Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why is MLK's Dream the Only Road-map for the Future of America?

Fifty years ago today, America was less than six years away from sending men to the moon.
Martin Luther King's dream came true in 82 percent Detroit, right?

Detroit was still one of America' most important cities, with a population of 1.8 million people that was 72 percent white.

Today, Detroit is 82 percent black, a bankrupt city where 50,000+ dogs aimlessly roam the streets.

Streets that were paved with only one ingredient in mind during their construction: fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream.

Today, tens of thousands of black people converged on Washington D.C. to 'march again' in honor of MLK and the desire to keep alive his "dream."

Never mind that it came true in Detroit.

There's still work to do, Attorney General Eric Holder said in his speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Though Birmingham, Alabama is a 74 percent black city (complete with black mayor, black police chief, and majority black city council), we still must wonder if MLK's dream is a reality. That's what the Birmingham News actually published, thus begging the question "what exactly was his dream?" [Is Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream a reality? In changed Birmingham, yes and no,, 8-24-13]

MLK III, the eldest son Michael King himself, said "the task is still not done," when he spoke today, again begging the simple question: "What the hell was Martin Luther King's dream and why in the world is it the only approved dream American's must all embrace as the vision of the future?" [Marching for King's dream: 'The task is not done', Detroit News, 8-24-13]
SBPDL has a different dream for the future...

Had Martin Luther King Jr. not been assassinated in 1968, he'd have joined his right-hand man Ralph Abernathy in 1969 when the latter protested the monumental waste of money white America was expending in reaching to the stars (for a glimpse of the real King, read this Playboy interview from January 1965)

In Mark Thompson's Space Race: African American Newspapers Respond to Sputnik and Apollo 11, he makes clear that Rev. Abernathy - MLK's successor to the mantle of #1 racial huckster and new head of his Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) - and much of black America didn't share their white countrymen's enthusiasm for space exploration:

Before the launch, civil rights activist Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy led a protest complaining about the amount of money spent on the Apollo program while vast numbers of people remained at the poverty level. “America has reached out to the stars but has not reached out to her starving poor,” explained Abernathy while leading a small group of 15 African Americans through the Cape Kennedy Visitors Center.

An article penned by Booker Griffin in the Los Angeles Sentinel proffered the argument that while the moon landing was definitely “one of the miracles of the ages” and that “[t]aken at face value, it would seem that all Americans would rejoice at such a monumental occurrence,” Griffin announced: “I do not.” In Griffin’s article, entitled “Moon Dust and Black Disgust,” a central theme was the contrast between what the Apollo program achieved and what remained underachieved on earth in the black communities: “Here is a country that cannot pass a rat control bill to protect black babies from rats, but can spend billions to explore rocks, craters and dust thousands of miles away.” (p. 51)
In 2013, after forty years of black political control of Detroit, much of the city is now nothing more than rocks and dust, with burnt-out buildings a reminder that some form of civilization once flourished in the city: white civilization.

We could have been on Mars, but we terminated that mission in exchange for seeing Martin Luther King's dream come to fruition.

It's time to tear up that road-map for the future.

Judging by 2013 Detroit and Birmingham, there's more promise for civilization amid the dust, rocks, and craters of the moon, then in these two black politically (and morally) controlled municipalities.

For $20, you can buy an acre of land on the moon; for $1, you can buy a house in 82 percent black Detroit.

That, my friends, is Martin Luther King's dream come true... in monetary value. 


Southron said...

Every time the subject of MLK comes up, you hear the phrase, "We've come a long way, but we've got a long way to go."

The "we've come a long way part" is to give credit to MLK and the great civil rights struggle that a lot of elitists still hold as sacred.

The "we've got a long way to go" represents the fact that they ain't finished with you yet, whitey! You haven't even begun to pay the bill they think you owe.

How much further do we have to go? The civil rights leaders will be sure to let you know when they decide perfect equality has been achieved. Which will, of course, be never.

Blacks are worse off today than 1963 by probably any metric you choose to compare. Instead of realizing pouring money into a bottomless hole helps no one, the con game will continue. There are too many people that get enriched by black dysfunction for it to ever end.

For a laugh, read what segregationists used to say about what would happen if we integrated. You'd think they had a time machine.

Don M said...

Chanted to the cadence of Gill Scott Heron's "Whitey on the Moon"

Neil Armstrong died today
with Sambo on the dole
He's done picked up and gone away
with Sambo on the dole
We can't afford no moonshots now
with Sambo on the dole
Ten years from now we'll be broke still
with Sambo on the dole
Taxes takin' my whole damn check,
Junkies makin' me a nervous wreck,
The price of food is goin' up,
An' as if all that sh*t wuzn't enough:
Neil Armstrong died today
with Sambo on the dole
How come there ain't no money here?
Hmm! Sambo's on the dole
Y'know I jus' 'bout had my fill
of Sambo on the dole
I think I'll sen' the taxman's bills,
Airmail special
to Sambo on the dole

eah said...

As I like to occasionally point out: Whites are not allowed to be citizens of Liberia (look it up), which has been an independent nation since about the time California became a state. Surely the 'Dream' must have become real there, right? Meaning without racist Whites to hinder them, if there's anywhere in the world where Blacks ought to be able to showcase their potential it's in Liberia. So in addition to covering this 'Dream' commemoration, they ought to send a TV crew to Liberia to show all of us what Blacks have been able to achieve on their own there.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

I start to think the civil rights legislation wasn't the problem. Look, blacks in the early 60s had a lower illegitimacy rate than whites do today. They were getting wealthier, were better behaved, and there was a sense of contribution to society. It was not unreasonable to remove laws on segregation; I have to believe even LBJ wouldn't have done it if Detroit 2013 were in front of him, or if 70% of black children were literally bastards.

But... you can do away with segregation without opening the borders to a new underclass of unskilled, lower-IQ labor that was due to undercut your own native group of unskilled, lower-IQ labor (1965 immigration act). You don't need to pass a "war on poverty" that REQUIRES the absence of a man in order for a woman to get paid, and pay her more money the more bastards she churns out. You don't need to let up the enforcement of real, criminal laws against blacks and let bad behavior rule the ghetto.

Blacks have gone backwards since that time, and the changes of the post-1963 period have the most to do with that.

R.E. Prindle said...

Here's an interesting Negro web site that recently got a lot of attention. It might be worth some discussion. Very nice organization that could be easily be duplicated.

Anonymous said...

as if there's discrimination today -
people say it like it's true, but have no examples of it (or they say it's "institutional" as in requiring high test scores or a decent brain discriminates against blacks)
we could make black crime be even higher - if we ran thru black neighborhoods yelling N-words - no sane white does that - none of the whites who were attacked randomly by blacks have done that - yet blacks - nigcluding the prez say "there's still discrimination" - i call BS.

Anonymous said...

MLK was a sex crazed burrhead, and his only dream was for free white snatch 'n malt liquor.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good site that actually reports, and seems to keep current, black-on-white crime.

Lily White said...

I see where Martin Luther King III said in a speech at the 50th anniversary of the "March on Washington" that "the color of one's skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder..."

You got THAT right, Martin. Black skin does indeed mean a free license to do whatever you damn well please. And that's just the way you and yours like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of Negro rhetoric about being mistreated. As always, it's just noise about how blacks are the victims of persecution within the confines and infrastructure of a European-based civilization.

I'm tired of this same, tired song. If things are so godawful bad, then they should create their own civilization and infrastructure in which they can have full control.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I interpret "we've got a long way to go" as generally referring to reparations. As in official reparations from the fedurah gubmint. Then, when that money is paid out to negros, after being stolen from YT, once it is squandered on flat screens and spinning rims and Xboxes and malt liquor, they'll be right back asking for more. Because (at least until brilliant black geneticists develop the technology) money can't buy intelligence or equal outcomes.


Anonymous said...

His dream is alive and well in the continued art of the grift practiced by professional blacks for BRA. He Had A Dream...for more of whitey's money.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stats on mudsharks and coal burners:

Anonymous said...

Why is MLK's Dream the Only Road-map for the Future of America?

it's a dream that is endorsed by many minority political activists, and seen as a model and blueprint for other types of minorities such as homosexuals and other queers

Anonymous said...

Ex Brooklynnite, you're dreaming, buddy.
Extending equal civil rights to blacks IS the problem. When they were held in-check, they were chimps who felt the heavy hand of discipline upon their necks. They still chimped-out alot, but mostly where and when the white hand was not nearby. Fully emancipating them gave them more opportunnity to chimp-out in white living space. Removing the white hand of discipline invited them to be themselves, and being themselves means chimpin' large.
Stupid whites not only apologized for the white hand that once tried to suppress negro nature, but our stupid whites invited negroes to attack the white hand.
Equal civil rights for non-whites was and is a colossally stupid idea. The evidence was always there. But emotionally manipulated whites failed - FAILED - to listen to those more learned then themselves. Carleton Putnam, for example, told them so. Hell, Thomas Jefferson told them so!

Moondoggie said...

I happen to be in Minneapolis this saturday night on business. While taking in a hot summer breeze sitting by a fountain on Nicolete mall, a randie looking black man is not far away playing the sax. I am just people watching and about every 5 minutes a white man not a woman drops a buck into the open sax case.
They don't stop to listen, they just walk by and drop a buck. Of course my first and only thought is these pathic pussy white liberals are so guilt ridden it has become an automatic response to feed the negro. After the fifth drop a buck I start to listen to sax player, the nig can't play a lick at all. He plays the same tune over and over,very poorly I may add and twice tried to play something else, not even close to the real tune. A prime example of rewarding negros just for trying.... and not actually acomplishing something. Idiot liberals. Par for the course eh !

Anonymous said...

It's happened AGAIN---probably in celebration of MLK anniversary:

So, 20 year old thug burglar named Javon Tyrek Rogers kills elderly lady, Fannie Gumbinger. No pictures or mentions of race, but I'd bet my next paycheck this is YET ANOTHER black-on-White murder. Thanks, MLK and the Snivel Rights propagandists for setting the black race free to create pandemonium and lawless mayhem in my once great country.


Bogolyubski said...

Few realize it, but today's Detroilet was the lying communist Michael King's true vision for America. So, his acolytes like Eric "My Peeps" Holder and Housenigga Hussein (D'Won Mocha Messiah) are being quite truthful when they say that "We've come a long way, but we've got a long way to go". They simply aren't referring to the same thing that the stupid cluck Christians who worship his negretude think they are.

They've come a long way in the destruction of a once-great nation, whose future - if left to the likes of them - will be that of today's Detroilet writ large. St. Martin the Adulterer's vision was BRA, and Detroilet is BRA's Potemkin village.

Anonymous said...

eah said....

"...they ought to send a TV crew to Liberia to show all of us what Blacks have been able to achieve on their own there."


It's been done. Presenting one of the scariest dosumentaries you will ever see starring the infamous "General Butt Naked":

Feel free to indulge your craving for scary horror from the comfort of your computer desk...

Anonymous said...

"Here is a country that cannot pass a rat control bill to protect black babies from rats"
Which country is he talking about? I see a country that has spent trillions to create, feed, shelter, educate, and incarcerate black babies; but can only passively watch other countries explore extra-terrestrial rocks, craters and dust.
And, a house in 82 percent black Detroit? I wouldn't buy that for a dollar.

Bogolyubski said...

As I like to occasionally point out: Whites are not allowed to be citizens of Liberia (look it up), which has been an independent nation since about the time California became a state. Surely the 'Dream' must have become real there, right? Meaning without racist Whites to hinder them, if there's anywhere in the world where Blacks ought to be able to showcase their potential it's in Liberia. So in addition to covering this 'Dream' commemoration, they ought to send a TV crew to Liberia to show all of us what Blacks have been able to achieve on their own there.

Yeah, but only if they interview General Butt Naked (who is now a preacher-man, winnin' souls for Jeezus), along with his arch-enemies General Mosquito, and Mosquito's nemesis - General Mosquito-Spray. Perhaps these distinguished military commanders can be imported to run our joint cheephs.

Bogolyubski said...

Chalk up another great victory for the Sons of Obama, this time a 99-year white woman in upstate NY. Just acting out Dr. Keeehng's vision. What does this make since the acquittal of the white-hispanic-octaroon (and loyal party-member) George Zimmerman - around 50 dead?

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Here's a good site that actually reports, and seems to keep current, black-on-white crime.

Thanks for the link. It looks quite comprehensive and current. The trend is just unbelievable. It must be random, right?

PK - if this is not on your links section, it needs to be.

Anonymous said...

King was a Communist and a liar.But so is most of the so called leadership of BRU.It is amusing that these moral reprobates call themselves Reverands to cover for their evil.

Anonymous said...

A better road map for the future is the one we used for three centuries.

1) People come here with social status on a par with that they held before. Landed gentry became landed gentry, laborers became laborers, jungle savages became slave labor. This last one was a mistake; jungle savages never had to prove they were civilized.

2) People earned greater status through individual effort, and luck, based on their ethnic preferences. Amish found fertle ground in Pa., Irish found politics, Italians found corruption. Negroes found . . . sharecropping. This was their apex.

3) Someone got a bad case of noblesse oblige (sp) and freed the niggers, and then tried to make them into white people.

4) Negroes revolted, and developed hip-hop to enslave white children.

5) (Future) Whites relegate negroes to non-voting status after a great upheaval.

Discard said...

Southron: The inability of Blacks to ever become our equals makes them the ideal weapon, because there will never be an end to their "needs".

Discard said...

I feel sorry for those poor 50,000 homeless doggies.

Anonymous said...

MLK said he dreamed that people would be judged by the content of their character. That is clearly not happening... we have a long way to go, because we've been going backwards.

Warrior said...




Anonymous said...

I haven't the slightest problem with paying nigs a 'last hurrah' reparations payment.However,they MUST leave the continental USA.PERIOD(.)Africa sounds about right.They could be told just how much US money is worth in Africa,how far it will go,etc.A giant casino resort could be built,or even a big city to receive them. Even if a dime is worth say equivalent to US 100$ in africa,every last nig will be broke in no time.Plant caches of dope and weapons here and there,and have cameras everywhere,showing a pay-per-view chimp-out extraveganza ! It does not matter HOW much money we 'spend' (print).We,the US,will finally be off the hook financially from nigger disfunction.What a beautiful place we can have! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Update on latest genocidal black action--it has now been confirmed the 20 year old thug is black and the 99 year old defenseless murder victim was White...

Fucking piece of shit----


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

What did the Mercury/Gemini?Apollo program do?

-The internet came into being.

-Computers got smaller and lots faster.

-Geosync satellites allow for superb cell phones, cable, faxing as never before.

-We've looked out and can see that God's not exactly finished with His works, it's a cool thing to witness this 14.78 billion year art project.

-Kids became engineers, pilots, doctors, programmers, nurses, robotics persons.

-That Elton John was right, Mars ain't the place to raise your magnetic field to stop radiation.

-The cosmos is even bigger than anyone can think about.

Okay, now, what did pawning over billions to Mr. and Ms. Negro accomplish?

-One, maybe two generations of assholes who firmly believe they're not responsible for jack doodly, and YT owes them until Christ returns.

-Turned major cities, towns and hamlets into the shit we saw in Blade Runner.

-Created a kind of music that sets off seismographs.

-Created a kind of fashion that circus clowns wouldn't wear.

-A whining noise that goes off anytime they think they've been insulted.

Going to the moon, according to many of those in the finance biz said that the program gave us a return on the dollar that nothing else can touch.

Handing over freebies to Mr and Ms Negro? Ain't. Done. Shit.

Okay, well, unless you think that transforming America into Rome circa 475CE is a good thing.

I don't.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream that one day black people will stand on their own two feet, stop blaming other races for their dysfunctions and failures and build solid, decent, thriving communities that aren't No-Go zones.
Did I say dream? I meant fantasy because it will NEVER happen.

Anonymous said...
This site clearly says it in the intro-the blacks want to rule the world.They are just the khazarian tool for destroying the white and intelligent race.These guys should be suited for spreading a violence,but they are not!The west coast of USA has been cleared from white people on purpose!Future state separation is coming...

Anonymous said...

"We've come a long way, but we've got a long way to go."

Back in Jim Crow times 73% of black births were in wedlock, x amount were employed, y% graduated school.

Since Michael King's quoting that other preacher a certain group has reverted back to African behaviour.

Anonymous said...

As has been mentioned before, the reasons Negros weren't excited about space exploration is because dem Gypshunz already be flyin' to da moon in dey pir-midz, gnowhutimsayin.

Space travel was just another Negro invention dat da white debil be stealin'.

Anonymous said...

So much of the money poured into black areas gets grabbed by middle class people of all races. So much of it is a scam. Education first and foremost. Newark NJ spends $23,000/year for each kid in the school, 80% from taxpayers in other parts of the state.

Imagine a welfare mother with 4 kids, thats $92,000 just in education money. Imagine 5 similar families, total public money $460,000. A building under lock and key like a prison with supervised trips and meals provided and the mothers required to learn to read, forced to supervise the kids, teachers brought in, no men allowed unsupervised --- would it work?

Anonymous said...

Just when you think it can't get worse because it's impossible to get worse, a new low is reached. This one REALLY takes the cake: an Obama's son beat to death a 99-YEAR-OLD woman in her own house:


Anonymous said...

Just when you think it can't get worse because it's impossible to get worse, a new low is reached. This one REALLY takes the cake: an Obama's son beat to death a 99-YEAR-OLD woman in her own house:


It's Time said...

re: Christopher Lane

101 S. 11TH
Duncan, Oklahoma 73533
(580) 255-8726
FAX: (580) 255-1889


Anonymous said...

Negroes love to quote the MLK line about being judged by the content of one's character but as soon as you judge them by the content of their character, they immediately run to hide behind their skin color and scream racism.
Every platitude uttered by a negro is simply lip service to an ideal and means nothing. It serves two purposes- 1.) to present an image of morality and high ideals even though the image is false (and just a smokescreen) and has nothing to do with what they really are or how they really think, act and behave and 2.) It's used as a launch pad to launch accusations of racism when the hypocrisy of #1 is pointed out and they're shown up for what they really are.
Judge MLK by the content of his character- a philanderer, liar, plagiarist, whore hopper etc and "You iz a raycist!!!"
As I've always said about blacks, their motto is "Image is Everything, Substance is Nothing."
Reveal the truth and you will be attacked, vilified, denounced and reviled by them as a evil racist because you dared to NOT parrot their delusions, lies and fantasies in service of da sacred negro image.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see what other criminal shenanigans the dark diversity has been up to besides the killing of a defenseless 99-year old White lady.

1st up-an 8 yr old "axadently" kills his 90 year old caregiver (race unknown but suspected black)--just after playing Grand Theft Auto. No pics of the future death row inmate, but interviews with "nay-bahs" next door strongly indicate the whiff of african lack of future time orientation. Oh, and according to Louisiana law, the kid CANNOT be charged with ANYTHING. I am sure he'll be moving next door to you in about 5 years thanks to the Imperial FedGov's Section 8 mandates!!


Next up is the shooting rampage of one Hubert Allen Jr.-grandpappy to NFL feetsball playa CJ Spiller. Hubert had just retired from his job at a trucking company and instead of enjoying his time off, decided to blow away 3 of his former co-workers before (thankfully) ending his miserable existence on planet Earth. At least Hubert did his part in destroying the oft-brought-up myth that ALL shooting rampages are done by Whitey...

And to think summer is just a little over half over. Makes one wonder what the next negro criminal outrage is going to be...


Anonymous said...

It is funny how they must be under lock and key and forced to do what comes naturally to most white people.Would it work? NO.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Very well put.Thank You ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

one problem with detroit becoming mainly black is the idea they could ever make something of the situation. As i recall after the 67 riots whites fled detroit and in their wake were a bunch of imbecile blacks incapable of anything productive. look up some of albert Schweitzer's comments about the negroes in africa. I am not surprised by detroit today..its a holding pen for the mentally inferior of the african race.

blogger said...

Brojan Horse.

MLK was really an instrument of war sold as man of peace.

Was the Trojan Horse an instrument of peace or of war? It was really an instrument of war used to deceive the Trojans into falling for the fake peace that was only a war tactic.
So, only a fool would say the offering of the Trojan Horse was an act of peace since it was ostensibly presented as such by the devious Greeks.

Same applies to the Brojan Horse of MLK. Blacks have a deeply adversarial, hostile, and vengeful view of whites. The cult of MLK was offered to fool whites into thinking that blacks want to live in peace and live and let live and put the past behind. (And Obama is yet another Brojan Horse, whom the stupid whites even allowed into the white house).

Unless whites understand the true nature blacks--and how blacks see whites--, they will never understand the trouble they are in.

Blacks see whites as a bunch of 'faggoty ass white boys'. They think they themselves are the most baddest dudes in the universe, and as such, they think they should rule over flabby slow white boys and have open access to white hos who should be their natural sex slaves.
And they are in revenge mode as the white man had humiliated the superior black manhood in the past with the whip.
If blacks had been enslaved by a race even bigger, stronger, and more badass than themselves, they would accept the authority of their slaver-superiors. But because blacks always saw whites as a bunch of soft and slow 'faggots', they feel they've been humiliated by an inferior race.
Suppose big beefy white guys had been enslaved by short geeky Japanese or Vietnamese and ordered to bow their heads and act slavish like the broken Paul Newman near the end of COOL HAND LUKE. No man likes to be pushed around, and no man wants to be pushed around by people whom they regard as less manly and inferior. It's like men in the military generally don't wanna be bossed around by female officers.

So, blacks see whites in a deeply hostile and adversarial manner. They are in war mode, and they offered MLK cult as a trojan horse trick: Offered as peace but really as an instrument of war.

But stupid whites still think MLK cult was an earnest gift of peace from blacks.
Unless whites wake up to the true nature of this 'gift', they will suffer the fate of the Trojans.

Anonymous said...

Video -- black kids attack white toddler.

Melanie said...

@ Ex-Brooklynite August 24, 2013 at 6:06 PM-

Even before the snivel rights era and desegregation, blacks committed more crime and had more dysfunction in proportion to their percentage of the population-

Anonymous said...

because it's a road map that takes negroes nowhere so race baiters and half wit whiners will have guaranteed, batter fried jawjackin' jobs forever

Melanie said...

@ Gwinnett Gladiator August 24, 2013 at 7:13 PM-

I also interpret it as them saying that whites haven't yet been disarmed so that they they can go full bore on whites without fear of repercussion. They already have little to fear as far as legal repercussions, they have absolutely nothing to fear as far as whites being aware of the truth of crime statistics (they know their negro-loving media will not only sweep the truth under the rug but also support their insulting lies that whites are roaming around attacking random innocent negroes).

As it stands, there are yet still too many Americans willing to practice their Second Amendment rights rather than be a willing sacrifice to BRA. The orcs aren't yet completely safe to attack any American with impunity. So they have a way to go to reach that point, and they're working on it. Can't have whites being able to shoot that 13 yo orc who's trying to rape and murder some elderly white woman. That be rayciss, to not allow orcs to be themselves and live true to their natures.

Bogolyubski said...

King was a Communist and a liar. But so is most of the so called leadership of BRU. It is amusing that these moral reprobates call themselves Reverands to cover for their evil.

(Warning for Melanie and Harry in PA - the following does not apply to you). He was not only a lair, plagiarist and a communist, but a pervert whose sexual activities might have (arguably) disgusted Bill Clinton. Despite all this (not unknown at the time, despite repeated Ministry of Truth hagiographies), the largely white "churches" in the USSA - even the famous Rev. Billy Graham - fully embraced this Trojan Horse's Ass as a "Rev." What does this tell us about Christianity - even in 1968?

The situation is much worse now. I cannot think of a single "conservative" church who was explicitly condemned Michael King as a fraud, a false teacher, etc. Countless "conservatives" hold up a Marxist adulterer as a pseudo-saint, which is really amusing coming from Protestants - who even today denounce the Catholic practice of prayer with saints. We even have pro-lifers holding up this Satanic piece of shit (sold to them by the usual suspects as "pure gold") as a patron saint - utterly ignorant (or worse) of his being awarded the "Maggie" by Planned Parenthood. (Clue for Christian rocket-scientists out there: PP's Maggie Award is never given to those who oppose their agenda). I've said before and I'll say it again: Christianity, as it is presently constituted in the West, is a mortal enemy of our race. It is hell-bent on our extermination in the name of Jeeezus. It needs to be put to the torch, along with the entire "free-market", the USSA and much else.

ajax wtornado said...

black reverend manning hits the nail on the head every time

Anonymous said...

roadmap is one word (usually) or it can be two words, but it is never hyphenated.

Solid post!

ricpic said...

There is really no hope but separation. And separation only has a chance of happening when the country suffers a massive economic implosion, a great great depression. Only under the conditions of extreme societal pressure that economic implosion creates, only then will there be a chance to breakaway from the reeling federal monster and carve out a state for whites. But as it now stands, when a man is finished, utterly destroyed in terms of any position of power or influence if he utters a single word of truth regarding blacks, as it now stands there is no hope.

SKIP said...

"ajax wtornado said...
black reverend manning hits the nail on the head every time

He does indeed and his youtube sermons are VERY worth watching. I particularly liked his sermon titled :they call her her miss ann"

Vicio Malo said...

To Melanie...You a southerner? Just wondering, saw the comment about "jaw-jackers", I read all the comments here but try to refrain posting here. The time lag between posts and actually posting is immense, it makes interaction impossible. I think being able to share is important, without it it becomes a bunch of disjointed comments. I understand the fact that censorship on a site like this is mandatory or we'd all be in "Holders Court of Fools"...VM

Vicio Malo said...

There is an upside to dysfunction...As our manufacturing base has been eroded by people doing simple tasks demanding more and more. Businesses have opted to go elsewhere to make their products. We entered a "service economy" years ago. If you think about what life was like in the 1950s % 1960s, a man owned a gas station selling gas for 35 cents a gallon. He employed a couple gas jockeys and they pumped your gas wiped your windshield and checked your oil. He also had a mechanic on staff to fix flat tires, fan belts, etc. He also paid them and made a living for himself. A fill- up in that era might cost $5.00. Now you pay almost that much for a gallon of gas, check your own oil, wipe your own windshield. So much for service industry. Now, would you want a negro at the counter taking $50.00 to $100.00 per transaction for a fill-up? The manufacturing jobs are history. There will always be jobs that are labor intensive. Blacks will cower at the idea of labor intensive work...carpenters, plumbers, electricians. All require actual work. First of all they require a good bit of training. As the job market seems to evaporate the dysfunctional black person will be lucky to find a job sucking shit out of a septic tank, something they might be suited for. While high tech jobs go to the educated, trade jobs go to the people that are capable of being educated. This leaves the dysfunctional black race scrambling for that job of sucking shit thru a cherry flavored straw. Make 'em work in the fields picking crops, they're nothing more than outdated farm equipment. Bring back the whip...VM

Ex-Brooklynite said...

@Melanie, Anon:

there is no doubt that blacks were more criminally minded before the Federl Civil rights laws. they were not as bad as today, though, relative to the white population (and the difference is probably the stunning drop in white violent crime.) The other Federal policies after civil rights caused us to breed the worst segment of the black population.

I don't think segregation on a state level is coming back. But it is possible to see the end of affirmative action, Federal welfare, EBT, and immigration of a new underclass. that, combined with enforcing the law should selectively remove the most violent segments of the black population from the breeding pool, and maybe in 100 years we can be back to the situation that existed in 1960. NYC is interesting in this regard: black population larger than any city smaller than Houston, but fewer violent murders than Chicago, a city one third the size.

of course, the big issue isn't the young men, but the women: how do you keep them from having a lot of children? I think cutting off the money does it, and fixes a LOT of problems.

Cassie said...

I'm really worried about those poor dogs. It's just not right.

It's Time said...

"We've come a long way and we need to turn the hell back around."