Sunday, August 23, 2015

When the Broken Windows Policing Theory runs into the Broken City Theory (where policing is impossible)...

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Would a "police state" be necessary if Baltimore wasn't 65 percent black? [Arrests for minor crimes spur resentment in some Baltimore neighborhoods, Baltimore Sun, August 23, 2015]:

 For Tayvon Wiggins, applying for a job brings almost certain disappointment. "I go through the interview process, but as soon as they check my background, I can't pass it," the West Baltimore man said. 
He has been convicted of minor traffic violations but believes the real problem stems from other arrests that remain on his record even though they were never prosecuted. 
Wiggins, who has been working odd jobs as he moves to get those records expunged, illustrates the frustration felt by some Baltimoreans who have trouble finding employment because of arrests, including those for minor charges such as trespassing. 
The issue, which has sparked resentment in West Baltimore and other neighborhoods for years, has received new attention in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death. 
State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby contends that Gray, who sustained a fatal spinal injury while in police custody, was arrested illegally because officers patrolling in West Baltimore failed to establish probable cause. 
He was detained near the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street a month after Mosby asked police for enhanced drug enforcement in that area. 
Some residents complain that "clearing the corner" — a practice of making arrests on minor offenses to disperse people in drug-infested areas or to investigate more serious crimes — is a law enforcement strategy that continues to harm residents and has contributed to a distrust of police. 
Though charges are often dropped by prosecutors, the arrests can remain on records for years. That has helped to drive up the number of statewide expungements, as Marylanders try to cleanse records that may be reviewed by potential employers. 
Baltimore police counter that they have abandoned the zero-tolerance strategy that led to mass arrests — and a 2006 lawsuit by the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union. Statistics bear out that assertion. 
The number of arrests for minor crimes such as failure to obey, loitering and disorderly conduct has dropped significantly across Baltimore — from 5,401 in 2005 to 2,016 last year. 
There are also fewer cases in which police make arrests only to see prosecutors release them without charges; there were 10,844 such cases in 2009 and 956 last year. Baltimore police are now targeting the "worst of the worst," said Col. Darryl DeSousa, who until recently headed the patrol division. 
Minor nuisance offenses are increasingly addressed with citations rather than arrests, he said. Still, many Baltimoreans complain that police continue to enforce nuisance laws unfairly. Although police officials have disavowed the mass-arrest strategy, African-Americans are still being arrested disproportionately for minor crimes, according to a Baltimore Sun analysis of city data. 
Blacks make up 64 percent of the city's population but accounted for 93 percent of loitering arrests and 84 percent of trespass arrests in 2014. 
"The reason why the arrest disparity is so high is that police are posted all over in our neighborhoods," said the Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, a West Baltimore clergyman and president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. "It's like a police state." 
Police experts note that some neighborhoods, including parts of West Baltimore, have a greater police presence because that is where homicides, shootings and other major crimes are concentrated. 
This year, as the city experiences a spike in homicides — already surpassing the total for 2014 — most of the killings have occurred in impoverished sections of East and West Baltimore.
Broken Windows Policing in Baltimore is impossible because the 65 percent black city is a broken city: where violent and petty crimes are almost entirely committed by the black majority, and the almost entirely black elected (or appointed) government/bureaucracy will continue to stay in power as long as this black crime - and fear of black crime - keeps the city from being gentrified.

Trespassing is not a minor offense: it's the type of crime driving down property values and keeping businesses from investing in a city.

It's the toleration of this type of crime - and persecution of the police who falsely believe they uphold the white man's law and not the Africanization of the city - ensuring Baltimore remains a broken city.


countenance said...

Except in rare circumstances, meaning the kinds of jobs that the Trayvons of Baltimore could never even dream of getting and wouldn't even try, employers are not allowed to ask job applicants about anything other than actual adult felony criminal convictions. No misdemeanor convictions, no arrests of any kind.

Mr. Rational said...

The (black, of course) Director of Community Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison declares "I know this is being taped, I'll maybe never get a job at WalMart, but I just don't think that they should be prosecuting cases or going (?) up cases for people who steal from WalMart. I just don't think that, right? I don't think Target or all them other places them (?) big box that have insurance, they should be using justification, the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices, right?"

Maybe we should phone the office of the president of UW-Madison and ask if the university's representatives should be advocating for theft with impunity.

Californian said...

"The reason why the arrest disparity is so high is that police are posted all over in our neighborhoods," said the Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, a West Baltimore clergyman and president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. "It's like a police state."

And if the police were not posted all over, then the Rev would complain that the black community was being under-served. So it's a no-win situation for YT.

Californian said...

By the way, Mike Smith has been running some good articles on how to organize resistance against oppressive government in South Africa. Lots of lessons for us here in BRA:

...scroll down through several articles.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't going to work yet want someone to pay for all those shiny public services then the money has to come from somewhere.

When a sense of civic duty is completely absent the city needs to look elsewhere to make people pay their share to keep society running, and all those black-dominated middle class government make-work jobs require actual money that has to come from somewhere.

Rather than tax away a hard-working demographic who can move elsewhere, at some point blacks need to pay for things. The increased penalties that a lot of these people face stem from very small violations that they could have addressed immediately and gotten near full assistance in paying. But no, that is just not enough on a silver platter for the great basketball American.

Act irresponsible, get penalized, and then look to the rest of us to get angry with you because you can't follow laws or meet the obligations that you agreed to?

I can see why they never get anywhere. They resign themselves to the excuses provided to them and just do what they feel like doing and not really thinking much of it. Play now, make excuses later. Self-reflect, never.

I wonder how many of the racist water bills will not end up being paid this month and then complained about in the form of a noisy roadblock?

Maybe we can convince some soft DWL-types to hand crank it into your "dwelling" free of charge, since, you know, slavery.

The negro seems to be playing a constant street hustler type shell game where truth, responsibility and effort are to be avoided at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are 64% of the population, but account for 93% of nuisance arrests.... Disparate impact, of course. They need to start arresting a fair share of Asians for standing on the corner, smoking weed and chugging 40s. Racism must end!

Anonymous said...

The nonstop whining and blaming others is grating. Take responsibility for your actions. Don't have kids out of wedlock. Get and keep a job, any job. All work has dignity and I have respect for anyone who works. The black 'community' will never improve unless they start being accountable for themselves and their children.

Until then stop whining. It's so weak. Even the tone of the article treats them like retarded children. The passive voice always used to describe black dysfunction gives them cover for ridiculous antics. "We be arrested for trespassing and shit and can't get no job". Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......Hundreds of cities like Baltimore are DEAD ZONES who's life support systems depend on welfare and crime. The major GNP consist of a huge welfare structure that leeches the LIFE FORCE from the minority white population that has not flown the city for greener pastures. The secondary GNP is based on a massive infrastructure of criminal activity that is impossible to record. Criminals do not pay taxes or file financial statements with the city. Baltimore does not issue permits or licenses to commit crime.

This secondary economy is all CASH BASED. Stolen television sets are not sold to people with credit cards. Crack dealers are not interested in your damn DEBIT CARD. Street corner TRUNK SALE (stolen items sold from the back of car trunks) dealers do not take checks. In the ghetto is is cash only. Business transactions in the hood is very similar to what white people do during a YARD SALE. Cash only. As a matter of fact, the whole black infested ghetto is ONE BIG YARD SALE. They don't have garage sales because that is where grannies boy friend be staying.

Anonymous said...

Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train

The comments are refreshing.

Anonymous said...


Community? what community?

The (black, of course) Director of Community Relations

at the University of Wisconsin-Madison declares "I know this is being taped, I'll maybe never get a job at WalMart, but I just don't think that they should be prosecuting cases or going (?) up cases for people who steal from WalMart. I just don't think that, right? I don't think Target or all them other places them (?) big box that have insurance, they should be using justification, the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices, right?"

hondo said...

Its a lose, lose, lose situation no matter what action is taken. Only viable solution for now is quiet de-policing of black areas and let nature take its course. Its already happening, and will gradually expand to Fire, EMT and ambulance services. It already includes (seldom spoken of) Fed Postal services.

The "community" will bitch - but so what. What's gov't gonna do - put a gun to their civil service heads and force them into these positions knowing full well that very same gov't will betray them in a heartbeat. Ain't gonna happen.

Law enforcement is gradually shifting to a "perimeter defense" of areas and people they know, and support they need.

Expect a wave of local firings of Police Chiefs, Commissioners, Supervisors etc. by their mayors and city councils. They serve at their pleasure and will take the blame for rank and file action/inaction. rank and file don't care - its their way of sandbagging and fragging their bosses.

Standup Broad said...

Off topic
A huge thank you to all who post links.

anonymous said...

The first thought that came to mind when policing these neighborhoods is damned if you do, and damned if you dont.

Anonymous said...

American cities are dead. Maybe they are better described as zones of death. All of the older northeastern cities, many mid-western cities are nothing like they were in the 1960s. It's not a matter of minor change, evolution, some doing better than others, they are zones of death. This is a result of negroes pouring into these urban areas over the past 60 years in particular. Illegals from the third world countries around the globe also contribute, but only to a minor degree relative to the violent, dysfunctional effect of negroes.

I stumbled on a photo essay of Camden NJ recently on the www. Camden was never paradise on earth, not in the 1930's or the 1950's, although it was home to RCA Victor at one point. But it was a good place, supporting many lives in happiness and peace. It was a working class city, White working class. The houses were modest, although with building flourishes that you will not find today. You will not find those details because the men who did that kind of work are dead many years now. But the photos show a city that looks like it was bombed. And it was bombed. It was bombed by the neutron bomb known as the negro. They fix nothing, they contribute nothing. They have no creativity nor any sense of beauty and order. Order itself is antithetical to the negro. They thrive on disorder, chaos and decay, along with a constant background of violence and corruption.

Negroes have very nearly destroyed this county. Yet a negro was elected as the highest leader in the land, twice. Election fraud aside, white people did vote for that man, again, twice.

I don't know where I'm going with this comment ultimately, other than to say to the younger readers, those below age 50 maybe, you have know idea of the the country that you lost. It was not always like this.

Maybe Dr. Ben Carson can save us.

Anonymous said...

"Some residents complain that "clearing the corner" — a practice of making arrests on minor offenses to disperse people in drug-infested areas or to investigate more serious crimes — is a law enforcement strategy that continues to harm residents and has contributed to a distrust of police. "

In other words. Little Bellcurvious Dindunuffin is engaged in selling drugs on a street corner. Perhaps he doesn't actually hold the drugs or possibly even collect the money. Perhaps his 10 year old cousin actually does the hand-to-hand deal since he can't do jail time, or perhaps he just ditches the dope down a storm drain when police come, or some other "din do nuffins" variant of ghetto entrepreneurship, but trust and believe this little orc is engaged in some other crime.

So the "community" cries about "da cornaz" or "da skreets" and police come in and use whatever minor charge they can easily stick to simply scatter the cockroaches off for the night. Make no mistake, these "bullshit" charges are used against nogs that are up to no good.... Of course even if these charges were legit, they're easily avoided by simply obeying the law.

Hiring some wog with an arrest record is a recipe for trouble and EVERYBODY knows it.

james wilson said...

So, essentially, if you arrest a black man for petty crimes in the ghetto for everything that would get a white man busted at twice the speed in Beverly Hills, there will be no black men without a rap sheet.

As if you could get any of them to show up for work on time five days in a row, if at all. Does anyone actually wonder that a retarded Honduran immigrant will be hired before a ghetto black?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....OT....Years ago America declared WAR ON POVERTY and for the last 50 years poor people started giving birth to millions of more poor people and now poverty is a major problem. Poverty breeding poverty. Billions have been spent trying to make poor people rich. Now people are moving in from all over the world so they CAN BE POOR IN AMERICA.

Then some clown declared WAR ON CANCER and Cancer is now the big people killer. Two out of three will die from Cancer and the American Cancer Society takes in untold billions every year with no cure in sight. When someone does find a cure he is arrested. This war has made many people rich.

Then of course there was the great WAR ON CRIME which would make America safe. Now most people are afraid to leave there homes at night. They sit inside an armed fortress watching crime shows on TV. Their children are mugged and murdered at universities. Armed cops patrol the hallways of elementary schools. Judges release thugs back on the streets because the PRISONS ARE OVER CROWDED. Street gangs control whole sections of large cities. Police helicopters wake people up at night as they fly over head. Shopping malls become crime zones. People are stabbed and shot for riding on a bus. Home invasions and people being killed for a pair of tennis shoes. Crime stats have gone off the charts but talking about it is the big taboo.

Then it was decided that to stop people from using drugs it would be a good idea to declare a WAR ON DRUGS. After many long years we now have thousands of crack houses and meth labs from sea to shining sea. Plane loads are flying in from all over the world filled with cocaine and heroin. Major cities have become an open drug market with street dealers doing business in broad daylight and into the night. Mexicans are growing pot in our National forest.

One of the members of the Bush crime family had a great idea on how to save the fear filled Americans from the Islamic hordes. Yep...You guessed it. A WAR ON TERROR. Now there are thousands and thousands of Muslims taking over whole cities in American. Plane loads flying in from the Middle East. They even have training camps for the martyrs of Allah. The guy searching you at the airport is from Iraq and can hardly speak English. Large cities have no go zones filled with Islamist from the Middle East. Somalis are forming gangs in the cities.

So now I sit out here in cowboy country and I wonder what the whiz kids in Washington will declare war on next. I'm sure it will be a good one and I know I will feel much safer.

Anonymous said...

"They don't have garage sales because that's where grannies boy friend be staying."
And granny is only 30 to 35 years old! Her daughter Sharmeeka (age 16) already got two babies. Ain't nobody know who da daddies be.

Anonymous said...

"including those for minor charges such as trespassing"
Perhaps a cop can chime in, but I doubt the Baltimore PD are arresting niggidywogs -- talking to them, touching them, chasing them -- for trespassing and loitering, just because they have nothing better to do, or to harass the poor mistunderstood nogglywags. They're getting busted because they're up to no good. They aren't getting nabbed for trespassing because they walked across Old Man Johnston's yard on the way to school. They were preparing to burglarize someplace, but weren't caught red-handed.
If the cops quit arresting them for these "trifling" offenses, they'll have clean records, and then some unsuspecting businesses will end up hiring criminals. But really, "failure to obey", "loitering", "disturbing the peace", are all things you can reliably expect from negroes. You don't need to run a background check to know Shitavious's true nature, but it is convenient to have a piece of paper to "explain" why you didn't want to hire him.

Anonymous said...

I read about this very thing in NYC. NYC can't recruit for non White police officers because of arrest records for minor crimes.

This is unbelievable. Turn a blind eye to minor crime, and people will take the law into their own hands. Then there really will be a breakdown of society. It's already bad.

Even a White three year old knows right from wrong and consequences.

What next.........What next........

Anonymous said...

"I caintz gots no jobs cawz ah trusspassed."...BS...Guys looking for ditch diggers doesn't give a shit about that, might it have more do to with his appearance and additood? Nah, it's because he spit on the sidewalk.

Around here Mexi's gather at various places around the city, usually close to a building supply store, looking for work of any kind....just day jobs. I've never seen blacks do this but it would require them to be awake and sober at 5 a.m. Mexi's also migrate through here every year picking tomatoes...why can't blacks pick tomatoes if dey be wontin dem jobs?

There was an article a couple weeks ago regarding the $15 min. wage. It said employees were axin' for fewer hours because the extra pay was fucking up their gibsmedats. They are a hopeless race of perpetual children. They don't like being called "boy" yet they aren't men.

Anonymous said...

Hidden cameras in all high crime (ghetto) areas. HD recording 24/7 of all street activity. Use video as evidence and hunt down lawbreakers mercilessly. Lock them up (offshore;no conjugal visits) for a long time. That will begin putting a dent in this plague of dysfunction.

Reclaim your heritage, YT.

Anonymous said...

I think PK is missing the point here.

The whole message is that white people will have the Turd Whirled shoved down our throats and learn to like it.

There will be no escape.

There will be no resistance.

There will be no white/civilized law.

Whatever darky wants, darky gets. The only escape is to be globalist elite megarich.

Everett Mitchell at UW Madison, mentioned by an earlier commenter for his championing of free shoplifting for blacks with no policing, makes over $86,000 a year.

He's playing the melanin card but good in white upscale Madison.

Which means he probably doesn't have to pay for his housing, either.

Anonymous said...

Our cities descend into chaos. Well, our black ones do.

Anagram anyone?


Anonymous said...

Our black cities burn...

Hey Baltimore! Nice job on the shooting death numbers! You're outdoing yourselves; congrats.

Police: please back off on the attempts to quell the violence there... it's disparate impact; you're targeting too many blacks. Slow down; back off. The negroes are doing "their thang". Leave them be.

Seriously, let them do what hey need to do. Applying the White Man's law to their behavior is pointless; and racist, yo!

The cops need to slow down and let the negro crime skyrocket; that will force the DWLs into a real mind spasm. Will be a great way to help Trump, too, as the daily reports of chaos will cry out for a strong White Man to come to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Our cities are toast. Negropolises are collapsing.

And watch this if you really want something to grieve over...

Rage, rage, at the dying of the White...

Black fatigue at a ten said...

Accusing Police of targeting blacks is like accusing the dog catcher of targeting dogs.
If the majority of crime was committed by 50 year old white men,then that's who the police would target.
Personally I feel the police should be patrolling the human areas, keeping us and our property safe. Being we pay the taxes that pay their salleries. Blacks don't want the police in their neighborhoods ,but I'm sure most humans would love to have twenty four hour police protection.
We wouldn't have to buy home protection which would make the DWL's anti gun people very happy.
But no! If white neighborhoods received the majority of police protection that too would be called racist .
As stated from an above poster it's a no win either way you go.
Whatever one does in the eyes of considered racist.

Anonymous said...

Okay a holes, this isn't rocket science, this is stuff you should have picked up in school; or from your parents.

Oh, yeah right,I forgot. Anyway, let me explain something to you. First: get a job! It's not going to be good,it's not going to be fun; and nobody's going to fall over themselves to shower you with the respect you think for some reason is a birth right. If that's the way you think, reevaluate your basic belief system. Respect is earned, not something you automatically get by dint of being a fine young negro.

Second: Do your job! Show up every day on time and sober, ready to learn whatever it is you're getting paid for, no matter how much you think you're underpaid, lots of other people are doing the same job, some for even less money.

Third: After you do this for a while, use your good references and experience to get a better job. Repeat as needed.

Fourth: Enjoy the benefits of white privilege; see how that works?

There's no such thing as a minor crime when it involves you. Blacks kill each other every day for things that don't amount to a hill of beans. How about Walmart, or Target security send a carload of white thugs by houses of shoplifters, blasting away at anything that moves, man, woman, or child, or family pit bull? Now wouldn't that be better than a shoplifting record? Oh, yeah, the makeshift memorials would add needed color to your uncared for, garbage strewn lawns. Maybe you could have some marches, you know, block traffic to Walmart. Oh,yeah, right, I forgot again.

Freddy Gray is the very definition of probable cause. With a record like his the odds are infinitesimally small that he isn't committing a crime, or aiding and abetting.

Anonymous said...

Always glad to hear about Mosby and her family "legacy".

She has so much blood on her hands. She built her case for the public lynching of her city's law enforcers on sand, and with gang members in mind. The whole charade from her vindictive speech with calls for vengeance to attempting to hide evidence and the circus is stranger than fiction. Her anger, resentment, and clear conflict of interest mean nothing as long as we don't try to stop her and be labeled racist. Who cares about rule of law. WE DEMAND "JUSTICE"!!!

Justice also is eerily similar to vengeance and "settling the score" in a very physical and personal way. There is no building, only destruction and the loss of value as punishment.

You can lead a negro to legal opportunity but you can't make him care about it. Until any of them care enough to actually lift a finger then why keep throwing resources to an emotionless black hole devoid of all empathy and collaborative thought? Might as well feed the scorpions and poisonous spiders while you're at it.

I just hope Black Libes Matter keeps going strong, they are the tidal wave to race realism and modern understanding of black and non-black racial differences.

As someone here stated so well-

I am not a white supremacist. I am a black inferiorist. A very big difference.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore seems to have a worsening dirt bike "problem". darkness fell Sunday night, the sounds of engines still could be heard in the distance, and a group of women — friends of the riders — said they'd just gone elsewhere to ride, while waiting for police to pull out so they could reclaim their territory.

For Baltimore officials, the dirt bikers who swarm the city's streets — popping wheelies, weaving through traffic, riding on sidewalks and over medians — are a decades-old challenge. But since the death of Freddie Gray, police have focused on improving relations with the community, and the conversation has pivoted from merely stopping the bikers to finding them somewhere else to ride.

(yes, why fight it when you can let them weave around at top speed helmet-less in possible ghetto lottery attempts)

So basically instead of acting white and finding a safer place before people get hurt and property gets damaged and people feel threatened in their own communities, they keep terrorizing the local community until someone is forced to provide a venue for them.

This sums up black "teens" so well.

Somehow we are all supposed to act like this is normal, respectable behavior in today's world. Putting yourself and everyone around you at risk because, well, because you can.

No wonder everyone hates blacks these days. They have invested in the deviants among them that are even now paying dividends in spades. They can't get together to accomplish anything besides marching and complaining, and even those activities are often trailed by acts of looting and other community violence.

Cites have been destroyed, the silver lining being a bunch of concentrated historical data at our fingertips to deduce the major direct causes of each utterly destroyed black-run metropolis. Crime-ridden ghost cities that are tortured shadows of their former selves, buried in weeds, trash, and decaying buildings.

Content of black character and values etched into the former ruins of every one of these "great" cities.

Mr. Clean said...

countenance said...employers are not allowed to ask job applicants about anything other than actual adult felony criminal convictions.

SInce you make a general statement... Federal law does not prohibit/limit employment-related criminal history inquiries. Those inquiries, however, cannot be used to discriminate against a protected class, such as race (e.g., the disparate impact mess).

State and local laws may be much different, such as Philly's idiotic "Ban the box" law.

Anonymous said...

Check out this story out of Indianapfrica. Two nogs kidnap teen over weekend and force her into prostitution.

Mr. Clean said...

Baltimore Sun says: Some residents complain that "clearing the corner" — a practice of making arrests on minor offenses to disperse people in drug-infested areas or to investigate more serious crimes — is a law enforcement strategy that continues to harm residents and has contributed to a distrust of police.

If police need to "disperse people in drug-infested areas", that implies that those people are loitering/congregating in those areas. Why would a law-abiding "doandoo nuffins" person be hanging around in such places, particularly when they know that police are prone to "clearing the corner" there?

SBPDL says: Trespassing is not a minor offense: it's the type of crime driving down property values and keeping businesses from investing in a city.

(????) The lower forms of trespass (simple trespass, etc.) are minor and will not affect property values or scare off businesses.

Anonymous said...

The implication every one of these "spokespeople" makes is that while blacks keep getting pinched for (in their minds) minor crimes such as trespassing and theft, white and Asian people are getting away with these crimes and the cops are just looking the other way for them.

riptapart said...

And suggest that "director", while he is there, take a class in remedial English and Speech.

chattanooga gal said...

I, for one, am sick of people NOT being held accountable for " minor " offenses. "
when someone broke out our window, it still cost us hundreds of dollars to replace , it cost money to remove graffiti off a wall, or at least a lot of elbow grease, I don't want the neighbor kids stomping through my flower beds, I don't want to have to wind my way through a bunch of drug dealers to cross the street, and GET THE CRAP OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. blacks seem to think they should be able to just ignore all societal laws, especially if they would be considered misdemeanors, even theft- they claim to want to be treated equal, but expect all these outrageous exceptions.

riptapart said...

The answer to Black poverty really is that simple. If we could get Walmart and Target to comply. They "have insurance".

Mutant Swarm said...

A conviction for "trespassing" is usually a burglary that has been plea bargained. And most people know it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what he says. When a person has done their time, they should not have to spend the rest of their lives with a record except in serious circumstances. I'm the last person to make an excuse for criminal behavior, but if you get convicted (or, in this man's case, not get convicted) of a crime, you can often consider your professional life over. Ironically enough, the lower level the job is, the more likely they will reject you for a minor criminal offense.

Case in point: I got a DUI about five years ago. It was my fault, it wasn't "just a mistake" on my part. I got fined and community service and took care of it. For years, I was terrified that I would never have a professional job again (I have a B.A. and a paralegal certificate). A couple of years ago, I was rejected for a part-time job at a chain grocery store because of my one misdemeanor. Conversely, I now have a job as a copywriter with a very well-respected company that knew about my DUI when I was brought on.

They need to regulate just how much information is available to the public. When people have "paid their debt to society," they shouldn't be doomed to unemployment/menial jobs afterwards.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps a book of your short stories would be interesting to read. I really enjoy reading your comments. I was born in NY, my parents had the for site to move out in the mid 50s. My dad landed a job with the car companies, best move ever. Well until 1965 and dumb ass Johnson.


Anonymous said...

TO ANON @830 PM. You stated that negroes make up 64% of the population.

Well at times it seems like 64% but alast they beez 12.8%. At 64% we would all be dead, I dont think the bros will pay for us, like we pay for them.


Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you're a stupid negro and make bad choices.

You see, for 400 years.........'crickets'

Anonymous said...

Sorry PK did it again

ex detroit


Here we go again: "..........minor charges such as trespassing."

It's not minor. The perp is casing the place or is in a place where he does not belong. Why would anybody, who has invested in a business, want to hire such a loser?

And, of course: "....most of the killings have occurred in impoverished sections."

Those damn impoverished sections!! They are at it again. Forcing the fine negro to shoot each other. Hey, maybe, just maybe, these sections are impoverished because of TRESPASSING? Huh you dumb F! Do you not see the correlation? Stupid "Fs".

riptapart said...

I haven't applied for employment in a long time. But I did quite often during college breaks and after college. Maybe things have changed, but I remember them only asking if I had any felony *convictions*. I remember that for a short stint in teaching high school as a sub, I had to have a background check. That was it. Now this was before the days of finding a multitude of information on a person just by Googling his or her name.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

The solution is painfully obvious. We need for more whites to commit more crimes. C'mon, ya'll, get cracking! Blackie is getting all the heat. Share the love, brothas! Start with the raping, follow up with a few knock out games, and spray and pray around your nearest neighborhood elementary school.

On a different note, as the market crashes, the backdrop seems to be focusing on the Magic Negro, who single handedly saved the world from imminent destruction and is being rewarded in France for stomping out terrorism....oh, and he was helped, a little, by he white frens, who followed his orders. Kinda like Scarlett helped Prissy deliver Melanie's baby in Gone With the Wind. The insanity continues.

And I read in today's local paper that the poor, befuddled, African American chillen be suspended and punished mo den da white chillen. Why is the werl so unjust, lawd jeebus sabe us all. Lastly, Leonard Pitts wants to know why Mike Huckabee says "All lives matter!" Forgib him, lawd swee jeebus, fo he know not what he say. Gnome sane?


If you go to a "garage sale" in the hood, you can buy your stuff back......


The daddy of Sharmeeka's babies is her grandma's live in boy-friend.


I truly understand that police have to take orders and keep the oath, BUT, you are a traitor anytime you are not protecting WHITE PEOPLE.

You want to lower crime? Pull out of the negro forbidden zones and let Rufus kill Jay'rome. That will lower crime. You, being White, can not shoot the bastards even if they are gang raping a 10 year old, BUT, they can kill each other since nobody gives a damn if one negro disses another negro.

A existentialist question for the audience: If a negro shoots and kills another negro in the hood, and there is no White Person around, did anything happen at all?

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Over zealous police? Too intense a focus on typical negro behavior (tm)?

It seems like the negroes are correct on this point. Look at all the trouble Marilyn Mosby caused when she cracked down on the drug dealers in Baltimore. Poor Freddy Gray got struck down in the prime of his vibrant young enterprising life when the cops decided to take him down for a minor offense (what's wrong with a little heroin between friends?) Ditto, Eric "Loosies be for sale" Garner. I can think of nothing more unfair than expecting negroes to behave in a Western world they never created and do not understand. Just look at the plight of these poor negresses, thrown out of a wine tasting event.

Black woman's burden? They never had this problem in their Old Country. Unfair? You bet. Wine tasting gone wrong. Of course, the irony is, the negro never had it so good, up to and INCLUDING the period of slavery and subsequent Jim Crow. Free food, rent, and a place to lie he hayad. Such a deal!

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

As an addendum to the above, I've been to many wine tastings over the years. There's a certain amount of decorum one needs to have, and it's very easy to become intoxicated if you are not extremely careful when tasting wine. Cleansing your palate is necessary if you truly want to appreciate the vintage grapes and not just tie a load on. I suspect these sistahs were more of the latter group than the former.

FlowerBell said...

Hundreds of years and counting now and I believe there are only two reasons why Americans still have to deal with these ongoing issues,

1. Blacks refuse to assimilate.
2. Blacks are incapable of assimilation.

There is no victory for anyone in either case.

Californian said...

The Broken Windows theory might make sense if you were dealing with a civilized community. The dilemma is that when you try to apply it to the 'hood, you are dealing with a demographic whose crime rates are such that no "fix" can rectify the situation.

The default situation for a white community is basically functional: low crime rates, high family formation, respect for education, etc. It's the opposite in the 'hood. What would be considered to be dysfunctions are the norm (high crime, low family formation, trashing schools, etc.).

So for the white community, if you quash petty crime you might be able to keep things from escalating into a total breakdown. The default condition for the 'hood is breakdown (i.e., "Africa"). If you get rid of the petty crime, you still have the grand crime: the gangbanging, the drivebys, the flashmobs; etc. Much of it goes back to genetic factors such as low IQ which have been acerbated by the dysgenic policies of the last half century.

Again, this points out the dilemma forced by a large black demographic. Policies which might make things better in a civilized community turn into a waste of time and resources.

Anonymous said...

They should come to New Jersey! Employers here are not permitted to ask if a potential employee has a criminal record. Wait till I leave the state though.
This was a law introduced by black Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (who has 2 convicted armed robber sons who, coincidentally, just got county jobs.)

Anonymous said...

RE Ex New Yorker in cowboy country:
Just returned from CC; went to Devil's Tower and Mt Rushmore. Mt Rushmore National Memorial is first a work of art and second a national state exhibit. I have an artistic appreciation and therefore went.
Mt Rushmore is close to being overrun by Latinos who go there in full bling and goof off mode. The "men" all look and act like seventeen year olds and the women look like hookers. Big obnoxious smiles, loud Spanish, break rules, have a "what's so great about this place?" attitude.
So, yeah. "Why are you here then?" is the question that immediately comes up and will not go away. Trump is onto something. White know blacks are dangerous but they don't seem to want to knock us off of our social place quite so much as shoot at us. You can't avoid spickery. It wants in.
At Mt Rushmore obviously and Devil's Tower less so, the awareness that this country has to have white European consciousness to survive becomes clear. We are the only people that care about it. Without us?

Anonymous said...

O/T: If you ignore the implicit moralizing, this racial distribution map is pretty interesting:

Anonymous said...

The weapon was simple enough, it was composed of a shell within which no time passed. Several large, angry pregnant negresses were locked inside. Upon impact in the targeted Country, the shell dissolved and the negresses were released. Almost at once they gave birth and signed up for social services. Within 30 to 40 years the spawn of the negresses had taken over the city. Within 50 years the city was uninhabitable...

Anonymous said...

That's the reality of America. White women are merrily breeding with low IQ blacks. There's no such thing as mixed race, it's the 1 drop rule. And white women if you go black don't ever try to comeback!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker @ 10:13 PM:

Killer rant. Post of the day material. Every one of these "Wars" that had inverse effects made someone rich, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey SBPDL'ers, here's today's short cut to understanding black logic:

Two words: Special Pleading.

Everett Mitchell at UW Madison, championing free shoplifting for blacks with no policing, makes a great example.

1. Shoplifting is illegal.
2. But a bruva be "underprivileged".
3. Shoplifting is illegal for everyone except blacks.

Anonymous said...

Blacks aren't really physically suited to accurately reproduce modern human speech.

GrimmTale said...

No more citations leads to
No more tickets which leads to
No more arrests which leads to
No more policing which leads to
No more criminal apprehensions which leads to
No more criminal prosecutions which leads to
No more criminal records which leads to
No more crime....??? Hmmm...That doesn't seem right...?
More crime...??? No more crime....?? More crime...?? No more crime....? More crime.
teeter-totter, teeter-totter.
If I have to guess, the latter would be the logical/guaranteed outcome of this "no more" Baltimore logic.

So.... Let's try this again, starting from where the above logic leaves Baltimore, but this time, for the heck of it, let's use a LOGICAL approach:
More crime which leads to
More citations which leads to
More tickets which leads to
More arrests which leads to
More policing which leads to
More criminal apprehensions which leads to
More criminal prosecutions which leads to
More criminals incarcerated which leads to
More criminal records which leads to
More criminals identified which leads to
More non-criminals able to fight back which leads to
More safe communities which leads to
More prosperous communities which leads to
More jobs which leads to
More housing for residents which leads to
More city tax revenue which leads to
More home owners able to earn a decent living and reside in their communities which leads to
More happy crime-free communities which leads to
More whites as a demographic, and less black demographic (who have moved on to desecrate another city).

My work here is done

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......These are my SPOOK SPOTTER TIPS. This is for those of you looking to get away from the killing fields and dead zones taking over America.

From about 1987 until just a few years ago I did a lot of cross country road time. I mostly stopped at Mcdonald's for coffee because they were one of the last places that still had real HALF AND HALF instead of that POWERED PAINT REMOVER (coffee creamer) used in other restaurants. Inside the DEAD ZONES the people behind the counter were always PEOPLE OF COLOR who breathed in oxygen through their mouth (aka...mouth breathers). In exploring for a new place to live you can easily see what you will be living with by what you see behind the counter of the local Micki-D's. It is always best between dinner time and midnight and is a perfect insight into what lives nearby. .

The other thing to check out are the playgrounds of the local elementary schools. The color of the children playing during recess is THE BEST INDICATOR of the type of people you will have for neighbors. I have already mentioned what I and my wife saw in South Florida. In the playgrounds we always saw the white kids hanging out in groups of 5 to 10 kids with their backs to the fence. This was for safety reasons. WE NEVER SAW A WHITE KID ON THE PLAYGROUND BY HIMSELF. Even when standing in line for the bus the white kids were in bunches.

The Mid-West is still filled with small towns where it is safe to live and raise children. The smaller the town the better. What I call THE BEEF BASKET is the best. The more cows you see the less blacks there will be.

chattanooga gal said...

we had a situation here a while back, in which they were tearing down some old housing project. blacks whined that they weren't getting hired, so the city made a special effort to hire blacks. turns out, too many of them had records, so the city waived that requirement, and made an effort to hire blacks with criminal records- 18 dollars an hour. they whined it wasn't enough, but took the jobs anyways. within a week, after finding out they actually had to WORK at this job, most of them quit.

Anonymous said...

I would never hire a person like that for my business. I am not sure butI would hope I could have a pee-employment test on computers and parts and networking before I hire them. I do not want to hire someone that is going to steal from me.

Pat Boyle said...

Ex-new Yorker wrote:
Then some clown declared WAR ON CANCER and Cancer is now the big people killer.

The clown was Richard Nixon and I was one of the warriors. I took a lot of math in graduate school so when I graduated I got a job with a consulting firm that had a NCI contract as part of Nixon's War on Cancer.

We were all recruited and hired for our math expertise - not for any knowledge of medicine. That sounds like a joke but it was the literal truth. I had been in the National Guard for six months as a medic. This tiny bit of experience made me the 'medical expert' among the consultants.

I'd also taken Latin in High School so I was better with the medical terminology. I was the 'go to' guy among the researchers for all medical expertise. I told this story during the study to one of the State Health Officers. He was aghast. I always thought it was funny as hell.

As we used to say - To err is human but to really fuck up you need a computer. The same is true of big federal programs. You may have noticed that we still have cancer just as we still have poverty. The experts and consultants have spent the taxpayers money long ago. If you want to understand government programs you should try to cultivate a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul K for giving us this great forum. Your writing is a welcomed addition to VDare - congratulations and keep up the great work!


I usually just read the comments, but I felt compelled to write one today.

EX-New have to write a book, man. (Actually, you probably have two or three in you). I love reading those stories. You have a vast wealth of crazy life experiences, thoughtful insights (ex. the undercover narc who quit that field because he was constantly exposed to assholes and found himself becoming like them) and you have the writing talent to boot. Don't waste these things.

Just a little creative criticism. I totally understand the necessity of being economical with the text on online forums. But that's not the case with books, so flesh out those details.

Maybe writing the book will take the edge off that malaise you've been experiencing....maybe it won't. Regardless, it would represent an excellent contribution to the niche genre of "White Pride Lit".

Self-publish like Paul Kersey. Please give it some serious consideration.

~ Colonel Harland Quasius

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the person who posted the info about the wine tasting "gone wrong".

Any reasonable person who was requested 3 separate times to control their volume level would not be shameless enough to then post it all to Fackbook for the world to see.

It reminds me of that black woman who was taking a picture of her water bill, gathering paper evidence of her irresponsibility and then wondering why no one cares or takes her seriously.

Or the "protesters" blocking traffic who were attempting to get the plate numbers of cars whose drivers had the nerve to drive towards their destination on a freeway.

It's the same as when you hear about black boys and girls who are disciplined at much higher rates than their obviously better behaved and more self-aware peers. This is the kind of behavior you get from both genders and all ages within the black race when you accept continuous drops in basic standards of personal behavior.

In non-black society, we fear being the weakest link rather than advertise being one as a badge of honor.

Why are these morons so proud of their failures to succeed that they shove all evidence in our faces as if this entitles them to our time and sympathy. They just don't get it and so the most humane thing is to avoid the groid.

GrimmTale said...

@chattanooga gal -
Yes, indeedie!
Anytime you see "youth" wearing work-boots or even sneakers without the laces all tied-up, or pants hinged far below their butt-cracks, or for females, weaves styled into oblivion, and false-nails over 1/5 inch in length, it's a sure indication that they are NOT worker bee's.
And, on that topic...I'm flabbergasted at the thought of how you would even take care of bathroom hygiene when you have fingernails going-on 3inches in length! How in the world do you "take care of your business" with those? The image conjured up for that one is...yuck!

Anonymous said...

I concur that Ex-New Yorker should compile a list of his most memorable tales, kind of like Aesop's fables for adults. While organized data is the primary tool of the realist, stories and context are what can make it truly powerful. I doubt anyone who ever reads Ex-New Yorker thinks that he is making any of it up or feels that he is full of sh@t. I can almost smell the bums and the trash, or see the tattoos on the bikers when he is setting the scene for us.

Rather than try to do a perfect job, just spend some time brainstorming about all of your memorable experiences and make a list to complete later. Life-saving info in some of those stories that shouldn't die with you.

Anonymous said...

For those who questioned PK when he said trespassing lowers property values, it sure as hell does.

Would you want to buy a house or property knowing there have been 50 arrests made there in the past year for "trespassing". Of course not, the reason people were trespassing there was in preparation to commit a robbery.

Likewise, why would an employer want to hire someone with a rap sheet that consisted of multiple tresspassing charges? Even though it's a "minor crime" taken by itself, trespassing is just a sterile term for "pre-robbery". If you wouldn't hire someone because of one robbery charge, why would you hire someone with multiple trespassing charges?

Anonymous said...

To the blacks dui finding crack and gun in car,then resisting arrest all are traffic violations. Breaking and entering is just tresspassing.
Ill bet if one were to look up the dindus police record they would find it much worse than they claim.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

So....the problem is not that blacks commit crime and ruin formerly nice neighborhoods, the problem is that the police are arresting blacks for committing crimes.

Got it.

AzDesertRat said...

BINGO! Every negro I've ever talked too believes this with all their heart. Even the "talented 10th" ones hold this belief, they just do a better job of hiding it.
The other thing the negros truly believes is that they are beneficial to white people. They will go on and on about how much culture they have and how boring everyone else's lives would be with them. They truly are a perpetual race of children.


Above, someone used the term "Spokes Person". I think we can add a new word to our Negro Dictionary (it's fun to be juvenile) and coin the word "SpooksPerson" for such a person.

It can be any negro speaking on behalf of the "community".

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous August 24, 2015 at 5:54 AM said...I agree with what he says. When a person has done their time, they should not have to spend the rest of their lives with a record except in serious circumstances. ....Case in point: I got a DUI about five years ago.... When people have "paid their debt to society," they shouldn't be doomed to unemployment/menial jobs afterwards.

DUIs do not "doom" most people. If you are a Hazmat truck driver, airline pilot, etc., there might be a real issue.

Many states have mechanisms in place so that a minor DUI does not even become a permanent criminal conviction.

Many employers see a DUI as a black mark, but not a "real crime", especially if the DUI is an old one.

But if you drive for a living, or you will use company vehicles, there is a liability issue. If you travel with your job and need to lease a vehicle (e.g., at a destination airport) on a company's account, there is also a liability issue. There might even be a problem with the rental car company letting you have one of their cars.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker,
I loved your BEEF BASKET observation!!! HA!!! It is true though, the more cows you see the less blacks there are!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23- "I would never hire a person like that for my business. I am not sure butI would hope I could have a pre-employment test on computers and parts and networking before I hire them. I do not want to hire someone that is going to steal from me."
So if they take the test, and the computer is still there, do they pass?

Anonymous said...

Just watched the Peggy Hubbard video, was from the heart, honest and to the point. She is probably in hiding now. Should become the new champion of the Sanders fans- and we all know holding blacks accountable is akin to throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West. Accountability, integrity!!! It BURNS!!!

Maybe we can play the video or at least the audio of it at top volume every 15 minutes at places where the North American pavement ape likes to loiter... probably more allergic to it than they are to classical music and job applications.

It's weird to be celebrating a black woman who is telling other people to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Mrs. Greenbaum.....

Regarding your post about the wine tasting: In vino veritas.

I mean no disrespect to any recovering alcoholics on the board.

Normal, well-adjusted people take the wine and they become drunken versions of themselves; perhaps a tad uninhibited, but there are no significant surprises. For the maladjusted, the psychotic, and the melanin-enhanced, the mask falls away. They get stupid/obnoxious/belligerent.

I like your posts. You keep on keepin' on! (The times look bad, but I'm confident we'll all get through this.)

~ Col. Quasius

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This is for Colonel Harland Quasius and others who think I should write a book.

I had a friend who was a comic book cartoonist that drank himself to death back in the early 1980's. Another cartoonist wrote an internet story about him and someone sent me the link. I left comments about my friend since we knew each other as teenagers. Another friend I knew had a blog about comic art and music so he had me write about other cartoonist I knew. That was how I started writing on the computer. I did it as e-mails which he edited.

Another friend told the guy with the blog about my violent life in NY. The blog guy wanted me to write about it but I refused. He did talk me into writing about my numerous adventures hitchhiking and jumping freight trains in the early 1960's. That was during my Dhama Bum Beatnik days. A few months later he passed away from old age. As I was writing on his blog my wife was in a nursing home dying of Cancer. It helped me take my mind off of what was happening.

Then another friend who left comments on VIEW FROM THE RIGHT and other realist sights told me about SBPDL. I read Paul's sight for about a year before leaving comments. That was about 3 years ago and I have been ranting here ever since. I have already self published a book that had nothing to do with what I write about here. It was a book of photos. That became another adventure that turned into a nightmare. It is nothing that I will talk about. There are still copies of the book on Amazon.

I spent my whole life as an outlaw and have no plans of doing a book. Once was enough for me. I don't need the money and I enjoy being a hermit. I still have a successful business that at onetime was listed in Dun and Bradstreet. That was back before the six big companies took over all the media.

Have you ever seen those film clips of a gigantic fishing boat hauling in huge nets filled with fish. There is always a couple fish that will wiggle out of the net and fall back into the sea. That's who I am. The fish that escaped from the net. What a long weird trip it's been. I love all the people leaving comments on Paul's blog. You are my family. The BEST MINDS OF MY GENERATION and we can't use our real names. We must remain anonymous. Welcome to America 2015.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23- "I would never hire a person like that for my business. I am not sure butI would hope I could have a pre-employment test on computers and parts and networking before I hire them. I do not want to hire someone that is going to steal from me."
So if they take the test, and the computer is still there, do they pass?

I am not sure about your comment. They have to pass a test about computer parts and other questions. But I am not certain that they could. The questions would be from the classes I have taken.

And no if they fail, and the computer is still there will not give them a job.

Pat Boyle said...

Regarding Mrs. Greenbaum and wine tasting.

I live about an hour from Napa valley. I used to compete in wine tasting contests and I have spent many pleasant days visiting the wineries. But I've never taken that train. I'm too close. I just drive.

In forty years of tasting in the Napa and Sonoma valley wineries I can't remember ever seeing any black people. There probably were some but they would have been rare.

Wine is a Caucasian beverage. It was first grown and drunk in the areas around the Caucasus Mountains - Ukraine, Georgia, or Armenia. Then it spread to the Greeks and Romans and their Mediterranean colonies. During the Medieval Warm Period grapes grew as far north as Britain but generally Germany, Scandinavia and Northern Europe was beer drinking territory. The Romans thought beer drinking was barbaric - like wearing trousers or having a moustache.

Africans seem to have only drunk beer. I don't know of any tradition among blacks to drink fine wine. Natural wine has about 13.5% alcohol. At that potency the alcohol kills off the yeast and brings the fermentation to a stop. Blacks don't seem to drink natural wine very much. They seem to prefer fortified wines that are stronger. These are the wines also favored by winos. The 20% wino wines are the cheapest source of alcohol. An example is Thunderbird made by Gallo (I believe). These are sometimes called 'Bum Wines'.

Our black Drill Sergeant in Basic Training used to drink this vile stuff and then march us out to do calisthenics facing into the sun (a violation of Army regulations). We said that he was "Riding on his Thunderbird".


Anonymous said...

Well, this wasn't intended to become the Ex-New Yorker thread, but that's the beauty of the online comments; they're completely free and they go where they will.

Ex-New Yorker....

I respect your position on the matter of the writing. Here are a few comments on that, and then not another word on the subject.

#1) Outlaws make the best writers. Papa Hemingway. Hunter S. Thompson. PJ O'Rourke. It's not about the money. What matters is leaving a legacy. I was here. I suffered and endured. These are my impressions.

#2) You're not the only one to suffer adversity. I challenge you to find anyone on this board who has not been thrust under the mill at some point. You've seen far more pain than most folks, no argument there. Cancer, divorce, mental illness, alcoholism, tax audit....I've seen those things. We all have a choice. We can lay down and wait for the end, or we can persevere.

#3) Don't piss away your gifts.

#4) The hermit life -- totally understandable. When Caucasians abandon their heritage and start mimicking groid behavior because they think it's cool, there's really nothing to say.

~ Col. Quasius

Mr. Rational said...

If you consider me part of your family, XNYer, I am happy to accept the complement.

Anonymous said...

WOW - impressive that reading the comments from NY Times article is refreshing - are you fine SBDL readers making comments over there?

Anonymous said...

From the wiki on 'broken windows theory':

In an anonymous, urban environment, with few or no other people around, social norms and monitoring are not clearly known. Individuals thus look for signals within the environment as to the social norms in the setting and the risk of getting caught violating those norms; one of those signals is the area's general appearance.

Under the broken windows theory, an ordered and clean environment—one that is maintained—sends the signal that the area is monitored and that criminal behavior is not tolerated. Conversely, a disordered environment—one that is not maintained (broken windows, graffiti, excessive litter)—sends the signal that the area is not monitored, and that criminal behavior has little risk of detection.

This theory assumes that the landscape "communicates" to people. A broken window transmits to criminals the message that a community displays a lack of informal social control, and is therefore unable or unwilling to defend itself against a criminal invasion. It is not so much the actual broken window that is important, but the message the broken window sends to people. It symbolizes the community's defenselessness and vulnerability and represents the lack of cohesiveness of the people within. Neighborhoods with a strong sense of cohesion fix broken windows and assert social responsibility on themselves—effectively giving themselves control over their space. The theory emphasizes the built environment, but must also consider human behavior.

I see the error though. Broken windows policing assumes that people are thinking in a white-state-of-mind, i.e. that they desire to be part of a healthy society in which everyone can contribute. They inherently assume some base level of cleanliness and acceptable behavior. Do you think cleaning and painting up a pig's pen is going to change his behavior? Will having too nice a house make it too respectable-looking to steal from? Seen from this perspective, I can see how all this becomes is a cat and mouse game between officers of the law and our social deviants, with the latter constantly committing crimes and running from them if they stand a chance of getting caught.

Bantus are shown the boundaries very quick in cases where they feel that they are being unreasonably harassed and having their balls busted over what seem like "trivial" things to them.

The poster who brought up trespassing charges made a good point. What business does a mud (or anyone else for that matter) have loitering about in the darkness on other people's unguarded property in the wee hours of the a.m.? Always on the lookout for easy opportunity, something that can provide a quick and easy payout for as little effort and planning as possible. Vultures.

But from what I've heard vultures wait until the victim dies before picking his bones. Maybe they are more like ugly, anthropomorphized hyenas. Loud, abrasive, aggressive, violent, and without much thought to any of these behaviors.

Anonymous said...

The only correlation they are capable of seeing between an event and its consequences is 'dat be YT's fault.'

Anonymous said...

Sad to see they were "from" Antioch. Antioch was a quiet little blue-collar town for decades. Then HUD started shipping in hordes of blacks from the projects in Oakland. The results were predictable. Last I heard Antioch High is now 75% black.

Anonymous said...

Apparently numerous other customers complained of the wildebeests' behavior, and they became confrontational and abusive when employees asked them to quiet down.

Anonymous said...

Thats the one that made me laugh.
A genius that can't understand how insurance works...., losses increase ..... Premiums increase ... Premiums paid by YT mostly.

And no .... Big box stores cannot buy insurance to cover "shrinkage" or theft..... Which is why they must invest so heavily in security measures. They can only be insured for "accidental loss" Fire , flood etc.

Damn this guy is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Urban blacks are terrified of cows and other large domestic animals. They've never been around them, or seen them except on TV. They view them the same way that normal people would probably view Predator or Alien.

Anonymous said...

Good advice. A healthy appreciation for the surreal helps too. Having read a lot of Kafka makes it easier for me when I have to deal with the government for any reason.

Anonymous said...

Here is what is known as a "pastor" in the black community.

Anonymous said...

Blacks I've observed drinking seem to like top shelf booze like Hennesey. To the point that my realist bartender friend can mimic them "You got Henny? You got Remmy?" Almost always rude and demanding. Almost never a tip. Even when they use a drink chip.

Is it at all ironic that the Napa Valley train kicked off all the NAPAs?

Californian said...

- are you fine SBDL readers making comments over there?

The Internet Insurgency is spreading. Let's keep up the pressure!

Anonymous said...

A genius that can't understand how insurance works...., losses increase ..... Premiums increase ... Premiums paid by YT mostly.

Perhaps we can have a special tax on DWLs for them to pay for these losses?

Californian said...

I see the error though. Broken windows policing assumes that people are thinking in a white-state-of-mind, i.e. that they desire to be part of a healthy society in which everyone can contribute.


And also, the "broken windows" theory assumes that a trashed street is undesirable for the people who live there. But gangs and such see graffiti as a positive thing, a way of marking territory. There is also a sizable sector there which has no interest in what YT would consider to be a "decent" neighborhood (i.e., the proverbial well manicured lawn and schoolhouses which require prison style security measures). For that matter, there is also a sizable sector which has little interest in law and order; e.g., the gangbangers, the flashmobbers, the welfare scammers, the race hustlers, the ghetto lottery players, et alia.

So they break those windows. If nothing else, the broken windows keeps YT gentrifiers from moving in.

Consider the mindset shown by too many blacks: they live in a "bad zip code" because of YT's racism. YT took all the good zip codes. And kept blacks out with slavery-segregation-redlining. The concept that blacks themselves are responsible for their dysfunctional 'hoods is beyond them. They assume that by moving into (i.e., invading) YT's zip codes, clean streets, good schools and six figure jobs will rain down upon them (like civil rights and welfare checks). Of course, the invaders maintain their old habits in the new zip code, thereby causing it to self-destruct and forcing YT to move out. And so the cycle repeats.

Point is, criminology theories which might make sense in a white community do not carry over to a black. Why? Gets back to the elephant in the squad room--genetics.

riptapart said...

Just what we need, another Negro. I do not care how great of an IKAGO one is, he/she, at the best opportunity, or with nothing left to lose, will throw a race card.

riptapart said...

Locking them up for lengthy times will cut down on recidivism for sure. But I don't believe the death penalty for many of the other crimes would be any more of a deterrent than what we have now. Blacks behave based on their genetic dispositions and above all, impulse. They are very afraid of jail and such, but as soon as their adrenaline hits 2nd gear, it overrides all inhibitions and what little sense they have.

Anonymous said...

This is Obongo is trying to take away our ability to move someplace else that isn't infested by blacks.

Anonymous said...

The mindset of the 85 I.Q. on display for all to see. (Oh sorry, didn't realize this was one of the "gifted" high I.Q. negroes.)


Anonymous said...

Stop policing those that don't want policing. The problem will take care of itself.
It's so funny that they can't figure out the problem. The police go where the crime is, and it's in the negro neighborhoods.
They'd move to the Polish or the Italian or the German etc. if that was where the crime was. Nothing to do with race, everything to do with intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Several articles concerning this incident have been posted. I haven't read all of them , but one tries to blame everything on one white woman and I'll bet not all of the articles mention the verbal and physical abuse heaped upon other guests and staff.
Of course they're all humiliated and it was all because of racism. Same old story. The poor negro victims of racism.
They really need to come up with a new story, this one is so nauseating.


Anonymous said...

It's a War on Trump.


Anonymous said...

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This is Obongo is trying to take away our ability to move someplace else that isn't infested by blacks.August 25, 2015 at 1:53 PM

This attempt to make humans associate with the negroe primate is going to be the straw that broke the camels back. For the last 50 years our government has been forcing the negroe upon us and I say its time to end this hypocrisy. Most whites want nothing to do with these smaller brained,criminal and violent primates. No matter how much and how many times negroes cry "Dats bees raycist", they are still and always will be undesirable.

Disturbed YT said...

Yes media, thank you for extrapolating on the educated opinions of one "Trayvon Wiggins" so I can sleep better tonight. Fucking hilarious. They have handles like that and expect us to take them seriously?

CountryBoy in TN said...

This made me laugh so hard I actually teared up. Thanks for making my day.

CountryBoy in TN said...

I live in TN not far from Chattanooga. $18 an hour starting pay at 18 years old in East Tennessee? Wow. Most people would "kill" for that job. Of course people with no social or moral character could appreciate it.

CountryBoy in TN said...

Absolutely. A DUI or DWI on your driving record will lose you most decent driving jobs, especially local or high paying ones. I had a suspension from an out of state ticket I forgot to pay, and it haunted me for years. Was very hard to find a job that wasn't entry level or low pay. Small companies was the way to go, 15 trucks or less.

-EX-CDL driver for 10 years.

CountryBoy in TN said...

I believe there are a lot more readers and followers of this site than is realized. I followed this site for 2 years religiously before ever making a comment, and I have to think the number of readers has gone up more in the past year than ever before.

Also, they closed the comments on that article.

Anonymous said...

There is a national certification called Work Keys, which (in lieu of education) shows at what level someone performs in varied areas (math, reading, etc). Seems to me that people living in states which have Work Keys, smart employers should utilize this serviceď

MrNatural said...

Another day of excellent comments. Here are my favs...

Centurion asked,

"If a negro shoots and kills another negro in the hood, and there is no White Person around, did anything happen at all?"

Still smiling at that one...Thx Cent


Ohio born said,

"And white women if you go black don't ever try to comeback!"

This is really a core issue. It has become so fashionable for white girls to date negro men. Its utterly gross to me, but Im just an old fashioned racist bigot. I tried to watch a linked video about "Why White Girls Date Black Men", but it was just too much for me. I literally started to feel sick.

I honestly feel that the white community should shun and banish any white female who would dare to defile herself in such a way. We should make it unwritten policy that if youre a white woman and youre involved with a negro man then the door is shut and locked behind you...forever...NO EXCEPTIONS. We need to change that saying of "once you go black you never go back" to precisely what Ohio born suggests..."Once you go black you CANNOT EVER come back." Let these stupid airhead girls suffer and die at the hands of their beloved apes and I believe the girls following them will see the sad reality and avoid making the same mistakes. Its a hard thing for a family to abandon a daughter because of a mistake she made while young and impressionable, but these misguided sluts must be made examples of if we ever hope to teach younger girls of these perils. Learning by example is a very good teaching tool.

BTW, Im also Ohio born and bred...southern Ohio, near Cincy. There are many good white people in Ohio that will rise up to our defense when the time arrives.

Im a bit disappointed that as August slips away the big event will be pushed aside for another year. On the brighter side, it gives us another year to prepare and grow our ranks.

Ex New Yorker

I completely respect your desire to retreat into your hermitage unmolested. Ive often dreamed of doing the same. Yours is a true wit and insight so uncommon in this world. I relish your stories written here and I suppose my request that you write a book is only my selfish desire for further indulgence. Enjoy your solitude my friend, youve earned it. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be considered part of your family.

I very likely will scour the archives of SBPDL and extract your words for my own pleasure and possibly a little plagiarism at some future date. Hope you dont mind.

A personal experience...maybe you can relate

Since moving to a very white, but socialist/Marxist country to escape the black plague I have encountered some really textbook in point.

At a recent party I attended I was listening to a group of liberals spew their dribble about how open minded they were. I wasnt listening carefully as didnt care to lose my lunch, but one of the more progressive ones says, in response to some horrifying conservative issue... "that would be like saying I dont want to live near a black person." This pushed my button and I had to respond.

Interrupting his conversation, I asked if he had ever lived anywhere that had a large negro population (bear in mind that the area Im in has a 0.03% african population). You could have heard a pin drop as the liberals wheeled, slack-jawed, to glare at me. I got no reply. I simply continued by saying that since I had actually lived for many years in Cleveland, Ohio, a very black city, I felt as if I did have a real take on that issue and would be happy to explain if anyone was interested in learning about how it works irl instead of what they see in movies or on TV.

Not surprisingly I had no takers and left the gathering shortly thereafter. Even more surprisingly I havent been invited to any further gatherings...thank God.

You can leave the US and escape the negroes, but liberalism is alive and well the world around.

over and out

AnalogMan said...

Mr Natural said

We should make it unwritten policy that if youre a white woman and youre involved with a negro man then the door is shut and locked behind you...forever...NO EXCEPTIONS.

Absolutely. That has been my policy all my life, but, alas, since I don't control that market, I haven't been very effective. At least my own progeny haven't disgraced me. And, BTW, sauce for the goose... same should apply to men.