilate immigrants into American traditions and culture. This used to happen with other groups, like Italians and Irish, who were very much discriminated against.

However, Obama may be helping with liberal Asians. My Mom became a US citizen in the '70s and voted Dem for years. However, when Obama was nominated, for the first time she voted Republican - for McCain. Now, I thought McCain was a poor candidate, but compared to Obama... I can't imagine how ANYONE could vote Obama.

My Mom was a lot smarter than the average white American about Obama, too. She knew right away he was a Muslim and wanted to destroy America, and she managed to convince a few of her white friends not to vote for him.

Re. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians - what people don't realize perhaps is that in India the caste system has also separated out IQ. The IQ of Brahmins is much higher than that of untouchables, for example. Hindu Brahmins who come to the US have an average IQ of 112, similar to Ashkenazi Jews. (I myself have an IQ of approx. 160. that doesn't mean I am always right, however, so, again, feel free to correct me!)

However, Muslim converts on the Indian subcontinent tended to be from the lower castes - thus lower IQ along with a nutso religion (Islam). My problem with Islam - well, this post is already long enough!

Indians do face discrimination in the US University system as well as Asians from Japan, China, etc.

As far as discrimination in general - yes, I have experienced it from whites, blacks and Hispanics, but I don't therefore hate all these groups. Statistically speaking, America is one of the least racist places on Earth. It would be stupid of me to blame a random white person for the racism of a few whites, just like it's asinine for blacks to beat up a white guy because of Trayvon. (BTW, I agree Zimmerman killed Trayvon in self defense.)

I also know black people who are hard workers, intelligent, etc. But that doesn't change the fact that statistically blacks commit more crimes and it would be stupid for me to go live in a majority black neighborhood. But individual blacks that I know personally are wonderful people just like some whites are cretins and some Asians are lazy, etc.

I really appreciate the author of this site because he's willing to post the truth and facts. I actually think if blacks read this and learn from it, it would benefit them. The thing that would help blacks the most would NOT be to demand stuff - it would be to do the hard work to fix their houses. The only way to fix a problem is to face the facts squarely.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't put together the link between blacks and abandoned dogs gone feral, but it's a problem in the city of New Orleans too. White people are responsible dog owners - blacks won't fix themselves. Why would they fix their dogs? Rather gruesomely, the feral dog population dropped off sharply during Hurricane Katrina, but it's been coming back of late. You can tell most of them had owners and are just hungry a lot of the time, poor things.

In general, people from India aren't as much of a problem here in the US, as far as things like crime go. The problem is in WHY they are here. Example - my spouse is a programmer. Certain interests now are trying to make laxer immigration laws. Why? So they can bring in programmers from India who will work for half the salary American programmers can command. Programming and other skilled labor can't be as easily outsourced, so they are trying to import workers with green cards who are willing to put up with crap wages and send the money home to their families, where American dollars will go farther. This after we went into massive debt getting the education needed to get a programming career going in the US. This is the problem with Indian immigration - not their behavior. Sucking the money away from US workers.

Speaking of New Orleans, some groids shot a baby here yesterday, a black baby. 13 months old. Shot her dead, shot her babysitter too, out on a little stroll in the nice cool early evening air, wasn't even really dark yet. Since the baby was an actual innocent, and not actualyl breaking into anyone's yard or convicted of any crimes at all, nor was her young babysitter, I'm waiting for the visits from Al Sharpton and everyone else. what I heard, however, when I happened to mention it to a young negress holding her own spawn today was this commentary: "People needs to larn how to shoot straight!" That's right - the outrage of the average black person on the street is that the young thugs in question must have shot the wrong person.
Right after this I got to witness some pickup truck drive by, the sides of which were two pieces of plywood supported by boards, and which held illegally in the rear a fairly fat negress holding up a large flat screen TV to keep it from falling over. I don't know why I'm adding this except as just a slice of life here, it just seemed so incongruous and the perfect statement on it all.

Discard said...

8:58 PM, Unknown, whosoever: While the primary focus of this blog is Black disfunction, all racial issues are relevant. There are those, for example, who like to praise Mexicans because they're not Black. Are we to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by La Raza because they are better than the worst? This blog, in fact any blog that allows honest comment, is the place to confront the Regime's lies about Hispanics or any other race.

Regarding Orientals and Hindus: The same anti-White powers that exalt Blacks and import Mexicans have brought in these other, less violent, foreigners. That alone is reason enough to be suspicious. Yes, they're smart, they've been selected for that. We're not getting their rice farmers and street sweepers. What we are getting is a new overclass, loyal to the multi-cult that brought them here, not loyal to the historic American nation. Their preference for the Democratic party shows that. Even more disturbing is their racial exclusiveness and their political activism. Look at the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles if you want to see what the New Colonialism looks like. And see how many members of Congress are taking money from Hindu lobbies. And note how your smart friends from Asia can call "Racism!" when it suits them, like when you won't let them violate zoning ordinances.

Regarding discrimination against the Eastern peoples by colleges: SATs aren't everything. Caltech regularly turns down perfect SATs. They want creative people, not smart drones. Institutions that are actually serious about education don't want those who are fanatics about getting in, because they are driven by status seeking, not a thirst for knowledge. Having taken an SAT cram course ought be reason to deny entrance to a decent school.

Lastly, stop calling White Americans haters just because they don't like your non-White pets. No other race is expected to accept displacement without complaint.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Asians hold things such as hard work, family, honor, discipline, community, sacrifice, and organization in a high regard.

Asians get things done.. an all-Asian city would be so industrious and prosperous... it would be the exact OPPOSITE of an all-black city...

D-FENS said...

"I won't have to watch Cameron poodling about behind your President, like a love-sick chick."

Hate to break it to you but BOTH are "poodling" behind Netanyahu. If you notice the chaos induced by the Arab Spring has rendered impotent all of Israel's enemies. The effort has been so successful that Israel can shift it's military emphasis away from expensive conventional forces such as tanks.

The newest one on the list is Syria. It doesn't even matter if the supposed al Qaeda takes over in Syria - they won't be able to effectively govern the country which means no military threat to Israel.

Let the settlements multiply!

Rodeo Clownette said...

Wow, I can't believe that my post was deleted when Discard's was allowed through.

Unknown said...

Yes, you are correct - white Americans do tend to be more creative than Asians.

I'm sort of an exception (this is me again, the person with parents from India) - I am very creative and less into money. I was accepted into the Brown 6 year med program but opted out because I was more interested in engineering - but then a few years ago I decided to pursue art. I now make a lot less money but I spend almost all of my time creating - which I love.

(Incidentally, my grandfather was a Sanksrit scholar, and he also had red hair, which is rare in India, but he was a fair skinned Brahmin.)

However, most Asians are not as creative as whites. Again, you can make generalizations about groups, but individuals will vary. So, like I said earlier, the statistics about black crime are facts, but an individual black person could be very law-abiding.

I totally get why American programmers could resent importing a bunch of H1 visas - particularly since the immigration system no longer works to teach immigrants why America is great, etc.

The solution is not to hate Asians or Hispanics - who are doing what all human beings do, which is to improve their lives. But instead - stop immigration! My biggest fear re. immigration is not so much Mexican gardeners or Indian programmers, but a Muslim with a suitcase nuke crossing the border. But certainly right now, when unemployment is so high, it's a rotten time to import more people.

One thing I also wonder about - why don't engineering associations do what the AMA and ABA do and control entry to the field to elevate wages?

At any rate, I think a lot of the racial friction would go away if a few things happened:

1) Stop immigration.
2) Get rid of affirmative action, racial preferences, etc. And gender preferences.
3) Stop forcing people to hire, live with, etc., people they don't like. Some of us enjoy people of all races, other don't. Forcing people to associate with people they don't like is not going to increase harmony.

Anonymous said...

IQ and Caste system.
DNA tests show gypsys are Hindu untouchables.
This makes sense, they left India behind since they were the poorest.


Cassie said...

Interesting how the presence of a non-white poster on the board has caused you guys to start squabbling amongst yourselves.

Seriously, defending non-whites by calling white people (especially racially aware) "white trash" is f*cked up. You are behaving no better than grovelling liberals.

You are so caught up with blacks, you can't see the bigger (third world) picture. It's not pretty - more Heironymus Bosch than John Constable.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:13 PM: There are lots of all-Asian Asia. Dirty dumps they are, too, as a rule. Whites who visit these places limit themselves to the Westernized parts, as the truly Asian areas are not pleasant. This is why so many of the bright ones are so anxious to leave and move in with us.

Anonymous said...

@August 30, 2013 at 11:19 PM

We've always known that gypsies originated in central India but can now prove it through tracing DNA. On their wanderings they of course mixed with other groups and changed religion ( I believe most are Christian these days)

And btw, while there are some Roma in England most so called gypsies or travellers as they're called are White Irish or Britains. They do have modern caravans they like to travel around with but they also have real houses. They also have real jobs and businesses and appear to be well off in general. They're not real gypsies and appear to be just non conformists with a certain type of their own lifestyle and attitudes. The Roma gypsies in England are a pain in the arse and have most of the negative characteristics associated with them. Some of them have even moved into people's houses while they were away on holiday lol

Mr. Rational said...


If you could follow the thought processes which are the essence of having an IQ of 160, you would have a similar IQ already.

Anonymous said...

MIT alum: Many "Hispanics" are mistakenly (intentionally?) classified by folks in law enforcemet as being white.

Not true.

Take a look at the Most Wanted photos from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Mestizos ain't white.

As for self-segregation, 'tis true.

Just look at Hollywood. It might as well be a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...


Okay, go somewhere where you work with really slow people for charity or something. Be nice to them - it isn't their fault. Be patient with them. Explain everything to them really slowly.

Now imagine that compared to you, most people in the world are that way. Including those running things.

Realize this doesn't mean you will automatically rise to the top because when you try explaining things to them, since they comprise the vast super-majority of the population, they will be so completely unable to understand you that you will be labelled crazy, a heretic, a sinner, or something similar. Realize the best course of action is to keep your mouth shut. Realize this before you turn 13 as a method of survival.

Suppress the frequent urge to violently bang your head against the nearest brick wall. The current LGBT mantra is "it gets better" but it doesn't, really.

Bogolyubski said...

MIT alum: Many "Hispanics" are mistakenly (intentionally?) classified by folks in law enforcement as being white.

Intentional. Official FBI-DOJ policy since the 1970s is to classify Hispanic perpetrators of violent crime as "white" while at the same time breaking them out as a separate "Hispanic" category when counting victims of violent crime. All local and state police agencies follow these reporting rules. There is simply no innocent explanation for this kind of Soviet-style statistical manipulation (and it is only one of several tricks employed). Three guesses which ethnicity the authors of the methodology were (first two don't count). Shit is gold, gold is shit. War is peace, peace is war.

Unknown said...

As far as having a high IQ - it's good in some ways, but bad in others. When I was a kid I was a social mis-fit. It took me a while to learn to fit in. It hasn't made me rich, but that is not my goal. I think being happy is more important, and for me, happiness is equated with freedom, independence and doing work I love. I've figured out how to live on a fairly low income so that I was able to quit my job as an engineering manager and work as an artist and writer. It pays a LOT less but it feeds my soul. I essentially chopped my income by 70% but I'm happier now. Go figure.

One reason I support the Constitution 100% - if we actually lived according to the Constitution and free markets, our society would be the freest and best in the world. I support the 2nd Amendment, limited government, etc.

As far as white pride, etc. - I don't see why that is an issue. I am proud of my Indian heritage, why shouldn't whites be proud of theirs? Blacks have the NAACP, if Irish or Italians wanted their version - why would that be a bad thing? Also, we have all female colleges, organizations, etc., what would be so bad about having all male ones as well? Why do all male institutions have to become co-ed?

Seems to me that white males in America are the most discriminated group. I see that as a problem. Discriminating against white men today for wrongs committed against other groups yesterday is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

So I'm a white male, 51, work as a an RN. My IQ us aroung 105, average white guy IQ as far as the bell curve is concerned I'd say. I came across SBPDL after reading a PK article at Vs, for those of you who don't know it, mostly concerns itself with immigration and the United States. For our Asian/Indian poster in this thread. You are correct, it would be best if immigration into the U.S. were stopped for several decades. Since 1965 the door has been wide open to the world and a ciuntry (U.S.) that had been around 90% white is now 70-75% white and falling rapidly. I'm sure you're a fine, very intelligent, wonderful person. And allowing the massive influx of your forebears and the rest of the world into the U.S. is death to me and my own. Watch the movie Apollo 13. Those science guys in the movie were all white. I think that's because the recall science guys were all white. White people do quite well at science. And all the STEM for that matter. Enough so that they put multiple men on the moon and then brought them back to earth. No other peace has done the R&D and exerted the effort to do that.
My point? White people have contributed a lit more than governmental ideas and economic notions to this world. Why aren't more whites going into STEM? Well the political mandate for diversity in the workplace is a start. You must be a gkdsend to your not as smart as you boss. A woman, minority in terms if U.S. population, and smart to boot. Of course a capable white person might be bumped from your job due to the color of their skin. That's all for now.


Interesting how a Indian can defend an all White nation, but I, a White man can't.

AnalogMan said...

Unknown re: I myself have an IQ of approx. 160

Congratulations, yours is bigger than mine. It is not, however, representative of Indians, and it doesn't make you White. That doesn't mean I don't like you, or wouldn't if I knew you.

Your statement reminds me of my ex-wife. She was (is) an incorrigible liar. I learned that one of the signs that she was lying was when she became vague (like "about 160"). Don't you know?

Unknown said...

AnalogMan - I've taken 3 IQ tests in my life and the results were 161, 159 and 163. But it's easier to just say I've got an IQ of about 160 than to give all the details, unless someone is actually interested.

To the anon. RN - Yes, white scientists and inventors have done amazing things. But I suspect a free society allows free enquiry in other areas. Right now, while we have got rid of our space program (thank you Obama!) the Chinese are working on theirs. I think that's a bigger problem than having scientists with Indian, Chinese, Russian, etc., names working at NASA.

Also, the number of people with a 160 IQ (or thereabouts) is 1/35,560. So there are about 8500 Americans with IQs equal to or higher than mine, some of whom are non-white. How many of the white ones were interested in getting PhDs in optical networks during the 1996 academic year? (the topic of my thesis was CDMA networks). Probably not too many. For this reason, I really doubt I displaced a better qualified white guy. Who knows? Who knows if a less qualified white guy might have gotten a job I applied for because the employer preferred whites?

I'm against racial and gender preferences but if, say, a woman kicks butt on a fire-fighter's exam and does better than the men competing for that slot - well, she should get the job, assuming it's based on merit and open to everyone. Same with Asians, blacks, etc. Just my opinion, we can agree to disagree.

If you want to start up a business and only hire whites, even if there are better qualified non-whites - then that should be your prerogative and I don't think the government should force you to meet quotas re. race or gender.

Re. the country as a whole - I think the time to keep the country majority white was back in the 1960s, or, actually, back in slavery days - importing a bunch of AFricans back then is coming back to kick America in the butt big time. Makes one believe payback for generational sin might actually exist.

Discard said...

Unknown: Of course you see the Chinese space program as more of a problem than NASA's hiring of foreigners. For you, hiring foreigners is not a problem at all.

I don't care about your IQ. Along with every high IQ Hindu we import we get a slew of tag-along mediocrities to run our 7-11s. We need zero Hindus in this country, and even less do we need their caste mentality and contempt for ordinary Whites.

Simply put, you are a high functioning outsider with good English skills who is laughing at us. You were brought here to help our overlords rule and get rich. You are not an American, you're just a well-rewarded lackey of the multi-cult and are glad of it.

Mr. Rational said...

Makes one believe payback for generational sin might actually exist.

Given the persistent backwardness of India, it looks like the generational sin of the caste system is exacting paybacks too.  The more smugness you exhibit here, the more I begin to favor sending you back to it and making you deal with it instead of exploiting the social capital that Europeans created in the USA.  If you can do as well, why haven't you?

The USA would have a lot less "payback" if we hadn't listened to Marxists (liberals) and essentially paid for the useless underclasses to breed.  Margaret Sanger was right.

Unknown said...

To Discard:

I doubt I will change your mind, but I don't hold whites in contempt or laugh at them. I was born in NYC and most of my friends growing up were white - though many of them were Jewish - do you consider Jews to be white?

I love America and want the best for this country, that is why it concerns me that China is going to have a space program while we won't. It also concerns me that China holds so much American debt, that we continue to run huge deficits, etc. These things should concern you, too.

I've been appalled at the lack of education in the public school system - I have read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, etc., but these were things I did on my own, not things that were required. It should concern you that the average American knows more about the Jersey Shore or whatever the latest fad is (I don't watch much TV so I don't know) than they do about American history.

As far as my being a foreigner - well, I was born in the US. Most of the people living in the US are descended from immigrants from various countries and a couple of white groups were not considered white when they first came here. The Irish, for example, were not considered white by many (one can find the 19th century documents).

A friend of mine whose family immigrated here from Italy in the 1920s told me that his grandmother, who was a child at the time, remembers having to use the colored water fountains, etc., since they lived in the South and I guess Italians weren't considered white in the 1920s?

As far as blacks - most of them were brought here against their will by whites. Some Hispanics were here generations before whites - at least where I live, in Texas, there are Hispanic families that have lived here since before the Spanish missions were established.

The huge influx of illegals - whose fault is that? Any idiot would realize that we need to monitor our borders and enforce immigration laws, but we don't. Just as whites can take credit for the Industrial Revolution and the Constitution, they also own the open borders policies and the importation of blacks since they were the ones in charge when these things were happening.

Even Obama being elected President can be blamed on stupid leftist whites because the white vote is the majority vote in this country. What is wrong with white people that they voted for Obama? I listen to Rush Limbaugh fairly often and I remember him saying that a country that would vote for Obama is a country that may not be able to be redeemed. I hope he's wrong, but I fear we are right.

Sheila said...

You know, I started to write a comment to the usual IKAGO Indian commenter, and then I just stopped. I just don't give a damn. Why should I bother trying to correct her "treat everyone as an individual" crap or challenge her "I consider myself an American" statement? I just don't care anymore. I've quit voting, I'm trying to get my husband to cut off the cable, I don't read the paper or watch tv or listen to the radio, and I rarely comment online anymore. Today's the first day in about a week I've even read anything online. I've QUIT America as much as is humanly possible without actually leaving the country - and I'm working on that, too.

Fine, little Miss Indian (thus ensuring Paul won't publish this) - you're an American and you know all about everything because you went to MIT (mustn't neglect to mention those credentials, now) and coming from such an advanced native society, you know all about how to fix everything. I just don't care. I've been trying to make myself go out to do various necessary personal and household errands for a week now, but I just cannot stand being around what passes for people these days. Same here - I have to listen to someone like the IKAGO Indian tell me how she, as an American, knows how to fix things. Fine - it's your country, honey - I seceded long ago. Be my guest.

While your posts are worth reading, Paul, you keep sprinkling little "gems" among the comments you permit and banning others - I'm tired of that, too. It's just not worth the bother commenting anymore.

Discard said...

Unknown: Rudyard Kipling was born in India, and was not an illegal nor the son of illegals. Was he an Indian? No, he was a foreigner who owed his status to a power structure that imposed itself on India. As are you.

Honestly, I do not hate Hindus, though I detest their caste system. (Please don't bother telling me that you don't believe in that stuff. Living in the land of institutional racism, I'm not about to believe that Hindus can shed 3000 years of cultural conditioning by reading our founding documents) I can not bring myself to be less than polite to the well-mannered Hindus I meet. But as I have said on another thread, one Hindu or Iranian or Chinese family in a neighborhood is acceptable diversity, two families of any such exotics is the nucleus of a colony. I grew up in Los Angeles and lived there for many years. I have watched my city turn from paradise into a 3rd World dump. The rot always starts with just a few invasives, generally pleasant and productive, but the end result is always White displacement.

Yes, I am concerned about the ignorance of the Average White. It concerns me that we're abandoning space exploration. It concerns me that our ruling class has exported our manufacturing and the jobs that it provided. It concerns me that we're so far in debt. But allowing a multi-cultural elite to establish itself here will do nothing to rectify those concerns, it will worsen them.

I don't care if some Southerners did not regard Italians as White in the 1920s. (Most likely they were pretty dark) I don't believe that anybody imagined that the Irish were not White, unless they took "White" to mean Anglo-Saxon, and I wouldn't care if they did anyway. I don't care that a small proportion of Hispanics in this country are descended from pre-1846 residents. (Texas was 1/8 Mexican. California had 4000 Mexicans.) Arizona was full of Apaches. Only New Mexico was really Mexican. Before the 1965 Immigration act, most Mexicans were descended from people fleeing the Mexican troubles of 1910-1920.) None of this history justifies importing Hindus, or Chinese, or Moslems. Does the fact that I once wet my pants mean that I should shit them too?

As for the huge influx of illegals, We the People voted against it. In California, we passed ballot initiatives by wide margins, that the courts always seem to find unconstitutional. We tried and we're still trying. It seems, however, the We the People have about as much say here as Untouchables had in the Raj.

Are we Whites responsible for the destruction of our countries? Only in that we have been the most tolerant and accepting race on Earth. Our decency has been used against us. Most Whites who support Obama are decent, foolish people who really believe in multiculturalism and feminism and all that crap, in theory at least. I, on the other hand, reject it, as I reject you. Nothing personal at all, but you have as much business living here as Rudyard Kipling had in India.

BTW: You asked if I thought that Jews were White. Not really. Many of them simply don't regard themselves as White and will say so, so what should I think? Commonly, they will put Jewish interests ahead of American interests, and far too many are actively opposed to White interests, like the right to a homeland. I take Jews on a case by case basis, and too often they are against us. Particularly those who play so dominant a role in the media, business, law, and politics. Whiter than Hindus, anyway.

Unknown said...

Discard - first off, I appreciate that even though we obviously disagree, at least we are both being well mannered and civilized about it. To clarify in case you misunderstood - I am not trying to change your mind or tell you how to think, simply enjoying the give and take of opinions. I don't believe my race is superior to yours.

Couple of quick points:

1) Sonia Gandhi is an Italian who married Rajiv Gandhi and became head of the Indian National Congress. There are people in India of different ethnicities including whites who are citizens of India with full rights.

2) The case of white South Africans: I think they should be treated like citizens, afforded the same protections as blacks, not discriminated against, etc. I was quite upset when I read that white farmers were being killed and the government did nothing to protect them. This is the same principle I apply to various ethnicities in this country. My definition of right and wrong is not race-dependent.

3) I don't care about caste on an individual basis. You don't know me so you can't verify this but there is a difference between foreign-born and those who grow up here. Among my Chinese friends - those born here would think nothing of dating a Japanese and I know of a few who have done it, whereas foreign born Chinese would not do that. Or, as another example - my cousin who grew up in the US married a Muslim girl even though he is a Hindu.

4. I remember seeing a couple of newspaper articles from the 1800s where Anglo-Saxon Americans stated that the Irish were not white - I wish I could find the references for you so you could look them up. It's fascinating. My point was not that Indians or Chinese are white but that what is considered "us" vs. "them" changes over time.

5) I believe tribalism is primitive. One reason blacks in America are increasingly violent is that they seem to have a tribal mentality - thus OJ Simpson is excused of obvious murder because he is black. Not all blacks are like this - Thomas Sowell and Allen West for example. Most of the Asians I know would not excuse a criminal Asian due to race. Most Hispanics I know would not excuse a monster like Ariel Castro. Most whites do not do this either. I believe there are universal principles of right and wrong that people should follow if they wish to lead a moral life - things like not cheating others, not destroying or stealing other peoples' property, etc.

Obviously your experiences are different from mine and I respect that and respect you even though I disagree with you. Thanks for being willing to engage with me for this rather long conversation.

Discard said...

1. I am aware that there are Indians who appear to be unambiguously White. I saw the Bollywood movie "Bride and Prejudice". All the really admirable characters looked Whiter than I do, and the Hindu-looking ones were buffoonish. Weird.

2. My definition of right and wrong is not race-dependent, but racial distinctions track right and wrong pretty closely in my view. For example, Whites should rule Blacks when the two races are in proximity, because the White man is so far superior. On the other hand, Whites should not necessarily rule Orientals when the two groups are put together, since Orientals are fully capable of building civilizations. We're not racially the same, but we are racial peers.

3. You might believe that you don't care about caste, but it's my observation that Hindus in American stick to their own caste when choosing White friends. Specifically, I have noticed that the only Whites who have Hindu friends are educated and well off. In short, American Brahmins. Which tells me that Hindus don't seem to make friends with Americans who would, in India, be regarded as lower caste. They simply attach their traditional contempt for the lower castes to ordinary White class bias.

Like I said, I don't care that some small number of White Americans said or wrote that the Irish were not White, but if Celts aren't White, I don't know who is.
As for Us vs Them, you are part of the Them that hates the common White American, that displaces us with foreigners, that denies us what we have earned in order to give it to their pet minorities. Whether you know it or not, you or your parents were brought here to rule us. Doubt it? Think about the Hindus the British brought to Southeast Asia or Africa. They were a privileged group, and they owed their position to the British. Whatever they were in India, in other lands they were de facto Britons, supporters of the Empire. British held the top jobs, but Hindus provided the middle class that the Empire needed in its more benighted territories. Similarly, in America, Asians are understandably committed to the multi-cult that has benefitted them so. That's why you're here. Whether or not you or some other foreigner bears us animosity means nothing. Your presence in numbers enough to matter is damaging. That most of you are supporters of the openly anti-White party is galling. That there is a Hindu lobby which has made contributions to over 150 U.S. Congressmen clearly indicates that there is a divergence between American interests and yours, between Us and You.

5. Tribalism is not primitive, it is normal, and it is useful. Do not academics, for example, constitute a tribe, seeking their own interests at the expense of taxpayers? Think about it. Professors and writers and and psychologists have different hobbies and amusements than the common man, they do different sorts of work than the common man, and live in different neighborhoods. They have an entirely separate culture from the average man, they like it that way, and act collectively to preserve their way of life. Why expect people in less privileged circumstances to give up tribalism and its benefits when their betters won't?
Chinese are tribal enough to choose Chinese neighborhoods, and if they can't find one, they take over a White town. Koreans don't defend a Korean killer, but they are tribal enough to apologize for him. And Koreans are too tribal to want to live in a Chinese town, so they take over a different one (Check out Montrose, California). Mexicans may not defend Ariel Castro, whoever he is, but they do defend their Cholo gangsters when the cops shoot them (Check out Anaheim, California).

If you want to look deeper into tribalism, look up in group/out group morality. Look up the Hajnal line. See which race is the least tribal, and see how we have been exploited for that weakness.

You're right, we do have different experiences. You benefit from the invasion of my country. I don't.

Anonymous said...

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