Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ending the 'Drumbeat of Death": It's Time to Make Owning a Gun Illegal for Blacks In New Orleans

"No one will be able to be armed," Compass said. "Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns."-- Black Police Chief Eddie Compass 2005 declaration for New Orleans Police Department, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals to confiscate legally-owned from New Orleans citizens.
Biological Weapons in New Orleans, capable of destroying the city's economic viability one murder at a time

The National Rifle Association (NRA) will never point out out that gun crime in Baltimore, New Orleans, Atlanta, Kansas City, Oakland, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia is almost entirely black (if you search this site, you'll see we've provided the pertinent statistics for all these cities).

Indeed, the NRA would never issue the statement we will do now:

It's time to disarm blacks in New Orleans, making it a crime for blacks to own a gun in the Crescent City.

Gun crime in the city is exclusively a black problem in New Orleans.

On the same day a New Orleans jury convicted two blacks for the shooting death of a black toddler [Jury convicts 2 cousins in fatal shooting of toddler at Central City second-line parade, NOLA. 8-30-13], police in the city are trying to find two black males who killed another toddler [Friends, relatives of murdered toddler Londyn Samuel denounce violence, demand justice,, 8-30-13]:
In a tearful press conference Friday, New Orleans officials and relatives of murdered toddler Londyn Samuels asked the community to end the violence that took her life and to help bring her killers to justice. 

"If ya'll know anything, please call Crimestoppers," implored Keion Reed, who has helped raise Londyn. 

The baby girl was killed Thursday night, when two men opened fire in the 2800 block of South Saratoga Street in Central City. Londyn's 18-year-old babysitter was struck by two bullets, police said, one of which exited the woman's chest and struck the toddler, killing her.
New Orleans white Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who once called black-on-black crime 'unnatural'
 [At vigil for murdered toddler, Mayor Mitch Landrieu describes 'a drumbeat of death',, 8-31-13]:
In 1994, a 9-year-old boy living in New Orleans' Central City neighborhood wrote a letter to President Bill Clinton, saying that he did not feel safe: "I want you to stop the killing in the city. People is dead and I think that somebody might kill me." Two days later, on Mother's Day, that boy, James Darby, was killed in a drive-by shooting.
Darby's words rang out as loudly as ever on Friday evening in the neighborhood where he lived and died, when Mayor Mitch Landrieu told Darby's story to a large crowd in front of the home where another child, 1-year-old Londyn Samuels, was shot and killed Thursday night.
"This ... baby was taken from us. You can't ever replace that," Landrieu told the hushed crowd. "It's a drumbeat of death that is taking the precious from us."
Landrieu echoed statements he has made to President Barack Obama and on national news during the past two weeks, describing a culture of crime in New Orleans that he says constitutes a public health crisis. He listed the names of four children in the past four years who have died at the hands of gun violence in Central City.
"The reason we know it can stop is that it has not always been this way. This is not who we are as people," Landrieu said. "This is where we live, this is not where we are supposed to die."
The evening brought together a community unified by tragedy. Neighbors, friends and strangers lingered for nearly an hour after speakers finished. Some lighted candles, some hugged. By the end of the night, a pile of flowers and stuffed animals lined the sidewalk where Londyn was shot to death in her babysitter's arms.
But even after the hugging stopped, dozens of people haunted the street, many silent, many asking questions about the civilization that led Londyn to be shot to death on a walk with her babysitter.
"I don't know why this has to happen, why a 1-year-old," one woman said. "And I know, I know, that after today things will just go back. Nobody will talk to anybody."
New Orleans' bounce musician DJ Jubilee, a.k.a. Jerome Temple, asked the crowd why more people did not take their children to A.L. Davis Playground that he supervises just a few blocks from where the shooting happened.
An unidentified girl, no older than 6 or 7, recited a poem by Countee Cullen into the microphone the mayor held for her: "Hey black child, do you know where you're going, where you're really going? Do you know you can learn what you want to learn?"
At the end of his speech, Landrieu pointed to the man in the mirror. Everyone, even the mayor, he said, needs to get better to make Central City a safe place to live.
"We can't be free unless we feel safe, and we can't feel safe unless we have each other," he said. "We have created a culture where people can take a life over nothing.
We are above that as the people of the city of New Orleans, and we are above that as a nation."
Making it illegal for blacks to own guns in New Orleans is the equivalent of the war on drugs, which has helped to make black community/neighborhood's safer. The 'drumbeat of death' would end, making all of New Orleans a safe place for tourists and outside capital investment (the specter of 'random' black crime haunts anyone visiting NOLA or considering investing in the city).
Why did New Orleans go from majority white to majority black? Probably because whites feared being victims of 'random' black crime

If it were possible, peacefully removing the black population from New Orleans to another city (perhaps Haiti?) would virtually eradicate murder and gun crime in the city, but a good first step to forever silencing the 'drumbeat of death' is simply making it a crime for blacks to own guns:
“Crime in New Orleans: Analyzing Crime Trends and New Orleans’ Responses to Crime,” an examination of 200 criminal homicides in New Orleans from April 18, 2009, to May 11, 2010 by Charles Wellford, Brenda Bond and Sean Goodison, showed that 90 percent of the homicides were committed with a firearm.
Of the 200 victims, 91.5 percent were black, 5 percent were white and 2 percent were Hispanic. Only 51 percent of the homicides – 102 – were solved by the police, with 97.1 percent of the known first offenders being black.
The Essence Festival (held annually in New Orleans) can try and highlight black-on-black crime, but a simple solution can all but end the fear of being a random victim of black gun crime and jump-start investment in blighted black areas of the city in places like Central City, Gert Town, Hollygrove and the Lower Ninth Ward: make it illegal for blacks to own guns.

The 'random' spray shootings black people engage in, which routinely sees young black infants/toddlers shot, is a strange reminder that black culture is inherently different than all others; guns, a byproduct of western civilization, are - in the hands of black people - a sad reminder of the racial differences in impulse control and future-time orientation between blacks and whites.

J. Mark Souther's New Orleans on Parade: Tourism and the Transformation of the Crescent City inadvertently makes the point that the black population of the city (dropping, though it once hovered above 70 percent) had virtually nothing to do with attracting citizens to the Big Easy nor did black areas of the city enjoy a renaissance of tourism dollars and infrastructure upgrades, while white - safe - areas of the did:
The periodic shooting deaths of prominent conventioneers in and around the French Quarter produced a far worse public relations brouhaha than the occasional Mickey Finn poisonings of earlier years, leading some convention planners to reconsider holding meetings in New Orleans. By 1982, national newspapers reported that New Orleans ranked as the fourth deadliest metropolitan areas in the nation, a dubious distinction later surpassed when the city became the nation's murder capital in the next decade. In this respect, New Orleans mirrored growing rates of violent crime in many southern cities, notably Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. Dutch Morial appointed a French Quarter task force to develop strategies for safeguarding the city's leading tourist space, ultimately leading to the opening of a new police precinct, the appointment of a foot patrol, and the imposition of a juvenile curfew, as well as the publication of a tourist brochure entitled "For a Safer Visit." The task fore even urged the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans to close St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 to tourists but ultimately settled for asking the tourist commission to strike the attraction from its brochures.

Year after the year the national news media latched onto the unfolding story of a city with an enchanting ambience juxtaposed with a crumbling economy and soaring crime. During Mardi Gras in 1989, the CSB Evening News depicted the city as a "Carnival of Crime," prompting the local CBS affiliate WWL to threaten to withhold assistance to the network the following year, and leading the city council to cobble together a resolution urging a local boycott of the news program. But the bad news kept coming. 

... News reports told Americans in 1994 about the city's climbing murder count, which reached 389 in 1993 and 421 the following year. Mardi Gras publicity now vied with murder publicity, as 60 Minutes and the NBC Nightly News reported the grim story. Even though most of the murders occurred in the city's drug-infested housing projects and surrounding slums, the murder of two tourists in 1994 seized inordinate attention. (p. 226-227)
It's time to echo Eddie Compass, but this time with a racial caveat: take away guns from blacks in New Orleans, making it a crime for blacks to even own a gun.

The "drumbeat of death" stops with this declaration. 


countenance said...

Not so long ago, that was actually the law in much of the South.

It can't stop with just guns. Evidently, they can't handle smartphones either (organize mahogany mobs with them), and their own attached fists and feet are also deadly weapons. And we have to try to keep them away from each other, because little good amounts from masses of black people being close together.

Repatriation is our only hope.

Anonymous said...

"This ... baby was taken from us. You can't ever replace that,"

Actually, this "baby" has been replaced, probably a dozen times.

Mr. Rational said...

Repatriation is our only hope.

By the time there is sufficient agreement that repatriation is required, the conflict will almost certainly have destroyed the resources required to do it.

I fear this.  Not because of what it will do to them, but because of what it will do to us.

Anonymous said...

Silly Wabbitt! Guns don't kill people... Negroes with no/low impulse control do!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, as a reformed ex-liberal, that I now see the original old way of doing things here in NOLA was correct. We did used to free our slaves only if they proved themselves to be capable of handling freedom and responsibility. A high legal standard had to be met for someone to be allowed to set his slaves free. So they had to not only prove themselves to the master but to the courts as a person who had not gotten in troubled, robbed, been a public nuisance, assaulted anyone, etc.
Then the Haitian Revolution happened. New Orleans was overrun with refugees white, black, and mixed. Way too many. We tried to get rid of our vastly increased and unwanted new "free colored" population but we couldn't budge them.
Follow this up with the Civil War, when all the rest of the slaves who couldn't manage to work or win their way to freedom were set loose on us.
These baby-shooting maniacs are their descendants. And they wonder why we won't send our kids to school with them.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, such a movement to disarm blacks would be seen as racist unless whites were also disarmed. Thus, if such a movement gained traction, it would eventually snowball into a gun ban for all. Progressive whites and black race hustlers would surely support the concept, knowing full well a black only ban would HAVE to include everyone. I wouldn't want to go down that road. Besides, the black thugs don't abide by laws now. I don't think they'd abide by this one

Anonymous said...

Indian said..

An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind

Anonymous said...

Making it illegal for negroes to own guns is a step in the right direction but it won't stop the violence at all. anyone ever watch the movie the gangs of new york? Yah. Lmfao I laugh at people that think that taking guns away will solve the problem of violence, the problem isn't about guns! Never was its about the violent destructive nature of blacks look what happened to the british soldier in london got decapitated! No gun needed! In the des moines register today a group of black teens beat a white man to death! No gun needed! So the issue isn't guns or any other weapons for that matter its about the violent and destuctive nature of blacks! Its about their behaviours and until somebody in politics or journalism gets the stones to speak honestly about it without the pc police having a meltdown nothings going to change!

Bogolyubski said...

The only crimestoppers in BRA are abortion mills. They nip it in the bud (so to speak). Black-only gun control would work almost as effectively as the mighty "War on Drugz" has. The ruling squids want white-only gun control, as can be seen from the enforcement track-record of the BATFE.

As inmate # deac21dc-1270-11e3-a55b-000bcdcb2996 observed:
Unfortunately, such a movement to disarm blacks would be seen as racist unless whites were also disarmed. Thus, if such a movement gained traction, it would eventually snowball into a gun ban for all. Progressive whites and black race hustlers would surely support the concept, knowing full well a black only ban would HAVE to include everyone. I wouldn't want to go down that road. Besides, the black thugs don't abide by laws now. I don't think they'd abide by this one.

Exactly right.

rjp said...

You can't just ban black ownership of guns.

You would also have to ban the ownership of:

baseball bats
hypodermic needles
broom handles
2 X 4's
socks that can hold a can of soup
sections of steel

Pretty much all the inventions of modern civilization, except computers.

But while they are caving heads in with rocks, they will be stealing the last of the copper wire to sell to the recycling center whose owner they bashed his head in last week to steal his copper from him. So your internet and cable will end as well.

Welcome to fucking African America.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that almost every black-owned gun used in a shooting is already an illegal weapon, given that felons cannot legally possess a firearm. And blacks are notorious for refusing to pay for licenses and other fees, so how many of them go to the trouble of acquiring a legal gun? Thus, any city or state could outlaw guns for blacks, but they would still have them. Criminals need to go to jail and stay there until trial. Then, if convicted, they need to serve long, long prison sentences.

Bogolyubski said...

Here's another point (pursuant to my previous): In light of the huge number of blacks with felony convictions, it is already illegal for them to have guns. As we can readily see, the laws as they stand are a) ignored by blacks; and b) not enforced by the BRA-regime upon blacks.

whisker child said...

I didn't even have to read the rest of this.

On this one, I disagree VEHEMENTLY.

If they disarm the blacks, they'll disarm everybody else.....AND WE DON'T WANT THAT.

DON'T give the Powers That Be an excuse to do it!

I love this site, but this one went off the rails. Not even in jest....

Bogolyubski said...

"The reason we know it can stop is that it has not always been this way. This is not who we are as people," - Landrieu.

Liar. It has always been this way with negroes. It is their nature. It is who they are as a people. Groid nature will not change - not through the utopian follies of DWL con-men like Landrieu, the looting rackets of Banksteins in the name of BRA, or any other "program". The big fish know this. They use the emotional hoopla to gin up support for their next scam - be it HUD's Section 8 expansion (not a peep of resistance from the Dukes of Repukedom, I note), gun control or any of the other rackets. Stop believing the lies.

Anonymous said...

If laws were passed to restrict negros from owning firearms, "My People" would simply respond with "Operation Fast and Furious 2: Black In Action"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Indian said..

"An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind"

that made no sense when Ghandi said it and it makes no sense now,
at least not in civilized cultures

"An eye for an eye is the principle that a person who has injured another person is penalized to a similar degree..."

sounds reasonable to me

Anonymous said...

Banning blacks from possessing firearms would do no good, the city is already awash in illegal weapons and no doubt the G-units would find ways to procure guns ban or no ban.

The only salvation for New Orleans, as I and others have always said, is Negro removal.

Southron said...

It still amazes me to juxtapose the media's reaction to a white killing a black with a gun, and vice versa.

If you look at some of the recent self-defense cases of whites using a firearm to shoot a black, the white person is usually portrayed as racist, a vigilante, a "gun nut" or all of the above. A trial isn't even needed! We must destroy the racist whitey!

When a black shoots a white in a scenario that is obviously not self-defense, the narrative changes.

Yes, they say, it was a terrible crime, but the shooter is really a victim of the gun culture. Guns, the NRA, and the racism of America are the real causes of the crime.

The answer, as always, is that guns should be confiscated. I'm sure the gangs will be lining up to turn their guns in as soon as they realize they are illegal.

The truth, of course, is that blacks will misuse any privilege they are given.

Having blacks in the country is like your kid having a sleepover with a bunch of unruly, misbehaving friends. You have to hide anything you don't want destroyed or stolen until they leave.

Unfortunately, blacks will never leave.

Lorraine said...

Okay, my comment pertains to all the issues of BRA. White people must simply follow this one strategy: all white women should abandon the world of work, have kids and more kids, and never return to work.

I am an individualist. Am I or was I feminist? I don't know. I do know I was a person who just wanted to accomplish stuff and make money to be comfortable so I could have a family. Of course, in BRA, I am to be a tax slave.

If more white women did this, the well of tax money would dry up and the parasites would vanish.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

I am an sbpdl fan, but this is the first article that seems almost pointless to me and here's why:

do you think the black shooters mentioned in the article and statistics LEGALLY owned the firearms they used to commit these murders??

Absolutely not! So it already WAS illegal for them to own the firearms they did.

Any black person who goes through the background check, training, and other bureaucratic measures to get a legal pistol permit, and then pays 800 dollars for a new glock nine millimeter legally, is most certainly NOT the black people described in this article.

10mm AUTO said...

Disarming is impossible anymore than getting rid of their crack. We as Whites are not responsible for them so if the want to put a bullet in Da'Wonton's head, its not the White mans fault. Sadly, we do have to pay for either his rehab or burial, but that is another problem.

I hear you Paul, but so many of them are armed and so much money is being made in the illegal arms market that the negros fuel, it is like trying to stop a negro from stinking. Half their manhood is caught up in the fact that they are carrying heavy. Their weapons "be keeping it real yo!"

To Anon 1:36

"Fast and Furious 2: Black in Action" Funny! Holder would be handing out PDW's to everyone of color.

10mm AUTO said...

White Mom in VA!


countenance said...

The NOPD would also have to do SQF.

Mitch Landrieu says that it doesn't have to be "this way" because it "wasn't always this way." He's right, because when it "wasn't this way," there was segregation and Jim Crow, and quick and severe consequences for ooks stepping out of line.

Anonymous said...

Some people think the country will not survive the next economic crisis intact. Oh, there may be a federal government and 50 states, but each will be so impoverished they can barely take care of their own elite, and the hinterlands can go to seed.

In such as scenario, it will be incumbent upon each community to ensure it's own survival. This means that those who can, will, and I'm talking about securing food, water and shelter. Those who needed layer upon layer of bureaucracy to net for themselves the fruits of our labor, will find that they can't, and they may also find that they wished they had become better friends with those who can. By then it will be too late.

Groids, of course, will complete their return to the jungle, where they will feed off the remains of those who can't, and be dealt with by those who can.

There will be no civil rights movement, or universal suffrage. Too expensive.

Anonymous said...

How can someone with an 85 IQ be expected to load, aim, fire, reload, and clear malfunctions from, let alone maintain, any weapon more complicated than a Stevens Crack Shot? The Army figured this out a while back, which is why they still use IQ tests for soldiers.

This is a Darwinian problem with a Darwinian solution, which should be allowed to play out. Firearms in the hands of incompetent subhumans tend to result in a preponderance of deaths among other subhumans.

Too, the prohibition of guns to subhumans will push them toward even simpler and less discriminate means of destruction such as IEDs. The average IQ of a rural Afghani/Pakistani is 65,(much lower than that of American blacks) the result of generations of dysgenic line breeding as dictated by their mullahs. Yet somehow they manage to manufacture credible and destructive bombs. Although the result of a switch from firearms to IEDs is often salutary, as it was with 'Rap' Brown, the potential for collateral damage in the desirable population is much higher.

The unintended consequences of advocating any kind of civilian disarmament policy in today's poisonous political environment are potentially catastrophic. Too, remember that before the Gun Control Act of 1968, felons, mental patients, and other 'undesirables' could all plunk down cash at the Western Auto and buy firearms with the feds none the wiser. I was just a kid then, and none of us worried about being kidnapped and molested: we didn't even know what that was!

Harry Baldwin said...

I am an sbpdl fan, but this is the first article that seems almost pointless to me and here's why. . .

It may not be actionable, but it's not pointless. The point is that the problem of "gun violence" in this country is really a problem of BLACK violence, as everyone who reads SBPDL knows but that few outside of our group will acknowledge. Conservatives and gun-rights activists generally avoid this unpleasant truth. In fact, one argument that guns-rights activists often make is that the first gun-control laws were passed during Reconstruction to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. They are trying to play a little jiu jitsu on the liberals with this argument, as everyone can agree that any laws passed in the Old South that limited with rights of blacks are appalling, right?

More and more, though, I feel that those laws were passed by people who understood blacks and understood the limitations that had to be placed on them if order was to be maintained in a biracial society. Similarly, I don't object to stop-and-frisk laws but feel they should ONLY be applied to blacks and Hispanics. We won't do it, of course, but it would make sense.

Robert in Arabia said...

Two nights ago, two Muslims knocked on my door to return my wallet which they had found. Untouched.

Independent Accountant said...

Anonymous 7:52:

Unintended? Are you serious? Any federal firearms legislation will on balance disarm whites. What will this encourage? Black pogroms against whites! What did the feds do about the Black Panthers intimidating whites at the polling place? Nothing. Holder, "Our People" wants to see blacks kill whites with the right of self-defense eliminated. The Republicans can push for something: repealing all federal firearms legislation. Why worry about blacks buying guns legally? Those who are criminals already own plenty.

Lorraine said...


White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

It's like dominoes, man ... Once you disarm the blacks, we're gonna be next.


Since so many "black males" (male hominids) are felons, already, that means they already may not own guns.

Laws don't apply to apes. Laws apply to White people since the concept of "the rule of law" is an Eurocentric concept conceived by the White Race.

No other race thinks/feels like us (genetic) and is why no other race can create the only civilization that ALL the other races want to invade. Including "high I.Q. Asians".

Separation and Segregation, backed by severe and horrid violent force, is the only way to save the White race. We must be willing to defend ourselves at all costs.

No "law" will protect us, but rather the "law" is being used to exterminate us.

As for guns and laws. The 1965 immigration law changes were done for this reason. Those seeking the One World Government knew that the White race would never give up guns since the White race created the 2nd amendment.

What to do? Change America into a 3rd world nation, grant "health care", social benefits and hook these peasants into the "Democratic" party platform. Then, when you have 51% negro/mayan/asian/etc. Congressmen and Senators in power, you change the law and abolish gun ownership. Just have enough "hominids of color" to out=vote the Whites. That is why Obama said the best revenge is the vote.

Voila, America is defeated by the non-White offspring of the ignorant black, drunk Mayan, and high I.Q Asian.

The Whites will "obey the law", turn in their guns, while these other groups will keep on owning guns illigaly since they law never applied to them. Then the mass killings of the Whites can begin and the One World Government will be in place. The blacks will own guns since it is a sign of manhood, the Mayans will own them to kill the blacks and intimidate the Whites and the Asians won't own guns since a high IQ says "why do we need guns at Caltec or Yale?"


A high IQ doesn't make you White

Family values don't make you White.

Working hard doesn't make you White

Going to church doesn't make you White

(yeah, it is 3:00 am in the morning since I am up due to a really nice thunderstorm that woke me. We lazy, low IQ, atheist Whites hear things at night)


white mom in VA. what makes you think the feeds will give the new white baby makers federal money? they don't have shit for a single white male. shit! and if you think those federal cunts are going to give tax-payer money to a white woman with a couple kids over a darkie colored bitch well your as crazy as you sound lately. you and I know they will hear go after the white father, or your white go borrow some cash money off the banks or your parents/relatives. because Mrs./Ms.white woman you got nerve having children when you can't afford them. and besides that most white men/women just don't go down to the welfare office in glee! so what you are telling young white women that may need some advice is to be a nigger? really girl you can do better than that! after all your white. I think?

Anonymous said...

Repealing the 2nd amendment for negros needs to be done on a national scale, not just in NO. I've advocated this for years. Further, everyone associated with said negro possessing a gun should be jailed for 20 years-those in the same car/house/etc. In addition to mandatory prison sentencing for any negro found in possession of even a spent cartridge, the failure to report someone in possession of a firearm or ammunition gets the SAME 20 years, no exceptions!

Anonymous said...

Without the death penalty for killing witness, or harsh penalties for witness intimidation, the ritual of spray shootings in the ghettos.

Gangbangers empty their guns because they know the extra rounds fired at random scare the hell out any potential witnesses. Killing a kid is no biggie if the victim lived on a rival gangs turf.

Until black leaders and ministers demand the death penalty for felony murder and witness intimidation, the "NO SNITCH" culture will rule the streets.

D-FENS said...

Banning possession of firearms for negroes, while not practical, does force the DWL/Marxist into a logical conundrum: Equal protection clause, gutting the Second Amendment or reducing killings in "da Black community". Unfortunately, they would choose gutting the Second Amendment as a way of meeting the other two goals. Additionally, it would (in their minds) reduce the threat from YT.

10mm AUTO said...

Sadly, one area that needs to be addressed is that prison holds no terror for negros, in fact it is a badge of honor. This is the lynch pin that always disables long prison terms. They have weightlifting, long boring afternoons getting high and talking with da bro's, occasional boring court appearances where they have to appear sorry for whatever they did and then it is back to the free meals, health care, bunk and dope.

For a White, a prison term is terrible and destroys any chance for making a better life for himself.

Also, a 20 year sentence is rarely handed out, most terms even for murder are less, but let's take a 20 year term just for arguments sake. The negro has learned (thank you Louis Farrakhan!) to never plead guilty, forcing an expensive jury trial. To prevent this, the DA offers a plea bargain to a lesser offense, say first degree assault. The negro either takes the lesser with a reduced jail time and some probation (which is why we have so many felons walking around) or forces the jury trial. Witnesses are intimidated to not speak or to "disappear" for a few weeks and the negro gets sprung. But let's say he gets nailed for 20 years. He appeals (through his court appointed attorney which you pay for) and gets the sentence reduced to 12 years long after the lights of the media have faded away. Waiting for the original trial he might have been in the local lockup for 2 years, so once convicted he is in for ten. Due to overcrowding, da terble, terble legacy of da slabery and a liberal leaning Justice system, he only serves 5 or 6 of those 10 years, also known as "time off for good behavior" and gets out on "probation".

So Da'Wonton goes in at 19 and comes out at 25 fit, rested and ready to rock and roll.

10mm AUTO said...

One additional. Has anyone seen a death penalty conviction in the last two years against a negro murdering a White? Or a Hate Crime conviction leading to the DP?

Please send one in if you have. It just occurs to me that I have not seen a DP conviction in a while, even for the negro sow that burned to death that little White Texas boy on Christmas Day with a blowtorch. I mean come on! How could you get any more DP than that! Has any of these murders of Whites resulted in a DP case?

Anonymous said...

Legal guns are not allowed in Chicago........yet every black thug has one and a redistributed iPhone

Anonymous said...

The most efficient solution is management of the herd. Allowing them to over populate that limited area means they are in violent competition for scarce resources. As civilized people we must help manage them properly. A middle sized hunting season with appropriate tags could be enacted for say 4 months. We could open for a month for bow usage and allow tags for the sows to thin them as well. The money raised by hunting permits would go towards whatever the local establishment decides as long as it relates to managing the herd. The use of malt liquor, watermelon, fried chicken, weed or skanky white women would be prohibited as a baited field. Imagine the pride of taking your prize to the taxidermist."Mount him climbing in my window!" or "Mount him running away with my TV!". The options are pretty much limitless. A win-win for all!

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 11:58 PM said: It's like dominoes, man ... Once you disarm the blacks, we're gonna be next.

Yes. And this goes for the other reduced rights schemes against blacks, or population control programs. Once the program is in place, you can't be certain how (and to whom) it is going to be expanded. And government always expands...

This also leaves the question as to who is "black", with all the mudsharkery going on. But I guess that it part of the purpose of the push for miscegenation.

I will echo the commenters here... most blacks who cause the problems with firearms are already prohibited from owning them. That is to say nothing about the illegal sales, concealed carrying, possession in relation to drug crimes, etc. Criminals don't obey laws!

Anonymous said...

Prohibition does not work.
Not for drugs, not for booze, not for sex, not for guns, not for thoughts ideas and knowledge.
If there is a market that is not being legally supplied, it will be illegally supplied and the risk premium will be obtained from the always.
Continuing statist fail; disappointing.

Bogolyubski said...

Centurion points out one of the root problems:
The Whites will "obey the law", turn in their guns, while these other groups will keep on owning guns illigaly since they law never applied to them. Then the mass killings of the Whites can begin and the One World Government will be in place. The blacks will own guns since it is a sign of manhood, the Mayans will own them to kill the blacks and intimidate the Whites and the Asians won't own guns since a high IQ says "why do we need guns at Caltec or Yale?"

There is a point at which "obeying the law" is insane and suicidal, yet whites obey it well beyond any possible point of reason. Whites in SA "obey the law" - the "law" of a regime which openly discusses their extermination! Any such "law" is wholly illegitimate and should disobeyed. The massive gaslighting over the past century has produced a kind of suicidal blind obedience in whites.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, Gotta weigh in. Centurion mentioned that whites will "obey the law," and turn in their firearms if and or when the government has the votes to ban private gun ownership. This of course makes me wanna rant like a schizophrenic in restraints. There's just too much, just remember what King Leonidas said to the Persian envoy at Thermopolae on the last day. Molon Labe. It's really that simple.

God Bless and keep the Faith.

Anonymous said...

These are the factors to consider:

Major Factors

White ability to build civilization
Groid tendency to revert to jungle ape

Minor Factors
Federal law
Social norms DWL
White racists
Black racists

The economy is king.
If it's not possible, it won't be done. If it is necessary, it will be done in preference to social norms or religious beliefs.

The first change will be a complete loss of faith in the government, at all levels, and a resurgence of belief that "If I don't do it, it won't get done."

Examples: Affirmative Action. If and when AA is viewed as an impediment to securing food for ones self by growing or bartering, anyone who promotes AA will be viewed as an enemy by hungry people. Hungry people put food ahead of lofty principles which, frankly, do not work.

Hungry white people do not form ad hoc flash mobs (a jungle trait) so much as they form political entities with a purpose. The NSDE, the Reds, HAMAS and Hez b'Allah all succeeded because they brought food to the people.

DWL's would be viewed as traitors to people and ...

If a groid proved useful to a white farmer, the groid would probably be allowed to live. Hence, look for a voluntary return to servitude. If groids puffed up like they do now, demanded respect etc., look for a solution delivered to remove the problem.

In the old west, horse thieves were hung, then found guilty, then tried.

It's probably a good idea to learn how to develop local communities.

Schwetty Johnson said...

yeah, making it illegal for blacks to own guns will work.

Because blacks are sooo law abiding.

Anonymous said...

--Hey all, Gotta weigh in. Centurion mentioned that whites will "obey the law," and turn in their firearms if and or when the government has the votes to ban private gun ownership. This of course makes me wanna rant like a schizophrenic in restraints. There's just too much, just remember what King Leonidas said to the Persian envoy at Thermopolae on the last day. Molon Labe. It's really that simple.--

I lost all of my firearms in a boating accident a few years back...

Anonymous said...

Any one of the things you mention make it much liklier the person is White.Put all of them together and chances are overwhelmingly in favor of the person being White.None of the things you mention makes the person White,but most Whites have at least some of these traits.Many nigz go to church and put on a show that would shame Las Vegas...How has that helped their community? Not one bit !

10mm AUTO said...

Have to post this. The posted pictures say a thousand words. Not a crime, but tell me, would your Father or Grandfather put up with this if it was your daughter?

You can take them away from the Jungle...(

Current number of rapes for the year 2008 (last numbers available) Black on White 19,293 to Zero White on black.

Whites will never be safe till blacks FEAR to touch a White.

Anonymous said...

I see what most people are saying with the blacks using illegal guns, but they got those illegal guns from legal gun owning blacks - more than likely. If not, are that many gun owning whites getting their guns stolen that nearly every black in the city has one? I'd think some race realist journalist would have covered that little tidbit by now.

Of course banning guns for blacks would never happen. Strangely enough, this article is more like a "dream".

-focal joker-

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget she left Canada to live in the ghetto and complain.She admits to spending time on like 5 blogs (and claims to work) so when do the kids get any time? Why leave Canada to begin with? Fishy/flaky to me.
I am Red Sector A

Anonymous said...

New Orleans doesn't have a gun problem. It has a negro problem.

Anonymous said...

I take a contrary view. I think we should allow as many guns into the ghetto as possible. One commenter has already suggested that natural selection will lead to more black victims of black violence. Artificial interference in Nature's workings won't work anyway.

I for one would miss all the sanctimonious marches agst violence, candle light vigils, etc. The irony is just too delicious.

Anonymous said...

Taking guns from nigs will never happen.That said,just broaching the topic would be comical on many levels.Let jesse jackoff,al sharpnot,et al. try to explain why nigs need guns.Lemme guess...because the hood is so dangerous ! All white people should be familiar with and own a few guns,it is becoming increasingly necessary.Kids(white) should all be taught common-sense gun safety,it is never too young an age for that.Very young it would be 'guns aren't toys,do not touch them,if you see one,get an adult' (white)... Later more could be taught as the individual child becomes ready. We are going to have to get over our squeamishness with guns,we have been pushed into/painted ourselves into a corner and there is no soft or easy way out. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Even the crappy Daily News is naming the race now.

Anonymous said...

I lost all of my firearms in a boating accident a few years back...

You have a yacht and a number of firearms and don't have insurance to cover any loss?

Anonymous said...

"You have a yacht and a number of firearms and don't have insurance to cover any loss?"

No yacht, just an old, leaky rowboat...

Lorraine said...

Okay, SBPDL, will you let this go through?

Well Anonymous if you are so badass re: race realism what have done to help the white race?

Awaiting your reply....

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Been a law and order guy my entire life. Did my turn carrying the Red, White and Blue overseas for five years. Actually wore a gun and badge for over a decade. Passing a law requiring people to turn in their weapons won't compel me in the least. in my case, its not simply a slogan, they'll have to pry it out of my dead hand. Better dead than stripped of all the rights I've tried to protect my entire life. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

My first thought to this is , fuck'em. What do I care if the blacks in New Orleans, or Chicago, or Memphis, or Indianapolis kill each other off? Then I realized that the progressives will use the black on black slaughter as an excuse to come and get MY guns. The whites who know how and do use them responsibly will be disarmed and unable to protect themselves from the black undertow. And that seems to be their aim.

Mr. Rational said...

making it illegal for blacks to own guns will work.

Because blacks are sooo law abiding.

It doesn't matter, it's a way to pick them up and lock them away before they kill anyone, as well as lock up the people providing guns to them.  THAT would hurt.

Imagine if Blacks couldn't hold guns without large risk to themselves, and couldn't pawn them without being arrested.  Guns would stop being good loot from burglaries, and having stolen guns would mean arrest for contraband as well as receiving stolen property.  Like "stop, question and frisk", it would make it too chancy for most to risk having guns.

Anonymous said...

Seems like stupid whites will never has the sense to know that blacks are dangerous. So they walk around in areas where the wolves are and end up basket cases. But you can't help fools.I have the concealed permit and carry my 357 where ever I go. I avoid black areas and never walk close to blacks. I know all about their knockout game. If I get in a bad position with the darkies,then I will look for an escape. If it goes further than that,then I kill the bast..ds. Not to difficult to understand.

Anonymous said...

They get them from theft but overwhelmingly from drug higher ups. Guns from Mexico, etc. also the same gun is passed person to person regularly and even rented out to other thugs.
Watch the First 48 if you can't grasp this. Look on Instagram and Facebook under thug or Chiraq. THEY ARE ALL ARMED

Anonymous said...

Yes! Let them kill each other WRFC, but thru Sec. 8 they leech into other areas to live,BRA they have no stores so they shop in white areas. They troll white areas because they know all the cops are in the ghetto and all the cash, iPhones and FUN are in white areas. Freedom of movement by blacks makes it dangerous for all off us. We need TSA style security at every Mall, Store, School, etc. They are armed and dont care who they kill.

Tyrone noose said...

Make it a law that everyone has to carry a gun.

That will make the n-words follow the law.

Anonymous said...

I stayed in the country I was born and I pay my bills.Try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wolves? They are less dangerous and only attack when they're famished.
Carrying pistols and other weapons is very annoying and inconvenient. Man has cleared areas of predators so he can walk around without having to always carry a weapon and in peace. The best policy is to simply avoid areas that are dangerous so you don't even come into contact with dangerous beasts.Even if you come into a couple at the supermarket or on the street they are docile in areas that are 99% white.

Moondoggie said...

In a conversation with my father in law today he posed a question..."how can any normal /regular person be a liberal"?

Well how about it any liberals trolling on this site. Care to answer this simple question.

I think we are all wanting to know.

Anonymous said...

"they are docile in areas that are 99% white."
That's what folks used to think in Millburn, NJ, and Duncan, OK, and Spokane, WA. 1% is too much.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you offered them something,a reward! In fact I hope you insisted they take something just for their trouble.It would be the right (white) thing to do.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH ! 1% will turn into 10% within 5 years.From there it is a hop,skip,and a jump to a ghetto,a ruined city.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Areas that have <1% negroes are too expensive to attract more unless it's some really poor white area.
It isn't possible for HUD to get any into these areas because there are few rentals and those that do exist are way above anything HUD will pay and besides negroes won't even go into areas where they are like the only one there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah inaction is action brah. I do think its cute that while you live your sheltered life you think that's enough to "help" the white race or serving your children and grandchildren's best interest. I hope you're still around so they'll have the opportunity to ask you why didn't you see this coming? Why didn't you do something?