Friday, August 21, 2015

On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Who would have ever thought a piece like this would EVER be published by a major news site (the CBS affiliate in St. Louis)? [Ferguson-area lawmakers on the reaction to girl’s murder vs. police shootings,, August 20, 2015]:
A Ferguson area lawmaker said she is just as outraged about the murder of 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden as she is about fatal officer-involved shootings. 
“At the end of the day, we want to catch those animals and bring them to justice,” said Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed. 
Nasheed’s comments came after some observers said community members are only angry after officer-involved shootings but not after other shootings. Nasheed said that viewpoint demonstrates a perception problem. 
“We do have a perception problem when outsiders look at reaction of African Americans when you have an officer-involved shooting vs. a black on black shooting,” Nasheed said. “We just finished a march about stopping violence. We did it last weekend, so it’s not like people don’t care.” 
Nasheed said it is more difficult to demonstrate against street crime because it is hard to define the object of the rage, but police-involved shootings are more easily defined. 
Nasheed told News 4 she is urging all demonstrations to stay peaceful. 
“Some will listen and some won’t because you have some who really want to wreak havoc in the community but for those who are listening, please do the right thing and let’s work for justice for the 9-year-old. Let’s fight for peace in the City of St. Louis,” Nasheed said. 
Another Ferguson area state senator, Maria Chapelle-Nadal, who has been very vocal about police shootings, said she has been reflecting since Bolden was shot. 
“It is important for me to communicate with the people that live in this region that if we care truly about black lives, we will be willing to diversify the movement. It’s okay to protest against police brutality, but it is also okay and admirable to fight for children’s lives, especially when they are taken far too soon,” Chapelle-Nadal said. 
Nasheed said she believes body cameras will end or reduce protests over police brutality because the public will get to see exactly what happened in an officer-involved shooting. 
Chapelle-Nadal said her main focus is on improving job and educational opportunities for African Americans.
No tears and no marches for a black nine-year-old gunned down (drive by shooting) in her own home in Ferguson

Black-Run America (BRA) will end.

It will end so fast and suddenly, most people will lack the vocabulary for articulating what exactly kept them from breaking free.

But it's a story like this acting as the water freezing in the rock, ultimately breaking it apart.


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but news from France -

A usual suspect - nothing to do with Islam, obviously - boarded a train with an AK, a pistol and a knife and opened up. He managed to injure three, before being overpowered by two US Marines. Semper Fi, indeed.

We will prevail.

Anonymous said...

OT: Police arrest suspook and his mama in connection with Church lady robbery/beating in Omaha. Other Dindu still at large.

Comments are disabled at that site.....of course. F the media.

Anonymous said...

"Nasheed said she believes body cameras will end or reduce protests over police brutality because the public will get to see exactly what happened in an officer-involved shooting. "

So says the same spoonbill that thinks marching will prevent his fellow nogs from killing each other.

It's literally like watching every episode of Amos 'n' Andy at the same time with these congenital retards.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares if there isn't some white person to blame.

Anonymous said...

Onion Headline: "Ferguson community in grief over not being able to blame white people for death of 9yo girl"

Anonymous said...

There are no words to express my outrage at the stupidity of these statements, and the stupidity and idiocy of the people making the statements.

One march. That is supposed to impress everyone?

And the killers are not animals. They are monsters, sub human. Animals are much better behaved and smarter.

AnalogMan said...

Nasheed said. “We just finished a march about stopping violence. We did it last weekend, so it’s not like people don’t care.”

Nasheed said it is more difficult to demonstrate against street crime because it is hard to define the object of the rage, but police-involved shootings are more easily defined.

So, did that march work? Maybe we need a different ritual to show how much we care, one that will actually be efficacious.

I have an idea, a time-honoured idea that worked for thousands of years, and that also solves that problem of defining the object of the rage.

A scape-goat!

Off-topic but hilarious, Worker Who Lit a Match to Check for Gas Sparked Bronx School Blast.

"I do believe that this was a mistake," Mayor Bill de Blasio told 1010 WINS Friday afternoon. "It does not appear that was something that should have bee (sic) done."

Golly, you think?

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right PK, but I seriously doubt it will end any time soon. BRA is literally jingling their keys in DWLs faces while picking their pockets. BRA is an ugly, two headed monster.

Anonymous said...

Had Jamyla not been taken this early, she would have spawned a whole litter of dindus that wreak havoc on civilization.

The black woman couldn’t quite nail down where to put the blame. How about on black males who commit 95% of the crime in the St. Louis area?

The little girl was on her bed doing homework when a shot went through the window. They believe this was deliberate from all I could understand. My guess is a silverback was probably mad at her sheboon mama for something and decided to do the negro thing of killing another black.

The reason there is no outrage over this incident is because black lives don’t matter to black people! They only matter when the killer was white. They also don’t care about the circumstances of the killing.

I think this was Jimilah Nasheed’s feeling:

I’ZZ donts nose whyz Izz donts feelz any angers over dis killin’. I’zz needs to thinks bout it sum! If a nigga kilz da little nigga bitch din dat ok, but ifs a YT kilz a nigga dat bad. OK…nows IZZ understands. EBERbody kanz goez hom now; no harm done! Bitch was kilt by a nigga…dat OK.

D-FENS said...

Perhaps the negroes need body cameras. Instead of a Go Pro it could be a Bro Pro.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this woman is an absolute phony. Since there is no gibs me dat or sail foams possible from this girls death they, the blacks, stay at home an pretend to care. The black community are a bunch of hopeless violent morons.

Anonymous said...

To think these women are lawmakers really is frightening, they are both racist. A DWL SLU law professor and ally of the protest movement claims the use of teargas at the latest murder scene of Ball-Bey violated a post-Ferguson federal lawsuit and wants anyone exposed to hire a lawyer immediately to pursue damages. The Rev. Charles Brown said "Until there is a dialogue between the police and the young people, this won't be solved. Everyone is at fault."

Well Rev., the police did start a dialogue with Ball-Bey, they told him to "Stop and drop your weapon!" I guess the boy didn't want to have dialogue with the police!!
And poor little Ball-Beys mammy and fambly claim he was a good boy, he had a job, was just stopping by his cousins house to chill out, he didn't know it was a drug house and last year it was busted for guns and drugs. He dindu Nuffin. And they have a lawyer, same as the other thugs who have been kilt by those racist cops. Geeeez it's the same story over and over and over and over, they just don't have the mental capacity to figure it out do they? The SHTF when the Baltimore Six are not indicted.


Anonymous said...

"At the end of the day, we want to catch those animals and bring them to justice," said Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.
"Animals"???" I can't believe that woman is actually calling black people sub-human. She should be recalled from office, or at least censured by the legislature. How utterly repugnant! #DitchThatBitch

Anonymous said...

Remember last year at a Ferguson protest where Jamilah Nasheed was jacked up to the max, likely drunk, got arrested, and she had a .38 special in her purse? Yeah, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed!

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) Missouri state senator Jamilah Nasheed is out of jail after being arrested during protests in Ferguson Monday night. Senator Nasheed says she wanted to get arrested to send a strong message to protesters.
When she was taken into custody, police say they smelled alcohol on her breath and found a loaded gun in her possession.

Here she is, looking much better and taking care of state biz:

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

All the negroes ever talk about is raising awareness. All the marches and rallies and riots are always organized under the guise of "raising awareness". And so they have.
Careful what you wish for I guess.

Awareness is the opposite of what BRA wants. I'm surprised they even let these kind of stories hit the airwaves.

I'm for it though. I say shine the biggest, brightest spotlight we can find right down on the black community. Let's all be acutely aware of thier habits and then see how long they last.


Earl Turner said...

Take note of the comment sections (those still allowed to somehow stay online) of your local news stories when a negro kills another negro. You will always see the following two types of comments:

1. A white racial realist pointing out the obvious, that some black lives matter more than others and it depends on who does the killing.

2. Barely literate negroes throwing up walls of text accusing white commenters of racism, saying "white people do it too", saying the suspect didn't do it (with or without a friend/family member/fellow gang member posting "free _____avious"), and informing the readers that we've all made mistakes (murder, rape, and robbery are all mistakes in the black community apparently) so we can't judge.

Every. Single. Time.

They are doing the job of educating the blind white Americans in a way that we can not. Every story of Spontaneous Blackness that makes the local or national news opens more eyes than we ever could and in ways that we can not simply by talking to people. They are doing it both with their outrageous criminal behavior as well as the way they rally to the defense of every single black criminal no matter what.

The future does look good. All we have to do is hang in there, unite, and survive.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....White people have no understanding of black economics. Drugs and crime are a major source of income to a very large percent of the ghetto rat lifestyle. It is an entire underground financial system that those who depend on it do not want outsiders interfering in. Since this is a totally illegal enterprise the most hated outsiders are the cops. All these protest and riots have been for dead street thugs. No BLACK LIVES MATTER protest for 8,9, or 10 year old dead kids.

Nobody burns down stores or automobiles for little murdered children. That is not how the black mind works. These mental misfits shoot each other in school hallways and funerals. They rape school teachers and 80 year old seniors. These psychotic little bastards consider killing, death, murder and rape as entertainment. The last thing they want is FOR THE COPS TO INTERRUPT THEM IN THEIR FUN. You are dealing with a STATE SUPPORTED PARASITE non-human species that has no morals. A stalker has a one track mind. Who will be his next victim. The predator views the world around him as prey.

Then you have the ignorant white people who see the savage as the victim. The hive mind liberals will defend the black criminal. Even when the savage butchers members of his own family. What you have is a gigantic control system that operates from behind the stage. The controllers have a master plan that is being put in place one step at a time. It is a fantastic stage show being played out on the stage with actors, stooges and puppets. That master plan involves burning down the stage, the theater and the audience. At this point in the GREAT STAGE SHOW the best thing is don't sit to close to the stage or to far up in the balcony. The best SEAT IN THE HOUSE in over in the corners near the fire exits.

10mm AUTO said...

""Nasheed said it is more difficult to demonstrate against street crime because it is hard to define the object of the rage, but police-involved shootings are more easily defined.""

Nasheed is full of it. Are the negros demonstrating outside the nest of the shooter? Is the Sow or Grand Sow being threaten with losing Benefits? Why not? They all know who did this.

On a larger level, negro chillings ARE the problem. They are ignorant, unemployable even for picking fruit, dangerous as a Hyena and willing to endanger the entire community by spraying bullets over being dis'pected.

But we all know that Whites are the Problem.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

awakened white said...

O/ T. but relevant: fellow YT should (been) alert for Sept. and beyond... my spidey senses tell me. it dropped -530 just today. storms coming.

former liberal said...

They can march all they want, but they can't change genetics. Also, why should we care about their non-stop dysfunction!

Anonymous said...

Trump = End Of BRA.

The only option, I'm afraid.

Choose wisely...

Anonymous said...

Orcs Hate Trump.

Pat Boyle said...

A few days ago Paul wrote about that 93 year old former Tuskegee Airman who was assaulted. That got me to thinking about black versus white longevity.

Phillip Ruston took the difference in life span as one of several artifacts of r/K theory. According to him there are two life strategies - a short lived way with lots of progeny but not much parental investment and a longer liver approach where the parents invest more in fewer kids.

I think there is another explanation - an explanation that is simpler yet. If you look at the mortality figures its clear that blacks don't live as long as whites. This is seen in life expectancy figures. But life expectancy is not a very meaningful statistic. For example, in ancient Rome the life expectancy was only about 22 or 23 years. Yet we know that the general Narses fought battles in his nineties. (He was also a eunuch). The reason is that Romans like all early people had a lot of infant mortality. If you lived to four or five you probably would have a normal life span.

Blacks used to have a lot of infantile mortality but not so much these days. There is a claim that if you make it to sixty a black man has a better prospect or reaching extreme old age than does a white man. I can't verify this fact but it seems plausible. The appropriate measure is called the Cohort Survival It's not well known because it requires matrix algebra to calculate.

White men commit suicide in extreme old age and blacks don't. White men shoot themselves. Black teens shoot each other.

Blacks die of heart problems and diabetes. If you have a myocardial infarct you just die then and there. But if you have heart failure (not an attack from a sudden blockage) you can live a long time. But you have to be careful. You have to take a lot of pills and take a lot of tests. This is what Eric Garner had. He also had diabetes which also requires that the patient be punctilious above his medicine and testing.

Garner died principally of simple stupidity. He wasn't taking good care of himself and he was in no condition to engage in a wresting match with a half dozen cops.

My theory is that the a good deal of greater black mortality is a function of their lower IQ and general lower social functioning. When you're your body pretty much takes care of itself. But after sixty or seventy you have to be diligent and attentive about your health issues or you just die.

This means as that long as blacks are no more intelligent then they are presently, they will continue to die younger. Pay no attention to the claims about persecution by whites.

BTW I see that I was wrong (or rather my sources were wrong) about blacks having twice the rate of schizophrenia as compare to whites. Its triple. This means that blacks will continue to be shot by police in grater numbers too.


My video on the Tuskegee Airmen is at:

Anonymous said...

Read the Whole Psalm 144. We are living in the polar opposite.

Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

Our Government labels Whites returning from war as mentally unstable to own weapons.

2 My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

It is we Whites who are being subjugated under the press from Negros, Hisspanics and Mooselimbs.

3 Lord, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him!

4 Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.

Ya, well Lord, we have been tossing your wisdom right down the toilet for a "feel good" idea that "we are all the same race" with predictable results. Frankly we derserve to be turned into a pillar of Salt.

5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and come down: touch the mountains, and they shall smoke.

6 Cast forth lightning, and scatter them: shoot out thine arrows, and destroy them.

7 Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children;

8 Whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

Does this describe negros or What?!!

9 I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee.

10 It is he that giveth salvation unto kings: who delivereth David his servant from the hurtful sword.

11 Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood:

12 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

13 That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store: that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets:

14 That our oxen may be strong to labour; that there be no breaking in, nor going out; that there be no complaining in our streets.

We could have been on Mars.

15 Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord. (And who are Homogeneous! Ed)
King James Version (KJV)

Anonymous said...

And about this "turning the other cheek" business. In the days that Christ walked the Earth if a Roman soilder struck a non-Roman they had better bow, scrap, and grovel at the soilder's feet to beg forgivenness. When Christ "turned the other cheek" He was saying, "Go ahead and hit me again. I'm not stupid enough to fight you because that will surely mean my death but I won't bow or grovel to any man. I dare you to hit again!" As Christ showed over and over he was a not a wilting flower but a total badass.


Put in that context, the phrase sheds a whole new light on "turn the other cheek". But is that REALLY what Jesus meant? I honestly think your interpretation is phenomenal but how is it possible that for almost 2,000 years no one else has rendered this interpretation?

I gave up on religion at the age of 13.

Many of us who no longer tow the religious line didn't leave our perspective faiths. Rather, our faiths have left us. What they once were, they no longer are.

I am an evangelist of a different sort. I evangelize race realism. I preach the truth and have converted many people into being born-again race realists.

Thanks, PK. Your writings are my bible.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that it's the black people that don't care about the 9 year old girl shot and killed in a drive by shooting.

It's the media that really doesn't care. Her death doesn't fit into their agenda of demonizing Whites.

rex freeway said...

We are on the verge of BRA collapsing. Although without complete eradication of Liberal ideology there will always be the Token Black in government. I guess that should be considered a victory compared to the mess we have now. I dont think there will be a civil war. But again this depends on the removal of Liberal scum. Including the Main stream media.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Pretty obvious the reason for the silence is the "no gibs" for the little girl who was shot. I don't know about ya'll, but when I saw that sweet young girl died at the hands of a stray bullet, all I could think of was the money I'd save from future tax drains on my ever-declining income.

Anonymous said...

In every community I've ever lived in, everyone knew who the troublemakers were and when they did something, they'd be turned into the police in no time. I'm sure it's the same in the black community as far as knowing who is doing all the crime and yet they don't turn them in. Rather, they turn a blind eye to it all and have useless marches because doing something actually helpful means turning in their relatives, neighbors, friends and other associates and that's a big no no in the hood. It's not just "Snitches get stitches"- it's a matter of protecting their own from da man.
All the statements by these negro politicians about how they and the black community "cares" are just empty words mouthed to give an "impression." Utterly meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly OT - spent some time listening to the "conservative" Mark Levin, obviously a Jew. The man is all about the fundamentals; freedom, liberty and the small government required to achieve that.

Levin is very angry about Margret Sanger, the Planned Parenthood founder. Mr. Levin is fundamentally and totally against any abortion of black babies. HIs deepest crusade is for the increased birthrate of Afro-americans. He understands that Afro-americans are just like you. Totally the same. Mr. Levin supports an explosion of the black population. He recognizes no dysfunction in this population and therefore, the more the better. I despise this guy as you should. Not because he is a Jew, but because he has various moral positions that will lead to your death. Not his though. He'll be safe, or so he believes.



That piece of dog-shit George Sorros should be brought up on charges for instigating riots in America. That money pig is behind all of this. But only with the help from the Obummer regime and the Dept. of black social justice too! Oh yeah throw in all of the lowly common negroes you can find in any one city and there you have it #BLM in a nut-shell. This so-called movement only works cause the lowly's are getting a check. And without that check all of this goes nowhere because it's not real and is super fake just underneath the surface. Negroes don't care about each other and all of a sudden now they are caring for the worst of their ilk? Bullshit! Take that Sorros dough out of this and they are back to sitting on their porches. Just like good porch-monkey's do!


Anonymous said...

The Black Lives Matter radicals have presented a LIST OF THEIR DEMANDS.

No black person should be arrested for murder.
Laws about raped should be abolished.
Police must turn their weapons over to the black community.
Before raiding a crack house the police should give a 24 hours advanced notice.
White people should surrender their weapons to black street gangs.
Police should only recruit blacks with a felony record.
Only black people should be allowed to run for office.
White people must be removed to reservations.
Blacks should have the right to white peoples houses and property.
It must be legal for blacks to mug, rob and steal from whoever they want.
Welfare mothers should be paid $10,000 a month for each child born.
All racist white music must be banned.
Learning to read and write is the highest form of racism and must end.
Only black people are allowed in TV commercials and Hollywood films.
All blacks in prison must be released.
Street gangs can frisk white people for weapons.
Weekly mass burials for white people killed by street crime.

And last but not least......All newborn white children must be named after famous warriors and tribal leaders from the Belgium Congo.

Californian said...

On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

The Rules of BRA (per hostile elites):

1. You do not talk about BRA.
2. You do NOT talk about BRA.
3. If someone yells "racism," the debate is over.
4. Only blacks can claim to be discriminated against.
5. One riot at a time, comrades.
6. No impulse control, no future time orientation.
7. Home invasions will go on as long as streets go wrong.
8. If this is your first night in BRA, then all DWLs have to grovel.

think about it said...

"The refusal of the American to work with his hands when he
can hire or import serfs to do manual labor for him
is the prelude to his extinction and the immigrant
laborers are now breeding out their masters and
killing by filth and by crowding as effectively as by
the sword."

Excerpt from "The Passing of the Great Race" by Madison Grant, 1916

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....The hippies had their Summer Of Love in 1966/67. The Summer of love in New York lasted about a week. The hippies were easy prey for the African street predators and most of them crawled back to Frisco and L.A. By about 1968/69 the hippies that were left had become hardened and didn't take any shit when dealing with the blacks. A lot had guns in their pad and had become good street fighters. Being high on drugs also helped.

I knew one kid that was a hippie biker type who told me that the thing he liked about black scum was their Afro Hairdo. You could see them coming from a block away and when fighting with them he would grab them by the hair. Once on the ground he used the guys hair like two handles as he bashed their head into the cement. A man's head being pounded into the concrete has a certain sound. The sound of victory.

Their were a big bunch of hippie freaks living in a building on 7th street between 1st and 2nd avenue whose hobby was kicking the shit out of blacks and Puerto Ricans. They called themselves the STP PEOPLE and were from the mountains of Colorado. It was my understanding they supported them selves by growing and selling marijuana. The old Ukrainian people living on the street liked them because they made the street safe. NO BLACKS EVER WALKED DOWN THAT BLOCK. On the corner of 7th and 2nd Avenue there was a fruit stand that was run by an ex-feather weight prize fighter who ran numbers on the side. His name was FRANK THE HAT and no jigs ever fucked with him either.

The SULLIVAN LAW in NY made it illegal to have a knife with a blade over 2 and a half inches long. Most of us had something with us to use as a weapon. I carried a crescent wrench inside a shoulder bag. A car antenna would make a true believer out of anybody. A beer can opener that you sharpened on a cement curb was popular. I used one for a while but it kept cutting a hole in my back pocket. For a long time I had dirt or sand in my back pocket to throw into someones face. Anything can be used as a weapon and a garbage can lid saved my ass a couple times. You always had to have an edge.

Hippies took over a building on 3rd street and had a sign posted downstairs on the front door. WARNING....THIS BUILDING IS ORGANIZED AND WE ARE ARMED. If you yelled help in that building everybody came charging into the halls with steak knifes and baseball bats.

In the 80's the skin heads and punk rockers moved in and took over vacant buildings after kicking out the junkies. The jigs and spicks didn't mess with skin heads. They had razor blades for ear rings and a bone through their nose. Their buildings also became armed camps.

Violence was an every day way of life in New York. I lost some very good friends. It was one big insane adventure but after awhile it started to really disgust me. But that's another story.

think about it said...

"the view that the Negro slave was an unfortunate cousin
of the white man, deeply tanned by the tropic
sun and denied the blessings of Christianity and
civilization, played no small part with the senti-
mentalists of the Civil War period and it has
taken us fifty years to learn that speaking English,
wearing good clothes and going to school and to
church do not transform a Negro into a white

excerpt from "The Passing of the Great Race", Madison Grant, 1916

think about it said...

"Whether we like to admit it or not, the result of the mixture of two races, in the long run, gives us a race reverting to the more ancient, generalized and lower
type...the cross between a white man and a Negro is a Negro."

Third and final excerpt from "The Passing of the Great Race" by Madison Grant, 1916

class dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Another self important say nothing response by an idiotic black female. Their idiocracy is blinding. Don't listen to them, you will become 'stupidder' for listening to any words they ook out, really, it's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much obvious by now isn't it? The people out protesting the dead thugs are their peers. This is the criminal element in society, the birds of a feather that flock together. Who else, except the dwls and paid agitators has the time to give a#@&% for this sociopathic trash?

Another violent thug off the streets. Here's looking at you kid. That improves the odds for every sentient being on the planet.

The Limey said...

The moral of the story is, Black Lives Matter, except to other blacks. Apparently. They remind me of sheep (black sheep ?) who follow blindly the venom in the words of black race baiters, but are too blind to see where the real problem lies. Or maybe they just like to riot because it gives them more opportunities to grab some freebies. In which case, it just shows them up as ignorant, violent, low brow creatures.

Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is that even lifetime liberals are tiring of black b.s. They are realizing that there is nothing that they can ever do that will have an impact on black behavior. The constant complaining and abrasive self-centered attitudes are wearing on everyone, and people are realizing that there is no winning with these people.

Blacks have really f@cked themselves this time, and there is no going back. Race realism is becoming the new norm, and not just among white people. So satisfying to finally see these miscreants being held accountable for their sociopathic behavior.

The best part will be when Republicans clinch the presidency and all fingers will point to BLM as the reason for the landslide. Then the war between liberals and their pets can really begin.

Anonymous said...

I was born in St. Louis and raised in Florissant in the north county back in the 50's and 60's. I know the area and know the problems and the single biggest problem are the blacks. We have spent billions of dollars, given them places to live and food to eat. Preference in hiring and promotions and special classes for their children and STILL they won't become a part of society. It's a black problem and blacks have to solve it. If I were a St. Louis cop, and I have no idea why anyone would want to be a St. Louis cop, I would shoot on sight and from my car I wouldn't even get out of it. St. Louis today looks like what East St. Louis Illinois looked like in the 60's and that my friends is not good.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece, PK. Thanks.

The survival line for this woman is nearing its end... weighs 910 pounds and had to be removed from her apartment window because of her girth. Of course, it's a vile negress. I post this here as I feel it is an excellent iconic example of the burden that blacks have become for White humans. All that filthy fat was paid for by Whitey (junk food via EBT), and then White firemen and tax dollars have to come to even get her out of her own apartment.

Groids gorge themselves on the system, then Humans have to come bail them out.

Anonymous said...

"a march about stopping violence. We did it last weekend, so it’s not like people don’t care.”

Yes it is.

People don't care.

And marching only worked 50 years ago. 50 years ago most blacks lived in the South in a few States, and Whites across America didn't really understand the true nature of blacks. Only Southern Whites had experienced what blacks were really like, that's why they had Jim Crow laws and Segregation. White Guilt was born and mentally retarded white people in the media decided to show White America all of these marches that blacks and mentally retarded white-guilty morons were performing. Due to the fact that White America just didn't know better, they foolishly believed that it was TERRIBLE that Southern Whites were forcing blacks to live among themselves and their own kind, and seperate from Whites.

So back then marching worked. But now that blacks have infected the entire country, and all of the consequences of the infection are impossible to ignore, only the MOST mentally deficient Whites care about marches anymore. And the tens of millions of hispanics (legal and illegal), and asians, and arabs, all hate the blacks even more than Whites do. So marches today do NOTHING.

I for one, only hope the 9 yr old sowlette was made good before she was able to breed and crap out any niglets. Now, if you mean to say that BLACKS care about the 9 yr old being made good, well that's just clearly not true, because blacks are nearly always the ones shooting the niglets and making them good.

But please keep marching, for one thing you disgusting obese negro slobs need to burn every calorie you can, and as long as you're marching in the skreets you're not lurking around stealing or raping and victimizing humans, especially whites.



tradcon said...

"[State Senator Jamilah] Nasheed said it is more difficult to demonstrate against street crime because it is hard to define the object of the rage, but police-involved shootings are more easily defined."

No, State Senator Nasheed (f/k/a Jenise Williams), it is not at all hard to define the proper object of rage for street crimes in your town and almost every town in America. It is street pirates, almost all of whom are SIMBAs. But, because almost all of the street pirates share the same skin color as you do, you'll just never admit it. Of course, what she really means is that it is POLITICALLY hard for her, as a black political office holder, to admit that the proper object of our rage is young black males who unarguably commit the vast majority of violent crime in the town she represents and all across this country. However, since the election of the mulatto president, the proper object of our righteous rage has become so obvious and so blatant that even some brainwashed/brain-dead libtoids and DWLs are starting to awaken from their 50+ year Rip-Van-Winklesque slumber. The pressure is building more quickly now and, though no one knows how long this can go on, the RAW ECAR grows ever nearer and now seems inevitable. I hope I live to see the reset, for the sake of my beloved children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

My favorite comment is from a barley literal black woman saying of a crimminal black " He is someone's child "
There is no reasoning with such people. We must seperate!

Anonymous said...

Correction -- Nasheed had a nine on her when arrested, not a .38sp. Just so's you know, in case someday you notice it's her standing in the interstate blocking your car and getting all worked up again. That is, if she should open fire on you, do not assume she will be out of bullets after five, six, seven, or eight shots (the possible capacities of a .38 special revolver). Remain extra-vigilant -- who knows what she's got going on with that nine?

- Man in FL

former liberal said...

Perfect metaphor for blacks in this country! And it happened in my hometown, too. I know this topic has been touched upon here, but the sheer numbers of obese blacks in this country are simply staggering. Maybe we stop oppressing them with having to pay for EBT.

Pat Boyle said...

Ex New Yorker had an interesting post on what it was like to live in New York City during the 'Summer of Love' in 1966. I'm sure he's right and an authoritative source. But there are a couple points he missed.

I was in San Francisco for the Summer of Love. I was a sort of Hippy but not really. Then as now I didn't really like pop music. But I did live in the Haight a block from Ashbury.

We were invaded that summer by kids from all over the country. Many of them camped out in the panhandle - an extension of Golden Gate Park that runs parallel to Haight Street about two blocks away.

Apparently these would-be hippies hadn't read Mark Twain ("The coldest winter I ever spent was in San Francisco in the summer."). They wore summer clothes and froze. The fog got them.

That was the year that Timothy Leary addressed a huge gathering on the Park's polo field and said 'You may be the holiest generation that has ever lived'. So Ex-New Yorker is right, the SF Hippies were a very silly and self indulgent group.

But everybody gets the demographics wrong. There were about 90,00 blacks in the City in those days. Just about 13% of the SF population. Today the black population in San Francisco is less tan half that in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the total population.

San Francisco for all its liberal posturing, ran its negroes out, more effectively than any other American city. They stand as a testament that it can be done. Many people also get the demographics of Oakland wrong. In most of America Oakland is thought of as a black city but that's a simplification.

Oakland rises from the Bay to the costal hills. At ground level there are a lot of blacks. Then going up, at the mid altitudes around 500 feet, the Hispanic live. Finally at the top of the coastal hills, the neighborhoods are pure white. I live at 1,000 feet.

It is not like Ferguson here. There are no blacks living side by side with whites. Although if I get in my car and drive down the hill I can visit all the blacks I could ever want. I had lived in Washington DC formerly while in grad school. I lived on the white north side of Massachusetts Avenue. The dangerous black side was literally across the street. Our building was like a fortress. We had a siege mentality. The blacks were too close. But Oakland is nothing like that - at least for me.

It's like the snow. If I drive to the mountains there is plenty of skiing, but in between there and here there is the hot hell hole of the Central Valley. On a nice winter day it will be 70 here and 30 in the Sierras. But in the Valley that you have to traverse to get there, it always seems to be over 100. California is segregated naturally by climate and by race.


N.GA said...

“We do have a perception problem when outsiders look at reaction of African Americans when you have an officer-involved shooting vs. a black on black shooting,”

A perception problem, yea, that’s what it is. Outsiders looking at the negro in a negative way, perception problem. That’s a new one for the list. Discrimination, white privilege, institutional racism, now problematic perception.

How about correct observation? Or legitimate concerns? In the end, they have an answer for everything and it’s beyond old how it’s never a blacks fault. It’s always a problematic perception or unfavorable reaction.

How about her main concern, Jobs & education? 1.8 billion thrown at her concern. How did that work out for the taxpayer? A negro in every commercial!

The only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never made me question theirs.

Mildred said...

White people must be removed to reservations.

If that's a dictate from BRA, how long before the negroes want to move into our reservations? I mean, let's say that all whites are eventually given a detainment camp, similar to Manzanar during the war. Give it a few months, not even years, and you'll see white communities being formed, real learning taking place in the schools, real men building things, securing food, children playing with wanton abandon in the common areas with no fear of stray bullets hitting them between the eyes. How long before the negroes come for our "white privilege"? See, there is no escaping them. They follow us everywhere. That's why I know that we'll never see BRA dictate that whites move to reservations.

Off topic, but an addendum to my last week's story about a negress colleague (who's pregnant and STILL without a car). I drove her home last week for a SECOND (and last) time. Yesterday I asked her about her car. She said it's still in the shop. I asked, "We'll what'd they say?"

"I didn't call them. I figured they'd call me when they found something out."

(me) "How'd you get to work today?"

"I axed my sister if I coulds borrow her car. She say yes."

(me) "What about tomorrow?"

"I figured the lawd will arrange dat. My father used to said 'Take care of today, let the lawd take care of tomorrow."

(me - speechless) "How long have they had the car?"

"Over a week now."

So there you have it.

Lack of future time orientation. No active plan on getting her wheels back. No earthly idea on how much $$$ it will cost her. No plans generating in her mind as to #1, where she's going to get the money to fix it. #2, when she'll get the car back, #3, how she'll get to work until the car is repaired, #4, how she'll get to the repair shop when (if) it gets fixed. #5, when the baby is born, she'll be driving around in a 12 year old car with 170K miles on it, with the threat of breaking down when the weather gets cold and snowy.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very big problem.

Pat Boyle said...

This Nasheed politician at the end of her interview says she will continue to advocate for more jobs and better education. How lovely.

All politicians call for better education and it seems likely that they will continue to do so until doom's day. They can't seem to help it. It must in in their politician's orientation packet.

This is in a sense a Marxist idea, or more properly a Russian Communist idea. The Russian Reds took over a country that was huge and fragmented. There was a tiny middle class but dozens of ignorant and mutually antagonistic ethic divisions. Most of them were peasants and illiterate.

The Reds developed the doctrine of the 'New Soviet Man'. This new man was supposed to be a creation of the State through education. Somehow it didn't matter what he had been before. He could be taught to fill any role in society.

At about the same time the German socialists (Nazis) rejected this extreme environmentalism and seized on an extreme genetic determinism instead. Both were wrong. The truth lay somewhere in the middle. But with the defeat of the Nazis America came to embrace a more leftist leaning interpretation.

Contrary to everything you have read in the papers or seen on TV, America has a fabulous public education system. It is very hard to understand how it could possibly be improved. The reason that this isn't better understood is because the media usually ignore race. The Swiss or the Japanese have an easier time of it - no minorities. But American kids who are of Swiss extraction (German, French, Italian) do better in American public schools that do those same kind of kids in Switzerland. Our Japanese American kids also out perform similar Japanese kids in Japan. Our schools have good facilities, text books, and teachers.

But the illegal immigrant's kids who are Mexican or Mayan and the African American kids do much less well than the European or North East Asian kids. In fact the black and brown kids still do better in American schools than they do in Mexican or African schools. Our schools are the best in the world.

The evidence is that no other nation could educate our mix of races nearly as well as we do. The criticism of American public schools is simply stupid.

The reason you still hear fools like Nasheed blather on about schools is because of the 'Soviet New Man' idea. She thinks that the government can somehow manufacture perfect people. It is a triumph of Soviet propaganda. It is an extreme viewpoint wildly at odds with the evidence.

An African will outperform academically a North Eastern Asian if the Asian has had no education and the African has some. This was pretty much the state of affairs in the world in the early fifties. The African nations were emerging from colonialism and South Korea was emerging from it's war. But today Korea has the highest national IQ on earth and Africa has been economically regressing. Education above the critical threshold has been available everywhere and so innate genetic potentialities now predominate.

The Japanese, who are so wealthy in America, have done about as well as they have been capable of. The blacks too. A little education to an uneducated population pays large and immediate benefits. But additional education for an already educated population pays only seriously diminished returns.

American education is about as good as it can possibly be. Only commies think otherwise.


Fatigued (but temporarily smiling) in Minneapolis said...

Since 1859 the Minnesota State Fair is a type of sacred event up here; you guys must read the (almost a thousand!) comments on this story: 99% realist!; this is fantastic; even DWL's are waking up in droves! Cat's atta the bag..

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker I enjoy you real life experiences with the Orcs an your 5:40 PM contribution should be required reading for all YTs who still have a few functioning brain cells. As a retired fireman (I know not PC but that is what my title was when hired) in a large southern city and a slum lord to boot, I can relate with your assessment of the definition of economics in the African tribal enclaves. I always said that the ghetto will never change because it is like living in a theme park for Africans where sex is easily had with either old or young girls/women,drugs are ubiquitous and stealing is just a normal occurance. If your shit gets stolen you just steal someone else's. I had a tenant that worked landscape every day and he didn't have much in the way of personal possessions but he had a portable TV. So every day when he would go off to work he woul put it in the trunk of his car because he couldn't leave it behind or it would get stolen. Well one day he got into a hurry and forgot to take it and guess what, yep it was stole by someone who was watching for the right opportunity. Orc Land theme park, it's open 24 hours per day and fun for the whole family, but be careful you never really know when the shooting gallery will be open for business or where.


Anonymous said...

Cameras will expose the replicant humanoid negros and dwl turds and further exhonerate the law staff.

Anonymous said...

Barley? Is she a grainy negro?

Pat Boyle said...

The other issue that Nasheed claimed to be fighting for is ' good jobs'. Actually she like almost all liberals is working hard to increase the unemployment of black teens. I will explain it- its not very complex but she seems to be particularly stupid. I doubt if she will understand.

The most perfect tyranny in world history was probably the Tokogawa shogunate. Many people know that the Shogun did away with firearms, but many people don't realize that he also led to a system that effectively abolished riding horses too. They tore up the roads and tore down the bridges. The nation was made poor on purpose.

The Shogunate had what is called a 'rice economy'. The peasants grew the rice but they didn't own it. All the rice went to the central government which distributed it to those currently in favor. Check out almost any Samurai movie. The Ronin have to scramble because they don't have a steady source of rice. The various clans are always competing to enlarge their rice allocation. They can only do this politically. They do not even consider improving agriculture.

This is apparently how a lot of blacks imagine that our economy works. Many seem to think Obama distributes jobs and income. And of course that's how he would like it but in fact, still most of the economy is the product of individuals.

That means that if a black teenager is going to get a job he will need to get it from some individual - most likely a white individual. Currently at least 40% of all black teens are unemployed by official figures. Many think the real figure is over half.

This is a social catastrophe and one caused in large part by the 'Minimum Wage'. The economic effect of the Minimum Wage is to make it illegal to hire someone below some arbitrary wage. If that person isn't in fact worth that wage to the prospective employee he simply won't get hired. Black teens are not worth much when they apply for their first job. By definition they have no job experience. So they are unlikely to understand punctuality, dress codes or on-the-job etiquette. They can learn, but until they do, their value is not great. They also have no relevant skills.

The Minimum Wage laws benefit unions and older employees because it keeps down the competition from the first time employees. Everyone knows this, with the possible exception of Mrs. Nasheed who seems particularly stupid.

A black teen who didn't do well in school (a majority) needs that first job desperately. If he can land any kind of job he will likely be saved. At his next job interview he will have a job history. Nothing is more valuable. Contrary to the liberal propaganda millions of whites would love to hire black teenager but they don't want to hire a problem kid at more than he's worth.

A kid who learns to come to work on time and that the customer is always right, will also know how to talk to the cop who stops him for speeding.

Nasheed is killing the black kids in her neighborhood and she's too stupid to even realize it.


Anonymous said...

He scattered them and confused their languages for a reason at the Tower of Babel. Idiots with idiots, intelligents with the intelligents.


To really understand the type of idiots we are dealing with, check out this conversation between Jared Taylor and a real DWL Wigger. Awesome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo sir!!
Very well put.

FlowerBell said...

I've noticed on numerous occasions blacks stating that their voices have been "silenced" they've been "ignored" and people need to hear what they have to say. "It's time for us to speak up!"
I personally have been listening to them scream for more decades than I care to admit, non-stop.

It's amazing how they convince each new generation of Caucasians that their blackness issues require urgent attention now. Its been the same old con-game going on generation after generation.

Their lies told often enough and loud enough have been working out well for them.
You can't trust liars, no point.

Anonymous said...

I to was born and raised in STL area, just moved out from close to downtown, I see exactly what your saying, it's like a plague.


Mutant Swarm said...

"...It will end so fast and suddenly, most people will lack the vocabulary for articulating what exactly kept them from breaking free."

Ask anyone who survived the breakup of the Soviet Union; they'll be able to tell us. An alternative version will be told by those who survived the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous Earl Turner said...

" Take note of the comment sections (those still allowed to somehow stay online) of your local news stories when a negro kills another negro. You will always see the following two types of comments:

1. A white racial realist pointing out the obvious, that some black lives matter more than others and it depends on who does the killing..."

I got banned from one website for explaining what a "Dindu" was. Some aggrieved 'groid took offense, and told a moderator. But not before he quoted my post.


"They are doing the job of educating the blind white Americans in a way that we can not. Every story of Spontaneous Blackness..."

This appeared on my screen with the last word of the sentence before the line break being "Spontaneous."

I honestly thought the first word of the next line was going to be "Jones."

Anonymous said...

"... it is also okay and admirable to fight for children’s lives, especially when they are taken far too soon,” Chapelle-Nadal said.

Children's lives taken too soon ... so does she think that there's a right time to take their lives?

There is absolutely nothing stupider than a pavement ape trying to act intelligent.

Anonymous said...

As the truth regarding black mob violence and BLACK ON WHITE CRIME is getting out, the sub-culture of criminals and their (so-called) progressive enablers must be in a panic. Despite their best efforts to hide the truth, more and more people are realizing that the majority of violence on the ground in America is a black thing.

A former prison psychologist Marlin Newburn, explains this sub-cultures mind-set:

"Black street predators are merely living their preferred lifestyle where property destruction and primitive brutality bring them the sadistic entertainment and power they enjoy," Newburn said. "What's worse is that there is nobody in the mainstream media or in political office willing to step up in the light and call the community-killing exactly what it is. Worse yet, they outright lie about these black crimes by using some Orwellian newspeak to redirect accurate descriptions of the predators.

"Cowardice by the power elite fuels the carnage while hastening the death of businesses and communities. And more blacks will end up dead or in prison.

"As a prison psychologist I've talked with hundreds of young black predators who simply said they "was just havin' fun." They did not have a recognizable conscience, no thoughts of personal responsibility or feelings of guilt or empathy for their victims, nor did they remotely have a grasp of the pain and community destruction they and their "homeboys" caused.

"Having the emotional maturity level of a pre-adolescent, ages 8 to 12 inclusive, they act on emotions, not thought. They are completely infantalized due to never being held accountable for their actions. Because of never having been taught delayed gratification and consideration of others, they also live and act on impulse, never thinking of possible consequences.

"They are classic narcissists where the world must conform to their impulses or demands.

"That the media and political powers are willing to turn a collective blind eye on the pathology helps black crime grow. It demonstrates a tacit acceptance of the mayhem.

"Not accurately reporting the willful destruction and assaults of others by black street predators is a form of caring in their eyes, but it's pathological altruism at its sickest. It's a very sick form of "understanding" under the belief that they are being compassionate toward their imagined put-upon black people as said black people live a libertine lifestyle.

"All they're doing is helping increase the insanity as the black predator knows he's covered with a blanket anonymity, and that there is no one in power who will hold him personally responsible. Until they end up dead or in prison, they enjoy the predator lifestyle."

Ahhh, then Trump came along... to end this & the political correctness thought tank, hopefully so anyways :) But then again I hear that Trump has some really
good Jewish friends....ruh roh !! We might be right back at square one with
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Here you go, it's worth the watch..... the history of political correctness....

Anonymous said...

Some dindus were caught in the old lady in the church robbery.

I’m wondering if all the deluded white people are saying:

I’m concerned about these young teens ruining their lives. They had so much to look forward to; they were obviously brilliant people. Trayvon Martin was going to be a brain surgeon, and Michael Brown a lawyer and poet. We must all pray for them that God will forgive them for a temporary lapse of judgment. We must all forgive the Negroes for they know not what they do!

Like the lady in Nashville forgave the black man at the gas station robbery and he cried like a baby and said he was sorry, he didn't do nuffins. Three white men were racists because they held him down from beating the Christian woman. She needs to understand "dat he dint do nuffins".

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....When the cops raid and bust a crack house it has a ripple effect through out the black community. The dope heads have to find another place to score their drugs and sometimes that gets them a little pissed off. Why should a guy have to walk or drive 5 or 6 blocks away just to score. Having your own local source for dope makes life much easier.

Blacks still live the tribal life style practiced in THE OLD COUNTRY. Also known as TURF WARS. So for an innocent crack head or junkie to adventure into another"s turf could be dangerous. This of course depends on what street gang controls that area.

So we may be seeing some late night action in good old St. Louie again. This of course depends on three important factors. Another dead street criminal, a raid on an enterprising local crack house and the self righteous attitude of entitlement along with the morbid sense of eternal victimhood. We may see some people burning down their own section 8 living quarters. The reason being that they are oppressed and believe that CRIMINAL LIVES MATTER. The FSA (free shit army) will be out for more freebies, toilet paper being high up on the list.

Anonymous said...

Hippies took over a building on 3rd street and had a sign posted downstairs on the front door. WARNING....THIS BUILDING IS ORGANIZED AND WE ARE ARMED. If you yelled help in that building everybody came charging into the halls with steak knifes and baseball bats.

Now that's what I call hippies!

Anonymous said...

LOL.... You nailed it!! Oh, so true.

Anonymous said...

Pat: "Black teens are not worth much when they apply for their first job. By definition they have no job experience. So they are unlikely to understand punctuality, dress codes or on-the-job etiquette."
They're supposed to learn such basics in school. They are simply untrainable.
For all of Trump's talk (which I agree with) about saving American jobs from migrants and outsourcing, we still have this 800-lb gorilla in the room -- an unemployable 12% of the population. If all the wetbacks are rousted out of here, and their positions are partially-filled by the undertow, there will be a big increase in "workplace violence".

Anonymous said...

That is priceless, can I have permission to use chimpologist?!


Anonymous said...

Body cameras won't mean a thing to the afrocentrists at the heart of the trashlivesmatter movement. They reject the notion of having whites in authority over blacks anywhere. This is only the beginning of turning America into Africa.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter.....unless dat homie spills my Colt45!!


PB said...

"I despise this guy as you should. Not because he is a Jew, but because he has various moral positions that will lead to your death."

He has those positions precisely because he is.....and he hates us more than Blacks ever could. Being Chosen means never having to say you're sorry.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! OT: fellow race realist, I've have another great KMOV APP video and article, it's just like years and years of excuses, aspiring rapper!! Check it out!!

We asked attorney Jermaine Wooten about his client Ball-Bey. He said, ‘I haven`t seen the video. I`ve heard of the video, but I understand he was an aspiring rapper. He had some rap lyrics and he participated in a rap group, but that`s as far as I know. I don`t think he`d be handling a gun in this rap video.’


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......Looks like Mansur Ball Bey is another martyr in the long and hard black struggle. This means I get to get another limited edition memorial tee shirt. The collection is getting bigger each day and I'm running out of room. So now I'm limiting myself only to tee shirts with photos of the dead criminal at the ages of 8 to 10 years of age. Just ordered a cool TAG 'EM AND BAG 'EM tee shirt with the names of the last 6 martyr's who have been shot in the cause. It is still hard to find the memorial coffee mugs.

Anonymous said...


I'll take a hit or two of whatever you're smoking.

in DC

Anonymous said...

'Nasheed said she believes body cameras will end or reduce protests over police brutality because the public will get to see exactly what happened in an officer-involved shooting'.

Not a chance! You can almost hear it now,
"Dat video been played wit! Police beez foolins with dem cameras and sitt.Dat ain't Tyrone! Dat boy been put into dat video by police computer dat all"

Reality never has and never will be enough for the negro even if it smacks them right in their faces. Would we even have to invest millions of white tax payer money into cameras if it weren't for the negro? When did we ever hear this 'camera solution' come up in a white,hispanic or asian incident?

Anonymous said...

Authorities should take likely crack houses in negrohoods, wire them with hidden cameras and mikes, then let the orcs infest it for a few weeks and the whole while film it 24/7. I'm sure the resulting film and audio could be used to prosecute numerous vile orcs, plus gather intel on higher level dealers, crime lords, pimps etc.

Start filming these f#cks; bust their asses and into the slammer. NO conjugal visits - don't need more orc sprogs bred on our dime.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.. He will be in his bunker in a nondescript location. I used to listen to him. He is just another loud mouth making money running his mouth using conservatism as his platform. Like many of them do.

Anonymous said...

Way ahead of you considering this!

unknown google profile said...

I work downtown in St Louis, and my biggest threat is blacks. Their behavior is why I refuse to live anywhere close to where I work.

Anonymous said...

Pat said:

"But American kids who are of Swiss extraction (German, French, Italian) do better in American public schools that do those same kind of kids in Switzerland. Our Japanese American kids also out perform similar Japanese kids in Japan. Our schools have good facilities, text books, and teachers.. ..In fact the black and brown kids still do better in American schools than they do in Mexican or African schools. Our schools are the best in the world."

Usually agree w/Pat but not here. The data sited could also be due to *lowered standards* in American schools. Lowered standards here would result in higher scoring children in comparison to their native land.

Our schools are barely contained madhouses at worst, those with a heavy black student body. Our testing has been progressively (no pun intended) dumbed-down to aid promotion rates and salve black hurts. The curriculum is far heavier on social-justice humanities than hard science. Our schools are mongrelized institutions with questionable, at best, goals and values.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how every picture shown of the heroes from the train incident in France shows the white and black guy, when there were actually 3 and from what I understand the two white guys did the initial take down. Spencer Stone, the biggest hero of all who sustained knife injuries isn't in the picture at all.

Not only is it obnoxious to see the media overplaying the "look at what these American's did for everybody" kiss our asses, but that they are BLATANTLY using the black/white pic as often as possible to try to "heal the racial rancor" that they won't admit is going on in the "white" community.

Yes, they are heroes. Did things that I can't say that I would be brave enough to do. Risked their well being for the the lives of others and society at large. That is incredibly honorable and should be commended.

But the media blitz surrounding events like this are to the point of condescension.

"Look everybody, if you just start doing good and amazing things for reasons other than yourself, you will be praised and given the highest celebrity recognition for doing so. You wouldn't possibly keep doing the right thing for no reward at all. You are all like the immortal Bantu who needs to be held up as a champion for bothering to wipe his own @sshole. Here is a pat on the head and someone else's money for your troubles. See you on Ellen."

The media is shoving this event in everybody else's faces in the same manner that the Black Lies Matter people have been making themselves front and center on everyone's news pages.

Enough with the boasting, and please start showing an updated photo that gives credit where credit is due.

Sorry, but a happy picture isn't going to make me like or want to associate with blacks, let alone live around their broad social decay.

My eyes have been opened, and I have seen to much to ever go back to how we were.


Anonymous said...

Let's stop for a moment to consider the problem of black-on-black violence. Actually, let's consider whether it actually IS a problem.

Things are "problems" in a conceptual way if there is societal consensus that they are problems. But black on black violence is probably not a real problem, in that it represents a system functioning in a normal way.

Violence comes very naturally to the black. Limited resources and competition for valuable ground (e.g., drug-selling corners) are *real* problems in the black community. Means available to deal with the problem, in the absence of empathy or social capital concepts, is violence. It is a functioning system that is labeled problematic because it occurs in the lacuna of an otherwise dominant (for now) White civilization.

In fact, it is only a problem, like female circumcision, if you consider it such in abstraction from it's social setting, and judged by other, in this case White values.

So the very people who bemoan Eurocentrism and systemic racism are practicing it when they complain about black-on-black violence.

Let me conclude with an analogy: in the early days of the automobile, break-downs were frequent; in fact in the very early days, say 1900-1905, the cars were essentially *expected* to break-down at least once per outing. Tire failures were common even longer; taking a fairly long trip meant frequent tire failures and changes along the way.

Judged by modern auto standards, these certainly look like "problems"; if your car broke down every time you drove it, and also had a flat or two, you would be justified in regarding it as a problem. These things are considered problems because the technology advanced to the point where they became the exception, an anomaly of operation. But the early motorists didn't have a standard like that for comparison; the novelty and status value saved the motor car until the practicality rose to become another virtue, and not a problem area.

We should stop judging black subsets of the population by European standards. High rate of black violence=black deaths=no problem, because it is simply the self-contained system adjusting to pressures.

Black-on-White violence, however, crosses cultural boundaries and is unacceptable.

But guess what? Everyone already knows this in their hearts. White people only pretend to see black deaths as a tragedy; they understand it's a feature, not a bug.

Black people already know it too; hence the fake outrage, usually when prompted by the media. What really outrages them is White-on-black death (almost always LEO oriented), because they see it as an intrusion into the tribal dynamic.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but...

Was being the RAPE capital of the world always a South African claim to fame, or only so in the post-apartheid era?

Looks like Manible's grandson is living up to the family name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ex-New Yorker

While I am regular reader, I must admit I have missed days of reading and missed some of your advice. With that, I caught your comments on cattle prods recently and it caught my attention.

I'm in Houston and bought into a 'gentrified' area. Not because I am sold on the nonsense but was looking for a simple commute to work and we are having our own issues in areas around town. Also, I'm up on the real estate market ( Temporarily)

With all of this in mind, I request that you continue to post more legal 'survival tactics' like cattle prods….. as I am forbidden to carry a gun into my workplace.

As oil spirals to 30 year lows, our crime is reaching the same highs. I carry a 'man purse' which can hold several things and am seeking more advise.

Please continue to share your survival tools with us on a regular basis. They are legal, practical, and may save our lives.

Many thanks.

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

" weighs 910 pounds and had to be removed from her apartment window because of her girth"

In my endeavor to become self sufficient I've been dabbling in raising meat chickens. There's a hybrid called the "Cornish Cross". 50 years + in the making (considering chickens are ready to breed in 5-6 months 100 generations). The breed is based on 4 specific grand parents to breed male and female stock to breed this very specialized commercial meat bird. Basically they go from egg to 5-10 pounds dressed out in 7-10 weeks. This ghetto walrus is the hominid equivalent of this and we have created this monstrosity in a scant 30 generations.

Dear Christ. The idea that one of these ham-beasts can eat themselves up to half a metric ton on a welfare check is just absurd. I laughed until I cried, then wept when I considered that some white family opted not to have a third child because they could afford him or her after paying taxes so that this niggopotomous can eat itself into a disability check. Another snapshot in the collage of the fall of western civilization. And a dime gets you a dollar that this behemoth has shat out a few litters of niglets as well.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't stopped by Amren today, you NEED to see this one:

Jared Taylor is one of my new heroes. The way he is able to calmly throw out facts and specifics while his white wigger opponent gets his panties in a bunch speaks volumes.

A strong white vs. a weak and flustered one.

A must see.

Anonymous said...

"The survival line for this woman is nearing its end... weighs 910 pounds and had to be removed from her apartment window because of her girth. Of course, it's a vile negress. I post this here as I feel it is an excellent iconic example of the burden that blacks have become for White humans. All that filthy fat was paid for by Whitey (junk food via EBT), and then White firemen and tax dollars have to come to even get her out of her own apartment.

Groids gorge themselves on the system, then Humans have to come bail them out.

August 22, 2015 at 4:55 AM"

Thanks for that nice story about food gone bad, I was going to eat my dinner, not now. Thanks again for something new BRA.

Anonymous said...

PK, from today's STLToday....


Anonymous said...

My favorite comment is from a barley literal black woman saying of a crimminal black " He is someone's child "
There is no reasoning with such people. We must seperate!


I'm sorry but I just have to laugh at your comment.

Were you trying to say a 'barely literate black woman' when you stated "a barley literal black woman".

And, did you know that a "crimminal" is actually a criminal.

And although you might want to "seperate", maybe it would be better to separate instead.

So, I can only conclude that you are a troll of sorts who posted this comment to make us realists look ignorant and foolish.

Good try...but it didn't work.


Philadelphia Mike

Truth Corps said...

Sitting here enjoying my weekend by listening to music (watching youtube videos) from my youth & having a few cold beers. It's amazing how much things have changed in just a few decades. For example, in 1986 I remember this song in particular because I struck a chord with me tonight. This is how life was for us that were teenagers in the 1980s. Music was White for the most part.
I remember going to Stadium concerts with 75,000 other white teenagers and NEVER ever seeing a negro or having to worry about violence, thievery or getting shot by a cop. Watch the video at the link. Look at that sea of white people. Its appropriate that the song title is "I won't forget you" because it's how I feel about the last good decade in America before the negro rot really set in. Thank God I got to experience it. For those of you too young, you really missed out on a beautiful decade.

Thanks for all you do PK, and thanks to all the regulars & guests here. Donation inbound this week.

Anonymous said...

American blacks vs Haitians.

Both groups of sub-Saharan Africans were essentially farm equipment during colonial time. North America's black slaves were no better than the Haitian slaves, yet their descendants have a gigantically higher quality of life than today's Haitians.

After their revolution, the Haitians had no slavery, Jim crow, racial microaggresions, structural racism or any of the lame excuses American blacks use for their relative dysfunction.

We all know the answer and it should be expressed aggressively and publicly.
It's Whites who have contributed the overwhelming majority of the blood, sweat, and brainpower that transformed a raw continent into the greatest creation of the human species.

American blacks should be the most grateful people on Earth; instead, the Left exploits our low quality democracy and blacks poor intelligence and temperament to turn them into the worst integrates and aholes on the planet.

It's not now and never will be about the quality of black lives that drive militant racial socialist politics, it is and always will be about the quantity of black votes that matter to Leftist exploiters.

Anonymous said...

PK - When will this nightmare end? When will it become impossible for negroes to beat, rape, rob and kill people? When does it end? When will this country, always said to the most powerful and wonderful place on earth, wake up and end its control by negroes? It can't last much longer, right? I'm 60-years-old. It has been going on for my entire adult life.

Will it ever end?

Anonymous said...

It comes back to the complete inability to correlate cause and effect every time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think BLM is awesome. I love BLM! No other group in America is as skilful in showing that black activists are idiotic assholes with completely unreasonable, unsustainable demands and goals. As the most visible face of organized black protest in America, the antics of BLM are inevitably seen as typical of black protesters in general. They've painted themselves into a corner: they came out radical just as Americans were getting fed up with Obama and BRA and Trump showed up. They can't tone it down now without being seen as hypocrites by blacks. They're doomed to twist in the wind of their own impotence and incompetence. Every stupid thing they do just pisses off YT even more. They're perfect: too stupid to be dangerous, too loud to be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Eff their "rage" with a CAPITAL F.
Freakin' animals!

Anonymous said...

Keep on "marching" Nashheed.
That's what you folks are good at.
That and sucking off of productive taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

As PK said: "Black-Run America (BRA) will end."

It looks like the end is starting about now the way financial markets have been acting, it looks like the omnipotent central banks are losing control of financial markets around the world. The rotten financial system has required endless debt upon debt to function with constant inflation necessary to erode the real value of the debt thus making the debt payable. That is the only way a debt based system can function long term.

The ever increasing debt has a decreasing ability to produce and distribute new wealth i.e. the marginal utility of new debt has decreased as time has passed and has now gone negative as debts have piled up to the moon. Instead of debt being used to increase productivity long term it has been used mostly to maintain living standards short term and keep the ruling class in power through various welfare schemes.

This mountain of debt; corporate, government and private around the world is so large now that it has outrun the ability of the economy to maintain payments to prevent default. As defaults increase this has a tremendously deflationary effect causing a rapid fall in commodity prices such as oil, iron ore, copper etc. as economic activity decreases. This causes employment to decrease, the government's income from taxes to decrease and demands on politicians to spend money (more debt) to alleviate these problems to increase. This results ultimately in a rapid decrease in the value of financial instruments i.e. stocks and bonds and in the final stages, currencies themselves through hyperinflation.

The hyperinflation of currencies is fatal for governments because it collapses confidence in those governments and ends BRA's ability to finance its parasite class. When EBT doesn't buy those 40 ouncers and 2 Lbs. of KFC for breakfast at the crack of noon anymore the natives are guaranteed to get restless, worse than Baltimore too. That is why BRA under both Republicans and Democrats always take the same actions; more debt, spending and money printing even though it's self destructive long term. Long term thinking isn't a strong point of the political class.

This downward spiral is what governments have tried desperately to prevent especially since the 2008 financial crash. The U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the ECB etc. flooded the world with money and drove interest rates to zero to keep the banking system from failing from all its uncollectable debts. This worked until it didn't which seems to be now. As BHO golfs the world's financial system comes unglued but hey, WTF, he isn't running for office again anyway.

non-DWL from NE
BHO says hello to SBPDL

Willett6945 said...

Talk about a non-answer. Apparently not all black lives matter; only the ones that further the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you a question…can I borrow a jack…can I use your cell phone, can I, can I, can I?

This is the modus operandi degenerate blacks use to approach white people. Here a dindu asked if he could ask a question and then threw acid on a white woman’s face:

There is lot’s of suffering by white people! How much more before they learn that blacks are animals not to be trusted? Blacks should not be able to approach whites under any circumstances. A little girl robbed at her lemonade stand, a baby shot in the face, people hit, stabbed, shot and brutalized by these degenerate animals and we are supposed to assimilate with them? Yet…many whites like in the home invasion story from Georgia play into the negro myth by saying things like they worry about the miscreant’s future. These feral apes should be sent off far, far away, or summarily shot!

We get film after film from Hollywood showing them as peaceful negroes savagely raped, robbed, and placed into slavery by evil white people. Yet today that is not the case! They are the ones who are bad. Television, the news media, and film refuse to let go of the myth of the negro. Hey Hollywood...why don't you do a story on white men raping blacks women? can't do it because it DOESN'T happen. How about white men raping 90 year old black women...oh...dat dudnt hapn eter! The negro is not like any other group. They are barbaric animals that need to be segregated and their numbers reduced through abortion and sterilization.

A poster mentioned Mark Levin – a conservative constitutional scholar and radio host! He bemoaned the fact that millions of black babies are aborted. He should thank his lucky stars they were aborted. Crime would be twice as bad as it is today. That is not conjecture…that is a FACT! I can attest that Rush Limbaugh also ascribes to that hogwash. Conservatism will not help the blacks! Any place t hey gather in large numbers degenerates into chaos (Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ferguson, etc., etc., etc.)

The things we read on SBPDL and in the news is only a small portion of black crime. How many crimes are not being reported? How long will the media and academics in college protect these savage beasts? When can we ever cut the shackles that hold us bound to these animals? Had Jamyla Bolden lived she would have spawned niglets (at white taxpayer’s expense) that would have preyed on white people; that is a fact.

There is no middle ground. We need to stick together and end this madness. The best way is through sterilization or abortion. It is not practical to ship millions of negroes to Africa (although I would gladly pay for it.) I think it would be easier to have them voluntarily get sterilized. Within about 40 years their numbers would start to dwindle and they would slowly disappear from our country. Half breeds still have negro blood in them; the entire race needs to be slowly reduced to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ex NYer...

"At this point in the GREAT STAGE SHOW the best thing is don't sit to close to the stage or to far up in the balcony. The best SEAT IN THE HOUSE in over in the corners near the fire exits."

"A man's head being pounded into the concrete has a certain sound. The sound of victory."

Always good, but exceptionally so today. You, sir, should begin to document your NY experiences at once. You have such a honest, first person, gritty take and it comes across excellent. Write, record, do something...its well worth documenting. Dont discount your experience. I suspect most of your age/genre are unable to compete with your clarity and raw edge. Bravo sir!


Stolen from Youtube comment, but brilliant nonetheless...

"I am proud to be black says the African.
I am proud to be Asian says the Asian.
I am proud to be white says the "racist.

Thank you TheOuroboros666

Anonymous said...

The story about living in NYC really got me wondering how many people in the country think that lifestyle is "normal" or simply never experienced anything different? I wonder, if some of the folks living in the Heart of Darkness moved to the country where you don't see more than 1 spade a month would even notice right away?

Growing up in a 99.99% white town in a 99% white state, what Ex New Yorker described would sound like something out of a near-future dystopia or even post apocalyptic horror/scifi movie to me. I had to actually try living in African America for a while before actually realizing how third world the situation was and when fled back to live around my own kind, I think it even took some time for it to sink in that I was back in civilization.

Do the fish even understand they're surrounded by water?

Anonymous said...

Body cameras will show everybody how uncivilized a negro is when confronted with the error of his ways.
Maybe they can do side by side videos of reactions by negroes and any other race on the planet, when confronted for the same offense.
Remember, BlackLivesSplatter!


Anonymous said...

Well PK has finally taken some time off. GOOD. But 10 hours or so is not a very long time. If I may express my opinion, take the weekends off for family friends etc.

We dont want you to burn out my friend. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Nasheed said it is more difficult to demonstrate against street crime because it is hard to define the object of the rage.
Why admit that 98% of us are vicious, feral pitbulls walking on two legs when we can pretend we're civilized homo sapiens who merely need another ten trillion from Whitey in "reparations" for making us actually work for a few years pickin' cotton.

lipistan said...

They were not Marines, and one of the Americans that helped subdue this black.

Mud Monsters said...

Ahhh, the afreekan mud monsters are here !!!!

Wreaking havoc on everything they touch, and even the things left untouched.

It's only a matter of time before them untouched things face their ultimate
demise, at the hands of none other than the afreekan mud monsters themselves.

Jamilah Nasheed, wow, ignorance sticking up for the ignorant. Call it like
it is, bish, oh, that's right, then you'd be a traitor towards your own ilk,
which in turn might make you next on their hit list. What a cowardly bish.
Don't include people that have absolutely have nothing to do with the situation
of what YOUR folks are doing on a daily basis. The only time it has something
to do with us, is when we're defending ourselves from you diseased mud monsters !

Nobody in their right mind wants to be anywhere in the vicinity of you mud
monsters. We try to stay as far away as possible from you. We don't want to
catch your cancer you feel so free to pass out. Not accepting it.

What I want is for your people to stay in their world, and I have no problem
staying in mine. It's when you ppl think it's ok to move into my world. Now
your infringing on my rights, in which I take offense, and the reason why I
bear arms. Can't talk to you people, other than talking through violence,
because it's all you ppl recognize as a way to solve your problems.

Well that is ok, but don't get mad when I choose to use your method on you.
You started it, we just finished it. Why, because WE ARE the superior race,
and without us, there is NO YOU !!! Parasites doing what parasites do best,
invade their host. Parasites kill if not dealt with accordingly. We simply
have to kill off the parasite before the parasite has a chance at killing us !!!

Get a clue, you bunch of low iq'd, low impulse 3rd world mud monsters !!!

We could only wish! But we don't because we already know it's a wish that
could never come true. Can't change your hard wiring. We tried. Even when
we tried to wire you wrong, same outcome. We put your wiring back to original.
You mud monsters are the devils on earth, and the only thing that is going to
fix it is total eradication of you devils or separation from all of mankind !!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous New Yorker who used to carry sand/dirt in his pocket:

Damn. If this is your first time here, please return. Your account living among blacks is raw and visual. Look forward to hearing more about it.

To the rest of you...this is one of the main reasons I faithfully come to this site: the comments. Facts, evidence, history, common sense, personal experiences, like-minded people with information I relate to and who are living wide awake.

Anonymous said...

Damn scary posts! Be a lot of dead before all that crap happens.


riptapart said...

So, did that march work? Maybe we need a different ritual to show how much we care, one that will actually be efficacious


Someone needs to explain to these Blacks that they can have communities resembling White communities. They just to realize that they need to:

1. March farther
2. Pray longer
3. Protest louder

riptapart said...

Raise awareness? Do they really believe people don't know what the level of theft, rape, assault, and murder is in the jungle? One thing Blacks have accomplished more than sufficiently is awareness.

White people look for solutions and answers. Black people look to make sure everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Especially considering your position.
However, I can't help but think, "F~~k'em, it's their problem ".
And I realize this may not be the right attitude to be taking because it's only their problem until it lands on my doorstep.
But having been around that worthless scum and hearing the same old howling, about the same old thing over and over and over again, I can't help having the attitude I have towards them.
For years I had told people if you don't like it, leave it. Then the area where I lived became intolerable to me. Not because of negroes, there were very few of them, it was traffic.

That area was booming 10-12 years ago. More and more traffic lights every day, constant road construction, prices of everything going up.
Well, sometimes taking your own advice can be hard, I quit my job, sold my house for twice what it was worth and left.
So when I see negroes constantly bitching about the same old thing, but always wanting someone else to "fix it", can't help thinking what I do.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but just read another article that people aren't buying:

Since we are obviously all the same, there must be some excuse or nefarious cause as to why blacks are always under-performing and can't hold a candle to whites. And lump Latinos with blacks, that's never insulting to the former. Never fails to attempt to make an imaginary grievance coalition if it can make whitey look bad. In this case they are doing a white + asian vs. Latin and black.

The first and so far my favorite comment:

As a retired college professor, may I suggest that the problem lies in the simplistic "college-educated" or the like. Through my career in physics teaching, I saw black students do as well as any other group. Except….. there were too few black physics students. Which translates to too few black students in medicine, engineering, science, dentistry, etc. The black students all ghetto themselves in subjects like blackological complaint, blackly angry, black communications, sociology, psychology, historical injustice, etc. If you are staffing a digital start-up, screeni;ng for medical / dental school, staffing a construction company, whatever… what on earth would you want someone like this !!!??? Maybe the government, maybe law school. But, no one else, no one in their right mind wants / needs an angry, young person, head stuffed with blackological social resentment. And, the country can't use / doesn't need them by the millions every June!

Nearly every other commenter tells the writer of the "article" to stop blowing smoke up their @sses and repeatedly mention affirmative action as a huge cause for the disconnect. I wonder why people aren't buying the same old 'poor blackie' excuse anymore?

Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't this a surprising find:

Barely News: Two-Thirds of Blacks Prefer 'All Lives Matter' Over 'Black Lives Matter'

By Tom Blumer

Thirty-one percent (31%) of black voters say black lives matter is closest to their own views, but just nine percent (9%) of whites and 10% of other minority voters agree. Eighty-one percent (81%) of whites and 76% of other minority voters opt instead for all lives matter, and 64% of blacks agree.

riptapart said...

White people must be removed to reservations

This one has some potential, provided that the reservation is at least 75% of the U.S. and that they never enter for any reason whatsoever. And that the have tens of thousands of video cameras in their glorious territory for National Geographic viewing pleasure.

riptapart said...

"it has
taken us fifty years to learn that speaking English, wearing good clothes and going to school and to church do not transform a Negro into a white man."

Whoa, you are wrong. Only a very small handful of them have done that yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. Aug. 23 1:27 AM:

You are absolutely right.

Those that support black lives matter are worried Trump will become the next POTUS and are working hard to get people to vote for the Democrat candidate no matter who it is.

Anonymous said...

Do everything in your power to support BLM!! They are such fools they will do something really, really stupid soon and win this battle for us. Donate, and support these morons.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't stopped by Amren today, you NEED to see this one:

Jared Taylor is one of my new heroes.

Taylor does some incredible work. He's highly literate and articulate, and has stuck with race realism to the point where it is getting into the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Was being the RAPE capital of the world always a South African claim to fame, or only so in the post-apartheid era?

Nope. Under white rule, South Africa had law & order, an electrical grid that functioned, and nuclear power. Blacks have had control of the country for two decades, and it is slouching towards Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Truth Corps-

I was a little girl in the 80's and I remember a lot of it. You are right about it being the last white decade. Everything was explicitly white, and nobody apologized for that fact. It's stunning, and heartbreaking, to see how far we've fallen in just my lifetime (I am only 33). I am terrified for my children and we already live with a siege mentality because we know what's coming and that they must be prepared. The amount of hatred they get for simply being blonde and blue eyed, from other white people even!, is astonishing. When does that hatred spill over into a full scale extermination of whites? And there's nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. What do those traitorous, diversity worshipping whites think will happen to them and their children?? I'll never understand.

Anonymous said...

non-DWL from NE said:

"It looks like the end is starting about now the way financial markets have been acting..."

Great economics post, non-DWL. But I wonder if TPTB will let the collapse occur on BHO's watch. I've been thinking about this for awhile now; unless the Asian markets exert critical mass on ours, and domino, I think the US/EU will try to borrow/print their way out. Because black prez legacy.

Think about the collective sense of BHO's relative failure as a "leader" that was becoming manifest not so long ago. Obamacare had been a long string of f-ups, foreign policy saw more and more instability in the ME, and Russia was looking vital at US expense. Suddenly, a string of wins for BHO, made possible by the SCOTUS and the GOP. I think TPTB took stock and said "our first Black Prez is looking like a legacy fail, let's bolster this up for BRA's posterity. BRA (and EU stringpullers) are heavily invested in a black leadership legacy/legend for Blackie#1.

I think the crash is coming-everything you said is true-I just think that if there's anyway they can do it, someone else- Hillary, Biden, or GOP- will have to take the reputation hit of an econ meltdown. If the piper can be put off, that is.

Anonymous said...

KFC for breakfast at the crack of noon..... Now thats funny.

Maybe they have Church's chicken on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

2 shot pepper spray by Kimber looks good. I just carry a Spydico. If I had the means, I'd live in a 2nd amendment friendly area and carry a hammer-less sightless 357 5 shot w a 1 inch barrel.

Anonymous said...

"So, I can only conclude that you are a troll of sorts who posted this comment to make us realists look ignorant and foolish"

Plus, the black quote the troll used to express indignation ("He is someone's child") is hardly as bizarre as the ones usually cited, meaning the troll wanted to paint the picture that realists find even the most benign statements by the black community to be outrageous.

Anonymous said...

From C-Span today: "During the great depression, the zoo animals were shot and the meat given to the poor. That's how you know you're in a depression."

What was the White replacement rate in the great depression?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 5:23 disagreed with me about the quality of our schools. What he says is undoubtedly true. The Mexicans and blacks in our public schools certainly contribute to the chaos. I was basically repeating the research of Steve Sailer on the international standardized tests like the PISA. I believe that most of the white kids were not in public schools but rather in private schools. I should have made that clear.

We have a de-facto system of dual public education. Minorities who largely don't pay taxes, attend the standard public schools. These schools with lots of blacks and Hispanics are chaotic and dangerous. This schools are supported by white tax payers. But whites in many places have to also pay tuition for their own children because the public schools have been corrupted by the minorities. This is obviously an abuse that should be ended.

But the point stands our kids of European extraction, most of whom have been driven out of the taxpayer supported public schools by blacks and Hispanics, still do quite well on tests like the PISA. Our Asian kids score on these tests better that the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean kids do in their native countries. Thw white kids score better that the comparable students in Europe.

I make this point because all the headlines about these international tests are very deceptive. The headline writers like to aggregate all the races together. If you do that, our poor performing black and Hispanic students drag our national scores down. But if you compare US students race by race with other students, our kids do just fine. Race matters.

The overall performance of all our students is poor because we have so many poor performing minority students. It is not because of our text books, facilities, curricula, or teachers are poor.

The way to improve our national test score is simple - send the illegal aliens back south of the border and re-segregate the blacks into their own schools. Were we to do that, our students should be the highest scoring students in the world or pretty close.

The public is being conned. The 'educational crisis' is a sham. The teacher's union likes people to think we need to spend more money on the schools. We don't.


PB said...

It appears that some Black people get it.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jared Taylor’s debate with the white rapper from New York. The white guy trying to be black has obviously not had a loved one killed, raped, or robbed by a dindu. The guy was a textbook example of a deluded white liberal. He has been spoon fed this garbage all his life and cannot confront the 500 pound gorilla in the room. The only cure for such an idiot is to have the living hell beat out of him by his beloved marauding dindus.

Taylor did his best to do the debate in an affable way, but the liberal began cursing and swearing trying to make his weak arguments. All Jared asked for was freedom of association (which should be protected by our Constitution) and separation from negroes which is also freedom of association. We should not be forced to associate with blacks. No other race on Earth other than whites has that idiotic idea! Asians associate with Asians and blacks with blacks when churches are involved.

More of these frank talks are needed...and it is good to be fully versed with facts! As I said, the far left resorts to cursing when they are losing the argument.

chattanooga gal said...

"Contrary to everything you have read in the papers or seen on TV, America has a fabulous public education system"
I have to agree with that. if you have a school, almost anywhere in the U.S. that isn't inundated with blacks, the kids always get a good education. they go on and on about how the black schools " don't have the money and supplies" the white schools do, which is a flat lie, first of all- they spend MUCH more on inner city schools than suburban ones- but then you have to think, how many white men who changed the world in olden times were educated in a little one room schoolhouse?

Mud Monsters said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you haven't stopped by Amren today, you NEED to see this one:

Jared Taylor is one of my new heroes. The way he is able to calmly throw out facts and specifics while his white wigger opponent gets his panties in a bunch speaks volumes.

A strong white vs. a weak and flustered one.

A must see.

August 22, 2015 at 7:12
Wow, simply nowhere to start, every single thing that JT stated is something I
just got done explaining to a friend a couple of weeks ago. I mean really though,
you want to talk about having an epiphany of my own. I knew the intellectual
qualities I harbored, but who would have known it was to a tee in the way that
JT explained.

This dude, talking about oprah, is just one example. She got rich from everything
a _____ is originally responsible for gaining. But he didn't understand not even
that single perspective and truth of the matter. An utter unintelligent idiot !

The real question is, is why did he do such a video with a nutjob ?
To add some extra comedy to it all ?

What junior first and foremost fails to understand, once again, is societies
aren't created, or more so maintained, by it's exceptions, but in fact by
the majority.

Here's one for you. America's new dream team. Trump and JT as vice-president!

Trump & JT, has a ring to it already :)

Excellent post, thanks for posting the link. Even though every thought he
mentioned is something that I've already mentally harbored, that this is a
video we all need to watch and pass along! Race & IQ, racial differences,
how much more simple does it get than that. Too bad you have to harbor the
IQ in order to realize and understand the truth. It's not that we're superior,
it's that we are, scientifically proven, overall as a whole race, born with a higher IQ. Period. Ok, sorry, so redundant.

I understand completely my racial differences than that of the negro.
Naturally speaking, of course I want to live my life around my own people
more so than anybody else. That's a natural instinct. For instance in what
these fools don't understand is, you don't see tigers living with deer.
They're simply not compatible. Same freaking difference. Forced assimilation
can only have 2 outcomes. Defend or get defeated. What do you think is
happening to most of us right about now ????

Anonymous said...

Mark Levin turned me off years ago when he was on the top talk radio station here in town for a few months. Mostly because he'd very obviously berate Michael Savage, then proceed to carry on like a clone of Savage. The show didn't last too long there, but I forget if it's because the competing station gave up and the big station was able to get Savage back, or if they tried something else before that.

Guessing now that they're in the same house (syndicator) he doesn't do that, I know Savage stopped mentioning the guy who sounds like a grandmother after the hysterectomy.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt the US has a better education system than Switzerland. I seriously doubt that a significant number of swiss kids have been educated in the US , or any comparative study done. Nice story though.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a section of town that the city government deliberately cordoned off by using a "weed and seed" anti-drug designation on the local school and housing project located across the street--so that the majority of the drug and prostitution in the area was forced into a small, four-block region that authorities could monitor and record.

This deliberate herding or kettling of the local criminal perps went on for two to three years. This made life hell for the local residents, many of whom were retired and elderly, as they were routinely preyed on by the dindu nuthings.

Finally the cops made their move and many of our colorful locals, and our communities' most vibrant members were removed for and extended stay with the state.

But none of the residents who had to live through the hell of getting your neighborhood overrun by criminals were ever repaid a dime for the property and other losses they suffered, nor the violence and injuries that took place: including assaults, burglaries, and rapes.

So your government overlords DO actually use the vibrant folks for literal criminal assaults on your homes, as long as it gets the job done for them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a very rare example of a black man fighting for a good cause, he helped save lives. Very rare.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Christianity except for those that preach it, the Churches were infiltrated by liberals with an agenda and what they've been preaching is a much watered down liberal version of Christianity, the Bible does explain black people but you won't hear mention of it in todays Church, some of the most fierce warriors in history were the Christian soldiers though you won't hear much about them either and this is because Muslims fear such soldiers ever existing they're intimidated by the mere thought of them even today. Lol. Don't underestimate the power of faith it can be awesome.

Anonymous said...

That pos Levin dosent know a cream puff from a shit sandwhich and he's not a conservative he's an infiltrator a damned liberal with an agenda and its past time that he and others like him were called out by real conservatives. His kind are what's wrong with many of our institutions they're lying ass liberal infiltrators trying to affect change! They're glorified sjw's!

Anonymous said...

The founder of BLM is actually a dwl its the truth! He's a transracial that went to moorehouse on an Oprah Winfrey shollarship! He's the male version of transracial Rachael D. Heard this on Rush Limbaugh the other day.

Anonymous said...

You aren't kidding either OMG! I was shopping with a neighbor friend at our local grocery store last month and two super obese negresses were in the pasta aisle and they couldn't even fit side by side in the extra wide aisle! I'm not kidding they had to waddle behind each other and there was no room to pass by them not because of the carts but because of them! they could barely even walk they slowly waddled down the aisles and they're carts near over flowing with the most fattening crap in the store it was disgusting to say the least. My friend told me that many of them aren't super obese because they're ill but rather because they don't want to work and just want a disability check and obesity is an easy way to go about collecting that money they don't care about the health risks and I believe that she may well be right.

Anonymous said...

every day a new race realist is born and I hope to be here when the shtf as well to help my white Brothers and Sisters in any way that I can.

Anonymous said...

No the body cameras probably won't mean shit to the negroes but will mean much to everybody else asfurther proof that it is the damned negros that needs must be put on reservations especially since they're the 13 percent that either can't or won't be civilized!

Anonymous said...

Negros are primitives they're incapable of our level of reasoning, cameras are the best way to deal with negros and it would be even better ifcriminal negros were required to weara bro pro soon to be invented by a fellow race realist.

Anonymous said...

Yah, they are over playing teir hand that's for sure , I don't mind giving credit when credit is due yah sure the black guy did play a part and should be included however the other white ones did take the biggest risks and I'm sick and tired of the ass licking media and their bs games they're not but a sick joke really imho

Anonymous said...

Niggopotomous! Now that's original! And a damned good and accurate description as well.
I love it! They really do eat their way to obtain disability its sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Some on this site may disagree with me on this but we whites don't breed enough and we absolutely must imho we should go ahead and have the more children and make other sacrifices instead such as vactions , new cars, and such and even find other ways to earn extra income from home like my friends did they're a nice white couple she just had her third child her husband has a decent paying job and she stays home cares for the Children sells Avon and has become an expert with coupons. We're smart and creative people and where there's a will there's a way to afford another Child don't let's not let them breed us out!

Anonymous said...

This may or may not shock you but the founder of BLM is a DWL! Yah he's a transracialthe male version of transracial Rachael formerly of the naacp! The guy even went to a hbc on an Oprah Winfrey schollarship.

Anonymous said...

Never let them take your pride that's some BS we whites have every reason to be proud so walk tall my Brother, walk tall and convey your pride without words they really hate it and its wonderful because your using attitude they can't claim you said or did anything wrong lol I do this everyday they know but can't prove shit!

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean its rather shocking at first lol I've been all over the usa and the mega cities are jungles full of predators its best to avoid them stay with your own kind and stick together be glad for the experiencing the dark side for your now more aware than ever about what its really like, share your experiences tell others to go find out for themselves if they don't believe you they'll return as new race realists lol

think about it said...

In regards to the Gavin McInnes debate with Jared Taylor and "the rugged man"...

As the show progressed the rugged man got increasingly animated and excited. Jared seemed bored.

I thought it was telling that rugged mans most common retort was to try to draw some parallel between negroes and Jared personally.

I was surprised that Jared lasted for the entire segment. Had I been Jared, I would have just clicked off after I realized what an incompetent imbecile I was dealing with.