Friday, August 9, 2013

I made a pilgrimage to save this human's race; Never comprehending a race that's long gone by

You occasionally come across some fact in a book that causes you to smile, knowing the solution to problems plaguing society today were long-ago considered, implemented, and ultimately abandoned.

Abandoned largely because the policies were geared to stopping large segments of criminality in a population group that now controlled the political levers of the city.
The Felony Action Squad (FAS) was created by the white political-establishment in 1972 New Orleans and police officers in this unit were given "shoot to kill" orders. As white flight gave way to blossoming black political rule in the city, FAS was disbanded in 1982.

Leonard N. Moore’s Black Rage in New Orleans: Police Brutality and African American Activism from World War II to Hurricane Katrina is a book that celebrates the destruction of white political rule in New Orleans and its replacement with perhaps the most comically corrupt black-rule imaginable (though the tragedy/comedy is something Moore celebrates, since it was the usurpation of white hegemony).

But as the shift from a majority white city (already boasting unbelievable high levels of black crime) in 1970 to a majority black city occurred, Moore highlights one of the more – criminally – underreported great moments in American history: the creation of the Felony Action Squad (FAS), the figurative manifestation of Wyatt Earp-style justice in the Crescent City. And yes, they had orders to “shoot to kill”: 
 For many citizens, both black and white, the Panther-police showdown illustrated a complete breakdown of law and order in the city of New Orleans. Contributing to the notion that things in the black community were out of control witnessed a record 106 murders. Although many of these murders occurred in the black community, white residents were alarmed. Many whites felt that the city was completely out of control and that the NOPD had lost its power when it retreated from a Panther showdown in November. Beginning in the spring of 1972, local civic organizations began to demand the NOPD do something about the crime rate. George Singelmann, chairman of the local white citizens council, stated that the city had become a veritable “jungle” of crime and murder. 
He asked the business community to demand that the city council provide additional funding for the NOPD because “without restoration of law and order we are rapidly approaching a vigilante situation.”  He then remarked: “Day in and day out unbelievable, heinous crimes of murder, rape, and perhaps the most atrocious of crimes, the muggings and assaults on defenseless, elderly women” occur in the city. Singelmann blamed the state of Louisiana for some of the problems since in his eyes the state spent four times as much on welfare as on both police and fire protection. 
 In response to broad criticisms of the escalating lawlessness in New Orleans, Chief Giarrusso launched a multiphase plan “to make the streets and homes safe again” in the fall of 1972. 
 In an effort to crack down on the city’s crime rate and to prove to residents that he was serious about taking back the city from thugs, hoodlums, and lowlifes, Giarrusso announced the creation of the felony action squad (FAS), a select group of specially trained officers to attack murders, armed robberies, rapes, and aggravated burglaries. Giarrusso was also motivated by the unfortunate reality that by September 1972, the city had already chalked up 142 homicides for the years. 
Giarrusso was confident that the FAS would be successful: “The people who perpetuate these crimes are one degree above animals and we are not going to tolerate them. They’re going to stop; you’ll see.” 
 At a news conference on Monday, September 18, 1972, Giarrusso announced the new FAS concept to the public. FAS officers were to be semi-undercover, “Some of them will look like bank presidents and some like bums.” The goal was for them to be in strategic places where crime might occur. Then to the delight and to the despair of others, he told reporters that FAS members would have orders to “shoot to kill.” He conveyed that the main purpose of the FAS was to make the streets of New Orleans safe again. Consequently, the FAS was explicitly given “shoot to kill” orders. When FAS members closed in on a suspect and thought that person was armed, they were to give a three-word order, “Police, drop it!” If the suspect turned to face police with a weapon in hand, then the FAS was ordered to shoot to kill. 
  … First to respond was the New Orleans NAACP, which was becoming increasingly more aggressive in its tactics. NAACP officials challenged Giarrusso to explain the “shoot to kill” order. “The consistent resorting to the ‘might is right’ tactic is only a temporary stopgap measure which will help produce more fear in the community,” said one NAACP official. 
 Daniel P. Vincent of the TCA condemned the FAS “shoot to kill” order: “The shoot-to-kill order is in itself barbaric and will almost certainly lead to the accidental killing of a young black male. History tells us that the accident will occur to a young black male.” 
 The real solutions to the crime problem, according to Vincent, were increased employment and job opportunities and an end to racism. “Unless basic causes are attacked, no emergency police can stop crime in this city.” Although many African Americans came out against the FAS, there was considerable support for the FAS in the black community, although few would admit it. Isaac Green, who represented an unnamed group, told a reporter: “Many of the persons that will be represented have said that they have been afraid to make statements or give their true opinions for fear of being thought disloyal to black people.” (p. 88 – 95)

New Orleans in 1960 was 63 percent white; by 1970, the city was 55 percent white and 45 percent black. Actually, the city was close to 2/3rds white in 1960 when it reached its peak population at around 620,000.

Like STRESS in Detroit, the felony action squad (FAS) was an attempt by the soon-to-be-replaced white political establishment to abate white flight and alleviate white property owners of their fear of black crime and depreciating property value.
Historically, New Orleans was a white city. Only when black crime (and its deleterious effect on commercial/private property values) drove whites out of the city did it become the incredibly dangerous 'Chocolate City'
To think, it was created when New Orleans registered its worst year of homicides (106 murders in 1971), when routinely 3/4ths black New Orleans today registered 199 murders in 2011 – with a population almost exactly half the population in 1971.

The FAS was disbanded in 1982. The ideas peddled by Vincent as an alternative to the “shoot to kill” order were implemented instead.

The result? New Orleans is still trying to shed its ‘murder city’ reputation.

Remember, the Felony Action Squad (FAS) was put in place to preserve white hegemony over the city; those who opposed it are the harbingers of a different type of hegemony. [Tough former New Orleans police squad holds reunion, New Orleans Times Picayune, July 18, 2009]:
From 1972 to 1982, Felony Action Squad members shot or wrestled with armed robbers, rapists and murderers, patrolling the streets in rundown Ford Mustangs, Ford Torinos and even a Chevy Corvette. 
They spent nights inside an old Amtrak train car alongside Earhart Boulevard, watching for muggers and car burglars while a concert went on nearby at the Superdome. 
They took breaks from their heavier duties by arresting drifters begging for change in the French Quarter. 
Meanwhile, they said, many of their marriages unraveled. 
Unpopular with some 
Some elected officials and community leaders lobbied to have the squad shut down throughout its 10-year existence, accusing the plainclothes cops -- both black and white -- of being racist and reckless. 
Warren Woodfork, the unit's first commander and later the NOPD's first black superintendent, said he dismissed the opposition as chatter coming from "bleeding hearts." 
"We solved a lot of the violent crime problems we find ourselves with again today," said Woodfork, 73, on Saturday. 
Police Superintendent Clarence Giarrusso formed the undercover squad to operate in the city's most crime-ridden neighborhoods. At a 1972 news conference announcing its inception, he told reporters that if any of the Felony Action Squad's 12 original members crossed paths with a criminal they thought was armed, they were to "shoot to kill." 
The NAACP cried foul. A local community group said Giarrusso's order was "barbaric." State Rep. Louis Charbonnet III and other legislators unsuccessfully urged the City Council to pass a resolution abolishing the unit. 
The squad members dismissed the opposition as "political BS meant to get people's votes," Marie said.

It wouldn’t be hard.

It wouldn’t take anything new.

Just the will.

Just the will.

The people who perpetuate crimes are one degree above animals, regardless of race. This is what the black community will never understand, as they hide behind rampant black criminality and claim any attempt to corral the lawlessness will impact the law-abiding…

The will.

There’s an incredible fictional story somewhere within the memory of the Felony Action Squad, but there’s a lesson buried deep under the dirt that covers this Hail Mary pass by the white political establishment to save New Orleans: Where there exists a will, there exists a way. 


10mm AUTO said...

Ay, if dynamite and revolver leave you courage to be wise:
When was age so cramm’d with menace? madness? written, spoken lies?

Envy wears the mask of Love, and, laughing sober fact to scorn,
Cries to Weakest as to Strongest, ‘Ye are equals, equal-born.’

Equal-born? O yes, if yonder hill be level with the flat.
Charm us, Orator, till the Lion look no larger than the Cat,

Till the Cat thro’ that mirage of overheated language loom
Larger than the Lion, — Demos end in working its own doom.

You that woo the Voices — tell them ‘old experience is a fool,’
Teach your flatter’d kings that only those who cannot read can rule.

Pluck the mighty from their seat, but set no meek ones in their place;
Pillory Wisdom in your markets, pelt your offal at her face.

Tumble Nature heel o’er head, and, yelling with the yelling street,
Set the feet above the brain and swear the brain is in the feet.

Bring the old dark ages back without the faith, without the hope,
Break the State, the Church, the Throne, and roll their ruins down the slope.

Do your best to charm the worst, to lower the rising race of men;
Have we risen from out the beast, then back into the beast again?

Alfred Lord Tennyson-

HaroldC said...

The problem requires a first step before addressing anything else. Before any cure can be implemented and we can start on the long road back to civilisation, 'America' must come to an end. The choice is 'America' or civilisation.

Mr. Rational said...

Imagine the uproar if anyone got up and color-inverted what King Samir Shabazz said?

"If you want peace and prosperity, you're going to have to kill some Black thugs.  You're going to have to abort their illegitimate babies.  You're going to have to punish them for every bit of wrong-doing you see, because they lack the intellligence to understand and control themselves.  Violence is the only thing most of them understand.  To fail to use it is to commit suicide in slow motion."

The leftard point-and-screech would be deafening.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1970s black sniper Mark Essex shot at white NOPD officers and white firemen from the rooftop of the Howard Johnsons hotel. Today, white firemen and police officers are a minority in New Orleans. Affirmative Action and demographic warfare did what Mark Essex could not.

O.Y.T. said...

When FAS members closed in on a suspect and thought that person was armed, they were to give a three-word order, “Police, drop it!” If the suspect turned to face police with a weapon in hand, then the FAS was ordered to shoot to kill.

Ummm, am I crazy or is that a justifiable shooting whether in New Orleans in 1972 or Bangor, Maine in 2013?

Southron said...

For decades now, logic, reason, and truth have been suspended in order to create the illusion that blacks can participate in American society the same way whites do.

More and more time, energy, money, and lives are eaten up trying to maintain the illusion.

The dysfunction in black neighborhoods simply is the norm for them.

The last 60 years or so in America have been like one long "Weekend at Bernie's" movie. Whites keep carting around the dead weight of the black community, the same way the two guys in the movie carried around Bernie's corpse. They would pose him, and wave his hand to make everyone think he was alive and kicking.

In our real-life version, we hand out affirmative action jobs, section 8 housing, and welfare to keep up the appearance that the zombie corpse of black culture is in fact alive.

What happens when the zombie corpse of black culture is left on it's own without whites to prop it up? See Haiti, Africa, Detroit, etc.

Jay Santos said...

For decades now, logic, reason, and truth have been suspended in order to create the illusion that blacks can participate in American society the same way whites do.

More and more time, energy, money, and lives are eaten up trying to maintain the illusion….

The last 60 years or so in America have been like one long "Weekend at Bernie's" movie. Whites keep carting around the dead weight of the black community, the same way the two guys in the movie carried around Bernie's corpse. They would pose him, and wave his hand to make everyone think he was alive and kicking.

Nice summary of what we observe here endlessly. They, the white supporters and the negroes themselves, would say 60 years isn't long enough. Let's keep it going for another century.

Unknown said...

10mm auto: thanks for that. I think it's a fitting quotation for Kersey's post that said "the solution to problems plaguing society today were long-ago considered, implemented, and ultimately abandoned."

Tennyson clearly got it. He also wrote Ulysses, in which the Trojan war hero laments that he

"metes and doles unequal laws unto a savage race, that hoard, and feed, and sleep, and know not me."

This too should sound familiar, if you've been paying attention to SBPDL.

Kipling got it, too. In addition to the classic, "White Man's Burden," which points out the folly of propping up that savage race out of some misplaced notion of nobleness, he wrote

"...there are only four things certain,
Since Social Progress began:
That the dog returns to his vomit, and the sow returns to her mire,
And the burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire,
And after this is accomplished, and the Brave New World begins,
When all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as water will wet us,
As surely as fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings,
With terror, and slaughter, return."

(from The Gods of the Copybook Headings)

It's not exactly as upbeat as Paul is being, is it? I am going to try to adopt his optimism. He says there is hope- let's see if there's any power in the Audacity of Hope.

Unknown said...

Paul- I like your last line: "Where there exists a will, there exists a way."

I appreciate your optimism, and I won't try to burst it. Keep it up. Thanks.


Whiskey said...

But Whites desperately want to believe.

OT or maybe not Three Black football players and one White at Vandy charged with rape. This is why I read the Daily Mail every day

Lorraine said...

I have mentioned before that I used to teach English.

Much wisdom is found in the canon and way back in Greek Mythology. Of course Shakespeare.

I mentioned Milton's Paradise Lost on this board months back in April. The whole premise in that piece is that heaven and hell are mental states, states of mind.

Our country is sinking into a communistic state. Communism is based on coveting and jealousy and misery loves miserable company.

Tennyson states in this piece that envy wears the mask of love. I see this phrase being aptly applied to how black America preaches love, but really they envy the white man. Ultimately envy is a green monster that kills. White Americans, not all mind you, try to charm this beast, but eventually White America will get killed by the Beast.

If I can't have that ( happiness, education, love, children, money, comfort) then he/she, that 'white' person can't have it is the envious thought (s) that race through many blacks' minds.

I shared with you all the showdown I had with the Section 8 Sistahs before I left WDC. I ll never forget how the one crazy old hag stated to me how 'I gonna get your kids taken away' to which I replied 'where are your kids.,, not with you huh? ' .That envious, covetous mindset permeates throughout the black community and there is not a damn thing any government program can do. They hate because they are hateful people. That's it.

Segregation and secession will be the only measures to save white America.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

this is what sh-t is in the news:

hoiw many Whites also didnt get to look at the 37k bag.

AA poli:

thats NEWS.


Left Coast White Guy said...

That was a simply sublime comparison!

Anonymous said...

New York Times Colmmunist Charles Blow Makes It Official : Black Americans Are 100% Not Responsible For Their Own Dysfunction
According to Charles Blow, negro dysfunction in the USA is somebody else's fault.

Wow, Thank You Mister Blow. For a minute there, we were thinking that Black Dysfunction in the USA (and in Europe, and in Africa, and in China, and on Mars...) might have something to do with pre-Darwinian, divine causes. We sure are glad you cleared it up for us!

Blow makes his tired, preposterous claims in a piece entitled "Marriage and Minorities", that was published last week in the erudite page of Amerika's Newspaper of Record's Op-Ed Section.

In the article, Mister Blow lays out his list of the true culprits behind black dysfunction and criminality. Here we go :

1) Mass Incarceration ;

2) The War On Drugs ;

3) the "Aid Elimination Provision" of the Higher Education Act, a provision "that took effect in 2000. It denied financial aid to students with drug convictions" ;

4) Student Loan Debt ;

5) (This one is quite funny. To quote directly from Blow): "Furthermore, for the poorest Americans, there are marriage penalties built into many of our welfare programs. As the Heritage Foundation has pointed out: 'Marriage penalties occur in many means-tested programs, such as food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, day care and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. The welfare system should be overhauled to reduce such counterproductive incentives.'" ;

6) And in conclusion, this absolute gem of blame-YT Blame-Shifting:

Anonymous said...

"One degree above animals ..."

I dunno; I've met some pretty decent, intelligent animals.

Cassie said...

Talking of Louisiana, I have just discovered 'Duck Dynasty' on tv. OK, so it is obviously fake as f**k and I had to turn away during the animal slaughtering, but it seemed fun, was full of decent white people with the right attitude and, more importantly, is choc full of yummy, hairy rednecks to perv over. Wall-to-wall whitey, what's not to love. America ain't so bad after all, I thought.

Imagine my horror when a fat mixed-race kid started popping up amongst all the white folks! What's going on? Has one of the wives had a touch of jungle fever? Has he been sent over from central casting to add a touch of 'colour' to the show? It's beyond weird.

I can't watch any more, I keep waiting for him to moon into view.
Blacks (or, rather, stupid white liberals) always ruin everything.


greatwhites unite, anyway good people the man known as Mr. Giarrusso was correct in saying "the people who perpetuate these crimes are just one degree above animals and we should not tolerate them". and this was said about the black race in New Orleans with a measly 106 murders in 1971! I just wonder what his words would of been if he had been around in 2011 when the murder rate was tipping the scales @ 199?

the race hustling bunch of NGR's @ the vaunted naacp called that shoot to kill order barbaric! and yet I wonder what that same black devils would say to the 199 murders in 2011? the only barbaric thing was dismantling this unit!

look at the difference when dealing with this murder problem. the whites want to protect their young and elderly and the blacks want more and more young & old whites dead. things need to change.

and kudos to the white community in Ohio for challenging these feral beasts for not wanting public transportation to show up in their neighborhood. I got a question for ya! would you feel discriminated against if a new shopping mall was built in/near the ghetto? would you see to it that you should go somewhere were you really shouldn't go? I think not. I don't think many whites wouldn't lose sleep for not being able to go there. that's the big difference between white's & blacks. seems like these angry NGR's just can't accept no for an answer. either way fuck them black bastards! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi, one of you tells me on another post that he wanted to visit MArseille as I said that it will be our first Detroit because it's full as 50% of Arabs.
I want to add that a libelal politic man (socialist) want to put Marseille in "ZSP", it means area of priority much this city is dangerous. Normaly some quarter of city are classified in ZSP but in Marseille it will be all the city!!

So white go away of Marseille, arabs and blacks do a lot of children but kill and robb instead of working so this city will be in bankruptcy very soon...
It was a magical city 30 yeras ago, sun, sea, mountains not far maybe like Los Angeles but now it doesnt worth anything. So go in Monaco, Cassis, Sanary sur Mer, but not MArseille

Shanghai Bob said...

I've often thought something like the FAS is what's needed nowadays. But what's the evidence the FAS was actually effective? According to the chart in the article, white flight continued at a high rate all during the decade FAS was on the streets. So it doesn't seem to have made whites feel any more secure.

Vicio Malo said...

@ Southron... pointing out that negro dysfunction is the norm. You know dat be rayciss. What ever happened to "reform school"? When I was in school if you didn't stand up straight you were sent to posture class. If you had trouble expressing yourself you went to speech class. The low IG students went to special schools. If you were a chronic fvck up you went to the dreaded reform school. I know because it was recommended to my mother from the boys VP. at my HS. I had a "bad attitude", I drove a '59 corvette that I bought myself, I worked nightshift and made more money than the principle of a high school at the time and I have never been in trouble with the law. The "norm" is a comparative ideology. It is kind of like trying to prove negligence. What would another person do, or not do, in a same or similar circumstance. I think if the "norm" is to be the guideline. An audit of every public school is in order. If a predetermined tipping point is reached, then that school should become "public reform school 101". Bussing students is already a long practiced exercise. Just bus all the trouble makers to reform school. These could easily be where all the armed guards and metal detectors could be installed. Don't bother trying to teach regular classes. Make it a more "technical" environment. Actually teach these yoots a trade. Rigid standards of dress or uniforms and behavior to be implemented,one step below military. It would automatically become the "norm". The "norm" should never be a comparison of negro dysfunction, the "norm" should be a societal comparison with all people considered. If negro dysfunction raises it's ugly head...reform school then jail, and who cares...VM


Why is there no national pro-White organization?

Anonymous said...

Phily had a squad like this and New York followed thier lead the NYPD called thiers the stakeout squad and a guy named Jim cirrillo wrote a book about the exploits( also made some DVD's about shooting) it too was shut down due to political pressure

Mr. Clean said...

O.Y.T. said: Ummm, am I crazy or is that a justifiable shooting whether in New Orleans in 1972 or Bangor, Maine in 2013?

It depends. Turning your head to face the police upon hearing a command would likely not be a reason for a drop. Turning your body (and presumably the weapon) to face the police would be an immediate threat and can be acted upon.

Anonymous said...

The UK's tax authority is printing photos of its biggest tax cheats:
Most of them are immigrants. The price of multiculturism?

Anonymous said...

Excellent points-obviously learned the hard way. Thank You. Richard Cranium

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings fellow realists. It’s sad that we have to gather at an internet blog in the virtual world in order to find others that are cognizant of the true nature of the REAL world, but that’s the reality of BRA.

Let me start with the prior blog regarding HUD and glorious diversification of suburbia. Last night on Glenn Beck’s TV show, guest-hosted by Erick Stakelbeck, they actually did a segment on this. All of the information conveyed was extremely accurate. Unfortunately, however, there was a laughable disclaimer that the objection to the HUD program had nothing whatsoever to do with race. If course, in actual reality, it nothing to do with anything BUT race. That aside, it was still an insightful discussion on the subject, and certainly unique to anything you can otherwise see on the magical indoctrination screen.

It was actually a sickening blend of Agenda 21 and the resurrection of federally-funded public housing, the forced investment in the fallacy of mass transit, and the destruction of [white] suburbia and all that it represents. In many respects, what Kurtz said is that it’s a federal end-run implementation of Agenda 21, but something that D’won is not interested in talking about, even though it’s at the very heart of his “fundamental transformation” strategy. The Marxist in chief hates whites and hates suburbia and the prosperity and civil order that it represents. Thus, it must be destroyed, and the vehicles through which to do so include the HUD policy, the tying of unrelated federal infrastructure and block grant money for states to the creation of these modern day ghettos. Environmentalism is a big part of it, as well, since suburbs are “unsustainable” and “bad for the environment.” This latter aspect will probably be extremely effective in getting ignorant whites onboard in the transparent march to the slaughterhouse.

The two national pilot programs are underway in San Fran and Minneapolis. I think word got out too broadly about Agenda 21, and with a widely negative perception of the UN, the feds (soon to be the party faithful) knew that they had to take a different approach. So give the same b-s a different name, cloak it with the magical protection afforded by “sustainable” and “fairness” and all the other insane liberal blather, and it has a fighting chance. To paraphrase Bogo, “$hit is now GOLD!!”

Anyway, Kurtz said the objective is to relocate the entirety of the US population into high-density urban areas, or mini-Manhattans. Cars will be outlawed and mass transit will be our only option. The planet will be SAVED!! And the hammer and sickle will be unveiled. Groids are just a temporary mechanism of useful idiots in implementing this “fundamental transformation” to full-out Communism on Amurkistan soil.

They are currently building just such a development right off my exit from I-85. It makes NO sense other than within the context of Agenda 21/HUD/white concentration camps. I mean, seriously, get everyone moved in, then show up one morning with armed troops and a construction crew to quickly build a 12’ high concrete wall, and what do you have? Hey! Wait a minute! We did---[head explodes from skull shot]. Resistance instantly eliminated. Sure, they’ll make them nice so that those two can’t see will want to move in, but that’s by design. See what good your sparkling marble fireplace surround will do you when you’re behind a 12” concrete wall with razor wire and under armed guard 24/7. That could never happen here…

Just like Common-Core (we learn MORE with Common Core!), it’s the tying of federal funding (printed by the magical paper presses at the “Federal” Banksta Beehive, that gets local governments to push this b-s. If they DON’T play ball, they won’t get the money (a/k/a power). To resist would be to acknowledge reality in the way we do, and that could very well result in being labeled, oooooohhhh, Rayciss™.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


BTW, cable is getting turned off at my pad in one month, when the 12-month introductory rate ends. I’m looking forward to returning my DVRs and telling them that, no, I’m not interested in continuing the service even if the introductory rate is extended. Even if it was free, in fact. I’ll be sure to include some of my SBPDL “calling cards” with the equipment, of course. We’ll have the Blaze at $10/month, Hulu for $10 more (to keep my significant other sufficiently pacified), and the web. $20 vs. nearly $90? I think so!

The other thing weighing on me this week, which I think is much more likely to pop before what I mentioned above, is the outbreak of WW3 in the middle east. I heard all week that any of 3 primary events will be the catalyst: (1) the collapse of Egypt into civil war; (2) the collapse of Assad in Syria an takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood and hardcore Islamists; (3) Iran’s securing a nuclear weapon. Of course, now that Bob Mugabe is going to sell them uranium, extending his middle finger to US warnings, it should be a reality well before the end of D’won’s second term. Could you imagine some third-world POS pulling that against Reagan? We’re an impotent laughing stock, and we’re about to go to war in the middle east whether we want to or not, with no real way to win anything, a la Afghanistan.

The Islamists could close the Suez Canal (I think that’s a given), and oil will skyrocket above the $140/barrel it reached in 2008. The economy instantly collapses. Or probing attacks against Israel that will force US involvement in light of major Israeli retaliation. Islamist control of Turkey (the great mid-east “democracy”) is nearly complete, with D’won’s BFF Erdogan at the helm. Or there’s the ever-popular detonation of a nuclear weapon in a major US city. Probably citIES for maximum effect. Marshal law, confiscation of firearms, Communism.

I just fail to see how we avoid a massive collapse – be it from currency/hyperinflation, institution of Marshal law, confiscation of citizen firearms, Communism. Armed and trained like special forces, the police are ready to go.

I see no way out short of divine intervention. Otherwise, D’won and the cryin’ Johnny B and the Pink Palmetto Pony and Mavrick have set our course.

Groids may seem like a minor annoyance very soon. How’s THAT for magical thinking? God help those of us trapped here in BRA…

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

OT: Trayon Lives, Continues to Trayvon

el zopilote said...

Now we have Obama and the HUD
wanting to integrate all communities
for diversity and balance. All in
the interest of fairness.

You live in a community where each
home is valued over a million dollars. How will Obama integrate
that community? A forced devaluation
of all the homes and then subsidized
homes for the minority family?
Another idea is to let the entire
economy collapse, a la Cloward-Piven, and then your home will be
worthless. Then it will be easy to
integrate your community.

Obama is rapidly fulfilling his
campaign promise to fundamentally
change the country.

CreepyAssLimey said...

They're not tax avoiding, their just being diverse! The long nosed parasites in UK government make these lot look like shoplifters.

Ricky Tucker said...

Because it would be considered racist? I'm in if anyone grows balls and starts one.

Vicio Malo said...

Gwinnett Gladiator...Damn you're wordy...wish I'd a known you when I lived in Gwinnett Co. I do enjoy your posts. Gwinnett use to be a great place. You have Lake Lanier mountains (OK hills) and it use to be a whitopia. My ex-wife still lives in Duluth. When I bought that house in 1980 there was no Gwinnett Place Mall in fact there was a trailer park where it currently sits. There was nothing between Duluth and Norcross except the railroad museum. There were 7 custom homes on Hidden Lakes (formerly whitehead fishing lakes). I was 10 miles from work at spaghetti junction. When Gwinnett Place Mall opened the whole area collapsed. They brought in busses full of negroes and the area just became a no go zone. By then I was in Maysville, GA. 55 miles north. We'll talk GG you can update me. I currently live on the eastern shore, Chesapeake Bay. have a great groid free day y'all...(BTW still south of the Mason / Dixon line thank God)...VM

Vicio Malo said...

OK GG... I got thru with your post...I tend to read very slowly. I use to be a proof reader and reading for me is painful. I look for all the correct grammar, misspelled words, sentence structure and of course content. Where off of I-85? Are you at pleasant Hill exit? I have stated this before, the real problems facing the next generation have nothing to do with negroes. They are just an inconvenience. The real problems the next generation will face are nukes in the hands of Islamists, potable water and the economic crash. Not only am I a race realist, I am also 61 years old. I am a mortality realist as well. I've had 3 major heart attacks and I live day to day. When my insomniac cat wakes me up at 4 AM I get up and drink a couple cups of coffee, then I start my day with 4 beers. I call it the 4 beer buzz. I am currently remodeling a house and restore furniture. I have given up on the next generation. They are totally idiots. My generation is not any better. I tend to steer clear of political conversation because my GF and her whole family are welcoming to join the population at SBPDL...have a great groid free existence I know I will...VM

10mm AUTO said...

"Tennyson states in this piece that envy wears the mask of love. I see this phrase being aptly applied to how black America preaches love, but really they envy the white man. Ultimately envy is a green monster that kills. White Americans, not all mind you, try to charm this beast, but eventually White America will get killed by the Beast." White Mom


Further, if you expand out the terrible graphic on this post to the rest of the Country, you see where we are going. What was true in only a few odd cities (Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta) of the "Great Migration" in the 1970's is now true all over the Country. The negro cities are in the final death throes, never to return. The rest of the Country is at the point of the 1970's, dealing with Orc violence that they never had to before. This depression has exacerbated it, as no new housing is being built so existing Whites move from town to town like cattle in a pen that sense danger, churning and roiling. Where to go? What States/Counties/towns are safe? The Shitspanic has increased the fluidity and velocity of these changes with its own collection of psychological ills where there are to few negros at present and with their own desires (La Raza and MECHaH).

Add to this terrible mix the Marxists high water mark in White dysfunction as well as the meddling of TWMNBN and we are in for some really dark times. The HNIC is countering Whites banding together with charges of "racism" and directing the HUD and FHA to insert black and brown snitches into every neighborhood with Section 8 as well as monitoring phone calls, internet traffic and E-mail.

We are not going to be able to Counter this one with an Angry letter to the Editor.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

OT - here in the ATHell those crazy "teens" are were at it again last night. Silly youffz. Note how much the half-breed sheboon witness commentary really adds to the story.

No commenting allowed on the story, of course. I swear, we are being overrun in every aspect of our lives with unofficial "policies" and "guidelines" that usurp every level of actual law.

@Vicio Malo Sorry for my loquaciousness. Being able to type 100 WPM doesn't help. Plus I don't get to post as often as everyone else because I'm sitting in traffic all day, every day, driving 70 round-trip miles in order to avoid groids to the greatest extent possible. I truly appreciate both PK and the SBPDL readers accommodating my letting loose at least once a week.

I'm actually closer to the Mall of GA area. Gwinnett Place is now a "community improvement district," also known as a 3rd-world hellhole. Mexicans and nigs took over, and once you get past the mall to the west, half of the signs are in Korean. Club Drive is basically the Pruitt-Igoe of Gwinnett. If you knew it from back in its heyday, as you did, it's truly shocking now. The Marriott at Pleasant Hill just pulled out, as there is no longer any legitimate business activity in the area to support a hotel of that caliber.

Jimmy Carter is far, far worse than Pleasant Hill, and has to be seen to be believed. It's pretty much a no-go zone unless you are just passing through, The entire spaghetti junction area - Pleasandale Road, Buford Hwy, PIB are all completely hispanic hellholes.

Whites moved out to Buford and Suwanee, and the nigs followed, and Mall of GA is now in obvious decline as more and more youffs go there to hang out. There's constant petty crime in the area and there have even been some shootings. Imagine Gwinnett Place circa 1992 or so and I think you'll get the picture. The major anchor stores have yet to actually start closing, as there is still enough economic activity by whites and the many Asians (primarily Korean) to keep them open, but if the economy dips again, I think it will spell trouble.

Whites are now routinely commuting from Jackson County to downtown ATHell in an effort to raise their families with some modicum of safety and "normalcy." Braselton, Hoschton and Jefferson are now bedroom communities for whites that exhibit some degree of awareness.


Pro-Civilization said...

Straight gospel truth Paul Kersey:
"The people who perpetuate crimes are one degree above animals, regardless of race. This is what the black community will never understand, as they hide behind rampant black criminality and claim any attempt to corral the lawlessness will impact the law-abiding…"
Check out the latest antics from our feral, SPOILED negro population: Lil Durk - "Life Ain't No Joke"
Quote from the video (its hard to watch, but necessary to comprehend):
Lil'Durk: "Mang, I think I fucked like twenty bitches last night."
Also, on autotune "I'll turn yur girl to an eater"

These men need to be ran out of town like in all normal human societies.
These men think they can shit all over the place, and other people can clean up. They LOVE attracting cops (infantile attraction to being in the caged crib), they brag about "fucking bitches", and they purposely scare people, then get mad when people get scared.

These men are scum of the earth, a dishonor to what little honor the Black race has left, and vile cowards who abuse dumb women.

THank you Paul Kersey, indedency and criminality now hides behind a facade of "Blackness", which is therefore uncriticizable, and "racist".

If it is racist to condemn lewd behavior and criminality, then we are headed to certain rule by tribalistic despots.

You can kiss universalistic Western Civilization goodbye, unless we all stand up and condemn this damn minstrel show!!!

Californian said...

Here's the thing: back then, law enforcement understood the problem, and understood how to take care of it. And they could do it without paramilitary SWAT teams, armored fighting vehicles, or drones. Today, law enforcement has all this technology and can not maintain law and order.

It goes back to the delusions of BRA and the dysfunctions it creates: the illegitimacy, the destruction of neighborhoods, the race hustling politicians, the DWL agitprop covering up black criminality ...

All these wreck the foundations for a stable society. Crime once might have been seen as an aberration, but now it is either covered up (as are black-on-white flash mobs) or justified as the "oppressed" rising up against The Man.

So the downward spiral continues.

Silent Running said...

Imagine my horror when a fat mixed-race kid started popping up amongst all the white folks! What's going on? Has one of the wives had a touch of jungle fever? Has he been sent over from central casting to add a touch of 'colour' to the show?

Willie and his wife adopted the creature, probably out of piety. They do, however, have a young daughter, so their good deed may yet blow up in their faces.

This is usually how it goes: do-gooders do good, and everyone around them suffers for it.

Cars will be outlawed and mass transit will be our only option.

And naturally, all cars will vanish the night after the law is passed. That's why you can't find drugs on the street.

Banning cars would be a coup for us. It would convince 90% of the country, right and left, that their country is dead and that they exist not as full citizens, but as subjects for the TPTB to experiment upon.

It's already begun, IMO. The other day I was reading the comments under a NYT article regarding the latest NSA revelation, and those who voted for Obama are furious. One even called him a fake liberal.

Would we be seeing the same outrage from both sides if Romney had won?

Silent Running said...

I mean, seriously, get everyone moved in, then show up one morning with armed troops and a construction crew to quickly build a 12’ high concrete wall

Some of you guys need to take a breath. Seriously. Distrust of this government by bitter clingers is now proverbial. The first cattle car to show up in the suburbs will serve as the Green Light. We'll start seeing the burned-out hulks of SWAT APC's on the evening news.

We’re an impotent laughing stock, and we’re about to go to war in the middle east whether we want to or not, with no real way to win anything, a la Afghanistan.

What happens in the ME is none of our business. The US is only a laughing stock because the US is a meddler, and its meddling often fails.

Marshal law, confiscation of firearms, Communism.

Dude, take a fucking breath. This government can't even enforce a ban on large sodas. The Keystone Kops that would be confiscating the guns couldn't find a 19 year old kid hiding under a boat in Boston.

And it's martial law. It's not named after some guy named Marshal.

Silent Running said...

Armed and trained like special forces, the police are ready to go.

Ah, good. I guess I can skip your essay-comments from now on. You do not dwell in reality.

Unknown said...

I'm with Silent Running on the hysterical tone of some of these posts.
Steady now, we didn't get here overnight nor will we get out as quick as we would like but letting your fears run wild solves nothing.

Anonymous said...

This is serious situation for the white race. The NAACP has been pushing thi diverdity legislation for the past decade. They know at this point they cant force white people to live in black nieghborhoods, but they can try to make ik too expensive not to. They are proposing penalizing white people in nieghborhoods deemed not diverse enough. This should be an alert to all whites living in nice safe white nieghborhoods. Find out who your representatives are in these areas and find out what they think of these practices. Try to get them out of office if they are in bed with NAACP. I can see one scenario where you live in a $250;000 home thats what you paid for it onother one just like across the street is sold to a diverse family who only pays $450 per month and tax payers pay the rest. After adozen of theses subsudized houses are sold in your nieghborhood the property values will be cut in half and anyone wanting to leave will take quite a loss.

Mich Mike

Vicio Malo said...

Gwinnett Gladiator...Thanks for the update. I use to commute from Maysville (Jackson county) to Color-graphics (6 flags) 85 miles one way. Thank God I worked 3rd shift. Over 13 years commuting I saw the spread North on the I-85 corridor. The morning traffic was just like it was in Los Angeles, bumper to bumper inching along. Thank God I was heading the opposite direction. With gas at $4.oo a gallon I don't see how that type of commute is possible from a financial standpoint. My commute on nightshift was an hour and 1/2 each way. That was from 1987-2000. All around Spaghetti Junction back then was all Mexican. Thanks again for the update. I reckon I got out at the right time...VM

Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done about the flash mob attacks. This is where the problem is out of control. Also, the continued black guy/ white girl thing is beyond repair. They have everything that whitey has but continue to act like animals and assault, rob, murder, rape our women, children, and elderly. Something has to happen to stop this, they've over stepped the boundary. This is what the future looks like and they want the white man dead. I live in a mostly white neighborhood and blacks hop cities to come out and rob our homes while we're at work. [remember the Virginia Beach assaults a few months back] turned a nice tourist resort into a ghetto hangout nowadays.

Bogolyubski said...

Why is there no national pro-White organization?

Because the majority of whites - especially females, the younger generations, and Christians - would all collectively point and sputter rayciss!! in concert with Jesse, Al, the Ministry of Truth and the Repuke Party. The regime and its jackboots would therefore have carte-blanche to infiltrate and destroy any such nascent organization, which they would be only too willing to do. Whiskey can be very annoying at times, but this is one aspect where he's most likely correct. This auto-genocidal brainwashing (or "gaslighting" to use Lorrain'e term based upon the 1940s movie) has been under way since a least the 1920s, when the junk-science of Franz Boas began to be taught in academia in the USA. It has been ramped up ever since, with the pedal going to the metal by the late 1960s.

It took a century to get here and nothing short of a complete collapse and disaster would have the power to partially derail the ideology in the short term - which is basically our best hope as whites will effectively vanish as a race if this continues another century (which was the plan all along, some of us maintain).