Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Empowerment Center in His Honor Wasn't Enough: Convicted Heroin Dealer Freddie Gray to get Law Course Taught in his Memory...

Marty McFly: [Reading the newspaper from 2015] "Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly Jr. was tried, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in the state penitentiary."? Within two hours?  
Doc: The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers.  -- Back to the Future II (with the future set in 2015)
Freddie Gray was a convicted heroin dealer. 

Never forget this fact, for he now has an empowerment center named in his honor in 65 percent black Baltimore. 

Never, ever forget Mr. Gray had a history of, "injuring himself in law enforcement settings to collect settlements — but were advised by a state prosecutor not to pursue the information, according to defense attorneys for the six officers charged in Gray's arrest and death." [Defense says prosecutor steered police away from evidence Freddie Gray had history of 'crash for cash' schemes, Baltimore Sun, August 6, 2015]

But Mr. Gray is still the hero, even though violence is rising in Baltimore and those being exposed to the violence refuse to turn in those committing the violence (no snitch, right?). 
But Mr. Gray is still the hero, with police afraid to their job in Baltimore and no longer engaging "proactive policing."
But Mr. Gray is still the hero. [Syllabus for law school's Freddie Gray course says unrest 'almost certainly not over', Baltimore Sun, August 12, 2015]:
A new course at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law titled "Freddie Gray's Baltimore: Past, Present, and Moving Forward" aims a wide lens at the 25-year-old man's death and the "serious recent disturbances" that followed — which it says are "almost certainly not over" and require deep analysis. 
"The course is not viewed by its organizers as an end in itself," reads the course overview, provided Wednesday by Professor Michael Greenberger. "Rather, it is intended to be a springboard for further and deeper academic teaching and writing efforts, clinical work, and student and faculty involvement in citizen and government efforts to reform law and policy in the subject matter areas" of "policing; criminal justice; housing; health care; education; poverty; and community development and joblessness."

Gray was arrested in April and suffered a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. His death from the injury sparked demonstrations against police brutality across Baltimore. On the day of his funeral, rioting, looting and arson broke out. 
"These events, which are almost certainly not over, have highlighted and/or uncovered serious on-going social and financial dislocations within the City," the syllabus reads. Six Baltimore Police officers have been criminally charged in Gray's arrest and death; all have pleaded not guilty. 
The legal process leading to their trials is still in its early stages. Greenberger, the course administrator, will be joined in teaching or planning the eight-week course by 12 other professors at the law school. 
The syllabus also lists Sherilynn Ifill, the president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, as another "tentative" organizer and teacher, of a class on the causes and implications of housing segregation. The coursework will also be "supplemented by other academics, experts, and officeholders," though the syllabus does not identify those people.
I'm becoming increasingly convinced those who build the future will look at the story of Freddie Gray - and the black elected officials in Baltimore who admitted "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well" (and then appeared on camera with black gang leaders while Baltimore still burned and willingly left police to fend for themselves without backup while forcing them to stand down under the onslaught of the black uprising) - as the moment in time the experiment in democracy finally ended. 

Because Mr. Gray was considered the hero...


Haman of Baboon Rouge said...

Freddie Gray was a hero. His death will help awaken more Whites to the stark realities of violent, retarded Africans ruining America.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the class will be taught in Ebonics?

Anonymous said...

History of the shakedown, how to get money for nothing?

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the images of children well under the age of 10 hurling bits of concrete at policemen and women who were ordered to stand there like sitting ducks.

If we are ever able to hold the "parents" of these "keeds" accountable we would see improvements for everyone all across our society, from school environments to safety on "the skreet".

Shame once held parents and their children in check.

Not with black people.

Anonymous said...

This world is getting weirder by the minute. Up is down. Right is wrong. Bad is good. Dumb is smart. Everything we were taught has been thrown out the window. When idiots (and I do mean idiots) are held up to be heroes, we are done. This circus being put on by the blacks has become the norm. Standing in the streets taunting the police and no one does a thing. Blocking traffic and the drivers become the bad guys. Black panthers yelling "kill the pigs", and the cops just stand there. Sorry people but this is just getting real old and tiring. I'm afraid that this will only end in all out riots. Just wondering what will eventually set it off. It will be set off! I think law enforcement knows this and that is why they haven't reacted to this two year long shit show. Idiots all.

Anonymous said...

So any time frame for when these men and woman are acquitted and Baltimore burns again? Of all of the "black person resists police orders and arrest" cases, this one is by far the most circus-like and corrupt. If by any stretch she gets away with any of this, 'I' will riot.

Anonymous said...

I say. PK would do well to take a 2 week to one month vacation/break soon. He's to much of an asset to ride into the ground.

Euro American said...

Among upper middle class whites, parents will not allow their child to fraternize with another child after the slightest infraction. More to the point, whites will not let their child play with another child that is not a step up, a child that is more mature, models good behavior and knows something they want their child to learn. And yet society is coddling these vicious animals.
My mind cannot reconcile these two ideas.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

The insanity never ends. Monuments are being built for drug dealers, thieves, liars (MLK, JR, anyone????) and true white men with balls are being erased from memory (Jackson, Hamilton, etc.) in lieu of negro whores (Mahalia Jackson, Rosa Parks). Up is down, down is up, the new negro in town must have his bottom kissed. Twenty years ago, Obama and his ilk would have rightfully been barred from anything more that washroom attendant in most country clubs. Now he's "leading" the "free" world. What a bitter irony!

Bernard Sanders. Yeah. He's precisely what's wrong with this entire country. At least he's not hiding his true colors. He has explicitly stated he hates white people with a red hot fury.....he's made no bones about it. Keep that in mind when you go to the polls. I know it makes no difference, but when his numbers plummet, maybe the rest of his ilk (Hillary?) will begin to understand that the white folk have had enough of this black experience. A cancer that goes on to find new areas to destroy.

Anonymous said...
"While in the Justice Department, Professor Greenberger was responsible for supervising a number of counterterrorism programs. In May 2002, Professor Greenberger became the founding director of the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS), which now has a staff more than 60 professionals working on a broad range of homeland security and emergency response issues for federal, state and local government agencies, as well as medical researchers. More information about CHHS can be found on the Center’s website,"

"Professor Greenberger also teaches a seminar entitled "Homeland Security and the Law of Counterterrorism" at the School of Law, and in 2014 developed the first of its kind classon
“National Security, Electronic Surveillance and Bulk Data Collection: The Withering of the Fourth Amendment.”

"In 1997, Professor Greenberger left private practice to become the Director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) where he served under CFTC Chairperson Brooksley Born. In that capacity, he was responsible for supervising exchange traded futures and derivatives. "

They are up to something.

NC Realist said...

Lets hope that Darren Wilson gets the nod over Will Smith...playing the lead character of Capt Ben the remake of The Running Man. If Baltimore isn't the perfect setting for a dystopian future....i dont know what is.

hondo said...

Was looking for SBPDL but found the Onion instead - Oh wait! I'm confused.

You can react to something like this in many ways. I'm beyond anger or surprise. Now I just smile (and wait) and look around for others just smiling (and waiting). I'll leave the ranting to others. Its Ok, I understand.

Anonymous said...

SICK, SICK, SICK. The law school is full of $#**©|¡

What is wrong with White people that they won't unite to fight this idiocy. If Sanders gets elected POTUS this country is really screwed regarding blacks and gun ownership.

I was watching River Dance on PBS.. All beautiful Irish music and dancing. The company now has blacks dancing with them. Ruined it for me. Switched channels.

Mr. Rational said...

"it is intended to be a springboard for further and deeper academic teaching and writing efforts, clinical work, and student and faculty involvement in citizen and government efforts to reform law and policy in the subject matter areas" of "policing; criminal justice; housing; health care; education; poverty; and community development and joblessness."

In other words, Marxist deconstruction of White civilization in order to replace it with a dictatorship.

"... the course overview, provided Wednesday by Professor Michael Greenberger."

No surprises there.  TWMNBN are not like us either.

Anonymous said...

There may actually be a positive way of looking at this. The more rediculous these brazen fools and their enablers become, the harder it is for main - stream Americans to ignore that the entire house of cards is built on lies.

At the Bernie Sanders rally, they told their most ardent supporters that they were "white supremacists" and demanded nothing short of supplication.

They may have just gone to the well to often. They are about to find I susoect, that it's been poisoned by their own hand.



We must go back to the day when the HNIC was sworn in as the POTUS.
That's the day when he let some of the cat out of the bag when he said "We Must Fundamentally Transform America."

Boy oh boy that negro wasn't lying. Just wait till O America killer has less than a year to go. Think it's crazy now? Those negroes are just getting started.

Have you fellow Race-Realist's noticed that al not so sharp-ton has been awfully quiet as of late. Especially with these negro ghetto lottery tickets happening as of late with the White police officers? Something is going to hit the fan soon and it won't be shit but it will be damned sure of the shit-skin nature!


Anonymous said...

[the speaker’s] contention that we are all guilty of racism. ”What we have here is an Orwellian version of Original Sin, complete with a new class of racism-awareness priests who will absolve us of the sin of racism if we show a penitent attitude, utter the required formulae, and—last but not least—give in to all their demands. America, whose whole past is racist, can only become “good” to the extent it overcomes the evil of racism. But since America is inherently racist, it can never succeed in doing that. It follows that America can only become a good country when it ceases to exist, i.e., when its European-rooted civilization is dismantled.

Excerpt from "The Path To National Suicide" by Lawrence Auster.

Anonymous said...

"These events, which are almost certainly not over, have highlighted and/or
uncovered serious on-going social and financial dislocations within the City,"

Well, PK has already highlighted and/or uncovered what a big friggin' lie that is. Like we don't have a clue about the 1.8 billion BEFORE the freddie gray incident. Same ol' song and dance.

Anonymous said...

Again, if you are a non-negro cop in Baltimore and you are spending your time patrolling the orcs and keeping them from killing each other... STOP!! They want you dead; they will ruin your life.

Might be hard, but find another job...

Thi is your own mini-South Africa... they want to take power and kill you.

Run, don't walk

Anonymous said...

The last white leaving, please remember to turn of the lights!

Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Negroes rally around their absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to comment about the insanity of the Freddy Gray case. He'd get a huge swell of new support.

I see he tweeted awhile back that NYC gun crime is mostly black, with the rest from hispanics. Whites commit one or two percent.

The guy is definitely focused on the race aspect; needs our support. Things will go nuclear in the press when he finally grabs the groid by the horns.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than a violent, low IQ people doing their best impersonation of a 1st world society. They pick up bits and pieces, mostly misinterpret them, then attempt to teach the wrong info to others. The learners then fail to learn the bad info and what little gets through they misapply. That a Greenburger person is helping the chaos along is no surprise either. Without a certain element of white society, the Africans wouldn't even be able to play at being educated equals, they would just settle into their squalor.

My best guess about Freddie Gray is that he had sampled his heroin and misjudged the force needed to collect on an injury. Oops. Heroin is a hell of a drug, even for smart people.

Any white person who takes that college course is the enemy, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

So what happens when those six officers are cleared of Saint Gray's death? Will the powers that be have to admit that the just named an "empowerment center" (whatever the hell that even is) after a criminal?

Also, real quick, why are the blacks the only minority in the US that need empowerment centers? Why dont the Asians or the Indians or the Caucasoids ever need crap like that to function in the first world? I guess the fact that the blacks named it after a heroin dealer answers my own question for me.

They'll probably burn it down soon anyway.

Anonymous said...

We live in The Twighlight Zone: where seemingly intelligent white people who advanced society so greatly that white men formed cities with skyscraper buildings that let them walk and work among the clouds, suburbs that gave the american white middle class luxuries that were previously only available to royalty in other countries, and organ transplants and skin grafts saved lives in amazing miracles. White men discovered DNA, cloning, and invented the internet, and WALKED ON THE MOON!

Then these white men willingly and gleefully kneecapped themselves by handing the reigns of power over to wild, unevolved african savages. The white men were TERRIBLY overcome by white guilt- shamed that the africans couldn't achieve nearly the success that whites had for generations. So they agreed to have over half their income confiscated to lrovide for the africans, they agreed to vote for politicians that promised to import even MORE africans to america, and they agreed to NEVER EVER criticize the africans as they destroyed everything the white man's ancestors had built. They agreed to all of this and america quickly became africa, complete with tribal warfare in the streets daily, and rape daily, destruction daily, and through all of it the white men just kept giving in and never EVER took ANY action to stop their country from becoming africa.

For some reason.

Anonymous said...

what's truly astonishing about all these dindu nuffins is what terrible professional criminals they all are.
If you watch Cops or The First 48 Hours it's routine for them to go joy riding in the victim's car whom they just
murdered. Or they will carelessly run a stop light while holding bags of dope...while also out on parole.
Have a look at the video of the afflete who was shot at the car lot, he's not wearing gloves and his prints
are all over the place.
These aren't Neal McCaulley criminals from the movie Heat.
They are more like opportunistic predators that see something shiny and their impulse is to grab it.
Unlike your average White man they really don't dread the prospect of jail or prison.
How many times have you seen a black suspect brought in for questioning regarding a murder on
The First 48 and they are taking a comfortable nap before the detective wakes them.
It's unbelievable how blasé they are about potentially losing their freedom....for the rest of their lives.
It blows my mind.

Anonymous said...

Six Baltimore Police officers have been criminally charged in Gray's arrest and death; all have pleaded not guilty. 
The legal process leading to their trials is still in its early stages.

The “legal process” referred to in the Gray case is more accurately called a lynch mob. There is nothing legal about the process that lead to the officers being charged. Unless the case can be transferred to another venue the so called trial will likely be conducted in a kangaroo court with dancing monkeys.

Scummy said...

Colin Flaherty has had his youtube account banned, and ALL his videos have been taken down by youtube. I have a foreboding feeling it's about to get ugly in this country.


Mike Isbell said...

Democracy doesn't work in an insane asylum.

Anonymous said...

Release the hounds...

Anonymous said...

Professor Michael Greenberger……… Sounds about right

Anonymous said...

Why no mention that this negroe had just recently had cervical fusion that had failed? That condition ( I know because I had cervical fusion in 2000 that failed to fuse) leaves the person at a very high risk of quadriplegia or death from something as simple as a fall. I am sure there are Doctors orders or recommendations that he wear a hard collar neck brace at all times, esp out of the house. This coupled with the history of "crash to cash" schemes on his part and the fact that he was out and about selling heroin, a federal class 1 controlled substance to the good people of Baltimore should negate any monies being paid. That is akin to rewarding a bank robbers family when he is killed in process of robbing bank. Just wait until the #Black Lives Matter negroes attempt to rush Donald Trumps next speech, maybe then we will have a ethnic or "demographic" cleansing. Remember they are 13% of population at most, half of them under 15 and over 50. No wonder Obama wants to disarm law abiding white people, he knows what will happen to his negroes when they take their foolishness into white areas.

Anonymous said...

OT: Has anybody been following this story about the EPA having an "accident" during a "routine inspection" of a waste water pond that resulted with the pollution of the entire Animas River in Colorado? I put the word "accident" in quote marks here because I think the pollution was intentional. The whole entire river was turned into the same color as spicy mustard.

This is the EPA which is now being run by team Obongo here after all. These SJW eco-dweebs and other assorted freakos that now run the EPA wanted this pollution to happen, because this now means that the area, an area which has an active mining company that they hate there, can now be declared by them to be an EPA "super fund" site.

"accidental" pollution in river = EPA "super fund" site = closed down mining company = no more decent paying jobs at the mining company for rural white people in the area

Thanks, team Obongo!

Anonymous said...

Want to have a real experience? Actually drive into and walk around your local n*gga area... you will be shocked at the horror. They really are animals. Most people never go right into their midst; try it, wake up...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Negroes rally around their absolute worst. “

This is a puzzling truth. Perhaps it is because black accomplishment is centered more on drawing attention rather than achievement. The look-at-me mindset of blacks is understandable because they don't accomplish anything of value to society that can be celebrated. The rare black that actually contributes to society is usually shunned by the black community for acting white rather than celebrated. This leaves them with nothing but blacks such as Gray, Brown and the other black criminals who manage to capture the attention of the public.

Anonymous said...

There is a solution to solving these problems. Most of these 'people' feed themselves with food stamps and live in government subsidized housing. Next month, require that they show up in person, along with all other members of the household, to get their new EBT cards.

The card will be given to them as soon as police compare photograph and compare the people showing up for EBT with the photographs of the rioters and looters. If there is a match, imprison the whole family for the crimes of rioting and harboring a fugitive. The program will end as soon as every penny of damages and every thing looted is returned.

Anonymous said...

Someone commented about Baltimore being South Africa. If Clinton or Sanders gets elected this whole nation will become South Africa. Sanders hired some people from the commie black lives (lies) matter. Baltimore hyphen mayor put black panthers and common criminals to patrol streets.

If Whites don't wake up, and other non black races don't wake up and all band together, not only against blacks but against the spineless oligarchy that controls us.
We need something much much bigger than the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The politicians have slowly done things so the citizens wouldn't notice, pass laws without our knowledge, hiding it then telling us it is for our own good. If they have to hide it then it only benefits the top one percent, politicians included. The DC liars already live a different law than the one they force on us.

HH said...

To Anonymous (august 13 5:35 AM)

Don't worry, hispanics have their own LA Raza empowerment centers in south western portions of the US.

Fatigued and increasingly nauseous in Minneapolis said...

I saw an int'resting thing yesterday in the supermarket. I usually shop at a market near my house which is consistently brimming full of first-world human beings; it's always a very pleasant experience. Yesterday however I very unusually stopped in a diff'rent store where diversity enriches our lives fully etc.. An older negro about 65 or so was wearing a black tee-shirt with big bold white letters which read: "KILL WHITE SUPREMACY".. I had to do a double-take and it quickly occurred to me; this is a stone's throw from "Kill White PEOPLE".. etc.. Never put your guard down out there sports fans; what they're after is the United States of Africa.. take it to the bank friends.. Another thing I would like to mention; the highest IQ testers in the country consistently.. are ASIANS.. which, obviously, must be due to that ASIAN PRIVILEDGE.. I guess.. IQ test numbers mirror almost exactly that of raw math SAT scores, with Asians (again because of their ASIAN PRIVILEDGE (apparently)) being numero uno. Now, the DWL will remind you, as will the negro.. that IQ tests are "culturally biased".. Ok fine. But you know, what CANNOT be "culturally biased".. is raw math.. because 2+2.. will never equal 3, no matter how many more decades and trillions of dollars we spend rearranging the equation side of the problem etc.. 2+2.. will always equal 4.. no matter what ya do..


In reading the synopsis of the course, it dawned on me that it is not a legit legal course. It belongs in the Sociology building or maybe the Psych. department.

Law is about THE LAW. Laws are supposed to be clearly written so as to clear what the law is lawing over. THEN, the legal system is to FOLLOW THE LAW and ENFORCE THE LAW.

This course isn't about law, but race and we are not allowed to talk about that.

Any poor law student who takes this crap-course will have to agree with everything the anti-white professor professes or he/she will not graduate or will be black-balled in the profession.

Anonymous said...

After watching that video with cops BEGGING for help against enraged crowds of dindus, I can't fathom why there is a single White cop left in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

If you think 2+2 can never equal 3, and must always equal 4, you must not have read Orwell's 1984. 2+2 equals whatever the authorities need it to equal. f you don't agree, they have a fancy new hat with a hungry rat in it for you.

(Negro IQ) = (Asian IQ) = ( 2+2 ) = 3

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, back in St. Louis:

Crime spreading out from St.Louis can be traced back to that metropolis. Car-jackings and etc. on the rise. This news piece dares to ask "what can be done?"

The answer, according to an authoritative sounding black guy: "We need to get into the problem neighborhoods and embrace the families".

WTF? I guess it's as good as any other "answer" in a nation where the real answer CANNOT BE SPOKEN.

rex freeway said...

When the policemen are set free the world will have a front row seat to watch a cat 5 chimpout. And the Mayor of Baltimore's complete lack of leadership will allow the destruction of the city so her kind can blow of a little steam. And it is almost certain that the police force will just go home and protect their own families. I personally cant wait to watch this.

Anonymous said...

Cuckservative News:

St.Louis Tea Party helps black gal rebuild her beauty salon; dindus trash it again on St. Swisher anniversary:

Anonymous said...

Maybe this law school course is the magic bullet that will finally solve race relations in America. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Fatigued and increasingly nauseous in Minneapolis said..." what they're after is the United States of Africa.. take it to the bank friends.. "

I would like to leave a little something to your quote ,which I believe but we all know that this country will be become just like THe Dark Continent ,violence,starvation,stone age existence.

I HAD a brother in-law ,unfortunately,and saw exactly what the future would be for my sister-in-law.Well,obviously she wasn't married to the black african from Ghana ,which is par for the course.They subsequently had 3 "chillins"all girls.And you can imagine the mouth on these girls as they are all about black and nothing else black and I am the evil white uncle.Anyway one conversation I had with Mr Ghana some years back,as he is back in Ghana,again,par for the course,was about africa.I asked him this question"You blacks keep preaching to whitey how bad we are and telling us how to run our country,meaning the MAJORITY white country,well,barely,I know,and I said we ,whites,already killed each other for your people and still made a great country.Our first states and others afterward combined to make one great country.So I said why doesn't africa do the same,why doesn't Ghana and all the other countries in africa combine to make THE UNITED STATES OF AFRICA and he looked at me and said NO WAY WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT AND HE LAUGHED.And I just started bitching at him that you blacks are the problem and always have been.Your people can not or will not even think about joining together but you have the audacity to tell whites and this country to listen to your BS and put up with your irresponsible BS.They cannot nor will they ever ever stop killing each other or do anything to make a great country to help all others.ONLY WHITEY DOES THAT>whitey sacrifices all for every one else,blacks browns third world trash at the expense of our own well being.That is MADNESS.Just madness.

Anonymous said...

Release the kraken

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I say. PK would do well to take a 2 week to one month vacation/break soon. He's to much of an asset to ride into the ground.

Completely agree.

Off topic - to get a full picture of how completely life in the U.S. has changed, watch this video of a white man being beaten by two negroes in a Florida Applebees. For those of you that are young, this would NEVER have happened in 1960. Every white man in the place would have stomped these negroes. Now white men are so certain the system will crush them, they do nothing. They are scared, the negroes are not.

Pat Boyle said...

Black people have run out of time.

Humans act as if the future stretches endlessly before us. But I don't think that's true. I read today that Intel is developing a new smarter smart phone. This news item touched off a creepy chain of thought.

Given Moore's Law how long will it be before your smart phone gets the vote? Or to put it another way - how much longer can we allow those people on Jesse Watter's Man on the Street interviews to rule our politics.

If (or when) we get to the point where we begin to restrict the voting franchise surely someone will suggest that blacks be first. Why do we allow blacks to vote? How did we come to this pass?

It certainly seems as if voting was given to blacks because various political groups felt that they could control their votes - much the way that Mexicans are encouraged to vote these days by the Democrats.

But this is surely a mistake and a corruption. It's like something out of "Idiocracy". When the Founding Fathers made up voting requirements there were no ability tests or achievement tests in the West. But the Chinese had had wide spread testing at least since the Sung Dynasty. Maybe I'm just a an old stick in the mud but it seems to me that a voter should be literate and reasonably knowledgeable. If we are going to have some kind of national educational standards as so many want, we might as well make them worth something. Only allow the vote to those who pass some kind of test scaled at roughly ta High School diploma.

That would automatically disenfranchise most blacks but that's, to my mind, a good thing.


Anonymous said...

they are back up now.

chattanooga gal said...

"So what happens when those six officers are cleared of Saint Gray's death? Will the powers that be have to admit that the just named an "empowerment center" (whatever the hell that even is) after a criminal? "
of course not. after all the facts came out about st. swisher, they still didn't alter their story. they won/t now either. they will just continue to whine and demand the crucifixion of all the police, innocent or not.

chattanooga gal said...

"It's unbelievable how blasé they are about potentially losing their freedom....for the rest of their lives."
you know, prison is probably not a whole lot different from the rest of their lives. white men provide a roof, 3 meals daily, entertainment, medical care, and all their homies are there for companionship. throw in conjugal visits, and what's to complain about?

chattanooga gal said...

"black accomplishment is centered more on drawing attention rather than achievement"
Take a look at ANY African " strongman" leader- he accomplishes nothing but theft, but he "struts" well.

chattanooga gal said...

"Now, the DWL will remind you, as will the negro.. that IQ tests are "culturally biased"."
even if that were true, why on earth would a mostly white nation design test that were culturally biased to favor Asians?

Whiskey said...

Black people are Black. They like being Black. They like the way they live. Black people have the highest levels of self esteem, with Black men the highest. They will not change, no matter what is done. No sticks and no carrots will make Black people anything other than Black people. Which is to say, the kind of thing seen in Detroit and Baltimore. High levels of murders designed to get the murderer laid preferably that evening. High levels of violence, low levels of education, low levels of future time orientation and delayed gratification. Black people will never change.

What is different is that a certain set of White people: Middle and Upper Middle Class women, a good portion of working class White women, men and women in government, wealthy urbanites, law, NGOs, entertainment, media/infotainment, education, and so on are engaged in an eternal war with other White people: those in resource extraction industries (mining, lumber, oil/gas etc.), agriculture, rural people, gun owners, devout Christians, White men in general, White men in technology, science, and research specifically, blue collar White men, and so on.

Black people are pawns. Markers of universal enlightenment and embrace of universal humanity, which goes all the way back to Christianity, and further back to Greek Humanism of which Christianity is a mixture of Jewish monotheism and Greek Humanism (with a touch of polytheism mixed in ala the Holy Trinity).

White people are White people: we don't change much, we are ridden with conflicts between us, fundamentally over universal utopias achievable only by mass eradication of particularist, nationalist, working classist, ruralist, small holderist, "bad White people."

The difference between White men in 1960 who would not tolerate Blacks beating a White person, and today is the enormous growth of government, media/infotainment, law, NGOs, and thus elite "good White" control over every aspect of "bad White" life. In 1960 there was no chance of lawsuits by Blacks charging "racism" much less Hate Crime prosecution and arrest and conviction for coming to the aid of another White person and making it clear that Black violence has boundaries that stops at Black people and does not cross into White territory.

Whiskey said...


And this is why we are not on Mars. Not on the Moon. Going there and doing that would take power away from: feminists, environmental lawyers, media/infotainment bimbos and preachers, petty bureaucrats, education people, NGO agitators, trust fund agitators, professional "activists," and the fairly hereditary elite that is intermarried, international, from the same few elite schools, zip codes, background, cities, and outlook.

Ignoring Black people being Black, save policing their behavior back into Black areas and away from Whites (essentially laissez faire for Black people), and going into space would give power to: skilled blue collar people like welders, electricians, machinists, etc.; nerdy White engineers often from rural areas or other "bad White" places; can-do right stuff astronauts from military backgrounds, ordinary tax payers funding the massive efforts, and resource extraction people like mining, oil/gas, agriculture etc. to create the raw materials to get into space.

Gramscian Long Marchers, Frankfurt Schools, etc? Yes but they are the cherry on top. George Soros is just the symptom, not the disease. He's not the Ice Cream Sundae. Fundamentally the Freddie Gray Memorial Keeping It Real Dog Law School is a symptom of the disease of White people: universal utopianism designed to destroy the here and now for a future utopia that (because of human nature) never comes ala Jonestown or the Oneida Community, combined with government growing to monstrous proportions due to the Depression and WWII and the Cold War, enabling a hereditary elite confined to a few zip codes in a few cities attending a few elite Ivy Schools to control ordinary life to an oppressive and tyrannical degree.

The key is destroying the hereditary government elite. Which means destroying the massive Federal/Centralized government, cutting it to the very bone so that the elite cannot "Good White" entrench themselves and control every Bad White aspect of daily life down to the food we eat, amount of gasoline we use, and how much we flush the toilet let alone bowing down to Black people as racial redeemers of White original sin.

Anonymous said...

Many black people think that this is there time. Take the country away from the white man, and make it into africa. A lesson for them will have to be learned. They only understand lethal force, anything less is a sign of weakness to them.

White cops let the negroes police themselves, this is what they want, let them have it. They are not like us, never have been, never will be.


hondo said...

Oh chattanooga gal - you do get it.

Reference Asian intelligence, I don't believe they are actually smarter. They have their share of morons and avoid testing them like dirty laundry. Jews are the same way - out of sight, out of mind. Whites however are obsessed with testing and statistics - if a white breathes, test him/her. As proof, note the propensity of New Age psychological disorders that apparently affect whites in disproportional numbers (esp. boys/males - ADD etc.)

Blacks are only interested in their IQ during criminal defense proceedings - the lower the better (a Defense Attorney joke). Also helps with access to gov't programs -ever here of "Mad Money" with reference to SSI/SSDI.

Anonymous said...

O/T :

There is a viral facebook posting going around and being shared thousands of times, from some beta white dipshit named Paul C. Gorski, chiding white involvement in #blacklivesmatter, specifically those critical of the recent Sanders interruption.

The tome is so hysterical that it would seem like Compassionate Oregonian or Julie wrote it, but this kind of material is this guy's lifeblood, teaching diversity and tolerance seminars, animal rights, vegetarianism, etc... all from the safety of Church Falls, VA - black population 4%.

I wish that there were some way for PK and the regular commenters on this blog to mob this guys twitter or facebook and give him and his followers a dose of medicine. Just even seeing a website like this would send them into epileptic fits.

Anonymous said...

The vermin in their "kultchoor" are considered saints, but only if they're killed by a white cop.
Why is it very few black lawyers, politicians, judges etc. are ever killed by cops?
Could it be they are educated, have learned some manners and have a JOB?
No, that's not it. They're too uncle Tom. Couldn't have black keeds looking up to one of them as a role model.
Now, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Trashcan Martin, look at all da mony theys fambly is gonna git. They's heroes wit lots a zeros.


Anonymous said...

Why not? White tax dollars will rebuild it.


Unknown said...

Negroes and self rule and mutually exclusive concepts.

Anonymous said...

Some hero! Today's idol's have feet of clay, built on quicksand.

Anonymous said...

That dumb assed ape in the Texas car lot should have been shot for vandalizing a brand new Mustang!
Then the money from his mamas ebt would be diverted to fix the car. Next little shit she has may be taught not to fuck up other people's property.



I'm over reading at another blog (Daily Stormer) and the author of that blog is using "our" word "Dindu" !!!!! Amazing.

I would not be surprised if this blog (SBPDL) is #1 and the #1 "alternative" underground site. There is just too much here. Too much truth. Too much honesty.

The human mind seeks, loves and craves truth/honesty. You can't get it anymore without going underground.

I love this blog. (Can somebody take that song "I love this Bar" and re-write it to "I love this Blog"? I can't remember who wrote/sand the original except it was some big White guy)

Anonymous said...

I would have been tempted to dot the "i" in white on that old jungle bunnys shirt.


Anonymous said...

Causes and implications of housing segregation? You gotta be kidding! Aholes like Freddy Gray ARE the cause of housing segregation. Nobody wants to be around that crap. For every Freddy in the spotlight, there are millions more waiting their turn to shine. Why is that so hard to understand? You don't need an affirmative action degree to grasp that.

Hey, try studying why this dreg of humanity was allowed back out on the streets to offend again some sixty odd times. That means there were thousands of crimes he got away with. Multiply that by the millions of other black males out there behaving the same way, and, well, you might get a clue as to why the majority of white america doesn't want to hear anymore blm bull crap. Freddy Gray pushed his luck one too many times, and crapped out. The world is a better, safer place without him.

Whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, hell, any other ethnic group you can name is able to construct successful societies. Others not one successful African society. Not one. And yet, instead of working on their own failures, they obsess on getting into white society and dragging it down to their level. No matter how many aa degrees they have, no matter how many buzz words they string together to sound educated, they still are unable to understand, or solve even the most basic of problem's in any discipline.

So yeah, let's study this conundrum some more. Let's become disciple of st. Freddy, for he is the way to enlightenment. Let's all stand on corners peddling heroin, and acting the fool. If we all do this, maybe white money will come back and make this a black utopia.

Californian said...

All those members of Conservatism, Inc. can go to the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center to preach their outreach? I am sure all those potential black conservatives will love to hear about abolishing the minimum wage and respecting law & order! Perhaps former drug czar Bill Bennett can tell them that Freddie was immoral for being involved in narcotics and that the 'hood should "just say no."

Seriously, this ought to be one more wake up call to conservatives that they will never win over the majority of blacks. The values of the denizens of Baltimore are diametrically opposed to those of main street America. If conservatives do not believe this, then should check out main streets which have been renamed Martin Luther King Drive.

Anonymous said...

"It's unbelievable how blasé they are about potentially losing their freedom....for the rest of their lives."

Africans, generally speaking, betray the most perfect indifference on losing their liberty, and being deprived of their relatives ; while love of country is seemingly as great a stranger to their breasts as social tenderness and domestic affection." — Lander's Travels in Africa, Vol. II.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Gray should've been in planned parenthood clinical waste bin when his fat momma was 3 months pregant from a gang bang in the hood.

Imagine the entramce requirements on this bullshit law course. 85 IQ???

Shen'iqua and Sha'nay-nay will graduate with full honours and move on to an affirmative action job.

Anonymous said...

I know I am not the only one to notice that these BLACK LIVES MATTER protest have large numbers of white people. In some clips it seems that whites make up half the protesters. It is now becoming very clear about who you can trust. When some of those Russian block countries fell the people found that one out of three people were informants for the state.

You must remember that this is all a game being played out by forces you know nothing about. Even those on the inside are confused about the power plays taking place. The ones at the top don't even trust each other because of all the back stabbing taking place. In a crooked game always hold your cards close to your chest. In the game of EVIL VS EVIL there are very few winners. The best thing is to STAY OUT OF THE GAME.

Anonymous said...

No they are not back up. His page was banned. I just checked it out. And I was watching videos from his page just last night. The colin flaherty page is gone.

Anonymous said...

Just happened. My spouse and I were going to bank. A few feet before entrance of bank a brand new Nissan SUV, out of state plates, cuts in front of us, husband had to slam on brakes. The SUV turns into bank parking lot, we are right behind. The SUV driver is driving like an idiot, does not park in a parking space. The driver parks right at front door of bank, about three feet away from curb. Blocking flow of traffic. We start to go around SUV and a black college age male gets out, gives us a dirty look, almost challenging us. The black is probably here for college as it is a college city.

I can't afford a nice car like the black jerk. But I have White privilege?

I am thinking damm, left my gun at home. Won't do that again. My son does not like to carry but I am working on him. He is going to have to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”meanwhile, back in St. Louis:

Crime spreading out from St.Louis can be traced back to that metropolis. Car-jackings and etc. on the rise. This news piece dares to ask "what can be done?" . . .”

Informative article at the provided link. It reminds one that living anywhere within the radius of influence of a large concentration of blacks is dangerous. Blacks become accustomed to committing crimes in black neighborhoods because they can do so with impunity. When the low hanging fruit becomes scarce or as blacks become emboldened by a lack of response to their antics by whites their radius of influence begins to expand engulfing previously safe areas. This is what is happening in the St. Louis area.

Embedded in the story is a link to another story ( about a woman who became a victim of three blacks probably operating outside of their regular territory. After pistol whipping her, stealing her car keys, and reaching the point of almost running over her with her own vehicle “shots rang out” and the orcs panicked and ran off.

There are some good lessons to be learned from her experience. She is to be admired for fighting back although it probably was more dangerous than just handing over her keys. Additionally, although no one seems to know for sure, nor does anyone seem to be looking into it any further, “the shots may have come from a neighbor” which means that other people were willing to get involved. And another very important tidbit is the specific location of the attack. Apparently the attack took place after she parked her car and was only steps from her home.

In third world countries or areas with rampant lawlessness the most dangerous period of time for a working person is when entering or leaving their home. I recommend the book titled “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” written by Fernando Aguirre. The book is obviously written by a non-professional author, but it is based on Aquirre's actual experience in surviving the Argentina financial meltdown. He discusses the problem of leaving and entering one's home as well as defensive maneuvers that must be taken when commuting. Although it sounds reckless, in ultra high crime areas you don't stop at intersections whether or not they are regulated by traffic signals, and the proper response to someone attempting to flag you down when driving is to veer towards them and accelerate. The survival tactics described by Aquirre work best in areas where there is little or no response by the police to crime. The environment he survived is very similar to many of the black run cities in the US.

Although blacks are stupid, they are capable of learning simple things. Once a few of their homies are known to have ventured into new areas but never return, that area will become off limits. We just need to teach them which areas are off limits in terms that they can understand.

D-FENS said...

"The black is probably here for college as it is a college city."

He could be one of them there college football/bakkaball scholar affleets.

In a few years, middle-aged, obese White men will seek his autograph and wear his team's jersey with HIS number on it.

He was probably late for practice or a study session.

riptapart said...

Their will be blowback by whites eventually, you are correct. In a perfect world, only the feral Blacks and the narcissistic, arrogant, white socialist would suffer from any violence.

Anonymous said...


I am in So California. I see countless blacks in nice - even very expensive cars.

I can't afford a nice car like the black jerk. But I have White privilege?

Anonymous said...

I am one who went to bank. We are in Tucson, Arizona. I also thought college ball player. He stared us down, eyes narrowed, like daring us to say something, I kid you not.
I too wonder where the money comes from. I see people in front of me at grocery store with food stamps (blacks, foreigners) and see them get in very nice cars. They have to be defrauding the government. How do they get away with it? If I lied I would be caught.




The Law Course should teach how to sell Heroin.
How to mark and keep your street corner.
How to pay off the bad cops and hide from the honest cops.
Also, the course can teach "Ghetto Lottery" and how to get your peeps to help you get "injured".

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous @ 2:00 P.M.

Negros are getting sub-prime auto loans. It is a market that is over heating and forming a bubble. Like the sub-prime Housing market did. Those negros can get auto loans as far out as 7 years now with shit credit. And of course they will default.

Anonymous said...

" I see countless blacks in nice - even very expensive cars.

In addition to drug dealing, ghetto lottery lawsuits, or being part of the manufactured black middle class, I've read on other forums that negroes often lease cars since you can do it with little or no credit and short money down. It's a big game of dodge the repo man after the first payment is due.

Also from my days living in African America I've seen many negro-town hovels with expensive cars in front of them, or more usually shitbox cars with 10,000$ worth of wheels and 5,000$ worth of poorly installed stereo equipment in them. The 'looks at muh' is strong with them. They care little if they live 10 to a 500 square foot shack so long as they "be ridin' on dem 28's gnome sane".

AnalogMan said...

The new article by Fred Reed, Applied Racial Anencephaly, reads like anSBPDL entry:

It has become apparent that the two races cannot live together amicably. The endless efforts to force them to do so only make matters worse. To restore a degree of peace and even of good will, when possible would it not make sense to separate them? At a minimum , get white cops out of black neighborhoods and black out of white? This would instantly remove the racial element in those regions.

Since the races have very different ideas of the purposes of schooling and the manner of effecting it, why force them to mix?

It's an idea whose time has come.

Note that it's only workable if neighbourhoods are either all White or all black. Which is how they ought to be.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is beyond absurd. Could someone wake me the #@*% up from this nightmare please. This is straight out of Ron Serlings brain!

Anonymous said...

So \r\Coontown was banned, Colin's page is gone, is this blog next? Dissenting white opinions seem on the way to becoming criminal acts.

The internet is the last place you can voice an anonymous opinion about the black cancer on this planet, and they are working hard to silence us.

Will whites just continue to wilt under the pressure, or is the pendulum coming back soon? I fear it's the latter, our youth are just too misinformed, disinterested, and conditioned.

Anonymous said...

Anon said: "I am one who went to bank. We are in Tucson, Arizona. I also thought college ball player. He stared us down, eyes narrowed, like daring us to say something, I kid you not. "

The media and social media have all the blacks stirred up and hating YT. They already had a chip on their collective shoulder, but they've been getting a full rousing by media since St. Skittles.

Part of the problem is, like children, blacks really aren't happy without borders. They have to know where the pushback will come, and will dart and press 'till pushed back. Meanwhile, fearful and timid Whites, like those heroes in the Florida Applebees clip linked above, can't provide the black with a firm behavioral wall.

The blacks lurch around with an uncomfortable sense of not knowing how much they can get away with, exactly, and where. As their poorly-developed minds have a great deal of difficulty processing situational ambiguity, the frustration builds.

When the chimp-outs occur, and the blacks beat down a White man with no difficulties encountered by surrounding Whites, they walk away with a temporary relief from accumulated uncertainty, but it quickly begins to build again. The black also cannot understand why the Whites don't fight back. The lack of respect they feel for fearful Whites feeds into the anger they have about perceived inequality, for who wants to be continually bested at life by cowards whom you can't even respect?

One reason the NAPA will walk down the middle of the street to the bafflement of White observers, is that it represents a territorial "ownership" of the area. Walking on the sidewalk is an implicit act of obeisance; a tacit concession to others' right to the public thoroughfare. In other words, weakness; walking in the street conveys your disdain for others; hence strength (in the black mind).

The black giving you the evil eye may have been hoping the cut-off traffic maneuver leading into the bank parking lot would cause you to start some shit. Since you didn't, he was deprived (yes, deprived) of an excuse to chimp-out. He already hated you; the added level of uncertainty as to whether you would challenge him just made him hate you more. And the fact that you didn't engage him probably angered him even further.

Anonymous said...

No doubt it's at a Cracker Jack college that doesn't meet the normal standards of the Bar Association. Keep pumping out the quota crew with little to no understanding of the English language, let alone any legal matters. Thank heavens the NTSB doesn't allow this nonsense in the aviation sector. Ever notice why you don't see AA Airline Pilots greeting you at as you enter the cabin? The same reason why Uncle Sam won't let a dindu take control of a $100M aircraft in the military. They're simply incapable of performing at such high standards that require both aptitude and discipline.

awakened white said...

yet no flying cars today like in that movie. lol we should rather give/ waste money to Afreaka or the middle east.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't ever in a million years ever form an alliance with bra. In fact, no other race that I've ever met can barely stand them in any capacity. They simply burned all their bridges, with dwl to follow.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? OMG, we're so screwed it's not funny. Simply bizarre.

Anonymous said...

And that folks, will be the undoing of the AA as we know it. The whole world will watch in marvel as the dindus perform their last cat 5 chimpout in America. Not even the most ardent dwl will stand idly by and let them kill and destroy at will.

think about it said...

Anon said..August 13, 2015 at 7:46 AM

"Want to have a real experience? Actually drive into and walk around your local n*gga area... you will be shocked at the horror. They really are animals. Most people never go right into their midst; try it, wake up..."

I lived in Cleveland Ohio during the mid 90s to 2001. Ive been to the heart of the negro ghetto and saw it firsthand. I was a big liberal in those days and wanted to witness the plight of the underprivileged and disadvantaged negroes. I got all I was looking for.

After reading this post I was wondering how much the ghetto had changed since I last set my eyes upon it. This lead me to do a little google map search in East Cleveland, which is probably the worst of the negro areas in the city, at least it was when I lived there.

I did my search and clicked on a spot on the map which I knew was right in the dark heart. It will probably come as no surprise, but I shit you not, when I clicked on street view, the image opened to show the ghetto much as I remembered it, with two negroes standing right in the middle of the street. You cant make THIS shit up.

Heres the link...enjoy.,+OH/@41.5239591,-81.588664,3a,75y,90h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sWnzBiWvty0KDMa1lRXdqJQ!2e0!,-81.588664!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x8830ef2ee3686b2d:0xed04cb55f7621842!6m1!1e1

Anonymous said...

This is it right here:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be repetitive but you should use this in one of your articles soon because this is exactly why blacks are bred for a single purpose.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Theoden: A great host, you say?
Aragorn: All Isengard is emptied.
Theoden: How many?
Aragorn: Ten thousand strong at least.
Theoden: [astonished] Ten thousand?
Aragorn: It is an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of men. They will be here by nightfall.
Theoden: Let them come.

[the army of Isengard starts charging at the walls of Helm's Deep]
Theoden: So it begins.

Theoden: When last I looked, Théoden, not Aragorn, was king of Rohan.

Theoden: I will not risk open war.
Aragorn: Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.

Theoden: So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate?
Aragorn: Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.
Theoden: For death and glory.
Aragorn: For Rohan. For your people.
Theoden: The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the deep, one last time!

Theoden: Crops can be re-sown, homes re-built. Within these walls... we will outlast them.
Aragorn: They do not come to destroy Rohan's crops or villages. They come to destroy its people. Down to the last child.
Theoden: What will you have me do? Look at my men. Their courage hangs by a thread.

Theoden: Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?

Anonymous said...

This universal sentiment is spreading within the msm sites as well. The downside is the fact that realists like Flaherty and Sotomayor are becoming household names, thus being shutdown from YT, Google Play and Vimeo. The BGI is sh*tting bricks.

think about it said...

Someone posted a quote from H.L. Mencken a few days ago. Being one of my favorite writer, I quickly saved the quote. In doing a little Mencken research regarding his opinions toward negroes I came across this gem...

"I admit freely enough that, by careful breeding, supervision of environment and education, extending over many generations, it might be possible to make an appreciable improvement in the stock of the American negro, for example, but I must maintain that this enterprise would be a ridiculous waste of energy, for there is a high-caste white stock ready at hand, and it is inconceivable that the negro stock, however carefully it might be nurtured, could ever even remotely approach it. The educated negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a negro. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. And even then, the superior white race will be fifty generations ahead of him."

And, coincidentally, Mencken was a lifelong resident of Baltimore.

think about it said...

As a benefit toward the enlightenment of negroes I suggest that the main articles on SBPDL be posted in standard English and followed by a brief ebonics translation.

By not providing an ebonics version we are denying a multitude of negroes the benefit of learning about all the important subjects discussed on this site, as many cannot understand proper English. I think it might be somewhat informative for the white readers, as well as quite humorous.


Looks like SBPDL's popularitry is growing...rapidly! Way to go PK!!!!

When I entered the letters SBPDL into my google search window today I noticed that after the letter "P" the site showed up in the drop down list. Previously it never appeared before the letter "D". Im no net search engine expert, but if Im not mistaken, this would indicate that the site is becoming more popular and the subject of many more searches...very good news indeed!

Anonymous said...

Professor Michael Greenberger.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

OT but I was talking to a guy today who had applied for a job at a steel mill. Yes, some still do exist even if not large scale operations. He scored a mark in the high 90's on his own but was informed that the negro gets an extra 38 points added to their score just for being black so that a 55 (an F grade) would become a 93. He also told me Muslims get 15 points added to their score. It reminded me of how all the tests for firefighters and cops were dumbed down so negroes could "pass" them but this is just inflating grades, not dumbing down the test. Same result though. Retards get hired over far more worthy and capable people.
I'll be happy when this nation regains its common sense and sanity and jobs are acquired based on merit alone. Even so, imagine how stupid you'd have to be to NEED 38 points added automatically to your grade so it would be a passing grade! Even some negro who scored an actual grade of 37 would "pass" with a 75. In any case, those administering the tests obviously realize how utterly stupid the average negro is but they have to hire the drooling halfwits to meet their "diversity" quotas.
I can't help it but every time I see an adult negro in an elevated position, it's like seeing a child in a halloween costume pretending to be something they're not and taking themselves oh so seriously. I'd laugh myself silly if it weren't so pathetic and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, there's one journalist in St. Louis who got beaten.

Anonymous said...

OT I've had this thought recently about White Guilt and how it relates specifically to WW2. If you read about the horrible war crimes that the Japanese committed in WW2 then you'll realize that they have alot of things to be guilty about as well. The rape of Nanking sticks out in my head first, but there were many instances of genocide as well. The Japanese had a big supremacist movement of their own. But when people talk about the period all they ever mention is the Japanese internment camps in the US. As if we should be more guilty for that then they should be for the rape and murder of 10 million people. Read "unbroken" if you think the Japanese were nice people back then. DWLs will say "Holocaust" 1000 times before they say "Nanking"

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Mr. Rational said...

"I love this bar" is credited to Toby Keith.

"I love this blog", by Mr. Rational

We got Gen-X and Boomers
Ex-college roomers
We got folks who play Yahtzee
Ones you'd call Nazi

And they're all fed up with anti-racist fog
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm I love this blog

They're from California and Boston
Philadelphia, Austin
From the land of saguaros
To Michigan's deep snows

They come to share their cups of realist grog
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm I love this blog

I love this blog
Beats the rest by a mile
Just loading it up
Makes me crack a smile

We got cool ones and hot-heads
Ones you'd call dot-heads
Bold ones and chickens
All done with Africans

Not one one to tolerate a single nog
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm I love this blog

FWIW, Colin Flaherty's channel was up when I checked.

Mr. Rational said...

The SUV driver is driving like an idiot, does not park in a parking space. The driver parks right at front door of bank, about three feet away from curb. Blocking flow of traffic. We start to go around SUV and a black college age male gets out, gives us a dirty look, almost challenging us.

This calls for a utility knife, not a gun.  You leave the parking lot (to get out of the view of security cameras).  One of you exits the vehicle with face covered and slashes at least two tire sidewalls, then returns to your vehicle and you leave.  You do your banking another day, after you've changed clothes.

Making life miserable for the abusive Dindu is a civic duty.

Anonymous said...

TPTB are brilliant at seeking out what is pure and good and sticking blacks into it.

MrNatural said...

Information request

Does anyone have access to the full text and/or original version of a study on ethnic diversity in 2007? (details below)

Title: "E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century", The 2006 Johan Skytte Prize Lecture

The weasels are trying to get $40 for full access. If you have it, post a link or send PK a link that I can request thru em.

Apparently after exhaustive study Harvard social researcher documents the darker side of ethnic diversity and its effects. The author, a true liberal academic, attempted to explain away the negative outcomes of his findings, fearing they might be taken up by extremist racist groups as evidence against diversity. After years of evidence became indisputable, he fessed up and apparently this study lays it all out. Having been published in 2007, Im surprised that I hadnt heard about it already. Should make for some fun reading.

I know one of your erudite folks will have this.

Now dang it, I gotta get back to working out "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"

over and out

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blacks often buy their cars at salvage sales and auctions which look nice on the outside but have serious problems with the engine or other critical components. They only last a few thousand miles but they sure do look cool driving around in them for two months until they collapse completely.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't help it but every time I see an adult negro in an elevated position, it's like seeing a child in a halloween costume pretending to be something they're not and taking themselves oh so seriously.

Simple solution. Every time you encounter a negro in a commercial setting, a transaction of any kind, you walk away. If it's a supermarket checkout person, change your line. If it's a sales person, walk away. Last new vehicle I bought I had to visit several dealerships and return to one in order to avoid the negro sales guy. If you encounter them on the phone explain that you cannot understand them and hang up and call the company back. You must get rid of your cable/satellite TV. You must give up your interest in sports dominated by negroes. If your child is beginning to show interest in negro hip-hop, lock the kid in a closet for a few months. Seriously, just stop accidentally supporting negroes. They want you dead.

Californian said...

Good column by Fred Reed (thanks for the reference). Fred sums up the race realist points re the current chaos:

As for H.L. Mencken: "I admit freely enough that, by careful breeding, supervision of environment and education, extending over many generations, it might be possible to make an appreciable improvement in the stock of the American negro, for example, but I must maintain that this enterprise would be a ridiculous waste of energy, for there is a high-caste white stock ready at hand, and it is inconceivable that the negro stock, however carefully it might be nurtured, could ever even remotely approach it. The educated negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a negro. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. And even then, the superior white race will be fifty generations ahead of him."

And here we are several generations later, and where is the "American negro?" The continuing degeneration into criminality, poverty, feral behavior, etc., etc. The continued destruction of cities, whether slow burn (Detroit) or quick (Ferguson). The laying waste of entire countries.

Interesting, isn't it, how all those "bigoted" whites of a century ago (Mencken, Stoddard, Conner, Enoch Powell, Hendrik Verwoerd, etc., etc.) have been demonstrated to be absolutely right. The last half century, whether in the US, post-colonial Africa and now in Europa, shows the failure. But such is the strength of liberal ideology that the reality can not be acknowledged even when it is burning down your town.

By the way, amazing, isn't it, how white people could speak the truth in those days? They must have had something called Freedom of Speech.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, there's one journalist in St. Louis who got beaten.

Were the perpetrators unarmed teens? Gentle giants? Aspiring rappers? If so, then how could they be a threat to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Very good points and point taken!

Anonymous said...

OT: So I'm watching Secretary of State John Kerry live on TV in Cuba speaking Spanish poorly as he heads up the event to dedicate the opening of the new US Embassy in Cuba. This is the Cuba that team Obongo decided to push through with the plan to normalize relations with and drop the longtime embargo against in exchange for absolutely nothing whatsoever. Meanwhile, cop-killers such as the Black Panther negress Joanne Chesimard still get to live openly in Cuba without fear of being extradited back to New Jersey where she escaped from a lifetime prison sentence. There are also dozens of other wanted American fugitives living openly in Cuba without any need to worry about being extradited back to America.

So I guess if a some no good negro in America kills a white cop, he should not try making plans to flee to Mexico, like that no good negro that killed the white police officer - Sean Bolton - in Shreveport LA. If the no good negro can manage to get down to Cuba instead, he will probably given instant asylum there and be home free.

Thanks, team Obongo!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have access to the full text and/or original version of a study on ethnic diversity in 2007?
There is a rebuttal to a 'study' that I recall -

'alternative right blog' called
'steve jobs genes'? I think,

Recently, the Partnership for a New American Economy (which features Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Antonio Villaraigosa, Rupert Murdoch, Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer, among other evil-doers, as co-chairs) issued a report [PDF] finding that “40 percent of the 2010 Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.”

Two long lists are included: Immigrants and Children of Immigrants entrepreneurs, their companies, and their countries of origin.

The tacit implication—indeed, the take-away message—is something like this:
America’s native WASPs are mediocre and their country wouldn’t have amounted to anything without vibrant immigrants;
Current immigrants are just like the older entrepreneurial immigrants, so we should just let them in, sit back, and watch them create Fortune 500 companies.
Without dwelling on the multiple fallacies imbedded in the paper’s thesis, it’s worth pointing out that the lists of Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants who founded Fortune 500 companies are, with precious few exceptions, litanies of White guys: Nordics, Alpines, Slavs, and Ashkenazi (mostly German) Jews.
Three-fourths of the way through the Immigrant list, we reach someone from Zambia, Africa . . . but unfortunately, he’s Dr. Kiran Patel, the Cambridge-educated, English-speaker of Aryan-Indian and Asian ethnicity who founded the insurance giant WellCare Health Plans. (Alas, the great African immigrant entrepreneur is still at large.) To no one’s surprise, an East-Asian immigrant from Taiwan founded Yahoo!

“Diversity” doesn’t improve much when moving to the list of Fortune 500 companies with Child-of-Immigrant Founders. Hilariously, the WASP elitist Henry Ford is included among the huddled masses!

The lone stand-out on this second list is Steve Jobs, by dint of has Syrian father, Abdul Fattah “John” Jandali.

Much as “The ‘New American’ Fortune 500” reveals the remarkable predictive power of race, the story of Jobs’s father, and the Syrian side of his family, bespeak the importance of heredity.

Anonymous said...

From Tucson here:

I have never been worried about being around any race. But I really was worried yesterday that black kid would start something. The Nissan had Texas plates. When I saw the look on his face the information on this blog went through my head. I did not want to say where I was at or what state car was registered in. I never thought about trouble with blacks in Tucson. So being from Texas may explain one reason why the kid has attitude, Texas, where Bland killed herself.
Oops, I mean "murdered". *snark*

Just being black is enough for blacks to feel entitlement is something I have learned from this and other sites. The Ferguson nonsense is how I found this site.

My husband, who is quiet and never says anything bad about anyone remarked the kid looked like he wanted to start something. We must have been driving too slow for the black, he had important banking to do.

In Tucson the rich Mexican nationals from Sonora especially, come here to shop. They are the biggest snobs I have ever dealt with. I would rather deal with rich snobby Mexican nationals any day over a black who feels entitled to everything.

I did not know blacks got special treatment for car loans. Makes me wonder if other non Caucasian races get same. Tucson has a lot of Middle East and Eastern Indian people. The Hispanics are being over run. The majority of Hispanics are in South Tucson.

I am upset that White blogs are being purged from the Internet. Black sites berating Whites, with language worse than anything on this site or others, are still up. I checked this morning. And black commies can publicly say kill all Whites and they are not in jail.

Yep, Cuba is the new Mexico. Blacks can do no wrong anymore. And they now know that, thanks to Obama and Holder and now Lynch.
I beg my son to be aware and be careful. He is in Denver.

Thanks Everyone!

Euro American said...

OT: I think I've made a slight breakthrough in dealing with my brainwashing.
I have always liked listening to NPR because there are no commercials. Although clearly jewey, I felt it kept me "up to date".
Yesterday while listening I realized that EVERY single "report" was cleverly drilling into me progressive brainwashing. They interviewed an adorably white unpaid intern at the UN (give the United Nations more money!). They talked with intelligent sounding white lesbians who just desired to let their partner help them with their children (gays get first dibs on the healthiest/youngest/whitest adoptees). They gushed over the gangsta rap N.W.A. movie (The "F%$# the police" song? Now that's art!).
I-can-do-it-now. I hereby forthwith will stop listening to NPR. And it won't be hard.

Luke said...

How much is this orc going to collect from you and me via taxation to run this soliticious bit of bullshit? Not to mention the subsidation of his "students'" class fees.

Anonymous said...

npr is a good gauge of 'negro worship' in 'how many minutes per hour devoted to blacks.'

Anonymous said...

And I vote that if three cast has to be black, that the role played by Richard Dawson is none other than that night rabble-rouser who stood up for Tawana Brawley! Perfect casting, I think...

Anonymous said...

I have old friends in Baltimore, and used to live there. Now, these old friends (who didn't seem to grow or change) are living in a cesspool of which they are proud. I can iagine that most of these folks don't even own guns and will not have a hope of protecting themselves and their loved ones when an African tsunami is climbing through the windows and kicking in the doors.

Anonymous said...

You think that some "tourism" there won't be by old cops, retired military and younger family members who will be getting a buy of revenge with their cigar and rum filled "vacation"?

Anonymous said...

I knew what NPR was all about from the get-go, and I've never listened to it. I stopped watching TV in 2000. Similarly I do not read Salon, NYT, HuffPost, and similar garbage, even if an interesting story links to them. I just say to myself, Oh well, guess I won't be reading that story, and go on my way. Disengaging is easier than you think if you're serious about it.