Wednesday, August 26, 2015

President Obama, will you be singing "Amazing Grace" at the Funerals of Alison Parker and Adam Ward?

Some race-based executions are more equal than others, right President Obama?

One of the most chilling photos you'll ever see, made all the more frightening it's a still from a video of a black-on-white execution
Welcome to America, 2015... a nation teetering on the verge of the Raw EcaR.


Dr. Marc Lamont Hill said...

You can see in the video that the guy with a gun has an white hand. This is a frame job by white supremacy in the goverment.

Anonymous said...

Already being trolled at FN.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that whites are assaulted, murdered and mutilated by the negro multiple times a day, every day of the year. Many of these genocidal incidents are much more horrific and vicious than this one. The silence is usually deafening by the media with barely a news report blip on their telecast or buried on page 27 in the paper. However, when it's one of their own 'crusaders of justice', this event is a 'holocaust' of mega proportions and covered 24-7.
I'd say to hell with the media but I doubt hell wants them either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"If there IS a God, I truly wonder, every second of the day now, why He created these useless, vicious, barely sentient beasts who are a blight on this planet."


As I've joked before, God should have never taken that rest on the seventh day. He should have finished the job and made the negroes just like the rest of us non-blacks.

And for those of you who've been timid and silent outside of your own homes, the time has now come for you to "come out" and use your voice as your sword.

Be Vocal, Be Bold, Be Fearless.

We need you now more than ever.

No longer be silent. You don't need to be afraid any longer. Speak what's on your mind openly and assertively. You are not alone.

Your courage to speak your mind will give others the courage to speak out openly as well.

Philadelphia Mike

Dan said...

Don't hire them. Then they can't go postal when you must fire them.

Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Passing through Indianapolis for work and saw something weird on the news tonight.

A guy gets high on drugs, stabs his wife, steals a car, goes on a hit and run rampage through downtown Indy intentionally smashing into pedestrians, motorcyclists and other motorists. Then drives to a ghetto on the other side of town where he wrecks his car. Police have the guy in custody.

One of the local news stations spent several minutes on the story. Never once mentioned the criminal's name or showed his mugshot, as usual. His stabbed "wife" talked to reporters, but they never showed her. Just the outside of the house where they were "staying" where he stabbed her.

The reporter was a negro.

How the hell do you spend several minutes on the top local story of the day, know exactly who the guy arrested is, and never once mention his name or show his picture???

Oh, yeah. Can't have too much of THAT in a newscast, can they?


Anonymous said...

Gotta love how every time a black person was fired it was because of racism. Never because they were abrasive, entitled, unprofessional or because they sucked at the job. Never that. Racism is the only explanation.

Virginian said...

Congratulations PK. It's been awhile since I've commented but this has hit close to home, my sympathies to these families. Another day, another act of violence carried out by a subspecies that is incompatible with first world civilization.

Anonymous said...

Of course he won't be there. They're neither black or criminals.


Anonymous said...

Obama is black and THAT is how he sings 'Amazing Grace'? Most old white guys could have sung it with more "soul". I guess that is what happens when you're half white and raised entirely by the white side of your family (and give the black side all of the credit).

Anonymous said...

I have a half-interest in a 20+ employee company. We have a silent policy to not hire Blacks. It has saved us so many headaches. I don't care how "IKAGO" they are. Give me all White rednecks before I risk a "Dindu".

Anonymous said...

'White wounding' continues. The only reason this even made it to the national news is because of the whole Budd Dwyer angle.

Tomorrow these two will be forgotten just like all the thousands of others. And we will continue to quietly blog down here in the sewers of the internet. And that's it.

Anonymous said...

What has to be said here that has not already been said a hundred times?

When a white person commits crime against black, the headlines scream "WHITE" as in:


As opposed to:


And of course the WHITE shooter gets blamed, but when the shooter is black the GUN is blamed.

Can we race realists SERIOUSLY be the only ones who see this!?

I gave up on getting News from anywhere on television, radio, or newspapers about 17 years ago. Negro fatigue was about 80% of the reason why I decided to ignore the media as best I can. The blatent anti-white negro worship and coddling is just fucking disgusting.

And how much wouod you bet the 2 white humans that were shot by the homosexual negro this morning would have been SHOCKED AND OFFENDED by you if they heard you say "THE N WORD!" (GASP!) when discussing crime and violence issues. These "journalists" would have used every resource they had to brand you as a "RACIST!" And see to it that you lost your career, your neighbors would shun you, and your name would be MUD.

But I still do feel sorrow for white lives lost.

Even if they were liberal negro-coddlers and brainwashed negro-worshippers they were still white humans.

RIP liberal media scum. You were too dumb to understand how wrong you were, but I still mourn for you as a fellow White man.

Anonymous said...

"I'd say to hell with the media but I doubt hell wants them either."

Good one.

Anonymous said...


What did Orwell warn of?


Rebel here.

Passing through Indianapolis for work and saw something weird on the news tonight.

A guy gets high on drugs, stabs his wife, steals a car, goes on a hit and run rampage through downtown Indy intentionally smashing into pedestrians, motorcyclists and other motorists. Then drives to a ghetto on the other side of town where he wrecks his car. Police have the guy in custody.

One of the local news stations spent several minutes on the story. Never once mentioned the criminal's name or showed his mugshot, as usual. His stabbed "wife" talked to reporters, but they never showed her. Just the outside of the house where they were "staying" where he stabbed her.

The reporter was a negro.

How the hell do you spend several minutes on the top local story of the day, know exactly who the guy arrested is, and never once mention his name or show his picture???

Oh, yeah. Can't have too much of THAT in a newscast, can they?

Anonymous said...

The lesson to every employer across America.

Never, under any circumstances hire a negro.

Anonymous said...

McAuliff and H. Clinton were spouting gun control.

I watch news all day about this shooting and it was handled so differently from how the Dylan Roof shooting was handeled. The black shooter was never called a racist or terrorist, and all wondered about the thugs mental health. This black shooter was made to be an angel compared to what the media said about Roof.

It was sickening.

bubo said...

Will Huffpo, Washington Post, Salon, Gawker, Buzzfeed, Raw Story etc. take a day off of whitey bashing to honor these two victims? I highly doubt it. In fact I guarantee we will be getting the first Professor Crunk or Tahiti Jones piece about how this just proves white racism even more. What doesn't?

Fuck these bastards they are all complicit. They prod hyper emotional, low IQ blacks into the permanent YT victim mindset and back their infantile thought processes with story after story of YT hatred. They should all be made to pay.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, many must die before we accept that the black man IS NOT like the white man. They demonstrate their inability to co-exist outside of their native land, Africa, on a DAILY BASIS in every corner of the world. It's time for each of US (whites) to separate ourselves from the black man. Leave them alone and they'll do exactly what they've done to st. Louis, Detroit, DC, Memphis, Atlanta....etc. they destroy, period. If you don't allow yourself to come into contact with them, you are safe. The closer you are to them, the more likely they will act out. Funny thing is that they act against anyone....color doesn't matter. Agin, the black man only knows how to destroy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this wasn't nearly as heinous as the Omar Sheriff Thornton case in Hartford, Connecticut in 2010.

Old Omar (who eventually shot the Sheriff, which in this case, was himself) was caught stealing cases of beer from the distributor ship where he worked, and on video to boot.

Omar went home, told his white girlfriend about the racial injustice of it all, and how his white coworkers called him "nigger" and did racial pranks that would have cost them there jobs and pensions.... Funny how the invented hate crimes run though all these stories.

Omar couldn't allow the disrespect, so he went back by the office and killed 8 people, and then himself.

This latest downtrodden vibrant claimed his coworkers left a rotting watermelon in a hallway for a week to spite him.... I guess they hated negroes more than hated flies.

Anonymous said...

Another total fraud televised before a duped audience. Obama's Gun grabbers united
MSM staged fake shooting. Sure, hate the Black patsy who has been conveniently "killed", maybe. Believable because we know Black YT hatred is real and that Blacks enjoy murdering YTs. Always another event to keep racial hate burning. It's the Obama gov't agenda!
Good Ol'Jim Stone gets it outright!
August 27 2015


Read it and weep HILLARY and all the other phonies who staged this!!!!
I'm calling it - Blanks fired!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...Gotta love how every time a black person was fired it was because of racism. Never because they were abrasive, entitled, unprofessional or because they sucked at the job. Never that. Racism is the only explanation.
August 26, 2015 at 8:31 PM

Well to a negroe they can do no wrong and it is always the humans fault if a negroe suffers anything. Take a really stupid negroe give him a book of matches and tell him to look into the gas tank of a vehicle to see if there is any gas in the tank.
After the inevitable explosion, it would be the white mans fault for producing the book of matches, gasoline, vehicles...but not the fault of the stupid negroe for being so retarded as to try see how much gas was in the gas tank using a lit match.



I'm wondering how much money the Federal Gov't(O'America-Hater)will give these Whites family's that were killed on live T.V.? Remember this was "Racially Motivated" just as much as S. Carolina(Roof)was if not more! My guess is absolutely nothing! Are there any flags we can ban over this? Hmm.


Anonymous said...

In the light of PK's new kid, I have a slightly off-topic (but always on topic!) question:

How do you educate your kids about blacks?

Should you go on field trips that let your kids observe blacks in their natural habitat, and talk to your kids about what the lesson is when they're old enough to see that "The Cosby Show" is just TV and "The Last King of Scotland" is closer to reality? Do you raise them in the whitest place you can afford and use coded language to explain why some areas are safer than others? Or do you go full racist and run the risk that they won't believe you?

Mainstream society is on an anti-racist witch hunt, and all of your overt indoctrination could be undone by a single IKAGO who convinces them that their old man is crazy and the blacks are COOL.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.......I still haven't looked at the clip of the shooting. I've seen too much of this shit. It took me over a week before I finally looked at the clip of the old lady getting punched inside the church. Sometime in the late 1970's the violence was starting to get to me. A lot of times when some fuck head would get in my face I would just start to laugh. It all seemed ridiculous. I started to learn how to walk away.

Of course that didn't work when you were forced into a fight. Your backed into a wall or in a situation where you have to defend yourself. All the violence rots out your brain. There is still stuff I won't write about. To fucking gruesome.

It is the media that is trying to start a race war.

Ricky in Cali said...

The only reason we even know about this is because it was on video. Can't run away from that so they'll try their best to soften the blow with easy words

"An assailant fatally wounded a news anchorman today". Reverse the scenario and

"A White gunmen ambushed and killed an unarmed Black reporter"

The Liberal media makes me sick. If this wasn't taped it woulda been swept under the rug as usual

Anonymous said...

With Uncle Sam being degraded into a hostile retarded anti-White political gorilla -Uncle Sambo - companies are forced to hire homosimians to do White people's jobs.
I'd like to see all the attractive, intelligent, energetic, articulate, and good natured White people who were racially discriminated against for that job in order to placate Uncle Sambo and his lawyer allies.

Anonymous said...

The only thing blacks excel at is making people despise them even more.

Anonymous said...

Then they'll hit you with a huge Cibbil Rights lawsuit that might put you out of business and cost you everything you have. The solution is to repeal the unconstitutional Civil Rights act.

Anonymous said...

Props for watching that. I can't even bring myself to watch his press conferences any more. The sound of his voice and the sight of his face make me nauseous. It's to the point now that if I even glimpse a photo of him in an Internet news story, I quickly scroll down past it while turning my head away so I don't have to look at his idiotic face.

God what a piece of shit he is.

Anonymous said...

Things are changing. Be patient for a little longer.

NY Girl said...

The story on the MSN homepage only has seven comments, but pretty much all of them refer to the shooter as a Black racist POS, while noting that the story doesn't even mention race. All note, correctly, that if this was a white-on-black crime, the headlines would be screaming it. Keep plugging away at the ECAR RAW, Orcs, more white people are waking up every day!

Anonymous said...

Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams murdered Alison Parker and Adam Ward on a live local television news broadcast. Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams was a large gay black man and overall paranoid troublemaker at every television news workplace that had ever had the misfortune of his presence therein. (He filed a number of race-related law suits against former employers of his.)

For over 50 years, many blacks just like Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams have been indoctrinated over, and over, and over again, largely by the American "news" media, along with our academic institutions also, to act upon imaginary grievances for which white folks such as me and you other readers of SBPDL, can never atone for. Put a black in front of a liberal white suck-ass "journalist" standing beside a cameraman, and with microphone in hand, that same racially-indifferent black will suddenly perform, on cue, in the role of a deeply concerned and conscientious black racial activist/agitator. That is what we have now as an end result of that 50-year "get whitey" indoctrination campaign.

Of course these murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams do not qualify as hate crimes in the eyes of our white liberal brethren in the American "news" media and elsewhere. (They all just want to talk about the "need" for more gun control instead, even though Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams passed a background check to purchase his Glock 19 murder weapon.) Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams actually called for a race war and mentioned Dylan Roof in his rambling and ranting 27-page manifesto though, but white liberals will just ignore that inconvenient fact, of course.

Just imagine what the reaction from white liberals would be if a deranged white man who is also Christian, heterosexual, Southern-born-and-raised, and wearing a Confederate flag shirt at the time, had taken out a black news crew doing a local live TV broadcast. We would be then hearing nonstop about what a hate crime it was from the get go from all of those same white liberals. In the case of Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams, a deranged gay black man, I guess his shooting of three innocent and unarmed white people was a love crime instead, according to the white liberals, that is, right?

What in the Hell is it going to take for all of these brain dead, black athlete and black celebrity loving, white liberals to wake up?

Anonymous said...

Popcorn .

Anonymous said...

If our country does not pull it's balls out of the crack. Imagine 20 years from now all of the indoctrination nation all grown up. Microchipped. Saluting like a nazi. Shudder.

Anonymous said...

I've interviewed many a negro for job positions and never once for a moment considered hiring any of them. Some were actually well dressed, respectable and on the surface seemingly qualified for the job. However, I did not want the baggage that goes with them which other managers at the work place were forced to carry.
When a white supervisor gives a negro constructive critique regarding job performance, all they see and hear is 'Massa' standing over them with a bullwhip. Subsequently, a scolding delivered to the manager in HR is inevitable. No thanks......

Anonymous said...

Here in metro Detroit this story was given a whopping 4 minutes on the news last night. When the shooting in the church in Charleston happened they gave it about 15 minutes of a 30 minute newscast.

Anonymous said...

The IKAGO is simply more practiced in hiding its true nature.
When pressed, without exception it will revert to its primitive form.

chattanooga gal said...

I think the guy had also been fired previously at a station in florida- claimed they were racist, too.

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to the white families and friends of the deceased, also to the poor woman now hospitalized. Another worthless negro doing what he does best. Besides being a victim of black-on-white crime, I worked around them in DC and know about their little games. Yestereday I was listening to CNN at a local bar and noticed of all the reasons the reporters gave for the murder, nothing at all was said about this fat jerk being jealous and hating white people. How much you want to bet he made a play for that lovely blonde woman and got turned down? Incapable of appreciating he was given a chance at a great job - probably in the name of "diversity" - at least this pos took himself out, so we are thus spared the expense of his support to the end of his days; worse, being forced to listen constantly to all the blather about the imagined "racist" actions that gave him good reason to slaughter. One of these times an equally worthless defense attorney is going to make a case that a couple like this beautiful white one truly "deserved" their own demise.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me the victim's families won't be getting 1+ million dollar federal payouts either.

Anonymous said...

At the age of 58, I can safely say that in all the jobs I've ever worked where blacks were fired for cause (stealing/non performance/gross insubordination/fighting or sleeping on the job and other reasons) they always scream racism. Even being asked to do a job that others regularly do as part of their duties was often the trigger for a chimpout: "Why I gots to do dat? Why it got to be da black guy? Why ain't you axin' a white person?" When forced to comply under threat of termination, they'd stomp around in a rage while doing the job and cursing the "racist motherf*ckers" at dis company." This was all usually accompanied by threats to contact the NAACP or to get a lawyer. The same sort of chimpouts would occur when non performing blacks discovered that high performing workers got significant raises whereas all they got was a nickel. That too was racism. In some cases, they'd go about the company intentionally damaging or destroying things to get "revenge."
Simply based on my own real world experiences over a lifetime, if I'd ever owned a company or been in a position to do the hiring, any black person applying would have had their application immediately thrown in the trash as if it were radioactive or contaminated with a virulent pathogen.
Does it surprise me that the negro who killed the reporter and the camera man was screaming racism? Not in the least. Will it surprise me when other blacks rally around the killer and support what he did and say it was justified? No. That too is to be expected. Would it surprise me to be called a racist for saying all that I've said? No. It's all as predictable as sunrise and sunset.
Hiring negroes is the same as owning a restaurant and intentionally releasing rats and cockroaches into the kitchen and dining area. All you're going to do is bring trouble and grief down on your own head.

Anonymous said...

Your as blind as the rest of the DWL's that have infested this great land. He's light complected douche.

HH said...

So this Dindu wants to start a race war. Let's think about war for a second ladies and gentlemen. War is a complex process that requires logistics, creativity, discipline, technology, order, and doctrine that expands everything from the General Officer theatre campaign level to the small unit NCO level.

Your typical African struggles to plan for events that may occur in the next 15 minutes in the future. European and Asian stock regularly plans for contingencies years in advance.

Who's going to win this war? Even with G. Soros pumping millions of dollars into phony astroturf protest movements can't change the fact that this black revolution is still only as good as the next EBT payment. The radical left has been trying to escalate this war for at least fifty years, and the dindus have always failed to deliver. Maybe the Hispanics will be up to the task? Muslims may be regarded as too volatile.

Anonymous said...

"We hired (forced to) you because you are black, we are firing you because you are worthless" .... Quick, get Al, Jesse and the ACLU !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"ECAR RAW". Where I work we refer to it as "Romeo Whiskey".

Something like this happens and someone will say 'I need a drink',
Another will respond 'How does whiskey sound?'

and the answer - 'Romeo Whiskey would do just fine.'

We are getting close.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this has already been mentioned in the past two days, but have you noticed that when there is a white killer in the news, the media plasters his face up every chance they get (Roof, etc.) but when there is a black who murders whites in the news they plaster up pictures of the white victims instead. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Additionally, this incident can't be ignored because it happened on-air. What to do? What to do? Let's make it BIG NEWS and find a way to blame the victims.

Anonymous said...

Hired because they're black, fired because they're useless.
Mental midget was focused on lawsuits and money. Just couldn't win the ghetto lottery.
If Obamination sings, it will be at the ape's funeral. Gots to look like he cares for his constituents.


Unknown said...

This shooting was a hoax. Both the news anchor and the cameraman are still much alive. This was a staged event.

Anonymous said...

This is the sinister side of the BLM movement. If you look at the history of the South African racial conflict, you will see the same type of terror violence. BLM has to drown out political debate, threaten at the polls, intimidate competing office-seekers. Sooner or later it will become clear BLM actually means " White " must appear with a line drawn through it.

David In TN said...

The Field Negro just whimpered about seeing Vester's attorney on TV say (re the "discrimination" suit) he "had a strong case."

The Field Negro said he was "just putting that out there."

The Field Negro blog is, of course, what an "educated" black thinks.

Anonymous said...

Same here! Don't want to see him, can't stand to hear his lies. And not one swinging dick in Washington calling for his expulsion for fear of being labeled "racist".


Anonymous said...

A teacher writes a sympathetic article about a dead student, and the student comes off as an 85-IQ moron:

Al Jazeera did an article on the same case, and the dindu's mother is quoted as saying, “What I want is for kids like my son to be able to walk down the street and be secure knowing they’re not going to be stopped if they’re not doing anything wrong."

Um, he WAS doing something wrong, he ran from the cops, then he got hit by a train.


Anonymous said...


I'm wondering how much money the Federal Gov't(O'America-Hater)will give these Whites family's that were killed on live T.V.? Remember this was "Racially Motivated" just as much as S. Carolina(Roof)was if not more! My guess is absolutely nothing! Are there any flags we can ban over this? Hmm.


August 26, 2015 at 11:12 PM

These white families of this white girl and white guy who were gunned down by this now-dead, uppity, constantly butthurt at work, gay and black man terrorist will not get one dime of federal tax money from our imperial ape lord occupational government.

Are there any flags that we can ban over this? Yes, there are. Ban that "gay pride" rainbow flag, and also ban that red and green "Afro pride flag" for starters.

Also, get rid of that abominable giant statue of MLK Junior on the mall in Washington DC. All I see is an oversized scowling and constantly butthurt angry black man made of white marble whenever I look at that thing. A few shaped charges of C-4 should take care of that gigantic eyesore. Then repeal the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act, and then enact laws which will restore our freedom of association instead. Then nobody will be forced to hire unqualified and uppity blacks for jobs which they never deserved in the first place.

This gay and black terrorist actually caused the TV studio to go into lockdown mode when he was told by the management he was being fired back in 2013. The police had to come escort him off the premises that day. In other words, he went into chimpout mode before the TV studio could get his gay and black ass to just leave the place and go away. That should have been these now-dead white people's big clue to go get CCW permits and carry weapons for themselves when that happened, but because this morning I watched this dead white girl's dad and boyfriend on TV whining about guns instead of race realism, I would bet that the very thing that would have saved this now-dead white girl - a gun on her, or armed security for her instead - would have been soundly rejected by her and her libtard sensibilities, back when it could have made a difference to save her hide.

NC Realist said...

Ask yourself ...would you WANT him to sing at your funeral...? Ummmm no. If it's not abundantly clear to non-dwl whites by now...what he represents...then you're a lost cause. The black muslim mf'r couldn't even say their names.. he clearly said something to the effect of we need more gun legislation....that's all !!!! Keep on dreaming fence sitters.. while you can.

Anonymous said...

I co sign to this ^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Silent polices are the best!

Anonymous said...

The goobers in purple look like members of the Unseelie Court...What a bunch of hucksters and Gibs me dat, MORE MORE MORE...

Anonymous said...

The hand looks darker than white to me..... Even if this is a hoax it does not change how orcs are!!!

Pat Boyle said...

The obvious answer is gun control.

But the races use guns differently. White elders who get cancer shoot themselves. Blacks don't seem to do this. Blacks actually die of cancer at a higher rate than whites but it is rare for blacks to use a gun on themselves. They use guns on others.

So we need a new set of legal precedents that recognize the reality of race differences. We should not allow blacks to own guns.

The Second Amendment was championed by George Mason. Part of the reason it was added to the Constitution was the fear of violence from blacks. Mason's state Virginia ratified the Bill of Rights in late 1791 the first year of the Haitian Revolution. Black violence was on their minds.

The Founding Fathers Would have thought it absurd to have blacks armed. Yet we have somehow slid into an interpretation that allows just that.

The way back from the precipice is to have the law reflect social and scientific realities. There will be a lot of opposition but we must begin to have laws that reflect the different nature of the black race. The first step should be to be to disallow blacks to own and carry guns.


NY Girl said...

One guy who posted here took his adolescent son to WalMart, where they stood in line at the register of a black sow. As the son observed the lines with the white cashiers moving, he and Dad stood in the same spot watching said Sow mumble with the customer over how to process a coupon. Another race realist born!!

rex freeway said...

I quit watching TV when Captain racist was re elected. My wife told me that a reporter and cameraman were shot to death on live TV. I told her "let me guess, it was a disgruntled employee. Most likely Black". She said they haven't said yet. I then told her im certain he is Black. If he shot two people on live TV and they have no description, He's Black. She stomped off because she's been brainwashed. Later when I went to the kitchen She was watching CNN. Jokingly I said he's probably a fag also. She didnt say a word.

Anonymous said...

Question for SBPDL posters opining the TV News shooting was psy-op or fake- can you please give me reasons you think that or link to a page you think explains it?

I can see where having the shooter "unify" the sometimes quarrelling gay and black factions might be a motive, but I'd like to see your thoughts fleshed out.

Weirdest thing about the footage was the way the gun was waved around practically under reporter's nose and no one sees it. But I am undecided as yet on real v. staged.

North.Ga said...

The shooter, a disgruntled negro, who couldn’t maintain his AA job because of a low IQ and over the top TNB, only results in gun control discussions all over MSM. Nothing about race!

The double standard in this country is beyond ridicules. Whites are just as ridicules in their silence. Don’t they realize their sons and daughters future are on the table? Don’t they realize their entire existence is being dismantled right before their eyes? Don’t they care?

It’s alright to shoot YT as long as you’re an anger negro with hurt feelings and bruised emotions. That’s the message being sent to all the inspiring, intelligent, and magnificent negro youth. This is your world now, do onto others as you see fit, you have a pass.

Eats the lining right out of my stomach!

Jaqari Jackson said...

Blogger Terry Gabrich said...
This shooting was a hoax. Both the news anchor and the cameraman are still much alive. This was a staged event.

Alex Jones!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just the mere presence of a dog, on a stay command, within twenty feet of the victim prevents this. It isn't necessarily that the dog prevents it, as the fact that the perp is forced to run away from or kill the dog. It's like gun free zones. The knowledge that somebody may be packin heat is a great deterrent to monkeyshines. The dog acts in the same manner. Even a suicidal Napa would be too worried about the dog, and may be forced to attack the dog first, giving the victims an extra second or two to flee or respond. These three victims were concentrating on their work when killed. A dog nearby would have been aware of the napa's actions, and become alarmed.


Anonymous said...


re, What in the Hell is it going to take for all of these brain dead, black athlete and black celebrity loving, white liberals to wake up?

In a sense its 'Blow Back' [a war term for unintended consequences].
The media helped create the feral negro and now their Frankenstein shot 3 of its defenders. Poetic justice.

Similar to a dog that kills its owner.

Anonymous said...


The Atlantic [remember that it is anti white],

heres what is in link,

A year later, I heard rumors that Deion had transferred to another school. [Maybe] it was from the bloody fight that left another student with stitches and him with anger-management courses. Teachers always remember the troublemakers. They carry a teacher’s night sweats with them. His disappearance left a void, but six years into teaching, I was used to not having closure.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

It is interesting to see how the media treated this event, since it involved their own.

The only difference between this and any of the black on white violence type stories that are covered on is that there was video of it and members of a protected class (journalists) were the victims.

Had this been any other white couple and there was no video, it would remain a local story with small circulation.

One of the other commenters on a previous thread mentioned the by comparison glaring use of "active voice" in reporting this event, as opposed to the "passive voice" used in other black crime stories. It could not be more obvious how much the language is manipulated to steer psychological impact. They know exactly what they are doing and why.

They didn't run headlines like :

"Shooting claims the lives of two reporters"

They went with headlines like :

"Gunman kills two reporters"

Clearly identifying human agency. Why not do this with every story?

Gladiator said...

Yes sir welcome to the wonderful world of the black employee. Everything is the racist white man out to get me. Allow me to add my experience to the list. Some years ago I was working as a doorman in a luxury building. Now as you know tenants often have housekeepers, dogwalkers, personal trainers etc.that come to the apartments. I was in charge of receiving mail for each tenant. When I would see the tenant I would say hi Mr. Johnson I have some mail for you. As was the case whenever I would see any of the aforementioned workers I would say hey can you take this mail up with you to which they would reply with a smile of course. Guess who had a problem doing that? That's right the black employees. It was always "hey I'm not getting paid for this" or "'why can't they get their own mail" now mind you this was not large packages or boxes this was envelopes!! I stopped doing this and just laughed it off. Unreal

Anonymous said...

Same here fellow realists, the sight or sound of that thing or the wifeman makes me sick, can sense the reeking stench from his mouth.


Gwoobus Harmon said...


A teacher writes a sympathetic article about a dead student, and the student comes off as an 85-IQ moron:


What a horsesh*t article. Basically explaining how the kid would try to muhdik every girl, steal everything, wander the hallways, be disruptive, not do any work, etc... She felt bad giving him "F's" and feared he would end up a criminal if she failed him, so wouldn't discipline him. Not realizing that by giving the little bastard a free pass as a child would set him up to believe that there were no rules. He will learn at the age of 18 when he commits a full fledged crime, that no, there are rules and that is what will put him in the slammer if some other "unarmed teen" doesn't take him out first. These kind of people and this type of thinking is the problem.

Also, "passive voice" case in point from the article :

I heard rumors that Deion had transferred to another school. Maybe it was from the bloody fight that left another student with stitches and him with anger-management courses.

You see, it was "the bloody fight" that was at fault. That darn "bloody fight" left him in an anger management course. That darn "bloody fight" left a different student with stitches.

We really need to do something about these "bloody fights" roaming around leaving a wake of underserved children with ruined lives.

Anonymous said...

3rd child shot in the Lou in 3 days, on a roll here!!! The roid with a gun is worse than a Muslim with a pilots license.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it sets in her mind and she awakens.

AZ Ray said...

"The IKAGO is simply more practiced in hiding its true nature.
When pressed, without exception it will revert to its primitive form"

I can certainly attest to that. Im now 53 & have a clear memory of the OJ trial (debacle!). Was then working as an DoD civilian aircraft technician at the time. Our shop like a great many businesses nation wide that day, had TV's on & all eyes glued to the trial verdict..

Well, needless to say as soon as the not guilty verdict was stated ALL the black guys in our shop where hootin-hollerin like a pack of baboons. All the white guys where just shaking their heads in disgust..

You see, the negro percieves morality & simple human decency in a radically different manor than we Euro's. What we see as decent-civilized behavior, they see as weakness.. It mattered not that the jury was racially rigged, it mattered not that forensic evidence CLEARLY proved his guilt (just read "Outrage" by Vincent Bugliosi-a real eye opener!). ALL that mattered is that they got it over on whitey. What are two dead "crackas" to them anyway?..

If there was one positive to the whole pitiful affair, it opened a LOT of white eyes to the true nature of Homo Africanus?!..

Anonymous said...

I have wondered many times how many blacks know Martin Luther King Jr is not his legal name......And that there is proof of blatant plagerism and using prostitutes and mistresses. Oh, but it was alright according to his ardent supporters, because of the stress King was under every day. King would have a field day with an Ashley Madison account.

The only reason I can think of for women (or men) to stay with a spouse like that is the spouse does not want to lose the fame and all that goes with it.
(Intetesting what names are coming out of the Ashley Madison hack......too good.....but the denials are tiring....the scuzz balls need to just own it).

Anonymous said...

The news today is still harping as to why this black shot the reporter and cameraman. It seems the media is trying to prove the black WAS a victim of racism somewhere.

And everyone is yelling gun control.
All intelligent people know that with gun control
only criminals will still have guns because criminals have nothing to lose......and good people will be sitting ducks. All these shootings in gun free zones are being ignored.

Anonymous said...

I remember channel surfing a while after the OJ trial and verdict, back when I had a TV subscription - and that was years and years ago, haven't watched MSM TV in at least the last seven years - anyway, I digress, I was channel surfing and landed on BET awards with all of the Negro upper crust in attendance. OJ was recognized sitting in the audience and when he stood up to wave he was met with a standing ovation. I repeat, OJ, post murder of white people, was met with a standing ovation at the BET awards. All the black leaders overwhelmingly support the killing of whites.

There is only one way out of this and if we are disarmed we are doomed.

Why is HUD talking about putting blacks in every white town? It's a war, and it's time we started acting like it.

Anonymous said...

Same instance applies to Hilary when Clinton was caught. There were many times where Slick Willy was doing his thing. Old Hilary Rodham stick it out for same reason.

Anonymous said...

The media will learn that fellow Blacks harassed him mercilessly as a boy

This story will disappear quickly without a trace

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how does a couple stay together when they are on opposite ends of the planet??? A DWL brainwashed and a someone hip to the goings on of BRA.

Anonymous said...

I was a paramedic and we were rolling a stretcher patient into a large metropolitan emergency room and the OJ verdict was being announced via TV the majority nursing, ward clerk and tech staff were black began hooting and hollering giving one another high fives and other congratulatory victory signs! That was back then! Truth did not matter one bit! Black political candidate running for any respective office who have criminal records, pending charges and other proven corruption backgrounds are continually elected irrespective of any true competence level to hold the said offices! The beasts don't give a shit unless the winner looks similar to them! Wake the fuck up white man!

Anonymous said...

I found an article on Internet written in 2011. It was about why blacks have problems and it is not from racism. It listed the reasons why blacks are not improving in society. I was reading, reading, then shock.... was about England! It was an English journalist writing. England has the exact same problems with blacks as the U.S.

I saw another article where in a grocery check out line was a female muslim in a full burka. The female cashier was wearing an American flag pin. The muslim criticized the cashier for wearing the flag pin saying the American flag was offensive to muslims and Americans kill all muslims for no reason (I also saw You Tube video where a muslim living in U.S. was American military uniforms are offensive to muslims. No wonder so many blacks become muslim). An older man spoke up.......he took a military man in uniform behind him by the shoulders, walked up to the muslim, and told her that the American flag represented freedom, and freedom to say the hateful things she was saying. And he said he bet the reason the muslim was in this country was to enjoy freedoms she did not have in her native country and if she was openly critical about anything in her native country she would be punished. He then pointed to the man in uniform and said because of people in the military the muslim woman had a right to say whatever hateful things she wanted, but it is not right, and she needs to go back to her native country if life is so unbearable in this country and she does not like American citizens being proud of being Americans. She had no right to criticize anything as she was taking advantage of being safe, using government resources to help her live, using American everything to help her and her family be here and enjoy freedoms. He told her she needed to go back to her native country, and asked why she was here, why even come here, if she hates America. Everyone in the store applauded.

What that man did is what we all need to do. Political correctness has got to go.....with Liberals, blacks, muslims, gay agenda. These groups do the very things to people that they complain about is done to them. Their hypocrisy and lying is astounding. Politicians are also hypocrites and liars.

Anonymous said...

I've interviewed many a negro for job positions and never once for a moment considered hiring any of them. Some were actually well dressed, respectable and on the surface seemingly qualified for the job. However, I did not want the baggage that goes with them which other managers at the work place were forced to carry.

And then blacks wonder why they can not get the "good jobs." A major reason (aside from lack of qualifications) is that they create all sorts of problems because of their attitude. Taking standard workplace discipline measures against them means screams of "racism" and lawsuits. This is something that blacks just do not want to consider: that they create the conditions which cause other races to want to be free of their presence.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered many times how many blacks know Martin Luther King Jr is not his legal name......And that there is proof of blatant plagerism and using prostitutes and mistresses.

If these things were revealed, I suspect that MLK would get all the more "cred" among blacks. A fraud, a plagiarist, a rabble rouser, gettin' it on with numerous females, especially of the white persuasion. Yep, just like any African Big Man. He's putting one over on YT.

They do not think like us.

If they did think like us, then every city they inhabit would not revert to Africa.

Anonymous said...

It has been revealed that the shooter passed a background check for CCW, how could anything less than an all out ban prevent this shooting? If you think taking away firearms from law abiding Americans is going to solve black violence, you're out of your mind. The atrocities in Rwanda will look like a picnic if you remove every single gun in America

Anonymous said...

WLBT in Jackson Ms actually stated after announcing the news of the shooting a full 12 hours after the event that the cause at that time was still unclear. This same WLBT stated after three separate robberies of a Waffle House and two quick stores that the two individuals were still at large and if anyone saw anything to call the police. No mention if the two individuals were male or female, black white Asians or Arab, tall or short. My wife is convinced that the two individuals are probably short Filipino females who probably dyed their hair red in order to escape detection like red headed Asians making their getaway on unicycles are common right.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I have been grooming my son (13) from an early age, and he GETS it! When in public, we often speak of how many "Canadians" we have seen lately. Educate the young people. Inform them of all the propaganda the schools and media will try to force down their throats. Take time to sit them down and show them concrete examples of myth vs. truth. When they see it first hand, it is quite satisfying to see the light bulb in their brains turn on.

Anonymous said...

Here is my OJ Simpson murder trial verdict story:

It was 1995 when I was a white, male, and heterosexual student at Rutgers University Camden Campus in Camden, New Jersey. (Yes, there really is a university campus in the city of Camden, New's usually not quite as dangerous to be in as the rest of Camden, New Jersey.) There were TV sets with the trial on all around the student common areas on that day. There were also lots of nignog students around then too. Many of us students were all gathered around the TV sets to watch the jury announcement. So, when the "not guilty" verdicts for OJ Simpson were read, all of the nignog Rutgers students started cheering, hollering, and doing their little nignog jungle happy dances. They were all acting about the same that they would have been acting if the Philadelphia Eagles had just won the Superbowl, or if the Philadelphia 76er's had just won the NBA Championship Finals. I, along with all of the other white students, and all of the other non-nignog students, just stood there with blank expressions on our faces. I was not really much of a race realist back in 1995 like I am now. The scenario which I saw that day in 1995 was one of the big events which changed my outlook on racial realities here in America.

Now we are in 2015. Things seem to have only gotten worse since 20 years ago. I am sure that many a nignog was doing the jungle happy dance after watching that shooter perspective video of those white people being shot yesterday.

Californian said...

How do you educate your kids about blacks?

Some thoughts:

Kill your television. Without a television, much of the liberal programming will not be there.

Send your children to private schools, or homeschool them.

Have books on real history available. Don't force your children to read them, just make sure they are there to be read.

Get them to think critically. Emphasize that there are two sides to every story. Segregation, apartheid, whatever--show the black side and the white side.

Have the facts available. They ask: "Why are there so many blacks in jail?" You can answer: "Because blacks commit large amounts of violent crime. Here's the website with the stats."

Show them how they, as a white person, are discriminated against via affirmative action and the rest of the rackets.

Be selective about the movies they see. If you want home entertainment, get a DVD player and monitor--there are plenty of pro-white movies out there. See various race realist and white nationalist review sites. Recent examples: Interstellar, Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or watch any classic movies with all-white casts to show how a world made up entirely of white people functions. Then they can compare it with today's multi-cultic world.

Take them on tours of the inner city. Presumably, do this from the safety of your motor vehicle (and "carry" within the law).

Let the reality speak for itself. "They" are not "us."

Anonymous said...

When forced to socialize with DWLs (my wife's friends), I enjoy putting these questions to them. If all races are truly equal, why is "equality" legislated? Why must one associate or work with another under penalty of law for failure to do so?

Anonymous said...

The negro was a TV news guy. But aren't all TV news personalities black? I mean it's a federal law, right, Federal Code 14.4(C).65B that states "... henceforth, all TV news reporter and news anchor jobs will be awarded to negroes. The TV station employing the negro will be required to buy each negro reporter/anchor, nine suits costing no less than $2,500 per suit."

I cannot watch TV news, cable or broadcast. It's a total negro-fest.

Pat Boyle said...

Gwoobus Harmon wrote about an 'IQ 85 moron' referring to some black.

Not quite right Gwoobus. I guess I'll have to defend black people again.

It used to be that medical science had a scale of mental weakness: Moron for an IQ below 70, Imbecile for below 50, and Idiot for below 25.

These were intended describe the tail of the left normal distribution of intelligence. But many of the profoundly mentally weak have some organic brain disease. True Idiots are typically restrained in a hospital bed often wearing a football helmet to protect their heads. They usually cannot feed or care for themselves.

Chimpanzees are estimated to have a human equivalent IQ of about 40.

An alternative set of names for these three classifications are: Educable, Trainable, and Non-Trainable. The Educable retarded can benefit from elementary education and can often live independently and hold a menial job.

Africans in Africa have an average IQ of about 70. That means that one half of all Africans are morons. In America we have mostly white black hybrids whom we call African-Americans. They have an average IQ of about 85. This means about one third are literal morons.

European whites or East Asians have only about one or two percent of the population who are morons. Blacks in America are one third morons.


paul marchand said...

and we all know why he won't be singing:

there is no cashing in for his bunch.
which bunch, by the way, the US federal govt revolves around.

Anonymous said...

I read the magazine article that Gwoobus was speaking of at 9:26 AM. I agreed that Deion was a bad seed. It seemed the teacher felt guilt over his failures. The thing to remember is that most of the failure is due to genetics; blacks were not meant to be in a first world nation. Teachers in general need to get rid of the guilt just as white people need to get over white guilt. Blacks are failures, but it is nobody’s fault other than the black people’s fault.

The white father of the lady reporter is going to run an assault on guns as per a news clip I saw today on Fox News. It is funny, I didn’t kill his daughter with my gun; nor did any other white person. The person who killed his daughter was an uppity negro with a chip on his shoulder. His battle should be for total segregation from these animals. Had there been separation of the races, she would have never met this black ape to begin with and would be alive today. A gun didn’t kill his daughter, a racist black pig did! As PK continually points out, whites are not doing all the gun violence and murders…it is the blacks.

Thousands of white women are raped, robbed and killed by those “Deion” types. Are we going to say…that the coons didn’t rape the women, but the penis did? This is about as logical as the white father (who I feel sorry for BUT he is delusional) saying the GUN killed his daughter. Over a half million Rwandans were killed by machetes about 20 years or so back; who killed these blacks? Was it the machetes or the black savages from the other tribe? Liberalism is a sickness!

Anonymous said...

Some new "Cause of Death" categories need to be created for death certificates and police reports. Here are my proposals:

"Enraged Negro" / "Race War Casualty" / "Species Conflict" / "Direct Negro Action" / Or perhaps just a check box labeled "Negro"

Medic Bear said...

Anonymous said..."When forced to socialize with DWLs (my wife's friends), I enjoy putting these questions to them. If all races are truly equal, why is "equality" legislated? Why must one associate or work with another under penalty of law for failure to do so?

Brilliant! I do something similar and after repeatedly demanding proof for their BS answers ("de turrible legacy of da slabery," "institutional racism," whatever) they are left with NOTHING.

I also like to use each and every successful IKAGO we jointly know - in "So how did Shitavious end-up with that degree and position if "the system" is racist and unfair to Blacks?" They can't answer!

We all need to keep this up and maybe we'll actually enlighten 1/100 or so. Or at least deter them form trying the same old tired BS in front of us!

PvtCharlieSlate said...

I may have mentioned this previously. When an event like this takes place and some people look at it as something other than a random act, the theories that they advance seem, to me anyway, to be just too elaborate to be true: too many people involved, too many details to control and co-ordinate, etc. However, it wouldn’t be too difficult to troll through the social media and find any number of disaffected potential nut cases and then poke, prod, and incite them into committing some kind of violent act. So what if real people get killed? The progressives/socialists invented the concept of “breaking eggs to make an omlette”. Don’t police departments troll the internet in order to identify and entrap child molesters? Once the nut case is identified and developed, a set of contingency plans (“spin” in advance) can be constructed. Black nutcase kills black people: three lines on the bottom of page 17; black nutcase kills white people: more gun control; white nutcase kills white people: lots more gun control; white nutcase kills black people: lots more gun control and anti-white hysteria. Adjust as necessary. These people are Stalin’s heirs: their ends justify the means.

Anonymous said...

When you're black and run into the low bar of your ability, you blame raceism. It's what you do.

Anonymous said...

Obama is visiting the Big Easy to pat all the white people on the back for rebuilding it- just kidding. But at least blacks are grateful, right?

But a majority of blacks in New Orleans, 59 percent, said in a poll released this week that the city has “mostly not recovered.” Despite the federal government having spent more than $100 billion on rebuilding the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast since 2005, most black residents in New Orleans “feel life in the city has gone downhill since then,” said the survey by Louisiana State University.

And the Urban League of Greater New Orleans issued a 167-page report Wednesday that gave a damning assessment of the recovery of the city’s black community. The unemployment rate of black men in the city is 52 percent, compared with 8.8 percent nationally.

The report found that blacks composed 90 percent of the city’s prison population, even though blacks account for 59 percent of New Orleans‘ total population. More than half of all black children in the city live in poverty, and the income gap between white and blacks is widening, the report found.

So apparently Katrina not only caused all the destruction that we saw, but it trashed black men's resumes and work histories as well. It also seems to have caused black people to break a lot of laws and then "end up" in prison.

I wonder what the crime stats, unemployment, and child poverty levels were before the racist white storm? Would anybody be surprised if they were virtually the same?

Anonymous said...

I see we're sharing "O.J. Verdict Day Stories" today, so I'll throw mine on the pile:

I was working for a large corporate entity, supervising a data collection project. I had about forty temporary employment service workers under my supervision. Since these folks weren't actual corporate employees, they could be let go at discretion with no documentation, drawn-out HR confabs, etc.

So, I was responsible for maintaining a productive working staff out of this group of disparate folks, which ranged in ability from very good, smart ones to just marginal. Of course, it's the luck of the draw when you are working with a temp agency, and you take what they send, and drop the ones who don't measure up.

On "O.J. Walks Day", one of the workers had a radio tuned to the verdict. It was turned up as the decision announcement came on, and I let everyone stop to listen, as it was kind of a collective societal experience at that time-everyone knew about the case and curiosity was high for the outcome.

My workforce was about 35% black. Talk about your "racial divide"! After the verdict came down, every single black clapped, hooted, and hollered with sheer unadulterated joy. Every White was shaking their head "no", frowning, and grumbling.

After letting the reaction work over the crowd a minute or so, I began to realize the situation was becoming tense-it wasn't abating, with folks returning to their work as I had hoped. In fact it was starting to get contentious.

I stood up and got everyone's attention and said something like "o.k., we've all heard the verdict and had a chance to absorb it. The very next person who mentions it is fired; I don't care what side you're on; mention it again and you are gone."

They then shut up and went back to work (I was almost surprised). What I really wanted to do was tell the giddy blacks to clear out; but that would have almost certainly ended up getting me fired-and might have set off a small riot. Corporate was very sensitive to racism charges, having paid some big bucks out in previous cases. I had a twenty-year career and wasn't going to lose it over some rowdy behavior, but yes there were times I certainly wished I could show favoritism to Whites; I made my decisions and stood by them, I had a family to take care of, but there were many times, like this one, that I would have loved to act on my true feelings.

Here's what I learned that day: blacks don't have the same sense of abstract justice we do. To them, a trial isn't a search for the truth, it's more like a football game where one team wins and the other loses. They will cheer on their team of course, and I don't think one black soul that day cared if O.J. was guilty- hell, they might have been happier knowing he killed a couple of Whites and got away with it.

I always keep this incident in mind when I hear calls from blacks for "justice". They certainly do not want justice. They want to win. "Justice" is a black man getting away with murder.

Truth Corps said...

Crowd reacts to OJ Verdict on live TV Oprah Winfrey show where you can see first hand how the blacks celebrate a fellow black that murders a white. Oprah should have received an Oscar Award for acting like she didn't want to chimp out like the rest of the negresses.

Congrats PK on the new addition, may God bless your family!

Anonymous said...

More info on the shooter:

Jeff Marks, general manager of CBS Roanoke affiliate WDBJ-TV, said at a news conference Thursday that 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II was referred to the program after it was determined that he had performance issues and a difficult time getting along with people he worked with.
Flanagan was an on-air reporter for the station between March 2012 and February 2013, when he was fired.

After Flanagan was hired, however, his job performance and interactions he had with coworkers led his manager to put him on a "succession of performance improvement plans" and "only slight improvement was noted each time," according to Marks.

In December 2012, Flanagan was placed on a final warning for "failure to check his facts in a news story and, generally, for poor news judgment," Marks said.
According to Marks, in January 2013, Flanagan accused a photographer of causing trouble for him by questioning a decision to go on private property in pursuit of a story. It was at that point that Flanagan raised some concerns with human resources of perceived unfairness. Marks said the claims were investigated and found to be without merit.

Shortly after that, Marks said, Flanagan confronted an anchor who was assigned to review one of his scripts and then management made the decision to "separate him from the company."

According to Marks, once Flanagan was notified of the decision on Feb. 1, 2013, he reacted angrily and said they would have to call the police because he was going to "make a stink and it was going to be in the headlines."

Police were called and Flanagan was escorted from the building, Marks said. On the way out, he handed a wooden cross to the news director and said, "You'll need this," according to Marks.

Marks said Flanagan also made a derogatory comment toward Adam Ward as he exited.

Following Flanagan's termination, he filed a complaint of harassment and discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which was subsequently denied, Marks said. Flanagan then filed a civil action in local court in Roanoke.


Anonymous said...


According to the Associated Press, Flanagan's lawsuit claimed the station's camera operators conspired against him because of his race. It said a watermelon at the station was a racial slur, directed at him.

He asked for a trial by a jury comprised entirely of black women. A judge dismissed the case in July 2014, week before the trial date.

During an appearance on "CBS This Morning" on Thursday, New York City's Deputy Police Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller called Flanagan a "classic injustice collector."

"What was his injustice? He viewed himself as a guy who should be here on network television news and unfortunately he found the most terrible way to get there, and to be that lead story, and to be on it," Miller said.

Miller defined "classic injustice collectors" as people who feel they aren't finding success and blame others who they believe stood in their way.

"Alison made racist comments," Flanagan wrote on Twitter, apparently referencing shooting victim Alison Parker. "EEOC report filed."
Another post made an apparent reference to shooting victim Adam Ward: "Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!"

Marks, WDBJ's general manager, however, flatly denied Thursday that his employees did anything wrong, noting that Flanagan alone was probably responsible for any workplace conflicts.

Prior to working at WDBJ, Flangan was employed at WTWC-TV in Tallahassee, Florida. Dave Level told the Associated Press Thursday that he worked with Flanagan at WTWC in 1999 and 2000. He said two women who pointed out mistakes in Vester's reporting were so verbally abused that they feared for their lives. One woman's husband, a law enforcement officer, "threatened to come in and beat the stuffing out of the guy if he talked to her that way again," said Leval, now a sports reporter and anchor at KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska.

Vester was fired from the Florida station. He sued the station for racial discrimination, and the case was settled out of court.

"I can't think of anybody at our station who shed a tear when he left," Leval said.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not saying I have the definitive answer but remember blacks in America have a rate of schizophrenia rate about triple that of whites. This black guy certainly had a disturbed life history. Everyone around commented on his anti-social behavior.

As to his homosexuality, it's hard to know if that could have been a factor. There are a lot of articles and statistics on gay murder but in almost all of the cases the story is of cases where the gay guy is the victim not the murderer. Where the gay guy is the killer most of the articles are about gays killing other gays. Gays killing normals doesn't seem to be much noted. I'll keep looking.


Anonymous said...

If you work with an orc male, odds are he is thinking this is something he can do should his career path not match yours... because of racism, of course. Watch the negroes around you very carefully; they should have known that orc was going to go Chimpout Cat 5.

Don't let PC end your life.

PB said...

"This shooting was a hoax. Both the news anchor and the cameraman are still much alive. This was a staged event."

I would not underestimate the likelihood of this being true. You seem to be being hit with a few too many awfully visible acts of gun-crime. The gun ban crowd are out in force. We in Australia had our legal guns heavily restricted after what turned out to be a serious false-flag event at Port Arthur in the 90s (so many anomalies, so little investigation). Now we have major illegal gun crime problems, and the law abiding have few self defence options. At some point they will roll out pre-prepared legislation (too soon, a la Patriot Act) after a particular event and they will move fast before opposition can be mounted. That's how they did it with Port Arthur. I thought Sandy Hook would be the one actually, but the 'Net makes things move fast on both sides.

Anonymous said...

RE: the OJ verdict story at Rutgers

I was a student at the time watching the verdict at a top Ivy League campus. The black students there acted exactly the same as those you described in Camden--hooting, hollering, shucking and jiving, shouting "F-- you, motherf---!" to every white person they saw, whether that white person looked disappointed or not. Mind you, through affirmative action, these same black students are probably all currently regarded as elite doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and/or otherwise "respected leaders". Always keep in mind that the IKAGO you work with was likely doing what amounts to a celebratory sub-Sarahan dance around the fire after the verdict.

The only minimally fond memory I have of that day was when an ultra-DWL-type girl watching the verdict in the same common room started smiling and clapping and went up to congratulate the racuous blacks on "justice being done" and got shouted down with, "F--- you, white bitch! You ain't allowed to celebrate this!" The DWL broke into tears.

The other interesting memory from that day was a black student from Trinidad, after getting scolded by the other blacks for not sharing in their celebration, asking me and my friends why all the American black students were celebrating a guy getting away with murder.

Anonymous said...

O/T: Welcome to Seattle! Bonus: someone tried to prevent the victims being aided by medics, explaining that they "deserved it". Ain't that America?

Anonymous said...

Saw a news item about blacks in New Orleans 10 years after Katrina. New Orleans has realized an amazing rebirth, businesses booming, real estate values increasing, whites moving in. However blacks can't understand why they can't get any jobs and also prosper from this rebirth. EVERYBODY except blacks understand why nobody wants to hire them.

Anonymous said...

Obama on New Orleans, Katrina anniversary:

There is more to be done to confront "structural inequities that existed long before the storm happened," he added.

Nine words, there, fellow realists. I would say this group (SBPDL readers) are in a better position to unpack that sentence than 99% of the population. We know exactly what he's saying, don't we?

Moreover, we already know what the prescription will be in that "more to be done" timeframe. "More to be done", aka "more work to be done" always means squeezing YT for more to re-distribute to blacks, or pushing blacks into formerly White enclaves. It's official US GOV code.

Anonymous said...

Police officer shot in Louisiana dies
CBS NewsAug 26 07:03 PM

Officer was responding to the scene of a stabbing when he was shot; one of three women stabbed has also died

whats going on in La?

Nearly a quarter of the police officers shot and killed this year have been in Louisiana
Washington PostAug 27 02:32 PM

Louisiana has had more police officers shot and killed by suspects this year than any other state.

Anonymous said...

It's the 60th anniversary of Emmett Till (pronounced Teel in black-speak) being made good.

I'm providing a link from Dailykenn that sets the record straight. Something for you to think about when having to listen to stories of Teel portrayed as a choir boy who helped out the elderly.

Anonymous said...

I think the Bantu with an Irish name had an anger issue that Pat tells us is very common in the Negroid race.

The guy did a crappy job and due to having some much negro in him he could not contain his anger. He did the world a favor by killing himself. On that point I would give him the thanks he always demanded of white people. Now…if all the other negroes would follow suit! By the way…the Bantu who shot Jamilah has been caught. He looks like a negro with an IQ of 25. I forget what Pat called that group…I guess it is slightly higher than a sea cucumber, but not by much!

Anonymous said...

Twitter posts times dependent on the time zone. It read 9:36 am on the east coast, the same tweet is posted as 6:36 am on the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I'll go you one further on IQ!
IQ, which is a measurement of one's Mental Age divided by their Chronological Age (ex: a 20 year old with a Mental Age of 20 has an IQ of 1.00, read as 100) was initially staged very differently for determining mental retardation. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, an IQ of 85 was the threshold for a person to be classified as Mentally Retarded. Once it was discovered (by a study titled "The Bell Curve") that the mean IQ for blacks in America was (you guessed it) 85, the threshold was reduced!
In essence, the average black is a full retard, but since it was not PC to allow such a thing, we actually reduced the number of certified retards by changing the entire measurement. As a result, somebody can have a Mental Age that is 85% of their Chronological Age and not be considered retarded.
And some folks say the blacks never added anything valuable to our society...

awakened white said...

the moment I saw on drudge I knew was Obama's brother. I mean son.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 7:38 said:

...this morning I watched this dead white girl's dad and boyfriend on TV whining about guns instead of race realism,...

Over the last couple of days there have been several comments, some saying that these brain-washed liberals are no loss, others upbraiding the commenters for being unsympathetic, even hostile, to innocent White people. What should our attitude be? It's not an easy question.

On the one hand, they share our DNA, and we need to preserve the best DNA for the future of our race. Talented and beautiful White people are part of our heritage.

On the other hand, these two victims were part of the mainstream media. The MSM are our implacable enemy. I can't overemphasise this: we can not win the cultural war unless we first destroy the MSM (and, as always, it starts with unplugging from it. Kill your TV).

You can say what you like about them just trying to make a living; the fact is, no matter what they were required to report on, before they broadcast anything at all, you can bet they first checked what their station's position was. They were media whores.

So, all in all, I think the relevant issues are:

They were ours. We are poorer for their loss.

They behaved badly, and deserved punishment.

A negro killed them. This is the truly intolerable point.

It's not a negro's place to punish a delinquent White person, it's ours. All negroes should fear to touch a White person, and all Whites should fear the consequences of treason. That situation, alas, will not be achieved by persuasion and sweet reason.

D-FENS said...

Sorry to say this but I look at this shooting as "friendly fire". I couldn't care less about any "journalists" whether these DWLs or those taken prisoner in the middle east. No doubt they would have done a story next week about the shortage of affordable housing or some other marxist crap. I'm glad the black fag offed himself.

Speaking of affordable housing, I read in the War $treet Journal that Fanny Mae will now include the income of any one living in a home in the total income when applying for a mortgage, even if they are not a co-signer or responsible for paying the mortgage.

Here comes another housing bubble to accompany the stock market bubble.

Unknown said...

While I really like Pat Boyle's recommendation that negroes be legally prohibited from access to firearms, reality tells us that blacks pay no attention to laws. The instances of blacks possessing a legally owned gun are rare, especially when used in criminal activity.

Any effort to subject blacks to a ban on gun possession would require enforcement via severe legal penalties such as long prison terms for possession. This would be a great step forward for society. However, I just don't see the will to do it, at least in the current climate. But given the event in discussion, it's time may come someday.

Also, in the absence of firearms, negroes resort to knives, machetes, lumber, even cars. It's a common tactic in Chicago for a negro fleeing the authorities to use a vehicle to attempt to run his pursuers down.

So, until we as a society have the will to enact gun control for negroes, we have to take the steps within our power at this moment. We must actively self segregate.

Anonymous said...

rex freeway thank you for the biggest laugh out loud moment Ive had in a while (since one of Julies posts anyway)

Your wife sounds so much like my own. What a bedevilment to be married to a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. The liberal establishment really missed an opportunity with my wife. She could have been one of their leading proponents.

Sadly, its beginning to strain the relationship severely. Im encouraged that there are so many female commenters here. Maybe I need to trade her in on a newer, more realist model.

Virginian said...

To anon @11:21pm re: 'How do you educate your kids about blacks?
Having been raised as a realist and now pushing 40, I offer up this advice; be honest and talk regularly about it. Point out examples of TNB. Don't be preachy just show you're disgusted with the TNB. Negroes will prove to kids that they should be avoided.
I was in elementary school and one day we had a new stop on the outskirts of town.A tall negro, the first and only I ever saw ride our bus, most likely 17+ sat down in the front with the young kids, he was carried to the high school only a few miles away. He hadn't been riding for a month or so when one morning he sits down across from me and takes out a lighter, flicks it, and holds the flame to the ear of a 5 or 6 y.o. little boy, then laughed as the child screamed. I knew then they weren't like us. Oh and kill your t.v.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

Has anybody ever wondered why all these wack jobs always HAVE A MANIFESTO. Ever wonder why most shoot themselves afterward. Why do they hear voices in their head telling them to kill people. Some of the shooters don't have any memory of what they did afterward. Why does the media never tell you what kind of drugs they were on. Why after each mind controlled zombie blows away some people the media always start their anti-gun appeals for the mind controlled television zombies. Was the last maniac shooter a right wing conservative extremist radical patriotic skin head Neo-Nazi bigot racist homophobic hate monger paranoid who believes in free speech and the Constitution. Have you ever thought that maybe some kind of CONTROL SYSTEM is being set up in America. When your guns have been taken away along with free speech will you feel safer.

Anonymous said...

The behavior of blacks is not helping their cause. They depend on productive white people for everything they have but their behavior doesn't account for this fact. Previously, chimp-outs were sufficient to prod whites to give freebies to blacks, but this was at a time when blacks were less of a drag on society. Tossing them freebies was not much more of a burden on the general population than tossing a few coins into the cup of a beggar.

Now that feeding and maintaining blacks has become a significant burden on the general population the avoidance of tantrums by blacks is no longer worth the cost of the freebies they demand. Blacks need to shift to a strategy designed to guide whites into wanting to help blacks, but they persist in elevating the intensity of their tantrums while not understanding that tantrums are no longer effective. Their tantrums are increasingly taking the form of physical attacks on white people, and the result is a hardening of the hearts of many previously sympathetic whites. Fewer whites each day have any sympathy for blacks. I've been a race realist for as long as I can remember while reluctantly feeding blacks, but I have reached a point where I am unwilling to subject myself or my family to any additional risk of harm from this parasitic class in a futile effort to elevate them to self sufficiency.

Presently my default reaction to being confronted by hostile blacks will be to immediately take the most extreme action that appears to be legally justified. The behavior of blacks is conditioning other races to respond reflexively rather than waste valuable time attempting to determine if they are just dealing with a misunderstood IKAGO. Just as the body survives by acting reflexively to contact with red hot metal, it is becoming necessary to respond reflexively to contact with blacks because their attacks often come quickly and with great intensity. I'm expecting to see an increase in defensive killings of blacks by other races.

Anonymous said...


Pat Boyle said...

I'm not saying I have the definitive answer but remember blacks in America have a rate of schizophrenia rate about triple that of whites. This black guy certainly had a disturbed life history. Everyone around commented on his anti-social behavior.

/ He was African first, mulatto second and gay doesnt even factor in.
Dead at his own hands. Maybe he thought he was the next Bryant Gumble?

Anonymous said...

My OJ story is less dramatic. No chimps in our office. A coworker bet me lunch they'd find him Guilty. Actually, he watered the bet down to "at least 9 guilty votes", but I still took the bet. We gathered at his cubicle, heard the verdict on the radio, look at each other and shook our heads in disbelief. Probably even cussed a little, though ladies were nearby.
We went to lunch, where I ordered a reasonably-priced meal. It tasted fine, but I didn't enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Virginian.... Spot on brother!!
TV off.

Anonymous said...

For the readers among us Im listing some links of full text versions.

Slavery Reconsidered w/ reading list (great links)

The Passing of a Great Race by Madison Grant

The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Underman
by Lothrop Stoddard

Take Your Choice; Separation or Mongrelization, by Theodore Bilbo

Civil War 2

Anonymous said...

How come every time Obongo or Hillary get into a politlcal storm,shit happens to deflect it?

Anonymous said...

Virginian: Your story reminds me of an incident on my school bus ( in S.C.) back in the early 70's. One of the black retards that sat in the back of the bus had picked handfuls of crab-apples before getting on the bus and was violently throwing them full force at the back of one white kid's head in particular. Others got it too but this one kid got it the most and had started crying much to the delight of the simian. The victim was much younger than I so I stood up and asked the negro what the hell was wrong with him. He bristled in anger because I was interrupting his "fun." I threatened to beat his ass. He sat down and just kept glowering at me like an enraged chimp.
Oh yes- and while this one negro was hurting white people, all the other blacks were laughing and enjoying the hell out of the pain being inflicted. They especially loved it when he'd hit someone especially hard and the victim would recoil in pain. I still remember how the negroes would all ooh! and ah! as if they were watching a fourth of July fireworks display and then burst into loud laughter and encourage the jackass to "hit dat other guy! Hit him too!"
Not too long after that, I'd moved away (Thank God!) but heard from others that the same negro had gotten angry at someone at school, brought in a gun, fired at the target, missed and shot an innocent bystander in the back and paralyzed them.
The only consolation is that I heard many years later that all the proto-humanoids on the bus (or most of them) were either dead, in prison, strung out on drugs or living a failed life in the projects.
May they all rot in hell.

Kayper54 said...

Also... I've been reading through this blog on and off through several days, and I can't figure out what "TNB" means. Any help woul be appreciated. TIA

Anonymous said...

Rebel, I lived in Indianapolis at one time. Whenever they refuse to mention a name or race, I just figure that the perp is black (or Hispanic in some parts of the country).

Howard W. Campbell

Anonymous said...

I was watching CNN tonight to see what they would say about Virginia shooting. The black anchor (of course the script was pre written) started talking about how many mass shootings take place in the U.S. He said......the Sandy Hook SHOOTING, the Aurora SHOOTING, the Virginia Tech SHOOTING, and the Charleston church MASSACRE. Every mass killing was called a shooting except for the Charleston church. That ticked me off!!! If my kid had been
killed I would raise Holy H3ll about the wording and about how the Virginia massacre murderer is being handled with kid gloves.

I really wish there was a way we could get organized and call for the burning of all the printed mottos of Black Lives Matter and New Black Panthers and the piece of sheet Farrakhan and the African flag and images of fake King, as they are symbols of racism. Riot and burn until these groups are listed as hate groups like the KKJ. This double standard has got to stop! When will Whites start standing together? I am starting to feel like a powder keg.

(And the news showed Ovomit in New Orleans walking around talking to people. There were Whites with blacks lined up and Ovomit ignored the Whites completely.)

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....About OJ...I think I was the only person in town that did not give two shits about OJ. Everyone I knew was glued to the tube. I was keeping up with all the laws that were being passed that took away more peoples freedoms. I went in the bar and the local gossip whore asked if I thought OJ was guilty. I said "OJ WHO."

Then the NEXT BIG NEWS EVENT that kept the proles enthralled was about Tiger Woods sex life and all the white pussy he was getting. I would go in the cafe in the morning and every one was talking about his next hot piece of ass. I really am amazed at how much control the media has over the people. Truly mind boggling. The people are nothing but robots.

Unknown said...

The shooting of the news reporter and camera man was a hoax. They are still much alive. Watch the video of it with a critical eye. There is no way a shooter can stand right behind the cameraman without being noticed. The cameraman isn't even filming the interview. He is filming the area opposite the balcony, and then he turns his camera to the interview. The woman who is being interviewed gives a nod and the man begins to shoot. That was his signal. Also, there is no blood, and the newswoman runs off. If she was hit 5 times my a 9mm she wouldn't have run off like that. The rest of the shots that you hear, you don't see the man shooting them. Why?? Because those shots come from an indoor gun range. I have been to many gun ranges. When I was in the Air Force and Air National Guard we use to always go to inside gun ranges. Even now sometimes I go to an inside gun range. When you fire a gun in a inside gun range there is a distinct echo, that is what you hear. When you see the video where he is supposedly shooting, he is shooting blanks. You can tell by the sound of the weapon when it is being fired, but when you hear the shots but don't see him firing, those are real rounds coming from an inside gun range. The entire shooting is fake.

Anonymous said...

I'm fifty years old. I have grown up around negroes. I have been (temporarily) brainwashed by the Liberal Establishment as to WHY the negroes behave so abominably, and show a complete inability to assimilate (minus the tiny fraction that have acquired significant Euro DNA and are among the Talented Tenth). And I have come to a final conclusion; the only conclusion that explains EVERYTHING about negroes...

Their dysfunction (compared to Euros, Asians, etc) is baked into their DNA; they/we cannot escape the results. Look up the research, although, most of it is hidden. You'll see the basic differences are in their gene allele frequencies. This results in the following:

1) Lower average IQ.
2) Lower impulse control.
3) Poor future time orientation.
4) Lower threshold for violence.

The combination of those hardwired traits is what creates the inability for Whites/Blacks to live together equally; they are NOT equal. They have to be artificially supported by Whites to even come close to mimicking the civilizational level of Whites (and Asians).

To continue this charade that the root cause of their dysfunction is OUR fault is utterly insane. Fifty years of playing the Emperor's New Clothes is now bearing fruit. This is gonna get real ugly as more people wake up, and start openly talking about it. Especially when they see the 'man behind the curtain', telling us they are equal.

And to the Liberals, can you prove what I said above is NOT true? All the evidence supports it. Seriously, shut all us race realists up by funding a massive study to prove what we say is not true. You know we're right, so you won't.

OK, back to the computer to see what atrocity negroes are committing right now. Bye bye...

Anonymous said...

Someone ask Trump his opinion of AFFH. That should be a funny response.

Ragno said...

"If there IS a God, I truly wonder, every second of the day now, why He created these useless, vicious, barely sentient beasts who are a blight on this planet."

Now the truth can be told: God created black people by drinking very hot coffee on a very cold morning.

Anonymous said...

Monkey fucks

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Kayper54 said...
Also... I've been reading through this blog on and off through several days, and I can't figure out what "TNB" means. Any help woul be appreciated. TIA

August 27, 2015 at 10:23 PM


riptapart said...

Racism is the reason for any and every failure, misfortune, criminal, or immoral act by any and every Black, everywhere and always.

Anonymous said...

Analog Man @5:47: Excellent post!

riptapart said...

My father was extremely racist. We were made to be Catholic but also understood that much of their preaching were "off". He was extremely racist. I remember all sports on TV we rooted for the team with the most whites. As I grew in high school I went totally against his racist ways. In college I ATTEMPTED to go colorblind, being against discrimination both ways, by Whites and Blacks. It take very long for me to start going right back to dear old days logic. I graduated high school and college in the 90s. PC was really getting a firm grip on society then. I suppose. It was in the 70s and 80s too, but I had other things on my mind such as being a kid in Allwhitesville PA.

Anonymous said...

Similar thing happened in Connecticut a few years back. A black driver of a beer delivery truck was caught on videotape steal beer from the truck. He was the typical race card player, having been given a preferred route over more senior drivers after crying racism. The new route he stole from another driver wasn't good enough, so him and his girlfriend arranged to steal beer off the truck he was driving. He got caught right away, on video tape by a private eye hired to follow him. After being confronted with his crime he was offered the opportunity to resign without being arrested.

While he was being escorted from the building, he shot 8 of his white co-workers to death with 2 pistols he had hidden in his lunchbox.

To this day his mother says it was the victims fault for being racist.

Maybe a 1 year cooling off period in a maximum security prison would be appropriate for blacks who are fired.

Anonymous said...

310 / A black driver of a beer delivery truck

I will take 'Black Killers' for 5000 dollars.

who killed 8 that day? Omar thornton.


This news cast woman and her camera man were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Oh, in my 35 years of self-employed business, I have NEVER hired a negro. Only once did I hire a person of color, a lab tech from the Philippines. 1 year after he was hired he was arrested for child porn. Good.

I have ONLY hired White after that lesson.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small safe white town of about 2,000 people. My graduating class had 71 people in it. The whole high school had less than 300 students. I never went to school with minorities except a few 12th grade foreign exchange students. They all came from well off families and spoke English well. Not a negro in the bunch.

My fiancée on the other hand went to the largest High School in the state. I believe there were over 2,500 students. Minorities made up 67%, whites were 33%. His graduating class was 600 students. He had to deal with them, but after I started showing him facts and statistics he's became a realist as well. I think deep down many whites feel that way, but being brainwashed in public schools doesn't help. He was afraid to talk about it because he didn't want to sound "racist". But now I notice he educates his close friends.

CountryBoy in TN said...

My wife tires of my "real talk" often. In the last two years though, she has started to confirm to herself most of the things I have been saying. The weird thing is she went to the small school with not a single black, and my schools were half/half.

Anonymous said...

The Libtards make me so sick. They are the Jews who stood at the ghetto walls in Warsaw and said "Hey, these Nazi's are just like us; let them in here to mingle and live with us. Equality".

Grids are destroying our civilization; they are destroying us.

Bad idea.

Sorry folks, segregation is the only real answer; everything else is just kicking the can briefly down the lane. Rough waters ahead...

Wednesday said...

@rex freeway

I do the same thing with my local DWLs, SWPLs, and SJWs. Some heinous crime gets reported (senior citizen raped, baby blowtorched, teacher assaulted in school, etc) I turn to them and say "Bet you a hundred the perp's black."

They say no bet.

"Hey, blacks are only 13% of the general population. We're all the same, so you've got great odds I'm wrong."

And yet, they never make the bet.

eu said...

An educated African told me at work that "all white people are guilty"! I said, what?
I came here as a white little child and I should be guilty of past history!BTW this educated (college degree) african was 6'4" and 350lbs but he was old (50) and slow moving.This is what we are up against because if an educated african can spout such nonsense, can you imagine what your typical african (IQ 80) is capable of thinking?

Anonymous said...

The 80 IQ blacks are only capable of "thinking" what those of higher IQ tell them to think. Guys like you mentioned and White Socialists are the ones who tell them how to think, feel, and behave. There are other high IQ people telling them differently. And the morons will choose the one they think will be of the most benefit to themselves. And the prefer being told that they are very capable of great things, but that their white enemies are screwing them over.

Anonymous said...

The way back from the precipice is to have the law reflect social and scientific realities. There will be a lot of opposition but we must begin to have laws that reflect the different nature of the black race. The first step should be to be to disallow blacks to own and carry guns."

This is just stupid. Our laws cannot be selectively enforced.

This is in fact what the anti-gun left is about. They know that our legal system provides only one system of law for all, and they know blacks commit more gun crime (though they'd die before they'd admit it). Therefore, banning guns means banning gun crime.

But it doesn't work that way. In cities where guns are most banned, blacks use them to commit disproportionate amounts of crime. All banning guns does is keep whites from fighting back, which is why whites' racial enemies support gun bans.