Friday, August 30, 2013

The Department of Justice Isn't Color-Blind

If you aren't reading the United States Department of Justice Web site, you are missing out on a blog that appears to be written by a combination of Slate, Salon, Gawker, and MSNBC writers/talking-heads.
Do they write for the DOJ Blog?

The quoted post below is courtesy of  Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Jocelyn Samuels.[Race and the Juvenile Justice System: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, The Justice Blog, 8-29-13]:
The Civil Rights Division is acutely aware of the impact that the criminal justice system has on communities of color.  As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, it remains an inescapable fact that disparities at nearly every stage of  the criminal process keep too many African Americans, Latinos and other minorities in poverty and deny them the opportunities that so many in the civil rights movement fought to achieve. 
The consequences of these inequities are perhaps greatest for America’s youth. The adverse effects of early interaction with the juvenile or criminal justice systems can be permanent—often, they deprive those caught up in the system of opportunities for educational advancement, employment, access to housing and even the right to vote.  
Under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, the Justice Department’s commitment to ensuring equal justice and equal opportunity for America’s youngest generation—by, among other things, dismantling the school to prison pipeline and defending the constitutional rights of those in the juvenile justice system—has never been stronger.  The Attorney General’s remarks at the National Action to Realize the Dream March commemorating the 50th anniversary emphasized this commitment and that the quest for justice will continue until our criminal justice system can ensure that all are treated equally and fairly in the eyes of the law. 
Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline
Education is the foundation of the American dream—particularly for students who come from challenging circumstances, it is the gateway to opportunities to participate in the American dream.  Nearly six decades ago, in his opinion in Brown v. Board of Education , Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote, “it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education.”  
The Civil Rights Division has been working to ensure that our schools are a road to opportunity—rather than a pipeline to prison—for all students.
This year, the department entered into a first of its kind settlement with the school system in Meridian, Miss. to address racial discrimination in school discipline.  The Civil Rights Division’s investigation into the school system documented truly egregious incidents of disproportionate disciplinary action toward black students. For example, one student was suspended and subsequently arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school. Another student was sprayed with mace and arrested after refusing to tuck in his shirt.
The investigation found that black students frequently received harsher disciplinary consequences—including suspension, expulsion and school-based arrest—than white students for comparable misbehavior.
The department’s settlement with the Meridian school system lays out a far-reaching plan to ensure that students will no longer be unlawfully channeled out of their classrooms and into the juvenile justice system. Through agreements like these, the Civil Rights Division attempts to make certain that our schools provide a pathway to success, rather than incarceration, for all students.
No words.

Black individuals are incapable of making decisions on their own that require discipline action; instead, some racist administrator or teacher is to blame for the high rates of expulsion/suspension from school for blacks.

That's the logic of Eric "My People" Holder's Department of Justice.

The character of blacks doesn't matter.

Not at all.

It should be obvious by now that in the final days of the Obama Administration, President Barack Obama will pardon all black criminals in jail.

He'll judge them merely by the color of their skin, knowing full well a racist judicial system is the only reason for their incarceration.


Anonymous said...

You may very well be correct! Using his highly vaunted directives he could pardon all of the non-white prisoners throughout the country while keeping the racist whites where they belong, behind bars! He is making sure that another "black" or Negro or whatever mix never again occupies the white house. Pelosi is a moron and useful idiot but she would be preferable to Obama because at least she is white and some sort of human.

Southron said...

The "school to prison pipeline" is yet another in the long line of excuses for black failure.

Who in government is trying to do something about the school to graveyard pipeline whites are being subjected to? In the case of the 13 month old in Georgia, it was the cradle to graveyard pipeline.

It's interesting how the criminal is the one who is the victim, and gets the focus of this effort by the Justice Department.

These poor innocent youths with mismatched socks and untucked shirts were saved from a life of crime by the wonderful civil rights warrior Eric Holder!

Schools, for blacks, have turned into the same thing prisons are--training grounds and networking venues for gangs.

It isn't racism, discrimination, slavery, or Jim Crow that keeps blacks down. It is their own deficiencies that simply cannot be overcome no matter how much time or money is put into accomplishing it.

The truth is right there for all to see. Blacks commit more crimes, perform poorly on intelligence tests, and generally perform worse than every race in existence. It isn't because of profiling, the way a test was written, or anything else they claim it is. The cause is written into their DNA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this DOJ blog entry is propaganda. But most propaganda artists don't really believe their own rhetoric, and reality will not stop the school-to-prison superhighway that so many young black men are on.

I could not help but notice they are picking on Mississippi again. Nobody in their right mind would suspend and arrest students for wardrobe infractions, which leads me to believe that there is much, much more to these stories than we are being told (I think the students in these cases probably attacked teachers or administrators who had the audacity to discipline them for violating school dress codes; we had a dress code when I was in school, and normally if the principle or a teacher told you to tuck in your shirt or change your socks, and you tucked in your shirt and changed your socks, there were no fights, no suspensions, no arrests and no further "disciplinary action" was required).

Anonymous said...

Affirmative Action in action: Another success story:

Anonymous said...

The disparity is that the system of laws was created to benefit people who collectively understood the need for laws that apply to every person, and groids are not people who understand the need for laws. In their simiam minds, laws are stuff white people have to do in order to be respectful of black people.

The problem is that groids are not people in the same way that Europeans and Asians are people. Who in their right mind wishes to assert that evolution has come to a halt? Okay, who can prove that evolution was equal in all places at all times? The ability to interbreed does not define a trait. Pit bulls can breed with golden retrievers, but pit bulls are inherently dangerous (as are border collies - if they were larger), and golden retrievers are inherently capable as companion dogs.

Groids evolution took them in a different direction than civilization. It was a mistake to take them out of the jungle, and it is a mistake to mingle with them.

Until a strain of groids emerges that is capable of developing civilization, wherever they will be will be a jungle, and there is no law nor system of justice that can change this.

In the meantime, can we have fewer of the apes parading around on our dime telling us how to behave?

countenance said...

"School to prison pipeline"

Another left wing bromide. They assume that if you wouldn't suspend blacks, they'd all learn in school and be geniuses, ergo they'd get rocket scientist jobs, ergo they wouldn't be poor, ergo they wouldn't commit adult crimes and go to prison.

What it really means is that young blacks will never be held accountable for their actions.

"Color blindness"

There's no such thing. One of the very few things that Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg has written that I agree with is that color blindness isn't really color blind, because people who are color blind are still thinking about race, it's just that they're thinking about race in terms of disregarding it. "Color blind" public policy will almost always lead to one of two things: Affirmative action or disparate impact lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

"For example, one student was suspended and subsequently arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school. Another student was sprayed with mace and arrested after refusing to tuck in his shirt."

Although cops and these "security" jerks are sort of stupid I have a feeling there's more to these stories. Like, why are cops even in the school to begin with?
I attended a private school but the State schools were the same and there were no cops on school grounds and there still aren't in most White areas. I have never even heard of cops having to be called to a school because the staff couldn't handle a situation.

Bogolyubski said...

I there were an actual opposition party (instead of a fake opposition party), Eric "My Peeps" Holder would have been impeached and forced to resign and the DOJ could simply be de-funded. That's not reality of course. The article is reality - thanks in no small part to the bogus opposition party and the legion of idiots who voted for them in the belief that they would do something.

YT said...

We live under anarchic-tyranny. But sometimes, despite the efforts of the tyranny part, shit happens to the anarchy part.

(3rd paragraph is instructive)

Now don't go and get any ideas you racist, bitter, clinging, racist, crackers.

Anonymous said...

It appears that they keep trying to frame their problems with Latinos included. Latinos are doing rather well in America and poised to be just like previous generations that came to America: they work hard, start businesses, have family values, get educations. In 20 yrs the blacks will complain about them also and just as now Latinos won't care about the dysfunction of blacks as they continue to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Florida guy said...

The problem in Meridian, Mississippi affected kids of all races. Its juvenile jail was for-profit and the two juvenile court judges were in cahoots with their buddies who ran the prison. So they throw kids in there for the slightest reason, and thus get paid.

This sort of thing has been a problem in many parts of the country. There have been TV exposes about it.

For the DOJ to ignore the above, and twist the story into racial bias is ludicrous and deceitful -- in other words it's par for the course for Holder & Co.

Lorraine said...

Dude what are you smoking? 90% of Mexiturds in the NYC metro area are on welfare. Latrinos drop out of school at alarming rates.

An article on Amren and Countenance yesterday talked about the exorbitant STD rates of Latinas in SoCal.

Kinda rips holes in that work hard family values schtick eh?

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

I remember 20 years ago when these libtards and whining blacks said that the. tests were biased because they were not in EBONICS.

Let's convert the following into "ebonics":

An atom is made up of three different kind of particles that all work together to maintain the atom's structure. The names of the three different kinds of particles are protons, neutrons, and electons...

ebonics version: yo, like the atom, nah mean, is like... made of like three different pieces, you feel me? and them pieces be like, keepin dat atom like: doin its thing, feel me??? and check this: like the pieces have like diff names and shit...

SF Seal said...

To Anonymous on August 30, 2013 at 7:43 PM

I don’t know where you’ve been all this time, but I live in California and you couldn’t be more wrong about the mostly Mexican latinos here. These invading illegals already have the highest rate of high school drop outs, and are completely destroying our economy and bankrupting our state’s budget with their constant drain on our social services.

While their illegitimacy rate is not as bad as blacks, it is nonetheless much higher than Whites and they are many times more likely to be unemployed, be members of youth gangs, commit violent crimes, be in prison, use drugs, have STDs, drive drunk, AND ON AND ON.

For anybody to come here and claim that latinos are “doing well in America” is beyond ridiculous !

The Myth of Hispanic Family values:

The Color of Crime:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:43 PM- I don't know what group of Latinos you're referring to, but I live in a Dominican neighborhood and have many Dominican students, and they don't even come close to exhibiting what I'd call "family values." The children run wild, especially the boys. There's no bedtime. I have witnessed a child walking outside in diapers at 1 AM. I've had several Latino siblings for students and I can't recall one set that had the same last name. Academic achievement and behavior in school is generally abysmal. They drink like fish and smoke lots and lots of weed. As far as working hard and starting businesses, dealing coke seems to be a popular career choice, as does receiving EBT.

Granted, the Dominicans aren't quite as dysfunctional as blacks. I rarely felt physically threatened in the neighborhood, although I kept a close watch on my property. There are certainly more standouts in terms of academic capability and work ethic. There aren't a whole lot of Mexicans here in New York City, but if Dominicans are representative of Latinos in general, we're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Looks like they're all going to be on double secret probation for this. Does the victim look White to you?

I'm surprised that the News is showing a lot of this stuff lately because it's usually a shit paper. I don't know if these incidents have become more common or if they're just being shown more now that cameras are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Irony: Black suspect caught stealing from Civil Rights Museum
On Thursday, police in Memphis arrested Larry Cole, 54, after he was reportedly caught stealing a large amount of copper and building materials from inside the.........

Greg Fannin said...

Nancy Pelosi isn't White … she's anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Yet another act of black on white violence:

Anonymous said...

They're just like us! But don't ever, ever judge them!

They're perfect! But that's why they're so completely and perpetually fucked up - because us lame, pasty honkies are just jealous of their chocolate thunder! That's why we hinder them every step of their way with our powers of racism!

It all makes so much sense now!!! Thanks, DOJ!!!

Anonymous said...

Correct! It favors the coons!

rjp said...

I got through the first two paragraphs. Now I need to go outside and cry.

rjp said...

"For example, one student was suspended and subsequently arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school. Another student was sprayed with mace and arrested after refusing to tuck in his shirt."

Nobody was arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school or refusing to tuck in his shirt. Are liberals this fucking stupid?

Or just liberal journalists?

"I wore blue socks on red socks Friday, so I'm's in prison".

Give me a fucking break.

Harry in PA said...

Latinos are doing rather well in America? We need statements defending "Latinos" (another phoney vibrant word for another "minority") like another slash of of a thousand cutsd proceeding to the death of whites in their own country. Oops, I mean what used to be our own country less than 50 years ago. By the way "Latinos" are doing rather very badly in this country and the statement that they are doing well is about as patently ludicrous and utterly false that I have seen yet on SBPDL.

Proceeding onto the topic of the post: Sigh....BITTER...sigh...I see whites (Mississippi) remain emasculated, docile sheep for the slaughter. And as to the statement by BRJD that blacks are brutalized because of the socks they are wearing; well where do you go from this in upping the outrageous mocking hyper-hyper-hyperbole in BRA's vile propaganda agenda? The anti-white ruler-jackals believe they have the whole white population by the throat. It looks thus far like they have every reason to do so.

I'm still holding my breath to see one helluva change in the "Saxon."

Anonymous said...

There goes the Negroes, once again trying to slip the anchor of their failure around the neck of Hispanics once again. And why is it that when a groid and a mudshark produce a mulatto child, the child is considered "Black". But when a groid and a Hispanic have a kid, the kid is considered "Hispanic"?

I never understood the appeal of bedding down with the modern Neanderthal...a genetic, societal, and moral step backwards.

Van said...

"For example, one student was suspended and subsequently arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school. Another student was sprayed with mace and arrested after refusing to tuck in his shirt."

I wonder if these stories are incorrectly worded and incomplete. Perhaps they should read:

"For example, one student was suspended for wearing the wrong socks to school,and subsequently arrested (for committing a crime while on suspension). Another student was suspended after refusing to tuck in his shirt, (and was then) sprayed with mace and arrested (after committing a crime while on suspension)."

Anonymous said...

That's the logic of Eric "My People" Holder's Department of Justice.

The character of blacks doesn't matter.

Both Obamas have surrendered their Illinois law licenses due to their not being good law talking dudes.

It is their characters that hold them back as every AA hire associated with the Obamas prove.

Mr. Rational said...

Latinos are doing rather well in America and poised to be just like previous generations that came to America

Not with their 50% high-school dropout rate, they're not.  And this is in the third and fourth generation.

Anonymous said...

Dream is a magic word for the sub-Saharan africans.
Evolutionary logic and observation strongly suggest that blacks are in more of a dream-like state during their awake time than other racial groups so it's not surprising that "dreaming" is much more popular with them than realistic ambition.

The word education is another mantra with the vodoo people.
The emphasis is never on realistic and practical education, but on dreeeeming.

I have a dream.
That negro Americans will wake up and begin to assiduously use contraception in order to bring their chirrens into this tough world with forethought and careful planning.
I dream that negros will stop scapegoating Whites for negro dysfunction and will start behaving in a peaceful and civil fashion towards European Americans.
I dream that every negro flatu-blast will emit a magical unicorn and when sufficient numbers are reached, the unicorns will form magic rainbows to usher in a new era of negro peace and prosperity.
I have a dream.

10mm AUTO said...

This is simply Holder taking it to the next level. As soon as HUD gets to sprinkle negros, Hispanics, Asians (Dot and Slant-eyes) all through America it will be nearly impossible to send a groid "student" who is acting up to the office, expel or suspend it. They will be a protected class. Discipline a black student could cost you your job. So the teacher will drone on, ignoring Jamal or Di'Anton even if she is raped by them because to speak means losing your job, or worse, being branded a Counter-Revolutionary Racist" (CRR). A monkey-wrencher. A evil White Supremacist.

See, this is the civilian Army. We think of armies as rows of men in Uniform, but this is an Army of snitches. Every negroid fambly gets Section 8, Food Stamps, HUD housing placement, etc for the sole purpose of Watching and reporting. Whites gathering in Jim's garage to talk politics? Go online and report it. The guy down the street has a bunch of guns? Send in the info and win valuable prizes! Every night on the TV you will see stories about "Evil" racists being taken down so we are "ever closer to the color utopia just around the corner." This will be followed by the info that the chocolate rations will be increased.

Think of Sparta in reverse, where the men of Sparta, instead of watching the Helots, the Helots watch the Spartans!

Before it was impossible to penetrate White enclaves. Whites could gather and talk amongst themselves, gather strength and plan but HUD is going to spend billions(!) infiltrating White neighborhoods, cracking that last nut. With the electronic e-mail and web programs plus HUD, the DOJ has truly become Orwell's Ministry of Love.

Anonymous said...

By Ileana Diaz, Matt Rivers

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Neighbors near Kosciuszko Park in Wilmington expressed anger and outrage Friday, after learning the details of a brutal gang-rape that happened in the park Thursday.

Police say two women, ages 32 and 24, were reportedly attacked and sexually assaulted by a group of 10 to 12 black male juveniles in Kosciuszko Park at about 6:54 p.m. Thursday. According to police, the suspects, who range in age from 12 to 17-years-old, remain on the loose.

The victims were transported to Christiana Hospital for treatment.

Wilmington police increased patrols Friday in the park which is located in the 600 block of South Frank

Anonymous said...

@6:04pm- "He is making sure that another "black" or Negro or whatever mix never again occupies the white house."
That's what everyone thought after the first four years. The American "Not My" People proved otherwise, and will surely elect other ones in the future, for as long as there is a future. Not every term, mind you, but after the browns finally tip the electoral scales past the point of no return, the quality of candidates will only decline.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say this as I have seen a few comments on her about latinos being better or not as bad....or any other race for that matter besides blacks...being the worst...The problem is and has become even more since Obowmao took office is that Black culture,Black ignorant uneducated illiterate degenerative Black culture has been put on a pedestal and everyone is acting and talking like a ghetto free ride criminal useless thug...everywhere....every people that come into this country start acting like Blacks ,parents kids ..especially the kids...pop culture,ghetto thug welfare culture has become mainstream...Adults white adults for christ sake go around acting like ghetto blacks....knuckle fist pumping,pants down around the knees,swearing is every other word,entitlement mentality,no respect for authority or elders...This is all a product of Black culture,degenerative Black culture. The hood ghetto mentality and the white kids eat this shit up as do the latino kids and asian kids....not all but most just start acting and talking like they are supposed to act like a ghetto black is pathetic...Look at Miley on the VMA's...I love how they try to show Will Smith and family act like they are so offended when it is their shit culture that invented TWERKING...I mean these are ghetto words....look it up...they actually have an Urban dictionary so you can understand what blacks are talking about,how pathetic is is disgusting....and the media and Will Smith and blacks act like white people or Miley came up with twerking...LMFAO!..They always hide the facts about black degenerative culture influencing everyone to act like it is a positive attribute..disgusting..

Anonymous said...

OT-Eagerly waiting PK's take on the 2 Pennsylvania crimes..2 women raped by 10-12 feral apes in a supposedly "good" neighborhood, and an 82 yr old woman mugged walking out of church by another son of Obama...

Interesting that access to comments has been disabled or comments are not allowed. Can't have any of that "racist" stuff.

Anonymous said...

all this shit would be stopped if the goddamn media would report all the crimes against whites and say "hey, by the way, as usual it was black thugs" rather than saying "gangs" or "teens".

Portland OR has been having white/DWL bicyclists punched out
on the local MLK Blvd. Never a description of the perps. Never!

Anonymous said...

Yep...sounds like it's straight from the pens of MSNBC writers.

Jay Santos said...

10mm AUTO said...

See, this is the civilian Army. We think of armies as rows of men in Uniform, but this is an Army of snitches. Every negroid fambly gets Section 8, Food Stamps, HUD housing placement, etc for the sole purpose of Watching and reporting. Whites gathering in Jim's garage to talk politics? Go online and report it. The guy down the street has a bunch of guns? Send in the info and win valuable prizes!

True and it gets worse. Judicial Watch has made public the nature of this DOD material that certainly defines you as an extremist.

The most chillingly insightful passage from this link is:

"It can no longer be denied that military and local law enforcement crosshairs have gradually been realigned from targeting phantom terrorists overseas to targeting domestic “extremists,” a broad, all-encompassing term that accommodates anyone generally challenging or questioning the status quo."

That is dead on what is happening.

DoD Training Manual: ‘Extremist’ Founding Fathers ‘Would Not Be Welcome In Today’s Military’

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... August 31, 2013 at 4:11 AM

I never understood the appeal of bedding down with the modern Neanderthal...a genetic, societal, and moral step backwards.

Actually, anon, African blacks have no Neanderthal DNA, every other race on the planet does though.

Some interesting reading:

Neanderthals are Smarter than We Thought

White people should have never tried to train cannibals to be domestic. Big mistake. Even your average pets are smarter, gentler and more capable of self-reliance than the average negroid.

C. E. Winchester, III said...

Anonymous (August 31, 2013 at 12:38 PM):

"White people should have never tried to train cannibals to be domestic. Big mistake. Even your average pets are smarter, gentler and more capable of self-reliance than the average negroid."

Not to mention that they usually create way less mess and are substantially better looking. And, perhaps most important, you are allowed to sell dem, give them away, put them in a cage or, if neccesary put them down.

EndToRodents said...

Banning guns will not work anywhere, anytime. Putting a bounty on feral Blacks to thin them out could help. In fact it would help. Any Blacks photographed as evidence committing crime should instantly have bounty put on them. My estimation is that a large number of those bounty hunters would be Black.

Unknown said...

If you think Tae Kwon Do or karate will help you in a fight for your life against a feral Black (or anyone else)you are sadly mistaken. In my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

the only way to tame/domesticate blacks is thru eugenics - same goes for taming/domesticating wolves into dogs - you can't tame wolves by giving them treats & educating them. It must be done BIOLOGICALLY - eugenics works, education does not!

Anonymous said...

the only way to tame/domesticate blacks is thru eugenics - same goes for taming/domesticating wolves into dogs - you can't tame wolves by giving them treats & educating them. It must be done BIOLOGICALLY - eugenics works, education does not!

AnalogMan said...

Van said...

"For example, one student was suspended and subsequently arrested for wearing the wrong socks to school. Another student was sprayed with mace and arrested after refusing to tuck in his shirt."

I wonder if these stories are incorrectly worded and incomplete.

Of course they are. Typical negroid dishonesty. Classic Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Just because one event followed another doesn't prove any causal relationship.

I would bet money that what really happened was that a teacher told a groid to tuck in his shirt. The groid refused, most likely rudely. The teacher insisted. A shouting match ensued. Then the groid went too far, possibly assaulted, certainly swore at the teacher. Ordered to leave, refused, manhandled and so on.

In such a situation, whatever force is necessary to assert legitimate authority is not only justified, but required. If kids can simply refuse to obey proper orders, there is no authority, just anarchy. The Romans, in their heyday, understood this. So did we, come to that. When a band of unruly bandits at Masada defied the Roman law, they never guessed what lengths Rome would go to to enforce it. The Romans never agonised over whether a response was "proportionate" or "economically justified". Whatever is necessary must be done, regardless of cost, or you're finished as an authority.

BTW Van, I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering what happened to you. Somebody here said recently that the quality of discourse in the comments has gone down, and I was thinking of the exceptional commenters I haven't seen lately (and before somebody chimes in, No, I don't include Zenster or PDK in that category). Have you been away, or have I just not been paying attention?


I doubt the mace was used due to clothing infraction.

I will bet that the negro chimped out, got violent, beat on somebody and mace HAD to be used to control the ape. That, they won't tell you.

I would love for the head-negro-in-charge to free all black prisoners. IT will take something like that to wake up a few more stupid Whites.

It must get worse. We all know that, so bring it on.

Allso, "laws" don't work on hominids. Only violence does.

In addition, since I want a White nation (because I am a racist), I don't really care about Asian I.Q. or the good Vietnamese or the "hard" working swarms of Mayans. I don't care.

I don't care about the good ones or the bad ones, the smart ones or the dumb ones. I keep it simple (remember, racists are simple minded bigots)

If you are not White, be free and go form your own nation. Leave mine alone.

Why must a White Man beg for a White country? And, why do I need your permission?

Anonymous said...

Indian said...

@ centurion, you are a true racist, just like 10mm, you hate everyone who is not white, you do know, in that that state of mind, you will not win.

Anonymous said...

Indian said...

@panjoomby, the wolf is superior to the dog in every way, let me explain.

Wolves can learn by observing, this is something rarely seen in dogs.

A Tame wolf can consistently learn, it can understand and repeat actions of their human associates, e.g. open a door or move objects, this, simply by watching how humans do it.

Very few dogs are capable of such learning, dogs have to be trained, then they do what they have been trained to do, not, what they themselves have decided upon, this, based on a mentally processed experience.

On the other hand, a wolf is extremely difficult to train because, a wolf is only willing to do something for a purpose.

It's very easy to train a dog to jump through a hoop by giving it a goodie the first few times. Afterwards, the dog, connects the action (jumping through a hoop) with the reward and, will repeat this jump an infinite number of times even when there is no reward.

A wolf, comparatively, is capable of a much higher level of reasoning. To make a wolf jump through the same hoop an endless number of times is not difficult but, the wolf will only be willing to do so if it sees a purpose, that means you have to reward the wolf everytime it jumps through the hoop.

If you stopped the goodie, the wolf will quickly realise that jumping through the hoop does not have a worthy purpose anymore from which it can benefit, the wolf will, simply, not jump any more.

The wolf cannot and, will not, be tricked into following anothers command, let alone forced to.

To conclude, a dog is mans creation, it is the product of human culture. The wolf is the product of nature, this means, the products of humans are inferior to those of nature. In some cultures the wolf has been rejected, this is because they cannot deal with the truth, which is, humans i.e. civilization, the way it has evolved, to this day, is still, in many ways inferior to nature, if humans would only allow themselves to align with natures life flow, instead, they believe that human culture is superior to nature ? It's sad.

Anonymous said...

Women are stupid.TV has convinced them that fucking niggers is edgy or cool.What was not long ago unheard of is now becoming more common.What can we do? Beyond giving mudsharks dirty looks,and not hooking up with nigs ourselves,not much.We don't have to like it,though.

Anonymous said...


"I would bet money that what really happened was that a teacher told a groid to tuck in his shirt."

I attended a private school where we had to wear a jacket and tie but I don't believe that a public school has any right or authority to dictate how a student may dress outside of a few of exceptions, like wearing something with writing on it, or something distracting, or having your arse or tits hanging out. Public schools generally are more casual and the students dress the same as they would if they weren't in school. Let's also remember that teachers,security jerks and cops are employees of the town and have no right or authority to tell a person how to dress or wear a shirt whether it's in a public building or on the street.And to tell a person what sort of socks to wear or even whether to wear socks at all is absurd unless it had to do with safety or hygiene eg. gym class.
These students may very well be troublemakers but it seems to me that the US is becoming more and more like a police state where little flunkies, cops and bureaucrats seem to believe that they can impose their rather silly ideas and preferences on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

@September 1, 2013 at 2:56 PM

"The wolf is the product of nature, this means, the products of humans are inferior to those of nature"

It's ridiculous to think that the products of Nature, as you put it, are superior to what humans do. Humans are a part of nature and anything they do to manipulate the environment and nature to their advantage is natural.We domesticate animals, develop better strains of plants for food, train seeing eye dogs and dogs used to guard and round up sheep.
And btw, a dog learns by observation just like a wolf and in fact is just a tame wolf with a few exceptions eg. a dog that has had contact with humans can still be socialised if done before 3 months old (a wolf 1 week from birth is necessary). But I can assure you that even the domestic dog born in the wild and not having contact with humans before the age of 3 months will pretty much behave like the wolf. There may be some genetic differences but they are not great enough which is why dogs are classified as a sub species of wolf and these feral dogs may be even more dangerous that the wild wolf.

Mr. Rational said...

The dog is an "inferior" wolf like the mitochondrion is an "inferior" archaebacterium.  Eukaryotes (which use mitochondria descended from symbiotic archaebacteria to handle oxygen metabolism) have exploited niches that archaebacteria never could.

The dog is a wolf selected for traits which work in symbiosis with humans.  Humans plus dogs are more successful than wolves.  There are even dog breeds that can kill wolves:  we call them wolfhounds.

Now if we could only separate ourselves from the failed breeds of genus Homo, and let them fail by themselves....

Anonymous said...

Where I live, I can't go 5 minutes without seeing a white man with an asian (Chinese) female, often accompanied by their odd-looking little hybrids. It's not just white women betraying their race and heritage.

Anonymous said...

james m said...

If you think Tae Kwon Do or karate will help you in a fight for your life against a feral Black (or anyone else)you are sadly mistaken. In my humble opinion

No offense, james m, but your humble opinion sucks. Any type of proficiency in martial arts WILL make a difference against some low-IQ feral black, especially if it's a one-on-one altercation. Why else do you think these feral blacks seem to prefer ganging up by the dozens to attack lone white people nowadays?

I have held a black belt in karate since I was 15. I'm 43 now. In my early 20's, I executed a judo throw known as the "gi assist" to dump a feral black male on his ass when I was stationed in Washington DC with the USN. This same feral black male apparently thought that this white guy could be intimidated into handing over the contents of my pockets, but this was before he tried to grab onto me. This was back in the days of the 1990's when DC residents were legally barred from owning firearms, not that this deterred the feral blacks from carrying them around. Yes, I was afraid at that time that the feral black male was going to pull a gun on me after I dumped him on his ass, but fortunately, the wind was knocked out of him at that time too, and I was able to run away before he even knew what had happened.

For those of you who still don't believe in what even some of the most basic skills in the martial arts can do against one of these feral blacks in the streets, check out this brief video:

Police Videos - Angry black pimp gets knocked out by white karate teacher in a Houston, Texas street

Anonymous said...

Youtube has many videos which show blacks losing badly in 1 on 1 fights against whites who apparently have been through some fight training. Here are some of my favorites:

Baggy-pants-wearing black "Gangster" Gets Dropped By Clean-cut White Karate Kid

Crazy Fight white guy knocks out the other black dude

67 year old white guy war veteran beats up younger black male who starts on him on the bus

Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous, dont like my opinion on traditional MA?
Listen up. I am a cabdriver in the NY/NJ area and deal with blacks all the time. In the years I drove at night in NYC I was stuck up at gunpoint by a black named christopher allman for $93 he used the taxi as a getaway car. He was caught along with the .38 S&W revolver he had with him. I testified to a grand jury and he was indicted chris allman was wanted for a push-in robbery in the Park Hill projects in which he shot the occupant in the chest. Wanna laugh? after the trial i was interviewed via telephone about my experience for NYC DOC. I got to ask what sentence Cris allman got the answer? 18 months! for 2 gun felonies 1 of which a man was shot.

About a year later I fought for control of a small semi-auto pistol during a robbery attempt 2-3 weeks before christmas. This incident took place on Coonley court and Richmond Terrace on Staten Island Google it to see the loveliness of that neighborhood. I worked that area at night for 3 years.
The nearby projects are called Mariners Harbor. Or "The Harbor" due to the close proximity of tugboat yards nearby. Blacks used to shoot at my taxi at night for fun or to test whether or not thier guns were working.
I fought off 2 strongarm robberies from those projects.
All of this without 20 years of dancing around in a bathrobe and counting to 20 in japanese.
I have had knives pulled on me 3x in my life all 3 x the knifer was black the most recent was 1 1/2 yrs ago right outside my workplace.
I have been attacked with a stun gun (this was 6 mos after my heart attack) but the stun gun guy was white-a junkie with a prison record but white nonetheless.
So lets add this up 6 attacks 5 of the 6 attacks black so whats that? 85% of the time I have been attacked the attacker was a black male.
So I like to think I know a thing or two about this subject. especially since I fought, or de-escalated based on my gut instinct.
No training just my gut.
You spent 30 years rolling around in a bathrobe with other men and managed to perform 1 sucessful throw. Whoopeee! then you post a link to a video which is accurate if you chop/punch a black (or anyone else for that matter) in the throat you will do some serious damage.
My post which got your panties in a bunch was a vastly stripped down version of a much longer(albeit rambling) post.
You phony outrage is caused by the deep suspicion that you wasted a lot of time and money and are truly unprepared should something happen again.
I did not begin to "study a system" until all of what I just wrote had occurred I am older than you and MUCH more experienced than you in the street.
You served in the USN? well thank you for your service.
As for yor shrill defense of TMA? try to think logically if it is taught to 5 yr olds how dangerous can it be? You dont put guns in the hands of a child do you? Do you let your kids play with knives? ...I Dont think so.
Basically you spent decades doing something safer than running around holding a pair of scissors! ROFLMAO!
I dont have the time nor typing skill to write everything I experience with blacks daily/weekly.

Unknown said...

I case my latest post doesn't go through here is a video of how blacks really fight. And what works against them

Californian said...

The investigation found that black students frequently received harsher disciplinary consequences—including suspension, expulsion and school-based arrest—than white students for comparable misbehavior.

Something I've noticed about politicized "findings" such as the above: they frequently leave out critical information. In this statement, we are not told who is making the suspensions, expulsions and school-based arrests. Are we to understand that the school authorities are closet members of the KKK out to railroad innocent blacks? More likely for a public school, they are liberals/blacks. If so, how can they be "racist?"

But it's typical of the BRA mentality that the meaning of words if changed, per Orwell. "Discrimination" no longer means for someone to make a choice, prejudicial or not; rather, it's when the outcome does not match up to egalitarian ideology. The fact that blacks are engaged in dysfunctional/criminal behavior at rates higher than whites is not in the equation.

"Discrimination," like "racism," becomes for BRA some nebulous force which victimizes blacks with no human agency involved. It's like BRA reports of blacks being victimized by violence, as if crime is some mysterious plague which descends upon black neighborhoods--and can have nothing to do with the fact that the majority of perpetrators are black.

Another thing to look at in the school cases is if they have zero tolerance and mandatory sentencing minimums. And also to look at the actual offenses being committed. This doesn't preclude some private prison racket being run here, by the way.

As with anything coming out of BRA, a closer look is needed at this affair.

Anonymous said...

James M: I am that USN veteran who took offense at your earlier disparagement of martial arts training in regards to its effectiveness against feral blacks in life-or-death street fights.

When I first read what you wrote there, it sort of reminded me of those times when I have read or heard the opinions of one of those virulent anti-gunner douchebag types who try to convince the rest of us that guns are not a good thing for self-defense. I get pissed off whenever I come across that type of opinion because I know better, but I realize that this is what some people believe wholeheartedly.

Okay, so you're a cab driver in the NY/NJ area. Maybe you even grew up in that area too, with all of its vibrant "diversity" or whatever. If so, you probably have had to deal with feral black males and their violent outbursts even before you started driving a cab. This is why I would also guess that you are a "tough guy" type. If you weren't so tough, then chances are you would not have survived all six of these violent struggles you have had to deal with as a cab driver, right?

The point I would like to make is this: if somebody has a "tough" personae, the "warrior" spirit, some degree of "fight" inside, or whatever else you would want to call it, then that somebody has at least some chance of fending off an attack from some feral black male in the street. If that same somebody also has some martial arts skills, their chances are vastly improved. The mental part of martial arts training, the "toughness" if you will, is just as important as the physical part.

Anonymous said...

@ James M continued:

Face it, these saggy-pants-wearing, tough-talking, low-IQ feral black "gangsta" types usually suck at fighting. That's why they often sucker punch white people in the street. It's also why they usually gang up in number when they attack white people when white people are all alone, or just with one or maybe two other white people.

Sure, I only "managed" to throw one street ape to the pavement all those years ago in DC, and sure, you are more experienced than me in fending off feral black attacks, but this is only because of our age differences, and the fact that you chose a career path that has placed you in close contact with feral blacks, while I have not. After my time in Washington DC, I learned to stay the hell away from black-infested areas, and I still stay the hell away from those areas, unlike you. Also unlike you over there in NY/NJ, I happen to live in a state where decent folk are actually able to get CCW permits just by filling out the application at the sheriff's office. We also have the legal rights here to carry stun guns, pepper spray, tactical folding knives, and most other implements of self-defense if we so choose. All of these things can get you arrested in NY/NJ just for the mere possession thereof, no matter what your deal is, correct?

Yes, the martial arts are taught to 5 year olds, but they are taught just the basic stuff - not lethal techniques like chokeholds, or how to disarm some feral black male of his knife, or his .38 snubnosed revolver. That type of training typically comes to teenagers and adults. (In fact, some martial arts schools out there do not even accept little kids as students.) Think of the way that 5 year olds start out playing tee-ball - by the time they are 15 years old, they are playing Babe Ruth league baseball. Plus, if martial arts training is really such a waste of time as you seem to think, then you ought to ask a marine about the USMC martial arts system sometime - it has a color-coded belt ranking system just like karate and other styles do, but the marines practice with it for no other reason than to kill their enemies when necessary, like when their weapons run out of ammo or whatever the case might be.

Here are my answers to two of your questions:

1. Yes, you actually can put a gun into the hands of a child - only with proper adult supervision, that is. My first experience with a gun was at age 6. It was just a .22 rifle, but I did just fine with it. I was under the supervision of my dad, some uncles, and some of my older cousins at the time.

2. No, I would not let a kid "play" with knives, but I would make that kid learn to use them safely and properly. I was taught like that at about age 7 by my dad. By age 10, I earned my "totin' chit" during my years in the Boy Scouts - this is Scouting's "license" to carry a pocketknife. Sure, go ahead and laugh at me now if you want. Whatever, I don't care.

SwampThizzle said...

I am a diehard "raysis" but it really does seem to me that they were singling out blacks for penny ante bullshit above and beyond all else. And you know what? I think it's FUNNY. Those individual black kids who got sent to juvie were almost certainly assholes and the administrators had had enough of their bullshit. Or maybe that as a group blacks are enormous assholes and this was an effort to punish the entire class of assholes. Any way you look at it, they had it coming, even if the stated reasons are clearly bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the idiot reporter realize that teachers follow a PATTERN of behavior? No one would be attacked with MACE for not tucking in his shirt. But when he has 30 other offenses, some violent, and triens to knock out a principal (which may well be the story, or one like it) more severe punishment is needed. It's about safety for the other kids, not coddling the criminals. Sheeesh
! Pure stupidity!