Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katrina Turns 10: Your Most Enduring Memory of Watching Black People Riot/Loot/Demand Help in Aftermath of Hurricane

PK Note: Laptop crashed, so this one has to be done on an old desktop computer. We'll keep it simple.

The question is simple: what do you remember most about Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath. What is the one story, the one video, or the one image that sticks out most in your mind?
A glimpse of the Day the EBT Card Runs Out

I love the city of New Orleans and believe the city teeters on the verge of Haiti yet bursting with the civility and culture only the French can cultivate.

To me, the most enduring moment of Hurricane Katrina came five years after the waters had receded and black refugees from New Orleans had helped spread crime to cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge: when George W. Bush admitted the low point of his presidency was being called a racist by Kanye West (not, you know, 9/11...).


D-FENS said...

The birth of "Aybah poda hep!"

Ricky Tucker said...

I remember all the White folks that loaded up their trucks with bottled water, MREs, chainsaws, and gasoline and headed over to NEW Orleans to help (because everybody is supposed to) and hearing about how they were harrassed and had all their supplies stolen. They could have thrown all that money and effort into their own toilets and flushed it away instead of driving 500 miles to do it.

Standup Broad said...

Still photo from from Katrina, the VERY skinny White couple, he is pushing a raft made from a door upon which is seated his lady and a couple of six-packs of beer. Who said chivalry was dead?
Video of "law enforcement"? entering an elderly White woman's home and confiscating her handgun.

Congrats PK on the new baby and best wishes to your whole family.

Lugash said...

I've got to go with a heretical one: the 'Heckuva job Brownie' press conference. As bad as the dindu-nothin' behavior was, the Bush admin was mind boggling incompetent.

Out of the dindus, probably the fat female cops wandering around Walmart looking at candles. I don't begrudge them for seizing supplies, but they were so _slow_ doing it.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the elderly white women amongst the savages at the Superdome.
Seeing so many dead dogs.

NC Realist said...

Katrina was a HUGE storm. It was known WORLD WIDE the path it would take. Most was known a week to ten days in advance what would happen.....almost prophetic. The prediction was amazingly accurate. Humans and animals smartly took precautions to guard their safety.....whatever they could possibly do. Then there was a group called the negroes who did absolutely NOTHING but cause more chaos than the storm itself. Even Mother Nature has been outdone by this group.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans didn't hover on the verge of Haiti, it BECAME Haiti overnight. Complete with dead bodies, hordes of ghetto zombies congregating at the Superdome, preying upon one another like cannibals. The only time in my life where I could see bodies lying abandoned on highways and bridges like trash in some third world country.

Anonymous said...

I think President Bush, Beck, Charlie Sheen, and Taylor Swift should pay 4ths for the rights to play the Carlos Santana Song, "WINNING" in public. Anytime they want. Because Mr. khardashian is saying he is a fool anytime there is a camera.

Anonymous said...

"when George W. Bush admitted the low point of his presidency was being called a racist by Kanye West"

demonrat minstrel show

hondo said...

Two short, fat, black (& butt ugly) police women casually joining in the looting of a store.

Chi Tavious said...

Aside from the riots, looting and gibs me dat demands, in late 2005 early 2006, I had relocated to Las Vegas for a year or so. Vegas had kindly accepted (read: were forced to accept)Katrina refugees from NOLA. The crime rate skyrocketed and quality of life plummeted. I had left Chicago to get away from negro dysfunction only to have to encounter it in a less segregated city. Needless to say I wasn't too pleased and for some stupid reason (job opportunity) returned to the Second City.

Oh... and my other lasting memory of Katrina,(aside from Mayor Chocolate City) was Fats Domino being left stranded in the ensuing flood. Did they ever rescue him?

hondo said...

A local black activist or politician (unsure which) in an interview hyper-complaining about no food to eat - forcing blacks to turn to cannibalism after four days of hunger.

hondo said...

Blacks carrying looted flat screen TVs thru waist deep water. TVs probably water damaged already. Note - there is no power, and won't be any for weeks/months.

Anonymous said...

It would be the blame game. People who were totally convinced that Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George Bush blew up the levy's. Also, the elderly black woman sitting on her porch muttering ummm, ummm, ummm, when she was told a hurricane was on the way. Probably still sitting there. And how the foreign press kept saying that New Orleans looked "so third world". Well gee, all you saw was one black after another. All George Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Some new "Cause of Death" categories need to be created for death certificates and police reports. Here are my proposals:

"Enraged Negro" / "Race War Casualty" / "Species Conflict" / "Direct Negro Action" / Or perhaps just a check box labeled "Negro"


Wow. I wish that I had thought of that!

Anonymous said...

My most enduring memory was hearing the mayor of Houston announce the emergency purchase of red carpet, to roll out for the arrival of The New Orleans 80%-Upright Citizens Brigade. I thought, "What the F-U-C-K is that moron thinking? Did his television break last week? His constituents can't be very happy about this." The rest of it, all the TNB, I expected; but that mayor left me dumbstruck.

hondo said...

PK - there are a number of extremely important issues that were immediately swept under the rug and nobody wanted to address - no even to this day.

NO received prior to Katrina, hundreds of millions of dollars from DHS/Congress in post 9/11 funds because of its important port status. The money was for emergency materials & security in case of a (wait for it) major emergency like a terrorist attack or natural disaster. I believe 165 million alone was for communications.

The money was spent - but no one knew on what - attempts to find said communications/emergency equipment failed. This story was shortly killed and never resurfaced.

The two levees that failed were brand new. Their failure was responsible of over 1000 deaths. The investigation afterwards was nothing more than cursory. Vague references to some design faults. Then nothing, move along, nothing to see here.

I spent a few years working for the Army Corps Of Engineers. It is NOT run by the Army (only token heads). It is a defacto civilian agency filled with AA civil service. Its personnel standards and qualifications are well below the private sector. Do not think that people working on site or design are remotely qualified.

I could go on in detail, but it would take too long. Job was a nightmare as I was pegged a potential whistle blower. 9/11 was my ticket out, and back in uniform. Old Army buddy jokingly told me that with all I had seen and documented, I was lucky I didn't end up in a landfill somewhere.

hondo said...

One more - an old black woman being interviewed outside the Dome - yelling and screaming "dey be rapin' babies in there!"

Who "dey?"

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....My girlfriend/wife from Key West was staying up here with me that Summer. She had her laptop computer with her. The TV news stations were telling a different story than the internet. The first thing on the net was about the looting.

My favorite video image was of an OLDER TEEN OF AFRICAN DECENT carry a case of beer through water that was up to his ass. It was German beer in green bottles. The famous China-mart shopping spree. Another OLDER TEEN with shoe boxes and as I recall a BEACH UMBRELLA over his shoulder. WHITE GUYS pulling blacks off rooftops. YOUTHFUL TEENS with televisions on their shoulders wadding through the water. An overweight welfare breeder floating in an inflated wading pool. The New Orleans cops looting stores. As I recall tennis shoes were in high demand by the looters.

The stories on the net that first week were all pure horror. A volunteer in Houston who went home after one day of helping the most ungrateful and demanding people he ever meet. The COUCH BAGS that black women bought with their free $2,000.00 debit cards. The Mayor in Alexandria or Shreveport that said you ain't bringing those criminals into my town. I think she was black. Rescuers in row boats and helicopters being shot at. Bodies floating in the water. When a person drowns the bodies sinks.

Most of the real news was coming over the internet. The terrible stories from the survivors of the super dome. We sat here looking at the screen and reading new incoming stories and were just blown away by what was happening. I have seen a lot of bad shit in my life but Katrina made all that look like a picnic in the park. Pure insanity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Major OT:

My testimony......
I am a American white male,
I am sick of what non-Americans and the waste that is deteriating our moral fabric,
I will defend my God given rights that our forefathers have engraved in my soul until my last breath, I will never, I repeat, never give in to the social injustice that has taken hold of this great nation since the election of 2008, I will die a free man and never regret a word I've stated because I believe in the power of the true and everlasting God and father of my Lord Jesus Christ, may you all respect my beliefs as I respect yours. America will BE GREAT AGAIN!!

rex freeway said...

In a 24 hour period, George Bush was blamed for something that no one could stop. And the actions of the American Negro to this Natural disaster reminded everyone just how un evolved they are as a race. And combined with the complete failure of progressive ideology, they damned near took America down. Only by the resolve of White America was this spiral stopped. And nothing will ever improve as long as either is allowed to freely roam America.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....A good friend told me this story last night. The Catholic Church he belonged to in Lincoln sent two group of volunteers after Katrina. One group went into Mississippi and the other to New Orleans. The first group stayed for 3 weeks and the group that went into NO came back after one week. They were treated like shit. The ones they were helping sat on there asses and did nothing. They demanded everything under the sun and were pissed when they didn't get it.

The Mississippi group worked with a mix of black and white rural people that were grateful for any help they could get. They pinched in and also helped out in any way they could.

This verifies the stories I've read over the years about these lazy fucks that sat on their asses while WHITE PEOPLE built and rebuilt their damaged homes. Most not even saying thank you when the work was done. The entitlement crowd has gotten even worse in the last couple years. Gimme mine.

Anonymous said...

I was in Houston during Hurricane Katrina. Being on the gulf coast made us uneasy at first, never being sure if the storm would change course and head northwest.

I was at a bar (more like a saloon type bar) and heard the guy a few stools down from me sigh in relief as he watched all of the TNB on television.

"Man, are we lucky we don't have lots of them coons in this neck of the woods. We got them beans, but they don't bother nobody." The "beans" were the Mexicans.

Well, folks, as they say, karma can be a bitch.

All of "them coons" were picked up and plopped right down in Houston.

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired Marine CH-53E crew chief. To be honest I spent from 85-97 with my noggin sticking out the hatch of one of the beasts. I was long since gone from flight status, but Katrina was the greatest helicopter air show that ever was. I was never so proud in all my life as to see all the military rotorheads from every branch come together and rescue a city. I am probably still a bit envious that I was not there. I feel people took it for granted, you have no idea what goes into putting on a rescue effort like that. Doing it on short notice, with zero mishaps, is not really within the realm of possibility. But they did it. Semper Fly

Anonymous said...

The videos from the Superdome. In other words, authentic blackness.

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Katrina was the most absolute evidence of the mind of the negro. The negroes did absolutely nothing to address the natural disaster that faced them. They looted, robbed, raped, killed and assaulted with no limits. They cannot be trusted under any circumstance.

If you understand this, then make it real in your daily life. Do no business of any kind with them, not on the phone, not on the line at the supermarket or drugstore. Just walk away. You are not required to interact with people who want you dead. Smile at them, say Yo, Yo and Aight and just walk away.

Anonymous said...

Well, like the old folks used to say"That's like the pot calling the kettle black". Does anybody without major mental problems care what Kanye West says? I mean wtf, he's the spawn of black panther racists, mommy and daddy's darling little black militant soldier.

You watch his behavior, and you realize he's not that much different from the pathetic loser who shot the news reporters, the same fragile, narcissistic personality. He couldn't hold a real job without being fired, so it's lucky for him there's a supply of microminded idiots to provide a market for his crap. You hear the morons who say garbage like Kanyes a genious, and to have to think dear God, how far down on the bell curve are you that you look up to this con man?

News flash Kanye: billions of people world over don't care about black people. Now, why Kanye, why would you suppose that is? Nope, racism won't work here, this isn't one size fits all, there are dozens of races, what is the underlying factor that applies strictly to people of African descent? Clue:It's your behavior stupid, both collectively, and individually.

Anyway, I'm sure he's been to the rainbow house with the current fair housing occupants, so he's been respected sufficiently. Maybe he can write a rap song about partayin wit the pres, gettin jiggy wit im. Oh, wait, that was the other talentless hack, the fresh prince of ruining beloved childhood science fiction stories.

Where were these clowns when the atrocities were happening at the Superdome? Conning other people to give their money, that's where. Why not invite some to live with you and Kim? Or rent some nice hotel rooms for them? I didn't think so, must not care about black people as much as you think you do. Where's my damn massage indeed!

10mm AUTO said...

The most visceral memory was hearing of the shooting of the Aid choppers. While many things were petty, evil, sickening and despicable, nothing enraged me more than the idea of volunteers leaving their families, firing up a complex machine like a helicopter and flying food and medical supplies in and the negros opening fire. Even in war, men will allow medical supplies through to the enemy and give prisoners water.

Un-effing believable.

Second was CBS showing the fat negress police officer looting, pushing a cart up and down the isles and checking sizes.

Third was the big strapping (White) police officers taking the little old ladies revolver away, while shots were a constant rat-tat-tat in the distance in downtown. (Cuz dis be a Chocolate city and sheet). After that I couldn't watch anymore.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing ONLY blacks looting......the SuperDome a garbage dump. After one day the plumbing is broken, trash every where. Whose bright idea was it to put black people in there?

If civil Whites had been in the SuperDome there would have been leadership, cooperation, etc.

I never saw rich and famous blacks make an effort to help rescue anyone....only a few rich and famous Whites. And regular rescuers were ALL Whites.

I remember blacks who were interviewed did nothing but complain and moan. Like Kayne West who complained and moaned and who did absolutely nothing to help his bruthas.

Anonymous said...

What I'll always remember most about Katrina is ... Lootie.

LOOTIE! <3 <3 <3



Katrina touched me too. Two doors up in the old sect. 8 property.(not anymore-there is a GOD) When one day off too work I go(5-30a.m.) and as I get to my front gate I am met with a police officer holding and pointing an AR-15 at me and using it to tell me that I can't go left towards my car but I can only go right. The inhabitants of the sect.ape apt were drug dealers from NOLA and were on some kind of must get list.

The coon jumped out the back window right into custody. And an hour later I was able to go off too work. Late and pissed I might add.

For a few months I watched these fuckers sell dope around my house. I even confronted these gang bangers and they didn't like that shit. But I thought not in my neighborhood negro. I was relieved when the vermin crew removed my pesty coons from my surrounding's. And later I found out that they were New Orleans negroes that were uprooted from Katrina. Damned hurricanes!


Anonymous said...

Would suggest all google Jared Taylor's 2005 essay on Katrina titled "Africa In Our Midst". After reading and absorbing it, imagine what's coming down nationally when the EBTs are as worthless as losing lottery tickets? Katrina was nothing compared to what's waiting in the wings.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yet it is the only area that did not rebuild! I noticed that the day after the storm the first announcemwnt was that the welfare checks would be deposited on time! Disgraceful! Florida has been hit, mississippi hit...New york hit and yet we all rebuilt... I still believe it was the best thing to happen to the project blacks... they were treated like royalty and put on cruise ships to stay and left the ship so disgusting that it needed to be gutted. They were moved into brand new apartments,given billions in aid but they let the poor elderly in the nursing home to drown because all the black "workers" abandoned them! JUST GROSS! I SAY LEVEL THE BLIGHT THERE & BUILD BIG EXPENSIVE HOMES!

Anonymous said...

Being a resident of Houston, I remember having a bunch of them being dumped in our city by our libtard mayor Bill White. The primary area where they were dumped was already going down and the dumping just accelerated the process. Now the area has almost a daily contribution to violent news in our city.

Anonymous said...

Jane in Metro Detroit here,

I remember a tall skinny negro negro running down the street, in knee deep water, carting a big screen TV! I remember thinking, what the fuck is he going to do with that? For some reason, that image just stuck with me. So stupid.

NY Girl said...

I think it would have to be white people taking some food, clothes AND THEIR DOGS AND CATS with them as they high-tailed it out of there, while Blacks either abandoned the defenseless creatures or stayed behind themselves because they were expecting, I dunno, door-to-door pickup in an air-conditioned luxury bus or something. I also remember Blacks waving from the roofs of their houses, having not had a back-up plan in a below sea-level city, but thinking that a helicopter would land on their crappy unstable roof and spirit them off to safety. And of course, who can forget the Supermarket Sweeps mentality of the bucks carting off flat-screens, when the city had no electricity, yet somehow they couldn't carry a duffel bag and shuffle off to safety.

The horror stories of the whites housed with Blacks in the Superdome came later. That cemented my "us vs. them" mentality.

Anonymous said...

Hurricane might hit Miami this weekend; watch for groid dysfunction and looting. Popcorn please.

Looking back, I think the part of the Obama Era I'm going to miss the most is all the racial healing.

Anonymous said...

Let's DEMAND that hurricane names include many negro names; they are truly the destructive forces amongst us. A whirling raging storm shouldn't be called Bob, Or Erica; it should be LaQueefa or ShaDarius.

Start a campaign. To not have negro named storms is RACIST! Be inclusive, you racist honkeys!!

HalfElf said...

My biggest recall is thinking " Why didn't these people just leave, and the 17 year old who stole the school bus and drove to Houston TX needs to be mayor of NO. At least he did something besides blame the feds for not teleporting in with aid"
Atlanta was infected with thousand of.loud ungrateful resentful Moochers whe felt they deserved better than they were issued. Boortz interviewed a motel.owner who was almost put out business by these parasites that just laid around and Bitches about what everyone else needed to make them comfortable, without lifting a single finger to raise their conditions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PK


Gwoobus Harmon said...

As a New Orleanian who was there before, during, and after, for myself the most enduring moment in spite of everything else horrific, was the "chocolate city" speech by Ray Nagin.

I realize that most of the nation had never seen or heard of Ray Nagin before Hurricane Katrina and their only exposure to him was when he made an ass of himself on a national stage. If one was unfamiliar with him, it was very easy to make the assumption that here is a jive talking black mayor of a majority black city making pro-black statements and botching every aspect of the preparation and rebuilding. He is a "dindu" par excellence. The reality is that Nagin had never behaved or spoken that way before. The irony of all of this is that he was the "white candidate" in the 2002 mayoral race when he ran and won his first term, which covered the Katrina timeline.

Louisiana has an open primary voting system with an instant run off. This is a really weird system to those not from here, but rather than each party having its own primary, every candidate runs at the same time regardless of party, and if no one wins a clear majority, the top two primary vote getters are in an instant run off for the general election. This was designed because for all intents and purposes the Democrat party in the 1970's represented 90% of the electorate (black and white) and a two party system was basically irrelevant once the Democrats had a candidate to offer to slaughter the Republican in the general election.

In that 2002 primary election, Nagin ran against ten or so candidates, most of whom were radical black rebel rousing community activist/city coucilmen types, a hopeless republican, the sitting black chief of police, and holdovers from the disgraced previous Mayoral administration (Marc Morial, now head of the Urban League) - it was a complete sh*tshow.

The blacks split their vote up between the various candidates, but the whites overwhelmingly favored Nagin. He was a college educated, high ranking executive of a fortune 500 company (Cox Communications,) spoke and carried himself well, was very pro-business, tough on crime, seemed to have the most well formed plans for growing the city post-Morial, and was very good in front of the camera, on radio, at debates, and in public appearances. He was basically the most conservative and business minded of everyone running. He was a Ben Carson/Herman Cain type, the walking embodiment of an IKAGO. As the election wore on everyone shook themselves out leaving a radical black female judge/attorney, Nagin, and the black chief of police. Nagin and the chief of police made it to the general election, and with the black vote split between the two, and the white vote unified, Nagin won. The irony is many of the community leader type blacks HATED Nagin who they saw as "an uncle tom."

He kept good to his word, cleaned up the city, experienced a pretty big economic boom, and was widely liked by most residents. Then the storm came. Everyone knows just how badly that was handled so there is no need to go into too much detail there. I think Nagin gets a bad rap, most of the things were beyond his control and the failures were at a State level in the preparation, and Federal level in the rescue and recovery, but I digress.


Gwoobus Harmon said...


In 2006 when re-election came up and with the city still half empty and in disarray, Nagin had to do something to rally black support for himself. As stated before, many blacks already didn't like him, those that had now felt betrayed and abandoned, and the white support he previously enjoyed had evaporated. New Orleans seemed poised to elect a white mayor for the first time in almost 40 years given the demographic shift and political climate lol!

So on cue, Nagin adopted out of nowhere the newly crafted "street talk" persona and was guaranteeing to move blacks back into the city, preserve their neighborhoods, let them vote out of district, gibs, all kinds of stuff. Amazingly it worked, they rallied around their beleaguered champion that they hated then loved again, and he was re-elected!

As he gave that "chocolate city" speech, I could not help but laugh out loud, because to the outside world that is the kind of delivery they associate with Nagin, but it was all entirely for show. He was throwing a big chunk of juicy red meat to the black voting crowd he needed to reclaim if he were to be re-elected. "It's the way God wants it to be." indeed....

If they could have seen the way he spoke and carried himself in that initial primary, and in every event and engagement prior to Katrina, the guy speaking that way would seem unrecognizable. It makes one wonder which "act" was/is a put on? The one where he behaved like an erudite business man? Or the one where he acted like a shucking street minister?

To no one's surprise, as billions funneled into NOLA in that second administration, it had to pass through his filter. He was convicted of over 20 counts of larceny and fraud. He now resides in his own much smaller "chocolate city" ---- prison.

Mutant Swarm said...

I'm still trying to figure out what the California Highway Patrol was doing in NO. What, they don't have enough crime in in LA, Stockton, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield...?

And by the way, if you stay in your home in that situation, make sure you have a cheap, rusted old .22 rifle to give them if they try to legally steal your guns. Or a cheap pump shotgun. The AR's, AK's, and Wilson Combat .45's come out after they leave.

Anonymous said...

To those that trashed Field Negro's blog comments, well done. It turned the howler monkeys into outright death threats to Whites.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably the only person who will say this but I regret not going to NOLA before the storm hit when I had the chance. I had friends who lived there and he was going to send her to Houston to stay, while he rode out the storm; he invited me to come over from FL to join him. I was packed up with plenty of water, food, hatchets (for emergency roof openers,) ammo and their appropriate delivery devices when he called to say he was bugging out as well. I've been in 3rd-world shitholes and through four hurricanes and was more or less prepared for what came. We would have sat watch like a fireteam while it all crumbled around us, drinking bourbon and smoking cigars. In the end his home survived the storm fine, but according to his neighbors the levee break flooded the house and they had to seek shelter in his 2nd floor after their home and his 1st floor filled up. I know it may sound crazy but I wish I could have gone to the storm instead. I always imagined how we would have greeted the cops who came to disarm us when we were better armed than them. But in the end, I have little doubt Katrina New Orleans was just a dress rehearsal for what we will eventually see nationwide--coming to a theater near you soon!

Anonymous said...

My best memory? Lootie the Coon with his Heineken bottles, if you don't know what I'm talking about google it.

kayper54 said...

Most enduring memories of the bad behavior was a female police officer trying desperately to hold onto a black looter about 14yrs-old as he literally shed his clothes fighting to get away from her. And he did. All that suffering going on all around them, black and white alike; no food nor water, no shelter, 2 or 3 elderly people literally died right there in the midst of the hysterical crowds and yet the first thing they thought of to do was steal and destroy what wasn't already destroyed.

The stories I heard later (from a (white) youth tour group from the UK) of the conditions inside the Superdome are the stuff nightmares are made of.

(I'm brand new, so I'm not sure if I understand the rules/regs for posting comments. Please forgive my ignorance if I'm doing it wrong.)

Anonymous said...

"Man, are we lucky we don't have lots of them coons in this neck of the woods. We got them beans, but they don't bother nobody." The "beans" were the Mexicans.

Well, folks, as they say, karma can be a bitch.

All of "them coons" were picked up and plopped right down in Houston.

And the media tried to spin the immediate increase in crime in Houston.

What got me was that they brought in Mexicans to help with the clean-up. I watched an episode of COPS where a Mexican was robbed for the cash he earned doing day labor in the clean-up. The cop said that the influx of Mexicans with cash created an opportunity for the criminals. Of course the obvious question is why Mexicans were being brought in when Blacks were standing around with nothing to do. The Blacks were being handed credit cards with no expectations in return and the Mexicans we taking the dirty jobs.

The entire disaster was a nightmare for liberals. It undermined faith in both the government and Blacks. Wal-Mart and the Mormons were handing out supplies well before the Feds showed up. Everyone at home saw the Dindu spirit on television. The HDTV looting, shooting at rescue workers, the rapes. Good Lord what a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here at SBPDL recall what happened to the gun shops in New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city? I believe that these New Orleans gun shops were all looted of the guns and ammo. Some of the guns and ammo were looted by rogue New Orleans cops. The rest were undoubtedly looted by the local New Orleans criminal Negroid population. It was not long afterward when the US Coast Guard rescue helicopters and other low-flying aircraft started taking gunfire from the ground below. Gee, I wonder who might have been shooting at those helicopters during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? It surely was not the Taliban. More like some angry angry Negroids instead.

Meanwhile, there were some New Orleans white people taking refuge inside their own homes. The authorities in New Orleans went to these white people's homes, broke down their doors when they were denied entry, and made sure to illegally confiscate all of the white people's legally owned guns. The same thing was done to the white people who had come to New Orleans in their own boats as part of the relief effort. Then all of these illegally confiscated, legally owned guns were locked up inside trailers owned by the New Orleans Police Department for as long as the following two years. This was one of the defining factors of Hurricane Katrina: taxpaying, productive white residents of New Orleans being forcibly disarmed all while a bunch of criminal negroids were free to to run amok throughout the city with stolen and/or illegally owned loaded guns.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson said...

The most upsetting memory I have surrounding Katrina doesn't have anything to do with blacks. It was the death of the former lead singer of the metal band Soilent Green, Glenn Rambo.
I know that there's at least a couple of metal-heads that visit SBPDL and you guys probably remember how rad Soilent Green were and how nice of a gentleman Glenn was to all of the fans that came out to see them.

RIP: Glenn Marshall Rambo
December 4, 1970 --- August 30, 2005

Anonymous said...

Here are some random memories from Katrina:

1. The morning after Katrina turned and mostly missed NOLA, a woman saw the Jesus statue at the convent and said "Jesus saved us again; the hurricane was turned at the last minute!". Later, the levees failed and all Hell broke loose.

2. Royal Street in the Quarter had nice antique shops. After the looting, one of the antique store owners said that the (black) looters took some of the lesser items, but while they were there destroyed his better merchandise. Just for fun, I guess.

3. One of the beautiful homes in the Garden District burning. The Garden District wasn't even hit; had to be looters/vandals.

4. Anderson Cooper crying about the poor black folks when some of that filthy, filthy water splashed into his mouth. Ha Ha! That's one good memory.

5. Geraldo Rivera grabs a black baby and struts back and forth in front of the camera saying "This is a baby! This is a baby!".

6. Shepard Smith tries to interview a black guy walking through the water; black guy says "fuck you!".

7. Nagin lets a whole parking lot full of school buses flood while requesting Federal transport to evacuate NO.

8. Bush blaming. I hated GWB, a truly piss-poor Pres. But damn, he didn't cause the hurricane. The City blamed the State and FEDGOV, the State blamed the City and FEDGOV, the FEDGOV blamed the City and the State. Democracy at work.

9. Observing the difference between preparedness in the White areas (good) v. the black areas (none).

10. Seeing the blacks go from helpless to savage. The only two settings they had, apparently.

NY Girl said...

I gotta call BS on that one. Local disasters require local oversight. And the locals (both government and private citizens) should have a plan. Since NOLA is Black & Corrupt (I know, redundant), they didn't think to load the trucks & schoolbuses up with people before leaving. As a matter of fact, the formal NOLA evacuation plan was "we don't have the money or resources to save you. You are responsible for your own safety, and you are responsible for the person next to you."

There is NOTHING a Washington beaurocrat can do with that much disorganization on the ground. Compare Ray Nagin to Rudy Guiliani after 9/11 and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Kayper54 said ”. . . (I'm brand new, so I'm not sure if I understand the rules/regs for posting comments. Please forgive my ignorance if I'm doing it wrong.)”

You are doing fine. Welcome to SBPDL.

Pat Boyle said...

The Painful Decision Tree.

Your first decision is to decide if you are going to just Kick the can down the road. There are some policies that we as a people know are failing but we persist in following them through inertia. So on many public policy questions we continue with choices we know to be ineffective or completely harmful. Reversing direction is just too hard.

Most of the American people now recognize that all American racial policies have either not worked or are making things worse. As I read today's complaints by commenters I read little that is new.

Even as recently as thirty years ago many liberals still could believe that the fundamental issue with blacks was lack of education. Some liberals advocated black employment programs so that they could pull themselves out of poverty. But there is no cause for optimism. All the recent evidence indicates that blacks cannot be educated much more than they have been thus far. All efforts to close the white-black education gap have failed. It's time to recognize that the races differ in their innate learning capacity.

The job market is also moving away from the kind of jobs that blacks have traditionally filled. In spite of billions of dollars spent on government job programs, black are less employable today than ever before.

Yet black politicians mindlessly repeat the mantra of Schools and jobs. This is true Kicking the can down the road.

So if you want to change this stupid repetitive behavior you need to make other choices.

Basically there are three paths. The first is extermination. I reject that path but if we don't do anything else we may find ourselves pushed in that radical direction. The riots of the last two years read very much like the race riots of the sixties and seventies. There is a certain timeless character to black rioting. We are in danger of living in a nation that undergoes continuous race rioting. That leads to the race war that Vester Lee Flanagan wanted.

The second path is expulsion. This is the 'Send them back to Africa' policy that has been popular since Lincoln. This solution would be harder than setting up extermination camps and would have much the same result. At least half of the African-Americans who we planted on some African shore would perish. Our record of expelling illegal Mexican immigrants doesn't give one much confidence in this approach.

The final path - and the one I support - is to adapt our public policies to recognize the reality of race. We used to do that but we abandoned it, and the consequences have been all bad. It looks like we will have to live for the foreseeable future with millions of blacks in our midst. Liberal anti-racism has failed so we need to do something different if we are not to just Kick the can down the road. Katrina was not the last natural disaster we will suffer. Exactly the same sort of thing will happen again unless we reorganize and readjust our thinking about race.

Here are a couple suggestions:

- Restrict gun ownership to non-blacks.
- Have the government make educational payment directly to individuals.
- Disenfranchise those who receive welfare, food stamps, or housing assistance. No work no vote.
- Institute national uniform high school equivalency testing. No brains no vote.

These are just a few ideas but while they are just a beginning they are still likely to be controversial.


Anonymous said...

excerpt from "Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina".

Ninety-nine percent of the white people left New Orleans when the evacuation order went out. Some 80,000 blacks could not or would not leave. Whites did not “leave them behind,” as the editorial-writers keep telling us. No one could have gotten some of them to leave, but\ if it was anyone’s job to give them the option, it was that of the black-run city government. Of the blacks who stayed, probably only a minority committed crimes, but they were enough to turn the city into a hell hole. Some did unspeakable things: loot hospitals, fire on rescue teams, destroy ambulances. No amount of excuse-making and finger-pointing can paper over degeneracy like that. Black people—and only black people—did these things.

Anonymous said...

excerpt from "Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina".

One black man, observing the chaos from abroad, took a different view. Leighton Levy wrote in the Sept. 2 Jamaica Star: “I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.” He wanted to know why there was no footage of white looters: “Is it that the media are not showing pictures of them looting and robbing? Or is it that they are too busy trying to stay alive, waiting to be rescued, and hiding from the blacks?"

Anonymous said...

excerpt from "Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina".

Sitting with her daughter and other relatives, Trolkyn Joseph, 37, told a reporter that men had wandered the center at night raping and murdering children. She said she found a dead 14-year old girl at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, four hours after the girl went missing. “She was raped for four hours until she was dead,” Miss Joseph said through tears. “Another child, a seven-year old boy, was found raped and murdered in the kitchen freezer last night.”

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between negroes looting a Walmart during Katrina and negroes (years later) essentially looting a Walmart (Shreveport La.?)when the EBT system went down and they thought they could get away with hundreds of dollars in merchandise when they only had pennies left on their cards? When the system came back up, negroes abandoned huge numbers of over-stuffed carts and simply left.
The essential thing about negroes is they're natural born thieves and will take any opportunity to steal.
In any case, as per Katrina, one thing (among many) that stood out was watching the Walmart being looted and listening to the newscaster babble about how people were desperate and needed supplies like water and food as negroes dashed from the store with electronics and other non essential items. The disconnect between what the newscaster was saying and what our lying eyes were telling us was just too bizarre. Even in the face of the obvious, the MSM still tried to lie and spin the story.

On the subject of the murders of the news crew and all the hysteria over gun violence- I can't remember where I read the comment but one person asked why the gun was being blamed and not the shooter himself and asked, "when rapists commit acts of rape, do we blame the rapist himself or their penises?" Stop Penis Violence!

NC Realist said...

Katrina pales in comparison to the shit-storm we've endured the past 6 plus years. Mother Nature is one of my close friends.

Anonymous said...

My take on Katrina is that it simplifies the issue of whether a corrupt mob-ruled " democracy" can function under stress. It is not for nothing that in wartime mob-rule is outlawed and Authority takes over. Organized Authority I am sure will be the new mode of governance in the USA. Patronage-based mob rule politics clearly has to be left behind.
The effort to do this however, even with the plain lesson of Katrina in view, will be challenged on all sides from factions that benefit from mob rule. The effort therefore may indeed fail to counter newly-emerging crises.
My most vivid lesson from the Katrina disaster was the rifle fire on the helicopters. This I associate with guerilla insurgencies. I can see looting, and even rape, because there a lot of psychopaths in the underclass. It's the sniping hat has me worried, because if mercy-mission helicopters are vulnerable then armed air power may be required.
The " Oh my God it's the black helicopters " paranoids will, in a sense, be vindicated. But by the time the black helicopters start to fly the mood will be one of relief and acceptance of the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic.....but important to our fellow Realists in Charlotte NC get ready

Anonymous said...


In Katrina the true colors showed.
Dumb Whites helping dangerous Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Let's DEMAND that hurricane names include many negro names; they are truly the destructive forces amongst us. A whirling raging storm shouldn't be called Bob, Or Erica; it should be LaQueefa or ShaDarius.

Start a campaign. To not have negro named storms is RACIST! Be inclusive, you racist honkeys!!.

Really good idea. Of course, we don't have to be blatant about it. Why not suggest, while holding back a smirk, that the fierce determination of blacks should be honored by giving hurricanes negro names. Nothing as obvious as LaQueefah or Shitarious, but how about D'Ante? Hurricane Marqueereeus has a nice ring to it. How about Hurricane Kanye (west)? It's only fitting to honor negroes for the (destructive) force they truly are. As the good Lord said, "Let it begin with me." Maybe not his exact words, but you get the point. Let's see if any negroes or DWLs catch on to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Greensboro. Plenty of potential negro reaction to the Randall Kerrick case to cause explosions here. Just told my wife that there's been a string of assaults/robberies around the colleges recently. Interestingly, the paper didn't print a description of the assailants. I cannot imagine why.

Medic Bear said...

I don't even know where to start. I was on the ground in NO twice, the first time for 4 weeks, the second for 6. I've thought about trying to write it all down but when I start it really reviews like fiction and ends-up raising my blood pressure.

In the Super Dome, we had to have armed soldiers at each corner of the area we were using as the medical treatment section. Why? Between Blacks running through (literally, sprinting through) to grab things as they passed by (gauze, bottles of disinfectant, whatever) and a few of them falling on top of sick patients, that's why. WTF?

I remember having to do CPR on a particular fat, old, not-taking-care-of-themself Black MY AGE (late 40's at the time but looked 70) while having a Black grabbing at my pants trying to take my trauma shears (scissors) - he said - but likely going for my wallet or whatever else I might have in my pockets (knife, etc.) WTF?

Having an MP not let me go into a more secluded part to assess someone who was down until he and his partner cleared the room - and sure enough, there were 3 Black yuff in there with knives and other lethal weapons WAITING for someone to come in. Preferably female, they said ("We wuz waitin' for a lady nurse"). WTF?

Bodies that clearly were murder victims. Taking care of a 12 year old girl (Black) who was raped by an estimated 6 men at the same time. An old woman who was raped. WTF?

Having Blacks yell at me - being called a "cracker mother-fucker" was tame - and being accused of not caring about "Black folks" despite working 16-18 hour days and sometimes being covered in Black blood, vomit, urine and other body fluids. Yep, I don't care about Black folks. WTF?

The medical team having to have an assigned, armed Guardsman at all times, due to assaults, robberies and at least 2 attempted rapes of female staff. WTF?

I could go on forever but suffice it to say, I saw Blacks do things I never, ever would have thought possible - and I was a race realist then and had already been to parts of the world that showed me an atrocity or two.

Call me mean, but Blacks are not the same as non-Blacks and do not belong on the same planet as any species such as ours that functions within a civilization. They are more intelligent than animals and should be able to function at a higher level but choose not to. They CHOOSE to be evil. Yes, it's genetic, but we all know enough IKAGOs to know they can at least ACT and PLAY at being civilized.

I was once asked to leave a meeting of fairly high-level people in my agency for saying the best thing we could do for NO was to drop a neutron bomb on it. Afterwards, several of those in attendance privately told me they agreed but "We just can't let that kind of stuff be said aloud."

NO post-Katrina defines the phrase "Know Blacks, No Peace. No Blacks, Know Peace."
One could also use "civilization" in place of "peace."

There are days when I really question why I do what I do. But then I look back on all the good people I've been able to help and at least can know I've done more good than bad.

Anonymous said...

What I remedmber most fondly were 400 pound "starving" black sows being airlifted off roofs by huge Huey Choppers that nearly roled and crashed into the flooded lakes under the enormous weight of these stranded coonettes. They probably asked the chopper crews as soon as they were settled safely in, "Where da reebs an black ahed peas?"

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a "news" (corporate propaganda) channel and seeing negroes literally lying in the mud wailing and crying like they were in Hell, and a few feet away seeing an Asian family (dont know why they lived there but they did apparently) and the Asians were just sitting calmy reading books.

NY Girl said...

You owe me a new, coffee-free I-phone!!

awakened white said...

I remember the jack booted thugs were taking YT's legal firearms in high and dry areas after it hit.

Anonymous said...

Our Friend Pat Boyle said:

"Yet black politicians mindlessly repeat the mantra of Schools and jobs."

Maybe not so mindlessly, Pat. What they are really saying is "send us more money for education and job programs".

The money does get sent. No worries there. Then, corrupt politicos and contractors and others apply the funds to their pocket linings. Black politicians call for periodic special spending for their communities; the money disappears; the problems remain. It isn't true at all that blacks don't benefit from the spending. A few blacks benefit greatly, if temporarily. The majority remain mired in familial and societal dysfunction, ignorance, poverty, and crime.

The solution? Let's ask our black power-brokers, the mayors and reverends: Oh, OK. They say we need to spend more money on education and jobs. "It just be that way".

Anonymous said...

The final path - and the one I support - is to adapt our public policies to recognize the reality of race. We used to do that but we abandoned it, and the consequences have been all bad.

The problem with that path is that both conservatives and liberals are unwilling to even discuss the POSSIBILITY that racial differences might more than superficial. Part of this has to do with politicians being afraid of losing political support for being honest. The media will witch hunt any politician that goes against political correctness. You can have your career and family name ruined just by being honest.

I think the only possible path to prevent the US from dissolving into fragmented states (and anarchy for black areas) is for an openly White party to become the main opposition to the Democrats. A White party could stand up to the media and say yes we argue on behalf of Whites and if you think that is racist then start with the NAACP.

This would make openly racial discussions the norm and take away the power of the media to destroy careers. Being White and arguing on behalf of Whites would seem just as normal as Democrats arguing on behalf of Blacks.

Liberals could drop the silly "blame the guns" narrative and openly talk about how Blacks should have different gun laws because of the violence witnessed today in the cities. What would upset Blacks do? Vote for the White party? A lot of Blacks would actually agree that Blacks should have different gun laws. I doubt the Black mothers that go to sleep hearing gunshots think the White man's gun laws should apply to their neighbors. The second amendment was never designed for Blacks and a White national / Democrat government could discuss this honestly. Our current system has too much gridlock over racial problems because both sides are afraid of being honest.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor during Katrina was black, the congress representative was black and if memory serves me both were found guilty of corruption. So these black politicians are dissing the White man while they, the black politicians, did absolutely nothing for the blacks; these corrupt politicians helped themselves first.

At least us Whites know our politicians are not going to help the average citizen, that they are all liars. Black politicians use their "bruthas and sistahs" Ebonic language to get blacks to support them, then turn around and do nothing for the blacks and the Whites still get blamed! And to top it off the idiot blacks are willing to put these corrupt idiots back in office! Geeeeeez!

Anonymous said...

I did not know that in an emergency that the police will disarm people legally trying to protect their property.
I believe that some store owners were armed in Ferguson.
When do police disarm legal gun holders? If filmed doing it, can the policemen be later fired for robbing the citizens and have his pension taken away? Or is stealing by policemen OK in an emergency?

Will the policemen steal other types of weapons?

Anonymous said...

Pat, there's only one viable option: mandatory birth control for people on the dole, regardless of race.

Responsible white people (and Mexicans, and Asians, and Arabs, and Indians, and... you get the picture) don't have children they can't afford.

46% of black children live below the poverty line. Assuming that every black family below the poverty line gets some form of gibs, instituting mandatory birth control would almost halve the black birth rate overnight. You'd see large savings in medical and welfare costs immediately, followed by large savings in schools in 10 years and large savings in police and prisons in 20 years.

Of course degenerate whites, Mexicans, Asians, Arabs, Indians, etc. would also be affected, and since 14% of white children live below the poverty line, you might be preventing more white babies than black babies. But overall, it's a win.


Yesterday, someone commented on black "justice" and how they don't mean the same thing as we do.

When they say "justice," they mean "vengeance." It's like reading about the Indians and the settlers back in Old West times: a settler gets killed, and the whites form a posse to go lynch any Indian they can find. Then the Indians go on the warpath and kill a family of settlers, and so forth.

"No justice, no peace" means "we're going to riot until we get our way."

And they just don't have the same concept of crime and punishment that we have.

When a white man is arrested and goes to jail, other whites generally believe that he's guilty and that he deserves to be incarcerated. We might still feel sympathetic towards him, but jail is considered a just and reasonable punishment for a wide suite of crimes. Indeed, as white Americans we consider the deprivation of freedom itself to be a sufficient punishment for even the most heinous crimes.

Every time some ghetto piece of shit goes to jail for selling crack, burglary, or shooting some other ghetto piece of shit, all his friends are like "Free Shitavious!" It doesn't matter that Shitavious was a menace to the community and was caught red-handed, he dindu nuffin and the racist cops were just harassing him for no reason and the prosecutor manufactured evidence and he was just holding onto that gun for a friend and he wasn't even aiming at LaQueefa anyways and why don't the cops go after all the WHITE people committing crimes?

Anonymous said...

BHO on Katrina, to the good citizens of NOLA: "You inspired not just me, but our whole country". Or words to that effect.

How inspirational. You taught us that when society hits a crisis, we can always loot, rape, and kill while waiting for YT to show up to save us. When a semblance of normality returns, you taught us how to beg like helpless infants for someone else to fix your problems. When the government looked into your problems, you taught us how to plead and demand money for restitution; you also taught us how the Government can be bilked for millions of dollars if we just sing a sad enough song. You taught us corruption will always triumph when met with good intentions. Thank you for those important lessons, black folk of NOLA.

Anonymous said...

On news today, especially MSNBC, the talk is Katrina and it was all the federal government fault. Whites failed the blacks. Today NO is no better, blacks still in poverty, yada yada yada.

I saw a segment thst after Katrina the powers that controlled the school districts (blacks) fired every teacher in NO, shut down every school, and asked for Charter schools to come in. One charter school that was highlighted uses a lottery for admitting children. The school is 50/50 black and white, designed to be that way. Of course a lot of blacks are complaining that schools are still not equal in quality of education. Well, it was blacks that changed it all after Katrina.

Anonymous said...

Katrina pales in comparison to the shit-storm we've endured the past 6 plus years. Mother Nature is one of my close friends.

What has done more damage to White civilization in America (or South Africa or Europe...): hurricanes or blacks? What has destroyed more White cities? What has killed more White people?

So the comment is indeed correct. To be Machiavellian here, natural disaster works in the favor of White civilization insofar as it whittles down black numbers. It's sad day when it comes to that realization, but reality is reality.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the whispers swirling around of all the people defending their neighborhoods with lethal force. The rumors of tens of looters being shot in Algiers and what not. Google that.

Californian said...

46% of black children live below the poverty line.

And that is with 60 years of civil rights, war on poverty, affirmative action, public housing, minorities-only contracts, closing the education gap, MLK holidays, positive role models on the telescreen, their man in the Oval Office teleprompter reader chair, etc.

Here's a question: are black poverty rates higher in 2015 than they were in 1955? Have blacks regressed on this score? They certainly have regressed when it comes to family formation while increasing pathological violence against white people.

Point is, six decades of liberal programs have not only failed, but made things worse.

Anonymous said...

I was down in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the time with my unit with the Air National Guard. We watched the storm on TV as the city flooded. Thanks to the mayhem they cut our mission in San Juan short and we returned back to the states.

Our unit was a C-130 unit, so we sent a few C-130's down to New Orleans to assist. They came back a couple of weeks later absolutely trashed out. The "refugees" had zero respect for the aircraft, and treated them like their own ghettos. Took some major effort to get those aircraft back to USAF standards.

After that the Hornets NBA team need a place to play, so Oklahoma City volunteered to host the team while their arena was rebuilt or whatever. The Oklahoma City residents so loved that NBA team that they packed the arena the full two years the were in town. That got the NBA thinking that Oklahoma City could actually support an NBA team, and a few years later they begged/borrowed and/or stole the Seattle Sonics and moved them to Oklahoma City. Now we are a "NBA" city, complete with the usual crap associated with the NBA.

Before Katrina OKC was a nice small town with a 2AA baseball team, a 2AA hockey team, and college football. Now we're a "major league" city.

College and professional sports - bread and circuses.

Californian said...

RE Pat Boyle's post on The Painful Decision Tree.

Another alternative: Partition the country.

Have a Nationalist America and a Multicult America. Blacks would not be allowed in Nationalist America. Multicult America would have all the blacks and whatever DWLs who want to be "entriched" by the diversity. Quite possibly, National America could form a union with Canada (which would deport its own blacks and DWLs to Multicult America).

Patriots might object: "Why give up US territory?" Well, a lot of American territory has already been given up, from Detroit to Baltimore. And it's better to make a tactical retreat than face a strategic destruction of the White race in North America. In any event, a White American-Canadian union would be a larger country where White people could fulfill their destinies while Multicult America disintegrated into a massive Haiti.

One advantage of partition over segregation is that you will not have an aggrieved black minority constantly demanding welfare and rioting over thugs offed by the cops. Another advantage would be that National America could send schoolchildren on field trips to see how blacks operate when they have control of their own territory (do this from armored buses).

Look at South Africa. There were some Boer nationalists who did call for a partition into separate White and black states. But they were opposed by those who thought they could retain it all--or work a deal with blacks re majority rule. And look where White South Africans are today.

You have to have territorial separation for Whites to retain their own independence as well as sanity.

Californian said...

Medic Bear: thanks for the up-front account of the Super Dome.

Do you have any thoughts on the motivations (or lack thereof) on the part of the blacks who were creating the mayhem? What would you recommend doing about similar situations in the future?

Anonymous said...

My most enduring memory of Katrina was the scalding sensation all over my body when I read reports from NOLA in the American Renaissance newsletter online.

A friend had told me about AR in a discussion of horrible racist white KKK Nazis in the south. This was at a Unitarian church dinner party I attended for some reason I cannot recall.

I am very open minded so looked AR up online. It was not long after Katrina. A lot of white liberals I knew were clearly suffering from cognitive dissonance. They knew what was going on in NOLA, at the Superdome, on the streets--but they knew they weren't supposed to know. They struggled to lie to themselves and others.

Reading AR, I was amazed to find out that there were other men and women who thought as I did. Including that what CNN was trying to spin as "racist persecution" was the same black savagery I had sadly witnessed in DC and Baltimore over 20 years.

Another thing I remember was a man who wrote for one of the "doomer" forums I liked to read for tips on planning annual food preservation for my family. He was an EMT in NOLA and wrote a detailed and harrowing diary of his experiences. It has since been scrubbed from the Internet. He was very careful not to discuss things in racial terms. He simply referred to people doing this or that. But anybody with eyes knew which people he was among, who were shooting at him because he wasn't deploying his magic white man powers to save them from their genetics and their folly.

The tone of civilized discussion at AR has been diluted by the free for all online comment format, but it still is rather moderate. Now it's one of the places I send friends who are starting to wake up. I never got to ask the friend of ten years ago whether she still reads AR. Because it's obvious she did at the time, and was reacting as she believed she was supposed to. It's obvious she was reading the newsletter quite carefully, and like Lady Macbeth was protesting way way too much.

Anonymous said...

Texas here.

I was in Austin.

I had sold a swingset/jungle gym to someone I didn't know through Craigslist; I took his check down to a bank I hadn't ever had reason before to visit to cash it.

Mayhem. Dark-skinned people everywhere in this white part of town. Little-by-little I figured out they were Katrina refugees getting set up here. There was a bus full of them at the bank getting their accounts set up.

Ahead of me: nice, middle-aged white lady (employee) explaining to a not-so-nice middle-aged black lady ("customer") that, "Just because you have more checks does not mean you have more money in your account."

I am not making this up.

The woman could not understand it, at all. Right quick, she got mad about it! I kid you not! "You tellin' me I gonna have checks but there won't be no money. But I gots the checks!" You can imagine where it went from there.


Y'all have a good night, and be glad you're not in the Superdome!

Anonymous said...

How can we forget Sean Penn and his little motor boat gwine sabe dem black folk. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Notice on all those television "shots" of Nawleens that they didn't show any of those now totally destroyed, once "totally new" housing units for these useless coons whitey paid for after Katrina. Many of these places built just a few years ago now look like apes tore them apart - wait, they did! My bad.

Looks like Obama's stooges told the press and the live media where they could and could not go. Quelle surprise.

Anonymous said...

I remember that stupid bellowing oaf Celine Dion talking in reference to the looting negroes and their stolen loot, "Let them touch these things." What an abject moron.

NY Girl said...

Horrific! At least you didn't have to participate in the heart transplant of the Ape-lanta "yoof" who stole a perfectly good heart that could have been used on a human.

Anonymous said...

Thus the news coverage memorializing Katrina can only show mixed race crowds and feature "The White Town" that turned blacks away.. Oh for the apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:29 AM mentioned seeing pictures/video of some boogies crying and acting crazy while some Asians were calmly right by them.

I was traveling in Philthadelphia the weekend of Sept 10th-11th, 2005. The Inquirer's front page from I think the 11th (Sunday) was a huge color picture of a 'groid woman, dressed all gaudy with gold earrings -and a mouthful of gold teeth.

You could see it because her mouth was wide open-she was on her knees hollering. There was a line of 'groids behind her, but you could see some of them smiling and laughing-at her, it looked like.

Those people are 99% bullshit. I knew some guys who were in the Air Force in 2005 and were part of the rescue effort-you should have heard them-they talked a lot about how lazy, ungrateful, and uncivilized so many of the negroes in NO were.

Anonymous said...

I read through some of the responses such as medic bear’s and others. The common theme in Katrina was the absolute savagery of blacks in a crises situation. Blacks seem to crave these situations so they can let the inner jungle out. Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Ferguson are only a few examples.

As a white man and in such a scenario as Katrina, I would say that deadly force should be allowed for one to protect one’s family and property. That means that if they come on your property, then you have the right to “fix” the problem. The problem is not with white people. The problem is with blacks. I would not even give them a chance. I would just fix the problem like a cockroach in the kitchen. I would step on it!

What I don’t understand is when white women are going to wake up to black male violence? Check out the violence on other blogs such as New Nation News! It is replete with white women beaten, raped and robbed by their “black boyfriends.” Still…the white women continue to go with these animals! Are they not reading the news? Are their heads THAT far up their asses?

I am a “Walking Dead” fan and watched the new “Fear the Walking Dead” last Sunday. Sure enough…a white girl in the show had a BLACK boyfriend exchanging kisses and so forth. They were talking like a white girl with a white man. The writers love to include blacks as heroes and as people who care, and STUPID ASS white women believe this goddamned bullshit! Why can’t they show white people as they are…as the heroes? People like medic bear helped people; yet the white person is demonized by the press. As I remember, the blacks did nothing but complained with outstretched palms saying gimmedats!

In the new storyline, I saw no reason to show an interracial couple except to further brain wash white girls to be accepting of black male n*ggers. The same ones who would rape and kill them in a heartbeat!

I think one reason that white women fall into this interracial trap is because they simply don’t watch or listen to the news. They are truly ignorant of the facts. It is with pleasure that I know that at least some of the commentators on this blog are realist women and understand the score!

In the coming race war, stand up and fight. I have dwelt and fought blacks; they are cowards and will run away even if you are smaller than them. They are true cowards.

By the way, PK, being a new dad will mean you will probably have to do many shorter pieces. Here is the good news, with negroes you will NEVER have a shortage of writing material. I guarantee that in the next day or two, something more earth shattering than what has just happened with the reporters in Virginia will happen.

Anonymous said...

Houston Mayor Bill White welcomed 150,000 of these savages, while the rest of the state took in another 100,000 combined. In addition, White arranged for 10,000 rent-free apartments for one year, utilities included. FEMA was supposed to pay for them, but don't know if they ever did.

The 9th Ward scumbags just moved their operations into middle-class apartment complexes and the gang murders started right away.

Even the "upper class" refugees were scumbags. I lived in upscale highrise in Midtown that offered a free Internet cafe with about 8 computers.

Before Katrina, white people would go in, drink a copy of coffee, check email, and give up the computer if someone was waiting.

When the new group came, "teens" took over the computers, played hip hop on them, and when they needed to pee, had another nog "guard" the spot.

The management also offered a free, catered Sunday brunch. After the vibrants arrived, the caterer would put out a 16 X 18 pan of bacon, and one of them would dash over and take it back to his apartment before anyone could grab a crumb.

White people stopped going and the amenity was soon cancelled because of "bacon fights."

Soon, there would be 10 moving trucks exiting the place each month. I rented a house a few streets away, and would walk my dog past there.

Within a year, an upscale place with upper-middle income medical personal was totally changed.

They would stay up all hours, hooting on the Balconies and dropping beer bottles from 6 floors up. The screens on the patios on the lower floors had been cut with razor blades. Laundry hung from railings.

Finally, management started issuing eviction notices if the rent was 5 days late, and they would evict people rather than let them pay.

One of my white former neighbors told me they tried to evict him, and he had to go to eviction court to keep them from throwing him out. Because he fought it, they finally agreed to let him stay, and later admitted they were trying to get rid of the Katrina scum. They had to enforce the Draconian rules across the board to stay out of trouble.

These were well-dressed negroes with nice cars. The apartment hi-rise, which was only a few years old in 2005, never fully recovered.

They had to keep the rents low, compared to other area properties, to get anyone to move in. That of course, attracted more of the same.

I seem to recall that even Mayor White said that if another major storm hit the Gulf Coast, the "No Vacancy" sign was going up in Houston.

joshrandall said...

I didn't see it live,but that POS Wolf Blitzer exclaiming,upon looking at the dindus,"So poor,so black!!!!" Indeed.


I, too, do NO business with the negro.

On the phone, if I hear a negro tone, I hang up.

In a bank, I wait for the White teller (if there is one) and let those behind me go ahead. I act like I'm adding/reviewing my paperwork to stall.

I look for and go to only the White person at the grocery check-out.

I only ask WHITE MEN for help at Home Depot (unless the woman is young and cute. I may be a racist and sexist, but I'm not stupid nor dead yet)

I remember one of the comments that got me banned from AmRen. When somebody complained about the re-building taking to long, in NO, I made the comment: "Shut up negro, the mexicans are working as fast as they can". That and my comments about Israel being a race based nation got me kicked off AmRen.

tradcon said...

Immediately after graduating from law school in New Orleans in the early 1980s, I clerked for two years for a black federal district judge, Robert Collins, whose chambers were in the federal courthouse in downtown (on Poydras, the same street on which the Superdome is located). Clerking for a federal judge is a high-prestige job, but, because Judge Collins was black, he had a hard time getting top local law school grads (i.e., white ones selected to law review) to clerk for him (he always had one black judicial clerk and one white one). When I was hired, I was the token (only) white person on his staff (the other judicial clerk was black [she, incidentally, is now a professor at Tulane Law School, despite being at best a mediocre intellect (personally, I though she was stupid)], his assistant was black, his deputy was black, his magistrate was black, and his federal marshal was black). A few years after my clerkship, Judge Collins was convicted of taking bribes from the Orleans Parish Levee Board, was sentenced to federal prison, and was impeached by the U.S. Congress (federal judges are appointed by the President and have lifetime tenure, unless impeached). I've always wondered, ever since then, whether or not the bribes that Judge Collins took from the levee board contributed substantially to the failure of the levees a few years later. Guess I'll never know.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

St. Louis is very close to the New Madrid Fault. We will have the same or probably worse behavior out of our local vibrant population when the big earthquake hits.

Anonymous said...

In reference to Pat Boyle and Californian (I love both you guys) and the decisions that would be necessary to save a functional White nation in the US:

I fear that the nation has gone too far down the "all men are created equal" road to ever turn back. It has become part of the warp and woof of our national mythology. Every nation tends to create a myth or template by which it's actions are not simply measurable, but understandable. Without a mythos, the nation is simply an agglomeration of disparate aims and individuals, very nearly chaotic.

At one time we had a national myth of White Self-determination, a people without a King, but with a love of Reason, working at the Civilization of the continent. We were a product of the Enlightenment, and in every sense a conscious experiment in a new social order. Manifest destiny played out against a firmly entrenched idea that given any possible use of the land, the White man's would be self-evidently superior. Imagine taking a 21st century mindset about "indigenous" peoples to Washington D.C. in the 19th century to argue against Westward expansion- it would have been incomprehensible.

Likewise, we may have been a divided nation on the question of slavery, but only the most fanatical Abolitionist believed the Negro to be the White man's equal.

But somewhere along the line, during the 20th century, the National Mythos began to change. Alignment against National Socialist Germany in the second WW tended to underline and give focus to American opposition to race-based hierarchies. A good deal of internal propaganda used the fight against White Supremacist Germany to refashion our own self-image.

All through the succeeding decades, speeches, books, movies and most all cultural products drew upon this idea of America as a place where everyone is welcome, everyone gets a fair chance at happiness, and we don't believe in judging a man by his color. It all sounded really good-so good, many people have never allowed themselves to question it.

I read comments here about special restrictive laws for Negro gun ownership- it's not going to happen, and wouldn't matter if it did, as most of their guns are stolen, not purchased, the gay tv shooter from yesterday notwithstanding.

I read about dividing the US into White and black sides; I'd love it; it isn't going to happen. I read about sending them "back" to Africa, and even harsher ideas. None of these things are going to happen while this Gov stands.

What we have to realize is that the IDEA of America is so bound up with the notions of "fair and equal" treatment, that any serious move in the opposite direction would be tantamount to full-scale psychological crisis and breakdown of the National identity.

Meanwhile, on a practical level, too many Whites have absorbed the image of friendly capable blacks in their subconscious via repeated television viewing. Too many Whites have known at least one IKAGO. One of our only two political parties is fully engaged with the black cause, and the other subscribes to it in theory.

It's like this: we are the elite, here on SBPDL; we know the truth. We can't do a whole lot with the knowledge, because the entire psychological apparatus of American consciousness is aligned against us. We can look after ourselves, raise our children with the truth, and wait for a calamity on the scale of 1000 Katrinas to blow BRA down. Those of us, this generation or the next, who are on hand for that event, have a chance to create a new Myth, a new nation; a White one.


The aquital of Randall Kerrick: It was 8 to 4 for "not guilty". I would love to know the RACE of those voting and especially those who want him guilty.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate their service, and yours. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That was excellent.

Anonymous said...


I posted the Anon post August 28, 2015 at 1:03 PM

Should have mentioned-the 'groid woman pictured hollering was in New Orleans-it was 2 weeks after Katrina, long after any danger, but she saw a camera (or they saw her and asked her to pose). Anyway, I failed to mention the creature was in New Orleans. Sorry.

Hey remember when Jessuh Jerkoff said a shelter in N.O. back during Katrina looked like the "hull of a slave ship" What the stupid coon was trying to say was, no doubt, the "HOLD" of a slave ship-he was too stupid (and the comparison was BS in the first place) That's one of their "elite" too. My God.

Anonymous said...

I never knew all that, thank you. I knew bits and pieces, but hadn't seen an account of Nagin and his role that detailed before. Commenters like you make SBPDL an invaluable resource.

Anonymous said...

Desert Eagles too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you grow up in an environment where the only alternative to not working is not eating, you'll probably be a hard worker. We need to apply some of that to our blacks.

Michigan Jim said...

"The birth of "Aybah poda hep!"
Well, maybe not the birth, but certainly the high water mark (so to speak)

Anonymous said...

I saw a thought experiment someone did to calculate how long it would take to deport all blacks to Africa using a large number of fully-loaded ocean liners (don't remember the exact number, but it was big). It turned out to be 35 years.

Anonymous said...

I still remember when they were named only after women. As they should be. I'm getting old.

PB said...

"Compare Ray Nagin to Rudy Guiliani after 9/11 and you'll see what I mean."

And both had plenty of advance warning.

Anonymous said...

Some of the cops were sued for that. A motorcycle cop from California (!) was sued and might even have been fired for confiscating a woman's pistol.

nokangaroos said...

What I remember the sharpest was the story of the USS Bataan. For those not familiar, a USMC "landing ship" is the mother ship for a Marine Amphibious Unit i.e. an assault brigade. Supplies, helicopters, hospital and heavy equipment. In other words, the wet dream of a FEMA officer.
They were returning from an exercise in Latin America and the captain decided to go in immediately behind the storm. Eight hours after Katrina´s landfall, (not a mean feat considering the first land-based forces took three days) the Bataan was in position and started rescue operations.

The captain should have received a medal. Instead, she was reprimanded (yes, SHE .. giving new meaning to "mother ship";b)

Anonymous said...

My indelible impression of Katrina was of uniformed, armed, Order Followers going house to house...even in high and dry affluent areas, and forcibly disarming White residents. The pummeling of the old White lady by a beefy White cop is unforgettable.
The video of the White young men sitting calmly, handcuffed behind their backs, on the curb out in front of, no doubt, their parent's Neo-Classical well kept home was vivid and a harbinger of future totalitarian suppression when The House Of Cards collapses.

tradcon said...

I've been reading here from almost the very beginning and I must say that the quality of comments has steadily improved and recently has improved dramatically. That said, however, I must vigorously dispute those comments that suggest that we are on the verge of some radical change regarding BRA and our relationship with the SIMBAs. We race realists are an excruciatingly tiny minority of primarily white people, who do not control any of the powerful institutions that dominate this country. No one knows when things will change significantly and what event or events may precipitate the radical changes that we routinely speculate about here. Our country was, and in some respects still is, an extraordinarily wealthy and powerful nation, which, because of its legacy wealth and power, can continue its slow downward spiral for a long, long time into the future before reaching any kind of existential financial crisis. Personally, I believe that an existential financial crisis simply won't (indeed can't) occur until foreigners decide to no longer purchase our federal government/agency bonds, which I think must inevitably lead to a currency crisis. Only then will the federal government no longer be able to borrow enough money to fund our endless annual deficits and pay the interest debt service on the $18 trillion existing federal debt. There is zero evidence that that is happening right now (even though China is currently selling a large chunk of their cache of our bonds in order to enable them to defend their recent devaluation of the renminbi/yuan against the dollar), nor is there any evidence that that is likely to happen any time soon (federal government bonds are still considered the safest investment in the world). Someday, such a creditor strike seems likely and the consequences will be financially catastrophic. But until that day arrives, and it seems like a long ways off, the EBT cards will never fail for any considerable period of time. The only other alternative I can see would be for a white revolution and separation, but the numbers just aren't there, not by a long shot. Yet, I still pay, to quote Thomas Paine: "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may know peace." God bless all of you race realists and may your children or grandchildren finally know racial peace some day.

tradcon said...

To anonymous at 2:22 p.m., there was only one black man on the Kerrick jury and he, of course, was one of the four voting for a guilty verdict. The foreman was a white man and voted not guilty. I've seen no information about the rest of the jury, except for the usual local members of the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) and black family members complaining about the "lack of diversity" on the jury, which means the rest were likely white. It should be noted that the jury in the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial was all female and almost entirely white (one non-white, but not black, juror), and, despite the evidence being overwhelmingly in complete legal support of Zimmerman, three of the white lady jurors initially voted to find Zimmerman guilty of murder (one vote) or manslaughter (two votes), but later changed their votes leading to his acquittal on all charges. Based on the foregoing, I'd wager that the other three guilty votes in the Kerrick jury were from white female jurors.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching the news. The negroes from NO were given, (yes, given) credit cards to use to get themselves a motel room, food and clothing.
Well, being africans, it must have been more important to take the credit card and amuse themselves at local men's clubs. No ability to think beyond the present.
I also recall seeing an overweight welfare queen bitching about having to live in a fema trailer. It was not just that she was bitching, it was her attitude. She was expecting so much more than a trailer to live in, and of course, someone else (yt) to provide it. As an avid RV'er, I hoped she had to spend the rest of her life in a mosquito infested swamp in a tent. F**k her!


Anonymous said...

Negroes stick around YT because of all the gibs programs. Cut these damn things and the orcs will head out for fresh pastures.

It's like leaving a light on in your open window and complaining about moth infestations at night... turn the light off!!

Anonymous said...

"The birth of "Aybah poda hep!"
Well, maybe not the birth, but certainly the high water mark (so to speak)


Anonymous said...

My remembrance of Katrina and N.O. was all of the above combined with a little-mentioned story about a black congresscritter named William Jefferson. Seems that after the storm, ole Willie was SO concerned about his constituents in the city, that he commandeered a few National Guardsmen and a big truck to ostensibly "check out his district." Seems rather odd they ended up at his residence. The home wasn't flooded so Willie went inside *ALONE* and came back out shortly with a suitcase and a few other items. During all this, the truck got stuck and needed another truck to pull them out, and a helicopter was diverted to them thinking they needed rescue assistance. Ole Willie wouldn't take any blame or show remorse for sucking up valuable resources that were needed elsewhere. See, he REALLY needed to get those things out of his house.

Later years would have ole Willie get burned in a government sting for accepting bribes. The final proof was finding $90,000 cash in his freezer at his DC residence. Henceforth, he became known as "Cold Cash" Jefferson and was sentenced (in 2009) to 13 years in the pokey. No one really knows for sure but speculation was that Cold Cash had money in that suitcase he brought out of the house in New Orleans. As an aside, to show how screwed up many black voters are, he won re-election over a black female Republican in 2006 despite the allegations against him. So just like disgraced former DC mayor Marion Barry and impeached/convicted federal judge Alcee Hastings, blacks show their tribal tendencies to vote for the big chief who shares their skin color rather than exhibit civilized behavior by shunning these corrupt criminal cretins out of the public spotlight.

Anonymous said...

Bacon gone wrong:

White people stopped going and the amenity was soon cancelled because of "bacon fights."

BRA = Breakfast Rioting Africans

Anonymous said...

I was in the California National Guard way back when. My company was called up for an emergency operation in Palm Springs to deal with a flood. Nobody was shot at, no Lord of the Flies mayhem, and when it was all over, the residents held a barbeque for the rescue workers. Of course, most of the people there were white.

Same planet, different worlds.

Jim Davis said...

What I remember most from Katrina: my complete lack of white guilt in spite of being told constantly by the media how badly I should have been feeling for all of the feral swine who were murdering, raping and pillaging in the Super Dome and looting the surrounding areas.

Anonymous said...

If you are trying to discuss race and black dysfunction and you aren't putting genetics at the top of your list you are just jerking yourself off. It's the only thing you should be discussing.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Would suggest all google Jared Taylor's 2005 essay on Katrina titled "Africa In Our Midst". ... Katrina was nothing compared to what's waiting in the wings.

There is an encouraging awareness arising all around lately of this reality. I visited a blog of Francis Porretto, whom I used to read about six years ago, but quit because he seemed hopeless. An intelligent man, a devout Catholic, I think, but he Knew A Good One, and wouldn't accept that a whole race could be hopeless. He had a stable of fans who also were of like mind - conservative MLK fans, so on.

Well, look at him now:

If it happens, it will be horrible beyond measure. I don’t want it to happen. I fear it greatly. More people will die than have died in all of America’s wars together. But neither my fears nor anyone else’s will prevent it. Only a massive outbreak of good sense among American Negroes, most especially the willingness and determination to discipline their own and accept the verdicts of the judicial system when that discipline fails, can stave off the racial cleansing of the United States

Read the comments.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Let's DEMAND that hurricane names include many negro names; they are truly the destructive forces amongst us.

That won't work. Hurricanes are named in alphabetic sequence, one name per initial letter. After you've used one De- and one La-, what's left?

Anonymous said...

Tennessee--WR Pig Howard suspended for the season opener due to a violation of team rules....There you go,another negro name to the list.

Anonymous said...

For the poster who compared Nagin to Giuliani. That's not fair, Giuliani had years to prepare but Nagin only had a week.

Virginian said...

I recall a story that I heard sometime after Katrina about a NZ? couple who were staying at a hotel in NO during the storm. They were beaten and she was gang raped while in the hotel. The attackers were "diverse" employees of the hotel. It could be an urban legend, but I don't doubt it happened. The chaos allowed them the opportunity to release the inner jungle chimp

Anonymous said...

Wrong hood bitch!

Swap the races and this would be the lead story everywhere.

D-FENS said...

This is getting too depressing. Who's ready for some FOOTBALL? I'm certainly way overdue to watch my favorite sports heroes battle it out on the TeeVee.

Medic Bear said...

Not that I expected any, but I recieved ONE thank you from a Black I helped. Whites and Latinos 90% of the time. In fact, the ingrates acted like I personally owed them somehow. And were rude, abusive and hostile.

One funny story: some hoochie mama hooker-looking teenager showed me a cut saying "I need da sewing" (I am not kidding, it took my brain a few seconds to translate). I looked and said "No, we'll clean and bandage it and it'll be fine." She and her momma both say - in tandem - "If we wuz White you'd sew it" like hey rehearsed. I replied, "No, actually, I wouldn't" stood up, took off my gloves and said "Next" to the nurse.

Medic Bear said...

'Love it ! Well said !

unknown google profile said...

Fortunately the riots will spread no farther south than hwy 141.

Anonymous said...

I remember they had a black mayor and democrats firmly in power for generations yet still blamed George Bush for the disaster.

They even claimed Bush blew up the dams to cause the flooding.

These blacks are seriously stupid. Remember, in america their average IQ is 80! That means about HALF of them have IQs BELOW 80!

It shows. It really shows.

Mr. Rational said...

I am a “Walking Dead” fan and watched the new “Fear the Walking Dead” last Sunday.

You won't Kill Your Television, so you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, sorry, but needs mentioning.
That Shaun King who is white but claimed to be black then claimed bi-racial, and was part of black lives matter.
He is ripping off tons of money through fake non profits. His web of lies and fake charities need to be exposed. He needs to be in jail. I read he has ripped of close to two hundred thousand dollars and counting. If he really were black it would be a really good example of a Black taking advantage of other blacks. He isn't using guns to rob, but he is robbing people for his selfish purposes. Many people were depending on some of that money. He is a POS.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . we know the truth. We can't do a whole lot with the knowledge, because the entire psychological apparatus of American consciousness is aligned against us. We can look after ourselves, raise our children with the truth, and wait for a calamity on the scale of 1000 Katrinas to blow BRA down. Those of us, this generation or the next, who are on hand for that event, have a chance to create a new Myth, a new nation; a White one.”

I would agree that adopting racially based laws such as special restrictive laws for negro gun ownership and special areas designated for blacks will not happen while our current government stands. However, it doesn't seem necessary or prudent to enact such laws. Once we have special restrictive laws and places for blacks the door will be open for special laws and places for any class that is recognized as undesirable by the class in charge.

A large part of our problem is due to our shift from a rational view that every citizen is entitled to an equal opportunity to the irrational view that every person is entitled to the same outcome. If our country was truly colorblind, the problem of black undertow would almost solve itself. The blind application of our existing laws to all races along with an expectation that all persons should be rewarded based on merit without consideration for race would substantially reduce the undertow load. A wonderful thing about a return to sanity is that the necessary changes would be Constitutional.

Some will say that a return to sanity is impossible while our current government stands, but I don't believe that is necessarily true. The current framework of our government will tolerate sanity because it is the same framework that was in place prior to our foray into insanity. We arrived at our current state of affairs without an existential catastrophe, and it seems reasonable that we can make the necessary positive changes while avoiding a catastrophe. Of course the return to sanity will be tumultuous because blacks and their supporters will violently react to any reduction in gibmedats and increase in incarceration, but once the general population accepts the notion that everyone should be treated fairly rather than preferentially, the blacks will either become more self sufficient and law abiding or they will disappear. If the unnatural man-made phenomenon of preferential treatment based on race is removed from the equation Mother Nature will improve the quality of all races.

I can accept allowing a black to become an astronaut, engineer, or doctor so long as it does so without preferential treatment and based on actual skill and knowledge. Having expressed my acceptance of hypothetical qualified blacks, I don't expect to see many black professionals. Merit based achievement will inevitably result in a disproportionately large number of black basketball players as well as a disproportionately small number of black engineers. It is unfortunate that the attributes possessed by blacks aren't suited for advanced civilized societies, but it isn't the moral or legal responsibility of whites to sacrifice their own health and happiness to support the proliferation blacks who cannot function on their own.

I see the recent discussion on immigration as a positive sign that things can change. Mere weeks ago PC would have crushed the careers and lives of anyone making the statements regarding immigration being made by several of our presidential candidates. After a few more Fergusons, Baltimores, and Katrinas more people will be able to actually say the cause of the problem aloud thus weakening the stranglehold that PC has on our population. Once it becomes okay to talk about the obvious it will become easier to address the problem. While we are waiting for an existential catastrophe we need to keep doing our best to steer the ship in the correct direction and produce white babies as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...

If Donald Trump doesnt adopt this as his vision statement he may be missing an opportunity...

My testimony......
I am a American white male,
I am sick of what non-Americans and the waste that is deteriating our moral fabric,
I will defend my God given rights that our forefathers have engraved in my soul until my last breath, I will never, I repeat, never give in to the social injustice that has taken hold of this great nation since the election of 2008, I will die a free man and never regret a word I've stated because I believe in the power of the true and everlasting God and father of my Lord Jesus Christ, may you all respect my beliefs as I respect yours. America will BE GREAT AGAIN!!

I love this guy!

Anonymous said...

I would not believe what I am reading but I was here for Hurricane Sandy and saw/heard the dark animals come out of the Projects right after the hurricane ended to take apart a local McDonald's with crowbars and hammers. They stripped the place to the studs. why? Then they waited in groups of 50 to loot homes but were afraid to go on the streets where they thought cops or firemen lived, due to them having guns, weapons and wherewithal to not put up w/ their violence.

They looted stores then went around in waist high water trying to sell things they robbed. animals. Gunshots when there was no electricity at night. In the meantime every white person was helping out, breaking their backs. the majority of blacks were acting like complete and utter retards.

the savages proceeded to loot, terrorize and act like complete and utter assholes. then turn around with their paws out for major FEMA and other government benefits. Whites, not knowing how to milk the system got nothing. The whites have pride. There is an Indian landlady who made it her job to get every single cash card, cases of water, garden shovels, (she has not garden) garden tools to sell.

then to watch a real white skank, with a black boyfriend who was on parole/probation wtf use her FEMA money to support him and she went on to be the queen of scam. Three children by three different fathers. She stole a tractor trailer full of new nikes. sold appliances that were donated to hurricane survivors, gift cards, what ever she could get her hands on.

If I am talking about MY EXPERIENCE and there are blacks near by they start staring at me giving me the evil eye. I don't say any race but they know I am talking about black garbage. They start making faces and sometimes interject all angry because I am speaking the truth. These animals destroyed hundreds of business and now control Build it Back, NYC's rebuilding program. where yup, they do no work and complain about white home owners.

I live in a place where unfortunately I learned after the fact that blacks were relocated to. which means I am living in a building with the looters.

These animals were looting people sleeping in the dark at gun point. Everything that happened during Katrina happened with Hurricane Sandy. It was all dumb downed in the press.

The very last place you want to be during any disaster is with large groups of blacks. They freak out because they are used to being controlled, having strong authority figures and being able to get what they want via threats of violence. After all the riots, blacks were given things, money, jobs, college grants, etc. . A very strange group dynamic. I've seen it happen in college classroom's too

Anonymous said...

I also lived in Vegas during Katrina and all the hotels have these people jobs and the quality of the fabulous LV Strip went downhill. I am so happy to no longer live there

Anonymous said...

That alone is a sombering thing if true. I do believe we are now stuck with orcs. Smart people move away them. But the orcs always follow if they can. If people do not want to be around a certain type, why is that viewed as wrong? But how in the hell is right to force orcs on people whom don't want them around?? Seems backassward to me!!! If blacks are in an area and don't Want YT there why in the hell would you go??? I don't want to hear them, see them or be around them! Shit, I hate even seeing the affirmative action commercial with the orcs appearing as the smarter race and Humans as the dumb one. Thanks goes to older generations for allowing so much for people that care so little about us.

Anonymous said...

1. Re New Orleans & Katrina, I recall how shocked I was to realize that the U.S. had become ... Brazil, or some other third-world h#llh0le. Now, today, we ALL know it, Ann Coulter's even written a book about it, but - - prior to Katrina and the Superdome - - I had always thought any "third-world-ness" inside the U.S., was rare and very limited, geographically.

2. Slightly off-topic, but ... "Beware of Internet Posters Bearing Oh-So-Sincere Questions".

That's a ... uhhh ... "socialist-communist" or "Progressive" ruse to draw you out further and then try to come back and slice-and-dice you, or hurl the usual "Racist! Homophobe! Xenophobe!" accusation collection at you.

Below is an example from this very thread; and I write this because - - a little earlier tonight - - I was on Breitbart and got the exact same kind of query from some other (socialist-communist / Obama-Pajama-Boy) poster. When I saw it here, too (from a completely different poster, of course), it became clear that this is the Left's new trolling tactic, just like "Cite Please?" "Source Please?" is a very common left-wing troll tactic.

Putting it another way, anyone who's "awake", doesn't need to even ASK...

"Gee, given your description of the ape-like and jungle-like conditions, do you have any thoughts as to why African-Americans might have been acting in ways dissimilar to how we might act ... ? blah-blah-blah ... ".


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Californian said...

Medic Bear: thanks for the up-front account of the Super Dome.

Do you have any thoughts on the motivations (or lack thereof) on the part of the blacks who were creating the mayhem? What would you recommend doing about similar situations in the future?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

C504 said...

Locally famous singer Charmaine Neville said she was raped (by her people) during the aftermath of the storm.
Not sure if this incident had any bearing on the fact that her cousin Arthel now works for FOX News...

My dad told me of seeing blacks with assault rifles in a rowboat paddling off with TVs from his mostly-white neighborhood. (To give an example of the kind of upstanding residents of this neighborhood, one of the residents was the creator of the legendary Higgins Boat, which is credited by many as singlehandedly enabling the Allies to win WWII.)

And stories abounded in the local news about how Hispanic immigrant workers, who came in to score construction jobs, were regularly robbed on Fridays (payday) by NOLA blacks who figured out that Hispanics would be walking around with fat wads of cash on that day of the week, since they were almost exclusively paid in cash.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...I did not know that in an emergency that the police will disarm people legally trying to protect their property.I believe that some store owners were armed in Ferguson. When do police disarm legal gun holders? If filmed doing it, can the policemen be later fired for robbing the citizens and have his pension taken away? Or is stealing by policemen OK in an emergency?Will the policemen steal other types of weapons?August 28, 2015 at 10:28 AM

The results of the Katrina storm have shown us that they will, so as one poster stated have an old rusty 22 ready to give them and keep the good stuff hidden. I wonder how many humans would still be alive had they been armed against the brothas? Keep your powder dry and your good firearms hidden well.

Anonymous said...

Because they're helpless children without a sliver of integrity. Just imagine if Katrina was delayed until 2015, under the watch of the great divider 'n chief? I guarantee he'd force any whites in the vicinity to provide food, clothing and shelter to a whole pack of Orcs, and would jail you if you said no.

Anonymous said...

All good points however, you're wasting your breath talking about control when dealing with blacks. They will acquire them as easily as crack cocaine, regardless of any restrictions put in place. In fact, bringing such legislation would be utterely pointless now that most states have abolished any 'stop and frisk' policy that was essential in fighting black crime. If anything this latest shooting has taught us, is that no matter how much gun control is put in place, people hell bent on causing violence will acquire them, legally or not. People are getting sick and tired with this red herring when dealing with blacks, especially now that the leftist media is only focusing on the gun instead of the shooter. The NRA might have provided this guy with a weapon however, it was the BGI, msm and this anti white driven administration that gave him the ammunition.


You will be able to stop "guns" when you stop meth, crack, weed, etc.

Any and all of us can get, one way another, any drug we want most likely in 60 minutes or less. So, with that in mind, how is any ahole going to pass any law that prevents gun?

Those who bring in the massive amount of drugs will just bring in guns.

Those who make meth will just make guns (they are not that difficult).

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank anon @ August 28, 2015 at 9:49 PM for his response to my original post. You make some good points; and while I suspect you are a bit more optimistic than I am about the possibility of gradual change for the good getting us back to where we need to be, I share your desire for same.

Thanks for your intelligent response!

Anonymous said...

Earlier in this thread someone posted a link to a clip of a White girl getting kicked and stomped on by a black female and a black male...the male kept repeating "wrong hood bitch, wrong hood bitch, wrong hood bitch". we now have blacks enforcing SEGREGATION, not protesting it. This White girl was standing outside a convenience store (have you noticed how much mayhem occurs around these at night?). I have no idea what she was doing there.

Now, imagine if the network news shows played this clip over and over in their broadcasts. Imagine the awakening this one clip could do if treated as NEWS, instead of being ghettoized in the depths of the 'net.

This clip and other "you on our turf", "you in our hood" videos should be collected as part of a new drive for segregation. Let's kill the old rubric about blacks marching to end segregation....the blacks are practicing segregation by beating and killing White people over TERRITORIAL issues. If that isn't a return to segregation, what qualifies?

How about an "okay, we'll stay out of your 'hood', you stay out of ours" arrangement? If the video mentioned above had the races reversed, the DOJ would be on scene asap, and you all know it.

PK, you have a public megaphone here. How about creating a special archive of clips and stories like this? At some point, when a goodly number have been well-documented, publish about blacks enforcing no-go zones for Whites, and play-up the "return to segregation by black demand" angle. How could D.C. fight it if it's actually what the blacks want?

riptapart said...

Believe me, I am not one to defend Republican Socialist Part President George W. Bush. In the Katrina matter though, I will. It was not George Bush's fault. Disaster relief, or Federal Aide begins at the local level. And that is where the incompetence came from. Of course the media wanted to use it to show dat duh white gubmint don't be kerrin bout duh po niggas an sheet. Nomesayin. Jooje Bush wuts been causin all dat rapin an muuderin an sheet.

MrNatural said...

Negroes can be controlled and will do just fine when supplied with proper discipline and good hard work.

During slavery, negroes were held is some esteem because they provided a needed service in our society. Once given their freedom that esteem rapidly faded. After the civil rights movement, they were relieved of any work requirement and their social structure, what little there was, entirely disintegrated. Now that negroes have all their basic needs provided for and are left with nothing to do but eat and breed they have become a seething menace to a productive society with little, if any, redeeming value. Simply put, the negro must have strict discipline, and consequences for negative actions, to function at an acceptable level. If left to his own devices, the negro will descend into chaos and destruction.

Case in point, negroes in the military. You can argue the value of the negro in comparison to other races in this situation, but overall negroes succeed in the military as compared to the civilian world. This is simply because the military is a highly structured organization with strict rules of behavior and serious consequences for infraction. This basic arrangement is understood by the negro and they respond accordingly.

Conversely, in open society, the negro has few rules and no forced discipline whatsoever. Consequently, negro culture has consistently descended under these conditions. Like young children, negroes cannot and will not represent anything more than a nuisance or threat without such a social structure to help control their more antisocial inclinations.

I do not advocate for a return to slavery per se, but a situation which places the negroes within a disciplined structure could reverse the decades of damage done to this group of allowing them to propagate and wallow in their own dysfunction.

Simple work with strict rules and clear cut consequences for misbehaving are essential to the negro and should be re-instituted immediately. Naturally, having had no such order for generations will make the introduction of any such system problematic initially. There may indeed be need of some heavy handed means upon the implementation of such policies, but I firmly believe that within a very short time all society, including the negroes, would see the benefits of such a system.

America has provided the negro with all his daily needs for half a century and negative results are everywhere plain to see, while positive results are few and far between. My grandfather always said that if you pay someone not to work, they wont, and if you pay them not to work for long enough they will never work again. I do believe that the failed policies of the past were done with a good intention toward the negroes, but it cannot be denied that, by any measure, the bad now outweighs the good.

By the way, during the slavery era, a typical slave owner paid approximately $40,000 per slave in todays money when adjusted for inflation. Do you honestly believe that having paid so much for a worker that anyone would intentionally and/or arbitrarily inflict injury upon this considerable investment??? It defies logic. Certainly any misbehavior carried consequences and the greater infraction carried the greater consequence. Negroes understand this system and serious infractions were, therefore, relatively rare.

Negroes need rules and consequences. Look around you and witness what fifty years of unbridled freedom has done to destroy the negroes. I dont believe the very few negroes that have succeeded in our society could deny that the vast majority of negroes are benefiting from the derelict and sloth lifestyles.

over and out

riptapart said...

Well I don't believe in any deity as depicted by us humans but I surely respect your right to believe AND EXPRESS those beliefs. Also I do not believe those injustices began in 2008. Rather, 2008 was the culmination of many injustices that began decades ago. The greatest of those injustices, and the beginning of what transpired in 2008, being the taking by force of our Freedom Of Association. I see that as being the day we became a nation, not of individuals, rather ward's of the state. And anyone who went along with it at the time, no matter how warm and fuzzy and Nobel it made one feel, he/she is guilty of selling our souls to the devil.

riptapart said...

Oddly, I remember Black Miss Piggy, Oprah, showing up at the Dome and speaking out foh huh peeplez, dat she be appawed dat dere be nobodiez heppin duh black folk.

Anonymous said...

Have we all forgotten about the levees? Levees that should have been replaced years before Katrina hit? I mean, if we are going to throw the blame around, we are all to blame for that. Or, as a society, are we not obligated to insure the safety of our fellow man?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:21 PM...
Are you high ?
A couple of hundred million dollars was dumped into NOLA for upgrade work on the levees. The bad part about that is that the expenditure, the work and the inspection of the work was mishandled by Affirmative Action Hire Black civilians that comprised The Army Corps of Engineers Levee Board...that is NOT commanded by or run by The Army.
Long story, short; Blacks ruin EVERYTHING they touch.
Also, your Libtard bleating in your last sentence is ridiculous and puke making.

AZ Ray said...

"Have we all forgotten about the levees? Levees that should have been replaced years before Katrina hit? I mean, if we are going to throw the blame around, we are all to blame for that. Or, as a society, are we not obligated to insure the safety of"

Really?. So personal responsibility plays no role in this whole sordid affair?

These people where given ample warning to leave & where even provided transport out of NO. All man made systems can fail in the face of mother nature, she always wins in the end. It's what one does after our systems fail that separates us from the beast in the field.

You know, the good "people" of NO had the opportunity to show the world what they where made of. They could of stepped up to the plate & manifested courage, decency, humanity, empathy.. But you see, NO was an African city, therefore it's inhabitants had none of those "human" virtues.

The few whites who stayed showed what they where made of ( men protecting their women in the super dome). The brave & tireless helicopter crews that saved all those damned savage, ungrateful orcs!

No, Homo Africanus ALWAYS has that uncanny ability to show the rest of us of exactly the stuff it's made of!..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has said it yet. Katrina did not just hit NOLA, it hit Mississippi just as hard. Only they had white folks in charge due to a white population. They paid their insurance, boarded their houses, packed their cars and got the fuck out. There were no Ray Nagan's, no flooded busses (because niggers had stolen all the parts) no gangs, no rapes. Those evil Southerners took care of themselves and it didn't make much of a story. This is the greatest story of it all. White man and black man deal with save diversity. One finds a way to thrive, one consumes all that comes in contact with him. One is the life's blood of civilization, one is that civilizations terminal cancer.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Anon 9:49 said Some will say that a return to sanity is impossible while our current government stands, but I don't believe that is necessarily true. The current framework of our government will tolerate sanity because it is the same framework that was in place prior to our foray into insanity.

Fundamentally, it's not the same framework. What we live under now is administrative law. That is VERY different from Anglo-Saxon common law. Think about, for example, getting a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. It is almost inconceivable that someone not wearing a seatbelt could directly harm others, and yet we enforce that "law" in 49 out of 50 states. Under administrative law, means, motive, and opportunity are not needed to prove existence of a crime. Your job as a subject, not a citizen, is to obey.

We built this unjust structure of law, thinking it would apply only to blacks. Now it's hitting everyone, except those in power who are immune. For reference, see the book Three Felonies a Day, about the fact that, according to Federal "law," we each do 3 things every day that make us felons. There is no restoration of America until there is a restoration of Anglo-Saxon law; anything else just means people fighting like post-colonial Africans to gain control of the machinery of power.

Anonymous said...

He's a scumbag of the highest order. Preaching about gun control only to star in a R rated hitman movie called, you guessed it..... THE GUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Or take the Japanese who had less than an hour warning, who seemed to rise up for their fellow man after the extreme devastation of the Tsunami. It was reported that many personal hone safes were returned to their rightful owners.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Houston, Texas for a short time just after Katrina. It was like living in hell--crime non-stop.

One day I was at the dentist and was a bit early so I struck up a conversation with a guy who was waiting with me in the lobby. Turns out, he was a veteran Houston police officer and we started talking about the crime epidemic that was overwhelming Houston. The cop told me it wasn't always like this in Houston. He said that the root of the problem was the fact that politicians bused in hundreds of "Katrina victims" who were shown in the media as wonderful, grateful refugees and gee, weren't we Houstonians the greatest people on earth for taking them in. Anyway, the reality, the cop explained,was that this influx of "refugees" had a large number of drug dealing gang members in the mix, and they were at war with the drug dealers who were already living in Houston. He told me to my face that the only hope Houston had was if the gang bangers managed to kill each other off. He also told me if I didn't have a gun, to get one because I'd probably need it. Around this time, I saw all these happy newscasts about how Houston officials had organized an enormous job fair for these hapless victims--and that if we offered these people jobs, all would be well. When I mentioned this to the cop,he laughed! He informed me that the opening day of the job fair, NO ONE, not one single person, showed up. They didn't want jobs,obviously. He said it was so bad, and so embarrassing to organizers, that the city started sending buses out to collect these "refugees," forcing them to go to the job fair. I have no idea how many actually got a job, but color me skeptical.

Over the next month, my car was broken into five times by crackheads who would bust my windshield just to get a quarter I'd stupidly left on the front seat. Then a girl was raped in her apartment just a few doors down. Then a 15 YO girl was stabbed in the spine over some useless gang bullshit (she'd never walk again) at a park where I took my dog most nights. On another day, one of the guys I worked with came in late, complaining someone had stolen all four tires off his new truck (something I didn't even know was possible). I would walk to work past a Jr High school, and had to step over the same dirty, used syringe for nearly a week straight. I noticed almost everyone in my neighborhood(Montrose)had iron fences around their properties and many had very vicious guard dogs. Eventually it got through my thick skull that humans were not meant to live around this element, and I got out of there. It was like living in a giant prison.

Having experienced these things firsthand, it made my blood boil every time I turned on the TV only to find some phony white liberal reporter talking about these Katrina sweetie pies and their plight. There wasn't an honest word ever uttered on the subject, but Houston residents knew the score. Hence the guns, iron fences, burglar alarm signs on every lawn, and general feeling of mistrust generated by these upstanding, wonderful Katrina people. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

The happiest day of my life was when I saw Houston in my rear view mirror for the last time.

Anonymous said...

My most enduring memory is of a black woman that was running from a Walgreen's that was being looted. She was clutching what appeared to be a package of maxi-pads and she had this look of utter shame on her face that she was stealing.

Alexandra said...


archeokahuna said...

Paul, you are missing a golden opportunity to compare the aftermath of Katrina with the aftermath of Fukushima. After Fukushima, NOT ONE SINGLE INCIDENT of looting occurred. Anywhere in Japan. NOT ONE. I suppose this could be explained away by saying the Japanese haven't had to endure slavery or centuries of racist oppression at the hands of white men. Yeah, I guess that explains it. Except for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And WWII interment camps.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, a black congresswoman actual made that argument, and she was dead serious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:05:

I went to school in Houston and also had a part time job in a place right near Montrose. I lived in an apartment near a college there (Had a Catholic sounding name for it, like St. Joseph College)

Anyway, Houston back then was a blast. Fun, exciting and I both walked and drove all over the place and had great food in the Montrose District (yep, gay as hell but those guys know how to run a restaurant) Remember "Rainbow Lodge Restaurant"?

Anonymous said...

OT - More good news.

hondo said...

And when the next big natural disaster strikes, like a big earthquake on the west coast .... sit back and watch. It will be an Eloi buffet.