Monday, August 24, 2015

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

For 39 of the past 47 years, a Republican has been the mayor of Indianapolis. No matter the purported "conservative" rule, black violence in the city is on par with that found in Baltimore and St. Louis. 

It should go without saying, but without a black population, Indianapolis would be violent crime free.[City leader pushing for stop and frisk searches in Indy,, August 24, 2015]:

Back in 2013, a federal judge ruled that New York Police Department’s stop and frisk search tactic was unconstitutional. 
The policy then allowed officers to stop and question, and even search people for guns. Those against the tactic believed the stops were not based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. 
Despite frustration over the policy, a New York report pointed out that 24 percent of those stopped and frisked were arrested for a violation. 
Protestors in New York marched the streets until the searches were deemed unconstitutional. 
Rev. Charles Harrison, with the Ten Point Coalition, is pushing for a policy similar to NYPD’s stop and frisk search tactics here in Indianapolis. Harrison’s push comes after a violent weekend where a mother and father were killed after 45 shots were fired at a gas station. 
Harrison’s frustration boils over after learning, the suspect in the murder of 16-year-old Jaylen Johnson, last week is a teenager as well 16-year-old himself. 
Harrison was aware that he will receive the criticism that stop and frisk search tactics have received in the past. He also acknowledged that some are concerned that the policy will give officers the freedom to practice racial profiling. He doesn’t agree with that notion. 
“The police are going to racial profile our kids,” said Harrison. “These are the same kids that are killing one another. Where are your voices then? These are the same kids,” said Harrison. 
According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department there have been 84 homicides to date. Last year at this time, there were 88 reported murders.
You have to wonder this one, simple fact: what would the real estate value in major metropolitan areas be in places like St. Louis, Baltimore, and Indianapolis if the black population there wasn't repelling civilization?

Something tells me Donald Trump has thought this very fact once or twice in his life.


Anonymous said...


Mr. Rational said...

Something tells me Donald Trump has thought this very fact once or twice in his life.

Something tells me that demographics figure into his every real-estate decision.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to be around these savages sad to say. Every place that has a significant black population is a hotbed of crime and violence thanks to these savages. Damn them all to hell anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sure is good they aren't doing stop and frisk anymore in N.Y. Sure, more innocent people will be victimized and likely die, but we need to take any measures available if it keeps black people from having their feelings hurt.

countenance said...

Trump's father (Fred Trump) was a real estate developer who did working middle to middle class apartments and small houses on Long Island. Donald Trump started out following in his father's footsteps, but that was about the time the Federal government got really fruit with equal housing and disparate impact lawsuits, and that heavily impacted residential real estate of the middle to lower middle end. The Donald washed his hands of the whole thing and instead opted for building big shiny glitzy buildings in the hearts of big cities, and then casinos, then golf courses.

Yeah, I think Trump might have an idea about the black undertow.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......In 2000 my wife and I drove from Florida to New Jersey for a Bat Mitzvah for one of her relatives. Her cousin drove us over to NYC where we spent the day checking out the old neighborhoods where we used to live. What really blew me away was I did not see any WOLF PACKS ROAMING THE STREETS. None. Did not see any TEENS with their pants hanging down to their knees. No hookers or junkies nodding out on the sidewalk. It was amazing. The city actually was safe just like back in 1960-1963.

Friends told us that Giuliani was a LAW AND ORDER freak. His broken window policy was to shake down the street trash and dirt bags. He wanted everybody mugged and finger printed. He wanted a file on the trouble makers even though their was no charges made. Mug and print them. His policy was anytime the cops saw 3 or more hanging together the orders were to shake them down. I couldn't believe that New York had become a safe place to live. It was really nice to see. The people in NY really liked that guy.

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of the circle city who now lives in the boondocks of another state, I've seen a lot of things go downhill in Indianapolis. Even though Mayor Greg Ballard is married to a Filipino, I suspect that he knows that whites exiting the city is a disaster. Carmel, Indiana is run by a big government Republican, but blacks are few and far between. The place where we used to live had adopted Chinese girls as the largest minority group at my kids school. But I could see the tide turning and decided to leave.

Last year, Indianapolis was one bullet away from a Ferguson style meltdown.

Howard W. Campbell

Anonymous said...

That last question goes without saying for most of us here, the ones old enough to remember when our cities were a shining beacon of civilization. How can you not be saddened by the destruction of our urban cores by low I.Q savages? Go to any Midwestern city now and it's like an archeological artifact, jumbled wreckage of a once great society.

Ghosts of happier times crowd the memory, streets that were clean, shops that were full of interesting merchandise, restaurants of all types,Italian,Chinese,diners,cafeterias, all bustling with happy friendly people. Corner bars where violence was the exception, not the rule, and where men settled their differences like men, not cheap ass cowardly punks with stolen guns. We used to call the guys with guns punks, with blacks it's totally opposite.

It's sad the younger generation sees us as racists who don't understand the black races problems. Tell them that you used to think the same as them, but years of experience have taught you different, and they just tune you out. They don't appreciate how much they have benefited by being alowed to experience life growing up being spared the ghetto dysfunction. Yet.

I moved my family into the outlying rural area back in the 80's to escape the deterioration of Minneapolis. My son, who is older, has outgrown the dead end attraction of rap music, and has begun to realize his idealistic views of black culture have little or no basis in reality. Living in the city he got to experience this b.s. for himself, having his truck stolen, hitting the floor when the gang bangers start shooting, made him realize this was an evolutionary dead end for humanity. My daughter not so much yet, she still is partial to the paint job theory.

I wish I could take them back to Indianapolis ,Chicago, Milwaukee and especially Minneapolis, before the black undertow, so they could really understand the tragic loss of white culture. The melting pot analogy breaks down when you add the African factor. A more apt comparison would be a turd in a punch bowl.

Anonymous said...

As long as these 6'4 200 lb "kids" with tattooes, crack pipes, gold jewelry, and stolen handguns are only shooting each other then I am also against Stop N Frisk.

At what age do negroes stop being considered children, or "youths" or "teens" or "kids"?


Seems to me if you are having sex, using drugs, and carrying weapons people should stop calling you a child.

Haman of Baboon Rouge said...

I think you may be on to something, PK. Trump doesn't show any overt signs of being racially aware, nor could he and hope to win in a general election without massive race riots. But given he has made his fortune in real estate, it's nearly impossible to think that Trump isn't at least somewhat aware of the effects of Africans in America on property values.

If I could ask a question of him at the CNN debate on Wends it would be:

"Mr. Trump, we've seen that Obama's HUD would like restructure subsidized housing into "less diverse/majority white", middle class communities to encourage the racial integration of our society and give Africans and other minorities opportunities to (ruin) get a decent education. Do you think this is a sound policy and, if not, what would you do to see that it is not implemented?"

Anonymous said...

I'm personally looking into what areas would be the most inhospitable to them while still retaining opportunity and pleasant community experiences for those inclined to follow the law-

Some mandatory considerations:

Access to water
Temperature (cold is a plus)
Social services offered (the less or more strict the better)

I'm sure plenty of this is already available in the good ol' U S of A, and if not that, Canada.

Kind of interested in seeing how all the different European (and American) immigration situations begin to shape up. Will we see sparks fly and portions of the parasitic undertow kicked from their hemorrhaging host countries? Will people be able to stand together to bar invaders from the safety nets that were built and paid for themselves and not 3rd world opportunist foreigners?

People will end up avoiding the groid even if they have to set up moon colonies to do so. Everyone is waking up to this fact.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something here. But PK, why is this article titled, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"?

Are you referring to Donald Trump as this friend?

Anonymous said...


in response to ---- That's the reality of America. White women are merrily breeding with low IQ blacks.

That's the reality of America. No, thats the Boas-Mead fiction. Jared Diamond, 'cannibals ware smarter than Whites.'
Anon. seems to think miscegenation is happening 'in a void.'
Uh, no. The Jared Diamonds planned it for the White race.

Julie said...

I like this blog so much. It gives us a chance to discuss the issues of white supremacy and the awful impact that has on the African-american community. I feel that people here are honest and they speak from their hearts. There are many here who have suspicion and issues with African-americans. Yet at the same time, many commenters and PK himself see the value that this community brings to us as a whole.

I find that I am one of the commenters that does tend to be more supportive of the community of color. But all voices should be heard. My husband Harold and I have many, many African-american friends. We are so very fond of them. We often discuss how real they are. Not like so many people of non-color who tend to be kind of boring really. Our black friends love to sing and dance and joke with us. So many of our white and asian friends (we do invite all people into our circle) seem to be so serious. Many of our non-African-american friends are obsessed with their jobs and their lawns and they always seem to have to “go to work”.

I thought I would share a recent experience that was so profound, because it revealed the special sort of generosity that you will really only find in the African-american community. One of the African-american couples that we like so much are Jamal and La’Tecia. Jamal works for the Department of Education and his beautiful wife is a supervisor at the Department of Licensing and Records. They are both the nicest people you will ever meet. Jamal is extremely black and my husband often says he looks like an eggplant, La-Tecia is a mocha color, kind of roasted coffee with three servings of half-n-half. But Harold and I don’t see color. They are simply people that we love.

Several weeks back, Harold had his birthday and we had this couple as well as some other white people over for dinner. It was a wonderful time, filled with banter, singing and dancing. La’Tecia showed us all how you do the “twerk”, which is kind of like a dance as if you had a hula-hoop, but way down low. It was so exciting. We had a wonderful time listening to the newest hip-hop songs and watching videos of Katlyn Jenning, the wonderful, courageous man who recently became a woman.

Anyway, a few weeks later, at about 3AM, Harold woke me up and told me he heard some kind of noise. Harold grabbed his flashlight and went downstairs to look around. He found the noise originating in the garage. He peered in and could see some figures. Using his flashlight, he found four people but couldn’t immediately identify them. It turned out that one was Jamal. It was difficult to recognize him because of his very deep black color, that blended in so completely with the moonless night. What made it even more difficult for him was that all of the men were wearing hoodies to protect them from the chill.

It turned out that Jamal and his friends were going to surprise Harold by taking his beloved John Deere lawn tractor to the dealer for a tuneup and blade sharpening. Well the surprise was ruined, but we were both so happy that we have these friends. It taught us that skin color doesn’t determine generosity. These were men who were all quite dark skinned, but they took the time to create this wonderful surprise for us. I wish more people here could experience this and perhaps some of you could stop being so negative. I hope PK highlights this story, if only as a counterbalance to what we so often hear about African-americans.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......About 1962 I'm hanging out in Greenwich Village with my friend Bob. This is a Friday or Saturday night and the tourist are packed in the street like sardines. This big thuggy looking white guy is coming down the street. There is this tall skinny black kid with glasses coming toward him. The kid was about 15. The thug grabs the black kid by the shirt collar and says "Gimme a quarter". The kid gives him the money and he let's him go. The kid leans against a parked car.

I say to the guy "Is this how you panhandle people. Aren't you afraid someone might punch you out." The guy had this ugly brown tooth and he wiggles it back and forth in his mouth and says "See this loose tooth. Nobodies knocked it out yet." Bob ask him if he really makes money that way and the guy reaches in his pocket and pulls out two ten dollar bills. "That's how I made this money." Bob says "That ain't real money and the guy sticks it in Bob's face "this is real cash."

At that point Bob grabs the guy's 20 bucks and goes running down the street. The thug chases after him and the skinny black kid sticks his foot out and TRIPS THE GUY. He lands on his face on the sidewalk. Then he get's back up and runs down the street. The black kid comes up to me and says that was the coolest thing he ever saw. I tell the kid what he did was the coolest thing I ever saw. We stood there for about five minutes laughing our heads off. Good old New York.

Anonymous said...

Harrison has it right, but he is too little too late.
Locking black kids in a gymnasium over night during black expo should
Inform people.

As Greg Garrison promotes the white guilt via WIBC, the ten point coalition sucks dollars and shows their results. More murders.

How often does Mr. Garrison or Mr.Harrison visit inner city indy after dark?

Listen to live scanner feeds, and realize the reality of the bullshit these fat on the trough hogs are spewing!

FU self ritcious bastards.

A great big foam middle finger to you Greg as you ride off on your self loathing praise horse out of your white guilt sunset while another white dude gets shot in the gut for being white.

And by the way, that 10 point coalition is having all night basketball this weekend Mr. Woodson. And just take a guess who is paying to keep the fine grammer school boys and girls off the streets to help save an inner city.

Labor day weekend there will be 24 shot and 6 killed, my prediction.

Greg and Bob will ride off into the sunset doing Gods work as they conspire to social engineer a solution while denying FBI data on crime in America.

Reality of the situation is totally opposite of the peaceful solutions being shoved down our throats. 21' is my rule, whats yours.



Those 84 homicides in Indy are going to look like kindergarten class in a few weeks. The crash is coming and some are saying it will be in and around September 23rd.
The lowly common negro can't sustain his/her lazy lifestyle without that EBT card being magically refilled by the Feds every month.( we here @SBPDL already know this) So when one stupid negro wants his Flaming Hot Cheetos and there is not enough fundage to buy a .25-cent bag of them well some White family will loose a loved one over a lousy quarter.

As others here have stated at this kick ass blog be prepared with food, water, and ammo! Cause negroes are not like us and they don't look at the future and prepare like us. They just think that they will just take ours. And that will be their first mistake. Because most of us GREATWHITES are ready to lock and load for our family!

On another note I too would like to thank the bloggers that post links also. I've learned so much through your sharing of knowledge thru those links. Thanks A Lot!!


Anonymous said...

The wine train wreck story is circulating the internet and is world news now. One detail that has been left out of most stories is the following:

Making matters worse, police were waiting at the station, though, “no police action was taken,” authorities said Sunday. The company then posted — then deleted — a message about the run-in on Facebook that read in part: “Following verbal and physical abuse towards other guests and staff, it was necessary to get our police involved.”

Maybe these rambunctious Nubian queens care to tell everyone what kind of insults, slurs, and accusations that they hurled at staff that afternoon?

What kind of moron needs to be told 3+ times to lower their volume? The empathy challenged?

They are not only stupid and short-sighted, but incredibly confrontational to the point where they seem to be actively looking for a fight and to start a disagreement. Everybody always be "telling" dem what to do, and they gona hab none of dat.

I hope they champion this train ride fiasco along with all the other black miscreants who seem to enjoy basking in the glow of public failure. Move over male teens, you have some competition among the elderly black female "intellectuals". Not smart enough to avoid being kicked off of a train car, but smart enough to partiss-pate in a black book club. Sounds about right.

Don M said...

Conservative rule, heh.

Hi fellow SBPDL'ers, been lurking but rarely posting, as you old timers know.

On a related note, I went over to National Cuckview Online the other day to see the respectable CONservatives do their daily Trump bashing and Ben Carson Bull-Prepping.

On the page was a whole section devoted to school choice. The lead article was lamenting that even registered Republican voters were evincing skepticism over school voucher programs.

I realized that for 20+ years I have been listening to the Cuckservatives caterwauling about school choice, and the "soft bigotry of low expectations" for vibrants in public schools. For 20+ years, the cucks have been trying to get De'Qauntravious next to your daughter in her school.

Subhan Allah! (hat tip to fellow sandbox vets) that this madness was never adopted! Also praise God that the rank and file Republican families are now OPENLY skeptical.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that's going to fly with Obama's DOJ. They are on the road to solving the black crime problem. In Ferguson a judge through out all arrest of blacks arrested before 2014.
See, no arrests no crime.
Also further fight black crime he has ordered the FBI to leave race out of its crime stats. Its going to be hard to tell who doing the crime.

Mich Mike

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I have some experience in developing properties in distressed urban areas, as I renovated dilapidated properties and rented them out (pre-housing bubble days). Basically in my late 20s I became a small time landlord. You can rent out decent, re-developed apartments, assuming you have several factors in play:

1. Low crime. It doesn't matter how awesome the apartment is or how cheap the price.. decent people (no Section 8) will not move into a neighborhood where they are going to be assaulted and burglarized. Unless there is effective law enforcement you can forget about renting with success.

2. Good public transportation. Urban areas have a major advantage over suburbs.. everything you need is withing walking distance or a short commute away. It is a major convenience to get to your job in under 30 minutes WITHOUT the expense of a car. Rail beats buses by miles as trains don't get stuck in traffic.

3. Effective city services. Government plays a roll in the form of trash collection, fixing pot holes, and maintaining infrastructure. City government that become corrupt patronage mills drive out businesses due to not delivering services or increasing costs due to excessive taxation, permit costs, demand of payoffs, or excessive fines (where "enforcement" is all about raising revenue) will destroy the local economy.

I didn't mention schools because frankly, with the increase in non public education alternatives (i.e. home schooling) I think schools will be less of a factor. Years ago, when home schooling here was illegal, my parents had to move away from a home my mom loved. Why? My sister was getting mugged daily by a gang of black kids (grade school mind you). Back then white people had to flee to keep their kids safe because the government didn't allow you to chose how to educate your kids. Unless of course, you could afford a really expensive private school.

Today I just wish I had an option to 'opt out' of paying property taxes to the local school district. With what I pay, I could educate my tenant's kids and two of my own via a few tutors and my wife as a stay at home mom. The public schools here spend $24k+ per student yet student performance is at the bottom 25% in state exams.

Anonymous said...

"Something tells me Donald Trump has thought this very fact once or twice in his life."

And so hasn't every tribe member who has used the sub Saharans to "blockbust" an area to make money. Like the pied piper playing a tune and leading the plague of rats in to terrorize and disgust the populace, which prompts the people to "demand" an action by which the piper profits.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain!

Michael Isbell said...

The Left hates Trump and the GOP is trying to marginalize him. So Trump is AWESOME for this fact alone.

Anonymous said...

No matter what anyone does, blacks will whine, bitch, complain and scream racism. If they complain about crime in their neighborhoods and the cops go in and start arresting their thugs, they scream racial profiling, disparate impact, bigotry and injustice. If cops don't go in, blacks scream they're under-served because of racism and nobody cares about da black folks.
If blacks complain about all the gun violence in their hood and cops stop and frisk their thugs and start arresting everyone caught with an illegal gun, back to square one- you racist! you profilin'! Ditto if they complain about all the drug dealers infesting the street corners and their little black angels start getting arrested.
No matter what anyone does, blacks will always be dissatisfied and whine, bitch and complain like obnoxious spoiled children. No matter what you do for them, something will always be wrong with it.
To continue the spoiled child analogy, it's like the spoiled child that wants cereal for breakfast. Once it gets the cereal, it complains because it's corn flakes instead of raisin bran. Suddenly, the spoiled brat doesn't want cereal, it wants eggs. So you fix it some eggs and it complains it wanted scrambled instead of fried and suddenly it doesn't want eggs anymore, it wants pancakes. Once served pancakes, it bitches that it actually wanted french toast. Exasperated, you scream at it, "Make up your damn mind!" Suddenly, you're mean, hateful, horrible and don't care! You're abusive and mean! Irritated half out of your mind, you tell the spoiled brat, "You've been given everything you asked for and none of it was good enough and I'm tired of your behavior- go to your room! Then the brat goes to its room, has a tantrum and tears the place apart and then blames you because its room is a disaster area.
That's negro behavior in a nutshell. What they really need is an old fashioned ass blistering with a belt. OR water hoses and german shepherds.

Anonymous said...

A black population of over 20% in ANY city )let alone 70%), and run by ANY party would repel white citizens, period. While murder and mayhem play a major role in the rapid deterioration of black urban centers, just the very presence of these aggressive, ill-tutored, violent beasts is unnerving to civilized homo sapiens and the For Sale signs start going up.

Anonymous said...

If the local Cuckservative wing of the Republican party rolls on to their backs and let Democrat Joe Hogsett become mayor in November, Indy is doomed.

First thing Hogsett as mayor will do is call up his fellow Clintonista/Obamanista pal Rahm Emmanuel and say I want as many Section 8 housing voucher candidates from Chicago's Southside as you can send me. In return for tens of thousands Chiraq "refugees", the Chicago TWMNBN real estate moguls will fund a massive political slush fund for Hogsett in hopes he can become a US Senator in 2020/2024.

Hogsett will do to Indy, what past Socialist mayors did to Milwaukee.

After that and more white flight, Mariuon Co/Indy will be just another Democratic stronghold.

10mm AUTO said...

Julie @ August 24, 2015 at 11:11 PM

Really a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. It is so nice to hear the other side, when such confrontations in the middle of the night don't end in gunfire. One quick question. Is the dealership open at 2am?

• . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
. . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
. . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
. . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\,
. . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
. . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
. . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
. . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
. . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
. . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
. . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
. . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
. . . .. . .\`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
. . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
. . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..\. . /\
. . . . . . \`~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..\,__
,,_. . . . . }.>-._\. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
. .. `=~-,_\_. . . `\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
. . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `\. . . . . . ..__
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–

Gwoobus Harmon said...

It is stories like these that confirm to have anything resembling civilization of Western standards while simultaneously hosting a black population, extreme police state measures are required. The West has historically been about openness and freedom, and things like "stop and frisk" represent a closing of society.

Just the level of government period required to make a black population appear functional at all is staggering. Aside from the police state and prison industrial complex to combat the violence and crime they endlessly generate, the amount of welfare in the form of publicly funded housing/medical/food/school subsidies and assistance is astonishing. Then throw in the other stuff like community centers, "programs," government jobs, and the like. As bad as the average large US metropolis looks as a result of large black populations, imagine what these cities would look like without all of these things in place?

What is the total cost to create the illusion that blacks are civilized too?

We are approaching the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. That was when the veneer was removed of what a black population in America looks like when government does not artificially prop them up. They instantly revert to Haiti when allowed to exist on their own.

Keep these things in mind when you are bludgeoned with weepy stories and ten year retrospectives this week.

"Paint job theory" would be a much more difficult sale if blacks had to exist on their own merits and not tremendously funded government to perpetuate the illusion that they are compatible with modern civilization.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "Black women 'humiliated' after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train." -- The great majority of black women aren't intellectually competent or neurologically complex enough.. to feel "humiliated".. Herein lies the rub..

Anonymous said...

Why would you ask him that question? If he tells the truth, he's the next Hitler. Let immigration be his thing.

ms sippy said...

Murder, robbery, rape, shootings in Memphis are caused by Confederate statues. So I don't know what the problem in Indy is. Just the other day the police caught the guy who vandalized the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument. Try not to laugh, his name is Leo Awgowhat and he is running for Mayor of Memphis. He was so dumb he painted "aw go what" on the statue.

Anonymous said...

Julie said....

....says he looks like an eggplant.

Reminds me of the Sicilian scene in True Romance. It must rank as one of the finest little scenes ever shot, featuring the incomparable Christopher Walken and the equally awesome Dennis Hopper. If for some reason you have never seen it:

And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief.

Anonymous said...

Re: The story about the black women kicked off the wine train

I just hate how the train officials grovelled with the women. First, they immediately refunded their tickets--even though they had to get police involved to get them off the train. Second, they issued an apology to them. Third, they offered to "hear their story", which will no doubt lead to issuing them free trips/food/wine in the future, and the freedom to piss off passengers as they please, if they just won't call them racists again and keep the press at bay.

The moment you issue the slightest apology, you have lost. The women were drunk and disorderly, they were acting inappropriately, other paying customers raised complaints, and they were WARNED several times that if they continued they would be kicked off. There should have been no refund--these women almost certainly violated the train's terms of conduct. Issuing a refund, and then an apology, and then a "dialogue" sends the message that you've done something wrong.

You can see the DWL counterarguments starting in the comments section: "I'm at Starbucks and there is a ground of white women talking loudly. I don't see them getting kicked out." Piss off! One, Starbucks is a different venue than a luxury scenic train ride. Two, if multiple people complained to the Starbucks manager and the manager repeatedly warned this "group of white women", they would be kicked out too. White people are forced to constantly tolerate this black loudness in public, in the street, in the subway, at the movies. Do whites even have to tolerate this loudness on expensive train rides meant to be relaxing?

Anonymous said...

O/T :

So this stupid "wine train" incident is now threatening to destroy that business. All of the social justice warriors have gone out en masse and bombarded their facebook page with negative comments. Their ratings on Yelp, tripadvisor, and the like are plummeting as well.

This one sounds like a great candidate for a SBPDL article, considering the nature that one "protests" in this modern technological age. I promise that as we speak some #blacklivesmatter group is planning a sit in or something.

Un-flipping-believable. I guess that is where the "civil rights" movement eventually progressed to. Start by demanding "equality" and then after you have "equality" you immediately begin moving towards exemptions from standards for yourselves, such as the other patrons just having to accept a loud and obnoxious group in their midst, and if the private company does anything about it -RACISM!!!

This is what the end result of the left teaching "tolerance" ---- You must learn YT to "tolerate" dysfunction and cheapened experiences/surroundings, whether that be the non-stop ear splitting laughter of irritating blacks in a crowded train car, or the annihilation of once livable cities.

Anonymous said...

The wine train should have stuck to their guns instead of groveling.

Keep repeating the facts: we received many complaints, we kindly asked them to quiet down several times, we continued to receive complaints, we warned them that their behavior would get them kicked off the train, they didn't comply, we asked them to leave, they started shouting at us, issuing threats, we had to call the police.

Is the wine train incident going to set the precedent that noise levels are racist and can't apply to blacks?

If you thought blacks are loud in movie theaters now, imagine how they'll act once they realize complaints to the manager can't get them kicked out. As it stands now, I only go to the movies on the weekend when there is a pre-noon show, and the average black is likely still fast asleep.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same behavior from so called 'good blacks.' I had some a couple of black friends years ago who seemed normal but when one or two other blacks showed up they would get loud and rude. I saw it for what is was at the time but didn't really know the why.
Years later I learn that people like organisms thrive in a community. It is the way we are and it is better for both sides we understand this and part our seperate ways.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus mentioned the ten year anniversary of Katrina. Here's a Katrina story for you.

I worked and lived in NOLA for awhile PRE-Katrina. Got to know the city and it's habitu├ęs quite well. Living in another city when Katrina land fall was 24 hours out, I predicted that they would be unable to evacuate the black folk. Here's why:

1. Big Black Mamas that hadn't even been outside the house in twenty years. They weren't gonna take preventative action. Just keep sittin where they be sittin'.

2. Black folks in general: no future time conception (no, not "orientation"; no f-ing conception of the future past maybe supper tonight).

3. If other folks did leave, it would be open season on looting. The younger black males weren't gonna walk away from that. They might as well put up a sign saying "free stuff-take whatever you want". That's how the hurricane warnings were read by them after it became clear folks were leaving stores and homes unoccupied.

4. Let the Gov save us. It never occurred to black folks in NOLA that they were responsible for their own safety. It be the Govamints job to take care of us.

So, after Pontchartrain emptied itself into the city, you see chaos and blacks on rooftops. Someone asked me "how did you know that would happen?". I said, I know the blacks down there. There was no other possible outcome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

310 off topic

Was looking at NY Times and I saw an ad for 'Citi' w some guy named Mohamed [brown guy, not Black].


Anonymous said...

This ridiculous wine train story is another example of the War on civility and manners, which becomes a de facto war on White values. Blacks are just naturally loud, folks, and these gals were having a good time, presumably, and were no doubt loud and boorish. It's why they're called "vibrants".

Segregation would solve a million aggravating problems per day, just by simple separation. This one included.

But since we don't have segregation, we end up attempting to accommodate these folks. Quiet and order are White values, and of course, they are the ones that must be sacrificed in BRA.

Silver lining here is that the White people being raked over the coals were all probably DWLs. "Hey how come these black women aren't like the quiet, thoughtful, really smart ones we see on teevee all the time?"

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Biden gets the Dem nomination... I'd love to see the ads Trump comes up with using his videotaped "put blacks back in chains" comment!

I'm sure there are some creative ways this can be edited into an ad to humiliate & beat him.

chattanooga gal said...

"And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief."
yes, she does. and she is very good at it, too. she had one the other day in which she said she studied nuclear physics, or something like that, at the university of the congo. I laughed my ass off.

chattanooga gal said...

" train officials grovelled with the women. First, they immediately refunded their tickets--even though they had to get police involved to get them off the train. Second, they issued an apology to them. Third, they offered to "hear their story", which will no doubt lead to issuing them free trips/food/wine in the future, and the freedom to piss off passengers as they please, if they just won't call them racists again and keep the press at bay."
and the thing is, this won't even work. they are already going out of their way to destroy this company, in SPITE of the groveling. those frat boys at Oklahoma got expelled in spite of almost licking the boots of the accusers. you see this over and over. tell them to piss off and DON'T apologize.

Californian said...

And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief.

BRA itself is so absurdist that the line between reality, parody and total lunacy has long since dissolved.

Pat Boyle said...

If you get drunk in a California bar you can get thrown out (not literally of course) under California Penal Code Section 647(f). This happens all the time. My ex-Brother-In-Law was bouncer. Everyone knows that such a job must exist because people, when in their cups, often act badly. They get loud and obnoxious and have to be asked to leave.

Blacks are about 13% of the population but account for 55% of the Disorderly Conduct arrests (FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 43). So no one should be surprised that some blacks were asked to leave the Wine Train.

Could it have been 'white racism'? Sure, but without videos of the whole incident, no one can really know. Actually of course California has had no history of black slavery or black lynchings. The persecuted minority here was always the Chinese. BTW the Chinese have very few Drunk and Disorderly arrests.

So in the absence of perfect knowledge we must rely on probabilities. It sounds like these negresses got to drinking and became a public disturbance. When ejected they cried racism. That seems to be the favorite charge of blacks recently. Lately we have been told to distrust the testimony of the police and prefer that of black hoodlums, thugs, and drug pushers.

You decide.


Anonymous said...

I'm greatly enjoying the whine train story. It's the perfect clash of values.

The commenters on the Santa Rosa Press Democrat site are mostly on the side of kicking off obnoxious people:

The people who are calling for a boycott are mostly people who would never go on the wine train in the first place. Meanwhile, people looking for a classy wine tasting experience without rude drunks are probably signing up in droves.

Oh, yes, the DWLs will say how terrible it is that those poor benighted black women were asked to leave, but they don't want diversity in their midst any more than the rest of us do.

Why else do you think they shelled out the big bucks to move to the North Bay?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....About Katrina. I had a TV back then and had just started using the computer. All you saw on TV was black bitching and moaning. We must of seen at least a dozen clips of white guys hanging on cables from helicopters pulling blacks off roof tops. Never saw a black guy saving or helping anybody. The people who came to help were all white. We saw one clip where a black guy who had been rescued from his roof and was bitching about not having no food or water and "dey just dropped me off and nobody be helping me. Dat not right". Hey....Fuck you asshole. Go back and sit on your roof.

That bus convoy of blacks into Houston doubled the local crime rate in a month. Somebody should do a story on that. I knew a kid who worked at the jail in Cheyenne, Wyoming and in two weeks the jail cells were full. The muggings and robbery started about a week after their arrival. Same in Lincoln. Crime rate went up. My friend"s kid get mugged. The local media never used the forbidden B-WORD (black). The crime was caused by HOMELESS PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

On topic: Donald Trump has to know about the "minority" effect on real estate, either through his dad's experience or his own. He's smart to use the illegals as an issue though, since the blacks are untouchable in our current climate. I think he'd be a great President because I don't believe the man would ever apologize for anything. I hope I'm right about that.

Off topic: I've always thought the whole Napa Valley wine thing was insufferable. I'd bet good money the train owners and everyone on the train voted for 0bama. I hope they all get what they deserve - good and hard.

What on earth does a black women's book club read?

Anonymous said...

We often comment here about Obama Inc's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, where in the feds are working to put Section 8 negroes in every single neighborhood from sea to shining sea.

It only takes one violent, hostile, dysfunctional negro "family" to destroy the lives of dozens (or more, depending on housing density) or more normal people. Here's an example of a negro family, children along with lesbian partner causing upheaval in the lives of their neighbors. Whether or not this particular negro is Section 8 or not is really not material.

Michael Isbell said...

Paul, have you seen this?
Ferguson Judge Orders Massive Changes to Court System, Withdraws All Arrest Warrants Issued Before 2015

Julie said...

Californian said...
And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief.

BRA itself is so absurdist that the line between reality, parody and total lunacy has long since dissolved.

And that is precisely the point of the lovely Julie.

Anonymous said...

I love white America because they don't ax me fo a dolla every time I happen to pass one on the street.They don't eyeball me as I sit at a red light when I happen to be traveling in their neighborhood. When I travel the streets in a white neighborhood, traffic moves smoothly, everyone signals for a turn and the sidewalks are used for their intended purpose. The middle of the street was not designed for pedestrians as is all too often the case, in the "aye shall we say", darker coonmunities. As for our flag, we recognize each other when we meet, we don't need a flag or a slogan, or someone to blame when we go afoul of the laws of common courtesy or the laws that were designed to punish criminals. So by all means design a flag that you can hide behind, you already have a slogan. But that slogan "matters" nothing to me. It seems to mean nothing more to you than something you can shout at politicians, the police or whenever you feel you have been wronged. Go Away or Shut Up!

Anonymous said...

The analogy isn't perfect, but the cries of "racism" remind me of the "Satanic panic" in the 80's.

No matter how improbable or impossible the allegations, WE MUST BELIEVE THE CHILDREN.

If a three-year-old says that she was flushed down a toilet, molested in a hidden underground chamber by Satan himself, and cleaned up before her mom came to get her at 5:00, WE MUST BELIEVE HER.

Yes, children sometimes do get molested.

Yes, blacks sometimes are victims of racism from businesses, the cops, and individuals.

But every supposedly racist incident that turns out not to be so just discredits claims of actual racism.

Didn't their parents read to them the story of the boy who cried wolf?

(That was a rhetorical question. Everyone knows blacks don't read to their kids.)

But like those cases of molestation where the victim was taken up in a hot air balloon and raped by Chuck Norris, even the accusation of racism has the power to destroy lives.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why would you ask him that question? If he tells the truth, he's the next Hitler. Let immigration be his thing.

August 25, 2015 at 8:52 AM

Exactly! Why would you want to go and expose his "ace in the hole"
on national tee-vee. I hope that my instincts are correct and he
won't turn out to be another lying bastard sell-out. But then again,
what else would be new. I'm just leaning his way because I hope he's
the least of all the evils. Mentioning the immigration issue alone is
enough for him to lose pretty much ALL Hispanic voters ? He could be
heaven sent and exactly what it may take to try to get this "train wreck"
back on the right tracks. Maybe. I think he has done a great job at not
getting into too much detail on how he would handle the undertow, other
than mentioning that he'd give the powers that be back to the police,
to enforce the law. Read between the lines on that one alone.

I'd rather ask the man a question like that one-on-one with no recording
devices. If he's really about offering the truth, he'd tell you like it
is. If not, then you'd know what he really was... nah mean ?

awakened white said...

@ Great Whites, preach man! been saying the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:55:

"...What on earth does a black women's book club read?"

"Urban Romance", aka "African American Romance Fiction". I didn't even know this "genre" existed until I was talking to someone who worked at the local library. They even have a bookmobile to deliver this steaming tripe to the black female stay-at-homes.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:27:

"Let's hope Biden gets the Dem nomination... I'd love to see the ads Trump comes up with using his videotaped "put blacks back in chains" comment!"

But if Hilldog gets it, he can always fall back on that god awful, cringe-inducing "I'm not no-ways tarred" speech done in her ultra-pandering fake-black accent.

Anonymous said...

Black man films white woman, white woman spits on black man, black man hauls off and punches white woman:

Remember, it's okay to punch a woman if she's a racist!

FlowerBell said...

"What on earth does a black women's book club read?"

"I know why the cage bird sings" or " The color purple". It has to be something about being black since that's the only subject they are capable of talking or thinking about.

Black for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Has there ever been a more tiresome and tedious people in history?

Anonymous said...

The Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the US. You don't want it filled up with obnoxious drunk wildebeests.

Anonymous said...

It might even be illegal for a bartender to continue to serve an obviously drunk patron. It is in my state.

Anonymous said...

BRA writes its own jokes.

Anonymous said...

Damn right.

Anonymous said...

Does Joe Biden have any sense of shame that would allow him to feel humiliated?

Anonymous said...

This has to truly be the absolute best blog on the net as we speak!

All of you great, highly intelligent HUMANS have offered me more knowledge
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The intellectual knowledge you folks have shared with all of us & each
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Ok, my lil' jingle:

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Waiting for the day where we can phuck em all !!
Cause we YT's are going to be the ones standing TALL !!

We are the champions, my friends !!

Yes, this is the only way it can go down.

YT, why did we let this happen to us ?
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We all know the answers to all of these questions.

It's time to answer our answer to these questions !!

But lastly, Thank you to PK for making it ever so capable to have a
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Also a quick thanks to the commenters who mentioned the need for weapons,
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I have a 1 hour back up battery hooked up to it in the case of a power outage.
It's not much back-up juice, but it's better than nothing, for the time being
anyways. I have remote access enabled and up and working on it so I can have
it on and playing on a laptop in my bedroom. I have the HD set on continuous
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It's a definite nice addition to any security system that you have on your house.

I don't know the actual model of the one I have, but I know it's a Lorex brand,
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remote access, in which I made sure to copy all entries :) The system I bought
also came with a 22" touch screen monitor, but I don't use it much since I watch
it remotely on the laptop instead. Only about an 8 second delay vs. real time
remotely on the laptop, not bad, but then again the only system I've had so
nothing to really compare it to.

Anonymous said...

Part of the Napa Valley's appeal in the first place is that it represents an escape from urban pressures, a large part of which is the presence of diversities. If they follow you there too and ruin your experience by their typical diverse behavior, it negates the entire point.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Germans are currently burning down refugee housing and attacking refugees all over the country. The German versions of the MSM and Liberals are having a shit fit.

An actor named Til Schweiger has been very vocal in his support for refugees. He received so much flak for it on his Facebook page that he deleted it. Somebody then cut a single electrical cable to one of his villas. To protect him from the evil right-wing extremists, the police sent (I'm not making this up) 20 police cars, a canine unit, and a helicopter with IR imaging capability to the villa.

Angela Merkel and other top politicians are currently touring one of the cities most affected by the arson attacks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie said....

....says he looks like an eggplant.

Reminds me of the Sicilian scene in True Romance. It must rank as one of the finest little scenes ever shot, featuring the incomparable Christopher Walken and the equally awesome Dennis Hopper. If for some reason you have never seen it:

And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief.

August 25, 2015 at 9:21 AM

"And I really think Julie just makes this nonsense up for entertainment relief."

LOL !!!!!!!!!!! No way, she surely had me fooled ! Duh me !! LMAOOOOO !!!

Now that's what I call a good laugh !! OMG.....I'm about to pee myself !!!

Anonymous said...

The whine train story and all other stories involving loud, rude, obnoxious, misbehaving black people all revolve around one idea central to the negroes primitive mind which is "respect." It's a word they've latched onto and misuse with reckless abandon but it (as usual) translates into a one way street with them- you must "respect" them regardless of what they do or how they behave even when that behavior is disrespectful of everyone else around them. To do otherwise is "disrespect" and will cause a chimpout.
All civilized people know the true meaning of the word respect but negroes have warped it into meaning, "I kin do whutebber I wants and ain't nobody gots no right to say nuthin!" Thus their outrage when called out for their disrespectful behavior. From their low IQ and idiotic perspective, they're in the right and you're in the wrong because they've taken the word "respect" and filtered it through their retarded entitlement mentality and turned it into something half-witted and monstrous.
The simple fact of the matter is you're dealing with a demographic that is so utterly stupid that they've redefined a common word like respect to the point where even though we speak a common language, the meaning of the word is utterly different and warped and perverted beyond all recognition. This goes beyond simply thinking they should be able to do anything they want any time they want without repercussion. It also extends into their gibsmedat mentality. I can't tell you how many times I've seen negroes in a public setting asking for or demanding something that no one else is being given and when denied, starts stomping around in a rage and screeching, "Ya'll goan respects me! I ain't takin' dis shit off'n ya'll!"
Even disapproving looks directed at a negro that is royally showing its ass in public is "disrespek." Calling out the black community over its many pathologies and dysfunctions is "disrespek" and results in negroes screeching, "you gonna respects da black community, motherf*cker!"
Not to put too fine a point on it but the average negro (male or female) acts like the alpha male in a troop of macaque monkeys- everyone else must defer to it in all things or it goes ballistic and attacks because it's been "disrespected" and its position "threatened." At the very least, it'll start leaping about, screeching and making threat displays.
Exactly like negroes on a wine train. The comical thing to me is humans on the train acting like low ranking monkeys and trying to placate the "alpha monkeys" by surrendering to them and trying to placate them so they calm down when they should simply darting the damn things, putting them in a net or cage and carrying them off to the jungle to be released in the wild.

Anonymous said...

I looked into booking a trip after I heard the news. The ratings since this incident are all DWL thumbs down crap about unfairness. Readers here should all applaud this in the Google ratings.

Anonymous said...

She admitted they were "rambunctious" on the train, which in ghetto-speak means riotous, but without the gunfire.

It's amazing how people pretend that this story MUST be racism, because no negro has EVER acted out in public.

"White people do it too" ? Yeah, but it's not the same. In my local bar, a few negroes occasionally show up, start playing hip hop on the internet juke box, then proceed to speak and cackle at maximum decibel and non-stop.

An obnoxious white person just can't achieve that volume or duration. Even drunk white girls - the annoying twits who shout "Woo! Woo!" every couple of minutes for no discernable reason - can keep up the pace of an average noisy negro.

The sad part is that these negroes have no idea they are even doing it, so....Racism!

Anonymous said...

Read Derbyshire's Rules

Anonymous said...

I read the piece twice and I am still trying to understand the preacher’s logic. On the one hand the paper said that some would consider what he is proposing as racial profiling (and the preacher disagreed), but in the very next sentence the preacher said we need to recognize that it is our kids killing each other. Either the paper is being disingenuous or the preacher is being disingenuous! We can’t have it all ways: either the area is profiled for the ones doing the killing or it is not! It is their choice because it is THEIR neighborhood. Up front, it sounds as though the preacher is becoming a believer in black on black crime and sees only one solution: racial profiling. He can try to not use those words, but that is what it is! New York City was a success because it profiled. The Israelis catch terrorists because they profile. What are the odds that whites are doing the murders in Indianapolis? Virtually NILL. Therefore should they be profiled? No…you go after the demographic doing the killing and racial profiling works. Much of what TSA does in airports by strip searching 95 year old grandmothers and examining their depends is stupid and useless. They need to ask themselves this question: has an old lady EVER committed a terrorist act on a plane, or even hijacked a plane? The answer is NOOOOO!!!!

OK…blacks are going to have to come to terms with the fact that THEY are the ones committing a great deal of the crimes, and profiling is in order because of that. If they choose to not profile, the crimes will continue. I believe many blacks are regretting the police leaving their areas with the black criminals intact and murder rates spiraling out of control. If I were the police, I would have them (blacks) choose: we either profile or you people can take care of the problems yourselves. Their choice; and no bullshit later!

Anonymous said...

Never OT: Fun in the park with people of color:

Jim Davis said...

More oppression by YT. Blacks are being disproportionately suspended and expelled in Florida and Southern schools. Of course, nowhere in the article does the author wonder if this due to black behavior being disproportionately bad. And the Orlando Slantinel conveniently left off a comments section. Nope it must by YT's fault.

D-FENS said...

Wine train or SOUL TRAIN?

Anonymous said...

"White people got it too good. Let's ruin their lives and bring them down to our level".

That's the new Obama/Democrat attitude.

Brian said...

Everyone who`s ever sat near a group of rowdy blacks in a movie theater, restaurant, mall, school, knows damn well what happened on that train.

Anonymous said...

That bus convoy of blacks into Houston doubled the local crime rate in a month. Somebody should do a story on that. I knew a kid who worked at the jail in Cheyenne, Wyoming and in two weeks the jail cells were full. The muggings and robbery started about a week after their arrival. Same in Lincoln. Crime rate went up. My friend"s kid get mugged.

Which is why they had segregation.
And sundown towns.

Anonymous said...

Yet another YT establishment destroyed by the undertow of society. They're quickly losing support when these stories come out. The comment section in the SFran is a good indication that whites are sick and tired of these cackling beasties.

Anonymous said...

I see two prevailing themes floating about here in the comments today.

1. The right to enjoy relative quiet and order in a public venue. (Wine Train).

2. Concentrating LE effort on the most likely to offend. (Profiling).

Both can be grouped under the rubric "for the good of the majority".

In the case of #1 above, let's compare the loud and unruly black women to smokers for a moment. Since not everyone smokes, modern society has tended most recently to consider non-smoking public areas as the default state we should preserve. Since non-smokers are actively irritated by smoke, and non-smokers can presumably survive on clean air if necessary, the non-smokers get the nod. For the train passengers, presumably silence would have been acceptable to all, while noisy pandemonium from a small sub-group is an imposition on the larger group. The loud black women may as well have been smoking in a non-smoking area, given their disregard for the common good.

In the second case, racial profiling, it's true that an occasionally innocent black person might be upset by a stop and frisk. But if violent crime is deterred, the benefit of the majority would seem to prevail. What the racial profiling opponents are essentially saying is "I don't care how much crime you are preventing, my right to go about in public unimpeded is more important." The same kind of logic could be used against security screenings at the airport.

As long as perps fit into categories we can be cognizant of, it simply makes sense that that demographic may have to shoulder an increased burden of scrutiny in the interest of protecting the greatest number of citizens.

Not everything in life can be made "fair"; we have long ago decided that those policies which result in the greater good for the majority should be pursued. But blacks want special treatment; no, make that preferential treatment. Instead of "for the greater good", our policies are now "so that no black feelings will ever be hurt".

Anonymous said...

Napa Valley Train CEO apologized to the black book club.

After the eleven women were removed from the train they immediately called it racism, going on all social media sites saying they were victims of racism. So there were calls to boycott Napa Valley Train, calling the company all kinds of hateful names.

So the Napa Valley Train CEO issued an apology, groveling at the feet of the eleven book club members.

An employee posted on the company's Facebook site what happened and the post was removed. The employee said there was verbal and physical abuse of employees and other customers, which is why police were called.

Anonymous said...

Julie said....

Jamal is extremely black and my husband often says he looks like an eggplant.


Well, Julie, the Italian word for eggplant (Melanzana) has been used as a slang word for Negroes in Philadelphia for generations now. When dissected the word literally means "the big black one".

In Philadelphia the word was pronounced with a slang dialect as "Mool-un-tsanna". It was shortened to "mool-on-tsan" and finally over time, it was just shortened to "mool" (like pool).

So if you ever hear someone say, "Hey, what the f*ck is that mool doing with Carmella's daughter, Rosanne"!, you'll understand that Roseanne is mudsharking around with a big eggplant...a negro male.

Of course, though, no Italian American girl in her right mind does such things. At least not in Philadelphia. Her mother will beat the living shit out of her if she even peeps the smallest thought of trying a taste of the darkest fruit.

Thanks, Julie. Great story. I'll tell it to the kids before bedtime. I'm sure that my racially seasoned boys (pre-teens and early teens who act like they're going on 40) will get a kick out of it.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

What happened on that train must have been a sight to behold

I bet that hair weaves went bobbing and necks were craning to the utmost contortions.

Anonymous said...

Some news from the Minnesota State Fair, was opting for a shorter version of the article but too many good parts would have been left out:

Black Lives Matter St. Paul is sticking to its plans to disrupt business at the Minnesota State Fair Saturday despite social media backlash that erupted just hours after going public with the protest.

The group plans to march from Hamline Park in St. Paul north on Snelling Avenue to the State Fairgrounds.

As of Monday evening, over 600 people have said on the event's Facebook page that they plan to attend. Hundreds of others left negative comments on the page saying that disrupting the State Fair would hurt the group's cause. Organizers say they have no plans to enter the fairgrounds, but intend to disrupt traffic and inconvenience fairgoers.

"We're taking a lot of heat, a lot of pushback," Black Lives Matter St. Paul lead organizer Rashad Turner said. "But if we're really fighting for justice, we have to just execute our plan and not be distracted by all of the other comments and other people's opinions." (great line #1, I wonder if he ever wonders about people listening to his opinions? Probably one of the best 1-line summations of BLM logic I have ever seen)

The event, dubbed #BlackFair, alleges State Fair officials deny minorities equal opportunity to participate as vendors. Turner cited anecdotal references of people of color trying to get booths but were unable to do so. He said the black elders of the community have shared their frustration about income disparities and racial injustices.

"It really goes to the bigger picture and how the economic injustices that this country was built off still plague the black community today," Turner said.

State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer is irked by the statements Black Lives Matter St. Paul has made. As he gears up for the 12-day event, he said the organizers' claims lack concrete data.

"The process we have here is completely color blind," he said. "To be accused of racism and part of some white supremacy thing is so over the top, it's incredible."

No, it would have been incredible pre-Trayvon Martin. Blacks have been shoving aside commonly excepted codes of conduct and respect towards others for years now and have gotten little push back for it. The more people have cowered and offered rewards for horrible behavior the more reckless and impulse-driven these savages have become.

If it wasn't illegal we could lead them into bait-car/bait-white woman/bait-free stuff until every single one of them had crossed some clear line and were happily tucked away at N. University. They don't think about what they done be doin' wrong. They think about if they got caught or not. The theory of negro (instead of excess) value, where societal-wide depreciation is kicked into overdrive while blacks rip out all the copper wiring. Safety nets for those who paid into them have been stretched into hammocks for those who never lifted a finger if they didn't have to. Loud and crass peoples littering everyone else's neighborhoods with trash and noise pollution. The parasitic party crashers of modern civilization.

Everyone has their place, it is just that their's isn't anywhere around the rest of us. AFF housing will go down in flames as a relic of the past that needs to stay in the past. Americans will react to it like they did to the draft- you are putting people's safety and livelihoods at risk under government threat of force. People will notice when you keep forcing Tyrone on them over and over again and with no logical explanation. Whenever give a choice, we choose to not be around Tyrone. Watch any white person's actions (racist or anti-racist) and you will see them both consciously and unconsciously avoid the groid.

A lot of white people may be delusional but they aren't stupid.

Philadelphia Mike said...


Maya Angelou plagiarized "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". For real. Check it out on the Internet.

No surprise there.

What gets my goad is when she is referred to as Dr. Maya Angelou. She never studied for or earned a degree. She was merely given those useless honorary titles given by universities in order to get more charitable funding. Hell, we may as well call Bill Cosby "Dr. Cosby" after all of the honorary degrees that he's accumulated.

Where be dat caged bird at?
She ain't be in da cage no mo'.
Where she at, I say.
Where she at, mamma?

She be a sing'n' and a soar'n'
She be a fly'n' and a whor'n'
Wid da willy faced whipple
In da summa sky trees.


Philadelphia Mike

riptapart said...

You are absolutely right. They are not being "defiant" in many of these instances. They just do not see their behavior as being outside the norm relative to different settings. They are clueless. At amusement parks they see nothing inappropriate about jumping in line because a friend of their is near the front. I am absolutely convinced that many of them just do not comprehend white etiquette. They have their own limits of what is and isn't acceptable in public or private gatherings and events. Those limits are markedly different from ours. When observed by whites, one will notice that other blacks are not offended or bothered in the least by behaviors we would call rudely or obnoxious. That is until one Black might be wanting quiet or order causing a slight verbal admonishment, or a polite request or simple dirty look. At that point one Negro (that's all it takes), feels suspected, whereby various degrees of chimpouts are sure to follow. Anywhere from loud shouting matches with all the seeking and looking and repeating one "point" over and over and over and over again, to physical assaults, right on up to "bussin a cap iniz azz".

If no white race realists are injured in the melee, and if the timing is right, one can experiment great amusement and entertainment from this behaviors, provided that whatever reason brought a crowd together wasn't more important and if time isn't of importance.

Anonymous said...

Seriously... do the groids have any idea what's in store for them?


Anonymous said...

Uh, people... negroes are genetically different. Allele frequency differences account for their lower average iqs, poor future time orientation (critical), and lowered impulse control. Negroes are genetically higher in testosterone, and more likely to be violent.

This makes them incompatible.

riptapart said...

Indiana is run by a big government Republican


What other kind is there anymore? They still proclaim their loyalty to Jeebus with abortion, marijuana, prostitution, and other human choices. But they claim they want the government to "butt out of our lives". Many don't even try to claim being for limited government anymore. And as long as Martin King said it, it is just as holy as any words from Jeebus or his followers.

Medic Bear said...

Know Blacks, No Civilization.
No Blacks, Know Civilization.


riptapart said...

I had a story that was similar, I came home from work early one day and found my close friend Bellcurvious with my bow and arrow, hunting rifles and ammo, television, laptop computer, our fire proof lock box and various other valuable loaded into his van. It was quite funny. We had some drinks and he gave me some of his vitamins at our picnic the week before. Those vitamins made me feel like king of the world by the way. Well we had offered to take him and our family to our cabin some weekend. Too funny, he thought we meant that weekend coming and he was just going to help us pack our stuff and transport it for us, in his big van so we had some room in our SUV. I explained that I didn't mean this weekend and told him it wouldn't be fair to ask him to help me carry our things back in the house since he did all that work carrying it out. I wouldn't want him getting another one of his horrible headaches that the Doctors cannot find the cause of. Poor guy can't even work for a living and has to get a check from the government. His beautiful wife Katrina also gets headaches too and cannot work. They keep getting those remarkable vitamins, but they don't seem to work. And Katrina has to walk the streets all night after taking her vitamins. It is the only thing that eases the pain. And while walking, she often gets in the car with stranger who get lost and need directions. So she just rides with them to show them. Most throw her some money for her time.

Anonymous said...

But given he has made his fortune in real estate, it's nearly impossible to think that Trump isn't at least somewhat aware of the effects of Africans in America on property values.

It's completely impossible. Trump has property in Atlantic City.

Clinton is most likely a racial realist as well, but the worst type (accepts race but hates vast majority of White people).

Anonymous said...

Conservatives keep telling us to remember that MLK told us to judge on the content of character.

MLK lacked character (his best friend wrote about how he beat up White prostitutes) so I judge him as a fraud that conservatives need to stop worshiping.

Anonymous said...

She admitted they were "rambunctious" on the train, which in ghetto-speak means riotous, but without the gunfire.

I read about that on a mainstream new site. About half the comments were about how blacks are loud and especially black women in groups.

Anonymous said...

At amusement parks they see nothing inappropriate about jumping in line because a friend of their is near the front. I am absolutely convinced that many of them just do not comprehend white etiquette. They have their own limits of what is and isn't acceptable in public or private gatherings and events. Those limits are markedly different from ours.

I'm convinced of this as well. They crave attention more than Whites and will be rude to piss off Whites but most of the time they are just clueless. I couldn't believe how many times in college they would yell across a hall to say the dumbest things like HEY YO JAMAL I SEE YOU NIGGA WORD. This would sometimes happen during a public lecture when there was some left-wing speaker spouting the usual narratives about how Whites are the cause of all black problems. Of course I always wanted to raise my hand and ask, what is your excuse for the blacks here that act like assheads and keep interrupting you? They have free tuition and plenty of time and yet they are acting like assheads instead of trying to learn something.

Our BSU (black student union) would show up the day after a bake sale with some scary looking cookies and a ghetto blaster. It wouldn't matter if the building was being used for an employment fair. They'd setup their table and put out their cookies.

At another college I visited the blacks would play basketball at 3 AM outside of a dorm on a TUESDAY. HEY YO DANTRE YOU SEE DAT SHOT? WATCH THIS NIGGA

You couldn't make this stuff up. I've been around a lot of foreign students and none of them were clueless like the blacks. One you are around blacks enough you sense that they are missing some genes that regulate behavior. I have a hard time believing that most teachers haven't reached a similar conclusion. It makes me suspect that we have a lot of liberals supporting paint theory even when they secretly doubt it. I also wonder how many liberals come to this website for what is basically realism porn to them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Julie, the Italian word for eggplant (Melanzana) has been used as a slang word for Negroes in Philadelphia for generations now. When dissected the word literally means "the big black one".

I used to live in Connecticut and I heard blacks referred to that way quite often.

Anonymous said...

Napa Valley Train CEO apologized to the black book club.

Someone needs to tell the CEO to switch the train music to bluegrass, country or classical. Also make sure the main course has pork.

Anonymous said...

"Re: The story about the black women kicked off the wine train"

The comments on this story over at Field Negro are being trolled very heavily.

Anonymous said...

I realized that for 20+ years I have been listening to the Cuckservatives caterwauling about school choice, and the "soft bigotry of low expectations" for vibrants in public schools. For 20+ years, the cucks have been trying to get De'Qauntravious next to your daughter in her school.

Well we already tried NCLB and it failed. Both liberals and cuckservatives don't want to talk about the results because the implications are obvious.

Anonymous said...

I can recall at least 7-8 episodes of A&E's First 48 where the black perps arrested for homicide in TX, MS, AL, TN and FLA, all came from the sewers of NO. They're simply walking plagues that destroy everything in their path. It's really unfortunate that aids didn't finish them off.

Mr. Rational said...

Never saw a black guy saving or helping anybody.

But Lootie became an icon.

Anonymous said...

I was on line in the supermarket this afternoon with a negro woman in her 40's. She had some food that she put on the conveyor belt and after the clerk scanned it all, she paid cash. She didn't stab me or the clerk. She didn't smell real bad and I don't think she ever even said motherfucker once. She took her bags and left.

I was shocked. I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

“The police are going to racial profile our kids,” said Harrison

Well they ought to as we all KNOW who is be committin dose crimes in da hood.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these rambunctious Nubian queens care to tell everyone what kind of insults, slurs, and accusations that they hurled at staff that afternoon?

Being shucking and jiving negroes, that sounds about right.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

Yes, blacks sometimes are victims of racism from businesses, the cops, and individuals.

But every supposedly racist incident that turns out not to be so just discredits claims of actual racism.

You've obviously had a liberal education.

What is "actual racism" and why should we credit claims of it?

For heaven's sake, stop parroting these leftist cliches. "Racist" is a BS, made-up, meaningless word. Do not use it, you just give it a sham legitimacy. Do not "punish" or shun those accused of it. Do not shrink from it, or deny it. Ignore it. Treat any who use it seriously with contempt.

Speaking of which, these black protesters should be informed that, if they inconvenience fairgoers, the latter will respond by boycotting black concessions at the fair. They may blackmail the organizers into giving them more stands, but they can't force White people to patronize those stands. Let them learn a lesson in practical marketing.

D-FENS said...

There is an old saying, "In vino, veritas" - "In wine, truth".

Imagine the "truths" that emerged from the negro book club women on the wine train!

Anonymous said...

They claim to belong to a book club, yeah right, they must stock the magazine shelves at Wal-Mart.


Anonymous said...

They should no longer be considered children when their knuckles no longer drag the floor when they walk and they start engaging in black violence.


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right, but I still can't help but associate them with cockroaches, or other vermin and parasites.
With government sponsorship, they're "Super Negroes", able to destroy civilization with a single president.


Anonymous said...

Right after Katrina, a man I know told me he hitched up his boat and drove to NO to try to help out. He had seen people stuck on roof tops on tv.
He arrived early in the morning and it was very still and quiet. He launched his boat, parked his truck and then got back into the boat. A black family was on the roof of a house nearby and he could hear them talking.
Just before he started to start his boat motor, he heard two of the black men, stuck on the roof of a house, discussing how to hit him on the head and steal his boat.
He could hear them pleading for rescue as he drove away. That day he became a race realist. His words, "F--k'em, I hope they all die."
This was before I saw the light. Although I sympathized with him, I thought he was being a bit harsh on all blacks. Well, that has since changed. I'm older now, but not senile.


Mr. Rational said...

Just before he started to start his boat motor, he heard two of the black men, stuck on the roof of a house, discussing how to hit him on the head and steal his boat.

It's a really good thing for them that he didn't think about taking some of the gasoline he had and setting fire to their refuge, isn't it?

I'll bet that there will be a lot less reluctance in the future.


It wasn't a "book club".

It was a booty club.

As for Trump: He knows. He is very smart. He knows. He is also smart enough to say nothing, like Obama did, until he gets the power to change everything, like Obama did.

"By Deception Ye Shall Wage War": (Mossad)

Anonymous said...

O.T. Television film crew shot down while on the air in Virginia. Severa news sites on the net.
Can't hardly believe comments. Everything in the country is being blamed except the worthless NEGRO that did it.
These people should remember it's better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt!
I hope the MEN in this nation out number the fools and take time from WORK to give the fools the ass-whooping they are so sorely begging for.


Anonymous said...

"Racism" is the default position for any failure.

There is a case I'm Bali where a teen-aged Mulatto couple killed the girl's white mother for her money and the pair are in an Indonesian jail.

The stupid murdering asshole attempted to play the race card and accused the local cops of calling him "nigger" and saying they were going to put him on a Kentucky Fried Chicken diet.

When confronted with the accusation, the puzzled Indonesian police chief said: "In my country, KFC is very expensive. No one would offer it as an insult."

Anonymous said...

A judge in Texas told me that most if the truancy cases coming before him in his predominately white district are Hispanics, leading to cries of disparate impact."

The points out: "the kids are in school, or they are not. A computer generates the cases that must go to court based on attendance records.... Are the computers racists?"

Mr. Rational said...

Also make sure the main course has pork.

The alcohol already keeps the towelheads away, so what's the pork for?

Anonymous said...


Black ladies on a whine train.

And these 'book club, like wine' gals are the IKAGOs. So whats the rest of em like?

Anonymous said...

Yep, they keep shooting each other here, just not in enough numbers to make a real difference. I did see one black man on the news more or less acknowledging they were their own worst enemy. Very admirable of him, though it will fall upon deaf ears in his community. Rob, shoot, rape, murder, it's all whitey's fault.

Mr. Rational said...

The "racist comment" the murderer alluded to on twitter that he claims the victim made to him was probably, "I'm sorry. I'm seeing someone else."

Unlikely; he was gay and apparently "out".  But his lack of complaints about Black women and White men bear further inquiry.